Interview 1874 – 6th Time’s The Charm for Zimbabwe’s “New” Currency (NWNW 550)

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: China Trying To Gain Space Through Force, US Admiral Says

Biden to Warn Beijing Over Aggressive South China Sea Tactics

China Using AI-Powered Social Media Accounts To Influence US Election, Microsoft Warns

Canada Spies Found China Interfered In Last Two Elections, Probe Hears

Japan Seeks To Defend National Interests In South China Sea

JOINT STATEMENT: Australia – Japan – Philippines – United States Maritime Cooperative Activity

U.S., Japanese and Australian Warships Join Philippine Forces in South China Sea Patrol

The Measure of the Sierra Madre

China, the U.S. and the Next Cold War – GRTV Behind the Headlines

Secretive Chinese Military Advancements ‘Could Pose Threat’ to US

‘New Cold War’: The Growing Movement Sgainst Chinese Land Ownership In US

From Unfair Trade to TikTok: US Treasury Secretary Yellen’s China trip

Janet Yellen Explains Her ‘Magic Mushroom’ Experience In China (Aug. 15, 2023)

US, China Hold Military Talks In Hawaii

Episode 320 – Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War

Story #2: Zimbabwe Introduces New Gold-Backed Currency To Tackle Inflation

Will We See Zimbabwe Regime Change Next?

Video: Al Jazeera’s Gold Mafia

#MorningMonarchy: Zimbabwe Launches New Gold-Backed Currency – ZiG

#MorningMonarchy: April 9, 2024

Meet ZiG, Zimbabwe’s Latest Shot at a Stable Currency

Zimbabwe’s New ZiG Currency Starts Trading, Credibility Doubts Linger

Zimbabwe’s ZiG Currency Strengthens Day After Debut Even as it Roils Commerce

Zimbabwe’s Trillion-Dollar Note: From Worthless Paper to Hot Investment

Episode 313 – Demonetization and You

Story #3: Gen Z 74% More Likely Than Other Generations to Want to Homeschool Their Kids

The Homeschooling Movement Explained

From Breadwinners to Bookworms: The Unexpected Rise of Homeschooling Dads

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    • I just wanna say that you have a great username.

      • Son of former president of the Phillipines …Ferdinand Marcos who ruled under martial law !!…
        ” Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos held the Guinness World Record for the largest-ever theft from a government for decades although Guinness took the record down from their website while it underwent periodic review a few weeks before the 2022 election.*” ….the 2022 election which placed Bong bong as president !!! * source wikipedia page on bong bongs daddy ferdinand marcos

      • I would have a hard time forgiving my parents if they named me BongBong.

        • Can’t help what the parents do, but i question anybody who is grown that doesn’t change their stoopid name. #AquaFinaNeeshaJohnson

  1. Great episode!
    And lots of show notes! 🤯
    Thanks to both (Jameses?) of you. 🙏🏼

  2. Looks like Japan is taking up the challenge to make the ‘speed of science’ go speedier. Interesting short vid by Professor Masayasu Inoue. A Stunning message from Professor Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School warning of ‘a dangerous, new governmental development’ was delivered from Japan at a World Council for Health conference by Professor Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School who specialises in Molecular Pathology and Medicine. (8 mins)

  3. no biggy but odysee link goes to NWNW 549

    • Thanks for the tip. Link corrected.

      For future reference, please note that you can also go to the Odysee link by clicking on the title of the video in the Odysee player.

  4. I have a 2 year old and 4 year old and plan to homeschool both of them. Homeschooling is very popular where I live. Most people that I talk to about it have a response along the lines of they wish they were able to homeschool their kids as well. It definitely does not seem like the fringe anymore.

    • Farmacist

      As a wise person once said “Homeschooling is not just for scary religious people anymore”

      Anyone sending their kid to a state school is literally wishing to destroy their future. I know Teachers that would never send their kid to a state school.

    • My grandbaby is 5yo. She started last yr & has been doing 2 tours a year. 2nd grade work now. On the side, #2Son is learning French w/ her. She will be fluent in 4 languages if she continues.

      My daughter-in-law was shy to be responsible. Much coaxing. So happy she at least tried. You only have to stay 1 lesson ahead. Home lessons are the very best! Cheers!

  5. Schooling has changed so much I have no idea what the true experience is anymore. Even the names of levels…We had Elementary, Grammar, Jr. High, and High School.

    Had classes in English; Math; History; Civics, PE where we wrestled, ran track, played flag football, climbed ropes, boxed, and peeked into the girls locker room :-O. Eventually various language classes; Mechanical Drawing; Music; Science; Home Economics; Art; Wood Shop; and Metal Shop.

    This was in a Bay Area California town of about 10,000 at the time. Walking to school in the rain or cold was just what it was, reality. We had favorite teachers for various reasons who would make the learning process enjoyable. My fav was my English teacher Mr. Eichelbaugh. A bricktop who had tried out for pro baseball but was a great teacher.

    Went with my History teacher Mr. Frost to a folk festival a hundred miles away and saw Pete Seeger, and that woman, Malvina Reynolds, who wrote the theme song for “Weeds” called Little Boxes. Nothing weird about the trip, just a good man who saw my musical nature and cared about a kid from a poor family being able to have that sort of experience.

    Mr. Eichelbaugh flunked me in my Junior year for not trying or living up to my ability forcing me to take Summer School. Had a package of Oreos on his desk all three years of High School and used it as metaphors for a wide variety of things. Got me interested in poetry and creative writing.

    The only thing to “fear” in school was not doing one’s homework, getting caught passing notes, or smoking down behind the shops. The occasional fist fight or getting pants ed in front of the girls at PE. Could toss a .22 rifle in the back of the car and after school go shoot bottles and cans outside of town.

    The end product of my school years were a bunch of kids who were ready for basic life.

    I MISS THE OLD DAYS (song)

    [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

  6. On homeschooling you would literally have to WORK to give your kids a worse education then they will get in public schools…. I know plenty of TEACHERS who wont put their kids in a state school that they work at.

    The problem is that now days the parents have for the most part been cut off from the generations of accumulated practices of parenting. They are the human equivalent of incubator hatched chickens or kittens taken from their mom as soon as weened.

    If your thinking of homeschooling the main thing is to make your house almost screen free for the first 10 or 15 years of your kids life- teach your kids to read and fill your house with books. Their boredom will do much of the teaching for you. The most important thing is to always teach PROPER TECHNIQUE and be patient because your laying a foundation for the rest of their lives.

    Drilling the BASICS, which most school kids miss, gives the foundation that can be built on. You need to drill some maths- basically number families (3+7=10 , 8+2=10, ect) and the tables and making a page or two of basic arithmetic a daily thing will give your kids a massive headstart.

    ‘Handwriting without tears’ is a good program, just make sure to keep each session SHORT and DAILY and teach good posture while writing and in a couple of years your kids will have nicer cursive then you. 🙂

    To improve handwriting, especially If your kids are a bit on the spectrum work on ‘hand walking’ where you hold the feet like a wheelbarrow and they ‘walk’ a bit. Also 5 min of jumping jacks or running will re-oxygenate their brains for an hour or so and give better work output.

    The Hirsch “what your *grader needs to know” are a good guide to see if your on track. They cover a LOT of grades.

    Sadly many folks wont stay at home because they think that being poor is worse then having their kids minds destroyed by state schools. I guess Evolution in action….? I think the hardest thing for normal people to get is that there are people who think its FUNNY TO RUIN YOUR KIDS and hate them worse then you can imagine hating anyone.

    Your kids also need a community (well…. TBH most kids in the USA grew up on farms back in the day and came out OK…but still) so find a good church with kids, one thats not full of LGBTQP types.

  7. Also…. if you give your kids a smart phone (or unsupervised internet) you are letting a rainbow haired Tranny in plastic horns and a tutu sit alone and chat with them.

    If you must give them a phone (and cant find a dumb phone) get an Iphone and use parental controls to lock down every internet app time to nothing.

    The hardest thing for normal people to understand is just how much hate and disgust the ruling class has for you…. they feel actual joy when they hurt your kids and alienate them from your culture.

    “Evolution in action” is the best way to describe those who dont understand this and let their kids online. IN our house all computers were only online in a public space where anyone could look over and see what was going on, and that when the kids were teens. Personally I think the best is to literally turn off the Internet Router unless someone asks to use the net.

    I like this idea
    “evil internet light”

  8. I think this is the right time to make homeschooling illegal worldwide. Fair is fair.

    • Might as well go ahead and make religious fundamentalism illegal also. Let’s get this party started.

        • Maybe a mark in your right hand or forehead OR a unique name OR a unique number associated with your identification so that you cannot buy or sell without securely verifying your identification!


          • Forehead, forehead all the way. So that everyone can see how virtuous we are.

        • If it’s not gay, it’s TSA

    • mkey…. the Nazis actually DID do that in Germany. Its still illigal and A judge ruling on a case of some germans trying to homeschool said something along the lines that it was horrible to imagine parents teaching their children stuff that society did not approve of. Prussians, eh? lolol

      They will HAVE to do make it illegal if they every want to have total cultural domination, but by then they will be too incompetent to run things anyway. 🙂

      • Recall that was in Germany not that long ago. Was a big kerfluffle! The state wanted the kids…. 1990’s ?

      • Wow! I’m really glad you remembered them. Was able to contact #2Son out there, TN USA, & send him the info. On 2nd thots he prolly knows & i should send out to many others. Again thx.

        Their guv seems a bit righteous. Maybe he will tell the ImperialFed to POUND sand. Hope so.

  9. — Economic Warfare —

    I think that there is a lot of economic warfare going on between China and the U.S.
    We have the chip wars and social media TikTok and other threatened trade “sanctions” taking place.

    Ai and chips have been on a long upward trend. Nvidia, Intel, AMD et al have seen their stock share prices soar over the past 12 months.

    China’s economy is in a completely different situation than the U.S. Their real estate bubble is insane. The government’s control over their stock market is weird. I think that China is actually experiencing deflation now.
    Many Chinese have been trying to buy gold ETFs and such.

    Today, Friday April 12 the stock and commodity markets were wild.
    At today’s start Gold shot up to over $2400 and Silver came very close to $30. Then later, suddenly, their sell-off drove gold and silver prices down.
    The Dollar DXY soared to around 106. Stocks sunk.

    We are in some wild times. Hold on.

  10. Zimbabwe, African cloud seeding program was announced three months ago.

    Having several beloved friends in Zim, I was privy to the new currency reset, as well as that Aljazeer propaganda piece and hadn’t thought to share it here.

    Since James specifically asked for news coming out of Africa, I’ve got a very interesting story. I do apologize, But I don’t know how to find an RSS feed link, but I do have an official government news site link here to the cloud seeding program that the Zimbabwe government recently announced

    To give some context; a friend from Zim visited the US several times before and had never seen chemtrails in all of her fifty years, until she came to the US on holiday. They’ve never had them there….. UNTIL…. November 16, 2023.

    She sent me photos of not one, but two chemtrails which appear to be the very first stratospheric aerosol injections in that country. There have been many ever since then and the sun has already become obscured in Harare, Zimbabwe.

    Now here’s another interesting twist: February 1st, 2024 she captured a picture of another “first ever” sight in the skies above Harare: A Double Rainbow,.” Since then, double rainbows have become a thing in Zimbabwe. The two phenomenons do seem to be connected, as the double rainbows have never been seen in Zimbabwe, to her knowledge (or mine) until after the cloud seeding program had begun.

    Another interesting note is that since the cloud seeding programs have begun, the usual rainy season has been much drier than it has been, historically.

    Now most of the unschooled native people in Africa are very superstitious and see these kinds of things as a sign from “God.”

    They had never before seen chemtrails or double rainbows. It reminded me of when I saw my first double rainbow here in the Midwest United States. I think it was around the late 1980s or early 1990s and I thought it was an amazing site (and possible some sort of omen) because I had never seen (or even heard of) a double rainbow before then. From that time, they became common and I’ve even seen a very faint triple rainbow at least a half dozen times.

    Are double rainbows caused by reflective aluminum oxide and barium aerosols in the stratosphere? I think that’s a logical hypothesis.

    I have several images of these things, including dates and locations of where the clouds and double rainbows have been seen, but I don’t know how to share them here. If James would like, I can email the images.

    I think it’s a significant series of events.

    • It should be easy to share images via, for example,

      You can simply keep adding images and it’s going to make a collection. Note that if you use a mobile device and navigate with your browser to it, the site will force you to use their android/ios application.

      • The only internet access I have is on my mobile device. I’ll give it a look, thanks.

        • Then probably easier to install their mobile application, you’ll probably need an account, as well.

          • I just attempted to sign up. I received a notification that I was registering too fast and it would not allow me to proceed. I’m not sure how tapping characters on a fondle slab can be trying to register too fast, but that’s what it said. 🤦‍♂️

            It’s just 5 pictures. Two double rainbows and 3 chemtrails. They just happen to be the first pics that I’m aware of, of these things in Zimbabwe

      • Why can’t he just save the pics to a file folder on the fone & then just upload w/ copy-n-paste? Like the computer.

        I will prolly never understand smart fone or own. #Dinosaur

        • Because that’s not how they want you to use their platform.

      • You’re welcome. Those do look like the usual plane farts. I do remember someone mentioned double rainbows recently, but I can’t remember any details (where, why, who).

        • I may reconsider. Just in the last half hour or so, I’ve gotten notifications of trolls insulting me for posting images and the official government publication of the cloud seeding program. It’s as if people just hate anyone that publishes the verifiable truth that is in conflict with their feelings of security.

          • That’s sad, yes. I have downloaded the images and can repost them later, so you can remove them if you wish.

            • Within an hour of signing up and posting a screenshot of the Zimbabwe government’s official news article and the actual aerosols being injected into the atmosphere, my account was flagged for violating community guidelines and I was prohibited from uploading, posting or commenting on that platform. I would say that that was the fastest that I’ve ever been censored in my time online.

              Imigur hid all of my content and wouldn’t even allow me to delete my account, so now I have to wait to see if an actual person will respond to my contact email requesting my account deletion.

              From what I can tell, that site is about as useful as the substance that sinks to the bottom of a septic holding tank.

              I hate censorship

              • That’s quite hilarious. I guess that’s why they want to force mobile users to have an account, so they can censor the more easily.

                I have reuploaded the images here without an account. They can bite me.


  11. I may have accidentally posted a new OP when I meant to reply to mkey

  12. BongBong Marcos is the son of former president Ferdinand Marcos. No idea how he got voted in. There were two other contenders and neither of them was any good. One, a woman whose name I can’t remember, was hot on the globalists’ agenda. So it was a Hobson’s choice. As it usually is.

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