Interview 1881 – Aurora HAARPealis (NWNW 554)

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Macron Puts French Banks In Play With Plan to Transform Europe

“We Have to Completely Reset”: Emmanuel Macron Wants to See Consolidation Among EU Banks

French, Swiss Central Banks to Trial Wholesale Digital Currencies

Story #2: Jaw-Dropping Northern Lights From Massive Solar Flares Amaze Skywatchers Around the World

Northern Lights Likely Frequent Occurrence As Sun’s Energy Reaches Peak peak/73-f7f4a37f-0fc6-496e-983f-32670211a956

HAARP Was Fired Up Just Before the Auroras Appeared

“On May 10th, 2024, HAARP conducted experiments to artificially create aurora-like glows…”

Story #3: Woman Was Living Behind Store’s Rooftop Sign For a Year With Desk, Flooring, Houseplant woman-michigan/73627149007/

Artists Lived In a Secret Apartment Inside Providence Place Mall, Now It’s a Movie inside-providence-place-mall-inspires-new-documentary/72712400007/

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  1. Is it just me, or has it been several weeks since we had a NWNW sigh?

    • We got a REAL one last week…

  2. With regard to the solar flares and HAARP, here’s a short presentation concerning both published on YouTube by The Suspicious Observers’ Ben Davidson (I think}, the go to guy for any questions about the coming world catastrophe that is being presaged by these flares and consequent auroras. Cheers, Kevin.

    • I’m not sure Ben Davidson is genuine… he’s awfully defensive when he doesn’t need to be. Kinda makes me wonder.

  3. I took my first picture of a chemtrailed sky in 2006. As I discussed with someone here…it is a near impossible job to get anyone to look up as one points out the difference of a “con” trial (water in the jet exhaust that last for a min or so and is short compared to 20 mile long toxic trails of matter that falls to Earth)
    Independent tests across the U. S. have shown chemtrails to contain the following substances:
    Aluminum (known to cause tinnitus)
    Barium salts,
    Cadium [Cadmium],
    Desiccated human blood cells,
    Ethylene dibromide, Lead, Magnesium,
    Mold spores,
    Polymer fibers,
    Radio cesium,
    Sharp titanium shards,
    Stonthium [Strontium],
    Submicron particles,
    Unidentified living bacteria,
    Uranium, And many other toxins

    The combination of Chemtrails, HAARP, Cell phones and their towers, food grown in nutrient lacking soil, sugar and alcohol addictions, etc. are all an intentional effort at taking down humanity and not some aberrant modification in natural human development.

    But who is really listening or acting on that information??

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    Albert Einstein

    • Yeah, it’s weird, isn’t it? How many hours I’ve spent since 2002 with my neck craned up. And to speak of it?
      Aw, there’s the rub. First I was told again and again that I was being “negative”. Uh huhn. After a few painful years of that my daemon piped up and shewed me some facts. Seems a healthy human “cell”, a healthy human body gives out an overall “negative” charge. So now I tell them I’m healthily negative. The same fools will tell you how good “negative ions” are for you. I mean…duh? Can you people fucking hear yourselves?

      Then there was David Suzuki up in BC at a money conference, that’s right, money. And he denying knowing anything whatever of anything in the sky. . Didn’t like me calling him out on that. Canada’s “TV environmental guru”. Money honey. 2002

      Just to top it all off, about six or seven years ago my eldest daughter assured me that there are chemtrails only because “you talk about them. ”
      The depth of the denial is hard to assess, because it is filled to the brim with illusions.

      Alcoholism is the disease of denial. And the US euro-colonizing population has been in denial since the get-go. And alcoholic. They kind of go hand in hand.

      • >>Aw, there’s the rub. First I was told again and again that I was being “negative”.>>

        Yep, that Cognitive dissonance: Perception of contradictory information scares the poop out of so many these days who need to be “liked” and not “offend” others. :-/ gets them striking out at others who carry the light of truth and reality.

        Had to look up Suzuki, only knew his name. So you are familiar with what fiat currency is and fractional loan lending, etc.??

        “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the Government, to whom it properly belongs.”
        – Thomas Jefferson

        >>…there are chemtrails only because “you talk about them. ”>>

        It is so startling sometimes to hear stuff like that. I’ve been a social/political activist for about 60 years and after all my songs, books, meetings, etc. with folks from Michio Kaku to Native American elders, this year I have had a real ache in my energy center of disappointment and mild dread this is the last generation of free humans.

        WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE (song)

        [I receive no $ for your visits to my channel, just satisfaction that I am offering truth and insight to others.]

  4. Please note, James et al, that as I pointed out some time ago, Macron met in Paris with Putin to kick off the Ukraine profit-slaughter.
    Perhaps Macron gets his “leaders’ orders” via Putin, ex KGB “master”.

    Oh, that light show was on the 10th?
    Well, well, that one day in the year when both the Sun and Moon are in their signs of exaltation. Imagine that. Our esoteric…off-planet….rulers gave us a “gift” that will earn them 1000 times the reward.
    That’s the day ole’ Drumpho also did a “benefit” appearance for “rebel (choke) news” up in Canuckistan. He knows. He gets his orders too.

    Oh, Haarp idiots were trying to suck as much of the Sun’s electric energy as possible, eh? OFCS!! Mal-one. The “big guys”.

    Solar flares have a ten year cycle. Nothing new here. They just have toys they want to shove into it, see what they can “do”.
    How about the oldest, most continuous, most planetary wide science created by humans? Astronomy/Astrology.

    Or, you could ask a “doctor” who knows only physiognomy, and no physiology. He’ll tell you where your “parts” are, but hasn’t a clue how they all work together. Easy to see why he wouldn’t want to know that part.

    Hahaha. As an elder female who cannot afford housing in the US, my nation of birth and life, hoorah for that genius of survival. Did “GoodWill” offer her some help?

    There have been literally millions of unsheltered citizens in the US for decades now, and many are also outside the statistics because they have children and therefore don’t seek “assistance”, which is dangerous for the intact family.

    How the middle class in this country can be so proud of itself and so arrogant I can’t figure at all. No one blinked three winters ago when an elder froze to death in the gorgeous city park of the upscale snot town I was in. No one blinked. There were folks in tents hanging in throughout the winter, moved from place to place by the “officials”.

    The only real place they afford them is right by one of the major interstate highway systems of the entire nation. I-5.

    You can find these statistics, always “under-reported” due to increased violence when reporting violence.
    The drug and alcohol addicted are actually a small minority of the persons unsheltered at any time in the US. The majority are women with children.

    In the great nation which along with SAudi Arabia is one of only two developed nations in the world to mandate ZERO maternity leave. Forget fathers.

    Every body get back to work; We’ll take [care of?] the baby. “

  5. Personally, I won’t even go into those big box stores. It’s not getting evicted that bothers me.
    It’s not being able to get out.

    Don’t encourage folks to move into shopping malls. At least she had a space she could bust out of like some apparition and run if she needed to.

    No victims? Time will tell.
    After all the years and years of illusions, why would it not occur that this four years in a shopping mall apt. was supported for many nefarious reasons, by hidden funders?

    Movies are still being writ and made for sixteen year old males.

    I wonder what the energy would be if ….get nuts, take it to the limit….unhh…I know! A group of lesbians had camped out in the basement of an exclusive male’s club and recorded their conversations for four years?
    Think you’d hear about it?

    Love his bright character for sure, but sometimes my mind skips a beat and refers to Mr. Pilato as James “Peter Pan” Pilato.
    No offense intended. I raised three sons and delighted in it. They’re all as different as can be, though.
    Seems however that once they reach a “social” age, the worst thing possible is to be “different”. Dangerous it is. That’s when the “packs” congeal.

    “We will act. And you will study our acts. And while you study our acts…judiciously as you will…we will act again. “

  6. Space isn’t fake lol, but we def didn’t go to the moon. And no way we went to mars when theyre saying we cant even get back to the moon a few years ago.

    • We provably went to the moon. Hell, Russia was landing rovers on it a lot in the 60s. That we screwed up building infrastructure to repeatedly go because we wanted to win to pissing contest to be first to land a human on it and thus need another EXPENSIVE project to get back isn’t proof we didn’t do it.

      • Wouldn’t be shocked either way, but the van allen radiation belt, the fake videos, the fake images, theres a lot of evidence there was some fakery going on. People have spent whole careers trying to prove they didn’t, like bart Sibrel. You also have the whole stanley kubrick thing

    • The difficulty, IMO, of attempting to find truth, facts, and honest opinions on these subjects…Moon, Mars, Chemtrails, etc. unless a serious attempt at journalistic investigation (reading books, mags, gov and ed bulletins and such) is so much of it is regulated by the controllers.

      It is so very challenging to comprehend the levels of inventions and abilities available.

      Years ago, urban camping in Livingston, MT, just above Yellowstone I was parked, with his permission, in front of an old Victorian house owned by one of the inventors of the Saturn rocket and a water fueled truck.

      An early snow hit and he and I were standing on his front porch and out of nowhere he offered…”We were on the moon long before JFK’s push to go there.” :-O What does one say to a guy who was still getting Secret Service updates to his security clearance every two years??

      The evidence of “Jump rooms” in New Mexico for space travel and more is out there, but fear works so well to hide just about everything. Fear of loss of job, ridicule, being cancelled, etc.

      Stay focused on your understandings jezr, you are in the ball park of reality.

      • Wild! You should have done some interviewing lol, at least drove the water powered car, been hearing about those for yrs.

        The robber barrons suppressed so much great talent and needed invention. 1940 Hemp cars cancelled 10x the strength of steel, no one would have died in an auto accident. Water powered vehicles suppressed, free energy from the atmosphere tech suppressed. I wouldn’t be shocked if private groups got something done, believe that before I believe Nasa would have done it. Feels like a money pit to me and with operation paperclip I don’t trust any of it honestly.

        I made a christian app for a guy who worked for Nasa during the space race, he laughed at me when we’d talk about it. But he wasn’t close enough to know if he was compartmentalized into ignorance. Even the Russian angle where people say they wouldn’t allow NASA to lie, is based on peoples ignorance of thinking these leaders aren’t ran by the same parties. All conspiring together thru intel agencies while posturing as enemies time to time, to give the illusion of war when theyre really just splitting up the world for the coming NWO.

        • For what purpose such a lie with so wide a scope? To what benefit?
          Please point me to the dada for hemp cars with 10x strength of steel. That would be too good to not have a LOT of builders and architects and producers of various widgets needing high strength excited. And it would have made many fortunes. Pretty powerful motives to manage to suppress.


            Im a 39yo 3 tour vet with a degree and 6 kids lol, I wouldn’t come one here throwing that out my ass. And there were trillions of dollars to hold onto for the controllers of industry, same reason they’ve suppressed so many great technological advancements. It would kill their entire oil machine, “watch how big oil conquered the world” by corbett. Rockefellers and Rothschilds had so much to lose in allowing either a hemp replacement for 100 diff major products (it can produce 50k products) or their larger plan and vision. They could never get to climate alarmism (estimated to cost 39 Trillion a yr by 2050) without their planning and shitty toxic products.

            Hemp cleans landfills, and the cars themselves would have been biodegradable. It would replace lumber and plastics, there are huge money interests in so many diff industries that would have lost a fortune, the logistics around it, the corporate control once people got to use it in their own businesses. If there is one thing that would free the human population from our oligarch controllers more than anything, it would be mainstreaming hemp for all its uses and promoting business from it. Hemp clothes are better for your health and the environment, the hemp straws and plates would be biodegradable and not have kids freaking out about sea animals and waste.

            There are dozens of great hemp truth documentaries, check them out. Ukraine is working on hemp body armor.

            The space race is a much longer answer, going to summarize, will go into greater detail if you need me to.

            It allowed both govts to spend a couple trillion adjusted for inflation. It gave them 10s of thousands of workers to progress the tech for the technocrats that would only benefit the controllers and the govt. It set a precedent for public acceptance of a gross misuse of funds in private, without oversight from anyone not in their club. It helped pave the way for operation blue beam and the future plans they have for that.

            It was the culmination of jfks stated goal, but jfk was the first TV president for the most brainwashed generation in history, the boomers, who had no oversight on what CIA and mk ultra were doing in Hollywood and television, they were programming that generation with rebellion, civil rights, lgb, feminism, all zio jew constructs that degrade a society and set it up for Yuri Bezmenovs 4 stages of political subversion. Continued our false superiority over the world thru the herculean effect preceded by nuke use (even though napalm can make a similar plum and 17 cities were more destroyed in Japan than either nuke site). Easily possible because of operation mockingbirds simultaneous birth which had 3500 agents in the US news, feeding us loads of state sponsored garbage. Operation paperclip. Russia and US sharing of nazis, like one to design plum island and the russian bio labs. Julius rosenberg helped russia, and alfred rosenberg did with masonic files.

        • >>Wild! You should have done some interviewing lol, at least drove the water powered car, been hearing about those for yrs.>>

          I was just stunned and oddly speechless. It was like talking with Tesla or Albert. The truck he was converting was in his front yard. He said he stopped because some guy in Florida beat him to it.

          >>The robber barrons suppressed so much great talent and needed invention.>>

          I just group them as the controllers who affect banking, production, medicine, education, etc.

          >>1940 Hemp cars cancelled 10x the strength of steel, no one would have died in an auto accident.>>

          Hmm. It doesn’t compute with my basic logic but who knows hey?

          >>Water powered vehicles suppressed, free energy from the atmosphere tech suppressed.>>

          Much like Tesla’s electricity from the atmosphere. And the thousands of photos to be found these days at “Mud Flood” or old world sites with building that have possible mercury antennas (steeples)

          The real danger these days is the majority of people put too much faith in what they find on the web when in my perspective it is just cut and paste ideas with people claiming this or that about them.

          This musical philosophy/history of mine tells a lot about how I see that.
          DEMONS AND REDEMPTION (song)

          >>All conspiring together thru intel agencies while posturing as enemies time to time, to give the illusion of war when theyre really just splitting up the world for the coming NWO.>>


          • Yeah I guess you would be taken back with his credentials and that claim, I would have had to ask.

            You don’t even have to group them in lol, Rockefellers alone controlled those 4 arenas (general education act of 1902, the whole allopathic pharma industry and the AMA, Chase bank, and production thru several diff avenues. Spent 5 months making a conspiracy board and digging into that fam, its insane how much they’ve shaped this country. US version of habsburgs or rothshchilds. Funny they’re all German ash ke nazi originated, like schwab, soros and kissinger, brit royal family, bill gates and so many others.

   – the hemps legit, watch hemp revolution or any of them really, it makes 50k products, they robbed us of gods greatest gift to us. Longer hemp response to snarky lol.

            Yeah tesla had it figured out, the frequency and vibration are the key to a lot of the missing gaps of our bs science they treat as a religion these days. Luckily its the time of open source and people are making mini tesla coil towers now and making small objects work. Just a matter of time until its revealed on a bigger scale. He took that from Egypt though, they were far more advanced in the time of these impressive megalithic buildings we see imo. Just devastated by biowarfare, flood catastrophes, infiltration and invasion.

            Yeah the web is dangerous for people who can’t verify info on their own, and they are redoing a lot of old “conspiracy” and using psyops to muddy the truth even more. Corbetts the best at teaching how to navigate that in the truth space imo.

            Nice lyrics in that song! You def get it. Control thru fear and deception for this cabal. People can usually only see it in one thing like religion, or war, or govt, but the truth is its a union of technocrats, monarchs, oligarchs, false religion and media since its inception.

            • >>Yeah I guess you would be taken back with his credentials and that claim, I would have had to ask.>>

              Out of respect for him and being in his “dotage” so to speak.

              >>Rockefellers alone controlled those 4 arenas…>>

              Also created the false narrative of “fossil fuel.”

              >>Spent 5 months making a conspiracy board…its insane how much they’ve shaped this country.>>

              Much like the Clinton Chronicles of deaths, anyone with a serious effort at revealing things gets whacked…

              In the 70’s I started my own research also. Started with Gary Allen’s “The Rockefeller File” The intro was written by Sen Larry P. McDonald killed while a passenger on board Korean Air Lines Flight 007 when it was supposedly shot down by Soviet interceptors

              An amazing revelation at the time. The book covered:
              Rockefeller, Rothschild, Eugenics, New World Order, Woodrow Wilson, Nelson and David Rockefeller, Globalism, Bohemian Grove, Warburg, Openheimer, Goldman Sachs, Eustace Mullins, JP Morgan Chase, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Jesuits, Rosicrucians, etc.

              Then Sen John Heinz heir to the H.J. Heinz food empire who was investigating Rockefeller died in a plane crash. His wife Teresa then married John Kerry.

              Senator Paul Welstone’s death in a plane crash in Minnesota that burned for hours with Alphabet Agency thugs at the scene far too quickly. Covered quite well by Dr. Jim Fetzer.

              >>Yeah Tesla had it figured out, the frequency and vibration are the key to a lot of the missing gaps of our bs science they treat as a religion these days…>>

              The current revealing of the “Mud Flood” buildings and their functions has indicated the thousands of “old world” buildings around the globe, all looking like kin from the same mama, were using “Tesla” like or higher perhaps tech to power cities, etc.

              >>Corbetts the best at teaching how to navigate that in the truth space imo.>>

              James is a real gift to us for sure.

              >>Nice lyrics in that song! You def get it. Control thru fear and deception for this cabal.>>

              Thanks. That is why I call my music “Brain Food” in contrast to pop culture “Ear Candy.”

              Very enjoyable conversation.

      • We and the Russians had rovers on the moon before 69. But I see no reason we would have had the big contest to be the first to put a human on the moon if we had already been there. It doesn’t pass a basic smell test.

        What the heck is a “jump room”? By its name I am guessing it is a long distance as to other planets teleporter. Sorry but no. That level of physics and tech breakthrough would be pretty much impossible to hide. Anyone can make up “evidence”. Verifiable evidence and being compatible with known physics is something else again.

        It is hard enough to keep up with known verified science and tech for sure. But just because that is hard doesn’t lend much to belief that vastly more and more incredible stuff exists already.

        • @sjat

          I don’t care what you think. People like you gum up true communication possibilities with your snarky, negative Gateway Pundit know it all kraap.

  7. I argue with Chat 4 to sharpen my debate skills. You can’t find a more Main stream informed narrative to combat with alternative theories. I bring it to stalemate sometimes lol. You should try guys, yall are two of the most informed, maybe you can beat it. I also use it to write petitions, its good for a few things.

  8. Please note that article
    French, Swiss Central Banks to Trial Wholesale Digital Currencies
    is old news from 2021

    So can you investigate how this trial has ended?

  9. RE: Story #3: Woman Was Living Behind Store’s Rooftop Sign For a Year With Desk, Flooring, Houseplant

    I echo James Evan Pilato when he says:
    ”Finally, easily my favorite story of the week, James. Woman was living behind store’s rooftop sign for a year….”

    Pilato continues with a statement which also contains deeper, insightful implications,
    ”James, this is one of those stories all the news places all ran with it because it’s one of those kind of wild card, oddball stories.”

    ‘Candy for the consumer’ – I’m sure that this type of story attracts attention and interest in a wide spread of the broad public for a variety list of reasons.
    For me, I admired the woman’s skillful disregard to the corporate system of the plantation. She gamed the system. Of course, I have a penchant for insouciance and don’t fit into society’s mold.

    James Corbett ties it in a bow,
    ”And, you know, honestly, yeah, hats off to people who have the ingenuity and resources to do something like that and to creatively squat on corporate property.
    Show me the victim to a crime like this one, please.

    After all, much of what is wrong in the world is a result of the Corporatocracy.

  10. Those that doubt space is real can’t be bothered to notice or believe the major solar storm reports. So they are left with some other conspiracy they heard of to “explain” auroras visible in lower latitudes. SIGH.

    • “HAARP is designed to study the ionosphere, which is the region of the Earth’s upper atmosphere that is ionized by solar radiation.” So of course they are going to fire it up during a period of high solar radiation. It is what it was made to study.

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