Interview 1682 – New World Next Year 2022

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Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This year:

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Corbett Report’s 2021 Story: Picnic Protests Sweep the World!

Swiss Citizens Revolt, Install Tables Outside in Front of Bars, Restaurants to Ignore Vax Passports

New Census Data Show Homeschooling Tripled During the Pandemic—And One Key Group is Driving the Surge








Fact Check-Live webcam in Italian square was not manipulated to hide ‘No Green Pass’ demonstrators


Media Monarchy’s 2021 Story: Black Pill Hellscape – Or: We’re Just Consolidating

Tonight at 11: Doom!

Alex Jones Rants As An Indie Folk Song

Army PSYOP officer resigned commission prior to leading group to DC protests

2nd US Civil War

Media Monarchy stage crashes Morrissey in Las Vegas for a hug

Corbett Report’s Trend Prediction for 2022: The Year of the Cyberattack

Kaseya hit by Russian hackers in July

The RNC hit by Russian Hackers in July

Cyber Polygon to Focus on Secure Development of Digital Ecosystems

Hackers Blamed For Cream Cheese Shortage Currently Afflicting The US

The Colonial Pipeline Was Fine, But Its Owner Shut It Down To Make Sure They’d Get Paid Correctly

Log4shell flaw “biggest threat to the internet in a decade” “Chinese hackers are already exploiting it!”

Media Monarchy’s Trend Prediction for 2022: Too Big To Fail – “Vaxxidents Will Happen” Edition

Do hospitals need $100 billion bailout to get through coronavirus pandemic?

Compilation Of Athletes, Reporters & Patients Collapsing, Passing Out & Fainting

Hospitals Will Go Bankrupt…because people won’t go

The Zion King

No, Joe Biden didn’t resign and Nancy Pelosi wasn’t detained

United Nations allowed to use Force on US Citizens?

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  1. Love you both, thanks for another great year of internet (regardless of the horror show playing out on the outernet).

    If I may emphasize one thing I think we all need to hear:

    Hey you…

    Yeah, you, the human being reading this…


    • Hi guys. First time commenting. Thank you both for all the work I have recommended it often. JEP I think we all feel a little discouraged right now. The only thing that gets me through though is I do believe this was all prophesied a long time ago and the end IS written. Look into some of Michael Heisers work like “reversing Hermon” if you get a chance. You might be encouraged.

      • I absolutely agree.
        I feel like I have lost a large chunk of my friends more or less (the way they act doesn’t feel like friendship anymore – there are walls of silence and there is such an unbridgeable distance of viewpoint now, that any encounter just feels wrong and tense). Same counts for part of my family…
        However there are also some friends, where the friendship has become closer and more valuable and new friends have been made.
        Let’s keep resisting, let us find new strength and determination even though we have been exhausted for years now… there is no alternative – we are on the right side.
        I have linked it before, I will link it again. Find solace and fortitude in those words and chords:

        • I have a similar story. It gets to the point where all you can do is talk about the weather; and then they politicize that.

        • wolfgang,

          I have also met some friends during this whole thing and have discovered that there are more people against it than I previously though.

          I met someone yesterday who said they took the jab under duress but that they didn’t want it. He said he’s not taking another one and that he knows a lot of people who aren’t taking it and are fed up with this crap.

          • I also have plenty of friends who took the jab(s) just to take part in the New Abnormal. Whereas some really regret taking the shot and still openly criticize the agenda, more of the formerly critical ones now go along and actively search for the narratives which support the efficacy and harmlessness of the injections (probably to psychologically shield themselves from accepting their own blame in this) – those people annoy me most actually…

        • Yes agreed, the walls of silence are getting wider and it’s heartbreaking. Many of my likeminded friends & family live interstate and in Australia, & that means another unreachable continent for those that refuse the special medicine.

    • I agree Steve Smith. We’ve all been there with family and friends. It is all very sad and so unnecessary. The forces of evil are strong. But good is stronger.

  2. “consolidate and move fwd ” JC

    move fwd
    move on
    move over

    whatever you do,
    keep moving

    “how” one might ask?


    Do you do?

    “as you like” is usually the best multiplechoice answer.

    “they aren’t worth telling this to.” kmbrtoes

    for instant relief from chronic irritation from exposure to cognitive dissonant episodes, shed or otherwise,, why not offer questions? putting your speculation in the form of a question for the other to answer (which if you deliver it cool as cucumber but with multiple rows of razor wire teeth if taken at all seriously), is a higher or at least drier ground to be occupying. explaining things we half know ourselves can be exhausting, especially when the listener isn’t keen to hear. So the question form, of competition, may be a better strategy especially for your own peace of mind.

    • The book “Tactics by Koukl explains how to do this quiet well. I agree

  3. Here’s hoping that you’re both wrong this time next year. You won’t be, but keeping positive and prepared will help. Merry whatever and happy new year.

  4. A massive thank you to Corbett Co. for all your work. And all us readers. I raise my glass to everyone in this room.

  5. whod’a thunk idahoans would ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi . or did I miss the sea level rise fault line fall thingy

  6. Peace to both of you and thank you for another year of seeking truths during these dark times. This episode calls to mind a quote that has stuck with me for many years.

    “In order to awaken, first of all one must realize that one is in a state of sleep. And in order to realize that one is indeed in a state of sleep, one must recognize and fully understand the nature of the forces which operate to keep one in the state of sleep, or hypnosis. It is absurd to think that this can be done by seeking information from the very source which induces the hypnosis.
    ….One thing alone is certain, that man’s slavery grows and increases. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man.” ― George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

  7. Whoa I know what my top story for 2021 is. James Corbett parts with his cool facade and actually calls JEP his buddy for once! Confirmed still Canadian. My prediction for 2022: JC will go all the way and tell JEP “love you too.” Crazy times.

  8. JEP looked like he needed a hug. I would have given him one if I had the opportunity. It’s tough when your mom gets sick and also when your family isn’t supportive and doesn’t see the value in what you’re doing.

    JEP, you’re doing a great job! Thanks to you and JC for all of the terrific work.

    • Same here. If I could mail a hug, I would! JC is right – this is trauma and abuse. We all need hugs and each other to help stay sane.

      JEP, you help make one of the email notifications I look forward to every week – NWNW.

      And Brock is the Bomb.

      This episode brought tears. I appreciate all 3 of you.

      • It is trauma and abuse. Psychological abuse is often the worst. So I am hoping that JEP recognizes that the powers that shouldn’t be want us to feel bad and angry and disheartened and to not let their toxicity into our soul. Let it roll off, like water off a ducks back. It’s hard to do, but knowing that they want me to feel like shit, makes me want to do the opposite.

        Having a mom ill though will make anyone feel awful, and add that to this nightmare and it will bring the brightest spirit down.

  9. We need to remember that it is darkest before the dawn, and it is pretty dark right now (for those of us that can see reality). Perhaps it is not so dark for someone caught up in virtual reality, but real reality has a way of making itself known.
    I expect that this winter will be “The Dark Winter” that the Oligarchs have planned and many will die because they never bothered to listen to these guys, or the hundreds of others that have been ostracized for telling the truth.

    Indeed,I do see things getting worst before they get better, however I do see them getting better. It will likely be a long cold lonely winter, but the Sun will come, and it will get better.

    At some point the unprepared will come crying for help, and we will have to oblige, but we will be the ones calling the shots, and that will the point where the Oligarchs lose their power.
    The Oligarchs existing control system is falling apart. Who really believes that Biden is the most powerful man in the world? Who really believes that Federal Reserve Notes (the world reserve currency) which is backed by nothing other than brute military force coupled with lies and deceit can continue to be used as the means to manipulate the masses much longer?
    Yes, they are looking for a new system of control, and they have shown us their moves, as well as how they expect us to react to their moves, based on a multitude of Exercises, but we can use that knowledge to plan our moves. Simply by reacting in ways that they have not played out, we can change the game on them. They can shut down the Internet and all Bank Accounts but Silver and Gold will remain real money, and people will be able to trade services and goods. If we can hold together during the dark times and reject the Oligarchs new world currency in favor of Honest Money backed by Gold and/or Silver I think the world will come through these dark times looking better than ever.

    • optimism never hurts.. lets push back i say fight fire with fire. my grandfather died of the vax boohoo

    • Radio communication might become very useful as a back up.

      • It is ridiculously easy to get a HAM radio licence in the US
        There is NO LONGER any requirement to learn Morse code they will GIVE YOU THE POOL OF QUESTIONS IN THE EXAM

        AT the very least people should buy a RECEIVER to hear whats up on the airwaves

        • And isn’t it possible to talk to people in other countries with a good antenna?

          • Cu.h.j
            With the 2 meter handy talky on the ‘repeater’ you have good local communication most people don’t know exist and if you buy an HF set you can get a.l around the world though its somewhat erratic unless you want to build a directional antenna.

            I know some guys who set up their own toy internet on field day one time nd you can do fax and slow scan TV if you like that kinda stuff…. if you do Morse you can go way further on way less power.

            Sadly CB is almost a dead loss last time I got on nothing but people cussing, but r
            Ham radio is full of old people

      • The same thought occurred to me as well. I even asked my wife if she still has her old ham radio book. Years ago I was helping deliver a boat to Holland. The boat’s owner was sailing his larger boat with us. He had a radio aboard with which he spoke with his father back in the Netherlands every day of the voyage. He also picked up a very valuable weather broadcast daily that occasionally was somewhat accurate.

        Being still in the marine industry, I am seriously thinking about looking for a used SSB or Ham radio to set up in the backyard. Hell I already have a 26’ pole out there. May as well hang an antenna from it.
        Never know, I might be able to rebroadcast a NWNW episode when the SHTF. That is as long as the pony express delivers my cassette tape from JEP. How the two James’ talk to each other will be the real trick.

        • They can both get radios too and practice talking to each other. In the US, like Duck mentions, it’s easy to get a HAM license. My husband has one and practices using it and got me a GMRS radio. You don’t need a license for the GMRS radio. I haven’t gotten my license yet, but will have an opportunity to study this coming week.

            • Yeah, in a SHTF situation, no one would care anymore. But knowing how to use the equipment skillfully is a good idea.

              • You misunderstand me. I don’t need no stinkin’ license period. I quit jumping through the government hoops a long time ago. Round about the time I found a fellow online who I was really impressed with that called himself something that shocked me at the time. He called himself an anarchist .
                If I get a radio tomorrow I will not worry about a license.
                They can just add that crime to the long list of others that they would claim that I commit every day.
                If they want to come after me for growing a plant, keeping bees without a license, keeping a rooster despite local ordinances, using substances that they don’t approve of, using composting instead of a flush toilet, refusing to register or vaccinate my dog, etc. Then more power to them.
                I won’t go easy.

              • To be able to use the HAM system and learn with most people on the radio, you need a call sign and to pass a test. The HAM community has it’s own requirements and regulate themselves. So to practice with it in our current paradigm, you may need to get a license and pay a fee. Ask Duck, he probably has a HAM license.

              • I am totally in favor of self regulation and I don’t operate equipment until I have learned how.

              • Check out the link Duck posted. Maybe we can start talking to one another on HAM. I don’t haven’t looked at the test material yet.

            • I’m an Anarchist too, but sometimes getting a license is good OPSEC or cover.

              Especially when you are fighting a war, and it is a war!

              Maybe James and Alex Jones are in a comfortable enough position now to be only fighting an Infowar where the most that’s going to get hurt is their feelings,

              However when my neighbor and friend for 30 years got murdered by a vaccine it become a real war for me. (It’s kind of his fault, he wasn’t paying enough attention)

              Many hams are cool, they have guns, and bug out location etc but many others are complete Karens (from before the word was even invented) so having a license to disguise your operations could be beneficial.

              • Excellent approach Octium, not unlike “The Art of War”.
                Doing what works and is effective seems pretty smart to me.

                I feel for ya’ll down there.

              • I don’t hide or attempt to disguise anything anymore. Like JEP often remarks. I am completely out of fukcs.
                Let them come. Let them challenge me. I won’t any longer enable the murderous state by my compliance or fear.

                “ Beware the irrational, however seductive. Shun the ‘transcendent’ and all who invite you to subordinate or annihilate yourself. Distrust compassion; prefer dignity for yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to be thought arrogant or selfish. Picture all experts as they were mammals. Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. Seek out argument and disputation for their own sake; the grave will supply plenty of time for silence. Suspect your own motives, and all excuses. Do not live for others any more than you would expect others to live for you.” Hitchens

        • Low power local broadcasting is how that Cooper guy got people to do his show back in the Olde days if I recall right… may Brussels was sending tape out by mail

    • TruthSeeker
      “..We need to remember that it is darkest before the dawn, and it is pretty dark right now…”

      No, its really not dark yet- its just the beginning of twilight.
      Most people in the west can not imagine how bad it could actually get.

      “.. At some point the unprepared will come crying for help, and we will have to oblige, but we will be the ones calling the shots, and that will the point where the Oligarchs lose their power…”

      More probable will be that the unprepared attack or sell you out for a can of soup- most resources will be in the hands of uniformed people with guns.

      Your right that the system is failing, the animal that looks dead can suddenly jump up and gore you with it last breath

      • Duck,

        You make good points about this. It’s wise to look at historical events to see what human beings have done in the past under extreme duress.

        I don’t know exactly how things will unfold, but people will have to use good judgment on knowing who to trust and help. People behave irrationally when they are afraid. People who would turn me into the government won’t get my help and the people who would do that are revealing themselves now. On the other hand, it’s good to try to retain our humanity in the face of real terror.

        We must not allow what happened in Russia or Germany happen to us. Which is why I am getting out of the city and moving to a place where I will be among people who can help defend us. I have very valuable medical training, and other useful skills that could help.

        • cu.h.j,
          Those that are willing to help others and cooperate within a group will survive, as the group will scare off those who would kill for a can of soup. Indeed, your willingness to help others will make you a valuable asset to any group you wish to join.
          I think that the French Revolution provides a good example of what can happen when the people revolt. A book everyone should read is “A Tale of Two Cites”.
          It is about the French Revolution, and the Two cities are London and Paris. Mobs of angry people actually dragged members of the elite aristocracy from their homes and cut their heads off. Once the ruling elites were done away with, it took some time before sanity was restored.
          We have some since of Local Government that does serve the people, but it is being usurped by National and International powers that should not even exit, but that is who controls the money supply.
          Since the World Banker’s Federal Reserve Notes were made “Legal Tender” and “World Reserve Currency”, they have been in control of nearly everything.
          End the Fed and restore honest money is all we need to do, but will they let us do it? Perhaps, if they think that it is the only way to stop something similar to The French Revolution from taking place.
          We need figure out how to turn the Zombies on the Oligarchs

          • TruthSeeker:

            I think you are right about cooperation and helping others as long as you can trust them. I have a very hard time with trust because of my background. I had a very rough childhood and saw and experienced the worst in people, people who I thought I could trust. I developed a keen gut feeling about people and am not often wrong. Some people are just very fearful now, which I understand. But there are some people who will stab you in the back, who you think you can trust the most and this is hard to know sometimes.

            Your first instinct about someone is often right. There are people who have went along with this, but I know that they wouldn’t turn me into the government and would help me if I asked. So it’s not black and white all the time and I know this. Making friends with people is good and knowing how people are will show you who to put effort into helping and who to leave behind.

            When the hammer is dropped and the facade falls away, we’ll see who rises to the occasion and who does not. It will be interesting to say the least.

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Both Jameses and their families, my friends & allies here, and even those of you who consider me an enemy.

    Despite the horrors in this modern world, be thankful for all that we still have, especially access to the truth.

    • thank you beaconterraone, merry christmas to you too…

  11. james and james .. thank you so much i look up to you both so much. These are dark times but we must keep the light lit. This is it. i will stand up with you, this is the line in the sand. love you guys.. signed, mps

  12. Absolutely brilliantly said! Bravo!!

  13. Wow, what an impressive, informative, and entertaining show as always! You both may be correct on your 2022 predictions. Bummer if so as JC notes. I am grateful for all the work the 3 of you do.
    It is baffling that half the prior audience is so clueless about what happened to TCR though it was mentioned what was coming all the time. Oh well, fair weather fans I suppose. Too tough to type in a different URL.

    And for those many that are fully or partially ostracized from family and friends I read a great quote last night (in David Icke’s book Trigger):

    “Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.” – John Lennon

    And I think that sums up this community you both have fostered over the many years. Congrats and Happy Holidays to you both and your families.

  14. For both James C and James EP – THANK YOU! for becoming such a huge part of our lives over this past two years. We listen to Media Monarchy in the mornings, catch every #Solutions Watch, NWNW, all the posts, cruise all the archives endlessly, and we’re deeply enriched and so much the better for all of it. What an immense gift it has been! Just saying “thank you” feels a trifle paltry for all you’ve given us, but please know we constantly quote your work, post it on FB, email it to friends, and do everything we can to expose others to the two of you. It’s our gift to them.

  15. Thank you James, James, and Broc for everything you do. Humanity will get through the dark times, and we will be stronger because of it. Keep up the good work.

  16. Grand Solar Minimum episode of New World Next Year.

    JEP’s Joker expression in the eyes and grin that’s grown more and more feverish over the last months has been elucidated.

    “I fully believe it but just I’m not feelin’ it in my Heart so much, James.”

    Yep JEP. Kinda sums it up for me too these days.

    Your full disclosure helped keep me from feeling completely alienated. Hang in there Mr. Pilato and keep sendin’ those solar rays of yours that repel some of those cosmic clouds while the center of our solar system slumbers.

    I can definitely survive on peanutbutter and chocolate!

    PS: Mr. Corbett, you guys looked handsomely festive an’ all but I was just wondering if you could nevertheless keep the suit and tie to hand out the Dinos for the 5th Annual Fake News Awards. Pleeeeaaaassse???

    • And seriously, Mr. Brock, the discrete and savvy little sound effect that accompanied your commissioned jack-in-the-box appearance confirmed your mind-boggling talent and montage vision! I wish you and yours a warm and convivial period of festivities despite the madness that has descended upon your neck of the woods with particular virulence. A pox on all that nonsense and “Up with Egg Nog!”

      • I think about Broc often.
        I catch news stories of Vietnam and wonder how he’s handling things.
        He’s a real guy. Real.

        • Yea, thanks for the clarification, HRS.
          About 15 minutes after posting, I wondered if he was still in Vietnam or if that was a temporary stint. So, I guess he’s still there. I actually haven’t the faintest idea about what’s going on in Vietnam these days… but it can’t be worse than Australia!? Can it? 😯

          PS: I’d also picked up on the “k” too many in his name… Pre-hamsterwheel posting can be so perilous.


      “It’s the two perspectives. We ARE going through trauma! This is trauma on a worldwide scale, the likes of which we have not seen in our lifetime…
      Absolutely, HELLSCAPE is a part of what we are living through.
      So, I’m glad that we have…without coordination, we have hit both sides of what is happening right now.
      That is why we are the chocolate and peanut butter of independent media.”
      – JC

      “It’s a tough year for everyone. Let’s get through it together. … …So, this is it. We’re consolidating, and we’re moving forward with the people who are listening to our voices out there.” -JC

    • Hello nosoapradio.
      Homeremedysupply said you live in Spain. I live in Lloret de mar. Are you by any chance nearby?

  17. JEP, *Hugs*
    JC, thanks for saying Merry Christmas instead of the culture attacking happy holidays.

  18. OMG. So much to say that this will need to be a multi-part comment ; i.e multiple self replies.

    • Dear Mr Pilato, I’m sad to hear that the year has been such a challenge for you. I am glad, though, to hear that you feel the support of your loving wife, Cassie. Community matters, and you seem to be focusing on the one you’ve built around MediaMonarchy. I did notice your reference to the British royal family in your predictions, and see that your playfulness is still evident. Long may it continue!

      “Save your breath for when you’re underwater” is a pretty dark theme, but it seems you are “applying your energy where it is effective”.

      I too have been ex-communicated by a branch of my family, so can empathize with you on the rending of your brotherly ties. Not all things pass. Sometimes wounds are born and the best one can do is occasionally look at them, and tenderly lick them.

      • “….The tree will die from the inside out…”

        The inside of the tree is already dead…only the live bark and the lives is alive- the rest is just the scaffold of the past that holds it in place

    • Dear Mr Corbett, I love that you stuck with the “Solutions” theme. The doom and gloom griefers may be right much of the time, but living amongst that constantly is no way to sustain one’s mental well being. As you rightly acknowledge, we are all experiencing trauma. You have been dogged in keeping up the solutions approach and I thank you heartily for your persistence.

      As for the prediction-to-forfend, I’ll chuck in two bits as an ex-IT person. Your warning to ignore the media beat up on “cyber” things is well founded. “Cyber” is the perfect formula for false flagging into existence whatever is desired. A) no evidence is ever provided, and that’s because B) almost nobody understands the technology involved, and C) we know that false flagging tools have already been developed (also known as the “Marble Framework”). Often on matters like this one can say “lets wait for the court case and see evidence presented”. But “cyber” even has end runs around that because the judiciary are even less knowledgeable on matters IT than your average Joe. It is a horror pit of potential skulduggery.

      • What will you do fact checker, comply, die, or fight to your last breath if we are faced with that worse case scenario?

        • Everybody dies. Ultimately a few years more or less doesn’t really matter, does it? What matters is that you go out in a way that you find meaningful. If all you can do is fire a slingshot at their tank, then do it cheerfully and be at peace as you move on from this world. And sometimes the universe may surprise you. There’s video on Gootube of a guy in Afghanistan firing on a helicopter gunship with his AK…..and wounding the pilot. When you have nothing left to lose and you’re tired of being afraid you may be more effective than you expect, especially when you are fighting mercenary government employees who sold their souls a long time ago. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but as long as we act with love for ourselves and others, there really is nothing to fear. Worst of times and best of times. What’s in your heart?

          • No Rambo moment? I think not! You might not have any guns, but many people do and have been training for a while. I’m sure if someone comes around with rifles trying to put people in camps, some of these cowardly pieces of shit will find out the hard way that it won’t be as easy as they thought.

            In America people are armed to the teeth, for real.

          • FC,

            I’m not sure about “most” gun enthusiasts. Perhaps some might be cowardly humans, but many are not.

            I have lived in more “conservative” states and the sentiment is much different in liberal cities in CA.

            I’m not saying the armed and trained population would necessarily win but it would require bombing of parts of the country. My feeling is that many of the “oath keepers” will fight to the death and not go easy.

            Even some of the gang bangers in LA might fight the government in a direct attack. People on the wrong side of this should keep in mind that humanity won’t go easy. Not in America anyway.

          • What would Jesus do? He let the Roman soldiers lead him off to be tried and executed, because he believed in life after death, or at least that the spirit can transcend this life.

            Have a Merry Christmas, eh!

          • “ PREFACE
            I HAVE no intention of explaining how the
            eorrespondence which I now offer to the
            public fell into my hands.

            There are two equal and opposite errors into
            which our race can fall about the devils. One
            is to disbelieve in their existence. The other
            is to believe, and to feel an excessive and
            unhealthy interest in them. They themselves
            are equally pleased by both errors and hail
            a materialist or a magician with the same
            delight. …..

            Readers are advised to remember that the
            devil is a liar. Not everything that Screwtape
            says should be assumed to be true even from
            his own angle.”


          • “ M y dear Wormwood,

            It is a little bit disappointing to expect
            a detailed report on your work and to receive
            instead such a vague rhapsody as your last
            letter. You say you arc “delirious with joy”
            because the European humans have started
            another of their wars. I see very well what
            has happened to you. You are not delirious;
            you are only drunk. Reading between the lines
            in your very unbalanced account of the patient’s
            sleepless night, I can reconstruct your state of
            mind fairly accurately. For the first time in
            your career you have tasted that wine which
            is the reward of all our labours — the anguish
            and bewilderment of a human soul — and it has
            gone to your head. I can hardly blame you.
            I do not expect old heads on young shoulders.
            Did the patient respond to some of your
            terror-pictures of the future? Did you work in
            some good self-pitying glances at the happy
            past ? — some fine thrills in the pit of his
            stomach, were there? You played your violin
            prettily did you? Well, well, it’s all very
            natural. But do remember. Wormwood, that
            duty comes before pleasure. If any present
            self-indulgence on your part leads to the
            ultimate loss of the prey, you will be left
            eternally thirsting for that draught of which
            you are now so much enjoying your first sip. ”

          • “ If, on the other hand, by steady and cool-
            headed application here and now you can
            finally secure his soul, he will then be yours
            forever — a brim-full living chalice of despair
            and horror and astonishment which you can
            raise to your lips as often as you please. So
            do not allow any temporary excitement to
            distract you from the real business of under-
            mining faith and preventing the formation of

            Amen ?!

    • Dear Mr West, Hats off for the “insertion”. A cheesy sound, a pacific island shirt, a corporate tie, a Santa hat and a big smile. Well, thumbs up from me 🙂 You also caught Pilato smiling, and made me laugh

    • Lastly, a personal addition to the NWNY. About half a year after losing my job, I started a blog. I thought it was about using my voice to raise issues I thought were not receiving attention, but no. It was about me learning how to write, and in the process deepening a family relation. I was adopted, but tore through the emotional struggle to find my biological relations. In this writing journey I have taken a relationship with my biological father to a completely new level. I’ve found things in myself I did not want to see, and things I did believe could be possible. I shut up now, else this gets long and teary.

      But, just recently I hit a funny moment. I decided to get Wikipedia to acknowledge the acronym MICIMATT. Its a crazy story that begins in 2012 when I first coined one of my alternative monikers, and involves the revision control system technology behind Wikipedia. So, I’ve decided to pitch my flag on a hill and take on Wikipedia. Meanwhile I can use the blogging platform to yell to the void and make fun of the silliness of the opinion and information control system being reinforced around us. The silly article is at:

      It is not a good article. More of a rant. But, it was nice to reconnect with my 9 year earlier self via the ‘pedia’s revision control system.

      Happy solstice all.

  19. Perhaps this one is better suited for the SolutionsWatch-series, but I have, since Corbett does not appear on Youtube anymore, one of my tabs in my browser automatically open up every time i launch my browser. This is just my simple way of getting notifications.

  20. Hi,

    I’ve been traumatized for the past 10 years but never contemplated suicide until september 2021.
    I’m thankfull that James & James finally mention this WWT (world wide trauma) so I do no longer feel as alone as I did the past year.

    I will make a new donation by paypal to the both of you Mr. Corbett & you Mr. Pilato and as bonus I’ll make donatiions to some others special independent journalists:

    – in this together (this world researcher)
    – off-guardian (this world researcher)
    – jonlevi (old world researcher)
    – autodidactic 2 (old world researcher)
    – Martin Liedtke (old world researcher)

    – and a few other “this world researchers”!

    Thank you!

    If anyboody knows some independent journalists who make a good effort to spread truth, comment me below.

    Kind regards
    Alain Bos

    • You are far from alone Alain. Big hugs.

      • thank you Kelly

    • Glad you decided to stick around. My friend ended her life during the lockdowns and it was quite a shock. It’s very traumatizing to loved ones.

      I have suffered for depression most of my life, so I understand how you feel. Thoughts have popped into my mind, but I would rather use my life energy to try to fight this.

      If you ever need to talk, I’m available. JC can help us get into contact with one another. Take care of yourself.

      • I replied to your other comment on another post of mine.

        thank you.

    • Hi Shaman,

      I’m sorry to hear that this is all bearing down on you so heavily. May I suggest watching a few “solutions” episodes to lift your spirits.

      As for journalists, Caitlin Johnstone does a wonderful job of calling things straight and also has a positive outlook. Richard Medhurst is good on middle eastern issues, and the Assange clusterfuck.

      But, why dont you just spend some money on yourself. Treat yourself to something. Dont forget that spending time with nature can be uplifting and costs nothing.

      I wish you all the best.

      • Thank you, I just watched for the 3rd time and it had me cry long-time… but as you suggested I’ll watch sollutionwatch-video’s too !

  21. James Evan Pilato – thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel your sentiments deeply. I’m not at Christmas gathering this year with family and my employer has mandated double jabs by 30 Jan. I am going through macro and micro ‘trauma’. My employer is happy for me to table my reasons for not taking injections – however they wish to cancel my employment contract prior to the investigation. At 95% double injected in my State, I am such a small minority over here.

    • Stick to your guns Hedge110!
      I am in a similar situation, except nobody has yet told me to get Vucked or loose my job, or anything else (yet) but if they do, they, whomever they may be, and in relation to whatever, can shove it.

      • Thanks Aodh. It is a real shock to my system that the organisation is willing to sack me for not getting x2 injections. My injected colleagues can still get and spread CV and I have been working 100% from home since March 2020. Something is up.

  22. JEP, my thoughts are with you.
    Count me in to the club with a divided family over the past year.

    Wishing you all have Happy Holidays despite family issues.

    And btw, I got Covid over Thanksgiving. I thought it was a sinus infection until I lost my senses of smell and taste. Not trying to make light of those who had worse outcomes, but it boggles the mind how someone could get Covid, recover and then get vaccinated for it with an untested substance. And then become a vax thumping zombie? SMH. I’ll take my mild flu like symptoms, thanks.

  23. Related story on Activist Post…

    Thursday Dec 16th, 2021
    Red Alert: Global Financial “War Game” Simulates Potential Disruptive Impact of Cyber Attack

    Israel led a 10-country initiative earlier this month that simulated a global financial cyber attack aimed at creating a real-life scenario that could ensue from panic and chaos if something like that were to happen.

    The exercise was called “Collective Strength” and took place at the beginning of December. The global “war game” included treasury personnel from 10 countries — Israel, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Thailand — as well as representatives from the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements.

    Reuters reported that the participants were shown a film as part of the simulation. “These events are creating havoc in the financial markets,” the narrator of the film said, and that governments were under pressure to gauge the impact of the global attack as the world financial system was crippled.

    The event ran through various attacks that included breaches in foreign exchange and bond markets, and the security of data shared between importers and exporters across the globe.

    If an attack like this were to take place, the participants warned that people would be unable to access their electronic funds and assets for a period of time, which would lead to a situation where purchasing was effectively stopped. With most financial transactions being tied to internet technology and involving secured information – such as with credit cards and PayPal – any major breach would cause unmitigated chaos.

    As potential solutions to such a scenario, participating officials suggested measures such as a coordinated bank holiday, debt repayment grace periods, and coordinated de-linking from major currencies.

    One Israeli financial cyber official said that such an attack could only be done by “sophisticated attackers.”…

    • Wednesday December 15th, 2021
      The last Federal Reserve public meeting of the year was held Wednesday. They will shorten the timeline of the (taper) monthly QE injections (billions of dollars) by half, which now should end around March.
      They are also strongly eyeing raising interest rates, because of inflation numbers.
      NOTE: The “definition” applied to inflation numbers will change in 2022. –> “…as the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) has reported, starting next month it will adjust the weights for its Consumer Price Index basket, which will be calculated “based on consumer expenditure data from 2019-2020.”

      – Fed Chair Jerome Powell holds a Q & A – Talks about CYBER ATTACKS and Cryptocurrency –
      [Transcript edited to remove “you know” , “uh”, etc.]

      Fed Chair Jerome Powell says:
      “In terms of the things that we’re looking at…”
      “…I would say: CYBER RISK, the risk of a successful Cyber Attack is, for me, always the most…the one that we would be very difficult to deal with. I think we know how to deal with bad loans and things like that. I think more… a Cyber Attack that were to take down a major financial institution or financial market utility would be a really significant financial stability risk that we haven’t actually faced yet.”

      [There is irony in what follows…]
      ”The public relies on the government and the Fed in particular to make sure that the payment system is safe and reliable, as well as the dollar. And to provide a safe and reliable trusted currency.
      The cryptocurrencies are really speculative assets. I don’t see them as a financial stability concern at the moment. I do think they are risky. They’re not backed by anything.

      (50:16) QUEUED VIDEO

  24. I noticed a new craze in Fakebook land this week. The people who post nonstop about the scamdemic are super angry at all the people who won’t join them in giving themselves up on lifelog and instead send them messages saying that they believe the same things but don’t want to be canceled so they don’t post. Now, I’m glad all these people are “waking up”, but unfortunately they don’t understand the cyber trap. Go ahead keep feeding the algorithms, but stop acting like you’re going to stop the totalitarianism in its tracks with your status updates in their controlled universe. I will gladly move forward and start a new way of life with these likeminded people, but I can’t help but to feel a bit frustrated as I was trying to warn those same people who think they’re the new breed of heroes about this shit coming a decade ago and they all just called me crazy and ignored it and let it get to the point where you gotta take the death juice to earn a paycheque.

    I’m right there with James P and I don’t want anyone knowing anything about me or what I think or believe. We’re now entering the stage where the people being the most vocal on internet platforms and real life WILL be reported by family, friends, and neighbours then rounded up. I tried to warn. I spoke up. Now the same people who ignored me are falling right into the next digital trap and instead of trying to help them and support them through their awakening I’m just going to keep letting them march into the camps thinking they’re the ones saving the world with their fakebook status updates.

    • Slurry
      You have a point, but on the other hand the reason most people are taking the walk into the slaughter house is because everyone just shut up when things were easy.
      Metaphorically They let the bully steal their lunch, then their bike and now they are surprised when he thinks he can rape their wife and kids.

      They already know who you are, your already on a list, they already want you dead. Unless your living in the woods you can not hide.

      • Duck,

        You really think we are on a list? That’s a creepy thought. If I’m on a list the person looking at my name should look deep into their conscience and soul and be ashamed they would be targeting me or anyone else! That is evil to do that to people. And I bet they are also on a list. The thing is when a person works for people with absolutely no morality what so ever, they should know that they will be thrown under the bus as well.

        • That was always one of the main points of social media and controlling the telecommunications industry. My step kids dad used to be a world class hacker and is an absolute tech genius and has not only confirmed the ideas of lists and personal profiles…. He’s blown my mind with other angles of tech. It’s not people putting us on lists…. It’s the tech.

          • True.
            You should read the lucifer tech series over at secret s un blog… that stuff was bad news from the beginning…. the prince of the air has been busy

        • Cu.j.j

          Everyone who is not a worthless human being and has a computer or phone is on a list…. the list is probably mostly automated and only super special people have a human look at their aggregated data….such a human is probably a geeky pedophile with no sense of morality

          You should look at Bryan lunduke talk ‘their watching you’ if it’s up anywhere. He is a tech journalist not a conspiracy guy but his analysis of how much data they have is very good

      • Haha! Nice Duck! Unfortunately I think you’re right. I was suspicious of FB back in 2007 when I got pressured by friends to get on there. Then I used it to help my band and let my guard down. Then I went 4 years straight trying to expose the billionaire predator class death cult….. I’m definitely on a list. Here’s hoping for mass chaos and a chance to get into them woods!

        • IF you don’t have your stuff already out there waiting for you you won’t last long there unless your a Davey Crockett type.

          Partisans were terrible thieves in every scenario that they lived off the land.

  25. There is no point getting blackpilled on the future- the world has always been dangerous, sucky and run by scumbags…all that happened is that in that brief interlude of wealth and comfort we are about to exit people forgot that and began to think their rulers loved them and people got lazy and stupider then normal…kinda like big broiler chickens who are dumber then a rock and drop dead at the drop of a hat vs bantams that can scratch a living out almost on their own. The ruling class are just cleaning out the broiler shed.

    On the future of the internet I caught a chat with Bryan Lunduke and he was predicting a future where people are silo’d into online communities of like minded folks kinda like the old BBS days.

    BBS the documentary

    • Duck,

      You’re right that people have faced very dark times in the past. I never thought I’d live through anything like this. But it’s been enlightening to learn about how they have tried to force vaccinate people for small pox causing lots of damage and harm with that vaccine. I didn’t know how corrupt the medical establishment has been for centuries. They tried to ruin the doctor who wanted hand washing to be common practice because so many women were dying of “child bed fever” or sepsis related to bacterial contamination during child birth. Doctors would go from autopsies to delivering babies without washing hands and thought this was completely fine despite evidence to the contrary.

      • Yup, I recallsammelweis ending up in the loony bin for that…worst thing is that I hear 50 percent of hospital infections are still from Dr’s not washing their hands and the only way to fix it was to have nurses file complaints on them.

  26. I will continue to disseminate and push-back and non-comply.
    I will move forward with solutions which fit my situation.

    In some respects, if one is clever and appropriate for the circumstance, at this juncture in time, there is no liability to dissemination.
    Getting the word out.
    What?…someone gets angry at me?… Insouciance is my armor.

    • the psychedelic sixties
      the upside down seventies
      the indecisive eighties
      the nonchalant nineties
      the know nothing knew millenials
      the tenaciously teetering teens
      the severly bent-twent (ies)

      cajual insoucia sneek-snuck out the back, an instinct honed in the 90’s, yet still an effective prolonging-technique. No, I reckon the only way the severely bent are gonna reset into at least some useful curve, is for the surprise at the end of the kashmozzle to be that actually only a few people got exceptionally sick, only a few took the jab, only a few wanted the bulk of the species to die early, only a few had manipulated the large field of trust that allows humans to function enmass, into a proper train wreck. But then, It may well turn out that most people are not as stupid as the few idiots with their media megaphones, straw carcasses with hopelessly enormous uh,,,carbon footprints,, in other words, the toto pulling back the curtain moment may not be far off. and It wont come too soon.

    • Lol Duck “serving man” …

      Did he really say that! That cracked me up, thanks!

  27. Just took one last look at my campus home for the past 21 years & got in my car & drove away. Gave away my favorite items to those I loved but now have to leave behind.

    Never felt more sure about a decision.

    2022: pirate radio, ‘zines, stickers, dissident art, music, food, small farms, barter pop-ups, field medicine co-ops, homeschooling co-ops, higher ed free schools in your living room, get an extra bed or 2 in your digs for couch surfing fellow-@-travelers, & a big kitchen table & a soup pot.

    We’re going to build the out-in-the-sun voluntarist underground in 2022! We’re going to build out our analog skills.
    If you have analog skills, teach them now.
    We’re going face-2-face in 2022!

    Get some rest. Eat good food. Raise a glass.
    It’s happening in 2022!

    • I like your thinking bonerecord.

  28. James and Evan…as a new subber, this is my first end of year roundup (ooops, how about that for a faux Pas) and my attention was held thoroughly. Evan, I absolutely feel your pain man, but are making a heroic effort and it is both needed and appreciated.
    James, thank you for enthusing about the pushback…we need that badly and especially those of us who are pretty much on their own surrounded by normies and sheeple and the plain ol trusting unfortunates who have no conception of the psychopaths working the controls of society.
    Glad you mentioned the IPFS…I checked out your dedicated video with Ernie and Derek and am now somewhat the wiser and the link is added to my home screen.

    • Aodh,
      We are all glad that you are here on the comment boards! We love the conversations, news and information that people bring to these boards.

      • Thanks man, it’s always good to get a welcome aboard. Goodness knows, we “truthers” if I may be so bold as to encompass others within this label, have got to support each other.

  29. Absolutely time for consolidation. Leave the door unlocked for people if they want to join, but waste no effort on those who are determined to go down with the authoritarian ship. At some point you have to leave them to their karma, even family members. Can’t save those who don’t want to be saved.

    Big, real changes are going on right now. Society (what’s left of it) reorganizing. Lots of pieces in motion. Haven’t felt this much ‘disturbance in the force’ since 9-11. Buckle up, Dorothy.

  30. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both as well. You’re both great. Really enjoy your show(s). Hope more of your audience returns.


  31. Firstly, best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy New Year.

    Secondly, I don’t know how many other people recognized that James Corbett recently gave everyone something of a magical key to begin unlocking the minds of “normies”.

    Seriously! I’ve already used it with success numerous times this week!

    In his interview with Lions of Liberty, James brought up this point (I’ll paraphrase): NO ONE disputes the fact that those in positions of power have been attempting to rule supreme, by any and all underhanded means possible, throughout the entirety of recorded human history – up until, say, the early 1800’s.

    And yet, the machinations of those who are currently in power are conveniently disregarded and roundly rebuked as conspiracy “theory” whenever anyone points them out.

    So here’s the key:

    1- Only do the following BEFORE there is any disagreement or tension between you and your audience.

    2- Do not mention anything about current events. Instead, mention that you recently watched something interesting about the power struggles of the past on “The History Channel”.

    Then mention the fact that it’s really amazing how ALL of documented history was filled with crazy struggles for power.

    Mention the “divine right of kings”; court intrigues; intermarriage of royal families; the exclusive groups – within and outside of government and the church – that plotted ways to increase wealth and power; the need to bust up the “money trusts”/monopolies, etc.; and mention the abundance of military conflict that happened due to the above-mentioned acts (but do NOT mention the pamphlet “War is a Racket” – not yet…).

    Be sure to mention such things with an inquisitive tone of voice and a look of wonder in your eyes.

    3- Then pause for a few seconds to let them take it in.

    4- Then say something like: “History is amazing, right?….. It’s such a shame that people were so greedy and power hungry.”

    5- Then, a few seconds after they acknowledge your point (they will), say: “What changed?”…… “What went into effect, globally, that prevented people with power from conspiring to get more power?”

    6- Be sure to enjoy the look on their face as the tiny red pill slides down their throat before cognitive dissonance can make them spit it out.

    7- Do not pursue the subject any further. Let the seeds you’ve planted begin to germinate. Remember, most people prefer to believe that their perspectives are completely homegrown. Let them believe that.

    8- Quickly change the subject. Bring up something inane to get their mind onto fun stuff.

    9- In future conversations, or if they keep talking about what you just presented, avoid making statements – even in response to their questions; instead, present them only with questions and let them answer them.

    This works! It worked for me with the most hardcore, “CNN is gospel” critters you can imagine.

    Thanks James 🙂

    ***Obviously the above is a general guideline, so feel free to tweak it to taste. And ALWAYS be sure to provide interested parties with links to the great documentaries that are available at the Corbett Report 🙂

    • Duly noted! Will give it a try!

    • drddthrd: “avoid making statements – even in response to their questions; instead, present them only with questions and let them answer them.”

      100% agree, as i wrote at the beginning of this thread, but it cant be said enough, because it works so well:

      (with apologies to those who can see that I’m repeating,, and welcome to those who have never heard this before):

      “for instant relief from chronic irritation from exposure to cognitive dissonant episodes, shed or otherwise,, why not offer questions? putting your speculation in the form of a question for the other to answer (which if you deliver it cool as cucumber but with multiple rows of razor wire teeth if taken at all seriously), is a higher or at least drier ground to be occupying. explaining things we half know ourselves can be exhausting, especially when the listener isn’t keen to hear. So the question form, of competition, may be a better strategy especially for your own peace of mind.”


      when I asked a mentor (who’d had a full/successful life in academia), “what is the mark of a good teacher”, he suggested, “A good teacher is one who can inspire/guide the student to ask the difficult question that addresses or is the very subject/crux of the lesson”.

      I keep studenting away; the better I become at being a skilled questioner the smoother I seem to slalom through society’s moguly ice-patches of ignorance.

    • The science of rhetoric! Tries something calm, low brow even. It works. Hmmm. Tries same tactic again. Still working. Thinks about it: why is it working? Forms theory, tries again. Still working. Hmmmm, there something going on here …

      And yes, the key point is that people want to believe that they came to the revelation. Spot on.

      The second point is that you are not trying to force an idea on someone, you are opening discussion. Its inclusive, not divisive.

      Well played and well observed!

  32. James, loved your rant, feel the same way. Some people are just not going to get it, how much you attempt to talk sense to them. People who are curious and want to dig for some information will do it, hand feeding them never works.
    I think this whole phys-ops is gong to take years, they will layer other fear programs (hacking, climate change, violence in the cities), it’s going to be a knock down drag out fight, and people are going to be very tired. I plan on being here for a while, I need to manage my life force and pace myself so I don’t get too burnt out and constantly angry. I do find joy in the little things.

  33. Loved the talk, Pilato. I grew up as a punk rocker, too. I based a lot of my personality back then around the punk ethos and image. Slowly watching my heroes support the system and the perpetual agenda was at first really defeating. I’ve been into conspiracies for a long time, and I couldn’t wrap my head around why they would support this bullshit? But there it is. It’s sad to see, but they won’t sway my opinions. Un-fuckin-believable.


    Scott Howard who wrote the very detailed Trans Industrial Complex book has anew book out on the Open Society Playbook.

    Interview on Our Interesting Times….not read it yet but his last book was a zinger…. hope he put an index in this book

  35. If that the one where the grid goes down?
    I recall they had a UK and a US version of the same story… ? Maybe 10 yes ago filmed as found footage on cellphones n such

    There was a similar short on the shortages of peek oil about the same time.

    Ahh…it’s just a rehash of the propaganda

  36. as aunty sez, “if your not part of the clean-up your part of the mess”

    It begs the question: If claims of how lethal the jabs can be are real, (which seems to come from credible sources) then those promoting it are clearly intending to wound or kill. I doubt 99.99% of them are conscious of that inference, but psychiatry (try out this dangerously thin speculation twig,,) claims there is a thing called “subconscious intent”. (reminds me of “asymptomatic spreaders”).

    Lately I’ve ramped up my conviction when I engage with these sub-conscious malfeasants, it has stopped some in their tracks, others have simply turned and run, while the final third just ignore and blather on.

    I’m all for choosing life, and helping those less fortunate, but when someone’s high maintainance form demands excessive attention & takes all the randomness and play out of the mix, I reckon its time to settle these bent accounts.

  37. Truly like Evan’s current look after many variations of facial hair this year. I am an old school fan of suits and ties, but you looked professional today in the annual show. Fact remains that the perception of one’s IQ and credibility are still tied to our appearance, human nature and all.

    James looks better in his old wire frame glasses despite the current fashion of black frames (which is all they have sell regardless). Damn Oprah for starting that trend!

    Best wishes to you both for great reporting and entertainment this year!

  38. When James stated that he had lost 50% of his audience with the loss of “craptube”, I became curious as to how difficult it would be to find him again. Thus, I Googled, yes, Googled, “James Corbett”. Low and behold, the first entry to come up was James Corbett, an English author. The second entry to come up was, rather unbelievably, “The Corbett Report”. I must admit that I was shocked by this result and how it points to the pathetic laziness of the 50% of James’ “craptube” audience that was lost.

    • I hear ya, Puder. The website is easy to find.

    • puder
      “..The second entry to come up was, rather unbelievably, “The Corbett Report”..”

      It depends WHO YOU ARE… try on someone elses computer at their house and you may have to scroll down anywhere between 4 or 8 results…. search engines are going to ‘nudge’ people where big tech wants them to go- they may have given up on you but that tiny nudge is MASSIVE aggregated over thousands and thousands of people who are steered where big tech wants.

      Examples of this kinda stuff is that google gives wildly erratic response to BITCHUTE + blackpilled … where it knows its me its the 1st result, other wise it may be halfway down the page.

      I would bet a buck that the average normie starting from “cold” finds it quite hard today to stumble across good counter narrative.

  39. Thank you Corbett and Pilato… I love what you have accomplished. You will have a hard time seeing your own work objectively of course, it’s too close to you. But as a relatively new supporter of both of you I can state that there no one “out there” better than you. Your combined knowledge is larger than Jupiter. Your approach and careful research is impeccable. I am proud to just know of you. And I’ll say this: A smaller audience no problem, a few less hits on the site no problem. Look at your own staying power-on way longer than most, getting better because you know so much. I started looking into things 40 years before you, but you individually surpass everything I’ve seen and done. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t think that there is no point to continuing. It is a spiritual war too, and I see you both on the best possible path…the human path… I believe to my soul that the spirit cannot be beaten. Hemingway wrote that what the bad guys don’t count on is that we will never give up and there will always be someone to come in and replace us if will fall. Gandhi got the Indian world away from the imperialist English through non violence… it will all work out humans will again see the sunrise every day. We are all behind you, take heart guys. You are amazing characters!

  40. Thank you James & James! I so appreciate the all work you put into this show, and the great source material & support on how to find it is invaluable!

    I hope we can remain connected somehow through this coming storm.

    Wishing you & your families a safe and relaxing transition into the new year x

  41. A big thank you to James, James, Brock, Cassie and everyone who worked hard to put the NWNW series out here for another year.

    It would also be interesting to read some trend predictions for 2022 of other Corbetteers and subscribers.

    Mine is: Non-compliance

    I see more and more people waking up or at least tryin to wake up because it’s getting more and more obvious that something isn’t just right, to put it mildly. And I see more people around me who start questioning and not following orders before their questions are getting reasonable answers (which is not happening).

    I listen to many alt media podcasts and there is a large variety within the alt media, which means every type has it’s own audience. But the guest speakers and people being interviewed, people bringing the truth, doctors speaking out are pretty much the same. So the massage is more or less becoming the same and getting to a larger audience. And that’s why my prediction is that “they will not control us.. we will be victorious” or just non-compliance to start with.

    • Here is one prediction I have for 2022…
      Volatile Markets

      The Federal Reserve is pulling its injections of printed money, and will likely raise interest rates.
      The Marketplace is not going to like this.

      Imagine what would happen if a parent suddenly cut off a teenager’s allowance of $500 per week.
      Trantrums galore.

      One example:
      If there is a big sell off in stocks, expect cryptocurrencies to dive.
      Many people are highly leveraged (i.e. using temporary borrowed monies) to expand their stock portfolio. They will have to sell in order to meet the margins.

      It is anyone’s guess as to how this volatility will affect different areas, such as commodities, housing, over-borrowed businesses and their potential bankruptcies, jobs, etc.

      • A good time to buy Crypto when it dips again. I wish I would have bought more bitcoin when it was 9K.

      • I totally agree with you AnimalsArentFood.
        Also I think land and seeds are the value now and always, having said that i have a difficulty conceptualizing certain scenarios with crypto currency so i might be biased.

  42. I want to wish both James’s, Brock and everyone here at a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

    This has been a horrible year for all of us. Let’s make 2022 our year.

  43. Thank you both, James n James, for your dedication to do the ‘show’ and for your efforts to produce independent news; for in these unprecedented times I can’t do my life entails and do all the research to begin to understand, or even ‘witness’ the full extent of what is taking place on the globe right now.

    We enjoyed your reports on and off since late 2020, and I became a member recently this year. Hats off to both of you gents.

    Some days I feel like the more I know, the more pessimistic I get. People are suffering, dying also, with and without medical assistance, but caused by the current narrative and fear focus of ‘state media’. Truth is malleable it seems, ‘alternative facts’ abound, science is, well, funded, and most people have been nudged to the place where they are believers. These folks have no critical thinking skills left, or clear perception of what is happening and how they have been coerced and corralled. (Forget about connecting the dots to the financial system…)

    Thank you both for being dedicated to the truth and continue to question ‘reported’ events. For doing deep dives of research and sharing your buried treasure of finds. In these crazy times I find the simple things that ground me like gardening or cooking, chopping wood, and sharing food help to maintain a back to basics mentality.

    Be Well and Best Wishes for this Solstice Season.

  44. I always look forward to the weekly NWNW videos by the two James’. The end of the year report is perhaps my favorite. Is it just me, or is James Evan looking more and more like Mad Max all the time? And James Corbett is going into Monk Mode.
    Tom Luongo wrote a good article today about how “Mad Max, Fury Road” applies to our world today. “Who Broke the World?”
    Well, we all know the answer to that question.
    The question is, “Who is going to fix it?”
    I vote for the Monk and Max to help get the world back on track.
    They are on a “Mission from God.” No stopping them now.

  45. Thanks for the report. I had to watch it on Bitchute as this connection kept spinning.
    My prediction for 2022 is WAR. The fiat currencies are being inflated. Wealth is being stolen from the workers/middle class and the poor. The sheep will be sheared again.

    Of course this time war might mean the end of the world. The bankers think their bunkers will save them. The bankers have always lived in a fantasy world.
    A wise man once said, “Every generation you have to imprison or kill a banker or two to keep them in line.”

    • “..My prediction for 2022 is WAR…”

      I think your onto something, but the fact is that its gonna be hard to get anyone in the US to get excited about fighting for the American Way- who wants to die so the free world can have Trans Kids?

      Thats the only plus side of the destruction of social cohesion is that you cant switch it on a dime and turn the NPC’s super patriotic and hyped to die for Israel over night.

      That kinda only leaves atomic bombs and rockets on the table ….

  46. AnimalsArentFood; I’ve eaten animals. Tasty. When the SHTF you will eat anything. That includes fellow humans. What is your final escape plan? Suicide? Always an option, true.
    I prefer a more clever way to fight the NWO puppets. They will die one day as well. No escape for any of us from this Earth, but death.
    Be creative in your battles, Grasshopper.
    PS: Does your feelings toward AAF include insects?

  47. Thank you Jameses – you have been a constant for me through this dystopia. It does seem bleak but there are chinks of light I think – at least here in the UK. I was marching yesterday and there was a pathologist and a physiotherapist fro the NHS there – both fed up and starting to talk. My preoccupation right now is being prepared for what comes out of this. Whichever way it goes it will be a struggle so forewarned is forearmed. Thank you again for all you do. Happy everythings.

    • ci,
      Thanks for marching and adding to the visibility of the large numbers of us who oppose tyranny.
      That’s interesting about the NHS folks joining ranks.

  48. James & James — great job as always! I am very happy to be a part of the team. One comment re: Kamala Harris, I predict she will NOT get the nomination in 2024, as the dems know she is mostly hated by the general public. Reps of course, but also Dems. Who WILL be the dem nominee? I cannot predict.

    • GW,
      I agree. Kamala Harris is painted badly in the press and it appears her staff (the ones who have not yet left) hate her.

    • GW
      “…, as the dems know she is mostly hated by the general public..”

      Unlike Joe Biden who is the most popular president ever ‘elected’ …? Or Hillary C who was beloved by no one?

      I think she (K) will run and Trump will either split the vote against her or maybe even win… either way ‘they’ win- the electorate will be more split and hateful then ever, and thus unable to resist globalism in any meaningful way

  49. Protests create solidarity and enthusiasm. Those qualities are necessary for resistance. They show people that they aren’t alone. On a practical level, perhaps to create more resisters and once a critical mass is reached, the government has to capitulate. This is in “normal” time.

    It seems like in France they are doubling down on their draconian policies, trying to break the population. This is a tactic on their part, but if people keep it up, particularly boycotting and refusing to work and shutting the city down, the government might back off. They must not give up and keep protesting, like it’s a job, every day, not backing down, giving it 100%, like it’s their very life on the line. And it is indeed. And it’s our lives as well, and the next generation too.

    • I’m not sure. A thorough analysis would have to be done to see and I can only speak anecdotally and based on my biased observations. For example, in the US, the Civil rights movement did cause changes in policies. As far as anti war protests goes, maybe the Vietnam protests shortened the duration of the war. I have no way of knowing.

      Protests are a gauge of the sentiment of the population. In the past, it seems like the government didn’t want to piss people off too much. After all, they exploit our taxes and don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. They could be overrun if they had mass civil unrest. They are outnumbered.

      This is speculative on my part though, because I haven’t studied changes in policy based on protests. I think people should not only protest but stop going to work, and stop paying taxes until these mandates and all the other bs are stopped immediately.

      Protests are like the experiments that JC had in how if someone stands up to authority and does the right thing other people will join. That’s how they work.

      • cu.h.j

        “.. For example, in the US, the Civil rights movement did cause changes in policies…”

        Most of those changes were brought down by Big Gov on people that did not want them- not saying that things were good the way they were, but school integration was done basically at gunpoint- kinda the same as CRT is being done now.
        THIS was later and in Boston…

        “… As far as anti war protests goes, maybe the Vietnam protests shortened the duration of the war…”
        I read that When the draft went away the student protests mostly melted away. The war ended because it suited one half of the political class to end it and they had already done what they wanted to do to domestic society.

    • What about if the protest was taken to the personal homes of the federal reserve bankers and other elitists in other countries. Find where they live and protest there instead.

      • cu.h.j

        You do have a point that each little cog in the machine does feel like they can get away with anything behind the cloud of bureaucracy… but most people dont want to know such things I think thats why Scott Howard’s Trans Industrial complex book and his new one on open society is getting so little air.

        • Yes, behind the cloud of bureaucracy, exactly. It’s cleaver. People get angry and use their anger against the wrong people. Find out who the real players are and protest at their house, at their offices. Shame them.

          Not that Zuckerberg is at the head of it, but he’s a big supporter. We should go to his house, or to that nitwit, the CEO of twitter and protest at his house. They need to understand that the masses know whats going on. Let’s protest outside of Jerome Powell’s office, show up with over 100K people. People must understand what exactly is happening and who’s doing it and funding it.

      • Fact Checker

        “… Give me a break. Neither you, nor anyone else, is gonna do sheeee-it.)…”

        You are mostly correct, most people are just lazy, most of the remainder are cowardly, some are really just too stupid to understand whats going on.

        Only about 5 or 10 % of the population actually matter, the rest really are just animals, sometimes cattle, sometimes pigs and sometimes crabs in a bucket pulling the other crabs down

      • FC,

        I would attend a protest that is out in front of one of these evil entities business, or at the entrance to one of the Federal Reserve banks. Organizing a protest is not something I am capable of doing, maybe you?

        Or westerncivic? He seems to have the energy and enthusiasm for this. Move these protests, not outside government buildings, but outside of the federal reserve banks.

        Are you too lazy? Or are we too lazy? I am in the middle of a move and am not lazy. An introvert yes, lazy no.

        • What about you FC? You have family right? Do you express the same degree of dispair? I wonder. It doesn’t make sense.

        • cu.h.j

          Your whole life must have been horrific then….”

          Actually I would bet that he has never seen much actual horror or suffering. People who go through such things know to enjoy the nice things life drops on them from time to time… I knew a guy who had h

          Kinda like how people who grow up in an overly hygienic environment get autoimmune disorders or over privileged teenage girls got bulimia (and now Trans-i’fied) the human mind finds ways to be miserable and pity ourselves.

          It has a certain pleasure to it, and when we get older it eases the sense of failure everyone feels looking back at your life and wishing for the road less traveled.

          This guy explains it far better then I could.

      • Fact Checker

        “..I have my doubts that anyone “actually matters.” …”

        True, they are en-spelled by the mind control, and thinking there is enemy has done a fine job making the prey give up without a fight

        There is no hope for the hopeless who give up. Their end will be worse the the end of the hopeful- who at least got to enjoy their hope. Despair is turning from God and what follows the horrible moment of death for that kind of person is far far worse then anything before

        • FC,

          Your whole life must have been horrific then. I have had a lot of fun in my life time, glad I am alive. I can understand some people having this perspective, but not someone from the west who isn’t starving. Enjoy the moments now! Tomorrow you might be hit by a bus and paralyzed from the neck down. This happens all the time.

      • Fact Checker
        “..Nonsense. You can’t scare me with your JewVooDoo…”

        funny, the jew’s are the one’s pushing atheism and relativism… the very idea of meaninglessness, despair and helplessness you promote.

        I’m not trying to scare you, why would you be scared of anything anyway?

        You have already despaired of anything you say or do having any effect anyway. If you believe its too late then your mind is so en-spelled by propaganda you are already essentially dead…. I am sorry for where that will take you.

    • Arby
      “..I guess there was some backpedaling in Russia, but I expect that to be short-lived. …”

      Thats the problem… people think there is a ‘fix’ where as its more like driving a car or keeping a dog trained… never ending small steps that each appear unimportant.

      We’ve had 70 or 80 years of just letting things run along without most people paying attention and assuming that the system would run itself. If you let your dog get bad you dont retrain it over night, or easily

  50. “…Put together worst-case-scenario escape plans — including a ‘final escape’ plan — then there’s only so much they could ever do to you….”

    LOl… I just listened to this about a netflix film where people get to take the Red Exit pillso they can avoid the doom clouds… the ending twist is pretty obvious

    • AnimalsArentFood
      His “Science edition” stream is pretty good too…. kinda gruesome and but he actually managed to make a stream listing horrible human experiments that normies would listen to

  51. Thank you both for providing sanity in the chaos. And back in August I went through the Dark Knight of the soul like JEP is now. I’m an American currently living in Australia and August was when the vaccine campaign really started to be pushed here…and even though I’ve been vaccine awake for over 12 years, I’ve never seen anything like this. I started to really loose hope in humanity when people leapt up clamoring over themselves to get it. I went to the government’s websites and saw the lies about the efficacy and even up until last month our state’s Premiere kept saying we need to get the jab to prevent spread and protect nana. All lies and gaslighting. And then the mandates crept in one by one. And only small, select groups stood up to them. No one fought. So August was rough. I about gave up. But I started to see cracks, little by little, and when Victoria introduced that horrific pandemic bill, people started to show up.I could go on and on about the odd situation over here. So JEP, you have my support from across the pond as I know how tough that feeling is. Hang in there and know what you’re doing is important.

  52. My Dad always said, “Attitude determines outcome, and hard luck stories are a dime a dozen.”

    He also said, “To be happy you need someone to love, a job to do, and something to look forward to.”

    How many of my Dad’s premises listed above are in your world today?

  53. Great end of the year episode fellers!!

    Love the “Epstein didn’t kill himself” Christmas sweater!

    Love the Klaus Schwab Wizard of Oz meme!

    Love the reference to the Churchill quote! “Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing, once all other possibilities have been exhausted,” theres so much truth to it!

    Love the dichotomy between JC’s optimistic outlook and JEP’s cynical view! It will all come down to the people doing the right thing, even if its just those whom are awake.

    Love the Brock West shoutout near the end!

    Cheers to all of you guys and your families! Have a Merry Christmas!!

  54. Your show has been keeping me in a sane state of mind for nearly two years. I say thank you to the African lady who threw me your way.

    I sense the fear setting in for you JEP. Just remember the same way fear is sown in those believing in the C19 Gods – the fear works differently for us and is produced by us being able to see. Look ahead – look in front of you – but don’t look too far down the road. There are many people – there are many forks and tiny little events so seemingly insignificant they may seem like they don’t matter. But they do.

    You are the only show I will recommend to people who want to look. That means something. Thank you.

    • Probably not. Its simple elegant and peaceful.

  55. Thanks guys, you for another year of excellent work. Sad to hear YT cost half your audience. Maybe you’re being viewed more than you realize, because the media is more spread out across different platforms, it becomes more difficult to determine exact view counts. Though nothing would surprise me any longer, when it comes to people. Here’s to a abetter future even if it only really seems like a dream.

  56. If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty.

    Thomas Paine

    • Except for inbred peadophiles, they don’t commit suicide but are suicided by ??? how do you name those “slaves” … normal people only following orders – duty called to protect children ?

      No, empty words of Mr. T. Paine speaking to a Patriarch bigotted world where wimen don’t count as protectors.. or are even concidered viable & vital to do such.

      I know I know nothing = crap
      I think therefor I live = crap
      There is no ‘spoon’ = crap

      George Washington was perhaps a black man, perhaps just like Jesus.
      The Victors blood is always red and their shit stinks as usual.

      The average man
      The average income
      The elite, the little people

      Socialism = Communism ? why ?

      The people should choose to go to war and/or make peace – that is socialism !

    • perhaps Mr. Paine meant :

      “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that future childreen may have peace; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every human to duty” ?-)

      If so, I’m onboard !

  57. More than half my life, I’ve been fighting psychiatries vision of maming people to be impaired for life when you get a diagnoses.

    I’m in a clinic right now and just realized that the entire civilasation is condemmed to being “jabbed” for life with vaxinations and will be hooked on booster-shots for life.

    Your friends saying –> “You look a little pale ?!”,”Did you take you’re boostershot?”

    A whole civilasation addicted tto vaxination-ooster-shots for life!

    On the street –> “Eh man, You have a booster-shot for me?”, “I’ll pay you tomorrow”


    • I don’t think that those who are embracing the gene altering death jabs will have to worry about becoming hooked. Sadly, the deaths only seem to be accelerating as predicted by so many.

      I also wanted to say that I really empathize with what I imagine you were feeling when you wrote the above. Or perhaps I’m just projecting or something.
      I sought help once awhile back. I believe the guy was a psychologist as opposed to a psychiatrist. I have always had a problem with depression and at that time I had fallen back into a lifelong habit of justifying my cannabis addiction which I had conquered for a decade or so after becoming a Christian.
      The fellow who was younger than me immediately told me that I needed to clear the THC from my system before the Zoloft that he was writing the prescription for would really work properly. That was pretty much the extent of the counseling as I remember.
      I sought help because while I often contemplated suicide. As I am confident all well adjusted people do daily. I became concerned when it became pretty much all I was contemplating.
      Anyway, I took the stuff for a month and found myself in a very dark place. So I quit and soon found myself completely absent suicidal thoughts. Mostly because I was consumed by murderous and rageful thoughts.
      Thats when I decided that I would stick to more natural medicines.


      • All that to say that while I know that my issues are minor compared to what some folks are dealing with. After reading all your posts today I was reminded of the places that my thoughts bring me to and how alone I sometimes feel there.
        In that way at least, you aren’t alone.
        What has been going on for the last couple of years has stretched my capacity to deal with my thoughts and the resultant behavior to it’s limits.
        Even though I have strived to devote myself to becoming more healthy both mentally and physically for over a decade. I still am grateful that you can go home again because you never really left.
        And I am also grateful for the green herbs that the good Lord provides to keep me sane.

      • Thank you for responding, I think you shouldn’t except medicatiion prescribed by a psychologist (I’m sure it was a psychiatrist pretending to be a psychologist).

        The “fun part” for me is that psychiatry diagnoses are opinion based and then you need medication for life. I’m fighting those life-long-scentences by psychiatry.

        Since this Corona is a pseudo-pandamic and people fear the pseudo-virus, the world is in a mass-psychoses.

        Just like 9-11 brought Americans in a mass-psychosis.

        So, the whole world is diagnosed with life-time-jabbing and has a severe mental condition – all within one year.

        For the last 30 years people have been calling me sick and crazy and always judged my opinion and behavior.

        But now the people of the world are sick and crazy and all within one year.

        WELCOME to my world, wherein your (mental) health can only be measured by how well you are adjusted to this deep sick society.

        Sorry for your cannabis addiction, I’ve been without alcohol for 10+ years, without cannabis for almost 9 and I no longer use amfetamiines (NOT METH!)for aboot half a year.

        I believe history was re-written and truth can be found all around us.

        RESEARCH YOUTUBERS : Martin Liedtke, JonLevi, Autodidactic 2 & StuffedBeagle to see the world as it was. NOTE: Once you see the truth around you, you cannot turn back 😉

        Jesus was real! Just around 1200 AD not in the year 0…

        Merry Christmas, happy new year and thank you again for responding, I really appreciate it!

    • It’s weird to observe people who have had the jab looking for more boosters. A few of the nursing colleagues I have took the boosters before they were approved. I have no idea why they did this. Fear perhaps? I doubt it’s an addiction in the true sense of the word.

      I have had mixed experiences with psychiatrists, about half of them have been bad. My new doctor is pretty cool, only asked me if I was taking the jab early on and I said no. He never asked again. He’s a genuinely kind person. If you can find someone you trust, it might help you. Some psychotropic drugs can help sometimes. I still take a few unfortunately.

      • THANK YOU, I see the benefits of anti-psychotics too if taken for a short while and always very slowly tampered-off.

        I fear benzo’s –

        I divide people into a spectrum of less-feelers and more-feelers from 1 to say 50, wherein less-feelers are not capable of really understanding or faking feelings they do not have or are capable of recognizing in their own bodies and mind. More-feelers show more micro-expressions than less-feelers.

        Most psychiatrists are less-feelers; just watch the lack of micro-expressions – or watch yourself, you’ve been writing quite like a rebel ready to fight the powers while it’s mostly “preppers” who behave non-altruistic during crisis.

        Common people are quite altruistic during emergencies (helping others with food, supplies and saving lives) looting and killing during disasters do happpen but on a very small scale.

        Most people try to help each other. Off course the media (including all series and movies)propogandizes that people go balistic during crisis which is far from the truth

        Like Stories of Old –

        Merry Christmas, happy new year and re-visit nature when you can.

  58. 30 odd years ago I told you that telepathy is real but ALL OF YOU denied me the right to have the right in public.

    JESUS says in the bible that what you think must as easy be spoken with your mouth..

    When I read that I thought:”WOW, Jesus sees things just like me.” hop on deniers, the train leaves every day but you still ain’t onboard.

    Y’all thinking about a HAM-radio saving the world ? Perhaps we should just research telepathy and how to keep those frequencies open while they are still availablle.

    Still not listening to me and JESUS ? Than deny whatever you feel is your right to deny.

    None the less, I wish you a Merry Christmas – Gloria, in exelsis deo.

    but remember:

  59. I’m concerned for ya’ll in Europe. I’ve been watching the energy market. This year to date, 2021, Natural Gas has gone up in Europe 668.58%.

    EU natural gas prices resumed their rally to new all-time highs near €147 per megawatt-hour in the third week of December, as a cold blast is set to hit several European capitals amid reports that flows through the key Yamal-Europe pipeline have fallen sharply over the weekend. German network operator Gascade measured an hourly volume of 366,735 kWh, compared with more than 1.2 million kWh/h on Saturday and more than 10 million kWh/h on Friday. Combined with low wind power generation and outages in French nuclear plants, delays in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and geopolitical risks in Belarus and Ukraine, Europe is facing one of the most severe supply squeezes on records. With imports running low and depleting inventories, investors are now fearing that the ongoing natural gas crunch could be extended into next winter.

    • Indeed HomeRemedySupply. And the other energies are also on the vertiginous rise. It’s actually incredible how the poverty is affecting people, i don’t know now but last year it was forbidden to put people on charities for foods on the mainstream news. I can only imagine it’s the same now and i can’t even understand how some people are keeping warm, this is not Sweden nevertheless… It’s cold

  60. I was a bit disappointed not to see 2 handsome men in suits this year… But I can see why it’s not fitting this year. BTW the Epstein sweater is EPIC! Hugs to you James EP. Love you both. Suffering similarly in Massachusetts.

    • thank you, one more for my yearly donations (the lastamerican vagabond)!

      Can you recommend a few more perhaps (saves me time going through Mr. Corbett shows for websites 😉 )

  61. This is my first comment. 😉 I understand it will go to moderation first. Glad to be here.

    Here’s to a 2022 where enough people wake up and the evil doers of the world will have their evil plans overthrown and laughed out of town.

    Thank you for what you do, James and James!


    Ronny Freedom

  62. Best wishes to you too, Merry Christmas and happy new year !

    Keep Dreaming Big !


  63. Thanks for all you both do.

    I wish I had JC optimism for solutions.
    Unfortunately, I relate more to JEP sentiments today.

    People around me still think LHO, JER, SS, and the Nation of Islam killed JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcom.

    They think Watergate was really about a burglary.

    They think Oliver North was the big criminal in Iran Contra.

    They believe the official narrative about OK City and 9/11.

    They don’t know the US has supported Nazis, invaded Russia after the revolution, or that there was an fascist coup attempted in the thirties.

    Being able to listen to you two is invaluable for my mental health.
    Again, thanks for all you do.

  64. That Slave To The Grind album, right by his record player, just kept rolling through my mind as I watched this. For those that don’t know it, here are the lyrics to the title track. It is of course, Skid Row.

    You got me forced to crack
    my lids in two
    I’m still stuck inside this rubber room
    I gotta punch the clock that
    leads the blind
    I’m just another gear in the assembly
    line – oh no

    The noose gets tighter around
    my throat
    But I ain’t at the end of my rope ’cause
    I won’t be the one left behind
    Can’t be king of the world
    If you’re slave to the grind
    Tear down the rat racial slime
    Can’t be king of the world
    If you’re slave to the grind

    Get it?

    A routine injection, a lethal dose
    But my day in the sun ain’t even close
    There’s no need to waste
    your prayers on me
    You better mark my words
    ’cause I’m history
    Yes indeed

    You might beg for mercy to get by
    But I’d rather tear this thorn
    from my side

    I won’t be the one left behind
    You can’t be king of the world
    If you’re slave to the grind
    Tear down the rat racial slime
    Can’t be king of the world
    If you’re slave to the grind

    They swallowed their daggers by
    turning their trick
    They tore my intentions apart
    brick by brick
    I’m sick of the jive
    You talk verbal insecticide

    They swallowed their daggers by
    turning their trick
    They tore my intentions apart
    brick by brick
    I’m sick of the jive
    You talk verbal insecticide

    I won’t be the one left behind

    You can’t be king of the world
    If you’re slave to the grind
    Tear down the rat racial slime
    You can’t be king of the world
    If you’re slave to the grind

    I said slave to the grind
    Slave to the grind
    Slave to the grind

  65. Hey guys everybody at the Corbettreport and Media Monarchy and affiliated peeps: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Glad to be part of this community. Rock on peeps sh*ts about to get real 🙂

  66. I’m late writing this down, but since we may have internet difficulties soon, no harm in keeping physical methods of payment at hand, just in case. Or, at least, stuff you can swap for basic necessities like food, since food shortages could be an upcoming problem.

    Happy holidays, happy new year, and may we all be blessed with those two being wrong because what they predicted is going to be a nightmare. Oh, and of course – remember to boycott the a**holes who are part of this dreadful plan. It’s more important now than ever.

  67. Hello,
    first of all thank you so much to the both of you.
    The first thing I would like to say is that my husband said that seeing the video reminded him of the letters Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman exchanged, specially the one where he is saying that he thinks some people simply are not going to be able to command themselves and always need someone to conduct them…
    I must say that I am having a similar experience to JEP… I am totally losing interest to talk to some people, some friends who probably weren’t my friends to begin with… I think it’s just too expensive for me now, emotionally, having a baby who is 7 months old and spend time with people who obviously are not going to listen and are going to pull the trigger on me if the time comes. Honestly it doesn’t matter for them that I was being treated as crazy in the hospital, when I went there saying I couldn’t preform my job with a mask while pregnant. I finally quit, what came to be much more beneficial for my emotional state. It doesn’t matter that I highlight every way possible that this is not about health.
    I don’t know where this is going to end but I feel that the more restricted people are the more they are willing to blame the ones who don’t believe the same as they do, because in the end it became a matter of belief… and it is very clear to me how people killed themselves centuries ago, and not so long ago, over religion. It feels like the us and them was always there and exploited and doesn’t matter if it makes sense, humans sometimes feel to me like merely abstraction prone monkeys.
    Having said this, we are never alone and it feels good to be able to speak my mind.

    Love you both,

    • Vania,
      I always like reading anecdotes like you have written. They give me insight as to what is going on with different people in different regions.
      Nice website you have!
      I believe Corbett Member NoSoapRadio (ManBearPig) is near the eastern coast of Spain after having left France during this plandemic. I enjoy reading her comments.

      • Hello homeremedysupply.
        Always good to speak to you.
        Thank you for visiting my website:) i am glad you enjoyed.
        And thank you for the connection.
        It’s true this anecdotes are ilucitadive.

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