Interview 1774 – New World Next Year 2023

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Welcome to New World Next Year, the annual wrap up of the New World Next Week video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This year:

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Media Monarchy’s 2022 Story: They Think They’re Getting Amnesty After This?

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Alex Jones and the Wellness-Conspiracy Industrial Complex //

Corbett Report’s 2022 Story: Canada’s Freedom Convoy

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Media Monarchy’s Trend Prediction for 2023: You’ve Got A Sustainable Screw Loose

Blackouts Will Trigger People’s Revolt Against Eco-Tyranny

UK, Western Europe In Middle Of “Wind Drought”

Coming Soon – Climate Lockdowns And The “15 Minute City”

#NewWorldNextWeek: And Now . . . Climate Lockdowns!

Corbett Report’s Trend Prediction for 2023: The Digital ID Cometh

Mastercard Outlined Its Digital ID Push; Where Payments Meet Digital ID

Australia Considers Centralizing Digital ID

Brazil Continues Rollout of Digital Versions of National ID Card

EU Planning Digital ID Wallet by 2024 Regardless of Challenges

New Zealand’s Quarantine Program Utilizes Digital ID Wallets; A Partnership With Microsoft’s Cloud

Stores In Denmark Call for Digital ID Age Verification

Indian Citizens That Don’t Link Account Numbers to Digital ID Will Soon Face Financial Blacklisting

Baal Aadhaar Card Biometric Update Mandatory: What Is It, How To Update

Episode 415 – The Global Digital ID Prison

Nullification Works: REAL ID Compliance Deadline Extended Yet Again

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  1. Thank you guys for another year of brightness <3

    Merry Christmas.

    • “Liberty or Death, Ho Ho Ho” said James.

      That’s got to be the saddest, bravest holiday greeting ever. And right on point.

      Thank you guys for all you do, keeping us informed and keeping it light (if/when possible)

      All good wishes for 2023.

  2. I’ve yet to hear a single word of remorse or contrition from a single person who ridiculed me for the non compliant position I took from the beginning of the scamdemic.
    Even immediate family who now say that they won’t take another shot.
    And I don’t expect that I ever will.

    • None of us regret not taking it

    • And you probably never will. For self-delusion, self and social denial along with avoidance habitate the American mind, assuming you are N. American.

      America itself is immoral and after decades, may I say centuries, do you think anyone, American leader, has apologized to the people of Latin America whose veins have been open for over five hundred years?

      No, and you never will for avoidance and denial is the binary brain and imperialism still the plan in play.

      The problem is that the same people you reference, and I state this in general understanding it does not apply to many, hold positions of power, are coaches for their kids football games, have BBQ’s in their back yards, suffer through times of no work and on and on.

      Americans are basically hustlers. They sit with their backs to the wall and their pistols loaded with one in the chamber on the table next to their straight shot of whatever.

      “I got mine, you get yours, sucker!”, as they are repeatedly raped of their civil and human rights.

      This makes them very easily captured by fascists and it is my prediction that the international fascist movement will gain momentum in 2023.

      Italy, France, England, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Greece and more are filing into the fascist line and with sanctions set to freeze them they will be susceptible to menticide. But that is the plan.

      • “And you probably never will. For self-delusion, self and social denial along with avoidance habitate the American mind, assuming you are N. American”

        I am.
        Is it different where you are? Are people different where you are from?

        • I’ve lived in different cultures around the planet.
          Humans are “same same, but different”, wherever we’re found.

          “Some humans ain’t human; some humans ain’t kind”.
          And yes, “the people of the lie” bring evil into the “world”. Society does function on traded lies and denials, and the binary duality splitting remains the core purpose.

          They’ve always worn masks, and yes, the opportunity to practice tyranny has unmasked them.

          Those who were drawn into it didn’t do their homework all these years. They were watching “flicks”, turning “tricks”, making time, making a killing, and killing some time.

          Machines destroy sacred space. Born into a machined system, injected, inspected, trained, schooled in the Prussian military model of discipline and punish,directed, rejected, accepted, objected…objectified; get those rules tightly embodied, move through endless societal rules, show me your collateral.
          Act like a Man. The Man. The All Powerful Man.
          Watch out for the Man Up In The Sky.
          Beware The Man From Below.
          Worship the Man Sacrifice.

          It’s a wonder any of us are sane.

    • Same here. I won’t come around to showing some forgiveness for anyone jabbed who does not show some outrage, remorse and shame for swallowing whole and partaking in the criminality of these times.

      I’ve been excluded and shunned by family and former friends and blamed for their own stupidity. There is a positive side to this. The Great Awakening has illuminated the evil and ironically, has resulted in finding a community of like minded friends and a new Family of kindred spirits. No longer do I feel I must tolerate the rolling eyes and dispicable regard of those who consider me the “conspiracy theorist” nutter. May they all survive their clot shots.

      • Don’t you just love the quality of the comments (and commenters) here on the Corbett Report?
        Judging from the topics and points made, I think they … you … are the sort of calibre who would appreciate some of my articles at

        “What’s Wrong With The Greater Good”
        “Coping with Disagreement (and Being Wrong)”

        Visit. Enjoy. Comment. Share.

        Happy 2023.

  3. “Year of the Cyber Attack”

    If that’s what James predicted he doesn’t have to be embarrassed at all.
    He was actually right!
    One took place in the Great White North aka Canada.
    Rogers Communications had a massive Canada-wide outage starting Jul. 8, 2022.
    It affected businesses, banks, credit card companies, govt. agencies, transit systems, and millions of cell users across Canada.

    They have yet to come up with a believable story as to how it could have occurred.

    re: Digital ID cometh….

    I agree 100%.
    I have been noticing a growing trend by businesses and banks to try to use excessive ‘security’ measures to verify our identity when we try to gain access to their services.

    I will be meeting shortly with a manager at one of my banks and informing them if they don’t stop their obsessive use of ID verification I will be closing my account with them.

    They now require a call-back to my home phone before I can gain access to my account on the web!

    All of this is to condition us to:
    a) believe that serious security issues have started all of a sudden.
    b) believe the only way to circumvent these potential security issues is to issue everyone a digital ID which will ensure ‘peace of mind’ knowing that our accounts are safe from any fraudulent attacks etc.

    Although they haven’t blamed the Canada-wide Rogers outage (discussed above) on a hack attack, perhaps it will be used to drive home the importance of extra security measures, aka Digital ID’s.

    Don’t fall for this. Put your foot down and say enough is enough!

    • i live in Calgary and i also was thinking that James kind of nailed it about net outages, (after all evil villian schwab implanted the idea)
      when I recalled the Rogers outage as well ? ?? ☮️

    • @Fawlty Towers

      Well said and I have observed similar.

      I think it (that Rogers outage) was likely a ‘testing the water’ type operation (beta-testing people’s reactions, gauging the measure of their centralized digital currency dependence, testing out their gear/personnel) and perhaps as you suggest, beginning to lay down the pretense for a “internet drivers license” (as I saw nosoapradio describe it in comment on here somewhere).

  4. Great stuff guys.

    James P., I can relate to your story of your family member sending you the heartless emails. I received similar ones from an array of family members. Some even decided to publicly disown me.. And guess what! After calling me a ‘crazy conspiracy tin foil hat theorist’, a ‘danger to my community’ and ‘anti-science’ (for not getting the genetic slurry injections) and cutting me out of their lives when I refused to budge and called them out on their cowardice, compliance with tyranny and idiocy, now they are reaching out to me and trying to talk to me (like they want “amnesty”) pretending like nothing happened.

    More on the specifics when I have more time.

    • So here is one example of a family member writing me in an attempt to shame, gaslight, bully and nudge me into line with her delusional Stockholm syndrome relationship with government and big pharma.

      It started when I posted this quote (in image format):

      “If you’ve wondered what you would’ve done during slavery, the Holocaust, or Civil Rights movement…you’re doing it right now now”

      So my Australian cousin decides she is gonna put me in my place (she is one of those militant vegan feminist millennials that tries to show off her armpit hair every time someone takes a picture of her) and she commented and started by saying:

      “Hey Gavin,
      I don’t see any point engaging with you further about this because it’s clear that it won’t be received and I won’t be reading a linked pseudoscience article but I feel that I cannot not say- it’s highly offensive to compare being asked to get a vaccine to protect some of the most vulnerable people in society (the immune compromised, the elderly, and particular vulnerable communities who are most affected by covid) to genocide and slavery.. by not getting the vaccine I personally think that you’re letting down the masses and not critically thinking, not the other way around. Anyhow. It might be time to check your privilege..

      ..I couldn’t sit by and not say anything, to me that would put me on the wrong side of history.”

      (she now appears to want “amnesty” and to pretend like her pathetic attempts to bully and gaslight me never happened.)

      Knowing she would go back and alter or delete the comments when the absurdity, cowardice and appalling nature of her behavior became more obvious to others I saved the resulting set of comments that were exchanged and (for anyone interested in seeing how it all went down) I have now documented the exchange in the description section of a post you can find here:

      • Well! Reminds me of when my sister told me lo these many years that she would cease communicating with me for good if I mentioned 9/11 again (in an email) explaining that her husband didn’t want her to talk about it. We’re still not communicating.

        So. How exactly did your cousin Imogen ask for amnesty? I’d be interested to know what words she used exactly?

        ps: Your exposé was quite well expressed but I was certain as I was reading it that she never did.

        • Oh sorry if I gave the impression that I shared the part where she apparently wants ‘amnesty’ and is pretending like nothing happened in the post above (that was not included in the archive dot org post and came more recently).

          Well, first of all, just for some context on how Imogen, her parents (my mom’s sister and her husband) as well as much of the rest of my extended and immediate family treat my wife and I. Earlier this year (back when only synthetic mRNA injected people were allowed to get on planes in Canada) Imogen’s parents (working closely with my parents) decided to organize a rare family reunion and Christmas gathering (where they would use what was left of the inheritance they got from my Grandma’s estate) to pay for everyone to go to Nicaragua to spend Christmas on the beach.

          Aside from my little brother (who stays quiet, doesn’t like to rock the boat and had/has access to fake vaccine passports) everyone in my immediate and extended family except myself and my wife chose to get the synthetic mRNA injections. So, not only did they organize that trip knowing that my wife and I wouldn’t be able to attend (due to the fascistic government rules that showed no sign of changing at the time) they additionally stated (in a group email) that they would not pay for my wife and I to fly there, but stated if we were willing to take the neccisary steps to get there ourselves, we would be welcome to join. (talk about cult coercion tactics right!)

          Additionally a few months back my father decided to remove me as being designated as a family member on his facebook page (he is a facebook addict and that is the only place I ever hear from him).

          Anyways, I digress… So now that they are all going to hang out on a tropical beach, Imogen messages me and starts trying to engage in small talk, she says she is putting together a photo album (made up of photos taken by each member of the family) for giving out to people on their tropical christmas trip, and asks if I want to contribute some pictures.

          Perhaps it is her way of tryna ease her conscience (without addressing the fact that she turned on me like a scary obedient little nazi collaborator girl might have turned on a member of her family in Germany in the late 30-s and without addressing the fact that they designed a trip that intentionally excludes my wife and I).

          I am willing to forgive (if she honestly acknowledges how wrong, damaging and unethical her behavior was, and apologizes) but i will never forget.

          Thanks for the comment and for sharing your experience with your sister.

          • Here’s some thoughts I’ve had on these matters in the past couple of months, if you don’t mind.
            First, the proscription to “hate the sin, not the sinner” is absurd, because there is no sin without the sinner.
            If one forgets an abuse, one does not need to forgive.
            What does it mean to forgive?
            to give in advance…what? …forgetfullness that isn’t? or permission to abuse again?
            Any survivor of chronic abuse knows that forgetting and forgiving are a recipe for more abuse.
            In the lyrics of a song composed by two males:
            “God may forgive you, but I won’t
            Yes, Jesus loves you, but I don’t
            They don’t have to live with you and neither do I
            You say that you’re born again well so am I
            And God may forgive you but I won’t and I won’t even try. ”

            There’s nothing an abuser fears more than losing a victim. When suspected they are about to, they will “up the ante”.
            Perhaps everyone could benefit from a review of the cycle of violence.

            • @openlens

              I appreciate you sharing your two cents on this.

              Personally I think the whole concept of sins (and the associated fear, guilt, threats of eternal damnation etc) was distorted and blown way out of proportion from the spirit and context of how the concept was originally offered to help people practice ‘self-governance’ (but that is a whole nother ball of wax)

              Putting aside the word “sin” and replacing it with “deplorable, abusive and/or atrocious behavior” I will share my thoughts your statements regarding, said behaviors, the concept of “forgiveness” and the use of the word “love” in the lyrics of the song quoted.

              Firstly, I think it is worth emphasizing that holding onto hate in one’s mind and heart (regardless of the reason) is a choice that results in cumulative damage to the brain and the body. Various spiritual teachers have explained this truth by saying things like “holding onto resentment is like swallowing poison and hoping it will hurt someone else” etc. That is not just true and valid in a philosophical and spiritual sense, it is also literally true from a scientific perspective (regarding how such mental states impact neurological activity, synaptic connections, biochemicals produced in the brain, now those biochemicals influence the circulatory system, nervous system and the receptor sites of individual cells and even influencing the epigenetic expression of the individual).

              Thus, if we consciously choose to let go of hate and resentment (rather than holding onto them) and instead focus our energy to feel gratitude and appreciation for those people and aspects of our life that are kind/honorable (even while we are engaging in a time in our life that is less than favorable) we are actually building up our brain’s capacity for experiencing greater depths of appreciation when we are engaging in all other tasks and experiences in life. Inversely, if we choose to allow hate, resentment, frustration, impatience, boredom, anger or apathy to remain in the forefront of our thoughts we are training our brain to be specialized in experiencing hate, resentment, frustration, impatience, boredom, anger and/or apathy.

              Additionally, allowing those thoughts and emotions to color our perception of the majority of moments in life (by thinking of individuals in a state of hate or resentment) can even create a sort of endogenous bio-chemical addiction, where we end up unconsciously seeking out more stimulus to produce those emotions, and which in time could lead to a decreased ability to experience gratitude, joy and appreciation while engaging in activities we consider preferable to dealing with the person that is the focus of that hate or resentment.

              I provide links and explore more of the science behind what I describe above in this article:

              (..continued in another comment)

            • (..continued from comment above)

              The concepts and (spiritual as well as scientific) truths I describe above are not something I have mastered and am fully applying to my own life effectively yet. I still find myself feeling resentment towards abusers and allowing that feeling and thought to linger in my mind at times, it is a work in progress but I am confident I will master that aspect of my mind in time.

              Now with regards to your comments about forgiveness and the lyrics about love. I do see there is some truth in what you say with regards to how abusers and manipulators will take advantage of someone’s proclivity to “forgive and forget” (if they are doing what they think of as “forgiving and forgetting” while also being a push over and taking on the role of a punching bag). When I said forgive, I did not mean allow my nasty cousin (or any other brainwashed and/or abusive member of my family or anyone else) to walk all over me, rather I meant I would be willing to communicate amicably with her if she apologized. That does not mean I would trust her, and it certainly does not mean I would leave my self open to gaslighting from her or anyone else.

              When it comes to the word “love” and how it was used in those lyrics, they are talking about conditional love. Unconditional love is different than conditional love, it is more a state of being, than it is a series of temporary attitudes of the brain/heart. I choose to unconditionally love all my fellow beings because that is my (and every other conscious spiritual being’s) most natural and innate state, and because for the reasons described above, it is the responsible thing to do for the care of my body and brain. Embodying unconditional love does not mean I approve of, endorse, accept or tolerate deplorable, abusive or atrocious behaviors, and it does not mean leaving my self open to manipulation of those seeking to gaslight. It can be a state embodied from a distance, without any written, verbal or visual contact what so ever (if need be), but it is a choice that honors my true self and respect the gift of this vessel for my spirit to engage in life on Earth that I was given by Creator (my body and brain).

              So yes, I see wisdom in now allowing a cycle of abuse and manipulation to continue in one’s life by becoming a push over, seeking the approval of an abuser or any other psychologically detrimental choice, but that does not mean I will hold onto resentment, hate or choose not to feel love inside me, for to do those things would be to hurt myself more than to hurt anyone else, and it would cripple my ability to be of service to my fellow beings and the Creator in an effective way in this life.

              Thanks again for the comment and for sharing your thoughts.

              • *correction

                *I see wisdom in Not allowing*

              • I agree, and the struggle for me has been to include myself, in the end, to this universal love I’ve always held for living beings, even those we consider non-living. I find it all magnificent and intriguing and compelling.
                Because being hated and rejected, marginalized and demonized, cripples my ability to serve. And all one has to do for that banquet is to think/feel/act/look differently. A lifetime of this will teach one to hate oneself, and that’s the hardest one to unlearn, because it’s so socially supported.And so valuable to the powers that pretend to be.

              • @openlens

                Well said.

                This is something I still struggle with in moments (truly accepting, appreciating and loving my self as I am, with all my innate imperfections and all the imperfect choices I have made in this life).

                It is a sacred task of paramount importance, for one can only truly become the candle that has the potential to light one thousand others (without diminishing one’s own light) if one tends to the flame within and truly knows it’s essence, through self-love.

                In permaculture design we talk about zones 1, 2 and 3 in how we structurally plan out a garden/food forest so that it is efficient, ‘stacks functions’, requires the least effort while offering the most yield and so that it not only has practicality but serves to reciprocate in an ecological sense. I like to describe the act of looking inward to know thyself, practice self-care and self love as “zone zero”, and I think it is the most important part of the design for one’s life, to tend that inner garden first and foremost. If one cultivates resilience and abundance within, one is more capable of repelling the ‘weeds’ that may attempt to set down roots when we are being hated and rejected, marginalized and demonized.

                Tending that inner garden allows us to share the harvests in the form of intuitive wisdom, confidence, peaceful presence, unconditional love and living with purpose with those around us and the communities we are a part of.

                Designing and optimizing the health of that inner garden is a perpetual task I embark upon and I have a long way to go, but I feel grateful that I was guided to learn from some great teachers and now I do have a number of tools that empower me to be able to effectively engage in that task (if I chose to muster the courage of the heart to utilize those tools that is).

                Thanks for the comment.

            • @Jonathan

              Thanks for the comment and the link.

              I am mostly over it but thanks.

              I see their betrayal and apathy as an opportunity to bring into focus who I can really rely on… a means to separate the ‘wheat’ from the ‘chaff’ in my life. Thus, I see how the brutal injection propaganda and coercion campaign brought out the true colors of many in my family as a blessing.. a removing of masks and revealing.. a helpful apocalypse (in the etymological sense of the word).

              I`ll check out the article. Cheers.

        • and her exact words were:

          “Hey Gavin, how is the weather in Ontario? I am sorry to hear you can’t make it to Nicaragua for Christmas but I’ve been trying to think of a way everyone can be involved! Sooo I’m going to assemble a photo album with contributions from all the family memebers. If you’d like to be involved, feel free to send me some pictures you have and I’ll pop them into the album”


          Would you be interested in offering photos if it was you? and what is your take on her out of the blue message?

          Keeping in mind that I have not seen my parents (or any of my family for that matter) for 3 years plus, and her message is being sent right as they all go get on planes to get sun tanned on the beach on a trip my wife and I were methodically and intentionally excluded from. A trip/reunion they could have easily arranged to be held in Canada so everyone could be included).

          • Well GavinM, thanks for your reply.

            All I can say is, no I wouldn’t want to offer any photos and I think I know exactly how you feel.

            • Thanks for listening.

              Speaking the truth and embracing radical authenticity in a world full of comforting lies and superficiality can be a lonely and challenging path sometimes, but I sense that I did not come here to experience this life for a vacation, so I accept that it comes with the territory and strive to see the many blessings I also have in this life (despite the challenges).

              Though my blood family may have discarded me and cut me out of their lives (for the most part), I find that connecting with thoughtful, compassionate and perspicacious people like yourself helps to remind me that (despite the atrocious behavior of some) our family of humanity is worth endeavoring to heal, protect and nurture to unfold onto it’s highest potential.

              I am wishing you a holiday season filled with peace, joy, community, gratitude, warmth and hope. 🙂

          • I would have sent Imogen a few pictures of Nazi youth taking it easy at the beech. Presuming Not See youth did take days off to cool off, if not in the fresh Nothern sea then somewhere in tepid southern France, where French collaborators were readily serving flamboyant drinks with fancy umbrellas.

            If no such photos would be readilly available and if you wanted to do something fancy, you could take pictures of yourself and the missus while wearing t-shirts stating “I was offered to sell my soul for a vacation bought with pilfered inheritance but I got this shirt instead.”

            Such people represent a stress test for the old “turn the other cheek”.

            • X-)))) LMAOROTF and a gazillion other cheezy memes to laud mkey’s usual tempered style of self-expression!

              Such people represent a stress test for the old “turn the other cheek”

              I was looking for a way to say exactly this but couldn’t find a way that turned the other cheek.

              • I just want to make crystal clear what I mean with “turn the other cheek”.

                That expression does not mean “oh, yes, come here and kick me yet another way I’ll just stand here and take it”.

                It means “now that you have understood the err of your ways and are ready to make amends I will gladly embrace you with my open arms regardless of all the mental raw sewage you have spewn in my general direction”.

              • Ah yes. Thank you for that vital clarification that dispels any possible misunderstanding that your typically measured and moderate language might’ve otherwise inadvertently generated.

                To be utterly clear, when you say turn the other cheek, do you mean a slight and salutary swivel of the hips to magnanimously release foul and merciful winds in the direction of the oncoming mental sewage resulting in an explosive union of atomically odiferous love and understanding?

                Just to be sure?

              • Yes, with looming body heat, as well as some bodily fluid, exchange and potentially followed by a softly whispered “you goddamn motherf…” right into the ear. The very same ear that will hopefully be left unbitten.

              • Aha. Yes, classical history would seem to indicate that this sort of deep forgiveness and auricular restraint is indeed common amongst cousins.

                At least according to my translation here on the Italian city-state rulers of yore.

              • Where Tyson failed we shall succeed!

              • Hear hear! I was looking for a meaningful epithet for a christmas t-shirt!

                You’ve been formidably inspired mkey!

                Many thanks Imogen!

            • @mkey

              That is hilarious and made me smile 🙂 thanks for that.

              It has been a stress test indeed.

              I have come to view the relationships in my life in a similar way to how I view cultivating crops and saving heirloom seeds in my garden. I offer my full attention to each plant that was naturally present there (and/or that I introduced or arrived on the wind) I do my best to understand what nourishment and stimulus will encourage them to grow onto their highest potential, I strive to provide it with love (while also being true to my self). What thrives and grows strong is that which I save seed from and continue to nurture in my garden, that which becomes diseased, frail, stagnant and unable to reciprocate the energy and time I provide (despite my having done everything described above) is allowed to fade, fall away and no longer has a place in my garden.

              I apply this same approach to human adults (whether they are related by blood or not).

              There are a great many morally courageous, loving, giving, intelligent, creative and motivated human beings on this Earth that are deserving of my time and energy, they are ‘seeds’ worth seeking out and ‘seeds’ worth saving, but these weak and stagnant seeds (exhibiting behavior like I described in the exchange above) I will not waste any extra energy on the ones like that.

              I aim to perpetually cultivate (and improve) a garden full of diversity, nourishment, beauty and vigor.. thus I now choose to focus my energy on those seeds which are capable of contributing towards making that a reality (ignoring those that cannot or will not).

              Thanks again for the comment. 🙂

              • I think that whole gardening/seed analogy got away from me a bit there 🙂 but you get what I was tryna say. I refuse to keep putting my creative energy into people / relationships that have zero interest in reciprocating (and if anything behave parasitically and not symbiotically). So as funny as it would be to send her pictures of nazi girls on the beach, that would be wasting my creative energy which I could be directing towards more constructive and regenerative ends.

            • Heh, heh, heh. I like it.

              … but more prudent advice might be to hold out until you feel you can forgive family. Most people (I find) do the best they can with the resources they have.

              They probably didn’t have the resources (mental or otherwise) that you did.

              • Thanks Jonathan.

                It is a work in progress.

                I appreciate the comment.

        • Is this the same sister that was covering her cough with a fart? Does not sound like it is, that one seemed a lot more affable toward the cause.

          • Heavens! What a memory you have! Yes, the very one. That was the joke. “Before we coughed to cover a fart, now we fart to cover a cough…” or something to that effect. I guess you understand better now my interpretation of your interpretation of “turn the other cheek” as described above… anyhow…
            …should really be doing my translation…

    • That is why synchronicity so often congeals around bravery. Synchronicity is the snapping of the laws of probability as reality shifts to align with brave choices.

      This bit kicks like a mule.

      Regarding the rest of your exchange attempt, albeit destined to failure. Large amount of information is definitively not effective if to goal is to crack a protrusion in someone’s calcified way of thinking, at least based my experience.

      But so neither is a-point-by-point attempt at discussion, that usually leads to rage quitting. The farthest I could get with it would be to cause such cognitive dissonance that people would point blank state that they do not understand what I’m saying. Even if the presented information was as complex to master as 2+2=4.

      I do feel like the latter should be the better approach as with several points being discussed at one time, many of which are fruits of a poisonous tree, the central argument is diluted and the potential to go off on tangents is much too great to have any meaningful discussion.

      This is further compounded by some other, more innate, detriments where people will often substitute a logical, fact and truth based reasoning with their feels about the given topic.

      Nevertheless, you have encompassed almost all of the import talking points, you get extra credit for bringing in the Nuremberg code, that one seems to shut people up quite nicely, but I guess Imogen was just skimming extremely superficially to find something she could be offended by and then proceeded with her failed attempt at hurling your “hurtful” rhetoric back at you.

      • @mkey

        I appreciate you taking the time to write an in depth response and share your thoughts.

        In all honesty, (deep down) I did not really expect anything I said to change her mind (she was obviously totally hypnotized by state propaganda, or worse yet seemed to be consciously aligning with and weaponizing it for her own petty selfish gain in becoming part of a mob, or an “emboldened bully” as I said). What I wrote was more just for me and setting the record straight. It was more about not letting her hide behind the thin veneer of the ‘nice girl just doing her part to end the pandemic’ image she props up and to illuminate the true nature of the “mental raw sewage” she was spewing at me.

        So while there is much truth in what you say (from a practical application standpoint for changing/liberating minds) this was not really my intended goal with my exchange with her. For me it was more about catharsis, full transparency and speaking the truth (no matter the cost) so I would not consider it as “destined to failure” but rather a success from the very start. When I say success, I do not mean in the context of getting some brainwashed entitled wannabe bully millenial to admit she was wrong or change her mind, but rather a success in the context of my refusing to put on a mask or hold back so that i could ‘fit in’, ‘be accepted’ or avoid confrontation… success in the context of the goal of being true to my self.

        Thanks again for the comment, as always I appreciate your candor.

        • Yes, “destined to failure” was a bit of an overreach, I was mostly looking from the point of view of causing a system error with Imogen. If viewed from the angle of shooting seeds in all directions it was a stellar success.

          • 🙂 I like how you think

            You know, sometimes I literally do that in public places haha.. I carry a baggy filled with medicine and food plant seeds (ones that are resilient and readily self-seed) in my pockets in parks and go all johnny apple seed.

            I have managed to establish self-sowing/self-perpetuating colonies of tulsi, red russian kale, goji berries and heirloom cannabis plants in some obscure areas of several municipal parks and provincial parks around where I live. I imagine if the authorities caught onto me I would be charged with “illegally contaminating the municipal landscaping and parks with invasive species” or something haha. Well I get a kick out of it, people and animals seem to appreciate the free access to the food/medicine and I have noticed the pollinators appreciate my efforts as well. 🙂

  5. James C., when you did that little star wars analogy/rant there about the freedom convoy, it made me smile and think of a specific scene from a recent star wars show. I uploaded it in the hopes it can offer a bit of warmth, a smile and fan that rebellious spark that dwells in hearts of any reading this 🙂

    Check it out:

    The scene depicts a holorecording of a recently deceased woman (that is being played at her funeral ceremony). If you replace her use of the word “Empire” with “NWO” or “technocratic oligarchy” (in her speech) and replace her use of the word “Galaxy” with “Human Civilization” what she says is quite relevant to the times we are living in indeed. Watching the scene re-ignited some of the feeling I felt when I saw those thousands of people in Ottawa coming together to resist the oppressive regime of the bio-security police state.

    • btw – just to clarify (though all of those reading this are likely well aware) unlike the people in the scene I linked above, the people of the Freedom Convoy in Canada were peaceful (and remained relatively peaceful even in the face of overt police brutality). Also, my sharing the clip above was not to say that i endorse violence or think it is a viable solution, rather I shared it because our governments (especially here in Canada) have been behaving increasingly more like they are one component of a huge psychotic imperialistic fascist technocratic state, thus I thought this scene that depicts a catalyst moment in the plight of the rebellion (which is depicted in the starwars story) where people come together and say enough is enough, would be especially relatable.

      Thanks again for making me think of the clip though James C. 🙂

  6. You can feel,the pain of both of you in this one. Thank you for all both of you do evvery day. May I hope to meet you both one day or interview you both one day. Days are short and time is running low.

    Thanks to the two James.


  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Thank you both so much. One positive note: I am sensing more people coming to something that is embryonically looking a bit like “our side”, defined loosely as using this innovation to find truth and spread truth. Nothing wrong with that, so it’s a side I am happy to take, because whatever company I find myself in, it’s because of that commitment.

    Soon there will be demand for a genuine Network to house content for everyone (free speech) so everyone from James and James to Webb and Fitts and Greenwald and Groves and Gage; Alex Jones. Brand and Dore. So many producing content, and so much great content. A&E 9/11… To provide the breadth of comment from most moderate to most vocal. Take people based on results. AJ has done a lot of shit, but give him a platform, and if he fails there, then it’s because of a lack of commitment to truth and excellence. He’s been out front and right about some of the most difficult issues to broach and did so knowing the ridicule. Probably never knowing he would be ensnared in a show trial… probably.

    A real full day of programming, a Truth Concensus schedule on a Channel, content selected by contributors, to evolve, but with some regular features, we must have. James and James… with programming to include music, arts, documentaries, hopefully other creative content (I purchased but have not listened to Casolaro/Octopus yet, but will this holiday) and just thinking that with all the guests on all the programs… I have not lacked for information, which is to me true entertainment. And so much more. To build community around that, because the more it spreads critical mass on local levels may happen. At least, there will be people we can meet face to face to normalize public conversations about and for the sake of telling the truth.

    This is actual journalism. TV is hilariously not. I envision channels within channels, not all interests will be the same. But to have commentary like TCM before presentations, to have interpretation with presentations. Not everyone likes the same music.

    I work alone, so many more people are, and often had the television on for company, sound. I tend to leave it on TCM, I just have to turn off the channel whenever there is a movie relating to war. I simply do not support it in any way. Try it sometime, not a lot to watch during the holidays. Strange that. Off more than on.

    Weather Channel, but turn off the TV every time I hear “Climate Change” so… I’ve come to just check the weather and turn it off. Less RSI.

    Now TV is for particular programs, events, recipes… I find everything on this darpa-created internet I need to feel companionship, and better companions than generally available. I like to listen.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  8. Thanks for reminding us about Arby. If anyone feels tired and needs to be invigorated, just remember all the lives these bastards destroyed and will keep destroying and then act as if it never even happened.

    I call 2023 the year of the choice. You will have the choice to give up and they’ll make it really easy. Let’s make it hard.

  9. JEP, virtual hugs. That jerk who wrote those nasty, hurtful things is not worth to tie your shoes. We love you.

  10. Media Monarchy’s 2022 Story: They Think They’re Getting Amnesty After This?
    Corbett Report’s 2022 Story: Canada’s Freedom Convoy

    Spot on!
    In my opinion, these two stories well define 2022.

  11. I think the prediction (JEP) that a more home grown astroturf terror and violence is a next step is not too far off. I can see the IRA for instance making a come back in the next few years: my reason being: like the prohibition era: Government making things forbidden creates a black market bc there is always demand. Imagine this not being the case for drugs or guns but alcohol and meat: ppl will break down and corruption will blossom: the chaos will happen (out of which they want order, the old trick)

  12. I will never forget Arby

    • That would be what he would want.


  13. #solution watch suggestion: Escaping the self-own psyop!

    What is escaping the self-own psyop you might ask? well let me answer that with an example…..Why do we call “them” the “elites” when the word elite is usually associated with , skill, merit, expertise, etc. Why refer to “them” as something they are certainly not!.

    Or why call it the “pandemic”, when the last 3 years was at best an “alleged pandemic? I`ve been listening to the independent media for years now and i`m often amazed when very skeptical and rational people use the same words as the state or MSM to describe what is happening. We need to stop referring to “the pandemic” as the “pandemic, or using words like elite. The words *WE use to describe the world shape our world, and our perception of it. Let`s not give “them” more power by using their worlds to describe our world!. Let`s all become more aware of the words we use and “escape the self-pwn psyop!.

    • Hear hear. Pandemic, vaccine, positive, testing… these words are just spells.

      • Indeed, I found the term “social distancing” to be a particularly malignant sort of word wizardry.

        On a separate note, ‘word spells’ (dialectic psychological warfare weapons) such as “UFO” and “UAP” (which were manufactured by the oligarch’s intelligence operatives) have also been very effective in warping minds and steering discussions/investigations to predetermined destinations and mind traps.

  14. Justin Trudeau is to Canada as George Bush Jr. was to the USA, only 20 years later.

    Bush Jr. was likely picked by the, “Their World Oligarchs” to destroy what good that was left in the US federal government. His Administration created a War on “Terrorism” which led to unprecedented Wars of Aggression all over the world. It also allowed for the silencing of Free Speech by way of the “Patriot Act” which is in direct violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution, and what is known as the BILL OF RIGHTS. The Federal Government has since come to attack everything it was created to protect and is clearly not of, or, for the People.

    Justin Trudeau is also the son of a former Oligarch political implant who has come to use the Central Government against the people, and thus destroy all that the Central Government was created to protect.

    There seems to be a Play Book by which these evil Oligarchs work from by which we can predict their next move.

    As bad as Putin may be, I do not see him playing their game, and thus they are using our resources to remove him from power. Russia may in fact help save the world from this Oligarch New World Order. I hear that Russia has already set up Trials for the Plandemic Scam similar to the Nuremberg Trials, which puts them ahead of the West, if the Truth is made known to all.

  15. While I am no fan of government, I do like seeing things like this as we head into 2023…

    Tues Dec 13th, 2022
    Governor Ron DeSantis Petitions Florida Supreme Court for Statewide Grand Jury on COVID-19 Vaccines and Announces Creation of the Public Health Integrity Committee

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis held a roundtable discussion joined by Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo and world-renowned physicians, researchers, and public health experts to discuss adverse events of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and announce new, aggressive actions to hold the federal government and Big Pharma accountable, including:
    ~~ Establishing the Public Health Integrity Committee. The Committee will be overseen by the Surgeon General to assess federal public health recommendations and guidance to ensure that Florida’s public health policies are tailored for Florida’s communities and priorities.
    ~~ Filing a petition for a Statewide Grand Jury to investigate crimes and wrongdoing committed against Floridians related to the COVID-19 vaccine.
    ~~ Leading further surveillance into sudden deaths of individuals that received the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida, based on autopsy results. The state will collaborate with the University of Florida to compare research with studies done in other countries…

    “Health care professionals should always communicate the risks of a medical intervention to their patients in a manner that is clinically appropriate and meets standards of ethical practice. President Biden and Big Pharma have completely prevented that from happening – it is wrong,” 
    said Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo.
    “With these new actions, we will shed light on the forces that have obscured truthful communication about the COVID-19 vaccines.”

    [I have seen an interview with Dr. Joseph Ladapo. I was impressed by the guy.]

    • TLAV Ryan went into this yesterday:
      Brook Jackson and man who lost his child (Martinez? Can’t remember) both invited…then UNINVITED just before meeting.

      Caution advised on state agents “committees”.

      • Interesting. Thanks m.osh

        I saw some clips of the roundtable footage. Some of the folks are still drinking the System’s KoolAide and also believe that the children vaccine schedule is hunky-dory.
        A lot of people have a lot of homework to do.

    • Dec 14th – The Hill
      Fauci responds to DeSantis’s call for COVID-19 vaccine investigation

      Outgoing White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci said Wednesday that he “doesn’t have a clue” what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hopes to accomplish by calling for a state grand jury investigation into alleged “crimes” related to COVID-19 vaccines.

      “I don’t have a clue … what he’s asking for. I mean, we have a vaccine that, unequivocally, is highly effective and safe and has saved literally millions of lives,”
      Fauci, who is also the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), told CNN’s Kate Bolduc…

      …Fauci on CNN cited recently released research by the Commonwealth Fund, which found that COVID-19 vaccines from biotech companies Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson collectively saved over 3.2 million American lives and averted more than 18.5 million hospitalizations in two years of the pandemic.
      “So what’s the problem with vaccines? I mean, vaccines are life-saving. So, quite frankly … I’m not sure what they’re trying to do down there,”
      he said.
      “It has been politicized and it has been politicized in a way that has actually cost lives,” Fauci added of the vaccine, calling the COVID-19 virus the “common enemy” that Americans should unite around…

      “We’re all in this together. We’re all human beings and we’re all susceptible to disease that can kill us. … When people’s lives are being lost about this, maybe that’ll shake people up enough to realize that we’ve got to start pulling together and not against each other,” Fauci said…

      “I have nothing to hide at all, despite the accusations that I’m hiding something.
      I have nothing that I could not explain clearly to the country and justify,”
      Fauci told The Hill last month.

      [The way these psychopths and criminals lie, and create new narratives to make themselves ‘right’…it is very interesting. I can see where some folks might be convinced by these psychos.]

        • – Empire Files –
          Ron DeSantis’s Military Secrets: Torture & War Crimes

          Mike Prysner sheds light on the shadowy military career of Ron DeSantis.
          Mike Prysner interviews former Guantanamo detainee Mansoor Adayfi about DeSantis’s participation in illegal torture at the prison camp, and why he was likely sent to Iraq to do war crime cover-ups next.

          Mansoor describing Guantanamo…
          ”…Yes. And Ron DeSantis was there and watching us. We were crying, screaming! We were tied to the feeding chair. And that guy (DeSantis), he was watching that. He was laughing basically.

          When they used to feed us, because we can’t – our stomach cannot hold this amount of Ensure.
          They used to pour Ensure, one can after another, one can after another.
          So when he approached me, I said, “This is the way we are treated!”
          He said, ”You should start to eat.”
          I throw up in his face.
          Literally on his face.”

          Mike Prysner: ”Mansoor vomiting on DeSantis’ face….”

  16. Thanks you for the yearly prediction show!

    When people lived in a village, they would be known by a patrimonial like “Eduard, son of Charles”. In larger villages, a family name was added, like “Eduard, son of Charles, of the Carpenters”. When Napoleon introduced central lists of citizens, the place and date of birth were added. The more people live together, the more specific names have to be.

    With the introduction of computers a new need arose. A database needs a unique ID for each row (= citizen.) The Dutch tax collector introduced the “Fiscal Number” in 1985. In 1989 more government agencies owned computers, and the number was renamed to “Social and Fiscal Number”. In 2007 came the new name “Civilian Service Number”.

    The “Civilian Service Number” was not used for the digital Covid passports. A new digital identity system was built by Dutch developers. A big show was made of an open tender, and the app was “open sourced” to some degree. Open government requests later showed that the winner of the tender was known beforehand.

    Why was the Covid ID database built from scratch? Why is a lot of money budgeted for its further development in 2023? What is the relation between technocracy and a database ID?

  17. I am going to make a prediction for the coming year.

    I believe that we will witness the beginning, (or continuation?) of a world wide revival of folks from all cultures answering the call of God.
    As frustration, hopelessness and the sense of futility increase in the face of the corrupt governments of men. People will begin to hear the still small voice that is calling them to trust in the faithfulness of God rather than continuing to put their faith in the lying and hypocritical institutions of man.

    I want it to happen. I think its already happening. And I think its inevitable that it happen. May God bring it to pass!

    2 Timothy 7-9 KJV

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God; who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,

  18. Re: James C. prediction:

    Year ain’t over just yet, boys. Lol

  19. :[Mary+Christmas]:

    REV. 20-22


    • Is that just a general reading recommendation or is there a something in particular that you are looking to highlight in this very loaded section of scripture?
      Certainly the final verses are powerful but that might not be what you’re focusing on.

      “ 17And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
      18For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.
      20He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
      21The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”

  20. Well, I would be a complainer regarding PP payment – how else do you expect payment, BoA Visa? How is that better?

    And where is this “Great Awakening” commenters are mentioning? I get that Mexico is a completely irrelevant blip to y’all in the exceptional 5 ‘EYES’ but here, a deviant strain of ‘omigod’ has risen and everyone has scurried back to masking, gawping at me for being that entitled naked gringa. And guess the name of the strain – “Xibalba”. Oh ok what’s that? The word comes from sacred Mayan texts, signifying ‘Place of the Occult” Just can’t make this shit up .

    • I remember seeing people outside of a barely populated town in Mexico, far up a hill hiking alone, not near anyone, double masked.

      I also met people there who were absolutely not falling for the BS.

      Latin American propaganda was so hilarious at times. In Colombia they filmed the people who were unmasked downtown trying to shame them on the news lmao

  21. Dear Community,

    My story of the year shall be offered below. First, I found this NWNY a little below par. JP’s commentary on the issue for the year to come was a plethora of “honorable mentions”. I didn’t gather a solid understanding of his idea for 2023.

    Conversely, JC’s message was clear; digital id.

    My “event/report” for the year is the SCO Heads of Government meeting in Samarkand at which Iran was invited into the organisation. This was followed by Saudi Arabia and Turkey expressing interest. The result is an attack on the PetroDollar, a significant change in geoeconomics. This was further supported by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s successful visit to Africa following USA Secretary of State Blinkenlight’s failure.

    The shift in geoeconomics is symbolized by the SCO meeting. It is the sequence of events which are the show.

    Have a wonderful time with your family, friends and community during the solstice break.

    Peace be with you,


  22. Great viewing as always chaps! Thank you! Oh and a very Happy Christmas and New Year etc. to you both. May next year bring an end to all tyranny… or not! We need NWNW!

  23. The Liberty or Death Christmas jumper made me laugh. Can just imagine rocking up to the in-laws’ on Christmas Day wearing that.

  24. I predicted this would be the year that JC returned JEP’s standard “love you”. We got a “right back at you” so basically Corbett has revealed that he does in fact bandit fannies! In all seriousness though I think this is the year James will get his “Peoples Reset”. If not a full reset I think at least a big score for the good guys, something to make the Freelands and Trudeaus of the world take pause. James and James thanks a bunch!

  25. If I understand the inlaws correctly, not from any conversations but just from the tone of voice, I am now forgiven for being not entirely wrong about vaccine hesitancy and that’s about as far as they will go. There won’t be any realization that any abuse occurred, let alone any asking for forgiveness. They have moved on, so we should all move on. That’s where they stand. If people can’t stand up to tyranny when it arrives, my alienation seems more justified to me, and I’m settling in to my own ways, just like the much ridiculed old geezers of yesteryear.

  26. dunno but it seems like they’d have to get at least a percentage of the population onto the digital id

    THEN a cyber attack could take place that would deprive people of vital services or even their monthly CBDCs

    AND SO with the widespread indignation they could bring on the massive cyber false flag and bring in the internet driver’s licence.

    not sure but, seems like a massive cyber attack would detract from people’s “confidence’ or more aptly “cooperation” in the adoption of digital id and cbdcs that to the ignorant of my sort are presumably run by cyber systems?

    I’m probably just exhibiting my ignorance here though.

    having said that, I have heard grumblings of cyber attacks.

    in the meantime, just sacrifice your children to baal… yea.

    • ooops. early morning brain fog editing:

      AND SO with the widespread indignation they could bring on the massive cyber false flag and bring in the internet driver’s licence.

      should be

      AND SO with the widespread indignation they could bring in the internet driver’s licence.

      anyhow. I think you get my morning breath drift.

    • unless the internet driver’s licence was ushered in with the pretext of minimizing “misinformation” and “fake news”, of course…

  27. I was wondering to myself the other day how James C and James E P keep doing the work when it can be so depressing and oppressive. Sometimes I need to take a break from it all, but thanks to you both for keeping me informed even when it’s really hard and I’d rather stick my hand in a blender than think about the next crappy thing coming down the pipe. You help to keep me sane and that is no small task! I wish you both much blessing and happiness this Christmas, and a very Happy New Year.

  28. Cheers guys! Merry christmas! Also, pretty sure Evan was on shrooms! Loool. Love it!

  29. It was so nice to watch two friends during new year festivities…..

    James you were right about cyber-attack, it was big, lets say proof of concept, but not publicized

    The Russian Victory missed by everyone

    In the aftermath ukrainian government moved all its stuff to azure cloud and start using skylink.

    “It’s not going to be pretty, it’s not going to be pretty….”


    So, the latest package of “lets destroy”….fresh madness
    “The three-country alliance – if it comes to pass – would represent a near-total blockade of China’s ability to buy the equipment necessary to make leading-edge chips…”
    Huawei was a blow, this is a magnitude stronger blow.
    “According to Reuters calculations, Germany has hemorrhaged cash to the tune of 440 billion euros ($465 billion) in energy bailouts and schemes, ”
    “…”cumulative scale” of energy bailouts and other schemes employed by Berlin equates to 1.5 billion euros per day since Russia invaded Ukraine, or about 12% of national economic output, or 5,400 euros for each German.”

    Germany, what about the rest of Europe?

    Next one is nasty, ominous
    The Economist: An interview with General Valery Zaluzhny, head of Ukraine’s armed forces
    “I know that I can beat this enemy. But I need resources. I need …… Then, I think it is completely realistic to get to the lines of February 23rd. But I can’t do it with two brigades. I get what I get, but it is less than what I need. It is not yet time to appeal to Ukrainian soldiers in the way that Mannerheim appealed to Finnish soldiers.”

    Two guys discussing the interview here:
    They said the essence of Mannerheim’s appeal, issued after they lost winter war, was: Guys you fought bravely, allies betrayed us.
    Nato, what about now?!

    What about us?, I ask when there is a conversation about this shit storm. People don’t realize how deep in this shit storm we are.

  30. To another year in the books fellas! Cheers!?

    To you two and your families as well as every member of the site, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!

  31. This song was my anthem for 2022

    Nick Mulvey – A Prayer Of My Own:

    It really speaks to the emotions felt and challenges faced by those that choose to look at this world with eyes wide open. It’s not easy, but perhaps if we keep an open heart (even in the midst of witnessing large portions of the population descending into madness, totalitarian systems installing themselves incrementally and corporations pillaging our Mother Earth) we can summon the courage to face what is happening honestly, create a sort of ‘salve’ for healing the wounds that are being inflicted (a salve made out of love, compassion, courage and faith) and then use the resulting scars of the heart as maps for the soul.

    In the song he speaks to God and asks him to:

    (Help me) “Keep an open heart in hell
    Give me the courage to feel it all
    The beauty of the fall
    When I want to run away
    When I wish run away
    Oh, Lord, help me stay”

    May God give you all strength and courage to keep in open heart in ‘hell’ (the dominant modern human society) to stand true and stay when you feel like running away and to be that change you want to see in the world around you. May God give us the strength and the courage to engage in this sacred task, to witness what is taking place with our eyes wide open, to endure the wounds being inflicted and to persevere, with integrity, grace and purpose, for the little ones and those yet unborn, to plant the seeds for a world worth gifting to them.

    • oh and I forgot to mention the song I linked above was shared with me by a thoughtful (and intuitive) Corbett Report subscriber! Thanks again for the share Alain!! 🙂

  32. Thank you guys for my weekly roundup of news. Did James Evan Pilato move to Oregon? He still has a New Mexico PO listed.

    Anyway I would like to meet other Corbett Report followers in person. Does anyone live in Long Beach, Orange County, or Los Angeles, CA? I live in Long Beach and to Orange County more often than LA these days.


    • Cactus Guy,
      James Evan Pilato was once based in Oregon. He moved away from there.

  33. Thank You James and James once again! Im glad you highlighted the Freedom Convoy. It WAS the biggest story of the year in my book. I am following another Canadian named Christopher David, who, with other men and women, will be holding the Canadian criminals accountable, once enough police and military get redpilled. Those numbers are building. Trudeau is a disgusting little twerp, down on one knee.

    Here is a link to Christopher David’s website. See the intro video and then the latest live stream:

    Bring Back the Christmas attire! I loved the suit and tie look on my two favorite Jameses. LOVE you guys!

  34. James’s comments about QR codes made me think….Would be great to compile subscriber’s personal experience with pushing back i.e. anyone choose to close bank accounts after shenanigans of Freedom Convoy, refuse to download QR code menus at restaurants, close down their M/C because of that company’s involvement in Digital ID etc, write letters to politicians alerting them to pernicious WEF or WHO etc… sharing this info (and the struggles, wins, challenges) could be inspiring, encouraging and informative. I have tried to do all of the above and though it was a long road where people thought I was a kook (esp. when I closed investments and left a Big Six bank for a Credit Union) i feel great! 🙂 Help people to see in concrete terms that it is possible to “say no” to the freakin’ grid.

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