Interview 1857 – New World Next Year 2024

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Welcome to New World Next Year, the annual wrap up of the New World Next Week video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This year:

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Corbett Report’s 2023 Story: Titanic Submersible (and the 60/24 News Cycle)

Mystery Mexican Aliens Are ‘Definitely Not Human’ And Have 30% DNA Of ‘Unknown Species’

And It’s Gone: “War In Ukraine” Quietly Scrubbed From WaPo Masthead

Media Monarchy’s 2023 Story: Monkey Wrenching the ULEZ World Order

Nearly 1,000 Ulez Cameras Damaged Or Stolen In Seven Months

Image: ULEZ Camera Hung Up In Front Of Labour Party Headquarters For Barnet

ULEZ Camera Blast ‘Caused By IED’ As Anti-Terrorism Officers Lead Investigation

Corbett Report’s Trend Prediction for 2024: AI DeepFake (S)election

Surge In Fake AI-Generated Photos Is Eroding Public Trust In Information Online, Charity Warns

It Begins: Here Come The Deepfake News AI Anchors

Media Monarchy’s Trend Prediction for 2024: Fake Right’s Turn To Riot

“Gavin Newsom Will Be The Next President Of The United States…”

Colorado Supreme Court Disqualifies Trump From 2024 Ballot, Setting Up Supreme Court Challenge

Agora Threads: Unvaccinated & Ready To Talk Politics Christmas Sweater

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  1. @JEP: Sheetz! I’ll take an MTO!

  2. Just to add to your discussion about the Titanic Submersible story, to be sure, your observation regarding the ever quickening “news” cycle is on the money, but I think there is something else this story exemplifies: their ability to make only “news” that fits their desired narratives gets seen by the public.

    How many times do we see the “news” flip from one story to another, one minute is it the scamdemic 24/7, then like magic, it is Ukraine 24/7, covid was so yesterday (we never discuss the aftermath, just onto the new distraction). But even more to the point of the this submersible story was used to hype the aspect of how “woke” this crew was and THIS is what happens when white middle aged men are not there to do the heavy lifting, as true as they may be, it is a line they want you to know. Not to mention the sudden introduction of the word “woke” into the American lexicon. They introduced “woke” right as the word awakening was gaining real traction. Plus, as they moved into full on Marxism, they wanted a word that would not lead directly to them, AGAIN. SO, as always the controlled the words we can use.

    • The idea of “woke” was then weaponized, “anything that was woke exemplified the problems in America”, and now they can destroy an entire industry by branding them “woke”. It is a most ingenious/diabolical scam, they install the leadership of an American company, say Disney, then methodically have that company produce “woke” policies and woke movies. Then have their media, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok focus on that “woke” entertainment company, demonizing it, painting the company as the problem. T he public has been well trained to see “woke” as the problem, “go woke, go broke”, who cares if millions of American jobs are lost.

      We saw this with Gillette and Bud Light, those companies lost huge numbers of American customers because of a simple advertisement. You think the workers of those businesses wanted those commercials, NO. These people use our biases and prejudices against us. Bud Light was the number one selling beer, now it is a Mexican company. These monsters WANT to destroy American jobs, they want us all dependent on government handouts. Who cares about freedom when you need food.

      Hollywood is being dismantled, and Americans will rejoice, “a woke industry is being destroyed”, what few jobs are left in America are happily destroyed. It is hard to have any sympathy for where our willful ignorance is taking us. The powers that be are so good at setting the narrative, and the masses are so good at swallowing whole that narrative, regardless of the consequences. We will see how scary drag queens and gays are when Americans have no jobs to go to or food on their table…pathetic.

      • And I must add, Trump and Biden at exactly the same, lifetime actors that are both controlled by our chosen masters. There is no Coke and Pepsi, only Zule. Seriously, Everything on the national scene is controlled. The nonsense about the CO Supreme Court, is first of all, non binding, thus it is just to make the Orange traitor look like the “deep state” hates him, thus Trump “must be a white hat”…not even close.

        2024 is going to be a crazy year, but you need to get it through your heads it is ALL THEATER. Maui was real, that is why it left the news quickly, Trump is fake, that is why the story keeps going, because he is the spyop. Biden was installed, Trump will be installed, and with Trump the end of America. America is the Weimar Republic 2.0, Biden and the lefties are there to drive the right crazy, and the right will accept anything if Trump promises law and order. Get ready for terrorism that could drive us further into the arms of the oligarchs/tyrants. Trump is their boy to roll this stuff out.

        Always think of the saying, “only Nixon could go to China”, this is about putting the right criminal in the white house for the job they want him to do. This has been true for a century, and even more so since Reagan. Trump is likely the end of America as we know it. I hope I am wrong, but it is unlikely.

    • @Rexleo
      “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool”
      – Plato
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      Our recent past is our foreseeable future, because neither the ideology nor the power-centers profiting from it have changed.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      1. Direct lying about matters of fact.
      2. Leaving out vital information.
      3. Limited hangout. Admitting a fraction of what really happened, burying the biggest revelations, and the story will never be covered again.)
      4. Shutting down the truth after publishing it—includes failing to follow up and investigate a story more deeply.
      5. Not connecting dots between important pieces of data.
      6. Censoring the truth, wherever it is found (or calling it “fake news”).
      7. Using biased “experts” to present slanted or false “facts.”
      8. Repeating a false story many times.
      9. Claiming a true consensus exists, when it doesn’t, when there are many important dissenters shut out from offering their analysis.
      10. Employing a panoply of effects (reputation of the media outlet, voice quality of the anchor, acting skills, dry mechanical language, studio lighting, overlay of electronic transmissions, etc.) to create an impression of elevated authority which is beyond challenge.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      • Rexleo and ejdoyle,

        First, well said Rexleo, I too wondered why, and can’t place where I was introduced to the idea that Woke was introduced into the lexicon of our culture. Right when we where just beginning to Wake Up. First seeing that, way too many where in a constant sleep, or deeply in the manipulations of grifters, seeing them as Marks. Now, awake means you are a supporter of what yesterday was considered perversions. Which brings me to Mr Doyles observations of universities and cinema.
        The liberals at my alma mater had a Subversive Film Festival every spring. It was a celebration of the most horrid State Fair midway carnival freak shows and XXX acts
        Ever assembled. Programing? Well at least I now know the difference.
        Which I can see why you, Mr ejdoyle can piss so many people off with your wide-point views. Those woke folk are just numb through visual over saturation.

        I hope those in-between read and understand your, Rexleo’s and my meanings and where the presentations are coming from. How easy the manipulations are; it’s no wonder those who generationally teach their offspring the secrets are so adept and persist. As I will demonstrate;
        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you two!
        (as though that we’re a bad thing.)

          • @generalbottlewasher

            Wouldn’t cha know it?? 🙂

            Tape recorder broke during session.

            Gotta ebay it for another one.

          • @generalbottlewasher

            Quite a Christmas spirit journey today…
            1. Six neighbors, one with a violin came by caroling (I’m 50 miles from town in the AZ High Desert) a real joy.
            2. Some magic happened when I tried to fix my tape recorder and it now works just fine. So I recorded and posted this:
            3. And when I checked my visit total it was exactly 50,000.
            Now, if Santa will drop off a Vixen or two…. :-)))

        • @generalbottlewasher

          >>Which I can see why you, Mr ejdoyle can piss so many people off with your wide-point views. Those woke folk are just numb through visual over saturation.>>

          Thanks. The digital dialectic attempts at sharing thoughts, ideas, and facts these days is challenging when Internet anonymity is involved removing civil and moral accountability, creating little Rambos with snide and snarky comments (not you) that would never be tolerated in face to face conversations.

          Indeed, for those “woke folks,” when a mind is soft, words have sharp edges, thus the “pissed off” crowd wrapped in confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance are unable to think/converse “outside the line.” The egregore concept of collective, comfortable group mind at work. Living on fear porn and being offended like children.

          I’ve been doing this for many decades. I wrote about the dangers of public cameras
          or the coming danger of AI, both back in 1978. In fact I will be posting The Robot Revolution this weekend on my site as a holiday gift to celebrate being a few dozens views from 50K.

          Thanks for offering some civil and interesting ideas. The coming year will be VERY interesting to say the least.

      • Hey, EJ,

        I know this is tangential, but while I totally agree with your comment, I have to respond to your intro because my baloney detector was flashing red. That ain’t Plato. The source of the likely original, which is not much better worded than the clunky lines quoted above, can be found in the comment section of this blog post…

        Merry Christmas.

  3. They could just find some black hat tech fellas and disrupt their grid without any risk of ppl getting arrested or losing their job because you can expect the authoratays to double down with guards and more surveillance watching the surveillance. “Yo, dawg. I heard you don’t like surveillance, so I put surveillance to surveil my surveillance while it surveils you.”

    • Not sure they need black hats to disrupt the grid. They have totally screwed it up already and it’s only a matter of time before it’s disrupted as a matter of course.

  4. So, submersible, spy balloon, war in Ukraine….that all go to the same basket???

    More than one million dead, crippled, wounded…who cares about pesky details anymore…forget it, it’s 24/60

    Humanness, in a new dictionary, is defined as a notion that can be used only and only if one’s ass (ok, family and friends, too) is involved.

    • Very likely many have been triggered with my constructions around humanness. That was not my intention, it was to provoke thinking, reflection too.

      CJ Hopkings just published ‘The Year of the Mindfuck’.

      Hardly anyone will admit he has been mindfucked. Not just because it’s embarrassing, it is also hard to be noticed, particularly because reflecting isn’t really a practice of most and it might be detrimental to very praised self-confidence.

      Recently I watched ‘Epistemic Bubbles and Echo-chambers’, written by C. Thi Nguyen, presented by Victor Gijsbers in video below.

      Shortly, epistemic bubble occurs when a person (group) because of various circumstances doesn’t have some knowledge or gets something wrong. Echo-chamber is epistemic bubble on steroids, a person inside the echo-chamber actively rejects any knowledge, any person, from the outside and that might go to outright hate. Nguyen proposes rebuilding trust as a remedy.

      Of course, conspiracy-realists are living in echo-chamber according to Nguyen, no surprise. But I was definitely surprised with Gijsbers, who usually comments and engages with the stuff he presents, this time completely failed to do so. For anyone on a quest for truth the fundamental question here is: How can one be sure he isn’t in an echo-chamber?
      By the way, Victor Gijsbers is excellent presenter and I recommend his series on Karl Popper, author of falsifiability, an argument that is frequently used against todays deranged science and its abusers in particular. Although the notion of falsifiability in itself has solidity, Popper’s arguments are way from sound and could put in question possibility of any epistemology.
      Nguyen, like most people, certainly thinks he is not in an echo-chamber and if asked I wouldn’t be surprised with a reply that majority cannot be in an echo-chamber. Well, there is ample evidence in history this is possible.
      His proposal of rebuilding trust as a remedy is impotent at best because of the question How. Also, how to reconcile things that in the present seems to be irreconcilable has not even been evoked.

      As a remedy to echo-cambers I would propose communication in Good Faith. There is not much of that today and I guess it sounds utopic.
      Of course, there are areas of life today, or better, compartments of life, where this might be bad, even perilous, like for example in compartment of semi-god Economy, where Buyer Beware reigns.
      Many are used to think of life as being compartmentalized. Actually, life is about unified experiences, we are built this way.

  5. Remember the last time we had a candidate running for President that was saying all the truths about our government’s corruption? Saying all the things we wanted to hear. And promising change…..and the voters fell for it hook line and sinker. Vivek reminds me of Obama’s campaign. What I’ve learned is I don’t believe anyone running for any office anymore. What I do know is no public official is going to save us.

    • “no public official is going to save us.” Certainly true. But I see important differences between BO and Vivek. BO was already a politician, having been elected to state and federal offices (the latter because the local GOP damaged their promising opposition candidate). He promised to expand government and make things worse. Vivek is saying sensible things. Maybe he believes them. If I get the opportunity I will probably vote for him.

    • thanks,
      indeed there are a few great musicians though I’m still waiting for someone to break the genre barrier, It could be happening, but we wont hear it on the news; and then theres lotsa this caliber (what else are all the conservatory grads gonna do?), that can play pretty much anything. I had to check to hear if it might be an over-dub &or subtly digitally tweaked?. cant be sure, but I am a drummer (focused on timing details),, I jumped back and forth between your link and the original, scrutinizing the subtle voice and horn accents & timing,,,I think theyre real.
      & as you say “tight-as”

      reminds me of those tv adds in the 70’s, often after midnight, selling double album compilations of all the biggest hits of the day all by the original artists. some years later we heard of a law suit brought against a cover band for copyright infringement. The band being sued was “the original artists”

    • I believe he is listening to KNOWER and Forever is their new album. This was the clip that was shared in New World Next Year:
      I actually cheated a bit, I did a reverse image search from the New World Next Year clip 🙂

      I haven’t used Presearch for a while, there seems to be ads everywhere now. I am using Brave Search, it’s working well for me.

      • These guys are really something, aren’t they. Just setting up in that hallway is a pain in the butt, the level of dedication required is through the roof.

  6. Sorry, James, but the Bible beat you to the story of the year when Paul was in Athens almost 2000 years ago. Acts 17:21 “Now all the Athenians and the foreigners who lived there would spend their time in nothing except telling or hearing something new.” So it is very old news.

    However, did you hear about the newfangled whatchamacallit that will obliterate the doohickeys on those with the thingamajigs? This is vital and we need to talk about this with everyone.

    Oh, but now…

  7. Thank you guys for helping to keep me, and many others, sane.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  8. with you both in red, it was hard to choose whether you were recognizing amanita muscaria or red vs blue politics? or red blood spilling daily?. but then the allusion to russian salad dressing (ketchup + mayo, who could miss that?) really gave your game away.

    good work gents
    please continue

  9. It’s hard to break away from social conditioning whether it’s the 24/7 or the 60/24 cycle. Externally dictated social behaviour wishing each other good or bad without questioning just to get along and not stand out in the crowd. Christmas is one of the oldest and most popular ones. Of course there are Christians who sincerely celebrate the birth of their saviour, but the vast majority is just going along with the “Xmas-feel-good” vibe without questioning. Personally, I’ve abandoned these “celebrations” since I’m not religious. To just celebrate the things you honestly and truly believe in is very liberating.
    Samuel Williams (swilliamism) made a great video about this. Unfortunately, he’s not making new videos anymore but he has posted some great videos on his channel. Worth checking out.

    Have a wonderful holiday to recharge and looking forward to your work in 2024!

  10. Pleased to say I pointed this story-to-story tendency out at least a year ago, right here. Interesting addiction to discuss.
    On those tales told without sources or references, check out the author. Many times, perhaps? , the only background is a degree in AI. If there’s merch selling there, think disaster capitalism.

    Love the Christmas shirt. Beautiful.
    How about those substack folks who are ..supposedly…reading 120 plus stacks?
    The French were spraying those intel cameras years ago. So simple.

    Well, how sad. Trump was best of buddies with Newsome and Brown during their photo op in the charred war-fire remains of Paradise.

  11. Yay! Happy Hogmanay from Scotland and celebrating Yuletide and the Winter Solstice when Dark Days will begin to recede until Scottish Independence 🙂

  12. The world has become the Jerry Springer Show.

    Since we are all now in a Jerry Springer Episode. The very kind and thoughtful James C and James P have become very in tune to expose the latest garbage the show (NWO) puts on for us all.

    When can we sweep up the garbage?

  13. The global south will be the experiment lab for CBDC.

    Take Ecuador.

    The assembly just passed an economic reform law that states clearly one cannot spend more than 500 dollars per day in cash.

    Well, that means what for banks?

    This will become law for Ecuador is turnkeyed for CDBC’s.

  14. It’s so much in the media, right and left, about voting fraud. My prediction will be to have a big event/news in this matter, in order to introduce the Digital ID

  15. What’s the fab music Corbett mentions? I’ve tried to replay to find it but I couldn’t

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