October Open Thread (2022)

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It’s the beginning of the month, so you know what that means: open thread time!

As usual, Corbett Report members are invited to log in and share their thoughts, their questions, their breaking news tips or whatever else is on their mind in the comments below. And remember: these threads are what you make of them!

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  1. James Corbett says:
    “And remember: these threads are what you make of them!”

      • Standard technique to throw search results off. Instead of relevant info you get comic book crap. That’s just one reason….)

      • Nerd viking

        Captain America was a propaganda creation from the beginning to get a reluctant public on board with war so him getting repainted for the new propaganda ought not to surprise anyone. Comics used to be MASSIVE media, and they shaped generations of American minds. A good trick to see social change is look at the first and last episode of a lo g running show….that’s what Blackpilled (over on odysee) says and he is a pretty good culture critic in his older movie work

        IMO the NWO and conspiracy thing is getting normalized so that normies are used to the idea. The super hero genre is, like all culture, a theater of War. Control the culture and the stories in people’s heads and you control them….the people wanting to get ultimate power must destroy the idea of The American Republic and have everyone reject the corrupt satanic political system before they can before they can bring in the super wonderful (Lucifarian) system to “save” us.

        For culture stuff
        You should look at Chris Knowles “our gods wear spandex” for the mythic background of the superhero thing, based on the Pulps which were often the work of dead serious Occultists. His secret sun blog is pretty good too…. or for a more pointed view watch the 90s doc “an empire of their own” to see how American culture was created and formed by a tiny group of non Americans who owned the movie industry.

        I started listening to (free) “the sins of Hollywood ” but the librevox narrator kept cracking me up with his pathos. 🙂

        • Arbuckle

          The masses of America are no longer “Judeo Christian” in outlook….a hundred years ago they were “Christian” in outlook and now they are mostly “judeo” in outlook since control of the media culture has been in the hands of that group for generations.

          Judeo-Christian is not a good description anyway… jewish morality and Christian morality diverged quite some time ago.

      • Animals aren’t food

        I thought that too, but apparently the Illuminati are from the actual comics. I can not recommend “our gods wear spandex” enough as a primer on that kinda thing for folks who, like me, were very of occasional comic readers…. I did like Neil gaiman “sandman” books, but after he wrote a sicko Narnia story I can’t read his stuff anymore.

    • Words are no substitute for action. Humanity is up against an ENEMY of unlimited Global Power yet we have no Counter Attack Strategy.

      All we have is a pool of writers and commentators espousing incisive thought and penetrative investigation on a daily basis which ALL amounts to NOTHING; other than confirming we are in deep shit as the ENEMY turns the screw a little tighter in the absence of any form of effective resistance.

      We have no leadership (they belong to the ENEMY), we must unite behind a STRATEGY that can effectively side-step the existing order thus rendering the ENEMY impotent. Given the emplacement of a new structure, we can then start to rebuild the Governance and Economic System upon which HUMANITY will thrive.

      • Lone wolf

        The only strategy that can work starts with a turn to God, follow the Bible.

        People who do not have a coherent value system and morality based on an outside source can not form a strategy to avoid enslavement because they, at base, can only care about satisfying their personal wa at and needs….they basically agree with the world view of the Technocrat.

        Jay dyer does a pretty good description of the world’s most terrifying literary villain here

        • I do not believe in god any more and I feel even better and more free. Religion in my opinion are tools of control. Look up some documentaries with Joseph Campbell. He explains it the best I have ever found.
          I am know means knocking Religion. It is important to many and if that is what they need to feel good/ alive then do it. I personally am glad it’s not in mu life any more. Even though I do not believe in God’s I still think of myself spiritual in a nature’s love I guess you could say.

          • Brian
            Maybe it is. but Everyone gets controlled by SOMETHING…. better the Bible then Klaus Swarbs hemmoroids.

            Even an atheist must admit that an unchangeable Word of God at least means that “good” is NOT just what the powerful want….. without religious guidance we are naked before the total state…. the true meaning ing of an “open society ” is the destruction of all bonds other than to the state.
            This dude explains better than I do 🙂

          • I’ll have to check Joseph Campbell out. I’m not too into religion either. I consider myself a spiritual person and believe that we are more than bags of chemicals. I just don’t think a divine being operates in the way described by religion and even that definition is a personification for that which can’t be known. All this is belief based and their is no empirical proof my belief is correct either. It’s a mystery and I like mystery and I also love nature and love itself is an amazing emotion. When I feel it and am inspired and in awe of the universe I feel connected to the divine. But I also don’t think this is a tyrant who forces people to obey and worship and pray.

            Whatever allowed life to come forth, if it’s just a random event, is still pretty cool.

      • “Humanity is up against an ENEMY of unlimited Global Power ”

        “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.“
        Ephesians 6:12-

        Duck, you are correct sir.

      • Well said. There will be no ” messiah” to come and save us. We have to become our own messiah, that is we have to save ourselves.

    • The Independent Media amount to a bandwagon of hustlers jostling for attention and subscribers. However well intentioned, their efforts are futile for they each have a very limited audience and no strategy for mobilising the MAJORITY into an effective force – even if they could reach them.

      This appraisal would be upturned if every independant

      • Our mission is to decentralize power in whatever capacity we are able to do so.

    • We make trouble!

  2. Please HELP …and it is only Armchair Activism – FLUORIDE

    First, I wanted to let folks know that on October 20, 2022, the EPA Fluoride Lawsuit Trial status hearing is scheduled.

    If you are up to it, I would appreciate it if you would send an email to Dallas City Council Members and/or the Mayor.
    Just ask this one question:
    “How many milligrams of Fluoride should a pregnant Mother consume daily?”
    Anyone anywhere can do this.
    The email info and information is at this DallasForSaferWater webpage: https://www.dallasforsaferwater.com/newsandactivism
    (Give it a minute for the webpage to load.)

    Each City Council Member’s office will definitely read the email if their Council Member’s name is mentioned.

  3. [aftonbladet.se | 22.09.05 | excerpts | machine translated from swedish]

    Evertsson is convicted of Estonia filming

    The journalist Henrik Evertsson and one of his employees are convicted by the Gothenburg district court for violating the law on grave peace in connection with the diving at Estonia.

    The TV series “Estonia – the discovery that changes everything” showed a previously unknown hole in the hull of the ferry.

    – There is a strong public interest in maintaining the burial peace around M/S Estonia, which is the burial place for a large number of people. The protection of grave peace outweighs the interest in protecting freedom of expression and information,” says the court’s chairman, lawyer Göran Lundahl.

    – more on MS Estonia: https://search.brave.com/search?q=estonia+ferry+disaster&source=web

  4. I know the idea is a laughably small one in the face of global events, but sometimes we need small, hopefull ideas to not be overwhelmed by the Powers That shouldn’t Be doing what they do.

    I honestly have low expectations of my local community’s desire to use it responsibly, but I’m going to try to start a seed library at my local library. The basic premise is that garden seeds are freely offered, information is given on how to save pure heirloom seeds, and then those that “checked out” seeds return saved seeds the next season. The community is encouraged to contribute seeds from their own personal caches as well (as anyone who gardens and saves seeds knows, we often end up with huge surpluses. Plants are generous!)

    There’s a very well-made website with all the information you might need to start your own seed library here: http://seedlibraries.weebly.com/start-a-library.html Handouts, webinars, and everything!

    I love the idea of local seed-saving communities declaring autonomy from the food grid in this way. Maybe it’ll work for me in my own area, but even if it doesn’t, I thought I’d pass along the idea and the link.

    • This is crucial and I’m wondering if the recent “seeds in the mail” is discouraging people from sharing outside their area. My son is doing this as well. It is such an easy way to preserve our food for life.

    • That is awesome thanks for sharing.

      I am attempting to do my own small part to contribute towards empowering people to be able to embrace food sovereignty/autonomy with a project I am working on that offers all the knowledge in how to cultivate, harvest, preserve, seed save and compost, along with heirloom seeds so people can have everything they need to create abundance on the scale of households and communities (and be able to perpetuate the cycle).

        • I agree! I own a copy, but thank you for the link 🙂

          Seed saving is a major focus of the book project I am working on self publishing. I have Suzanne Ashworth’s book listed at the end of my book under the suggested supplementary reading section for seed saving (along with several others).

          I will add the link you provided above about starting a seed bank to Regenerative Resources section at the end of my soon to be published book as well. Thanks again for the comment.

          By the way, I do not think the idea is “laughably small” as it only takes a single candle to light up an entire room filled with darkness and the potential for a thousand forests (teaming with infinite diversity, beauty, nourishment and medicine) is contained within a single acorn. When one aligns with natural law and our most innate qualities as human beings (love, kindness, generosity, curiosity and cooperation) and then also aligns with the regenerative capacity of the living planet.. seemingly small beginnings are imbued with the latent potential to send out very large and profound ripple effects into the world.

    • Get kickin’.

  5. I experienced that kinda thing earlier this week. Usually, I can ameliorate any unpleasant symptoms of viral infections with an array of medicinal plants and fungi I cultivate and forage for, but my go to immune system optimizing mixtures barely had any effect in this instance.

    • Since you bring up medicinal plants and fungi…

      Today (okay, it’s after midnight here, so yesterday – Sunday…) I harvested my spilanthes, got a tincture brewing, and hung the rest to dry. In preparation, I looked in Richo Cech’s book, Making Plant Medicine, to find out his recommended method of preparation, proportions for the tincture, etc., and discovered some interesting information I didn’t know about it. I knew spilanthes is called the toothache plant, but I didn’t know:

      “Practical uses: Spilanthes has an immune-enhancing effect, which is of utility in the case of beginning-phase infections, both viral and bacterial, including children’s earaches, impetigo, and thrush. The herb strongly promotes salivation, for treating dryness of mouth and poor appetite, is stimulating to both the lymphatic system and the general circulation, and acts as an oral antiseptic for treating various dental woes, including swelling, gum disease, decay, and mouth sores, such as canker sores, herpes, and cold sores; swish after brushing. Spilanthes is pro-phylactic and curative for blood parasites, including malarial spirochetes, and is of assistance in treating Lyme disease. The herb strongly inhibits the yeast organism Candida albicans, which is responsible for the condition known as candidiasis. Use of spilanthes is a valuable adjunct therapy in treating diseases caused by drug-resistant bacteria and viruses.”
      – Making Plant Medicine by Richo Cech

      (I would take issue with the references to viruses, but it was written years ago. Maybe he would now too. I don’t know. )

      I also discovered an unusual spilanthes flower in the shape of a bunny head. 🙂

      So, that was my herb experience for the day.

      I have also “planted” (it doesn’t seem like the right word, but I don’t know what else to call it) 5 different kinds of mushrooms in the past couple weeks – comb tooth, wine caps, shiitake, hen of the woods, and elm oyster. Now to see which ones take. 🙂

      • @the lilac dragonfly

        Thanks so much for the thoughtful and informative comment 🙂

        I was not familiar with spilanthes until now nor was I familiar with the book you referenced. I will try growing some next year and add the book to my winter reading list. Do you you have any tips for growing spilanthes? I am in zone 6b so I will likely start the seeds inside and then grow in pots next summer and then bring indoors when it gets cold (so I can attempt to grow some as a perennial).

        After briefly searching for where I might find some seeds, I was happy to discover that one of my favorite seed companies (Strictly Medicinal Seeds) sells not only (three different kinds of) spilanthes seeds but also sells the book! I will take that as a synchronistic guidance that I should acquire both immediately! 🙂

        Do you grow Holy Basil (aka “Tulsi) in your garden? I purchased this seed set (https://strictlymedicinalseeds.com/product/tulsi-seed-set-4-seed-packets-amrita-krishna-vana-temperate/ ) from the seed company I mentioned above a few years ago and it is now in my top 5 favorite crops of all time.

        Wow, your getting into cultivating mushrooms! Very cool! I have not tried growing Wine Caps yet but I hope to incorporate them into a “Lasonya Mulching” garden bed I am putting together for next year so they can grow among my veggie plants. I have not tried comb tooth mushrooms before but I have grown and foraged for their cousins (Lion’s Mane or Hericium erinaceous) and I hear they offer similar flavors and medicinal benefits. I would value hearing how your efforts to cultivate them turn out for you.

        I have put together quite a few recipes for Shiitake (as we grow a lot of them) and can share some if you get a big harvest and need some ideas for enjoying/preserving your bounty 🙂

        Thanks again for the comment and I wish you many bountiful mushroom harvests

        • The author of the book I mentioned, Richo Cech, is the owner of Strictly Medicinal, and if you’re ordering, I would recommend getting his other two books at the same time. 🙂 I don’t think they offer any other books besides his three, but if they do, you will know which other two are his.

          I’ve “tried” growing mushrooms before (brought home inoculated logs and totems from workshops), but didn’t pay too much attention to them. I am SERIOUS this time and have made some pretty impressive places for them. We shall see…

          About spilanthes… I am in zone 4/5. I didn’t do anything with my crop last year. I don’t think it survives a frost very well. This year it self-seeded, although I did also start some seeds. I thought it needed to be used fresh only (must be someone else’s info), but l was glad to find in Richo’s book yesterday that it can also be dried. I harvested almost a wheelbarrow full. I don’t have good success starting seeds indoors. I think they would do fine just planting them and letting them sprout when they feel the time is right, since the self-seeding went so well. 🙂

          I have grown tulsi before, and want to again, but I haven’t lately. I am expanding my gardens in a huge way this year, so hopefully next year, I will plant more of the herbs I’ve been wanting to get going as well as lots of vegetables … if we are all still here…

          • This is fascinating. I’m in love with the idea of learning of medicinal plants and mushrooms.

            • For herbal information, I highly recommend the Homegrown Herbalist. Patrick Jones is a veterinarian, naturopath, and herbalist with tons of experience with animals and humans and lots of stories. 🙂 https://homegrownherbalist.net/about-the-school/ If you want to see what he and his teaching are like before taking the plunge to pay for the course, he has lots of videos on YouTube (sorry… it’s true) to check out.

            • @Kelly

              For info on medicinal mushrooms (from fungal biology, to cultivation, foraging, cultural significance and more) I suggest these three books.

              – Radical Mycology: A Treatise On Seeing And Working With Fungi by Peter McCoy https://chthaeus.com/products/radical-mycology-a-treatise-on-seeing-working-with-fungi

              – Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures by Merlin Sheldrake https://www.merlinsheldrake.com/buy

              – Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation
              Simple to Advanced and Experimental Techniques for Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation
              by Tradd Cotter https://mushroommountain.com/organic-mushroom-farming-and-mycoremediation/

            • Gavin, could you recommend some book detailing fungus species that are native to the old continent, specifically the mediterranean area?

            • @mkey

              Well I would say that all three of the books I mentioned would still be of value to someone looking to either forage for and/or cultivate species of mushrooms that are native to (and/or are “naturalized” to) the Mediterranean region. Though two of the authors I listed are based out of North America, due to the comprehensive nature of their writing (and due to the fact that it delves into general practices and biological functions that apply to all fungi as well as due to the fact that they deal with species that are present on four continents) these books would still be invaluable to you if you are looking to either forage for, cultivate or create medicines with medicinal mushrooms. The author of Entangled Life is based out of Europe and writes in his book about some species that are specific to that area (such as Tuber aestivum).

              Other species (with powerful medicinal properties and/or great nutrition) that are worth noting (which grow in North America, South America, Asia and Europe) include:

              – Osyter Mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus)

              – Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum aka “lingzhi”)

              – Turkey Tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor)

              – Lion’s Mane mushrooms (Hericium Erinaceus)

              All of these species are covered in Radical Mycology and Tradd’s Organic Mushroom Farming book (and they would all naturally grow in the Mediterranean region and would be great candidates for cultivating there as well).

              Beyond just the cultivation and foraging, Radical mycology is a powerful book because it offers one a solid understanding of how fungal biology works (it is very different from both plant and animal biology). Once one grasps the nuances of fungal biology (metabolism, reproductive function, preferred environment etc) this empowers one to be much more adaptable and effective in the context of foraging for and/or cultivating choice species.

              I will ask my mycologist friend if he has any book suggestions that specialize in species of fungi that are unique to the Mediterranean region.

              Hope this helps 🙂

            • Yes, Gavin, very helpful, thank you very much. I spend quite a bit of time in the woods and would like to learn more about the fascinating world of mushrooms.

            • @mkey

              Here is a sneak peek of a few pages from one of my favorite chapters in Radical Mycology and a quote from the philosophical chapter (which I feel speaks to the message I got from the “Mass Media” series, albeit through a ‘mycological lens’ 🙂 )


              “Apart from education systems, the second main source of information for many people is the conduits of opinion known as television, movies, magazines, and billboards. The tools of the media establishment mold society`s perspectives, creating value systems that define desires, limit awareness, and craft artificial needs for products or protection. Just as pubic schooling teaches students what to think, the media instructs their audience on what to want and what to avoid. The media shapes the information webs of society, just as bulldozers and chainsaws destroy the ancient mycelial networks of the world.

              Just as the mycelial network must defend itself from unhealthy substrates and infections, so must the media critic learn to discern between what is true and what is false in the variety of opinions presented on screens and in print. The analysis begins with recognizing where lies are being perpetrated in the media and spreads out to determine how the media constricts a culture`s knowledge web. Just as fungi relentlessly work to break free of artificial containers, the media critic must look at how the entire media apparatus shapes the world, beyond the topical issues of a singular movie or song”

              -Peter McCoy (Author of Radical Mycology)

          • @the lilac dragonfly

            Ahh no wonder I felt guided to go to his website to look for the seeds! 🙂 Thanks for pointing that out.

            I appreciate the recommendation and will do just that when I can afford to.

            I look forward to hearing how your mushroom cultivation efforts turn out. If you need to do any troubleshooting with regards to shiitake cultivation I may be able to offer helpful tips as we have learned quite a bit through trial and error (with some spectacular failures and pleasant surprises along the way).

            Thank you for the info on spilanthes. I love self seeding medicine plants. This is one of the many reasons I adore Temperate Tulsi (Ocimum africanum) as it has a proclivity to self seed in our climate/garden.

            I wrote an article about Tulsi a while back that offers some info on it’s many health benfits and ideas for enjoying one’s harvest (recipe ideas that differ from the traditional tea usage of the herb). You can find the article here: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/tulsi-the-queen-of-herbs

            May the seeds you sow with your hands and your heart produce an abundance of nourishment not only for your body but also food for your soul.

            • I have just pulled up the tulsi article and will read it. 🙂 Thanks.

              Since I use brace and bit for drilling holes, I didn’t want to do dowel inoculation so I’m trying wood chips with appropriate wood species. For the shiitake, I have a 6×6 area with chunks of freshly-cut oak (the info I found said shiitake prefers oak) set on wood chips with more wood chips heaped around them, with sawdust spawn from a local grower under and in between. The wood chips are from unknown fresh hardwoods from a local lumber mill. I wish I could insert a photo. It’s kind of like a totem arrangement, plus wood chips. I am certainly open to suggestions.

              If you get on Richo’s e-mail list, he offers special deals every so often. Sometimes it’s a discount on his books. If you aren’t planning to order right off and can wait for a deal, I would get on his list. He doesn’t bombard you with e-mails. Maybe 1-2 per month…(?) Not very many. 🙂

            • To attach an image to a comment, go to a site like img.ur, paste the image into that page and you will get a URL. Place the URL in your comment here.

          • @the lilac dragonfly

            Ahh I like your style, but yes drilling old school using your hands like that would be brutal for doing mushroom logs. Do you have any powertools at your disposal? I use an adapted grinder for making the drilling holes for shiitake dowel spawn easier/faster https://www.fieldforest.net/product/Angle-Grinder-Adapter/angle-grinder-adapters

            I admire your ambitious woodchip approach. The only challenge I have run into with that is that woodchips that are exposed to the elements are often colonized by wild and more aggressive fungi species (I found this to be especially true for Shiitake). Typically native strains of wild Turkey Tail or Oyster mushrooms would take over when I tried growing shiitake like that. That has even happened with my logs in a few cases (but no where near as frequently as with wood chips). I am not sure how (or if) one could mitigate the chances of wild fungal competitors dominating the wood chip bed outside (considering how ubiquitous wild fungal spores are in the air in a healthy ecosystem). I will think on this and get back to you if I come up with any ideas.

            One way I have had more success with growing shiitake on woodchips is by making them into enriched blocks of woodchips mixed with organic Wheat Bran (we use the chaff from our Amaranth harvest in our garden instead sometimes for extra nutrients) and then inoculating those to go inside in the winter. If you get one of those little mini green house set ups that people use for starting seedlings and a small humidifier it is pretty easy to create an ideal microclimate to get good fruiting indoors (while mitigating the potential that any competitor species take over the blocks).

            I will sign up for that mailing list, thank you very much for the suggestion 🙂

            • I have to wonder, is there some advantage to using an angle grinder as a drill? Considering the cost of that adapter it makes me think a decent cordless drill should ba almost as affordable.

            • @mkey

              I am glad you posed that question, I suppose whether or not it is worth it depends on the size of the mushroom cultivation project one is taking on.

              The difference is speed and how much elbow grease is required to get the job done. I have used both. A decent drill will do the job, it just takes at least 4 or 5 times as long (and does require more pressure applied which can take a toll if one is drilling a lot of logs).

              Here is a video of someone using a typical drill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMU2ktWfdRs

              Here is a video of someone using the angel grinder adaptor to drill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CvglDfYIVw

              So I would say that if one is only doing a few log sections as an experiment or hobby (and one already owns a normal drill) it may not be worth getting the grinder adaptor. However if one is doing dozens (or more) of logs and/or intends on making hardwood log mushroom cultivation a regular part of one’s life I would suggest getting the angle grinder adaptor.

              I do landscape design and installation and so we inevitably deal with some short sighted customers that demand we cut down mature maples and oaks (so they can put in modern clean cut imported ornamental shrubs and silly statues etc). Thus I end up having access to lots of high quality choice log sections for mushroom cultivation. We end up drilling about 20-40 log sections a year for cultivating shiitake, reishi and lions mane so having the angle grinder adaptor is essential for what we are doing.

          • @the lilac dragonfly

            I am pretty excited! 🙂 I finally saved up enough and I just ordered a copy of each of Richo Cech’s books (along with a couple “Kidzerbs Garden Kit in a box” kits https://strictlymedicinalseeds.com/product/kidzherbs-garden-kit/ to give to some friends with younger children for Christmas).

            I think I will also create my own version of these kits based on his idea and share many using seeds from my own collection as well.

            Thanks again for recommending his books 🙂

            • You will be really glad you have those books. Making Plant Medicine is my go-to book when making medicine. It’s been sitting on my table, probably for months. I also got one of his tincture presses – the first ones made (he may have made some years ago, but the recent – several years ago – model) and that he offered at a discount, maybe because they were “practice” ones. 😉 It works great and is a pretty imposing “decoration” on my kitchen counter. I have several tinctures that are ready to press. Some have been sitting for many, many months. I’m sure they will be super potent. I should do them soon. 🙂
              I had teasel growing, but for fear it would take over in the wrong spot, I cut off the seed heads and don’t know where they all went. I wanted to order some from Richo this fall and have the catalog open on my table, but haven’t found the time to go through to look for others I could use, and now it’s pretty late to be ordering. I’ve had a lot going on – animals getting out of fences and all sorts of “exciting” things going on. Phew…. 🙁
              Anyway, I’m glad to hear you got the books and kits. 🙂

    • Looks idiotic to me, but I might not be included in the universe of teeming intelligent life.
      Apply this formula for a more precise analysis.
      CoS = MoDa

      CoS = Crock of Shit
      MoDa= Moron or Disinfo agent

      • While I welcome candid thoughts and opinions on anything I share, your choice of words here was unnecessarily rude. Your use of derisive and derogatory labels says a lot about where you are at and nothing about me nor what I shared.

        Would you care to elaborate on why exactly you feel the material I shared is a “Crock of Shit”?

        I respect everyone must walk their own path and that on yours you have made a choice to avoid learning about the subject matter I addressed in my article (via dismissing any material that threatens your existing worldview with ridicule and condescension) and wish you all the best on your path.

    • Gavin

      I don’t mean to be horrible but I think it’s pretty clear that non hoax UFO stories are mostly military cover ups for their testing, and most of the rest is religious propaganda
      Here Jay Dyer talks to some guys who know what’s what….I think moment Corbett had them on too

      What is not religious propaganda probably is Ultra Terestrial Agents of Deconstruction, as Chris Knowles has called them in his Lucifer’s Tech series

      • @Duck

        I appreciate your frank comment and your taking the time to share your thoughts on this.

        I will check out the link you shared when I have time and let you know what I think.

        I would like to understand your thinking on this subject more clearly. Do you feel that advanced cultures (which developed on other worlds) do not exist period? Or is it that you believe that they do exist, but you do not believe that they have visited here yet? Or is it that you acknowledge that they exist, and that they are here, but think they are “evil”? Or is it something else entirely?

        Thanks again for the comment.

      • I have watched the material you linked and determined that the opinions and ideas shared appear to be a sort mix up of invented, cherry picked and exaggerated/distorted data points which re-enforce a mentality that denies the existence of any civilizations that are more advanced than ours in this universe (because their existence is threatening to egotistical delusions of anthropocentricism).

        There have indeed been hoaxes and religious institutions have engaged in propaganda but that does not negate the validity or relevance of the evidence I shared in the article I listed above.

        I would be interested in hearing your response to my questions posed in the other comment, which were:

        Do you feel that advanced cultures (which developed on other worlds) do not exist, period? Or is it that you believe that they do exist, but you do not believe that they have visited here yet? Or is it that you acknowledge that they exist, and that they are here, but think they are “evil”? Or is it something else entirely?

        • Hello Gavinm,

          The discussion of UFOs on this thread, along with a few related links provided by subscribers, is quite interesting, especially in light of the fact that as of last year, the official American UFO paradigm has shifted from one of secrecy and denial to one of disclosure and open debate.

          However, paralleling my own gut feeling, I agree with the hypothesis put forth by Paul and Phil Collins [see Duck’s link above], which is based upon what seems to be straightforward, factual, cohesive and non-biased research into the genesis and development of what apparently has been a contrived, decades long, government controlled inculcation upon the psyche of the general populous, a government which has gone out of its way to characterize unidentified flying objects (UFOs) – currently referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) – as extraterrestrial, other-worldly, or, more recently, ascribing such events, be they real or faked, as interdimensional, i.e., they’re now throwing a little taste of quantum physics into the mix. Yes, the extraterrestrial edict has been a decades long, induced cultural pysop courtesy of CIA sponsored intelligence departments (check out NICAP) relegated to its promulgation.

          If we take a look at a couple of prominent characters promulgating the extraterrestrial myth – who helped last year in bringing the “truth” to the public – we have Luis Elizondo, formerly director of Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Elizondo has a long and faceted history in the intelligence services. Of Cuban decent, his father was recruited by the CIA in the early sixties (a rather unsavory ring, eh?). Anyway, you can read about Elizondo Jr.’s bio here:


          • And you can listen to Elizondo here. Note, at 22 mins, he revisits – whether he’s aware of it or not – “The Day The Earth Stood Still” meme, the iconic sci-fi movie that had, according to the Collinses, heavy CIA influence:


            Then, there’s his friend and associate, Chris Mellon – yes, that “Mellon”, of the Mellon dynasty – also with deep ties to intelligence, who claims to have, along with his buddy, Elizondo, orchestrated bringing the “reality” of the mysterious “UFOs” out into the public sphere. In my opinion, Mellon speaks with psyop written all over him:


            As far as the individuals who claim experiences with extraterrestrials, that’s practically a separate issue. Maybe you’re correct. Maybe some of that is actual black ops at work. According to the alienintrusion presentation, which the lilac dragonfly linked below, many of the experiences involve sexual abuse. Could these be instances of familial abuse that these individuals are psychologically blocking out and substituting aliens for family or other individuals known to them, unconsciously, as cover? At any rate, I was disappointed with how alienintrusion devolved into demon spirit mythology as an explanation for supposed contacts with aliens. But, being that I don’t really think TCR’s comment section is the appropriate place to sound off on ones religious beliefs, I’m not going to say any more about that other than each to their own.

            I happen to be curious about yourself. What exactly did you and your friends see that apparently influenced your entire belief system relative to the extraterrestrial narrative and bring it to life? Also, you seem to be extremely familiar with so-called reverse engineered hardware presumably sourced from extraterrestrial materiel as if it were common knowledge, run-of-the-mill information, an everyday affair that’s handled in one way or another by scores of companies…. What’s with that? If that were actually true, it would be highly classified. Even now…. As of yet, unlike last year’s “outing” of UAP, reverse engineered extraterrestrial equipment hasn’t gone main stream…. Is that next?

            • Further, besides your familiarity with the above, as if it were a given, you also indicate and or hint at with a bizarre nonchalance, the existence of aliens living among us, as if residing in the “neighborhood”, a term I think you used.

              I’m waiting to hear about your other-worldly conversations over afternoon tea….

              Lastly, if I may, I’d like to answer the questions above that you posed to Duck. You’ll forgive me if some seem contradictory on my part:

              I believe there could be advanced civilizations elsewhere in our Universe, or possibly in other universes. Who’s to say?

              I do not think they are here, manifest, at the moment, at least not that I can tell. But, if so, I would hope such beings are enlightened somewhat beyond our comprehension. So, I have no worries.

              Anyway, with all of this, I must admit, the one thing that does fascinate me to no end, is Earth’s own antiquities, our own ancient civilizations. Delving into the what, how, why and when is plenty universe for me. The utterly mysterious and inexplicable sophistication of ancient stone builders blows me away. And, if it were somehow concluded, without a shadow of a doubt, that such structures contain within them fingerprints of beings alien to this planet of ours, well, I wouldn’t be too, too terribly surprised, influenced, as I am, years ago, by the publication of “Chariots Of The Gods”. 🙂

              Have a good one, Gavinm.

            • Candlelight, as I am certainly guilty of being very open and transparent concerning my faith wherever I feel compelled to. Would you mind helping me understand why you feel it’s inappropriate here in this comment section?

              “ I don’t really think TCR’s comment section is the appropriate place to sound off on ones religious beliefs,”

              When I read that it brought to mind the admonition that I’ve heard so many times throughout my life. “Don’t speak of politics or religion in mixed company”.

              I suppose my unpopularity may be a direct result of having ignored that advice but I’ve always felt kind of disingenuous when I censor myself.

              Is it because when it comes to matters of religious faith people often find themselves feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed for the person expressing their thoughts?
              Is it because one’s faith and religious beliefs are, or should be a strictly personal matter?

              I mean no disrespect. I just want to better understand. Because I’m certain that you are among the majority in your opinion.

              • “I’ve always felt kind of disingenuous when I censor myself.”

                Same. I think people here have had plenty of practice discussing hard things and pretty much get along just fine in spite of our differences.

              • Steve Smith,

                Please don’t feel guilty about anything. In retrospect, I feel I should have chosen my words with greater consideration. I should have at least prefaced my statement emphasizing that my objection was personal in nature, thus I would therefore personally restrict my comment on the subject. Also, in hindsight, my use of the phrase “sound off” was an unnecessary invective, which I apologize for. Lastly, it was a poor choice to have used the word “inappropriate”. “Not apropos”, perhaps?

                But, maybe, it would have been better had I not said a thing about being disappointed with the religious point of view of alienintrusion, and or should have simply left it at that.

                However, for the record, just so you know, to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never made any comment, positive or negative, about any subscriber’s religious view or faith, ever. And, I certainly never will. People can and should express any point of view they wish. Let this be my first and last mark against me.

                But, you asked to understand why I said what I said.

                Well, to answer your question, I do tend to feel that spirituality in essence constitutes an individual’s inner contemplative and reflective journey, seeking knowledge and understanding. And though personal in nature, such a journey needn’t be a private matter.

                I do believe there exists, however, a dichotomy between our personal spiritual inner world, and the outside world, the world of human events, whose “dots” we’re trying to cohesively connect together here on TCR. I think when people ascribe or overlay a religious or dogmatically derived cause to an event, it may lead to a stilted and or derisive outcome, suitably narrow for only those sharing that specific belief system.

                That’s why, I guess, I don’t find sharing ones religious point of view terribly helpful in this context, but, you won’t find me criticizing anyone for doing so.

                Thanks, and be good.

              • Steve Smith,

                I was just thinking about my above post, and in a sudden epiphany realized I’m hypocritical. I am championing my own point of view which I’m more or less grounded in, over and above other points of view, which are in reality, no less valid or invalid as my own; they’re just colored and filtered through another lens other than my own. In the end, it all boils down to various diverse points of view and opinion to be agreed upon or argued over, nothing more and nothing less, whether they be religious, secular, or something other, and to whatever degree. It matters not.

                So, irrespective of minority and majority opinion, and everything in between, open source intelligent news should be grist for open debate, and is “just fine in spite of our differences” as Pearl said…… End of story.


              • I sincerely thank you for your thoughtful and wise response to my question.

              • You’re most welcome, Steve Smith.

          • @candlelight

            I appreciate your in-depth comments and will do my best to respond and answer your inquiries on my next day off.

            For now I will say that people like Luis Elizondo and Chris Mellon are indeed shills (and/or are being ‘let off their leash’ and used as pawns due to their predicable behavior). I explain some of this in my substack article on this topic which you can find here: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/childhoods-end I can elaborate on their strategic role in the false disclosure operation another time.

            As far as my knowledge of the “reverse engineered hardware” (though it should be stated that the tech they are stealing and weaponizing is not exclusively sourced from tech they steal from ET craft, as it is sometimes sequestered from human inventors as well) that is derived from a number of sources (and constitutes actionable intel).


            “There were 5,135 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 2010, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office told Secrecy News last week. It’s a 1% rise over the year before, and the highest total in more than a decade.
            Under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders restricting their publication if government agencies believe that disclosure would be “detrimental to the national security.”

            With regards to the bases of operations I listed that are actively involved in illegal, unconstitutional, murderous and immoral operations related to weaponizing exotic technology (to perpetuate the oligarchy’s global cartel) I share that info so because it is the right thing to do. These people cannot do what they do in the light of day, they scurry around like cockroaches and thus our best defense against their nefarious intent is to shine a spotlight of awareness on what they are doing. I could even give you a list of the active operational code names for the MILAB teams and hangers that house what were once referred to as “ARVs” but that kind of actionable intel would only be meaningful if one was able to rally honest decision makers to take action and hold those involved in such operations accountable for their crimes.

            This intelligence was gathered via a combination of painstaking research and my coming to know several individuals over a number of years that were directly involved with R&D and/or security for said corporate entities and or operations. It is not common knowledge, but it is knowledge that people need to know if they want to get these out of control operations in check so we can create a future worth living in and giving to future generations.

            More on this when I have more time..

            • Gavinm,

              It’s now been a few days since delving into the unexpectedly energized and highly polarized field of ufology. It took me a bit to comprehend what appears to be three major distinctive schools of thought with regard to UAP and “extraterrestrials” in particular. I didn’t discern this at first, and so it sort of hit me sideways.

              In brief, general terms, the three schools can be categorized as follows:

              1. Those that believe that beings of either interstellar and or interdimensional origin, exist in one form or another, evidenced by reports of various purported anomalous UAP sightings, and said beings may possibly be living among us and have had direct contact with humans.

              2. Those that believe that reports of purported anomalous UAP sightings are deceptive, designed to create a false terrestrial origination narrative of beings that are deemed to be real, yet believed to be of demonic origin prescribed within a biblical framework.

              3. Those that believe none of the above, that every aspect of the extraterrestrial phenomenon is the creation of a false and deceptive construct developed and propagated by the government for its own purposes.

              I fall squarely within the third school of thought outlined above.

              I have looked at the information you present in your childhoods-end substack and I am completely unmoved. Fuzzy blips on a radar screen doesn’t cut it for me. Military and intelligence personnel telling stories doesn’t cut it, either. The recorded discombobulated bantering discussion of airmen doesn’t do it. A Sergeant Major with the highest of security clearances admitting that he breaks his oath every time he shares classified information – which seems about every time he opens his mouth – and has not been charged with treason, or an equivalent, is patently absurd on its face, etc., etc., etc.

              Closer to home, you would have to supply more detail about your own Spielberg/Lucas ready “close-counter” incident, to satiate the skeptical among us. Todd was shaken up, but I suppose you and Connar weren’t? After an incident like this all Connar did was give you a smile? You guys weren’t shitting your pants? Wow.

              You know what would be great, if you could possibly cajole one or both of your friends for a video interview that you could include in your substack.

              I know you said that Todd doesn’t want to talk about it anymore,
              but I think hearing his recollection together with Connar’s would be helpful for this hopelessly healthy skeptic.


              • @candlelight

                I appreciate your taking the time to write an in depth response and share your thoughts.

                I have a few people on the backlog for overdue responses on here (and elsewhere) and I am prioritizing sending people who pre-ordered my book (that live in the southern hemisphere) heirloom seeds so they can get a seedlings started in time for their spring gardens, thus a real response to your comment will take a while but I do plan on responding when I can and answering/responding to your inquiries.

              • @candlelight

                I would suggest adding a fourth category of “major distinctive schools of thought with regard to UAP and extraterrestrials”. That being:

                4. Those that are fully aware of the myriad advanced civilizations that originate from other solar systems and/or planes of existence which have visited here in the past (and continue to do so now) but have a vested interest in obfuscating that aspect of our reality from the general public (and/or distorting people’s perception of that aspect of our reality to be fearful in nature).

                Examples include: Luis Elizondo, Jim Semivan, Dr. Hal Puthoff, Dr.Norm Kahn, Chris Mellon, the successors of the “Majestic” group (formerly known as MJ12/PI-40) and their modern day army of paid trolls, bots and disinformation/psychological warfare specialists.

                I find your description of the “fuzzy blips on a radar screen” very amusing. The testimony and evidence you are referring to was presented by a former senior FAA official that had zero to gain from coming forward (and everything to lose). But ya, I suppose those are just some “fuzzy blips on a radar screen”..

                Robert Dean was a gentleman and a courageous human being, after violating his security oath he was harassed, threatened and even had unmarked vehicles lurking around for years. Once someone like that goes public, if you were to snatch them up and shove them into some government black site (or out right kill them) that would only serve to add fuel to the fire and credence to their testimony, thus an official policy of deny, ridicule and obfuscate is how those that manage this topic run things when it comes to a man like Bob Dean.

                Wow indeed, reading the last part of your comment makes me think of the following quote: “First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

                The truth of the matter is that while myself and Connar had already accepted that aspect of our reality (advanced extraterrestrial civilizations visiting here) in concept (through being exposed to the plethora of evidence that is available online and in books) that event where that craft flew over us was the thing that really made it tangible and irrefutable.

                Todd was a conventional atheist with delusions of humanity’s supreme dominance and intellectual superiority over all other beings, thus, when confronted by an experience that challenged those comforting delusional worldviews, he chose denial over doing the mental and emotional work to grow as a person.

                Your attempt to bait me with the request for a video testimony says a lot, so thank you for that.

                Given that you pettily dismissed and downplayed testimony and evidence from high ranking military and aviation specialists, and are now asking me (a random guy that likes to garden and hike) to provide video testimony from his friends (some random guys I met working picking grapes in a vineyard many years ago) about the same subject matter, says a lot about your intent here.

                I wish you well.

              • Hello Gavinm,

                I didn’t realize until now that you had responded to my post. It had just randomly crossed my mind to check for one.

                I had no intent to suggest your interviewing your friends, Todd and Connar, other than to simply hear and see what they had to say about an extremely close encounter with what you and your friend Connar, at least, deemed was an alien craft of some sort. To hear your friends corroborate your telling of the encounter, whether or not it was believed (Connar), or disbelieved (Todd), would make for an extremely interesting interview in my opinion, nothing more and nothing less. Odd that you felt I was baiting you? In what way? I would think that if your story was at all accurate, you would have welcomed my interest in hearing your friends’ take on the incident. After all, they were witnesses, too. Of course, if you no longer are in contact with your two friends, that’s another story. For some reason, I had assumed you were good friends with these guys – especially with Connar, seeming that the two of you were of like minds – and not just a couple of “random” friends with whom you once picked grapes with many years ago. In that case, I can perhaps understand a certain level of exasperation on your part for me suggesting the interview. On the other hand, how buddies can remain random after such an experience together seems a little alien to me…. 🙂

              • In the month since these posts, I found it super ironic that I had stumbled upon – speaking of randomness – completely by happenstance – a book by Ted Chiang called “Stories Of Your Life And Others”, which is a book of short science fiction stories, including the namesake of the book – “Story Of Your Life”. It’s a thought provoking story of a linguist(the story’s protagonist) enlisted by the government to try to communicate – face to face – with aliens, and with whom she begins to slowly develop insight into how her subjects’ language influences their phenomenological interpretations, and vice versa. Of course, all the government wanted was to extract the aliens’ advanced technical prowess; but, in the end, they were left with none it. All that was imparted, when they departed earth, was the little bit of insight into their thought processes gained by the story’s protagonist. While I was reading the story, I thought to recommend it to you and I certainly still do.

                Also, in the meantime, there was a little article that caught my attention in the Online news outlet,The U.S. Sun, about a former NASA astronaut, Stan Love. The article had a great click bait tagline, and I thought, oh no, here we go, more talk about sightings of aliens, etc. But, that turned out not to be the case, as the article states “He’s logged over 300 hours in space but hasn’t seen any signs of intelligent life around Earth yet.” On the contrary, it wasn’t about sightings at all, but about the way in which we humans conceptualize “aliens”, which Stan Love posits is off the mark. He suggests to the public that they go and read the novel “Solaris” by Stanislaw Lem, because, as he said, “…I think that(Lem’s novel)handles extraterrestrial intelligence better than any other science fiction work I’ve seen.”

                Here’s the link to the article:


                My first introduction to Lem is ongoing – “Memoirs Found In A Bathtub”. Quite humorous! My second will be “Solaris”.

                I’ll let you know how I found it.

                I guess more on the “Majestic” Group and how I would interpret that tangle another time.

                Be good.

      • Thanks LilacDragonfly for that link: I’ll see if I can watch it or read it. The last remark in the trailer about extraterrestrial life being “disappointing” if it’s just beings visiting Earth from another planet, rather than something else much more interesting (other dimensions?, quantum?, spiritual?) tickled my curiosity.

        • @nosoapradio

          From what I have seen, the types of beings, craft and cultures visiting here are myriad. Thus, I propose the question, what if they are all of the above (from other dimensions, “quantum” or “spiritual” realms)? and also, sometimes they are just regular old ‘disappointing’ physical extraterrestrial intelligent beings that developed on physical worlds (like we did) except their worlds happen to be located in other solar systems? 😉

        • @nosoapradio

          PS – I would be remiss if I did not mention that the list of possible origins of what appear to be extraterrestrial visitors that I shared above would also have to include covert military assets of humans that (to the untrained eye) would appear as facsimiles to the exotic space/interdimensional craft.

          Electogravetic and harmonic resonance based propulsion/mass cancellation technologies have been the focus of intense research, R&D and active prototyping/testing in compartmented military operations and corporate contracts for many decades now.

          For those interested in digging deeper into that side of things I will provide a list of the military facilities and corporate entities involved in the development and application of said technologies in an additional comment below…

        • @nosoapradio

          My research and sources indicate that these facilities, bases and corporate entities are directly involved in the back engineering programs, R&D for covert ops (including MILABS) and weaponization of both exotic tech recovered from downed craft and advanced tech seized from human inventors under national security orders:

          Major bases of operations, apart from widely diversified private sites, include:

          – Edwards Air Force Base in California (the Cube)
          – Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, particularly S4 (aka area 51), S9 and S12 and adjacent facilities such as Pahute Mesa and Area 19, as well as Groom Lake
          – Kirtland Airforce Base ( Sandia National Laboratories or SNL, Defense Nuclear Agency, Phillips labs, Manzano Mountain Weapons Storage Facility and underground complex, Coyote Canyon Test Site (north end of Manzano, White Sands Complex)
          – Heystack Butte
          – China Lakes
          – George airforce base
          – Norton airforce base
          – Tabletop mountain observatory
          – Blackjack control
          – Fort Huachuca Arizona (Army Intelligence Headquarters),
          – the Redstone Arsenal (in Alabama)
          – Dulce underground complex
          – Cheyanne Mountain complex
          – Pine Gap (underground facility in Australia)
          – – Dugway Proving Grounds (outside Provo) a relatively new, expanding underground facility accessible only by air in a remote area of Utah, among others.
          Additional facilities and operations centers exist in a number of other countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Russia.
          Numerous agencies have deep cover, black, USAPS related units involved with these operations, including
          – the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
          – the National Security Agency (NSA)
          – the CIA
          – the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
          – the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)
          – Naval Intelligence
          – Army Intelligence
          – Air Force Intelligence
          – DARPA
          – NASA
          – the FBI and others.

          An even more extensive list of private, civilian and corporate entities have significant involvement. The majority of scientific, technical and advanced technology operations are centered in the civilian industrial and research firms. Significant – and lethal – security is provided by private contract.

          Corporate contractors:

          – Battelle (you can thank Catherine Austin Fitts for bringing that one to my attention)
          – BDM
          – S.A.I.C.
          – Booz-Allen and Hamilton, Inc
          – EG&G
          – Rockwell International
          – TRW
          – Village Supercomputing (phoenix Arizona )
          – Wackenhut Corp.
          – MITRE Corp.
          – Raytheon (including E-Systems)
          – Northrop ‘anthill’ (Tejon Ranch)
          – McDonnell Douglas corp (Llano Plant)
          – Phillips Labs (North Edwards Facility)
          – Lockheed Martin Skunkworks including the Denver research Center and the (Helendale Plant) as well as (The Cube)
          – Boeing Aerospace (Phantom works division)
          – Bechtel corporation (does a lot of the underground base construction for these D.U.M.B.-s)
          – Los Alamos National Labratories
          – Lawrence Livermore Labs

      • @the lilac dragonfly

        I will check it out with an open mind, thanks for taking the time to comment.

        • I will be interested to hear your thoughts after viewing, since you have put a lot of thought into the subject. I did read your post. 🙂

          • @the lilac dragonfly

            I am watching the film now and it seems like it is presenting ideas from those that are proponents of Christian Creationism and are interested in explaining away (dismissing and/or attacking) anything that challenges the ego flattering worldview that places humans as the most important aspect of creation in this universe.

            I am neither a proponent of “big bang theory”, nor the mainstream science spontaneous manifestation of life theory (whatever that one is called), nor am I a proponent of “panspermia”, nor do I think we were “created by aliens”, nor am I a proponent or believer in any of the religious dogma that various humans have proliferated for millennia through institutions with regards to our origins, our place in the universe and our reason for being).

            I acknowledge we (human beings) are a result of an intelligent design of a being that some call “God” but where I diverge from the majority of monotheistic dogmatic religious views is that I do not feel that humanity is the most important, nor the ‘most blessed’ or ‘most sacred’ beings (or any other idea that placates the ego that is so wanting to be praised by any anthropocentric story other humans are willing to invent). I also do not believe we have been “given dominion of the Earth” nor do I believe that the whole vast and complex universe was created merely for our entertainment. I find those ideas to be nothing more than junk food for the ego and paths that lead towards psychological states that promote stagnation, scapegoating for our own shortcomings/mistakes, hubris, adversarial/oppressive behavior towards our fellow beings and irrational xenophobia.

            Whether one feels the Earth is 6 thousand years old or billions of years old if one acknowledges the existence of a Creator being and also acknowledges the immense size, complexity and diversity present in our universe (billions of galaxies, containing billions of stars each, many of which support earthlike exoplanets) I do not understand how they can possibly convince themselves (or allow themselves to be convinced by someone else) that God would create all that and then only create one intelligent race of conscious beings on one planet. What a ridiculous waste of space, time and energy that would be! And what an absurd hubristic notion for someone to acknowledge all that infinite diversity in the universe and then to also say that all that was created solely for us to look at from a distance for our entertainment (or worse yet to ‘have dominion over’)!

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from the comment above)

            For me, when it comes to observing and understanding facets of this universe we live in, it is not about belief. Rather it is about coming to know something to either be true or not true via investigation, discernment and observing the evidence closely. I do not “believe” that soil organisms are present in my garden working to recycle organic matter from my kitchen and improving the health of my crop plants. I take a soil sample and look at it under a microscope and observe them directly; then I come to know that they are there and see what they are doing. I apply this same approach and perspective to the study of beings from elsewhere in the universe. That is not to say that I do not value faith when it comes to matters of the heart and spirituality but rather it is to say that when it comes to the study of life in this universe (regardless of its origin/nature) “belief” never comes into the equation for me.

            The answer to Fermi’s paradox (mentioned in the film you suggested) is a combination of humans that are in denial and the fact that our hubris as humans has (as I pointed out in my substack article) led us to make the ridiculous assumption that advanced interstellar civilizations would use the same type of telecommunications technology that we do (another egocentric delusion). Another view that is promoted in the film is a dogmatic and egotistic assumption that goes “if we can’t do it or understand it no one can, because our ‘science’ is now rock solid and all encompassing” (this is promoted in relation to the fallacious idea that no other civilizations can get here from other star systems because our ‘laws of physics’ forbid it being possible. I outlined a lesson we can learn from history that shows how such hubristic assertions made my prominent scientific figures often turn out to be untrue in my substack article (the Wright brothers example).

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from the comment above)

            With regards to the implication that contact experiences that some people think are extraterrestrial in nature are actually “demonic” in nature. This is exactly what the PTSB (the plutocratic transnational cabal) want us to believe about any and all such experiences (that or that they are “invading interstellar marauders/infiltrators etc). Many such experiences are the result of psychological operations carried out by the foot soldiers of said plutocratic elite being mistaken for contact experiences with otherworldly (and/or extra-dimensional) beings. That is no accident. The vast majority of instances which individuals report being ‘abducted by aliens’ are in fact operations being carried out by humans in the black ops area of the military. These ‘MILABS’ are part of an ongoing psychological warfare campaign aimed at propagating fear and animosity in humanity towards our cosmic neighbors. Corporations such as EG&G are involved in the manufacturing of advanced radio frequency / scalar wave implant technology that are used in these operations. Bases such as the underground complex at Dulce are involved in growing/manufacturing what are referred to as P.L.F.s (programmed lifeforms), these “E.T'” looking facsimiles are used on board anti gravity craft (back engineered “ufo-s” that were at one time referred to as A.R.V.-s) to grab people and simulate ‘alien abductions’. Any civilization that has travelled here across the vastness of interstellar space has moved beyond the need to ‘harvest embryos’ or put implants in organic tissue. If they wanted genetic material to study or manipulate they would need only a single fallen skin cell or hair. Their technology is at the point where distances in 3 dimensional time space do not inhibit the sensitivity of their instruments, if they want to closely observe an individual they can do so with detail and precision from space without any need to stick a physical object in their body. The intelligence communities (enforcement arms of the “Cabal”, a transnational racketeering organization that draws its influence from oil, war, fear and domination of our fiat currency based economy, soon to be a CBDC system) on earth has worked very hard to pump out fear on this topic (through hollywood, ‘science’ , and black ops like i just described) because for humanity to acknowledge and learn about the reality of the thriving peaceful interstellar community all around us would mean the end of their modes of control, profit, and dominion on earth. They are humans with technology a century ahead of anything available to the public, but humans non the less.

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from the comment above)

            I am not saying that there are no such thing as beings that exist (which originate from another dimensional plane) which are self interested (or perhaps even nefarious). What I am saying is that I would suggest it would be prudent that we do not conflate all so called “abduction experiences” or “contact experiences” with ‘demonic’ entities, for in doing so we would be like Louis Pasteur and his “Germ theory” which mistakenly assumed that all bacteria are “bad” (detrimental to human health). Just as there are beings/organisms in the microscopic world that are both beneficial to human health and some that are detrimental to human health, so too are there are both beings that are self-interested (and those that are guided by more noble intentions) in both the extra-dimensional realms and the interstellar community.

            From what I have gathered of the interstellar cultures that are here now is that the most advanced ones acknowledge the existence of a Creator being and are each on their own path towards bettering themselves and unfolding onto their highest potential. They do not see themselves as better than us, just on their own path towards building a relationship with, living with reverence for and having gratitude towards the Creator of all things.

            Now I would like to clarify my stance on religious belief systems so you do not misunderstand me. Based on what I have sensed in my own spiritual practice of going inward to come to know my more eternal essence) God does not discriminate based on what religious practice one has adopted (nor does God require one to invest one’s self in a religion of any kind in order to develop a relationship with “him”). The format of the prayer or meditation is not important, only the genuine heartfelt intent to better one’s self, to develop a relationship with God and to surrender to one’s spirit (rather than being driven by the ego).

            While I personally do not resonate with religious dogmatic belief systems I respect that each individual must find their own path to remember who they are as a spiritual being, know the divine and engaging with the Creator of all things, and perhaps for some religion is the path that works for them.

            I personally prefer a path that one might describe as Spiritual Autodidacticism over following the belief systems that have been laid out by other humans but I also accept that there are many ways to know God and embark on the path to spiritual growth.

            For me, Nature is part of Creation, and thus I feel that a forest or a garden resonates more with me as a place connect with the Creator of all things than any manmade structure or institution ever could be. Nevertheless I know that some prefer a cathedral or a monastery and I do not claim that my way to connect with and know the divine is better than theirs.

            (continued in another comment..)

          • (..continued from the comment above)

            What I have gathered on my path inward is that on the scale of advancement of intelligent beings on this world and in this universe humanity ranks quite low. Our species has great potential but our humanocentric delusions of self-importance often hold us back from truly embarking on a path to better ourselves as individuals, to embark on a path towards spiritual unfolding and help our human family to advance as a species. Our collective narcissism finds it’s expression in many belief systems that re-affirm our ego placating worldviews, the film you linked is one such expression.

            In a nut shell, the film is the result of a group of humans basing their livelihood on promoting their ego placating/narcissistic worldviews and then a bunch of other random people glomming on to them and adding fuel to the fire of their egos because they find said beliefs comforting.

            I do not say any of this out of a want to label people or their beliefs in a derogatory or demeaning way, however I feel compelled to be completely honest in my assessment of these matters and thus I wanted to be very frank and straightforward.

            Thanks again for reading my article and sharing the film suggestion.

            • “I acknowledge we (human beings) are a result of an intelligent design of a being that some call “God” but …..”

              I have a hard time understanding how it is that you can acknowledge the existence of a creator “that some call God”. And then proceed to define your creator to fit your personal human understanding.

              You might be the one sinless human in whom “God is well pleased”. But the Bible makes it pretty clear that we all fall short of God’s standards. I’m not so quick to dismiss that. Actually it kinda makes sense to me that my creator would have pretty high standards. Like perfection. And as for me, I’m glad to know that God Himself became flesh to to pay the penalty for my sins, of which there are a multitude. And to redeem my soul. Because only God Himself can be the perfect human and the perfect sacrifice for all of His creation.
              Maybe He’s got the same deal with a multitude of other created beings throughout the universe. Don’t know and it really isn’t my concern. I have enough trouble trying to figure out what’s going on with this world.

              And as for the majority of ETs being demonic beings. Why is that any more difficult to imagine than them being cow mutilating, crop circling, anal probing and very secretive alien astronauts?
              Seriously, why don’t they just make themselves known to the world already.Why don’t they land some of those amazing physical law breaking, antigravity, speed of light space ships in public places in the broad daylight sometimes and introduce themselves? Why all the mystery and drama? What are they waiting for?
              Sounds pretty demonic to me!

              Gavin, you’re obviously a really smart person. But please don’t be too smart for your own good.
              Consider reading Romans 1. The whole chapter is pretty powerful but I’ll quote verse 22: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,”

              I hope you will excuse me for expressing my “ego placating/narcissistic worldview”. And for finding those words ironic coming at the end of your essay.

              Aren’t you just making up your own personal religion and using your own “created” mind to justify it?

              • Good thoughts, Steve. I am reminded of the whole “Intelligent Design” group who have so much of value to offer as far as recognizing the design in nature, the irreducible complexity of creatures and systems, the impossibility of evolution as claimed by Darwin, etc., but stop there without daring to venture further and delve into the question of WHO this “intelligent designer” must be. Someone who is powerful enough to design and create all this would have to be God as described in the Bible.

                I think that between the demonic aspect and the government/military aspect, all sightings and experiences can easily be covered and explained.

                Since the covid scam began, I realized that all that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be would need to do to completely take over the world would be to stage a threat from “aliens.” They need a threat bigger than humanity. A fake virus was enough to throw major parts of the world into a panic for over two years. (Some people are STILL wearing masks and getting tests and shots.) Think of the influence and power they could have if they were to fabricate an alien threat. This is one reason I think it is important for people to get a handle on this before it happens. It’s a perfect way to get the attention and compliance of (nearly) everyone. Talk about fear. A threat worse than Putin, China, World War III. I’ve been waiting to see if/when they will play the alien card.

                I have no doubt that there are people who are knowingly working with the Enemy of God and humanity and his crew of demons. Others may be participating without realizing who they are aligning themselves with. I have no doubt that demons have the ability to do the things that are being done. Whoever is doing them obviously has evil intentions. If they were friendly aliens, they could certainly figure out how to be kind to people instead of scaring them out of their wits and abusing them.

                I appreciate and agree with the points you made, Steve, without meaning any ill-will or offense to Gavin.

              • @Steve Smith and the lilac dragonfly

                I appreciate you both taking the time to read what I shared and sharing your thoughts (as well as posing some great questions).

                I will contemplate what you two have said and respond as soon as I have time.

                Wishing you both a week ahead filled with vibrant autumn colors, pleasant weather and peaceful moments filled with meaningful realizations.

              • @Steve Smith

                I came to perceive the Creator through my own inner journey, (not via the descriptions offered by other humans and their various invented anthropomorphic belief systems that they project onto God) thus I did not “proceed to define creator to fit (my) personal human understanding” rather I made the decision to surrender to God in a state without thoughts, in stillness and be open to receive guidance and understanding that would help me on my path to better myself and be of service to my fellow beings.

                What I perceived was a being that is beyond anything resembling a human, there was no judgment or anger or other petty human tendencies/characteristics coming from the Creator, only love. I sensed that the Creator of all things has a perpetual want to be part of the lives, but waits to be invited (as the Creator respects our free will). The only being(s) judging us, is ourselves, and the ideas of hell, the devil and humans being “dirty bad sinners in need of fixing” were fallacious ideas created by humans that sought to control, manipulate and mentally subjugate other humans.

                God did not become human “to pay the penalty for your sins” though God did share messages with Humanity through a number of humans throughout history that were courageous and humble enough to let their ego take the ‘back seat’ and surrender to their higher Self and God so that truth could flow through them.

                Jesus was killed by the ruling elite of ancient times (and their ignorant/morally bankrupt enforcers) because he was speaking the truth and providing people viable pathways to directly connect with God (without needing any middle men in religious institutions such as scribes or pharisees). He was helping people to be capable of perceiving what is truth and what is not through developing their connection to God and their eternal essence (spirit). He did not die for our sins, he was murdered because the empowering truths he shared challenged the existing power structure at the time. Jesus sought to live by example and show people what a life that aligns with spiritual growth (embodying compassion, humility, gentleness and integrity) and living in service to God and our fellow beings looked like (rather than living a life of servitude to human institutions) and they killed him for it. His gift to Humanity was substantial, his courage and message can still empower us to take steps towards breaking from depending on corrupt centralized institutions and develop our own personal relationship with the Creator of all things.

                (continued in another comment..)

              • (..continued from comment above)

                All this distorted stuff about Jesus being God has it’s origins in the First Council of Nicaea, (325AD), the first ecumenical council of the Christian church (called by the emperor Constantine, an unbaptized catechumen, who presided over the opening session and took part in the discussions.) It is a very seductive idea for the ego, to think of the Creator of all things taking on a human form, very flattering to our egos that are so desperate to be reassured of our self-importance, but it is an idea that can clearly be shown as fallacious and not aligned with the words that many account Jesus of Nazareth speaking about his relationship to his “Father” (God).

                When it comes to the multitude of conscious beings from elsewhere in the universe (which God has also bestowed with a conscious spirit and given the gift of free will) there appears to be an overwhelming majority that (when visiting/interacting with people here on Earth) have communicated to humans that they acknowledge the existence of the Creator of all things and endeavor to nurture a relationship with that being and serve as an instrument for “his” will. I have not heard of any beings from elsewhere in the universe talking about the concept of sins and hell etc, but I am sure if you looked hard enough you would find a world where the beings on that planet also got confused and invented a similar dogma. Perhaps, none of the advanced civilizations that visit here have such beliefs (related to sins/hell etc) because transcending such archaic fallacious beliefs is one of the ‘prerequisites’ for being advanced enough to leave one’s solar system in the first place?

                “And as for the majority of ETs being demonic beings. Why is that any more difficult to imagine than them being cow mutilating, crop circling, anal probing and very secretive alien astronauts?”

                Extraterrestrial interstellar capable cultures are a separate thing from extra-dimensional malicious entities (which some may call “demons”). Both exist, and they have nothing to do with each other.

                With regards to cow mutilations and supposed invasive medical procedures, I suggest you watch this presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL0Rpy0Dhhs for some perspective and pertinent facts on the true culprits behind such occurances (which do happen).

                Crops circles on the other hand, (some being hoaxes and some being legitimate creations of other worldly beings) clearly represent the intent of a thoughtful, generous and compassionate group of entities. Some of the geometric patterns that are impression into those fields offer vast potential for those that are observant enough to apply said geometric configurations to their biomimicry designs. Other messages they offer are just hopeful and inspiring to the heart and imagination. None of that has anything to do with “abductions” or other psyop nonsense about demonic visitors.

                (continued in another comment..)

              • (..continued from comment above)

                As far as them being “very secretive alien astronauts”, well lets just look at that logically shall we? We live on a planet with a dominant species that has a proclivity to either deify or demonize that which we do not understand. What would happen if they forced an awareness of their existence onto the masses by landing huge craft everywhere all the sudden? Well first of all, our ignorant trigger happy military forces would probably shoot at them, then secondly people would spazz out and either fear them or put them on some pedestal as saviors (neither of which is very beneficial for our long term advancement as a species). So what would you do if you were in a decision making position in an advanced interstellar culture observing a nascent world of conscious beings beginning to venture out into space (that were still very violent, arrogant, short sighted and egocentric)? Personally, if it was me, I would not park my space craft on their front lawn, that seems like it would be one of the worst things to do (if one wanted to foster their growth and stability as a civilization).

                I do not profess myself to be wise, I am just a nature lover that likes to garden, I see nature (and our elder species on Earth) as my teachers, and I want my fellow beings on Earth to be able to shed their mental and economic shackles to achieve their true potential and leave a world worth gifting for future generations.

                (continued in another comment..)

              • (continued from comment above..)

                As for your question at the end (“Aren’t you just making up your own personal religion and using your own “created” mind to justify it?”)

                Well, I suppose that depends on how you define “religion”.

                I do not seek to push any dogma on people, nor do I subscribe to any dogmas myself. I seek to perpetually hone and improve my understanding of the nature of my existence, enrich my mind, nurture symbiotic relationships with my fellow beings and nurture my eternal self (through being of service to others and nurturing/recognizing that which is a manifestation of God’s love in my daily actions).

                I am always open to the possibility that my current understanding needs improvement and that there are things that exist beyond the purview of my current scope of awareness. I trust that when/if it is meant to be, some of those “unknown unknowns” will be revealed to me. I strive to see with my heart and help empower others through offering sign posts that helped me along my path but I do not claim my way is the only way, nor a “better way”.

                So I suppose it depends on you describe that path and perspective as amounting to a “religion”. I personally do not resonate with that word since humans have engaged in so much malice and destructive/degenerative behavior with that word as their guiding banner, but in truth labels do not matter to me, so if you want to call my way a “religion” that is fine. For me, it is just a way that naturally unfolds like a seed that is planted in fertile soil and then one day reaches out it’s leaves to breath in the light and nurture itself to grow onto it’s highest potential. Since I like to look to Mother Earth for guidance on how to align with natural law, Creator’s design and nurture myself physically, mentally and spiritually, perhaps I would call my path one that involves “photosynthesis of the soul”. 🙂

                Thanks again for the comment and for the questions.

              • Well Gavin, nobody will ever accuse you of not being thorough. 🙂

                I won’t try to debate your beliefs. I would only be able to do so using the Word. Which I must assume you would reject even while expressing your belief in the fact that Jesus Christ lived.
                If you don’t believe that Jesus said what he was reported to have said then you naturally must reject everything that I would use to attempt to convince you of His deity and His necessary sacrifice for humanity.

                I will only say that you seem to have taken Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” and turned it upside down and inside out.
                And I completely understand that. Did the same thing myself.
                Its just our nature.

                But I will challenge you about the elusive and shy space travelers.

              • “I have not heard of any beings from elsewhere in the universe talking about the concept of sins and hell etc.”

                You write that as though you are in direct contact with some of them or that you’re subscribed to some intergalactic newspaper.
                Do you have conversations with these entities?

                “As far as them being “very secretive alien astronauts”, well lets just look at that logically shall we? We live on a planet with a dominant species that has a proclivity to either deify or demonize that which we do not understand. What would happen if they forced an awareness of their existence onto the masses by landing huge craft everywhere all the sudden? Well first of all, our ignorant trigger happy military forces would probably shoot at them, then secondly people would spazz out and either fear them or put them on some pedestal as saviors (neither of which is very beneficial for our long term advancement as a species).“

                I have to imagine that if a race of beings were able to travel across space to visit our backward little planet that they wouldn’t be in much danger from our military forces. I think that they would be able to clearly communicate their peaceful intentions and simply announce their presence.

                Would people spazz out and either fear them or deify them? Maybe. But aren’t people doing that now without even knowing for sure that they exist.
                Are you seriously concerned that the masses will act even more irrational than they do today?

                Yes Gavin, I will call your “way” a religion. One of billions.

                “photosynthesis of the soul” Church. It has a nice ring to it.
                But in the end its just another religion of works. And thats why Jesus Christ gave Himself up to die for the sin(s) of humanity. Because nobody can keep the law perfectly. And the law was given to prove to them that had eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus was the the Way, the Truth and the Life and that nobody comes to the Father but through Him.

                For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.
                Ephesians 2, 8 and 9

              • All in all though Gavin, I sure would love to see everyone who denies Christ have your attitude. This would be a nicer world for sure.
                Might even possibly postpone God’s judgement for awhile.

                Still, I hope that you won’t mind if I continue to pray that God will draw you to Himself. God loves gardeners and so do I.

              • There’s a rather classic scene in a rather classic netflix series:

                A woman and her son get separately trapped in a (magic) hall of mirrors. They wander around frantically calling to each other as their cries echo out bouncing off the myriad of shiny surfaces as they both become more and more hopelessly lost, distanced and entrenched.

                Then one has the idea to close his eyes and calls out to the other to do so. And of course, happy ending, they’re able to “sense” their way back together and out of the infernal hall of mirrors, as countless fictional heroes had done before them.

                Well, for lack of a better word, this ‘resonated’ with me as a metaphor for listening to conscience, cultivating a link with the eternal, feeling your way out of Plato’s proverbial cave. When one of the senses acts as confusing noise, in the above case; ‘vision’, then you filter it out and heighten the others. (Maybe that’s what meditation’s supposed to be like?)

                Anyhow, if I were God and I wanted my creations to be able to communicate with me despite the thick gooey multi-layered depth of illusions in the material world of the human psyche, I would provide my beloved creations with a built-in GPS so that everyone would have at least some decent shot at finding it and me, using the cultural, environmental means and references at their disposal, even those beings living way beyond the purview of Christian missionaries.

                I imagine I would be as very pleased that someone like Gavinm was trying to reach me through connection with all of my other miraculous creations as I would be with the candid and well-spoken Steve Smith. With all due respect for the power of words, I imagine I would be more appreciative of the Intention and perhaps not too picky about the human nomenclature which can’t do justice anyway to the immensity of the products of my will.

                Actually, I think I best expressed what I’m trying to say many years ago on the comments board of a website that ultimately made me persona non-grata, Information Clearing House:

                Spirituality Unites,
                Religion divides,
                by Definition.

                My belated and unsolicited two cents on the subject. Thanking you in advance for your attention. Sunday morning is such a blessing (no hamster-wheeling and dealing), as is this website.

              • Reality is spoken into existence.

                Everything begins in the mind. Nothing can become without first being conceived in thought.

                Everything that is going to become part of reality is going to have to be spoken from the mind.

                Logos. Word, sentence, reason, concept, principle. But it also stands for god and creation.

                In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and god was the word.

                Why are we living through these times that we are? Instead of being dedicated to creation, prosperity and solidifying of the right, we onjoy petty squibbles and fight for lost causes.

                It is because the vast majority speaks nonsense, lies, misconceptions… it is nothing but raw sewage spewing from the minds at large.

                These minds are unwell, they have been fed garbage, they do not process input correctly and they can only output garbage. On other words, they produce evil onto the world. They will hurt anyone and everyone and like doing so.

                If there is anything to bo done about this, it will have to be spoken. The spoken word of truth will have to be loud enough to cut through the signal of endless repetition that is producing these damaged minds.

                If there is a silver lining to be found here, it is going to be spoken into existence.

              • Very interesting.

                But I’d tend to say;

                In the beginning there was the Intention

                that was perhaps subsequently Spoken and thus manifested into material existence.

                But your points are well-taken.

              • @Steve Smith

                I appreciate you taking the time to write an in depth reply. I will think and meditate on what you have said and get back to you when I can.

              • @nosoapradio

                Thank you for your kind, thoughtful and insightful comments.

                Your witty, honest, thought provoking (and often humorous) contributions in this community serve as superfood for the mind and a balm for the soul.

                I will reflect on what you have shared and get back to you.

              • (the comment posted before I was intending to post it i`ll have to delete what I had here and re-write it in another comment)

              • @Steve

                “You write that as though you are in direct contact with some of them or that you’re subscribed to some intergalactic newspaper.
                Do you have conversations with these entities?”

                I have not interacted with any off world beings that speak English yet but i`ll let you know if that changes. ?

                For the most part, from what I can gather, many of the beings that use interstellar craft to visit Earth (and amicably interact with her inhabitants) use directed thought forms to communicate. This may be some endogenous function that is facilitated through biology, or it may have to do with a technology that interprets, records, amplifies, augments and transmits thought forms, or it may be a mixture of the two.

                Initiating two way communication with some of these interstellar visitors is possible, but from what I have heard it requires taking the time to really take inventory of one’s thoughts, learning to still the mind into a place without thoughts, so that one can choose a singular coherent thought (without the background noise of many other thoughts and/or negative emotions interfering).

                There have been a couple of occasions where my self and some friends (or my wife and I) have went out under the stars with the explicit intent of initiating contact with visitors that are here in the name of peace and diplomacy (with the clear prayer and thought that we only want to make contact if God wills it to be so). Craft do not always appear, but they have on a handful of occasions (way up in the sky, looking something like a satellite or a star, but moving in ways that those things do not and cannot) and sometimes the manifestations of the visitors takes the form of luminous orbs that move around close to us on the ground (resembling fireflies but slightly larger and more fast moving). I would not say that I have had “conversations” with the beings from other star systems that make their presence known to us, but perhaps received ‘impressions’ or ‘intuitive knowings’ of who they are and what they are about. What I said about the concept of “hell and sins” etc not being something I have seen visitors to subscribe to is more related to my study of their interactions with others, rather than being based on my own personal interactions.

                I sometimes think that their reason for not always appearing when people attempt to use CE-5 protocols (or something similar) is often due to their having to watch out for covert weapons platforms that are operated by rogue government and corporate elements that attempt to target them and their craft (for back-engineering thievery). Or maybe their instruments do not always pick up on the somewhat fragmented thought forms of humans. Or maybe it is something else, but it does seem to work some of the time.

                (continued in another comment)

              • @Steve

                (..continued from another comment)

                Not sure why it only works some of the time, but I do know that there are covert compartmented human operations (with both ground-based and orbital weapons platforms) that have the sole purpose of targeting peaceful interstellar visitor’s craft.

                You said “I have to imagine that if a race of beings were able to travel across space to visit our backward little planet that they wouldn’t be in much danger from our military forces. I think that they would be able to clearly communicate their peaceful intentions and simply announce their presence.”

                While that may have been true in the 50-s (across the board), humans have developed ferocious DEW systems in the decades since (via a combination of back-engineering and weaponizing benign, but powerful components of downed ET craft and through the perversion and weaponization of the work of individuals like Nikola Telsa). These weapons platforms are capable of tracking and targeting approaching interstellar craft and while they do not always succeed in downing the craft they target, these are automated systems that are constantly taking shots, so every now and then they (unfortunately) succeed.

                Would the military forces of Earth be able to wage a successful all out war of aggression against any one of the interstellar civilizations visiting here? No, of course not, that would be like Amazonian tribes people with spears trying to take on a fleet of attack choppers, jet fighters and smart missiles being launched from a squadron of aircraft carriers. I think the fact that (despite the malicious attacks of a small group of humans on the visitors) they have not retaliated and remained peaceful to show the degree of the social maturity and tolerance that these beings embody.

                For some other perspectives and info on “Why don’t ETs Make their Presence Known?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVdhLqcuAoU

              • @Steve

                I will have to respond to the other part of your comment about religion another day as I have lots of heirloom seeds to sort, package and send out in the mail.

                I look forward to hearing your thoughts on what I shared above and hope you have an enjoyable, peaceful and laughter filled Christmas 🙂

            • I just want to add this thought. There have been quite a few notable intellectual atheists who have set about to disprove that the Bible is the Word of God and to debunk the historical accuracy of the events depicted therein and ended up accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior.

              I understand that these are just the words of a fellow human being who you feel is probably weak minded, fearful and insecure. But actually I was extremely and vociferously skeptical until I had made such a mess of my life that out of desperation I simply surrendered. I asked for God, if He exists, to make Himself real to me. And He did.
              It wasn’t magic but it was miraculous. And it wasn’t because of my faith. It was because of my willingness to accept His faith as a gift.
              There is absolutely nothing to be lost by honestly opening one’s heart to God. He won’t take away your intelligence. He won’t trick you into becoming a mindless follower. But if you are willing to give Him the chance,He will “begin a good work in you “ and will complete it.

              The words of men can’t transform. The Word of God absolutely does.

              The Word became flesh and dwelt among men and we have available to us their eyewitness, firsthand accounts. If we are willing to consider them.

              • “He won’t trick you into becoming a mindless follower.”

                Nah, but Church™ will. Most of them would like to crush the ego too. Oh wait… 😉

            • “Nah, but Church™ will.”

              You won’t get an argument from me. My preacher has been dead since 1988. He wasn’t perfect but he was pretty darn true to the Word and certainly isn’t going to deceive me by adopting or preaching any new age space alien, man made apostasy.
              I got my fill of “church” politics years ago.

              Men will always let you down. Jesus Christ never will.
              Test Him.

              • I’m with you there, Steve.

                1988…that was before New Calvinism infiltrated mainstream churches, turning them into despotic hellholes.

      • @the lilac dragonfly

        Do you know of somewhere online where I can watch “Alien Intrusion” for free? (I am not exactly rolling in money right now and it has been a long time since I had the free time to find what trustworthy/non-problomatic sites stream free movies now a days).

        Thanks in advance for your time.

        • I completely understand that. I’ve had a financially tough summer/season and am trying to figure out what to do going forward.

          I’m sorry… I don’t know of any free options. 🙁 If we could meet at the border, I would loan you my copy, but the trip would cost way more in gas…. I can’t watch online since I don’t use any kind of virtual payment options and don’t have enough data to watch videos anyway.

          I just ordered directly from creation.com a few years ago, but probably shipping to Canada is prohibitive(?) on top of the cost. The best deal I just found is to buy 5 sleeved copies for $16, or 1 sleeved copy for $5, but then there’s still the shipping to Canada on top of that. 🙁 https://usstore.creation.com/search?controller=search&s=Alien+intrusion&order=product.price.desc

          Sorry I’m not any help. 🙁

          • Thank you Pearl, I appreciate you taking the time to share that.

            I had tried rumble and failed but I should have thought to try bitchute, thanks again.

            • Yeah, Bitchute rarely fails on such things.

          • Thanks for that Pearl. I just watched the video and wholeheartedly concur with its proposition.

            God is not dead but lots of entities would be happy if the world believed He were.

            • He doesn’t have to be dead, just not God.

      • I would suggest watching the Cosmic Abandonment presentation which is freely available online abd seema to be in line with this material.

        • Well, whoever your comment was addressed to, I just did have a look at Passio’s presentation, mkey, and it was very interesting. Especially as I had heard a lot about Passio and had never actually seen any of his stuff.

          abd seema to be in line with this material.

          This presentation certainly presses a wide range of conspiracy buttons and ties them all together with a shiny pink satin bow. And ends by emphatically recommending, among many other works, Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard’s story Battlefield Earth (which I will watch (or probably re-watch) out of curiosity, which is a very audacious move if you want to be “taken seriously”, even in the conspiracy theorist realm.

          As I personally have questionable taste in my choice of sci fi movie references, when Passio was describing how the Annunaki went about genetically hybrid-engineering humanity, I couldn’t help but think about that Netflix sci fi film called “I Am Mother” where the robot methodically grows human embryos, one after the other, burning every failed specimen at various ages of childhood in an incinerator as it strives to make a “worthy human”. The story is all about the worthy human growing up, “coming of age” and ostensibly if not practically liberating herself. But not before the robot attempts to justify having killed off the entirety of humanity by explaining that the death of a few billion violent and imperfect humans is a small price to pay in view of formulating trillions of infinitely more perfect versions, more in the image of Mother itself.
          Do the projected consequences of the AI “Mother” justify the means?
          (I also vaguely recall that the AI had been sadistic in its murder of stray survivors but maybe the Hillary Swank character lied about that as she’d lied about something else. But perhaps I should check to be sure as this detail would put a whole other spin on the movie’s message though, I think.)

          So watching the Passio exposé, I wondered if the Netflix Mother robot was perhaps designed after the descriptions of the Annunaki. Well… despite the elongated skull perhaps not really compelling. But I’ll let you decide if you care to:


          Anyhow, it was quite interesting to listen to Mr Passio tie together Brien Foerster’s work, with other trending interrogations about the past while also warning against New Age appropriations of Quantum fields and (in my mind) Gaia worship, so thanks for linking his presentation.

          • I was replying to the liliac dragonfly’s comment, but my recommendation was to anyone reading this, obviously. The Cosmic abandonment presentation is not exactly the most optimal entry point to Passio’s work (as he stresses over and over again), but I think people here have a lot of mileage on the conspiracy bandwagon and have taken quite a few dives into the ever so deep sceptic’s ravine so they should not shudder to contemplate the possibilities put forth in the presentation.

            It does tie up many of the topics Passio otherwise covers in his work, maybe the most important of which are the 13 methods of mind control, that would be connected into a congruous superstructure of debilitating psychological trauma of a class of beings that do not belong and that have been left stranded and possibly without means of escape/return. Passio does propose that this is the source of self hate that is holding man back and preventing the late stage evolution of the species. That is the riddle he’s so desperately trying to solve.

            Not that I find many reasons to escape this world, myself, but depending on the company that might have been left behind that could be a common theme that would explain the fascination with technology but also lack of steady progress it’s path is beset with. It would also tie into the interesting theory put forward by the resident fact checker about the ancient machine running people akin to an ant colony.

            Battlefield Earth is an interesting rendition of this story, if one can look past the cringe worthy delivery. I do nebulously remember watching the mother robot movie, maybe worth to revisit from the different point of view. At the time of watching that I was expecting a SF thriller and there wasn’t much in way of that.

            Reading into the works such as the Epic of Gilgamesh or the Emerald tablets while keeping in mind these possibilities is a very much different experience. If we do not assume that the ancients who wrote these works were absolute idiots and were making up idiotic stories meant for amusing themselves to death (something we do seem to be bent on doing ourselves, at this peak of the civilisation) then it does leave the door open to possibility that their stories might have deeper meaning.

            BTW, just as an aside and a passing thought through my brain as it’s shutting down in need of regeneration, civil was apparently an ancient goddess, possibly the first goddess ever known that required human sacrifice. Civil, civilisation, one has to wonder about meaning of words that are used daily billions of times. Words like god, good and common good. Some ancient languages did not have vowels so basically the meaning was comprised by consonants while being independent of the expression. To that extent, god and good would be considered to be the same word. Is belief in god and common good then also the same, unbeknown to the masses?

            But, I’m rambling.

            • rambling’s contagious, yes CONTAGIOUS, so when you mention civil, civilization and sacrifice my mind selects from my woefully limited repertoire which causes me to repeat myself, again and again, Shirley Jackson’s short story The Lottery that creeped me out in a major way when I was little. A ten-minute read that gets straight to the point (for anyone who hasn’t already read it 32 times).


              hope you awoke well-rested and refreshed.

              • I did not read this yet, it is interesting. Took longer than 10 minutes, though. The part where Tessie wants her married daughters to draw with the family was a tad gruesome. Having a large family seems like a nice insurance policy in this village.

              • @ mkey;

                It would also tie into the interesting theory put forward by the resident fact checker about the ancient machine running people akin to an ant colony.

                I totally forgot to mention that

                this has vaguely seemed somewhat plausible to me of late.

            • Mkey said:
              Battlefield Earth is an interesting rendition of this story, if one can look past the cringe worthy delivery….

              The movie sucked.
              But I did read the book which had an ‘okay’ exciting storyline.
              The book “Battlefield Earth” was authored by L Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame who also authored older ‘pulp’ SciFi stories like “Ole Doc Methuselah”, (which has a fun short storyline). [There was a brief period of time where I read a lot of SciFi books or stories.]
              Scientology administrators and staff played a big role in the production of the movie (e.g. John Travolta), and I feel this contributed to its “suck value”.

              My point in bringing this up, is that Scientology has a strong ‘belief’ that the spiritual essence of a being comes back in another physical life form whether it be a human body or a sentient alien body or even a robot body. Kind of like a “Star Wars” view of a galaxy far, far away and a long, long time ago.
              I believe it is often referred to as “space opera” in Scientology, and with all kinds of different renditions depending upon the era and location.

              In the Scientology narrative, Earth was used as a prison planet where “souls” were shipped to in order to isolate them. These “souls” were the non-conformists, criminals and other problem makers for the “Powers That Be”. Because souls are eternal, the “Powers That Be” wanted to ship them off to someplace where they wouldn’t influence their sector.

              • Sincerely one of the most interesting movies reviews I’ve ever read.

                Ok, ok, I don’t read a lot of them, but still…

              • So, I finally just watched Battlefield Earth and… it was pretty funny at times and more fun than I expected and…

                it seemed to reflect the average Westerner’s fascination with being on the other side of

                the White Man’s Burden paradigm.

                And the bad guys’ rasta hairdos that seemed shaped to reflect the Annunaki head shape were quite comical. Along with the nose clips that I can’t quite place… maybe another drop of cote du Rhone will clarify that point…

        • @mkey

          Thanks for taking the time to comment and make the recommendation. I`ll check it out when I have a chance.

          Did you see my other comment to you about that book Radical Mycology? (I shared a few screen shots of some pages and a quote from the book)

          • I did see it, thank you, it’s on my todo pile. Big pile, I need a bigger shovel.

        • @mkey

          I have now watched and digested the “Cosmic Abandonment” presentation.

          I share many of his views (especially when it comes to the so called “boxes” that he pointed out that are designed to keep people within the rigid confines of the ‘acceptable beliefs and behavior zone’ that the plutocrats like to coral people with). I do think that (with regards to this specific presentation) in his generalized use of the term “new age movement” he may be mischaracterizing some movements, ways of seeing, doing inner work and throwing some people under the bus that are in fact engaged in viable pathways for expanding their understanding, dissolving corrupt systems on Earth and aligning their actions with “Natural Law”. I personally do not have much use for labels (as they are often distorted and/or weaponized or just serve to limit the potential of individuals that are in a perpetual state of growth and change).

          I have come across quite a few people in my time on Earth that others slap the label of “new ager” on (in a similar derogatory way to how one would use the term “conspiracy theorist”, “anti-vaxxer” or in the past “heretic”). People also sometimes attempt to slap that label on me. Don’t get me wrong, there are a great many charlatans, con artists and just plain old delusional “guru” types claiming to offer spiritual answers, paths to cash in on ‘eternal reward lottery tickets’ and other toxic and fallacious ideas (often rooted in waiting for some magical date to arrive at which time ‘the chosen people’ will get wafted away into a super cool ascension 4 season resort in the 5th dimension). If you want to call those con artists and delusional/misguided people “new age” okay, but then I would also implore the discerning individual to not dismiss those that have had that label slapped on them, without first closely observing if their actions, words and deeds do indeed fit the above description, or if the person that has been applied with that label is in fact someone living a life of purpose, spiritual sovereignty and working to expose/dismantle the corrupt slavery systems of Earth (and they are just being attacked with that label in an attempt to dissuade others from listening to what they have to say). In essence, I feel we should not ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ with regards to individuals (and or movements/ways of perceiving) that some may have labeled with the term “new age”.

          I agree with Mark Passio’s assertion about the current state of affairs on Earth being (generally speaking) one of slavery. While the general state of affairs in our society (and the psychological landscape of the masses) may one of slavery, the difference between being a slave (in mind and spirit) and being free, is determined by nothing more than a choice within.

          (continued in another comment below..)

        • (..continued from comment above)

          Even the one in physical shackles being whipped can choose not to be a slave, by refusing to continue to perform the tasks being demanded of them (it may result in their death) but it is nevertheless a choice one can make. Therefore, there are a minority humans (past and present) that have chosen to nurture and embrace their innate ability to use their conscience and choose courage within, have indeed emancipated themselves from said widespread slavery (which is present on the Earth currently).

          I also agree with Mark’s assertions about many of the dynamics relating to how a limited number of some members of one technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilization in particular, did engage with primitive humans in our ancient past (for selfish reasons).

          In my Childhood’s End article on substack I said

          “The most advanced and ancient of the interstellar species that are here now appear to be part of a collective of civilizations that work in concert toward their common goals (which among other things) include assisting younger species make the transition into safely moving beyond the confines of their planet and engaging with their neighbors. I have also learned that (though Dr. Steven Greer seems to avoid acknowledging this reality) there are less advanced interstellar civilizations which visit (and have visited) here as well (with the members of their species possessing varying degrees of integrity, compassion and social maturity) but these rogues make up a minority and though some of the individual members of these civilizations have engaged in somewhat nefarious activities, these are the actions of rogue criminals, and not representative of the intent nor nature of their respective species (nor the civilization/world they originated from) as a whole.”

          These so called “Anunnaki” would fall into the latter category.

          From the geological, archeological and written documentation evidence I have seen, those rogue individuals (from a specific extraterrestrial culture) that Mark Passio is describing in his presentation ended up engaging in a massive war (between factions of their own ‘people’) that involved weapons of mass destruction.

          (continued in another comment..)

        • (..continued from comment above)

          For example, there were discoveries made which provided physical evidence that scientists say “proves there was technology present which artificially induced nuclear fission over 8000 years ago on planet earth”. One of the findings was when a company was doing surveying for a new uranium mine in Africa and found that some of the uranium was fused at an atomic level. But the more compelling evidence is when in 1992 scientists discovered a heavy layer of radioactive ash in Rajasthan, India, covering a three-square mile area, ten miles west of Jodhpur. After investigating the site, where a housing development was being built, they unearthed an ancient city where evidence shows an atomic blast dating back thousands of years, from 8,000 to 12,000 years, destroyed most of the buildings and probably a half-million people.

          Then there are the ancient tales speak of flying vimanas. Vimanas were real vehicles and the origin of the ‘Aeroplanes.’ Great wars were described in early religious texts. Source: https://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/mbs/index.htm)

          Weapons were described to literally level the land like a moving force field. In ancient India, we find words for certain measurements of length; one was the distance of light-years and one was the length of an atom. Only a society that possessed nuclear energy would have the need for such words. When Oppenheimer said ‘I am become the destroyer of worlds,’ he was quoting from these ancient books.

          Some scientists are now theorizing that the deserts on a number of continents today are the result of (prehistoric) nuclear warfare.

          (continued in another comment below..)

        • (..continued from comment above)

          Historian Kisari Mohan Ganguli says that Indian sacred writings are full of such descriptions, which sound like an atomic blast as experienced in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He says references mention fighting sky chariots and final weapons. An ancient battle is described in the Drona Parva, a section of the Mahabharata. “The passage tells of combat where explosions of final weapons decimate entire armies, causing crowds of warriors with steeds and elephants and weapons to be carried away as if they were dry leaves of trees,” says Ganguli. Here are a few illuminating verses from the ancient Mahabharata texts: ” …a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame As bright as the thousand suns Rose in all its splendour… a perpendicular explosion with its billowing smoke clouds… …the cloud of smoke rising after its first explosion formed into expanding round circles like the opening of giant parasols… ..it was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas. …The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. The hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent cause, And the birds turned white. After a few hours All foodstuffs were infected… …to escape from this fire, the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.” Until the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, modern mankind could not imagine any weapon as horrible and devastating as those described in the ancient Indian texts. Yet, they very accurately described the effects of an atomic explosion.

          The unexplained destruction of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa are also worth examining more closely for uncovering indications that a massive war between rogue factions of the above described civilization may have indeed taken place.

          The remnants of two ancient civilizations in the Indus Valley of modern day Pakistan and India have puzzled archeologists for decades. These cities were both deserted suddenly, coincidentally around the time of the construction of the great pyramids in Egypt, despite having been thriving centers of technology and culture for centuries. Mohenjo Daro, in particular, appears to have been flattened, or collapsed after 600 years of being inhabited. Could this have been the location of what may have been an ancient nuclear war?

          (continued in another comment..)

        • (..continued from comment above)

          Mohenjo Daro and Harappa are anomalous not just because of their desertion by the people who lived there, but also because of their incredibly advanced technology and decentralized, secular society. Archeologists have determined that the layout of these two massive cities shows evidence of an egalitarian civilization with no distinct hierarchy or elite ruling class and was likely governed by elected officials. The ruins of Mohenjo Daro show careful urban planning, advanced irrigation and drainage systems, and a 900 sq. foot, watertight, communal bath that was filled by the Indus river. This civilization spanned over 500 acres and supported a population of somewhere between 20,000 – 40,000 citizens.

          Harappa, which came into ruin around the same time as Mohenjo Daro, was equally as advanced, with granaries, superstructures, and calculated trading practices. These civilizations had board games like chess, traded precious gems and jewelry, and valued cleanliness and hygiene. Both were civilizations with thriving cultures that disappeared suddenly and without explanation.

          Excavations at Mohenjo Daro unearthed the skeletons of a family holding hands, appearing to have been flattened with rubble and ash covering them as if they had died in an abrupt and unforeseen event. Some accounts (described in a comment above) say that a layer of radioactive ash was found in the soil before the site was dug up, adding to the theory of a nuclear event that could have been the cause of destruction of this ancient city.

          I found it illuminating to do a direct comparison between the brahmastra (the weapon described as a “single projectile charged with all the power in the universe” which is described in the ancient Vedic texts quoted in a comment above) and destruction is the aftermath of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After Trinity, the U.S. didn’t waste any time deploying the new atomic technology — less than three weeks later, on Aug. 6, 1945, the U.S. Air Force dropped an atomic weapon, nicknamed “Little Boy,” on Hiroshima, Japan. Immediately, a reported 70,000 people were killed, with another 140,000 dying of radiation poisoning by 1946.

          The core destruction radius was about a mile around ground zero. Fires were reported across an additional 4.4 sq. miles. Humans and animals in the blast zone turned to carbon, echoing the words of the Mahabharata; “corpses so burned as to be unrecognizable.”

          When the Trinity team discovered the green glass in the bomb craters, they named the material “Trinitite.” The glass also called “nuclear,” “atomic,” and “desert” glass, was formed when silica sand was heated to temperatures above 1,700 degrees centigrade by the blast.

          (continued in another comment..)

        • (continued from comment above..)

          After the Trinity test, engineer Albion Hart noticed that the Trinitite was identical to the material he had seen in the African desert decades earlier. He calculated that the size of the African glass deposit indicated a blast ten thousand times more powerful than the Trinity bomb. The similarities were dismissed, as no one believed an ancient or modern blast of those proportions as possible.

          Earlier, In 1932, an Egyptian Geological Survey team member Patrick Clayton was driving across the desert near the Saad Plateau. He said he heard a “crunching” under the wheels of his car; unusual, in that he was driving on sand surfaces. He stopped and discovered large pieces of glass in the sand.

          The glass has also been found under Neolithic, Sumerian, and Babylonian layers at archaeological sites in Iraq. Is it possible that an ancient civilization prior to the Neolithic period blew itself back to the stone age with nuclear devices?

          Libyan desert glass deposits, estimated to be 28.5 million years old, stretch over 6,500 square kilometers into neighboring Egypt. The light green Libyan glass, called “the rock of god,” was so gem-like and crystal clear it was used in royal Egyptian jewelry. Ten thousand-year-old paleolithic tools made from desert glass have been found in Egypt and throughout North Africa.

          Mainstream science asserts that desert glass (other than White Sands) is the product of ancient meteor and lightning strikes, but others have debunked these theories.

          Meteor strikes leave impact craters and meteoric iron fragments as well as tektite stones, generally opaque gray or brown because of the presence of iron and other minerals. While a meteor may burn at temperatures hot enough to melt sand into the tektite glass, the remnants generally take the form of tiny glass “beads” rather than widespread layers and slabs.

          Lightning can be hot enough to fuse silica, but the resulting glass takes the form of the strike tunneling into the ground and looks like many-branched coral with a sandy coating.

          While the Trinity bomb left a crater, post-test bombs were detonated well above ground, as Oppenheimer’s team discovered mid-air detonation maximized damage. The Hiroshima bomb detonated at 600 meters (2,000 ft.) above ground, and the Nagasaki bomb exploded 500 meters (1,620 ft.) above ground. Aerial detonation minimizes ground craters, consistent with an absence of craters at desert glass deposits.

          In recent history there have been several instances where nuclear missiles have been disabled and shut down by luminous spherical or disc shaped craft that arrived at high speed, hovered, shot beams of light which disabled the nukes, and then left at high speed strait up into the upper atmosphere.

          In our current times perhaps we are being watched over to prevent this kind of crazy behavior from happening again (regardless of what beings are the ones looking to ‘pull the trigger’ this time around)?

          (continued in another comment..)

        • (..continued from comment above)

          The ancient Vedic texts, Egyptian mythology and Sumarian tablets are not unique in their describing ‘gods’ that came from the sky (or rather, beings that came from the stars).

          Some cultures have a very different story to tell about extraterrestrial visitors they interacted with.

          Many indigenous peoples all over the world claim cosmic origins, and they give great honor and homage to these “Star Nations.” The Dogon tribe of Africa traces its origins back to the star Sirius.

          The Stones of Ica, discovered in a cave near Nazca, Peru, are said to be a library of a way of life of ancient peoples who cataloged their astrology, astronomy, geography, and agriculture 60 million years ago. The anthropologist who discovered the Stones of Ica, Dr. Javier Caberra, believed that the makers of the Ica Stones were from the same cultures as the First peoples of the Andes who built Tiahuanaco, a pre-Inkan civilization, and whose influence was felt throughout the Inkan empire.

          The Pleiades star system is called the Seven Sisters because seven of its stars are visible to the naked eye. In reality, this star cluster actually contains more than 400 stars. Andean languages refer to the Pleiades as “seeds,” or the “Great Granary,” referring to the structures built into the sides of the mountains that stored food enough to feed the people for seven years, before the conquistadors destroyed them and brought an end to the golden age of the Inkan Empire.

          The Lakota, Kiowa, Cheyenne and Hopi all have oral traditions related to their origination from the Star Cluster Pleiades. Hopi prophesy speaks of the return of the Blue Kachina Star Person at the end of this cycle of time, who will herald in the 5th age of man. The Hopi consider themselves descendants of Pleiadians, and hold green corn dances every year dedicated with seven ears of corn, from seven fields, representing seven clans.

          To the peoples of the Andes, the Pleiades were particularly important in determining the seasons, and planning the planting and harvest of their crops. They were considered so important that the people continue to celebrate the Festival of the Return of the Stars, or Festival of Q’ollorit’i. This special ceremony is held every June, on the full moon, at 16,000 feet at the foot of a huge glacier on a sacred mountain or Apu, in Peru. It is attended annually by up to 80,000 pilgrims who travel from long distances to the Sacred Apu.

          (..continued in another comment)

        • (continued from comment above..)

          The ancient Mayan people taught that long ago their ancestors came from the stars. They spoke of how this is where their culture`s architecture, spiritual truth and mathematics came from. And they didn`t just point up at the sky, they specified a certain starsystem, a constellation that some now know as “the little dipper” and others know as “the seven sisters”, but the astronomers know it as the Pleiades.

          The Mayans talk of a “road to the sky leading to the umbilicus of the Universe,” which is similar to Andean cultures that speak of a “luminous chord that connects the solar plexus to the sky.”

          Stories of other worldly beings are also present in several African legends of creation, like the Zulu people, which means “sky” people.
          It is also said that the Emperor Huang Ti, considered by many scholars to be behind cultural, social and economic development of China, attributed his vast knowledge to visits from beings from the Pleiades in 2537 BC.

          Could these widespread mythical and culturally diverse historical references to beings from the sky (or from the “heavens”) be referring to actual physical intelligent beings that came to this world from elsewhere in the universe? Could the many descriptions of magic throughout history (often associated with a talisman or other physical object which was in the possession of a mythical being) in fact be the result of primitive peoples misinterpreting the various manifestations of advanced technology (being wielded by members of advanced interstellar civilizations) through their limited scope of understanding at the time?

          Has their widespread presence throughout different regions and periods of history (and then overt departure) resulted in an array of ‘cosmic abandonment issues’?

          Perhaps, given the evidence we have available, it certainly seems plausible to me.

          (continued in another comment..)

        • (..continued from the comment above)

          This brings me to the current task at hand for our human family (leaving adolescence and coming into Cosmic Adulthood). Okay perhaps, it would be more realistic to say ‘leaving cosmic infancy and learning to crawl’ 🙂 but in essence what I am talking about is taking steps to face our potential abandonment issues, take an honest look at who and what we are as conscious beings, acknowledge the existence of the broader community we are a part of and then take responsibility for the mess we have allowed to fester on the Earth, clean it up and then one day, when we are ready, take steps towards engaging in overt, organized diplomatic efforts to amicably and symbiotically engage with our elder neighbors.

          While the presentation was great, I do wish Mark would have elucidated on the activities of extraterrestrial beings that have interacted (and still are interacting) with humans (and appear to be doing so guided by selfless and compassionate motivations).

          That being said, I would like to emphasize (as I did in my article) that much of humanity has an unhealthy proclivity to look for “savior” figures that they hope will swoop in and save the day and do the hard work for them cleaning up the mess they made, thus I do not think hoping for our cosmic neighbors to deal with the mess we have allowed to fester to the point it is at now is an advisable path if we want to break the cycles of the past and chart a new course as a civilization.

          So many today, whether in a religious sense or a political sense, codependently seek out someone or something to “fix everything” for them.

          It is my hope that we (as a human family) do not perpetuate this mentality of looking for savior figures by putting our cosmic neighbors on that same pedestal. So, while I do genuinely believe we have much to learn from our cosmic neighbors and the study of the universe around us, I also believe that the best course of action for ensuring the social and spiritual development of our species is to refrain from putting our energy into hoping some external force will help us but rather take active steps to deal with this mess to the best of our ability on our own, allowing our heart to guide us and moving forward lovingly, humbly, honestly and courageously.

          That is what my book is about, that is what everything I write on here, substack (and elsewhere) is about, and it begins with recognizing something that Mark Passio astutely pointed out in his presentation, which is, that which has intrinsic value. He mentioned food, knowledge and that which can be used to provide shelter and/or defend one’s self (as things that have intrinsic value.). I agree, but I have quite a few things I would add to that list (beginning with recognizing that with innate value that exists within us). In any case, I would say that the general ethos and message of his presentation (and what he described of his other works in that presentation) are aligned with what I perceive as truth.

          • I do think that (with regards to this specific presentation) in his generalized use of the term “new age movement”

            MP often expands on his use of generalisations. The idea would be similar to the maxim: don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. He’s seldom absolute with his generalisations and when his absolute about them it’s intentional and mathematically precise, accurate by definition.

            I agree with Mark Passio’s assertion about the current state of affairs on Earth being (generally speaking) one of slavery.

            This may be just semantics, but I would not call such claims an assertion. It means simply stating the obvious: if one does not control fruits of their own labour, one is a slave. And to that effect, the vast majority of us are indeed slaves. It’s plain as day, it’s a matter of definition, there is no need to assert anything.

            Even the one in physical shackles being whipped can choose not to be a slave, by refusing to continue to perform the tasks being demanded of them (it may result in their death) but it is nevertheless a choice one can make.

            That would be a false choice and I will have to disagree wholly, absolutely.

            I also agree with Mark’s assertions about many of the dynamics relating to how a limited number

            Again, semantics, but MP puts forward in no uncertain terms that the Cosmic abandonment presentation is nothing but pure conjecture. It is what makes sense for him, he’s not adamant about many or any of the finer points and he’s helping the viewers weave a tapestry of their own. He went so far as to state that will the rest of his radio broadcast under the name of What on Earth is happening would stop there as he starts delving into what may (have been) happening.

            that much of humanity has an unhealthy proclivity to look for “savior” figures that they hope will swoop in and save the day

            Yes, this is one of common themes and something MP has often warned about. This “saviour” doublethink is the basis of blind belief in politics, very deleterious.

            • I appreciate your detailed reply.

              Could you please elaborate on your usage of the term “false choice”?

              • A big guy stops you on your way to wherever and says:

                Choose freely: do you want a kick to the groin or a punch in the nose?

                The latest Matrix movie was all about false choices. Passio did a 6 hour breakdown of the movie, he really hammers down many of these points. He also has a magnificent two hour presentation on the Matrix trilogy.

          • To the wealth of information you have provided, I will briefly add that I don’t put much stock in various dating technologies. IMO they are mostly guesswork, sometimes obscenely so. Therefore I don’t trust many of the conclusions based on various assertions regarding matters that are taken for granted.

            Also, I have some reservations in regards to the whole nuclear bombs spiel. Massive destruction is readily available without it. The very core idea of radiation poisoning should have left the Japanese locations incapable of sustaining life as we know it for many generations. But that seems not to have happened. Granted, this could be the result of vast misunderstanding of effects of radiation.

            After applying the Occam’s razor I will side with local know-how as source of ancient technology in favour of all of it coming from the outside. It readily makes more sense to me that a certain set of peoples got a more advanced stage while another subset of similar peoples was left behind, even drastically so. We can see something similar, albeit to a much lesser degree, today as well.

            I do find probable that Earth had a lot more land mass prior to whatever caused the downpour, this mostly thanks to many underwater megalithic structures. Refugees from the deluge come to higher plains and (try to) bring progress to hunter-gatherers, our ancestors. Most of what followed serves as proof that technological progress should really be in sync with social progress, as otherwise you get what we got.

            Has some of the indistinguishable-from-magic technology survived and is zipping around? Very probable. That stuff could be on autopilot, for all that we know.

            I would also posit that these catastrophes might have been a matter of recurrence, causing investment into obviously cumbersome construction techniques such as building megalithic structures. One does not need to be overly imaginative to estimate which of our current “modern” structures would, in case of a major catastrophe, be left standing along side the ancient megalithic constructions. I have to wonder about what would really be left behind, say after 5000 years. Not much, I’m sure.

            • thanks for sharing your thoughts on nuclear fallout, the seemingly ‘ancient’ existence of flying/levitating machines on Earth and high tech ancient wars.

              I find the implications of your statement that said “I will side with local know-how as source of ancient technology in favor of all of it coming from the outside.” interesting to consider. Perhaps you are right and pre-historical humans independently developed their own advanced propulsion, manufacturing, energy generation and weapons systems in parallel to those that were derived from (or were just direct remnants of) the tech of interstellar visitors.

              I get the sense that some pre-history (human) civilizations on Earth developed technologies for interacting with, manipulating and harnessing the elements in unique ways independent of any ET influence. Some of them appeared to use harmonic resonance and combinations of sound and directed (focused and amplified) thought forms to accomplish feats that are now described as “magic” in various mythological stories. Though, if one accounts for how powerful the subtle application of certain sound frequencies are given our current technologies and measurement tools, and then one combines that with the science we have on how directed thought forms can influence the molecular structure of water (and other elements) as was exemplified though the work of people like Dr. Masaru Emoto, it begins to become clear that if a highly refined methodology and technology were developed which combined the two, accomplishing what would seem (even today) to be feats of “magic” is completely within the realm of possibility.

              • It’s just that it find by far likelier that something was discovered right here where we are instead of it coming from extremely distant worlds. Not only because of the distance, but also due to pin point precision it would take to get from there to here. Occam’s razor served me far too well in life to ignore it. And when I do ignore it it’s to my own demise.

                Sound/vibration and harmonics hold keys to many doors. As the quite goes, any sufficiently (relatively) advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

            • thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspectives on this subject matter.

              One thing that I would suggest is worth considering with regards to Occam’s razor.

              Just because something seems very challenging or complex for humans, does not mean that it has to be that way or is perceived that way from the perspective of a non-human intelligence.

              Vast distances (and tiny vectors for a given final destination) when moving through interstellar space may seem challenging for us, but to assume that it is for others is anthropocentric and anthropomorphic.

              In fact, for a civilization that developed an understanding of this physical universe in a different way than us (and developed different formats of technology and/or innate biologically/consciousness facilitiated abilities that work in the place of, and/or in tandem with technology) travelling through the vastness of interstellar space could be the most simple explanation.

              Given the proclivity of human’s to fear that which we do not understand (especially if the thing that we do not understand is another conscious being or group of conscious beings) I strive to take a look at how I may be grasping at ways to explain away or deny the existence of that which is outside my comfort zone. The ET presence (and thriving interstellar community that is all around us) falls into this category for me (or at least it did) as I used to make fun of people who talked about “UFOs” and even bring up Occam’s razor in my dismissal of extraordinary evidence that was presented to me. I was comfortable (at the time) in my anthropocentric atheist delusions of humanity’s intellectual supremacy, and so I grasped at any way I could explain away the evidence so I could preserve my denial bubble (comfort zone). Well, God and our cosmic neighbors apparently had something else in mind, as I was gifted experiences which irreparably popped that bubble and helped me to grow as a person.

              • This is not just about technical difficulty of interstellar travel. We are talking about travelling large distances, moving equipment and trained personnel, effectively colonising a distant world, going through moral turmoil in regards to poking around the natural developmental cycle of a local species, practically creating a abomination, taking advantage of said abomination, trying to exterminate said abomination, etc.

                Regardless of one’s technological prowess, there is always a mater of reason. Why would they do this? To me, only a few valid reasons pop up and they are both variations of the same underlying principle: need.

                They might have been running away from something and got stranded here. If that was the case, then there was certainly some disparity between bugging out and rooting in. If they believed they were permanently bound to be left here, that would certainly lead to setting roots.

                Another option would be that they were desperate to get some material, something this place was full off while between here and there the pickings were very slim. Otherwise the trip would not be worth it.

              • I hear you, and if your talking about a species that is on a similar trajectory to unfold and evolve to humanity, one that has similar motivations and similar limitations of mind and technology, yes absolutely it would make sense to apply those variables. But if we are talking about a species that does not share those characteristics than many of those variables may not apply.

                Human beings for example, have to go about a great deal of planning and make use of various forms of technology (clothing, ropes, pitons, crampons etc) to climb the peaks in the Himalayas. Bar-headed geese on the other hand can fly over those peaks without any technology.

                Interstellar travel may seem like a formidable and extreme feat (requiring lots of advanced technology, life and death motivation and other things) to be accomplished, but to other beings it may be more like flying over the mountains in the Himalayas is to the Bar-headed geese. It could even possibly be perceived as even less of a big deal to them, like perhaps, taking a walk in the park is to us. Since we only have one direct current frame of reference when it comes to the how consciousness develops in a race of self aware beings (and how technology develops along side of it) we really have no way to accurately estimate whether others have developed anything like we have.

                Some may utilize their innate abilities to instantaneously move through time and space with nothing but their will to do so being required, some may have developed technologies to assist in that task and are doing so driven my motivations that are so different than most of humanity’s priorities that we cannot understand them.

                All of this is to say that I would implore anyone considering this aspect of our reality to strive to avoid anthropomorphizing, as in doing so we may discount possibilities that could lead to important discoveries, interactions and enrichment of our understanding of our place in this universe (and who we share it with).

    • I haven’t looked yet at your link but I’d probably be more open than most around here concerning the possible existence of extraterrestrial life amidst humans.
      Simply because I accidentally photographed a UFO though I too have adopted the rather comfortable stance that it’s probably “just” military tech.
      Tech itself may be the extraterrestrial life that has reproduced itself on this planet. Unfortunately, I haven’t sat down and really researched or even simply tried to think any of this through, probably out of fear of being further stigmatized. Anyhow, Childhood’s End is a story that marked me. I’ll have a look at your link between classes.

      • @nosoapradio

        I really appreciate your thoughtful comment. I was also forced to re-examine my programmed beliefs on this topic through a direct personal experience. I did not manage to get a picture of the craft my friends and I witnessed but I do describe the experience in my Childhood’s End post.

        The fear of stigmatization was a prominent force in my mind which motivated me to avoid researching/speaking about this subject matter for years. I feel like that is not by accident and the pysops that have been launched related to this topic have been very effective in inducing that mental state in a large portion of the population now. After learning what I learned and seeing what I saw I came to a point in my life where I refused to pretend and wear a mask (so that I could fit in or placate other people’s beleifs/comfort zones) anymore. The article I linked above is the synthesis of my choice to do so combined with my research on the topic.

        Thanks again, I look forward to hearing what you think.

        • Hi Gavin,

          Your reply caused me to go back and look again at my photos from February 2021.
          Doing so brought back the original heart-stopping fascination: For the basic context: The Covid lockdowns and hysteria caused me to quickly realize a dream and move to Spain as I sensed that crossing borders was to imminently become either difficult or impossible for those who would refuse “the injection”. I was astoundingly lucky and literally hours before a test was required to travel, I found a low-priced apartment with a commanding and unobstructed view of the Mediterranean sea. Every single morning during the year that I lived in Alicante I took pictures of the sunrise.
          On a Friday evening after a long week of English classes I leaned back and relaxed by looking at my sunrise photos of the week.
          My eye fell on something intriguing in the top-right-hand corner of one and I fell head over heels into another rabbit hole. And as I looked at the other just before and after that one I saw others, half behind or completely behind clouds.
          I immediately looked at the local press to see if anyone else had reported any unusual sightings and BINGO! There were several articles in the printed press and local TV station on the 16th of February, 2021 that showed local residents’ videos of UFO sightings filmed that morning. 48 hours later (a day before I discovered my photos) the “climatology department” of the local University had already claimed in the press that the images were simply explained by the burning up of satellite fragments in the atmosphere. Indeed, the videos sent were all taken about an hour before I took my serendipitous photos. But my photos clearly did not show anything burning up in the atmosphere. They showed very clear images of the most cliché sort of flying saucer hovering in the myriad of clouds lit up by the rising sun.
          After bouts of fear and paranoia that kept me from sharing my relatively banal discovery for a couple weeks I finally shared them with people in my entourage but… though people couldn’t tell me what they thought the images could be, they raised an eyebrow, said it was strange and then moved on to other topics. Same reaction from UFO websites where much more spectacular images than mine garnered countless “likes” leaving mine entirely ignored or at best, with one or two ‘thumbs up’.

          Today time flew by as I reexamined all of those shots… I’m not, absolutely NOT a photographer, just enchanted by the moments before, during and after sunrise when I would press on the camera button like an excited and confused neanderthal.

          • In reality, it was living alone in a country where I didn’t speak the language during a historical context where meeting people seemed considerably more difficult that caused me to have an alteration in my perception of reality.
            I’ve realized only recently that the context makes the man, or rather, the context made me read reality differently. In the absence of a routine, friends, normality, of a material concrete and frenetic exchange with my immediate environment, I became more sensitive to other sorts of external input.
            It’s hard to explain, to describe, to share the impression, but I’ve realized that reality is perhaps much more deep, dimensional, multi-layered, nuanced, complex than my previous materialistic perceptions had hitherto led me to understand… In short, I’ve become much more open to the possibility of a universe that far exceeds what a human being perceives with his normal, everyday 5 senses…
            I’ve had no other notable encounters with the unexplained, I haven’t seen any other sorts of beings or anything worth recounting

            but, just as previously it seemed perfectly obvious to me that it was impossible from a time-space perspective for “aliens” to have come to earth fortuitously during the blink-of-an-eye existence of modern man,

            it now seems almost impossible to me from a material and immaterial time-space perspective that they haven’t.

            And just for the record, though I am notoriously fond of very fine (French) red wines, I’m completely allergic to any other sort of mind-bending substances.

            But I suppose my odd perceptions could be the side effects of menopause and fear of impending death.

            But I am quite happy contemplating my unusual photos. And yet I sense a faint nostalgia at the idea that it could be Childhood’s End.

            • and though one of my photos is quite clear and others startlingly compelling, since that life-changing day of discovery I do have to be careful when I stare at the morning sun-lit clouds, not to become a victim of the “seeing Jesus in toast” phenomenon.

            • @nosoapradio

              Thank you very much for sharing your experience and thoughtful observations.

              I do not have time to respond in full right now (I work 7 days a week doing landscape installations at this time of year) but I just wanted to let you know I have read your well articulated comments and intend on replying as soon as I can.

              One comment about the geometry of the craft you describe before I head off for the day to plant trees.

              While the term ‘flying saucer’ may have a stigma attached to it now (thanks to a combination of carefully tailored psyops and nonsensical fictional portrayals) there is a very good reason why many advanced space craft (and/or hyper-dimensional craft) have this form. Toroidal geometry is woven into matter at every scale of the universe for a good reason, it allows for an extremely effective energy flow dynamic.

              In the Torus, energy flows in one vortex, through the central axis, out the other vortex, and then wraps around itself to return to the first incoming vortex. The simplest description of its overall form is that of a donut, though it takes many different shapes, depending upon the medium in which it exists. For example, a smoke ring in air or a bubble ring in water are both very donut shaped. And yet an apple or an orange, which are both torus forms, are more overtly spherical. Plants and trees all display the same energy flow process, yet exhibit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Hurricanes, tornadoes, magnetic fields around planets and stars, and whole galaxies themselves are all toroidal energy systems.

              The torus is the fundamental form of balanced energy flow found in resilient and regenerative systems at all scales. It is the primary component that enables a seamless fractal embedding of energy flow from micro-atomic to macro-galactic wherein each individual object has its unique defining qualities while also being connected with all else.

              When nature repeats a pattern over an over again all over the place, we are being offered an opportunity to learn about what forms are the most efficient, resilient, self-regulating, and dynamic for allowing life to thrive and energy to flow and be recycled.

              The beings that created the craft you observed were obviously students of biomimicry (whether they were humans, extraterrestrial physical beings, extra-terrestrial trans-dimensional beings or just trans-dimensional beings).

              Thus, while those that allow themselves to fall victim to psyops (and shallow dismissive herd mentality views of the unknown) may snicker or scoff at discussion of “flying saucers” the astute engineers, physicists and biophysics in the crowd are not laughing, as they realize the potential of combining high energy systems with said geometrical configuration.

              Wish I had more time to discuss this now. For now I will share another comment below with an example of where a human being applied the concepts I am talking about to develop a craft that the untrained eye might perceive as “ET”.

            • @nosoapradio

              For some context on “flying saucers” (and why they are not silly but rather representative of a genius application of biomimicry and the emulation of nature).

              This is the story of a man who worked with Otis t. Carr (Protege of Nikola Tesla) to align with the forces of nature in order to create a ground breaking new form of propulsion / energy generation technology. Their method involved harmonic resonance and tapping into what scientists now call “the zero point field”. This is yet another method in which “mass cancellation” (commonly referred to as “anti-gravity”) can be achieved in a controlled and practically applicable way.

              Anti-Gravity & Conscious Awareness | Ralph and Marsha Ring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8v3Bsh1E_8Y

              Another interview with Ralph Ring that explores what inspired his designs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6Y2-clTEcI

            • Dear nosoapradio,

              I have been suspicious of your previous writings. They struck me as a little “wild” and thus potential “psy-ops”.

              Your above post has dissuaded me of this suspicion. I can relate to some of your comments and take them all at “face value”. You relate an awakening in a country using a foreign language. I have also experienced this challenge, as has JC in Japan. It is a painful gift.

              On the controversial topic of extra-terrestrials, I concur. It took quite some research to conclude, as Richard Dolan has, that many national military consider “them” a serious issue. The miltary have the funding and a sufficient work force to reach informed conclusions. The suppression of their research and memos speaks loudly.

              Here is a frightening statement: The current stress over nuclear tensions likely to emerge between NATO and Russia/China are overblown. It has been, excluding Akrhipov and a few other individuals, the “ETs” which have been preventing us from destroying our beautiful planet. This is a loose conclusion and there are counter examples. Secondly, placing the future of human society in the hands of ETs seems horridly unwise. Perhaps, they just had a hand in preventing our potential nuclear suicide.

              The trick of life is to not fear impending death. It is difficult. But, death is inevitable. This conclusion to not fear it is likewise inevitable.

              With respect. Peace be with you,


              PS: French wines are piss weak and tasteless. Go Italian, Australian or Chilean 🙂

              • @2-D Chess Dweller

                Thanks for that interesting comment.

                I concur with Richard Dolan’s assessment on that aspect of the human side of the phenomenon (the fact that military forces of various nations take the appearance of, and advance evasive maneuvering capabilities of these anomalous craft very seriously). Why else would they scramble jet fighters to chase these unknown craft (and sometimes shoot at them) not one time, or a handful of times, but dozens of times (that are well documented).

                I agree we should not hope that some nice ETs are gonna save us from ourselves (nor should we hope some savior from the clouds, nor a politician or a rebel leader will do that either in my opinion).

                With all the reports of objects of unknown origin shutting/disabling down nuclear missile silos (and nuclear missiles that are being tested while they are airborne) on multiple continents, I wonder if the visitors/”watchers” gave NATO and/or Russia a hard time as they did their nuclear weapons “war games” tests in Europe..

            • @nosoapradio

              ps- I worked in the wine industry for many years in western Canada (built vineyards, wineries, planted grapes, tended them, harvested them, crushed them and fermented them) so if you are ever on a trip to BC’s desert wine country I can suggest some great wineries to try.

              I am a big fan of Syrah, can you suggest any particularly peppery vintages from France? 🙂

          • @nosoapradio

            I would like to again express my gratitude for sharing your experience and general observations.

            I found your comment about how you became more sensitive to other sorts of external input (“In the absence of a routine, friends, normality, of a material concrete and frenetic exchange with my immediate environment”) to be fascinating, it made me think of this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQcBQc3oaKg

            I share your perspective that sees what we can perceive through the five senses as only a minute cross section of our reality and our multi-dimensional existence in this universe. I try to spend about an hour a day honing my organs of perception that are capable of seeing beyond ‘the veil’ of this physical existence each day.. sometimes I a gifted glimpses.. fragments of memories from other existences, other planes of existence and ways of knowing that are beyond logic. These glimpses are fleeting as I do not think the human brain is built to continuously interpret that kind of stimulus, and thus the majority comes through the filter of “intuitive knowing”, dreams and synchronicity.

            I faced a similar conundrum with regards to my having embraced the dominant mainstream academic perspective that it is “impossible from a time-space perspective for “aliens” to have come to earth fortuitously during the blink-of-an-eye existence of modern man” and then being confronted with experiences that challenged said widespread belief.

            Thinking about it now (and taking into account all the evidence I have been exposed to) it is clear that “they” (not one but many civilizations from other star systems (and perhaps dimensions) have been here all along. Also when one looks at how these civilizations move their craft through this 3d universe (via shifting in and out of dimensional planes) the whole “other star systems are just too far away argument” becomes a moot point in the face of trans-dimensional interstellar technology. In a separate instance from the one I described in my article on substack, I was alone and witnessed a large cylindrical craft on the horizon as I was watching the sunset. It was metallic, smooth and at least two times as tall as the large pine trees on the ridge line. It was spinning slowly with an odd wobbling movement that tilted on an approx. 20 degree axis. It wobbled along for a few minutes and then as I was watching, it briefly become enveloped in a light blue light and then completely blinked out of existence (well at least it appeared to). It did not go up, down or side to side, it just vanished. Thinking back on this I imagine this was likely a craft that was transitioning between dimensional planes.

            (continued in another comment..)

            • (..continued from comment above)

              The really scary thing I discovered about this recently is that not only do humans have a comprehensive arsenal of electrogravitic (commonly referred to as “anti-gravity”) craft (some being back-engineered from downed ET craft, some being developed via studying tech sequestered from genius human inventors and some via a combination of both) but some labs and military R&D facilities have actually created rudimentary prototypes that are capable of shifting beyond this physical dimension. Historian Richard Dolan describes the people behind the development, weaponization and deployment of said technologies as being part of a “Breakaway Civilization”.

              To the undiscerning observer, the back-engineered craft made by humans are getting more and more difficult to discern from the craft originating from other star systems and/or dimensional planes… and that leaves the general population wide open for being fooled by a large scale false flag op.

              In any case, I am grateful to discover more and more people like yourself that are open minded enough to contemplate the possibilities and implications of a universe teaming with intelligent life. Perhaps if the day comes when the PTSB attempt a “cosmic false flag” enough of us will be aware where we can call it out for what it is and mitigate any damage for the future of our human family.

            • Hi Gavin,

              With regards to the clip you posted above about not being able to see what we don’t know, I would definitely take it figuratively as an excellent metaphor.

              It’s true when we discover something new we often suddenly see references to it everywhere whereas we’d never noticed it before and were thus totally ignorant of its existence, even though it had always been there.

              When you don’t have associations with which to fit and connect new info it can be simply forgotten or dismissed as it’s impossible to “see” in the sense “understand” and thus retain which would’ve made it possible to see with subsequent exposure.

              And it reminds me of the famous gorilla that waltzes through a group of people in white or black t-shirts tossing a basketball to each other. I’ve shown this video to many students and it’s true, most of them don’t see the gorilla and I think I didn’t see it myself. Our attention has been coopted with the mission of counting how many times the white team tosses a basketball to each other (if I recall correctly). This is also a good metaphor for how the attention of mass populations is coopted by the media and what the French eloquently call “Metro, Boulot, Dodo” or “Commute, Work, Sleep, (rinse, repeat)” (along with a few other imperious commands as seen in that B-movie “They Live”: consume, worship movie stars, obey, sex, be emotive, sex, use shallow memes, sex, consume, eat, feel guilty and be indignant about the environment and climate change and blame it on skeptics and conspiracy theorists, sex etc etc etc…)

              so with the population’s attention coopted with survival and media futilities, all of those poisonous injections, the deliberate murder of thousands of people in exploding towers and numerous other engineered crises remain “invisible” to people as their attention has been forcibly riveted on meeting their day-to-day needs and obligations along with other media-imposed imperatives.

              So just as clipper ships were inconceivable and thus invisible to the indigenous peoples in the Caribbean hundreds of years ago,

              one’s own government elaborating and executing events today that are meant to kill its own citizens is impossible to “envision”, to see, even to consider, as if it were utterly invisible.

              And yet is perfectly conceivable with regards to OTHER governments such as in Russia or Iran for example.

              Anyhow, your clip is, in my opinion, a very apt metaphor and perhaps not to be taken literally.

              • and I’ll have a look at Richard Dolan.

              • @nosoapradio

                Those are some very intriguing parallels you draw between the metaphor of the indigenous people that could not (at first) perceive the clipper ships and modern day people’s inability to perceive the democidal regime that is carrying out eugenics operations all around them (and on them).

                If anything can offer them the blueprints for a ‘lens of perception’ that can enable these people to be capable of perceiving such an unfathomable foe in their midst, surely James Corbett’s meticulous investigative materials are a great place to start. For some though, even the well referenced evidence compiled by great minds like James is not enough and the foggy denial that renders the psychopathic oligarchs invisible to a good portion of the masses persists. Sometimes it takes a close family member or a dear friend being murdered by injection to slap them in the face and get them to take a second look at the preponderance of evidence (which indicates we are being targeted by a democidal plutocratic transnational racketeering operation). Others remain in the foggy mindstate of Stockholm syndrome and mass psychosis even after losing family members (latching on to the comforting propaganda catch phrases that explain away their untimely death(s) ). They line up for their continuous boosters until they themselves succumb to the biological weapons (that murder millions in slow motion). Perhaps such people could never have been helped no matter what anyone said or showed them. Perhaps they signed up to come here and walk that path to serve as part of a siren call to our human family to help the souls that are willing and able to change course, wake up and decide to make the hard choices and do the hard work before it is too late?

                Perhaps even the snakes and the parasites came here to live this life in order to serve as a catalyst for awakening and transformation as part of a pre-ordained soul contract?

                Perhaps these types of things will keep getting more and more extreme until we collectively muster the courage to look inward, remember our innate loving, courageous and curious nature, refuse to conform to this new kind of fascism and instead trail blaze a new path forward (spiritually, societally, ecologically, agriculturally and economically)?

                Perhaps these ‘invitations’ to become our best selves (taking the form of expressions of cold calculated eugenics operations, malice and depravity) invite us to see the value of true compassion, integrity and courage and fan the flame within to become a fire, allowing that to light our way as we banish the shadows that have arisen to remind us of our capacity for light within?

              • @nosoapradio

                With regards to Richard Dolan. I own several of his books and based on his past work I came to understand that he is a a very astute national security state historian (with a somewhat pessimistic and fearful outlook, especially when it comes to his thoughts on our cosmic neighbors).

                I don’t want to give you the impression that I have no respect for Richard Dolan’s work on exposing the history of various military and intelligence agencies involvement in studying and engaging with the ET presence/technology, it is just I feel that he has allowed himself to fall prey to targeted psyops on a few key issues (due to advanced ops such as “MILABs”) which has resulted in him having a very anthropomorphic/humanocentric mentality (colored by irrational fears) regarding our cosmic neighbors.

                I do feel that Richard is an intelligent man and much of his research is unparalleled in its quality and accuracy (such as his work on D.U.M.B.-s) I just do not share his views on a few things.

              • @nosoapradio

                I was reading a book about moss and came across something that made me think of our discussion here.

                “..A Cheyenne elder of my acquaintance once told me that the best way to find something is not to go looking for it. This is a hard concept for a scientist. But he said to watch out of the corner of your eye, open to possibility, and what you seek will be revealed. The revelation of suddenly seeing what I was blind to only moments before is a sublime experience for me. I can revisit those moments and still feel the surge of expansion. The boundaries between my world and the world of another being get pushed back with sudden clarity, an experience both humbling and joyful.

                The sensation of sudden visual awareness is produced in part by the formation of a “search image” in the brain. In a complex visual landscape, the brain initially registers all the incoming data, without critical evaluation. Five orange arms in a starlike pattern, smooth black rock, light and shadow. All this is input, but the brain does not immediately interpret the data and convey their meaning to the conscious mind. Not until the pattern is repeated, with feedback from the conscious mind, do we know what we are seeing. It is in this way that animals become skilled detectors of their prey, by differentiating complex visual patterns into the particular configuration that means food. For example, some warblers are very successful predators when a certain caterpillar is at epidemic numbers, sufficiently abundant to produce a search image in the bird’s brain. However, the very same insects may go undetected when their numbers are low. The neural pathways have to be trained by experience to process what is being seen. The synapses fire and the stars come out. The unseen is suddenly plain.

                At the scale of a moss, walking through the woods as a six-foot human is a lot like flying over the continent at 32,000 feet. So far above the ground, and on our way to somewhere else, we run the risk of missing an entire realm which lies at our feet. Every day we pass over them without seeing. Mosses and other small beings issue an invitation to dwell for a time right at the limits of ordinary perception. All it requires of us is attentiveness. Look in a certain way and a whole new world can be revealed.”

                ― Robin Wall Kimmerer (Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses)

                I don’t know how relevant that is (in a literal sense) to how people (or rather if people can) perceive extraterrestrial spacecraft but when I read it I got the sense that the truth exemplified in her words is at least relevant in some situations (for some people).

                I am still contemplating your other comments (and the many comments other people have made regarding my article) and do intend on replying in the future.

      • Thanks I will check this one out when I have time and get back to you.

    • Hi! Just to say that I skimmed through your article early this morning (and a comment left below it by a Corbetteer) and began watching some of the videos and hope to produce a semblance of a response in the relatively near future (after some very busy work days).
      In short, just to say that I’m not ignoring the considerable quantity of comments you’ve posted, some of which were addressed to me.

    • Gavinm,

      Interesting substack post. I will have to check this out when I have more time. I skimmed it and it looks like you’ve done a lot of research in this area.

      I believe there is intelligent life on other planets. I would be shocked if we were all alone in the vast universe, or multiverse.

      Einstein’s theory of relativity seems to place constraints on travel at speed of light so if alien life exists, would need a shortcut or to send out probes to explore other planets. I don’t know much about theoretical physics, but I know that worm holes are thought to exist that could allow other ways of traveling vast distances in space.

      It’s interesting to consider and to me not outside the realm of possibility.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your substack. I will read it more thoroughly when I get a chance.

      • cu.h.j,

        Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I will respond more fully when I have time.

        I look forward to hearing any other thoughts you have on this topic when you dig into the material I shared in more detail.

        I updated my substack post yesterday with some additional material btw.

        Hope you have a great night/weekend.

  6. James’ tip regarding RSS feeds have really changed the way I keep up to date with websites. Thank you for that!

    I was wondering if anyone knows of an app that can convert a fiat price into gold and silver prices. If you have a community willing to accept gold or silver as payment, is there an easy way to convert say $100 to oz of silver?

      • This is exactly what i was looking for. Thank you.

    • That is one hell of a swerve from RSS to previous metal prices.

    • Same here, RSS feeds are a game changer. It also helps on mainstream news websites, you can see all the news (even the one usually hidden at the bottom of the website) and also not get influenced by the news layout.
      Thanks a lot James for that.

  7. Howdy, y’all!

    I’d like to recommend something rather lovely for you, namely James’ very interesting and entertaining conversation with guitar virtuoso Vinnie Caggiano, posted at

    Yes, it’s about The Beatles! I’ve been a Beatles fan since 1964, so I was fortunate enough to be there (or was it here…..?) when it was all happening. The ’60s was truly a decade of giant steps and massive changes in so many ways, and The Beatles were at the forefront of the musical revolution that happened during those remarkable few years.

    So if you want or maybe even need some ‘light relief’ from the more serious and heavy ‘conspiracy’ stuff, have a listen to two very dedicated Beatles fans sorting out all the ‘conspiracies’ and much more. It’s a truly delightful hour and 23 minutes, and certainly put a big smile on my face!

    Vinnie Caggiano’s Odysee channel is also well worth checking out at:
    and especially so his and James’ ongoing series analysing and discussing various songs by the Fab Four……Enjoy!!

  8. I listened to Russell Bentley on Jeff Rense yesterday. What he said about Russian military operations was very disturbing; in short, “inexplicable” actions on the part of commanders (field or in Moscow, it’s unclear). For those who don’t know, Bentley is a Texan married to a Donets Basin lady, and he’s been fighting with the natives there against the Kiev regime for years. He’s committed to the good of the people of the Donets Basin, so he’s no mouthpiece for “the West.” Now, I’m seeing reports of Russian retreat from more key points. This makes no sense, since Russia has the reserves, apart from the 300,000 call up, and it definitely has the air power to neutralize any Ukrainian/NATO forces challenging them.

    I’m starting to take much more seriously Uncle Klaus’ verbal claim of “Poo-teen” being one of his “Young Global Leaders.” Like Trump, Putin seems to be playing a role in a script he’s been handed. Putin’s annexation speech, too, was phenomenal, hitting points that only some of us “conspiracy theorists” in “the West” believe, and that bothers me – it’s like he introduced such clarity so that we who embrace such ideas, such as “the West” is run by (literal) Satanists, can be painted as “Russian sympathizers,” and worse. And the excessive talk of nuclear weapons usage on both sides, is really, really disturbing, beyond the obvious. There is absolutely no justification whatsoever for either side to use nuclear weapons in this Ukraine theater. The only way the truth about the bioweapon “vaccines” can be buried is by something far, far worse, and that’s a very tall order. But nuclear weapons usage for the first time in 77 years would fit the bill. Even if “limited.” When the first bomb goes off, expect pandemonium you can’t yet fathom in all cities of “the West.” No one will care about COVID-19 and the injected bioweapons if things go nuclear.

    Trust No One. Not just a cliche/slogan from The X-Files. Only trust Him who is Truth itself, the Almighty in Heaven.

  9. Electricity Map for Europe …and the World.

    Don’t worry…the maps include the “carbon intensity” metric. 😉

    Climate Impact by Area
    Ranked by carbon intensity of electricity consumed (gCO₂eq/kWh)

    Open Source
    Mapping global electricity emissions together

    Since 2016, Electricity Maps’ open-source visualization has been used by millions of people, from students to world leaders, to understand the climate impact of global electricity use.
    Electricity Maps
    Univate, Njalsgade 76
    2300 Copenhagen

  10. I have a question for the Corbett Community. I tried to reach moonofalabama.org because it was recommended on the last New World Next Week. A page came up that said Secure Site Not Available. I have ignored this warning before and would have just clicked onto the button that says “continue to HTTP” site, but not long ago a friend of mine said that my site, controlsavvy.com, was also blocked by that warning page. I just told her to ignore it and click on “continue’. Rather than shrug this off again, I would like to know how I can avoid this page without actually clicking on continue. I suspect that moonofalabama.org is not a threat, but the warning page is a turnoff and can discourage people from viewing the content. How can a website avoid having a warning page crop up when people are trying to reach it?

    • I think it probably depends on what browser you use, and/or platform; ie desktop computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. For instance, on my iPad, I can’t access InfoWars at all (on Safari), nor will the comments section on RT.com load. However, they load in Opera no problem. Also not a problem on Safari on my main desktop Mac. There may be a warning filter that may be disabled on your browser as well. Moon of Alabama is good, especially Ukraine info. For what it’s worth.

      • Thanks a lot. I got Presearch because of a Corbett Report interview. All I had to do was click another browser (duck duck go). They don’t offer Opera on Presearch, but I will check it out.

    • Savvy,

      You raise a very important issue, the “messaging of browsers”. It is critically important to understand what is happening at a network level. I apologise in advance for the following techno-speak.

      When one enters “moonofalabama.org” (or any other name) into a browser address bar what happens at a network level is:

      1. A DNS (Domain Name System) lookup to translate the name “moonofalabama.org” into a number which the browser can then use via the operating system to contact the site

      2. An HTTP request, commonly now over the encrypted version HTTPS, is made to the “number” which coresponds to the site.

      3. The HTML page, including likely many remote links, is then displayed by the browser.

      There are subtleties, but this is the core of what happens at the NETWORK level.

      The browser interjects itself in various places. The most significant is the “validity” of the certificate used to enable the HTTPS encryption. Encryption is good and should be preferred.

      The subtltey is “what type of encryption”. Here, we get into the weeds of encyption, which is very important but beyond the scope of this blurb. Here’s a rule: you either take the “latest” version of encryption or anything else. Anything else is equivalent to “no encryption”. This is not necessarily bad. It just means that a mobile phone from two decades ago can decrypt the communication. Do you care? How sensitive is the communication?

      This is the key question. Do you care about some nasty government knowing what you are reading? They already know which site you are visiting because the DNS protocol is not encrypted. Is the text sensitive? Are you exposing information which you consider private?

      The general answer is “maybe”. Sorry for that shitty conclusion. Welcome to now.

    • Control savey

      I do not know for sure but what I THINK you are describing is the way websites connect…..if the site is not up to date and “HTTPS” then you need to have your browser set to allow it to connect in legacy mode, so to speak.
      Here is how to change let with firefox… other browsers may be different

    • Engaging in the gender “debate” is myopically stupid.

      i.e “Yes”

      • I’m not sure what to make of your comment. Are you saying no one should bring up anything controversial or significant? Should we all just stop talking (typing), except about the weather? … oh, except that is now political and controversial as well. Are you suggesting we should find some topics that are generic and that everyone agrees about … like one of my aunts once put a limitation on my mom to not bring up controversial subjects in her letters to her?

        Anyone who cares about women or women’s sports will have to “engage in this debate.” The late David Crowe did several interviews about it, all of which I recommend, but this one particularly: https://infectiousmyth.podbean.com/e/the-infectious-myth-linda-blade-on-male-bodies-in-women-s-sports/

        • Dragonfly,

          My apologies for being so trite. There are three issues: feminism, the LGBT(add more letters) debate, and the political elevation of the latter.

          Feminism is a valid response to the millennia long patriarchy. Persons who are uncomfortable with their gender require support from society. They, however, are a tiny fraction compared to the greater population and women in particular. The elevation of this political topic is crazy. This is the point I failed to make clear.

          An important task for humans is to evaluate threats. The oppression of persons with gender uncertainty is clear. The oppression of women is clear too. The subjugation of food production into corporate control is also clear.

          One can list many other threats, like nuclear weapons.

          Everyone is welcome, and should, place their flag in whichever struggle they wish to elevate. Our job is to evaluate the comparative threats and thus how to best address them.

          “Gender equality” in the LGBT(IA whatever) community is minor on the scale of challenges we face. Thus, its political elevation is a propaganda construct. This is not to deny its reality, or its importance to peoples of that community.

          I hope this is clearer.

          Peace be with you,


    • I think this transgender issue is really a strange phenomenon that is being pushed by the string pullers to cause strife among human beings, and as James Corbett pointed out in past posts how it’s being used to advance the trans-human agenda is probably correct.

      The idea that a biological man or woman can take hormones and get surgery and can switch sexes is not possible. Experience as the original sex remains intact. Though I don’t often watch Joe Rogan, his points about skeletal structure and muscles of biological men being stronger and more robust than biological women is a sound argument. It creates an unfair advantage in sports even with hormone replacement.

  11. Hi Everyone,

    I’m new here and thought I’d introduce myself quickly. I’ve been lurking off and on for a couple years and decided to take the plunge and invest in a quality site/information. I appreciate Mr. Corbett’s fact based information and presentation. I also really enjoy the comment sections and following all the useful links folks post. Looking forward to learning and engaging more.

    Cheers from Wyoming, USA.

    • Welcome to the community, Tina.

      The comments sections provide a range useful peripheral documentation.

    • Tina,
      Welcome ! from Texas.
      Thanks for being here.

    • Wyoming is also the adopted home state of a certain eloquent “climate skeptic” named Tony Heller!

    • Welcome, Tina. The “Open Threads” are a wonderful space for conversation.



    Starting a new thread where I add news found on Norwegian sites.

    • [uio.no | 22.09.28 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]

      Scientists want to collect DNA from all species in Europe — before it’s too late

      Science knows little about which species are found in Europe and where they are. Researchers from all over the world will collect and analyze DNA over the course of ten years.

      One of the legal challenges concerns securing the copyright to the material. What if a species found only in Bulgaria, for example, suddenly turns out to be able to cure cancer? It is then important that those who sit on the resource also get some of the financial dividend.

      The Biodiversity Genomics Europe (BGE): Will collect the genetic material (DNA) from species throughout Europe. In advance, the researchers have established collaboration and put legal agreements in place. The project will be launched on 28 September 2022.

      In the long term, the researchers hope that the project will contribute to better cooperation, environmental monitoring, knowledge of ecology and evolution, and conservation of biological diversity.

      BGE is part of the Earth BioGenome Project where, over the course of ten years, researchers will collect DNA from all eukaryotic species worldwide. This project is popularly called biology’s moon landing.

      A eukaryotic species has a cell nucleus – in short, all life except bacteria.

      Sequencing: When the genetic material (DNA) of an organism is “read” like letters in a book, we call it sequencing. This reading takes place in laboratories. Today, DNA data is stored and analyzed digitally.


    • [nrk.no | 22.10.04 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]

      Sensor in the residual waste bin

      The renovation in Karmøy municipality is busy. During the autumn, all households will receive new boss bins. The 65,000 boss bins must also be connected to the address.

      Karmøy municipality, like all the municipalities in the country, has to arrange source sorting. From 1 January 2023, food and rubbish waste must be sorted out across the country. The reason is stricter requirements from the EU on how we sort our rubbish.

      The goal is for everyone to sort more, and produce less residual waste. In Karmøy, they will now reward those who empty the residual waste bin less often than every 14 days.

      All cans are equipped with a sensor that registers when the can is emptied on the waste collection truck. In this way, the renovation in the municipality has an overview of which cans are emptied.

      – We will not start with differentiated tax until a year from now. We must be sure that the system of registering the cans at the address works before we split the tax fee, says Heggheim.

      – We are among the first in the country to do it this way. For those who have little residual waste, they will receive a lower fee than they have today.

      From 2023, the authorities are recommending differentiated fees to get us to sort at source. Today, only 43 percent of household waste is recycled.

      In the EU, the requirement is that by 2035 65 per cent of all rubbish must be recycled.


    • [nrk.no | 22.10.10 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]

      Biggest price jump for food since the beginning of the 80s

      Food and drink have become 12.1 per cent more expensive in the past year, and are driving up the general increase in prices in society, new figures from Statistics Norway show.

      The number the central bank is most concerned with is the rise in prices excluding taxes and energy prices, the so-called core inflation. It has risen by 5.3 per cent in the past year.

      Statistics Norway has never measured higher core inflation. The survey started in 2001.


    • [nrk.no | 22.10.12 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]

      Leakage in the oil pipeline connecting Russia to the EU

      Oil is flowing out of the Druzhba pipeline in Poland. The line is part of the system that connects Russia with the EU.

      Druzhba is the world’s largest pipeline system and connects oil refineries in Siberia with receivers in several EU countries. The line that is now damaged is located in the village of Łania, in central Poland. And stands for oil transport to Leipzig in Germany.

      – At this moment we do not know the cause of the incident.


      • Very interesting, thanks

          • Interesting symbolism nonetheless:

            “…Firefighters in the mid-northern Kujawsko-Pomorskie region of Poland said they had pumped about 400 cubic metres of oil and water from the site of the leak which was in the middle of a corn field…”

            … the “Friendship pipeline” leaking a precious Russian resource onto another Polish precious resource, corn, penalizing Germany in a tributary act of precious resource depletion…

            the connectedness of it all… anyhow, just an idle reflection.

            Druzhba pipeline leak reduces Russian oil flows to Germany

    • [* | * | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]


      22.10.15: Russian man arrested at Tromsø Airport
      A Russian man has been remanded in custody for two weeks charged with flown drone in Norway.

      22.10.17: Legal for Russians to bring drones into Norway
      Tollers have no opportunity to stop Russians who bring drones into Norway, even though Russian citizens are not allowed to use them.

      22.10.17: Four Russians arrested and jailed in Nordland
      Three Russian men and one Russian woman have been arrested after they have photographed an object that is subject to photo bans in Nordland.

      22.10.19: The flight tower after drone observation: – We do not have control
      In sound recording from the flight tower at Stavanger Airport you can hear how a drone observation led to the shutdown of the airport. Now the air traffic controllers want measures.

      22.10.19: Russian charged with having flown drone on Svalbard
      A 47 -year -old Russian citizen has been arrested for filming the drone in Svalbard.

      22.10.21: Russian arrested by police after drone flying
      A Russian man is charged with possible violations of the rules that refuse Russians to fly drones in Norway.

    • [nrk.no | 22.10.20 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]

      Bird flu and Newcastle disease detected in Rogaland: – Never happened before

      7,000 chickens are euthanized due to suspicion of bird flu

      Bird flu has been detected in a hatching egg herd, i.e. hens that lay eggs that will become broiler chickens, in Klepp. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has created a crisis staff group.


      Probably have to kill one million fish after parasite attacks

      A rare salmon parasite has been found on eight farms in Finnmark. This could result in a loss of NOK 50 million for the company Grieg Seafood.


    • [nrk.no | 22.10.26 | excerpts | machine translated from norwegian]

      Doctors are scratching their heads over the number of admissions
      More people fall ill and die – doctors sound the alarm

      Many hospitals are now warning of an increasing flow of patients who are not infected with the corona virus. At the same time, mortality is increasing in Norway and Europe.

      – We never have fewer than 100 patients every day. There are well-grown people with all sorts of ailments. We don’t understand why, says Rasmussen.

      He has been in contact with several other emergency departments in the country. All report a mysterious increase in the number of patients. Few of them are sick with covid.

      At the same time, the death toll is also increasing. In Norway, an increased mortality rate of more than 10 percent has been recorded so far this year.

      – This is more than we had expected. The figures are partly inexplicable, says demographer Anders Sønstebø at Statistics Norway.

      – I think that we may have to adjust life expectancy for both sexes down in 2022, says Sønstebø.

      And Norway is not in a special position. Figures from Eurostat, which is Europe’s statistical agency, show that mortality has increased sharply in several countries.

      – That is why it is important that people follow the advice to take a booster dose of the corona vaccine, or flu vaccine if they are in the risk groups.

      It could be coincidence that the number of admissions has increased.


      • MEP European Parliament Member shows Map of Europe…
        European Nations with Excess Mortality and the Vaccination status of those nations.
        (90 seconds)

        Climb higher on that Sub-Thread to see more about EU Parliament Members pushing back against Authoritarians.

        • Thank you, HomeRemedySupply. The truth is not very well hidden. However, I assume NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) soon will present some “top scientists” that “reveal” that all these mysterious excess deaths are caused by climate change.

    • Its a wonderful acknowledgement of Antiwar. I am certain that Dave DeCamp and Scott Horton are most grateful.

      • @Torus

        I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this interview Charles did a while back. https://vimeo.com/285243979/a4dc45c44f?fbclid=IwAR09_n9bLp1J70yGwb_3XxGI6j36QWn9Ss9mEhEhYNP1gkvaPZibzyPzPII

        In this interview Charles Eisenstein speaks about the nature of civilizations capable of interstellar travel. He explains their modes of transportation and describes the underlying science of their technology (which is related to consciousness and trans-dimensional physics). From what I personally understand on this topic, I think that Charles is speaking factually about these concepts and phenomena.

        I feel that what he said with regards to the nature of visiting interstellar space craft being “95% shamanic journeying techniques and 5% rockets” is true (in the sense that the foundation of that kind of technology is advanced states of consciousness which are assisted/augmented by various high level technologies that induce a state in materials that allows them to shift between dimensional planes). Further, I think how he emphasized that the kinds of science which will allow us to communicate and traverse through the vastness of interstellar space (being something which requires us to be operating from a state of oneness, inner peace and reverence for all life) to be very true and a very important point.

        Even though near the end of this interview Charles carefully walks the line between speaking from a factual direct knowledge of these phenomena and what he describes as “following a story line to what must be logically true” it is clear to me that he understands how advanced interstellar civilizations get here.

    • @2-D Chess Dweller

      I third that notion.

      Though I will say that I think sometimes Charles pretends not to know things as facts (that he obviously has a solid understanding of). Not sure if his recent fence walking/backtracking on his substack is related to some threat he received to “tone it down” or if there is some other pressure, but I have observed some suble (and not so subtle) tide shifts in his wording when discussing what Catherine Austin Fitts calls “Mr.Global”.. In any case, he is certainly an intelligent man with a knowledge base that would greatly benefit the audience here and I imagine James could get him to take off any “masks” he sometimes wears to speak without a filter in an interview. So I think it would be a great idea.

      • @Gavinm

        I made not comment on this topic. So, you can “third” the above, but not I.

        • oh ya, my bad 🙂

          While I am here, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on Charles Eisenstein (as I have read some of your comments on here in other threads and appreciated your insights into other matters).

  13. Dear Corbetteers,

    I write of an irrelevance which speaks of larger issues which JC and the “alternative media” have been engaging for years. The topic is censorship. This issue is a spat between myself and Consortium News (CN).

    The spat is documented here:


    I have “closed” the article today with evidence to back my claim that CN unreasonably censors their commentary.

    I am most proud to announce that it was a comment referencing “Episode 123 – Meet Smedley Butler”, denied by CN, which gave me the evidence I needed to support a previous claim that this publisher of useful information has a comment moderation section stationed with troglodytes. The short comment to an article titled “The Greatest Evil is War” began “War is a Racket” quoting Butler’s pamphlet’s title. On point?

    Who cares? Stupid spats between publishers.

    The one positive is that I have raised the legacy of Smedley Butler in my bitching about the censorship. Long shall Butler be acknowledged.

    I am sure Smedley would say, peace be with you,


  14. Brainwashing is the enterprise of the western media.

    It is strong.

  15. I found this article to be pretty spot on in a lot of ways (for a mainstream author). He just misses the point that they are psychopathic and hoping they will change to better humanity is futile. I have a “gut feeling” we are nearing a tipping point where things really ramp up human suffering.

    Any thoughts on the article or current situation?


    “It will be necessary, in time, to distinguish the healthy from the pathological in these respects and to establish an ethic that can be conveyed in a metaphor useful for helping Man to behave in a pro-life, pro-evolutionary fashion, rather than in an anti-life, anti-evolutionary one. That which was, an is, anti-life, expressed in genocide, is as much an evolutionary phenomenon as what is here thought of as a new ethic and a new morality on the basis of which Man’s future survival as a species and as an individual is dependent.”

    Jonas Salk – Survival of the Wisest – page 81

    • I will throw out a “Guess” on how it might play out…

      Something involving nuclear will go down in Ukraine and Russia will be blamed. It could be a tactical nuke, nuclear power plant, or EMP. This will be the “reason” to set the markets off to tank. Things will collapse and supply chains will break. People will panic and in some areas marshall law will be called. A digital system will be rolled out to give people “goods” that are rationed for the greater good and war. War will be the reason to then start issuing UBI and they do that through building a war time economy. This will end the “legacy systems” and get both sides of the political dialectic to want “AI”. Many industries will be nationalized for the “war effort”. War will be the reason to end free speech. War will be the reason for “lowering the population”. As Bertrand Russell discusses in the Impact of Science an Society, bio, war, genocide, will all be used. Famine will ensue and it will be the reason for a true monopoly on the food system. They will pump up the idea of “saving lives” with synthetic food and bugs. It will be a monopoly of the the most vital thing for people.

      We “come out” of this period of suffering through maybe an alien invasion “love the earth enlightenment”, I won’t go that far…

      I think we all need to learn how to grow food in whatever capacity we have. I think we all need to think about networks of people we truly trust. James, I joined this site because I wanted to help support you and also the ability to chat with people who have a certain set of background knowledge that is of high caliber. Things feel different these days.

    • I think some of this scare stuff could be fear porn to terrorize the masses, similar to Covid. I do feel bad for people closer to this conflict. So, I don’t know, I’d have to ask people who actually live in Ukraine and people affected locally what they think about all this.

      I have to wonder if string pullers would pollute their own food supply and try to cause break down to such an extent that it could come back to bite them. Psychological warfare is always used on the population. I think some of this is to weaken morale and get people to capitulate.

      There is something to the idea of “nothing to fear but fear itself” in that fear can cause more damage than the actual thing sometimes and weaken a persons motivation.

      There’s also the idea of focusing on what a person has control over. I don’t have control over what is happening with their war, but I can control what I do to build a more self sufficient lifestyle. To worry extensively about the future, that no one can predict only harms me.

      I think some of the doom and gloom stuff though it might have some validity is less likely than sustained stress in order to manipulate people into compliance. Reliance on media to such an extent shows me that the people do have a lot of power.

      For example the people in Ukraine could protest and the people in Russia could protest and refuse to pay taxes. They could shut their society down.

      In short, I’ve done what I can and will continue to do what I can, but I’m not to worried about it. Similarly, each time I get into my car and drive on the freeway, I could have a bad accident and end up paralyzed or I could develop some deadly disease that could be lurking in my genetics but I am not going to live life worrying about it.

      Speculation is only useful if it can reveal solutions, otherwise it seems pretty pointless.

      • The current condition of the soil globally due to “big ag” models is NOT GOOD. This means to be able to grow food you NEED to have a lot of inputs (nitrogen, Potash, fungicide, herbicide, etc etc etc. This isn’t a maybe, this is a must, because most of the planet is now dirt “dead soil”). To continue to feed the world you need the use the Haber–Bosch process which uses natural gas… ahem ahem nord streams… You also need functional supply chains and low energy cost…

        I live in the American west and I have been growing a lot of my own food for many years. I can tell you that (regardless on why it is happening) we are in a serious drought that is getting worse each year. I notice details of the drought because I collect rain water and have years to compare it to. Most of the crops in my area looked awful.

        Many countries have said they won’t be exporting food (India and rice for example). This is just the tip. I feel that most people who aren’t sounding the alarm are people very disconnected from their food. If Japan could not import food they would have 2 weeks before they were in big, big trouble. This is just a fact.

        I appreciate you playing devils advocate but I believe this is a very serious situation for many reasons.

        The Ukraine stuff I am analyzing similar to any propaganda. Like… why are the legacy media talking about this so much about “Ukraine is pushing Russia back and are “winning”.” This is a joke. Russia has barely mobilized their military and are using old weapons. It would very much be like NATO to try and get attacked to sucked into war for popular support as mentioned above.

        • I think it’s possible that if America and Mexico collaborated we could have enough food for the two countries. California grows a lot of fruit and veges. We could survive off meat of healthy animals, chickens, pigs, small game, etc. Maybe people will have to use the stuff they have locally and go with that. But I haven’t even started growing my own food yet, but I will be living next to a rancher and a community that is pretty self sufficient.

          What do people in deserts do? How do they grow food? You are right to sound the alarm, but it’s good to have a plan.

          I have enough to get by for a while if things suddenly collapsed. I have people who could support me and the means to get what I need in the short term.

          I feel really bad for people who might starve and I think people should try to support each other by sharing skills, community and resources. I like considering solutions and trying to implement them.

          I think people who are totally dependent on commercial food could have a huge problem, or maybe people will stop putting up with this manufactured crisis.

          We’ll see how it plays out, but it serves no useful purpose for me to becoming worried and internalize a sense of dread, doom and depression. Solutions and actually trying to implement them will reveal more solutions…And in the end, everyone dies anyway, so it’s day to day, moment to moment.

          I’m not saying your wrong, or that you’re prediction might not come true, but if it does, what’s the solution? Their “solution” won’t work. Sort of like how the “green” tech doesn’t work and can’t work. We’ve got to have a solution when they fail…

        • @Lord D. Rothefeller

          You make some good points about the current situation with regards to soil degradation and the dependence of industrial ag on synthetic inputs that rely on various petroleum byproducts.

          If you want to explore a very illuminating historical parallel with regards to what happens when humans engage in large scale activities that degrade the soil, there is a book called “Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations” which offers some valuable insight. What we are seeing now is a hyper-accelerated version of what the Roman Empire ended up doing to itself because as you say we are waging chemical/biological warfare on the soil (while also destroying it’s structure via tilling).

          We are losing our topsoil at an alarming rate due to the activities of humans, especially in the past century. Over 20 BILLION tons of soil a year is currently being lost due to deforestation, backwards thinking and the adversarial modern approach to farming which wages war on microbiology, insects, plants and fungi rather than symbiotically working in alignment with the web of life. If we continue on this path history teaches us, that this will most certainly lead to the collapse of modern civilization. Our best scientific minds estimate that if we continue with current conventional agricultural practices we have no more than 50 harvests left. That means that even if one of several other things which could collapse our economy and supply lines does not happen (and we keep limping along like we have been pillaging the Earth) a young farmer starting today can see the end of farming and civilization itself in their lifetime. This is not an exaggeration: civilization is directly tied to soil, and our greatest failed civilizations all faced soil loss.

          The answer is radical decentralized soil regeneration, seed saving/breeding and food forest gardening. It will not save everyone, but it will create pockets of resilience that can survive the storm ahead and leave something worth gifting to future generations.

  16. Hey James
    Thanks for all you do.
    My “normie” discussion on the Ukraine goes like this:
    -We have been told that Russia is a major world power, a worthy foe for the USA.
    -The Ukraine is weak and defenseless, as is Canada, who will give them bullets for their guns.
    -If Russia is so frightening that North Americans must cower in fear, why are they having such a difficult time subduing the Ukraine?
    -If the Ukrainian forces are winning a war with Russia how scary can Putin really be?
    -Could it be that “Fear Russia” was all hype, and in fact there is nothing to fear?
    -Could something else be going on here that the legacy media is not telling us?
    At the end of the conversation I am usually called an insensitive Putin lover. Oh yeah, and we don’t need your money for the “Save the Ukraine Bake Sale.”
    No thinking, no logic, give money.
    Cheers Raddysh

  17. Is there any news about Christian Westbrook aka the Ice Age Farmer? There’s been no news or videos from him since May this year.

    • @Tina

      Thanks for the comment. I am curious about that too, if you find anything out can you please let me know?

  18. Thursday October 6, 2022 – The Highwire –
    Episode 288: JUSTICE FOR ALL

    2 minute video released Monday Oct 3rd

    I highly recommend watching Episode 288, or at least viewing parts which catch your interest.

    Right out the gate at the beginning of the show, ‘Died Suddenly News’ Facebook Page creator, Tiago Henriques was interviewed. Tiago is a Forex Trader (which is a highly skilled feat in itself), and he creates his own indicators for the markets with AI / algorithm type approaches. So, he is very tech savvy.
    Listen to how he whooped ass on Facebook and the Government’s army of censors, and how he had built an altruistic platform discussing vaccine injuries.

    CDC’s V-SAFE Data and Aaron Siri Interview
    Attorney Aaron Siri and Del Bigtree walk the audience through the story of the legal hurdles and steps taken in order to obtain the V-Safe data.
    This is fascinating and insightful. There is somewhat of a ‘punchline’ statement from the CDC about September 30th.

    I have been reading some of the very recent Fluoride Trial legal documents, and the Aaron Siri story compares.

    As I post this comment, there is not a direct link to Episode 288: JUSTICE FOR ALL. When the link becomes available, I will post it.

    • This article gives a short rundown of the V-Safe story…

      Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans Sought Medical Care After COVID-19 Vaccination: CDC Data

      Hundreds of thousands of Americans sought medical care after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data released on Oct. 3.
      Some 782,900 people reported seeking medical attention, emergency room care, and/or hospitalization following COVID-19 vaccination. Another 2.5 million people reported needing to miss school, work, or other normal activities as a result of a health event after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

      The reports were made to the CDC’s V-safe program, a new vaccine safety monitoring system to which users can report issues through smartphones.
      The CDC released the data to the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) after being sued [LINK] over not producing the data when asked by the nonprofit. ICAN posted a dashboard [LINK] summarizing the data.

      “It took numerous legal demands, appeals, and two lawsuits, and over a year, but the CDC finally capitulated and agreed to a court order requiring them to do what they should have done from day one, release the V-safe data to the public,” Aaron Siri, a lawyer representing ICAN in the case, told The Epoch Times in an email.

      About 10 million people utilized V-safe during the period of time the data covers: Dec. 14, 2020, to July 31, 2022. About 231 million Americans received at least one vaccine doses during that time.

      The V-safe users reported about 71 million symptoms.
      The most commonly reported symptoms were chills (3.5 million), swelling (3.6 million), joint pain (4 million), muscle or body aches (7.8 million), headache (9.7 million), fatigue (12.7 million), and general pain (19.5 million).

      About 4.2 million of the symptoms were of severe severity….

  19. I wish you would do episode on ESGs. How corporations are controlling us through these woke ESGs. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/10/state-removes-nearly-800-million-blackrock-leftist-esg-efforts/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=the-gateway-pundit&utm_campaign=dailyam&utm_content=2022-10-07
    ESGs are like China Social Credit System: https://needtoknow.news/2022/10/the-federal-reserve-announces-major-pilot-exercise-for-esg-social-credit-score-system/

    Nice to bring Catherine Austin Fitts as guest so she can talk about how to get out of their prison system such as getting out of big banks and going to credit unions.

    • Truth Seeker,
      I agree with your point about the ESG Narrative and how it influences so many aspects of our lives and economy. It is very important to take note of that Narrative.

      In April 2022, James Corbett published
      Interview 1717 – James Corbett on ESG and the Big Oil Conspiracy.

      I was somewhat surprised and disappointed that very few people commented.
      Most of the comments at Interview 1717 are made by me.
      I have been logging different important ESG News stories and updates.

  20. Nord Stream Boogeyman, Why The Silence?

    It’s been now over 10 days since the explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines and we still don’t know the boogeyman “who done it”. Surely MSM accuses “Putin”, even though there are no true and understandable motives for Russia doing so, and then we have the US and their NATO lap dogs who have without any doubt the motives, even the official warnings in advance they made and the technology to do such a thing.

    Yet, speaking of technology, we are in the year 2022 where almost anything is possible. Where are the satellite monitoring systems, the military security networks, the gas pipeline warning systems?

    “Gas pipeline warning systems” you ask? Yes, there is an abundance of safety and security systems applied to all new pipelines. Nord Stream pipelines ARE very new.

    Let me explain a very freaky technology probably most, if not all of you have not heard of: DAS. Distributed Acoustic Sensing. What that is is quite simple, basically. I only learned of it roughly ten years ago from a guest at a seminar I was attending who was working on these systems in the UK. Simply put it’s a optical fiber line that can eavesdrop on any sound in a vicinity of 50-100m and pinpoint the source to 3 meters. They can hear leaks, construction work, seismic activities around or on the pipelines. These cables are laid in, on or next to the pipelines and they can hear anything. From theft, as in digging around or tapping the pipeline, they hear motor vehicles, conversations… Anything. The lines are like a very long microphone membrane.

    Who owns Nord Stream? Basically Gazprom. And Germany has a fair share in it too. Why are they all silent? They have the data, why not show “who done it”.

    For more info on DAS there are quite a bit of companies that promote their technology online.
    Check out this video: https://youtu.be/oIpNnRsjZjk

    Or this site explains some: https://www.optasense.com/pipeline-monitoring/intrusion-monitoring/

    Or this one: https://www.missioncriticalmagazine.com/articles/94298-fiber-optic-sensing-for-pipeline-concrete-and-subsea-cable-applications-is-growing

    What do you think? Why is everyone so silent about the “boogeyman in the room”?

    PS:: I would think twice in installing an optical network at home.

    • Thanks for this. Distributed Acoustic Sensing – I wasn’t aware of how advanced things were.

    • Dan Dicks made me think about these pipelines and how they are constructed. It’s easy to imagine some pipes laying bare at the bottom of a body of water, but there is certainly much more to it than that.

      The basic dimensions are certainly nothing to scoff at. How many pipes? What diameter? How much surrounding material protecting the pipes in form of concrete and reinforcing steel? How many layers?

      There certainly will be some corrosive effect against the pipe, mostly from the outside but also from the inside. Laying the pipes deep down at depth is certainly very expensive and doing any maintenance work would be very much cost prohibitive. I understand they are using “pig traps” machines to run through the pipe looking for defects. Not sure if such machine could do some minor repair work, but I’m quite confident that these pipelines must be built to last, since one can not count of doing inspection and repairs at a later date.

      Which puts me back right where I started, these pipes have to be well protected from sea water, pressure, anchors, even sinking ships or stray underwater mines. I’d venture a guess that these installations, the deeper they are, become more and more impenetrable and thus increasingly difficult to sabotage.

      Not sure at what depth was the pipeline damaged, but it was certainly evidence of a well organised, highly technical operation reaching maturity.

  21. Found this interesting, someone did an FOI request at HHS and CDC regarding the most aggressive vaccine propaganda campaign EVER: Screenwriters, comedians, church leaders, black doctors and influencers all PAID OFF to pimp the vax. The CDC spent over a BILLION dollars of taxpayer funds to con people into taking the jab.


  22. Hello James, I remember that in the beginning of this year your”prediction” to what is next on the Globalist agenda was that a cyber attack of sorts would take place. I am inclined to suspect that one has taken place about a week ago and it has yet to be resolved. I’m talking about the Healthcare wide system originating in Chicago called the Common Spirit Health and it involves 20 plus million patients and multiple healthcare facilities and hospitals. I happen to know because I am included in being one patient and as I was waiting for some test results no one had any information for me or for anyone else for that matter. The My chart Account is down. Here’s the only mention publicly about it.https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/local/article266804656.html
    I thought it was worth mentioning given that the system is all catholic and all and suspicious as hell ( hope you at least get a chuckle about it). It’s not funny by any means though. It is absolutely disruptive to a lot of lives.

  23. I have became an accidental trainspotter

    I am not vaccinated so I can’t travel and I am very nostalgic about my train travels in Morocco.
    So, I have been looking up train announcements in Morocco to relive the joy I experienced traveling in Morocco by train. Morocco has beautiful trainstations with amazing architecture but tarnished by logos of Mc Donalds and KFC. I remember the excitement of getting snacks and waiting for the train to my favorite freedom rides.
    Now the algorithms are sending me all these trainspotters videos of Moroccan trains. Apparently there is a whole market for admires for Moroccan trains. The old the new there is something for everybody in the trainspotting world!

    Will this madness ever end so I can hear those announcements in real life?

    • Tagourrant,
      Please dont use their terms such as “vaccinated.” It isnt a vaccine. It is a gene therapy jab. Also, I hate it when the term “pandemic” is used. There was no pandemic. I prefer scamdemic.

  24. Vladimir Putin – Putin, Putout (The Unofficial Russian Anthem) by Klemen Slakonja

    I can not put in words how well this 3:19 long music video is made. It has a certain Slavic quality to it, which is a an acquired taste I guess, but considering this was made in 2016 I am sure anyone and everyone on these boards will be able to at least appreciate its prescience, if not the artistic effort.

    • That was fun! I really enjoyed that music video!

      • They only way I can account for the disparity between the view and the like count is that there is a whole lot of people who watch the video over and over again.

  25. Hello everyone,
    I hope someone can easy my mind of the the sheer terror I am feeling now. This so relaxed conversations about nuclear war on main stream media is very alarming. This was one of my predetermined triggers that puts me in this flight state of mind and my family living in Tampa Bay Florida does not make me feel any better. In fact I really want to move back to Kentucky. I moght kind of feel I might have a tiny chance of survival.

    I don’t think if we do go to nuclear war it will be end of the world. I have researched and discovered that only tactical bombs would drop. They don’t want to rule scorched Earth.

    A tactical nuclear war would for sure changed this world considering I think the US wants China and Russia to win.

    • Self preservation is a natural instinct and completely understandable that you’d be concerned if you watch or hear MSM. This is why I think an all out nuclear war is unlikely. They also want to live. Most psychopaths and sociopaths do still have the basic desire to survive.

      Dirty bombs and tactical nukes are a possibility or some kind of false flag. Is this within our realm of control? I’m not sure. I do doubt that they would bomb the US however. As you say, inner states are probably a bit safer.

      On the other hand there is almost nothing that comes out of MSM that I believe anymore, so I don’t watch it.

      I would be more concerned if some of these slimy parasitic people were fleeing the country.

      At any rate, I think much of this is part of the psychological warfare being targeted at the population and have been tuning it out.

      • Thank you Cu.H.J for your input and I do understand what you are saying. Plus even James C. even speaks of his thought on nuclear war being a scare tactic until crawling us into this military control state/ new world order.
        I totally understand and for the most part believe they want to easy us into that state.

        Although I have listened to other open source news speak of the nuclear strike on US soil as being another way of forcing everyone into this control state. It appears to me, the writing is on the wall that the US Government/ controllers wants China to take over and put us wonder the security state they are already in.

        • I have thought of that too and that is a good point that they do want to extend that form of government across the globe. I also think it’s untenable and unlikely due to cultural differences and also that it would require too much energy.

          I don’t know enough about China to know how successful their totalitarian system has been on their whole continent. I think life in villages in China are probably very different than in cities. I also don’t think everyone there complies, but we don’t hear much on the ground in China.

          I suspect that there are enough people in the US military to rebel against a take over by outside forces. If someone like me can see what is going on, I think other people see it too.

          They would essentially need to destroy our land mass and wipe us off the map which would come back to them eventually. I don’t see it happening that way since there are resources here, including large amounts of military weapons and equipment and natural resources and also probably some of the string pullers themselves reside in the US. It is a relatively nice place to live.

          They are constrained by time just like we are and I think this must also be in the back of their mind. Do they want to spend the rest of their time living in their own chaos.

  26. This is a good analysis by Computing Forever.” This also explains why Russia is pushing the poison jabs.

    This is my reply to Morgoth’s inquiry about why some people believe the Russia / Ukraine war is a psyop.

    1. Zelensky and Putin both have ties to WEF. Two cheeks of the same globalist arse.

    2. The Russia / Ukraine war is very likely a contrivance due to the remarkably convenient way in which it has perfectly facilitated the globalist’s plans to introduce supply chain breakdowns and curtail energy supplies (which overlaps with climate change objectives re: phasing out of fossil fuels and pursuit of “renewables”.

    3. The war has conveniently exacerbated the global economic crisis caused by COVID lockdowns and thus assists in the furthering of the transition to the new economic system post-Great Reset.

    4. The timing of the start of the war was perfect such that the public could be distracted from the increasing awareness of the adverse reactions and deaths caused by the COVID jabs. The COVID narrative was also on it’s last legs in terms of public buy-in by the beginning of this year, a new crisis was needed.

    5. The mass hysteria in February and March of this year regarding support for Ukraine and the push for solidarity and taking in an unlimited number of asylum seekers was driven by a very similar media propaganda campaign to covid and the public seemed under a similar trance once again. Never forget all that talk of people taking in refugees into their homes.

    6. The war also facilitates the globalist plan to lower the living standards of developed nations through the sanctions on Russia, which are in reality just sanctions on joe public. Austerity being a powerful means of bringing people to their knees to justify more state dependance.

    7. The war facilitates the WEF’s plan to further weaken America and thus create the multipolar world they want by 2030.

    8. The war conveniently gives the world a super villain in the form of Putin. The globalists can create Hegelian crisis after Hegalin crisis and blame Russia for it all. A classic example would be a “Russian cyber attack”, which we would be told would be the internet equivalent of a 9/11 terror attack. And the “solution” offered would be the mandating of digital IDs to access the internet.

    For all of these reasons and more I suspect that the war is another BS psyop. Off the back of COVID, the war was just too fortuitous for the globalists to be anything other than a manufactured event.

    • Wow, very nicely explained Truth Seeker. Although your view is bad but still way better than nuclear thought. Thank you both for responding.
      Aside from our conversation.

      My wife works as a marketing director and she said they had a meeting regarding the recession in the future. She said Google and Facebook has laid off hundreds of workers. They are concerned about layoffs in the future if this progresses. Which will effect her job I’m sure.
      Food shortage with job security during a recession sounds like a perfect storm early 2023.
      She said the consumers will notice after this holiday season.

      • This analysis was from “Computing Forever” Dave Cullen telegram. Can find him on Youtube. It makes sense because Russia is pushing the poison jabs hard too.

        Martin Armstrong predicts 2023 will be year of hell.

        The globalists/banking system need scapegoat for their failing debt based fiat currency to take the blame i.e CV19, Putin, etc

        • After last Monday & Tuesday’s (Oct 3, 4) stock market rally, I’m expecting a long slide down for the stock market.
          The mainstream narrative is shifting with the Fed drying up their ‘free’ money and raising rates.

  27. – Medicare – A Racket

    Medicare is a federal health insurance program. In the U.S., employees pay a mandated Medicare tax for future Medicare Benefits which is matched by employers. Once an individual reaches a certain old age (or has certain health issues), they are eligible for Medicare benefits.
    “Basic Medicare” insurance sucks. It doesn’t really cover eyes nor dental nor Doctor visits, but may help with major hospital bills. The real “racket” is the other parts of Medicare (e.g. Part B & D – Medical insurance or Drug cost insurance). These other “parts” are provided by insurance companies who charge significantly high rates monthly. These “parts” are renewed yearly. Every year, old people are deluged with mail solicitations from insurance companies offering coverage on these parts. People who pray to the Big Pharma gods and conventional medicine are the target audience.

    Recently the very “costly-savings” Inflation Reduction Act was passed. It was touted as the Green New Deal for all its Climate Change type stuff. However, the allocations of funds addressed towards Health Care and Drugs far exceed the Green New Deal.

    The Medical Complex is the real beneficiary from all this governmental policy.
    It is a massive segment of the U.S. economy.

    …and the racket continues with ‘supported corruption’ by government agencies as the article below implies.

    Saturday Oct 8th – The New York Times
    ‘The Cash Monster Was Insatiable’: How Insurers Exploited Medicare for Billions

    • Practical use of cash and other forms of currency would be a good way to avoid CBDC at least as the only form of currency.

    • It seems that CBDC basically wipes out the need for other Banks and financial institutions outside of the Central banks. So wouldn’t the local banks and credit unions be opposed to this idea? What do they have to gain by going along with the CBDC? Won’t they just be absorbed by the central banks? aka “Bought out”?

      Perhaps as a possible solution, talking to your local bankers about this crazy CBDC idea and asking them what they’re going to do about it? It might be for naught, but also maybe worth the discussion.

      Which reminds me… I asked my local bullion dealer what they would do if we switched to digital dollars and banned cash. He said they would have to go along with it. Of course this disappointing, not only because they’re the best gold and silver dealer in town but customers would have to give up anonymity. Basically because of the restrictions put on them during the financial crisis, they have no way of operating outside of whatever the current regulations are.
      But private banks, small local banks or credit unions that are not FDIC affiliated may be able to do a work around if they have some plan in place before CBDC start rolling out. Just a thought.

  28. Hey Everyone!

    I just wanted to swing by and wish you a happy thanksgiving from Canada and share a fun recipe we like to make at this time of year.

    In our household we like to give a nod to those that called this land home before we did on thankgiving by creating meals that incorporate the traditional foods that were enjoyed by those that called this place home before the Europeans arrived. Here are a couple screenshots of one such recipe from my book.



    This is a great way to use up some of that abundance of garden pumpkins in the fall (or a great way to use cheap pumpkins that are piled up everywhere around Halloween to make a very nutritious and satisfying meal).

    Cooking the shepard’s pie in a pumpkin adds not only flavor but also boost of nutrition to an already hearty and nourishing dish (plus it means with this shepard’s pie you get to eat your ‘baking dish’ too! ? ).

    (continued in another comment..)

    • (continued from a comment above..)

      This nutritious and delicious meal is made using the bountiful harvest which is traditionally grown by many First Nation and Native American peoples in North America as part of the “three sisters” plant guild.

      According to Iroquois legend, corn, beans, and squash are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive together. This tradition of interplanting corn, beans and squash in the same mounds, widespread among Native American societies, is a sophisticated, sustainable system that provides long-term soil fertility and a healthy diet to generations. Growing a Three Sisters garden is a wonderful way to feel more connected to the history of this land, regardless of our ancestry. Early European settlers would certainly never have survived without the gift of the Three Sisters from the Native Americans. In fact, that is the basis of the story behind our Thanksgiving celebration.

      Corn provides a natural pole for bean vines to climb. Beans fix atmospheric nitrogen on their roots (sharing the excess with neighboring plants while growing) and also improving the overall fertility of the plot by providing nitrogen (aka “fertilizer”) which is deposited in the soil, pulled in from the air) to the following years corn. Bean vines also help stabilize the corn plants, making them less vulnerable to blowing over in the wind. Shallow-rooted squash vines become a living mulch, shading emerging weeds and preventing soil moisture from evaporating, thereby improving the overall crops chances of survival in dry years. Spiny squash plants also help discourage predators from approaching the corn and beans. The large amount of crop residue from this planting combination can be incorporated back into the soil at the end of the season, to build up the organic matter and improve its structure.

      Corn, beans and squash also complement each other nutritionally. Corn provides carbohydrates, the dried beans are rich in protein, balancing the lack of necessary amino acids found in corn. Finally, squash yields both vitamins from the fruit and healthful, delicious oil from the seeds.

      I am wishing you all a beautiful thanksgiving and may all that you are grateful for in your life become amplified and multiplied by the love and gratitude you embody

  29. [acorianooriental.pt | 22.10.10 | excerpts | machine translated from portuguese]

    New submarine cables connecting mainland to islands will have ‘smart’ component

    The new infrastructure “will also allow a strengthening of research initiatives, through the implementation of a ‘smart’ component in the new submarine cables (sensorization and data processing), conferring a strategic component in various dimensions, such as national defence and security,” stresses the Government led by António Costa.

    [T]he “new submarine cable ring is strategic” for Portugal and of “great relevance” for the Azores and Madeira and called it ‘essential’ that they are ‘smart’, which in addition to the area of electronic communications, have sensors that can be used for scientific research, protection of the environment and to have alerts of earthquakes or tsunamis, as they cross several tectonic plates.

    “The improvement of the connection between the different territories of Portugal, along with the possibility of introducing sensors, clearly translates Portugal’s strategy in the Atlantic framework.


  30. I wonder if you live by me! Our bays and beaches got sucked dry with Ian. They are back to normal now but it was creeeepy. I have family in SWFL and it was odd that Ian just veered off to the East directly at them. I’m assuming the cold front we had kept it away from it’s original path more towards Ocala.

  31. Reuters, Associated Press, Bloomberg… this New Zealand story is hitting the news outlets.
    I remember around 2008 when a major U.S. National Ag Assc. was concerned because the Obama Administration was trying to tax cattle and pigs for their greenhouse gases.

    Monday Oct 10 – Bloomberg
    New Zealand to Tax Agriculture Emissions at the Farm in World First

    New Zealand farmers will start to pay a levy on agricultural emissions by 2025 — a move Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said would be a world first.
    The government will adopt the main recommendation from the He Waka Eke Noa primary sector climate action partnership to price the emissions at the farm level rather than including them in the nation’s emissions trading scheme, Ardern said Tuesday in Wellington. The system will be in place by 2025, requiring farmers to start paying a regulated price for their methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions.

    “The proposal would see New Zealand farmers lead the world in reducing emissions, delivering a competitive advantage and enhancing our export brand,” she said. “No other country in the world has yet developed a system for pricing and reducing agricultural emissions, so our farmers are set to benefit from being first movers.” [I’m laughing.]

    New Zealand is the world’s biggest dairy exporter, with agriculture playing a major role in the economy. Farming accounts for around half of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Ardern said the proposals will allow the South Pacific nation to meet its legislated target of reducing methane emissions to 10% below 2017 levels by 2030…

    …The price to be levied on farmers will be set by ministers based on advice from the Climate Commission. That’s a departure from the partnership’s idea of a sector advisory group providing guidance. Prices will be set annually although there is scope for less frequent fixing of the methane price, according to government documents.

    Revenue from the levy will be recycled via incentive payments designed to encourage the uptake of approved mitigation technologies such as methane inhibitors, which will reduce a farmer’s total bill. Money will also be directed to research into new ways to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

    In another departure from the partnership’s proposals, the government will not allow carbon sequestration from on-farm vegetation to offset a farmer’s emissions. Instead it wants the emissions trading scheme to be the sole mechanism to recognize such planting….

    • One question beggs to be put forward: what kind of evidence will be provided to prove the amount of produced gases?

      NB: statutes and laws are not evidence but opinion.

      Another question: what would the courts have to say about it?

      Exciting times where things can’t get any more obvious.

      • There are a lot of courts on various levels, some will certainly stand with logic and reason. Not that I’m banking on it, but legal decisions coming from courts would help further the goals of this plight. This is full spectrum warfare so it should be such from all sides.

  32. Corbett and Pilato have both talked a lot about Neom and Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi Arabia Sentences Men To Death For Obstructing Its “City Of The Future”
    By Charles Kennedy at OilPrice.com – Oct 11, 2022

    Saudi Arabia has sentenced to death three men who refused to have their tribe evicted from its homeland to make way for the Neom smart city project, a rights group has reported.

    The Huwaitat tribe has been opposing the project for quite some time now, with one of its members getting shot by Saudi security forces last year after he publicized photos on social media of tribe members getting displaced to clear the land for Neom, the rights group, Alqst, reported.

    It added that other members of the tribe have been offered money to agree to the evictions.

    The death sentences follow two 50-year sentences handed to two other members of the Huwaitat tribe last month. Abdulilah al-Howeiti and Abdullah Dukhail al-Howeiti were sentenced to 50 years in jail and received a 50-year travel ban for their refusal to be evicted from their homes in the Tabuc province, which has been earmarked for Neom, Middle East Eye reported.

    Neom is the flagship project of Vision 2030, Prince Mohammed’s brainchild aimed at reducing Saudi Arabia’s reliance on oil revenues. A smart megacity powered by wind and solar that will produce green hydrogen at a $5-billion facility, the project has often been questioned as perhaps a little too ambitious.

    Worth a staggering $500 billion, the project has been touted as Saudi Arabia’s way into the energy transition club and a means of turning the Kingdom into a major renewable power and hydrogen supplier. Spanning more than 10,000 square miles, the project includes a zero-carbon city and industrial and logistics sectors.

    The fortunes of the project, however, have been mixed. There is little in the way of updates on its progress although recently media reported that Saudi Arabia had won the bid to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games at the smart megacity. This suggests it should be completed by then, or at least partially completed.

    • Everyone supporting that pipe dream have blood on their hands.

    • Tuesday October 11, 2022 – Bloomberg
      Saudi Arabia Lures Executives to Neom With Million-Dollar Salaries, Zero Taxes
      The megadevelopment is paying senior executives roughly $1.1 million a year, showing how the kingdom is enticing global talent


      Saudi Arabia’s megadevelopment Neom is paying senior executives roughly $1.1 million each annually, according to an internal Neom document, showing how the kingdom is using large pay packages to lure global talent to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s national transformation plan.

      Neom is the most ambitious project in Saudi Arabia and one of dozens of real-estate developments and new companies set up to drive Prince Mohammed’s social and economic reforms. The kingdom is recruiting foreign executives to lead new industries—tourism, technology and entertainment—that were, until recently, largely nonexistent in the kingdom…

      …The $1.1 million average salary of Neom’s c-suite level executives is detailed in an internal list of compensation for different positions. It compares with an average salary of $830,000 in 2021 for chief executives of the 3,000 largest listed U.S. companies, according to data from MyLogIQ LLC, which tracks public filings. It is also more than twice as much as American c-suite level executives typically make, the data shows, with chief financial officers making $486,000 and chief marketing officers $416,000, on average.

      Total compensation for American c-suite level executives can also reach millions of dollars after bonuses and other incentives. The $1.1 million average figure at Neom is the basic pay and people also receive a bonus, said people familiar with the project…

      …Executive directors at Neom, a level below the senior executives, are paid an average salary of $660,000, according to the list of positions viewed by The Wall Street Journal. Directors, which includes dozens of people at Neom, are paid $270,000 a year, the list shows. Senior managers receive $193,000 and managers $130,000, according to the list, dated last year. The experience of managers and senior managers ranges from two to more than eight years, according to Neom’s careers website…
      …The entry wage for an employee at Neom is about $54,000…Neom is currently advertising 79 jobs on its website, from telecom engineer to fashion investment manager to head of banking….

      [A job cut may be permanent when they slice away at dead weight. 😉 ]

      • I knew some Romanian girls who got jobs in Saudi Arabia. They were pretty lucky to get back home.
        Getting paid was almost impossible and getting their passports back was something of a stroke of luck. 🙁
        True they were just nobodies but it shows how things can get there

    • Jed
      No need…. you would just need to whack their water , transportation and power supply systems and most of them would be dead in under a month.

      On the other hand the rest of the billion muslims would be pretty upset and want to get revenge

  33. I see many where I live getting all worked up about leaves on the ground in their yard and paying people to pick them up and get rid of them. This kind of adversarial and counterproductive relationship with nature is symbolic of the times and dominant culture we live in… nature offers abundance and solutions… humans fight, disrupt, and stress/complain about natural cycles (creating artificial scarcity, misery and problems in the process).

    If you look closely at the leaves, pinecones, acorns and maple keys on the ground you can gain access to an ancient library of knowledge that has been accumulated over eons of adaptation and symbiosis.

    This library is written in sacred geometry and offers us invitations to embrace symbiosis and learn from our elder species on Earth. It is a library that offers us knowledge about how to access abundant medicine and food for our body as well as nourishment for the soul.

    Within a single acorn or pine cone is the potential for a thousand forests to be born. The key to unlocking that potential and gaining access to that ancient library of knowledge is found within a gift you now possess.

    The following article is about shifting our perspective to see through nature’s eyes so that we can unlock autumn’s inherent abundance.


    • It’s not an adversarial relationship in my view, Gavin, it’s just plain stupidity.

      • @mkey

        I appreciate your taking the time to comment and share your thoughts on that.

        I will admit that (considering how easy it is to observe the many important functions fall leaves serve in a natural ecosystem) it does call into question the deductive capacities and general intelligence of the one that wastes time, energy and money to remove said valuable resource from their property, but I was trying to be diplomatic and avoid hurting feelings so I described that kind of behavior in other terms. I suppose I can sympathize with those engaging in that type of behavior (to some degree) since the programming and propaganda is so prolific when it comes to hammering this idea of the cookie cutter “american dream” house (with a clean cut lawn and items one might find in a forest) into people’s minds. The conventional horticultural and landscaping colleagues here are a huge part of the problem, brainwashing young landscape designers and tree “specialists” to see leaves as “the enemy” to a clean cut manicured landscape (which is suggested to be doused with an array of toxic chemicals to fight other “enemies” of course).

        One thing I will not pull any punches on (for the sake of diplomacy or avoiding hurting feelings) however is grass monocultures. They are such ridiculous wastes of time, energy, money and land. As I am sure you know, hundreds of years ago, grassy lawns originally became popular to prove a person was wealthy enough to waste land rather than farm on it. That status symbol was birthed in a bygone era, and while it was a ridiculous idea back then, it is even more stupid now (yet it’s still mandated by law all over America and Canada). I find front lawns (and the associated by-laws that enforce their presence and maintenance) to be especially unwise, ridiculous and foolish in the context of our current economic and food supply situation where people’s grocery bills are increasing exponentially yet they still spend money growing useless sod in their yard instead of food.

  34. Tessa Fights Robots posted another thought-provoking piece – a mind experiment on how our property will be taken from us: https://tessa.substack.com/p/betrayal-of-property-owners

    Ray Horvath’s comment to the post provides a link to another good read, this one being about the Canadian PTSB resorting to designating those who refuse the jab as mentally ill: https://rayhorvaththesource.substack.com/p/in-canada-if-you-refuse-to-be-injected

    Mental thought experiments are good for determining in advance how one will react if the situation suddenly arises, when there is no time to think the situation through.

    Do not dwell on fear, but gather courage and conviction to act when faced with undesirable choices.

    • @jo-ann

      I appreciate the heads up and the links.

      This makes me think of something else I read about where psychiatrists were weaponized in Canada in order to enforce the edicts of the Covidian Cultists (and silence any who oppose the cult propaganda). I am guessing you are aware of this incident that happened in Vancouver around the beginning of the year https://jessicar.substack.com/p/dr-mel-bruchet-did-you-know-he-was and https://tessa.substack.com/p/forced-hospitalization-dr-bruchet

      When one considers that incident is likely not isolated and then combines that with the data you shared above and also takes into account the fact that the Ontario government is offering people “self administered suicide meds” now and it becomes clear that fascism is alive and well in Canada.

      It is like they read The Giver and decided to make it happen (in a manner that most would consider ‘politically correct’).

      They are changing the laws so that people that do not have terminal medical conditions will be eligible to sign up to kill themselves with deadly government funded drugs. How considerate of them! https://jessicar.substack.com/p/veteran-encouraged-to-end-his-own


      I do see it as important to inform ourselves of these unpleasant (and sometimes nefarious) unfoldings within our society and governments’, though at the same time, I believe there is also truth in the saying ‘if you gaze into the abyss long enough the abyss gazes also into you.’ and the saying “what you fear you empower, and what you love you empower, and what you empower, you attract”. So I appreciate your closing sentence inviting the reader to focus on courage and not fall into fear.

      I feel that while it is wise to take an honest look at the ugliness of humanity, analyzing how it’s most deranged members are actively seeking to murder, poison and/or enslave their fellow humans (so that one can avoid such pitfalls, withdraw our support from their systems of oppression and help others do the same) I also feel it is even more important to apply one’s pattern recognition capabilities to seeing (and acting upon) that which is beautiful, creative, hopeful and empowering on this world. That includes the behaviors of human beings that serve to uplift, nurture, heal, inspire, unify and illuminate and it includes perceiving the beauty, geometry and wisdom present in the more than human world as well.

      For just as if we gaze into the abyss long enough, the abyss will gaze back, so too if we gaze long enough into the radiant light emanating from the spiritual spark that exists within all beings and so too if we gaze into the workings and mind of the living planet Earth the source of that light and conscious spirit gazes back at us as well.

      • Agreed – I intend to live my life in the “old normal” just to spite the PTSB.

        • @jo-ann

          What does PTSB stand for?

          I offer what might be described as an antithesis to Tessa’s well written and researched thought experiment here: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/in-pursuit-of-an-antidote-for-parasites

          Or perhaps one might call it my own way to do my best to live up to and honor the truth of Tessa’s wise statement that “..we owe it to ourselves and to the future generations to deal with uncertainty with courage and to keep the humanity alive.” and help empower others to have the tools and knowledge to be able do the same.

          In the article, I explore viable pathways with actionable intelligence on how we as individuals can contribute towards (at the very least) leaving this world a little more beautiful than it was when we got here for future generations (even if the worst case scenario Tessa hints at in her article should happen).

          • I should have defined (apologies) – Powers That Shouldn’t Be = PTSB.

            Thank you for the article link. Well worth the time to read.

            • No worries! I should have extrapolated what that meant (as I think I have heard James Corbett use the term on multiple occasions 🙂

              I am honored that you feel my article was worth your time.

              Thank you for the thoughtful response.

  35. Dr. Bruce Scott has begun posting his series on Menticide 101 on UK Column. Interesting to know the mind control techniques being used so you can spot them readily. He makes a couple of references to Meerloo’s “The Rape of the Mind,” which I plan to read next.



    Upcoming in Part III: “In the forthcoming Part III of Menticide 101 and the Brainwashing of a World, I will discuss some ideas as to resistance, courage and mental fortitude. It is imperative that in spirit, we can foresee a way to live. Courage—old courage—has either been forgotten, or is being (and has steadily been for many years) cultured out. We must forge a way to resurrect the old courage, to obtain a new boldness to fit these menticidal times.”

  36. @Caerla

    I also live in a relatively low EMF area (as far as 5G towers go).

    Given this list of what they are apparently spraying on us (and considering I felt the way you describe above in direct correlation to a week of non-stop heavy spraying horizon to horizon where we live) I think it is likely the stratospheric aerosol injection programs.

    Here is some data on what we are apparently being sprayed with: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14r7ogcYjlLBTpZiKjB98CnMuX_ekw81s/view?usp=sharing

    I suppose there is a chance it could be the starlink satellites reaching some radiation saturation point (or being “activated” in some specific way) too though..

  37. — LAWSUITS —

    October 14, 2022 – By Juliette Fairley at “Legally Better”
    Kaiser Permanente Sued For Wrongful Death After California Husband’s Remdesivir Treatment Fails
    (Her article also seen at Epoch Times and Zero Hedge)

    Before Rodney Briones’ physicians at Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center in California treated him with Remdesivir, they allegedly did not disclose the risks to him or to his wife, Christina, and did not obtain informed consent, according to a complaint filed by the Briones family…

    …A five-day course of treatment with the controversial drug and other allegedly contraindicated, high-risk medications allegedly led to kidney failure for the 50-year-old Briones, who was subsequently placed on a ventilator. During this time, Kaiser Riverside reportedly refused to allow the man’s wife or family to see him. He died on Sept. 12.
    “My husband was murdered because of government [expletive],” Christina Briones told The Epoch Times. “I never thought this could happen.”

    Kaiser Permanente and Gilead Sciences, the maker of Remdesivir, did not respond to requests for comment.

    “The Kaiser Riverside physician did not disclose the availability of highly effective Safe Multi-Drug Early Treatment (SMDET) to Rodney when both Rodney and a reasonable patient in Rodney’s position would have wanted the disclosure,” wrote the Briones family attorney Matthew Tyson in the Sept. 7 complaint. “This was constructive fraud.”

    The Briones family seeks survivor action general damages as well as wrongful death general and special damages.

    “We pioneered Remdesivir wrongful death litigation using a constructive fraud theory, and we filed the very first Remdesivir wrongful death lawsuit in the country, back in June, for Evangeline Ortega,” said Tyson, who is working with Attorney Brian Garrie on multiple Remdesivir lawsuits.

    In Evangeline Ortega v. Redlands Community Hospital (RCH), Ortega alleges her 65-year-old husband, Armando, was administered Remdesivir without being told that RCH would receive a financial bonus….
    Attorneys Matthew Tyson and Brian Garrie send a letter to TWITTER’s legal department regarding Doctors Zelenko, Malone, Fareed, Brian Tyson, and McCullough.

  38. Here is another convincing “retard scientist” to add to your list: Jeremy R. Hammond.

    He posts an article re Cowan’s Five Simple Questions for Virologists:

    I don’t wish to engage in this argument – I am simply posting this for those who are still concerned. This debate seems like a huge distraction that further divides us and has no chance of improving the health and freedom of mankind in the near future.

  39. For those who live in the USA that are concerned about COVID-19 jabs being added to the vaccine schedules:

    Steve Kirsch publicized that the CDC is meeting tomorrow to discuss vaccine schedules, and COVID-19 “vaccines.” Concern is that they might vote to add the covid-19 jab to the childhood immunization schedule. (https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/acip-committee-will-likely-add-the?utm_source=email)

    We have until Oct. 20 to comment. The meeting will be online. For more information: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2022/09/16/2022-20045/advisory-committee-on-immunization-practices-acip

    Meeting agenda is available at: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/meetings/downloads/agenda-archive/agenda-2022-10-19-20-508.pdf?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

    The Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance has urged we call and email members of the committee who will be making these decisions. (http://r1479375.vamfa.org/c/v?e=15269E2&c=1692CF&t=0&l=8B0AF4BA)

    • I watched/listened to the ACIP meeting via Children’s Health Defense with Dr. Meryl Nass commenting (liveblog). So far this seems to be mostly an exercise in gaslighting the public. Data shown was clearly suspicious. No mention of whether monoclonal antibodies were used in addition to or instead of the jabs, and no mention of whether covid hospitalizations were due to covid or something else, and covid was assigned based on PCR testing only. The committee did not vote to change any schedules, only to agree current recommendations regarding dosing and timing.

      • Today the ACIP committee voted to add the covid-19 jab to the immunization schedules for children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Nass states on Substack:

        “When the CDC briefer, a strongly accented Dr. Wodi, was asked how CDC could add an EUA (unlicensed) vaccine to the schedule, she said something like, “We checked with OGC [Office of General Counsel] and they said it was okay.” And that was that. No legal justification. No moral or ethical justification. And definitely no medical or scientific justification.”

    • RE: CDC Children’s Schedule Covid Vaccines

      I’ve been following your excellent Sub-Thread as you have been posting. Thanks for doing this!

      October 20, 2022 Thursday – Attorney Aaron Siri Substack
      We Will Be Challenging Any State’s Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement to Attend School
      The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) has advised us it will fund legal challenges to any Covid-19 mandate for attending school imposed by any state


      Episode 290: THE SPEED OF SCIENCE
      was the title of Thursday’s show at TheHighwire.com.
      The entire show revolved around this CDC ACIP meeting scenario, but the episode incorporated some excellent historical aspects and also a nice segment about Europe.

  40. The Real Anthony Fauci
    (One hour 50 minutes)

    Limited time free MOVIE screening.
    (An email address gets you in the door)

    This is pretty good! A very wide cast of faces who many of us recognize. Whitney Webb is in it. Spiro Skouras is seen brifly when discussing Event 201. Gary Null footage from the HIV/AIDS era where he showcases therapies such as Vit C drips and Ozone. The Fauci/Aids segment was very well produced for such a short film about a super-sized murdering midget asshole who throws baseballs like a girl.

    • That’s a great tagline for this little guy. That he is unimpeded stands as a testament to the upside down reality we are living in.

    • I watched/heard it three times because I wanted to like it so I could recommend it to my normie family. The narrative didn’t flow for me. Other than that, the film was successful in conveying the corruption and psychopathy under Fauci’s reign.

      So pleased the film captured the interview with Gary Null speaking along side a man who recovered from full-blown AIDS using Gary’s protocol. Although Gary Null has drunk the “global warming” Kool-Aid, I haven’t given up hope that he might yet change his mind. (He has produced several documentaries on global warming so odds are not in my favor.)

      • I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’m not familiar with Gary Null though the name sounds vaguely familiar but if he’s gung-ho AGW then he’s in total agreement with Robert Kennedy who wanted to jail ” climate skeptics”. (just big wigs in politics and business apparently?)

        I just hope that Kennedy’s formidable work on the topic of Fauci will not, in the future, be used to serve the AGW scam.

        I do fully understand that we cannot all agree on everything, however.

        • See my comment below.

      • Gary Null – An anecdote from my friend’s personal encounter
        [How “sales hype” can be grossly overstated.]

        Gary Null has an “Italian Villa nestled in the foothills east of Dallas, Texas residing on a 55 acre parcel of heavily wooded land. The grounds include a crystal clear mineral lake with swans, meadows for relaxation and meditation, and multiple gardens with fountains and marble statues. There are private rooms in the spa for body work as well as large, screened yoga huts overlooking the lake. There is a separate mineral plunge and pool house where aerobic classes take place and a 2000 sq. ft. gym with the latest fitness equipment. The main house includes two commercial kitchens for classes or just providing guests with organic nourishment. There are also conference rooms seating up to 75 that doubles as a banquet hall.” ~~WWW splacer.co/venue/italian-villa-in-mineola-texas

        I have a very good, long-time, activist friend. Now a seasoned grandma, she has led an incredibly remarkable life packed to the brim with stellar achievements in activism. One heck of an energetic skilled leader and organizer. The lady deserves some 5 kilo gold medals. She doesn’t embellish or exaggerate in her communication…and she has no hesitation in communicating what she observes first hand.
        In fact, just last night she and I had a phone conversation for about an hour.

        My friend told me first hand what she went through with Gary Null.
        She was very vocal about it at his event, and had no problem confronting him about it.
        Friend’s Anecdote (For context, see my brief comment above it.)

        If the FEMA soldiers ever do a “Purge Night”, I’m gonna grab my gun and ask my friend where to join her ranks.

        • Ha-ha. Thanks for the story and the link. No doubt he is a strange character.

  41. After having watched the Anthony Fauci documentary (where I regret that Mr Corbett does not appear to speak about Rockefeller and Gates) which caused me to wonder again about the actual cause of symptoms diagnosed as AIDS (before administration of the poisonous institutionalized remedies) my mind automatically goes back to the “Contaminated Blood” scandal that rocked France in 1991. Below is just a summary of that crisis translated by deepl:

    Summary: In 1991, the contaminated blood scandal broke out in France: several hundred patients were contaminated with AIDS and hepatitis C by receiving blood derivatives and blood transfusions. The directors of the blood transfusion establishments, in particular those of the National Blood Transfusion Centre, and the public authorities were accused of not having taken the necessary precautions to protect the population. The contaminated blood affair is often presented as the first health crisis in France. Indeed, the scandal led politicians to reorganize the health administration in order to increase the safety of health products. What were the origins of this crisis? The book shows that the organization of blood transfusion is characterized by numerous dysfunctions caused by the industrialization of blood products. The scientific uncertainties about AIDS in the early 1980s did not facilitate decision-making. The health administration itself was hardly prepared for emergency management. Yet decisions were necessary to avoid contamination by the AIDS virus. But the interests of doctors, the transfusion industry, patients, blood donors and public authorities sometimes diverge. Behind the ideal of blood transfusion as an expression of national solidarity, there are many conflicts. Was the contaminated blood affair the result of negligence? Did financial interests prevail over the protection of public health? Doesn’t the industrialization of blood require a new organization and the transformation of the blood transfusion economy? Hasn’t blood become “almost” a medicine?


    What was in that blood that killed all those people (at least 300 admitted to) including children?

  42. With reference to the Real Anthony Fauci video, I’m thinking that, at the time, around the year 2000, had someone told me that a health minister of an African country was recommending olive oil, lemon and garlic to treat AIDS, I would have automatically dismissed that government official as being a heartless and corrupt vilain who was totally disinterested in the welfare of her people and probably only interested in money. I have to bear this in mind when speaking to people about Anthony Fauci, so-called “covid vaccines” and engineered crises.

    Here’s what wikipedia says about her, refusing apparently to use her title as “Doctor” for some reason:

    Her emphasis on treating South Africa’s AIDS epidemic with easily accessible vegetables such as African potato, garlic and beetroot, rather than with antiretroviral medicines, was the subject of local and international criticism. These policies led to the deaths of over 300,000 infected South Africans…

    …Tshabalala-Msimang’s administration as Minister of Health was controversial, because of her reluctance to adopt a public sector plan for treating AIDS with anti-retroviral medicines (ARVs). In 2000, she was interviewed by Radio 702 presenter John Robbie, Tshabalala-Msimang refused to say whether she believed HIV caused AIDS. She was called Dr. Beetroot for promoting the benefits of beetroot, garlic, lemons, and African potatoes as well as good general nutrition, while referring to possible toxicities of AIDS medicines. She was widely seen as following an AIDS policy in line with the ideas of South African President Thabo Mbeki, who for a time publicly expressed doubts about whether HIV caused AIDS…

    …After the cabinet vote to accept the findings of this report, Tshabalala-Msimang was in charge of the ARV roll-out, but continued to emphasise the importance of nutrition in AIDS and to urge others to see AIDS as only one problem among many in South African health…

    continued below:

    • “…A case that attracted much public attention was Nozipho Bhengu, daughter of an African National Congress legislator, who rejected anti-retroviral treatments for AIDS in favour of Tshabalala-Msimang’s garlic and lemon diet. The minister declined to attend her funeral, and her stand-in was booed off the podium…

      …At a meeting with traditional healers to discuss future legislation in February 2008, Tshabalala-Msimang argued that traditional remedies should not become “bogged down” in clinical trials, also saying, “We cannot use Western models of protocols for research and development”.

      In September 2008, Tshabalala-Msimang called for greater protection of the intellectual rights of Africa’s traditional medicines. Speaking at the 6th commemoration of The African Traditional Medicine Day in Cameroon’s capital of Yaoundé, she said that the continent should benefit more from its ancient traditional knowledge…

      …Tshabalala-Msimang died on 16 December 2009 at the Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Centre and Medi-Clinic ICU. Her doctor, Professor Jeff Wing, announced that she died due to complications arising from a liver transplant.

      Political opponents and friends alike expressed shock at the announcement of her death…

      Maybe she took the fall for Thabo Mbeki?

      Will posterity vindicate and honour this doctor one day?

    • And this is what another site says about her:

      Dr. Mantombazana ‘Manto’ Tshabalala-Msimang

      …While in exile, Tshabalala-Msimang studied medicine at the First Leningrad Institute in St. Petersburg of the USSR. She graduated in 1969, and learned to speak fluent Russian during her studies.

      She then enrolled at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, and in 1972 received a degree in obestrics and gynaecology…
      …in 1980. In the same year, she received a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Antwerp in Belgium.

      …In the autumn of 1999, Tshabalala-Msimang opposed the provision of an antiretroviral drug (ARV) called Zidovudine (AZT) to HIV-positive pregnant women. The drug has been shown to dramatically reduce transmission of the illness from mothers to their unborn children. Proponents of civil society pressured the government to have the drug distributed on a large scale, but Tshabalala-Msimang refused to promote any such policy. She stated in several public forums that the drug was toxic, though there was little scientific evidence to back her claims. Non-government organisations for HIV/AIDS awareness such as the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) – formed by HIV positive activists in December 1998- reacted in outrage to her position. Her public statements in November 1999 regarding the drug includes the following:

      ‘AZT was never meant to treat HIV. It was meant to treat cancer and, when it was discovered to be toxic, the drug companies stopped clinic trials of the drug because it was so toxic. Is this drug really one we want to use?’

      ‘The fact is that some of the mice [tested on with AZT] have contracted cancer. It attacks bone marrow. It is very toxic.’

      ‘There is not substantial data that AZT stops the transmission of HIV from mother to child. There is too much conflicting data to make concrete policy.’

      (Retrieved from: http://www.southafrica.to)


  43. Corbetteers,

    I wish to report a small victory.

    Following the creation of a new article series “Interesting Articles” I saw an elevation to 6% from 3% of the number of readers actually following the metadata equipped source references I published. Not so long after came an editorial in which I expressed that my verbs and nouns are transitory, and it is the references which matter. I went further, expressing that the “Culture” section appending my articles is timeless and will outlast all of the above.

    To my astonishment there has been an increase in readers viewing the sources provided. From a “wow, 6%” the average reader engagement with sources over the last month has grown above 8%.

    Accordingly, the editorial was updated to acknowledge this trend. I am cock-a-hoop with joy at this; people are actually following source links!

    I shall not settle at 8%, but push on.

    To restate the obvious, all of this has been inspired by James Corbett.

    Peace be with you,


  44. Iain Davis has an interesting article (4Oct2022) on UK Column again – Accelerating Toward Dark Enlightenment


    Many new terms and concepts for me – e.g. accelerationism, neocameralisation.

    “This selective, stakeholder adaptation of accelerationism is why we face both the alleged climate catastrophe and a crowing defence of “democratic values” during the simultaneous creation of gov-corp, in the form of stakeholder capitalism, while economic, military and monetary power shifts eastwards. It also explains why the “existential civilizational cataclysm” is underway, in the form of a series of interdependent crises, while the Cathedral isn’t distressed by them at all but rather thrives.

    “While the “post-capitalist” utopia of the “sociotechnical hegemony” is avidly reprogramming “production, finance, logistics, and consumption”, what is emerging from the transformation is gov-corp, ushering in a new form of extreme predatory capitalism. While Left and Right bicker, the accelerationist pragmatists are surging ahead.”

    He provides some quotes that illustrate that not all the oligarchs are on the same page. It seems the plan is to implode the Cathedral to bring about Technocracy / Transhumanism, but how to get there is not fully agreed (each looking out for themselves).

    If any Corbetteers have an understanding of this article, I would like to hear it.

    • joAnn
      I need to read it again when its not so late
      But on the CCRU and accelerationism you might want to listen to THESE two podcasts…. their one on the history of cybernetics kinda fits in too

      He starts out on Accelerationism

      The people shaping things, like Elon musk, are weirdos, just as the people shaping the last century were weirdos heavily into magic and occultism (see Dr Spence “Secret Agent666” for how MAsonry and ceremonial magic was a big part of the Imperial British Establishment. Rich people today are just as into weird stuff, like the NXIUM sex cult the Bronfhman sisters were in or the Einhorn killers cash

      More CCRU,

    • jo ann

      OK, I am somewhat more awake now

      Basically MY idea of what he is going on about is

      ACCELERATIONISM is the desire to push the “SYSTEM” (Be that Society the economy or Government) faster towards its point of COLLAPSE by pushing things that are making the system unstable (such as money printing / welfare / automation / extreamism )

      He singles out the CCRU as the source of both left and right Accelerationism, though he kinda glosses over the ACTUAL creepyness of CCRU ,who, aside from being drug addled, ended up turning into a Cuthulu worshiping End Times cult worthy of following the Ghostbusters movie “Gozer” and taking up Magic. (see Podcast links posted before)

      Accerlationists on both Political LEFT and RIGHT are doing their best to accelerate a System collapse (mostly of the financial and economic order)

      The desire for collapse is in order to bring in a NEW SYSTEM

      There is Politically LEFT Accelerationism and Right Wing Accelerationism (The Article says that the LEFT Accelerationists hide their intentions more because they hate anything the Right has taken up.)

      The CCRU and and the RIGHT wing Accelerationists who have taken up their ideas are Anti-Democratic and want democracy to collapse and be replaced by some kind of Corporate Gov because they oppose the idea of democracy as either harmful OR (and This is IMO correct) it is used to OBSCURE WHO HAS ACTUAL POWER (See #PopulistDelusion book)

      Some people wish to accelerate economic collapse to stop “Climate Change”

      Some people want to accelerate the collapse to bring us into a post human Cyber Utopia

      Some people want to accelerate Government and societal collapse to bring about a CyberPunk2030 world

      All sides are against DEMOCRACY, but the author says that what they hate is not REAL DEMOCRACY ( because that is “decentralized”)

      Maybe its me….. I’ve been a bit under the weather of late with allergies but the article was kinda confusingly written…..

      Its actually pretty obvious that you cant do anythig if you do not know who is actually ruling over you…the book I mention Populist Delusion does do a pretty good job at framing the “mapping” of power mentioned, though Acedemic Agent (Mr Parvini) does (I believe) have a different map of power then “The Cathedral” as laid out by Curtis Yarvin

  45. Michael Snyder sometimes has some good reads.
    ‘Cuz I’m poor, this caught my interest. But poverty can be relative.

    Friday October 21
    The Middle Class Is Dying! 50 Percent Of All American Workers Made Less Than $3,133 A Month Last Year

    …You can find the new Social Security Administration wage report right here. The following are some statistics that I pulled out of the report…

    -More than 30 percent of all American workers made less than $20,000 last year.
    -More than 41 percent of all American workers made less than $30,000 last year.
    -More than 52 percent of all American workers made less than $40,000 last year.
    -More than 62 percent of all American workers made less than $50,000 last year.

    These numbers tell us that most Americans are just barely scraping by, but our leaders want us to buy into the illusion that most people are “doing well” these days.
    Of course that isn’t even close to the truth….

  46. Mark Crispin Miller has been repeatedly featured at the Corbett Report.

    A very short SubStack read from Mark Crispin Miller…
    One way to end the plague of “vaccine” injuries: delete the records—as they’re doing in Alberta!

    You will notice ‘Died Suddenly News’ cited by Mark.
    ‘Died Suddenly News’ Facebook Page creator, Tiago Henriques was interviewed by Del Bigtree this month. Tiago is a Forex Trader (which is a highly skilled feat in itself), and he creates his own indicators for the markets with AI / algorithm type approaches. So, he is very tech savvy.
    Listen to how he whooped ass on Facebook and the Government’s army of censors (77th Brigade), and how he had built an altruistic platform discussing vaccine injuries.
    (20 minutes)

    – 77th Brigade – …for more information…
    Read James Corbett’s October 10th, 2022 article
    The Story of the Century Just Broke (And No One Noticed)

    We will see if anything happens with this new politican at the helm in Alberta…
    Tuesday Oct 11th, 2022
    New Alberta premier says unvaccinated ‘most discriminated against group’ after swearing-in
    Danielle Smith says she plans to replace DOCTOR DEENA HINSHAW and recruit new advisers


    – Dr Deena Hinshaw –
    Watch James Corbett right out the gate when your host Bent Krockman presents…
    Episode 410 – The 5th Annual Fake News Awards! – Jan 29, 2022

    For real life comparison, see Dr Deena Hinshaw in this Sept 2021 YouTube video:
    (A strained 30 seconds)

    Because I can read, the above video comes from Corbett’s shownotes at
    Why Do You Say “Scamdemic”? – Questions For Corbett #079

    For those who don’t know, James Corbett pretty much grew up in Calgary, Alberta which has a wild, independent flavor much like the Texas meme with rodeos and oil.

  47. Grant Prezence – Scam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJdz4y85Rjc

    “I said we living through a scam, yea

    Break down the walls said we got to unify

    Differences between us make us beautiful and divine

    Politician dem dey use the difference to divide, but

    I and I know who I am my heart is in alignment

    Standing up to the tyrants no need to live in confinement

    Babylon crumbling before my eyes I’m not surprised yet

    Every breath I take in the oxygen I’m optimizing, my

    Health is my true wealth and no vaccine will compromise it

    Needles injecting into the sheeple dey genetically modifying

    Installing the operating system 5G comes online

    If death by toxic chemicals or heavy metals ever make the headlines, they’ll

    Blame it on the virus which they’ve never purified, that’s right

    Because we living through a scam yea yea,

    I said we living through a scam, a scam, a scam

    Said we living through a scam yo

    Said there’s a new type of nazi on the block

    Political correctness is the branding on the flock

    Operation warp speed comin’ with dey vaccine

    When dem needles come at me there’s only one who takes a shot, hey!

    I gotta 12 gauge in da closet, .357 pon my bedside

    Glock on my appendix I’m athletic train myself right

    Contact tracers come at me yo medics won’t be too psyched

    Own this human body self defense it is my birthright

    Indoctrination from cradle to grave I’m done living under a slave state

    Figured out yet that the criminals can only rule you through religion and hate

    Authority held in belief of majority

    Fear nothing more than us breaking conformity

    Outnumber dem, a thousand to one

    Wake from your slumber Jah battle is won yes!

    Because we living through a scam yea yea,

    I said we living through a scam, a scam, a scam

    Said we living through a scam yo

    We will reclaim, we will reclaim, we will reclaim our sovereignty

    we’re growing stronger, we’re growing stronger each day, ay

    We will reclaim, we will reclaim, we will reclaim our sovereignty

    we’re growing stronger, we’re growing stronger each day, ay!

    Election is selection let the fraud get your attention every

    4 years put a new puppet fi throne with no objection to

    Aggression or oppression, or violent tax collection

    True democracy is each individual making her own selections

    51 thinkin they own the 49 that’s mob rule

    Dialectics to distract deceive and divide it’s not cool

    Time for us to each become the master of our destin-eye

    Individual sovereignt-eye is the way to free societ-eye

    Rize up! Take the power back yo

    Rize up and be the change you want to see

    Rize up! Your silence is compliance

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • I agree, it’s beyond criminal. And eating the mRNA meat and dairy from mRNA-livestock is also beyond criminal.

  48. Texas Tidbits in October

    Monday October 24, 2022 – Fort Worth Star Telegram
    Vampire bats are moving closer to Texas. Here’s why that’s actually a good thing
    (Read the 3 minute article for much more detail)
    With more bat species than any other state, Texas could soon be adding another of the spooky variety. The vampire bat is moving toward the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Texas Parks and Wildlife experts say. While they’re mainly found in Mexico and Central and South America, their habitat has been expanding north into the U.S. at about 50 miles a year over the past decade…

    “The common vampire bat is moving northward from Mexico, it’s approaching the tip of Texas. In fact, there are some vampire bat rabies cases in Nuevo Leon that are farther north than the bottom three counties in Texas,”
    Bodenchuk said.
    “So we’ve got the population moving that direction and I would be surprised if they’re not really already here. We just don’t have any confirmation of that, we haven’t had any rabies cases that we can tie directly to the vampire bat. But they’re expanding their range northward and could already be in the state.

    …There are concerns about vampire bats moving into the state, specifically the health of livestock the bats feed on. In Mexico, vampire bats cause about $47 million a year in damages through livestock predation and public health risk concerns, according to the Texas Farm Bureau. The Texas Department of State Health Services is monitoring cases of rabies in animals caused by bat feeding, which could help the Lone Star State handle a potential vampire bat spread….
    [I have previously mentioned this Houston, Texas ‘Mattress Mack’ in the comment sections. His “promotional marketing approach” is unique, and goes back years with different sports.]
    Jim ‘Mattress Mack’ McIngvale is four wins from record $75 million payout on World Series bet
    If you know anything about Jim McIgnvale aka Mattress Mack, it’s that he sells mattresses. But if you know two things about him, it’s that he sells mattresses and uses the earnings from those sales to place astronomical amounts of money on sports bets.
    Sometimes it works in his favor — like his 2020 bet on the Super Bowl…
    …We wrote in May about the initial $3 million bet he placed on the Houston Astros. But since then, he increased his stake by another $7 million.

    ‘Mattress Mack’ Advertisement – IMAGE

    • Bat Tidbit
      This WWII Plan Consisted of Incinerating Japan With Bats Bearing Tiny Bombs
      [See IMAGES]
      e.g. A bat house, brimming with recruits for Project X-Ray. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

      The Concept
      Adams’ proposal eventually ended up with the National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) – a 1940s’ version of DARPA, which investigated and coordinated research into ideas that might help the war effort. The NDRC forwarded the proposal to a zoologist named Donald Griffin, who had conducted groundbreaking research into animal behavior, and who specialized in bats and their navigation methods.

      It was right up Griffin’s alley, and he became an enthusiastic supporter of the plan. “This proposal seems bizarre and visionary at first glance,” he wrote in April 1942, “but extensive experience with experimental biology convinces the writer that if executed competently it would have every chance of success“. He went on to add that, properly executed, Bat Bombs were “likely to cause severe damage to [Japanese] property and morale“.

      Adams’ proposal thus went from a seemingly loony idea, to an official US government research project. A number of factors made the idea theoretically viable, and rendered it attractive to authorities. Bats fly at night, then seek dark and secluded places to roost in before dawn. Places such as attics, cubbyholes, and other nooks and crannies. Bats can also fly with loads exceeding their own bodyweight – loads such as tiny bombs. Also, during wartime, when resources were scarce and had to be carefully husbanded, bats were abundantly plentiful in the US. Finally, bats can be induced to hibernate, and while hibernating, they do not need food, care, or much maintenance.

      Dr. Adams gathered together a coterie of supportive scientists, then took a team of naturalists from the University of California on a bat collecting expedition. Their studies and observations confirmed Adams’ hunch that the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat was the best candidate for the project. So Adams’ team netted hundreds of Free-tails, placed them in refrigerated trucks to induce hibernation, and sent them to Washington for further research.

      There, Adams conducted an experiment in front of military brass using some Free-tails and dummy bombs. The results impressed his audience, and convinced them that the plan, which was designated Project X-Ray, warranted serious research….

    • I am pretty sure I saw a movie about that as a kid and like an ice free Artic it’s still not here 🙂 not that I am complaining mind. Movie scared me.
      They had a movie about invasive killer bees killing masses of people about the same time.

  49. October 22 – The Cradle
    Over a million Saudi citizens forcibly displaced in Jeddah to make way for extravagant project
    The kingdom recently convicted several tribesmen to death for resisting the forced eviction from their lands


    More than one million people have become victims of forced displacement and have not received adequate compensation as old neighborhoods are being demolished in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to make way for luxury hotels and entertainment venues, according to human rights groups.

    On December 2021, the Saudi Public Investment Fund — chaired by Crown Prince and newly appointed Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) — announced the launch of a development project called ‘Jeddah Central,’ which would include a museum, an opera house, a stadium, an aquarium, hotels, and new residential neighborhoods.

    Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), a US-based rights group, stated that “while the Riyadh regime is expected to spend more than $20 billion on the ambitious plan, very little of that amount has been allocated to compensate the 1.5 million people who have lost or will lose their homes and livelihoods”, according to PressTV.

    A research conducted by DAWN concluded that ”the Saudi forced displacements are in violation of international law since the measures are incompatible with internationally recognized legal principles to guarantee and protect the population’s rights.”

    France 24 reported that Saudi authorities have carried out demolitions in some 60 different neighborhoods, mostly located in the southern part of the city. Demolitions are expected to continue and more neighborhoods are expected to be affected in the coming months.

    The revelations come just days after it was revealed that Saudi Arabia’s Specialized Criminal Court sentenced three members of the Howeitat tribe to death a few weeks ago, for resisting their forced eviction and displacement from the country’s northwestern Tabuk region….
    See also…
    Saudi Arabia Sentences Men To Death For Obstructing Its “City Of The Future”
    Saudi Arabia Lures Executives to Neom With Million-Dollar Salaries, Zero Taxes
    The megadevelopment is paying senior executives roughly $1.1 million a year, showing how the kingdom is enticing global talent


  50. That is good news for those who lost their jobs.


    Its just too bad that they aren’t also being held responsible for all those who felt trapped by their circumstances and sacrificed their health or their lives by submitting to the unlawful edicts. As well as all the other damages that ensued.

    I hope this ruling is the beginning of an avalanche of defeats for the ptsnb. But I’m not optimistic.

    • If this indeed does turn into an objective defeat, it certainly won’t be the PTSB that are on the losing end. Remember that these people are merchants of chaos. All those that lose these proceeding would be those who were following along. I.e. usfeul idiots.

      I’m not saying they are not culpable and that should not be condemned, but PTSB will not see any of that legal action.

    • I couldn’t even watch this to the end it was so awful. The dancing was bad and the people looked unhealthy. If people are inspired to do anything from that performance, humanity is in sad shape. The message is stupid and the performance is even worse, IMO.

  51. Courtesy of Tony Heller:

    The Dalai Lama, with his rolex apparently hidden under his sacred robes, gives rather ambiguous opinions concerning Global Warming:

    Now! Global warming! That is very serious matter according sort of buddhist thinking… we can make some more effort ecology… and in few centuries… the planet become…? ball of fire, so that nature process…

    But he’s optimistic that we can do better taking care of the planet because Ladakh used to be very dry but now, after planting grass and trees it’s green and much much better!

    What I don’t understand is how, after so many decades travelling the world and communicating with people and the press, he still can’t find the words for “ball of fire”?


  52. Just for fun.

    I love all the creative and clever content being created these days, inspired by the covid cult crisis. Like this one, “mRNA (speed of science)” by foundring. It’s about the ‘Massively Retarted Ncp Armageddon’ or MRNA.

    Can’t stop singing this hilarious, catchy little tune…


    • Wow. Quite a talent!

      The problem is, I can’t speak about this anymore to those I know who’ve been jabbed (the vast majority) as it seems cruel to insist that they’ve done dire harm to their bodies and through any insistant suggestion, actually exacerbate their condition through a sort of insidious nocebo effect. Kind of like pointing the bone of scientism at them.

      I could have done without the NPCs and “blame germ theory” asides but that’s a very personal perspective. (my son’s not an NPC and the germ/terrain theory debate, though it’s certainly been highly contagious of late, is badly timed. Pity it didn’t catch on at an earlier date).

      But that was quite a performance!

    • I liked it! Thanks for sharing.

    Monday October 31, 2022 – noon


    If you missed (Oct 26) Wednesday’s exciting hearing in federal court, you will be able to watch it.
    The court recorded the proceedings and will release it to the public.
    I was waiting to include a link to the recording in this bulletin, but it hasn’t been released yet.
    When it is, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) will immediately share it with you in an email and on social media. Stay tuned!
    In the meantime, here’s what happened…

    …On Wednesday, the Court ruled in favor of our motion to lift the stay on the proceedings. Not only did this signal the Court’s desire to move forward with our case, but the Court specifically reopened discovery so attorneys and the Court could examine an updated version of the NTP’s review
    [National Toxicology Program’s review on fluoride’s neurotoxicity], without it needing to be published. The EPA’s objections to using any version of the NTP report besides the “final” version was based on their concern that the NTP’s findings would be made public prematurely. To circumvent this objection, the Court placed the NTP’s review under protective order so that it will only be available to the parties involved, the Court, and expert witnesses. The public will not have access unless the Court decides otherwise, or if FAN wins a separate pending legal case on our Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) for the report.

    Thankfully, the Court made it clear to both parties that it expects to be provided with the NTP review before the next status hearing set for early January, regardless of what process is used to get it. The Court urged both parties to come together and find a way to get the current NTP review into the Court’s hands “voluntarily,” but our attorney, Michael Connett, was also told that if he needs the Court’s help “using subpoenas or a motion to compel,” he knows where to find the Judge. This was another victory for our side, as the Court clearly agreed with our argument that the updated NTP draft was worth looking at, and took action to obtain it.

    In agreement with FAN’s position, the Court reiterated its preference for a phase-two of the trial, with additional expert testimony…

    …the next status hearing, scheduled for Tuesday, January 10, at 2:30PM (Pacific).

    • October 31, 2022 – Bloomberg Law
      Drinking Water Case Proceeds to Probe Fluoride Data, Court Says
      {Links in article]

      Case challenges 77-year old tradition of adding fluoride
      Case to review studies on health effects of the chemical

      A federal court will allow a lawsuit to prohibit fluoride from drinking water to proceed to review new scientific evidence about the chemical’s potential to harm babies’ developing nervous systems.

      Judge Edward M. Chen of the US District Court Northern District of California ruled on Friday that the case—filed in 2017 by Food & Water Watch and other advocacy groups—can proceed to review a scientific study and two summary evaluations of multiple fluoride health effects studies. The case has been on hold since April 2021.

      The science the court wants to review includes a May 2022 unpublished, draft version of a federal health agency’s assessment of fluoride’s neurodevelopmental and other health effects. The court will obtain the National Toxicology Program’s draft health assessment via a protective order and not disseminate it “at this juncture,” Chen ruled.

      The court will decide the timing of future expert disclosures and other actions after it’s reviewed the scientific evidence, he said.
      The court’s desire to view the new science doesn’t indicate a conclusion about “the admissibility or weight of the evidence,” Chen said.
      Diverse Groups Tracking

      The lawsuit is being tracked by dental and other medical professionals that believe fluoride helps prevent cavities, as well as chemical law experts, and environmental health groups concerned about fluoride’s health effects. The case involves chemical legislation and challenges the 77-year old tradition of adding fluoride to drinking water as a public health measure.

      The case was unique when filed, as it was the first to challenge the Environmental Protection Agency’s dismissal of a citizen’s petition authorized by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

      The 2016 petition said fluoride’s cavity-fighting benefits result from it touching teeth—as through toothpaste—not swallowing it. Drinking water containing fluoride is an unreasonable risk that warrants a ban on its use, the Fluoride Action Network said in the petition that the EPA rejected and spurred the lawsuit.

      The court’s decision—prior to putting the lawsuit on hold—to allow plaintiffs to submit new scientific evidence the agency hadn’t reviewed at the time it made its decision, and the court’s ruling that TSCA prevented the consideration of fluoride’s benefits, caught the attention of TSCA attorneys.

      The case is Food & Water Watch Inc. v EPA, N.D. Cal., No. 19-02162, 10/28/22.

    • (just a heads up the trailer contains graphic and gruesome footage so be prepared for that if you watch it)

  54. As I went to listen to the Last American Vagabond this morning I saw this message:

    Because of French government demands to remove creators from our platform, Rumble is currently unavailable in France. We are challenging these government demands and hope to restore access soon.

  55. – Japan and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) –
    …(Japan) first imported LNG over 50 years ago and is currently the world’s largest buyer of the fuel, which it uses for electricity generation and supplies to cities. Its prices have been surging in view of the Russia-Ukraine war.

    Although Tokyo has aligned with its western allies in imposing severe sanctions on Russia and its leadership, including President Vladimir Putin, it has not stopped importing energy products from Moscow.
    “The minister will also be enabled to order large companies to restrict gas usage when the supply-demand balance becomes tight,” Tokyo-based Kyodo News reported….

    Japan tweaks LNG law amid energy supply concerns

    Oct 31 – Bloomberg
    Japan Urges Population to Restrain Power Use This Winter
    ..The resource-scant nation suffers from a lack of capacity to generate electricity, and the surge in prices for liquefied natural gas combined with the weak yen have made it costly to procure fuel….

    Nov 1 – OilPrice.com
    Japan Calls On Population To Conserve Energy
    …To secure energy supply, the Japanese government last month even changed the national fuel law so that state-owned agencies could procure LNG in case private buyers are unable to secure sufficient volumes. The trade ministry will also have the power to order a reduction in gas use for large companies in a tight supply situation…

    • Remember all those past years where the Nordstream Pipeline projects were suppressed?
      There is no doubt that a U.S. agenda was in play.

      It doesn’t take much to recognize the ‘future’ chaotic consequences that can occur when energy supply chains get thrown off of their natural economic order.

  56. I guess the Nov open thread isn’t up. So, to everyone, what (free) site or program do you use to download YT vids? I mean, if cell phone flash light apps are filled with malware, then I’m sure the sites they offer are too, right? So which one is least likely to be shady? thanks!

  57. Moving towards “climate” lockdown precedents? :

    “…The world’s most polluted capital is blanketed in smog every winter as cold, heavy air traps construction dust, vehicle emissions and smoke from the burning of crop stubble in the neighbouring states to clear the fields for the next crop….

    Lower temperatures, calmer winds and their changing direction worsen the air quality from time to time…

    Parents and environmentalists on social media demanded schools to be closed….”


    • Have you caught wind of Ursula (Pfizer CEO’s broad on the side) invoking the two weeks to flatten the climate curve?

      I didn’t manage to make friends and well wishers to connect those dots. None are as blind as those who refuse to see.

      • Long day, so forgive me if I’ve misunderstood, but are you evoking Ursula’s obsession with “flattening the peaks” (of energy consumption) and alluding to such consequences as those suggested and hinted at in this article?:


        i.e. rationing and black-outs leading to more lockdown-type situations?

        …shoot… I should really start stocking up on canned ravioli and chicken liver paté…

        • That is the one, but I remember there was a juicer video of her statement. Can’t find it, however, probably since I don’t care about the brain diarrhoea these people produce.

          I think J&J had it on NWNW some weeks ago.

          • My decrepit mind does work from time to time, if not for any other reason but to torment me with fragments of memory. The brief source video can be seen queued up here, thanks to my good man Zvone.


            The diabolical husk of a woman says, while gesturing almost on Bill Gates level:

            Zis is what iz expenzive, because in zee peak demands, the expensive gas comes into ze market. So, what we have to do iz flatten zee curve and avoid ze peak demands. We propose a mandatory target for reducing electrizity to use at peak hours and we will work very clozely with ze member states to achieve zis.

            • flatten ze curf…

              I wonder what the occult signification of that image or concept is exactly…?

              is it like the ECG going from beep beep beep to beeeeeeeeeeeeeep?

              is it blocking the spinning swerving spirals of nature into the binary boxes of the mechanized material world?

              Do they want to turn mountains into deserts?

              Are they trying to smash the vertiginously descending poor person’s purchasing power line graph down into perfect union with the x-axis?

              What’s this obsession with “flattening the curve”?

              • Now that you mention it, this comes to mind:

                There is a concept of “frequency of consciousness” where consciousness can be seen as a sinusoidal wave function that will intersect with the baseline more often the higher the frequency is. That would represent the constant process of wavering around in search of truth.

                If the baseline would be considered to be the truth, then higher frequencies would inevitably mean a better connection with what is true, that is striking at the truth more often.

                Equivalently, lower the frequency, longer the interval between the intersections with the baseline, less truth. I guess we could posit that “flattening the curve” would also serve to reduce the frequency of consciousness. In both the figurative and literal sense.

          • And now I find that it was me who brought this vehemently important news to the corbettreport.


            Even though my lying brain claims it was reported on a NWNW episode, but there was no NWNW episode on that week, so stuff it, brain. I will forthwith discard the notion of a surreptitious conspiracy due to which I would be remembering something that did happen but was altered later and now no longer exists. An affliction people may also refer to as the Mandella effect.

            • It’s normal for your memory to play tricks on you as we pass from the paradigm of predominantly individual memory to one of almost exclusively collective mental, physical and digital fusion and storage. It’s known as the ITER effect.

              But that’s another advantage of the Corbett Report: you can go back and check who said what and when.

              To be clear:
              My first statement is dystopian fantasy.
              The second is absolutely true.

      • But thanks mkey for the heads up, because personally, mostly due to a lack of time and energy, EU news remains

        unresolvedly unread.

        Which is an anagram for

        Ursula Von der Leyden.

        hardy har.


        • ah rats. It’s von der Leyen like ” fond of lyin'”. not Leyd en like “laid in”. Had that Pfizer CEO in the back of my mind, I guess.

  58. If you bought your Tempur-Pedic Mattress from Houston’s ‘Mattress Mack’, then you might be in luck.
    ”How Does The 2022 Astros Win It All, Get It All Promotion Work?
    When you purchase a Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster or Sealy mattress sleep set priced at $3,000 or more, and if the Houston Astros win it all in the 2022 final championship series, your purchase is FREE!”

    Jim ‘Mattress Mack’ McIngvale is getting closer to winning a record $75 million payout from a World Series bet.
    (When one looks at the odds and playoff/number-of-game encounters on these sport bets, there can be some long shots.)

    Wednesday Nov 2nd, 2022
    The Houston Astros — led by starter Cristian Javier — have thrown the second no-hitter in World Series history. Javier and three relief pitchers combined to blank the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 4 Wednesday (Nov 2nd) night, 5-0, and pull Houston even in the series in historic fashion.
    A history-making five-homer barrage by the Phillies one night. A history-making combined no-hitter by the Astros the next.
    (Series tied, 2-2)

    The National League champion Phillies and the American League title-winning Houston Astros are squaring off in the 2022 World Series.
    To win the World Series, a baseball team must win 4 games out of a maximum of 7 games.
    ~~ Friday, Oct. 28
    Phillies 6, Astros 5 (10) (PHI leads, 1-0)
    ~~ Saturday, Oct. 29
    Astros 5, Phillies 2 (Series tied, 1-1)
    ~~ Tuesday, Nov. 1
    Phillies 7, Astros 0 (PHI leads, 2-1)
    ~~ Wednesday, Nov. 2
    Astros 5, Phillies 0 (Series tied, 2-2)

    ~~ Thursday, Nov. 3
    Game 5, HOU @ PHI,
    ~~ Saturday, Nov. 5
    Game 6, PHI @ HOU,
    Game 6 will set a record for the latest date that a World Series game has been played. It is Football season!

    If necessary…The only time all seven games are played is when each team wins three of the first six.
    Sunday, Nov. 6
    Game 7, PHI @ HOU

    • You better lie down before you read this. 😉

      The Houston Astros won the 2022 World Series
      ~~ Game 5 Thursday Nov 3 – Houston Astros beat Phillies 3-2
      ~~ Game 6 Saturday Nov 5 – Houston Astros beat Phillies 4-1

      A lot of people are getting free mattresses. Even during the World Series games, truckloads of mattresses were given out free in different cities.

      In addition to winning $75 million, Mattress Mack threw out the first pitch ahead of Game 6, so he had quite the Saturday evening.

      Nov 5 – Las Vegas Review-Journal
      ‘Mattress Mack’ wins record $72.6M in World Series wagers on Astros

      • This guy is a legend, to do all of that on 5th of November, that’s what I would call a nice field day.

  59. [University of Melbourne / Eventbrite | 22.11.02]

    The Faculty of Fine Arts and Music proudly presents

    The pandemic has advanced the digitisation of arts practice globally. In this context, a panel of distinguished artists considers the ways that technology co-exists with the human body, and how we build and predict futures through art.

    Panellists reflect on the impact of emerging technologies on their own practices and speculate on where we might be heading next. Along the way they discuss the influence of artificial intelligence, datafication, sensors, the proliferation of screens, and the impact of virtual production on theatre, art, and film. They also consider the influence of the arts on emerging technologies, and the potential of art-tech collisions to propose alternative ways of living, making and collaborating.


  60. just a banal observation:

    In today’s Reuters headlines is singer Aaron Carter’s death at 34 after ‘drowning in his bathtub’.

    So, conspiracy theorist that I am, my first reflex is to think “oh, was he writing a future hit song denouncing the covid “vaccine” or something?”

    So I type “Aaron Carter” (who I’d never heard of before) and “covid vaccine” into Google, and sure enough, courtesy of Wikipedia, I read:

    “…In August 2021, Carter was announced as a performer in the Las Vegas production of Naked Boys Singing.[86] He was let go before the show’s debut because he refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19.[87]…”

    What I find interesting is not particularly that Carter may have been (but not probably has been) executed for bringing wrongthink into the cool people media sphere.

    What I find interesting is my own reaction as I watch myself suspect such a thing and then take time and energy to google it and, with no rush of adrenaline whatsoever, be “vindicated”.

    anyway. Happy Sunday.

    • I saw the headline and clicked.
      And I also had never heard of him before.
      However, the article didn’t reveal much and I dropped my interest.
      Thanks for posting that excerpt.

      I’m betting that the media publications recognize that they get a greater number of “clicks” in 2022 than they did in 2019 on this type of “celebrity” death headline.

      • Yea. Pumping up general deaths in headlines to dilute and camouflage covid “vaccine” deaths (along with the other tactics for obscuring and denying them). While feeding everyone’s customized terrors and neuroses.

        The media is, in fact, Room 101.

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