October Open Thread (2023)

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It’s the first weekend of October so I’m opening up the October Open Thread for members to discuss the latest news and happenings from around the world, or just to share personal anecdotes or talk about life, music, the world and everything.

There’s also a bunch of interviews of yours truly to catch up on in case your jonesing for some James, including an interview by Weezy of the What Is Truth? podcast:

#154 James Corbett | The Corbett Report

An interview conducted by Christy and Scott over at Flip City Magazine:

Flip City interviews James Corbett

and a special interview that’s not with James Corbett of The Corbett Report but James Corbett of Kodomosan:

Liberty Radio Interview – James Corbett of Kodomosan

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  1. My wife and I were in the catering business in the San Francisco Bay Area for about 7 years in the 2000s. We catered often for the very rich and powerful. We worked jobs at Bohemian Grove and Pacific Heights in San Francisco. We were around many of the “elites”, “Big Boys”, and “Swinging Dicks”, that run the USA (or at least the West Coast).
    Pelosi, Feinstein, and other powerful people live(d) in Pacific Heights.
    We could feel the evil emanating from them. I had a panic attack at one job in Pacific Heights and had to sit outside in the winter rain trying not to have a heart attack.
    My question is, “What do we do with people like them?”

    • I used to love visiting San Francisco (not any more). The Marina area near the Golden Gate bridge was a favorite. Did you cater any parties on Marina Blvd? What a place to live! Anyway, the question is what to do with the ruthless power seekers, because they are always thinking about what to do with US! You can’t vote them out because the system is rigged; coke or pepsi, no real third choice. Even if you removed them some other way, there are numerous psychopaths in the pipeline just itching to move up and take their place. You can’t screen them out with some kind of personality test, because they will always find a way to fool it. I think that decentralization of power is the only way to minimize the harm that they do. This goes against the constant centralization of power that societies gravitate to, but I see no other viable way.

      • I agree. Decentralization, and effecting it in every nook and cranny that we can personally.

    • I just read that the planet Mars have 2 moons….

      One of them could house these self proclaimed “elites” – the other the entire Bible belt

      Imagine the silence left back here – hurray!!!

    • Hrmpf….

      What an experience…

      I’ve never visited the West coast and, always been told – quote:”You’ll like it there” end quote

      I’ll just thank no…don’t envy you..

      • California is beautiful, and you WOULD like the PLACE. Of course, the government stinks, so I recommend only visiting. Lake and Mount Shasta, Death Valley, sequoia national park, the redwoods. There are lots of things to see. I prefer the natural things. We didn’t go into the cities. It’s too bad evil people have taken control of the territory and imposed their perverted and contorted ideas on the whole area.

    • There’s a tool in dealing with narcissistic abuse called going NO CONTACT.As this blatant pleasure in lying, destruction, and self-aggrandizement is what we’re dealing with en masse I have opted out and don’t engage with any of the crap. It’s a high risk option though, and we’ve been blithely led into the convenience and comfort trap over decades that has rendered people beyond apathetic.
      I see us being pulled into a similar situation as was faced in 1914, where Imperialism met class struggle with catastrophic result.

    • Liberty Under Attack Publications, Has a great book called “Sedition Subversion and Sabotage Field Manual NO.1 A Three Part Soulution To The State. It has some ideas well worth considering,

    • Timmy

      What do you do with ticks, leeches, fleas and other bloodsuckers? Wish them luck?


  2. The Clinton Global Initiative
    The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) brings together established and emerging global leaders to create and implement solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. CGI works with partners to develop Commitments to Action — new, specific, and measurable actions in climate resilience, health equity, and inclusive economic recovery and growth.

    The U.S. Congress has been angrily arguing on how much more money to borrow, and also where to spend this borrowed 1.8 trillion dollars.
    Typically, half of that 1.8 trillion goes towards the military industrial complex and the other half goes to fund many, many other government programs. If Congress doesn’t reach an agreement by October 1st, then these government entities/programs would cease to have funding and need to “shutdown”.
    Spoiler: At the last minute, Congress passed a “stall, delay, and deceive” budget bill which keeps government funded for the time being.

    On Thursday September 28, 2023, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) discussed a proposed amendment on the House Floor which would defund any government entity from participating with The Clinton Global Initiative.
    The Clinton Foundation Is Involved In Corruption That Would ‘Make Even Hunter Biden Blush’: Foxx
    (7 minutes)

    • Pie Charts on U.S. Government Debt & Spending

      At the 2 minute mark, Rep David Schweikert (R-AZ) starts showing charts and graphs.
      It is probably worth a few minutes to view some of these.
      Later, warmonger Rep Mike Kelly (R-PA) shows an image of where the “Tax Dollar” revenue is spent.
      ‘The Idiot Class’: David Schweikert Absolutely Hammers Congressional Colleagues Over Spending
      ( ? minutes until you fall asleep)(Patented sleep aid for American public)

      Although dated to January 2023, Mike Shedlock offers some quick overview images here…
      Within 30 Years, 100 Percent of the US Deficit Will Be Medicare and Social Security
      ~~WWW mishtalk.com/economics/within-30-years-100-percent-of-the-us-deficit-will-be-medicare-and-social-security/

      Bedtime Reading brought to you by the U.S. Treasury…
      Understanding the National Debt with many links to other related topics.
      ~~WWW fiscaldata.treasury.gov/americas-finance-guide/national-debt/

    • Surprising who is also involved in the CGI — baffling, Christians and Catholics in this forum will likely be moved to throw up, so get a paper bag ready — pope Francis invited to address CGI on Climate change, starts at 19m30sec:


      BTW, the pope’s controversial Synod on Synodality, which will bring Catholic doctrine in line with the globalist Schwabian and CGI “values” is also starting now in Rome. Is this the end-time prophecy? More and more Christians and Mormons seem to be entertaining this as an increasingly possible outcome:


    • One of my senators sent me an e-mail about what to do if there was a government shut-down … because she is so very concerned about all of us, her constituents. Here is the beginning of her e-mail:

      “Dear Friend,

      “Earlier this month, I traveled around our state to hear from Granite Staters on how a potential government shutdown would affect them, and one thing was clear: a shutdown would be a huge financial strain on our state.

      “Now that House Republicans are forcing our country down an uncertain path, I want to share some resources for families, veterans, small businesses and others who currently use federal programs and might need access to them during the potential shutdown.”

      After a list of contact numbers and places that offer help for different things, she ended with, “Government shutdowns put our national security, public safety and essential government operations at risk and I am hopeful that Congress will come together in a bipartisan manner—as we have done before—to stop this from happening. The safety and well-being of Granite Staters is my biggest priority and know that I’m continuing to work on your behalf.”

      I replied with the quote (sometimes attributed to Mark Twain and sometimes to Gideon Tucker), “No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.” I also told her I believe it. Somehow my reply has disappeared, so I can’t replicate all I said. We would be better off without their help. I may have added something to that effect. 🙂

      She never listens to me anyway.

      • dragonlfly

        What an excellent response. You might also have added “If voting mattered they wouldn’t let us do it”. Wasn’t that also Twain?


        • While trying to find the exact wording and source of that quote, I discovered these, which I saved for later. 🙂


          I had heard this quote during covid and have quoted a variation of it many times, with the disclaimer that I was unsure of the source. It popped up as a mark twain quote too:

          “It is easier to fool the people than to convince them they have been fooled.”

          My variation (based on something I heard) was: It is easier to convince someone to believe a lie than to convince them that they have believed a lie.

          • The author of this quote is very questionable, but the provenance is immaterial. We don’t need to know the author to know that the statement is a fact that is 100% truth.

            People are easier to be fooled than to be told they got something wrong. The inverse operation is always the more difficult one.

            Subtraction is more complex than addition.

            Division is more complex that multiplication.

            Unlearning is more difficult than learning. That is they way of our world.

            There is greater resistance and there is a longer road to travel. And this is exactly why they have to get to the children early on.

            • Right. And most parents “have to” (so they think and say) send their children to government, tax-funded schools where they have no real influence or input into who teaches their children, what is taught, or which children their children are choosing as companions.

              • In many states “have to” is backed up by “child protection services” that just as well may kidnap the child if these schooling “recommendations” are not followed.

                Here it is illegal not to send kids to school. However, the system is very stupid so an appropriate strategy would probably yield good results. Like sending the child to school, but using all means to reduce the number of hours that are actually spent in the school.

                Or, alternatively, arming yourself and waiting for the “services” to show up. Things are going in that direction anyway.

              • dragonfly

                Here is a quote by one Peter Hogeland, (I may have his name spelled wrong it’s been a long time.) a Nebraska state senator, made sometime before the year 2000 to a mother protesting against the state run education system in that state. The church run school that her children were enrolled in was doing so much better than the Omaha public schools that the state would not allow the results to be entered into the public record.
                Hogeland: “Do you have a marriage license?”
                Mother: “Yes”.
                Hogeland;”Hasn’t anyone ever told you that children of a state licensed marriage are wards of the state? The reason the state of Nebraska is making an issue of this is because parents do not have the right to raise their children in their beliefs because in the year 2000 America is going to be part of a one world government and their children will not fit in.”
                I had this entire conversation memorized at one time but my memory ain’t what it use to be. I may have it written down somewhere but I’m not sure if I can find it.
                According to the US Supreme Court a license is “Permission to do that which otherwise is illegal or unlawful.”
                You can easily see the bucket of worms this opens up. Key word here, “Permission”. So who is really in control?


              • I apologize… I have to – yes, really 🙂 – reply to myself to answer because there is no “reply” on your post…

                That is a threat here too, but many states have only a few requirements to homeschool (or none). Most people I have talked to make the excuse that they are not patient enough to do it. Many have a certain lifestyle they want to live and they are not willing to give up their toys, eating out, multiple cars, nice house…. I gave up all of that to homeschool my son – not that those were my goals and dreams anyway, but I chose to live simply because I was determined to homeschool and not turn my son over to them.

                There were fears sometimes about some nosy neighbor (or stranger) ratting me out (I did it illegally – without approval/permission from the state), but thankfully he is grown now and we made it through intact. The requirements here (New Hampshire) were not difficult; I just didn’t think they had the right to díctate or oversee this choice. Now, New Hampshire is even more lenient than they were back then.

              • The jump from a marriage “license” to owbership of live born children is a mighty one, indeed.

              • mkey

                A huge leap, for sure. They’ve been practicing jumping for many years and are very good at it.


                I had heard that many years ago, and can’t recommend having the state involved at all. I believe in marriage, but not that people need approval from the state to get married. There are strings attached to that permit/license.

                That said, I don’t think the lack of a marriage license would hinder them from doing whatever they wanted to do if they wanted to disrupt a family.

              • Dragonfly

                I remember a woman who didn’t believe that the state had control of the children of a licensed marriage. I told her that if she went to court for a divorce and had children It was the state who would decide what happened to the children. They could be “awarded” to either mother or father or they could be taken from them and put wherever the judge decided to put them and God help he/she who tried to do anything about it. Then I ask her, “Where did that judge get the power to do that?”

                Yes, I agree that “they” will do whatever they want to do, license or no license and there’s not much one can do about that. “Land of the Free????”. Home of the ?????

                Super what you did for your child. You will be blessed for that.


  3. Greetings fellow knowledge seekers, simple saboteurs, technocracy resistors, eye bouncers, facial recognition thwarters, self reliant vanguard/black rock defeaters, decentralized communicators, involuntary government nullifiers, magic word wielders, researchers, autodidactics and grateful community builders.

    It is beet and cabbage season here in the northern hemisphere! In our household that means it is time to make a huge stockpot pot of borscht! This post offers another full recipe from my recently published book.

    ????????? ???????:


    This stuff is a powerhouse for nutrition and tastes amazing. Roasting the beets with skins on preserves their juicy flavors and mineral content. Grating them into the soup after cooking/cooling makes this one easy to construct. Pan frying the wild rice prior to adding to the soup splits them open as they cook adding a nice meaty texture. The shiitake mushrooms offer an added umami layer to the already rich flavor profile resulting in a extremely nourishing and satisfying soup.

    It freezes well and can be enjoyed either hot or cold depending on the time of the year. The ingredient list was inspired by what we had extra of coming out of the garden one chilly evening in late September years ago. Your time spent in the kitchen gulag will be well rewarded with enticing flavors and the amazing health benefits of beets as well as dark leafy greens which are both abundant in this hefty, ‘stick to your gut’ soup.

    Hope some of you will take a trip down to the farmer’s market (or into your garden) and use some of the bounty to give this recipe a try. It has won over many a beet/cabbage hater in my parts 😉


    Wishing you all bountiful autumn harvests and many joy filled nourishing meals shared with friends and loved ones.

    • James, Love you!! I would love to see a “Ukraine War in Five Minutes” inspired by the classic 9/11 in five minutes. Bless You.

    • That was fun. Copyright criminals lose credit score.

  4. Went to a Fall Festival at my grandchildren’s school. What a cellophane, vapid experience. Nothing like the heady and exciting real thing of fifty years ago. The “hayride” was a trailer lined neatly with two benches of hay bales facing each other upon which you were supposed to sit quietly, pulled by a small tractor which smothered me with diesel exhaust fumes. I stood up to get away from the nauseating smell and was told to please be careful and sit down. All the young parents and their children looked at me. I smiled and said I couldn’t or I would be sick and turned my face to the breeze. If I was told twice I would’ve leapt off. Oh the joys of being a tiny old white haired lady. I was not challenged. I wish they knew what fun a real hayride is pulled by horses and a wagon piled high with unbaled hay upon which the people sang whilst breathing in deeply the crisp fall air, kids always were jumping on or off and trying to catch up again. (Playing tag at this school was stopped last week because a kid fell while being chased. ?)
    I ran to get on the cake walk but saw that the cake table had no beautiful homemade cakes ? ? on it but was laden with various cheap Debbie Cakes packaged in cellophane and plastic. How disappointing. The only fun thing in the whole place was the inflatable bounce house with slide, they went wild in that. Once inside it was unsupervised. YES!

    • @s511

      I am sorry to hear about your experience with the “safe and effective” modern day version of a fall season celebration but I appreciate your sharing the anecdote.

      I think the first time I really understood the meaning of such an event was when I was about 20 and it was the first time I planted seeds in the rich earth, tended them for a full season, harvested the results of my efforts and then shared them with some new friends in the form of a soup (in late fall).

      It wasn’t anything elaborate, just a simple tomato and basil soup (made with my homegrown heirloom Brandywine tomatoes, onions, celery, fresh basil and other herbs) but the act of planting those tiny seeds, caring for the plants all through the blistering hot Okanagan summer, harvesting and creating in the kitchen to share the abundance with friends and family provided a sort of nourishment for the soul which I had been missing in my life. The look on their faces when they tasted what real tomatoes and basil tastes like (not that canned stuff they were used to) and the excitement they expressed when I told them I could share seeds with them so they can make their own next year too, it really moved me and served to set me on the path I am walking now.

      It felt fulfilling and heartening in a way no pre-packaged institution organized event never could. I felt like I understood why people developed a “thanksgiving” celebration to begin with after that and I sought to expand on my ability to cultivate real food, share it with good people and help others to be able to do the same (and I have been doing so ever since).

      Now a days (as part of my own personal “fall festival”) I like to give a shout out to the people who lived on this land looong before I did (who helped the very concept of a “thanksgiving” celebration come into being through helping the settlers survive their first winters) at this time of year and create recipes like this https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/the-three-sisters-and-the-time-of? and share then with friends and neighbors.

      I also like to make another recipe where I do a Shepard’s pie inside a hollowed out pumpkin 🙂 Perhaps i`ll share that in a substack post some time soon too.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • We used to ride, standing up, in the back of a pick-up truck with sideboards. The game was to see who could keep their balance the longest without touching the sides.

      Our airstrip (pista) was also where the cows grazed. When there were going to be flights coming in, we would need to pick up the cow pies. When I was 9, there was a truck pulling a trailer with a bunch of kids throwing the dried cow pies on the trailer. Some of the older boys were jumping on and off the trailer as it moved up the pista, so one time I decided to jump before the trailer stopped too. I didn’t know you had to jump off running and I fell over when I landed. But I learned. 🙂

      One time a bunch of us cousins went swimming at the brook down the road from my grandparents’ house. We were wet (of course), so we all just grabbed on to the outside of my mom’s car, wherever we could hold on – bumper, rack on top, hood – and she drove us home.

      I never heard of a bike helmet until I was in my 20s.

      I realize things are different now. Everyone is in a hurry and drivers are maniacs. Last night I was driving home, following a truck pulling a trailer. The road wasn’t smooth and it was dark. I just backed off and gave him plenty of space. We had a nice drive for quite a few miles, going between 20-25 mph, but then someone in a hurry came up right behind me. He could see there was a big vehicle ahead and that I was staying the same distance behind, but that didn’t matter. Despite the fact that no matter how fast either of us went, we would still be behind the truck ahead of me, he had to tailgate me with his lights glaring into my mirrors (which I turned so they would, hopefully, shine back at him, instead of into my eyes).

      Some things ARE more dangerous now (because of the speeds people like to go), but I suppose some of the extreme precautions have to do with liability.

      I say that the world would be a better place if everyone would just slow down. Things were lots better when life was slower (in my opinion).

  5. Headline from Revolver News: Canada now requires all “online streaming services that offer podcasts” to register with the government for regulatory control…


    “Second, the CRTC is setting conditions for online streaming services to operate in Canada. These conditions take effect today and require certain online streaming services to provide the CRTC with information related to their content and subscribership. The decision also requires those services to make content available in a way that is not tied to a specific mobile or Internet service.”

    • jo-ann,
      I want to thank you for your news posts on various threads.
      Although, I and others may not ‘reply’, these stories are much appreciated.
      Also, they benefit the “historical record”.
      Thank you.

  6. The CDC Awards $260 Million Contract For Disease Surveillance

    “The plan unveiled last week reports about an estimated funding of $262.5 million spread over five years that aims at creating 13 forecasting and analytics centers for infectious diseases across the U.S. This network will channelize the coordinated effort to predict and control disease outbreaks.

    “While some entities monitor factors like viruses detected in waste water, others scoop up data from health insurance companies, healthcare providers, local health departments, and some even gather data from individual search histories, personal communications, social media posts, and health records.

    “These practitioners will test tracking and prediction tools in neighboring communities or amongst certain demographic groups and go on to scale up successful projects.”

    • jo-ann, thank you for bringing this up. The last and most recent attempt at facts and figures was a train wreck. Nils Ferguson and his kind of figure gathering could have been debunked by a third grader. Will this new model collection be any more accurate?
      Believable? ” Here’s a good chunk of money ,now go find what we’re looking for!” Them those they must think so . A new mini ministry of controlling and probably creating the non fact checked narrative. Science wagging the dog.

  7. Well I just OD’d on a few of James’ interviews now.

    First up was Weezy of the What Is Truth? podcast.
    Biggest takeaway for me was getting to hear James’ take on the moon landings!
    It always amazes me that we will watch and listen to hours, months, years-worth of material he puts out on any number of topics, but we rarely get to hear what is his personal take is on the biggies, such as the moon landings, JFK, 9/11 etc. etc.

    Next up was the Flip City Magazine interview. Certainly a lot more meat on the bone in this interview. I immediately got a chuckle (as James probably did too) when Scott pronounced his name correctly and incorrectly in the same breath. Flipping back and forth from Corbett to CorBETT to Corbett. 🙂

    Last up was his Liberty Radio Interview: James Corbett of Kodomosan.
    James as the musician. So far I’ve only listened to the first quarter of it,
    but it’s been interesting so far. 🙂

    • BUMP

      Thanks for the brief!

      • No problem. 🙂

        Speaking of Kodomosan…

        The intro to most of the Corbett Report podcasts/videos features a
        British woman’s voice (or possibly a Japanese impressionist) and a music score consisting of flute, bass, synth/percussion. Does anyone know if James created/performed the score, or if not,what its origins are?

    • The Flip City mag interview pronunciation faux pas was tough to miss. The host, for whatever reason, kept pronouncing the surname correctly, while the website name was pronounced verbatim. It would be interesting to know what was happening with host’s brain waves during that reading.

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7Y_vNDprCQ&ab_channel=WhatIf
    The most spectacularly creepy propaganda that I have seen all day!

    What alarmed me most was not the fact that anyone would, or could, try this, it was instead the fact that the people I sent this to completely misunderstood why I saw it as noteworthy and kind of comical. Some thought I was a climate alarmist, seriously promoting this Sci-Fi pipe dream. Some thought that the people would wake up just as greedy and stupid as ever, and recreate today’s problems.

    To me, the point is the ridiculousness of anyone believing they would wake up at all. Its just mass genocide, actually suicide, without machine guns and cattle cars.The AGW [aNTHROPOGENIC gLOBAL wARMING] myth, and all its attendant woke nonsense, is given as an axiom in this absurd clip.

    It is part of the same agenda that this propaganda campaign pushed 13 years ago.


    • Most of the government employees have doubts regarding sending emails.
      Forget about freezing however many billion people.
      Forget x2 about thawing the same people off.

      • Well one can dream, can’t they?

        • Absolutely.

          I dream that people will start hating stupidity and hipocrisy as much as I do or more.

          • I was ironically making fun of those who like the idea of freezing and thawing everybody, at least the freezing part. That is somebody’s dream.

            Concerning your dream, it may be in the cards, but not in this lifetime.

            When we love the truth more than money and convenience, then it may start to thaw out the massive hypocrisy. I recommend not holding your breath…

              • Definitely, maybe…
                What’cha gonna do?

              • Get some guns? I’ll probably have to do so illegally. Thankfully, there are still a lot of those around, leftover since the war.

                Or maybe I could become a hunter and get some shotguns. For the uptight and upright game.

              • Get guns? Then what?
                I thought we were in heady issues, trying to save mankind, or at least better the condition and direction of humanity…

              • Sorry, I understood you asked watchagonnado from a more practical standpoint.

                Guns would be for the people who will come, inevitably. I kind of can see clerly that it is going to happen, something I used to fear.

                Now I would just appreciate to see the masks finally come off. Pardon the pun. And when I does happen I would like to have some guns, just to make it interesting and so that I could ask myself watchagonnadonow right there and then.

                At that point I will inevitably recall this conversation.

                Anyway, I guess the only concrete thing I could do to help the plight is to go off into the woods, live as a hermit and start writing some books on common sense.

                Maybe how to books.

                – How to stop being a sloth
                – How to stop being an order follower
                – How to love freedom more than life
                – How to stop hating your progeny
                – 12 steps program to stop being a statist

                Something like that. I am not sure if the titles should be such to immediately offend people by telling them the truth or maybe they should be watered down to coax people closer. Haven’t figured that out yet.

  9. Just a mini ‘Solutions Watch’ testimony from Sydney, Australia. As we know, the government often tries to insert itself as a third party to many of the ‘person to person’ transactions in life. Often in the guise of added security / protection, the government gains power by placing itself between people.

    Case Study – recently I rented out a room to a person and arranged the leasing agreement myself (without an agent). Did a bit of reading and realised that charging a ‘bond’ to the tenant is not mandatory. Rental Bonds must be held by the government and involve registering with the rental bond board. Basically government keeps the money during the term of the lease.

    I thought that perhaps it is better to trust the person I am entering into the lease with. The risk associated with this trust is four weeks rent if things go wrong. This is an acceptable risk to take with the benefit of the government not being a party to the transaction.

    Each person’s situation is different but just wanted to share this small win. It feels good to trust others.

    • That’s interesting. I’ve noticed in some “progressive” areas it’s easier to get exemptions in health care settings than more “conservative” areas for jabs, including the flu jabs that has never really done much to prevent flu and may even increase the likelihood of getting other illnesses.

      I find that odd. Our government is weird with the manipulation of the legal system. The federal government does tend to intrude into state business. Should the federal government or any centralized agency have a right to dictate rules to individual businesses? Even if the effects are ethical in this instance, as it protects individual rights?

      And what financial incentive do private businesses have to require people to take jabs or dictate what people do with their body? I mean, there must be a financial incentive right? I wonder what it is. Or maybe they are just tyrannical idiots?

      I don’t know, but it’s interesting for me to consider these things. Thanks for sharing.

      • “I wonder what it is. Or maybe they are just tyrannical idiots?”

        cu.h.j: The only anecdotal evidence that I can offer by observing other small business owners who mandated is 1. To go with the crowd and 2. Have you ever been to a business website where they display logos of each organization that they belong to for biz cred? Kind of like that. Store owners had a much sought after sticker to put in their window bragging that the employees were vaxxed and that the staff did extra sanitizing for “your protection.”

        So I would say social pressure with underlying and unconscious tyrannical undertones.

        The narcissists’ flying monkeys.

        • Makes sense. They think that going along with save their business perhaps? They assume the public will feel safer if everyone is “vaccinated” and they can advertise that. But, I know for a fact that people have put that sign up when in fact the business has allowed exemptions which is a law. So they won’t explicitly say that they allowed exemptions and probably can say “all employees are fully vaccinated”.

      • cu.h.j
        “… easier to get exemptions in health care settings than more “conservative” areas …”

        Conservatives psychologically like to conserve whats there….they tend to want to obey laws and rules even if their considered bad or stupid because its in their nature. Maybe thats why?

        • Yeah, maybe. But the actual law is that people have a right to a religious exemption as an accommodation with the caveat being “undo hardship”. In this example, there was no undo hardship. The conservative thing to would be to follow the law right?

          But they chose to violate it. It is absurd to deny a remote worker their right to an accommodation. A business like that deserves to go out of business.

      • Technically, please don’t call them idiots. They are clearly morons, with a few imbeciles thrown in.

    • A pretty amazing opportunity to throw up watching these goons.

      • Indeed. Hope you didn’t lose your lunch.

        • Thank you, but no. I am learned in the ways of keeping my non bacteria defecated food where it belongs – down the gullet.

          Again, props to you for having the constitution to go through such material and render these excerpts ladden with lies, deceit, propaganda and obfuscation.

    • Indeed, Germany is restarting coal power plants. Amazing investment of close to zero and getting megawatts.

      • I had read about that.
        Net Zero 2050…these people in government are clowns. 😉

  10. I’m going to put this out there because it intersects my interests on several levels. It could be of great importance in understanding the art of war we be living in.
    Dr. Ana Mahilcea talks with Dave Hodges on The Common Sense Show, about the contamination of our blood and how it steals your life force.
    HomeRemedySupply has talked about how revitalizing a good blood detox program can be for optimum health. Dr. Ana does too. But where does the toxic build up come from?
    I have followed the Geoengineering of our skies and looked around for the who and why. I only watched the skywriting for years before I figured it wasn’t all about weather but delivery,but of what? Dr.Mahilcea believes the unvaccinated are contaminated as well as the vaccinated and comes from the spraying of the skies.
    It wasn’t untill Patrick Roddy recorded (secretly) Ken Caldera from Stanford saying, bragging, his work in Geoengineering, for the Navy, was about delivery of bioweapons packages to targeted populations using storm clouds, rains,weather. A method that was untraceable and perfect for plausible deniability.
    Dr Ana worked with Clifford Carnicom at the Carnicom Institute on Morgellins disease research. I find her credible and concerned for humanity. She has joined in the legal fight for the benefit of humanity with a fearless and tenacious energy. This topic of having a back door hack to human motivation and ability to prevent any normal response seems self evident. Our lack of response to the atrocities we have witnessed and been harmed by must give rise to further aggressive actions. The previous generations would have demanded action to such crimes against humanity.
    If you are run down, cronicly tied,filled with apathy and have no sex drive it isn’t your fault. It is you responsibility to do something about that and there are ways to counter that sonambolistic state. Regain your life force.
    Please if you know of a blood cleaning clinic in your area list it here.


    • Unlimitedhangout.com was just blocked at my location. It is still online. My mistake..

      • Yep, online here as well. Probably some temporary routing problem, if not outright censorship.

  11. reading material concerning EUGENICS
    maybe gonna pick up a book or read an article
    spoken about/recommended by TIKhistory


    anyway, I wanted to quote from his description on his website, as others may find interesting:
    I have spent a significant amount of time scouring the archives which hold the papers of the American eugenics movement. The result of nearly two decades of scouring these archives is the Eugenics Anthology. What started as research for a single book soon divulged that there was enough evidence at these archives to fill several volumes. Anyone that visits the major archives will quickly come to the conclusion that the world is yet to be told the full scope of the movement that directly lead to The Holocaust.”

  12. OCTOBER 4, 2023 – Wednesday – United States – 2:20 p.m. ET

    Oct 3 – Mercola
    (Hat tip to Linda Newland and Rose the dog. For years, the Dallas Mayor has heard a lot from Linda about Fluoride.)
    Listen Up! A Special Emergency Alert Will Hit Your Phone Tomorrow
    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEA) is conducting a nationwide Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) test on cellphones Wednesday, October 4, 2023, starting at 2:20 p.m. ET. The WEA will occur during a 30-minute window. The test will consist of a message and unique tone and vibration; technically, there is no escaping it unless your carrier does not participate in WEA. Since this is a national test, there is no opt-out and the test will occur even on cellphones that are turned on silent….

    Rumors about Oct 4th have been flying in the Alt Media space…

    Sept 24 – Mark Crispin Miller
    Is something wicked coming at us on October 4?…
    ~~WWW markcrispinmiller.substack.com/p/is-something-wicked-coming-at-us
    On September 20, I wrote a post highlighting a video by one Jason Shurka, warning that a 5G signal could be broadcast worldwide on October 4 (or, failing that, October 11), with what may well be an apocalyptic purpose.
    After I wrote that post, and as I was about to put it up, I found that Shurka’s video had been “removed by the uploader”…

    …But Greg Reese has just revisited the issue, and so compellingly that I am moved to post this warning after all.
    His case is strengthened by Todd Callender’s elucidation of precisely what that 5G signal would let loose inside the bodies of the “vaccinated”—i.e., the Marburg virus, among other pathogens, in order to bring on that “zombie apocalypse” which has been cinematically foretold for many years, and which the military has, in fact, been planning for. (Reese’s video also includes the gist of Shurka’s warning.)…
    [Video link]

    • My heroine is Linda Newland. She is mentioned above for sharing the Mercola story.

      Linda addresses the Dallas Mayor and City Council about Fluoride (again)
      (3 minutes)
      (H/tip to Joe for the video)

      My advice: Don’t mess with Linda, or you’ll eat dirt.

    • I just came in to post about the FEMA test, but thankfully found your warning and deleted my post before the 5-minute timer ran down. 🙂

      My son just sent me the FEMA link and suggested I turn my phone off for the test, so it doesn’t drive me crazy.

      HRS, what are you planning to do, or what do you recommend?

      • the lilac dragonfly says:
        “HRS, what are you planning to do, or what do you recommend?”

        I’m just gonna do work, and my regular routines. But I will definitely keep my phone on and nearby, ‘cuz I wanna see and hear the FEA announcement zong.

        During my school years, especially in High School, I got ‘A’s in Creative Mischief.
        FEA – School kids could really have fun with this one. I’m sure that many will turn their phones on just to hear the classroom mass-phone announcement.

        It would be fun to get a bunch of friends in the office or classroom to agree to turn into Zombies after the phone zong.
        And prior, the group of friends sets up the narrative, all agreeing to it, that the phone zong turns people into Zombies. The marks, the folks not in on the ruse, would certainly become wide-eyed after the FEA announcement.
        I hear ya on that 5 minute timer. Sometimes my edits are a rush.
        What’s your game plan for the zong?

        • Well, I was planning to obey my son and turn my phone off – kind of spiting them by ignoring them – but now you’ve gotten me curious to see what it will be like, so now I don’t know… (?)

          I laughed, thinking of some kids actually doing what you suggested…. 🙂

          I grew up in a boarding school – a perfect place for practical jokes, and boy, did we have some fun. I could tell lots of stories about things we did… I was a ring leader in that too. 🙂

        • I wonder how many people know this is planned. I suspect there may be a significant amount of panic and pandemonium in some places. It might be a good time for people to go to public places and video what happens.

          Another rehearsal. Another way to let us all know they can do whatever they want and there’s nothing we can do about it. I don’t like it. At all.

          That they can put out a warning over the radio waves is one thing, but to invade my personal space on my personal device, with the permission and assistance of the cell phone company I am paying for services is something very different. They could send millions of people into a frenzy over something that is totally fictitious. Imagine another covid “pandemic” with the government having direct access, 24 hours every day, to everyone who has a cell phone. 🙁 Creepy.

          Of course, it is probably completely necessary because of all the potential threats we are facing – pandemics, alien invasions, and other serious situations that we might REALLY NEED to know about. :/

          I wonder if this is being done in other countries as well. Simultaneously, or will they have their own trial runs at different times…?

          I expect that by this evening, there may be some good material for a Corbett Report episode.

    • My mother is worried about students hearing all these alarms going off and panicking. I contacted my kid’s elementary school and asked that they notify teachers and students before it happens. I think it’s especially important for the more sensitive children to be given a warning about the warning.
      Maybe I should have just kept them home today…

      • I agree. Some tragic things could happen if people don’t know what is going on and they panic.

        In May of 2000, we moved to the woods. No electricity. No radio. Very little contact with the “outside world.” On September 11, 2001, we went shopping at a local second-hand store. The radio was on and we heard this crazy stuff being said. We finally asked someone who worked there if it was some sort of radio drama, and she told us no, it was real.

        We were already longterm conspiracy realists (almost a decade at that point), so our first thought was it must be a radio drama. We didn’t even think it was real. We were kind of laughing about it. But some people – many people – would panic if they heard something like that, or what sounded like a serious warning or screeching sound, coming over the radio.

        If all phones in the country suddenly go crazy at the same time, it could cause some serious and dangerous situations – in public places, on roads, in stores, in schools… I don’t think this is okay, but we shall soon see how it pans out.

        It’s pretty freaky to think someone from the government can address you directly, right through your own phone, in your own home, without you having any say about it. You don’t even have to “answer the phone.” They just burst in, uninvited.

    • Interesting. I never trust these alerts to provide anything useful. I also am not convinced 5G has the capability to activate any nano substance or potential contaminating virus or poison in the jabs turning people into literal zombies (the flesh eating kind). So, we’ll see either later today or on October 11th.

      If the alert is for psychological purposes, it’s to send a message, like the Pavlovian bell. They seem to be trying to condition the public to obey. They depend on compliance. Realistically, they don’t have the man power to compel people to do anything. I do think they have the capacity to use satellite and drone technology to bomb us though.

      The parasitic government officials could hide in their bunkers like cockroaches, no offense to cockroaches though as they probably serve more of a purpose than the government. My feeling is that there is something stopping them from doing this though, full scale hot war with the population of the US. Why not though? I’m not sure but they would have done it all ready if it was in their interest to do so.

    • UPDATE: Late afternoon Wed Oct 4th
      The Special Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) test occurred right at 1:20pm Texas time on my phone.

      To be fair, most Texans are already acclimated to “Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)”.
      This loud noise/text alert was just like many others.

      Most common in Texas are the statewide child abduction alerts called “AMBER Alerts”.
      These alerts can occur between 6am and 11pm.
      If an abduction had happened overnight, often that loud noise and text alert will hit the phone at 6am.

      Tornados and bad storms in a certain area will trigger phones in that area.
      There has been times where this has come in handy for me.


      • I got a text too on the west coast. My phone is always on silent so no loud noise came through. I’ve gotten those Amber alerts though and they are loud.

    • UPDATE
      The “Alt Media” and its dupes ruined the cake mix.
      This is another big step backwards towards waking up others.
      This is one more reason to follow The Corbett Report.

      Thursday Oct 5, 2023 – USA Today (via Yahoo)
      ‘I am not a zombie’: FEMA debunking conspiracy theories after emergency alert test

      …What do conspiracy theories claim?

      QAnon influencers are taking to the internet to spread misinformation about the emergency alert. Some claim the alert will “activate” deadly diseases within vaccinated people—warning followers to turn off their phones. Such claims have been seen by thousands of people on X, formerly known as Twitter.

      According to the Associated Press, conspiracy theorists are also spreading debunked information that the emergency broadcast system test is sending signals to phones that activate nanoparticles such as graphene oxide that have been introduced into people’s bodies….

  13. While I am not an ESG fan, neither am I a coal fan. Mercury in fish is often the result of coal as a fuel.

    ‘Not-ESG Friendly’: New Panasonic EV Battery Plant In Kansas To Be Powered By Coal

    Panasonic’s new battery plant in Kansas will require an amount of energy equivalent to that used by a small city, forcing a nearby utility to halt the shutdown of a coal-fired power plant…

    …Panasonic’s 4-million-square-foot plant in Johnson County will double the utility’s load and require two new substations and upgrades to 31 miles of transmission lines…
    …Documents show Evergy will have to keep a Lawrence coal-fired power plant online until 2028 to meet the new load at the EV battery plant that will be ramped up as production begins at the end of 2025/early 2026. The utility plans to transition from coal to natural gas by the decade’s end.

    “Beyond the sheer magnitude of load and load factor, Panasonic’s construction schedule, and, in turn, its energy needs, are being planned on a very aggressive schedule. With energy needs starting to ramp in 2024 and full load requirements by 2026, there is urgency to procure capacity and energy to fulfill the expected energy usage schedule,” said Kayla Messamore, Evergy’s vice president of strategy and planning…

    …Despite the $4 billion cost of the factory, the Japanese company is “poised to get as much as $6.8 billion from provisions in last year’s federal Inflation Reduction Act,” the local paper said in July. The company is expected to receive over $8 billion in federal, state, and local incentives and support the plant in Johnson County.….

  14. Are there more stratospheric aerosol injection experiments (SAIE) lately or am I just seeing more headlines?

  15. Another reaffirmation to “Voting harder doesn’t work”

    In order to take part in the GOP presidential debates, potential candidates must sign a pledge agreeing that they will not take part in any debate during the campaign that is not sanctioned by the RNC.
    [GOP Grand Old Party (Republican) – RNC Republican National Committee which shapes the political platform.]

    GOP presidential hopefuls—Vivek Ramaswamy and Chris Christie—have been threatened with expulsion from future debates by the Republican National Committee (RNC) after the duo decided to hold a discussion on Fox News.

    “It is very disappointing that we were threatened with exclusion from the Miami debate and future debates for trying to have a more complete dialogue with each other and the voters,” Mr. Christie said.
    “This is what a brokered and rigged nomination process looks like,” Mr. Ramaswamy said.

    RNC Threatens To Ban Ramaswamy, Christie From Next GOP Debate For ‘Unsanctioned Dialogue’

  16. There are a lot of Warriors out there. Here’s one…
    Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox

    How a Lone Lawyer Stopped Forced Quarantine Camps in New York—(for now)

    2 minute video
    The Biden Administration is rewriting the history of COVID. Today, the head of OSHA claimed “we didn’t demand that anyone be fired” despite issuing a worker vaccine mandate for 84 million Americans that was struck down by the Supreme Court.

    Previously, HHS Secretary Becerra claimed “we didn’t force anyone to do anything” despite imposing a toddler mask mandate and Education Secretary Cardona baldly denied his past support for student vaccine mandates.

    Video taken from Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox’s substack article:
    Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes
    Our government is rewriting history. Do not let them!


  17. Broken Brains…and Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

    On 9/13/2023, Robert F Kennedy, Jr was featured on C-SPAN Washington Journal. People can call into the show.
    Here is one caller from that show…
    Example of an American Broken Brain (conspiracy theories: Surveillance, 5G, harmful chemicals)
    (5 minutes)
    [This is street activist Joe’s Bitchute Channel. While not every video is gospel, Joe adds content every week.]

    More Broken Brains during the full C-Span show (43 minutes)
    Washington Journal – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on His 2024 Presidential Bid

    Oct 2, 2023 – The Kennedy Beacon
    Zogby Poll Shows Kennedy Can Win as an Independent
    In a three-Way Race, Kennedy Would Enter Where Ross Perot Finished


    MARKETING – “Shorts”
    The Kennedy Team put together some excellent short video clips, each with a message. Certainly, short clips appeal to various audiences.
    If you click one, you will get a cascade which one can quickly go through.
    Team Kennedy – Shorts

    Sept 24 – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von #464
    (2 hours)

    Sept 14 – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Cheryl Hines | TigerBelly 416
    (66 minutes)

    Sept 15 – Hispanic Heritage Event Livestream With Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    (3 hours, much of which is music)

    Sept 9 – Bobby & Cheryl | The Tim Dillon Show #360
    (90 minutes – A first time ever blackout occurred midway through the show.)

    • Oh good! Covert Vaccinations – Safe and Effective!

      EXCERPTS of video description
      Polymer nanoparticles deliver mRNA to the lung for mucosal vaccination
      Alexandra Suberi et al. Sci Transl Med. 2023. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/37585505/

      Injectable mRNA-based vaccines “were instrumental in halting the spread of COVID-19 infections.”<-(Not, but for YouTube "yes") Now researchers from Yale University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and elsewhere are looking into developing safe inhalable mechanisms for delivering vaccines and other kinds of therapies into the body.

      Operation Sea-Spray was a 1950 U.S. Navy secret biological warfare experiment in which Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii bacteria were sprayed over the San Francisco Bay Area in California, in order to determine how vulnerable a city like San Francisco may be to a bioweapon attack.

      • I ain’t worried. I trust they will homogenize it, and fortify it with Vitamin D.

  18. Hi Corbetteers!

    I’ve just published an article which examines False Dichotomies and Cognative Dissonance in the contexts of COVID, Climate Change (and 9/11 to some degree).

    The article references JC’s work on Climate Change so I thought it appropriate to bring it to your attention. Of course, the article is mine, not JC’s.

    Hope you’re all well.

    2-D / YxN


  19. IMPORTANT – The Great Taking book by David Rogers Webb explains how we will all own nothing.

    This is about 70 pages with an appendix that is almost as many pages. Physical copies can be purchased, but an eBook version is free: https://thegreattaking.com/

    Ivor Cummins Interview of author David Webb (former Hedge Fund Manager:
    THE GREAT TAKING: Who Really Owns YOUR Assets??? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeP71CKRZNs&t=12s

    Article summarizing the “The Great Taking”: https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/85399/the-great-taking-how-they-can-own.html

    “It is about the taking of collateral (all of it), the end game of the current globally synchronous debt accumulation super cycle. This scheme is being executed by long-planned, intelligent design, the audacity and scope of which is difficult for the mind to encompass. Included are all financial assets and bank deposits, all stocks and bonds; and hence, all underlying property of all public corporations, including all inventories, plant and equipment; land, mineral deposits, inventions and intellectual property. Privately owned personal and real property financed with any amount of debt will likewise be taken, as will the assets of privately owned businesses which have been financed with debt. If even partially successful, this will be the greatest conquest and subjugation in world history.”

  20. Keeping The Heart


    ……..“An old saint from the 1600’s, John Flavel, wrote On Keeping the Heart, a small treatise of Puritan encouragement and sound rebuke. Flavel calls heart-keeping “the one great business of the Christian’s life,” and my own struggles confirmed this to me. He wrote to a world of farmers and sailors, but since neither God’s word nor human nature have changed, his advice is just as timely in a generation of QR codes and Teslas.

    Flavel writes about keeping the heart amidst life’s varying conditions—in times of prosperity, adversity, sickness, duty, or even “public distraction” as well as in times of doubting, spiritual darkness, and death. He covers the duties of our outer and inner worlds that may be hidden to others but are known well to God. Good times may be of particular danger in their sleep-inducing ease. Keeping the heart is a lifelong practice of submitting everything— inside and out—to the lordship of Christ.

    If you’ve read any books by Puritan theologians, you will be familiar with the feeling that you’ve been lovingly warned that your ship is sinking. Even as they tenderly address every sort of sin, psychosis and pathology, they never shy away from confronting us with truth through a mix of scripture and 17th-century historical anecdotes. I find this refreshing in a world of woke preachers whose seeker-friendly and “relevant” sermons give a wide berth to truth, and therefore to any remedy as well.
    Truth brings beauty to a clouded, cluttered heart; it sweeps out the garbage that has accumulated in neglect. Like housekeeping, heart keeping is best done daily, before the task is mired in overwhelm. John Flavel’s own words are the best charge to those who undertake it. He writes,

    “Are you now inclined to undertake the business of keeping your heart? Are you resolved upon it? I charge you, then, to engage in it earnestly. Away with every cowardly feeling, and make up your mind to encounter difficulties. Draw your armor from the word of God…And if you engage in this great work…comforts which you have never felt or thought of will flow in upon you from every side.”

    Onward and upward, weary ones. Here’s to keeping the heart!”

    • Steve-o

      Sometimes you make sense and offer things one must consider.
      Of the heart, these things are like the proverbial” words of a child or from the mouths of babes”. The reading of the heart is much closer to God than the reading of the bible. One is the work of the Creator the other the handy work of men.
      I would seek the advice of an innocent child who knows only the voice of their heart over the crafted texts of wise men and done so on occasion.
      John Flavel’s words above
      ” keeping your heart…” I must ask of this “keeping”as it must have come from one’s own discovery in childhood of that accompanying voice of Creation. A knowledge that one is not alone in ones heart from birth. That is knowledge; easily lost in the distractions of this world. As Flavel says, keeping “It” is well worth the effort having comfort and rewards flowing upon you from all sides.

  21. Today I stopped in to my local university to visit the music department.
    I hadn’t been there in many years.
    Every single student was keeping to themselves in the hallways, drawn to some form of
    electronics. No conversations at all. It was completely silent.

    As I was making my way out of the building I passed by a washroom and wished I had taken a camera with me. There it was, the sign on the door saying:
    “Gender neutral washroom”. I kid you not!

    It made me think of a Dylan song:

    Come gather ’round people, wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters around you have grown
    And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone
    If your time to you is worth saving
    Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the times, they are a-changin’ …

    • Silent halls at a university. After spending quite a few years on one, with some extra time added due to my wandering proclivities, I do have to say the idea is a bit chilling.

      So is, however, the idea to attend one again.

      • “Silent halls at a university.”

        Yes it is a most bizarre phenomenon.
        I remember when cellphones started to become popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s.
        I instinctively knew there was something evil about them.

        I refused to take part in the whole scheme, saying “Thank you very much but I don’t want to be on a leash like a dog, 24/7”.

        Little did I know the future social and physical implications of the devices at the time.

        Universities/colleges used to be one of the premier places to socialize and make new friends. Now the trend is moving is the opposite direction.

        Add to that the bathing of humans around the entire globe with EMF radiation, to satisfy “the demand” and you quickly arrive at the zombie population we have today.

    • U.S. Universities Colleges – the great shakedown of the American people

      Circa 2005-2008 when I was going to college, I noticed a trend appearing.
      Colleges and universities were spending more and more money towards major construction expansion projects. There was an increase of higher education advertising (get a Masters / PhD.)
      Tuition costs started rising. The whole sector became an inflated bubble, a massive industry. It was built with an influx of over a trillion dollars.
      Indentured servants built that bubble.

      The sector was fed by government student loans. Universities greased the lines for applicants. Student loans were easy to get.
      ***An important aspect on these student loans was that they can never be defaulted on. Unlike any other type of debt, bankruptcy won’t cancel a student loan. The government will haunt the borrower to his grave.

      Total student loan debt is 1.6 trillion.
      This month, more than 40 million Americans will start again making payments on their student loans.
      (40 million = 18% of U.S. adults, or roughly 2 out of every 11 American adults)
      The average monthly student loan payment is an estimated $503, per “Education Data Initiative”.

      CPA Lena Petrova provides some excellent financial news on a variety of topics.
      Oct 3
      DEATHBLOW to U.S. Economy: $1.6T In Student Loan Payments Cause Renewed Fears Of a Recession
      (Good overview in a couple minutes)

      • “There was an increase of higher education advertising (get a Masters / PhD.)
        Tuition costs started rising. The whole sector became an inflated bubble, a massive industry. It was built with an influx of over a trillion dollars.
        Indentured servants built that bubble…
        DEATHBLOW to U.S. Economy: $1.6T In Student Loan Payments Cause Renewed Fears Of a Recession”

        I hear ya’!
        Maybe it’s time for James to do an ‘Education is a Racket’ special?

        One of the things that really struck me during the scamdemic were
        the number of university/college students who were complying with
        the jab mandates. It was bad enough with the health care workers,
        but to have such a huge mass of higher ‘educated’ youth simply
        acquiescing made me question the sanity of humanity as a whole.

        • Human beings are social and if they refused probably believed they could not attend with their peers. Health care workers went along to keep their paycheck probably. I know that was a big motivator for a lot of people in the US. Luckily I got my exemption or else I’d have to find a new job or even new line of work.

          People don’t consider the costs of sustaining a disability or disease because perhaps they have never experienced one or they haven’t had a sick relative or perhaps haven’t had a death in the family. I considered the risk of taking a potentially deadly experimental drug to losing money and it was not worth the risk and on top of that I would have lost my integrity. Perhaps other people place more value on other things.

          It’s interesting because very intelligent people took the jab if you’re looking at IQ as a measure of intelligence and yet did not consider common sense risks to health. I feel bad for people who had a family to feed but anything outside of that was extremely stupid and many people will pay the price.

          • Good points.

            “Human beings are social and if they refused probably believed they could not attend with their peers.”

            The social factor. Also peer pressure.
            And it’s also likely that the vast majority in this age group(< 21) haven’t been red-pilled yet.

            Which got me thinking … Has there been a study made yet (not by the MSM) to discover the demography of the red-pilled in various countries?
            My intuition tells me that this age group (university/college) would make up a very low percentage of the red-pilled.

            “It’s interesting because very intelligent people took the jab if you’re looking at IQ as a measure of intelligence and yet did not consider common sense risks to health.”

            Yes very early on I also noticed that there was no correlation between the jabbed and IQ.

        • Why not do a “Everything’s a racket” special?

  22. Is AI capable of “understanding” humor?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZdytTKeGYM&t=770s (2min, stop at 14:08 and read)

    From the video above it looks like it is.

    I’m having troubles to wrap my mind around this.
    Is this an example of a conceptual understanding being present in AI?
    It seems to me it is.

    Are they now capable to build in a conceptual understanding into AI?
    I haven’t heard this is possible but I hope that is the case. Because otherwise it might be about an emergent behavior and that is…..spooooky.

    In the mean time thousands of human-monkeys are using all kinds of gpts and by doing this they unknowingly help improving it.

  23. Thursday October 5, 2023 – The Highwire

    Del Bigtree does a poor job on this interview.
    He interrupts Attorney Michael Connett repeatedly. It was disappointing not to hear more details from Connett. Del also tries to rephrase a concept but his rendition often misses the mark, and actually pollutes the full understanding. Bigtree should have done more homework prior to stating his ‘authoritative’ statements.

    The Fluoride Lawsuit is exposing fluoridation of our water supply as one of the greatest public health scandals of our time, with shocking new revelations coming to light through this groundbreaking legal case;
    Jefferey Jaxen reports on the FDA’s Peter Marks, who wants you to space your shots outs, The HighWire’s coverage of Omicron Origins has gone viral in Japan.
    Then, hear about a Holistic Practitioner who broke from mainstream medicine, to forge a new path for health and healing, and tips you can take home that will help your health today.
    Finally, a new song set to release October 6th, is calling out Rock Stars who lost their rock and roll during the pandemic.
    Guest: Michael Connett, Esq., Barry Smeltzer, MPAS, PA-C, FAAEM, Brad Skistimas of Five Times August

  24. On Saturday Sunday September 23, 24th, Robert F Kennedy, Jr. was in the Austin area of central Texas.

    Derrick Broze was on the streets at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas on Saturday.
    There he ran into Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Discusses Corporate Capture & the U.S. Border
    (5 1/2 minutes)

    • HomeRemedySupply.

      I don’t know how you or Derek can tell these two grifters apart?
      One is not much different from the other. Those that are being served by these two will step out from behind the curtain and discard them like they would you and me. One is a trained monkey the other a made guy . How have they served the Godfathers of Banking? How will they help us out of the CBDC box we are bound to be put in by the global money cartels ? Things will deteriorate rapidly at that point and the made guy will sure work to better himself as will that monkey Hotez. We are seeing the divine comedy in real time. Screen writers have written it all out and all they need is a little time. I have lived long enough to smell the bacon fry’n by these two clods in Austin.
      I feel sad for James in his latest assessment of his Homeland.
      I am concerned that we are not that far behind Canada. Derek’s interview with two of the latest characters, are like Trudeau’s character, groomed for two important areas.
      Science providing authority to the Warden of the prison. All the while we are denied bail.

      • Texacanitis

        I suffer from Texacanitis, and that leads to other complications.

        All in all, I advocate for gaining a better understanding, for promoting the concept of “finding out for yourself”, for enlightened messaging.
        Very often RFK, Jr. will state: “Don’t take my word for it.”
        Dr. Peter Hotez advocates “taking the government’s word for it.”

        In the end, it will be up to enlightened active individuals to create a better world, not a Presidential savior.

        • Homie,so sorry you will be scratchin’ that Texacanitis rash for another year. Oklahoma University has done it again to a Texas opponent. 34 to 30 just minutes ago.
          This crazy prison Warden who runs this coliseum game is laughing all the way to the bank. The prisoners are all on death row. Poison blood,food and water awaits their appointment with the executioner but that don’t matter,so long as Oklahoma beats Texas in the circus maximus the prisoners will forget escaping premature death and robbery of their life savings. Not to mention addressing the criminals who assaulted them. The games,the games, what a distraction. Really unbelievable.
          If only we could see the presidential races settled by bashing there heads together untill only one is left alive. The WINNER.
          The Texas flag will no doubt be flown at halve mast for the next week.
          So sorry!

          • – Sad Day for Embarrassed Texans –
            We Texacans lost some of our God given rights…the “Right to Brag” being chief among them.

            Oklahoma Wins Red River Rivalry

            My duplex’s other side is home to a fantastic neighbor, who I will call Hailey. She’s in her 20’s with two small dogs, a wonderful friendly gal. She originally comes from the Oklahoma side of the Texas Red River border near Sherman, TX where her family owns 160 acres.
            Friday afternoon while I was sweating out front pulling up some peanut plants to replace with other plants, Hailey gets in her huge 4 door fancy pickup truck, and then spots me.
            Hailey and I briefly chat. She was very excited about the TX-OU football game. She told me that on Saturday morning she, her boyfriend and friends were headed down to the game. She laughed because she was out numbered as the only Sooner fan.

            The previous weekend, I ran into Hailey’s sister by our vehicles. She will be moving back to the Oklahoma 160 acres where it ain’t crowded. She and a boyfriend were visiting Hailey. We chatted conspiracy stuff, Bill Gates, the Pandemic nuttiness, et al. I plugged The Corbett Report repeatedly. We had a fun, animated conversation.

  25. I just finished “Culture Of Critique” By Kevin Mcdonald and must say that for those who want to get a better grasp on why we are experiencing the current death of western culture and democratic traditions its a great read- its back 25% is notes and bibliography so its not as heavy a read as it looks.

    I do not think he gets the whole picture, but his Evolutionary Psychology take is one useful way to consider things. His thesis is that
    a)groups of people compete for resources with each other to varying degrees

    b)Western Culture (IMO, HE would argue ‘people’) is more prone to individualism, co-operation and high trust then most other societies (this concurs with what I’ve seen of other cultures)

    c)A concerted effort of social and cultural engineering has been used to render European type folks unable to protect their own interests. (this is not a conspiracy text, he sees this happening out of individual self interest as part of a group – IMO rather like No Conspiracy was needed by whites to , as a group, oppress Blacks in the South.)

    He is refereed to as “anti-semitic’ but I detect no hint of personal hatred or dislike in this book, just a coldly rational objectivity.

    Its well worth finding a copy to help put current events into a more coherent worldview- I saw a copy on the internet archive but no longer trust online sources all that much.

    wikipedia (somewhat biased IMO) since Mcdonald mainly quotes history or jewish sources themselves

    • The book is on archive as well. I’ve skimmed some of it and didn’t find what I read particularly hateful. I haven’t finished it. It’s interesting to look at evolutionary psychology and evolutionary biology of groups, but as you imply, don’t fully explain human behavior in it’s entirety.

      I think looking at non psychopathic humans, ethnic competition can explain a lot and perhaps are evolutionary strategies in part.

      And his comparison of how Aryan and Jewish ideas of ethnic nationalism are almost identical is very illuminating. People condemn one state and not the other is hypocritical.

      But I do oppose the idea of an ethnostate and “ethnic cleansing” and “collective punishment” on ethical grounds and don’t think this is an answer to problems. People wanting to model what Israel does makes me question their morality and humanity. I oppose authoritarianism on moral grounds and think that these types of structures allow a parasitic elite to persist. Some may stay in tribes and others have the choice to associate freely. I believe that is morally sound.

      But his comparison of individualistic cultures versus collective ones was interesting and well worth reading and considering.

      I also think he mentioned how antisemitism is used by Zionists to further their goals and Jewish writers have also commented on this. Zionists and an “elite” Jewish contingent need antisemitism. They division and hate. It is an old and effective strategy.

      The shortcoming of analysis through evolutionary psychology is that it is a very “materialistic” or reductionist view of human behavior. For example people who marry outside of their ethnic group may actually love each other and are not motivated by competition. I know this because I come from a mixed Aryan and Jewish background on my mothers side.

      The penalties were much harsher from the Nazi’s than the Jewish community at that time.

      He also writes that many Jews are taught that they are superior to Gentiles in intellect, morally and spiritually and this is accurate and Jewish authors and Rabbis don’t deny it. In some communities there is a deep hatred among Jews towards Gentiles particularly traditional Orthodox communities.

      This type of ethnic hate though is not unique to Jews nor is it universal to all Jews. As mentioned in the book, other collective cultures like the Chinese have similar attitudes. But this is not universal among all Chinese.

      I also think that “elites” especially the psychopathic variety will use and dispense of ethnically or racially “in group” members when they stop serving a purpose. That should be noted by identitarians. Similarly, making excuses for obvious psychopaths and dregs of society including the “elite” because they are part of one’s “in group” shows a lack of intelligence in addition to a lack of morality.

      • I do not think he ever refers to “aryans”, which is a word kinda skunked by the Nazi’s and replaced with the functionally identical “Indo-European” but I dont thin he said that word either.

        “…Aryan and Jewish ideas of ethnic nationalism are almost identical is very illuminating…”

        I dont recall that part- did you mean the conclusion part where he hypotheses that Europeans will probably end up acting in the same way as (self-aware, exclusionary,hostile towards outsiders,ect) the he says promoted Jewish endogamy?

        He also says that this is the REGULAR pattern of attitude/behavior for ALL groups that are forced into competition vs other groups, not specifically jewish or European.

        “…The shortcoming of analysis through evolutionary psychology is that it is a
        very “materialistic” or reductionist view of human behavior. …”

        Yes, I agree. It is just one useful way to look at things.

        “…But I do oppose the idea of an ethnostate and “ethnic cleansing”…”

        There are 3 kinds of state
        2)Propositional state

        I like no.2 but I dont think its coming back any time soon. Mcdonald actually goes thru its strengths and weaknesses

        “…is type of ethnic hate though is not unique to Jews …”

        VERY true (as he points out), but on the other hand its not like the Chinese have had the same ability to SHAPE culture that Jews have had thru control of sociology, psychology, publishing and media in general and making of TV and movies.

        But glad you found a copy of “Culture of Critique”, its key to understanding the current situation and where its going to end up 🙁

        Heres a LOL, AI norman Rockwell and modern USA

        • I think it was from his other book titled “A people meant to dwell alone” or something like that. I skimmed that one too.

          I used the word Aryan because it’s the word used to describe Germanic people in the 1930s and 1940s and was used by both ethnic Germanic peoples and Jews. It probably has a negative connotation now but at the time was just a descriptive word as far as I know.

          As I’ve mentioned, looking through an evolutionary lens is incomplete and a bit myopic. It is usually good to get a broader picture of the situation by considering other perspectives, such as the work of JC who uncovers nefarious action by elitists for their own gain at the expense of everyone else.

          I do think people are waking up to this and something new can emerge.

          The “elite” exploit loyalty and group psychology for their own gain. I believe that it is possible for people to work together as allies in order to thwart destruction of humanity (in all of it’s types).

          I also think JC has made a very compelling case that “the state” has tended to become a source of tyranny and perhaps there is another way forward.

        • “VERY true (as he points out), but on the other hand its not like the Chinese have had the same ability to SHAPE culture that Jews have had thru control of sociology, psychology, publishing and media in general and making of TV and movies.”

          Yes, I think this is probably true in addition to tremendous wealth of elite in this ethnic group which exploit the work and talent of the periphery. If only people could see the big picture and the string pullers for what they are. And I think that people are starting to see this.

          The fact that there have been movements against the brutality towards Palestinians by Jewish Israelis and protest against their tyrannical government to me is hopeful.

          I think people can use their talents to oppose the tyranny and defeat the evil agenda rather than work for it’s benefit. That is the more noble pursuit IMO.

          • cu.h.j
            “…. Aryan because it’s the word used to describe Germanic people..”

            Thats why it was skunked, but in truth it refers to wide groups of people- from the Celts to Saxons to Iranians who probably did not think of themselves as a the same group.

            The Reason “Culture Of Critique” is a USEFUL book is that it provides part of the explanation for

            a)HOW the modern world has arrived at the current doom spiral

            b) WHY the group he highlights (ethnocentric Jews) created this situation.

            but I agree…its not the whole story.

            “…. I believe that it is possible for people to work together as allies…”

            Yes! But….

            The issue is that (using the methods described in the book) large numbers of people have been trained to think of themselves as lone induvudals competing WHILE other groups STILL operate as a group.

            This means that some people are trying to cooperate with people that are exploiting them, either cynically or unconsciously.

            Mcdonald shows the history and the methods used to disarm and dis-empower people (as does Dr EM Jones, in #JewishRevolutionarySpirit, in that book from a religious POV)

            “…“the state” has tended to become a source of tyranny and perhaps there is another way forward….”

            People have always lived in

            1)an EthnoState

            2)An Empire

            or 3) A Propositional State

            You CAN NOT live in a propositional State if you have a minority acting against the interests of the majority, or even of other minority groups. Such a minority BECOMES the Elite (or a good part of it) and does even more horrible things to people it actively hates (as the jewish revolutionaries did in Russia and Hungary)

            Even though he is a materialist, Mcdonalds book
            Culture of Critique is a VERY important book for understanding this, IMO and does help people see the “big picture’.

            • “The issue is that (using the methods described in the book) large numbers of people have been trained to think of themselves as lone induvudals competing WHILE other groups STILL operate as a group.”

              Yes, I think this is true. Failure to understand the dominant culture of where someone comes from is naive BUT it should not dissuade people from trying to work together.

              But the fact that some individuals come from collective cultures does mean there may be a larger hurdle to overcome because they risk loss of acceptance by the group. Some people are naturally less ethnocentric and assimilate and/or more flexible to new ideas and ways of living in the world. They are more secure in who they are and have a more healthy identity IMO. Perhaps that is my own bias toward individualistic cultures like America.

              I know there may be a strong sense of loss or loneliness similar to “conspiracy theorists” who buck the system. It’s tough and doesn’t feel good but is it not better to do what is right and feel good about how one uses their energy? Some people will go for group approval and others will do what is right (at the right time).

              To be too trusting though is a mistake and being knowledgeable of who you’re dealing with is important but shouldn’t keep people in their own foxhole (either alone or collectively.)

            • I think there is also the use of wealth in addition to ethnic hate that is part of the problem. As JC points out there is usually someone profiting, probably not for the revolutionaries benefit however.

              Some of these social justice groups really believe they are doing the right thing, not out of hate. They believe the propaganda too. If they could understand how they are being used could stop what they are doing.

              There is no fulfillment in destroying someone because of hate if what comes from it is evil IMO. It’s like nuking the entire planet because of hate. Human beings can use reason to overcome that base instinct.

              • CU.h.j
                “…I think there is also the use of wealth in addition to ethnic hate that is part of the problem….”

                Yes, indeed, but wealth and Elite power is best dealt with in Neema Parvini’s “The Populist Delusion”, or (for the USA today) Chris Lasches “Revolt of the Elites”.

                “Culture of Critique” is just the current Best Book on the

                ETHNIC angle of deliberate destruction, and Where / Why the west is experiencing whats going on now. and the probable outcomes.

              • I think deliberate destruction of any ethnic group and/or culture is evil.

                However I do think that there are other strategies to preserve western civilization without emulating the worst expressions of collectivist cultures and authoritarianism.

                I also am not a fan of eugenics and people telling you who you can and can’t love. People do their own selection, some based on similarities and common race and culture and some just out of individual love for another human being.

                But I do understand that some people want to keep their culture intact but simultaneously at what cost? And is it true that having a family with someone outside of ones “in group” will result in erasure of the homogeneous group?

                Theoretically, it could but in reality has that been shown to be the case? When people have too much endogamy you end up with disease. It is a poor evolutionary strategy.

                I think that perhaps the destruction of culture is a way to bring in transhumanism and the complete erasure of man as a natural being. I hope that enough people can see that. I think human beings of all different kinds and cultures should be preserved because they make the world a special place IMO.

                Whether people recognize it or not, the work of JC is a product of European culture in a way, the good parts. If that is gone, that would be tragic.

              • cu,h.j

                “Culture of Critique” is just the current Best Book on the

                ETHNIC angle of deliberate destruction, and Where / Why the west is experiencing whats going on now. and the probable outcomes.

                Did you read the rest of it yet?

  26. Academic Agent reading from a book about Information Control back from THE LAST TIME they burned the LIbrary of Alexandria….I had no idea about the destruction of so many sets of plates for printing classic books that were then revisable.

    If you want it grab or listen to it fast since he puts his stuff behind a paywall after a while

    Cigar Stream #192: Censorship Under FDR and Harry S. Truman


    • he starts reading about 10 min or so in…..

  27. There is speculation that the US government used a mini nuke to destroy nordstream pipelines.

    Dirk Pohlmann had a talk about that theory in the Dirk Pohlmann Show on tnt radio.

    Recently he spoke about these findings before the U.N. security council (before
    jimmy dore):

    Now a german department found caesium 137 in baltic sea fish:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7d9L1ZB-4A (german)

    wow that is a hint for the definite escalation to nuclear war to overthrow european governments.

  28. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics issues reports periodically. Upon the release of certain Labor Reports, the markets might move dramatically. Huge swings can occur. (e.g. Oct 6) This includes the bond market, stock market, currencies, and commodities.
    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has a terrible reputation for glossing the figures, then later revising the numbers.

    This is the GRAPH for
    Population – With a Disability, 16 Years and over
    In September, 34,146,000 people were added. As you can see, following May 2021 the accelerated rising trend in an unprecedented range is alarming.
    The above chart emanates from ‘Current Population Survey (Household Survey)’ https://fred.stlouisfed.org/categories/12

    Disability – definition – https://webapps.dol.gov/dolfaq/go-dol-faq.asp?faqid=67
    a person with a disability is generally defined as someone who (1) has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more “major life activities,” (2) has a record of such an impairment, or (3) is regarded as having such an impairment.
    [Social Security uses a different classification method of ‘disability’. It can be hard to qualify as ‘disabled’ in order to receive payment benefits.]

    I am trying to nail down some things, and there are some puzzling aspects.
    Employed – With a Disability, 16 Years and over
    Labor Force Participation Rate – With No Disability, 16 Years and over
    Labor Force Participation Rate – With a Disability, 16 to 64 Years, Women
    Labor Force Participation Rate – With a Disability, 16 to 64 Years, Men
    The above were snagged from ‘Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate’ – https://fred.stlouisfed.org/categories/32443

    I am wondering if more people are claiming “mental impairment”.

    • I see correlation between these figures and the depopulation agenda.

  29. Israel declares war on Hamas and whoever else and whatever country. Get ready American Tax payers. . . Ukraine gonna be hurting lol.

    • hypersimmian

      “…Ukraine gonna be hurting…”

      Nah, this will be an excuse to push a funding bill thru that has the whole pigs worth of pork.

      That said, considering the tottering state of the economy and weakening of US ability to project force it wont end well

  30. For those still interested in the suspicious Maui fire / weather event in early September 2023:


    “Hawaii Real Estate” decided to look at the satellite images taken on that eventful day and discovered that 18 hours’ worth of satellite image data is missing from two separate databases.

    The missing data raise further questions and suspicions about what actually happened on that day.

  31. Short note from here in Israel (I am actually quit busy and not in the mood to be writing here at the moment, but felt these facts need mentioning).

    In my facebook feed I am getting testimonies of people saying they served in the military in the south and what happened does not make any sense to them. The security fence has electric sensoring and there are observers sitting in bunkers in front of screens for 4 hour shifts.

    Apparently, when they were their they got woken up for every single little thing. How on earth 400 armed men came through the fence after a part of it got demolished without this causing the military personal in the bases nearby to wake up and be ready to react makes no sense to them.

    • Have to add I am not with military background. Someone said they first operated through the air and then proceeded to the fence once bases were nuteralised. Maybe, but I still have my questions. No defence and good alert system for an operation through the air? No prior intelligence?

      • And also saw someone said there should be a military ballon above the base in case of an air attack. At least they should have been able to alert that an attack is happening. Apparently.
        Anywhy, will leave it for now as really I am busy, just don’t like leaving things not thorough but will have to let go for now as in anycase I do not know much about military operations.

        • Thanks for posting this Sunny.
          It’s a sad day.

        • Richard Gage, AIA, Architect has posted a compilation of commentary and videos that agree with your suspicion. Excerpt:

          “While most researchers in the 9/11 truth movement agree that the 9/11 false flag operation was a MIHOP (Made It Happen On Purpose), Morningstar suggests that Israel may be complicit here in a LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose).”

          “Israel’s 9/11 Moment”?!

          • I had read that today.
            It was pretty good.

      • It’s very weird indeed. Perhaps it’s like another 9/11 where miraculously a small force was able to evade detection of a vastly superior military force. Not saying it’s impossible that this could happen but it should be investigated and citizens should question and investigate.

        I wonder who is funding these types of groups and if there is any link to the “intelligence community.”

        I would not put it past governments to support killing their own citizens for the benefit of wealthy interests. It’s sickening. It also stirs up state support by citizens who may not investigate how their own governments betray them.

  32. Could have been written yesterday.

    “In 2009, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) said on the House floor that Israel ‘encouraged and started Hamas.’

    Paul’s comments came during a speech about ‘blowback’ due to U.S. intervention in the Middle East.

    “What’s happening in the Middle East, in particular with Gaza right now, we have some moral responsibility for both sides in a way because we provide help and funding for both Arab nations and Israel,” Paul said.

    “We have a moral responsibility, especially now today the weapons being used to kill so many Palestinians are American weapons and American funds are being used for this,” he added.

    “But there’s a political liability, which I think is something we fail to look at because too often there’s so much blowback from our intervention in areas that we shouldn’t be involved in,” he continued.

    “You know Hamas, if you look at the history, you’ll find out that Hamas was encouraged and really started by Israel because they wanted Hamas to counteract Yasser Arafat,” Paul commented.

    “You say, Well, yeah, it was better then and served its purpose, but we didn’t want Hamas to do this. So then we, as Americans, say, Well, we have such a good system; we’re going to impose this on the world. We’re going to invade Iraq and teach people how to be democrats. We want free elections. So we encouraged the Palestinians to have a free election. They do, and they elect Hamas,” Paul continued.

    “So we first, indirectly and directly through Israel, helped establish Hamas. Then we have an election where Hamas becomes dominant, then we have to kill them. It just doesn’t make sense. During the 80s, we were allied with Osama bin Laden and we were contending with the Soviets. It was at that time our CIA thought it was good if we radicalize the Muslim world. So we finance the Madrassas school to radicalize the Muslims in order to compete with the Soviets. There is too much blowback,” he said.”

    I guess the American weapons that were abandoned in Afghanistan have found a purpose.

    • “……. Who has the power to call off or reduce the usual security precautions? Who has that power in Israel must now come under the spotlight and be questioned why they did so. Because they obviously did.
      Now what they want you to do in any situation like this is to take sides. And if I’m going to take the side of anyone, I take the side of the civilians. The civilians in Israel who have been subject to these horrors that continue. And the civilians in Gaza who are now suffering the horrors of the Israeli response.
      But in terms of sides, one fighting the other, to take either is to lose the plot.”


      • And perhaps the forced jab and “green pass” was not seen as a form of terrorism, but I see it that way. In fact, I see this as a world wide genocide.

        Any leader who would go along with the Covid scam and impose this toxin on the public is a psychopath. And they knew it was toxic because of the clinical trials.

        There’s got to be some “chess move” with this recent atrocity against civilians that are ultimately expendable to the “higher ups”.

  33. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada! 🙂

    Today I will be ‘taking a page out of my own book’ ? and creating this as part of our dinner.


    This recipe uses our Three Sisters harvests in a fun way and incorporates other foods gifted to us by the first peoples to call these lands home such as wild rice and cranberries.

    According to Iroquois legend, corn, beans, and squash are three inseparable sisters who only grow and thrive together. This tradition of interplanting corn, beans and squash in the same mounds, widespread among First Nation Indigenous societies of Turtle Island, is a sophisticated, regenerative growing system that provides long-term soil fertility and a healthy diet to generations. Early European settlers would certainly never have survived without the gift of the Three Sisters from the generous indigenous people’s who helped the settlers survive their first winters here on Turtle Island. In fact, that is the basis of the story behind our Thanksgiving celebration.

    This year I am feeling thankful for the abundance Mother Earth provides in reciprocity when we care for her living soil. She even provides us the means to preserve and enhance our garden harvests for enjoying in the winter (through the beneficial microbes that are present on the produce itself which can initiate the process of fermentation if we create the right conditions). To you, the living planet Earth (who draws upon a seemingly endless wellspring of patience, unconditional love, generosity and grace expressed through the tolerance you afford us humans, despite humanity’s prevalent degenerate behavior patterns).. I say Thank You.

    I would also like to give thanks to the countless generations of determined, diligent and reverent farmers, gardeners and medicine women/men who saved seed from the best crops to create the heirloom varieties of produce we grow today. Your efforts have shared many gifts with your descendants, (and through the work of those of us who cherish what you co-created) your efforts will continue to benefit countless generations into the future. Thank you to the ancient ones who cared for the living Earth and wisely saved the seeds so we could have the abundance and diversity of food we have today.

    The recipe shared in the link above is a great way to use up some of that abundance of garden pumpkins in the fall (and/or a great way to use cheap pumpkins that are piled up everywhere around Halloween to make a very nutritious and satisfying meal).

    Cooking the shepard’s pie in a pumpkin adds not only flavor but also boost of nutrition to an already hearty and nourishing dish (plus it means with this Shepard’s Pie you get to eat your ‘baking dish’ too! ? ).

    If you have lots of pumpkins available where you are at a highly recommend giving this recipe a try.


  34. East-West mental differences.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UAsN9wvePE (1/2 hr)

    Dear James, and other world travelers,
    I wish I could get your opinion of this young man’s thesis.
    Is it pretty correct?
    Is it relevant to our work here?

    Warning: His brief advertisement, seems to endorse mainstream experts and fact-checkers.
    I watched the rest, anyway.

  35. A new Declaration of Independence
    Robert F Kennedy, Jr. – Monday October 9, 2023 – Philadelphia

    Historic Announcement – “Team Kennedy” Channel

    “But the good news is that people like yourselves are finally fed up…they are ready to reclaim their freedom, their independence…”

    “I’m here to join you in making a new Declaration of Independence for our entire nation. We declare independence from the corporations that have hijacked our government. And we declare independence from Wall Street, from Big Tech, from Big Pharma, from Big Ag, from the military contractors and their lobbyists. And we declare independence from the mercenary media that is here to fortify all of the corporate orthodoxies from their advertisers and to urge us to hate our neighbors and fear our friends. And we declare independence from the cynical elites who betray our hope and who amplify our divisions.”

    “And finally we declare independence from the two political parties and the corrupt interests that dominate them and the entire rigged system of rancor, of rage, of corruption, of lies that has turned government officials into indentured servants for their corporate bosses.”

    “We declare independence from these corrupting Powers because they are incompatible with the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness….”

  36. Interesting tweet by RFK Jr. on the situation in Israel/Palestine

    “This ignominious, unprovoked, and barbaric attack on Israel must be met with world condemnation and unequivocal support for the Jewish state’s right to self-defense. We must provide Israel with whatever it needs to defend itself — now. As President, I’ll make sure that our policy is unambiguous so that the enemies of Israel will think long and hard before attempting aggression of any kind.

    I applaud the strong statements of support from the Biden White House for Israel in her hour of need. However, the scale of these attacks means it is likely that Israel will need to wage a sustained military campaign to protect its citizens. Statements of support are fine, but we must follow through with unwavering, resolute, and practical action. America must stand by our ally throughout this operation and beyond as it exercises its sovereign right to self-defense.”

    And the link on his statment here: https://www.kennedy24.com/kennedy_condemns_terrorist_attacks_against_israel

    While I think it is morally reprehensible to target civilians and that they have a right to self defense, military support for Israel (and Ukraine) with my tax dollars is infuriating. The military industrial complex is another cancer to humanity in general.

    More specifically though with respect to Israel/Palestine the degree of dehumanization inflicted on the Palestinians with Operation Cast Lead, etc. is deplorable. Though I probably don’t relate to Islamic culture (or any fundamentalist religion) as I understand it, the slaughter of civilians is wrong.

    And military support for the expansion of the state of Israel is not helping civilians, Israelis or Palestinians. Also, this same state of Israel imposed an experimental bio-weapon on their own citizens that has caused death and disability.

    But I suppose that any serious candidate for higher office has to make this gesture, but it is very troubling to me. Netanyahu has shown that he is a psychopath and made it clear that regular Israelis are disposable.

    Trump is similarly duplicitous so perhaps this is not very shocking. But one of RFK Jr’s strongest selling points for me was wanting to stay out of conflicts and rebuild America. How does support of foreign war achieve this? Perhaps this is the weakness of states that inevitably become the enemy of it’s citizens.

    • Cu.h.j

      “..How does support of foreign war achieve this?…”

      You are forgetting the Ethnic politics of the USA…. an example is how up until very recently the Irish terror group, IRA, got support from Irish and Irish heritage Americans. Any politician who needed “the Irish Vote” had to be mindful of this.

      Now realize that,IIRC, New York has more jews then anywhere outside Israel and jewish donors give something like half of ALL political donations in US politics.

      There is no way that a mainstream politician can be successful without pandering to that group…. add in the other interest groups, like the people who supply arms and such, and there is zero political will to back off of supporting Israel and fighting Israels enemies…. the war in Ukraine has a similar dynamic.

      It is IMO unlikely that anything but the coming collapse of US power will stop this over reach…..but as an example of how much power Israel in particular has its good to look at the BBC doc “dead in the water” about the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty- and that peoples grip on power has grown many fold since then.

  37. “The Fine Art of Documentary Scoring – Subscriber Exclusive #117”

    Thanks very much James for this subscriber exclusive.
    As a musician myself, I can naturally relate to this side of your
    creative expression.

    It was interesting to see/hear how you went about conceptualizing/composing
    the music for the score.

    I agree with you 100%, you know you have been successful with the score if people don’t really notice it. If they do, it’s taking away from the important documentary stuff. And they will notice it if the music is either really good, or really bad!

    I wonder if I will hear anything mysterious or possibly morbid if I play the music backwards? 🙂

  38. Heroine Christina Tobin (A native Texacan 😉 )

    Published Oct 6, 2023
    Jimmy Dore To Moderate Presidential Debate! Christina Tobin is interviewed.
    Free & Equal Elections Foundation will host its first U.S. presidential debate for the 2024 election season in LA this winter.
    Jimmy Dore & Christina Tobin will serve as moderators for this one-of-a-kind event. The debate will be live-streamed on Rumble. Six U.S. Presidential candidates from various parties will participate in the debate…
    … The Democratic National Committee has not announced any debates, and the Republican National Committee has terminated its participation in the Commission on Presidential Debates. With the breakdown of these institutions, the responsibility of broadcasting qualified candidates to the public now falls on independent media and non-profit organizations like Free & Equal Elections…
    …Free & Equal Elections has hosted independent presidential debates for over 15 years. Founded by Christina Tobin in 2008, Free & Equal’s independent movement has been endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul, Marianne Williamson, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Past debates have been moderated by Larry King, Thom Hartmann, Ed Asner and Chris Hedges.


    Free & Equal Org

    Free & Equal Election’s United We Stand Tour is an annual nationwide tour uniting the younger generations with musicians, artists, and thought leaders to encourage local civic participation and inspire people to run for office.

    May 2022
    RFK Jr. Endorses Free and Equal Elections & United We Stand
    (2 minutes)

    • How dharrre they!? If DNC said no debates are needed, no debates are needed. They ought to know.

      • Et al
        How can it be Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai was not invited? Oh yeah! the fake left not interested in the real middle. Too disruptive to the illusion being broadcast.

  39. Would be truly grateful If someone can pass on this link to some technology that can transcribe and translate, and share a link for english speaking people. (Although I have no special expectations)
    I believe this testimony will of interest to corbett report members. And to truth seekers in general.
    It’s in hebrew, by a 23 year old who served in the very border. Find it very unlikely to be a fake (Why would someone make up such stuff), and very down to earth regarding why this had to have included an inside job. Fits in with other stuff I see.
    With no self pity, have to mention it is a high stress situation here . We are all in trauma and adjusting, and I do not want to write anything at length. This is also why I am not doing the transcribing and translating myself.


  40. Just some random things that caught my eye that have nothing to do with the latest Israel/Hamas war.

    Naomi Campbell rocks a screenless wearable AI Pin with a sneaky sci-fi twist
    “Beam me up, Scottie”

    Tim Pool advocates for an internet driver’s license with Dave Ruben. For the children of course. A debate worth having I think.

  41. Natural Gas – Israel and Gaza

    I often monitor natural gas prices and news. Of all the commodities, natural gas prices are probably the most volatile. The price point can have huge percentage swings. Tremendous amounts of money are in the natural gas market.

    EU Natural Gas – Thursday October 12, 2023
    Natural gas futures in Europe rose nearly 5% to €48 per megawatt-hour, moving closer to the six-month high of €50 amidst uncertainty surrounding negotiations between Chevron Corp. and its workers at an Australian liquefied natural gas plant. Chevron and Australian labor unions had productive pay and conditions discussions on Wednesday. On Thursday, although some progress was reported, unresolved issues persisted, prompting further discussions scheduled for Friday.
    Meanwhile, Israel has shut down a major gas field due to safety concerns amid ongoing conflicts, which could affect liquefied natural gas exports from Egypt.
    Additionally, a Baltic pipeline leak investigation raised winter infrastructure security worries, leading to its temporary closure. Prices have surged more than 26% this week due to concerns about gas supplies as the heating season approaches, with colder temperatures expected.

    October 10, 2023 – Michel Chossudovsky
    (See Maps)
    War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields

    Almost 15 years ago in December 2008, Israel invaded Gaza under “Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009).”
    The following article was first published by Global Research in January 2009 at the height of the Israeli bombing and invasion under Operation Cast Lead…

    …Gaza belongs to Palestine. In December 2008, Israeli forces invaded the Gaza Strip under Operation Cast Lead. The justification for this invasion was “persistent terrorist activities and a constant missile threat from the Gaza Strip directed at Israeli civilians.”

    What was the hidden agenda?
    The purpose of Operation Cast Led was to confiscate Palestine’s maritime natural gas reserves.

    In the wake of the invasion, Palestinian gas fields were de facto confiscated by Israel in derogation of international law.
    A year following “Operation Cast Lead,” Tel Aviv announced the discovery of the Leviathan natural gas field in the Eastern Mediterranean “off the coast of Israel.”
    “ … the most prominent field ever found in the sub-explored area of the Levantine Basin, which covers about 83,000 square kilometres of the eastern Mediterranean region.”…

  42. They are creating a new financial instrument, a new type of derivative…from your stuff.
    They own you.

    Wednesday October 11, 2023 – Lena Petrova CPA
    BREAKING: JPMorgan and BlockRock Team Up To Launch a DIGITAL TOKEN Platform

    Transcript EXCERPTS
    JP Morgan and Black Rock teamed up for the next chapter.
    Now, the biggest bank in the world has the capability to convert bank deposits into digital assets.
    About a month ago, I shared the news here that Citibank launched its digital token which enables the bank to convert its customer assets, commercial accounts only, as of the launch day, into digital tokens.
    Citibank announced that it was just one of the steps towards streamlining payment systems and enabling real-time transaction settlement.
    Citibank even said that you don’t really need to sign up for the new service. It’s already built into your banking experience, whether you like it or not.

    Well today, there is a new development:
    JP Morgan rolled out its brand new digital platform. And guess what? Black Rock is one of the first and biggest clients.

    …the largest bank in the world by asset size announced that it wants to collateralize all traditional financial assets.
    Now I will repeat that:
    The largest bank in the world announced that it seeks to collateralize all traditional financial assets.
    What is a traditional financial asset you may ask?
    Well, it is YOUR paycheck that is in your checking or your savings account. It is your 401k, your IRA, your stock trading account if you have one. You get the idea: all traditional banking products offered to consumers, to individuals and businesses, fall into this category.
    Black Rock is the biggest asset management company in the world, while JP Morgan is the biggest bank in the world….

  43. https://odysee.com/@KulturstudioTV:c/marxisten-gr%C3%BCndeten-den-club-of-rome:7
    one minute clip. headline: MARXISTEN GRÜNDETEN DEN CLUB OF ROME (marxists founded the club of rome) audio in English,

    as it is an excerpt from this video:
    4 years ago, 25 minutes
    Gunter Pauli: 50 Years Club of Rome

    here is one them themselves talking. I found it fascinating

    – one journalist interviewed 75 famous people/world leaders: Have they read Limits to Growth by the Club of Rome (and of course they were all thrilled and excited)
    – Aurelio was a Gnostic
    – Aurelio managed to bridge between communists and the US, dialogue and practical projects with both sides
    – “and somehow Aurelio succeeded” in getting the wife of Tchiang Kai-Chek to pay him in cash for the destroyed FIAT factory

    I haven’t come across anybody talking about this talk (I have not checked on WUWT and similar pages though) and I found it very worthy of sharing

  44. Questions for Corbett is

    Why did you disable the comment section of Solutions Watch, Gentlemen’s guide to…?

    The one podcast that needed a comment and you shut it down. Humfh!

    • He didn’t want grammar nazis to take over. Or at least he didn’t want comments to derail the topic.

      It is no wonder some authors don’t want any comments under their content. It’s a double edged sword.

    • generalbottlewasher,

      If you actively listen to the episode, you will hear James explain the purpose of disabling the Comments. 🙂

  45. What are your thoughts on this article titled “The dangers of an intelligent population” my friends?


    Select excerpts:

    “Thus, high IQ individuals can be trained with these knowledge sets and still produce expected answers even after altering the semantics of word phrases. What is the correct interpretation of the words “vaccine,” “safe,” “effective” or “saved lives”?

    This is referred to as the language game.
    Manipulating the expected input value for a function to produce alternative behaviour is defined as hacking in computer systems engineering. These exploits could be considered behavioural hacking by training populations with fictitious knowledge or by altering semantics through language games.

    IQ is not a shield against propaganda, but rather a fruitful ally.

    Intelligence is like a knife, it allows us to cut through complex problems but its misuse may result in personal injury. The sharper the knife, the deeper the cut. Higher intelligence can be weaponized in punishment and reward environments, where emotional pressures may produce dangerous behaviour…

    …If intelligence quotients are a reflection of general trainability, how can we protect ourselves from social engineering exploits delivered through persuasive influence?…

    …Critical thinking, in conjunction with emotional intelligence, may help avoid learning fictitious knowledge and falling prey to language games. However, the public must become more aware of any nefarious actors using the mind for political gain.

    The cultural obsession with intelligence is a subversive obsession with compliance…

    …Always question your strongest beliefs, because what you think you know, likely contains error. Identify emotive responses to specific terms or fields of knowledge, because it can be used as a potential exploit against you.

    Keep your head above water, but be wary of the many drowning victims.”

    • I don’t think high IQ necessarily means that people aren’t programmable. Just look at Covid and how many intelligent people took the jab. However, how many of those took it because of pressure even though they knew it was dangerous?

      However, if one were to suggest that intelligence is irrelevant or not something to value or try to increase and foster particularly in children, I think is absurd.

      Humans have done some amazing things with their minds and contributed positively to the world I live in and I am grateful. I like having the internet and antibiotics and the ability to take a trip on a plane, etc.

      I wouldn’t want to live without electricity or heat or basic medicine or some of the amazing architecture I have seen. And just the ability to think and reason is a gift. Ancient philosophy and mathematical discovery has enriched human civilization IMO. Could these things exist in the setting of low intelligence? And does IQ really measure intelligence or achievement? I think it might measure the ability to learn and apply knowledge but intelligence includes other things as well.

      I mean the person who wrote that analysis probably has an IQ over 80 right? I’m fairly certain that most of the audience here has an IQ over 80.

      Good stuff to consider and think about. Glad that we can think about it.

      • @cu.h.j

        I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on the material I linked above.

        Yes indeed, many people (that our dominant human institutions would designate as “highly intelligent”) decided to line up to be injected with a mystery genetic slurry filled with toxic substances (which was created by a group of companies in which some have repeat offending felony track records of fraud and pushed forward by people with a long history of initiating involuntary eugenics operations). Considering the data that was available to anyone willing to do their homework, making that choice was obviously dangerous and irresponsible (counter-intuitive to one’s longevity) and yet millions decided to do so anyways. I am sure that some of them (even knowing dangers) chose cowardice and the easier path in the face of coercion tactics but many lapped up the flimsy propaganda and lined up to be injected with an almost religious fervor (despite being designated as so called “highly intelligent” people by our dominant academic institutions). Stockholm Syndrome can make smart people do some crazy things, but something as suicidal as repeatedly lining up to be injected with a mystery genetic slurry being manufactured by repeat fraud felony offenders? That is a step beyond.

        This also partially makes me wonder if the means of discerning one’s intelligence (such as “IQ tests) which are being employed by those institutions are severely flawed and not actually capable accurately gauging one’s intelligence reliably.

        “I like having the internet and antibiotics and the ability to take a trip on a plane, etc… …I wouldn’t want to live without electricity or heat or basic medicine or some of the amazing architecture I have seen.”

        I like those things in a certain context as well, though I would honestly be happy without them as well. I am happy to learn from books, elders and careful observation, experimentation and pattern recognition. Nature (my garden and the forest) provides all the medicine I need for dealing with infections etc. Electricity is great too, but I would be fine without it, I can heat my home with wind fallen wood and when it comes to architecture I prefer the architecture of God’s design (which is found in all intact ecosystems, in each stone, raindrop, leaf and sunrise) over human architecture any day.

        Being able to go places far away in an expedited fashion is cool too, though there is plenty of enriching beauty, opportunities to better myself and interact with/learn from myriad beings in every moment (regardless of where we are).

        (continued in another comment..)

      • (continued from above comment..)

        I also somewhat resent getting on a plane knowing what I know about the leading edge propulsion tech being utilized by covert military/corporate operations. The planes we pay top dollar to ride in are being propelled by essentially 70 year old tech.

        When you get in an airplane now, and travel across the country, you are getting to your destination in roughly the same amount of time (and in essence using the same basic technology) as someone who was flying in the late 50s!

        We carry around computers in our pockets, scientists create nanotechnology and are creating various forms of artificial intelligence.. yet when it comes to the propulsion systems that power our transportation infrastructure, we are using essentially the same technology (jet engines and internal combustion engines) that our grandparents used to get around. But I digress…

        “Ancient philosophy and mathematical discovery has enriched human civilization IMO.”

        That is an interesting thought to contemplate. Enriched in what way? And would you say that it continues to do so today?

        On a random side note, if this human civilization on Earth became an Ecumenopolis, do you think you would be able to remain grateful and content to live in it and be a part of it?

        Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

        • I think IO measures a type of intelligence or basic ability in a western context. I have not done sufficient research on it to have a meaningful opinion. But I don’t think it’s bad, having a high IQ score. It also tests how well people can take tests. What does the number mean in the real world or does a high number mean someone is more enlightened?

          Being wise and and having empathy aren’t measured with an IQ test.

          But if humans lacked whatever IQ measures would the world be better? There’s no way to know.

          But thing are what they are and intuitively or reflexively I don’t think having low IQs improves anything. I’ve taken care of mentally challenged people and there is a deficit there. I wouldn’t want that. I am grateful for my mind and the ability to think.

        • I think this is why home schooling and/or private school where parents know who is educating their children is important. That way children’s minds can be sharpened with classical education without a lot of the bias.

          As far as I know IQ tests are very basic arithmetic and geometric math problems and basic language/etymology problems mixed in. Sort of like the SAT/GRE or any number of standardized aptitude tests that are not great measures of ability in the real world to be honest.

          There are tips and tricks to get the right answer even if you don’t know it that are useful. It’s a multiple choice test with one right answer and sometimes easy to eliminate the wrong answers. And some people have learning disabilities that affect test taking as well and don’t capture the ability of the individual. I knew someone who was brilliant with dyslexia who scored poorly on these types of tests until this was discovered.

          Being programmable probably has less to do with IQ or aptitude on a standardized test than it does with other traits that are difficult to measure with a test.

          People like to fit in and that is why many people took the jab even though they knew it was unsafe. They might have have had a very well paying job or career or didn’t want to seem different from everyone else. It had little to do with intelligence IMO.

          I do think people place too much value on these types of tests as an indicator of success. There are some people who are geniuses based on their IQ tests but in the real world lack tangible achievement. There are people who are complete idiots in the real world but very book smart and almost geniuses on paper.

          I know plenty of doctors who seem smart but they probably couldn’t understand a scientific paper and what the results implied.

          Anyway, interesting to read your comments. Always good food for thought and worldly engagement.

          • @cu.h.j

            Thanks for the thoughtful response(s).

            Your comments about tests make me wonder about the intuition side of the equation

            I wonder if there has ever been a culture on Earth that created a standardized intuition aptitude test?

            Have you ever heard of Siddhi-s? They are something that is described in the ancient Vedic meditation traditions of India.

            That sort of test (one that measures intuition and/or some sort of extra-sensory perception capacity) seems like something that religions/cultures such as that might create (though I have never looked into it specifically).

            I do know that certain circles within the military’s intelligence community in the United States have trained operatives to attain abilities (which would have been described as “Siddhis” in the Vedic tradition). Those military, intelligence/black ops specialists were (and some still are) trained to be able to develop abilities such as remote viewing, telepathy and remote influencing (sometimes through technologically augmented means).

            Thus, to me it would make sense that there may also be a more reductionist, lab metric measured test that exists somewhere in the bowels of the military industrial/intelligence/corporate complex which might accurately described as a means to measure one’s intuitive capacity (and/or “ESP” capabilities).

            I think i`ll make that a research project for this winter, thanks for the inspiration.

            Thanks again for the comments. Hope you have a lovely, nourishing and colorful remainder of autumn.

            • That’s a fascinating topic, IMO. I know that intelligence agencies have studied psychic phenomena and CIA documents about this are publicly available.

              Near death experiences are also fascinating and people have been able to describe what happened precisely even thought they were minimally conscious at the time.

              When I was young, I was hit by a car and minimally conscious but recall feeling like I was outside of my body. It was very weird. It will be interesting to read your findings.

            • Hi Gavinm:

              I was reading Substack articles today and I found something pretty down to earth about IQ and Covid, an opinion.

              This relates to the very narrow scope of intelligence that standardized tests probably capture on the day the person takes the test.


              I thought it was a fun read.

  46. Civil Disobedience
    By Henry David Thoreau 1849

    “I heartily accept the motto, “That government is best which governs least”; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe- “That government is best which governs not at all”; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.”

    • I love that quote!

  47. I have decided to begin a new series where I post a monthly poll on my substack page that is intended to spark discussion, introspection and transformation.

    These polls will allow new votes in perpetuity and welcome diverse and contrasting views in the comment section.

    Here is a link to the first poll of that series:


    Thanks in advance to those of you that take the time to vote and hope to hear from some of you in the comments section.

  48. Thank you Camille,
    It was nice to hear Jeff’s voice.
    Is it possible to hack into the glasses and broadcast the real world to the wearer? Where is Poppy Crum in all this senses assault?
    Augmented Reality for the Masses;glasses, PleaseStopTheRide.


    • The charges are based on allegations by Viviane Fischer about financial wrongdoing. Fischer is an ex girlfriend and former team member on the Corona Committee.

      Another Capone? The largest problem here, when it comes to such crime, is that he isn’t a big bank.

      • i don’t understand the Capone connection. You believe that Fuellmich actually embezzled funds? Is there a reason to think so?

        He isn’t a big bank. He once sued Deutsche Bank, so it seems possible that they have been lying in wait ever since. At least they were lying in wait for awhile, since legal documents were already prepared when he returned to the consulate in Tijuana.

        A few months ago Viviane Fischer was kicked off the Corona Committee because of embezzlement, so I assume her accusations are likely retaliation. Or perhaps she was an implant all along. I haven’t heard whether she faces charges.

        During interviews I was always a bit shocked by her little-girl bob held with a barrette or bobby pins, always the same puff sleeved blouse, elbows on the table, chin resting on hand. Her manner always seemed inappropriate for interviews available worldwide in such an important context, and I am surprised that she was ever Fuellmich’s girlfriend. Her comments and questions were always focused and very intelligent, so perhaps that was the attraction.

        • Is the Fuellmich arrest a signal that the vise on speech, thought, action, every activity of the mind has been tightened further? It coincides with a very probably orchestrated flashpoint event on the Gaza/Israel border that has produced a new level of worldwide (what is the opposite of journalistic?) invective and support for military engagement. Governments, politicians, universities, corporations, and nearly every media source, conventional or alternative, have taken up support for one side or the other, most of them, as usual, without reference to a complex history and without documentation. Representative of the (((journalistic))) failures, The Gateway Pundit reported recently that 60+% of Palestinians support Hamas, absent, as is their habit, any indication of what sort of pole was taken, by whom? when?

          Meanwhile there are attempts to make criticism of Hamas/elsewhere criticism of Israel a crime. And with reference to the Fuellmich arrest, to make any criticism of the mRNA injections illegal. Does all of this seems like a turning point to a new level of repression?

          • That potential for repression is always there and we have seen it with many political arrests all over the “democratic” world. It’s just that every once in a while goes dormant, but it’s always there. Wakes up wheb they need to send some messages by harassing people. The point is made by making people go through the Process, the final judgment is immaterial.

        • My reference to Capone was based on the fact that they wanted to get Capone for many different things, but later got to him because of financial shennanigans. For the type of stuff big players get a slap on the wrist, at worst.

          I am not making any claims regarding the validity of these accusations as I dont know any of the facts. But, if it’s all based on an ex girlfriend witness account, then only the repressive state machine can make this fly.

    • I heard the news too but have never heard of Fischer having been his girlfriend.
      Supposedly Fuellmich was (and is?) a married man and thus Fischer being his girlfriend doesn’t work out.
      Anyway, of the original team of 4 (attorneys more or less) + Wodarg, the other three are suing him (for embezzlement) and he was picked up by police at Frankfurt Main airport.

      anyway that here is Viviane Fischer who continues the Corona Committee channel/interviews

      • From an earlier report and this one (both undocumented), it is my understanding that she was his girlfriend at an earlier time. If not, his wife certainly would not put up with his working with her.

        According to the earlier report Viviane Fischer was accused of embezzlement by the Ausschuss. So there was a rift among the Ausschuss members and mutual mutual accusations?

        Fuellmich was apprehended at the German Consulate in Tijuana, where he had gone regarding a visa issue. He is German, so why does he need to go to the German consulate about a visa? He had to return for a second visit, and was apprehended. They clearly were lying in wait for him. This embezzlement issue seems to be very recent, so the apprehension might have been in the works already? The amount embezzlement must have been not very large, considering the size of the organization? Usually they arrange this sort of treatment for either a high level person of interest or for a major crime.

        For these reasons it looked to me to be a showcase arrest of some kind. It coincides with a recent international proliferation of attempts to make opposition to all sorts of liberal/Democrat/NWO issues illegal. But perhaps it is a genuine arrest for a genuine crime. Is anything genuine anymore?

        Like the main stream media, the alternative media also reports mainly news that suits its message. That they seem not to be pursuing this one suggests that he is actually guilty. If it were a supporter of the PTB who had been arrested for embezzlement they would be all over it.

        Perhaps it will become clear.

        • I was still in Edit mode when the time expired. The edits I had already made (not of content but only sentence problems) were not saved.

  49. I’ve been having a bit of fun with a new podcast series which uses the Israel-v-Gaza war as mechanism to visit some more interesting topics.

    Here’s episode 2, should you be interested:


    In this episode I manage to weave in Gilbert Docotorow, Daniele Ganser, Operation Gladio, Gehlen, the Petrodollar, Mackinder, Brian Berletic, and quite a bit more in 14 minutes. 🙂

    Have fun!

  50. Monday October 16, 2023 – FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth – NEWS
    Dallas reviews adding fluoride to its drinking water
    (2 minutes)

    I and other activists have been busy as all-get-out.
    I got an incredible amount of stuff on my plate. We all do.

    If you watch the news video, you can see that our efforts have had an effect.
    We knew this meeting was coming up.
    Prior to the meeting, I pitched the story to every news outlet I could muster up, which was a long list.
    We finally got some play in the Press at various places. Even the radio was talking about it.
    That’s what we want.
    That was the objective. To make “fluoride” part of the public conversation.

      • Homie, thank you for the relative facts. A panel of experts willing to sacrifice the future health of many for the one child eating junk food and drinking sugar constantly. That one prevention of one cavity for one child without access to a toothbrush warrants stunting the intelligence of everyone. It’s working! The shine these panelists display is nauseous.

  51. May be of interest to USA citizens:

    The TSA wants to put a government tracking app on your smartphone


    “The model Electronic Credential Act drafted by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) to authorize the issuance of these digital credentials and installation (“provisioning”) of government-provided identification and tracking apps on individual’s smartphones provides that, “The Electronic Credential Holder shall be required to have their Physical Credential on their person while operating a motor vehicle.”

    “So the purpose of “mobile driver’s licenses” isn’t actually licensing of motor vehicle operators, as one might naively assume from the name. Rather, the purpose of the “mobile drivers license” scheme is to create a national digital ID, according to standards controlled by the TSA, AAMVA, and other private parties, to be issued by state motor vehicle agencies but intended for use as an all-purpose government identifier linked to a smartphone and used for purposes unrelated to motor vehicles.”

    I have been away for roughly two years, at about the time Corbett was publishing his podcast “visions of the future” https://www.corbettreport.com/future/
    After 24 months of research, I’d say that the best scenario I found that match the future of humanity is called “Double ten day”.
    I was also able to put a date on the next crisis, which is the one that Corbett has been talking about for two years, meaning a “cyber 911” that will occur on December 21st 2023.
    I’m looking forward to prove my point with the people taking the time to read that post.

    If you can, GO COMMENT on this balanced news story about Fluoride (which has links).
    Please, at least VISIT THE ARTICLE. We want views.

    The Dallas Express – By Andrew Norsworthy
    Council Members Ask Pros and Cons of Fluoride
    Dallas City Council members are calling for a new briefing on fluoridation of the city’s water supply, asking for a less biased briefing on the matter…
    …Some medical professionals have, however, suggested that the substance can be harmful.
    A low concentration of fluoride is found in water naturally, but in high concentrations, the substance is recognized as a neurotoxin, and cases of fluorosis have been recorded in nations with extreme fluoride levels.
    “Human studies have also indicated that chronic fluoride exposure could have long-term neurotoxic effects on children who have been exposed during development, including decreased intelligence or the increased prevalence of ADHD,” according to a study from 2021. “More research is needed to determine if there is a link between chronic fluoride exposure and depression- and anxiety-like symptoms in humans.”
    …Some City officials present viewed the presentation as biased….

    Reader views and also comments on balanced stories like this will encourage more of the same.
    Plus, Dallas activists want to re-ignite the conversation about fluoride.

  54. So this just happened in our backyard:

    “NEW AI SECURITY SYSTEM AT WINDSOR REGIONAL HOSPITAL” (the first in Canada at a hospital).


    The A.I. powered body scanner is advertised to have “multiple levels of sensitivity” but don’t worry the security staff is experimenting with what level of scanning intensity works (by looking into various depths of your body) to “find which setting works best”.

    Yay! Our A.I. empowered technocratic overlords are gonna set up body scanners as we walk into public buildings to keep us safe! How thoughtful of them, now we just need social credit scores attached to facial recognition and heart rate biometrics and we can weed out all those pesky fringe minority dissidents with “unacceptable views” and ban them from entering certain public buildings!

    The urban world is getting more Safe and Effective in Canada everyday now.

  55. SafeBlood – SOLUTIONS

    SafeBlood is a grassroots effort revolutionizing blood donation by connecting members with local mRNA-free blood donors who will be there for you when you need them most. And as a SafeBlood donor, you agree to do the same – be here for the SafeBlood community if and when we need you – refrigeration not required!

    MUST SEE IMAGE – Differences of blood from vaccinated and unvaccinated by dark field microscopy
    [Evidently, ALL of the vaccinated folks in the study had the clumping blood cells.]
    Also notice the world map of locations at the website.

    On Thursday Oct 19, Del Bigtree of “The HIghwire” interviewed SafeBlood Director, R. Clinton Ohle.
    (20 minutes)
    Since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, the common, life-saving procedure of blood transfusions is generating concern for those who do not want to expose themselves to blood containing spike protein, or other contamination from mRNA vaccines. Enter SafeBlood, a new organization with an answer. SafeBlood Director, R. Clinton Ohle, explains how the company specializes in matching unvaccinated donors to recipients in over 50 countries. Hear how you can help contribute.

  56. The first move has been made against humanity. The 5+ billion people estimated to have been poisoned must make up the future army that must respond to this crime. They are dead but don’t know it, They have been poisoned by something that seems to have been distributed throughout the world in medical supplies, medications,food and from the air. Not to forget vaccines.
    This was on Dr.David Nixon’s substack website. The Swiss know there is an evil that has abused their hospitality. It’s hearting to find them doing something about the abuses. Short clip.


    • Small cinders blaze into conflagrations, first the Swiss and now a warrior culture.
      Hats off to the indigenous peoples who for centuries suffered at the hands of invading psychopaths.
      The justice of a culture comes home in the creation of mirror institutes. The Wakaminenga Maori Supreme Court impanels a Grand Jury. Crimes against humanity by New Zealand government officials.


      They are banning all mRna bio-products by Pfizer in their jurisdiction, and holding people accountable for ‘ sophisticated psychological manipulations to harm and promote genocide.’

      • From the Governmental web site and press release.
        The amazing concepts of nationalism and inclusion of world is very interesting. I can invision a non-governmental national world community. That seems paradoxical but doable. The 7 pillars are worth reading. This must drive the Crown in NZ crazy.
        I like #3and#4.


  57. “Twain, in his later years when his family had died and the cynicism became more malignant, would often write fiction in which a cynical protagonist would serve as a proxy for himself.

    This is one such story; the “aged stranger” is Twain.

    Via Virginia Commonwealth University:

    “The country was up in arms, the war was on, in every breast burned the holy fire of patriotism; the drums were beating, the bands playing, the toy pistols popping, the bunched firecrackers hissing and spluttering; on every hand and far down the receding and fading spread of roofs and balconies a fluttering wilderness of flags flashed in the sun; daily the young volunteers marched down the wide avenue gay and fine in their new uniforms, the proud fathers and mothers and sisters and sweethearts cheering them with voices choked with happy emotion as they swung by.

    An aged stranger entered and moved with slow and noiseless step up the main aisle, his eyes fixed upon the minister, his long body clothed in a robe that reached to his feet, his head bare, his white hair descending in a frothy cataract to his shoulders, his seamy face unnaturally pale, pale even to ghastliness. With all eyes following him and wondering, he made his silent way; without pausing, he ascended to the preacher’s side and stood there waiting. With shut lids the preacher, unconscious of his presence, continued with his moving prayer, and at last finished it with the words, uttered in fervent appeal, “Bless our arms, grant us the victory, O Lord our God, Father and Protector of our land and flag!”

    O Lord our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst…

    It was believed afterward that the man was a lunatic, because there was no sense in what he said.”
    ― Mark Twain, The War Prayer

    Twain reportedly caved to pressure not to publish the short story, as it was regarded by his family and publisher as too inflammatory for public consumption. Asked if he had plans to publish it, Twain answered: “No, I have told the whole truth in that, and only dead men can tell the truth in this world. It can be published after I am dead.” At any rate, for whatever reason, it remained unpublished until after his death.“


  58. So this is coming…


    “Not one, but THREE layers of AI scrutiny to identify banned words and phrases. But how it will be used is straight out of Stalin’s Soviet oppression.”

    How creepy. It will document and save what you create as well as fact-check as you write!?!? Talk about control! (Oh, wait you’re not allowed to.)

    What is the solution to this one?

  59. In case you’ve missed the latest clot shot news, Pfizer is developing a ‘kill two birds with one stone’ injection; a Covid-Flu shot!
    I kid you not.

    What do you get when you mix an mRNA injection with a standard flu injection? I’ll let you figure that one out. 🙁

  60. “….. Because of government and rule, hell on earth has consumed all our lives. It is impossible to ignore, but most continue to hide from the truth, while looking for answers from those very criminals and scum in power who have caused all the horror and terror that exists in this world today. Most are watching and accepting the genocide of two million innocents in Palestine; in many cases, urging it to continue due to supporting the warmongering nations responsible for all the conflict in the first place. The weak, immoral, and pathetic attitude of the great unwashed majority who make up the bulk of general populations, is a testament to the failure of mankind. How incredibly pitiful a sight is this, as it forces any decent sentient being to cringe at the loss of all that is right and good.

    The all-consuming evil in this world is in full view, but blindness on a grand scale has infected this collective horde of soulless masses to such an extent, as to render them unsuitable in any pursuit of moral relevance.

    There is no legitimate role for any government or rule of one over another. There has never been any proper government, as all government is based on lies, thievery, monopoly of force, and murder. All government consists of the lowest form of human. All government is unnecessary. Without government, wars would be virtually non-existent, global or world war would be impossible, and peace among men would likely be the norm. Any existence of government or rule negates any possibility of freedom, therefore the natural free state of man can never exist in the presence of authoritative dominance. It should be obvious that no good whatsoever can come from government, but evil is always guaranteed in any state of rule.

    “The State is, and always has been, the great single enemy of the human race, its liberty, happiness, and progress.”

    ~ Murray Rothbard”


  61. Everyone finds justifications for advocating war, except for the ones doing the dying.
    Everyone states their reasons galore and they may not even be lying.

    The purveyors of death write daily briefings, which the news whores faithfully spout.
    And the masses consume it to feed preconceptions with with scarcely ever a doubt.

    Vengeance is mine, I will repay said the God the people claim to adore.
    As they usurp His power in their lust for revenge and their love for unceasing war.

    Vengeance is His and He WILL repay but maybe not in the way that most think.
    Heavy is that millstone necklace they’re wearing when they’re tossed into the drink!

    Some lives don’t seem to matter much, while I guess others are worth so much more.
    Innocent children apparently worth nothing at all when they’re on the wrong side of the war.

    Blessed are the peacemakers said the One that they called Prince of Peace.
    And the numbers of the maimed and murdered continue to daily increase.

    I’ll continue to stand with the civilians and pray for the kids as they needlessly die.
    And I marvel at how many love death and destruction and I don’t think I’ll ever understand why.

    • Steve Smith,

      It’s easy to understand. Bob Wills wrote a song that reminds us, “The devil ain’t lazy no no, he works twenty four hours a day.”
      Not to mention the devil rules here instead of serving elsewhere. Governments are set up so we pay a huge price for saying No.

    • The reason is simple: they are members of the cult of death (also known as satanism) and most of them don’t even know it.

      • Mkey,
        On viewing Home Remedy Supply video of the Dallas Water,er ah
        ” Quality of Life,Arts and Culture Committee” . The evil shine these people display may fall into your assessment. If that ain’t a unawares cult I don’t know squat from cum sikum!

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      Please CLICK THE LINK.

      When we validate true journalism, we can expect more of the same.
      When we don’t, it will fade away. …and your freedoms will follow.

    • Thank You ! to those people who CLICKED the LINK.

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      This type of validation encourages more of the same.

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