Interview 1822 – Preserving our History with Neil Oliver

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If history is a story, who’s writing it? And who’s trying to erase it? Join James and archaeologist, author and TV presenter Neil Oliver as they sail the seas of history, discuss the value of memory and physical media, and attempt a dead reckoning of where we are and where we’re going.

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Neil Oliver – Live (GB News)

Neil Oliver: “The Attack on Our History & Culture”. The New Culture Forum’s 2021 Smith Lecture

Norman Dodd on Rockefeller/Carnegie takeover of American history teaching


  1. I wanna write first, but ffs. This is my last first for fun.

    I’m aging
    Like everybody else, can’t wait too hear the episode while making lasagna, matty Matheson style :):)

  2. Neil does indeed speak a lot of common sense, however his accent and pronunciation really make me drop off from the flow. But that’s fine, different speakers have different styles and I have realised that I won’t be able to get information from everyone.

    I think it’s good that James does some interviews with people whom faces may be seen on TeeVee screens. Though I doubt boobtube would suggest this type of videos to the regular watchers.

  3. Totally groovy conversation with Neil Oliver… He hasn’t been red pilled as long as you James but is a quick learner . Bravo. Great to see you guys talking together…many blessings

  4. First of all, have to say I enjoy Mr. Oliver’s accent, I believe it is Scottish, and to me, perhaps because of my love of Star Trek and “Scottie”, it brings a folksy and real association for me. It is welcomed, compared to the ubiqudous British accent or the guttural NY accent.

    But back to the point at hand, History. Covid and 9/11 are great examples of how history works, a highly suspect event occurs, an event with innumerable questionable aspects, which then has a narrative quickly established for it and codified into the realm of acceptable thinking, then pushed down the memory hole to insure we don’t discuss it. I mean before the smoke had settle at the Twin Trade towers we had moved onto the war on Iraq. With covid, we quickly pivoted to the war in Ukraine. It was striking how the media went from covid 24/7, to Ukraine 24/7. Then they use their full control over the media, education and entertainment to solidify the desired narrative into history.

    I always thought the Library of Alexandria’s destruction was the perfect analogy to what they do today with truth/fact/information. It is a perfect analogy because they are the same forces doing it then that are doing it now, all driving us to their goal, which is our end.

      • Hopefully, I am preaching to the choir, “mf”.

        • The Corbett’s Chorale ??

    • To be very sure, the pendulum is going extreme to one side, because it is being PURPOSELY pushed to one side, with the GOAL of it swinging too far in the other direction. This is being DONE on purpose. I am in America, and I see what they are doing clear as day.

      Using the Weimar Republic as a guide, I see the same entities pushing transgender, immigration, debt, porn, GMOs, political corruption (Jeffery Epstein), entertainment (Wokism)…and endless other aspects of society are purposely being HIGHLIGHTED to give the impression of everything is falling apart. Thus when they bring Trump (the “Messiah”) to bring back “law and order”. We all know they love to use the Hegelian Dialectic, and we are seeing it unfold right in front of our eyes.

      CCCP never “failed” it was purposely “ended” to allow the powerful to buy up Russia for a song. We see this time and time again, nations “falling” only to be purchased up by the opportunistic oligarchs, you just keep getting richer. Ukraine, America, ripe for their machinations.

      Oh, and don’t believe the hype, there will be NO “civil war in America”, maybe you will see it unfolding on Fox and CNN, but it will be, like Covid purely theatrical event, but rest assured, just like covid, the cure for it will be pure totalitarianism.

      These demons don’t take risks, they don’t need to, everything is carefully rolled out like a good Hollywood movie would be. They use what they control 100%, the media, corporations and politicians to play out the event, as if it were real, always with an eye on the goal of the manipulation, more control.

  5. Excellent conversation gentlemen, thanks!

    As a Christian I know God has told us He has a timetable, and I am fully aware as each day passes we are that much closer to “the end”, but since it’s an unpublished timetable I’m not packing my bags.

    Around the 40 minute mark Neil got me thinking about EMP’s, which he addressed a few minutes later. While agreeing with what he said, I am of the opinion an EMP could possibly be a benefit to mankind. It would be very costly in many ways but after the dust settled there would be only a few options available to those still standing. If such a calamity happens I wonder if the “Birkenhead Drill” will be in practice.

    I’m looking forward to future conversations between these two. Thanks again!

  6. We also see the danger of letting “others” control our history, they can mold it as they will, especially when we don’t know it.

    Take slavery, I listened to a bit from Bill Mayer, who in a “comedy” bit posited that “everybody owned slaves”. Paraphrasing, he was saying that most white people owned slaves back in the day…and considering the ignorance or real history and the American education system/Critical Race Theory”, you can see the goal here.

    Comedy is often how they deliver their messages, always weaving lies with the truth, irony with propaganda. How many jokes have been made about the unsubstantiated claim that women make 80% of a male salary “for the same job”. And while that was the nonsense we “debated”, all our jobs were moved to China and Mexico.

    • Can’t stress enough how great of a conversation this is, I am rarely driven to see an idea from a different perspective, but I have here.

      I would add to the discussion that there is nothing new under the sun, our ancestors have deal with this all before, it is because our ancestor’s did not deal with the problem, we are where we are today. Oh yes, this desire to “control” is nothing new, how I wish that was just their ultimate goal, but I think we know it is FAR worse, but where we are today is the culmination of centuries of manipulation and machinations of this cabal.

      It is not the enemy’s prowess that has driven my defeatism in our future, but seeing the willingness of the masses to cling to delusions and “security”, over freedom and liberty. As it has been said, those who value security over freedom, deserve neither and will lose both. It just sucks to be on board this Titanic with so many weak human beings. Covid illustrated how so many will gladly buy the bullets for their own firing squad, if only they can avoid dealing with the truth. Of course it is more complicated than that, ego is also used to manipulate…

    • Relaxeo

      The funny thing about Slavery is that most people take their view of it from things like “Uncle Toms Cabin” which was written by a woman who had zero personal knowledge of slavery and pretty much imagined everything.

      There was also a ton of so called “anti-Tom” Pro slavery fiction, which has vanished from popular memory because THAT narrative failed. In reality Slavery was unpleasant, but in general stacked up, in material comfort, surprisingly evenly in many ways with poor free peoples lives as shown by academic Agent going thru the records (see below for link)

      MOST People watching Oppenheimer are probably getting their worldview, or understanding of history, from that movie. The Holocaust Movies do the same thing- making people feel like they are experiencing a virtual experience of events created by other people.

      (Just in case it needs to be said…. I think slavery is a bad thing)

      • Indeed, I have not and will not see “Oppenheimer”, precisely because I know they are up to their tricks of rewriting history. I remember NOT seeing the Hollywood movie that seemed to suggest there were three African American women behind NASA’s efforts to 1969’s effort to reach the moon. With all do respect to African Americans, I was in the Navy and have been to Cape Canaveral numerous times, and in all those pictures of the launch operations, and there are many, I don’t remember seeing one African American women, not that they could not be or were not there, I just have not seen it, and to me seeing is believing.

        Now I would pay to see Hollywood make a movie of the Bolshevik coup in Russia in 1917, if nothing else to get tips on where we are heading here in America.

        • Relaxeo
          “…Indeed, I have not and will not see “Oppenheimer”, precisely because I know they are up to their tricks of rewriting history….”

          The 2 main things that struck me were

          1) Godel was said to be scared “nazi’s” were trying to poison him…..where as I (IIRC) heard jay Dyer quote a paper that said that Godel was scared he was gonna get whacked by a conspiracy of people trying to deliberately make the population stupider

          2) Their take on the Spanish Civil war…which was shown as a fascist attack and glossed over the facts that the Communists were insanely brutal BEFORE the war started in earnest and were also totally in the pockets of the Soviets. Thomas777 was doing a talk ,over on the Pete Quinoes, show about that not long ago so it was fresh in my mind.

          “…Now I would pay to see Hollywood make a movie of the Bolshevik coup in Russia in 1917,….”

          But the people who make movies are of the same ethnicity as the people that made that Revolution. lol so I cant see it happening.

      • Why don’t you read a diary of a white slave and then tell us how fun it was. Just because the poor white people had a horrible life doesn’t make slavery fun.
        You engage in that debate because you don’t see the difference between skin colour and class. When I see the Victorian horror stories of the poor I think, they don’t even have compassion for their own. I don’t turn it into a victim olymipcs.
        Bill Maher is a Zionist who wants to use the holocaust card while cheering for the killing of Arabs. I don’t have no idea who thought he was left.

        • @ Tag… Can I answer that last question?

          I’ve observed ,That left right thing is a narrow spectrum for most people. I’ve meet a lot a people in the lower 48 states Most don’t know the right & left meet somewhere out of sight.
          The Ultra conservatives,at the center, surrounded by their loyalists. I M H O , the cause of so much suffering in the world.

        • Tagourramt
          “….Just because the poor white people had a horrible life doesn’t make slavery fun….”

          Are you using Google to translate what I wrote?
          I said FUNNY (as in weird / humorous / odd) thing about slavery, not FUN.

          But, if you watch the video and, think about the interview here, you can draw the following points

          1) Slavery was bad, but NOT generally as horrific as the media today makes people think
          2)’Materially’ Life for slaves was not HUGELY different then poor white peoples lives
          3)Low wage workers today are often, in effect, living lives that are kinda like ‘Free Range’ slavery

          4) MOST slaves did not rebel, fight or try to escape.

          5) Most slaves do not appear to have had as much hatred of their masters as people born more then a century after those masters died feel for those masters.

          Points 4 and 5 tell us that A)Most people are easy to enslave B)Most people will not hate living their lives as slaves

          “….because you don’t see the difference between skin colour and class…..”

          Skin color is not the issue…. plenty of whites lived and died as slaves and plenty of blacks spent their time catching other blacks to sell to white slave traders on the coast or overland to muslim slave traders (who often castrated their slaves which is why you dont have blacks in Saudi Arabia the way you do in the USA) .

          • Duck, you’re beyond retarded. Poor whites were not whipped or lynched just for looking at a white woman. Or tortured for not meeting a cotton quota. Your sense of history and reality is so skewed its almost unbelievable but then again you’re a holocaust denier so I’m not surprised.

            • Please don’t fall for their trap. Never wrestle with a pig because you’ll both get dirty and the pig likes it

              You should never turn human suffering into a competition. Chattel slavery is not only about the horrors of slavery itself but what happend afterwards for example how the Irish were made white. Or holocaust survivors got reparations and their own land.

              ‘I am seeking justice for the murder of my father’
              ‘My father was murdered too, so get over it!’

            • HyperSimmian

              “….Duck, you’re beyond retarded. Poor whites were not whipped or lynched just for looking at a white woman. ….”

              Generally speaking

              1)Whites AND blacks got lynched… generally for crimes.
              The last black guy who was lynched near where I live (over a century ago) raped afour year old girl and was caught in the act….. I AM GLAD he was lynched, TBH.

              You can read Mark twain writining against lynching, and even he is quite clear that whites got ‘community justice’ too.

              “….Or tortured for not meeting a cotton quota…”

              Was that actually a thing, dude?

              I wont say it NEVER happened….but I dount you can find many first hand accounts accounts of it- go watch the video I linked earlier and listen to the accounts of ACTUAL FORMER SLAVES taken (IIRC) in the 20’s and 30’s.

              As a rule I dont torture farm tools since the last time I beat my lawn mower it worked worse then before.

              “…Your sense of history and reality is so skewed its almost unbelievable…”

              Unbelievable because most people are dumb as rocks and get their history from watching Hollywood movies.

              “…you’re a holocaust denier…”
              Without looking it up can YOU PERSONALLY name 5 DEATH camps? Do you know their location? Did you ever see the Before and After memorial plaque at Auschwitz where they changed the number of deaths?

              If not your probably not someone whos opinion on the matter I should worry about

            • “retarded” is not a good description of ideas that are incorrect and/or wrong factually or morally.

              I think an objective analysis of evidence should never be criminalized, neither should speech.

              And I do have relatives that came to America to escape the Nazis and they did have to wear yellow stars to differentiate themselves from other citizens during that time and they did fear for their lives and they did lose all of their material wealth and came to this country poor.

              I do think that there were war crimes and acts of depravity and cruelty inflicted on people who did nothing wrong and that this is always wrong no matter who does it.

              Was it worse than what Stalin or another tyrant did? I really don’t know who killed more people but it doesn’t matter it was all bad and evil and cruel. Hitler and the Nazis were authoritarians and fascists and wanted an ethnostate and to “purify” the population of people they viewed as racially inferior. Irrespective of what economic benefits came with his rule, what was done was wrong. Was it more wrong than what Stalin did? This is what people argue about.

              I don’t know but I do think people have the right to discuss it and that it should not be criminalized to present evidence if it exists.

              Why can’t people discuss it, even if it’s offensive? It’s like “climate change” or any number of controversial issues. What I do strongly believe is that no racial or ethnic group has more value than any other and the suffering of one group worse than the suffering of others. Suffering is always terrible. Misery and pain and cruelty are undesirable and to inflict harm on innocent people is always wrong, period.

              • cu.h.j
                “…Why can’t people discuss it, ….”

                Because the Holocaust story is CENTRAL to the Neo-Liberal American and Zionist world order. It justified the Post WW2 Social Engineering of the US population and the current political order.

                “…I do think that there were war crimes and acts of depravity and cruelty…”

                I 100% agree with you. The Nazi’s did do, and DOCUMENTED their real atrocities…like when they murdered a jewish community. There are records of the food truck and how many rounds they expended and after action reports.

                The ‘gassing’ and ‘death camp’ story is a creation- at first mostly by the Soviets- (which is why most of the ‘death’ camps were in Soviet occupied territory and the number of camps classed as murder centers has been steadily getting reduced since the Iron Curtain came down.

                The more ludicrous stories (like human soap and lampshades) were once ‘news’ but are now regarded by NORMAL historians as post war propaganda. I am sure the Nazis were quite CAPABLE of doing such evil but (being Germans) had they DONE them they would have kept actual records.

                BTW how are you getting on with “Siren Call of the Hungry Ghost” ? Its been a long time since I read and I ought to go back and re-read it but I’ve got way too many books to get thru right now

          • I REALLY didn’t make that comment so you can mansplain slavery to me.
            Get out of your mother’s basement, go to the first Jewish holocaust commemoration and tell them it wasn’t a big deal compared to ……
            I am sure you can’t even walk into a Starbucks and tell them Januari 6th wasn’t an insurrection

            • Tag
              “…so you can mansplain slavery to me…..”

              Sorry, did not realize you were a silly girl and not a serious minded woman.

              “…go to the first Jewish holocaust commemoration and tell them it wasn’t a big deal compared to ………”

              So POWER to punish is the most important thing to you? More important then fact or truth. Enjoy living in the Long House.

            • I think slavery is an evil institution, to view another human being as an object and take away their freedom. That is how I define slavery primarily usage and lack of consent and loss of agency and/or the fruits of their labor and freedom of movement.

              Part of it is mental as well. The covid scamdemic caused damage to my psyche and for the first time I felt how it might be to be a slave and/or under a dictatorship. It took a lot to make me realize that when one lives in a state, they are not free. I’m sure others have suffered physical pain far greater than I have experienced under dictatorships and slavery but the mental harm I experienced when the economy was locked down and there were threats of penalty for leaving my home and/or traveling was profound for me.

              I felt like the last three years I have been in prison and perhaps these are in part my own mental weaknesses and shortcomings but nevertheless I feel like damage was done.

              My point is that mental bondage can have profound harmful effects. There was a poster here who committed suicide in Canada because the totalitarian dictatorship there affected him profoundly. He would rather die than be a slave even if it was in his own mind.

              Slavery is incompatible with happiness IMO, at least the type of happiness that is possible with freedom. This is written about by many people “give me liberty or give me death” for example.

              I do not want to live as a slave and I doubt that other sound minded people would desire this.

              Slavery is an old institution and many races of people were slaves at some time or another throughout history. There have been white slaves too and all kinds of races of people have been slaves. And there are still slaves. Human slavery continues and there are children who live as slaves. In fact slaves are imported into the US and there have been containers of people found being smuggled across the border.

              To me there is no moral defense of slavery.

              • I was never making a moral defense of slavery
                #SlaveryIsBad 😉

                However I have to say point out regarding

                “…Slavery is incompatible with happiness IMO, at least the type of happiness that is possible with freedom. …”

                That SOME people were happy as slaves and some people were NOT happy.

                Today we live in a world where people are actually FREE to do way more things (at least regarding sex, entertainment, and gender roles) then in the past but more people are massively UNHAPPY then in the past.

                I’d say that we should define ‘freedom’ a bit better since

                A Drug Addict may be ‘free to do drugs, but still a slave to drugs.

                A Porn addict may be free to watch porn but is generally quite EASY to control politically (see “Libido Dominandi by EM Jones)

                When they roll out the UBI and digital ID and CoomPod VR MASSES of people will ‘happily’ accept it (and die) just as masses of people are Ok NOW to be force Vaxx’d but will fight you hard for their right to access E-boobies and netflix

              • I was speaking in general terms, not that you were making an moral argument for slavery.

                People do have some freedoms here that probably don’t exist elsewhere like China. But if I refused to pay my income tax and started a movement of people who opposed the idea of government, I’m sure I’d get a knock on the door or some other reminder that I actually don’t own the fruits of my labor, no all of them anyway. Also, if I refused to pay my property tax, my house could be seized. And what do I get for this extortion? Possibly protection from enemies that our government has antagonized in the first place.

                Americans get very little for the taxes they pay, the people who pay them. I might get social security but I also might not. So I don’t feel like I am completely free here.

                But freedom should be more rigorously defined. And some people probably do like slavery. But I wonder if they have actually thought about it. Like these weird people who are into bondage for example. If they were really not allowed to leave, I wonder if their opinion would change.

                Drugs are an interesting comparison because addiction is a form of slavery and over time the drug provides less and less. I have never wanted to rely on something external to make me whole and so find addiction intolerable.

                Anyway, I haven’t gotten around the The Hungry Ghost book yet, but will definitely read it soon.

  7. Really enjoyed this interview!!

  8. Intro to my book Killing Freedom from about 30 years ago.

    [Following decades of research, observation, and personal experience I have come to this conclusion:

    We are born into a prison of belief systems based on the control and hidden agendas of the organized religions, various secret societies, and major global corporations. They intentionally create a “mean world’ theory using cycles of demons and redemption for profit…be it bad breath, commies, or the devil.

    My intention is to help you see the bigger picture of our life in America. I’d like to assist you in achieving autonomy and intellectual sovereignty in your life, and to not just be living your life on a longer leash, thinking you are free.]

    (From the section on Skull&Bones/The Order or simply the controllers:)

    [The Order’s Machiavellian philosophy (the end justifies the means) is based on the dialectic process of a German philosopher, Georg Hegel who taught conflict creates history, and controlled conflict creates a pre determined history or agenda.

    For a century, using tenure control, what’s been taught at the universities has passed a gauntlet creating faculty conformity. This process eliminates most independent thinkers and non team players when possible.

    The creation of the American Historical Association enabled The Order, to influence the constitution and direction of the AHA. This established an “official” history source guaranteeing The Order is never even hinted at in history and text books.

    The controllers of our lives…have understood the basic dynamics of human conditioning for centuries. It is only recently they have refined their techniques using clinical psychologists and psychiatrist’s findings, drugs, chemicals, sound, film, TV, and more.

    They cleverly use their media to rewrite history, directing future behavior and beliefs in the population’s culture and mind set. When you can predict behavior you control life and its direction, quality, and longevity. Unfortunately most Americans are like lab rats, ring a bell and you salute the flag or praise God.]


    • A sidenote Mr.EJ

      A story from the least developed country in the world is so fucking old it is bothersome.

      You guys stole your country from Indians and made guns. Yeah we get it, guns are cool

      Bla bla bla

      I Iive in Norway and we kinda have the same story, but longer…

      But a story on how to gather the corbetteers in the world, and without any genocide. Wow! Spectacular!
      Catch my drift?

      That we need. We need to write that fuckin history. And that soon.

      For anybody, anywhere. It’s time to unite in real life (IRL)

      I got the meat, I got the weed.
      You got what i need??

  9. “Again, we are looking to sources outside ourselves to pinpoint who and what is responsible for our “diabolical” mess in humanity.”

    If the answers lie within ourselves then why are you continually urging people to listen to the ramblings of a guy in a trance supposedly channeling a disembodied spirit?
    A disembodied spirit who has evidently been holding out on sharing this earth shattering, life altering information for thousands of years.
    A disembodied spirit who has come along in the twenty first century to correct the misinformation that the Holy Bible teaches.

    Why should anyone be suspicious about that? ?

    • Steve Smith
      “…If the answers lie within ourselves then why are you continually urging people to listen to the ramblings of a guy in a trance supposedly channeling a disembodied spirit?…”

      It may be that such spirits are not as ‘disembodied’ as we may hope. Possession is AFAIK a gradual thing that is creeping up and blinding many people.

      But maybe its just that shilling New Age BS is just promoted because it creates minds that are a blank slate for the Ruling class to write upon.

      • LisaB
        “…I’m sorry that you live a fear based life Duck….”

        Hey, I’m sorry that you lack the fear, or common sense, needed to avoid such an obvious trap as your advertising to us all here

        Siren Call Of The Hungry Ghost….
        a journalist tried to prove reincarnation and found some very disturbing truths. Poor guys dead now.

        “…Spread your wings and fly little duck and see how you can soar!…”

        How’d that work out for Icarus 😉

    • “But you would have to thoroughly examine what is being written on the subject for any measure of validity on your part.”

      And yet you claim that the answers lie within us all and that listening to others is our downfall.

      The disembodied entity has supposedly “inspired” four books via the guy who goes into a trance and receives information that he claims that he doesn’t even remember. He therefore relies on his cohorts to relate the information so that it can be turned into books that will save humanity if only they were harkened to.

      So if I understand what you’re saying, I must read and assimilate this information in order to access the information that I already have inside of me.
      How does that make any sense?

      I believe with my entire being that the Bible contains all the information that mankind needs to be “right with God”.
      I could include links to various translations. Here’s a good one
      But I can also articulate the essential information that it contains pertaining to how a human being can be eternally justified and have perfect fellowship with the Creator of everything that exists in two or three sentences.
      Why is it that you refuse to do the same. Or are you unable to?
      Why is it that you would expect me, or anyone to subject themselves to what is in my opinion a demonic influence in order to discover the “secret“ of your religion?

      “ Please refrain from commenting”
      “keep to your self limitations to yourself and be on your merrily way”
      “Stay in your Lane please!”

      I’m reminded of the old saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”.

      You Lisa are the one promoting a “new-age”, likely demon inspired religion which tenets and doctrines you have thus far been entirely unable to clearly articulate.
      And you expect me not to defend my faith? I would willingly die for my faith. I am certainly not going to censor myself because my challenging you causes you discomfort.

      If it distresses you to read my words, then it is your problem and one that is easily remedied by simply ignoring them.
      Though I have to note that for someone who claims to be so enlightened, it is surprising that you are so easily upset.

      I will continue to point out your gullibility and naivety and challenge you to defend your assertions whenever I see fit.
      And I will certainly continue to utilize the effective method of mockery whenever the mood strikes me.
      You have zero power or authority over what I write here or anywhere.

      And yes, in case you’re wondering, I will also continue to pray that you will someday come to a saving faith in the Jesus Christ, Yeshua, the Most High God of the universe.

      • “I’m working with TRUTH and ALL ATTAINABLE KNOWLEDGE. I chose to not limit myself in my search. And I offer to others what I have found useful. We have all read and heard your source. I’m offering something fresher and more modern for easier comprehension. ”

        Well, for someone who is working with TRUTH and ALL ATTAINABLE KNOWLEDGE, you sure don’t seem to be able to articulate it.
        Please, by all means share some of your fresh and easily comprehensible knowledge.

        And I have serious doubts that you’ve read the Bible. Much less studied it.

        And who is the “all” that you speak of? Are you saying that everyone who reads these comments has read the Bible?

      • Steve Smith

        “….You Lisa are the one promoting a “new-age”, likely demon inspired religion which tenets and doctrines you have thus far been entirely unable to clearly articulate….”

        Very true, I rather suspect that she is some ofshoot of the Theosophical types, who were at their start either Government spook’s or revolutionary Fabian types, or both.

        Have you by chance seen the work of Spencer Smith?
        I dont know too much about his theology but his 3rd Adam series is VERY on point

        His ‘rise of the divine feminine’ (3rd adam 2 IIRC) explains a lot that I’ve seen in mainline churches

      • “Why are you taking my offerings so damn personally Steve?”

        What can I say? The repeated pushing of blasphemous new-age, demonic heresy just seems to bring that out in me.

        But now its bedtime. I’ll be back on the job tomorrow. ??

    • LisaB

      “….I’m amazed at how threatened you are Duck….”

      I’m not…just offering an alternate view. While “Siren Call of the Hungry Ghost” is a NON religious look at what your suggesting Mr Smith’s ‘3rd Adam’ series is a great look at what your offering from a religious guy.

      “….I’m simply offering something for people who are interested….”
      Me too. I love to share good info.

      “….Do you wish to attempt any more insults?…”

      Alternative ideas are an Insult to you????

    • LisaB

      “…The Joseph Communications are not religious nor of any spirituality organization or church…..”

      Wait….so it NOT some ghost possessing a human and imparting knowledge…? LOL

      As I said, before getting into THAT kinda stuff folks should read “Siren Call of the hungry ghost” where a respected investigative journalist tried to prove such things were real and was horrified by what he found.

      “… You quack a lot but you never really have anything to say. Just quack quack quack….”

      Do not listen to me, listen to the journalist who looked into it- see his book linked above.

      Those who want a religious look at Spiritism and spirit guides can go to Youtube and see Spencer Smith’s ‘3rd Adam’ doc’s

      Those who want to know about the Inteligence angle of that kind of thing can read Prof. Spences books (Secret agent 666, ect) or “The Secret life of Houdini” by Kalush

      • Thanks for sharing this Duck. I’ll check out this book. Though I have felt like some ancestral spirits are hanging around to guide me, I do think there are possibly some “dark entities” that people can tap into/contact. I really have no physical proof of any of this, so it’s more of a belief(s) or ideas of what could be happening for some people.

        At any rate, I find stuff like this really fascinating. I remember when I was a very little kid feeling like I had been here before, like dejavu or a familiarity.

        I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the Tibetan Book of The Dead or ideas from the east.

        At any rate, I think there is a way for people to have different beliefs and interact with others in a non aggressive manner, like JC has shared.

        I’ll have to check out the book you shared.

    • LisaB

      Lisa B says

      “…. shouldn’t use ouiji boards nor should most anyone else….”

      “…there is danger in fiddling with the unknown…..”

      “… people using the negative forces….”

      ALSO LisaB

      Listen to the advice of a disembodied spirit that we should TOTALLLLLLY trust.

      Again- Siren Call of the Hungry Ghost by Fisher addresses just how stupid that is.

      Third Adam series (on Youtube) by Spencer Smith addresses how stupid it is, but from a religious POV

      Prof. Spence (secret agent 666) and “the secret life of Houdini” by Kalush address the Intelligence and fraudster POV of those things.

      Hell… for examples of this Spookery being Elite driven folks can go over and listen to stuff about the CIA backed seances that got “The Council of Nine” online, or look up the CCRU or just listen to “The Farm” podcast

  10. Memory Resources

    THIS is about elsewhere on the net too, but is a pretty good overview of the technology of “artificial memory” that the Greeks pioneered and reached its height in a kind of occult self improvement tech in the renaissance.
    Frances Yates, Art of Memory

    An Easy start onOld and Modern memory tech with some history is Dr Metivier’s Magnetic Memory Channel on YT and website. He is somewhat weird, and the practice has helped him with his mental illness but quite pleasant to listen to
    His site

    Anti-net “Zettlecastern” cardfile systems…. quite a cool tech that I’m trying to get good at.
    The guy is total hipster, but his teaching is good

  11. Foolish comments that make no sense.
    You might have commented on what I said.
    You might have commented on my song.

    But no, this narcissistic nonsense of web know it all’s appears to be world wide. :-/ Unable to articulate anything of interest you need to push your opinions, what ever the hell they are supposed to mean????

    • My reply was for @helenda
      which seems to not be under that person’s comment??

  12. An example of how history is shaped by media is the case of Matt Shepard- who is still held up as a martyr even though he was literally killed by FELLOW drug dealing bum chums and NOT by homophobes.

    The fact that he was a good looking fellow from a good politically connected family made the lies and myths about his murder quite useful in shaping public opinion.

  13. A mind-expanding and heart-warming conversation. (And the Shakespeare quote made me think of Star Trek VI too, so it made me laugh when you mentioned that.)

    • Shakespeare is best read in the original Klingon.

  14. Oh, my bad. I thought there were only four books.

    “They do not profit from the sale of their books”

    I suppose thats kinda like how John Kerry doesn’t have and never has had a private plane. And even testified to that fact in a congressional hearing.
    The fact that his wife owned one doesn’t count ya see. ?

    I’m sure that the proceeds from the books that are pumped back into Michael G. Reccia and The Band of Light‘s organization are only used humanitarian purposes. After “expenses“ of course ?

  15. I like Neil Oliver. As others have noted, he’s a little slow to be red-pilled, but hey
    better late than never! 🙂

    If 9/11 and the scamdemic (arguably two of the most historical events of the past 25 years) are any indication of how history will be written for future generations, then I say live your life day-by- day to the fullest and take everything else, including history books with a grain of salt.

    For we are witnessing the fudging of history in real time, today.

  16. Great conversation – justifies an increase in my book-buying budget. =)
    It’s quite the challenge while homeschooling my children to instill that cynicism into their reading of the printed narratives in history. My idea of heroes has changed so much in recent years. If it hasn’t been broached recently on the Corbett Report, a discussion of “heroism” and the misappropriation of that title would be stimulating.

  17. This dead channeled guy Joseph sounds like he is about as specific as Lisab. ?

    “Joseph: ‘Things cannot continue in your world as they are. You are still killing each other; you are strangling the planet and you are ignoring your spirituality.
    There is greater urgency with us as time goes on on your level of consciousness – there is at the moment a great potential for destruction. Destruction has come to the Earth before – it came during my time but it also came long before that. Man is far older in physical form than you realise and my reason for visiting you and expending so much energy is to make sure that there is not a third time.
    These are the two choices you have:
    Do something
    Do nothing – and the Earth will die.
    You do not have an infinite number of tomorrows in which to put things right. You have to begin now.’“

    What should we do oh great spirit guide??
    The Hokey-Pokey maybe??‍♀️

    “Joseph: ‘My reason for contacting the Earth plane again is a simple one: I care. My existence is within a sphere of peaceful vibration. Am I at peace? No, because I am concerned about your world, about the souls on the Earth – about you. We cannot (as part of you, as part of God) turn our backs on the situation – this is why we come back constantly to attempt to change things. My intention is to bring an argument for Light into the darkness and to give you some indication of your abilities as a child of God so that you permeate your physical reality with enough Light to sustain yourselves and to sustain the planet.’”

    Well that certainly clears things up ?

  18. “Throughly enjoyed, I love free ranging conversation that goes into unexpected territory…”
    What a perfect close to this incredible conversation with Neil Oliver.

    I’ve been watching his monologues on Bitchute the past couple years. He asks very thoughtful rhetorical questions and encourages self-examination and self-accountability. And “historian” or not, I find his insights, well, insightful.

    Honestly, this interview makes the top three list of my Corbett favorites. Perhaps because these two gentlemen have spent time together (in real physical life) there was an extra layer of energy and openness expressed. That familiarity adds something I think.

  19. Thanks for the share. I appreciate the act of good will. I also find these kinds of topics fascinating.

  20. I’m so glad you and Neil had this incredibly important discussion. As I’m listening to your discussion in the background as I write this, I’m confident when I say, “There is no greater importance of your entire life and careers as independent journalists/historians than the discussions of society’s delusions of their history created by corrupt historians—many under threat by leaders; Presidents, Kings & Queens and other dictators owned by the war-profiteers,” I hope you realize. Consider those of today who own social media and government officials manipulating today’s history second by second, no longer century by century, with punishments so we “think correctly.”

    I’d like to beg both of you to have several hundred more “professionally-produced programs,” breaking down history-frauds over the past several thousand years:

    —Who’s been writing our history century by century (such as Rockefeller’s takeover of education & textbooks mid-1800s);
    —AI’s interpretation of history—by “who” programing AI’s definitions;
    —Who’s had the most to “gain” by controlling and even burning entire libraries over the past several “thousand” years (there are hundreds of events going back prior to the city of Rome and the centuries after the so-called fall of Rome—which did NOT fall, but was erroneously transformed);
    —And of course, who are those few in complete control over today’s history being written for tomorrow;
    —Who and why are a small group of individuals burning ancient and recently-written books, to this day, then evolving the “digital truths” to replace all of those lost history books—including what you’ve already touched upon;
    —The recently written corrupt history of 911, the pandemics, the need for mRNA compulsory vaxx programs, CBDC transformation…who’s got the most power controlling our views and what do they gain by it??

    If I were a wealthy producer, I’d purchase a studio just for this topic just for you and Neil, plus guests you choose to participate. I hope, if you can find a way, that you two will consider attempting a “much greater” collaboration, with professional producer-editors who understand the outrageous “fraud” of most history textbooks in our American schools today—to produce a several-year running program with thousands of episodes. I’m not kidding. As I continue to read and research for my own book (encyclopedia spanning 14 thousand years) of War & Economics of war at the center of all of humanity’s problems, I’m overwhelmed by how much I must rethink and rewrite (not erase the frauds—so the future will understand the deceptive practices of history textbook writing) and then add back into the record of our textbooks that which has been “cleansed” to “drive” humanity, and not for preservation of society, but what I believe is “their” openly stated agenda to completely destroy humanity.” (I always encourage everyone to please visit and study the 3 hour audio recording of the Protocols of Zionism from the 1800’s on my substack: It does’t explain everything, but it sure as hell opens enough doors to allow for a much greater understanding and more competent research of who and why the world is how it is today). Thanks, James & Neil.

  21. Jeremiah 27:9
    “Therefore hearken not ye to your prophets, nor to your diviners, nor to your dreamers, nor to your enchanters, nor to your sorcerers,

    Jeremiah 14:14
    “Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.”

  22. Funny how even thou we think alike we stand in opposite. He really thinks 9 /11 was box cutters and I old man on dialysis in a cave.
    I will take his advice and start memorising the Quran and by all the books on colonialism.
    I’ll start with : The Wretched Of The Earth by Frantz Fanon

      • I meant the Scottish guy.I have seen him on other shows
        He was talking about having real books and memorizing
        I wouldn’t be here if I believed JC believed that

        • It would serve you well, one day, to leave your digital world for a short while and get outside. Even if it’s only to get a little bit of fresh air.

  23. What I’ve personally found more interesting is going back to the oldest records of religious and/or spiritual beliefs and myths and examining common threads. Not to say what is right and what is wrong, but it’s just fascinating.

    Anyway, I found something on the Emerald Tablet which is supposedly over 30K years old.

    I like some of the ideas and metaphysical philosophy from the East excluding the harmful stuff like caste. There are also some nuggets from the bible.

    But here’s a link from about the Emerald Tablet.

    I think arts of ancient Egyptian spirituality are really cool. I like the old stuff.


  24. To be clear, I am not promoting any spiritual or religious path or idea or sect, but I find the topics really interesting. Apparently, The Emerald Tablet interpretation or the item itself is a possible fabrication.

    However, there are authentic texts that predate the more popular worldly religions.

    It seems that human beings seek to understand why we are here and/or where we came from and this curiosity and various explanations are shared by humanity in various texts. I think that people here are probably capable of critical discernment and the mention of ideas that are “new age” don’t pose a threat.

    I believe strongly in free speech and expression of ideas even they diverge from my own beliefs. So anyway, I hope that discussion can continue about ideas.

    One thing I consider a tell to a possible scheme however is when knowledge is only granted to certain people and one must pay to receive it. I think that if we are a creation from a cosmic intelligence, knowledge would be free to all seekers with the capacity to learn.

  25. At 53:00 in the interview Neil says the wrongs that everyone feels will right themselves. It’s the natural order of things. The universe seeks equilibrium. I just said the something similar when commenting to Gavinm the other day…

    “Humanity will find balance I believe. The technocrats will not achieve the control they so desire. Their dystopian dreams will not come to fruition. The brilliance and goodness of humanity will shine, because we are expressions of Creation Itself; we are bursts of life-energy flowing within the great toroidal dance, always making our way back to equilibrium and harmony.”

    I must say it’s nice to hear those ideas validated. I appreciate his thoughts on remembering where we came from, where we’ve been, and that we are here because our ancestors survived and thrived. Dead reckoning, A much needed reminder.

  26. I was disappointed. I prefer The approach that James usually takes, which relies on evidence and logic, logic that is firmly based on strong evidence. I like Mr. Oliver’s accent, but not his self-indulgent fantasies, when it comes to the great scheme of things. I thought some of his ramblings were trying James’ patience as much as mine, but if that was the case, James never let on, and maintained an agreeable atmosphere, always responding to him respectfully and politely. But his face looked bemused. So, I don’t really know if he had to use his skills of diplomacy, or if he genuinely thought his guest’s speeches were valuable and relevant.
    I thought it was the least valuable episode that I have seen, and I have seen them all. I felt Mr. Oliver was too mesmerized with his own visions and mental creations.
    BTW I agree with several of the analogies, such as the pendulum swings in history and culture, but this didn’t illuminate any of that for me.

    • hanky: This was my favorite James Corbett Report in years. He’s the best speaker James has had on his show and a better speaker than James himself.

      James’ face didn’t look bemused. He looked like he was out of his depth.

      • I tend to lean with Hanky on this.
        There was a lot of wasted oxygen in that 70 minutes, and on top of that I wasted some more time listening to much of Oliver’s lecture, but I was enthralled with the story about the shipwreck.

        I like stories.
        People tend to gravitate to a well-told story which attracts attention and interest.
        Witness Hollywood and the Media which completely relies upon “the telling of stories”.
        People will “buy the story”, or not, monetarily and otherwise.

        James Corbett
        How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)
        “Have you figured it out yet? Story is the most powerful weapon. Narrative. Ideas presented in such a way as to provoke certain thoughts or actions.”

        • HRS: I agree that it is all about stories. IMO Neil Oliver is a better storyteller than James Corbett. I mean no offense to James. His talents lie in being an investigative reporter.

        • I see Mr. Oliver’s charisma, or maybe see through it. We are so inundated with media like this, it is necessary to be selective, due to time and energy constraints. Conspiratainment is the first to go for me. Over-indulgence in this is a sin for real truthers. I think James would agree. To me his style is head and shoulders above this guest’s. Heavy on repeatable data and links, light on navel-gazing ‘spiritual conjectures and unknowable rationalizations of how things must balance out. I have been around the block, and I have good reason to be leery of being seduced by our own mental creations. Like cotton candy, it feels so good, but it is not a viable main course.

        • This reminds me of a recent statment by Curtis Stone who, during his live shows, stated that he will keep producing less and less content because he does not want people to watch his videos and instead to do what it takes in real life to turn everything around. He doesn’t want his audience enthralled with mundane. Kind of “time to leave the nest” type of thing.

          Something in a similar vein was shared by Freeman some months back when he stated that when everything is said and done, ideallt, he expects to go completely offline and live his life locally as it was intended.

    • I see Mr. Oliver’s charisma, or maybe see through it. We are so inundated with media like this, it is necessary to be selective, due to time and energy constraints. Conspiratainment is the first to go for me. Over-indulgence in this is a sin for real truthers. I think James would agree. To me his style is head and shoulders above this guest’s. Heavy on repeatable data and links, light on navel-gazing ‘spiritual conjectures and unknowable rationalizations of how things must balance out. I have been around the block, and I have good reason to be leery of being seduced by our own mental creations. Like cotton candy, it feels so good, but it is not a viable main course.

  27. 1 of 2
    Texas’ Oldest Newspaper – July 26, 2023
    Texas State Senator Mayes Middleton this week asked an organization that tells Texas history not to renew its chief historian’s contract over derogatory comments about the Alamo.

    Texas Observer – Essay
    It’s Time to Defend the History of All Texans
    The way we learn about our collective past is under attack.

    Texas Monthly
    Traditionalists Protest What Some Consider a “Woke” Takeover of the Texas State Historical Association
    Inside the arguments, lawsuit, and angry outbursts that are dividing a key authority on historical matters.

    I was lucky. I spent most all of my public school years in Texas schools in various towns around the state, and I was born during the age of TV westerns.
    Texas public schools required that Texas history be taught at several different grade levels. Texas history was like a religion, with often stage play events about Texas history presented by a grade level, complete with a myriad of Texas songs. In the classroom, we learned how to make soap from lard, ashes and sand. We built salt/flour miniatures of the Alamo, and drew maps of where the Native American tribes lived in Texas. We learned of the Six Flags Over Texas before the first theme park was built between Dallas and Ft Worth.

    LOOK at this… [IMAGES]
    For decades, a comic book showing Texas history in the most racist ways was given to Texas students
    Watchdog Dave Lieber reports on how ‘Texas History Movies’ cartoons were created by The Dallas Morning News and lived on for 30 years.

    I well remember this comic book. Every school had at least one copy. I revisited it many times.

    • 2 of 2
      I fell in love with Texas History.

      In the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, I made personal excursions around the state exploring old sites. This is before the time of the modern day “fix-up and clean” era. Old cabins. “Ghost towns”. A field of tall unkempt grass harbored rock walls of an old Spanish fort from the 1700’s, or an old school. A long gone, riverside sawmill that still had the wheel’s trench.
      I remember the first time I saw this Historical Marker…
      Silver Mine Pass (2 mi. West) – Named for silver mine opened near pass by Spaniards in 1700s or earlier…
      …Near the mine are remnants of a fortification made by 30 men under the leadership of James Bowie, later (1836) a hero of the siege to the Alamo. In 1831, while at work at this mine, Bowie’s men repulsed a Comanche attack in a fierce, all-day battle.
      Hero of the fight was Bowie’s slave, “Black Jim Bowie,” who risked his life by leaving the fortification to bring water to the besieged. (1968)

      IMAGE of Historical Marker
      And Texans are known for stretching things a bit… Believe this story if ya want:
      The Billion Dollar Lost Silver Mine of the Hill Country … and eighty Indians were killed by Bowie’s crew.

      The details of the many stories surrounding Texas History have faded in my memory.
      But certain “Things that Inspire” stuck, and I strive for these, such as noble adventure, independent action, liberty, insouciance to authority, courage, integrity, compassion….

      • HRS

        I took a Hispanic girl (and some other folks) to the scout museum one time and they had a picture of the Founding Fathers signing the Constitution (or something like that). She had zero knowledge of what I was talking about when I mentioned it to her, aged about 10 or so.

        Her mom was an immigrant, dad born here, pretty good family but the school had done little to nothing to program the ‘Americanism’ into any of the kids. Now, while I can expect an Anglo kid to at least have an interest in people that he might have some vague sense of relation to there is little desire in Hispanic folks to absorb a history that either has zero link to their families history or culture without dedicated indoctrination.

        To be honest, getting colonized by Hispanics is massively better then getting colonized by muslims, but IMO Texas in 10 to 20 years is going to be culturally and politically way more like South America then it is now. The only way the culture doesn’t shift with demographics would be a massive drive in schools and there is no political will to sustain that IMO.

        • I understand. I have Hispanic friends and relatives. My grandkids are part Hispanic, but don’t speak the lingo. They speak Generation Z.

          Ethnically, Texas is radically different than it was in the 70’s and 80’s.
          Not that that is a bad thing, but there are too many people here.

          Through the decades, I’ve had a lot of friends who were from Mexico, Central and South America. Much of my Spanish, I learned from them.
          Immigration laws in the 70’s and 80’s were much more strict, and La Migra would sometimes raid the Hotels or different factories.

          In 1980, working the night shift as Bellman at a large 14 acre Hotel which looked like a castle, I would go down to talk to the kitchen clean-up crew. Many times they would cook me a steak or lobster (on the house) and they would tell me jokes in Spanish while I ate at the bar. Great way to learn the lingo. When we got off, as the sun was coming up, sometimes we would go to the park and drink beer together. I would give them and their friends rides around Dallas to wherever they needed to go. Most could not speak English.
          Coyote – (people smuggler) – 5 or 6 of them wanted me to take them to Houston where they had jobs lined up. We joked, and I would be their Coyote and do the trip for $125.
          One time I took a guy to a place. The guy couldn’t speak English, ‘cuz he was a wetback. He said with a grin “Watch this” (in Spanish) as we pulled up behind another car which had a wetback sitting in it. He went up to the wetback and asked for ID, pretending to be some kind of La Migra guy or something. Scared the wetback pretty good. I’m in the car laughing. The irony of it all.
          The world was more free back then.

  28. Neil Oliver is one of my favorite vloggers. All of his videos are very good.

  29. I agree with Neil. I read history for the stories. I pass on my stories but if they survive or not matters not a whit to me after I’m gone.
    I’m not afraid of the Far Country.
    It’s this country that scares me.

  30. James Corbett: This is a great interview with Neil Oliver. Your talks about keeping analog CDs, books, and vinyl records are correct. Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” comes to life.
    I donated to you 100 US dollars just now. No need for a thank you or anything.
    All the best,

  31. At about the 52:00 mark, Neil talks about how we are reacting physiologically to the crap going on in society today. I agree. The last time my body felt right and my mind was at ease was March 16th, 2020.
    I hate HATE, the world I live in today.

    • Be in the world but not of the world my friend.

      John 17:15-16 “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of it”

  32. “Again, we are looking to sources outside ourselves to pinpoint who and what is responsible for our “diabolical” mess in humanity.”

    Lisab: I don’t have to look for who is responsible for the shit mess I live in further than my neighbors and local city council.

  33. Just fantastic Guys, such a great conversation! I really got a lot of out of this, so good, food for thought and memory.. Thanks so much for all your work. I would love to here you guys speak again. Inspired me greatly. Peace out!

  34. What a very interesting discussion you two had. Enjoyed!

  35. I really enjoyed this interview! First of all, my grandma was Scottish and I loved listening to Neil’s Scottish accent. Secondly, I agree about having physical books. As a home schooling family we have a lot of books. Even though we do give books away (so that we can physically fit into our house :)) we keep those that are either important for information or those fiction books that have not been adapted by people wanting them to be politically correct.
    A very recent example that we found on our shelf is of a book containing Canadian biographies (short ones meant for elementary kids) one of which is of Sir John A Macdonald. Right now, with many Canadians trying to erase him from history (which is ridiculous since he was our first PM) we need to have these stories. The last couple of sentences in the biography were a quote from supporters when he ran for re-election in 1887 “You’ll never die, John A.” and then ends with this: “They were right. Macdonald lives on forever in the history of Canada, and in the hearts of Canadians who celebrate that history”. This is definitely not what we are seeing right now in Canada.

  36. Interesting but rather befuddling interview. I like Neil, his accent, and presentation, but I am not sure about the idea of history as a story. Neil says he is not a historian per se, but an archeologist. Yet he is considered a “popular historian” by many people today. Today everybody invokes this “story” approach to everything, everybody supposedly likes a story and wants to listen to stories. Sadly, most stories today are trite and banal stuff only little children would want to listen to.

    Has James considered retelling his, say WW1 documentary, as such a modern “story” with all the complexity behind it? Perhaps he should try a 5 minute WW1 version, like his 5-minute 9/11 story?

    Whatever happened to real scientific history approach when academically educated historians were sincerely seeking to discover what real history is or ought to be based on? Like a 1934 essay or research study “Sociology as a Science” by Christopher Dawson in which he masterfully analyzed different aspects of history as “science”:

    “History and sociology are, in fact, indispensable to one another. History without sociology is ‘literary’ and unscientific, while sociology without history is apt to become mere abstract theorizing.” Etc.

    Dawson’s whole approach was “scientific”, and that included “natural science” – “it is equally impossible to understand the life of man and society without the help of natural sciences.” Only through such systematic approach we can arrive at the concept of culture, and that must include concepts of morality, religion and spirituality.

    What is the essence of Neil’s shipwreck story that “women and children” ought to be saved first? Well, it implies morality. What is morality and where did it come from? Well, it was the result of Britain being “civilized” as Neil mentioned in his 2021 lecture. What did this civilization imply? Well, it was Roman civilization and especially Christianity that civilized various barbaric tribes in the Roman Empire which had a very different “barbaric” view of civilization and morality, and which did not necessarily mean that women and children would be saved first. (Many barbaric tribes held women in common, treated them as slaves, abortion and child-killing was rampant, etc.) But none of this is conveyed to modern “children” via such stories, mostly to poorly educated and irreligious modern ‘child-adults’ who know nothing about real barbaric history and the morality that Christianity and even Roman civilization brought.

    BTW, I don’t care about amassing tons of books, DVD’s, etc. A good library is essential, but one must be selective. Most people want simple a straightforward answers, like Chesterton’s “A Short History of England” —

  37. This was an interesting and enjoyable conversation. Thank you!

  38. I found the interview very interesting, but the conclusion, about his most recent book, was a sour ending. I have no interest in reading or hearing such stories. I would rather spend my time, effort, and energy on things I believe are true and valuable, like studying Torah, Tanach, and the messianic writings. Seeking and pursuing truth, not filling my mind with fiction.

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