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  1. Most people are way too invested in the beliefs that underlie, support and constitute their world view to contest it.

    Realizing that the current shit show is a scam requires that somebody be willing to raze their world view and all their painstakingly developed beliefs to the ground.

    It’s not easy and most people are too weak.

      • I’m listening to the audiobook The Gulag of Archipelago and it’s been a very enlightening experience.

        Though my grandma thought “most people are good” this audiobook seems to suggest that maybe she was wrong, at least not when certain circumstances are present.

        However, people are capable of changing group consciousness if there are enough people who are brave enough to set a good example. It’s an interesting topic to explore, the “mass formation” phenomenon.

      • I think this guy is not putting up a very good argument. People should not be blamed for being gullible? With whom should the responsibility lay? How does the old adage go: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

        • I disagree. The Milgram experiment alone demonstrates how susceptible most people are to believing and behaving based entirely upon what they are told and the authority or gravitas that they attribute to the one providing the information. Even when the information is uncomfortable and causes them to behave in ways that go against their nature.

          Until someone has a reason to question the information. Whether its seeing someone else do so or becoming aware of conflicting evidence. The natural tendency of most people is to trust those people and institutions that they were taught to trust.
          That seems to be the fellow’s argument. And in that respect I can’t disagree.

          The time to get frustrated and give up on “normies” is, in my opinion. When they are presented with the credible evidence that they have been deceived by those they trusted and they either refuse to examine it or their cognitive dissonance is too big a hurdle to overcome.

          I think that we were all normies to some extent once. I was lucky enough to have been personally, though only peripherally involved in a couple of news stories earlier on in life. So I learned young that truth is always wrapped up in lies, deceit and a rubber band.
          But sadly most people had the misfortune of having been brought up in fairly “normal“ homes. By the standards of our “normal“ society. They probably didn’t get to read stories about the people they lived with too often. (Sarcasm)

          • On my side of the family, no one is a normie. We have always had a distrust of the government from our experience as young children. Maybe if that didn’t happen, we would have turned out differently. The millgram experiement was redone in “poorer” sections of town/ barrooms and the participants told the “authority figures” to buzz off…rather than be pressured to shock people. I will post the link when I find it.

            At some point though, as you pointed out, this entire COVID thing doesn’t make any sense, and at some point people should realize this. I think that some do, but they don’t want things to change or to deal with the change. One of the saddest last days I had at work was when I had a web-based meeting with a colleague who was wearing an 95 mask for our on screen meeting. No one was around. She is a mathematician and graduated from one of the top schools in Canada. She will be happy to build her own digital prison and live in it, and I am glad I won’t be around to witness this.

            • I’m floored.
              95Mask for on screen web meeting. No one around.

              • Virtue is best signalled visually.

            • There are just too many “beliefs” which don’t make sense, such as money, and there’s no way they want to start that domino fall.
              It’s a testament to the success of departmentalization that folks can somehow fit the “covid is a scam” in to their reality, without in any way linking it to all the other basic institutionalized scams which are simply power trips, like money and private property, that wholly sacred cow.
              Having to admit they have no respect whatever for the private property of your body, would suggest that they feel the same about your cow property. And indeed, folks have been finding out just that.
              Just like they are passing the shots out for free, with rewards, so they passed the land out for free, with rewards, during and after the first American Genocide.
              Make America Genocidal Again!!!
              Then we can build it back better, “civil”-ized as can be.

          • “I disagree. The Milgram experiment alone demonstrates how susceptible most people are to believing and behaving based entirely upon what they are told and the authority or gravitas that they attribute to the one providing the information…

            That seems to be the fellow’s argument. And in that respect I can’t disagree.
            The time to get frustrated and give up on “normies” is, in my opinion. When they are presented with the credible evidence that they have been deceived by those they trusted and they either refuse to examine it or their cognitive dissonance is too big a hurdle to overcome.
            I think that we were all normies to some extent once. ”

            At first I seemed to disagree with the fellow in the video, like mkey.
            But upon further reflection I’m with you Steve.

            This a very important concept.

            Had it not been for a chance post made of all places, on a sports forum more than a decade ago, I would likely still be a normie today!

            I learned that being a normie has nothing whatsoever to do with intellect.
            Timing is everything and you need an open mind to become awakened.

            I have family members who are extremely bright, but absolutely refuse to even consider anything outside the mainstream news! Such is their cognitive dissonance.

            • Let’s replace the term “cognitive dissonance”, oh so trendy, to “willful ignorance”.
              That’s a lot clearer as to what people actually, actively DO, rather than what “happens to” them.
              I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are lying, that’s not nice. That’s what it’s called outside of academic jargon , tho, Lying.
              But, let’s be buddhist about it, and call it intentional, willful, ignorance.
              Like when you hand them ten thousand pages of evidence, and they don’t want to see it. Like that.

              • Let’s replace the term “cognitive dissonance”, oh so trendy, to “willful ignorance”…
                Like when you hand them ten thousand pages of evidence, and they don’t want to see it. Like that.

                Well in the case of my brother I could do that..

                Over the years he had certainly come across stories about crazy conspiracy theorists re: 9/11, JFK and the moon landing.
                One evening he had made a condescending comment to me about the above.

                I came back with a question asking if he had ever done research into 9/11.
                He replied “Of course I did”.

                I waited about ten minutes and then applied a simple test to learn that he hadn’t done any research on the subject whatsoever.

                So that does demonstrate willful ignorance more than cognitive dissonance with him.

                The cognitive dissonance part would apply more with my father when I spent hours going over loads of 9/11 details with him including watching the ‘Sep. 11 The New Pearl Harbor’ feature video together.
                He wasn’t phased in the least, refusing to budge one inch on his position!

          • I’m not sure what you are disagreeing with, Steve. Are you positing that the responsibility does not lay with the one who’s being deceived?

            There is absolutely nothing natural about being gullible. It’s a feature gained by breaking people in during the process of becoming house slaves, it is learned just as helplessness and servility.

            • “ I’m not sure what you are disagreeing with, Steve.”

              I am disagreeing with your statement that the guy wasn’t making a good argument. I think he was.
              For example, I wouldn’t hold James Corbett responsible for being gullible for believing that the “conspiracy theories” concerning 911 were too far fetched to be true prior to him investigating for himself and discovering that the official narrative was bullcrap. I don’t think that I would even say that he was gullible. He was conditioned to believe information from what he perceived to be trusted sources. Until he proved to himself that they weren’t.
              And as he has said. That was when he “woke up”.
              Or as I like to say. That is when he found the sunglasses.

              So no. I don’t believe that the responsibility for believing lies lies with the one receiving the lies. It lies squarely with the liars. Until such time that the misled ones willfully reject countering evidence.
              Just my opinion.

              • It’s kind of like Stockholm syndrome phenomenon. Some people’s psyche become damaged and they can’t see what is happening and their moral compass becomes corrupted.

                However, I do think when a person supports tyranny the fault then shifts to the supporter. Harming other people is wrong, even if there are mitigating circumstances, it is nevertheless wrong. People can be rehabilitated and make up for it.

                This is a very complex topic, in my opinion anyway. But to have someone tell a person that they are supporting tyranny and harming others and that person refuses to at least research what the claims are, is in part complicit. I am sure I have been guilty of this to an extent, but have tried to make up for it now. Everyone has a dark side “shadow” and it’s good to know this part of oneself to try to grow and change.

              • Externalization of guilt needs to go. I’m not saying those who spread lies are blameless, but the majority of responsibility is with those who silently take it. And then do some spreading of their own.

                Everyone who takes any bit of information without doing any vetting of it is 100% responsible for being lazy and wishing to just go along.

              • And I am not saying that anyone who chooses willful ignorance over uncomfortable information is blameless.

                “Everyone who takes any bit of information without doing any vetting of it is 100% responsible for being lazy and wishing to just go along.”

                Does this apply to information that young people are indoctrinated with in their so-called schools?
                Did it apply to the thousands of 18 year olds who enlisted after 911 who didn’t have access to the abundance of information available on the internet today?

                I understand what you’re saying but I don’t understand why there is a need to assign blame to victims at all. The masses are victims.

                Sure, the duped masses are what has allowed the Covid psyop to happen. But the same could be said about the main psyop of all time. The Most Dangerous Superstition.

                The gullible masses are always what facilities the plans of the elite tyrants.

                But okay. I will concede that there are probably very few people in the world that could be described as completely blameless in their own condition of ignorant (bliss?)
                But really. Is there anyone among us who can honestly say that they approached every difficult new revelation that they were shown by some fanatical shouting voice in the wilderness with a open mind every single time?
                Did you take seriously every shocking claim you’ve ever heard enough to deeply investigate the veracity upon the first hearing?
                In a way it reminds me of my experience with bible thumping Jesus freaks who would constantly be telling me about the good news and salvation by grace and all that stuff.
                Must have heard it a thousand times if I heard it once.
                Kinda glad it finally sunk in when I was ready to hear it. People are naturally stubborn too I think.

                Nobody among the conditioned masses is completely blameless just as no one is completely culpable.
                But focusing on the issue is a good way to keep people distracted from the real problem.
                Surely the PTSNB aren’t smart enough to know that. Are they?

              • I didn’t know that Larken Rose made this video today or I would have snuck it into the previous post. Weird how much stuff like that happens lately.
                But maybe someone can help so I think the word should be spread.


              • Does this apply to information that young people are indoctrinated with in their so-called schools?

                The majority of responsibility in this case is with their guardians. they should know better.

                I understand what you’re saying but I don’t understand why there is a need to assign blame to victims at all. The masses are victims.

                The victim mentality won’t get us any further than externalization of blame would.

                Is there anyone among us who can honestly say that they approached every difficult new revelation that they were shown by some fanatical shouting voice in the wilderness with a open mind every single time?

                No, and we are all responsible for it.

                Nobody among the conditioned masses is completely blameless just as no one is completely culpable.

                You seem to seek extremes to prove a point. I have explicitly stated: not all, but majority of responsibility is with those who take propaganda for granted and just move with it. They do not have to be completely culpable to be completely responsible for their own words, thoughts and actions. Only one can be held responsible for that and who better than the one speaking the words, thinking the thoughts and doing the deed?

                If they chose to run shit programming in their brains, that’s their damn fault.

              • I’m not trying to prove anything. Just sharing my opinion.

              • I think a rational person should be able to dispassionately see obvious inconsistencies and call “bullshit” or at least be very suspicious of an unlikely story being told.

                I saw the footage of 9/11 and I was immediately struck by the manner of the collapse of the two buildings. It looked to me as if the buildings had been deliberately destroyed, falling as they did. Then when I heard about Building 7, it became pretty damned obvious.

                I have contempt for the liars but I have lost trust in people who cannot/will not believe what they see. They would rather trust what they have been told….irrespective of how illogical and unlikely that story is.

                No…I blame those who don’t trust their own eyes. The liars are just liars willing to take advantage of gullibl and impressionable people.

              • Oh, I swallowed 9/11 hook, line and sinker. With shit education, shit upbringing and shit diet it was still my responsibility to know better.

                Steve, I’m just saying something does not have to go 100% either way to be applicable. One can hold most responsibility and still be held fully accountable for their action or lack thereof.

                If I had a magic wand I would not spawn a fancy house and a car or end all wars or end all injustice;

                I would plant a seed into people’s minds, just begging to answer the question “why am I not taking ownership for my shit?”

            • Bullseye!!! Also, families and society teach that lying is essential.

          • Steve Smith; I learned that government is one big lie when we the 1952 birth year males in the USA were having our birthdates pulled out of a military draft lottery drum to “win” a free trip to Vietnam. That was on August 21, 1971. On the 15th Nixon had closed the gold window. Oh, happy days were ahead.
            Anyone who believes the government lies is probably a government employee. Feck them!

            • Yeah. I just missed it. You’re the same as as my brother would have been.
              Sorry for your service.

              • Age. Meant to write “same age as my brother “.

          • “I think that we were all normies to some extent once. I was lucky enough to have been personally, though only peripherally involved in a couple of news stories earlier on in life. So I learned young that truth is always wrapped up in lies, deceit and a rubber band.”

            This describes my experience also. Those who report upon the news do so with an agenda. Their first responsibility to to their employer. They have to get a story that will be approved by their employer.

            Their own personal agenda comes second and that may colour the story a little.

            Their last checkmark is the truth. Most just assume that the truth is where the journalist is aiming.

            Nothing could be further from the truth.

        • Mikey

          Everyone is gullible….everyone runs off a world view full of assumptions of how the world works.

          Consider that in real life if normal people were NOT trusting we’d all be super paranoid and life would suck.

          In a NORMAL society most people used to be either related by blood or by religion and even the ruling class was not out to MURDER them… just steal their labor and stuff in return they even had to provide the service of keeping enemies at bay….

          WE just live in a weird multicultural multiracial multireligious mess with a ruling class who no longer think we provide them with value and actively hate us

          • Lets not confuse the interpersonal one to one relations and any ensuing trust that may arise from it with the “trust” that is absolutely required to even start believing in the nonsense being irradiated from the screens or any other mass messaging system.

            • Mikey

              I disagree… the sick world we live in is one where peoples emotions are tied to those screen personalities.

              Think of Ophra and how many middle class white women felt like she was their black best friend who told them what to think.

              Media like TV and even the internet social media is operating via the social interaction vector that before was face to face

              • You are disagreeing with something I haven’t stated. Hence you are not in a diamsagreement wih me.

          • Consider that in real life if normal people were NOT trusting we’d all be super paranoid and life would suck

            The system is based upon trust. We enter into agreements with others in good faith.

            That is not to say that we are to be gullible fools when others rip us off or lie to us. That is a prescription for failure. We go forth with hope and trust. When lied to we call out the liars and seek reparation. Otherwise we are taken for fools.

            • Not to mention, and yet I will mention it, that one can enter in various obligations with untrusted individuals by putting appropritate stipulations in the contract.

              Basically, if you trust A less than B you will simply reach for contractual instruments to hedge against the lack of trust. Once the trust issues have been settled one may find it affordable to cut some corners and rely less on the contracts in dealing with said individuals.

              All of this is completely unapplicable to dealings with the government.

          • “WE just live in a weird multicultural multiracial multireligious mess with a ruling class who no longer think we provide them with value and actively hate us”

            I don’t think they hate us. In as much as we could be useful we are an asset to be manipulated. In as much as we compete with them for oxygen and resources, our welfare is below their own so they will take from us if they can.

            But yes, being paranoid and untrusting is no way to live. One must frequently go forth with hope and nothing more and occasionally we are rewarded by seeing nobility in a person who we can offer little to, yet they treat us decently. That’s the best one can hope for IMO.

  2. Good day, James. I know that you are working on part three of your “Secret History of Al Qaeda. I am a former Boeing 767 pilot and I commented in part two on how I believe the crashes could have been done with relative simplicity and using known technology. I’m repeating it in hopes that you read it and can make use of it:

    Given the technology and crew hijack training at the time this is how it could be done, step by step. Nothing I’m going to say is secret; you can verify it with open source material. At that time crews were trained not to resist any hijacking attempt (obviously this has changed). The hijackers could probably bluff that they were now going to fly the plane to a new location and lock the pilots out of the flight deck. Then the hijackers would engage the autopilot A/P(if not already engaged as was normal). On the FMC (flight management computer) punch in “fly direct” to a waypoint that would be on the crash descent profile (the path the plane will fly to impact). This would probably be preprogrammed into the FMC ahead of time. To use an analogy, think of how hard it is to put malware into a computer if you have access to it (not very hard). Ground personnel are constantly going in and out of aircraft at the gate, so this would be easy if you had the right work clothes and fake ID. (The FMCs are routingly updated by a mechanic with a small box that plugs into a port behind the captains seat area.) Now on the FMC press “arrivals”, select “TWNTWRS#1” or the equivalent, ensure “LNAV” button is pressed, select the altitude you want to crash at in the ALT window, press VNAV button, and finally select a manageable speed in the SPD window. You wouldn’t want too high of a speed or you could lose A/P control, likewise with too low of a speed. That’s it! No fancy remote control turning the plane into a drone, no holograms, not even a very bloody takeover, because everyone thinks they are being hijacked to Cuba or some such place. People on board would be told to be calm and only start panicking near the end. The hijacker training under this scenario would involve rote learning of which buttons to press, no stick and rudder skill needed. They could even bring along a cheat sheet, in Arabic let’s say, lest they forget any steps. All of the 9/11 planes used the same type of Flight Management Computer. What a co-inky dink?!

    • With all due respect G. Jingping, being a pilot or former pilot (and all of the technical know how that entails) does not mean that you have special intellectual faculties that non-pilots do not possess.


      It would have been far too risky to plan an operation that had to succeed, and have it rely
      on the success of amateur ‘hijackers’. Many things could have gone wrong in your above scenario.
      Everything had to be fool-proof.

      There were no hijackers on the planes that crashed. That’s a fairy tale.

      • What planes?
        In Jingping’s missive can be found:
        4 “could”s
        6 “woulds”
        and one “wouldn’t”

        I got an honors degree at 67 yrs. of age for throwing texts like that back at my prof’s heads for six years.

    • Since you are a former pilot, I have questions because I think we have been lied to about earth.
      First, if earth rotated approx 1,000 miles per hour, if someone stayed in a hot air balloon for 3 hours, they would be 3,000 miles away. This doesn’t happen. So I doubt earth rotates. What do you think?
      Second, when you set your air flight to go straight, it would go straight into space? Also, wouldn’t flights need to bet set to go slightly down to follow curvature of the earth?
      Third, have any flights ever flew over the north pole? Is it forbidden? Why don’t commercial flights go over north pole? Wouldn’t it be shorter distances? I understand flights can’t go over Antarctica. Correct?
      What are your thoughts about the earth?

      • There is an excellent previous post by Mr. Corbett on “Cognitive Dissonance” and why one should not let oneself be drawn into pointless arguments, but I’ll take the bait this time. What I speculated happened on the 9/11 flights was a theory, based on my experience, of how it could be done as simply as possible utilizing the existing hardware of the Boeing 757/767 series aircraft and the aircrew training of that time. I do not claim that it is how it WAS done, just a theory of how it could have been done without resorting to outlandish means of execution. If this conflicts with someone else’s pet theory, that’s fine, make your own case. We should all be willing to listen to any good faith effort.

      • “….First, if earth rotated approx 1,000 miles per hour, if someone stayed in a hot air balloon for 3 hours, they would be 3,000 miles aw…”

        If an ant floats above a rotating wheel the wheel would go away as you describe…. on the other hand since the atmosphere is itself in motion with the earth it moves at something like the same speed.

        You can see the same thing when you pour your glass of inferior wine out on the floor in an aeroplane…. it does not fly to the back of the plane at the speed the plane moves forwards.

        A man hangs straight down when you lower him from a rope from an air plane in flight for the same reason, he does not drag like a banner behind

        • Actually, funny you shou6say that, on the cannonball question artillery calculations do need to take that I to account, though it’s not significant until you get up to the big guns.

          Tbh I don’t really understand your world salad on gravity. Who said that gravity pulled the atmosphere along? It pulls it down…ah I see my error.

          The analog of the guy hanging on a rope under a plane or me pouring a drink out on a plane serves better. Ha. You actually made me think a bit 🙂

          You are already in motion with the earth as you rise up… you continue in that motion with the earth as my drink continues with the plane as it falls straight down

          • Dude… I just posted shooters talking about the coralis effect, the rotation of the earth affecting the motion of a bullet or artillery shell traveling over the surface of the curved earth…its effect varies depending upon the direction of travel across the rotating curved earth.

            I await an explanation of how that works on a flat earth… or just stfu.

          • Here… I even looked up tibosurus rex for you….hie the rotating earth changed the aim point of an extreme long range shot on a rotating globe called the earth


            As the speed of light maybe you should take that up with einstein and special relativity and the speed of light being constant in a vacuum … was that not the time dilation effect or something like that? I always wondered if that means time flows faster in the galactic core than out on the edge but meh, not smart enough to work it iut myself

          • Zzap
            I am glad that you concede that you can not explain the coralis effect on a flat earth while it makes perfect sense on a rotating globe.

            Thank you for your time.

            You have shown exactly how much real interest you have in the question of truth. The post truth world will not last long, thankfully

          • Duck,

            You are actually smart and that you are thinking about these ideas using practical observations is impressive.

            The flat earthers are also also trying to use common sense type arguments as well, so aren’t dumb.

            What convinces me of a round earth, is just that it is a better model and I can see the ship sink from bottom to top and star constellations change when you travel to different locations. The shadow experiment is also pretty convincing.

            I think the distrust of scientists and NASA is what makes some people skeptical, but not everything is a lie or conspiracy, in my opinion.

            Anyway, just wanted to express that I don’t think you are dumb.

            • Cu.h.j

              The issue with flat earth agenda is that it is part of the post truth paradigm being adopted as the modern world dies. The total loss of trust in anyone but the lone self is to traumatize and cripple/demoralize the population

              It is the same kind of reality denying agenda that you see in the Trans and Woke movements and I believe that it is from the same source.

              It’s a case of “….We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False….” and while I don’t really care too much it really is as dark an agenda as fact checkers promotion of death and suicide.

          • Zap,
            Like… are you actually insane or do you just not bother following the libks?

            I posted the effect that the earth’s rotation has on a bullet or artillery shell.

            The point of impact is changed by the rotation of the earth because the earth moves in the time it takes that bullet to shell to get to impact.

            That’s not a YouTube channel, or even on web page. It’s a thing long range shooters and artillery men deal with.

            Unless you can explain how a shell moves in different directions depending on the direction your shooting you have no argument based on logic or fact

            Glow harder my dude, glow harder… unless you really do believe insanity in which case God help you because your as lost as the tranny brigade

          • Zzzap,

            I did not say flat earthers are dumb, if you re read my post, that’s the opposite of what I said.

            But I think they are wrong in their conclusions and that not all scientists are corrupt and can’t be trusted, including some physicists who argue the earth is a spinning spheroid.

            When I look through a telescope, I can see stars and the planet Venus that is visible and it looks round. They have no reason to lie about the shape of the earth.

            My grandpa was a pilot in the Airforce and flew a lot, he also thought the earth was round, a globe. He wasn’t a college gradate, but had a lot of common sense.

          • Zzza0

            As tibosaurus rex explains in his video, and as you can yourself demonstrate the effects of the earths earth’s rotation IS consistent depending on the direction you shoot in.

          • Zzzap

            “… every bullet and not every storm consistently displays the behavior and…”

            Except every bullet or shell DOES change its behavior depending on which direction you launch it in relation to the globular earths earth’s rotation and the shooters location…were the earth flat it would be zero or the same deflection regardless of direction.

            It’s taken into ballistic calculations.

            Explain THAT on a flat earth… lol

          • “It’s a case of “….We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False….” and while I don’t really care too much it really is as dark an agenda as fact checkers promotion of death and suicide.”

            This thread reminds me of the short exchange I had recently with mkey about blame.
            Is it fair to hold the duped people responsible for their part in facilitating the demise of civilization?

            Well, as I tried and probably failed to communicate. Yes and no.
            I believe that it is only fair to give people a pass for believing the lies that they were taught by people that they trusted up to the point where they stubbornly refuse to behave rationally and willfully reject logic as a basis for evaluating the information that they are later provided.

            It can be a noble challenge to try to help open the eyes of someone. And sometimes it is successful. Those were the ones who were less responsible for their delusions.

            And while I am not comparing zzz ? to the other entity that you referred to. I agree with your assessment of the agenda.
            And I begin to wonder about about the personal agendas of the ones pushing these dark psychological operations and demonic messages so strongly who seem to be immune to common sense.
            And at this point, I don’t feel guilty for deciding to hold them fully responsible for their willful ignorance or malevolence. Whichever the case may be.

            • Blame is pretty irrelevant

              Their delusion will bring it’s own suffering 🙁

            • “Their delusion will bring it’s own suffering”

              And the suffering of those they deceive.


    [Before I talk about “Flashbacks”, I would very much like to see “2021 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch” added to “The Best of the Corbett Report” block. This is an excellent reference tool.]

    Sometimes, I think a Corbett “short” is a good flashback. Some examples:
    ”How to Talk to Someone Who’s Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation”
    ”Lemmings Don’t Jump Off Cliffs – #PropagandaWatch”
    ”JFK: A Conspiracy Theory”
    “OKC: A Conspiracy Theory”
    “Russiagate: A Conspiracy Theory”

    I think that some of Corbett’s Climate Change Videos definitely deserve a re-run. We certainly will see more of this topic in the news cycle.
    This Spring, a good Flashback might be: ”Truth At Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King”

    On the weekend, after a beer or two, I sometimes kickback with a ‘B Movie’. Here are a few nominees…
    ”Contagion – FLNWO #19”
    “Soylent Green – FLNWO #04”

    …and my favorite…
    ”They Live – FLNWO #18”
    (and a H/t to previous Corbett commenter, Mr. Bloom for the historic interview with Roddy Pipper.)
    By the way, “Jack Spirko’s Survival Podcast” has the full “They Live” movie on his Odysee Channel.
    While typing all this stuff, I was enjoying the ‘jazzy’ soundtrack to “They Live” : https://youtu.be/hf5FYqCH6EU

  4. Democracy is most often just a cover for Oligarchy, at least as soon as you get above town or city level populations, TBH thats the peoples fault most of the time if they lack the right character to be citizens.

  5. Just want to say I really liked the last few banners, not only on the most recent editorial but the February open thread with a protester waving the Canadian flag at the trucker convoy, good stuff! O Canada!! ?? ?

    • Also never got a chance to address the recent passing of Arby. Did not know him, but RIP. To anyone out there suffering through the helplessness and despair that comes with depression, I leave you this quote…

      “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.”

      -Rocky Balboa

      • luckily we’re not all so balboishly rocky, I do half agree but.

        I reckon people have to come towards truth-beauty-health & happiness by their own lessons of surviving hard knocks, or better, because of having made really good choices, at least those seem to be the 2 modes that has us still standing after the “about 3.5 billion” years of cellular microbiome wiggle.

      • FC is indeed a suicide promoter that can potentially assist in the misleading of fellows having a weakness moment.

        Can any sophistry really be something more than a light gym routine for the determined mind?

        Laughing at the tyrannosaurus that put effort and hope in a futile attempt to undermine us.


        • He is indeed… it’s a choice of laziness and self indulgence that he had made.

          You won’t change him, since his pride will never admit error and he has said pretty much that he is just enjoying the horror show. Best Just to pity him in this regard since while not actually dumb he has chosen foolishness. On the bright side he is self correcting as long as he refrains from breeding

  6. The Secret lie that started Afghan war is very relevant to these times , since Brandon’s DOS is attempting to deceive US again and this system of secret classified BS is still being used for Ukraine , Covid and Jan 6 Sysops !

    Previous Discussions with Links regarding
    Freedom Convoy 2022

    There are FOUR previous Corbett Report Interviews which contain many comments with links about the Freedom Convoy 2022, and the topic is also mentioned in the Interview.

    Interview 1691 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato – 1/28/2022
    Interview 1694 – Declare Your Independence from Mass Formation Psychosis – 2/2/2022
    Interview 1695 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato – 2/4/2022
    Interview 1696 – James Corbett to VCC: The Power is OURS! – 2/5/2022

    This LINK will take you to links of all FOUR…

    As I type, donations on GiveSendGo are over 2 ½ million dollars for Freedom Convoy 2022. There seems to be a Bitcoin donation spot also at Tallycoin.

  8. Well, in light of Canadian trucker convoys and vanishing prime ministers,

    optimistic reflections on the Occupy movement by one of the preeminent scholars of the Deep State

    the October crisis of 1970, imposition of the War Measures Act, the lawyer who advised such a measure,

    mirrored Father/Son legacies and a potentially prophetic ange avant-guardian all came to mind.

    From an auditory standpoint, the going can be rough,

    but that’s where some of the most unexpected diamonds can be found:



    …and I can’t seem to banish the most uncouth inquiry flitting uncontrollably through the darker corners of my mind, which is

    did the gentleman receive his Covid-19 injection?

    • Good grief! What an incorrigible DITZ I am!

      THIS was what I’d intended to post, NOT the Peter Dale Scott interview (which I’m sure is excellent, I can’t remember)


      and this other one made a big and lasting impression on me as well even if I never really went to the guests’ websites nor worked on the material discussed sufficiently:


      The importance of the trivium.

      • Fasting from food and only drinking fluids can do that.
        That type of mistake happens to me too whenever I am on a vino tinto fast,
        whether with or without my glucometer wristband device. 😉

  9. Hi James,
    Looking at the situation seems that the instalment of the global biosecurity state paused or slowed down at the moment. looking from the side, what did they achieve and what do we need to expect from the 2nd part?
    In my opinion, they achieved a lot
    Vax pass
    restrictions of free movement
    the criminalisation of protests.
    Division of society
    but most important, by running the exercise aka pandemic they know how many people are going to go along.
    The question is what are they going to do with those who are resisting?

  10. [I don’t have a clue as to who this person is other than from the story.]

    Sunday Feb 6th, 2022 – TMZ
    Heather McDonald Collapses on Stage … Hospitalized, Cause Unknown

    Comedian Heather McDonald fell hard during a show in Tempe, Arizona, but it was no joke … it was a medical emergency.

    Eyewitnesses tell TMZ … the former “Chelsea Lately” star was headlining the sold-out show, when she delivered her second joke …
    “I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted … and flu shot and shingle shot and haven’t gotten COVID and Jesus loves me most.”

    As soon as she delivered the joke, she just collapsed and hit her head on the floor.
    Everyone thought at first it was all part of the act, but it was not. She was conscious, but clearly, all was not well. An EMT and a nurse happened to be in the audience … they rushed up on stage to provide first aid.

    The 911 call came in as a seizure, but no one really knows yet. An ambulance came and paramedics tended to Heather.
    Heather tells TMZ … she felt somewhat dizzy when she was on stage and then just collapsed. She says it’s never happened to her before.

    She passed on the ambulance … she says her sister-in-law — who was in the audience — took her to the hospital.
    Heather says she got a cat scan as well as other tests, but so far it’s unclear what caused her to faint. She says her head really hurts and she’s very tired…

    …Heather tells us she never had COVID and, as she said in her set, she’s fully vaxxed and boosted.

  11. Well, hopefully they will at least label them correctly and treat them as the enemy of the state. Which they are, but there’s quite a difference between and being an enemy of the people.

  12. Hi James and all,
    First-time comment but would like James to take a look at the NHSX here in the UK.
    We appear to be ready to head straight into a Non-Health Service health service going forward here in the UK with the implementation of Bill Gates’collaboration, NHSX.

    The worrying part of this whole rollout is that there appears to be a lack of access to actual REAL doctors and medical professionals, instead, you will be treated via an APP, only accessible through your Smart Phone or online.
    They intend on diagnosing remotely, something which they say Convid allowed to happen “successfully” during the lockdowns of 2020, and then they can use Amazon to deliver your prescription.
    Now, they appear to have neglected to remember that many died from missed appointments for cancer treatments or even for diagnoses of any illness during those same lockdowns.
    Anyone with half a brain knows that remote diagnosis is not something that can really tell what is going on with someone, for there are many factors to take into account, such as temperature, eye colour, skin palour and feel, heart rate, etc, all of which cannot be done in the patient’s home.
    So, how they will attempt to diagnose, will it be purely by symptoms only? Many people are unable to vocalise their symptoms and one person describing pain can be completely different from another person describing the same pain.
    I have experience firsthand trying to describe pain, trying to match it to a score chart, because they were starting to bring in their “health by category” as far back as 2013 when I had the misfortune to require the services of the NHS.
    I have been considerably fortunate most of my life, I did not need to see a doctor more than about 5-6 times, sadly at the age of 46 I was involved in an RTA and spent over 2 months in 3 different hospitals, then spent the next 4 years in and out of another 4 hospitals, all with different protocols, all using different products, yet all supposedly under the same umbrella.
    I would often ask why the NHS did not buy their products as a group but was told that because each one was essentially their own little fiefdom, they would make their own decisions, effectively working against each other, a rather bizarre situation.
    However, this is now to all change, and your video on the “new” nanotech jab tied in neatly with the NHSX world.
    As you said, James, the nanotech will apparently help diagnose illness from within the body or will be able to feedback information to healthcare providers OR to the new healthcare CLINICIANS!
    Please could you do a deep dive with a video on how NHSX will expect individuals to don wearables that will be linked to the coming crypto accounts, so smokers will not be allowed to buy cigarettes or people with diabetes that next chocolate bar, effectively stopping anyone from doing anything unhealthy or perceived as unhealthy?
    This is the Nanny State on steroids.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • “How will they attempt to diagnose?”.
      You may want to watch Idiocracy. It’s all there.

      My question: How will they figure out how to govern the world and their societies when they don’t even know anything about their own bodies? ”
      How can they ever understand global politics and finance if they don’t even understand their own gut and digestion process?
      How are they gonna figure out how to clean out all the corruption if they can’t even figure out how to clean out their own system?

      Beats me.

  13. I would be very interested in an video about the Robber Barons. Just because me and maybe many others see them play the leading role in the new totalitarianism/depopulation agenda put on us now.

  14. Totally unrelated to anything… just lazily surfing the net I stumbled across posts about Pierre Trudeau and his wife Margaret’s friendship with Fidel Castro.

    I saw there were obscure rumors that Justin Trudeau might be Fidel Castro’s son but I think Justin Trudeau rather looks like his father.

    MICHEL Trudeau on the other hand, may he rest in peace, looks a lot like he could have been the love child of Margaret Sinclair Trudeau and Fidel Castro… but I’ve never been much of a physiognomist:





    Just some good ol’ fashioned and completely gratuitous conspiracy theorizing on a lazy Sunday afternoon…

    • That is so cool!
      I was watching parts on the Marcel Irnie YouTube Channel earlier.
      Freedom Convoy: Coutts – Milk River USA Border Blockade UPDATE Feb.6, 2022 | IrnieracingNews
      (25 minutes)

      • Hey HRS,

        I’ve watched a few videos from MACHINES EVERYWHERE and from MARCEL IRNIE. They’re informative, but my favorites are from this off-grid guy who goes by the handle JustinCredibleTV (JCredTV, for short).

        He lives on a small island in BC and has been posting mostly short (two-to-four-minute) highlight clips, but some longer videos, too. His fans have been inundating him with scenes from Ottawa, Coutts, Toronto. Plus he records views of his own island, where there was a spontaneous trucker parade of sorts in the small village down the road apiece from JCred’s tiny house. He has also shown the press conferences of the FC2022 organizers, wherever they happen to be holed up, as well as a speech by Brian Peckford.

        JCredTV sometimes plays stirring background music written by Canadian composers/singers who are fighting for freedom. And of course he features interviews with eloquent truckers, including the guy who cried over receiving a homemade cookie and handwritten note from a young girl named Katie.

        Anyway, JCred can be found in the following places:

        JustinCredibleTV’s website: http://www.justincredible.tv

        JustinCredibleTV’s YouTube videos about FC2022: https://www.youtube.com/c/JCredTV/videos

        JustinCredibleTV’s Rumble videos about FC2022: http://www.rumble.com/JCredTV

        By the way, watching his video of the truckers in Toronto, I couldn’t help but think of our fellow commenter Arby. I wish he could’ve held on a few more days to witness this hope-stirring movement unfolding before our eyes.

        • Thanks CQ!
          I finally got around to browsing through this, looking through the website and watching some of the videos.
          So cool!

          I’ve owned a fair number of large Cube Vans, Box trucks and old large Ryder trucks over the years, because of all my roadsiding, dress sales and other business ventures which often took me to many states around the country. I often used them to sleep in.

          I bought my first “Bread Truck” for $600 in the early 1980’s. I went down to a local Dallas bread delivery place and asked how to enter their “auction” for their outdated vehicles. The guy told me to put a bid in a sealed envelope. While talking to him at his desk, I glanced and saw some of the other bids by used car lots which were below $600. So, I ended up with the winning bid.

          I drove that very old bread truck from Texas to many ghettos around the United States and finally sold it when I left Washington D.C., the armpit of America. I had only one maintenance issue the entire time during all that mileage…the battery fell out while driving because its undercarriage had rusted through.

          Justin does a good job of imparting important info about the Trucker Freedom Convoy thing.

          I don’t know how those people do it in Ottawa. That intense sub-zero cold would traumatize me. I’m a wuss when it comes to intense cold.
          In the 70’s, I was living at my brother’s house in Kansas one winter, but took a bus back to Texas after a key broke off in a frozen car door lock. I told him “I’m done with this ice, snow and intense cold. I’m miserable.”

  15. Hi James
    Any comment on Thaddeus Russell of Renegade University and his questionable comments relating to SUNY Professor he’s interviewed on Unregistered – particular what he (Thaddeus) openly says in this clip.

    My feeling on the whole debacle initially was that the Professor was taking a difficult position to argue – as some do – but it became clear this wasn’t the case after his papers and books were talked about. I’m am troubled by the comments made by Thaddeus Russell and his clear support of the arguments made.


    I’d love to know your position on this.

    • James is a father I’d imagine he’d find the comments indefensible and disgusting, had he known Russell held those views he may not have even associated with the guy.

      Just my 2¢

      • James wouldn’t know? His business is research into individuals , after all.
        Free to imagine, tho.

    • Link to the the full interview for context and to hear Thaddeus Russel’s full response. The clip on Twitter is the professor being interviewed, Stephen Kershnar. Controversial indeed! But we don’t always agree…
      (2 hours)

      • I understand the subject/discussion is more nuanced than a few twitter videos have time to get into, but man there are just some subjects that shouldn’t be broached even for the sake of this alleged thought experiment.

        Idk but I’m not going to speak for Corbett on this.

    • I listened to the relevant part of the podcast and Russell attempts to justify paedophilia by saying adults coerce children to do all sorts of things that aren’t good for them. Holy shit, what a ridiculous argument. I’m sorry, but anyone trying to normalise adult/ child sex needs to be dealt with swiftly and emphatically.
      If JC has further affiliations with this Thaddeus Russell then I’m out of here.

      • Yup it was pretty disturbing to say the least

        • That’s where I agree with you. I think it’s clear here what Russell’s position is but in some cases people need help. Of all things I was listening to an NPR podcast YEARS ago and it was about a young lad who knew what he felt was wrong but there wasn’t anyone he could go to to say – help me. He’d felt this way since being a child and didn’t know what to do as he got older. Turns out as soon as you identify yourself to any psychiatrist they have a responsibility to tag you as a threat… It was really sad and anyone would want to help him.

          Then you have the Queer Theory psychopaths – smash the binary! abolish consent! down with heteronormativity! I mean jesus. That is what this was.

          I guess I raised it because I almost bought a course – I don’t know if I feel that comfortable doing that now. Russell seemed overly comfortable with this guy – to the degree I thought I’d gate crashed a “special meeting” – if you know what I mean.V uncomfortable.

          • I agree. It was an uncomfortable conversation to listen to. The arguments were twisted and weak, justified by nothing more than perceived assumptions and gross arrogance. Gave me the creeps more than once!

        • @Zzzap I think you misunderstood. In no way am I say never talk about child abuse whatsoever, It needs to be addressed and eradicated! But what I was saying earlier was it shouldn’t be talked about on a podcast and entertained as if this is normal behavior. It’s sick and predatory.

          • Yeah, that should remain in the biggest media business of all, pornography.

      • I’m sure JC is not aware of the statements made and JC has supported exposing “political pedophilia”.

        Incest and pedophilia is against natural law. A child cannot consent to sexual relations because they lack capacity. It’s clearly child abuse.

        I think there should be more discussion about this topic, not to normalize the behavior but for adults with these impulses to speak with a psychiatrist or therapist since it’s clearly pathological. It might minimize acting on this behavior if the person can get treatment for it.

        • You’re dreaming. It’s learned behavior.
          Freud’s first famous “psychiatric theory” was made up to deny and cover for the thousands of women who testified to him about sexual abuse in their families of origin.
          So, the child issue won’t be addressed as long as the whole can of worms is not acknowledged. The ones who scream the loudest as if it’s never been heard of before are in the most denial. Talk to twenty women, find out how many were safe as children.

          • Considering that Freud was personally sexually immoral, and the other leading lights in the development of psychology also tended to be freaks and weirdo it’s not a surprise he talked so much about such things

        • Cu.h.j

          Treatment for that behavior is very simple, death. It provides a zero recidivism rate and more important it sets the standard of behavior that people know they must meet

          The fact is, however, that people no longer really have a basis to believe that right and wrong are real things rather than social constructs…. thus people soften their outlook and the evil takes hold.

          • There are people who have pathological thoughts and impulses and attractions to things and people that are inappropriate.

            Acting on the behavior to me is the problem. People can think whatever they want and desire whatever they want, but if they act on their warped desires, that’s when there’s a problem. And yeah, if anyone did anything to my niece, they might end up with a bullet somewhere.

            Whatever is the cause of these abnormal and pathological impulses can be addressed, I think anyway. I don’t understand enough psychology or neurology to have expertise, but I think that people should be able to get help for these abnormal thoughts an impulses. I especially think this would be good for people who have been victims of abuse and think that can damage people.

            I think healing from abnormal thoughts and impulses is possible. I’m talking about non offenders. I don’t understand why people have pathological thoughts and impulses to kill and rape and harm others, but accept that there are people who aren’t like me and if they can decide not to hurt other people are worthy of help.

            • A personal anecdote, a close family member was touched inappropriately when she was a child by another child. I wanted to break her neck, but she was only 8 years old. What to do about that? These types of things are a disease and should be treated as such depending on the mitigating factors. This child had been harmed by her uncle for years and years. Now he should have been shot immediately because he was the adult. It makes me sick and angry but there must be a way to stop this sickness in people early on.

              • Here… docs are at the bottom of the page o think.

                He did the Franklin scandal doc that never got broadcast, and showed up on YT a few years back as well as KinseysPedophiles


              • If an 8 year old is already perverted then what will they do when older?

                Such things are indeed a disease, one that should be cut off like a putrid gangrene infection before it spreads

            • Cu.h.j
              When you say “…People can think whatever they want and desire whatever they want…” you demonstrate why the modern world is unable to prevent the normalization of pesos. The fact is that most people agree.. they do not think not really believe any desire is INHERENTLY warped and at odds with nature.

              Tim Tate, the documentary maker, did a film you can see on his site AFAIK about the UKs most prolific pedo/murderer. He was mates with the therapist who worked with them… they ALREADY mitigate their perverse desires with mental gymnastics. You can give such people no ability to argue for reason unless you want them to do things such as the article I posted on this thread about the German pedo social worker who placed kids with other pedophiles. It’s not uncommon for such things to happen in other countries I understand

              You can give such ideas zero room to exist or they will over run you and wear you out eventually…. just look at Netflix if you don’t believe me


              • I should have more fully explained and qualified my statement, SOME people can have thoughts and desires and not act on them. But the thoughts and desires may be able to be treated before a person acts on them in the people who will eventually act on the pathological thoughts and desires. There may be a young potential serial killer out there who can intervene and chose a completely different path. This is possible.

                It’s a subject that I have no depth of knowledge about, but sometimes these warped ideas exist in childhood in the absence of abuse, such as Jeffrey Dalmher for example. Maybe if he would have told a therapist about his weird sick impulses, they could have helped him discover why the heck he was wanting to do that stuff.

                People aren’t just going to go and shoot kids with pathological thoughts. I felt sorry for the little girl who harmed my family member and couldn’t hurt her. She was a victim too, by her uncle. I do think that creating a better society may lead to healthier people, mentally, physically and spiritually.

                Another anecdote, I have had thoughts of harming people who have harmed me, but never acted on it. So some people can re direct their thoughts in positive ways.

    • I saw that video. No real suprises there. What else do people expect from that class of people? He is just autistic enough to say it….soon enough he will be considered a pioneer who suffered like hirschenfeld or Kinsey or Harvey Milk.

      You WILL see pedophiles normalized in your life time if your under 40, because the majority of people who make your entertainment and teach your universities and kids (having percolated down thru educating the newest teachers)… the majority of those people WANT it normalized.

      Since normal people no longer have any real basis of morality or religion they will go along…. libertarian ideals are not the issue in themselves since they push such disgusting ideas on authoritarian communist places too.

      People lacking moral coherence are incapable of self governance

      good book on who ( or should I say (((who))) ?) Is putting huge sums of money into making gross sex things legal is ‘The trans industrial Complex’ by scott howard… he has names and financial reports and stuff to show the money spent


      You should not the guy mentioned interesting the article was working WITH government support, just like Kinsey…good film from the Great Tim Tate who did the Franklin film that never got aired as I recall
      Secret history, Kinsey’s pedophiles

      Sorry to say that the reason you took such people out and stoned them in bible times was so the Did not metastasize their filth.

      • The Lotus Eaters did an excellent breakdown of the New Yorker article.

        • Oh, yes! I had forgotten that. I listened to it a while back, since I like to have audio on while I do stuff.
          Thanks, I will post a link.

          Literally government stealing kids and giving them to pedos…. with a political pedo ring thrown in


  16. michael.b says:
    “I read today that Peter Sloly, police chief of Ottawa, warned his officers that anyone caught providing food,fuel, funds etc. To protesters will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

    Care to back that up with proof…

    Michael, I like seeing this phrase “Care to back that up with proof.”
    We all should do that.

    Here is the exact QUOTE and source with a QUEUED Video…
    ”There is no facilitation of food, water, fuel, logistics or funding by any member of this police service….”
    Then the Police Chief threatens criminal charges to any member doing that.

    Above that Video are also statements from the Police website.

    • Great news this weekend. Nuremberg 2.0 has begun (Reiner Fuellmich). Boris Johnson is the first name on the docket to be investigated. Perhaps this is why the UK has abolished all covid measures. Also, UK and Israel police are now actively responding to covid crimes — based on the International Criminal Court filings. CANADA must do the same. Citizens are being asked to report all covid injuries to the police. There is also a call to have the names of news directors submitted to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity owing to their active participation in shaping a false narrative and censorship. Gates is also under pressure from the Indian government for murder — which carries the death sentence under Indian law. Strong momentum … the house of cards is finally looking vulnerable. https://www.bitchute.com/video/0z14mykD80Tx/

      • One question:

        Were the top heads prosecuted in the Nuremberg 1.0 trials?

        The crowds may be very happy to “hang” Bates and Schwabb, but are they the top heads?

        As Suzuki said: “we may have won the battle 30 years ago, but today they succeed”…
        Here’s a 3 min clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8fx1GX4sGA
        (private video… you must be signed in)

        Just my grain of salt.

        • Thanks for bringing history into this, beyond the catch phrase. Indeed, Nuremberg was a show trial, kind of like draft season in the big leagues, eh? The nations got a good look at their nazi picks to bring home to their teams.
          Go Guys, Go!!! Home Team!!!
          Well, pogo is twirling his thumbs, and I’m not holding my breath expecting the war loving humans to admit the enemy is themselves anytime soon. The devolution curve is as steep as the autism and death shot kill curves.
          I noticed lately that most people’s sense of history here in the US doesn’t extend past WWII, that great deadly lie. And most men’s fantasies of courage, bravery, and comraderie in the face of death have been fed for aeons as the path to glory and renown, tho reality would suggest otherwise. Nonetheless, those who once worshipped Gates as super computer genius rich man extraordinaire will now want to see him hang for betraying their fantasies.
          Weird world.

        • Good questions. I’m no expert on Nuremberg 1.0. And history is full of lies, its really hard to know. But if some of the names of today do jail time, it may slow others down … at least on the short term. I think Fuellmich is very thorough and will uncover a lot… even the string pullers. But it really is up to public to start showing up … and make a stand. Currently, the people have lost their impetus (and their direction).

  17. michael.b
    I like your comment and the points which you make.

    “…it must be said that courage is contagious, and so any thing that you can do, however small, to put down the PTB…
    The time to speak is now, not tommorrow. Do not be a voyeur is this, this is the biggest thing that happening to mankind right now….”

  18. Reiner Fuellmich started a “Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion”

    “We, a group of international lawyers and a judge, hereby are conducting criminal investigation modelled after the United States Grand Jury proceedings.
    This Grand Jury Investigation serves as a model legal proceeding to present to a jury (consisting of the citizens of the world) all available evidence of COVID-19 Crimes Against Humanity to date against “leaders,
    organizers, instigators and accomplices” who aided, abetted or actively participated in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic.
    Crimes to be investigated include all acts performed or omitted by a person in pursuance of a common design to commit Crimes Against Humanity, and all such criminal acts condemned in the various communities of jurors around the world.

    Opening statements (1hr25min):


  19. Dear James,
    I was wondering if you would interview Jannet Ossebard or Benjamin Fulford.

  20. I don’t remember specifically which video it was, but I’d like to again see the one where James said 4 words that helped me tremendously: “make them make you”.

  21. oh and another totally idle remark;

    I’ve decided to try various forms of intermittent fasting and there’s a very popular and engaging woman on YouTube who’s promoting… well, actually… more hard-selling, but in a very sincere way, various types of fasting AND

    to join this fasting cult, members are strongly encouraged to buy a type of glucometer in order to follow their blood sugar…

    and I noticed she’s wearing one of those connected watches that counts your steps and heartbeats and all that…

    and my paranoid mind came to the conclusion that this fasting craze on Social media

    would be a great way to start normalizing the fact of routinely testing your blood and entering this info into a phone app that, say, your doctor, among others, can access for remote medical tele-consultations

    and that DARPA’s Profusa, Lumee device or some offshoot of it may indeed have a bright future ahead of it. Along with any share holders.

    But I’m still gonna fast this week. With no devices.

    • Interesting observation. A non diabetics blood sugar should stay within normal limits even during fasting. The liver will release its glycogen for blood sugar maintenance. I thought people are doing the fasting to induce ketosis or to rest the liver and also for weight loss. It is certainly the craze now though.

      I see no reason to monitor ones glucose or ketone levels if they are healthy or to the fast correctly.

    • Why are you choosing to do a fast? To detox? To strengthen resolve? I am too much the gentleman to inquire about the possibility of a weight concern.
      But I think that there might be different approaches for different goals.
      I can say that there is certainly an abundance of advice available online for the prospective faster though.

    • I can attest on One Meal A Day its the same as Keto (except you dont get the bad ketone breath Keto gave me) and you feel much better…. actually doing it can be kinda a pain but your weight melts off at about a lb or 2 a day until you hit what your body thinks it should be and then you stay there.

      I found my blood sugar (which tends to be high) hung at low normal most of the time… you would need to stop carbs totally for a couple of days before the stuff stored inside you runs out. Personally I find when I eat carb-y my blood sugar swings wildly

    • Well, I have to admit that waking up to your remarks this morning, on the day I’m to begin 5 days of 20-hour fasting is very motivating, THANK YOU!

      So cu.h.j,
      I’m relieved you think there’s no reason why I necessarily SHOULD have one of these devices. I am not, to my knowledge, diabetic.

      Steve Smith,
      I’m sorta doing it for all of the above, thanks for asking!: vanity – to shed a few annoying kilos so I can fit comfortably back into my pre-Covid clothes, to stimulate immunity, to detoxify the cells, to give my liver a rest AND indeed, to test my will power. Working at home, in front of a computer all day, makes it very easy during 30-minute to 1-hour breaks between classes to go shuffle over to the fridge to “reward myself” or “distract myself” or even sometimes “feed myself” and always for immediate gratification. Maybe if I stop doing that for a certain amount of time I can develop new habits in between classes. Such as adopting Mkey’s advice a while back of walking! (something I used to do rather prolifically before Covid and my refugee status here in a corner of Spain) Just a quick walk around the residence for example during a 30-minute break could be a very modest but real improvement! 20 minutes of “grounding” with my bare feet on the beach! To get out of the hamsterwheel I used to plan 3-week trips abroad during Easter break with my son for which I would diet between January and my birthday in April to feel reasonably presentable in a bathing suit. Now it’s more a matter of not slouching into premature aging.

      Yes, Duck! In the long run I’m aiming for an OMAD routine, if possible and acceptably comfortable. If I don’t feel like I’m harming myself. I’m not a big carbs consumer naturally being fairly protein oriented. Been having quinoa when I wanted a slow carb. HOWEVER I will miss the vino tinto. Having said that, the occasional tangerine or piece of goat cheese mightn’t be banished… dunno… No snacking this week though! Not even a glass of tomato juice! 4-hour “feeding window”. I hate that term, the word “feeding” makes me feel like some sort of degenerate blood-sucking subterranean monster or something. Which, despite the impression I occasionally give on this site, I assure you I’m not.

      So here goes! Thanks again for your thoughts! Almost time to watch the sunrise!

      • I think intermittent fasting likely has health benefits, but should be done intermittently since it does not allow your metabolism to adjust to a routine. I would start with the easiest fasting times, like last meal at 6pm and then eat at 8am or 9am. This way you’re not going for an extreme change right from the start. For me, I have found this to lead to failure. And if you are attached to the wine, maybe just cut back on it if you can’t eliminate it entirely right off the bat. Also, adding some exercise, like walking to begin with is good. Walking up hills is good, then up your pace when you feel your body is ready for it.

        I have found moderation is best for me, in most activities. Just what works for me, and do whatever works best for you. You can try different things and see.

        In addition to working up to doing cardio, getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes (3 times a week to start), stretching is also good to do along side this. Then you can add some weights. For women, weight bearing exercise helps with osteoporosis too.

        It’s also good to watch your A-1C when you go for a check up, or you can have this checked by a lab (I believe without a doctors order). This level will tell you if your glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity is in the right spot to ward off any potential diabetes. Many people develop type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes in western countries due to eating too much sugar over time. Some people are more genetically prone to this.

        I’ve let my health go for about a year now and have put on 7lbs of fat which I want to take off. I find my knees and back hurt with even a small amount of extra weight.

        I need to lay off or reduce the fancy cocktails I’ve been enjoying on a daily basis. I have found that they are just as fattening as eating ice cream and chocolate. I have a sweet tooth. Actually, I would say I am a sugar addict in that I tend to eat it regularly and miss it a lot when I take it away. I really enjoy cardio though, so in light of this inspiring conversation will start again on my next day off.

        • Hey cu.h.j.!

          Dunno if it’ll be your next day off but you’ll know when you’re feeling it’s deeply important and serene determination descends upon you. Then go Go GO!

          I’ve committed my ego to this 5-day, 20 hours of fasting per day event launched by this glucometer-selling YouTuber. It corresponded with my existing plans, though slightly more radical.

          Sweet tooth’s a tough challenge I’d imagine. As a kid I loved swiss rolls (the ones without the chemical compound coating vaguely resembling chocolate), hostess fruit pies, coffee ice cream sodas, carob ice cream with butterscotch chips and peanutbutter cornflake cookies. Then I moved to France, began smoking, eating itinerant cheeses and drinking excellent local red wines. Pretty much quit smoking when I quit the theater except when attending neighborhood get-togethers where popular topics of discussion included the children’s academic exploits, e-cigarettes and where conspiracy theorizing was utterly uncouth if not tacitly banned entirely.

          As far as blood tests are concerned, I probably won’t do any. Unless I keel over.

          As far as fancy cocktails are concerned… I’m pretty much a Campari creature and have also really enjoyed the occasional excellent whiskey and cognac, but not for a long time.

          Fortunately I manage mostly to keep my decided penchant for red wine to a dull roar. Especially now that I’m not racing around all day, every day like a madwoman. And though… it’s certainly up there among my favorite past times… I often manage to pass on it when I’ve very consciously decided to do so.

          I envy your taste for cardio activities as I basically hate them. I just like walking.

          So now that my class is cancelled, gonna get my butt out the door for a brisk trot around the residence! …feeling ambitious!!

        • Weirdly my A1c was good even when I was getting odd sugar spikes and running high everytime I checked it.

          I guess I got dangerous blows at night or something to even it out but at that time I got night sweating to the point I felt like the cat peed on me in the night. No longer and issue thankfully. This thread inspired me to go right back on one meal a day

          • That’s good your A1c has been good. Mine has been good too despite my less than perfect diet. I have found my body likes to be fed every 4-5 hours. I just need to give it healthier food.

            Maybe when I’m in my 70s, one meal a day would work for me, but not now. I still like to eat. It’s one of the pleasures in life, to me anyway.

            • True, youndont get the same pleasure from food when your iij n that state, you just kinda decide if you feel like eating it in a weird detached way.

              If your eat6every 5 hours I would think you are like most people who never hit ketosis in a normal day…. historically that’s weird. I just look at 1950s and 60s people in pics and they look like almost some other species then most humans today

              • The quality of food and relationship to food has deteriorated over time unfortunately. My grandpa was a lean healthy man in his youth, but became burdened by obesity in older age. I seem to have avoided that genetic trait and my set point is pretty stable despite my diet.

                I do notice a detrimental affect on my mood when I don’t eat properly though and that’s a problem for me. I look good, but don’t feel good. I want to treat my body better than I have done so in the past year.

              • I have discovered that as I have forced myself to adopt a different, hopefully more healthy diet and eating routine. My relationship or appreciation of simpler foods has changed substantially.
                For instance, today for lunch I had a salad which was totally filling and satisfying. And I know that when I was used to eating breads and meats and processed foods that I would never have been happy with that.
                It really is true as you pointed out once that we can develop good habits with repetition in pretty short order. But I didn’t realize how much my tastes and cravings would change with time as well.

                Hmmm. ? I wonder if I could ever develop a fondness for exercise? Nah I don’t think so. I would actually have to do some first.

            • A fondness for exercise is like an appreciation for the body that one was blessed with, appreciating it and strengthening it, enjoying it.

              When I run and feel my heart pumping like an efficient instrument and how my feet strike the earth, I feel bliss. I love being able to walk and run and exercise. I can’t imagine not being able to exercise or being in poor health. This is a motivator for me to take better care of my body. I have neglected it out of laziness, not appreciating it and I need to change this.

              Anyway, I don’t understand how someone could not enjoy “exercise” or the engagement and experience of the body in motion. No judgment, I just really enjoy moving around and it would be dreadful to sit around.

              I’m sure people’s definition of exercise is different though.

              • “Anyway, I don’t understand how someone could not enjoy “exercise” or the engagement and experience of the body in motion. No judgment, ”

                You might be taking my words too seriously. Note the little smiley face.
                I actually have always enjoyed using my body hard. Mostly in the performance of my work. I’ve always done pretty physical work for a living. I have never been overweight. Though back when I was eating poorly and drinking beer I got a little heavier than I like.

                In addition to work I also would swim just about every day when I was able to. Mainly for the enjoyment though. The exercise was not the primary motivation. Really miss that.
                When we moved, our new yard was too small for our little 18’ pool.

                These days most of my elective exercise comes in the form of gardening and chi gong. Not as young as I used to be.

              • I figured you were kidding. Just wanted to note that exercise doesn’t have to be something a person doesn’t like.

                I thought you are likely very active.

          • When you say “one meal a day” that means ingesting nutrients in one setting, every 24 hours?

            Snacks, like fruit or some seeds, excluded? What about beverages?

            I personaly don’t care about ketosis or regulating body weight as both sugar and weight are under control IMO, but autophagy is often on my mind.

            I tend to produce quite a bit of mucus, I’m under constant assault for the past few days, but that’s probably related more to starch than actual number of meals per day. Probably too much starch in my diet.

            Also, and again recently, I’ve had my pekkish fits, skipping a few meals would knock out that sucker flat.

            • Mikey

              Dr Berg on YT looks like he knows how that stuff works inside the body and has talks on the liver and blood sugar levels which were interesting but on the practice of one meal a day This dude used to have good content on that kind of thing. Not seen him for a while


              I wonder if your mucus is related to somethung going on in your liver? Dr Berg did say that all kinds of things can go wonky but it’s been some years since I heard him.

              • Duck,

                Thanks for posting this. Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day, since we get water from food. Dehydration can hurt your kidneys.

                I have found I have more mucus when I eat too many dairy foods and I’m very fond of these.

              • On that “hydration” note:
                NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman says he drinks 2 gallons of water a day after being inspired by Tom Brady

                Dr. David Browstein (who has taken care of more than 700 Covid cases) said that many were dehydrated. He also recommends taking about a teaspoon of sea salt per day.
                He said that if he could only recommend one thing, it would be taking Iodine (Lugols) because it is used in most every cell of the body and is important for metabolism.
                He has books on Iodine and on Salt.
                He does not prescribe Ivermectin nor Hydroxychloroquine for his Covid patients.
                ~~WWW youtube.com/watch?v=n20FRkIPzbw

                Personally, sometimes when I feel fatigued (too much coffee), I start drinking water and take salt. I feel better afterwards.

              • How much time daily does this guy spend relieving his bladder?

    • Good one!! I nearly had a heart attack first time I got on a gym machine that was hooked up to read my stuff through the handles. Figured out then and there that’s how Douglas Adams died in a gym.
      Aren’t we modern, tho?

    • In our world we should be able to decide what you want to call the problems that make people sick.

      Words are powerful things and boogy men are important to the powers that be.

      The virus boogy man has destroyed many lives.

      Toxicity its the problem. Dr Kaufman is correct in my personal opinion.

    • thanks for suggesting the Terrain film. I’ve been trying for two days to watch it, was registered and all (for the “free viewing”) but kept getting blocked by various means on two different computors?? I suppose I’ll eventually pay because the subject is, I think, a big deal curious to hear if anyone else had trouble viewing it?

  22. Hi James,

    Here are my suggestions for flashbacks:

    1) Episode 391 – Solutions: Physical Media

    Because the cyber-scamdemic is coming


    2) Episode 107 – Lessons in Resistance: Non-compliance

    Because non-violent resistance a la Gandhi is an important strategy

    3) Episode 223 – Revolution Impossible?

    Because we need a “revolution in our thinking of revolution”

    4) Police State Canada: From the McDonald Commission to the G20

    Because Agent Provocateurs in protests are probably going to happen more and more.


    5) Episode 298 – Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia

    Because it gives background and a quick big picture to understand the coming escalate of tension towards a new cold war.

  23. Thursday Feb 3rd – FREIGHTWAVES (An industry publication)
    Economics 101: Driver pay will keep moving higher
    by Tom Maiden

    Truckload carriers started raising driver pay nearly a year and a half ago as demand skyrocketed. Following the initial COVID outbreak, consumers changed their spending habits to ready themselves for a prolonged period of at-home living, which meant more trucks would be needed to bring more household and durable goods to market. The need for additional capacity has been tough to meet for an industry that perpetually struggles to recruit and retain drivers.

    The pandemic exacerbated a shortfall on the supply side as driver schools were forced to close or operate at reduced capacity, and many drivers left the industry for competitive pay in other sectors. The Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse also went into effect just ahead of the outbreak and started sidelining drivers shortly thereafter.

    The industry was light some 80,000 drivers in 2021, according to the American Trucking Associations, a number the group estimates could double by 2030 if the current trajectory holds.

    ACT Research’s Driver Availability Index was down 2.4 percentage points in December to 35.5. A reading below 50 means the driver market is deteriorating. The index bottomed in the mid-teens in March and has been rebounding since. A spike in the omicron variant was cited as a reason for the modest reversal from November.

    Higher wages, added perks and simpler pay programs

    While there appears to be no immediate fix to attract candidates to an industry that requires working long hours, nights and weekends and being away from home for extended periods, carriers will continue to solve for capacity through wage increases.

    “We’re fortunately getting to a point where we’re able to charge enough to maybe get those wage levels up to a point that is representative of what they should get based on what they have to do each and every day,” Jim Richards, president and CEO at temperature-controlled carrier KLLM Transport Services, told FreightWaves in an interview.

    “They do deserve to make more money than what they have been able to make and we’re happy that we’re able to do that,” Richards added…

    …First-year drivers at GP Transco can now earn between $80,000 and $90,000….

  24. And people think they can’t do anything about it so do nothing at all. Its psychological coping mechanisms that a person might not even be aware of.

  25. ** Friendship **

    Hi James,

    Could it be friendship something for a Solutions Watch?

    What is the relationship between building friendship, building family and building community?

    For around a year it’s sitting by my bedside table the book “On Friendship”. The author, Michel de Montaigne had a stark friendship with liberty hero E. de la Boetie.

    Another source I wanted to check is Epicurus as he’s known to focus on simple living and the importance of friendship.

    Does anyone have any other recommendation for material about friendship?

    Particularly what should I read from Epicurus?

  26. Hi James,

    I’d love to see this people in the show!:

    1) Henna Maria

    She has an interesting project growing quick in Europe that is called Police For Freedom:

    “The mission of Police For Freedom is to re-humanise our societies, bringing back trust and unity between the security forces and the people. The peaceful marches, events, campaigns and content created by Police For Freedom aim to educate people about their human rights, civil liberties, constitutional rights as well as the ethical code of conduct for the police.”



    2) Mikael Cromsjö

    He’s working in Sweden with a project about Decentralized Fractal Organizations:

    Also, he’s the guy that started Vaken.se (I believe is the most popular alternative media website in Sweden)
    Some background on Mikael Cromsjö (google translate works quiet well with swedish-english):

  27. Jan 31st – The Mind Unleashed
    AI “Nanny” Being Created by Chinese Scientists to Grow Babies in Robot Wombs

    …According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese experts in Suzhou have pioneered the development of the latest technological breakthrough. However, there are concerns about the ethical implications of raising human beings in an artificial environment.

    The discoveries were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Biomedical Engineering by Suzhou-based scientists. The AI nanny, according to the researchers, might aid in the growth of human kids in a “long-term embryo culture device.”

    This artificial womb is a big machine containing compartments for individual fetuses. The infants will be fed as they would be in a real womb if they are in the chamber, which will be filled with an optimized mix of “nutritious fluids.”

    In what seems sort of eugenics-y, a record of embryo health and “developmental potential” will be kept on file by the software over the duration of the embryo’s development.

    At the moment, the new technology is being utilized to assist in the development of animal embryos that are developing into fetuses in the laboratory. This is due to the fact that the act of experimenting on human embryos older than two weeks is prohibited under international law.

    Additionally, as the SMCP points out, surrogacy is prohibited in China. Because artificial wombs would effectively convert a hospital or laboratory into a mother under Chinese legislation, the technology is unlikely to be deployed in the area anytime soon.

    Having said that, the development of artificial wombs is not a new concept….

  28. Saturday Feb 5th
    Pentagon Responds To DoD Whistleblowers’ Claim Of Spiking Disease Rates In The Military After COVID Vaccine Mandate

    EXCERPTS [There is much more in article.]
    Three United States military doctors have blown the whistle on documents allegedly from The United States Department of Defense (DoD) that they had access to,
    which show “skyrocketing rates of disease” since the introduction and mandating of the CCP virus vaccines in armed forces, human rights attorney Leigh Dundas told The Epoch Times.

    Dundas was recently approached by Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, Special Forces flight surgeon Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, and Aerospace occupational medicine specialist Lt. Col. Theresa Long.

    They handed documents to Dundas, who appeared recently with attorney Tom Renz in a five-hour hearing organized by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) titled “COVID-19: Second Opinion.”

    Renz shared some of the numbers related to medical disorders in the U.S. military data with The Epoch Times.
    The whistleblowers, who are represented by Renz, gave him the data “under penalty of perjury,” he said during the hearing.
    Renz intends to submit the information to the courts, he told Johnson.

    The DoD responded that the DMED (Defense Medical Epidemiology Database) data from 2016 to 2020 that the whistleblowers brought up was erroneous and incomplete, and is currently under review…


    • (…continuing…)

      …Renz responded:
      “The DoD would have us believe that the DMED database was wrong from 2016-2020 but then magically was corrected in 2021 despite the fact that they had not noticed it was wrong until we pointed it out in our testimony before Senator Johnson. Further, we are asked to believe that in 2020, the year of what they claim to be the greatest pandemic since 1918, and despite the fact that it is documented that the CDC was also watching this database, no one noticed an error of 20 million-plus injury/disease codes per year,”

      “First 10 months or 2021. They were at 4,068 cases. Again, it was about 450 some odd percent increase.
      “Female infertility 2,200 cases a year a bad year would be 2,300 cases a year, first 10 months of 2021 after the vaccine 10,713 cases.”

      Even diseases that have not been connected so far with the vaccines saw a dramatic spike.
      “Esophageal cancer in the U.S. military. Very, very minimal. Twenty-five, 26 cases, maybe a bad year is 39 cases. Jumps to 200 plus cases,”
      Dundas said.
      “Bell’s palsy 400 cases a year on average in the first 10 months of 2021 over 1,300 cases.”
      “Cognitive issues way up altered mental status way up. Congenital male malformations doubled.”
      “HIV 400 cases on average [per year] and now over 2,400 cases in the first 10 months.”

      According to the whistleblower documents, miscarriages in the military were at 1,400 to 1,500 a year in the first three quarters of 2020, and it increased to over 4,000 during the first 10 months of 2021….
      ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
      See the 5 hour COVID 19: A Second Opinion Senate Hearing VIDEO at this SUB-THREAD link…
      QUEUE to the 4:53:00 mark to hear Tom Renz. Then later at 5:09:00 thru 5:13:00 Leigh Dundas gives more information.

      See also…
      Friday Jan 14th, 2022
      GOP Senator Demands DoD Investigate Leaked DARPA Bombshell Over Covid-19 Origins

      • If “covid” death rates were thks high, the news anchor death cultists would ejaculate profuesely while delivering the message.

    • Leigh Taylor Dundas – WEBSITE
      Freedom Fighter Nation .Org


      Freedom Fighter Nation is…dedicated to protecting individual’s civil liberties and privacy rights…
      … and that citizens worldwide — regardless of country of origin or current residence — possess basic human rights that may not be abridged, nullified or canceled….

    • Feb 5th Saturday – Robert Malone SUBSTACK
      Regarding the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database Data Dump
      [LINKS to datasets and references are given.]

      …Based on this presentation dated 04 February, Slides 3 and 13 both indicate that Fauci and colleagues at the NIH are working with the DoD, and the data from the DMED database was being shared. This makes it VERY difficult to argue that Fauci did not know this data. It also makes it even harder to believe that, with all these agencies watching the same data, no one thought the historical data was incorrect until the whistleblowers sounded their alert…

      …among the many curious aspects of this statement is that the CDC VaST has apparently been monitoring these data for years, and never identified this “data corruption” as an issue…

      Below are summarized 2021 (+ vaccine) numbers % change relative to 2020 (- vaccine)
      ~~ Total Number of Diseases & Injuries Reported By Year (Ambulatory) up 988% in “uncorrected” data, down 3% in “corrected” data
      (this is basically a control for the data set).
      ~~ Total Number of Diseases & Injuries Reported By Year (Hospitalization) up 37%
      ~~ Total Number of Diseases of the Nervous System By Year up 968%
      ~~ Total Number of Malignant Neuroendocrine Tumor Reports By Year up 276%
      ~~ Total Number of Acute Myocardial Infarct Reports By Year up 343%
      ~~ Total Number of Acute Myocarditis Reports By Year up 184%
      ~~ Total Number of Acute Pericarditis Reports By Year up 70%
      ~~ Total Number of Pulmonary Embolism Reports By Year up 260%
      ~~ Total Number of Congenital Malformations Reports By Year up 87%


      • (…continuing…)

        ~~ Total Number of Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrage Reports By Year up 227%
        ~~ Total Number of Anxiety Reports By Year up 2,361%
        ~~ Total Number of Suicide Reports By Year up 227%
        ~~ Total Number of Neoplasms for All Cancers By Year up 218%
        ~~ Total Number of Malignant Neoplasms for Digestive Organs By Year up 477%
        ~~ Total Number of Neoplasms for Breast Cancer By Year up 469%
        ~~ Total Number of Neoplasms for Testicular Cancer By Year up 298%
        ~~ Total Number of Female Infertility Reports By Year up 419%
        ~~ Total Number of Dysmenorrhea Reports By Year up 221.5%
        ~~ Total Number of Ovarian Dysfunction Reports By Year up 299%
        ~~ Total Number of Spontaneous Abortion Reports By Year DOWN by 10%
        ~~ Total Number of Male Infertility Reports By Year up 320%
        ~~ Total Number of Guillian-Bare Syndrome Reports By Year up 520%
        ~~ Total Number of Acute Transverse Myelitis Reports By Year up 494%
        ~~ Total Number of Seizure Reports By Year up 298%
        ~~ Total Number of Narcolepsy & Cataplexy Reports By Year up 352%
        ~~ Total Number of Rhabdomyolysis By Year up 672%
        ~~ Total Number of Multiple Sclerosis Reports By Year up 614%
        ~~ Total Number of Migraine Reports By Year up 352%
        ~~ Total Number of Blood Disorder Reports By Year up 204%
        ~~ Total Number of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Reports By Year up 2,130%
        ~~ Total Number of Cerebral Infarct Reports By Year up 294%

        • Total Number of Spontaneous Abortion Reports By Year DOWN by 10%

          hmmmm. meaning no one wants to have babies in this context? Or…? I’ve never been very good at interpreting stats.

          • Data is being doctored
            The military started Doctoring the Data and perverting the figures.
            Leigh Dundas explains it in this 4 1/2 minute video (at the top right of webpage).

            This clip comes from the last half hour of the 5 hour Ron Johnson Senate Hearing “COVID 19: A Second Opinion” which occurred on the Monday following the big Sunday Washington D.C. Activist Event.

  29. hey James, great work… we love and support your work. i wanted to ask a brief question to see if any inquiries have been made regarding the numbers and letters equivalent to the numbers
    example C = 3
    M = 13
    A = 1
    And so forth, so my inquiries is directed towards what numbers\letters are ALWAYS mentioned in or on media and military equiptment and most any lie being pushed. the main numbers many know are the 33 or the 66 ect…if anyone is interested in a deeper conversation Id love to dive in with explanation. it is really scary once you notice what im trying to highlight.

    hope this was’nt to confusing. you can reach me via mail anytime
    thanks James and anyone interested.


  30. Having recently caught up with your interview with Walter Pepper, and seeing Newsome has within the last few weeks blocked Sirhan’s parole, I am going to revisit your recent interview with RFK Jr. May be worth re-post.

    Slowly reading through ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’, mostly because it is dense, packed with names, dates, revelations. This ain’t about a virus.

    RFK jr. has unique insights and relationship to depths of Deep State:

    “The CIA does not do public health. It does not do democracy. The CIA does
    coups d’etat.” RFK Jr – ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ p.389

  31. When I was a kid, I lived north. Pop, my dad, was in a work accident so we had no money. To heat the house, Pop put a wood stove in our basement. You had to be careful where you walked since he cut many holes in the floor. Small dogs were especially at risk. I used to split wood at 2 in the morning when the stove went out.

    Eleven years ago, I found our perfect home. Almost an acre in the middle of town. At the beginning I worked like a field hand to get the flowers and gardens managed. The university was just down the hill so when my kids got older, they could walk there. I knew we would never move.

    We are moving. Our new home is far north. It is a lake front cottage that abuts to crown land. It has solar power and a drilled well. Some propane and diesel fuel are used and we will install a fire place or stove, maybe using vents. I will be on the lookout for a used wood-splitter. I will see if I can put in a small green house and maybe a coop for a few chickens. The lake has good fishing. My husband will be able to shoot small game…with some practice. There are tiny towns around, intersections really and the biggest town is more than an hour away. With the sale of our house, we will have no debt and be able to help some of our other family members. I have access to a small pension, but with the financial stuff going on, I expect that the IBS will get that eventually and access to government pensions will require a digital ID.

    I hope we will be able to cope. My husband is a city mouse. He loves to talk and meet people. I tease him about it, but the only book he has ever read was Robinson Caruso (maybe it will come in handy). If a bear doesn’t get us, most likely the unhappy 2 boys that we are dragging along will. My other boy won’t come (there is a girl). He is the only one who has some survival skills and knows how to shoot. We hope that when things get worse, he (they) will join us.

    While searching on greenhouses, I found this:
    a farmer in Northern Saskatchewan who uses passive solar for his greenhouse (and sometimes a little diesel) in winter. No batteries. He faces south and uses R60 and poly panels at a 45-degree angle. Well worth a look for those who live north. You could use this method for a house.
    Sorry only on crappytube.
    More Technical

    • Thanks yellowie for your personal story and the video links.

      I wish you the best of luck in your move!
      It would be nice to get update reports from you as you progress
      with your dream.

      I think TPTB might start removing videos such as the ones you
      posted, deeming them ‘far too dangerous to their plans’ !

    • I’ve been off grid for 30 years and loved to read your story. I use an electric wood-splitter, ½ horse motor. I split wood when the sun is out. Getting too old and feeble to gather firewood. I need to buy it even though I’m surrounded with trees. I need two working generators. They are an essential back-up. I can help answer any questions that may come up.

    • “….s some survival skills and knows how to shoot…..”

      This guy put a video up some years ago and I must say if you want to learn to shoot it’s the most fun you can have for 30 bucks…. if you like make an adult sized stock by slapping some plank each side of the original wood and making it the right size…glue done rubber mat where shoulder goes if you like.


      The army did use these bb guns for the ‘Quick Kill” instinctive shooting program back in I think the 60s…can’t find the article.

      Also this article led to hours of fun for cheap.

  32. Seems to me it would be most important to remind people about the fake 2 party line. Corruption on both sides. There is a lot happening in the reports daily now to bring what i would say “a fake savior” with a Rep. that didn’t drain, but hired swamp creatures.

  33. How to “red pill” your friends
    Usually it seems impossible, but sometimes an
    article or video can red-pill a person.
    What made them change their minds?
    Something like another booster or actual information?

    Open question: What information red-pilled you or your friends?
    Or maybe this is an emotional thing?

  34. G. Edward Griffin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island, on the creation of the Federal Reserve, was what Red Pilled me nearly 2 decades ago now.

    • But thankful James Corbett is diligent in keeping our Red Pill prescriptions filled!

    • This was in fact a great video. Thanks for posting it, Mkey. It suffers a bit from the sound problems characteristic of potentially subversive material on YouTube (perhaps exacerbated by my mediocre pc). But we definitely get the idea.

      The people interviewed seemed (mostly) genuine, protest signs aside, so they seem to be what I would arrogantly consider to be victims of the media and government sophistry.

      Of course the most nauseatingly egregious moment at 21:51 was the woman with the BLM sign who forced herself between the interviewer and the interviewee whispering “hide your face, hide your face” and peremptorily proclaiming to Viva Frei “nobody wants to to talk to you, go to the other side!” very well exemplifying precisely the sort of “you’re-either-with-us-or-you’re-with-the-terrorists frat boy mentality the elites are hoping inject, along with the experimental covid shot, into the minds of everyone on the planet. Her behavior belies her BLM ideals of diversity. She harbours a mentality that is total anathema to democratic principles. But I might be mistaken.

      The key, however, comes at 27:30:

      “We all have a duty to keep ourselves as healthy as we can” with the woman seeming a little confused in her mind as to whether this “duty” should or should not incur penalties if violated.

      This fundamental assumption undergirds and has given way to what Mr. Corbett has very eloquently been pointing out which is that “We are now considered guilty until proven compliant”.

      We are all considered as violators of our collectivist duty to keep ourselves healthy, until government mandated “authorities” and “authority-approved” devices prove our innocence.

      It’s clear people like the woman in the video who asserted this “duty” don’t realize how dangerous, totalitarian and technocratic that line of thinking is.

      However, I believe it was a certain John O. who once pointed out on these boards that from a pragmatic standpoint at least, the only rights humans inherently possess, natural or otherwise, are the ones they can defend.

      Hats off to the Viva Frei guy. Hope he got his hands on a nice hot coffee.

      HEY! POST-SCRIPT! This reminds me that the Carrot Rewards video might be a good Sunday flashback candidate!!


      • um. UM!! post scriptUM.

        Gosh I’m hungry.

      • I think what you quoted from John O. makes sense as far as claiming that a right has to be defensible, if it can not be defended it is not a right.

        Right to have good health, in that context makes no sense as health is a process, basically. To extent of what that woman was saying about being terrorized with noise, one has to give that some consideration, but protests without a modicum of disruption are not very effective.

        The central idea is to be disruptive and raise awareness. I hold no doubt that these people didn’t protest the highly disruptive and deleterious “measures” and even supported some directly, such as often very violent BLM protests.

        And yes, this guy did a very good job. Kudos to him.

      • “Hats off to the Viva Frei guy. Hope he got his hands on a nice hot coffee.”

        I enjoy listening to him and Robert Barnes talk about all the high visibility cases in the news. I subscribe to their podcast but also watch some of their shorter clips and videos on Rumble.

        In Viva’s (David’s) case, though both guys are pretty confirmed statists. Its been interesting to see how quickly he seems to becoming red pilled.
        They both seem to me to be very open minded and freedom oriented. And they certainly know the law.

        The footage of his man-on-the-street videos is frustrating for me to watch because of how careful he must be to keep the video on themtube. But I sure admire and kinda envy his ability to restrain his tongue.
        I suck at that.

    • The Counter Protestor girl at the 8:50 minute mark makes a great case on why Democracies suck.

      That said, as I understand it, Trudeau won the election with 32.6% of the popular vote.

      Regardless, I think that democracies suck.
      The winning “vote club” makes the rules.
      I could rant about this topic all day.

      Ottawa and its source of revenue
      We should note that Ottawa is the seat of the Canadian government.
      Thus, a dynamically large portion of the population is employed by the government, along with surrounding businesses reliant upon that revenue base.
      These employees of the government also get all kinds of perks with job security and stable pay. Government agency employees rarely lose their jobs and will never lose their retirement.
      The mindset of a government worker compared to a farmer or independently owned business are two different things.
      A government worker has no risk, no skin in the game of life’s financial struggles.

      • Democracy is nothing but a rehash of kingship where the idea of an omnipotent ruler is replaced by the equally flawed idea of a “majority”. Even if the majority was a mathematical majority, that would mean absolutely nothing. The majority has no rights any of the constituent members have, it simply can not. By mere virtue of coming together people can not craft rights.

  35. Yes indeed! I was also going to propose the “UN Doesn’t Love You” until I got distracted! Also “What is Sustainable Development?” and “Patrick Wood Exposes the Technocracy Agenda”! And the Rosa Koire interview!

  36. One topic/question I’ve been asking police: “What does it say in the oath you took about not obeying unjust orders”?

    They all reply, more or less, “I’m not too sure” (in other words “no idea” or “not intrested”). One particularly lucid friend is ex-aus. army. He said “my oath required that I call out a superior’s bad order, and not obey it.”

    In a similar vein, The doctor’s “Hippocratic” oath or “declaration of Geneva” is meant to encourage MD’s to hold the higher ethical ground, but “is not legally binding”?

    After the past two years we have countless examples of rogue cops and docs. some of their acts are downright demonic, and yet they’re still out and about, as are many active & veteran offensive officers planet wide.

    The aus police oath seems to be about protecting the pommy queen? (spoiler: by her made up rules, she owns all of Australia. (if one can trust google?: “the law in Australia holds that the Crown has absolute ownership – not withstanding any native title claims”.)

    Nuremberg stands out in my mind as the most celebrated example of this issue, when thousands were declared murderers for “obeying unjust orders”, “crimes-against-humanity” level orders. I read that only 10 were executed/hung? they investigated IG Farben and wrote a nifty code to keep Doc’s and their capitalist pharmacrat buddies on the straight and narrow. but clearly it didnt stick.

    My question is whether or not there is anything binding in their oaths or training that anyone might use to help protect police from getting subsummed by the darkside, not to mention those they’re targeting?

  37. junior.ii “off topic but has anyone noticed”

    its well in the ball park, good spotting thankyou.

    I take this site and forum as a collective effort to deconstruct, know and ultimately steer clear of the most egregious forms of deception that humans can throw at each other.

    Your point fits the model of paid insurgency as provocateur, ,,police boots dressed as protesters carrying rocks towards the other police boots. Impersonation or responsibility-reversal with preemptive accusation or acts,, all just sleazy tactics by those who fear above all to see themselves as wrong, they are cowards if they can still feel. Or, If they’re well and truly burnt beyond all capacity to feel, yet cost the environment the most, and require the highest amount of servicing by others who likely have far more meaningful pursuits to attend, then they really may be useless eaters.

  38. Hi all.
    I am wondering why I dont see the WHO whistleblower, Astrid Stuckelbergers video more spread. From what I can see, it is legit, and the information is on par with what we know so far.
    I have asked both James Corbett, and Dave Cullen at Computing forever about what their take is on it, but no answer.

    What do you guys think?
    Is Astrid Stuckelberger a mis-informer, or det real deal?
    All answers must be justified in facts.

    Here is her most known video release:


  39. Thanks for being there, kevh. Excellent!

  40. Hello, I’m a new subscriber here and not sure how to leave a new comment, only able to reply to another. Not seeing an open comment box anywhere. A little help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Nate. Just scroll way down to the bottom of the page. If you already click the reply button on any of the existing comments, then simply click cancel and the new comment box is going to go down to the bottom, below all the other comments,

  41. I just watched Alison Morrow interview an American trucker because there are whispers of the same happening in America as it is in Canada. It might be interesting for James to interview a Canadian trucker to get the inside info on what’s going on. Of course, Rebel News is doing a great job with boots-on-the-ground reportage but an in-depth one on one interview may reveal a lot.

    • From City Hall – Ottawa

      Mayor Watson declares state of emergency for Ottawa due to ongoing demonstration
      February 6, 2022
      Announcements and Events

      Mayor Jim Watson today declared a state of emergency for the City of Ottawa due to the ongoing demonstration.

      Declaring a state of emergency reflects the serious danger and threat to the safety and security of residents posed by the ongoing demonstrations and highlights the need for support from other jurisdictions and levels of government. It also provides greater flexibility within the municipal administration to enable the City of Ottawa to manage business continuity for essential services for its residents and enables a more flexible procurement process, which could help purchase equipment required by frontline workers and first responders.

      • https://ottawa.ca/en/news/media-availability-following-special-council-meeting-0
        Media availability following Special Council meeting
        February 7, 2022

        Announcements and Events

        Mayor Jim Watson, Steve Kanellakos, City Manager, Peter Sloly, Chief, Ottawa Police Service, Kim Ayotte, General Manager, Emergency and Protective Services, Rick O’Connor, City Clerk, David White, City Solicitor, Donna Gray, General Manager, Community and Social Services, and Wendy Stephanson, Chief Financial Officer, will respond to media questions after today’s Special Council meeting.

        Residents will be able to watch the media availability on the City’s YouTube channel (link is external), rogerstv.com (link is external) or RogersTV Cable 22.

        When: Monday, February 7

            • Tidbit: Rideau Centre Mall has been closed since Jan 29th

              This is a mall in the downtown area with 175 shops called CF (Cadillace Fairview) Rideau Centre, a three-level shopping centre. It borders on Rideau Street, the ByWard Market, the Rideau Canal, the Mackenzie King Bridge, and Nicholas Street in Downtown Ottawa.

              Here is what is so silly…the demonstrators are all generally very cheerful and welcoming people who go to great lengths not to cause a vicious ill-will event.
              The Mall could easily and safely open up and gain a lot of business.

              Statement regarding the ongoing closure of CF Rideau Centre
              CF Rideau Centre has been closed since Saturday, January 29, 2022 as a result of ongoing public safety issues related to demonstrations surrounding Parliament Hill.

              From the start of this situation, we have had ongoing engagement with City of Ottawa officials and the Ottawa Police Service. Throughout this time and as of Sunday, February 6, Cadillac Fairview has been advised that authorities cannot provide any assurances that it is safe to reopen or that the police service would be able to assist our security personnel in maintaining public order and safety within and around CF Rideau Centre.

              As a result, CF Rideau Centre remains closed and conditions for reopening will be evaluated on a daily basis in collaboration with our community partners.
              While our shared primary concern remains public safety and the safety of those that work within CF Rideau Centre, we are increasingly concerned about the economic impact and financial burden for the thousands of employees and 175 businesses that call CF Rideau Centre home.

              The continued closure of an important community space, the loss of employment income, and the financial impact on our clients is heart-breaking given all of our shared pain and sacrifice during the pandemic.
              The situation in Ottawa’s downtown core is untenable and we call on all levels of government to collaborate on a solution.

          • Evidently, the FULL replay of the City Council meeting is not available. I was gonna find the times stamp, but can’t.

            They were asking the Police Chief how much it is currently costing for police labor.
            $800,000 per day.
            However, they want to bring in from out-of-town other officers.
            The predicted cost to the city would be about 2 1/2 million per day for law enforcement.
            They seem to expect the Federal government to reimburse them.

            Of note were remarks by the Police Chief and especially Councilwoman Diane Dean.
            She said that this was an extremely well organized, well funded, “sophisticated” protest (almost in a conspiratorial tone as if some outside, covert forces were involved.)

            I took that as a compliment for this Freedom Convoy anarchist voluntaryist activity.

          • Fed 7th – Press Conference by Police Chief
            LIVE: Ottawa Police Give Update on Canada’s Covid-19 Trucker Protests
            “This is an unprecedented protest….”
            (13 minutes)

            He mentions the confiscation of fuel.
            During the City Council meeting, he talked about how the demonstrators would fill fuel containers with water, and thus dupe the officers.

            • Feb 7th – Monday
              Freedom Convoy: Chris Sky Speech to the Nations – Ottawa Feb.7, 2022
              (13 minutes)

              Inspiring. Large crowds.

              Chris Sky talks about Phase 3…“Holding them accountable!”

          • Ottawa City Council Meeting of Monday Feb 7th
            (6 1/2 hours)

            Of note is Councilwoman Diane Dean at the 3:04:00 mark.
            “…This is an organized, professional, sophisticated orgainization…this is an international effort…tactics like of which we have never seen before….”
            She speculates that it this movement comes from the U.S. and is designed to take away the democracy of Canada.

            Her perspective demonstrates the FEAR which resides within some of the controllers which perverts their own Reality. They MUST be in control of others. And if they start to lose that domination, then they become greatly disturbed.

            This whole “Freedom Convoy” scenario also demonstrates how Voluntaryist | Anarchist activities can, in actuality, be very effective.

        • Monday February 7th
          Trucker protests:
          Emergency debate in Canada’s Parliament on anti-mandate demonstrations | FULL

          (Over 5 hours – Global News Channel)

          At the 31 minute mark Trudeau gives his sly corrupt portrayal of the “Freedom Convoy 2022”.
          Trudeau uses the word “story” repeatedly and paints a poisonous narrative which sidesteps the issues at hand.

          From 48:20 thru 58, Raquel Dancho paints the real narrative.

        • ***** Important Press Conference by Truckers *****

          Freedom Convoy Preemptive SOS Press Conference Feb.7, 2022
          (34 minutes)

          Two top medical Canadian Scientists are in the room standing with the Truckers.
          There is some cool information about how many local Ottawa citizens support this “Freedom Convoy 2022”, and also how the Truckers have been very civil, happy with community hugging and interactions. Over a 100 snow shovels and salt were purchased by the truckers. They have worked to build friendly relationships with police and locals.

          – Potential Law Enforcement Action –
          The potential to have all cell phone infrastructure cut exists in order for police to corner and corral the protestors.
          This Press Conference was another plea to meet with Authoritarians for a sit-down (which includes the Authoritarian Health Scientists.)

        • — FUEL —

          Feb 6th – Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms
          Ottawa police decree is illegal, Justice Centre warns

          OTTAWA: The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms today warned that Ottawa police would be breaking the law if police attempt to intimidate or arrest people who bring food or other supplies to truckers who are peacefully exercising their Charter rights and freedoms in Ottawa. A tweet from Ottawa Police from 11:52 a.m. on Sunday February 6 states
          “Anyone attempting to bring material supports (gas, etc.) to the demonstrators could be subject to arrest. Enforcement is underway.”

          “People who bring food, water, gasoline or other supplies to peacefully protesting truckers are not breaking any law.
          There is no basis for this police threat, that was issued by Twitter this morning,”

          states lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter, retained by the Justice Centre, which is representing the Freedom Convoy….

    • Tuesday Feb 8th – Reuters via FX Empire
      Angry Canada truckers block busiest bridge with U.S.; Trudeau faces grilling

      FULL article
      By David Ljunggren OTTAWA (Reuters) – Angry Canadian truckers were blocking the busiest crossing with the United States on Tuesday, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau prepared to face legislators later in the day to discuss the growing crisis.

      Drivers demanding an end to federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates for cross-border traffic first arrived in Ottawa on Jan 28 and gradually took over the center of the Canadian capital.

      As police slowly started to take back control the protesters – many of whom are demanding that Trudeau quit – moved their focus to the Ambassador Bridge linking Detroit and Windsor.
      Trucks started blocking traffic late on Monday and a Canadian government website showed that the bridge was shut in both directions at 7:11 am ET (1207 GMT).
      Canada sends 75% of its goods exports to the United States and trucks play a crucial role. The bridge usually handles around 8,000 rigs a day, underlining the economic significance of the blockade.

      “We got sent here to send a message and the message isn’t getting through,” Ottawa protest spokesman Tom Marazzo told reporters on Monday night.

      Trudeau, who has spent 10 days in isolation after catching COVID-19, is due to return to the House of Commons later on Tuesday to face opposition legislators who are demanding he do more to end what one aide called a “national humiliation.”
      His government, though, says police forces should be able to restore order.

      “Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens’ daily lives. It has to stop,” Trudeau told an emergency debate in the House of Commons on Monday night.
      “Those who are shouting at others because they’re wearing a mask do not define what it is to be the majority of Canadians.”

      Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, facing the growing anger of residents, wants a mediator to be appointed but ministers say this is a non-starter.

      The opposition groups have no unified leadership and appear to have an imperfect knowledge of the Canadian constitution.
      Some believe they can remove Trudeau simply by asking Governor General Mary Simon, the representative of Queen Elizabeth, the head of State. She has no power to do so.
      Marazzo said he was ready to sit in a coalition with opposition parties. This would be impossible, since to do so he would first need to be elected as a legislator.

      • DETROIT | WINDSOR Canada Bridge

        Thursday Feb 10th
        North American Automakers Shutter Production Amid Canadian Trucker Blockade

        We warned days ago that if the Ambassador Bridge that connects Windsor, Ontario, with Detroit, were to remain closed until the end of the week, there would be severe consequences for North America’s auto industry.

        As of Thursday morning, automakers including Toyota, Chrysler Pacifica, Ford, and General Motors halted or limited production at their Canada/U.S. manufacturing plants due to Canadian truckers blocking the busiest international land border crossing between the U.S. and Canada over vaccine mandates.

        Ford told AP that it suspended engine production in Windsor while its factory outside Toronto had reduced production…
        Chrysler-maker Stellantis is facing an urgent parts shortage at its assembly plant in Windsor, where it had to cut shifts on Tuesday but resumed some production yesterday,
        Due to part shortages, General Motors reduced output at its Lansing, Michigan, making SUVs for Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC brands.
        Toyota expects to have three manufacturing facilities in Ontario offline for the rest of the week due to part disruptions. The company told Newsweek via email:…

        …The blockade is so concerning that the Bank of Canada‘s Governor Tiff Macklem warned Wednesday afternoon that the entire situation is very distressing and could impact the economy.

        As Katabella Roberts writes at The Epoch Times, politicians are furious at the growing ‘minority’ daring to challenge their dominion.
        White House spokesperson Jen Psaki also urged protesters to “understand what the impact of this blockage is” and the potential impact it could have on the supply chain….

  42. SCAM ALERT: How to eat a pine tree.

    I went through an interesting experience this week. After watching How to Eat a Pine Tree, I was moved by Food Forest Abundance’s mission, and looked into joining it. On their site, I found an email address that invited contact from anyone that wanted to work with them, so I sent one going over my skill set and such.

    I received an email back talking about how excited they are to talk to me and maybe work together, and they sent two links; one link went to a promo for a docu-series (which looks pretty good), and the other link was this one: https://www.flipsnack.com/foodforestabundance/food-forest-abundance-cooperative-tpiossitk5.html
    It is of note that on page 10-11, it is ever so subtly mentioned that it costs $2950 to work with them. ?!?! That’s the realm of multi-marketing scams. I haven’t seen a negative $3k signing bonus on a legitimate company my entire life.
    They also have a particular damning BBB review that doesn’t paint them well, and their response to it is borderline childish, but well within the realm of scammy AF.

    So, in conclusion, I’m not certain they are a scam (or of anything, really), but I suspect them of it, so heads up, y’all. Their mission statement is spot on, but their business practices are full of red flags.

  43. Hmm. There are so many good videos. I suggest Nuclear Warfare in the 21st Century 06/28/2015. The nukes are still there. Obsession with nonexistent virus hasn’t changed the very dangerous nuclear weapons we never think about anymore.

    • Nukes are not really all THAT dangerous…. they just work faster than fleets of bombers did back in ww2. They don’t do anything really different than carpet bombing, even radiation from the bombs is an exaggerated danger.

      How well moderns would cope with that level of bombing I do not know….likly not as well as 1940s people.

      • That is a good question. How would the easy triggered comfort seeking generation react to some wholesale destruction from above?

  44. Ultra mainstream reporting on budding French and Belgian Convoy Protest:

    “Convoys of freedom”: about thirty demonstrators intercepted in the Paris region

    Le Parisien with AFP 1 hour ago

    The mobilization has begun.

    While thousands of opponents to the vaccine pass want to “roll on Paris” Saturday, February 14? as part of a citizen action called “convoys of freedom” inspired by that of Canadian truckers in Ottawa,

    a first convoy of thirty demonstrators who tried to reach the capital in their vehicles was intercepted this Monday morning between Essonne and Seine-et-Marne “calmly” by the police.

    This event comes in a particular context: many demonstrators, grouped in the Facebook and Telegram groups “Official Convoy France” which already have 23,000 members, are trying to organize a large-scale national action for “respect for freedoms and fundamental rights”.

    Convoys have been announced from Bayonne, Nice and Strasbourg in particular. These demonstrators are due to rally in Paris on Friday evening – no precise place of assembly has been mentioned – before a possible “European convergence” on Monday 14 February in Belgium, in Brussels.

    Six “convoys” of carpools or individuals in their own vehicles have already been announced for Wednesday, leaving from Bayonne, Nice, Strasbourg and Cherbourg. Everyone is free”, but Convoy France does not directly call for an action of regrouping or blocking, insisted Sunday in a video chat Marisa, spokeswoman of this new movement.

    “This initiative is taken seriously by the authorities,” said a police source who announced “vigilance devices. “The evaluation of the potential threat is still under analysis by the intelligence services, given the electoral context and the desire to play the mimicry with the Canadian movement, “added this source.

    In Canada, a protest movement initiated by truckers, for whom the vaccine is mandatory to cross the border with the United States, paralyzes for more than a week the capital Ottawa. Faced with a situation “out of control”, the city hall has declared a “state of emergency”.


    Thanks Deepl

  45. 8Gc58,
    Thanks so very much for the update. Ya’ll have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. I remember your previous posts.

  46. Suggestion for Sundays: Debunking the Debunkers in Propaganda Watch.

    Suggestion for Solutions Watch: How to use the Debunkers to begin a search for the information they are trying to cover up by debunking a partial truth or an outrageous lie.

  47. No problem brother!

  48. Wed Feb 2nd – RT&S – Written by David C. Lester, Managing Editor
    TuSimple automated trucks will soon haul freight for Union Pacific Railroad

    Automated trucks will soon begin hauling freight for Union Pacific in one western lane.

    TuSimple, a global autonomous driving technology company, announced that Union Pacific Railroad, the largest Class I railroad in the U.S., will become the first customer to move freight on TuSimple’s fully-automated trucking route between the Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona metro areas. Union Pacific is leveraging Loup Logistics (Loup), a wholly-owned subsidiary, to coordinate the freight shipment and support seamless movement between rail and the critical first and last mile. Starting this spring, TuSimple plans to carry Driver Out freight for Union Pacific, utilizing groundbreaking AV (autonomous vehicle) technology to deliver goods to their destination faster and more cost-effectively.

    “Partnering with TuSimple allows us to extend our operations beyond our rail hubs and serve our customers faster and more efficiently,” said Kenny Rocker, Executive Vice President – Marketing & Sales, Union Pacific. “This groundbreaking autonomous driving technology and our partnership provide us a significant opportunity to scale the technology in our network, proactively reducing global supply chain congestion.”…

    … By the end of 2023, TuSimple plans to achieve commercial viability by initiating continuous Driver Out paid freight operations in a significant shipping area such as the Texas Triangle.

    “Our repeatable and scalable ‘Driver Out’ operations marks a significant inflection point in our company’s history. We are the world’s first to complete all of the features of AV trucking technology,” said Cheng Lu, President, and CEO, TuSimple. “We are proud of our on-time delivery of this historic milestone and are excited to shift our full focus to commercializing our ground-breaking technology on an accelerated timeline.”….

    • Well that’s a fortuitously timed communiqué…

      Considering current headlines, who could object to automated trucks?

      Incidentally I know the highway between Tucson and Phoenix. It’s a perfectly straight line in a flat desert. Speeders’ heaven. (at least it was in 1982…)

    • All part of the plan. And self driving cars will have a killswitch in them. Like those supermarket carts that will stop at a yellow line on the ground, cars you drive will not go where you wan, but where you are allowed.

      • Those shopping carts with the sensors which lock the wheels when the cart goes out-of-range are a hazard.
        One day a few months back, I was doing a very fast stride with my cart out in the parking lot coming from the cart bay, headed for the store, and almost at the front door of the grocery store. It suddenly locked up tight at full stop…and I tumbled onto the ground. It hurt.

        A week ago, I watched a couple just exiting the grocery store with their cart. It locked. They had to shift their groceries to another cart.

        With driverless cars, trucks and flying cars… Look out.

  49. Well that’s funny! For the last couple a weeks I’ve been showing students precisely this montage that is featured in the recent “Monopoly-Who Owns the World” documentary.

    It has indeed at least raised a couple of eyebrows.

    I also show the part beginning at 44 minutes into the same documentary where the Belgian “Flu commissioner” Marc Van Ranst explains how he fooled an entire country into taking the Swine flu vaccine using the media and psychological manipulation.

    Nobody seems to get it, though. They don’t understand why I ask them to watch that part. They think it’s just a guy explaining what happened during the swine flu “crisis”. I think it’s just too enormous for them to imagine, despite the subtitles in English, that a man is really explaining how he tricked a population into taking an unnecessary vaccine.

    Anyhow. The “dangerous-for-our-democracy” montage does help stimulate some reflection on how such a phenomenon is possible, like other similar montages before it that I’d seen.

  50. Thanks for all your great work. Having just watched your greater reset presentation regarding research, I would love to see an episode on podcast structure and production. Also, how you organize your research.

    Much love,

  51. 8Gc58 Glad to hear of your nice place in Portugal but sorry to hear of the Covid restrictions there.
    Here in Northeast Alabama things are relatively normal. There is little masking. I would say less than 20% in stores like Walmart. No masks required even in government buildings like the courthouse, and they stopped that stupid temperature taking at the door. No masks on the children in the public schools, and teenagers are still kissing in the bleachers at the football games.

    • I like that last line.
      It has a beauty to it.

  52. Chelsea Handler was hospitalized on Friday and had to cancel two of her shows so far of her “Vaccinated And Horny” comedy tour.
    It wasn’t the dreaded cough, though, so she’s optimistic. I mean, aren’t coughs just the worst? Far worse having a cough than ending up in the hospital for several days, not being able to stand up long enough to take a shower for 3 days and no one knowing what’s wrong with you…
    Meanwhile, one of Chelsea’s TV show writers, also doesn’t have covid. Thank God, comedian Heather McDonald who joked, “I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted and flu shot AND shingle shot and haven’t got Covid and Jesus loves me most” collapsed on stage for no reason during a stand-up performance of her tour after her second joke on stage. Her reps stated she had consumed no alcohol prior to her sudden collapse. Doctors also don’t know why she collapsed, but apparently she fractured her skull in the fall. I mean, thank God it’s not a cough, though. Am I right?
    The real wonderment in all this for me is that we were all exposed to these videos initially out of China all over the news of people just falling over in the streets which turned out to be completely false representations of a disease which has effected 99+% of people who contracted it with no symptoms or the sniffles. This video footage of people collapsing stained the minds of the most ardent vaccine proponents. They can’t let go of this image of the disease which turned out to be an unverified, false flag meant to stoke fear.
    People around the world are literally falling over now, and some are ON STAGE when it is happening, but there’s no video of it being widely circulated, no known causes, no one seems to care what the causes- as long as it isn’t covid. “Not Covid, nothing to see here,” seems to be the most highly conveyed message of 2021 and 2022.
    Oh, also, there’s no question whether or not these recent victims of something invisible that came out of nowhere suddenly, attacked otherwise perfectly healthy bodies and was terrible enough to put them on the ground and in the hospital for several days were fully vaccinated- and boosted.
    I haven’t spent more than a couple hours in the hospital total over the past 40 years of my life. What is happening in the world today is not nothing. Why do they keep acting like it’s nothing?
    Are you getting the picture?

  53. It’s a parade in New Zealand!

    Truckers Convoy New Zealand 8/2/2022 ????? Feb 8th
    Karen Odell Channel – (30 minutes)

    The most historical day with New Zealand getting behind all these beautiful people that have travelled from end of the North Island and from the South Island to all come together in Unity in Wellington.

    So much LOVE ? the whole day was shared with such beautiful people.
    STOP the MANDATES ????

  54. Tuesday Feb 8th
    Alberta To Scrap Vaccine Passport Program, Announces Path To Lifting ‘Almost All’ Restrictions

    Update (2013ET): And just like that, the honkening may be coming to an end – as Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced on Tuesday that he’s ending the province’s vaccine passport system.
    The program will end by midnight tonight, according to Kenney.

    As the Toronto Star notes:
    The passport system, dubbed as the Restrictions Exemption Program, is the first of the province’s current public health restrictions to go in a phased approach laid out by Kenney at a press conference Tuesday.
    “Now is the time to begin learning to live with COVID,” said Kenney. “These restrictions have led to terrible division.”
    “We cannot remain at a heightened state of emergency forever. We have to begin to heal.”
    Kenney announced a three-stage approach for the loosening of public health measures.

    As the Star reports, after three weeks, authorities will determine if the province can move to Stage 2, which would see “almost all the remaining restrictions lifted,” including the mask mandate, capacity limits, and work-from-home orders. Kenny is hopeful this can be accomplished by March 1.
    The final stage would see all restrictions lifted – however this could be paused if the healthcare system is under too much stress from Covid.

    “The threat of COVID-19 to public health no longer outweighs the damaging impact of public health restrictions,” said Kenney, adding “We are well positioned to live with the virus.”

    That said, Rebel News’ Ezra Lavant says Kenney is “He’s still going to have the QR codes. And he will still allow other entities, including private businesses, to discriminate based on those QR codes.”

    First, the province will remove nearly all restrictions for children, including the kindergarten to Grade 12 mask mandate, by the coming weekend. Children who are 12 and under also won’t have to abide by the general mask mandate in Alberta. The general mandate still applies for the rest of the population.
    “It is time to let kids be kids,” Kenney said….

    [More stuff in article and VIDEOS.]

      • Until people die of VAIDS that is…just keep taking these disease causing injections until you keel over. I don’t think so. That Premier can take all of the injections, in fact he should take them every day for the rest of his life. That would be a fitting punishment. A vax every 15 minutes for this scum bag.

  55. This is not from The Babylon Bee…but I’m laughing.

    Biden Admin Funding Free Crack Pipes To Promote ‘Racial Equity’

    The Biden administration is finalizing funding to promote “racial equity” by handing out free glass crack pipes for drug addicts to smoke crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine or any other “illicit substance.”

    The new $30 million grant program from the Health and Human Services (HHS) department will provide funds to local governments and nonprofits for “smoking kits/supplies,” according to the Washington Free Beacon.
    HHS said the kits aim to reduce the risk of infection when smoking substances with glass pipes, which can lead to infections through cuts and sores. Applicants for the grants are prioritized if they treat a majority of “underserved communities,” including African Americans and “LGBTQ+ persons,” as established under President Joe Biden’s executive order on “advancing racial equity.”….

    [VIDEO clip – Joe Biden talking tough on drugs while his son smokes crack.]

    • They usually say “don’t get high on your own supply” but in Brandon’s case I think that could only be helpful.

  56. Tuesday Feb 8th – MERCOLA
    A New Global Attack to Censor Me

    Well, that didn’t take long! Mere weeks after my announcement that I was reintroducing my deleted article archives and moving them to the Substack Library for paid subscribers, the mainstream press started calling on Substack to censor and cull vaccine critics from its platform.

    There are very good reasons why my content has moved to Substack under a Private Membership Agreement. All proceeds will be donated to our nonprofits, just like the profits from my book — there is no financial motivation for doing this. The reasons for doing this will be revealed in due time.

    To their credit, Substack CEO Chris Best and his two cofounders have brushed off calls for censorship, saying that allowing “the presence of writers with whom we strongly disagree” is a “necessary precondition for creating more trust in the information ecosystem as a whole,” and that:
    “We believe that critique and discussion of controversial issues are part of robust discourse, so we work to find a reasonable balance between these two priorities.”

    Hit Piece Parade

    A recent hit piece by The Washington Post titled…
    …Mashable and The Guardian also recently published near-identical hit pieces, calling me out by name as one of the primary “anti-vax” profiteers on Substack….

    [Long article covering a wide spread including institutions involved. Also a few videos.]

    • I know you appreciate this guy’s content, Homey, but there is this one thing I don’t understand:

      Mercola engages willing, intentional self censorship on his own platform and is now worried that he might be censored on other platforms? What’s even the point of having one’s own platform if not to fight censorship to the bitter end?

      • I believe there is an effort to charge him with criminal violations and throw him in jail, much less destroy his company and life.
        He donates many millions every year to worthwhile endeavors including the Fluoride campaign and Internet 3.0.
        Mercola is one of the top targets by TPTSNB.
        As mentioned in the article, Mercola does not have the intention to permanently expunge his archive.

        There are some legal ramifications behind the scenes.
        Mercola seems to have some planned options…a game plan.
        He is smart enough not to reveal it.
        One thing is for certain, Mercola is extrmely well-informed aboutwhat is going on.
        He knows his situation better than any outside observer.

        I think “The Art of War” is how people should approach their own unique situations.

        After being targeted by the Feds and Media, Dr. David Brownstein mentioned that his top grade attorney said, “Yes, you can fight this, but it will be expensive and you will probably lose. Or you can continue to practice medicine quietly.”

  57. Texans For Vaccine Choice

    Deceptive Political Games of Politicians

    Texans are getting wise to the games politicians play;
    EXAMPLE: take Governor Greg Abbott and vaccine mandates.

    First, vaccine mandates in multiple forms are present in Texans, including their most brazen iteration on hospital workers, soldiers including those currently deployed to the border, and thousands of private employees.

    The mechanics of this mandate are simple, take the shot or you’re fired.

    Last week it was reported that the Office of Surgeon for Texas National Guard has informed leaders in the Texas military it’s their job to convince soldiers to get vaccinated.

    The Texas GOP has called for a fourth special session to outlaw all mandates. Three of Abbott’s primary opponents Don Huffines, Chad Prather, and Allen West have pledged to end mandates and call a special session.

    In response, Governor Abbott has cut a campaign commercial claiming to have already done a job that’s plainly not been done.

    Because, as it turns out, signing a piece of paper and saying vaccine mandates are banned doesn’t do the job when there’s no enforcement mechanism, and the Office of the Governor continues to ignore that Texans are losing their jobs daily right now. In order for there to be a true vaccine mandate ban in Texas the following are required: legislative action, executive enforcement, and judicial review. Texas currently has none of those.

    For comparison’s sake, the New York Times recently profiled Texas and Florida. The proof is in the pudding; Disney suspended it’s vaccine mandate for employees in Florida, while BP (and others) in Texas are requiring workers to be vaccinated or tested twice weekly.

    Parsing words might be smart politics as long as nobody is paying attention but Texas politicians should know Texas for Vaccine Choice is locked in.

    While too many Texas politicians, including Governor Abbott, pretend mandates don’t apply, Biden’s FDA has been asked to expand the EUA for the Pfizer COVID-19 shot to children ages 6 months through 4 years. (See our Action Alert on this.)

    We’re gearing up ahead of the primary to educate voters on where their candidates stand on the issue….

  58. We do not know what “covid” is. That’s a fact. Is it possible that with Covid (and AIDS) that there was/is some mechanism that can bring about conditions in local populations. Is it possible we have been manipulated with a scary real thing that was a minimal part of an overall fake? Something real to be scared of if it could do what a pandemic-causing pathogen could do. They worked on pathogens that would kill one host.
    There is a thing called momentum, and for that reason alone, we should THROW ourselves behind the truckers. Not about “truckers” but about freedom.

    Covid is fading from the narrative. They are trying to not be too obvious, but it’s fading fast. They want to shrink back a bit and regather their forces.

    NOW IS *THE TIME* TO HOLD FEET TO FIRES. Every local, state, federal politician who got behind covid restrictions, WITHOUT A SINGLE EXCEPTION, must be removed from office.

    Start this refrain now. Let’s see if voting harder can have any effect. At worst, we will uncover the game if we at least try.

    • Voting local can have a big effect since , in the us anyway, local authorities are where the big agendas are brought in….you can swing a school board or local mayorial election with very few people

    • These order following morons will never see their action for what it is. They’ll die a thousand times gladly, but not take ownership of their garbage.

      • I hear ya on that. That ilk will strain hard to “be guiltless.”

        Personally, I like smearing their nose in their own shit.
        I’ve done it before…Intentionally try to introvert them for their destructive actions.
        This type of confrontation is actually a SOLUTION.
        If enough people emphatically, to their face, tried to introvert these proponents of slavery, we would see their ranks begin to dissolve.

        It is a weapon which we can use.
        And it should be used.
        Loudly call out their crimes. Impinge upon their mental state. Make them crack.

    • Kristen was the first nurse to be fired. Happened last spring for saying publicly that masks didn’t work, although she followed all the hospital’s safety protocols. Back in September and October, Kristen was involved in the arrangements for all the freedom rallies across Canada. The protests at that time were Health Care Workers (and their families) protesting the mandates and jobs on the chopping block for jab mandates. Jab mandates were not required by the government (in Ontario) but every hospital except one demanded all staff be jabbed. I attended our city’s rally with a colleague. My husband attended the one up north since he was travelling. The legacy media (including CBC) reported that anti-vax protesters were preventing hospital workers and EMS from getting into hospitals. NO…we were the hospital workers protesting the working conditions. One doctor reported that the protesters hurled slurs at him as he “tried” to enter the building. I know this MD and the entrance that he uses is more than half of km away and we were not on hospital property. This guy is a psychiatrist…who should know more about rights that any other medical specialty. On Jan 6th she was in the US capital for a conference and the CBC instead said she was a participant at the riot that was there.

        Nurse Kristen Nagle

        Thanks for this, yellowie!

  59. Judge Orders Police to Return Fuel, but Police Spiked the Cans with Water
    (4 minutes)
    News stories and validating video clips shown.
    Judge orders Ottawa Police to return fuel to the trucker convoy. Members of the convoy promptly test the fuel to find that it had been contaminated with water. Water in fuel can cause serious damage to an engine.Clyde Do Something YouTube Channel

  60. Wed Feb 9th
    Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Raises $7 Million On New Crowdfunding Platform
    That didn’t take long…
    Just days after the Canadian Freedom Convoy of truckers protesting in Ottawa and Alberta saw GoFundMe freeze and return the millions raised on the platform to support them, another 7-figure batch of funds has been raised on GiveSendGo, a “Christian” crowdfunding platform. As of Wednesday morning, some US$7.2 million (CAD$9.1 million) has been raised on the platform despite Canadian politicians’ best efforts to try and cut off all financial support for the movement…

    …”In order for your generous donations to flow smoothly, the good people at GiveSendGo will be sending donations directly to our bulk fuel supplier and are working out the details now which means your hard earned money is going straight to who it was meant for and need not flow through anyone else,” the page description reads….

  61. YouTuber Canadian Prepper has a good video up concerning electromagnetic bombs, which ties in well with your prediction of a cyber warfare happening probably this year. There are tips on how to prepare for such an attack, should it happen. It’s called ‘NASA insider issues serious warning’. Since some of your viewers surely heard you mention how hacking can occur to attack a given country, this method of attacking is the most likely, if you ask me. (I may be mistaken and you might have mentioned this already and, if so, the video is still a good addition to what you mentioned).

  62. Hej 8Gc58,

    Jag tycker Ylvis är jätteroligt 🙂

    Really interesting to hear about your experience.

    We want to get out from Sweden and we’re considering the Basque Country, Andalusía and mainland Portugal.

    I’ve met a couple of times with Mikael Crömsjo from Vaken.se to ask about his experience down there (he has some land close to Aljezur in southern Portugal) and I was surprised to hear that there are so many things happening in the area like Tamera there are many smaller groups off grid.

    In november we went for 2 months to visit Andalusia’s Costa Tropical. We stayed in Nerja and La Herradura (here there’s a community of Scandinavians, mainly young families) and we fell in love with the weather there and specially when we saw that in the area there’s the only place in the mainland where mango can be cultivated! And also there are Avocado plants and olive trees all around. And as we understood, near Almeria is one of the areas with more concentration of greenhouses growing veggies of all Europe. Seems like an excellent place to be for the coming food crisis.
    Naturally is fantastic. Sierra Nevada is so close that one can in less than one and a halv hour from the ski station to the beach.

    We’ll be back in March and April to explore further and in this coming days I’ll try to reach out people in freedomcells.com.
    Also I’ll try to reach out Henna Maria as she’s living somewhere in the mountains of Andalusia.

    If you have some time for a conversation it would be great to get in contact directly. You can reach me at [my surname] at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the next update.

    Lycka till!

  63. When the proverbial “fox guarding the hen-house” asks the chicken-snake to babysit the eggs…
    -> Babies, toddlers & preschools targeted <-
    Feel Free ~ Submit public objections using the “Stand For Health Freedom” link (highlighted/included)
    "FDA + Pfizer + Children = Con Science"
    meeting is set for Feb 15, 2022.
    #BlissWithoutIgnorance, #GetMadOrGoMad #HistoryMatters

  64. Canadian Authoritarian Meltdowns Over Canada Truckers Bouncy Castles Protests
    (A mesh of clips – 3 minutes – Includes councilwoman Diane Dean)

    • The Simpsons: Justin Trudeau Hides from Convoy of Truckers
      (22 seconds)

      [The combined some clips from past episodes of The Simpsons.]

  65. Wed Feb 9th – Yahoo News
    DHS warns that trucker protests in U.S. could begin on Super Bowl Sunday


    The Department of Homeland Security is warning law enforcement and public safety officials in the United States that a prolonged trucker convoy protesting vaccine mandates could begin on Feb. 13, when the Super Bowl is played in Los Angeles.

    The warning of a trucker protest similar to the one that has brought Ottawa, Canada, to a virtual halt, states that
    “the convoy could severely disrupt transportation, federal government, and law enforcement operations through gridlock and potential counterprotests.”

    According to senior law enforcement officials and documents obtained by Yahoo News, the warning circulated to law enforcement nationwide on Tuesday by DHS states that the agency
    “has received reports of a convoy of truckers planning to potentially block roads in major metropolitan cities in the United States in protest of, among other things, vaccine mandates for truck drivers.”

    The DHS alert says that “the group intends to start in California as early as mid-February and travel to Washington, D.C., as late as mid-March, reportedly gathering truckers as they travel across the country,” adding that truckers from the protest in Ottawa may also head to Washington to participate.

    The DHS document, which is marked unclassified and for official use only, notes that as of its release on Feb. 8, the U.S. trucker convoy “appears to be purely aspirational because the event is only being discussed online,” though it warns that “this could change quickly.”

    A DHS source told Yahoo News that the U.S. trucker convoy “is absolutely a real concern.”

    “They are definitely going to follow the Canadian model and shut down Washington,” said the DHS official….

    • SuperBowl
      The NFL Super Bowl LVI will be played at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, February 13, 2022. Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals.

      Super Bowl LVI Gameday Requirements:*
      Attendees age 5+ must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative PCR test within 48 hours or negative antigen (rapid) test within 24 hours of the game.
      Tests must have a name & a date, no at home tests without a name and a date will be accepted.
      Attendees 18+ are required to display government issued ID as verification.
      If using the CLEAR App for vaccine verification, an ID is not required
      All attendees age 2+ are required to wear a face covering in SoFi Stadium or the Tailgate party (invite only) except while actively eating or drinking, regardless of vaccination status.
      Certification of prior COVID-19 infection does not exempt attendees from the vaccination or negative test verification requirement.

      Team Warmups 2:05 PM
      Player Introductions 3:00 PM
      National Anthem 3:10 PM
      Kickoff 3:30 PM (6pm Eastern time)
      Halftime 5:00 PM

      • SuperBowl Halftime Music Show Preview
        QUEUE 18:50 minute mark

        Message to BROC WEST:
        Could you plead with James to make a separate short video of this musical performance?

        I prefer to keep the “Fact Check” piece just following the music. But that is just my preference.

      • SuperBowl Advertising Costs – 30 seconds
        Since 2010, the average rate for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl broadcast has risen from $2.77 million to $6.50 million, making it by far the most expensive time slot U.S. television has to offer – a 30-second spot during the Academy Award ceremony is less than half the price.

        It’s a price that brands are willing to pay though.

        Last year, in-game ad revenue amounted to $435 million.

        According to Kantar Media that is roughly equivalent to the combined ad revenue of the four major U.S. broadcast networks in an average week.

        In return for their investment, brands not only get a huge audience (91.6 million viewers in 2021) but an audience that sticks around: during the 2013 Super Bowl, only 0.7 percent of the audience tuned away during commercial breaks. The average tuneaway rate during regular TV programming is five times as high. Consumers tend to pay special attention to Super Bowl ads, as agencies typically try to honour the prestigious occasion with especially witty and often funny ads.

        In recent years, the dawn of YouTube has added another bonus for Super Bowl advertisers seeing that the most popular ads often reach millions of additional viewers on the platform.

      • Dallas – Fort Worth News WFAA Channel 8

        Feb 10th Thursday
        Department of Homeland Security warns of trucker protests in the U.S.
        (one minute)

        The news clip mentions that the Texas Attorney General is calling for an investigation into GoFundMe for their attempt to hijack the Canadian Trucker funds.

    • UPDATE Thursday February 10th
      U.S. Freedom Convoy starts March 5th in California

      On the Thursday Feb 10th “The Highwire”, March 5th was declared to be the next ‘Defeat The Mandates’ Event in Southern California.

      At various places during the show, March 5th is mentioned.
      A good overview starts around 2:41:00

  66. I don’t know this website, it’s just the first one I saw in English that speaks about the fact that Luc Montagnier, Nobel prize winner, credited with having co-discovered the HIV virus turned persona non-grata for various reasons I can’t detail just now as I have a class, has died;


    He was 89 and against the vaccine mandates among other things…

  67. ***** Important

    Thursday February 10th, 2022
    Freedom Convoy – Address To ALL Canadians and PM Trudeau by Tom Marazzo by Marcel Irnie YouTube Channel
    (20 minutes)

    Tom Marazzo, spokesperson for “Freedom Convoy 2022” reiterates the objectives of this movement which is supported by Canadians across the country…to end ALL the Covid Mandates and to ensure that thses violations of Human Rights will never occur again.
    He mentions the “Bait and Switch” approach which many provinces and territories are deceptively doing.

    Tom emphasizes repeatedly that this is a peaceful demonstration which is being conducted in a very respectful manner, that it is not designed to impede Ottawa residents and businesses. He mentions some of the many activities which demonstrators have done in order to support the local community.

    Tom Marazzo points out that this is not a “political party” ploy and has nothing to do with politics. The demonstration is about Human Rights.
    He describes the many efforts he has made to have open dialogue with local authorities and also with Prime Minister Trudeau.

    The Legacy Media and also some local power hungry politicians have been hard at trying to promote a distorted view of the situation and fan the flames of violence.

  68. This gal with Canadian and American citizenship knows
    how to play the game of NON-COMPLIANCE.
    We can all learn some skillsets from her approach.
    She lives in Canada (Sarnia) near Detroit.
    (see stories above: Detroit | Windsor Bridge Trucker blockade)

    Canadian girl crosses border – NO Vax , NO test, NO app, and is free to enter
    (5 minutes)

    irnieracingnews YouTube Channel

  69. I think this article should get more attention. China hasn’t used any MRNA vx for their population. It is being pushed hard on the west. Are the globalists try to kill off the west with dangerous MRNA vx so China can rise? These lockdowns are destroying the west by putting small biz out of biz. Destroying our military with these dangerous vx. Is Russia using MRNA vx?
    The green agenda will benefit China too as they have the rare earth materials for it–so world will be dependent on them.
    Communist China is the globalists role model as it is communist, technocratic and surveillance state. Communist China is in this scamdemic too. See the recent Olympics there? All of them wearing muzzles. LOL



    • I think you make an astute observation and I think this may be right. The global “elite” (psychopathic monsters) want an obedient slave class. The West has different values, including wanting freedom and questioning authority and not doing what your told. That’s a threat to them.

      But with all the weird genetic manipulation they are doing, don’t realize they may be creating their own demise. I think they are also short sided idiots, possibly suicidal maniacs as well. The universe has a way of correcting these kinds of things, people trying to outsmart nature that is billions of years old. They can’t do it, but they will find out. Hopefully enough of them realize their mistake before they get harmed by their own foolishness.

    • China is ruled by an arrogant aristocratic class who want to milk the people but AFAIK don’t actually hate them and imagines that the people will make them rich and powerful

      The west is ruled by a class of people that actively HATE their populations and imagine that life would be bett6woth most of them dead while they turn in to metaverse god fairy’s… I expect the Chinese are farming people rather than wanting them to die

    • Gandhi’s & Martin Luther King Jr.’s “civil disobedience” doesn’t apply?
      The AUTHORITARIANS in Canada are doubling down…

      Friday February 11th – [VIDEO of Ontario Premier in article]
      “Eyes Of The World Are On Us” – Ontario Declares ‘State Of Emergency’ Over Bridge Blockade

      Ontario declared a state of emergency Friday morning to empower law enforcement to end the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge — the busiest commercial border crossing between the U.S. and Canada — and the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, warning truckers who continue to block the Ambassador Bridge they will be punished if they don’t leave. Ontario Premier Doug Ford told reporters that the federal government is enacting new powers to end the blockade. He said protesters will be slapped with hefty fines (amounting to $78,800) and jail time, according to Bloomberg.

      “Your right to make a political statement does not outweigh the right of hundreds of thousands of workers to earn their living,”
      said Ford.
      “It does not outweigh our right to get food across our borders, your right to make a political statement.”

      Ford declared the state of emergency amid growing pressure from multiple industries, including the auto sector, as well as Canada’s federal government and the White House. The bridge’s closure has slowed the movement of freight as drivers reroute to other crossings, including the nearby Blue Water Bridge. Auto plants on both sides of the border have scaled back production because of the slowdown…

      …At noon, the Ontario Superior Court will hear from the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association to remove protesters from around the bridge as the auto industry in the region has been severely impacted by the five-day blockade. Some automakers have reported plant shuttering or limiting output due to a lack of parts because of the blockade.

      Here’s Ford, speaking at a press conference and saying, “the eyes of the world are upon us right now.” Ford is threatening ‘severe’ consequences if protesters don’t leave….

    • I was wondering why your video looked familiar!!

      It’s ’cause it’s embedded in the article I posted about Luc Montagnier above that I’d only had the time to glance at before quickly posting:


      These fasting diets really addle my brain. TGIF and the end of this fast tomorrow noon!

        • No! I honestly didn’t mean it that way! I literally watched your video and wondered where I’d seen it before. I’m the flaky one! Anyhow, best have it too many times than none at all.

          The news had the effect of a slap in the face even though the man was 89.

          • I didn’t mean to sound defensive. Just posting pre coffee with half open eyes. I know that you weren’t rebuking me. You are a very nice lady.

            I should have just spent more time going through the comments before assuming that it hadn’t been brought up.
            Or maybe simply have watched the most recent NWNW where James P mentions the sad news.
            Sometimes its hard to keep up with everything.

            • mmmmmmmm… I’m thinkin’ we may’ve both posted just a baby’s whisper before NWNW came out…

              but I could be wrong, happens regularly

              Now I’m hittin’ the hay with visions of California makis dancing in my head after this fasting fiesta since last Sunday 4pm.

              Think I’ll do it again though, this week and then inverse starting the 21st: Do 5 days normal and 2 days 20-hour fasting. (“normal” will be 16 hours intermittent fasting.)

              I know all this is positively riveting, but…I’m afraid I’m falling off my chair, eyes burning…slipping into half- …consciousness…so…hasta la zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

            • I think it is very appropriate to have “repeat” posts of the same information.
              If it is new to the poster, then it is likely new to someone else.

              • HRS, this isn’t a reply to anything you’ve said here. Rather, it’s an article that you as a Texan (and all Texas “truthers,” for that matter) will especially enjoy.

                You’re familiar with The Babylon Bee, right? Today a friend who knows I’m in Texas sent me this BB link: https://babylonbee.com/news/cdc-director-now-says-to-just-do-whatever-texas-did-12-months-ago

                Be sure to also watch the Alexa video below the article. No, it’s not Texas-specific. It’s a snapshot of the insane world from which Corbett’s #SolutionsWatch can help us escape.

              • Oh! That’s great. I’m laughing.
                Thanks CQ !

  70. [No URLs without titles and explanations, please. Please repost your link with a title and explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

  71. Uncle Joe plans to spend 30 MILLION taxpayer dollars on crack pipes, they can’t all be for Hunter can they?


    Joe Biden plans to spend $30 million in taxpayer money on crackpipes. If only this were a rumor. The funding is intended to reduce harm from substance abuse. “The purpose of the program is to support community-based overdose prevention programs, syringe services programs, and other harm reduction services,” the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) stated.

    Drug users will be supplied with their choice of paraphernalia.

    Biden’s own son Hunter has admitted to using numerous drugs but has remained out of the prison system due to his father’s status. Others do not have that luxury. If the Biden Administration is serious about curbing the rampant drug problem in the US, they need to reform laws instead of enabling addicts with free (and still illegal) drug paraphernalia.

    • Who would pay for the deep state if people did not do drugs?

      The Sackler family won’t even loose lose money after deliberately aiming to addict the working class

  72. Saturday Feb 12th – Zero Hedge
    Thousands Of Paris Police Officers Brace For ‘Freedom Convoy’

    French protesters are expected to descend on Paris in a Canada-inspired “Freedom Convoy” sometime on Friday as they voice strong opposition to President Emmanuel Macron’s medical tyranny of lockdowns and forced vaccines mandates.

    According to the Guardian, authorities in and around France’s capital have placed more than 7,000 officers on alert and at critical points of the city to deter convoys of trucks, cars, and vans.

    “The stated objective of these demonstrations is to ‘block the capital’ by preventing road traffic from circulating in order to further their demands … from Friday, before moving on to Brussels on Monday,”
    Paris’ police authority said.

    “Because of the risk to public order, these protests will be banned from 11 to 14 February,” police said, adding that anyone blocking public roads will face severe fines and jail time.

    The Guardian reports convoys of trucks, vans, cars, and even motorcycles left Nice in the south-east, Bayonne in the south-west, Strasbourg in the north-east, and Cherbourg in the north-west, among other cities as they all head to Paris.

    Video published on Twitter shows police in the French capital preparing for convoy by ensuring protesters didn’t paralyze the metro area….

    [VIDEO clips.]

    • PARIS France
      I want to mention again that the above article contains many video clips and images.

      Vendredi 11 Février 2022
      Paris en état de siège ?
      (Over 6 hours – midway is where there are speeches, etc.)

      The Channel “Reservoir Apps” has other clips in French.

      • Feb 12th – Ruptly
        France: Police use tear gas to disperse anti-COVID vaccine protesters in Paris
        ( 2 1/2 minutes – mixed views

    • From Tuesday February 8th when the New Zealand Truckers Convoy was at its beginning stages. Glorious!
      The most historical day with New Zealand getting behind all these beautiful people that have travelled from end of the North Island and from the South Island to all come together in Unity in Wellington.

      So much LOVE ? the whole day was shared with such beautiful people.
      STOP the MANDATES ????


    • 12 February – Associated Press
      New Zealand tries old earworm hits to flush out protesters

      WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Some countries might send in a riot squad to disperse trespassing protesters. In New Zealand, authorities turned on the sprinklers and Barry Manilow.

      Initial moves to try and flush out several hundred protesters who have been camped on Parliament’s grassy grounds since Tuesday had little effect.
      The protesters, who have been voicing their opposition to coronavirus vaccine mandates, responded to the soaking from the sprinklers by digging trenches and installing makeshift drainpipes to divert the water.

      When a downpour hit Saturday, their numbers only grew. Protesters brought in bales of straw, which they scattered on the increasingly sodden grounds at Parliament. Some shouted, others danced and one group performed an Indigenous Maori haka.

      By evening, Parliament Speaker Trevor Mallard had come up with a new plan to make the protesters uncomfortable: using a sound system to blast out vaccine messages, decades-old Barry Manilow songs and the 1990s earworm hit “Macarena” on a repeat loop.

      Protesters responded by playing their own tunes, including Twister Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

      The protest began when a convoy of trucks and cars drove to Parliament from around the nation, inspired by protests in Canada. At first there were more than 1,000 protesters but that number dwindled as the week wore on before growing again on Saturday.

      Police have been taking a more hands-off approach since Thursday, when they arrested 122 people and charged many of them with trespassing or obstruction. Police, who have been wearing protective vests but haven’t been using riot gear or carrying guns, had tried to slowly advance on the protesters.

      But that resulted in a number of physical confrontations. A video of two female officers briefly dragging a naked woman by her hair from amid a scuffle went viral…
      …Still, the scuffles seemed to prompt a strategic rethink by police, who appeared more content to wait it out as the week wore on. But by Friday, Mallard, the Parliament speaker, had seen enough, and told staff to turn on the sprinklers overnight.
      “I ordered them on,” he confirmed to the AP…

      …Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last week said the country would end its quarantine requirements for incoming travelers in stages as it reopened its borders. With about 77% of New Zealanders vaccinated, Ardern has also promised she won’t impose more lockdowns….

    • Sunday Feb 13th
      World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leader” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says Wellington protesters have crossed a line
      (7 1/2 minutes)

      The sin!…some protesters carried a Canadian flag.

  73. OTTAWA
    Dr. Roger Hopkinson says:
    “These Truckers…They got gonads bigger than their trucks.”

    (90 seconds)
    Freedom Convoy: Dr. Roger Hopkinson – Speaks To The People | IrnieracingNews
    ”These Truckers are the most – How can i put it politely? They got gonads bigger than their trucks.
    It relied upon guys with dirty fingernails to move the needle.
    Medicine, Politics, Media have failed.
    And we needed truckers, ordinary guys and semis by the thousands to get attention. And hats off to you because we failed and you! You’re succeeding!
    This is a no prisoners event. This isn’t the time for negotiation. No time for dithering of politicians to try to somehow escape the responsibility. No. This is capitulation. Take no prisoners time because no one is leaving Ottawa until that happens.
    Whatever it takes. Politely. Civil disobedience. No violence at all. We certainly don’t want to encourage a January 6th event, but this is a turning point in history for Canada and for the World. And I’m so fortunate to have been part of it. “
    — Dr. Roger Hopkinson

  74. Pandemic of Freedom !

    Saturday Feb 12th
    Clyde Do Something relays the news about Australia and Finland and also about the Ambassador Bridge at Detroit/Windsor Canada. Freedom Convoy 2022
    (4 minutes)

    Truckers defy deadline to disperse from the US – Canada border crossing, Ambassador bridge at 7pm, then Midnight on Friday and remain there on Saturday. This after Justin Trudeau issued direct threats of reprisal to anyone that doesn’t comply to his orders as a politician.
    The police have not yet followed what appears to be orders to initiate a confrontation.

    LINKS for Trucker donations in shownotes.

      Canberra is the capital city of Australia.
      It is Australia’s largest inland city and the eighth-largest city overall.
      As Australia’s capital, Canberra is the most important centre for much of Australia’s political reportage and thus all the major media, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the commercial television networks, and the metropolitan newspapers maintain local bureaus.

      Melbourne Ground YouTube Channel has a host of recent reports.

      Canberra has never seen so many people marching for freedom.
      Watch the crowds cross the Bridge, because the Legacy Corporate Controlled Media will not report this.
      Sat Feb 12th
      Drone Footage – Canberra’s HISTORIC Numbers
      (2 minutes)

      • Channel 9 News Australia
        Thousands of protesters have marched to Parliament House in Canberra, demanding an end to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
        (3 minutes)

        • Interesting. Great footage.

          Note, the gathered protest extends all the way from the old parliament house to the new. That’s quite clever.

          The cross section seems very wide; old, young, left, right, hippies, people in military garb etc.. Broad indeed.

          It should be understood that Canberra is really a government/military/student town. The parliament and its offices, the military and theirs, and the Australian National University, various embassies and all of the supporting service industries. This looks like a very big turn out for Canberra, and may have involved many surrounding towns (e.g Queanbeyan) and farmers.

          Very interesting, indeed.

          Dont miss the after march party video! Definitely plenty of farming families involved.


  75. Defeat The Mandates rally in Southern California on March 5th, 2022
    In solidarity with the global phenomenon Freedom Convoy from Canada, the American truckers in The People’s Convoy will join forces with the Defeat The Mandates rally in Southern California on March 5th (exact location to be announced soon). This event will be in the heart of mandate country and a continuation of the historic rally on January 23rd in Washington, DC.

    The march and rally will be a one-day event that will feature many of the same prominent doctors and leaders against mandates, along with recording artists, musicians, actors and athletes.

    The next day, March 6th, we will send off the American truckers as they start their trek from California to DC, sending them off in spirit with peace and love.

    The Defeat The Mandates march will add more momentum to this growing international movement to halt COVID vaccine mandates for all.


      AFT Dispatch, Inc. and A2C Logistics Co – Truck Dispatch & Leasing on Owner Operators – Our professional dispatchers keep you loaded with the best loads at the highest prices.
      ~~WWW aftdispatch.com/

      Feb 4th – By AFT Dispatch – VIDEO
      The American Trucker Convoy to DC 2022 Is in the Making – Here Are the Details!

      Quick rendition:
      Canada has approximately 35,000 to 60,000 owner operators.
      In the U.S. we have over 350,000 owner operators and when we look at it from a slightly different perspective of small carriers plus owner operators we’re looking at a very, VERY LARGE number of folks.

      ”…when you combine all these the sheer numbers are absolutely astonishing!
      We have over 500,000 trucking companies in the United States and here’s the interesting part: 80 percent of these companies are considered small, which means they have six trucks or less.
      So the vast, vast majority of the entire trucking industry in the United States is comprised of small trucking companies.
      And you bet! Most of these companies, many of these companies at least, would be taking part in such a convoy that’s being discussed. Here in this video today, now they’re in total over two million semi trucks on the road in the United States… …and what’s really interesting is that they’re really gathering steam quickly to a point where they’re beginning to worry some of the POWERS THAT BE….”

      [Facebook’s censorship of Trucker Convoy to DC 2022 is mentioned.]

      • DEFINITION Drayage is a freight service that moves goods from one truck to another in a port or at a distribution center. It may also include the movement of goods from a supplier to a retailer, in the form of in-store deliveries. A drayman’s job is to transport cargo from the dockside or quay to warehouses, factories, and other destinations on land. https://ratings.freightwaves.com/what-is-drayage/

        Friday Feb 11th – FreightWaves (trade publication) by Clarissa Hawes
        Oakland truckers overwhelmed by looming CARB rule, supply chain obstacles
        [ CARB – California Air Resources Board (CARB) Truck and Bus rule on emissions.]

        Besides the daily challenges drayage truckers face to keep their small businesses afloat at the Port of Oakland, some are questioning whether they still will be operating this time next year. That’s because of an emissions rule in California that is requiring them to upgrade their trucks to include 2010 model year or newer diesel engines by the end of the year.

        Bill Aboudi, president of AB Trucking in Oakland, planned to upgrade his aging fleet by replacing half of his trucks this spring and the remainder in the fall to comply with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Truck and Bus rule deadline of Dec. 31.

        Those plans are on hold for now, Aboudi said, as used truck prices continue to soar because of semiconductor shortages, which have caused larger fleets to hold on to their old equipment longer because of new truck order delays. He and other drayage companies typically buy their used trucks from over-the-road fleets, which are typically on a three-year depreciation schedule.

        “I get asked about a possible CARB extension every single day by owner-operators,” Aboudi told FreightWaves. “CARB is creating uncertainty if they will be able to earn a living next year.”

        The CARB rule covers all diesel vehicles with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating greater than 14,000 pounds.

        Lynda Lambert, public information officer for CARB, said there is a provision in the Truck and Bus rule for new truck buyers who are experiencing manufacturer delays, but there’s no extension for California truckers who planned to buy used trucks but either can’t find one or can’t afford one because of supply constraints.

        J.D. Power Valuation Services reported that used truck pricing in calendar year 2021 soared over 96% higher than in 2020 because of the chip import issues, which have drastically impacted the new truck market…

        …He recently looked at a late-model truck with over 500,000 miles. The dealership was asking nearly $130,000, his initial budget to purchase three trucks….

      • March 4th & 5th
        Coachella Valley (Indio, California)
        American Trucker Freedom Convoy Announcement

        [This is east of Los Angeles and Riverside.]

        Feb 9th – By AFT Dispatch – VIDEO – 5 minutes
        Convoy to DC **MAJOR UPDATE** Dates & Location

        [See above AFT Dispatch video for the POTENTIAL MASSIVE NUMBER OF TRUCKERS involved.]

        • Tuesday Feb 15th – By AFT Dispatch – VIDEO – 4 minutes
          Convoy to DC – Important Information for our Subscribers

          He wanted to clarify some things to the “non-trucker community”.
          The AFT Dispatch company is NOT in charge of organizing the
          “Convoy to DC”.

          However, they do their best to help truckers.
          He refers people to some short videos which help to enlighten people on how this company helps truckers.

    • U.S. Freedom Convoy – Defeat The Mandates SUB-THREAD continued…

      Monday Feb 14th, 2022 – The Guardian
      US ‘freedom convoy’ inspired by Canada bids to organize for Washington trip
      Effort to launch convoy taking shape but diffuse organization make it difficult to predict size of protests – or what it wants

      The effort to launch an American “freedom convoy”, inspired by the Canadian truckers who have shut down parts of Ottawa for several weeks initially to protest vaccine mandates, is taking shape in a somewhat haphazard fashion.

      At least three national organizations, and a constellation of regional ones, say they will depart for Washington in early March.

      One proposed convoy aims to leave from Fresno in California on 2 March, taking the I-10 interstate straight to the capital, where it would arrive on 6 March.
      “What brings us here tonight is unity, solidarity and a mindset of America,” the group’s lead organizer, Kip Coltrin, said on a conference call last week. “Obviously we have a grievance to address with our politicians, our people in Washington.”

      Another organization, which calls itself the“People’s Convoy”, also plans on departing in the first week of March from California. That effort is being backed by Freedom Fighter Nation, a far-right conspiracy group led by lawyer Leigh Dundas.

      A third group, “Convoy 4 Freedom”, is advertising its own convoy, although its size and organization appears modest in comparison to the others.
      The loose-knit nature of the impending protest makes it difficult to determine how many people could join, their goals and what potential there could be for disruptions.

      In a Facebook video, Coltrin said he has been asked just how many participants he expects to join him on the trek to Washington. “My response was to begin laughing – respectfully, of course – chuckle and say, ‘I don’t know.’” But, he insisted: “It’s going to happen. There’s no maybes.”

      Around the world, convoys sympathetic to the Canadian truckers, who occupied the area in front of the parliament buildings and attracted thousands of additional protesters, have formed with varying degrees of success…

      …On Friday, the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said the Department of Homeland Security is actively monitoring the possibility of a Washington-bound convoy.
      “They’re taking all necessary steps to ensure that the convoy does not disrupt lawful trade and transportation or interfere with federal government and law enforcement operations,” Psaki said.

      • Freedom Fighter Nation – Attorney Leigh Dundas

        Canadian and US Truckers Display Spines of Steel!
        The decision by Trudeau and Biden to prevent trucker crossings at our borders by unvaccinated workers was the last straw – it represented the proverbial match that ignited a nation to action: the Canadian truckers have planned a convoy-protest, and America is joining in. It will now be termed the Canadian-US Freedom Convoy.

        [For those who don’t know, months ago Leigh Dundas played a significant role in organizing a massive labor walkout against the Vaccine Mandates.]

    • UPDATE to this SUB-THREAD – NOTE: Kickoff of Feb 23rd

      Feb 16th…18th
      American Truckers Prepare To Drive From California To DC In “The People’s Convoy”
      By Brad Jones of The Epoch Times
      California truckers fed up with the federal government’s endless emergency powers mandating masks and vaccines are gearing up for what they hope will become a Canadian-style “freedom convoy” to Washington, D.C., and are set to roll on Interstate 40 heading east from Barstow on Feb. 23.

      A national group, called The People’s Convoy, is organizing the truckers who will hit the road for the nation’s capital city to demand the Emergency Powers Act be lifted, ending the mandates, according to Chris Marston, chairman of the American Foundation for Civil Liberties, a non-profit that advocates for civil liberties issues and is helping coordinate the trucker’s protest.

      Though previous news reports stated the convoy wouldn’t depart California until March 7, organizers now say the convoy will leave earlier than planned….

      A map of the convoy’s expected route will be posted to the group’s website, Maureen Steele, a The People’s Convoy organizer, said Feb. 16 on “War Room,” a streaming political talk show and podcast hosted by former Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

      To ensure donations for the truckers won’t be frozen or routed to other causes—a problem the Canadian truckers encountered with the crowdsourcing platform GoFundMe — The People’s Convoy is taking donations directly on their website.

      Joshua Yoder of the US Freedom Flyers, a recently formed group of American air, rail, and trucking professionals who believe in “the right to travel freely” regardless of one’s vaccination status, also appeared on the show to support the U.S. convoy…

      Leigh Dundas, a civil rights attorney based in Orange County and known for her fight against vaccine passports in that county, told The Epoch Times she has been working to unite truckers.

      “I’ve been keeping the communication channels open between groups … acting as a de facto clearing house between different truckers who wanted to get connected … and do something similar, but also different from what Canada did,” Dundas told The Epoch Times on Feb. 15.

      Dundas said she is urging American truckers to keep the U.S. convoy lawful and peaceful like their northern neighbors and to organize in such a way to keep out any “infiltrators,” who could potentially undermine their goal.
      “They’ve done a lot of things right in Canada and we should be taking their lead,” she said….

      • In the article above, the Steve Bannon WarRoom is referenced…
        Feb 16th
        Episode 1,644…Barstow Trucker Convoy Organizers Layout Journey To DC Maureen Steele, Joshua Yoder

        Go to the 35:27 minute mark of the video when Maureen Steele comes on.
        She mentions that not only do we want the “Emergency” lifted and freedoms restored, but she emphasizes that “We want ACCOUNTABILITY!”… “We demand accountability.”

        Dr. Malone is also involved in the interview.
        Keywords: Maureen Steele, Joshua Yoder

      • WEBSITE
        — US Freedom Flyers —

        We are an all-volunteer group of America’s transportation professionals, Americans of all stripes, in the air, rail, and trucking industries who share a specific mission: to protect your inalienable right to travel freely without government obstruction based on your vaccination status.

        We are the US Freedom Flyers.
        We safely transport you, your food, goods, and packages. We get you to where you’re going so you can make the memories that last.

        But this vital industry and our Great Country are under attack. With President Biden’s mandate on Covid-19 vaccinations, we are on the precipice of being forced to choose between our medical and religious freedoms or the ability to put food on our families’ plates and yours.
        We will NOT stand by idly and allow this to happen to you or to us.
        If you feel, as we do, that these mandates by the Federal Government are too much, too far, and too invasive; join us.

      • The Mainstream News is starting to report about the U.S. Trucker Convoy…

        Monday Feb 21 – FOX
        Maryland gubernatorial candidate has ties to trucker convoy protest
        WASHINGTON – By next Tuesday, D.C. residents could potentially see around 1,000 to 3,000 protesters connected to the trucker convoy arrive in the District.
        That’s at least according to a permit request confirmed by the National Park Service (NPS).

        Spokesperson Mike Litterst told FOX 5 on Monday NPS did receive at least one request to accommodate 1,000 – 3,000 people for a First Amendment event planned for March 1st at the Sylvan Theater.
        Area state, local, and federal law enforcement officials confirm they have been preparing for a trucker convoy planning to come to the region to protest COVID-19 mandates, among other issues.

        The protest is also purposefully planned to take place the same day as the 2022 State of the Union Address.

        Maryland gubernatorial candidate Kyle Sefcik released a social media video addressed to President Joe Biden on Monday explaining his concerns.
        “I’m coming to you as a father, a small business owner who’s unaffiliated to any parties. We just want government overreach to end. On behalf of Freedom Convoy USA 2022, we are asking you to end the state of emergency. End the mandates once and for all,” Sefcik said…

        …A trucking company owner out of Pennsylvania told FOX 5, in an exclusive interview on Sunday, he is planning to stop traffic on I-495 this week.
        “I’ll give you an analogy of that of a giant boa constrictor,” the truck owner told FOX 5’s Lindsay Watts, “That basically squeezes you, chokes you, and it swallows you, and that’s what we’re going to do D.C.”….

        Feb 21 Monday – Fox
        DC trucker convoy plans on shutting down Capital Beltway, organizer says: ‘Giant boa constrictor’

    • U.S. Freedom Convoy – Defeat The Mandates SUB-THREAD continued…

      Thursday Feb 17, 2022 – “The Highwire”

      At the 18:25 minute mark, Del Bigtree gives a change of plans.
      Originally, the Defeat The Mandates was slated for March 5th at a tentative large venue in order to jive with the U.S. Trucker Convoy kickoff.
      However, Truckers have decided to kick off earlier than March 5th.

      Thus, the California Event called Defeat The Mandates does not need such a large venue.
      Del Bigtree said that it will be a few weeks before they get things nailed down on where to hold “Defeat the Mandates”.

      • We are still holding a Defeat the Mandates march and rally in Southern California and expect to announce the new date soon.

        We originally chose March 5 to accommodate launching the American Truckers, The People’s Convoy in conjunction with our rally.
        We live in an ever-changing environment and based on many different factors, the organizers of The People’s Convoy decided to launch earlier on February 23.
        Unfortunately, this does not give us sufficient time to plan and execute an event of this magnitude.
        We had picked the remote location of Coachella Valley location to accommodate the truckers, but now are looking at locations within the LA and Orange County areas.

        We fully support the truckers’ convoy and their efforts, and our hope is to satellite them to speak at our next rally. In the meantime, our eyes are still on Southern California. Keep checking our website and social media channels for updates on the new location and date for the Defeat the Mandates march and rally!

    • UPDATE to SUB-THREAD The People’s Convoy – “Defeat The Mandates”

      Tuesday Feb 22nd
      38,000 Strong Trucker Convoy Heading Friday to D.C. from L.A. for State of the Union

      A 38,000 trucker convoy is heading to Washington, DC, from Los Angeles to protest pandemic mandates just in time for President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address on March 1.

      Kyle Sefcik, organizer and leader of the Freedom Convoy USA 2022, told WUSA CBS 9 that he is scheduled to leave Los Angeles on Friday and drive to D.C. The peaceful convoy will be composed of trucks and motorcycles and does not intend to gather at the Capitol. Instead, the convoy will protest near the White House and the National Mall with Christian bands and preachers.

      “We want to be there for that and tell the president we’re here,” Sefcik told the local outlet. “This doesn’t even need to happen. If the president said, ‘Mandates are over and the state of emergency is over. Let’s get back to the world and let’s do our thing,’ then we’re not even coming.”

      “We have to get the attention in the most peaceful way and this is our way of doing it,” Sefcik continued. “Do we want to stop businesses from being able to be open and people being able to get to work and school? No. We don’t want to cause this at all which is why we’re telling the president ahead of time to end this now. We don’t even have to come.”

      Sefcik told the outlet that convoy could disrupt major corridors of the greater Maryland and northern Virginia area and roads that serve as a major commuting passageway and route for commercial deliveries into the district.
      “This could stop work until the president says it’s over. People could not be going to schools,” he said. “We’re going to go until the president of the United States says the state of emergency is over.”

      Being a gym owner from Maryland, Sefcik said the mandates placed on his business nearly forced him to lose his livelihood. His children, he told the outlet, were also impacted by mask mandates in school and are now homeschooled…
      …“I just want to be able to choose what I do with my own body and the bodies of my children. That’s all this is about.”…

      • Sunday Feb 20th – Robert Malone SubStack
        Press Release: American Truckers are launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement
        February 23 from Adelanto Stadium in Southern California

        For media inquiries contact:
        Email: thepeoplesconvoy at protonmail.com

        American Truckers are launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement, on February 23 from Adelanto Stadium in Southern California

        ADELANTO, Calif., (Feb. 20, 2022) American truckers are launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement, on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, from the Adelanto Stadium in Southern California. Starting at 10:00 a.m., hundreds of truckers will hear words of encouragement and blessings from a group of speakers including FLCCC President Dr. Pierre Kory and Godspeak Church Pastor Rob McCoy. The truckers and blue-collar workers of the United States will be joined by freedom-loving supporters from all walks of life – frontline doctors, lawyers, first- responders, former military servicemen and women, students, retirees, mothers, fathers and children – on this peaceful and law-abiding transcontinental journey toward the east coast. The truckers encourage one and all to come out to the stadium in the heart of Adelanto, California to wish them well, see them off and join in the journey.

        This convoy is about freedom and unity: the truckers are riding unified across party and state lines and with people of all colors and creeds – Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Mormons, Agnostics, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Republican, Democrats. All individuals are welcome to participate by either attending the launch gathering – at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday February 23, at Adelanto Stadium – or by getting in their own vehicles and following the big rigs from Adelanto toward the east coast!….

      • Uploaded Feb 24th Thursday – Las Vegas Review-Journal
        American convoy kicks off 2,500-mile journey
        (70 seconds)

        Speakers rallied a crowd Wednesday before sending out roughly, according to event organizers, 300 to 400 vehicles in a convoy headed to Washington DC.
        6 miles long

      • — Freedom Convoy USA 2022 —

        Tuesday Feb 22nd, 2022 – Organizer of the “Freedom Convoy USA 2022”, Kyle Sefcik gives a 2 minute statement in Washington D.C.
        Official Statement of the Freedom Convoy – USA Feb 22, 2022

        FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/FreedomConvoyUsa2022

        Kyle Sefcik was interviewed by Del Bigtree on “The HIghwire” at the 2:01:00 minute mark of Thursday’s Feb 24th
        Episode 256: THE WORLD HEALTH ORDER

      • Footage from an overpass…
        Freedom Convoy USA 2022 – People’s Convoy – Flagstaff AZ, Hwy40 – Feb.24, 2022 – Marcel Irnie

        Footage from the side of the road (with some ‘campy Americanism’)
        686 Peoples Convoy 2/25/22 Front to Back

        Albuquerque, New Mexico (South of Sante Fe)
        Hundreds and hundreds of people crowded around to show support for convoy of truckers on I-40
        (2 minutes)

      • Monday Feb 28th – Tulsa, Oklahoma – Channel 2 News – KJRH TV
        The People’s Freedom Convoy passes through Oklahoma
        (3 minutes)

        1:28 minute mark
        Brian Brase, co-organizer of The People’s Convoy says:
        ” It’s been overwhelming seeing the support.
        I don’t think there’s been a single overpass from New Mexico to here that didn’t have people on it.”

        He says that their mission is to end the National State of Emergency and the Vaccine Mandates, restore Liberty and Freedom.
        ”We are looking for some ACCOUNTABILITY of our elected and unelected officials.
        We want through bipartisan Congressional Hearings and Investigations into the origins of Covid-19 Pandemic and both the Federal and State levels of the government’s responses to this Pandemic.”

      • People are turning out all over the USA to watch the Convoy.
        After passing through Oklahoma, this “People’s Convoy” is now in Missouri.
        [Other convoys are webbing in from different states direct to D.C.]

        Aerial View
        Truck convoy on the way through Springfield Missouri on the way to Washington DC. 2-28-2022

      • UPDATE …and changes
        Tuesday March 1st – Biden “State of Union”
        Kyle Sefcik – Freedom Convoy USA 2022

        Two minute Video by Kyle Sefcik in article…
        Feb 28 & 3/1 – Daily Beast
        DC Trucker Protest Fizzles as Organizer Revises Permit Numbers Down to Below 500 People

        The National Park Service approved a permit late Monday evening for a right-wing protest slated to occur in Washington, D.C. midday Tuesday ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, according to documents reviewed by The Daily Beast.

        In the permit application—first filed back on February 18 for the “Stage of Freedom” event with the National Park Service and later obtained by The Daily Beast—Kyle Sefcik, the rally organizer, touted that upwards of 3,000 individuals might “hopefully” attend the event.

        However, the now-issued park permit has since revised the initial 3,000 attendee prediction downward, with the number now fewer than 500 participants who will gather besides the Washington Monument at the Sylvan Theater.

        “Permittee has amended his application to reduce the expected maximum crowd size to less than 500 attendees,” the approved and edited permit now states…

        …“I have never had to work that hard on a permit before,” he continued. “No, I am serious, man. I spent like 20 hours just in the last two weeks alone having meetings with them [The National Park Service] and every kind of government agency because I was number one on their list.”

      • The People’s Convoy

        Day 7: Tuesday, March 1
        Morning – Depart Cuba, MO

        Evening – Arrive at:
        Ted Everett Farm Equipment
        11998 IN-39
        Monrovia, IN 46157
        Day 8 (BREAK): Wednesday, March 2

        We will be taking a break and remaining in Monrovia, IN for the day.
        Day 9: Thursday, March 3

        Morning – Depart Indianapolis, IN AREA

        Evening – Arrive in Cambridge, OH AREA for overnight stay
        Day 10: Friday, March 4

        Morning – Depart Cambridge, OH AREA

        Evening – Arrive in Hagerstown, MD AREA for overnight stay
        Day 11: Saturday, March 5

        Morning – Depart Hagerstown, MD AREA

        Evening – Arrive in the DC Beltway AREA

      • 60 miles long

        Uploaded Wed March 2nd
        The People’s Convoy_Day 7 Update
        (4 minutes)

        The People’s Convoy rolls through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. The truckers and their supports want an end to mask and vaccine mandates and an end to the national emergency which restricted American freedoms. John Spiropoulos has our report.

  76. Good rally in Canberra, conservative estimates around 500,000 people, legacy media are claiming 4-10,000 completely as we predicted they would.

  77. https://www.brighteon.com/1d4cc324-f281-4798-9680-07be74e641e2
    Dr. Peter Breggin lists four things to cope with anxiety. Twitter would not allow me to share the link because it “found the link had harmful content.” I found this 14 minute video very helpful. He makes and elaborates on four points.
    1. Protect your freedom
    2. Take responsibility for yourself at all times
    3. Express gratitude for all your gifts
    4. Become a source of love.

  78. James, et al,

    I suspect most of the CorbettReport audience will agree that you and your efforts are creating pressures on the “powers that shouldn’t be” that could lead to a ratcheting up of “their” efforts to limit not only the reach of your voice but potentially find ways to limit the interaction of the informed audience you have gathered. It is for this reason that I would like to share a tool to help “us” remain connected.

    Dan Dicks – Press for Truth interviewed Daniel Satchov the creator of Bastyon.com, a social media network built on blockchain technology. What I find most interesting is that the desktop app connects directly to the nodes hosting Bastyon bypassing the Domain Name System (DNS) which can be censored to prevent access to CorbettReport.com. In addition there is an end-to-end encrypted messaging feature that will permit two way communications.

    The platform also rewards all content creators with cryptocurrency (PKOIN) that is already trading. All someone needs to do is produce content and/or engage with content.

    The Dan Dicks interview is 37m and provides a thorough explanation of all the anti-censorship features we are likely to need soon. Set up takes about 30 seconds and no personal information is gathered. Should you sign up, drop me a line so I can follow you.(https://bastyon.com/randallsnyderjr)

    Interview: https://bastyon.com/randallsnyderjr?s=63afb0f7d782217e6565949259eb43e1287b433a070938ae012539a4f6c1d481&ref=P8gEMXATRUQUf6ECk4ueR4pHR6yxxTz7F8

    • I would exhort anyone interested to investigate bastyon creator’s understanding of anarchism. I’m not bent on litmus tests, but this is really a glaring one.

      • I would like to learn more, is there a good resource you tapped into to gain the insights you’re referring to? From the interview with Dan Dicks it seems clear to me at least that his objective is to empower the people with a technological tool to prevent us from being divided and conquered. If that’s the only thing we gain from his efforts regardless of any of his views I think it’s a useful tool for consideration. It’s completely open source and decentralized, as mentioned in the interview, it’s the kind of development that can be forked should something go awry with the original implementation.

        • I am referring to the interview with Dan Dicks. At one point bastyon creator scuffs at anarchy as if it’s complete chaos and mayhem and something he could never stand behind.

          Personally, I’m weary of anyone who proclaims to be freedom oriented while showing gross lack of understanding of core principles of freedom, like anarchy, the non-aggression principle and the right to be left alone.

          • I think he’s nailed the functionality of “free speech.” This may not be the perfect solution but it is a good one and will serve our freedom loving agenda in the interim. The key is to recognize that not even the developer has any say on the content only the users do.

  79. Here in Healdsburg,California we are having a mail crisis. The mail comes at 7 PM if at all. The employees of the USPS quit after a few weeks due to overwork and those damned masks. The government can’t even operate the mail service. Lysander Spooner was right. It should be privatized.
    James Corbett: I always enjoy your videos from Japan about Japan.

    • It’s not just there. Problems with mail delivery in Colorado as well: two weeks to send a letter across town. Employees “calling out sick” and routes not getting covered for days at a time. But it’s ok, the government will just throw money at it to save the day, and all will be fine and on time!

      Postal Service Reform Act of 2022, passed in the House on Tuesday 342-92.
      $50 billion over the next decade.
      The article reads ‘Schumer lamented that “the mail is very late these days,” due to lack of funding he blamed on conservatives, and vowed the bill will “bring $50 billion of needed funds to the post office so the mail will start being on time again.”’

      Maybe it’s been slow because postal inspectors are just busy with their job of tracking, data collection, and surveillance as a federal agency? In the name of public safety of course.
      As it says on the website https://www.uspis.gov/
      The Postal Inspection Service is standing guard and ready to help.”
      Ya, ready to help what? Fight domestic terrorism? Aka report anyone who questions the actions of the government and their narrative?

      Privatization of the post is a superb idea!
      Soon it will be like Japan, where you can’t mail anything without the app.

  80. TD Bank – The Toronto-Dominion Bank is a Canadian multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Commonly known as TD and operating as TD Bank Group.

    Friday Feb 11th, 2022 – CTV News
    TD Bank to hand convoy funds to court as organizers turn to cryptocurrency

    A Canadian financial institution has struck another blow against the attempts by the convoy group blockading Ottawa to collect on the millions of dollars it has solicited in online donations.

    On Friday, TD Bank told CTV News that it would apply to surrender to an Ontario court the money that had not been refunded by GoFundMe, totalling about $1 million, as well as some $400,000 the group had accepted through direct donations.

    “TD has asked the court to accept the funds, which were raised through crowdfunding and deposited into personal accounts at TD, so they may be managed and distributed in accordance with the intentions of the donors, and/or to be returned to the donors who have requested refunds but whose entitlement to a refund cannot be determined by TD,” spokesperson Carla Hindman said.

    Convoy lawyer Keith Wilson said that the group planned to fight to retrieve any money they had raised — and could be seen in a video promoting the group’s next play: a cryptocurrency fundraiser that has raised almost US$1 million.

    “We will be taking expedited legal steps to have the restrictions on the donated funds lifted as soon as possible,” Wilson said in an email to CTV News.

    It’s another hurdle in collecting any donations for the convoy, which has occupied Ottawa for about two weeks and blocked other border crossings as a protest of vaccine mandates. The ongoing protest prompted Ontario Premier Doug Ford to declare a provincial state of emergency Friday.

    Of the more than $10 million raised by crowdfunding platform GoFundMe, only $1 million was deposited, before GoFundMe opted to return the remainder of the funds.

    A second set of fundraisers, set up on GiveSendGo, has reached almost $9 million as of Friday.

    But late Thursday, the Ontario Superior Court froze funds coming from those accounts, after an application from the province’s Attorney-General that alleged the funds would further a criminal act: mischief on the streets of Ottawa. GiveSendGo has said the order does not apply to it and is still raising the funds….

  81. February 11th – Marcel Irnie Video Channel
    Ontario Police show up at homes of Facebook Participants
    (100 seconds)

    The police are watching social media.

  82. Saw a clip once where someone was saying “with a series of injections, we could turn a human into a cat”.

    Does anybody know where that came from?

    No better reason to make a meme:

    “with a series of injections we could turn a human into a cat
    ps. now illegal to not receive a series of injections”

  83. Western Canada – British Columbia
    Osoyoos Border Community rally

    The first speaker told of his experience in Ottawa.
    He said there were 2 million people who arrived in Ottawa when the convoy first arrived.

    The talk is about a decentralized political system with locals replacing those who have been in power.
    This echoes what I have heard on other Canadian videos. The current politicans have had their chance. They have betrayed the people.

    • Sunday Feb 13th – Zero Hedge
      ‘Freedom Convoy’ Spreads As New Canada-US Border Crossing Shuts Down

      Update (1523ET): About 2,500 miles west of the Ambassador Bridge, in Surrey, British Columbia, and Blaine, Washington, another “Freedom Convoy” emerged Saturday as demonstrators against medical tyranny have managed to shutter “multiple border crossings,” according to AP News.

      Data from geolocation technology company TomTom shows part of Highway 15 and the border crossing remained closed as of 1141 PST (or 1441 ET).
      Various highway traffic cameras (data sourced from the British Columbia government) confirm a stretch of Highway 15 remains shut down.

      Twitter is full of pictures and videos from Saturday of thousands of people standing up against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandates and restrictions, causing massive traffic congestion on the border.
      [See VIDEO Clips & Images]

      At this point, Trudeau’s government is going to have to play the so-called game “Whac-A-Mole” as freedom-loving people from across the country, spontaneously assemble and disrupt critical border crossings between Canada and the US.

      Simply put, the working man (and woman) are revolting against the Trudeau administration​​​​​​…

      …The NYT and others reported that protests inspired by the truckers in Ottawa, Coutts, and Windsor have begun to pop up at border areas across Canada…. [MAP of protests]

  84. Sunday Feb 13th, 2022 – Very Large Police presence
    R.C.M.P., O.P.P., London & Windsor Police Raid Demonstrators At Ambassador Bridge On Day 6
    (10 minutes)

    • EXCERPT – Only two pickup trucks and less than a dozen protesters blocked the road to the bridge before police moved in. Afterward, police barricades remained and it was not immediately clear when the bridge might be opened.

      Sunday Feb 13th – Associated Press
      Police arrest protesters who remained at US-Canada bridge

      WINDSOR, Ontario (AP) — Police moved in to clear and arrest the remaining protesters near a key U.S.-Canadian border bridge early Sunday, trying to end one of the main demonstrations that have broken out across Canada and the world against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other restrictions.

      Windsor police said arrests were being made and vehicles were being towed just after dawn near the Ambassador Bridge linking Detroit and Windsor, Ontario — the busiest border crossing to the U.S. Television images showed officers detaining protesters.

      Only two pickup trucks and less than a dozen protesters blocked the road to the bridge before police moved in. Afterward, police barricades remained and it was not immediately clear when the bridge might be opened.
      Police on Saturday had persuaded demonstrators to move their pickup trucks and others cars that they used at the entrance to the crossing that sees 25% of all trade between the two countries, though it remained closed…

      …The protests at the bridge, in Ottawa and elsewhere have reverberated outside the country, with similarly inspired convoys in France, New Zealand and the Netherlands, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned that truck convoys may be in the works in the United States.

      An ex-Cabinet minister in Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government took the unusual step of calling out her former federal colleagues as well as the province and city for not putting an end to the protests.
      “Amazingly, this isn’t just Ottawa. It’s the nation’s capital,”
      Catherine McKenna tweeted.
      “But no one — not the city, the province or the federal government can seem to get their act together to end this illegal occupation. It’s appalling. … Just get your act together. Now.”….

  85. Friday Feb 11th
    Steve Kirsch says:
    Canadian scientists debate with the Canadian health experts

    I wrote previously about three Canadian scientists challenging Canada’s top health authorities to a debate. Today (2/11) was the day of the debate.

    You’ll never guess what happened.

    Yup, the Canadian officials were a complete no show.

    They did the debate anyway and you can watch it all right here:

    • Cowards flee and evade, they don’t stand their ground.

  86. Monday Feb 14th – Clyde Do Something

    The Give Send Go website was hacked.
    Main page redirected to givesendgone .wtf .
    Hackers left a very bizarre conspiracy theory about a trucker cabal trying to take over the world, and released the names and cities of the top donors (Dox).

    GiveSendGo Hacked – Redirected to GiveSendGone – Freedom Convoy 2022
    (4 1/2 minutes)

    He also covers the countries around the world who are demonstrating.

  87. Monday Feb 14th, 2022 – The Guardian
    – Canada –
    Trudeau to use rare emergency powers in attempt to quell protests – reports

    Emergencies Act gives the government broad powers for 30 days, but prime minister is not expected to call in the military

    The Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, will invoke a rare emergency law to give the federal government immense powers as he attempts to quell protests that have plunged the country into a protracted crisis.
    Trudeau is expected to invoke the Emergencies Act on Monday morning, according to multiple Canadian media outlets, the first time the legislation has been used.

    Also on Monday, Ontario announced it would accelerate dropping its coronavirus restrictions, becoming the latest province to dramatically scale back public health measures meant to blunt the Omicron wave…

    …In an indication of the deteriorating situation, Trudeau met with both his cabinet and provincial premiers on Monday morning, where he reportedly told them he would use the Emergencies Act. The law gives the government broad powers for 30 days, but Trudeau is not expected to call in the military.
    The law defines an emergency as a situation that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it”. In order for the law to be used, the federal government must consult with both the provinces and cabinet. There must be a belief the protesters constitute a national emergency and cannot be dealt with under existing laws.

    The current law replaced the War Measures Act which was used by Trudeau’s father Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who was prime minister during the “October crisis” – a period of separatist violence in Quebec, in 1970….

    • Monday February 14th – CPAC
      – Live –
      House of Commons as Canada’s elected officials debate the issues of the day.

      These folks are clowns. Most all of them talk about their ideas on how best to control society with tax dollars and rules.

      • House of Commons

        Feb 14th
        As I understand it, there was a motion to end the Federal Covid-19 Mandates.
        It was defeated in a vote of 185 to 151, mostly along party lines with the Conservatives voting to end the mandates while Liberals did not want to end the mandates.

        • Agenda for Monday, February 14, 2022
          Subject to change without notice.
          11:00 a.m.
          Government Orders…
          …Government Business
          Motions initiated by a Minister or Parliamentary Secretary.
          Government Business No. 8
          Proceedings on Bill C-10, An Act respecting certain measures related to COVID-19
          2:00 p.m.
          Statements by Members…
          …2:15 p.m.
          Oral Questions
          A daily 45-minute period…
          …3:00 p.m.
          Deferred Recorded Divisions…
          …Business of Supply
          The process by which the government submits its projected annual expenditures…
          Opposition Motion
          Federal COVID-19 mandates and restrictions
          Routine Proceedings
          Business of a basic nature…
          Government Orders…
          …Government Business
          Motions initiated by a Minister or Parliamentary Secretary.
          Resuming debate interrupted at 2:00 p.m.
          Adjournment Proceedings
          A 30-minute period prior to the daily adjournment, during which Members may raise matters they believe have not been dealt with satisfactorily.
          Adjournment of the House


          • Bill C-10 has to do with “rapid tests” being purchased by the government.

  88. Monday Feb 14th – Irina Slav at OILPRICE.com
    Report Slams European Banks For Financing Oil And Gas

    FULL article
    European banks led by HSBC, Barclays, and BNP Paribas continue to provide financing for oil and gas exploration despite government efforts to reduce economies’ reliance on fossil fuels, a report by a nonprofit investment organization has said.

    “Climate scenarios such as the IEA’s Net Zero Emissions pathway show that there is no room for investment in new oil & gas fields if the world is to limit warming to 1.5C,” the report, by ShareAction, said.

    “Yet 25 European banks, all committed to Net Zero goals, provided $55 billion in financing to companies expanding oil & gas production last year,” the authors added.

    It’s worth noting here that while the International Energy Agency did call for an immediate end to new investments in oil and gas exploration in May last year to advance is Paris Agreement goals, its October Oil Market Report called for the opposite, saying, “Shrinking global spare capacity underscores the need for increased investments to meet demand further down the road.”

    The ShareAction report, however, focuses on the IEA’s Road Map to Net Zero, which argued that if we are to have a 50-percent chance of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, new oil and gas exploration must cease immediately.

    Banks, however, are not heeding the warning, with the authors of the report saying that 25 of the largest European lenders provided some $400 billion in financing to big oil companies, including Exxon, Shell, BP, and Aramco since 2016.

    What makes the findings of ShareAction significant is that 24 of these 25 lenders are members of the Net Zero Banking Alliance set up by the United Nations. Since joining the alliance, ShareAction said, these 24 banks had provided $33 billion to oil and gas companies. More than half of this total came from four banks: HSBC, Barclays, BNP Paribas, and Deutsche Bank.

  89. Monday February 14th – CPAC – Video
    Emergencies Act: PM Justin Trudeau speaks with reporters about proposed measures – February 14, 2022
    (63 minutes)

    See this NEWS post by Fawlty Towers
    …which is titled…
    Prime Minister Justin Turdeau invokes Emergencies Act to try to bring an end to the blockades by The Globe and Mail
    [Long article]

    …Law allows the emergency declaration to last for 30 days, Justice Minister says, but he hopes it will be much shorter…
    …The unprecedented decision marks the first time that the act has been triggered in Canada…

    “The scope of these measures will be time limited, geographically targeted, as well as reasonable and proportionate to the threats they are meant to address.” -Trudeau

    Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland laid out the financial hammer, saying Ottawa will immediately stop all crowd-funding and payment service providers including cryptocurrency to halt the illegal blockades. They will now be subject to the Terrorism Financial Act.
    Banks will immediately be required to report large and suspicious transactions to FINTRAC, the federal agency that detects money laundering and terrorism financing…

    …Ms. Freeland said the government is issuing an immediate order that authorizes Canadian banks to stop providing financial services to personal or business accounts of people involved in the blockades.

    “As of today, a bank or other financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account with a court order,”
    she said.
    “We are today serving notice that if your truck is being used in these illegal blockades, your corporate accounts will be frozen. The insurance on your vehicles will be suspended.”….

    • Feb 14th – Canada Government website
      Remarks by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance regarding the Emergencies Act

      Feb 14th – Public Safety Canada
      Federal Government declares a public order emergency under the Emergencies Act to end disruptions, blockades and the occupation of the city of Ottawa

      Feb 14th – Department of Justice Canada
      Canada’s Emergencies Act

      It should be noted that they may have anticipated using this “Emergency Act”, because look at the dates and read the last paragraph…
      Wed Jan 19th, 2022
      Emergency Management Act and Emergencies Act
      Proposed Response:…


      Friday Feb 4th (modified)
      Emergencies Act
      R.S.C., 1985, c. 22 (4th Supp.)


      Canada Government NEWS

      • Feb 14th – CPAC – Video
        Conservative reaction to invoking of Emergencies Act – February 14, 2022
        (13 minutes – English and then French)

        She (they) supports peaceful protests at Parliment Hill but not blockades or inhibition of the economy or anything illegal.
        It is evident that Civil Disobedience (like MLK) is not supported by the Conservative Party.

      • Feb 14th – CPAC – Video
        Alberta Premier Jason Kenney on invocation of Emergencies Act, Coutts blockade – February 14, 2022
        (44 minutes)

        In the community of Stand Off, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney makes an announcement concerning opportunities for Indigenous investment and then takes questions from reporters. The premier comments on the federal government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act in an effort to address ongoing convoy protests that have affected border crossings and cities across the country. He is joined by provincial ministers Rick Wilson (Indigenous relations) and Nate Horner (agriculture, food and rural economic development), as well as Chief Roy Fox (Kanai Nation) and Stephen Buffalo (chair of the Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation Board).

        Jason Kenney said that he was in Washington D.C. a couple weeks ago to call for an end to the Trucker vaccine mandates and also to further access to the energy and Ag markets.

        Most of the interview is about the Native Peoples of Canada and the trade prospects.

        Coutts blockade – Around the 33 minute mark, is talk about a “potentially violent cell” and investigation by RCMP.
        36 mark
        Jason Kenney doesn’t really talk about getting rid of the Mandates, but “about turning down the temperature” by addressing the Trucker mandates for cross border.

        Jason Kenney – typical politician.

      • Feb 14th – Zero Hedge
        Canadian Civil Liberties Association Condemns Trudeau For Invoking National Emergency Over Truckers

        Update (1935ET): The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has condemned PM Justin Trudeau for invoking the Emergencies Act, claiming in a Monday tweet that the Canadian federal government “has not met the threshold necessary” to do so.

        “The Emergencies Act can only be invoked when a situation “seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada” & when the situation “cannot be effectively dealt with under any other law of Canada,” the twitter thread continues….

        [Article continues with background and videos.]

        • Video in article
          Canadian Media Still Pushing Crackpot Theory That Truckers Are Russian Agents


          …CBC continues to push the conspiracy theory, with correspondent Harry Forestell filing the following report Friday giving airtime to ‘New Brunswick cybersecurity expert’ David Shipley, who is adamant that the Russians are behind everything.

          Shipley proclaimed “Who would have reason right now to cause as much chaos in Canada as possible? Well, at the top of that list is Russia.”

          He continued:
          “We are actively engaged in a geopolitical battle about the future of the Ukraine. Our Foreign Affairs minister, our Prime Minister, others have been very vocal in our support for the Ukraine and it seems very likely that the tactics that we are seeing, the creation of the massive Facebook groups using fake identities or in the case now alleged by a U.S. media outlet, a stolen identity of a Missouri woman to create these groups and to foster this communication hundreds of thousands of people, this is the Russian internet research agency playbook writ large.”

          Shipley has considered that possibly the truckers are Chinese agents too, but ultimately no, they’re Russian.

          He declared “You have other enemies as well. You have China, you have other states but when I narrow down my list of suspects and I don’t have enough evidence to win in a court of law but I don’t need that right now, this smacks of the kind of move that Russia has made in the past, the United States, and is continuing to do around the world.”

          When asked what the solution to this pressing Russian agent problem is, Shipley’s solution was to restrict and shut down the convoy’s social media presence….

          • Shipley (I’m reading that as Sheeply)? Come on, I think someone is trying to tell us something. Lets listen.

            Sheeply say: I don’t have enough evidence to win in a court of law but I don’t need that right now

            They are telling us EXACTLY what they are doing, right in your face, point blank, could not be more obvious. It’s their way of dealing with moral repercussions of their actions, they have to be open about their lies. This is like a big red disclaimer writ large:


      • Underscoring a few aspects from the Emergencies Act presentation by the Trudeau Cabinet

        Although the Emergencies Act was paraded as a “temporary” 30 days or less enactment, one aspect will be PERMANENT

        Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance since 2020, comes on at the 13:13 minute mark.
        Freeland states:
        …As part of invoking the Emergencies Act, we are announcing the following immediate actions.

        First, we are broadening the scope of Canada’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules so that they cover crowdfunding platforms and the payment service providers they use. These changes cover all forms of transactions, including digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

        The illegal blockades have highlighted the fact that crowdfunding platforms, and some of the payment service providers they use, are not fully captured under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.

        Our banks and financial institutions are already obligated to report to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, or FINTRAC. As of today, all crowdfunding platforms, and the payment service providers they use, must register with FINTRAC and must report large and suspicious transactions to FINTRAC.

        This will help mitigate the risk that these platforms receive illicit funds; increase the quality and quantity of intelligence received by FINTRAC; and make more information available to support investigations by law enforcement into these illegal blockades.

        We are making these changes because we know that these platforms are being used to support illegal blockades and illegal activity, which is damaging the Canadian economy.

        The government will also bring forward legislation to provide these authorities to FINTRAC on a permanent basis.

        Second, the government is issuing an order with immediate effect, under the Emergencies Act, authorizing Canadian financial institutions to temporarily cease providing financial services where the institution suspects that an account is being used to further the illegal blockades and occupations. This order covers both personal and corporate accounts.

        Third, we are directing Canadian financial institutions to review their relationships with anyone involved in the illegal blockades and report to the RCMP or CSIS.

        As of today, a bank or other financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend the account of an individual or business affiliated with these illegal blockades without a court order. In doing so, they will be protected against civil liability…
        …if your truck is being used in these protests, your corporate accounts will be frozen. The insurance on your vehicle will be suspended….


        • (…continuing…)

          Tow Trucks (…and what else?)
          Tow Truck companies will be COMPELLED to render their services to the State.
          At the 4:20 minute mark of the video, Justin Trudeau states:
          ”The Emergencies Act will also allow the government to make sure essential services are rendered, for example, in order to tow vehicles blocking roads.”
          The towing aspect is brought up again during the full presentation.

          Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland had glimmers of a sociopathic smile as she announced the draconian measures of locking down funding and outlining the financial extortion.
          She appears in the video from 13:13 until the 22:27 minute mark when the Attorney General comes to the podium. It is worth watching her in the background while he speaks. Like a crack-pipe smoking sociopath, she nods her head repeatedly and is full of fidgety body movements. It is very odd behavior.
          VIDEO QUEUED 13:13
          PM Justin Trudeau speaks with reporters after invoking Emergencies Act – February 14, 2022

          TRANSCIPT – Chrystia Freeland
          Remarks by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance regarding the Emergencies Act

          TRANSCRIPT – Justin Trudeau
          Full text of Justin Trudeau’s Emergencies Act announcement Toronto Star

          • Nice work, HRS.

            Yes, its “emergencies all the way down”.

            Or to put it another way, if you hold effective collective action that can significantly effect the economy (i.e government revenue and the profits of the rich) there are no limits to what types of coercive force will be applied against you.

    • Thanks for linking all of this up for us, Homie.

      Even if nothing else comes to fruition, I think the sinorussian terrorist blockade has served its purpose. Matter is getting very obvious right now (just the way I like it), those who are open to seeing it won’t be able to look away.

      We are just a bunch of serfs, using leased land and making use of their services whoie paying our dues all the way. It’s their cities, it’s their land, it’s their system, it’s their courts, it’s their money, it’s their media, it’s their truth.

      It’s also our time to take our shit back.

    • …continuing “Emergencies Act Feb 14th” SUB-THREAD…

      Some Clarifications regarding Trudeau invoking the EMERGENCIES ACT
      …As soon as Trudeau invokes the Emergencies Act it will go into effect.
      However, Parliament must receive a motion for the emergency within seven days.

      The motion for the emergency must survive the House of Commons and the Senate.
      If it does not then it will end.

      If Parliament votes for the motion it will expire after 30 days.

      So will Parliament agree with Trudeau? The Emergencies Act has strict language, for obvious reasons, especially when it comes to attacking protests:

      The criteria are strict: to qualify as a public order emergency, a situation must meet the definition of “threats to the security of Canada” as outlined in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act — or the act that regulates the powers of the country’s intelligence agency.

      That legislation is clear in its definition of “threats to the security of Canada” that “lawful” protests do not qualify, and outlines four possible scenarios:…

      • The House of Commons and the Senate – After 7 “sitting days” Debate and Vote about the EMERGENCIES ACT
        [The following article gives the complicated detail of the process involved.]

        Feb 15th Tuesday – CTV News
        Feds bringing emergency declaration to Parliament ‘imminently’

        …As part of the parliamentary oversight requirements in invoking these powers, the government must table a motion in both the House and Senate within seven sitting days outlining why federal officials feel the powers are required and detailing what specific measures will be taken, to allow the two parliamentary bodies to confirm it….

    • …continuing “Emergencies Act Feb 14th” SUB-THREAD…

      Wide Financial Scope of Emergency Act
      Trudeau’s orders, aimed in part at cutting off funds to protesters, have a wider scope than previously reported – which is “forcing portfolio managers and securities firms to take a harder look at who they are doing business with,” according to Bloomberg.

      The new rules make demands of a broad list of entities — including banks,
      investment firms,
      credit unions,
      loan companies,
      securities dealers,
      fundraising platforms,
      insurance companies and
      fraternal benefit societies.
      They must determine whether they’re in “possession or control of property” of a person who’s attending an illegal protest or providing supplies to demonstrators, according to orders published by the government late Tuesday night.

      If they find such a person in their customer list, they must freeze their accounts and report it to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or Canada’s intelligence service, the regulations say.
      Any suspicious transactions must also be reported to the country’s anti-money-laundering agency, known as Fintrac.
      ~~WWW bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-02-16/trudeau-s-financial-dragnet-covers-portfolio-managers-insurers?sref=ZMFHsM5Z

      — DOCUMENT —
      February 15, 2022
      Proclamation declaring a Public Order emergency



        Wed Feb 16th
        Canada’s Justice Minister David Lametti had an interview on CTV…
        U.S. donors to trucker protest convoys ‘ought to be worried’: Lametti
        (4 1/2 minutes)

        “You just compared people who may have donated to this to the same people who maybe are funding a terrorist,”
        “I just want to be clear here, sir. A lot of folks say, ‘Look, I just don’t like your vaccine mandates and I donated to this, now it’s illegal, should I be worried that the bank can freeze my account?’ What’s your answer to that?”

        Justice Minister David Lametti:
        “Well, I think if you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who’s donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars to this kind of thing, they oughta be worried.”

        Lametti also threatened the truckers, who are protesting against vaccine mandates, with the loss of their licenses or their truck ownership (even if borrowed) if they continued to participate in the demonstration.

  90. Idea for another SUNDAY FLASHBACK:
    On my way to work I recently listened to FLNWO #19 (https://www.corbettreport.com/contagion-flnwo-19/), where James talks to Tim Kilkenny about the “fictional” propaganda movie “Contagion”. Without having seen the movie for probably almost a decade (hope to be able to do that again sometime soon), I still found the conversation very interesting and I would love to rewatch the movie and making a drinking game out of it (how many measures used in the movie have been introduced during the COVID plandemic in your country/area). I guess there will be some significant overlap of this “fictional” work and the governmental measures, since probably plenty of Deep State people were involved in the making and wanted to drill some messages, images and scenarios into the minds of the audience… If James chooses this episode for a Flashback – maybe he can also include another short game into it: Which other “fictional” Hollywood flick augurs the next big fake/false flag we might be facing? Could we already prepare ourselves for such an event?

    • On “contagion” Here id a link to a movie analysis of that, which went off on a very interesting tangent on social programming via movies and a look at the Magic Doctor known as Larry Brilliant and what he does to help movies and the WHO….and the internet….

      Very interesting and worth the wait…


      “Viral video” by blackpilled which was a PITA to find via duckduckgo which pointed me to everyone else’s repost rather than his original post

      • Thanks a lot Duck! I will check that out!

  91. Oh no! …ZERO HEDGE pushes Russian propaganda!
    Anonymous U.S. Intelligence Officials told The Associated Press

    Tuesday Feb 15th – The Associated Press
    US accuses financial website of spreading Russian propaganda

    WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. intelligence officials on Tuesday accused a conservative financial news website with a significant American readership of amplifying Kremlin propaganda and alleged five media outlets targeting Ukrainians have taken direction from Russian spies.

    The officials said Zero Hedge, which has 1.2 million Twitter followers, published articles created by Moscow-controlled media that were then shared by outlets and people unaware of their nexus to Russian intelligence. The officials did not say whether they thought Zero Hedge knew of any links to spy agencies and did not allege direct links between the website and Russia.
    Zero Hedge denied the claims and said it tries to “publish a wide spectrum of views that cover both sides of a given story.”

    The officials briefed The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence sources. It was the latest effort by President Joe Biden’s administration to release U.S. intelligence findings about Russian activity involving Ukraine as part of a concerted push to expose and influence the moves of Russian President Vladimir Putin…

    …Zero Hedge has been sharply critical of Biden and posted stories about allegations of wrongdoing by his son Hunter. While perhaps best known for its coverage of markets and finance, the website also covers politics with a conservative bent.

    In recent months, Zero Hedge has published numerous articles that accused the U.S. of fomenting panic about Ukraine, which now faces the possibility of an invasion by more than 130,000 Russian troops massed on several sides of the country.
    Some of those articles are listed as being written by people affiliated with the Strategic Culture Foundation.

    The Biden administration sanctioned the foundation last year for allegedly taking part in Russia’s interference in the 2020 U.S. election.
    U.S. intelligence officials allege the foundation’s leaders ultimately take direction from the SVR, the Russian foreign intelligence service.

    Recent articles listed as authored by the foundation and published by Zero Hedge include the headlines: [HEADLINES listed]…

    …Intelligence officials on Monday named two websites they said were directed by the Strategic Culture Foundation. Three other websites are alleged to have ties to the FSB, Russia’s federal security service…

    …Officials described for the first time what they say are direct communications between Russian spies and the editors or directors of the media outlets….

    • MARKETS and the Russia-Ukraine Narrative

      This recent Biden/Media “Russian invasion hype” has disjointed the financial markets and commodities, especially oil. Stocks, already weakened from inflation had become impotent.
      Oil prices which already had been on an upward trend, skyrocketed up at the thought of war.
      Ironically, Biden has inflamed oil prices to move higher while he “tries” to lower them. Oil prices haven’t been this high since 2014.

      Well, today Tuesday Feb 15th, things changed after Russia released videos of its tanks withdrawing from the region with their war-game drills ending.
      ~~WWW zerohedge.com/geopolitical/amid-skepticism-russia-publishes-video-tanks-leaving-ukrainian-border-stoltenberg
      Oil crashed.
      Stocks rallied.

      On the 2-D Chessboard, some folks probably made some great money on both the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of this drawdown event.
      Russia, other oil producers and market traders were making great gains as oil prices climbed to 7 year highs.
      But if they knew when the narrative would shift, then they also could make incredible money as prices crashed.
      ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
      The AP News article about Zero Hedge mentions Hunter Biden.
      WATCH this 90 second VIDEO of two videos in one frame
      Joe Biden video / Hunter Biden smoking crack video

      I got that video from the Zero Hedge article posted north on this “February Open Thread”. Its title is:
      Biden Admin Funding Free Crack Pipes To Promote ‘Racial Equity’

    • Later, after I posted the above Associated Press article, ZERO HEDGE came out with this…

      Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022 – 11:54 AM
      Now We’ve Done It: We Pissed Off The CIA

      [I’ll let people read it.]

      …Well, is the Strategic Culture Foundation – which periodically guest posts on this website along with hundreds of other sources of alternative information – taking direction from Russian intel?

      We don’t know.
      What we do know is that Alastair Crooke, one of the most prolific writers on SCF website is a former high ranking MI6 figure and UK diplomat, i.e., a former British spook.
      Perhaps he is now a double agent working for Putin after spending decades spying for the UK?

      We don’t know, and we don’t care:
      instead what we have cared about since our first day, is to provide a platform, a voice to anyone who has a unique, a different, perspective from the one pushed by the mainstream media. The same mainstream media which we and everyone else now knows for a fact takes direction from both the US intelligence service in particular (see here, here and here) and the US government in general, or the “deep state” as some call it….

      • Crooke may well be an old spook, but so is Ray McGovern (CIA analyst). Careful with your bathwater.

        Crooke’s analysis has been useful in a counter-narrative sense. There are obviously things he can’t say, but he does at times provide interesting non-mainstream insightful commentary.

  92. Lawsuit against Meta for illegally obtaining biometric data and selling it to second and third parties.


    “ As the company grew, explains the complaint, it began to capture biometric data not only from users, but also from their unsuspecting friends and family who appear in posted photos. Using facial-recognition technology in particular, Facebook misappropriated this data for its own financial gain, the complaint adds.”

    • That 30 seconds was kind of cool.
      It was featured during the Super Bowl in the Pittsburgh area on NBC platforms.

      US Senate candidate Dave McCormick will debut a multi-million dollar ad during the Super Bowl tonight featuring a “Let’s go, Brandon” advertisement summarizing the failures of President Biden and Democrats, according to Fox News.
      McCormick, the former CEO of Bridgewater Associates (one of the largest hedge funds in the world), paid millions of dollars for a 30-second ad that will be featured during the Super Bowl in the Pittsburgh area on NBC platforms.
      The ad lists “record inflation,” Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies “silencing conservative voices,” out-of-control trade deficit, widespread violent crime, and the southern border crisis….


  93. Salute to the Individuals!
    Those who are undivided in thought and deed!

    Salute to the Principled!
    Those who are unswayed by intellectual and emotional dishonesty!

    Salute to the Brave!
    Those who turn their fear into power in the face of opposition!

    Salute to the Determined!
    Those who know they will never die and how important it is to live!

    I salute you and thank you! When I meet you I am engladdened!

    Until we meet again, keep your back straight and stare it down when it comes.

    • Around the 14 minute mark…
      A woman named Dana gave a briefing on the financial aspects of the movement. Currently there are Canadian veterans organizing a “collection through the community.” She said that “this has been incredibly helpful for emergency situations that have tide[d] us over while we are trying to release the well-needed funds.”

      One step they have taken is the initiation of the “Family Express Support Fund,” which pairs a donor directly with a recipient truck driver.

      When I attempt to go there, I get 404 Error – Page Not Found

      I had to try a full variety of Search Engines to try to get any type of reading.
      The search engine QWANT worked and gave me this prescript:
      This fund is set up to take care of home & family monthly expenses of truckers on the frontlines. This is because the GiveSendGo account is not meant to cover home expense…

  94. It kind of makes ya wonder when ya hear stories like these…

    Feb 14th
    GiveSendGo Hacked, Donor List To $8.6 Million Freedom Convoy Exposed
    Hackers’ statement:
    “The Canadian government has informed you that the money you assholes raised to fund an insurrection is frozen
    TD bank has frozen several accounts
    You helped fund the January 6 insurrection in the US
    You helped fund an insurrection in Ottawa
    In fact, you are committed to funding anything that keeps the raging fire of misinformation going until that it burns the world’s collective democracies down.”


    Feb 15th – Oilprice.com
    Ransomware Gang Targets U.S. Critical Infrastructure
    A ransomware gang is targeting U.S. critical infrastructure, the FBI has warned, adding the group, dubbed BlackByte, has so far targeted government facilities, financial services, and food and agriculture critical infrastructure….
    The article mentions Colonial Pipeline Co which New World Next Week followers might remember. Closing article sentence…
    The pipeline was restarted after its owner, Colonial Pipeline Co., paid a ransom of some $5 million, some of which was later retrieved by the FBI from the attackers from DarkSide.

    For those who can’t read, here is a 2 minute video with a few more details than the article presents…
    Feb 15th – Oilprice.com – VIDEO
    U.S. Critical Infrastructure Being Targeted

    • Never believe any non-technical article which uses the term “hacker”, and even then have your BS detector on full.

      • I’ll have to concur. Word “hacker” is probably as misunderstood as “anarchist”. Maybe even more as people usually have no clue what anarchy means and don’t bring it up, while hackers always lurk behind the corner.

  95. Tuesday February 15th – Zero Hedge
    Ottawa Police Chief Resigns

    Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly has resigned, according to the Toronto Sun’s Brian Lilley and confirmed by the CBC, which notes that
    “Sloly has faced criticism for his handling of a truck convoy protest that has caused major disruption to Ottawa’s downtown core.”

    Sloly will publicly announce his departure after the Ottawa Police Services Board meeting today, according to the CBC.

    As the Post Millennial notes, Last week, Sloly said that there was “absolutely [no]” plans to resign as police chief, telling Newstalk 580 CFRA that he “came here to do a job.”

    “I came here to do a job and I’m going to get that job done all the way through,” he said, according to CTV News. “Absolutely committed, have a great team here, great officers, we’ve got great partners in the city. We’re going to get this done.”
    ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

    Following 19 days of protests in Ottawa…
    Feb 15th – CPAC
    Ottawa police officials provide update at police board special meeting following Sloly resignation
    (Go to the 2:20 minute mark for the issues.)
    VIDEO Description
    At a special meeting of the Ottawa Police Services (OPS) Board, Steve Bell, deputy chief of police, and Trish Ferguson, acting deputy chief, provide an update on the OPS response to ongoing protests in the city’s downtown.
    Board chair Diane Deans confirms at the start of the meeting that Peter Sloly has resigned as Ottawa’s police chief.
    Deputy Chief Bell will be interim chief until further notice. The meeting comes one day following the federal government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act in response to protests and blockades taking place across the country.

    The group discusses getting rid of the protesters, but a police operational plan is being kept secret.
    ***** A Council Member gets heated around the 43 minute mark. By the 48 minute mark, “complicity” of police siding with protesters is discussed with some internal investigations ongoing.

    In a public announcement, Councilwoman Diane Dean says:
    ”As such, Chief Peter Sloly is no longer employed with the Ottawa police service. We thank Chief sloly for his service to the City of Ottawa. As this is a labor relations matter, no further comment will be made.”
    Councilwoman Diane Dean is an easily observable neurotic paranoid nut-case.
    Ctrl + F to search her name on this February Open Thread.

  96. Tuesday Feb 15th – Epoch Times via Zero Hedge
    Freedom Convoy Organizers Say They Notified Police After Being Told “Nefarious Elements” Plan To Discredit Protest

    Organizers of the Freedom Convoy in the Canadian capital say they have notified police after being told that “nefarious elements” are planning to plant weapons at the Ottawa COVID-19 mandate demonstrations as a “pretext to forcibly remove peaceful protestors.”

    In a video posted to Facebook late on Feb. 14, organizers said they had received information from sources they consider to be “reliable” that the weapons may be planted.
    The information, they said, correlates with the more than 2,000 firearms that were stolen in the city of Peterborough on the morning of Feb. 13.

    Peterborough Police Service officers had said they are investigating the incident regarding the stolen firearms, which were taken from a trucking yard in the city in the early hours of the morning.
    The truck and trailer were carrying more than 2,000 firearms with magazines but no ammunition was taken, officials said.

    “Today on Feb. 14, we received information from multiple believed, reliable sources that firearms may be planted in Ottawa specifically around the Freedom Convey to discredit the protest and to use as a pretext to forcibly remove peaceful protestors,” organizers of the Freedom Convoy said in the Facebook video.
    “Due to the nature of this information, we felt it prudent to notify the public in the interest of their safety. This private intelligence correlates with the approximately 2,000 firearms stolen in Peterborough Ontario on Sunday morning, February 13.
    “Our sources have notified us that these weapons may be planted by nefarious elements and at this point, we have no further knowledge about who is behind this act of sabotage,” organizers continued.

    “As soon as we received this information, we notified the appropriate authorities with whom we are collaborating, including the Ottawa Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Parliamentary Protective Service.”..

    …the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said they arrested 11 people at the Coutts border crossing protest in southern Alberta, and seized 13 long guns as well as handguns and a large quantity of ammunition…
    …Officers searched three trailers believed to be linked with the small group and detained 11 people. They also seized 13 long guns, handguns, multiple sets of body armour, a machete, a large quantity of ammunition, and high-capacity magazines….

    • Both Alberta and Ottawa are addressed in this video.
      RCMP sabotaged large construction road equipment.
      After protesters leave an area, they are receiving tickets.

      15 Feb – Marcel Irnie
      Coutts Blockade Ends Over Police False Flag Attack & Daniel Bulford Confirms Stolen Weapons Cache!

      Coutts Blockade Ends over Police False Flag Attack & Daniel Bulford Confirms Stolen Weapons (Ottawa).

      • EXCERPTS
        …Yet, protesters and their supporters continued, as protesters in Ottawa “dug in”, while new demonstrations sprung up in Alberta and Manitoba, but by Tuesday, Trudeau and his government had clearly had enough.
        They needed a new scapegoat.
        Enter, 13 “demonstrators” who were arrested purportedly due to their involvement with the Coutts blockade.
        Police claimed they seized “13 long guns and a large quantity of ammunition in an early-morning raid targeting three trailers that were part of a blockade”.

        Canada’s Public Safety Minister, Marco Mendicino said as much during a press briefing on Tuesday.

        “There have been those who have tried to characterize these illegal blockades [as being] about vaccines and mandates and fatigue with the pandemic. That is not what is driving this movement right now,”
        “What is driving this movement is a very small, organized group that is driven by an ideology to overthrow the government through whatever means they may wish to use,”


  97. Here’s a few items to put into your crystal balls:

    US economy with Wolff


    Pick whatever you want to see of the “there are only civil privileges” Canadian repose to the Freedom Convoy (including preventing donations, threatening arrest for delivering fuel, freezing bank accounts and all manner of crazy)

    ??? Can someone find for me a nice article and/or video which is recent and summarizes the batshit crazy of it all?

    Gilbert Doctorow looking at Russia/China moving from back foot to front foot, from reactionary to driving events:


    I have no conclusions here apart from the fact that it is all very destabilizing. One may plug that into the WEF/CoVID destabilization and even the BioSecurity State. Sticking to my wheel house (Mr 2-D here), I see the destabilization which occurs at the transition of Empire power.

    It looks very fragile. What’s the Chinese proverb about opportunity and threat being two halves of the same coin?

    We ARE living in interesting times.

  98. Tuesday February 15th – Project Veritas
    #ExposeFDA Part 1
    Biden’s Vaccine Vision

    FDA Executive Officer on Hidden Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy: ‘Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible…Have to Get an Annual Shot’


    [7 minute undercover video]

    ~~~ FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole: “You’ll have to get an annual shot [COVID vaccine]. I mean, it hasn’t been formally announced yet ‘cause they don’t want to, like, rile everyone up.”

    ~~~ Cole on President Joe Biden: “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible.”

    ~~~ Cole on plans to approve vaccine for toddlers: “They’re not going to not approve [emergency use authorization for children five years old or less].”

    ~~~ Cole on pharmaceutical companies: “There’s a money incentive for Pfizer and the drug companies to promote additional vaccinations.”

    ~~~ Cole on the financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies: “It’ll be recurring fountain of revenue. It might not be that much initially, but it’ll be recurring — if they can — if they can get every person required at an annual vaccine, that is a recurring return of money going into their company.”

    ~~~ FDA Official Statement: “The person purportedly in the video does not work on vaccine matters and does not represent the views of the FDA.”

  99. Wednesday Feb 16th – “Canada Police Report News” website
    February 16th Notice to Demonstrators from Ottawa Police Service

    Ottawa Police Service (flyer)
    Notice to Demonstration Participants
    You must leave the area now. Anyone blocking streets, or assisting others in the blocking streets, are committing a criminal offence and you may be arrested. You must immediately cease further unlawful activity or you will face charges. If you are arrested you may be released on bail depending on factors contained in Part XVI of the Criminal Code.

    The people of Ottawa are being denied the lawful use, enjoyment and operation of their property and you are causing businesses to close. That is mischief under the Criminal Code.

    Charges and/or convictions related to unlawful activity associated with the demonstration may lead to denial in crossing the USA border.

    The Federal Emergencies Act allows for the regulation or prohibition of travel to, from or within any specified area. This means that anyone coming to Ottawa for the purpose of joining the ongoing demonstration is breaking the law. The act also provides police with a number of measures including the ability to seize vehicles that are part of this demonstration.

    Ontario law (EMCPA) now prohibits interference with any critical infrastructure including 400-series highways, railways, airports and international border crossings. It prohibits you from preventing someone from travelling to or from walkways, bridges and highways (other than 400 series highways) or preventing anyone from using them. It also prohibits someone from seriously interfering with the safety, health or well-being of members of the public.

    Anyone who commits these illegal actions could face fines or be required to appear in court. Commercial vehicle drivers’ licences and private drivers’ licences can be suspended or revoked.

    • The people of Ottawa are being denied the lawful use, enjoyment and operation of their property and you are causing businesses to close. That is mischief under the Criminal Code.

      Finally they get ready to start bringing in those lockdowners.

  100. Thursday Feb 17 – Zero Hedge
    [While Russia-Ukraine potential War issues dominate headlines and markets.]

    Bank Run? Canada’s Top Banks Mysteriously Go Offline

    Days after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would invoke emergency orders to crack down on demonstrators by freezing their bank accounts, five major Canadian banks went offline on Wednesday night, as customers reported their funds were unavailable, according to technology website Bleeping Computer.

    Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), BMO (Bank of Montreal), Scotiabank, TD Bank Canada, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) were all hit with unexplainable outages on Wednesday evening. Users began reporting issues with banks around 1600-1700 ET, Downdector data showed.

    Canadian Twitter users reported they couldn’t access their funds at the ATMs. One user took a photo of an error message at one of RBC’s ATMs that read, “Tap transactions aren’t available for this card.”
    In response, RBC tweeted, “We are currently experiencing technical issues with our online and mobile banking, as well as our phone systems.”
    “Our experts are investigating and working to get this fixed as quickly as possible, but we have no ETA to provide at this time. We appreciate your patience.”

    BMO customers also reported issues. One customer said, “I’m having trouble and money transfer just auto gets rejected for no reason. Not going over my limit, all info is verified correct and receiving bank says no issues on their end.”

    There were countless stories of banking customers who experienced trouble accessing their funds yesterday evening. No bank explained the source of the outrage, but essential to note the outage comes, as we said above, days after Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act.

    The power gives the federal government direct access to banks to force any business conducted with Freedom Convoy protesters and affiliates to freeze their bank accounts. Trust in the banking system among depositors is crucial to prevent bank runs. Freezing accounts of people linked to the protests can incite fear.

    Google Trends shows Canadians have panic searched “bank run,” first jumped on Tuesday then went parabolic on Wednesday, right around the time the bank outages were reported. [IMAGE]….

  101. Wed Feb 16th – Fox via Yahoo News
    Threats force Ottawa cafe owner to close business after name appears in hacked list of Freedom Convoy donors

    Tammy Giuliani, owner of Stella Luna Gelato Café in Ottawa, Canada, was forced to shut down her business after an onslaught of threats was made because of her donation to the Ottawa trucker convoy protesting against coronavirus restrictions.

    Giuliani donated $250 to the Freedom Convoy via fundraising platform GiveSendGo. After the site suffered a data breach, Giuliani’s contribution was made public, and her restaurant began to receive phone calls threatening vandalism and violence.

    “We got a call from the team saying, ‘We’re getting phone calls here,'” Giuliani told the Ottawa Citizen. “I said, ‘What’s going on?’ and they said, ‘They’re threatening to throw bricks through our window. They’re threatening to come and get us.’ We said, ‘Lock the door and we’ll find out what’s going on.'”

    Giuliani was enthusiastic in her support for the convoy, writing on the now-leaked GiveSendGo message, “Now I’m giving you $250 and taking food down to the truckers every day. Thank you for continuing to fight for Canadians across this country.”

    However, Giuliani walked back her support in her interview with the Ottawa Citizen, saying that the convoy has morphed into something she no longer supports.
    “When a group of people first decided they were going to travel across the country to spread this message of solidarity, it seemed like a beacon of hope for small businesses like us,” Giuliani told the Citizen. “It’s no surprise that small businesses have been on the edge. Families are at risk of losing their livelihood. I’m a sucker for a grassroots cause.”…
    …”In retrospect it was bad judgment, but does that mean that people have a right to threaten our staff?…

    …The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, a legal nonpartisan charity, announced the creation of “a network of defense lawyers to assist any Canadian truckers peacefully protesting for freedom from coronavirus restrictions and vaccine mandates.”
    “Anyone who may be facing arrest, the confiscation of property or has criminal law related questions in relation to the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protest can speak to a lawyer at no charge,” the Centre wrote in a statement to Fox News.

      • Tammy Giuliani, owner of Stella Luna Gelato Café in Ottawa, Canada interviewed on FOX NEWS by Jesse Watters
        (This is pretty good. 8 minutes)

        • It’s nothing but bullying. We have probably all experienced it in the government educational camps and we know how it works. But it causes deep rooted psychological damage so we tend to forget but the programmed reactions are left behind.

    • To me this Tammy story reads like crass propaganda.

      • I agree. They/Them are desperately trying to frighten and extort people into quiet compliance.

  102. Thursday Feb 17th – Reuters
    Facing Texas pushback, BlackRock says it backs fossil fuels

    BOSTON, Feb 17 (Reuters) – At the risk of being dropped from Texas pension funds, BlackRock Inc (BLK.N) has ramped up its message that the world’s largest asset manager is a friend of the oil and gas industries.
    As a large and long-term investor in fossil fuel companies, “we want to see these companies succeed and prosper,” BlackRock executives wrote in a letter that a spokesman confirmed was sent at the start of the year to officials, trade groups and others in energy-rich Texas.

    “We will continue to invest in and support fossil fuel companies, including Texas fossil fuel companies,” states the memo, signed by Dalia Blass, BlackRock’s head of external affairs, and Mark McCombe, BlackRock’s chief client officer.

    Although the message is consistent with its other statements, the emphasis is new after years in which BlackRock has stressed its efforts to take climate change and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into account in its investment and proxy voting decisions. read more-LINK …

    …The U.S. securities regulator is developing a new rule on corporate climate-change disclosures. read more-LINK

    In Texas, new legislation requires the state’s comptroller, Glenn Hegar, to draw up a list of financial companies that boycott fossil fuels. Those firms could then be barred from state pension funds like the $197 billion Teacher Retirement System of Texas, which has about $2.5 billion with BlackRock….

  103. NOTE: Corbett has the Film, Literature & The New World Order series.
    In 2013, there was the Soylent Green – FLNWO #04 where Corbett and James Evan Pilato give their food for thought. 😉

    Wed Feb 16th, 2022 – SYFY Wire (Mainsite: SYFY)
    Is eating people a solution to world hunger? The science behind ‘Soylent Green’

    Supposing, of course, we decided we wanted to transform our lost loved ones into food, we could definitely do it. The infrastructure already exists. After all, humans are just meat, no different from any other animal at the end of the day.

    The easiest way to do it, but the least palatable — particularly if you’re trying to hide what you’re doing, as was the case in the film — would be to treat humans the way we treat livestock. Establish a butchering process, package the cut meat, put it on the shelf. Job done. But we suspect that if we’re going to eat people, we’ll want at least the illusion that we’re eating something else. So, let’s think of other options.

    If you’ve ever looked at a seasoning packet you’ve probably noticed they list chicken, beef, pork, or other meats as ingredients. Yet, when you look inside, all you’ll find is powder. Where’s the beef? It’s in the powder, of course. And if we want to make a human biscuit, that’s probably the way to go.

    Meat powders are fairly simple to produce. Typically, the skin and bones of your chosen animal are removed. Though, in a pinch that may not be strictly necessary. After dressing, they go through a dehydration process either using a dehydrator or cooking over a low temperature for an extended period. The aim is to remove as much moisture as possible. Finally, the meat is ground into a powder and sifted to remove any chunks which were missed.

    At this point, your Soylent people are unrecognizable and ready to be baked into crackers or used for soup bases. The possibilities are endless.

    Nutritionally, sure. Human bodies are made of the same sorts of things as other animals. You could get protein and fat, albeit at different distributions than other animals. All things being equal, eating human meat is a perfectly efficient way of calorie exchange. Certainly, other animals have done it throughout our history.

    Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on if you’re being eaten or doing the eating — things aren’t equal….

    • For non-English speakers…
      food for thought is an expression which means “something that should be thought about or considered carefully”

    • HomeRemedySupply

      “..Human bodies are made of the same sorts of things as other animals. You could get protein and fat, albeit at different distributions than other animals…..”

      Therein lies the problem… animals that are LIKE us are more likely to carry diseases- you can catch way more from a cut of sick pig then you can from a cow or horse.

      “..Certainly, other animals have done it throughout our history…”
      True, but NO animal eats others of its own kind as a regular diet- just as an occasional treat. Recycling diseases by constant cannibalism would end rather fast, with most people getting sick from the infected food supply

  104. This is a nice short article with names…

    Written On: 2021-06-17 By: Greg Staley at Diverge Media (Canadian Media)
    *Opinion* “The Great Reset” World Economic Forum Influence in Canada

    …Many will be quick to dismiss the World Economic Forum (author of great reset) after all – what influence do they have here in Canada? On that note here is a list of a few current members that highlight the depth of the WEF influence in Canada:

    Chrystia Freeland – Deputy Prime Minister of Canada;
    Mark Carney – Former governor of the bank of Canada, current governor of bank of England;
    Jagmeet Singh – Member of the Young Global Leaders which is a partner program of the WEF;
    Michelle Rempel – Member of the Young Global Leaders;
    Melanie Joly – Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum;
    Ailish Campbell – Is the Chief Trade Commissioner and ADM · Global Affairs Canada. Was designated as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum
    [LINKS to names in article]…

    …Our own Prime Minister himself has come out and said that “this pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset” – echoing the WEF’s Great Reset language. This isn’t surprising when you consider that Prime Minister Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland is a member of the World Economic Forums Board of Trustees.

    According to the WEF, the Board of Trustees which Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland is a part of is the “guardian of the World Economic Forum’s mission and values.” …
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
    Chrystia Freeland is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.
    In the following referenced VIDEO it is worth watching starting at the 22:27 minute mark when the Attorney General comes to the podium after she finished with her Financial Extortion Mandates against freedom lovers.
    Chrystia Freeland is in the background while he speaks.
    Like a crack-pipe smoking sociopath, she nods her head repeatedly and is full of fidgety body movements.
    It is very odd behavior.
    The VIDEO is queued to the 13:13 mark when she starts speaking.

    • Thursday Feb 17, 2022 – Zero Hedge
      Canada Freezes Convoy Bank & Crypto Accounts, Threatens Dogs; MSM Journos Dox Donors With Hacked Materials
      [VIDEO of sociopath Chrystia Freeland in article.]

      Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said Thursday that financial institutions have been actively freezing the accounts of people linked to the medical freedom protests in Ottawa, which has left an unknown number of protesters and donors in financial limbo, according to state-owned CBC.

      Freeland said that the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies have been gathering intelligence on convoy protesters and their supporters, and have been sharing that information with financial institutions in order to restrict access to both cash and crypto.

      “The names of both individuals and entities as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen,” she said, referring to crypto exchange accounts.

      As the CBC notes,
      The law also allows banks to target for account closure donors to the GoFundMe and the GiveSendGo fundraising campaigns that fuelled this protest. Freeland said she wouldn’t get into the “specifics of whose accounts are being frozen.”

      Citing terrorist financing laws, the government has forced crowdfunding websites and payment providers to register with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), the government’s financial intelligence unit.

      In a final warning to the assembled protesters, Freeland said those who have their big rigs on Ottawa’s streets will see their insurance cancelled and their corporate accounts suspended — a move that could make it difficult for these drivers to ever work again.

      “The consequences are real and they will bite,” she said.

      Meanwhile mainstream outlet reporters are taking a hacked list of donors the GiveSendGo Freedom Convoy fundraiser and have been harassing people who donated as little as $50.
      Oh, and if you’re arrested in Canada with your dog they’ll consider it ‘relinquished’ after 8 days….

      • 17 Feb – CPAC
        Federal ministers comment on use of Emergencies Act in response to blockades – February 17, 2022
        (38 minutes)

        Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland speaks with reporters on Parliament Hill about the financial measures invoked in the Emergencies Act in response to ongoing blockades and protests in several parts of the country. She is joined by federal cabinet ministers Marco Mendicino (public safety) and Bill Blair (emergency preparedness). Freeland also announces the federal government will be providing a one-time $750-million top up of transit funding for municipalities to help recoup losses caused by the pandemic.

        Chrystia Freeland comes on at the 16 minute mark to answer questions.

      • a move that could make it difficult for these drivers to ever work again.

        Same can be said about government plans to tank and destroy the economy, so no change there.

        I find it a bit strange that these assholes are irked to this extent about trucker protests. Time is on their side but they are ostensibly going all in.

  105. I am just wondering if anyone is finding that within the past few months, search engine results have been excessively poor, and especially when searching unusual terms going down deep into thee results I am just finding unrelated garbage.

    • Paul,
      I’ve had to play around with different search engines.
      It is not getting easier to search compared to previous years.
      Qwant brought up something I was looking for the other day, when others failed.
      Sometimes, as a last resort I use Bing.

    • Dan, his wife and two little dogs spent 6 days traveling from far west Canada to reach Ottawa. They left last Sunday, Feb 13th. It is very cold in Ottawa with snow/ice.

      Dan Dicks comes onto the scene just after the Police use horses and some demonstrators were ‘trampled’.

      Clyde Do Something YouTube Channel
      Clyde is a mechanic and family man who does this when he can.
      He brings forth several angle shots and related information to show what really transpired.

      Saturday Feb 19th published
      Ottawa Police Trample Peaceful Protesters with Horses – Freedom Convoy 2022
      (11 minutes)

      Clyde highlights how citizen journalism can help determine the truth of an event.

        Saturday morning Feb 19th, 2022 PFT LIVESTREAM
        (Not on Sunday the 20th)

        Here is a 4 minute video on another Channel of Dan Dicks’ video feed.
        (4 minutes)

        • Saturday Night Ottawa – Crowds Dancing and Celebrating
          (Go to the 23 minute mark of this 29 minute video)

          OttaWalks Channel – Saturday Evening
          ?LIVE Ottawa – RAW Footage: Freedom Convoy 2022 Day 23 – Emergency Act – Saturday Feb 19 pt 2

          • At the 1:24 minute mark of the OttaWalks video, the police show up and start pushing the crowd of happy people who were dancing to the music.

          • A good opportunity as any to remind people what order followers are:

            They are scum of the Earth and they are ready to do drag us all down with them.

            Order followers are immoral beings. All of them. All people who “just follow orders” while “just doing their job” are immoral cowards who fear nothing as much as taking responsibility for their actions.

            Stop supporting the order followers and justifying their immoral actions. Without the police there is no police state.

            If you are friends or family of order followers and you understand this you have te moral responsibilty to withdraw your support and tell them point blank why you are doing so.

            All order folowers need to be met with scorn they deserve. They need to be made face the music for what they are doing. But you are also need to understand that isolation from the rest of the society is a constituent part of being an order follower.

            So be ready to turn the other cheek. Order followers can quit and have been know to quit. We have to help them walk away.

  106. TORONTO
    Toronto, Canada is southwest of Ottawa halfway to Detroit, Michigan.

    Massive crowds – Freedom Convoy, in downtown Toronto Canada, Saturday February 19th 2022
    (80 seconds)

    Another angle – elevated view
    The People of Toronto Stand Up
    (2 1/2 minutes)

    February 19, 2022 – Freedom Rally in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Saturday, Queens Park
    (32 minutes)

  107. Friday Feb 18th
    Ontario Government Employee Fired Over $100 Contribution To Freedom Convoy

    The communications director for the Ontario ministry responsible for enforcing the law was fired this week after her $100 donation to the Freedom Conovoy was revealed in the hack of donors to a GiveSendGo campaign, according to CTV News. [LINK]

    Marion Isabeau-Ringuette was one of several government staffers whose donations drew the eye of Sauron after the list of some 100,000 donors was leaked.

    “For the communications director to be financially supporting an unlawful, illegal occupation is definitely concerning,” said NDP MPP Catherine Fife. “Who was donating, why were they donating, and did this contribute to the non-action that happened on the ground in Ottawa?”

    According to Ontario Premier Doug Ford spokeswoman Ivana Yelich, “Ms. Isabeau-Ringuette no longer works for the Ontario government.”
    Isabeau-Ringuette worked as a political staffer as recently as Sunday for Ontario’s Solicitor-General, the position that oversees police and other law enforcement in Ontario.
    The $100 donation was listed as anonymous on GiveSendGo, but in a pair of leaked documents totalling nearly 100,000 donations, one line reads “M.R.” with an email address that contains Isabeau-Ringuette’s name.

    Another employee under scrutiny works for the federal correctional service, while a pollster with ties to the governing Progressive Conservative party was also accused in an NDP news release of donating to the protesters, who oppose government vaccine mandates and other restrictions.

    According to Toronto lawyer Nainesh Kotak, even small donors to the fund – should the continue donating – run the risk of frozen bank accounts since the government invoked the Emergencies Act.
    “Under this enactment I would suggest the government could freeze bank accounts if they chose to do so,” he said, adding “That’s concerning. The targets should be the bigger players.”…

  108. Friday Feb 18th
    Why Does Trudeau’s Protest Prohibition Order Exempt Refugees, Immigrants, & Ethnic Minorities?

    Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

    Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on protests under an Emergencies Act order specifically exempts refugees,
    asylum seekers,
    immigrants and
    other ethnic minorities.

    Yes, really.
    The Canadian government’s Emergency Measures Regulations: SOR/2022-21 order bans people from taking part “in a public assembly that may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the peace.”

    However, the law does not apply to “any person in a class of persons whose presence in Canada, as determined by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration or the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, is in the national interest.”

    This includes Indians, refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers and ‘protected temporary residents’.

    The exemptions have left some people asking if the prohibition order only applies to white people.

    “Why are members of First Nations, refugees and temporary residents exempted from the prohibition to ‘participate in a public assembly that may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the peace’ as part of the Emergencies Act regulations?” People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier tweeted….

  109. LUMBER Prices – Canada and Truckers/Shipping – and other factors

    There are many grades/types of lumber in the industry with a vast array of exchange prices, brokers, buyers and sellers.
    Typically, sawmills are located near tree harvest areas because of transportation costs.

    In May 2020, lumber was trading around $300 per thousand board feet. Today it is around $1300.
    I urge people to look at the 10 year graph of lumber prices at this Trading Economics CHART
    EXCERPT: …Canadian wood producers were hit by fire and flood, and infestations of wood-boring beetles, while the US decided to double its duty on softwood lumber from Canada.
    –[A duty is a form of taxation levied on certain goods.]
    On the data front, building permits in the United States rose 0.7% from a month earlier to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.899 million in January of 2022, the highest since May of 2006. Meantime, sales of new homes jumped by 12% in December from a month earlier as first-time buyers continued to flock to the housing market ahead of an impending interest rate hike.

    Feb 19th
    Lumber Prices Have Never Been This High Ahead Of Spring Building Season
    “In Western Canada, these transportation challenges are really unprecedented in both scale and duration,” West Fraser Chief Executive Officer Ray Ferris told investors…
    … He also said shipping “products in a timely manner remains challenged,” warning the company might be forced to take “unscheduled downtime” due to the transportation problems….

    Feb 18th
    Real Estate Investors Are Buying A Record Share Of US Homes, Sending Prices Soaring
    Earlier this week, we reported that Blackrock, America’s largest commercial and residential landlord, just got even bigger with the purchase of 12,000 apartments in the sunbelt (among other assets) when it acquired Preferred Apartment Communities for $5.8 billion.
    But Blackrock has not been alone in quietly swooping up US residential real estate…

    …real estate investors – i.e., those who purchase real estate not with the intention of living in it but in expectations of reselling and/or renting it out – bought a record 18.4% of the homes that were sold in the U.S. during the fourth quarter of 2021… Investors bought 80,293 homes in the fourth quarter, up 43.9% from a year earlier….

  110. MUSIC – “Heart of Freedom“

    (95 second Video)
    Vin Cognito – Odysee Channel

    “Heart of Freedom”
    Lyrics by: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. • Music Produced by: Dicky Barrett • Performed by: Grant Ellman, Prezence Music • Video Produced by: Children’s Health Defense, Brian Burrowes, Dicky Barrett, Aimee Villella McBride • Footage Courtesy of: Oracle Films, Matt Veligdan, Souls of a Movement

    Here is the 4 minute FULL VERSION:
    “Heart of Freedom” music video for Worldwide Protests Against Medical Tyranny
    …and at Odysee…

    The video originally debuted just prior to the Sunday January 23, 2022 huge demonstrations in Brussels and Washington D.C.
    The crowds in Brussels were massive!

    The song was not without controversy as “Rolling Stone” reports on January 22, 2022…
    Graham Nash Slams RFK Jr. for Using His Song in Anti-Vax Rally Video
    “I believe in science and facts, and do not support such blatant disregard for either, nor for my rights as a musician,” Nash writes after unauthorized use of 1971 song “Chicago”

    On Feb 17th “The Highwire” EPISODE 255: THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BRAVE ONES, Del Bigtree has an in-studio interview with Dicky Barrett. Dicky Barrett gives some of the backstory details to the “Heart of Freedom” music video.

    Dicky Barrett (Richard Michael Barrett) was well known as the announcer for ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! until 2022. Barrett has spent the majority of his musical career playing for decades with The Mighty Mighty BosstoneS until the band’s breakup in 2022.
    The VAX vs UnVAX issue is what led to the end of both.

    The Mighty Mighty BossToneS are often credited as one of the progenitors of the genre of ska punk, which is a fusion genre that mixes ska music and punk rock music together. Ska punk tends to feature brass instruments, especially horns such as trumpets, trombones and woodwind instruments like saxophones, making the genre distinct from other forms of punk rock.
    MUSIC – (Watch the kids have fun! Dancing and NOT choreographed.)
    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Perform “The Impression That I Get”
    on Jimmy Kimmel Live

    (3 ½ minutes)

    Grant Ellman is the featured singer in “Heart of Freedom”.
    So… Where did Grant Ellman stand in April 2020 when the lockdowns first started?
    I DO NOT CONSENT! [Grant Ellman YouTube Channel]
    (2 minutes)
    You can see more of Grant’s music at the Prezence Music YouTube Channel
    At the end of his SCAM music-video are the words: ”Government is Slavery”

  111. Go north on this “February Open Thread” and watch the DAN DICKS Saturday Feb 19th LIVE STREAM for backstory. You will hear the sounds.

    Clyde Do Something YouTube Channel

    Clyde does an incredibly superb job of getting to the facts…
    Published Sunday Feb 20th
    *Breakdown* Reporter Shot by Ottawa Police Point Blank – Freedom Convoy 2022
    (13 minutes)
    Reporter from Rebel News was shot point blank by Ottawa Police while during a peaceful demonstration at parliament against mandates. This is a breakdown of the incident.

  112. Feb 20th
    ( 2 1/2 minutes)

    The journalist shows the policeman her Press Card (and shows it to the camera). The cop looks at it, but decides not to allow her access to the area, and threatens to arrest her if she does not leave. He refuses to answer questions.

  113. Freedom Convoy Press Conference Feb.19, 2020 “Time to regroup and revaluate” – Tom Marazzo
    (49 minutes)

    “This is one battle in a larger war for our freedoms. This is not a white flag of surrender by any means, at all… Time to regroup and revaluate what’s next for us.” Tom Marazzo February 19, 2022.

    12 minute mark
    “The only plan they have is violence and the institution of a Chinese style Social Credit Score System….”

  114. Sunday Feb 20th
    Well over 10,000 people marched peacefully through the streets of Calgary! The energy was electric!
    (5 minutes)

  115. Monday Feb 21st – (President’s Day Holiday in U.S.)
    PM Trudeau and ministers discuss convoy protests and Emergencies Act – February 21, 2022

    On Parliament Hill, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds a news conference and discusses the recent convoy protests and blockades in cities and border crossings throughout the country. He also comments on his government’s declaration of a public-order emergency under the Emergencies Act and the upcoming vote in the House of Commons to confirm the motion. Responding to questions from reporters, Trudeau reaffirms Canada’s response to the ongoing threat of Russian military action against Ukraine. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, as well as ministers David Lametti (justice), Marco Mendicino (public safety), and Bill Blair (emergency preparedness), also take part in the news conference.

    Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said Monday that people need to be “very, very careful​” to get ​the “facts exactly right” regarding the Emergencies Act. She spoke about two Conservative MPs who claim constituents donated small amounts to the so-called “Freedom Convoy” and had their accounts frozen. She countered that at no time, did the RCMP provide a list of donors to Financial Institutions. She said that, according to the RCMP, the police force did provide names of organizers and leaders of the protests and of people whose trucks were “part of occupations and blockades” to financial institutions. She added the measures only applied as of Feb. 15.

    The vote on the act is expected to pass when MPs vote at approximately 8 p.m. ET, with the NDP voicing its support for the act. The Conservatives and Bloc Québecois have said they would vote against the motion. If the motion fails, however, the act and all powers stemming from it would be torn up. If it passes, they will remain in place until mid-March at the latest.

    • From above about the Feb 21st PRESS CONFERENCE by Trudeau, Freeland, Lametti, Mendicino and Blair
      The vote on the act is expected to pass when MPs vote at approximately 8 p.m. ET, with the NDP voicing its support for the act.

      Feb 22nd by Jonathan Turley
      Canada Extends Trudeau’s Emergency Powers… After The Protest Has Ended

      By a vote of 185 to 151, the Canadian Parliament voted to approve Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act. The vote is chilling given the fact that the protest has ended and the roads have been cleared. Nevertheless, the Trudeau government still wants to wield the excessive and unnecessary powers claimed under the Act. The vote shows how easily many drift into more and more draconian measures against their political opponents.

      As we discussed earlier, Trudeau has never explained why he required such emergency powers to clear the roads and end the protest. Cities and provinces already have ample powers to clear roads and end unlawful protests. That raised concerns that Trudeau was using the protest as a pretext as he attacked those opposing his powers as supporting Nazis.

      Since almost half of the House of Commons opposed his powers, it is absurd to demonize critics as those who “stand with people who wave swastikas, they can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag.” Canadian civil liberties groups have opposed Trudeau’s use of these powers. Yet, Trudeau has relied on a largely supportive media in using such powers despite the chilling implications for free speech and associational rights.

      Trudeau wants to continue to be able to freeze the accounts of political opponents and give black lists to banks for those who will be tagged under his new powers. There are no meaningful limits on such powers. These same sweeping emergency powers could be used against some of our most celebrated figures and shutdown some of our most revered causes. Under this law, the only thing preventing Trudeau from shutting down movements — even historic movements like the Civil Rights marchers or protests of indigenous peoples — is his affinity for the cause as opposed to the underlying conduct.

      Trudeau has pushed to retain these powers while denouncing Cuba for seeking to intimidate those who wish to protest in that country.

      The Liberal Party, the NDP and other allies were able to muster 181 votes for this motion….

    • “Clyde Do Something” YouTube Channel

      Clyde gives an excellent news report…
      He features a Sal the Agorist video.

      Tuesday Feb 22nd
      Emergencies Act Passed in Parliament – RIP Democracy – Freedom Convoy 2022
      (9 minutes)

      Feb 21 2022 will be remembered as the day democracy died in Canada. The federal government has passed the Emergencies act without the proclamation of an actual emergency to push through and make permanent new laws rather than using democratic means.

  116. Bio-mimincry. That is the best humans can come up with. The hive mind, A.I., supercomputers, artificial wombs. It’s all just synthetic attempts at trying to mimic life. This is mockery, not mimicry. The line is being blurred. Translated to New-Speak, it will be called ‘naturally artificial’. The technocratic vision includes a mantra of “non-natural is normal.” The new minority will be the Naturalist, those without synthetic biology, and without tech running through their veins.

    Instead of integrating ourselves with the synthetic, which simply mimics and mocks nature, the rally cry is to integrate (or perhaps, reintegrate) ourselves with Nature itself. As a matter of truth, we are intrinsically united with Nature, despite human effort to sever that natural connection.

    Things just keep getting weirder. Explain how this is supposed to work: how is stripping Nature of its natural-self and then twisting it up into a fake-wannabe-Nature is going to help save all of Nature? The syllogism isn’t there for me. It’s a very confusing rationalization. Will the masses keep buying this sales pitch?

    • “Synthetic biology” sounds like an oxymoron. It is like double speak. These would be psychopathic criminally insane scum will cause the extinction of our species.

  117. Tuesday Feb 22nd – True North News
    By Harrison Faulkner
    Convoy organizer Tamara Lich denied bail

    One of the leading organizers behind the freedom convoy has been denied bail by an Ontario court judge.

    Ontario Court Justice Julie Bourgeois made the ruling in Ottawa on Tuesday, saying she believes Tamara Lich would reoffend if released.

    “I cannot be reassured that if I release you into the community that you will not reoffend,” Bourgeois said in her decision.

    Bourgeois said the convoy’s effect on the community was immense and that Lich was obstinate and disingenuous in her responses to the court during her bail hearing. The judge said Lich’s detention “is necessary for the protection and safety of the public.”

    In addition, Bourgeois ordered Lich to have no contact with other convoy organizers Benjamin Dichter, Christopher Barber and Daniel Bulford.

    Lich was arrested on (Thursday) Feb. 17 and charged with counselling to commit mischief. Barber was arrested the same day and released on bail over the weekend.

    Lich’s detention also comes just over two weeks after the man who was arrested in Winnipeg in connection with a hit-and-run that injured four protesters at a freedom rally was also released on bail. According to court documents, 42-year-old David Alexander Zegarac was released from custody on Feb. 5 on a promise to pay $10,000. His next appearance is scheduled for March 22….

    • Bourgeois is this “justice” name? Really? What an incredible koinkidink. And I do mean INCREDIBLE.

    • I personally don’t trust Russia since decades ago when they have started creeping up to NATO borders by having various European and ex Soviet countries joining the alliance. That’s a very sneaky ploy by Russia, by any measure.

      The very same thing that is done to the Ukraine which is now engulfed in this “conflict” for years, has already been done elsewhere, and it worked out just great. War torn middle east, to a lesser extent the Balkans, these areas have proved that drawing imaginary borders between peoples who have lived together for generations is very fortuitous. Especially for those who live far far away from said areas and yet handsomely profit on death and destruction.

      In my opinion NATO sans US war machine is completely incapable of invading the likes of Luxembourg and is there just to provide cover to the gullible about the US war machine not acting as one consolidated force. And to draw in the ever closer Russian borders.

      • That was a joke. I found an obvious one, but apparently not. Who did you take me for, John Kirby, the white house resident drivelling moron?

    • Scilly Ewe,
      You have some great posts about the Russia Ukraine “crisis”.

  118. Monday Feb 21st – Dan Dicks – Press For Truth
    Free Press UNDER ATTACK In Ottawa As DRUTHERS Has BANK ACCOUNT FROZEN Under Emergencies Act!!!
    (12 minutes)
    In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Shawn Jason from Druthers about his initiative to help fund the truckers, what the process was like when finding out about his bank account being frozen and also how he sees this playing out when it comes to regaining access to his own account.

    Dan Dicks got pretty beat up the other day…
    Although this is labeled Feb 20 (then later corrected), it was actually Saturday the 19th
    Freedom Convoy In Ottawa Live Feb 19 with PFT!
    Go to the 58 minute mark and you will see when Dan gets punched in the ribs.
    If you rewind a little bit, Dan predicted that the Police would soon make a move.

    He got hurt and the pain caught up with him.
    Dan Dicks in Ottawa Down But Not Out!!!
    (6 1/2 minutes)

  119. The Iconic Cafe in downtown Ottawa did not close when the City had “recommended” that downtown businesses close during the Trucker Convoy demonstrations.
    Instead, they remained open to serve truckers despite the city’s “recommendation”.
    A bunch of cops showed up to harrass the business, and “threatened” to break the glass and then to put the owners in jail.

    VIDEO of a U.S.A. Trucker Convoy gathering near Montana is also shown by Clyde.

    Tuesday Feb 22nd – “Clyde Do Something” YouTube Channel
    US Asylum for Canadian Protesters – Rep. Yvette Harrel introduces Legislation to US Congress
    (5 1/2 minutes)

    Here is a longer video showing what was going on at the Iconic Cafe with police trying to get inside and also photo people…
    — “Marcel Irnie” Channel —
    Police Intimidation @ Ottawa Cafe “Don’t Open The Door!” Kyle Cardinal Feb.20 2022
    (16 minutes)

  120. Feb 22nd
    A Naturalized Canadian Woman from Romania Gives a Speech for the Ages
    (16 minutes or less)
    Having been brought up under the iron boot of the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, the lady knows all too well the smell of the totalitarian rat. It is her own personal experience that gave her the insight to understand and grasp so clearly what is now unfolding in Canada and, indeed, in a number of other Western democracies as well.

    Watch the expression of disbelief on the face of Nicolae Ceaușescu at the 2:30 minute mark as the crowds do NOT COMPLY to the Dictator.

  121. Wed Feb 23rd
    Google Maps Location Data Of ‘Freedom Convoy’ Donors Posted Online
    Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

    Precise Google Maps locations of people in Ontario, Canada who donated to the Freedom Convoy was posted online as a result of the GiveSendGo hack that was incited by the media.

    Following the legacy media-led demonization of the Canadian truckers and their supporters, the names of 90,000 people who donated to the cause were leaked.

    Now a Google Maps link was posted, “pointing to locations of donors throughout the Canadian province, with each pin listing their names, donor ID, email address, and the amount they donated, including those as low as $10,” reports Breitbart.

    After being public for hours, Google finally terminated the link, which has now been replaced with a message that states, “This map is no longer available due to a violation of our Terms of Service and/or policies.”…
    [IMAGES in article.]

  122. Tuesday Feb 22nd – CoinDesk
    ‘Frozen’ Bitcoin Tied to Canadian Protests Lands at Coinbase, Crypto.Com
    The situation shows the limitations of a government’s ability to thwart transactions on decentralized systems – but also the limitations of those systems to circumvent such sanctions.

    [Lengthy article giving details.]

  123. I want to mention that the author of this article, Anjalee Khemlani, is extremely not-so-bright stupid, but also desperately has been pushing the vaccine agenda, repeatedly, like her future career depends upon it. Perhaps she gets kickbacks from Big Pharma.
    Maybe 40 years in prison might help her mental capabilities. I hope she pays for her crimes and deliberate deceptions.

    Wed Feb 23rd – Yahoo Finance
    We need to think about the COVID-19 vaccines we’ll need in 3 to 5 years: Public health expert

    The threat of new coronavirus variants remains a focus for the world’s leading public health experts…
    Bill Gates angered some experts over the weekend when he said it’s too late to meet the World Health Organization’s global vaccination goal of 70% and that there is no longer demand for vaccines. He added that with natural immunity from the virus, much of the African continent has a higher level of protection.
    “You get well over 80% of people have been exposed either to the vaccine or to various variants,”
    Gates said at the Munich Security Conference.
    “What that does is, it means the chance of severe disease … those risks are now dramatically reduced because of that infection exposure,”
    he added.

    But experts at the first global Ports To Arms Summit in Abuja, Nigeria, on Wednesday sharply disagreed with Gates.
    Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the global vaccine alliance, said that even if we are tired of the virus, it is not tired of us…

    …Dr. Atul Gawande, assistant administrator for global health for USAID, pointed out that the 70% goal is the minimum goal — and that number has broader implications for the overall pandemic.
    “That’s the only way we will be able to stop the generation of more variants,” especially to protect the most vulnerable segments of the world’s population, he said.
    His comments come at a time when the African continent remains largely unvaccinated — with just over 10% fully vaccinated….

    • This ties in well with what I was thinking about all along: if you had any of these top “elite” people claim that convid was over you can expect there would a major backlash. If there were a flagrant retraction I think we would see actual violence on the street. That is the power of suggestion and the end result of bringing people into this crazy state where facts, reason and logic does not matter.

  124. Wednesday February 23rd, 2022
    Trudeau Revokes Emergency Powers Act
    [VIDEO in article.]

    Prime Minister Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act after 10 days, saying he is ‘confident that existing laws and bylaws are now sufficient to keep people safe.’

    Two days after Canadian lawmakers voted to extend emergency powers allowing police to quell potential unrest, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now set to revoke them now that the Ottawa protest is over, according to the Canadian Press, citing two senior government sources.

    21:00 mark – Chrystia Freeland
    When the neurotic, sociopathic, wicked witch Chrystia Freeland comes on, she said that they have begun unfreezing the bank accounts, but the next sentence was: “I would just like to stress that there are bank accounts that will remain frozen, but not because of the Emergency Measures.” Then she goes into something about “Court Orders”.

    The bullshit got deep when Trudeau “explained” things. I guess he is trying to not look like the Tyrant that he is. Tyrant Trudeau is a good name for this slimeball cowardly worm.

    • Video by “Clyde Do Something”, the mechanic and family man.
      Huffpost Predicted Trudeau Dictatorship in 2015 – Archived Article
      (7 1/2 minutes)

    • *****5 Stars – Mechanic Ordinary Family Guy Journalism

      “Clyde Do Something” YouTube Channel

      Why Trudeau Revoked the Emergencies Act – Canadian Bank Run? – Freedom Convoy 2022
      (9 1/2 minutes)

      Video Description:
      Facing financial peril and potentially being shut down by the Senate, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revokes Emergency War Measures Act.
      Internal documents discovered by the Canadian Senate that point toward Trudeau’s cabinet discussing the political benefits they would gain by invoking the Emergency Act.

      Clyde showed how people and corporate entities were withdrawing money from Canadian institutions and how crypto exchanges stopped operating in Canada. The Emergency Act put banks in a very akward position.

  125. “February Open Thread 2022” contains a Historical Record of the
    Trucker “Freedom Convoy 2022” in Canada (and the beginning of the USA Freedom Convoy.

    On Friday Feb 25th, James Corbett published
    Episode 413 – Give Send Gone
    Prolific Show Notes
    The Canadian government’s recent actions reveal the true agenda like nothing we’ve seen before. The future envisioned by the tyrants is one in which they can turn off your ability to buy and sell with the flick of a switch. So how will we react? Will we build a parallel economy from the ashes of freedom’s funeral pyre, or will we roll over and let the tyrants win? Today James explores the future of money and the real meaning of Give . . . Send . . . Gone.

  126. Healdsburg Walkabout, Friday afternoon 2-2:30 PM

    It was another brilliant sunny blue sky day here in Healdsburg. It was about 52F and pleasant enough in the sunshine for a walkabout down at the town square. I was curious if the situation with masks and vaccine mandates had changed since our Health Nazi declared on Monday that masks are no longer required indoors if a person is jabbed. Exceptions are mass transit, hospitals, clinics, and government buildings.

    First off I walked west on Tucker Street past St. John’s Catholic School. The kids were playing outside with masks on, well, kinda on. Some masks were around necks or chins or just mouths. Then I turned north on East Street and walked by the large fusion glass entrance to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. No signs on the doors for masks or anything.

    Turning left, west, on Mathieson Street I walked by a the Llanco Tasting Room, no signs there. A few people were drinking wine inside and at a table in the parklet out front.

    Turning right, north, on Center Street I walked by the Downtown Bakery which is under new ownership. The place has some new artwork on the walls, but the layout is the same. “Masks Required for Entry”, the sign says.

    The tasting room next door has a sign, “No mask Required if Vaccinated.” Next was Mr. Moon’s a tourist gift and souvenir shop. No signs. I continued north on Center Street to Black Oak Coffee. This used to be Flying Goat Coffee before the lockdowns. No signs on the door. I went in and looked around. Same layout as before. Some people wearing masks, some not.

    I go across the street and start walking south on Center Street. I go up the alley to the back entrance to Campo Fina. No signs up, but 75% of the restaurant is closed. Maybe they are remodeling. The tables are outside under a tent on top of the old bocce ball courts.

    I go to the corner and turn right, west, on Plaza Street. Where the old Ferrari-Carrano Wine Tasting room was located is being completely gutted right down to the old brick walls. Next to that is Duke’s Bar and it is closed for three weeks for a vacation. An approved permit for a parklet out front is in the window. The Parklet will be good until next Christmas.

    Turning right, north on Healdsburg Avenue I walk by Baci Restaurant, “No Mask if Vaccinated”. I then go to our old hair salon Wash & Brush Up. “Masks are optional if vaccinated, but highly recommended.”

    I go across the street and head south on Healdsburg Avenue. At the Hotel Healdsburg the Dry Creek Kitchen has no signs up. It costs $55 a person to eat there (booze not included) for a five course meal. The Spirit Bar at the hotel has no signs either. The food there is cheaper, but also very good.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  127. Good post about custodial wallets.
    Thanks Robster.

    • This is great. Best video since Gates got two pies in the face and Macron got slapped.

  128. CANADA’s Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022
    Where is the MONEY? (Donations on GoFundMe & GiveSendGo, etc.)

    Corbett Report Member gabyville posted an enlightening audio interview here…

    Kid Carson interview with Chad Eros – Accountant for Trucker donations.
    The entire interview provides insight on how “Freedon Convoy 2022” was entirely a grassroots movement, completely decentralized and with no real “organizer”.

    – What happened to the 1 million dollars that was released by GoFundMe?
    – What was happening on the ground the day before the Emergencies Act was invoked?

    This is easy listening. You certainly will find out things about the Trucker convoy that you did not know.

  129. Sunday Feb 27th – Fox News via Yahoo News
    Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., reiterated his call for Canada to be placed on a “special watch list” of Religious Liberty Violators as Canadian pastor remains jailed

    Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., reiterated his call for Canada to be placed on a special watch list of religious liberty violators as a Canadian pastor continues to be jailed after addressing the Freedom Convoy on the U.S.-Canada border earlier this month.

    Speaking to Rebel News at CPAC in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, Hawley was asked to comment on the ongoing imprisonment of Pastor Artur Pawlowski, a Polish-Canadian pastor who has been held at the Calgary Remand Centre for nearly three weeks after giving a speech to the anti-vaccine mandate Freedom Convoy blockade along the U.S.-Canada border.

    “The United States keeps a designation of folks who are religious liberty violators, nations that are religious liberty violators,” Hawley said. “I’ve called for Canada to be put on that list, and I think that we need to consider all of the options that are available for that.”

    Last June, Hawley sent a letter to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) urging it to consider adding Canada to its watch list. The letter came after Pastor Tim Stephens of Calgary was arrested for the second time when a police helicopter found his Fairview Baptist Church gathering outside.

    Since the pandemic, other churches in Canada have faced imprisoned pastors, locked facilities, steep fines and continued interference from government officials.

    Pawlowski was arrested for the fifth time since the pandemic on Feb. 8, just days after the pastor delivered a 20-minute speech to the truckers in Coutts, Alberta, during which he urged them to “hold the line” against government overreach without resorting to violence.
    A Crown prosecutor alleged that Pawlowski’s speech to the truckers was an “overt threat to violence,” according to the CBC, though Pawlowski explicitly told the truckers twice not to resort to violence, according to video[LINK] of his remarks.

    Since then, more than 10,000 people have signed a letter urging Congress to introduce a resolution condemning the treatment of Pawlowski, who was denied bail twice and has spent much of his time in solitary confinement….

  130. Isn’t it funny that “Spiel-berg” means “play or game-mountain” and “Zucker-berg” means “sugar-mountain”?

    Anyhow… dunno…

    (actually, I just wanted to be comment number 564 on this page. (the year of my birth (BC that is)))

    • This peaked my interest because Tyler Technologies lies in affluent far west Plano, a north Texas suburb.
      Decades ago, this was a stomping ground for some of my roadsiding activities.
      That side of Plano is home to a large number of well known corporations.
      In fact, my son currently is supervising a massive construction project for a big corporation a few miles from Tyler Tech.

      I visited both company websites.
      Near as I can tell, their primary focus is to sell software and support targeting government entities (cities, counties, states, national) and also targeting other sectors such school systems and hospitals.
      Evidently NIC brings to the table some applications which make payment systems easier (whether cash, credit card, check, and “alternative payments”).

  131. The Gov. in Norway has started to “seed the notion” of a cyber attack by “muh Russia” in the very near future. Falseflag or real, the results will still be the same, internet IDs and severe restrictions on “internet activities”. Would you consider making a “what to do before the next cyberfalseflag” video? I am a low tech guy and i could really use a “how to video” about this subject. Thanks for what you do and keep up the good work!

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