Episode 442 – The Global Pandemic Treaty Is A Threat To Us All

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Podcasts, Videos | 18 comments

Today, James delivers a statement for the National Citizens Inquiry in Canada on the WHO, the global pandemic treaty, the amendments to the International Health Regulations, and the formation of the coming technocratic biosecurity control grid.

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Hello. I’m James Corbett of The Corbett Report.

For those who don’t know, I’m a Canadian who’s been living and working in Japan for 19 years and founded The Corbett Report in 2007 as a source for news and information about politics, economics, science, philosophy and society, and in that regard I’ve been covering the corruption of the World Health Organization and warning about the dawning biosecurity state for over 15 years now.

So I would like to thank the inquiry for giving me the time to address the extremely important topic of the pending global pandemic treaty, but I know my time is limited today so I’d like to get straight into detailing the relevant background and context for understanding this story.

Firstly, the World Health Organization was established in 1948 to promote “the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.” It proposes to achieve this by acting as “the directing and co-ordinating authority on international health work.”

Accordingly, the WHO’s governing body, the World Health Assembly, adopted the International Sanitary Regulations in 1951 to consolidate the multiple, overlapping international agreements then governing quarantine procedures and other international health controls into a single convention.

In 1969, this was superseded by the International Health Regulations, which, as amended in 1973 and 1981, covered six diseases but focused on three: cholera, yellow fever and plague.

Worries about the “emergence, re-emergence and international spread of disease and other threats” concurrent with the surge in international travel in the 1990s gave rise to calls for a substantial revision of the treaty, and, in the wake of the 2003 SARS event and the 2004 avian influenza A epidemic (if you remember that one), a renewed sense of urgency led to the 2005 revision of the IHR.

This revision included the creation of a new category of declaration by the World Health Organization: the Public Health Emergency of International Concern, which is appropriately enough abbreviated as PHEIC.

A PHEIC declaration grants the WHO the power to obtain and share information about any declared health crisis anywhere within the IHR territories with or without the consent of the individual governments involved. And, according to Stephen Morrison—the director of the Global Health Policy Center at the Center for Strategic and International Studies—this potentially allows for “boots-on-the-ground” intervention by the US military or other NATO member countries to operate in these environments in terms of ground transport, supply chain, and distribution of commodities.

The PHEIC was declared for the first time in 2009 during the so-called Swine Flu pandemic, which, as was later shown, was based on severely overestimated case numbers. In fact, the swine flu “pandemic” did not meet the WHO website’s own definition of “an enormous number of deaths and cases of the disease” and, when that was pointed out by a CNN reporter on May 4, 2009, that language was promptly removed.

At the time, Richard Schabas—the former chief medical officer for Canada’s Ontario Province—was quoted as saying: “Sometimes some of us think that WHO stands for World Hysteria Organization.”

Indeed, in 2010, a British Medical Journal investigation and an investigation by the Council of Europe both concluded that the key scientists who advised then-WHO Director Margaret Chan to declare the PHEIC for the swine flu scare “had done paid work for pharmaceutical firms that stood to gain from the guidance they were preparing” and excoriated the WHO for its complete lack of transparency about the process.

PHEICs were subsequently declared for the 2014 polio declaration, the 2013 outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa, the 2015 Zika virus “epidemic,” the 2018–2020 Kivu Ebola epidemic, and, of course, in 2020 for the so-called novel coronavirus pandemic and in 2022 for the monkeypox “pandemic”(?).

Each of these cases similarly resulted in massive paydays for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other beneficiaries of the growing biosecurity complex and massive increases in power for “health authorities” in each country and for the WHO in particular. In fact, we are told that the current WHO Director even ignored the decision of his “expert advisory council” to unilaterally declare last year’s Monkeypox outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

Incredibly, the WHO is not satisfied with the remarkable power that it already enjoys. It is currently engaged in a deliberately confusing process to simultaneously do two things:

  • Firstly, to once again amend the International Health Regulations to give the WHO even more powers of surveillance and control during any arbitrarily declared health crisis.
  • And secondly, to create a global pandemic treaty that would supersede the sovereignty of individual nation-states and cede even more authority to the WHO to monitor and control public health agencies in the name of preventing the next pandemic.

The process for these two separate negotiations are happening simultaneously, and although there is the fig leaf of public input in these processes, in reality only accredited organizations are given time to voice their opinion about the need for such a treaty and even then the WHO is under no obligation to even consider such input.

Instead, actual negotiations are taking place behind closed doors in off-camera sessions, and draft documents and meeting minutes are only occasionally dribbled out for public consumption.

Worse, as the WHO has already demonstrated, their procedure for adoption of these proposed amendments is at best a formality, and, at worst, pure theatrics.

That a completely unelected, unaccountable body that wields so much power over international affairs is meeting behind closed doors to decide the future of humanity under the pretense of the next declared emergency should be worrying enough. But the few details that have leaked out about these negotiations are even more frightening.

These include:

While these ideas may seem benign or even noble to those who do not know the history of the WHO or the erection of the biosecurity grid, to those of us who have lived through three years of unprecedented medical tyranny—from forced quarantines and lockdowns to the attempt to illegally mandate experimental medical interventions—stopping the WHO’s unprecedented power grab must be our greatest priority.

The World Health Organization currently consists of 194 member states, including Canada. In order to become a member of the WHO, a state must ratify the WHO Constitution, which grants the WHO’s governing body, the World Health Assembly (WHA), the power to “adopt conventions or agreements with respect to any matter within the competence of the Organization,” which, when ratified, obliges each member state to adopt those conventions or to notify the WHO’s Director-General of rejection or reservations to that adoption within 18 months.

As a WHO member state, Canada is obligated to abide by World Health Assembly decisions or to provide specific reasons for partial or incomplete compliance with WHA rules and agreements. Accordingly, the Public Health Agency of Canada provides regular “self-assessment reports” regarding its own International Health Regulations compliance.

At an absolute minimum, Canadians must exert whatever power they have in whatever way they are able to reassert Canada’s sovereignty over its public health by registering its reservations about the IHR and the pandemic treaty. That would of course not be a solution to the problem posed by the WHO, but it would be a start. A more thoroughgoing solution would be the withdrawal of Canada from the WHO altogether.

But, as someone who is not just deeply cynical about the ability of the public to influence such affairs, but actually believes the political process itself—with its inherent abrogation of individual sovereignty and thus, by extension, bodily autonomy—to be invalid and immoral, I would suggest that a more radical approach might be appropriate. That is, active and coordinated widescale civil disobedience of medical decrees and mandates, whether federal or provincial, that are not in the interest of individual health, including, if possible, the foundation of private medical organizations with doctors and others of like mind who are willing to disregard the dictates of the WHO, Public Health Canada, and any other self-declared health authority to provide health care regardless of vaccination status or any other unreasonable dictate.

I know that such a movement will not take place without a sea change in public perception, and such a change would have to be predicated on a sea change in public awareness and understanding. That is why I participate in inquiries like this and do the work that I do to help raise awareness of these issues.

I hope you can appreciate that there is much, much more to be said about this problem and its solution than can possibly be done justice in a short presentation like this. If you’re interested in hearing more about this topic, I suggest you follow the hyperlinked transcript of this statement that is available at corbettreport.com/pandemictreaty, as well as check The Corbett Report archives for my previous work on the WHO and the biosecurity state and follow my monthly conversations with Dr. Meryl Nass on Children’s Health Defense as we document the progress of the IHR amendments and the pandemic treaty toward their proposed ratification at the 77th World Health Assembly in May of next year.

But in closing, let me just say this: The WHO was established in 1948 to coordinate international efforts to promote public health. But what is health?

That may seem like a trivial question, but as we’ve seen over the last few years, the answer to that question can affect every aspect of our lives, from what medical interventions we are obligated to take to whether or not we are permitted to leave our house.

We cannot afford to let government appointees and unelected technocrats at the WHO answer this incredibly important question for us. It is up to us to answer that question for ourselves and to decide what health precautions we are willing to take and under what circumstances we are willing to take them.

Any treaty, health regulation or other document that would seek to undermine our bodily autonomy is null and void and should be treated as if it never existed.

Thank you for your time.


  1. Really good presentation. You have sent out a flair signal, its up to all of us now to do what we should.

    Thank you.

    • Agree 100%

      Thanks so much James…

      • I agree also, 100%.

        When James opens his presentation, the communication glows. It is relaxed, comfortable and inviting. Pretty impressive.
        The sweater made me think of Canada.

  2. “Safety third” I find a good contemplation. What is first and second?

    As Charles Eisenstein describes it:

    “First and second are giving and receiving, not necessarily in that order. Giving is what you put into the world. It is your art and music, it is your mom’s healing work, it is the love you show to others, it is everything you do to make the world more alive and more beautiful.

    Receiving is to fully enjoy being alive in this world. It is to behold with awestruck wonder the magnificence of creation. It is to delight in the gifts of others, and the animals and plants and the sky, the singing of the birds, the creativity of other people, to play and enjoy. As your grandmother said before she died, ‘Life has so much to offer!’”

    I hope people wake up to owning this kind of reflections to be able to assert a critical approach to health authority

    • Let’s not stop at health authorities, by all means, let us dispose of all of external authority. But maybe one, and that is the parent’s authority to guide their progeny until it develops conciousness.

    • @jonassax

      Thanks for sharing that, I also really appreciate Charles’ “safety third” concept and I feel it is very apt to discuss that in this forum.

    • My grandmother said, “I got the crap (cancer).” That was it. She enjoyed life but had a tough life. “Receiving is to fully enjoy being alive in this world.” Sounds like an orgasm. They don’t last long.

      In my experience, I’ve found that I’m lucky to get 50% back of what I put into this world. But I expect zero in return.

      Looks like the elites will make zero return for us a reality soon. Real soon.

  3. Thank you sir for everything you have done so far
    I have been enjoying this process of awakening thanks to wonderful people like you and David Icke.
    May our Creator bless you and your family forever.

  4. Remember:
    how all alone you felt when lockdowns prevented you from socializing
    how frustrating it was to not have any means to find other people locally
    who shared your concerns
    how powerless you felt to speak out or resist the mandates
    how happy you were when the Freedom Convoy proved that thousands
    of Canadians felt just like you

    We must never let this happen again.
    No one is coming to save us. We must do it ourselves.

    If we can establish local resistance networks before the next round of attacks (censorship, mandates, digital IDs, CBDCs, climate change, lockdowns, 15-minute cities, etc.) we may still have a chance to communicate and live freely.

    LocalResistance.org provides a safe, anonymous search tool to easily locate neighbours in your own city or town who share your concerns and who are willing to stand together and press for truth locally. By linking locally we can find strength & support, we can communicate, coordinate, educate & resist.

    We need a worldwide network of independent local resistance cells, too numerous to eliminate, autonomous and locally controlled, acting continuously to expose and expel all of the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and corporations who would deny our personal freedom, sovereignty and natural rights.

    Check it out. Spread the word. Thank-you. https://localresistance.org

  5. Great stuff James, and thanks for the transcript.

    Congrats on being able to present for the inquiry in Ottawa, I have no doubt you will be able to help nudge many off the fence as well as reaching many isolated peaceful warriors of truth, offering them a pathway to connect with like minds to more effectively collaborate towards achieving common goals.

    May this result in the ranks of the Corbeteers swelling substantially to create an unstoppable “Sea Change” where the raising tides of truth, courage and informed/passionately motivated will to take (peaceful) action results in millions reclaiming their sovereignty and creating thriving islands (communities) of sanity and integrity in the ocean of insanity and cowardice that is modern civilization.

  6. Regarding monkeybusiness, the linked article title says it all:

    WHO chief declares monkeypox an international emergency after expert panel fails to reach consensus

    Narrow majority on Emergency Committee voted against ringing WHO’s loudest alarm bell

    What does “consensus” mean to these people? The “majority” voted for something and determined that this conjured up thing was not a threat. How is that not a concensus? Why is it a failure, instead?

    Teddy said it himself: I have decided. At least some truth has crossed his dry lips.


  7. Thanks, James Corbett. A great presentation you have made here.
    I have this dream. The WHO is having its conference in that big room with all the attendees. Suddenly a mist comes down from the ceiling (it is just water vapor).
    But at the same time, a deep voice like Darth Vader’s says, “You poisoned us. So now we are poisoning you! Hahahahahahaha!”
    The WHO delegates panic and trample themselves to death while trying to escape.

  8. I live in California. California once was, in the mid-20th Century, the best place on Earth. Now it is a socialist shithole.
    Nothing is going to change until this socialist elite society hits rock bottom and I mean starvation bottom.
    People will put up with being masked, locked down, injected, their kids being tortured, and sent off to pointless wars.
    But they won’t tolerate hunger.

  9. Liechtenstein is not the only place which is not signed into the WHO. Faroe Islands, as an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark, is not a party to the WHO. When lockdown took place in the Faroes it was Danish police who had the job of enforcing it. I understand from an acquaintance that there is quite a robust disobedience movement there. It would be great if they could do to the WHO what they traditionally do to dolphins.

  10. Excellent presentation James. Clear and simple.

  11. With 180+ comments from the old post about Bystanders, I want to offer this to people who may have missed it:

    The late, brilliant songwriter/singer Phil Ochs wrote this about her…


    Oh, look outside the window
    There’s a woman being grabbed
    They’ve dragged her to the bushes
    And now she’s being stabbed

    Maybe we should call the cops
    And try to stop the pain
    But Monopoly is so much fun
    I’d hate to blow the game

    And I’m sure
    It wouldn’t interest anybody
    Outside of a small circle of friends

    Ridin’ down the highway
    Yes, my back is gettin’ stiff
    Thirteen cars are piled up
    They’re hangin’ on a cliff

    Now maybe we should pull them back
    With our towin’ chain
    But we gotta move and we might get sued
    And it looks like it’s gonna rain

    And I’m sure
    It wouldn’t interest anybody
    Outside of a small circle of friends

  12. “Any treaty, health regulation or other document that would seek to undermine our bodily autonomy is null and void and should be treated as if it never existed.”

    James Corbett

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