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As predicted, the IPCC has released their hot air report on 1.5C of global warming and the lamestream fake news lying establishment lapdog media is hyping it as the end of the world as we know it…unless you pay the globalists more money to atone for your carbon sins, of course. This week on #PropagandaWatch James breaks down the latest propaganda push for carbon eugenics and what it means for the coming technocratic slave state.


IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5C

The IPCC Prepares to Release More Hot Air

UN Warning: Just 3 YEARS Left to Save the Earth!

New Video : (Always) Ten Years Left To Save The Planet

Countries negotiate key messages of IPCC’s controversial ‘Special Report’

Changes to the Underlying Scientific-Technical Assessment to ensure consistency with the approved Summary for Policymakers

Special Report FAQ

Historical Temperature of Earth

#DataGate! First ever audit of global temperature data finds freezing tropical islands, boiling towns, boats on land

UNFCCC Statement on the Latest IPCC Climate Change Report

To Tackle Climate Change, a New U.N. Climate Report Says Put a High Price on Carbon

How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World

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  1. Good work. You seem ticked off. We should all get in a persistent ticked off state of mind.

    • Hell yea!
      And to boot, I’m gonna give off a loud toot. Smell that IPCC, come tax it if you can catch it.

      I need to learn how to can it. Then I can redeem the cans for carbon credits.

  2. “According to the IPCC’s report, limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is possible, but requires unprecedented transitions in all aspects of society.”

    Well, there it is, plain as day. This is what they’ll use to justify the next squeeze of draconian measures placed upon us nasty carbon units.

    • Yep. Pretty scary, like Corbett points out.

  3. I understand the criticism of the man-made climate change story. It would be impossible to determine with certainty anything based of the limited data size and uncertainty in the measurements. And when the issue is discussed, I am always on the side of less polution and more “green” type energy sources, but I warn people that if anyone is mentioning carbon taxes, they are trying to scam you.

    But there is one part of the narrative that James puts out there that I just don’t see – the MSM mostly ignores climate change. It is almost never mentioned on the usual suspects – MSNBC, Fox, CNN, etc. They are not pushing any narrative. Sure, once in a while it gets an article in WaPo and a breif segment on TV, but that is it. Perhaps others have a different experience, but I do not think this is being pushed on the general public. What am I missing? Is it early in the messaging stage so they need to turn the heat up slowly? Is it being pushed more in Europe and other countries? I would be curious to hear.

    • Here the story is present in the media in regular intervals. What worries me the most is the fact most people in the alternative media keep peddling this bullshit.

    • Another bit I find worrying is effectiveness of the parroting going on in the “media” usually beginning with everyone including their grandmother chanting “hottest days ever, hottest day ever” about 50 days per year for the past 10 years. Do none of these people realize 500 0.1°C increments would lead to a substantial temperature increase over the past decade? Apparently not.

    • rob,
      Actually, I notice a lot subtle mentions of climate change in the media, often as part of a story.
      Example: “Smart Technology will save you money while helping with climate change.”

      When you check the weather forecast, often there are mentions of climate change in the “click bait” videos.

    • Check out Jason A’s YouTube channel. He’s always posting the latest global weather hype news broadcasts. Not every video, but often. His channel is too religious for me, and he apparently buys into the climate change narrative, but I like his channel because he has a knack to very often pull out strange and interesting stuff that’s going on in the world that I’ve missed.

    • I think it is a good cop / bad cop kind of thing.

      Even if the MSN media does not mention climate change as such, they are subtlety brainwashing people with propaganda that helps the Climate Change narrative.

      For example, 30 years ago you would never hear about a natural disaster in another part of the world unless it killed lots of white people. I think I can even remember the other Corbett (The British comedian) making joke news about that (The disaster was OK because no British died kind of thing)

      These days you will hear about “record weather” conditions and natural disasters anywhere in the world regardless of whether it killed white people or not, even if no one died.

      If extreme weather is being reported more these days, then of course it is going to seem like extreme weather is more frequent.

      • That is a good point and frequently observed by me through that JasonA channel that I was talking about earlier.

        Also, didn’t they try to blame the strange intensity of those California fires and other unusual fires on global warming too? The ones that melted cars and left nearby trees untouched. And as you say, they’re showing fires from all over the world. It’s like they’re trying to tell us that the world is on fire, obviously the expected effects from global warming.

        Floods or other weather events where they talk to people who say things like “I’ve lived here 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like this”. Highest temperature in recorded history here and there. Very much highlighting any and all “extreme” weather events.

        Animal/nature shows almost always have the climate change message embedded somewhere along the way if not regularly throughout the show.

        And it’s like there’s a generally accepted attitude in the media that if there’s a possibility of blaming a thing on global warming, it’s okay to go ahead and do so without any actual scientific evidence to substantiate the claim. Global warming is just accepted as an unquestionable underlying fact of our existence by the media.

        And if you’re not in on the narrative, they’ll say you’re either a bumbling fool like Trump, or you’re dangerous. And as one government official said, you should actually be prosecuted for disagreeing with the narrative because you’re a danger to the Earth or something like that if I remember correctly.

        This scam is fully and unquestionably embedded into every facet of the mainstream narrative.

  4. If the global temperature is rising then the sea level must rise too due to the melting ice. According to the Smithsonian Institute; “Today, global sea level is 5-8 inches (13-20 cm) higher on average than it was in 1900. Between 1900 and 2000, global sea level rose between 0.05 inches (1.2 millimeters) and 0.07 inches (1.7 millimeters) per year on average. In the 1990s, that rate jumped to around 3.2 millimeters per year. In 2016 the rate was estimated to be 3.4 millimeters per year, and it is expected to jump higher by the end of the century. Scientists with the Intergovernmental Project on Climate Change predict that global sea level will rise between 0.3 and 1 meter by 2100.” But when you compare this to the long term data from the PSMSL (Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level)you can see that this is total nonsense.

  5. Suspicious Observer

    A good source. They may do an interview too.
    It is a scientific channel that looks at the connection between the sun’s activity and earth’s weather and earthquakes.

    Top 6 Climate Change Problems:

    1 – The climate is changing unexpectedly
    Data is diverging from CO2 predictions.
    Volcano activity is not in the news.
    News headlines do not fit with reality.

    2 – You can not trust what you hear.
    Sketchy adjustments of data by “experts”.
    Climate gate, Climate gate 2, Climate gate 3.
    Money is on both sides.
    Studies covered up or attacked.

    3- The future is uncertain

    4- The entire solar system is changing
    Climate also changes on other planets.
    Does our CO2 melt the poles of mars too?

    5- The Sun may dictate our future
    The climate connection between earth and sun gives a very accurate model
    (Here we see a mistake between magnetic and electric fields, but that
    is because the NASA solar science is very bad)

    The sun is ignored in most climate science

    6- Humans are messing with the weather
    Weather modification/ geoengineering.
    Normal Airplane contrails also increase cloud forming.
    How did the science get so messed up?

    2017 Climate Update

    (about the “pause” and volcano activity)

    “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer

    PS. I was amazed with the mix-up between Fahrenheit and Celsius mentioned in Corbett’s video. I will use that now in my discussions.

  6. Scary stuff, and extremely hard to get through to well-meaning caring people who are being duped into complete totalitarian control.

    Charles Eisenstein, as always, cuts the root of why arguing about whether climate change is real or not is, is moot:

    “This is precisely my concern. Business as normal is ruining the planet – regardless of whether the climate is warming or cooling. Here are some of the changes that have happened just in my lifetime: Fish biomass has decreased by more than half. The number of monarch butterflies has dropped by 90 percent. Deserts have expanded on every continent. Coral reef extent has declined by half. Mangroves in Asia have declined 80 percent. The Borneo rainforest is nearly gone, and rainforests globally cover less than half their former area. And all over the world, flying insect biomass has plummeted, by as much as 80% in some places. Have you noticed that there is less bug splatter on the windshield than when you were a child? It isn’t your imagination. This should be alarming whatever the trend in global temperatures – insects are crucial to every terrestrial food web. The insect die-off means the planet is becoming less alive.

    None of the above can be directly attributed to climate change. Most are caused by “land use changes” and resource extraction. Forests have been clearcut. Mangrove swamps have been drained for development. Coral reefs have been blasted, bottom-trawled, and suffocated by sediment released by soil erosion and deforestation. Climate change may be an exacerbating factor, but it is not the primary cause (the reefs, for example, suffered catastrophic losses before bleaching was widespread). In the case of the insect holocaust, we also must consider the ongoing 90-year experiment we have performed by regularly dousing vast areas of land with insecticide.

    It would be nice to attribute all ecological problems to a single, quantifiable cause – greenhouse gases. Then to be “green” all you have to do is use solar power and offset your emissions. Then, collectively, all we need to do to “save the planet” is to switch to carbon-neutral energy sources. Certainly, that would be technically challenging, but in principle, it wouldn’t require a fundamental shift in the course of development or humanity’s relationship to the planet.”

  7. Wed 17 Oct 2018

    Hey James

    Great report. Yes I’ve download the Big Oil series (and lots more—I have about sixty of your reports ready to dig out from my hard drive for when we go tubeless.)

    As others above have noted, the Global Warming scam is almost impossible to mention; either to normals or to fellow truthers. Even Dave Wiggington of GeoEngineering Watch (anti chemtrails, much good work) seems to buy into it.

    We live in a ninety second sound bite. Due to cellphones, fakebook feeds, sport and hollywood, it’s almost impossible to have substantial conversation about anything. Let alone georealism.

    I think one has to follow the Occam Razor ninety second rule. Six bullet points, a sixty second narrative arc and a sum up with a few source notes.

    • 9/11. Tower 7 >>> Dropped car keys >>> free fall >>> no resistance >>> NIST admits freefall (2.25 secs) >>> no resistance = building turned to vapour, i.e. dust, smoke >>> therefore >>> Controlled Demolition >>> QED.

    • Pearl Harbour. FDR squeezes Japan >>> proven sources >>> insiders knew Japan would retaliate >>> Pearl Harbour obvious target >>> Japanese codes broken >>> US govt knew date of attack >>> Deliberately kept Adm. Kimmel in the dark >>> False Flag. Quote Stinnett for source.

    Not all events lend themselves such basic schematics but you get the point.

    So James, my question—and request.

    Can you give us a takehome set of bullet-point datasets as per the above? Specifically: Ninety seconds, (well okay, five minutes,) to summarise Global Warming / Rising Earth Temperatures as a fraud.

    You have to think of the underlying psychology to do this.

    For example, with 9/11, I end the T7 narrative before jumping to cui bono. I quote A&E911’s Richard Gage by saying: this is where the science leads us. I don’t want to speculate any further.

    You insist on the veracity of your claims. But in polite society, one cannot be so plainly certain about global warming. For a lot of people 9/11 is abstract, but doubting climate change is like insulting your mother.

    Perhaps for climate fraud we need to be more hesitant and frame it as a question:

    “Did you know a growing number of scientists now question the data for global warming?”

    or some other way to broach it.

    From there go on to the bullet points:

    • a list of scientists who refute it; and where to find them
    • a brief breakdown of the East Anglia leaked emails and the gist of the climategate scam
    • brief account of how ecology was hijacked by the ptbs, who they were and why they did it
    • Carbon Tax
    • other Cui Bono points, social control, technocracy
    • other points which I have forgotten

    all of which is presented in an unfolding narrative arc.

    I watch your report regularly and know you must be very busy.

    I myself am overwhelmed by trying to keep up with all the other ruling class depravities; Federal Reserve, Gladio, Indigenous issues etc etc.

    So if you could work on the Cliffs Notes Climate scam I, and no doubt many others, would be most grateful.


    • steve, Nice idea you got… bullet points
      Cliffs Notes for the Climate Scam

      • I guess Corbett could call the bullet points “C Notes” so as not to infringe upon Cliff.

        …and “you can take that to the bank”.
        Meaning: “Can believe a particular statement or piece of information because it is definitely true.”

        C Notes – meaning: “hundred dollar bills (or note summaries from James Corbett.)”

    • Great Work James! Also, Steve, you have some great ideas on the ‘ninety-second sound bite’. James, if you have the time, I too would appreciate a ‘take home set in bullet-points on the Climate Scam’, after which I could use it as a template for other topics. I am frustrated by today’s lack of curiosity, lack of interest and diminishing attention-span, caused by cell-phones, computers, news-outlets, education-systems, relativism, tower of babel, among others. I have seen many persons become agitated while focusing on mental activities. I’ve seen University-Students complain about their Professor if he required them to take exams, which would require in-depth understanding of the content as well as good study practices. Their preference was for Group-Assignments where the material is divided-up among the presenters, thus compartmentalizing the content. Skimming and Scanning techniques are encouraged during the Secondary School Years and onwards, where emphasis is placed on speed rather than understanding the material while the term ‘Research’ is loosely used by all ages. I believe that Exams are not only about memorization, as this method is used in many countries where the Average IQ is extremely high. The term ‘memorization’ is derogatively linked to ‘rote-learning vs meaningful-learning” to discourage the progression from information to knowledge and understanding and to encourage a reliance on computer-resources instead of brain-retention. Likewise, paperless documents, manuals, receipts, etcetera have been introduced, not to save the trees, but to discourage the reading of them (with note-taking) and their accessibility, as digital contents are easily changed or no longer available. Most people do not question the material ‘FED’ to them via School Databases and Internet-Algorithms and, like-wise, spew out this content, quoting titles and authors in ‘ninety-second sound bites’ as a sign of their intelligence, fearing the label ‘Verbose.’ During polite conversations, Political Correctness or Relativism may also be invoked to move the conversation to another topic while no real interaction, sharing or learning has taken place. On the other hand, commuters spend hours on their hand-held devices, hardly looking at each other, except when the other person is too close to their belongings. Likewise VICE News and You Tube, among others, are held in high esteem for their pictorial ‘FEEDS’ while the Three R’s are dying-out. Investigators, Researchers, Mediators, Specialists and Enforcement Services have told me that they prefer contents to be summarized as they get lost in detail and in-depth information while conversations with them are carried out with the oft-repeated phrases as ‘moving-forward’, ‘focusing on present and future’, ‘no need for history.’ I often say that my material is contextual in nature so I need to reference background information but this approach does not work during in-person interactions, when the other person has disconnected. I wonder if your readers have had similar experiences. Thnx.

      • Lumen,
        I too have noticed this trend.

      • Dear Lumin, the lack of attention can be directly related to the amount of metal one absorbs environmentally. Along with all you listed so many are unaware of the daily uptake of neurological damaging aluminum and coil fly ash laden heavy metals in the air.
        As I related below, the geoengineers moved moisture from the Texas Oklahoma border to the Kansas border 4 days this week. Only a guess here but they probably sprayed a ton of particulates daily…possibly 2tons daily. The spray from Monday Oct.16 will enter the breathing column Wed. Oct 18 and be present till Sun. Oct.22-23rd. If we get a wind to displace it somewhere else. So many around here refuse to acknowledge the obvious. Sound familiar?

      • Thnx for the responses! Atleast I know I’m not alone in this painful, isolating and frustrating experience.

        • Thank you Lumen, and manbearpig caught my thoughts perfectly. The speed with which this degenerative social deprogramming and flattening of human essence has taken place is astonishing. The frightening consequences are that we now live in an expert dominated world where ‘the more you don’t know the more you think you know’. Humbleness and depth is borne through hardship and we have not experienced deeply trying events in the western world for some time that demand social bonding It appears to be humanity’s curse that floating in the fat for too long causes a flattening of essence – the ancient Rome syndrome. Delighted to have found this thread tonight!

  8. The UN?

    Oh an organsation dominated by very few countries that each have enough Nuclear weapons to destroy all life on earth many times over…

    Oh that UN!

  9. I like it when James gets worked up. I can’t say enough about Ken Lays persona. It was great James mentioned him. We are living in times created by Lay here in Oklahoma. I ask Corbett or contributes, readers how do you check the markets for futures, say in cotton. West Texas cotton. I have seen suggestions that cotton in West Texas was a target market for drought all spring/summer, monsoon September and October resulting in total crop lost. Great financial pain to the producers and landowners. How do you determine how large a market West Texas is relative to the whole market? Ken Lay strategy “all the way in the Navy.” Take no prisoners. Markets for insurance, secondary loan markets, things tied to the whether control spin. Spin out of control or cornered (squared?)by the select few. Those kind of manipulations where Ken Lays specialty. Wish I knew how to check that. I saw some of the machinery in action this week.
    I was outside this week , fall temps, however the sky was anything but normal. Sun light at dawn till 10am. Clear to the west and north. Clouds or more like non-organized moisture to the southeast. Not much of a breeze, southeast to northwest . Then the plane’s lay down x’s and v’s all along the northern edge, then micro waves come on, pushing or pulling the moisture north from the southeast. The curtain is chemically drawn over the fruited prairie by 2 pm. WITH OUT ANY WIND DRIVING THE FOG NORTH. Five or six planes maybe , lay down 20 or 30 chemical trails ahead of the advancing fog till it forms a ceiling, maybe 30-50? thousand feet. My trig guess of altitude may be off on altitude but my eyes are accurate on the awning being Ken Layed in the sky everyday this week. Help some here, crush some there, but most of all, help yourself to it all, would characterize Ken Lay. May he rest in peace.

    • Hey GBW,
      I remember the cotton in far west Texas when I lived out there.
      I guess wet cotton at harvest isn’t a good thing…kind of like a wet rag sitting, getting all mildewy.

      Texas sure has had a good wet spell these past weeks. This morning, my son was telling me how the tank (pond) on his 25 acres finally filled up.
      The extended wetness, light rains, will sure help fill the underground aquifers.
      Near my son’s place is a dry spot of land called “Shaky Springs”. You can stop on the roadside, jump on the ground, then the nearby barbed wire fence will shake.

      Futures – There are different contract months, but the spot price is a good barometer.
      I like this website for following prices.
      Pick the commodity or market you want. Fiddle with the time frame of the graph. Lots of statistics available.

      • Thank you.Homey, unlike the trading done leading up to 911 somewhere in the UN-redacted weeds is the noose that will hang these inside the inside circle of select traders. Greed leaves a trail like a slug. Only the will is lacking to put an end to the crime and injustice. I think of Tom White T.R./FBI almost every day.

  10. Propaganda Watch

    Exposing Wikipedia / Wikipedia – A Tool Of The Ruling Elite
    On the latest episode of On Contact, investigative journalist Helen Buyniski exposes Jimmy Wales’ egalitarian Wikipedia as yet another tool of the ruling elite.

    The business model of Wikipedia is selling us out, by allowing
    companies and agencies to moderate the content.

  11. There’s so much CO2 in the atmosphere that planting trees can no longer save us

    There isn’t enough space on Earth to plant the amount of trees it would take to prevent the climate from warming by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

    In truth, we would have to cover the entire contiguous US with trees just to capture 10% of the CO2 we emit annually.

    Trees can’t save us, but taxes sure as hell can.

  12. Oh no! CO2 is a valuable energy resource!
    What will this do to carbon credits?!

    New Tech Converts CO2 Into Electricity And Hydrogen
    By Irina Slav – Jan 22, 2019
    Amid increasingly urgent calls for more radical climate change action, a team of South Korean scientists has found a way to kill two birds with one stone by converting carbon dioxide into electricity and hydrogen.

    The team, from the (UNIST) Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, took as a starting point of their research the fact that when CO2 is absorbed into the sea—which is where most CO2 emissions end up—the acidity levels of the water rise. As per their report, “If acidity increases, the number of protons increases, which in turn increases the power to attract electrons. If a battery system is created based on this phenomenon, electricity can be produced by removing CO2.”

    The system that the researchers invented very much resembles a fuel cell in which the reaction starts when CO2 is injected into the water, which contains the catalyst necessary for the reaction and the sodium metal cathode. The team reports the system has a pretty high conversion efficiency at 50 percent and has operated for more than 1,000 hours without the electrodes sustaining any damage.

    Ideally, the system could be deployed to capture and convert emissions from fossil fuel-powered facilities into hydrogen, to be used in its turn as vehicle fuel…
    …It is in this respect that the UNIST breakthrough is very important: it eliminates the need to store the captured CO2 for any considerable length of time. Using it to produce electricity could significantly cut the costs associated with the whole carbon capture and storage affair.

    • I’m not entirely certain what does 50% conversion efficiency entail, but if that means you can only store 50% of what is required to charge such a cell, that’s quite terrible. Old lead acid battery is at above 70% ish while most LiIon batteries should be above 90%.

      Considering the CO2 capturing process is quite expensive, such efficiency rate would for all intents and purposes double it.

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