Episode 416 – SHOCKING Document Reveals Trudeau’s REAL Plan!

by | Mar 19, 2022 | Podcasts, Videos | 102 comments

We all know that when a politician walks like a globalist, talks like a globalist, acts like a globalist and quacks like a globalist, that means they’re a globalist, right? And what about when that politician comes out with an unbelievable, in-your-face endorsement of the UN-led Agenda 2030 to remodel the world order and lead us into the maws of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset in the name of “sustainable development.” Then we all know they’re a globalist, right? Well, get a load of this. . . .

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    • I can’t find it either . . . Were you putting us on, James, or has it been taken down???

      • Your emotionally driven response shows that you obviously did not watch the video, in which James explains the reason why the title was purposefully mistitled. Yes there were others whose response also showed they did not watch the full video but all that shows is how quick some people are to judge without knowing the full story.

        • No. The responses do not show that those complaining did not watch the video. Serious times demand serious people. This approach is frivolous and childish. If you have something to say, say it. Don’t play mind games with your audience, treat them like children and waste their time. I heard the “explanation”, it was ridiculous.

    • saw this with a flash search:




      “…Building Back Better

      The Prime Minister and the President share a vision for a sustainable and inclusive economic recovery that strengthens the middle class, creates more opportunities for hard working people to join it, and ensures people have good jobs and careers on both sides of the border. They also recognized the opportunity for clean growth driven by workers, communities, businesses, and innovation.

      The leaders agreed that promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls is the most effective approach to eradicating poverty and building a more peaceful, more inclusive, and more prosperous world…” etc etc.

    • @ Jeff, carlosb, deb.h

      I believe that was the point.

      • Spot on as usual! I definitely saw the click bait but was not expecting the CA-RU switch, great episode!

    • (((They’re))) all on the same ww Marxist/Bolshevik Young Global Leaders of Tomorrow (YGLT) implementing the (IRBO) Technocracy: The Operating System For The New International Rules-Based Order team(s)
      … much of the same text is also encompassed/covertly hidden/included unspoken within the more recent Canadian doc:
      G7 Leaders’ Statement February 24, 2022 Ottawa, Ontario – Sustainable Development referenced 9 times
      We, the Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7), met virtually today and resolved to make progress towards an equitable world. As open democracies, we are driven by shared values and universal human rights, our commitment to the rules-based multilateral system, sustainable development and the needs of the wider global community. We are united in our commitment to addressing both the biggest systemic challenges and immediate crises of our time.
      Working towards a sustainable planet, we reaffirm and will implement our climate commitments made in Paris and Glasgow across mitigation, adaptation and finance, as well as our wider commitments to the environment and biodiversity.
      We will support progress towards the global ambition of USD 100 bn of support to countries most in need, including through the voluntary channeling of Special Drawing Rights or equivalent contributions. We will also continue to monitor major global risks, including those arising from heightened geopolitical tensions.

    • Yes, no find…. James, can you please put up the link to the Can. document? Thank you!

    • There is no US/Canadian document. That was part of the parody introduction to the mountains of evidence James pressented that Putin is a globalist.

  1. Thank you James, for opening my eyes again, I was a bit on the russian side, for a moment, because I thougt they was fighting the corruption in ukrina. Was I duped again !!. Like I want to belive, that there is something good, happening. And that we are getting rid of some of the critters, at least in some small ways.
    So sad, that I got to be shaked awake again. But it was needed !



    • OMG, James, you’ve just red-pilled everyone at one blow. Like Roy, I, too, was beginning to hope that Russia might be breaking out of the globalist lockstep. Your presentation here is a tough pill to swallow, but I admire and thank you for having the courage and clarity to shake us awake yet again. God help us all!

      • I like to listen to Clif High : https://www.bitchute.com/channel/HBBwqdoMy7Gz/
        And he is telling many strange stories, and a lot of them, seems to make sense. I want to believe, that is the reason that I need to be shaken now and then. I am tending to fall asleep, and start dreaming. Clif has told a lot of stories, about cleaning out the rot in Ukraine, and it sounds so good. So when I hear about klaus S. talking about his friend putin, my brain is trying to convince me that this is a trick, putin is using klaus in some way, in his 4d chess. Of course, my brain also tells me, that it is super strange, that I am not doubting, what is right in front of my nose. I write to a russian, but that is not much helpful, they also believe what putin says, and they are afraid.

  2. The words “John F Kennedy” appear in the background of the now famous Klaus Knob video about the young global leaders.

    I think that is their way of saying they select the leaders, one way or another.

    • I didn’t notice that, it certainly ties the video nicely together.

  3. Anarchy, it’s been whispered on this site previously.

    The love of family,
    The love of friends,
    The love of self.

    Not the anarchy that Hollywood sells you, nope. Just the type that allows you to self govern.

    It’s a little of “us” against “them”.

    The plot, I would say, is obvious. But look at the odds. It’s us against them. Spiritual beings with light and love against an insignificant few.

    We are born free on this earth, free of any and all compliance. All you have to do is accept this as factual.

    Live your life, don’t comply, be free and encourage others to be free.

    WEF, Trudeau, Putin, et all. They only have meaning if you subscribe to the narrative.

    Make your own….

    In Lak’ech

  4. Feel free to criticize but I do feel this open conspiracy to be monolithic. Perhaps I simply don’t have the imagination to express how supposed nation states allegedly at odds with one another could still pursue, in “lockstep”, the same post human, biosecurity, green revolution authoritarianism against their populations. One would think at the very least, when a pariah nation is segregated from the global nexus of tyranny it could be free to pursue different modalities of governance.

    Maybe we don’t have to coercively inject our population with experimental gene therapies. Maybe we don’t need biometrics or health passports. Is anyone participating in government able to even conceive of freedom, or rights? Seemingly no, the transhuman infrastructure is laid out everywhere. Any conflict seems contrived or token at best.

    The evidence always seems to lead me to an inhuman intelligence undergirding this thing were all experiencing and it is tirelessly working to eliminate a human threat. Governments being one of the many technologies including corporations to accomplish this task. One that the collective of humanity are addicted to in Stockholm syndrome/Munchhausen by proxy dichotomy. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way about this..

    • ethan “an inhuman intelligence undergirding this thing were all experiencing and it is tirelessly working to eliminate a human threat.”

      v ,,human threat of pulling the plug. too easy mate.

  5. thanks james, your lead inspires; you’re a fat wood stick (an alit split of resinous pine), which is leagues better than a match, yet trying to light a heap of wet wood..

    steering the tornado of human imagination aint getting easier yet all the more imminent; the more we know about it, the wilder it gets.


    cary mulis said, something like, “the pcr is so sensitive it could find a little piece of anything in anybody”; could that mean we’re microcosms of the macro?
    are the psycho-dynamics of great investigative journalists and the global control freaks that they expose, existing in some form and quantity in all of us?

    if so

    how to end up with orange wings bigger eyes and a yen for flower nectar, rather than a rotting silk cocoon composting into mud?

    clues abound; the only guarantee is there are no finish-line answers. Thats the good news: theres no answer, because theres actually no question.


    life composites disparate realms: A 3d spaceship body copes with the omni-d imaginarium. “what can we do with it, and how do they keep the lid on it?” T.Mckenna (near the end of his life, he was asked for guidance for all,, he said “bungle-not your mantra”, which could be the same as biggy llates and war’n bluff itt saying their success was summed up by one word: “focus”, trouble is his mantra was to dominate, which is a dead end, as was said by someone here a few days ago: ultimately one would dominate oneself,,,,obliteration

    The whole gig of egoistic mind (thinking that one is the centre of a perceived reality) needing to be overcome or let go of, seems to be what the whole species as one being is going through.

    yes yes, and so what, you may be patiently humming, while waiting for even a drip of inspiration, a dopa-surge to cool the brake pads of your imagination that must be piping hot,, thanks for your patience for tolerating my rambling this far.

    • continued…

      I’m trying, as an experiment, to lengthen the emotional charge.

      If consciousness pulses in waves as the tibetans say, even as we breathe in and out, we experience emptiness, then a rising force, which presents as “feeling”, which then gets named, depending on the name chosen so then ensues a karmic event,,
      one gets a surge of ??? call it muscular tension, but the systems expressing are many: heart break, testoster-turn-on, mind fuck,, these names are our imaginal cells off and running. once they start, I find it smoothest to ride that wave all the way through the break.
      if we’d like to change a pattern, not become enraged or at least maintain peace of mind, the key seems to be to give the feeling a different name. It doesn’t work half way, one can’t say “blue,, uh oh no yellow”. to”name” in this case is to “decide” which is another way of saying “a mind without question”.

      This is a transmutation or steering the tornado technique. from the festering paradigm rose a fluttering murmur of many monarched minds. The more orange wings the better, good luck.

      • “prosperity priest T.D. Jakes

        I know exactly who you are talking about.
        Years ago, our 9/11 group mailed 9/11 DVDs and Ae911Truth literature to religious leaders in the Dallas Ft Worth area.
        His church was huge. He has a lot of books out.

        Circa 2008, the T D Jakes MYSPACE (fans) had ALEX JONES as a top 20 friend and he also signed onto Jason Bermas.
        He had followers around the world and a local congregation of over 30,000 at The Potters House.
        Since that era, I think he has rubbed elbows with “conventional elitists”.

      • ARRR,
        thanks for the reply. I do tend towards lengthy descriptions, and lately have skipped what is typically a slow process of editing what otherwise spills out,,, I’m short on time, so for now, this will just be what sprung forth first,,

        you wrote:
        “hate is not the opposite of love, rather apathy is the opposing force to love.”

        That doesnt fit with the teaching/model Ive used, with success, for decades. I’ve detailed it on this thread a few times, so apologies for those who see redundancy, but for anyone still wrestling with awareness of unconscious emotional charges (spoiler:thats everybody),,

        from tibetain tradition, a formula for energy vectors has 4 pairs of polarized direction/emphasis, the first 4 are summed up and all contained by a 5th. I think of these catagories of “energy” that behave linearly, one moves towards or away from a tendancy to feel (negative or positive). The positive aspects are the actual gestures required as antidotes to the negative aspects.

        Ignorance vs wide open horizon (open mindedness)
        hatred/anger vs diamond like clarity (I’ve glimpsed this through compassion)
        greed vs generosity
        piride/vanity vs selfless service

        the above 4 are contained in the vector

        jealousy vs love

        I also like Z.Bush MD’s idea that “love is a symptom of beauty”

        “no time to say hello goodbye i’m lateimlateimlate” L.C.

        • Arrr
          “to not even have apathy on that vector list”

          sloth, laziness may be the symptom as a result of any of those negative charges.

          “What you are measuring with your Tibetan energetic [vibrational] formula is missing the mathematical equivalent of “0”

          0 is the equivalent of energetic death, it would be absence of vibration.”

          not too sure what zero youre talking about? the “absence of vibration” is improbable or impossible.

          “clarity is non-energetic”

          I think the translator chose that word to entrain one towards the state. I think of it as the same as when one is loving and the mind is without question which can create the ground or mental space for clarity,, there may be no silver bullet language for what is intended? but surely compassionate force is the opposite of hatred.

          “We must look to the past and to the researchers of the past and use what they knew to help us reach further.”

          Thats what Martin Prechtel keeps saying. He says lotsa on that tip.

          read “long life honey in the heart”.

          I’m thinking that some how we must be evolving. weve lost much detail (extinction). were not as good at crafting syntax as shakespeare, perhaps the perceived devolution is like planets going retrograde?

          the key for me, whether your a master of tradition or a cutting edge maven, direct experience is the gig.

          “that lobstaman has poured more water out of his sea boots than you and I have ever sailed over”.

        • Trudeau seems entirely happy to play second fiddle to the US in a unipolar world, unconstrained by the UN, which the US has developed increasingly little time for over the years.

          Agreed, completely. As for

          I have no doubt that these are genuinely warring factions and ultimately Putin and Xi will win out. The only question is, at what cost to the world?

          Interesting, but from mostly a western culture perspective? The cost will be high, but I think the cost is paid by western civilization.

          We are a young race are we not?

          In Lak’ech

        • Using the word polarity, multi or mono pole doesnt give a clear physical image, perhaps because the current common use is for bookends of the earth or any axis; the defenition broadens a bit in the geometry of chemistry,

          my only point was its a bad metaphor.

        • arrr
          “the detail of language may be forgotten and even lost, but it can be found again with effort.”

          go for your life bro. when your syntax is harmonicly multilayered & razor sharp crystal clear, pulsing inevitably from page to synapse, rhythmically supportive, tonaly enticing with a touch of tymbre,, you’ll know that you’ve “found it again”, or that you are actually making music.

        • arrr,
          since you like words,,


          lack of interest,

          Yet, a mantra I often employ, which guides one to right relationship especially with people, uses the definition of apathy to entrain compassion (spoiler: this mantra has nothing to do with apathy)

          “no interest, all care”

          I’ve been taught that english vocabulary is half french, and a mix of all the other marauder lingos that came and stayed. Surely the Engles tribe had a big influence (cause they got to have their name on the species most common tongue.

          I think the rule bending that you mention, includes finger prints of lineages of language thieves who are currently desperately trying to remember or reinstate or grasp the remnant shreds of language that once was law. Much law has been stolen, and hidden, and reversed, or perverted.

          “Original law” is empowered language as song.

  6. True,
    I don’t see the canadian govt document in the show note links? I thought he was showing canada and russia using the same exact document. I’m confused.

  7. Still confuse where Trump fits into this. Was he allowed to win election or did a different faction of the same cabal install him? He was constantly vilified by the msm and Hollywood types upon winning. He pulled the US out of the Paris climate accords and demanded Europe pay their required share to support NATO. The 2020 election was obviously rigged to get Biden in. Now Trump’s shilling the Clot Shot. The Moloch are ruthless and prolly would harm his family if he fails at touting the Tony Town Kool-Aid.
    Really mind bending stuff.

    • Trump’s role is that of a controlled oppositional figure. Think of Trump as less of a person and more of a strawman, a device used in cynical operation to erect barriers of tribalism, demonize ideas and atomize people from organic communities, family and friends. Ask yourself, how many relationships suffered as result of the Trump presidency? It’s uncalculatable the loss of social cohesion.

      Using media vilification as a barometer for Trump is binary thinking, it should be rejected immediately. Manichean dialectics are how the elite control you. It’s not about Trump, it’s about YOU and how you’re able to communicate ideas. It’s about input/response. Trump says x, the media as arbiters of moral authority tell the population to be outraged/triggered. We saw the full-scale rollout of a nationwide MK Ultra program in the Trump presidency, and it went global with Covid 19.

      People were not reasoned into authoritarianism; people were not reasoned into vilifying freedom and denying innate rights of living beings for con and lie of collective security. They got there because they were literally programmed like human computers to hate Trump and because they don’t actually have access to Trump, like rats in the cage they attack anything resembling the fiction. They can’t be reasoned out of this, just like many people who bought the hopium of Trump and Qanon can’t be reasoned out of these illusions.

      Paris climate accords and NATO are all reversed with the flick of pen in the next administration. The machine rolls on like nothing happened. Even the rationalization of: “Trump has to do this because they’ll harm his family if he doesn’t” is just submerging your mind in further fantasy. You can’t know any of this and that level of speculation is masturbatory, preying on the false architype of the external savior. Proving how useless the presidency is to achieve liberation in the architecture of slavery.

      • Thanks for the response. Just coming to grips with how deep the rabbit hole goes. Oh Vey!

  8. So you are saying, don’t become a supporter of Putin because he is just as bad as all the rest of the globalists?

  9. They don’t even hide it now. I don’t know what they hold over the heads of China and Russia but they have something. Jesus said those who aren’t against us are for us, but even that had it’s limits. None of these people are for us. What do we do? Murder? Civil war?

  10. Very thankful for this pushback against the “Good” propaganda!
    But just want to suggest that your web address for this “anti-Trudeau” analysis not give it away with “/putin”.. lol

    • Also, the thumbnail front image reveals the subject.

  11. Well reading the title again “ Document Reveals Trudeau’s REAL Plan! “
    Since Trudeau and Putin have the same plan the title is correct!

  12. It’s no longer “globalist” and it’s no longer a “world order”, with the world bifurcated most people will scoff at those term as debunked, but they will have technocracy in common. Two dystopias for the price of one.

  13. For me, actually, the show notes are some sort of an archive. I always know where to find a thing and so I can go back to it when I need it.

  14. And, James: you can’t deny that: Klaus Schwab is the original Goldfinger and Wladimir the Russian James Bond, who gets him by the eggs!
    (just kidding)

  15. RE: SHOCKING Document Reveals Trudeau’s REAL Plan!

    Corbett was very clever with this episode in a variety of ways, some subtle. He probably hit a targeted audience with his marketing.

    Take note of the lede IMAGE

    Notice the clickbait TITLE with keywords in all caps “SHOCKING” & “REAL”
    “SHOCKING Document Reveals Trudeau’s REAL Plan!”

    We might expect clickbait titles when visiting the home page of Bitchute, but clickbait is not in Corbett’s normal modus operandi…thank gad!

    I appreciate the visuals in this episode, especially the clips of Russian Authoritarianism and tragedy of war.

    With the way Corbett positioned this episode, he probably did reach many pundits and those in the Independent Media who advocate Putin as a “savior” on a white horse.
    Whether it is Ukraine’s Zelenskyy or Russia’s Putin, Biden or “fill the swamp” Trump, we should recognize that the powerful-forces-that-should-not-be will never allow a people’s savior into their system.
    The real victims of Authoritarians are the people. It is a war on us, a disposable commodity in their eyes.

    I’ll admit that at times during this episode, I felt a bit uncomfortable. Corbett had his “sarcasm” dialed up pretty high.
    If anyone is butt-hurt, then get over it.
    We are at War, and it is a war on us.
    Corbett ain’t playing around.
    Neither should we.

    • But a joke is never as funny when it’s explained!

    • Thank you, HRS, for your post as I appreciate the bit of joshing elbowing with us to ensure we get it. As a literalist in a raw mood, I’d missed that the Canadian document at the beginning wasn’t real. (I don’t watch/read MSM, so the title sarcasm had flown over my head.) Embarrassed now but grateful to the community of watchers for the assist. 🙂

      And, personally, all around funny and perfectly on point yet once again about a concern over misperception I’d been having for the past week. Brilliant! Now I can just give people the link to this video, with a sigh of gratitude, that I don’t have to trip all over my own tongue and thoughts to convey this reality.

      Thank you, James. So funny! And so on it all, with grace, as usual!!

  16. I hesitate to comment about when Putin first met Klaus Schwab in 1992 when he, Putin, was working as an assistant in the Mayor’s Office in Saint Petersburg, Russia and who was moonlighting (after hours job) as a taxi driver to make ends meet.

    So you didn’t mention it, but at least as of May 31, 1988, Putin was serving as a mid-ranking KGB officer in Dresden, East Germany. (Source: https://hoaxeye.com/2017/06/23/gorbachev-reagan-and-putin/ in a blog post that was debunking a photo that allegedly shows Putin, Gorbachev and Reagan in Red Square Moscow that same day May 31, 1988). So it would seem that Putin was probably still KGB in 1992 and that his job in the Mayor’s Office and Moonlighting Taxi Driver were probably just cover stories.

    And now for the, I suppose, off the wall comment, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and KGB can probably be linked back to 1992 when Schwab and Putin first met and by inference the western Intelligence “Five Eyes” Agencies also presumably, maybe all the way back to the beginning of the WEF.

  17. Well, isn’t it all so confusing?

    Despite what the mass mind programming we all went through during so many years has been telling us, it turns out there are no good guys and bad guys as there should be in any good novel or movie… as there should be in any good fiction.

    It would make everything so much easier though…

    Anyway, if you thought that was bad enough James, wait until the “let’s kick their asses to teach them a lesson” indoctrination gets activated!

  18. In the days of kings, castles and knights; those men on horses rode into the village and the girls jumped on those horses to go back to the castle to live a better life. Without “knights on horses” those who seek power (globalists) would have none. Let us focus on those who exercise power with the guns and means to capture and jail us. The military persons who are willing to usher away the girl in your video who showed a 2 word sign are the problem. They are willing to do evil when given a new weapon and the authority to grab a person and do them harm (i.e., a title of “knight” and a horse).

    Anyone: be it a FBI agent, CIA agent, corrupt policeman or military soldier who is willing to harm another person simply because they are different than the dictated message are evil. Then we blanket honor all soldiers because they “protect us”. The truth is on some psychological level, they enjoy dominating and controlling others. We must confront the knights as evil to save our liberty. Now watch all the patriots yell out loud, while ignoring the fact that without knights there would be no slavery.

    Enough pain or threat of pain we all knee down kiss the King’s ring and do evil unto others. The Creator forces us to survive. My answer is that we must all become knights and inflict pain for the globalists = OR NOT!!

  19. There is a still great – and re-growing – group of investigative journalists out there. James, however, remains the benchmark. Connecting the dots and being solid on the facts to build ultimate trust in his words. Of course, we all and always remain curious how the future plays out. Thanks James.

  20. Interesting and useful information on these criminals.
    You are still confused, however. Here’s a word for word comment on your blog:

    “NATO good. Russia bad. Russia good. NATO bad.”

    This is not an example of binary thinking like you claim. This is an example of mono-thinking: one side is all good and the other side is all bad in re the war. Binary thinking contends, on the other hand, that either both sides, or neither side, is justified in fighting this war. Mono-thinking does not claim that Russia is all good and NATO is all bad like you say. It claims instead that one side – Russia – is not responsible for this war, and the other side – The Ukraine – is. It position is limited to that issue alone.

    No reasonable person would claim that Putin is all good and Kiev is all bad. Both have made mistakes and are on the wrong path politically and economically. Kiev has refused for the last 7 years to abide by the agreement they signed after the CIA engineered coup in 2014 to end the influence of Nazism in its government and stop discriminating against their Russian speaking population in the east. They have delayed, delayed, and delayed, while allowing The U.S. to build almost 200 bio-weapon laboratories and a number of missile sites aimed at Russia on their soil. The fact is that Russia does not want to incorporate eastern Ukraine into their country because that would not alter the fact that The Ukraine still sits right on its border.

    What you misunderstand most about this war is that it is not a battle between between two voracious communist regimes – Russia and China – and a poor little democratic regime in Kiev. That’s just deep-state propaganda. All three of these countries have economies rooted in capital and that means their governments are rooted in totalitarianism too. Why? Because under Capitalism military instruments like totalitarianism are the only way to protect the upward flow of wealth to the rich.

    This is really a war between four totalitarian and Capitalist governments – Russia, The U.S., China, and Kiev – against each other. I may be getting your position wrong here, but if you think this is a fight for the political independence of The Ukraine from Russia you are mistaken. The Ukrainian government has never been independent. It is totally dependent on the CIA for its power. It does not have and has never had, the support of its people. Why do you think one million Ukrainians have fled to Poland rather than fight for an anti-democratic CIA-engineered coup in Kiev?

  21. Brother, you very much misunderstand his position, and I’m wondering if you simply read a headline without watching entire previous videos. He’s literally using that binary comment as a form of subtle sarcasm. He’s been covering this for a decade and knows this isn’t about “independence”. You should really watch his videos in full, i think you’d have much the same thoughts

  22. I have noticed that since he read the letter about being a Putin stooge James has been trying hard to prove how anti-Putin he is which is something he didn’t need to. Most of us knew his stance in all areas of world government, but in true Canadian ideology once someone is accused of something Canadians go out of their way to prove their innocence. It has always been a great way to control someone’s narrative here in Canada and sometimes now even in America.

    You can take the kid out of Canada but you can’t take Canada out of the kid. Now James spends his time talking about the evils of Putin for reasons I cannot understand. Putin is a world leader who is corrupt like every world leader. We are not receiving truth out of any of this conflict and everyone is using it for posturing and wealth redistribution. It is our history we are doomed to repeat only now world wide connectivity and a corrupt media have made it worse.

    Like the subservient groups that obey the two banking families that own everything so is everyone else with this conflict trying to pick a side or prove how one regime is worse than another. It is a divide and conquer mentality which is why these “clubs for politicians” were created to begin with…control. One should not spend their time trying to win arguments or prove how “not gay” they are. One should let the water roll off the ducks back and walk on. James does great work and that is why I support it, but I feel this narrative has distracted him from the work that needs to be done.

    • Something did not sit “right” with me on this episode. I am still researching. I do tend to agree with your comment here. Some of the show note links are not that convincing to support Corbett’s overall stance on this topic. Some of these sources are questionable to me. (New your times) I am not pro Russia or Pro any Government. Simply looking for the truth.

  23. If you needed that to activate and mobilize. Get on it. Historians will write for the next 500 yrs about whats taking place in our time. Thnx James for the positive propaganda “narrative” it ,none the less, sum up the state of our governance.

    Look into all the west Foreign Affairs/Policy government actors. It says it all. They are acting fast and in concert. Destroying America, i wont weep at the fall of the evil empire. That said I am devastated knowing the citizen will be left holding the bag US-Canada alike. Canada always had a better measure fiscal policy when it come to budget. Despite the USD and economy going down the shitter we are not seeing an increase of CAD to USD.
    It is rig so bad, makes me wonder if they planned ahead The CyberAttack to wipe all crypto, the last bastion of citizen wealth.

    Everyone living in a dense city: check if your city belong to the “Strong city network.” Strong has in Maurice Strong. There is provisions to authorize UN storm trooper during unrest. Fight it go to your city council!
    Compound with the new al-quaeda Whitney Webb reported on,. Makes me fear the worst. Anyone who will mount a defense will be toss under the terrorism bus. All the people who left to fight in Ukraine will be liquidated no one will be left at home to defend against the take over.

    We are fuck on so many levels. … Am a logical, measure, reasonable person and yet this is my assessment. Its a class war i cant come to other conclusions. There was no upward mobility before and i dont see a way up ahead of us. In the name of inclusivity … collectivism bs.

    A great peasant revolt? perhaps.

  24. Based on the extreme toxicity of the experimental injections,
    and the extreme coverup of the problems,
    I think that the real agenda is depopulation.

    And I think that most of the Great Resetters do not even know it.

    And the injection is far more toxic than was planned.
    It was only to weaken our immune system, so people would die of other causes, like mild diseases.

    • Sounds about right; it is the ultimate invention to attack everyone in their weakest point.

  25. Even during the cold war there was no real division between USSR and USA. All that about capitalism vs socialism, left vs right, blue vs red; and all those apparent divisions within countries and among countries is theater. It is so to keep people distracted on infighting instead of united against them. Divisions within divisions make a good matryoshka of antagonism and confusion to trap humanity in.

    • At least some people were left with some nice wine cellars after the Cold War…all we got from Covid was a bunch of soggy masks blocking the stormwater drains.

  26. Thank you James for going into detail about what’s going on with the globalist agenda in respects to the current Russia War especially. I had wondered when the independent news would distinguish the huge difference from what the MSM news says because they were beginning to sound alike and we knew better, but seeing the proof in the pudding as you very well put it, makes it more clear cut. Keep up the good work 1 Your dedication never seizes to amaze me.It maintains our sanity in a sea of confusion.

  27. Clinton puppet Boris Yeltsin appointed Putin acting president when he retired.

    ‘Vladimir Putin became acting president. Three months later, he won the election.




  29. Great Report…
    The perplexing question that arises, given that ‘all’ of the leaders are playing their various parts in the new world order production is; apart from you and me, who is actually standing against it?

    Apart from the people, the only other losers appears to me to be the commercial banking system. But don’t they own the FED? Perhaps why they were not consulted about the Russian sanctions.

    Untangle that one maestro 😉


    • RE: commercial banking system
      “…according to Wells Fargo analyst Mike Mayo, who told Yahoo Finance Live on Thursday that traditional banking revenue will grow the same way it did in the 1980s, creating a boom for the industry in the next three years.
      Moreover, BofA stands to gain the most, said Mayo, adding the bank is likely to get a further boost from the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike….”

      Friday March 18th – Yahoo Finance
      Bank of America will be biggest winner from Main Street banking boom: analyst

      more EXCERPTS…
      …“The business model that Bank of America has put in place over the last decade now bears more fruit than you’ve seen for any period under [CEO] Brian Moynihan,” said Mayo, attributing BofA’s success to the company’s growing deposits in recent years, as well as its focus on financial technology. “Now they get to put that money to work.”

      During the 1980s, Main Street banking experienced growth in net interest income — or traditional banking revenue.

      “We think Bank of America and the industry as a whole will have the best growth in that category [traditional banking revenue] in over three decades, and that’s super-powerful,”
      said Mayo.
      “And it’s even more in place after the news from the Fed yesterday, when they announced they’re going from six rate hikes through the end of next year up to 11.”

      …Bank of America previously front-loaded costs to increase primary checking accounts and grow deposits to levels that far outpaced the rest of the industry, making it well-positioned to leverage those efforts, Mayo explained in a recent note to clients.
      A backdrop of higher interest rates helps the bank more than its peers because of BofA’s $2 trillion in “mostly sticky” low-cost deposits, which can help fund higher yielding securities and loans that boosts its net interest income (the bank’s earnings on its lending activities and interest it pays to depositors) and net interest margins (calculated by dividing net interest income by the average income earned from interest-producing assets.)..

      …Also contributing to BoA’s upside potential is its position as one of the “greatest fintech players on the globe,” during a time of a technology revolution in the industry, according to Mayo.

      “You have the cyclical factors of more Fed rate hikes at a time of loans growing, helping what’s called net interest income. At the same time, the tech revolution at banks allows more of those revenues to fall to the bottom line,” he added.

  30. Excellent James. I hope I now know where to focus my research. So, my take away was that ever since there have been ‘those in power’, kings, emperors, presidents throughout recorded time, have attempted to control their populaces. So it is no surprise that the govts of nation states have that, and the same, agenda. The great reset is just an updating of that agenda.

  31. So, if we really want to be able to change things (not us but next generations), the real question is: WHY?

    WHY is more important than HOW even if HOW allows us to understand WHY.

    So WHY all regimes tend to expand?
    Because this is the thing, expansion is a promise of singing tomorrows, the easiest way to manage people, a sort of reversed musical chairs game where dominants can stay in place by making people dream (medias).

    But once again: WHY?

    Habituation, mother of all submission, to ourselves.

    So the first (and most important, urgent) fight is to bring people to understant how their brains work. The rest will come in time…

    Still hoping for an answer James 😉

    • cbd “WHY is more important than HOW even if HOW allows us to understand WHY.

      So WHY all regimes tend to expand?”

      v how how do you do?

      people decide
      one by one
      mind by mind

      isms and stans
      cracy’s and ologys

      these are smoke and mirror abstract distractions.

      people act.
      people have names and some kind of address.

      case by case,
      we might find this or that reason or umphf that shoved the pen to paper to sign the death order,,,, reasons are varried and random as dry leaves in the wind, but its people that grasp them and decide, one by one, that are at the nut of this

      and but why is the dominant picture of humanity look like a few people dominating many? why is the dominator paradigm flourishing? why does it exist at all? is that your question? I find varying time scales give varying clues.

      If you ask a yeti, he/she might say its a remnant of a bad choice that was made about 2.8 million moons ago, and will likely play out like it did for the dino’s
      ask a yogi, who may pause the silence and suggest you study the cycles of Yugas, wherein humans live through progressively devolving capacities over (theres wildly different interpretations of the actual years involved)
      ask a open minded anthropologist, they might tell about the cycle of procession as earth wobbles once every 26,000 years which includes near extinction events
      ask a shamanka, she may describe how many flavors and layers of beings, that humans call ‘spirits” or ghosts or demons or angels or gods or demi gods or aliens, have influence over the human realm. There are ways to steer towards higher ground, to heal, or to perceive sublime bliss, or death by 1000 cuts, but there are no guarantees, only clues and decisions to make.
      ask an astrologer, a real one might say, you will live through and successfully express the versions of persona as laid out in all of the zodiac signs, and then you can go home.
      ask a historian, they might point to the gradual expansion of material wealth, and huge increase in daily survival effort, yet the need to compete inherent in the individual causing other flavours of struggle based on the same dynamic.
      ask a preacher from the church of groove: “fight for your life and learn to love it”
      ask a protestant
      “if i work my ass off the shit wont happen”

      i better get back to work, this could tap on for hours.

      • pardon, correction: “C de B”

        • encore, the auto spell fk’n(^$@,, near the bottom of the above post should read “huge decrease in daily survival effort”.

      • “but why is the dominant picture of humanity look like a few people dominating many? why is the dominator paradigm flourishing? why does it exist at all? is that your question? I find varying time scales give varying clues.”
        You purhaps didn’t get it right: we ALL try to dominate, I am not speacking about casts.

        That is exactly the point: are you aware that you, like me, are trying to dominate?
        What it means in terms of nervous system?
        It is simple, because you, me like all of us want to maintain the object, the relationship that stimulate our reward system.

        You understant the term “dominant” as if was a jugement when it means simply a state in a competition.

        Most of people want things to be complicated because they will be the ones who speak latin. Science has become a part of the theology of a new religion, progressism.

        We BELIEVE we can have more, always, and forget to understant why, and who is manipulating us.
        If we only would know this very simple thing we could emancipate ourselves from those who manipulate us because they have understood, studied, how our nervous systems work.

        • CdeB
          “are you aware that you, like me, are trying to dominate”

          nice, yes, though I promise I’m friendly and so love to give credit when its due.

          The domination I refer to is about usurping the ability to have a choice at all. If I’m trying to dominate you, here, Its just a skirmish for meaning; some are darting for a bullseye while others are jabbing for humanity, scale by scale.

          The more people embrace the truth that you point to, that we are all pieces of a being (not too sure if its big or small), or at least are alive at all for the grace of symbiosis, that all of us dominate, by degree, all of us are complicit with the very evil we protest against here,, only by admitting this can we move on vs getting mulched.

          my 7yr old was asked, “is everything competition?”
          he replied straight away, “no, but it should be”

          I dont think theres a solution to your question: Why dominate?
          I do think theres a little bit of everything in everyone, and to steer that tornado with greatest success can be done with no interest but all care.

        • CdeB
          “We BELIEVE we can have more, always, and forget to understand why, and who is manipulating us.
          If we only would know this very simple thing we could emancipate ourselves from those who manipulate us ”

          ok, I dare you to name “this very simple thing”, once named it may be possible to dissolve it.

  32. Hey James (and everyone),

    I rarelly have issues… but this time I have some with this Corbett Report.
    ~ ~ ~ ~
    First, the “joint statement”. In my view, Not Credible.
    A. first sentence: “The Heads of State held talks in Washington and took part in the opening ceremony of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games.” The Olympic Winter Games did not take place in Washington, but in Beijing. As stated in the kremlin.ru web page.
    B. I did a search in canada.ca… no trace of that Joint statement.
    C. To me this document you show, makes no sense at all, as in “it’s a fake”.

    But I did read it all, from the kremlin.ru . And I did flag about the same texts as you did. A bit confusing… talking about the “multipolarity” and the “UN 2030 Agenda” in the same Statement.
    BUT… apart from these flagged-texts, they are promoting collaboration without impositions, and I like that. (from the little I understand)
    ~ ~ ~ ~
    Then just for fun I blind-picked a link and check it out:
    “Russian President Vladimir Putin says country needs to step up vaccination campaign”
    video on gotube made by WION.
    A. This WION company is part of “Essel Group Company” with a 2.6B$ revenue in 2021.
    B. How would their news be different from other mega media conglomerate?
    C. to me, not a valid reference. Cherry picked.

    In my view, this Corbett Report is quite ackward, to say the least, eventhough I share most of your views.

    Kind regards.

    • Agreed. Thanks for posting.

    • Related to this 3/19/2022
      Episode 416 SHOCKING Document Reveals Trudeau’s REAL Plan!

      How to Get Around the Digital Iron Curtain – #SolutionsWatch
      Corbett goes through some Russian information during his demonstrations.

      3/31/2022 FIVE STARS *****
      Interview 1714 – Iain Davis on the New World Order and How to Oppose It
      Biden has warned that there is going to be a New World Order. Putin and Xi are writing joint statements about the creation of a New World Order. In fact, all of the globalists are interested in a New World Order. Today, Iain Davis of In-This-Together.com joins us to discuss the history of the “International Rules-Based Order,” reveal its “operating system” (technocracy), and discuss how we can fruitfully oppose it.

      ARTICLE – 3/28/2022
      Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare

  33. I’d love it, I you’d record a remake of this video – without the heavy sarcasm and irony you have become so infamous for. It makes the video totally useless, as a reference for anyone who is not familiar with the subjects and the way you usually present them, and I think it’s a shame.

  34. @James – have you looked into Edward Heath at all? – mentor of Klaus Schwab?

    This WEF doc https://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_First40Years_Book_2010.pdf
    shows a photo of Schwab with Kissinger and Heath, and the caption reads: “Klaus Schwab with two important mentors, Henry Kissinger (left), his former professor at Harvard, and Edward Heath (right),
    Symposium Chair.”

    Schwab’s relationship with Kissinger is pretty well documented, but I’m not seeing as much investigation of Heath. Turns out Heath is a massive Sinophile.

    2014 China Daily article: “The British PM who loved China”

    “Heath visited China on nearly 30 occasions throughout his political career and developed warm friendships with many Chinese leaders including the late Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping.”

    Here’s a transcript of Heath’s 1974 mtg with Mao Zedong

    Heath: I am very interested in what you’ve just said. China’s agricultural production has developed and you are almost self-sufficient in grain; your industry is beginning to develop. Perhaps the U.K. can offer some assistance you need in the way of technology and skills. But how do you, Chairman, inspire over 700 million people to unite and work like this?

    Mao: It is a long story. However, we shall be very glad to have your help.

    A Chinese delegation attended the WEF in 1979

    “In autumn 1978, Klaus Schwab followed with great interest the emergence of Deng Xiaoping as China’s paramount leader and the evolution of his “Open Door” policy. Deng had initiated a domestic programme to reform Chinese industry, agriculture, national defence, and science and technology. He was gradually moving China to let go of many orthodox Communist doctrines and implement a pragmatic socialist market system “with Chinese characteristics”.”

    In April [1979], Schwab paid his first visit to China at the invitation of the Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. This was followed by a Forum delegation of 20 European CEOs, who had a rich programme that allowed significant interaction with Chinese authorities. China’s Ministry of Economic Relations with Foreign Countries signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Management Forum that allowed for the establishment of regular exchange and the holding of an annual meeting in Beijing in cooperation with the newly created China Enterprise Management Association (CEMA). The agreement also committed the Forum to hosting in Geneva Chinese ministerial delegations to meet representatives of relevant companies and enterprises. In the early 1980s, the Forum organized a number of such visits.”

    seems like Schwab has been playing the long game with the China agenda.

    • CHINA and Klaus Schwab

      Thanks for this post. There is a lot there. Some of the photos are interesting.

  35. 05:15 wtf happened here? He mentions this document but in the show notes, the link in the chronology is for the ruso-china pact not the us-can..?


    Old hands knew something was up… This isnt Corbettian lingo
    He ALWAYS warned us against such clickbaity titles

  37. Well, this certainly puts the current hostilities into a different perspective, doesn’t it? Even commentators who rightly condemn American culpability in the ongoing fiasco may have to think twice about painting Putin as the aggrieved party. I know I will.

    To be fair, some of them do, taking great pains to point out that the situation has no good guys, but I doubt many of them would go as far as to say that Putin, himself, is a significant player in the drama to remake the world in the image of the WEF.

    This was a mind-blowing podcast, one that should cause all people to think very hard about how deep the conspiracy to enslave the world goes. Not even the “good guys” are who they appear to be. Imagine what a Russian, believing Putin is trying to secure their country, would have to be thinking to themselves while reading this joint declaration. They would be thunderstruck in disbelief.

  38. I think world leaders would like to very much dispose of the dance that is democracy and are envious of the Russian and Chinese systems, even though the Russians pay a bit of homage to the idea of a people’s voice in government. I have to disagree with part of your assessment however. I think Putin and Xi both have something you and I will never have James and that is a sense of belonging to place. Their families have generations of investment in blood and toil in the nations they live in. We, as new worlders of recent invention, don’t have that same connection. I’m an immigrant from Germany to the U.S. What I’ve seen growing up here does not make me proud. Nationalism, in a country that has never had to fight an invading force in any real sense, is lost in pointless wars of conquest for corporations and Israel. Nationalism for countries that are subject to exploitation in the ways Russia and China were and are now economic miracles in their own right, is a badge of honor.

  39. I was troubled by this episode as well and am trying to do further research on the entire subject. Thanks for sharing your comment.

  40. Currently I am doing my own ongoing research into all the very complex issues in regards to Russia, the Ukraine and the globalist agenda.
    With that said, James seems to be “off” on this episode. Normally James offers information and facts, but leaves it up to the listener to come to their own conclusion. In this episode James is highly sarcastic and forceful in his desire to “prove a point” about Putin. He seems to come close to berating those that would dare to see Putin as anything other than a globalist. I have no dog in this fight. I don’t know how much Putin is on board with the globalist agenda. I went through many show note links and found much of them to be a bit lacking. The New York times is a questionable source. A post from twitter with subtitles is not convincing. He uses one source for “on the ground reporting”, coming from Edward Slavsquat, who lives in Russia. James does research from his home in Japan. He has to scour the internet like we all do. In my opinion his bias shows through here. One other commenter here noted how James appeared animated and/or offended in an earlier podcast, when he has been accused of being a “Putin stooge”. This podcast came shortly after that??? There is much more to the Russia/Putin Ukraine invasion and their history that is very relevant, and is left out in this podcast. I love James’s work, but this episode has missed the mark for me. It appears that James’s view funnels everything through the filter of the globalist “one world Government” agenda theme. Anyway, just my opinion.

    • Very well said. I share you view.

  41. altittude,
    Thanks for the post.
    I happened to notice that here…
    Are Russia and China in on the Great Reset? My Response to James Corbett
    by Matthew J.L. Ehret

    I listened to the first 10 minutes, then stopped.

    I think that sometimes people overlook other aspects of Corbett’s works.
    “…There’s nothing more satisfying than a good guy/bad guy narrative. We have so internalized this form of storytelling that for many it is almost impossible not to see the world in these terms. Two people are fighting. One of them is a bad guy. Therefore, the other one is a good guy…

    …The uncomfortable truth, as always, is that the war has not just begun. It’s been going on for generations. And it’s not a war of nation against nation, or even valiant “anti-globalist crusaders” like WEF-connected, biosecurity-promoting, false flag-perpetrating, political opponent-assassinating Vladimir Putin against the global control structure.

    It is a global war against you.

    To the extent that wars are being waged between the elitists, they are only being waged to determine which group of elitists get to rule over you and in what way….” – James Corbett


    “…The sad truth for those who are still waiting for the White Hat on the White Horse to deliver them their fix of Hopium is that Putin is an “anti-globalist crusader” in the exact same way as Donald “Fill the Swamp” Trump is an “anti-globalist crusader,” which is to say, not at all.
    Because if you are still waiting on the sealed indictments and the watermarked ballots and Vladimir the Great to upset the globalist apple cart, you have yet to understand the nature of the globalist system….”
    — James Corbett


    • HRS says:

      “I listened to the first 10 minutes, then stopped.”

      I assume you’re referring to the video – “Are Russia and China in on the Great Reset? [TNT Radio featuring Matt and Hrvoje]” in your link?

      I listened to the whole thing. Matt Ehret makes some interesting points about China’s tremendous technological advances and engineering projects, and BRIC alliances and trade with Russia, et al and vice versa; along with siting Western cultural decadence and decline – “kids in America want to be on YouTube, Chinese kids want to be astronauts” – to paraphrase.

      But, in his praise of China’s and Russia’s governments historically weeding out Soros-influenced, traitorous actors embedded in their governments and business communities, Ehret fails to mention not a word about their apparent embrace of the entire WEF platform, as Corbett indubiously outlined in his now infamous, click-baiting “SHOCKING” podcast. [Oh, Corbett, you bad-ass huckster, you!] And, astonishingly, Ehret offers not a whisper about the completely totalitarian, “jack-booted” nature of China’s and Russia’s respective governments, which at its core, is really the basis of much of Corbett’s argument – especially when it comes to China – of it being the NWO’s testing ground for the ultimate rollout and development of full spectrum technological control….

      Or, maybe the exclusion of not a single word of criticism toward these authoritarian governments is not so astonishing…. How better to argue your points whilst feigning severe myopia?

      But, hey, maybe there is nothing wrong with the Russian and Chinese style of governance…just so long as the individual fully complies with absolutely everything the system demands and doesn’t make a peep, eh, Matt? No problamo.

      But, perhaps, under Corbett’s influence I’ve become too much of a McCarthyite?

      Witness the following link. As Corbett listeners, you’ll have to have a strong stomach. The language is foul. Scott Creighton is a blogger who has some extremely nasty things to say about Corbett in response to this particular podcast. Clearly, Creighton is among the ones Corbett presciently assumed would get severe indigestion from the mere suggestion China and Russia are among the players of the WEF…. But, why should anyone view it? Because maybe they’ll get a laugh out of it, like I did. And, why not disseminate an entirely different and opposing point of view once in a while?

      After all, this isn’t China (or Russia). 🙂


      • “I assume you’re referring to the video – “Are Russia and China in on the Great Reset? [TNT Radio featuring Matt and Hrvoje]” in your link?”

        “But, in his praise of China’s and Russia’s governments historically weeding out Soros-influenced, traitorous actors embedded in their governments and business communities, Ehret fails to mention not a word about their apparent embrace of the entire WEF platform, as Corbett indubiously outlined in his now infamous, click-baiting “SHOCKING” podcast.”

        “And, astonishingly, Ehret offers not a whisper about the completely totalitarian, “jack-booted” nature of China’s and Russia’s respective governments, which at its core, is really the basis of much of Corbett’s argument – especially when it comes to China – of it being the NWO’s testing ground for the ultimate rollout and development of full spectrum technological control….”

        Yes Candlelight that was quite the piece by Ehret. I’m sure James will be making at least a few comments about it in the future.

        I agree, Ehret conveniently leaves out all of the “bad things” about Russia-China’s totalitarian systems.

        Basically Ehret says that Russia-China aren’t necessarily going along with the Great Reset-WEF just because they are implementing many ‘Great Reset’ objectives.

        Personally I started to question Russia-China’s independence when they started to toe the Covid-19 line with facemasks, testing, lockdowns and jabs as if they were western nations.
        They were perfectly happy to play along with the entire Covid-19 scamdemic.
        I still to this day don’t understand that.

  42. Fantastic episode!!!

    Am I the only one who always hears “sperm bank” whenever James says Sberbank? Maybe I should stop listening at 2x speed…

  43. The MSM (and even mostly alternative media) coverage about the war in Ukraine also delivers a picture which ist atypical for the usual coverage of most wars against a small country with not as much geopolitical gunpowder involved: it seems that all fractions currently aim for a very well chosen dosage of division and fear-mongering about this conflict to pull out whatever reaction the 3D ruling clique wants from their 2D sheeple: https://consortiumnews.com/2022/03/23/pentagon-drops-truth-bombs-to-stave-off-war-with-russia/
    Why else would those reports exist and make the round? They play with the dial of their mind control device (media) to whatever goal they want to reach.

  44. In my opinion; “They” are all all Beholden to the same secret societies, international criminal mafia, and the evil off planet/non human presence that runs the world. Every single country it seems. However, when a particular country doesn’t go in lockstep with every dictate, severe consequences are dealt out by the international banking order.

    But devils advocate; Why did Russia defend Syria whent the west could have easily taken it like Iraq? Why does Putin openly condemn Globo homo and tranny culture being brought into Russia from the West? Why does Russian Media openly state Nazis are fighting for Jewish Ukraine and we want to rid the country of Nazi’s, but that’s “Fake News” in the west? Why does Russia seem to be noble in some things and totally dictatorial in other? The on the surface noble actions are the reason people “want to believe in Russia”. Why doesn’t Russia just ‘play ball’ and bring in the new world order with the west easy peazy? There’s many other ways of quietly joining the new world order, why full blown world war 3?

    As James insinuated, did Russia get double crossed on their ‘piece of the pie’ in the new world order? Not suggesting their piece of the pie was a flavor that anyone would like to taste. Biden the other day explicitly said “The New World Order needs to be lead by the USA”, as if it was a public a dig at Russia not getting to run the New World Order. Aristocratic back and forth “Nanny Nanny boo boo”.

    As far as Russia goes, Is it possible to ‘double agent’ an entire New World Order agenda? And I’m not suggesting the double agent’s agenda is the better option. World Soviet techno-Communism as opposed to Big Gay Homo Tranny faced techno Communism, both are vile in nature. As James and others pointed out, Russia is a big caste system when it comes to many things. They also went along with the vaccine poison, kill free speech, rehired their Rothschild head central banker as they were banned from SWIFT etc. So many weird paradoxes with Russia, so yes there’s a major cognitive dissonance.

    In my research it appears all world wars and major wars were nothing more than internal wars of power to consolidate world aristocratic power for 1000’s of years. I believe Russia got double crossed on their ‘piece of the pie’ in the new world order and now they are at odds with the West.

  45. When Matthew Ehret denies that Russia and China are in on it” in reference to The Great Reset by claiming that “everyone is in on it” is impossible, it’s a straw man. (17:30: Breaking the extinction cycle – from Covid to Ukraine with Matt Ehret and Beeley

    In practice only a few need to be ‘in on it’ – it drips down operationally via directives, as everything is compartmentalized (Manhattan project for example). As Iain Davis pointed out in regard to Corona: Power has been assumed.

    We have all just seen for 2 years in PRACTICE; all countries WERE “in on it” regarding Corona (incl. Russia). Proof in the pudding empirical evidence, which refutes Matthew’s straw man unequivocally clear …

  46. UPDATE by Edward Slavsquat

    April 3, 2022
    Yes, Russia is complicit in the Great Reset

    Hello friends.

    I recently had the privilege of joining a panel discussion, “Russia & the Great Reset – Resistance or Complicity?”, hosted by OffGuardian and Unlimited Hangout.

    You can watch the debate here. Thank you to Kit Knightly and Whitney Webb for moderating. The event was inspired in part by James Corbett’s thought-provoking video on Russia and its relationship with the World Economic Forum.

    An inevitable hurdle to any discussion like this is how to define the Great Reset, and what does it mean to be “complicit” in it?

    Personally, I don’t think you can separate the Virus Scam from the Great Reset. As Herr Schwab famously declared, “the pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.”

    Did Russia take advantage of this “opportunity”? Of course it did. Russia used this phony “health crisis” to shred the social contract between government and citizens and pursue unprecedented digital surveillance and control over its population….

    Matthew Ehret among others are in this debate. Matthew Ehret is mentioned north on this Thread.

    • [See Matthew Ehret mentioned further north on this Thread.]

      Comments by Brian Shilhavy
      Editor, Health Impact News
      DEBATE: “Russia & the Great Reset – Resistance or Complicity?”
      OffGuardian and Unlimited Hangout, two publications we have featured frequently here at Health Impact News, just had their first panel discussion recently which was a debate about Russia and their role in the “Great Reset.”

      I have so many daily videos in my newsfeed that there are literally not enough hours in the day to watch them all. So it takes some pretty engaging conversation to get me to watch 2 hours of anything.

      This one was worth it. It was moderated by Whitney Webb (and we get to see her new baby!) and Kit Knightly, and I highly recommend it.

      And while at times the debate got hot and loud, the four guests, two each representing different views, had much more in common than they had differences.

      They all believe COVID is a big scam, for example, and they all believe there are much larger issues at play in the Ukrainian conflict.

      So even if you just want to get an understanding of what is really happening in the geo-political scene right now which will affect us all, and which the corporate media narrative is not telling the truth about, this is a very informative and insightful discussion.

      Thank you Whitney and Kit! – by Brian Shilhavy
      [Article goes on with source links and video.]

  47. Absolutely loved the special effect in this video! And amazing content, as always. A
    nd yes I always go to the shownotes and read along with the video (or is that just me)

  48. Brilliant editing, both surprising and eye-opening. Also congrats on the jumpscare guys. x)

    The end of the video answered most of the questions I had, but I still can’t help but wonder how organizations capable of putting their puppets into the highest seats of major countries still struggle to put their agenda in place more quickly than the decades it seems to take. I get that it has to do with the evolution of technology, as well as slowly changing public mentalities in order to make people accept this agenda. Also I suppose not everyone goes along with it. But still, covid showed that the majority will do as they’re told. And actually I’m not sure what those organizations want that they don’t already have.

    I mean, if it’s really about one unified world with unified rules, why would Putin and Xi Jinping still pretend to be on an opposite side of the West, rather than all agree right away? There’s something I don’t get here. ^^’

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