Is the Empire Awakening? – Questions For Corbett #091

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The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a poppy, eye-catching explainer video about the rising sun flag. . . . So why is it so creepy? Patrick writes in with the question about the rising imperial ambitions of Nippon and James supplies the answer in this data-packed edition of Questions For Corbett.

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  1. I read”the coming with japan” years back. I guess it was written back before China was a serious threat. It made the point that japan is low on supplies and must control the seas or kiss the ring of the dominant naval power if it wants to stay industrial. that not how FDR got them to do pearl harbor?

    Kinda like the UK is Airstrip 1 I guess they can be airstrip 2 for the US empire…. I know China has lots of anti Japanese propaganda but the US must have quite a hold on them still to make them lean to the west rather than cost up to China….or maybe they hate China like Britain hates the French?

  2. Oh,no! James, I’m concerned about your cough. You HAVE had your covid jab, yes? 😉

    • Another anti-Semite. They seem drawn to the site.

      Your own country, if it is America, dosed your people.

      Fort Dietrich is where you should start.

      It was closed down before right before the virus hit.

      If you have proof that Jewish-Chinese people or persons are responsible for the virus, do share it.

      All claims require evidence.

      You should read Carl Schmidt.

      He was Hitler’s jurist and came up with the theory of friend-foe.

      Binary thinking is a circular trap.

      Hatred of the ‘other’ is one of the historical reason for war.

      It is also the path of moral cowardice, fallacies, intellectual dis-integrity and really a lack of education.

      Fascism is cured by reading, racism is cured by traveling.

      But you are trapped. Probably broke, unable to travel, and not too literate, unable to read.

      We all pay in the end.

      • Weilunion

        “…Fascism is cured by reading, racism is cured by traveling….”

        Funny, I was listening to Thomas777 on the Pete Quinones show and he was saying back in the old days the caricature of the Fascist was a weirdo student who read too much and got weird ideas off reading stuff like Nietzsche

        Not a fascist myself, but reading history certainly clued me into the massive role jews have had in the politics of the 20th century.

        • Your emergence to defend the hatred of Jews was inevitable. You are always on hand to defend hatred of a race.

          “Back in the old days.”

          There were no “old days”. Only the steady heatbeat of capitalism and its discontents.

          It is all relative to time and history which you know much about.

          “The Anti-Semite hates the Jews because they are Jews, irrespective of their actions. Jews may be hated because they are rich and ostentatious or because they are poor and live in squalor. Because they played a major role in the Bolshevik revolution or because some of them became incredibly rich after the collapse of the Communist regime. Because they crucified Jesus or because they infected Western culture with the “Christian morality of compassion”. Because they have no fatherland or because they created the State of Israel.

          That is in the nature of all kinds of racism and chauvinism: One hates someone for being a Jew, Arab, woman, black, Indian, Muslim, Hindu. His or her personal attributes, actions, achievements are unimportant. If he or she belongs to the abhorred race, religion or gender, they will be hated.

          The answers to all questions relating to anti-Semitism follow from this basic fact.”

          “Can a person be an anti-Zionist without being an anti-Semite?

          Absolutely yes. Zionism is a political creed and must be treated like any other. One can be anti-Communist without being anti-Chinese, anti-Capitalist without being anti-American, anti-Globalist, anti-Anything. Yet, again, it is not always easy to draw the line, because real anti-Semites often pretend just to be “anti-Zionists”. They should not be helped by erasing the distinction.

          Can a person be an anti-Semite and a Zionist?

          Indeed, yes. The founder of modern Zionism, Theodor Herzl, already tried to enlist the support of notorious Russian anti-Semites, promising them to take the Jews off their hands. Before World War II, the Zionist underground organization IZL established military training camps in Poland under the auspices of the anti-Semitic generals, who also wanted to get rid of the Jews.

          Nowadays, the Zionist extreme Right receives and welcomes massive support from the American fundamentalist evangelists, whom the majority of American Jews, according to a poll published this week, consider profoundly anti-Semitic. Their theology prophesies that on the eve of the second coming of Christ, all Jews must convert to Christianity or be exterminated.”

          “Racism is a kind of virus that exists in every nation and in every human being. Jean-Paul Sartre said that we are all racists, the difference being that some of us realize this and fight against it, while others succumb to the evil.”

          You succumbed. Congratulations.

          • Weilunion

            I would point out that if anti semitism is such a WORLD WIDE thing then it must have some kind of CAUSE… it would be utterly weird that everyone gets angry at jews unless jews were doing something to upset people would it not???

            Not that I like nazis but the fact is that they gained support because Germans were fed up with ethnic jewish bolsheviks (as attested to BY JEWISH HISTORIANS) staging Red Revolutions…. the fact that the mainly Ethnic Jewish trade unions had pulled the plug on the Ww1 war effort thanks to the Balfour Declaration also did not make Jews over popular…unjudt as that may be to target all of them it is not something that “just happened” one day.

            Nor is the current ire at w
            20 years of fighting Isreals wars for the mostly Ethnicly jewish NeoCons while CRT and Trans ideolo6is promoted by people disproportionately of Jewish Ethnicity…. its certainly unfair to blame ALL jews for this but it’s not “just happening ” out of nowhere.

            Read history and you even see why the Tsar was kinda not loving the ethnic jews trying to overthrow him and you can’t expect Poles to love the Land lords agents who were again, ethnic jews who did not much h like poles

            • If anti-semitism is worldwide there must be truth in it is your point.

              Just wish to be clear for the fallaciousness of the statement is important for readers to see.

              You are a poster boy for the trap:

              One can be anti-Zionist and not anti-Jewish.

              You are anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist.

              You fail to see the difference and blather on about the Tsar.

              The Russian Revolution was the first class revolution in human history.

              Was it a Jewish revolution?

              And your statement:

              “Thankfully for Germany the murderous Morgantha Plan to starve millions of Germans to death after the war was halted after only a short post war period of deliberate starvation. Wiser heads agreed with the unfortunate Gen. Patton that the desire for revenge of a small group of jewish people in the US administration should take 2nd place to the cold war.”

              You are right his plan was murderous but then you blame it on Jews. What is the evidence for your claim or is that just too much to expect.

              Readers must view all your comments critically for they are really hate filled words with a semblance of cheery history via the Unabomber and your “old times”.

              They are casual references to nonsense.

              And Americans wonder why they are where they are.

          • weilunion

            “…The Russian Revolution was the first class revolution in human history.

            Was it a Jewish revolution?…”

            YES…the Russian Revolution was Jewish as anyone who bothers to read about it would know. JEWISH HISTORIANS attest to this.

            See what WINSTON CHURCHILL wrote about it

            Not only were Ethnic jews massively over represented in the Revolutionary movements in Russia, but the Bankers on Wallstreet who funded the revolution were ALSO mostly (not exclusivly) jewish.

            They were motivated to keep the US out of the war and fund Red activities by a dislike of the Tsarist regime which was not real fond of Jewish folks, as well as many of those Wall Street Jewish folks having German backgrounds…until the Balfour Declaration they were opposed to the US entering WW1.

            See “Wallstreet and the Russian Revolution” by Dr Spence or any number of books written at the time, even by jewish people.

            Who was doing the HUNGARIAN SOVIET????

            NOT A SECRET, people are just ignorant…. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about it…. why do you thin the Ukranians were so happy to see the Nazi’s???? Because the Jewish Bolsheviks had been starving them in the Holodomor.

            Seriously , did you really not know this stuff????

            It was also NOT the first “class revolution”, (I’d argue it was an Ethnic one, anyway) since the French Revolution went off a long time before.

          • Karlharvie
            I would argue that jews are an ethnicity, a mixed one since the Ashkenazim jews, who are the biggest and mopst influential group, are mostly likely descended from a converted Turrkic people known as Khazars. “Race” is kinda fuzzy as a concept at times, so I’d stick with ‘Ethnicity’.


            The ashkenazi jews are not always very nice to the other kinds of jews (they were giving secret injections of contraceptives to some black jews to stop them having kids in Israel) but that naturally varies… they are the “Eastern European” jews who moved to the US and still run the Movie and Media industry. They are the same group that founded Israel and made up a good chunk of the Bolsheviks, as well as the US NeoConservatives (who are descended from jewish Trostkyite Communists of the kind that lost the power fight with Stalin)

          • This is the level of dialogue that the illiterate American mind calls American Exceptionalism.

            A diatribe about genitalia.


            Don’t ever let me forget you

      • This is the level of dialogue and thinking in America.

        It is important to note for with the collapse of Empire also comes the collapse in thinking.

        A cheesy little cut rate carny like America, with its hate and imperial failings will surely sink all ships but those not inhabited by the rich.

        And you will be screaming about Jews and Kung foo as the great woosh spirals you down to God knows where.

        Broke,impoverished in thinking and finances, the zombies continue on.

        Now that you have online abilities to spew hate it just might cushion the fall.

        I guess I just have to read more to hate the Jews as much as you do.

        • Weilunion
          Consider what you say

          “…cheesy little cut rate carny like America..”

          Now put yourself in the shoes of an AMERICAN reading the dripping distain and disgust for
          Their way of life…such feelings are quite common,and commonly EXPRESSED by jewish people (yes I know #NotAll )

          Do you think that THIS kind of attitude (and the behavior it lends itself to)might be WHY people around the world have a tendency to take a dislike to jewish people acting like that??? I would be surprised if Africans like me going to their lands and calling them wogs…but you Express that same attitude

          You dislike ME for saying things YOU do not like about the way jews act. It is a two way thing, a cycle that repeats again and again

          • It is a cut rate carny all right. And you can blame it and your next cold on Jews and it will still find you stuck in Empire.

            No, I have no time to interact with you about the global Jewish conspiracy but you will find many takers.

            I prefer to contemplate real history, not your kind of racist religious conspiracy.

            You are American. Want to argue you were built and controlled by Jews go ahead.

            Won’t improve your condition. Your country is hated in half the world and your Empire ate your republic.

            You are going down. Societally and socially it will be hell.

            But you know that and no getting on your knees or coming up with comments on a podcast can rescue you from decades of blowback.

            Blame the Jews, embrace the Zionists and buckle your seatbelt.

        • PS

          Are you gonna respond to my statement that the Bolshevik Revolution WAS an Ethnic jewish enterprise ALMOST from top to bottom?

        • Weilunion

          Again with the hate and disgust dude…. with an attitude like that do you really wonder why people cycle thru being mad at jews?

          All the hates coming from you on this…. I do not hate jews anymore then I hate poles or bantu or Pakistanis. I don’t wish I’ll on them for being what they are or living in ways I do not like.

        • But I will say I was no talking about a global Jewish conspiracy

          I was talking about the history of the bolsheviks and how they were known to have a very heavy ethnic jewish component in their overthrow of Russia and the Tsar…people knew this at that time, and jewish historians attest to this fact.
          Look at the article Churchill wrote.

          It’s not like it’s a secret how many ethnic jews are in Antifa either

        • I think it has been posited that Christianity comes from Judiasm, so it would follow that Christianity is a branch from the same root. What does that mean in the present?

          I haven’t formed an opinion on this, but if you read some of the Old Testament and even some of the New, the barbaric language reveals interesting ideas about the morality of the people in the bible. Is that lack of morality something to carry forward?

    • Your statement totally lacks any human decency.
      It is attitudes such as yours that represents man’s inhumanity.

      You have lost.

      • You are well aware of the insanity and evil-hatred-intent embedded within your comment.

        • They are probably well aware that this type of discussion causes more identity division and it plays into the divide an rule strategy.

          I wouldn’t be shocked if some of these types of conversations serve to prevent solidarity among different types of people, which is why it’s prevalent.

          The best strategy is to discuss ideas.

          For example, if one wants to discuss the ethics of circumcision that’s a different conversation. I do happen to believe it’s wrong.

        • On the topic of circumcision, some men have reported loss of sensation and negative impacts on sexuality.

          Also, when I was in nursing school, I saw a circumcision of a young male infant and I won’t describe the details here, but it was cruel and the infant was in severe pain. I think if the parents saw this being done, they would have re-evaluated their decision.

          If you notice though how the above poster frames this discussion also distorts it.

          Other cultures also practice genital mutilation of infants and I think a more effective discussion would be to discuss the ethics generally of these practices, rather than throw hate at entire groups of people.

      • Karlharvie

        I agree that circumcision is a rather disgusting practice that has been externalized into the American population for no sensible reason….. but seriously hating jews and wanting them to die is like giving them nitro in their motors.

        It’s like weilunion, with his disgust for normal Americans growing out of his fear. The more you let people like that justify their attitude the easier it is for them to be weaponized by the actual criminals that shield themselves by
        getting other Jews to protectthem from “antiSemetisim”

        It’s a horrible way to live wishing people dead, especially since most jews are just anoying rather than an actual danger to anyone.

  3. Hei-Ho-hei-ho its off to war we go !

    Media based toys of war have disconnected people from the reality of war, and that is what really scares me about these times !

    On the flag I always thought that sun represented Japanese Sun God that Emperor descended from like Korea , oh well guess I’ll just have to go figure on it !

  4. Nothing about Japan can really be understood without understanding Yamashita’s Gold and the Golden Lilly.

    Also, the Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang (mysteriously found suicided).

    Like Germany, the Nazis were put back in power by the US using the M-Fund among other things to assure a fight against the then Soviet Union — using Nazi stolen gold and jewels and art but mostly bullion.

    See the Ghelen Org for more on how the current German military and police were founded.

    Same with Japan.

    The same fascists, Mitsubishi and its representatives were brought back into power by General Willoughby and General MacArthur.

    Using Golden Lilly funds found by Landsdale and Willoughby.

    The Emperor was allowed to stay and the country was rebuilt by the US for fascists.

    A must read: The Golden Lilly by Peggy and Stearling Seagrave as well as the Soong Dynasty by Stearling.

    Japan and Germany were not de-Nazified after WWII but on the contrary, were actually Nazified and fascistized thanks to the Dulles boys.

    Both Germany and Japan now occupy 75 years of post-WWI fascism and are triggered.


    • Weilunion

      Well, true, but there really was little choice but to rearm the Germans in t he face of Soviet expansion into Europe.

      Thankfully for Germany the murderous Morgantha Plan to starve millions of Germans to death after the war was halted after only a short post war period of deliberate starvation. Wiser heads agreed with the unfortunate Gen. Patton that the desire for revenge of a small group of jewish people in the US administration should take 2nd place to the cold war.

      I think I read that the Morgantha plan actually made the nazis able to get the Germans to fight longer. the wartime consequences section goes into that

      • “I think I read that the Morgantha plan actually made the nazis able to get the Germans to fight longer”

        Did you. Then give us evidence for the claim and please, Wikipedia is the favorite among the uneducated, give me some concrete evidence and reliable sources.

        • Well… as I recall it was said in Lucas “WW2 Thru German Eyes”, (also published as “Reich” if I recall right)

          “….. Joseph Goebbels put it, “Hate and revenge of truly old-testament character are clear in these plans dreamed up by the American Jew Morgenthau. Industrialized Germany should be literally turned into a huge potato field.” This much was to be expected from Goebbels, who sought to use the image of a vengeful Morgenthau to encourage fiercer German resistance and to underwrite Hitler’s “scorched earth” policy.

          ……. Perhaps more troubling is that such ad hominem dismissals of Morgenthau’s motives were also potent in the U.S. administration. Secretary of War Henry Stimson, for instance, believed that Morgenthau was “so biased by his Semitic grievances that he really is a very dangerous advisor to the President.” For Stimson, the connection between Morgenthau’s Jewishness and his policy ideas was more than obvious: “Morgenthau is, not unnaturally, very bitter and …it became very apparent that he would plunge out for a treatment of Germany which I feel sure would be unwise.” In a note to himself, Stimson wrote that the “objective of punishment is prevention but not vengeance…. Reason why Jew is disqualified.” Nevertheless, Stimson found Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter to be right-thinking because, “[a]lthough a Jew like Morgenthau …,” Frankfurter discussed the matter “with perfect detachment and great helpfulness” (emphasis added). Stimson’s final assessment of Morgenthau’s plan was that it “is Semitism gone wild for vengeance.” In a discussion with Roosevelt, of course, Stimson was sure to refer to his “personal friendship for Henry Morgenthau who had been so kind to me when I first came into the Cabinet.”……..”

          • Morgenthau’s plan was rejected by the same government and people you say are controlled by the Jews.

            As said, the plan,much like Versailles, was brutal and murderous.

            To blame this on an entire population is not simply an over-generalization and oversimplification, but it is a stereotype and used to paint all Jews.

            So how could a government run by Jews reject such a plan?

            Obviously the government, and the plutocrats, are not controlled by Jews.

            • Weilunion

              I have often said, even, i think to you, that Jewish power was not nearly as big back in those days. Their near total control came only after the NeoCons and Bush went war crazy post 9/11

              And the fact that the will of Jews needed to be taken into account shows that they had already amassed considerable power, as Patton often complained about before his death

              I think I already made clear that “the Jews” is not a simple thing to define, in that the Zionist and the Socialist jews often have fought each other and just as every Japanese person did not “rape Nanking” NOT EVERY jew is not a murderous commie or an insane NeoCon.

    • @weilunion

      Most countries have their own Rape of Nanking type incident (or several). I outlined some of Canada’s in a comment below.

      The point of what I was writing below about with regards to Kintsugi is that despite the wounds that we have inflicted upon each other and this Earth, we are capable of looking within ourselves to come to know that which is innate within all conscious beings. From that place of knowing the innate spark within (and by extension recognizing it in all others as well) we can discard the arbitrary forms of discrimination, resentment and fear towards our fellow humans (based on outward appearance/geographic origin) and just recognize them as beings… each imperfect, each capable of love or fear, creativity or destruction.. each one containing all the potential beauty and wisdom of our idols and heroes and all the potential ugliness embodied in the parasitic plutocrats running this world.

      From that place we can nurture that which is good in ourselves and in each other.. from that place we can use the scars of our hearts as maps for the soul.

  5. This was very educational James, thank you.

    I ended up studying a specific period in ancient Japan as part of the research for my book in my pursuit to find historical examples where regenerative agricultural practices were applied as part of the fabric of a culture.

    The practical application of low-zero waste urban/agricultural systems was especially evident and critical during the Edo period (CE 1603–1868) in Japan. This was a time when environmental/soil degradation and deforestation led to the people of Japan realizing they would need to give back to the soil if they wanted to prevent the collapse of their civilization. This led to a time where strict guidelines were implemented to enforce (and incentivize) moving in the direction of a less destructive (and sometimes regenerative) agricultural infrastructure (and society as a whole). It involved key features such as encouraging biodiversity and close-looped material cycle being intertwined under a robust civil infrastructure.

    During most of the Edo Period, Japan was closed off to the world and had virtually no exchange with other countries. For the most part (from what I have read), it was a peaceful and self-sufficient period, with almost no war inside the country, and marked a remarkable time of development in the economy and culture of Japan.

    Many experts assert that the seeds for the key features of regenerative society were firmly planted in Japan in the Edo period (CE 1603–1868) and can be revived today if we apply the same wisdom which was applied in ancient Japan.

    I would contend that punitive measures being applied by top town governmental systems (regardless of what ideological wrappings they have) are not effective long term solutions as threatening someone to behave how you want them to only remains effective as long as the threat and ability to act on the threat does, and even then industrious and inventive people will wind a way to circumvent said punitive measures if they really want to. That being said, unlike the WEF’s puppets (such as Trudeau) and their ‘carbon taxes’ and ‘nitrogen restrictions’ for farmers etc, the will to impose strict rules on how people interact with the farm land and where their waste products end up during the Edo Period in Japan appears (to me) to have arisen out of a genuine necessity and want to salvage (and sometimes regenerate) the landscape that had been decimated by degenerative/extractive agricultural practices and urban development. Incentivizing behavior that helps to regenerate the landscape is at least a step in the right direction, as perhaps after being bribed to do something for long enough by the government the people doing it will begin to see the long term intrinsic benefits offered to their own lives by engaging in said actions.

    (continued in another comment…)

    • (..continued from another comment)

      Though, as much as I think the Edo Period is a fascinating time to analyze and speculate about what it would look like for the policies of that period in Japan to be implemented in present day, in the end I feel that the most permanent and systemic change cannot and will not be brought about via any top down policies (whether they are punitive or incentivizing) but rather must originate from within. The societal changes that set down roots and persist through the millennia begin with seeds planted by individuals that are living and embodying the change they want to see in the world, embracing radical authenticity and starting fractal chain reactions in our collective that spread outwardly in all directions.

      In essence, it is the seed that rises from within that is born from living the way one wants the world to be, which readily self sows and sets down roots far and wide. Individuals embodying the intrinsic abundance, purpose and joy that results from living with integrity, compassion, courage and generosity provides an incentive more enticing than any government bribe for others to follow suit. They show other people a way of living that heals the broken parts within us, heals the land around us, begins to bind our shattered communities together again and offers True Wealth.

      This brings me to another practice from the Edo era in Japan which I have studied and feel can offer us some practical and philosophical insight on how we might begin the process of regeneration (both of the landscape within, the physical landscape of our biosphere and the societal landscape as well) and that practice is the art of Kintsugi.

      While it is true that many of our communities (as well as much of our dominant western culture and broader societal infrastructure) is broken, this does not mean we should give up or lose hope. We can find wisdom and paths to healing through closely observing the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

      (..continued in another comment..)

      • Gavin
        That was an interesting comment… I think the only way to do a cultural lockdown such as Jaoan had is global governance since Japan was faced with the choice of getting colonized like China or coming into the modern world when faced with modern technology.

        Thing is that as the unabomber says technology will almost always get used because it makes a burucrat or a cops job easier. Fortunately a world wide government would probably have factions vying for power and always tempted to break out new tech to gain the edge over a fixed system stagnating over time

        • “Thing is that the Unabomber says….”

          Thanks for the history lesson.

          He said nothing that Karl Marx did not say in the 1800’s. In fact, his diatribe is full of Marxist analysis such as “ownership of the means of production” which is what he is saying places technology in the hands of the elites.

          Japanese citizens in the white-Settler colony that is the US were stripped of prime farmland and interned for years by white Americans.

          As to China, your history is wrong again.

          Japan conquered all of Asia from 1896 until 1946 and in so doing amassed almost the entire treasure of Asia which they then hid throughout the Philippines, China, Japan itself as well as islands in the China sea.

          Mark Twain said, “Get your facts first and then distort them as much as you want.”

          Again,any understanding of Japan must include the Golden Lilly and the Rape of Nanking.

          • Weilunion

            The unabomber also classified socialists as “leftish” and we t quite accurately into their psychological make up, I think. Marx (and Engals) was without doubt an agent of the plutocrats of his day, who succeeded in disrupting the workers movements of his time but I would never say that his analysis totally wrong.

            As to the rape of Naking and the loot the Japanese stole I do not see why you think it’s such a huge part of their make up?? They were in many ways built up from a 3ed world power by UK and US bankers. The UK wanted them to keep Imperial Russia busy and out if British Imperial possessions and If I recall right (“imperial cruse” I think the book was called) Teddy Roosevelt was egging g them on as a potential junior partner in American Pacific power. Been a while since I read it though so, meh on my memory.

            Japan was always playing catch up to their main threat the USA and was really never a serious threat to US Pacific power. Their imperial adventures were half assed and only had success because China was throughly beat up by western imperialism.

            • Japan conquered and raped ALL of Asia for fifty years beginning in 1896.

              And they stole and buried all the loot taken.

              They ended in WWII and then were put back in power, the same fascists and Emperor we said we were fighting.

              We, the US, then stole the loot known as the Golden Lilly loot and ocnverted it into monies to be used to reimpose fascism in Japan, against the Soviet Union, and to also use the money to start the Black Eagle Fund,M-Fund and other funds to be used by the plutocrats.

              All of this is revealed in the book by Peggy and Stearling Seagrave: The Golden Lilly.

              Japan serves as a strategic point for the upcoming war with China.

              They have always been under US control since the end of WWII and the rise of US fascism.

              • Weilunion

                Thanks for clarifying.
                I concur that many of the same Nazi’s and Japanese Elites kept their positions, but that was mainly because (like the planned destruction of Germany)rescinded because the US needed to stop the aggressive Soviet Expansion. You can not fight communists effectually with puppet nations run by 2nd raters can you?

                I would say that your also pretty on point that japan was trying to flex imperial muscles back then, but again, the were always in reality a second rate power being puppet ed by Bankers and western Imperialist politicians. I guess that kinda makes sense what your saying, but the post war period saw both Japan and Germany put in the box- Germany to the point where its allowing itself to die for the sake of American goals. I do not know if Japan is as suicidally programmed. Funny how that same programing has taken over the US which is why it will not survive as a nation for much longer IMO

                Japan is not Fascist… Fascism is a specific political system. While AFAIK Japanese culture does tend towards some of the social forms that Italian Fascism promoted it is not the same thing…. the stupid redefinition of the word “Fascism” has, like “nazi” and “racist” made those words nearly meaningless.

              • @weilunion

                How about the rise of “Canadian Fascism”?

                Here in Canada our brand of totalitarianism is becoming quite advanced. Our dictator and his goons will freeze your bank accounts if you say you want the right to bodily autonomy in front of a government building and then send in the mounted Gestapo to pulverize any people talking about peace, love, unity and freedom after which he will have his hired thugs beat down any remaining protestors with batons and shoot them with tear gas canisters.

                Here in Canada psychopaths openly impliment their eugenics agenda with impunity… this is a place where the plutocrat’s footsoldiers inject people with deadly biotech cocktails and then when those that are injected immediately die they tell the surviving family members it was due to “natural causes” and move on to injecting more people

                In our recent history, Canadian Fascism was more traditional (in the sense that it targeted specific racial demographics in government sanctioned torture and mass murder programs). See “The Residential Schools” for more info.

                Further back in Canada’s bloody history biological warfare was used by agents of the state to engage in acts of genocide in the form of weaponized small pox infected blankets given to the indigenous populations. The Nêhiyawak (aka “Cree”) who resided along the Saskatchewan River) were devastated by smallpox (some eye witness reports indicating that only 1 in 50 in some villages survived). The fact that smallpox was used in one of the first applications of biological warfare by both government/military officers and Jesuits Preists (also agents of Empire) in those times was repeatedly well documented. This was in essence, the mass murder and genocide of innocents by the State, using biological warfare delivered via “gifts” offered under the guise of compassion and good will.

                The government of Canada continues its tradition of murdering innocent children under the guise of compassion and goodwill today by injecting them with deadly biotech concoctions using coercion tactics.

        • @Duck

          Thanks for reading and commenting to share your thoughts.

          Speaking of modern technology, what are your thoughts on the potential of a CME (or EMP) crippling most of it in the blink of an eye?

          I wrote this article to share some data on what a CME could do to our hyper-centralized technologically dependent civilization.

          Despite some military facilities and vehicles having rudimentary EMP shielding, depending on the scale of the CME, it is possible that most large scale military infrastructure globally could be crippled, though I imagine that the plutocrats have some DUMBs that are EMP hardened that would be unaffected by a CME (regardless of scale). Most everyday people however, would be in serious trouble (having become so dependent on swiping little pieces of plastic at grocery stores to move around some data on a computer –aka “money”– and have someone hand them food, many having never planted a seed in the soil or preserved a seasonal crop for the long haul using low tech methods, would be starving in large numbers).

          What would you do if a ‘Carrington Event’ or larger CME hit?

          • GavinM
            “..Speaking of modern technology, what are your thoughts on the potential of a CME (or EMP) crippling most of it in the blink of an eye?…”

            I really can not imagine that the ruling class of the WEST would do such a thing, any more then I think they will permanently bring down the Internet (by choice….)

            The Ruling Class are mostly what Machiavelli would call “foxes” who need to persuade and trick us to get complaince….they WILL use force but its not what they are good at. If it comes to massive and open force they will probably end up being replaced by a competent Elite.

            They will destroy their best tool of control and the source of THEIR OWN WEALTH AND POWER If they do something like that…. not even the most internationalist are dumb enough to think they will get cake if their not heading up a powerful player in the world.
            If an outsider like China did that I think it would be a real war with Nukes, ‘to the hilt’ …. I can not imagine them being that dumb….. I just do not see anyone dumb enough to do that staying in power but things are kinda weird now 🙁

            “…What would you do if a ‘Carrington Event’ or larger CME hit?…”

            If there is a CArrington Event type thing there is nothing to do but get away from where the people are and then deal with whomever is alive a year later…. it would be an utter Black Swan that you cant really plan for except to NOT BE WHERE THEY ARE EATING PEOPLE.

            The PANic (interesting word that) and the number of mentally ill people without their meds kicking off would make even many small towns charnal houses of random violence by insane people…. Rambo himself would end up getting roasted on a stick if he stayed in such a place 🙁

            If I was a nutter of some kind I might get together 6 or 8 buddies and form a blood thirsty gang and live out the Mad Max fantasies of my youth 😉 … if you can not get away from people that would be your best hope of survival and it would not be good.

            ‘NutnFancy’ (if he is still on Youtube) used to be big into what to do in “WROL” and did a few videos if you search his channel. I think he’s kinda optimistic

            I need to ck out his Camping videos again some time….nice and relaxing

            • I agree with you about the tactics being used by psychopathic string pullers. Unless someone is suicidal it would be stupid to destroy their own supply chains and dirty the air they breathe.

              I think chaos that is outside of their control would be unsettling.

              They are also limited by father time at this point and probably believe that this life is the only one, so why would they create a world where they would also be miserable for the remainder of time they had left? Do they want to live off scraps too that might include dead bodies? Kind of creepy thoughts, but if they allow this situation to get out of hand might end up reaping what they sow.

              • Cu.h.j

                I was listening to someone who said that part of the danger comes from the rich folks realizing that their gonna die and their stupid plan for be coming cyber gods will probably not work out…. grumpy old men with nukes.

      • (..continued from another comment)

        The art of Kintsugi involves restoring broken ceramics by fusing the broken pieces back together with gold. It is an art form built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, you can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art. Every break is unique and instead of repairing an item like new, the 400-year-old technique actually highlights the “scars” as a part of the design.

        Using this as a metaphor for healing ourselves, our communities and our society as a whole teaches us an important lesson: Sometimes in the process of repairing things that have broken, we actually create something more unique, beautiful and resilient.

        When we re-connect with the living planet in a reciprocal relationship as our ancestors did, nurturing the land and our bodies through cultivating food and medicine crops in a way that gives back, we are mending the broken relationship that humanity has with the living world that sustains us. We are healing the fragmentation of our species and how we connect to our Mother Earth, and doing it in a way that (if done with love and care) can create a connection that is even more beautiful than it was before.

        We can heal, merge and galvanize the fragments of our human family into something more beautiful than anything that has existed here in the past. It begins with healing our relationship to nature and then moves into engaging in a joining of the shards of our human tribe through looking inward to recognize the golden essence that shines within each and every being. The recognition of this eternal essence within ourselves invites us to also recognize that same golden spark in our fellow beings, enabling us to bind our tribe together as one re-connected by the golden light we carry within. No government, guru, priest, politician or savior can do this sacred work for you, we are the ones we have been waiting for.

  6. Now that Canada is openly corrupt and misguided – Japan is about the only country I can imagine myself living in or visiting. If I was a younger man, I might pursue this but I am old and lazy and don’t really give a shit about much anymore. The culture in Japan is interesting, I love Icom and Yaesu radios and my entire family drives Nissan vehicles that are so much better than Fords/Chevys generally. Does anyone else find it ironic that Japan was the only country able to produce the steel that built the twin towers in New York?

    • Jack

      Consider that they managed to make good swords out of trashy iron sand ores…actually now I think of it the Vikings used trash big iron with welded steel edges and still make the best cheap knives.

      Maybe spending a period with low resource makes people more resourceful?

      • That should read BOG iron not big 🙁

  7. Wow very impressive read into something that appears so innocuous. Thanks James, I’ve been warned and need to start some sensible prepping.

    • Helena
      If I may suggest a good start is a “life straw” water filter. It is pretty cheap and will clean water (though NOT of chemicals)

      Lots of people in an emergency will try drinking right out of a pond or river and end up dying from dehydration messing with their electeolytes when they get the running poops. I will be fine since only drink Brawndo 😉 the life straw is great and you can carry it in your pocket….I see they have fancier stuff now too

  8. I found this QFC interesting.

    In the U.S., so very much of the image of Japan is based on movies.

  9. I grow an heirloom black soy bean variety from the island of Hokkaido (which I have read were favored by the Samurai during the Edo period). The black/dark colored crops were considered to imbue resilience and strength in battle.

    They are easier to digest than the lighter colored soy beans and make for a potent anti-oxidant rich miso paste. It is my little way to keep their culture alive and nod my head to the farmers of that era that worked hard to develop these heirloom varieties.

    I like to make a miso paste with some of the crops and wild foods that were favored by the ancient peoples that called the place I now live home before the Europeans came (like wild rice, pine needles and ramps). I suppose some Japanese people may not like me calling this “Miso” paste (considering the non-traditional ingredients) but whatever you want to call it, growing these crops and creating these preserves in my kitchen is my way of honoring the ancient tribes from here and all over this Earth.

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