Do You Have the JFK Secret Society Speech? – Questions For Corbett #099

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Paul writes in to ask if I have the full JFK “secret society” speech. Why, yes, I do! And guess what? The full speech shows that those highly-edited two-minute YouTube videos you saw back in the day were misleading at best and downright dishonest at worst. Wait until you hear what JFK was actually saying.

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The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961

Interview 1795 – James Corbett on The Nature of False Flags

The Media Matrix

Mass Media: A History (online course)


  1. James, thank you for posting this , I have to admit I was almost 10 yr’s old when this speech was given and have never heard it before now. It really hits home with all that is going on in the world now that this started a long time ago .

    • jwfry,
      I can relate, because I was only 6 when JFK made this speech, although I likely did see parts of it, given that my dad was working on a PHD in Politics at the time. (He really wanted to understand the world, but I think formal education has it’s limits.)
      To his credit, JFK was only 43 when he took Office, and he did have a steep leaning curve, which by the way, did make him a real threat to the world Oligarchs by November of 1963. Had JFK gotten re-elected in 1964 I believe we would be looking a world changed for the better. He had already opened talks with Russia, which, by the way, if you happened to be a party to that “Military Industrial Complex” President Eisenhower warned us about in his 1961 Farewell Speech, you would have been watching your profits disappear.
      RFK Jr. is now twenty some years older than his Uncle was then, and has filed the Papers Declaring his Candidacy for President of the U.S. I think he knows what he is getting into, which demonstrates that he is willing to put his life on the line for what he believes in.
      At 43, even though I was never any kind of War Monger, I don’t think I would have learned anywhere near as fast as JFK did. Do you think that we would have been better off with Nixon as President in 1960? I think that the Oligarchs had it all set up for Nixon, but!.

    • I find this analysis quite strange. Who supported the Bolshevik revolution? Where did the money come from? Who had massive contracts with the Soviets for decades after – loaning out money, sending aid that turned into profits returned to the same people – in the west? Who supported Marx and manufactured the idea of Communism in the first place? Centrally controlled money / central banking system? Who controlled the media at the time of this JFK speach? Did JFK need to broadcast this speach if he was part of that group of people/ families who did and do? If JFK wanted to send the press a message about being on the moral side of history… this would be the way to do it. I am very much in agree with a lot of JC content – much of it is very very good – but this was not some of that. Yes, people have cherrypicked from the speach – but JFK would know that the soviets were not the Russian peoples choice – they were placed into power by the support of exactly the secret society families that he would know how work and who is opposed to a society of free people- Of individual liberty. The same group of people and families who are creating all the mayhem we see around us fro wars to famine, to fears, scares and FF ops and psy ops. I believe the speach JFK held was an attempt to reach something inside the people in an industry who were and are at this time already thoroughly morally corrupt. If JC is right – his speach was to a press that was NOT morally corrupted at the time – something we know is not correct.

  2. I admit I had not listened to the full version of the speech until now though I did listen to enough in the past to realize he was pushing statist propaganda.

    Listening to it in full now, given what I have learned in recent years, I see the subliminal “self-censorship” suggestions, the use of a sort of “Delphi Technique” on the live audience (hats off to the speech writer indeed) and there were some disturbing comments laced in there like when JFK described one of the jobs of the press as being to ‘mold public opinion’ (What Hath God Wrought indeed).

    Thanks for a great episode James.

  3. ah good ol’ context manipulation. mia culpa, I had a high opinion of the syntax of those cherries, now that I see it was a set-up for the listeners to suspend disbelief. Now I can relax knowing that of course, jfk could swampsterslither with the best of them.

    JC “This is lying”

    spookeye “I understand alot about people, but being able to expose a good liar is very hard”

    V These are the days of the sprung lie, and also the era when the deadliest weaponry is silent and invisible and even can work in delayed time: we dont know that we’ve been hit or how hard or when or where. I’m running out of clues as to how to function in the face of such threats.

    • @vadoum

      “I’m running out of clues as to how to function in the face of such threats.”

      Opt out, unplug, exit, cultivate and build?

      • Opt out,
        is like the first and second dimensions, we can describe them, but cant live them because they dont exist.

        was kubricks final, just at the last minute solution. It is still the most likely way that this current species wide obsession with material, which is hooning along wracking up debt like a fed on fire, will resolve.

        when we were cut off from town when flash flooding had caused big land slides, the hundred or so residents of the hinterland creek valley (1 road in and out..), the whole demenour, once characterized by mostly aggressive driving the difficult potholed riddled 15 miles to town, now had transmuted, by default, yet for real, into friendly considerate generosity. We were all walking around pausing to meet for the first time after years of “absentee neighboring”.. yes, unplugging will work if done enmass.

        yes most of us will exit, but not before having a go. in other wordsthe rules of the game dont support quiters.

        cultivate and build?
        cultivating is, I think, what goes on just for having lived a human life. But if you mean “grow food”. I think its a fine idea, and wish I wasnt so owned by what it takes to even have ones foot in the door in the oz profit & loss game (spoiler: its heavily rigged to keep most spinning wheels hard to maintain food and shelter).

        The solution to the question “what to build” has been elusive to me over a life of musing designing building and using (boats & houses). The way in which most wealthy cultures build nests is far from healthy or even ethical.

        My question is “what can be done about the hidden nature of the assault weaponry currently deployed?

        • Vadoum

          “…My question is “what can be done about the hidden nature of the assault weaponry currently deployed?…”

          You can not stop it coming INTO your mind and heart unless you already have something else occupying that space.

          Social media, propaganda and disgusting modern culture only took over peoples minds because they were empty of anything else. Honestly, IMO people who just think its about ‘Freedom’ as an abstract rather then “Freedom TO….” probably wont be able to save themselves.

          • one guy said: always good to have a plan otherwise we become part of someone elses

            and then the magic mushroom burst out laughing,, “are you a man with a plan”,,

            Are you saying filling my mental space with faithful thoughts could guarantee physical protection from directed energy weaponry?

        • @vadoum

          Thanks for expanding the general terms I used in my comment.

          Who knows perhaps the exit part will come out of necessity for some of us and/or may not be a choice at all, but rather the inevitable result of imploding centralized infrastructures.

          “what to build” indeed. For me, the building would be minimal and inspired/intrinsically connected to the Earth that supplied the building materials. Are you familiar with the Source Temple in Brazil? I like how they built those structures, though given I have 4 years of a masonry apprenticeship under my belt, any structures I would build on my dream homestead/intentional community would likely involve a significant amount of stone work as well.

          I suppose that depends on what exactly you are describing when you say “the assault weaponry currently deployed”.

          Do you mean the tools of psychological warfare that are used to assault our minds with lies, gaslighting, seductive toxic material and other mentally damaging material? Or do you mean weapons used to physically assault?

          Thanks for the comment.

          • G
            what exactly you are describing when you say “the assault weaponry currently deployed?

            there has always been invisible-silent weaponry, in the realms of psychological manipulation,, but it also exists today as physical yet beyond human sensory awareness. The ones we know about use microwaves (I’d bet theres more). whistleblowers say they can be used for subtle effects, as in mood influencing or projecting sound into what people think of as “my internal voice”, or more dramatically, as in dropping a standing army in a skinny second with no bullets and no bang. we know gigahertz pulsating phase arrayed waves can be focused and aimed automatically, in other words dont get on chatgpt’s bad side.

            I’ve always preferred stone houses. In southern France I saw old villages being recycled stone by stone, to make new structures ,,somewhere else, no mortar was used.

            I’m also a fan of “aircrete”. I think the future will include fully molded aircrete dwellings, cast as modular or even one piece. the material is very recipe sensitive; I reckon these guys are onto it:


            some Japanese agree:


  4. My favorite quote of his:

    “I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human
    knowledge, that has ever been gathered at the White House – with the
    possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”
    John F. Kennedy

    I met JKF when he was on the stump in Concord, California. I was in college at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill and a Young Democrat then, long before the madness took over. He was really something.

    One of the jobs I had working my way through school was in the DVC cafeteria. Then day he was murdered I was the only one in the dining room, putting up chairs on the tables and cleaning up. I was crying a lot as I worked. Somehow, deep inside I KNEW something VERY significant happened in our society.


    • I love hearing anecdotes like this.
      Pieces of history told by individuals.

      Thanks ejDoyle, “dark stranger”.

      • Thanks.

        Back in the 60’s in Berkeley I knew a woman who had a project going of interviewing all the old folks, Black and White, in the flat lands (below the train tracks towards the Bay.)

        It is only a recent thing to have written and recorded history, used to be able to trust others to give oral presentation of quality. Now in this digital deception age no telling what is truth hey?

  5. This clarified things for me regarding JFK. Just reinforces my belief that politicians represent the State over the Electorate.

    • While he was kinda an egoist sex fiend JFK did have a few saving graces- serving in an actual war and having kids of his own made him somewhat more cautious about blowing the world up with nukes.

  6. learn something new every day ? ?? ☮️

    very interesting, I had never listened to the full audio before. Didn’t know he was talking to the press and sayin mom’s the word when needed
    I always thought he was talkin about “skull n bones/free masons” kind of societies and how they were infiltrating gov.
    I was in grade4 when Kennedy was assassinated, our school closed down just before lunch, sent every one home. Living in N Surrey, BC

    thanks for the education and this link

    • @yellowsnakes

      I went to brick laying / stone masonry school in Surrey in the early 2000-s, it was a pretty rough scene (little kids would try to sell me drugs on the way to school each morning, cops were dirty and crack heads were always tryna peel the copper off of things at the school for scraps, –sometimes going for live wires and getting fried– and they also liked to try to bust in at night with sledgehammers to get at the diamond edged saws and chisels and stuff). But on the upside the rent was cheap compared to Whistler! 🙂

      Was Surrey different back in the JFK days?

      • I live in Surrey in the UK. More land is taken up by golf courses than it is for housing. Luckily there isn’t a housing crisis in the UK. Oh hang on…

  7. Great reply to the question, James. Well done.

  8. Oh my God!?? Thank you. And btw; I was almost totally swept away by the rhetoric – guess I still have a lot to learn ? That’s why I’m grateful for this platform ?

    And btw btw… keep encouraging Riley Waggaman to create a podcast ?

  9. Thank you! Proving once again that politicians are placed, not elected. It is all theatre folks. Used to distract and keep our minds on the show, instead of real life solutions.

  10. Just gonna say it again so it is even further beyond ambiguous…. Insofar as it is required, requesting #QFC!!! What is your view of the no virus question you have seen your members discuss many times and why do you not deem it worthy of coverage??
    Im really hoping if you ever do decide to cover this, that the response isn’t as weak and lacking in credibility as Whitney Webb’s recent (paraphrasing) ‘it just doesn’t interest me and I don’t feel I have the necessary eqpertise to comment’
    Just so…. so ….. disappointing.

    • He might say the same thing and I don’t think her comment is weak but is honest and makes a lot of sense. Journalists are human beings and all human beings, fallible and not always knowledgeable of every topic nor have an interest in exploring every topic.

      Not that anyone cares, but I’ll share my own opinion about the issue as I currently understand it as a lay person. I do have a bachelors degree in molecular biology from studies done around 20 years ago so technology has changed a little since I was in school. A bachelors degree still makes me a lay person though so there’s vast amounts of technical knowledge that I lack and have never actually worked in a research lab professionally or as part of my studies.

      I think that the debate has merit as to what the particles in question are and how they function. Both Peter Duesberg and Stefan Lanka raise interesting points about alleged viruses. Duesberg refutes the idea that HIV is the cause of AIDS and says it’s a “passenger virus” and Lanka would probably say it’s toxicity caused by the experiment itself or possibly from toxicity in the body and/or both. Some might say it’s an artifact or damage from the electron microscope itself. All of these claims have merit.

      However, there is an actual disease AIDS that does appear to be passed from one person to another under certain conditions. This is observed by persons who have the disease and medical staff who has treated patients. Many of these people will have a positive HIV test, a specific antibody (protein) that can be detected. This test may be meaningless but it is still something observable an common to persons with AIDS as it’s been defined.

      Duesberg refutes the definition of the disease itself and he has a point. He says that it’s not a single disease and it’s presentation is different in Africa and Europe and the United States. He says it was a scam to sell anti-retroviral drugs and to validate what he calls virus hunting. He makes excellent points.

      Having said that I have personally known people who have tested positive for HIV and report health problems and also report that they believe they contracted it from other people and have had measurable improvement from taking some of the newer anti-retroviral drugs. Could it be placebo effect? I think it’s possible this could be part of it or there could be some other mechanism going on not fully understood.

      • My observations with what is known as Covid working in a hospital during the scamdemic was that it seemed like there was a type of respiratory illness that was a combination of flu like symptoms coupled with blood clotting abnormalities. The flu like symptoms included profound hypoxia (low oxygen saturation) that I have not seen in past seasons (winter time sickness). An overwhelming majority of people who were sick were already in poor health and rarely did a previously healthy person become sick and die. But there were 4 health care providers I knew personally who became so sick in 2020 that they require hospitalization, one was in the ICU.

        Maybe it was the flu jab they took? A combination of stress and exposure to chemicals? Or some type of contagion? Perhaps all of those factors contributed. I don’t know but the observation to me was that it was something different from past flu seasons. Not a pandemic like the plague or something that posed a threat to the survival the human species but nevertheless appeared to be different.

        Then in 2022 I had personal experience by getting sick after my husband traveled out of state. When he came back home and was sick, I became sick the next day with an illness similar to his. Whatever caused it or contributed to it, I suspect that my contact with him was contributory. It wasn’t the worst illness I had and I recovered. The fatigue seemed different from past flu like illnesses but went away in about 3-4 weeks. I haven’t been sick since that time.

        Also if we go back to basic concepts of hand washing to reduce illness, I think there was a measurable effect that when doctors washed their hands between patients less people died after medical procedures. I think this was demonstrated late 1800s early 1900s (I’m not sure) but it was studied obstetrics when doctors were delivering babies. The doctors who washed hands had less patients die than those who didn’t. Some hypothesized this meant there were germs that could be spread from person to person.

        • Also, with some diseases, antibiotics appear to be helpful. My point in all this is that the idea of contagion is kind of old and ingrained in human consciousness and may have some validity irrespective of laboratory studies. Maybe it’s some mechanism that is poorly understood, or a combination of factors but it appears to be a real phenomenon.

          So while I do think the argument that “viruses” don’t cause disease has substantial merit and the evidence for viruses as the primary cause is weak based on lab studies I have read, I cannot discard anecdotal evidence and personal observation of apparent contagion.

          To me the topic is vast and complex and disease in general is not well understood. This just my personal opinion. I don’t know what JC’s opinion is but I would understand if he has similar views. Most people have been sick soon after coming into contact with sick people some of the time. They may think that that was related some how.

          Anyway, just my thoughts to illustrate why someone may be ambivalent about discarding the idea of contagion entirely.

          • My hesitancy in discarding the belief that some things can be contagious or influenced by contact with others is based almost entirely on personal experience with talking to sick people and also appearing to catch diseases or have them manifest after contact with sick individuals.

            I admit that my interpretation of causality or influencing factors may be wrong and am open to further understanding and investigation. Until that time, I would say I’m “agnostic” about the issue and am open to being wrong.

    • One more point that I think is relevant here is that I think the root of the issue is NOT so much about the validity of virus/no virus or terrorism or any of the other rationals elitists put forth to control and enslave the population, but the issue of control/slavery itself.

      Do elitists have the right to control or enslave the human population? Is there ever a reason to confine a person to their home? Who decides?

      With respect to biosecurity, even if a person believes in germs and germ theory, evidence suggests that there is no valid reason to confine people to their homes and close businesses. I mean no evidence of existential threat to survival of the entire human population.

      But even if there was some dangerous pathogen, if that existed, does the state have the right to decide who goes outside and lives their lives?

      I would say they do not have that right to dictate what choices other people make. It would be an interaction negotiated by free individuals in a free society and that is much more desirable than slavery to many people.

      “Give me liberty or give me death” is a sentiment that many people share.

      I think a more interesting discussion would be philosophy of liberty. Is it ever wrong to confine people to their homes? Is there ever a valid reason for central control and/or slavery? And why?

      Also, do people have the right to have different opinions and beliefs? And can people who are wrong on some issues collaborate with others who hold opposite opinions in order to promote liberty?

      How do we come together around shared values if we have different opinions and/or other diverse ideas and characteristics?

    • Here is two years worth of very detailed research for free. I have put it up here before. Just go to the link and either watch my essay video or download a pdf.

      It covers the history of the pretend virus, links to as much of the info as I could find, the truth about the injection, most of the players in the murder plot, etc.


  11. Another eye opening presentation! So Kennedy was a statist! who knew! LOL. One thing I’ll say about Kennedy, compared to the presidents that followed him he does appear to be a genius. Thanks James

    • alyour

      “…compared to the presidents that followed him he does appear to be a genius…”

      I think Nixon was smarter, he appeared to be a much deeper thinker.

      Also, when hearing some of his taped calls on YouTube I was impressed- he just rung up a guy to discuss some articles he read. He comes across pretty smart on all his phone calls, and once said he could hardly bare to shake jhands with the Bohemia Grove crowd because it was (paraphrasing) ‘the faggiest place I’ve ever seen”. I bet he would have been more interesting to hang out with then Kennedy, though Kennedy might have been more fun.

      Random Nixon tape

  12. James, thank you for posting this. I shared the link to all my contacts everywhere. Let’s hope it makes them stop and think for a while.

  13. I wanted to provide a little historical context from the popular culture that emerged in the early 60s, which I remember as an important time for the devil, the pope, and his frogs. The frogs (Robert Maxwell and other Tavistock agents) spent the year 1962 training the Beatles. Teaching them the tunes, lyrics, and chords for the songs written by Theodore Adorno and his team of crack song writers. In America, The Grateful Dead were having acid parties, developed through their DOD and CIA connects, the Laurel Canyon crowd of the children of the military upper brass and federal agencies were busy developing what would become electrified rock and roll… and some talented and creative people were drawing cartoons:

  14. This is one of those bits of well placed and widely distributed pieces of misdirection and propaganda. Reminds of the good ole quote: We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

    • You are right.
      I have often seen the image memes with quotes, and probably had shared them.

      However, I distinctly remember seeing an image-quote-meme where it cited the source after the quote excerpt with something like:
      “JFK before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961”
      It definitely caught my attention…I was puzzled by that…it seemed so mis-matched with meme-message and targeted audience.

  15. I hold my hands up to this one. I was guilty of believing the misinformation here. I wasn’t exactly spreading it around the internet but in the back of my mind I believed he was talking about the ‘illuminati’ or CIA etc and that this might have led to his assassination. Thank you James for bringing this to my attention. I’m actually surprised the MSM haven’t made more of a deal out of this. There’s still time though of course.

  16. While I agree with JC’s overall analysis of this JFK speech, it is still a little refreshing to hear a politician at least overtly acknowledge the essential importance of first Amendment rights, and the fact that the government has no place in restricting the free flow of information (compare that idea with the direct governmental action revealed in the “Twitter files” stories). Of course, it was only a few years later when the CIA’s Frank Wisner was playing “his mighty Wurlitzer,” and Bernstein was documenting the CIA’s control of media output, so it is undoubtedly true that most in the swamp would not have agreed with JFK (his assassination likely confirms that disagreement). As the CIA’s William Casey was quoted in 1981: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” (This is a particularly interesting comment given that the CIA is statutorily prohibited from operating within the US itself.)

  17. Why is the great investigative work of Dr. James Fetzer not ever discussed here and on other “alternative” blogs James??

    He has covered JFK, Sandy Hook, and more with exhaustive amount of facts and not interpretations.

      • Must of missed James talking about him. I came across James and Dr. Fetzer about the same time around 08 or so. Was on Fezter’s show as a 2 hour guest back then.

        I’m more a “fan” of his facts and courage to put them out there. Big events that have gone down the rabbit hole…Senator Wellstone, 9/11, Sandy Hook, The Boston bombing, etc. ALL of them false flags with lots of evidence to prove it. Yet forgotten in the public consciousness.

        Thanks for the link.

    • There is merit to much of Fetzer’s work.
      However he has made his fair share of mistakes with respect to 9/11
      and the Christchurch shootings, just to name a few.
      I don’t have the same respect for his work in general as I had previously.

      What did you discuss with Jim when you were his guest?

      • Don’t know what the Christchurch shooting was??

        So what are a few of his 9/11 mistakes as I usually pay little attention to the naysayers, etc. that put him down in the past.


        • Maybe you could first fill me in with what you were discussing with Jim when you were his guest?

          Then I’ll tell you about his mistakes.

          The Christchurch shooting was a big news story a few years ago. It’s very easy to search for it on the net. It was another false flag event.

          • So I have to “pay” for a response from you??

            It was 2008, 9/11; Senator Paul Welstone’s murder, a lot about my experiences with tribal elders and activists, and the such.

            “It’s very easy to search for it on the net. It was another false flag event.”

            Talking down to me doesn’t inspire anything. I’ve been a social and political activist for over 50 years. If you checked out any of my music or essay’s at my BitChute site you just might revise your level of respect for who I am.

            I don’t desire to investigate or talk about any more “false flags” or controller agenda subjects. Either one is an activist in the true sense of the word…active, or just another info gatherer on the web.

            This is the time for solutions, we know enough about the bad guys.

          • OK, I did my part in this conversation, where’s the facts about Dr. Fetzer’s “mistakes?”

            • You are talking out of both sides of your mouth.

              “I don’t desire to investigate or talk about any more “false flags” or controller agenda subjects. Either one is an activist in the true sense of the word…active, or just another info gatherer on the web.
              This is the time for solutions, we know enough about the bad guys.”

              “OK, I did my part in this conversation, where’s the facts about Dr. Fetzer’s “mistakes?”

              You don’t want to talk about false flags anymore, but you do want to talk about them.
              To be honest, the tone of your reply to me was not very ‘inviting’, to put it mildly.
              I think it’s best we let this one ride.

              • You are full of it.

                “To be honest, the tone of your reply to me was not very ‘inviting’, to put it mildly.”

                So your “feelings” got hurt from talking to you as an adult. Who do you think you are dealing with??

                You are just a liar. Unable to come up with the “facts” that you so easily throw out about Dr. Fetzer.

                Another lame-azz pretend activist, all hat, no cattle.

  18. JFK- Warns of Open source intelligence

    Mr Corbett – Bases Corbett Report on open source intelligence

    Proper title for the speech clip = “JFK warns of Corbett Report 40 years before it happened!”


    More seriously I have to say that JFK could give a pretty good speech, and its kinda sad to see the decline of the public IQ (reflected by the simpler speaking style of the current crop of politicians) between then and now.

    Sad that he was already in the pockets of the people who wanted to Socially engineer the US into the globo homo dump its fast becoming.

    Mr Corbett has already done the other JFK myth about ‘ending the fed’

  19. Makes one wonder who actually wrote speech , and considering that President Eisenhower’s farewell speech on the Military industrial complex was 135 days earlier could speech have been authored by same writer even though President was from the other party ?
    Amazing that both presidents seem to acknowledge that they feared mistakes made in the aftermath of WW2 although they never detailed them out of fear the newly formed apparatchik of the deep state and world government I guess !
    In JFK speech he validates secrecy of national security state and Ike warned us about it even though he caused Chinese Nationalist to be defeated by sending them weapons without firing pins or ammo ! MacArthur had promised them full support !
    Where is Paul Harvey when you need him !

  20. I don’t agree with the 180° interpretation, hmmm maybe 150 ….
    Yes he’s asking for censorship but
    we can’t forget that the ussr was the strongest arm of the Jesuit jew blue blooded aliens.

  21. Ted Sorensen was Kennedy’s most well known speech writer, there may be others.

  22. Like James points out in the last half, there are many important “take-aways” from this topic.

    I, too, was extremely impressed by the script writer of that speech.
    That was masterful!
    In a ‘covet’ (covert) way, the writer created a peer-group moral-code mindset where a publication would shame itself amongst peers if it divulged inappropriate information.
    I praise the skill of such message marketing.

    • Yes, it was very masterful especially if the message is delivered by a charismatic speaker like JFK. I’m interested in the phenomenon of charisma and leadership that pull people in. It’s fascinating how people will be drawn into trust and follow certain people.

      I’m sure this type of marketing and manipulation has been honed down to a science and used to move the masses.

  23. BOOM! Certainly dropped my jaw and overturned previously held notions.

    Great question Paul!

    • Thanks I’ll check it out!

  24. I was surprised! Did not know he was asking reporters to leave out information that could be used by US enemies…

    So, James or others, who is responsible for making available the excerpt that leaves out the context?

  25. A misrepresented but utterly unremarkable speech. JFK had just resisted enormous pressure to send in the troops – and potentially ignite WWIII – after the Bay of Pigs fiasco and had just fired the top three men in the CIA for organizing it. The Joint Chiefs were furious and like a lot of eminences suspected he was at best soft and at worst a communist – yes, idiotic, but that was the political climate back then. He had to at least make a show of being a strong anti-communist and he also had to throw a few bones to the military-intelligence complex after such an insult though the rift between them now was unbridgeable.

    Aside from that it was just a public speech to a hall full of MSM types – a chance to assuage them and the public that he was anti-communist and respectful, despite recent events, of deep state procedures.

    It’s too much to ask of any politician – and of any human being – to be 100% truthful all of the time, and it’s no secret that JFK got into office by riding the wave of the ‘missile gap’ propaganda – a complete lie – but he would never have been a chance had he repudiated it.

    Was going along with this lie the right thing to do? Yes, because his opponent was Richard Nixon and it isn’t hard to predict how he would have acted during the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Aside from all that, who says that planting fragments of this speech was purely the work of the alt media? Yes, plenty are capable of doing it through sheer ignorance and short attention spans, but it’s also exactly the kind of thing official misinfo propagandists would do so Chomsky acolytes and their clones could solemnly speechify and further peddle the nonsense that JFK was not exceptional. The best course of action regarding them and the intellectually challenged segments of the alt media, depressingly large as they are, is to ignore them as much as possible.

  26. Thanks Professor James,

    Very much enjoyed JFK’s audio presentation on the subject. The speech reminds me how some recent past US Presidents have been particularly hostile with dissenting journalists ie Trump w/ J Acosta, Biden w/ Fox reporter Peter D. Would Kennedy approve of Trump’s view of the today’s Press being “enemy of the people.” i too was struck by the eloquent verbage of JFK’s speech. Either T Sorensen is a master speechwriter and/or JFK is an “intelligent dude” and/or TS makes JFK sound intelligent. I would venture the first two.

  27. So grateful you bring that up! These false assumptions about this speech, you read in the net all the time, have been going on my nerves for years. This speech wasn’t even secret anymore; you could find it entirely in the Congress library online. The best you can say about JFK, is that being another normal president like the others, he changed during his term in a few cases and took the right decisions. I guess the threat of an atomic war with the Russians helped him to come to his senses. That said: he was an anti-communist and he did indeed start the Vietnam war.

    • Moritz,
      The ® Registered Trademark looks good on you, and brings some style to the ritz.

      It is a nice way to convey a message about intellectual property.

  28. Thank you very much for this piece. Talking to people who routinely form “conspiratorial” views based on such short, edited, out-of-context clips or memes is almost as difficult as talking to people who form views from the MSM. I don’t mind such clips if they accurately reflect the truth and the context from which they’re taken, but that’s not usually the case.

    I was completely unaware of the clips or the whole speech. So it was also interesting to hear JFK—no doubt with much help from his speech writer(s)—buttering up the press with several minutes of levity and BS to prime his audience to accept the alleged “need” for censorship without even using that ugly word.

    I try to combat the rampant “out of context” problem by checking information’s original source (if it’s locatable) and either posting a link to the source instead or adding it. I very much appreciate your use of primary sources.

    And, for the life of me, I don’t understand why people post quotes from politicians in support of a viewpoint they agree with. Aside from the context problem, what politicians say, believe, and do are usually three different things. Ulterior motives almost always accompany their words.

  29. Wait, Wait, Im trying to guess what the punchline of all this is….The President is going to say to the Journaliars we should make sure we publish ALL Conspiracy Theorists and pay them well??

    No, no its an attack on the Ruskies, methinks.

    Thanks for this James. Your work always makes my day.

    • Oh MY Gosh…He’s talking about the GangBanksters in so many words and telling the press that when they knock me off tell the people that dissident thinkers are “conspiracy theorists”…and that’s exactly what they did.

      • And he sets the stage for nondeclared UnConstitutional wars being accepted and promoted by the Journaliars. Where is the weeping emoji? I know its wrong for a free thinker to cherish heroes, when there are none, but we all like to cheer a champion of human accomplishment. I guess I should keep my candles held to people like Danny Cassallero. 🙁

        Thanks James, for that much needed Truth bombing..

        • and of course the James gang. 🙂

  30. As James pointed out, today we have another enemy in addition to the MSM, the Alt-Media, where there are literally no constraints whatsoever. It’s the wild west.
    And also all the Joe Blows who can write their own ‘news’ on their substacks.

    Hmmmm. Speaking about going to the source…

    Reminds me of the Gates clip that everyone is so fond of quoting and taking out of context/meaning (including James) where he states “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15%.”

    James should also put that one to bed if he has the time.

    Or the carefully edited (chopped up) video where Pfizer CEO Bourla says “By 2023 we will reduce the number of people in the world by 50%.”

  31. Excellent bit of history. What a contrast to the quality of oratory we have today!

  32. Possibly the most embarrassingly selective reading I’ve ever heard. He defended free speech and said all he can do is ask that they consider if what they write is for the betterment of the country.

    To be fair, it is in the context of affairs personal and subvsersive, but to ignore 80pct of what he said to mischaracterize it as “the complete opposite” is a stretch at best.

    I just wonder why this not very thoughtful or complete addressing of the comments, and why the willful misreading by an English teacher. Reading comprehension is not a failing of Mr Corbett, so need further clarification on his comments.

  33. Bloody hell, what an eye-opener. It seems like (at this snapshot in time at least) he’s asking for censorship, but in a way that gives him plausible deniability. To me that’s even more unsettling than asking for it outright.

  34. So the monolithic and ruthless force is communism, but which secret societies is he speaking of? Or is the first rule not to talk about fight club?

    With the JFK Silver Certificate Myth debunked and the “Secret Society” speech misconstrued, I wonder if history will really ever know why JFK was killed? The shreds of evidence that people point to for the reason of JFK’s assassination are making less and less sense. I suppose the only thing left to debunk is the “wouldn’t give Israel nukes” argument I hear widely proclaimed. If all of these theories can be reasonably debunked, then why was JFK really killed?

  35. Great.

    I was shown a PDF-printed full version of this speech (date and context included) back in 2003 or 2004, by someone who was quite the expert in the “conspiracy realm”. Once I’d read it, he asked me what I thought of it. I answered pretty much the same as here: the “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” was communism and the purpose of JFK’s address was to ask the press to control their staff due to the Cold war.

    So we debated a bit over the monolithic conspiracy part, as for him the communist ideology simply belonged to it. But he also asked “So why would JFK say the secret societies are repulsive, as the president of a nation founded by Freemasons?” to which I had no answer.

    Anyway, even though I was never that interested in this narrative, nevertheless over the last 20 years of online research, I must have shared some stupid crap. I also must have believed in some things I don’t believe in anymore, and it will probably happen again. This is very likely when you try to understand the world rather than stick to a party line. Which is why I’ll be careful with anyone who poses as the ultimate arbitrator regarding what is or what is not in that domain – we’re still investigating and it’s quite the rabbit hole.

    In conclusion, we have been maturing since 9/11 in the use of online P2P information exchange, but we still have a long way to go. We have to be aware too that we’re in a race with the adversary, since the very tool that’s allowing us to wake up and awake others is also the tool that is being designed to control as well as fully enslave us, through the IoT, the IoB, the CBDC’s, the digital ID and so on.

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