Are Sanctions War? – Questions For Corbett

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Did you know that a third of the planet is under some form of economic sanctions at the moment? And, more to the point, do you know what that really means? Join James for this edition of Questions For Corbett as he delves into the horrors of economic warfare and clears up the confusion between (voluntary) boycotts and (government-imposed) sanctions.



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  1. 1. When was the last time you saw stats of war victims with higher casualties of soldiers (or leaders of either side) than civilians?

    2. The efficacy of any measure can only be measured by the real aims of measure not by its stated aims (which on the geopolitical arena are usually distractions). Its most likely true that vaccines are effective in their real aims. Can you place your hand to heart and attest that you 100% understand the real aims of either?

    3. When the new financial system is in full operation, I wonder whether James will ever have to answer the question “I cant buy or sale because I disagree with x, is that inflicting pressure on me to either concide or die?”

    • With 1/3 of the world being under some sort(s) of sanctions there does seem to be a by-product. The west has 10, 11, or 12 sanction packages imposed on Russia yet Russia seems to be weathering the assault. Could it be the 1/3 are reaching out to each other and filling voids created by the sanctions? This apparent unintended consequence could, over time, create new alliances, bringing former enemies together and creating new opportunities.

      And the imposers of the sanctions could be left holding the bag.

    • Well said regarding understanding the true goals of the “oligarchs” is the first goal in understanding their true intensions.

      You mention the vaccines, that is a great case in point: Even now the true effectiveness at combatting the corona virus is not known. Understanding of course, I do not believe corona was anything other than the flu. They made a mountain (Covid) out of a mole hill (yearly flu). I do not believe the powers that be would release a virus they have so little control over. Rather they have full control over the media and politicians, so that is where their effects lie.

      But the question is, what was the purpose of the so called “covid vaccination”. As with everything these psychopaths do, the goals are multifaceted. I won’t discuss the obvious goals, but one goal in particular needs to be discussed in regards to understanding their true intentions.

      I have never been a fan of any vaccinations, and rarely partake in their use, Covid was no different. I would never take anything I did not consider beneficial, especially when the demons are telling how much I need it.

      But there was something very interesting about the covid vax, I started hearing from trumpanzees, the on-line influencer types; Joe Rogan, Alex Jones and their ilk, warning of the dangers of the covid vax. This was curious, all those on the right were being warned how the vax would kill them, I knew that was a sure tell. It is unlikely the rulers would kill their willing sheep, and let their true targets, the patriots, avoid that fate. I started seeing the vax as a sort of litmus test, and that is I think its primary function, to separate out the sheep from the patriots.

      Once they established the Lie, that the vax would kill you, they then implemented mandatory vax in government and the military…and guess what, you saw a flood of those on the right getting out of the military and government and law enforcement. SO, now those institutions are far more infected with people who buy into this covid nonsense…and when they implement the next covid-like scam, you can bet they will have a far easier time telling law enforcement to enforce these mandates.

  2. Great article, but I would like to approach this from a more conspiratorial perspective. These sanctions, in my opinion, are more aimed at undermining America and the west than anything. As you establish, these sanctions stop EVERYONE in the west from trading with the sanctioned nation. Often outside of those sanctions are nations like China, Israel and Russia, who are more than happy to fill the gap. The long-term goal of these so called sanctions are actually about destroying jobs and trade in the west, the nations to which they are used upon are simple cannon fodder to these would be world rulers. When America pushed sanctions against Iran, always for made up reasons, Iran was forced to do business with those outside the sanction regime. If you looked at who runs US trade negotiations, you would quickly see those trade deals are rarely for the sole benefit of America. Often there are requirements to have trade with Israel tied to trade with America. We see the exact same with these sanctions, they hurt those being sanctioned as well as those who are blocked from selling their goods. But they help those whom the Globalists wish to benefit, mainly the BRICKS (+Israel). This is about taking down the west, isolating US and insuring we have no jobs or means of creating wealth, outside what the rulers wish.

    • Relaxeo

      You should also take into account that while Ruling Classes are generally bad people the modern US ruling class is pretty stupid and degenerate…they have tended to inherit power or be promoted for loyalty over aptitude.

      Say what you like about the Old Guard but they were at least serious people- many of them had been thru real wars and had to really struggle to get power. The Global American Empire (GAE) has had no serious rivals for a long time and the people in charge are NOT as competent or reality based as their parents or grandparents….many of them are seriously thinking that they can run things with AI or live forever as gods in Tech-Utopia.

      They are often the equivalent of Trust Fund Babies trying to run a serious empire….its conceivable that they start an atomic war in their efforts to make their problems go away. The GAE pushes Pro Womens/Gay/Trans policies that make their vassals HATE them but give zero actual national benefit to the Empire

      Here is a talk on the NordStream
      His book “The populist Delusion” is a quick read too

      • I do not believe we are on the same page as to whom I am referring to in my comment. The ruling class I am referring to is more akin to those at Jekyll Island, rather than those at the country club.

        There is a huge difference between rulers and their functionaries. Bill Gates, George Soros, Donald Trump are functionaries, masks they wear to give us the idea of who is in charge, when in reality, those who truly rule are far removed from our sight.

        This is about world domination, one rule under one religion, and it ain’t Christianity. These people are ruthless, highly intelligent and highly motivated, and above all else truly psychopathic.

        I do not believe they will use nuclear war to achieve their goals (they don’t want to ruin the place they want for themselves, they just want us gone, not the planet), they don’t have to, most of us are more than happy to line up in front of their firing squads, many will even pay for the bullets used by the firing squad, as long as they get to maintain their dilution, not have to deal with the ramifications of their boundless ignorance. With knowledge comes responsivity and accountability, they want neither.

        • Relaxeo

          “…The ruling class I am referring to is more akin to those at Jekyll Island, rather than those at the country club….”

          The point you should consider is that the WASP elite have been mostly replaced by, or absorbed into the Jewish Elite, by marriage and alliance. A Money Power Elite is not really equipped to think in the ways needed to run the G.A.E.

          Thus when I say they might start an atomic war its NOT because they KNOW what their doing….they are NOT the competent Elite of a few decades ago.

          “…As for trans/gay… ….. totally meaningless in the grand scheme of things…..”

          If you think that you are totally wrong.

          The Trans/gay thing is one of the CENTRAL parts to their agenda. You need to realize that the current Elite actually take that trash VERY seriously and spend a LOT of time and money on Trans, gay and ultimately legalizing Pedophilia. They are deadly serious about it, just as they are deadly serious about creating an AI run Utopia where they live forever as gods.

          They are certainly EVIL, but they are ALSO crazy and somewhat stupid.

          Read “Trans INdustrial Complex” by SCott Howard for a breakdown of the spending

          • You should speak in terms of your opinion, not in matters of fact, since none of us truly know their ultimate intentions.

            I am not “totally wrong” about anything, we just have a difference of opinion. Dogmatism is a useless form of debate and interests me not.

            But I will address the most glairing of your erroneous assertions, that being, because “trans/gay is a “central part of their agenda”, that means trans/gay must be wrong, or “trash” as you put it.

            There is NOTHING wrong with people being gay, or trans, if that is your thing, the relevant issue here is the reason for the promotion of these so called “lifestyles” by the Oligarchs.

            Just because these elites promote these lifestyles means absolutely nothing, the only question is why? I would also contend that they push racism more than anything: the overt use of blacks and mixed couples in all forms of media and entertainment is beyond the pale. Obviously they have an agenda, but the elites pushing this racial agenda does not mean it is bad to be black, just as pushing gay or trans does not means it is bad to be gay or trans, What IS in question is the reason why.

            Much of this is about divide and conquer.

            It was not along ago that gay bars were illegal in America, you could be arrested for going to a gay bar. Yet at that same time, the Allies fire bombed Dresden to ashes killing untold thousands of innocent civilians and POWs. A nation that so relishes infringing on the rights of people who simply want to enjoy freedom of assertion, yet that same nation turns a blind eye to unimaginable war crimes and sins beyond comprehension. A nation that accepts the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yes, that is what American theocracy gave us, selective justice. And now a new theocracy is replacing the old. The new theocracy does not care about gay marriage, but it is no fan of Christianity, it is seen as idolatry.

            • JC had an interesting episode about the trans agenda being related to transhumanism here:


              The promotion of transgenderism I think is to further transhumanism that is in my opinion a threat to the nature of life itself.

              JC describes this succinctly as an ideological opposition and actual war against vitalism. I agree with his assessment.

              I also agree that personal liberty to modify ones body as an adult is really no ones business and similarly what people do with other consenting adults in their bedroom is also none of anyone’s business. I don’t want interference or impingement on my liberty and autonomy by anyone as a mature adult.

              I never had an issue with transgender people 10 years ago or so because it was a very small segment of the population and they didn’t try to interfere my rights, so I didn’t want to interfere with their rights.

              Your view that the promotion of lifestyles and funding serves a purpose and I think the purpose is to promote and further trans-humanism. It does also serve to divide and rule and get people to hate each other and fight each other rather than collaborate.

              The promotion of pedophilia has increased lately it seems and that seems to serve the divide and rule strategy in addition to allowing perverted psychopathic elitists to hide their crimes or exploit children unencumbered by natural disgust mechanisms that most adults have for these crimes.

              It also serves to distract people but I do think it should not go unnoticed because of the profound and long lasting harm it causes. Similarly, the promotion of body modification and hormones to children is similarly disgusting and should not go unnoticed.

              Children and young adults don’t have capacity to consent and are more vulnerable to psychological manipulation and in my opinion natural law dictates adults should protect children from harm. Ideally kids should be able to learn and grow without parasitic adults who view them as objects. Similarly, I believe objectification and exploitation of any human being is wrong but children are the most vulnerable and attacks on the most vulnerable is very sick and cowardly. Very psychopathic indeed.

              Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • As for trans/gay…these issues are like snowflakes in an avalanche; only visible if you are focused in on them and totally meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

        Instead of Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, and the innumerable iterations their of, focusing on what happened during the lock-downs, parsing out the truly horrifying liberties governments took with OUR freedoms, we get to discuss “global-homo” and “drag story hour”, always with the accompanying Hollywood produced event that will be used to exemplify said “moral abomination and threat to our society”.

        • Relaxeo

          “…..Dogmatism is a useless form of debate and interests me not…..”
          Dogma, as in ‘teaching, is either Right or Wrong. Many things are provable Right or Wrong, True or Not True, so I think it unwise to dismiss the idea out of hand.

          “……But I will address the most glairing of your erroneous assertions, that being, because “trans/gay is a “central part of their agenda”, that means trans/gay must be wrong, or “trash” as you put it……”
          If Bill Gates offered me a glass of water when I was thirsty I would assume it was toxic. ANYTHING that the Elite push is automatically suspect. You think they spend effort because they Love Trannies? LoL

          “…..There is NOTHING wrong with people being gay, or trans, if that is your thing, the relevant issue here is the reason for the promotion of these so called “lifestyles” by the Oligarchs…………..”
          I do not PERSONALLY care if people wish to be drug addicts, mutilate and sterilize themselves, or practice sexual perversion…. But, putting Morals aside for the moment no sane person can deny that
          1) Trans/Homosexuality and anti-natalism are dead end lifestyles that if they are mass adopted will lead to
          A}Population collapse
          B} A society of people with few or no social bonds of the type that demand higher wages and better governance – The Trans/Gay have ZERO STAKE IN THE FUTURE

          2)Homosexuality and Transexuality is co-morbid with HIGHER MENTAL ILLNESS-the post Op suicide rate for Trans is not markedly lower then Pre-op.

          3)Male Homosexuals have insane levels of VD as well as other health issues associated with no.2

          4)Now that it is normalized sexual perversion is being moved into pedophillia

          “…….., the only question is why?…..”
          See above
          “….. not mean it is bad to be black, just as pushing gay or trans does not means it is bad to be gay or trans…..”
          Being black is not a dead end lifestyle, unless you go full Gangsta which BTW is a project to cut the legs out of the Black Power movement when it got out of control. I don’t want to be allies with a bunch of gangbangers or Meth head white trash because such people are a LIABILITY

          “…Much of this is about divide and conquer….”
          Good…. I don’t want to be fighting a siege while pedo’s and mentally ill people run around INSIDE my walls.

          “……new theocracy does not care about gay marriage…..”
          Then WHY did they expend so much effort to push it thru? BECAUSE it was a central part of their Agenda.

          • I agree with some of what you say here, but this comment “The Trans/Gay have ZERO STAKE IN THE FUTURE” I’d question. Is that really true? People who don’t reproduce have zero stake in the future?

            There are people who do reproduce and have zero stake in the future, or at least they don’t care. There are plenty of terrible individuals who reproduce, absolutely despicable people. I’ve seen plenty of terrible cases of child abuse and neglect working in health care.

            Can people not care about the well being of future generations who have no offspring? Most people have extended family and such or adopt children and do have a stake in the future. Some people are empathetic people who are not psychopaths and narcissists that empathize with other human beings. Some people just think human life is important and do have a stake in the future.

            But I do think that people who have children and love their children feel a more personal stake in the future. They want their legacy to continue.

            I think that some of these issues aren’t black and white. I’ve known a few really good gay people who are pretty normal in most respects.

            • To clarify, can people who have no offspring have a stake in the future? Why or why not?

              I’d say sure they do, but why? Why should we care about the future? Perhaps to care is human. Perhaps most people are built to care and to love.

              People find excuses for deplorable behavior, like not caring about the well being of other human beings that are injured by sanctions. But if they saw with their own eyes, this would be harder to do.

              When I see a neglected child or one who has been physically abused, it makes me sick. It’s natural to care.

              • Cu.h.j

                “…..“The Trans/Gay have ZERO STAKE IN THE FUTURE” I’d question. Is that really true? People who don’t reproduce have zero stake in the future?….”

                SHORT answer = Yes, its true
                Slightly longer Answer = Its MOSTLY true….
                1st contra example-before I had kids I took care of my nieces and nephews who have a genetic relationship to me.
                2nd Contra Example would be giving my life over entirely to something like missionary work or (worse example) creating a positive political entity that goes into the future.

                However, devoting my life to SELF directed pursuits like playing computer games, finding ‘my Karmic balance”, traveling for my own pleasure, building personal prestige, or having as much non-reproductive sex as possible would = No Stake in the future.

                If your not part of something that goes into the you have LOST THE SIEGE, mental and phsyical, that we are being subjected to.

                Homosexuals, Anti-natalists, and Troons have no future, which is ONE of the reasons the Elite want more of them

              • ‘….To clarify, can people who have no offspring have a stake in the future? Why or why not?…”

                Does a bird that raises a Cuckoo chick, that casts the other eggs out of the nest to perish, have a ‘future’?

                If the kids are family, or fellow travelers then….maybe.

              • I don’t completely disagree with you. I just think there’s more nuance to this discussion.

                We are not quite as “simple” as some animals like birds. And even birds and other animals do adopt other dissimilar animals.

                Some people such as those who do missionary work or who want to build something to help others, a legacy of sort do have a stake in the future.

                There are also the rare occasion where good parents produce terrible offspring. I think it’s less likely with good parenting, but happens on occasion. There are also good people who come from terrible parents. I think good people should have a chance to thrive in the world.

                But it is certainly true that for our species to continue requires sexual reproduction and good parenting or mentorship by adults and elders. If everyone was gay or trans and no one reproduced we’d die out. Clearly that’s not “normal” or what nature intended.

                But I also think that there is a small segment of the population who are different, like homosexuals and it is in many cases just how they are born. But this is a deviation from the norm and it doesn’t mean they can’t have a stake in the future.

                As far as transgenderism goes, I do think it is a mental illness. To believe someone is born in the wrong body is not something I can relate to but it’s also something that I would not condemn someone for. The pushing of this lifestyle on regular people and promoting it does serve an agenda.

                I am not judging people who have a mental illness but recognize that people can’t change their sex. It would require changing ones genetic code and it can’t be done. We are born in the body we were “meant” to have.

                As far as sex goes, I think it is far better if love is involved. Usually when people love each other in the absence of health issues, they would reproduce and the offspring is the product of love.

                Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

              • I appreciate your more nuanced approach to this topic and have given up on “Duck”, I don’t debate those who argue against individual freedoms or equality.

                If you reproduce you look at the world differently then if you don’t, bused just on that fact. So, you can divide people along this one line, such oversimplification of people reeks of desperation. The idea can’t hold up on any measure, yet it is rolled out as a logical assumption, like much of the nonsense we are fed these days, only has validity in a bubble. Unlike gender, sexuality is not binary, it is indeed a spectrum. Many people that are gay start out having kids and later in life embrace their same sex side. Many people are bi, this is not a black or white issue, though I do understand when setting up a bigoted perspective, it is far easier when you see the issue as a yes or no equation. The point is, individual human sexuality is well beyond being put into a box, and is only put into a box because Americans have been deeply indoctrinated in the Judeo-Christion paradigm which require such simplifications as to fit within the “we are good, you are bad”, dynamic, such forms of human control are based on.

                A homosexual, like a heterosexual is far far more than those words convey. and to limit a person based on just one aspect, a rather nebulous aspect at that, is truly ignorant.

                Furthermore, homosexuality is not a cult, there is no leader and untold numbers of gay men and women have REPRODUCED, lol…what a joke. It is sickening to even argue against such BS. It is EXACTLY like when Muslims were the target of these bigots, and this ilk was hyper-simplifying them to demonize and take away their humanity.

                Now if you want to compare to an actual death cult, like Christianity, where the culmination of their religion is the “END TIMES”, not based on nature, but on a book written by men with a record of deep fakes.

                Things are going to shit, not because of gay or trans (I will grant trans is likely mental illness, I don’t argue for that cause, those individuals suffer from a weaponized culture, much like Duck, but with a different outcome), but this demolition of society is purely a result of the machinations of the Jewish Oligarchs. They are using all the tools at their disposal to take apart the west, very much like the World Trade Center. This is what happens when you give full control to those who wish to destroy you. Once the World Trade Center was purchased by a member of the Tribe, its fate was sealed. Exactly like today, they are working to take full control of our world, and once they do, our fate is sealed.

                Those who focus on the distractions, focusing their limited thinking capacity of arguing why one powerless group or another is a grave threat and why we need to hate them, is exactly why those in power are winning.

        • Relaxeo

          “…I don’t debate those who argue against individual freedoms or equality….”

          The issue with Freedom and Equality is twofold

          1) Freedom without restraint will always lead to horror and then tyranny. For example, a person may be ‘free’ to become a drug addict, but they are then owned by their pusher. Aussie whites could easily steal Aboriginal kids because the Aborigines would hang out near the sources of booze and tobacco.

          2) Equality depends on people being EQUAL, but they are not. Some of us are dumb, some of us are smart, some work hard, some dont, some like knowing things, some live for pleasure….so,no, people are not all of equal worth even though being human makes a baseline of value for everyone.

    • You remind me of AOC, crying how voting for the iron dome made her sad.
      How do you do that? Looking at millions and millions of people dying in the most horrible way and think, wait a minute, I am the real victim here?!

  3. A few weeks ago a friend and I were conversing, and Herbbie Hoover’s name came up, not in relation to anything via this site, but in context of was he responsible for the Depression. I mentioned I didn’t know too much about him so I was going to get a bio and see what I might learn. The library has “Hoover, A life” by Glen Jeansonne. At this point I’ve read about 1/3 of it, then today I listened to James answer the question about sanctions.

    As I scanned the show notes I saw the link to Interview 1411, on Hoover & WWI. Wow, was that a shocker? The bio I’m reading gives a childlike description of Hoover’s life, reminding me of the type of bios I read in elementary school; it gives the air of a little embellishment by the author, but not so much it was nauseating. While I realize it’s written to appeal to a general audience, if what I heard on the 1411 interview is true, I might conclude it was written to assist in covering up the events referenced. Although by now the people involved are long dead.

    There was one part of the interview that left me puzzled. Mr. Docherty, around the 1:01:30 mark, along with James, seem to equate Donald Trump’s behavior to that of Herbert Hoover’s alleged, by Docherty, behavior. If that was the intended message it strikes me as, based on what I think I know, damning to Docherty’s, and to a lesser extent, James’s credibility. Or am I missing something?

    • Ectoshire wolf is Docherty talking about the feeding of the German army by Hoover so that the war could continue long enough to destroy Germany…. you can get the rest of the story in “Prolonging the agony” which is sectional and talks about that and how the Britsih ALSO wished to destroy Russia (Dr Spence “Wallstreet and the Russian Revolution” covers the US side of the funding of the Revolutions in Russia). Hover was also big helping out the flood vic’s (in a rather shoddy way) and was mentioned as an aside in “1923” about that year (I think that was the title…IIRC it was the same guy who did ‘into the wild’)

      He also talks about how Hoover got sued for basically enslaving Chinese migrant workers in the S African mines.

      “….seem to equate Donald Trump’s behavior to that of Herbert Hoover’sseem to equate Donald Trump’s behavior to that of Herbert Hoover’s….”

      He’s a Brit (or, I think a scot?) so he is probably kinda left-ey by US standards and prob has a kinda loose understanding of the modern US political stage.

    • Sorry, correction, book is “1927 one summer in america.’


    “A power has risen up in the government greater than the people themselves, consisting of many and various powerful interests, combined in one mass, and held together by the cohesive power of the vast surplus in banks.”
    – John C. Calhoun, Vice President of the United States
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the Government, to whom it properly belongs.”
    – Thomas Jefferson
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “If the people only understood the rank injustice of our Money and Banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.”
    – Andrew Jackson
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.”
    – James A. Garfield
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”
    – Amschel Mayer Rothschild 1838
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
    (Banker Paul Warburg, 2/17/50 as he testified before the U.S. Senate)
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    The super national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”
    David Rockefeller 1991
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era (written 50 years ago)

    “People, governments and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations.”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    THEY GOT YOU GOOD (song)

    • “….“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.”
      – James A. Garfield….”

      Yes…. its mainly Jewish.
      Not exclusively, but the main Money power has been jewish for a hundred fifty or two hundred years or so. Add in the Media Power and Big Tech and the Jewish Bloc is probably the most powerful single player

  5. Economic sanctions are a modern, more civilized form of siege warfare.

  6. The Boycott is a modern weapon that has risen because of the rise in the Jewish power Bloc…. you would expect that a minority power with ties to the merchant and banking trades would use weapons that are linked to how they tend to make their living….funny enough the root of the word comes from angry paddies refusing to work for their oppressive British landlord.

    The Jewish world wide boycott of German goods led to the short term boycott of Jewish shops in Germany….however you are far more likely to see the pic of the SA guy standing outside a store with a “Dont buy from jews” sign then you are to read the “Judea Declares war on Germany” newspaper article (link below to 1st site i found it o…its on the Internet Archive if you want scans of the paper)….I heard a talk from the 50’s where a guy who converted from Judaism said that anti-German protesters were smashing German made goods in New York Deprtment stores (such “Direct Action” kind makes sense when you remember how many Jewish folks appear to be in Antifa)

    • @ Homie RS

      Homie, how’s the Empire of Texas doing the day after the Forth of July? ” Ain’t this a country?”
      Well the suburbs atop of the Empire has a hangover from too much ice cold Pearl and BBQ. A few here are nursing small burns along with their hangovers. Fireworks and alcohol have their differences and don’t mix all that well.
      Not quit Unlike the the well mixed candidates for office of President.
      The sanctions and border theme comes up as a question to Dr.Shiva here in this clip @ the 2:04:00 mark.

      My question is which candidate lays blame where it originated from and which one suggests how to stop it.
      Where’s Molly Ivers when you need an esplainer? Well, please bud, you can pick it up where Molly left off. My head needs an ice bag, a Pearl, another chop beef sandwich and I’ll catch you latter. Thanks.

  7. I think that Corbett brings up some important points.

    By extention, Sanctions Victimize EVERY Person (who is not sociopathic).

    Unencumbered free trade and interchange between willing parties brings about prosperity and friendly relations. It unites people.
    I would argue that this actually is a game changer for society and the world.
    It is far reaching in its breadth. (e.g. No dominating Federal Reserve as a currency mechanism, authoritarian-ism withers)

    You are missing out if you haven’t watched this 8 minute clip of Robert F Kennedy, Jr. describing in detail what he saw at the southern U.S. border.
    RFK, Jr – Border

  8. Yes, I think they are acts of war especially if they are causing starvation of an entire people. Starving children is evil.

    I think it is wrong to blame an entire people for acts of individuals of the group of people. It ends up harming people who have done nothing wrong. They are just trying to live their lives. Little kids and regular civilians didn’t do anything.

    It’s cowardly.

    It serves another purpose to reduce the human population so that it doesn’t pose a threat to the psychopathic elitists.

    • Yes, papers please immediately came to mind as an example.

  9. Those who support an authoritarian regime, anywhere, anytime, are engaging in sanctions against rights. This applies to Americans who support the US Empire, e.g., its law & chaos. To harm oneself is a right. To deny my rights is not. Therefore, I suffer from the superstition, the myth, that I must submit to a consensus, however cruel, unjust, irrational, if it is democratic. I may be physically forced to comply, but I will never consent to be ruled by force, threats. I will not comply, willingly. I have resisted for 80 years.

    • That’s the best one can do, to refuse to comply. And to speak it so that others can hear it.

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