What is Technocracy? – Questions For Corbett #092

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It seems everyone is talking about technocracy these days, but what is technocracy. You may think you know the answer to this question, but you probably don’t. James answers this question once and for all in today’s edition of Questions For Corbett. Along the way, you’ll discover that being able to answer this question is imperative if we want to be able to identify the technocratic enemy and, ultimately, derail their plans.

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  1. Lots of good info. “They” do not really care about energy, it is just a tool to control “us”.

    • James- you really hit it today– I have a link to share for those who haven’t delved into the connections between the technocracy and the part the geoengineering and 5G play- especially in connection with such deviant fools as Musk- no innocent bystander. I hope James, if you watch this, you might interview this person someday- she is so articulate: Nikki Florio https://rumble.com/v1ik4cb-geoenginnering-5g-iot-tessa-lena-talks-to-nikki-florio.html Her understanding of the intricacies of the system they are putting into place is quite astounding. This is one great investigator- she teaches a wide range of biology programs–she has a deep understanding of the interactions of science and technology has touched on all aspects of the rollout of these technologies- and today i understand a LOT more about what is happening to my garden and insects than I did before!
      Why are they putting up the ‘cloud’ layers and what are the consequences?
      With all the meida attention on the glories of Musk -one stinky criminal for sure! – have a listen to how he fits into the big picture! some of the topic interplayed here: your gardens,gmo insects-mosquitos- your water- skin – monsanto/pfizer/musk/gates/wef- gmo trees ‘the Climate Corporation’ – predicting ‘weather’ for crops/stratospheric balloons/ airplanes and so much more!

  2. Brilliant and illuminating presentation and discussion of Technocracy. Much of which I have written about in my own work. I thoroughly enjoy being apart of your $$ support for the Corbett Report. Kind Regards, Dave Franklin

  3. Hey, James! I’m a new subscriber and I was wondering where we can submit our questions. I have a ton of questions on which I’d like to hear your perspective so if you could please show me where to post any “questions for Corbett”, I’d greatly appreciate it!

      • Duck, thank you! I sent one question via the contact form so I hope he’ll get around to it at some point in the future.

    • Daniellin,
      Welcome to the comment boards! All of us here enjoy seeing new subscibers.

      I think that Duck gave a good answer to your question.

      • HomeRemedySupply, thanks! I’ve enjoyed much of the work and thoughtfulness behind all the content he has released. I only wish I had found out about this sooner…

  4. I think the most important point is in the discussion on definitions, and Technocracy rates as one of the most important reasons for such a point because many individual liberty-supporting people will be fooled by the Technocrat discussing getting rid of governments.

    I have wondered if there are actual philosophical Technocrats? My impression is there are a bunch of scheisters using technocratic means of control only because these are effective, not because they want to form technates out of the belief of having a superior system for civilization to live under.

    • Paul

      The philosophy is kinda like Platos republic, or Evangelical Christianity with Christ removed and the heavenly city replaced by a “city of man”

      Some of the nega rich really do drink the kool aide and join things like nxivm but who really thinks Soros or some bankers give a fk about gay people or refugees or social justice?

      On the other In “the populist delusion ” mr parvini says that when the ruling class loses it’s own vision of WHY it should rule they lose power.

      But he ALSO thinks this…so maybe that’s just high grade ProleFeed for the managing class?

      Against ideology by Academic Agent.


  5. Isn’t this just Soviet Central Planning under another guise? And look how well that turned out.

    • Simpson

      Yes and no.
      They are both billed as pure Materialist worldviews….butTechnocracy Bill’s itself as THE GOAL where as the Soviets billed themselves as being a TRANSITIONAL state that would end up in a stateless utopia filled with the new Soviet man.

      In a sense Soviet Bolshevism was closer to the religious roots, in that it promised a paradise to come rather than claimin6to be that paradise itself….I am convinced that there are actually hidden religious roots to both ideas

    • I just saw Adam Curtis’s latest doco on the end of the Soviet Union and those scenes of the GOSPLAN people getting excited about computers really came to mind while listening to this docos’s description of “scientific distribution”.

    • It’s central planning. And it’s a system compatible with cybernetics.

      Cybernetics came into industry both in the West and the East as a tool for automation. With the view that man is actually a machine. There were terms like “sociotechnical system”. However in the beginning, there was a book. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cybernetics:_Or_Control_and_Communication_in_the_Animal_and_the_Machine and its followup for wider audience https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Human_Use_of_Human_Beings

      In the Eastern Bloc, cybernetics was first seen as bourgeois preudo-science, then rehabilitated in the early 1960s. At the 22nd Party Congress in 1961, General Secretary Khrushchev declared cybernetics “one of the main tools in building a communist society” … “It is necessary to devote ourselves to the wider use of cybernetics, electronic computers and control systems in production and research, design, construction, planning, accounting, statistics and management.” Or from Axel Berg’s speech, “However unusual it may seem to some conservatives who refuse to grasp the basic facts, we will build communism on the basis of the widest possible deployment of electronic machines capable of processing the greatest possible amount of technological, economic and biological information in the shortest possible time. These machines, appropriately referred to as cybernetic machines, will solve the problem of continuous optimal planning and control.” Berg has published a book, Cybernetics – In the Service of Communism, which has been widely read and commented upon in the West. The West viewed a cyber-controlled efficient economy as a potential threat.

      So I would say that there was a conflict beween the East and the West that someone wanted and that was driving society towards automation in both the East and the West. Towards a stronger position of scientists and engineers in society. Which is good for Technocracy.

      If I skip in time into last few years, Facebook used similar algorithms from cybernetics to “retrain” their users to just sit at Facebook and click and click… In cybernetics it’s called a control loop and in Facebook’s case the user was what was being controlled.

  6. Thank you James, for answering my (our) question.

    As much as bad you characterize Technocracy, it is still, fundamentally, just a “tool”. And just like money, medicine, science… it’s been used to implement other agendas which have nothing to do with the fundamental concept.

    I agree with your overall assessment, but I would add the human factor. No matter how people conceptualize what is a human, Humans remain warm-blooded mammals, with a biology, it’s reptilian brain, and its biological basic functions to survive & reproduce (which are the foundation of ALL living creatures). The ability to rationalize doesn’t in any way erase human’s gullibility. And this aspect of humanity is very well understood by social engineers of all branches.

    Corbett’s community members might have great critical thinking and act consequently, but the majority of humans don’t (if they did, history would have been quite different)(and I make no distinction between social classes). We just need to remember how people rushed to buy toilet paper, or how they behave on Black Friday, or how they wait in line to get their shot, or how people modified their sexual “habits” with AIDS.

    Bottom line, how the hell do you manage societies? We manage or we don’t? Of course, we could get in a debate about how all this social manipulation begun, and blame the “powerful minority”. And get rid of the governments and institutions, but we perfectly know that wouldn’t solve much.

    BTW, I remember you once put Fresco in the same “technocratic” group. And I reject that. I perceive him as part of scientists/engineers that genuinely worked to better the life of everyone (& not by controlling the people), using technical tools.

    The technocracy you talk about is the equivalent to nuclear used for bombs.

    Here’s a 2 hours interview of Alan Watt (By Alex Johns) from 2012. This could have been recorded last week, and it would be the same.
    part 1 – https://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com/audio2012/Alan_Watt_on_TheAlexJonesShow_Apr172012_Hour1.mp3
    part 2 – https://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com/audio2012/Alan_Watt_on_TheAlexJonesShow_Apr172012_Hour2.mp3

    Thank you for this opportunity to speak my mind.

  7. On the Great Depression that Mr Corbett says made Technocratic ideas look desirable…the President of the US at that time was ALSO the guy who helped keep WW1 going by feeding the Germa. Army via the Commitee of Belgium Relief
    Gerry Docherty, I believe Mr Corbett interviewed him as part of the WW1 conspiracy series

    • (My) paranoid paraphrasing of a couple of key excerpts from your article:

      “…According to Bloomberg, only 1 in 200 Nigerians use the eNaira. That’s even after the government implemented discounts and other incentives as desperate measures to increase adoption…”

      If the carrot doesn’t work, we’ll just use the stick in the form of a spectacular false flag crisis…

      “…The flop of CBDCs in Nigeria is an encouraging development…”

      Except insofar as it reveals that people are on to the elites’ monetary scams, please refer to paranoid paraphrasing above.

      “…It also reveals an outcome that was probably the opposite of what the elites desired—increased Bitcoin adoption…”

      “Probably” being the operative word with perhaps some substantiation required. I can’t help but wonder if those tales of “Bill Gates” (or some other obscure financial power) owning colossal quantities of Bitcoin, enough to essentially control its exchange value, stashed away in a vault in Switzerland, are true?

      Didn’t I hear something about Bitcoin not being scalable enough for real widespread use due to mining energy concerns? And could billionaire “horders” maybe wreak enough havoc through strategic “buy/sell” and mining manipulation to shift everyone onto their CBDCs or some other plan B stablecoin or digital currency?

      But I’ve just fallen out of bed and am surely missing some key caveats to my paranoid paraphrasing. Coffee and hamsterwheel time!

  8. Oi! Where is the November Open Thread?

    No birds, no bees, no happiness in the trees,
    No joy, no mirth, no exuberance of birth,


    (Paraphrasing Rumpole of the Bailey).

    Give us our monthly bread!

  9. Is Elon Musk the Antichrist that the book of Revelations 13:16-18? “Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six (666).” By using a numeric code for the English alphabet where A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24, E=30, and so on to Z=156; Example: Computer = 666. Well by using this numeric code, Elon Musk’s Twitter Name of @Elonmusk = 666 (@=A=6 + E=30 + L=72 + o=90 + n=84 + m=78 + u=126 + s=114 + k=66 = 666). Ref. Elon:The Ultimate Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing http://rumble.com/v1qtm9s-elon-the-ultimate-wolf-in-sheeps-clothing.html by J Wilderness. Feel free to add this to This week on the New World Next Week episode. Just interesting fun Tech stuff with the New Twitter God / AI / Neuralink / SpaceX / Tesla Technocrat. 666

  10. Very interesting James. I went back using your show notes to listen to the interview with Patrick Woods (2015), and am amazed, but not necessarily surprised to hear the buzz words used during the scamdemic “get the vaccine for the greater good of humanity”. The trilateral commission, technocracy inc’s history is very sinister. But as you reference in your interview with Patrick (2015), it really a generation to generation of ‘wash, rinse, and repeat’.

  11. Hey Corbett. Great video. I would love to dive into how technocracy links to the esoteric and why so many technocratic elites are obsessed with worshipping “demons” and gnostic beings. Any video connecting the masons, Rothschilds, and technocracy and really honing in on the whole biblical “end of times” and how these elites seem to be going full speed into that future would be appreciated.

  12. Again, I appreciate Corbett walking us through the information discovery process, showing us how the sausage is made.
    It raises the competency level of us all.

    One thing that I took home from this QFC…is that Technocracy is so much more than
    “Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population”
    The Technocratic mind-set goes so much deeper into sheer lunacy with all kinds of strange ideas. Yet, these folks really “think” this way.
    No wonder this decade is starting off with bizarre social changes.

    I have some homework and some exploring to do.

  13. Are you saying that college drop outs are not qualified to subdue the murderous giants of big technocracy?!

    Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over the creatures that move on the ground.” So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them: male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number: fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” Genesis 1:26-28

  14. Thank you James, for all your great work. You’ve connected so many dots for me that I would have never discovered for myself as I am a farmer and a drystone waller in Scotland and wouldn’t have the time to sift through so much information on my own as I am very busy with my work. But your video/audio podcasts have been like a breath of fresh air to me. I’m embarrassed to say the Scottish people are very weak minded and distracted, but I aim to change that. I think most people inherently understand what’s going on, they’re just too afraid to address it. If I can put together a digestible presentation I intend on arranging a discussion night at my local town hall to inform people of these issues, even though I’m aware that it’ll be shocking to some. I suppose these are the challenges. But as a Canadian researcher in Japan, reaching a drystone waller/farmer in Dumfries & Galloway, I’d say your message is spreading faster than we know.

    Many thanks

    Lewis Howatson

  15. Thanks for the in-depth detailed response. You have given me more reading to do.

    Whenever I try to give a concise answer to this question I define Technocracy as;

    “A system that measures ALL inputs and outputs in order to control ALL resources, and of course human beings being considered as resources too”.

    Does that hit the mark?

  16. I was once a corporate W2 in USA when technocracy was implemented into management system , it took the form of TQM and SPC ! This is how corporations killed innovation with statistics and by empowering everyone and no one with these business systems !
    Committees and statistical models are easily manipulated by top management in the name of self empowerment of the dolts who accept these systems !
    Fortunately I was able to utilize my skills resources and inheritance to survive as a free thinker and am not totally dependent on these systems for my survival ,other than dealing with the vast array of unaccountably in service sector !

  17. If you want to get down to the crux of the matter then you need to understand “Biotechnology”.

    This is what is happening currently and this website below is pulling it all together


    I was trying to ascertain what God really is and Biosphere came to me. I think “BIO” is really life and life as we know it is God.

    God is in us and we are connected to God though our spirit. Actually all living things in our universe are part of what really God is but homo sapiens are rare because of this spirit connection. Homo Borg Genesis will lose this spirit link.

    Religions are used to divert us away from our spiritual link. You don’t need any idols or religions because all the answers and the powers reside inside us. Although this might not be the same for everyone who took an experimental injection or three or four recently.

    The bi in bio I believe is telling us that we live in a duality system of light and dark or good and bad.

    God is a dual system and you can’t have good without bad just like night and day or light and dark.

    Life and existence will swing between the light and dark and light or God will always prevail. This balance is the natural harmony and it is an autonomous system that is self correcting.

    How long it takes is something that is an unknown and “they” are in a bit of a rush to bring this system in to maybe circumvent this balance effect.

  18. Question for Corbett:

    Any plans to bring back Richard Grove and discuss his thoughts and to introduce his newer (2020) podcast “Grand Theft World”?

  19. James, thanks for going over this information. Important history for us all to understand. I wanted to share my opinion on your delivery. Take it or leave it.

    When you read from the Technocrat magazine, you voiced their words in a mocking kind of tone. I understand, those people were/are deplorable and easy to dislike, but reading in that tone just brings you down to their low level. I have always appreciated when you just present the facts and make your delivery in a calm, balanced way, instead of trying to mock or make fun of the subject matter or the groups behind the subject matter. It makes it easy to listen to and contemplate that way. Just sharing my opinion. Ultimately, you do you, but wanted to let you know how it makes you appear.

  20. Patrick Wood has just put out an expanded list of differences between Technocracy and two other forms of totalitarianism, Communism and Fascism.

    I think it is quite good, other than Wood’s incorrect understanding of Fascism (and the word “anti-semite”), which is common, even among most people to associate everything the NAZIs did as fascist without regard to the policies of fascist Italy (e.g., Italy only took on laws against Jews when they needed support of Germany in WWII, and as soon as Germany was no longer a great power or influence on Italy, the laws were rescinded). He also misunderstands the direction of influence, as most people see Fascism as business takeover of government, but Fascism is government takeover of business. As Mussolini wrote, “everything within, nothing without,” Fascist Italy was second in government control of industry with only the USSR beating them out while Germany was a distant third.


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