WWI Q&A – Questions For Corbett #042

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What did the Rhodes/Milner secret society actually gain from the First World War? What do we really know about American funding of the Russian revolution? What books shine light on what World War One was really about? Don’t miss this edition of Questions For Corbett as James dips into the mailbag (and the comments) for questions regarding The WWI Conspiracy.

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The WWI Conspiracy

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  1. conspiracy is just the people who do stuff doing it without telling the plebs… 😉

  2. The WW1 series is the most important work you have done because its far enough in the past that normal people are able to accept the unpleasant truth without too much cognitive dissonance meltdown.
    Talking about 9/11 or even JFK is temporally close enough that having an opinion is a POLITICAL/group think issue where as thanks to WW2 the funny moving pictures of dead tommies and krauts in pickle helms dont matter and people can use their actual reasoning on the story….its just dead history to them. However, IF THEY ACCEPT IT then their world view will have subtlety shifted enough that they may one day see the world more like it really is.
    Trying to get people to REALLY internalize the fact that the world doesnt work the way they want to think it works is too hard if you tackle things that actually ‘matter’ to them right away.

    • In the above comment, I had mentioned the history of Diamond Matches is interesting.
      During WW1, Diamond did seek out some different methods/sources of potash. (potassium chlorate, or muriate of potash for making matches)

      In 1910, the Diamond Match Company patented the first nonpoisonous match in the U.S.

      One aspect that struck me wide eyed, almost puzzling, was that at one point in time, Diamond Match Co. freely “gave away” its patent rights (circa 1911 supposedly at President Taft’s request). Typically, companies rarely publicly release their patent rights. Perhaps the supposed altruistic motivation was masked by another incentive, such as free PR marketing. Or, it could have been that Congress imposed a tax (1911) on the poisonous phosphorous matches.
      I guess, I have become too skeptical to believe that “a company would do the right thing, altruistically, for humanity” on its own volition.

      (graphic of phossy jaw) http://museumofeverydaylife.org/exhibitions-collections/current-exhibitions/history-of-the-match
      …phosphorous-based matches that began to be manufactured in large quantities. Match factories (often utilizing child labor) and home match factories (populated largely by women) began turning out matches at an unprecedented rate. Phosphorous, however, is highly poisonous. Scores of factory workers became ill with a scourge that became known as “phossy jaw,” a deforming necrosis in the bones of the face, particularly the lower jaw.

      The phosphorous scraped from a single pack of matches contained enough poison to commit suicide or murder, both of which were reported occurrences of the era…
      . . .
      …The Diamond Match Company produced the first non-poisonous match in the U.S., and as a humanitarian gesture, forfeited patent rights, allowing rival companies to cheaply switch to non-poisonous match production. The Company was recognized by President Taft and won a prestigious award for the elimination of a serious occupational disease….

  3. In the very, very early morning hours today, I happened across a local Ph.D. college instructor who teaches about Herbs, and then listened to a YouTube interview with her. I liked her demeanor.

    I emailed her and told her about The Corbett Report documentary “How Big Oil Conquered the World”, explaining “I wanted to pass along to you a very interesting aspect to history on why herbal medicine was taken over by conventional medicine.”

    Well, she responded today. She thanked me and said: “So, the crazy thing about this video is I teach about the Flexner report…but I wasn’t aware how they were all tied together.”

    I had to review Flexner.
    The Flexner Report is a book-length study of medical education in the United States and Canada, written by Abraham Flexner and published in 1910.

    EXCERPT from Corbett’s documentary.
    …In 1901, John D. established the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. The Institute recruited Simon Flexner, a pathology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, to serve as its director. His brother, Abraham, was an educator who was contracted by the Carnegie Foundation to write a report on the state of the American medical education system. His study, The Flexner Report, along with the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations were to shower on medical research in the coming years, resulted in a sweeping overhaul of the American medical system. Naturopathic and homeopathic medicine, medical care focused on un-patentable, uncontrollable natural remedies and cures was now dismissed as quackery; only drug-based allopathic medicine requiring expensive medical procedures and lengthy hospital stays was to be taken seriously….

    Again, this underscores the fact that during the run-up and involvement of World War 1, many events were taking place which still, directly or indirectly, affect us today.

    • Homey : you said it ” Big Oil”.

      “Prolonging The Agony ” is a page turner and carefully reflects the themes presented here on TCR. It alludes to the boogie man above and behind the historical facts we are allowed to know. Any one with any since at all must be aware and cautious of their existence. We all know what happens when you “Kick the Hornets Nest”. Macgregor and Docherty do this beautifully in a delightful esoteric way.
      Chapter 21: Oil-The Uneven Playing Field.
      Without reprinting the entire chapter, here are a few excerpts that name the creator of the secret elite. Note the Dates.
      Pig.291 ‘1892- Baron Alphonce De Rothschild accepted Rockefeller’s
      Invitation to go to New York for secrete talks’
      ‘ Alphonce…thought it desirable to keep the Nobel brothers out…and in the pre-war years,much of the great rivalry between Rothschild and Rockefeller was a convenient facade…’
      Pig.292 ‘The Rothschild who where among the first to invest in European Oil…had their own agenda and no intention of sharing control with the Germans or any other government.’
      DeuchschBank, 1851 Disconto Gesellschaft bank, BleichroderBank,1901 Disconto acquires Rothschild Bank in Frankfort and Rothschild name withdrawn. Disconto was nothing more than a front. See a pattern here?.
      Pig 294 They had a first rate intelligence gathering service stretching across the business and political world.’
      ‘ …unrivaled power over nations’.

      Not to mention the secrete elite who they created for a much bigger game .

      • From the last sentence above , which is my conclusion , not Docherty or Macgregor’s, you can trace it from its origins to today.
        134 military bases are not for America but for Rothschild Inc. You can say America Inc. is a Rothschild Incorporation if that is easier to digest. The illusion is complete and controlled so now, that the truth of it has no meaning.
        Business shall go on. Or, shall business go on? In that case be cautious, they can be vindictive.

        • Vindictive as in a long line of events where the Rothchilds muscled their way or created a way to reap unimaginative wealth and power. Start with the Nepolianic war, US Civil War,Sino-Russian War, Spanish American War, WW1, WW2, China Civil War,Israeli-Palestine Levant War,Korean War, Indo- China French War,Vietnam War, 6day War, Syrian War, right into 7 countries in 5 years war.
          Who financed and who benefited? You know who, but as Docherty and Macgregor stated clearly, who has the power to airbrush them selves completely out of history? Also mentioned as an aside, that Rothchilds don’t take orders from anyone, they give them. So you can talk all you want about the elves, the raindeer, the work shops, the good little boys and girls but never are you dirrectly talk about the man in the ” RED” Suite.
          I just figured it out about what ” goes without saying ” really means.

          • A good analogy of the “one ” theory is the microscope. Looking through one end, the eye piece, you can see the whole or the minutest detail. Looking from the opposite end, slide end, you see nothing recognizable.
            When you add substainance to the slide you view that things naturally begin to happen. The slide where things are cooking sees nothing of the giver of substainance but sees the reactions going on and reacts naturally. The substainance in not natural , the reaction is natural. Which one is predictable? The men in the red suites have understood this natural behavior thoroughly. That is what was meant by the saying ” I care not for who makes the laws if I control the central bank.”
            The Red suits clan don’t need to micro manage affects. They bet on the natural human behavior outcomes by adding substainance or rigging the bet by denying it.
            They are a ” One” that runs as a vertical layer running through all the layers built up over history.
            Those that have shown a spotlight on the ” One” have fared as well as Hatfield did in shinning a light on G. W Bushes cocaine use and his national guard days.

            • J.H. Hatfield. Author of Fortunate Son. Hatfield was found a victim of suicide June 18, 2001. Another possible journalist suicided. Karl Rove did not deny the allegations claimed in the book but did out the author as a convicted felon to the publisher. 70 ,000 copies where removed from shelves and destroyed. G.W.Bush denied the allegations cause the author wasn’t credible, he was a convicted felon.
              This is a natural fermentation of events and the men in the red suits do involve themselves in these low things. Another politician was in the wings ready to go. That’s the secret elites job. Not the selects.in the red suite

              • ManBearPig its beginning to sound like an echo chamber in here! her! he! h! !

                No more 1664s for me -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

              • I forgot about that Hatfield book.

                (I heard some of your echo…been busy lately.)

              • Editorial correction- the men in the red suites don’t , do not, get involved in the lower things. They rely on human nature to take its course and they will be there to meet whomever comes out on the other side. As Docherty and Macgregor stated, anyone contemplating peace instead of victory was dumped, fired or killed. Peace can be interpreted as the unnatural human course, and contrary to the red suites and the many middle managers concept of natural human behavior. Fight or flight. No peace allowed. That’s why I believe there is a one-ness in control. However removed from the playing field of human behavior and a constant in resent history.

  4. Thanks James,
    just watched the WWI series with my kids.
    In Germany this side of history is completely unknown and untold.
    Good that you shed a light on it.
    In Germany it is dangerous to talk along those lines, even if you bring the literature. You will be called a Nazi.
    My Grandpa told me in the 1970’s that the story that Germany caused the war is not really true. But history is written by the victors and told in school. I did not even want to discuss that topic back than.
    Now it seems I am old enough and truth is truth.

    What your report shows that the history follows certain patterns.
    Your report reveals the patterns.

    What was Rhodes back than is now “The Grand Chessboard” which is still in full swing being executed.

    Let’s hope it does not lead us the same way.


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