What is the Trans Agenda? – Questions For Corbett #082

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Questions For Corbett | 321 comments

Dan writes in to ask whether there is a deeper agenda behind the recent push towards gender fluidity. James takes the answer in a surprising direction. Don’t miss this important edition of Questions For Corbett.

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  1. Dear Mr Corbett thank you for this report!

    Here are some links that might interest people on the subject

    Trans Gender servants of the gods…

    This rambels on for ages but is worth it for about the half way point where the point is made that ANGELS HAVE NO GENDER and the weakened minds of modern humans are pen and ripe for possession by Entities.
    Makes sense to kick out the tenent before you move in

    Series of blog posts on Tech and what it does. He’s kinda odd but its worth reading

    GOOD book on the PERSONAL and FAMILY side of the events. She never talks about the money BUT IF YOU HAVE KIDS READ THE BOOK and take their devices away

    Interview with author of Trans Industrial complex.. worth the time and the Book is WORTH GETTING if you want to see the network of money and power behind this. This book makes the reader very unhappy

    This book is a huge slog… if anyone hitsme up I’ll send them my Obsidian notes because there is no index.

    “…Since 1856, the name Baphomet has been associated with the “Sabbatic Goat” image drawn by Éliphas Lévi,[1][2][7] which contains binary elements representing the “symbolization of the equilibrium of opposites”[1] (e.g. half-human and half-animal, male and female, good and evil, etc.).[1][2] On one hand, Lévi’s intention was to symbolize his concept of balance that was essential to his magnetistic notion of the Astral Light;[1][2] on the other hand, the Baphomet represents a tradition that should result in a perfect social order….”

    Gnostic goddess Sophia = Baphomet

    Rise of the the dive feninine.. most people will not be interested in this as its religious

    hmn- #readlater

      • It seems to me that the ancient Egyptians had some multi-sex part animal type creatures that they admired or worshiped.
        My theory is that some previous civilization got to the point where they were playing God by creating unnatural beings, and that that civilization then went into extinction because of their arrogance and ignorance.
        I image that some of the unnatural creatures they created were carved in stone and thus never fully vanished. I see the Goat Headed Man/Women figure that is being worshiped to this day as coming from the ends of previous civilization gone bad. My Theory would explain how so many accurate predictions could be made by ancient Stories/Narratives stored in the Bible because those things that ended that civilizations are merely being repeated.
        Daniel Webster said something to the effect that only once in 6000 years does something so revolutionary to the freedom of man as the Constitution that formed the Union of Free States against the prevailing Tyrannical Imperial powers comes to be.
        Well,Perhaps that Constitution held up for 200 years or so, but it no long applies today, and we can either come up with something better to replace it, or fall into the end of Civilization whereby our offspring become members of Tribes fighting each other for food and hunting grounds for, perhaps another 6000 years.
        After that, who will recall what caused our civilization to collapse. Perhaps, there is something in that Time Capsule buried along side the Georgia Guild Stones, that will tell the Story, but I doubt it.

        6000 years is a long time (about half the time to the last Ice-age which could have whipped clean any evidence of an advanced civilization that might have existed before it.)
        Indeed, Greek Philosophers told stories of a former advanced civilization with aircraft.

    • You’ve always got something good to share, thanks!

      As I’ve said before, I knew “The End Times” were here when Bruce Jenner was on the cover of a major magazine as a “woman.” The agenda “spectrum” of “transgender” to transhuman is becoming more and more clear all the time now.

      • “.As I’ve said before, I knew “The End Times” were here when Bruce Jenner was on the cover of a major magazine as a “woman..”.

        i was lucky- stopped watching TV and listening to music about 2005 because I got busy, when I came back to media I was a bit shocked how negative everything had gotten….some people who were on the screen during that time have had their opinions changed 180 degrees.

    • I think you only need one verse from the bible to understand these satanic lies from the jesuit/freemasonry mystical/gnostic/kabbahlistic religion;

      «You shall be like God», Genesis 3:5

    • johnandd
      “.. repeatedly target and misrepresent the Gnostics and Sophia is because it constitutes a competing narrative to Christianit…”

      INDEED it is a different narrative to christianity

      It is one that says that God is evil and SATAN IS GOOD so I’m not sure what you think I’m misrepresenting..?

      You yurself called God

      “…demented psychotic entity masquerading as god in the Abrahamic religions…” ..

      • But the God often described in the OT seemed to be at times and authoritarian and punishing people.

        This contradicts the notion, or writing that “God is love”. I’ve read some of the OT and it wasn’t very inspiring to me. It made me think that people are getting the wrong impression of God. Then I thought, it’s written by a person who has their own biased view of what God is.

        The treatment of Adam and Eve for eating from the tree is kind of harsh, in my opinion.

        • cu.h.j

          “..But the God often described in the OT seemed to be at times and authoritarian and punishing people.

          This contradicts the notion, or writing that “God is love”. …”

          God is love
          God is Holy
          God hates Sin
          No human is without Sin
          He gives you a chance to repent and come back to Him

          What more do you want?

          No one makes anyone believe in God, but IF YOU DO then dont make the King of the Universe into what YOU want them to be… its silly

          • But why is eating the fruit from the tree of life or knowledge wrong? Is it wrong to be curios? And if God didn’t want them to eat from this tree, why didn’t he explain? And if the snake deceived them and lied, why punish them?

            To me these passages say “do as I say and don’t ask questions!!” People have to know why something is wrong, not just that it’s wrong. And I don’t think curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge is wrong. That’s why we are here on the Corbett Report! To learn and to know.

            • “But why is eating the fruit from the tree of life or knowledge wrong?”

              The simple, or maybe simplistic answer is that it was wrong because it was disobedient. I am way more anti authoritarian than most folks and can’t stand not being told the reason why I am being told to do something. By men.
              I am pretty sure though that if I had a relationship with my creator that we are led to understand that Adam had with God and He gave me an order, I would obey first and ask questions later.
              But actually I don’t believe that the story includes a passage where Adam asks God to explain. Maybe He would have explained had
              He been asked and had Adam and Eve been capable of grokking the answer.

              “ Is it wrong to be curios?” No. Unless you’re Jewish. Then you would be a tchotchke. 😉

            • Steve Smith,

              Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter! After Eve was deceived by the snake, God still punished her. I thought it was kind of mean! But then the passages are open to interpretation after all. The OT has a lot of very harsh passages, lots of rules and such, and stern punishments.

              I don’t think our creator is cruel. I know there are many people who suffer and this has always puzzled me as to why would our creator allow all of the suffering. Maybe when I die, in my final moments, I will get an answer.

      • Questioning a narrative is not wrong, nor is differing interpretation so long as the golden rule is followed. The golden rule is a natural law. I try not to demonize any religion in it’s entirety and say people who follow it are wrong. But for people to impose their beliefs on others is wrong.

        How people treat each other matters, or actions matter. I don’t think Christianity is completely authoritarian because there are so many different ways people practice it. Most Christians I have known, have treated me kindly.

    • Know. that if you join the Agenda, it will be the end of art.
      Art. The human experience. As any true artist will attest…
      those moments when you are connected to the divine.
      Time stands still, creation flows and a human…
      is being.

  2. Oh my Lilly, May God bless you! I will pray for you.

    PS, keep up the good work James, Gods work of speaking The Truth, and may God bless you and yours!!

  3. “…the obliteration of the core parts or our identity..” I do not want to support the “trans” anything, it’s a personal thing and you can be a monkey’s butt if that’s your desire. I do think we need to learn to let people be..

    HOWEVER, historically, gender roles have been MORE fluid at some times than at others. Mary Renault did interesting novels about eunichs… These things existed and MAYBE the only good that can come from this is letting go of the unnecessary assumptions built into us.

    But of course, that’s only on that one level, because as with all things, an idea of some use is being used for purposes not being immediately disclosed. It’s a sales pitch, but it seems like something we are being forced to be made used to, because there may be no choice.

    It is in fact coopting any good that could come from such a discussion.

    • Wayned
      “..HOWEVER, historically, gender roles have been MORE fluid at some times than at others….”

      Respectfully, I’m not sure thats correct- while there are always exceptions it is much harder to have large scale flouting of gender norms in cultures and classes that are poor.
      Only rich people can survive degeneracy for long- poor people on the edge can not afford it.

      As to historical fiction, I would take it with a huge pinch of salt- people tell a story that they like.

      A propagandist tells the story of the world he wants. An example is that anyone looking at American TV adverts today would think that the US population is only about 30-40% white and BBC historical drama will randomly put black people, unremarked, in historical settings where they would have attracted a great deal of comment like that needle maker in ELizabethan London

      • Spider
        Yes, for SHAMANIC religious practices cross sex uniting of male and female is an old thing- as with the boys turned into priestess/prostitutes in old Mesopotamia or the Cybele worshippers who chopped their bits off in a religious frenzy

        Lots of things from shamanic practice cross over into more familiar esotericism – Spirit marriage and Familiar Spirit’s for example.

        Cross sex was never much of a thing for normal people in normal life- always religious

          • Vadoum

            “…To many Hindus…. sacrifice of their procreative ability to the goddess—that grants hijras this incredible religious power…”

            “..This includes leaving their home to live in community with other hijras, to learn the ritual roles that they perform in Hindu households….”

            YES- as I said, this is almost always a RELIGIOUS practice rather then a perversion or a social movement. Its interesting that their cult allows them religious Syncretism

      • Even though I’m cool with gender diversity, but the Tumblr Infinite Gender Theory is simply just stupid.
        The Native American belief about 5 genders is far more believable in my opinion, since I believe that gender is a tiny variable ranging from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5. What about Intersex, since a baby is usually born as either a boy, a girl, or in a pretty rare case Intersex.
        What if the Down Syndrome fetus is Intersex, and its being birthed by a transgender parent? Would you still care for the baby though? There are secular reasons why babies deserve to live both in and out of the womb, it doesn’t matter if the babies are birthed and conceived by biological women, artificial wombs, and/or even transgender parents.
        You’d be quite surprised to hear from an autistic Weeaboo Mutualist Anarchist millennial who’s very sympathetic to James Corbett, listening to him since 2015, and subscribed to him for a buck a month since 2019.
        Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,and Yuletide Greetings, Spider, and PEACEFUL ANARCHY FTW, comrade.

        • Robert Smith
          “..The Native American belief about 5 genders is far more believable in my opinion,..”

          Those ‘genders’ generally existed for RELIGIOUS purposes – they were not a social thing for normal people any more then mystics, priests and nuns are ‘normal’ for society.

          I hear the same thing about homosexualit in the Anceint world… people imagine wrongly that it was ‘open and affirming’ when it was actually ONLY socially ok when an important, high status man buggered a lower status person like a younger male or a child

    • [Preface: Over 40 different Lutheran denominations currently exist in North America, but there are three different large denominations with whom most church members belong.]

      September 2021 – AP & NPR Headline
      Transgender Bishop Steps Into Historic Role In The Evangelical Lutheran Church

      [I’m fortunate to have a “woke” Wikipedia so I don’t make grammatical errors with my pronouns.]
      EXCERPTS follow…
      Megan Rohrer (born April 3, 1980) is an American pastor, bishop, and activist. Rohrer (who uses gender-neutral “singular they” pronouns) is the first openly transgender minister to be ordained by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and to serve the denomination as bishop.
      (Singular they is the use in English of the pronoun they or its forms: them, their, theirs, and themselves (or themself), as an epicene (gender-neutral) singular pronoun.)

      Rohrer was born in 1980 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
      In 1998, they graduated from high school and enrolled in Augustana University to study religion. In college they came out as gay, and became president of the Gay-Straight Alliance. They encountered resistance, threats, and attempted “cures” by fellow students for their sexuality…

      …Rohrer moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2002 to continue their studies. By this time they had come to identify as transgender. Rohrer attended Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California…

      …Rohrer was ordained in 2006, becoming the first openly transgender person to be ordained by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America…

      …In 2010, Rohrer and six other Bay Area gay and transgender pastors were reinstated into the Evangelical Lutheran Church, after the national assembly voted to allow partnered gay people to serve as clergy. The pastors’ churches had previously been banned from the denomination for ordaining gay and lesbian ministers who refused to take vows of celibacy…

      …On September 11, 2021, Rohrer was installed as bishop…
      …In 2021, Rohrer shared their experiences of being a pastor during the COVID-19 pandemic, and advocated for LGBTQ community members to get vaccinated….

      • No surprise… what else would happen when a church stopped following the Bible? They become the Mystery Religion… trans girl Priestess/prostitutes next up.

        The later version

        “they” lol.. wonder who else inhabits the body? LOL

      • I just re-read that Wikipedia excerpt.
        All those years of struggling in middle school and high school grammar was wasted.
        I’m dizzy. Spinning. “They” did it to me.

    • While some cultures had role-playing as the opposite sex, usually in spiritual quests, the pathological concepts we’re dealing with now are directly the result of pederast/pedophile “psychologist” John Money, and his “work” since WWII.

  4. g.bon

    “..woke society..”

    Woke is the religious side of the NWO… They have to pervade culture, just like people used to have to say “Go with God” or pray before eating even if they did not believe in a deity. No society exists without that religious element.

    Chris Knowles says that the huge wave of Scienceism the New Atheists got going on the internet a bit after the turn of the century was funded by money funneled thru Epstein, but I never looked into it.

  5. Even the mixed race couple in the BBC ‘humour’ segment is part of the permanent psyop raging in the legacy media, unchallenged by clever design. A quick visit to ONS suggests a massive over representation on entertainment and advertising content in this regard. I find that disturbing enough, then the trans ‘thing’ followed and hysteria amplified. Trans-human: yeah well that was inevitable at this point. Not being religious it is strange to feel quite so uneasy about the direction away from God or nature these aspects of the Globalist agenda represent… Will there be a reckoning?

  6. I’d be remiss not to mention “Sofia,” probably the best-known example of an A.I. bot, created by ‘parent’ Alphabet, considered ‘alive’ & with rights of personhood, and even citizenship (and more recently, ‘siblings’) – promoted by the United Nations under the same banner of their “Development Programme” (UNDP), which is responsible for implementing bottom-up “national development objectives” including their infamous “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs)…
    …proving, yet again, that ‘all roads lead to New Roman Times,’ just check your default font!
    (see this 2018 Archive of the Sophia ‘Wiki-d-pedia’ page, that clearly indicates: “Linked from hpluspedia .org » Transhumanism in popular culture.” https://archive.ph/649jX )

      • LastHumanist

        I’ve had this discussion with others
        Gnostic’s are not Christians in the sense understood by most people

        They worshipped a different god who was not the jewish God of the Old testament

        They thought the fall of Adam and Eve was a good thing and the snake was their friend

        AT LEAST SOME of the Elite people doing things to the world now are Gnostic religiously… how you liking the world their making?

        • “..Who is actually Gnostic in the elite?..”

          i guess you never heard out simulation theory or heard Elon Musk crack ho wife singing about it? Plenty of other things and you can go dig that stuff up easy if you’ve an interest

          ‘…Of course, knowledge is a good thing. Why should Adam and Eve be stupid forever? How can that state of being be considered paradise?..”
          So your religious then?

          “…I think you misunderstand what Gnosticism is about…”
          No, really rather sure I do not- but perhaps you know more of it then your letting on?

          “..thought on Theodicy…”
          Since I am not God I kinda think thats above my pay grade to worry over much…potter vs clay n all that.

          However, for the ‘prob of evil’ people CS Lewis does give an every-man answer by pointing out that if God (who probably knows better then we do…eh?) thinks having a universe where REAL love (only possible if freely given in FREE WILL) can exist and is even willing to risk humans free will being used for bad choices then having Real Love must be worth the danger that bad stuff happens.

        • Last Humanist

          “…You cannot even define what Gnostic philosophy is and judge it regardless? That makes you no better than the other side that you claim to disagree with…..”

          I said you could look it up if you had an interest … but you already appear to know that its an anti-materialist, world and life hating, religion that thinks the God of the Old testament is a bad guy an the Snake in the Garden was the good guy and humans can become gods thru knowing the right stuff.

          “… Christianity has fallen off the cliff completely after 325 and here you are repeating the old propaganda of how the Gnosis is a heresy….”

          Look… to say that you obviously ALREADY know what Gnosticism is, and I never said it was a heresy because its NOT… it is a DIFFERENT RELIGION that worships a god that is not the Christian God of the Old Testament and thnks jesus was the snake… but you already know that dont you?

        • last humanist
          “..You are mostly the same thing as the great resetters of today. The difference is that the great reset you uphold was an older one…”

          The Trans-humanist great reset is the CULMINATION of the ‘enlightenment’ ideas my woefully ignorant friend…. the illumination of man into total freedom IS GNOSTIC religion.
          On the chance you dont know this fact perhaps consider that freemasons were the great pushers of these ideas before the Round Tables and Technocrats over took them

          Humanism has zero defense against the great reset, because it ultimately WANTS THE SAME THING-human godhood.

          Good luck with that, boomer…

        • LastHumanist,
          Please don’t insult people with phrases like
          “Quack, quack.”
          “You live in the age of functional illiteracy.
          You truly embody that.”

          Take that to other forums, but it is inappropriate on this forum.

          • HRS,

            You’re right about Ad Hominem attacks. That’s really the only rule here. What Ad Hominem attacks do is diminish the potential validity of ones argument. Instead of leading to greater understanding and trying to find common ground or at least provide strong support for ones opinions, it does the exact opposite. It creates hostility and silences debate on particular topics of interest. It creates division and hostility and weakens resistance to the threat we face for our very survival, not just our person survival, but the survival of our species.

            I try to remember this when I am angered. Anger is a natural reaction and can actually be used constructively, but attacking a persons character is not constructive and should be avoided.

          • It’s really something to watch here, ain’t it? Just amazing. Wondering if this bout went on any longer here…..

          • “LastHumanist” says:

            “You didn’t care when people insulted victims of the Holocaust on this very forum.”

            Some of those “victims of the Holocaust™” need to be insulted, for the same reason that Lord Fauci or Bill Gates of Hell deserve to be insulted. They were and are LIARS. Same with the “eyewitnesses” of the COVID-19(84) narrative, “the ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ ‘vaccine’ saved my life” and even better, “COVID-19 is so bad we’re having to bury the dead in mass graves.” The level and even nature of the LIES are identical to what we are expected to swallow regarding the Holocaust™ mythology.

            “Belief in” the Holocaust™ is a state dogma, and the current “belief in” COVID-19(84) would be impossible had humanity not been conned into accepting the inalterable dogma of “showers” and “ovens.” Evidence is irrelevant; belief triumphs. And we all must BELIEVE.

            And dude, spare us the “people insulted me” whining. You open up on anyone who questions state dogma, including myself. “Hitler supporter,” “vile ignoramus,” and, of course, the usual “anti-Semite.”

            I’ve only been around here for about a year and a half, but I’ve noted that Duck always posts thoughtful, reasonable comments and material. You picking a fight with Duck is almost amusing.

          • beaconterraone

            your sweeping statements about ALL or MOST of the holocaust being fake is really offensive. A visit to Germany or Poland should really help you along…
            I cannot conclusively know whether the numbers stated in the history books are correct or not, however the crimes took place and deserve better than your rants.

            In a way it is quite funny to me that you don’t buy into Nazi murders where there is plenty of evidence while at the same time taking the story of Sodom and Gomorrah literally from hardly any evidence but some really old books’ accounts, which were never meant to be taken literally.

          • There’s so much proof supporting the idea of the Jewish holocaust that people are jailed for questioning any of them.

          • I am the last to say that historical accounts or science is settled and set in stone. I am willing to learn about what part of the history of WWII taught in school or university is wrong – e.g. most Germans never heard about the basically inevitable outbreak of WWII after the settlements and behind-the-scenes cabal of WWI (or what lead up to it) and the backing of the rise of Hitler by Wall Street & Co. and that certain fractions, e.g. hardcore Zionists try to justify horrendous policies after WWII until today, still coasting on the same apologetic stories. However to say that the ruthless mass-murderous anti-Jewish agenda of the Nazi regima is fake does not do history justice. If people question the narrative, please be specific and cite credible sources.

          • I wouldn’t know what would constitute a credible source.

            John Ball’s air photo evidence analysis bringing into question the very existence of the transitory camps of death? The ever changing Auschwitz plaque dedicated to the victims? The lingering of the proclaimed 6 million myth contrary to all the evidence (the official figure by Raul Hilberg being 5.1M)? Documentary video data collected by David Cole who punctured immense holes in the official gas chamber evidence? Basic math that simply does not support gassing and burning the remains of 6 million people in the period they claimed they were gassed and their bodies disposed of? The ever changing official narrative that changed every time it became obvious the central tenets do not hold water? The hubris of official Holocaust revisionists who would love nothing more but to immolate the non official Holocaust revisionists?

            Would it constitute credible evidence of wrongdoing the very fact I could be jailed for writing this post in 24 countries worldwide?

        • LAst Humanist

          “..You may be intellectually superior to other ducks but you have not quite reached human levels yet…”

          Like… for real?
          🙂 … this is not Voat dude

          • “Off your back,” my friend! Just let it roll.

            So-called “conspiracy theory” attracts a very wide variety of individuals, including those of us who refuse to swallow what we are expected to believe despite all signs to the contrary of actually-existing reality, to cranks, misfits, and even those with serious psychological disorders. I suspect even a few, here, are operators for the Enemy, spying and sowing discord.

            Don’t waste your time, where the harvest will always be weeds. 🙂

        • Fact Checker

          “..Haha. A WHOLE FUCKLOAD LOT MORE of the “Elite” are Jewish religiously, and worship the Jewish God of the Old Testament….”

          Hmn… I’d debate that a little
          Kabbalism aside, modern Jews follow the religion laid out in the Talmud and their religious practices were created by Babylonian Jews AFTER THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE.

          Their religion is thus, in practice younger then the New testament and I’m also rather thinking that the Kabbalistic ones are not exactly following the God of the OT. You should recall that right thru the OT there are mystery religions the Israelites were carrying on.

        • Uh, NO. The Talmud Jews DO NOT worship “the ‘Jewish’ (sic) God of the Old Testament.”

          They worship the Devil in various forms, including the – wait for it! – “transgender” manifestation of “god,” the so-called Shekinah, the “female” aspect of “the divine.” That’s why Jews and Shabbos Goyim in beanies “hump” the ruins of Roman Fort Antonia, the so-called “Wailing Wall.”

          ALL of the modern occult tradition of “the West” was delivered to us via those who celebrate the Talmud. Including, largely, via the “Judaism for Gentiles” of Freemasonry.

          • Duck:

            Here is Milton Kapner aka Brother Nathanael addressing the “Wailing Wall” and the Shekinah:


            Yes, our “most high” rulers love “knowledge” and owls. Hence, the “wise owl” trope.

            Not all knowledge has positive value, and some has negative value. Those who worship “knowledge” itself, gnostics, little “g,” don’t understand that…or don’t care.

        • Johnandd

          “…demented psychotic entity masquerading as god in the Abrahamic religions…”

          Thank you for your honesty.
          It is refreshing to meet a Gnostic who does NOT lie about what they believe.

        • johnandd

          “…I do not call myself a Gnostic…”

          You do not need to when you say stuff like

          “… that demented psychotic entity masquerading as god in the Abrahamic religions….”

          Any religious view you have is going to be pro the being people call Satan and hate the being I call God… whats to discuss?

          • johnandd,

            You make some good points about authoritarianism and the bible. I re read some passages from Genesis and the way God is reported to punish Adam and Eve because they disobeyed and order. If eating from the tree of of knowledge was a mistake, why would God punish them in this way, for a mistake? It’s kind of mean the way I’m understanding what I read. Is God a mean and fearful deity? And why would it be wrong to learn, even by making mistakes if one is not doing reprehensible acts, like theft, murder, or other acts of direct harm to others?

            Also, if they were tricked by the snake, is it really their fault? And why is it wrong to eat from the tree of knowledge? This seems contradictory to common sense. To try to learn does not seem wrong. Is curiosity wrong?

            I understand how eating from the tree might mean to become like God as implied in the passages and if this means that to become God means that they will rule over others and do bad things to people, doing this is wrong. But is to become God or like God evil? Why would it be evil if God is good and God is love? This makes little sense to me.

            If Gnostics interpret Genesis differently, why is this inherently wrong if followers are not harming people? The way I interpret what God is is that God is love and healing and forgiveness and being kind and doing good for oneself and for others. God is a generative force, wisdom, enlightenment, the source of all that is, in my personal understanding.

            People have a natural right to their beliefs and it is their actions that matter in my opinion. Is God an authoritarian who punishes you? I’ve never felt that God punished me, but rather that when I have done things that are wrong, I became distant from God. I could no longer feel Gods presence and that was the punishment, the emptiness and sadness when I have hurt others. I was able to learn from mistakes and make up for them and reconnect with the divine, which can be described in many religions. Anyway, just my thoughts. I think that God from the OT does seem to be authoritarian, or at least a harsh teacher and contradicts what I believe God is.

          • **Not is God a fearful deity, but is God a deity that should be feared? Do people act morally out of fear? When I act morally, I do not do so because I am afraid, but the act itself makes me feel good, rather than bad.

        • johnandd

          Look, you dont need to EXPLAIN anything… you flat out CALLED the God of the Old Testament THE BAD GUY

          “.. “…demented psychotic entity masquerading as god in the Abrahamic religions…” ..

          You can dress it up anyway you like, but if you think the Snake in the Garden was the hero your a SATANIST by my POV.

          You can tell my why being a Satanist is actually the right outlook and/or how I have it wrong but your basically following evil.

          • Cu.h.j. asks:
            “Also, if they were tricked by the snake, is it really their fault? And why is it wrong to eat from the tree of knowledge? This seems contradictory to common sense. To try to learn does not seem wrong. Is curiosity wrong?”

            I know that I responded to this in another thread cu.h.j. but just wanted to follow up with you because you’re asking the same questions that I did many years ago among many others.
            What I didn’t understand then and you are having trouble with now is that
            “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.” 1 Corinthians 2:14
            And “ For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:8
            Now I know that you must be thinking that my posting this makes no sense either.
            Well there is a reason for my doing so.
            A couple days ago I watched a video of an interview by Foster Gamble with Max Igan and Ricardo Bosi. https://odysee.com/@thecrowhouse:2/Max-Igan-and-Ricardo-Bosi—Thrive-Interview:1?lid=watchlater
            At the one 1:23 minute mark Foster asks both men, “What did you learn that you wish you had know when you started waking up?” Please listen to a few minutes of this exchange.
            At 1:27 20 Bosi gives an answer that I wish all unbelievers could listen to. Not that they all would be able to hear it. I hope you can and will.

            And finally, let me add my own silly little argument for why it makes sense to open your mind and especially your heart to God.
            You have precisely nothing to lose.

      • Okay, Without getting into theology & religious debate …
        I find that video interesting. Here’s my story as to WHY (with a little memory it jogged):
        When I was just starting grade school (late 1980’s early ’90’s), the Board Of Education hired a part-time school counselor who came in our classroom and led us in a guided meditation session. We had to keep our eyes closed, imagine being in the ocean, and follow an imaginary dolphin named Sofia – and that’s about all I recall.
        BUT I remember describing it my dad, who was a very devout (albeit not very traditional) Christ Follower (a Believer), who told me unequivocally:
        “That’s devil mess, Belle. If she come back, pray in the name of Jesus.”
        Well, a lack of county funds meant the lady had to go to every class in each school in the entire district and she never came back again.
        But daddy knew stuff – he felt it. He didn’t really explain like the video, maybe he didn’t know how he knew.

        • SuperMom Belle
          “..came in our classroom and led us in a guided meditation session…”

          That makes sense- I recall seeing something about a UK (A Steiner, I think) school- they interviewd the mom who was sitting lighting a candle and singing to THE FIRE GNOMES with her kid who was a pupil there.

          New Age religious adherents appear to have been pushing quietly into schools and such in the same way that Marxists have been to, though there SEEN to has -always been a good deal of cross over with that stuff and politics though (like Annie Besant and the Lucis Trust n stuff like that)

      • Thanks Duck for the video.

        “The Secret of the Knights Templar” – Third Adam 3X
        (Friday the 13th – history) (Atbash Cipher)
        11 minutes – by Spencer Smith

  7. That BBC television clip is absolutely chilling. Since we know that those in power use television media and other forms of media to seed ideas into the public consciousness, it is literally a direct message to us of their intentions for society. One aspect of that clip that I didn’t quite pick up on the first time I watched it was the girl’s statement about recycling her body. I guess this would work out perfectly for the eugenicists of the world who would like to scrub the earth clean of the icky humans that inhabit it.

    • scpat
      They want you dead, your kids mutilated and crazy and they think it is funny.

      most people really do not get that..they think they are dealing with people who just want money or power.

      People are going from crime Site A to crime Site B because they think the worst thats gonna happen is getting raped but their actually in the car with a serial killer.

      • People are going from crime Site A to crime Site B because they think the worst thats gonna happen is getting raped but their actually in the car with a serial killer.

        I have been getting this feeling since the beginning of the covid crisis. I feel like I am watching a horror film in which the majority of society are the innocent victims that have no idea the people coming after them are serial killers, all the while knowing that they really are serial killers and also knowing what their intentions are. Eery feeling for sure.

        • scpat
          “..majority of society are the innocent victims that have no idea the people coming after them are serial killers…”

          NOW imagine that YOU are an evil psychopath….how much of a thrill does it give to see your prey pathetically try to appease you as they gaslight themselves?
          How much disgust do you feel watching them dotha t?

          Ick… need to clean my mind now

          “.. Eery feeling for sure…”
          For a reason.. thats how humans stay alive

        • It’s application of the Big Lie technique. Common folks cannot believe something so “outrageous,” that our rulers want to – gasp – actually implement the Georgia Guidestones.

          It HAS TO BE a “conspiracy theory.”

          It can’t be anything else. “I can’t handle anything else.”

          Alas, the poor folks who are not aware of what we know just don’t have the tools to process the horrible realities.

    • I don’t pretend to have any “revelation” about this, but a thought entered my mind. Maybe it was put there by an ally above, but I’m not certain.

      What if the “transhumanism” expressed by that girl is the ultimate goal, to literally get people to give up their soul, their spirit, and “upload” said into “The Cloud”? Purpose? To provide for healthy-enough but soulless bodies for extradimensional entities to acquire and possess?

      Sounds kooky? Perhaps. But I believe demonic possession is real, and maybe we’re witnessing the beginnings of the final phase of that, en masse?

      Then again, maybe it’s just because Soylent Green is people?

      • BeaconTerraOne

        “…What if the “transhumanism” expressed by that girl is the ultimate goal, to literally get people to give up their soul, their spirit, and “upload” said into “The Cloud”? Purpose? To provide for healthy-enough but soulless bodies for extradimensional entities to acquire and possess?…”

        Yes, Sounds abut right!
        Chris Knowles over at secretsun blog has been having similar thoughts and I think you both may be correct. He does make a pretty good point that people today are acting very very weird, and many of the things people do for entertainment these days (drugs/porn/Tic-Tok) were once considered to open the doors of the mind

        • Thanks for that!

          St. Paul referred to the Devil by a peculiar name that seemingly wouldn’t make sense in the first century Roman Empire.

          “Prince of the Power of the Air.” Ephesians 2:2

          Our era is dominated by a “power of the air,” electromagnetic radiation.

          The base rituals of today are definitely oriented on worship of everything but the Almighty. But what if there is another “force,” working to bring about Great Deception? I’ve speculated for some time about the apparent correlation between the rise of microwave frequency use and anxiety disorders. Is the Devil a wee bit more clever than I imagine?

          • “..I’ve speculated for some time about the apparent correlation between the rise of microwave frequency use and anxiety disorders…”

            TBH, I was a bit creeped out by all those Starlink satellites that appear to be going up. I am pretty sure they can whack big areas with ULF sound to mess with peoples mood too… but with everyone carrying their personal “Cell” screen and normal society going wonkey I dont think they need to actually do much more then people do to themselves.
            🙁 Depressing

            • Starlink and other systems like it are among the final pieces of the worldwide Mystery Babylon System, from which escape is very difficult or impossible. I guess we could find a cave somewhere?

              Can Starlink, or terrestrial communications systems (mobile phone networks), broadcast pathological and possibly targeted EMR? I don’t know of any technological obstacles to that.

              The “tinfoil (sic) hat conspiracy theorists” have a sad tendency to be proven right in recent times…

  8. The book I am reading right now pertains to this topic. I will read Franz’ book, but I also recommend Hancock’s “Supernatural”. Hancock actually indirectly says that this process to become godlike isn’t a desired result, apparently. From how he explains it, the humanoid species who has succeeded in doing this has been working extensively to save themselves by backtracking since now, their bodies are far too weak.

    How are they going about making themselves strong again? Well, here’s where you need to keep an open mind: abductions. Sound crazy? Not when you are reading a book by a journalist who can connect the dots as well as Corbett and who isn’t afraid of putting himself out there. Some is just speculation, but his conclusions are backed by research and data going back as far as 50,000 years ago. Yes, cave paintings count!

    Anyways, Corbett hasn’t said anything about this bizarre method of saving an alien species, but much of what he talks about here pertains to the process they went through and regret, it seems. We’re on the same path.

  9. last humanist
    “..The main takeaway from “designer genitals” is, in actuality, impotence.
    What the surgeons, etc. do is to take something functional and make it dysfunctional…”

    That makes sense because they are ultimately against LIFE and hate the physical universe. Such people reject nature, and nature is (see link) at its heart about generation of life

    bonus veganism, lol.

  10. Dehumanizing Mankind’s Humanity

    I tend to think of “human beings” as something sacred, to be revered, containing a non-physical spiritual-like nature.
    There is a big difference between a rock (an object) and a person.
    It is my contention that anytime a sector of humanity is classfied as “being less than human”, then enslavement or genocide follow.

    On that line of thought, most religions of the world should be very alarmed at this transition towards Transhumanism.
    Transhumanism robs humanity of its essence, its soul.
    In my opinion, Transhumanism preaches that Humans and Nature are sub-par creations…that Technocrats can become gods who desire to create nature and humans in their own image.
    If Dr. Anthoney Fauci is already the science (which is now a ‘religion’), then it follows that Bill Gates is a “Technocratic Transhumanist God”.

    – Dissemination –
    I think that “Transhumanism” can be an entry point when disseminating to those folks who have religious values.

    • Well said, HRS. I tend to see this in a very similar way as you.

    • Indeed HRS, when you say “Transhumanism robs humanity of its essence, its soul.”

      The transhumanists don’t believe in a soul. They don’t believe that life is sacred. They see no value in their own soul, or they have already traded it. But they are missing something essential, for without the soul, life becomes empty.

    • what are religions about, other than humans and nature being sub par, “less than” the “almighty creator” god? Nothing new there. This was the entire point of religions from the get go.

      • True… your meant to worship the Creator rather then the creation

        • The HOpi record that Spider Woman told them that we were put here to sing the praises of creation.
          Sounds pretty simple and easy. We’re guests here, meant to enjoy/enjoin and appreciate. Thanks and Praise.

  11. I feel that the technocratic and transhumanist approach of those in power has ties to an understanding of the universe, one which I heard put forward by philosopher Alan Watts.

    In a particular lecture (linked below) he presents a thesis that human beings living in the “western world” have been operating under two fundamental models for thousands of years. He claims these models underpin our understanding of what life is about, our language, our logic, and what makes sense.

    Of the two models, there is one that I think serves as the foundation of the technocratic and post-human ideology, which is what Watts calls the Fully Automatic Model. Watts beings to talk about this model at the 13:16 mark (Queued video: https://youtu.be/BdKiphL35j0?t=796). The intersection between this model and transhumanism is that life can be fully explained and understood through the rigidity of principles of science and engineering. Watts says the expression of the ideology of the fully automatic model can be seen through the rocket and the bulldozer—the rocket, which allows for the “conquest” of space, and the bulldozer, which is a tool for humans to impose their will upon their environment.

    Sigmund Freud’s idea of libido, blind lust, is also a symptom of this model. According to Watts, Freud felt that the the blind sexual energy of libido was something that had to be controlled or contained because it was unpredictable and possibly dangerous. In this way, life can be seen as something that needs to be managed and contained, hence the urge for the control of life that we see tyrants striving for.

    It seems that this is the way that those in power view the human race. That we are mechanisms that can be “updated”, changed, edited, and gotten rid of all together. If there is nothing spiritual or sacred about humans according to their mindset, then it makes sense why they could callously push forward with their technocratic and transhumanist vision of the future.

    Entire lecture:
    Nature of Consciousness – Alan Watts

    • :,,n this way, life can be seen as something that needs to be managed and contained, hence the urge for the control of life that we see tyrants striving for….”

      Libido Dominandi by EM jones goes thru how pretty much all the controller types suffered from horrible personal inability to resist their own urges, usually sexual ones, and thus needed to go control freak on everyone else as they destroyed tjeir own lives.
      Lol.. look at what Kinsey did to himself

  12. Interesting that bioethics is a major intersection between the experimental gene therapies being forced on people and this trans human/gender push.
    Glad you brought up the “mystical” side of things. I believe the spiritual/mystical parts of being human are where our real power lies and that nothing will stop this bio digital convergence as it’s meant to push us to (eventually) being able, spiritually, to move past living on this physical plane. I think Rudolf Steiner was right about being conscious about the obvious inversions of truth and purposeful mass confusion. If he was correct…. Which is looking more likely by the day…. Conscious awareness of what the spirits of darkness are doing will help build an individual’s ability to act on good spiritual impulses and manifest them into the world while also preparing one for a life beyond the physical that isn’t in the cloud.

    • The Renaissance is not the same as the Enlightenment

      • I live in the age of wonders…. Thanks google

        How were the Renaissance and Enlightenment smilar and different?
        Enlightenment thinkers believed that science and reason could improve people’s lives. … Renaissance thinkers looked mainly to the literature and arts of ancient Greece and Rome for ideas and answers. Enlightenment thinkers turned to science and reason.

        As to Sodom… do you want to live in a town that buggers strangers to death???? Do you support their cultural tradition of anal rape?
        Sounds a bit too ‘Deliverance’ for me..and as for reading the ability to think is much better then reading, trust me

        • “..You let the computer answer questions for you.
          You quote Wikipedia…”

          I should just quote myself then?

          That said… seriously, if you wanna go on about Sodom and God…. what would YOU do about a town that anally rapes people passing thru it?

        • “..Why do you even believe this Sodom story?..”

          YOU are the one who brought it up as an example…

          but, since you asked nicely 🙂

          “..Are there sources that prove it’s all false, for example?..”
          No, not any that I have come across.
          This is not the place for apologetics though and Faith is, after all, a choice people make

          hey, you might like this though its not actually religious

        • Last Humanist
          “..I will not allow anyone to pretend that killing children is justified….”

          I am glad that your against the murder of babies (via abortion too I hope!) but would you stand up for ANY baby?

          If you had the choice would you kill baby Hitler to save the millions he killed?

          Was the Fire Bombing of Dresden justified if it shortened the war (assume that it did for the sake of argument)…?

          How do the babies who died there stack up against the babies that died in the camps?

          Your putting your own reason par with a Deity dude… you really think you know better?

        • Duck

          I think LastHumanist knows better than to take scripture stories as literal facts or to interpret every human atrocity as a mysterious act of god.

      • then why don’t you define them for us? or is your only answer always putting someone down?
        Seriously tired of it.

        • Take control of the situation, and just ignore self-righteous windbags on here. They’re usually very, very predictable.

      • Sodom deserved it.

        It’s not like you have any problem with Dresden. “Evil Nazzees.”

        All a matter of which God or god one embraces.

        • Insisting I believe lies is not “helping” me.

          Are you willing to call out Dresden as mass murder? A REAL “Holocaust” (death by fire).

        • “.. lost family to allied bombs in Dresden,..”

          A close relative of mine was dropping those bombs on German cities.
          A civilian relative of mine (I have his name as part of mine) got shot up and killed by an allied plane in the last few days of the war. He was just a kid.

          What has that to do with anything?

          The choice to burn up the women and children of Dresden or to let the war drag on was easy…for People who take on Gods role always turn into the devil

      • WTAF?!

        James Corbett runs a forum here that has among the freest rules anywhere online. “Censor” you? I’m sorry, but you’ve got some serious persecution complex issues if you actually believe that.

        You like to attack people, ad hominem, and then whine when someone returns the “favor.” Forego the unjust insults and you can say almost anything here.

    • Last humanist

      My stepson had a persistent problem with a wart on his hand for a couple years. He had been to see doctors and referred to specialists and none of their treatments would work. He also has had bowel issues since he was about 5 and doctors had never been able to correct that for him either. Finally one night, my wife did an extensive Reiki session on him and just like that over the next few days his wart disappeared for good and his bowel issues resolved for about 6 months.

      There is absolutely no way I could ever in a million years identify the material mechanisms that would explain how the Reiki healed my stepson to a degree that it would be widely accepted objectively by everyone, but I know for a fact that it worked. Denying that Reiki exists or worked simply because others can’t measure it would not be a good excuse for me to deny the reality that it indeed does exist and work. I’ve learned over the years that there is not just one form of “proof” as I understand how the scientific method works for objectively proving things and that I can also prove things to myself on a personal level. I am comfortable with the fact that the latter doesn’t mean a thing to others, but I do encourage others to prove things to themselves. Especially if the results contradict materialistic “objective truths”.

      I could never see subtle energies like auras until my wife taught me how. I can see them, now, but I’ll never be able to measure them to prove their existence to you…. However, if you’re interested and genuinely want to try to see them, I can give you the steps my wife taught me and you could see them for yourself.

      • Also I think it’s interesting how many people other than Rudolf have shown people how to find their own astral bodies and prove their existence to themselves.

        But it makes sense that there are levels of reality that people will never become aware of if they have already decided they don’t exist.

        One of the things I like the most about Steiner is the things he predicted back in the early 20th century are now coming to pass and he was astonishingly accurate and his knowledge of secret brotherhoods and of what they would eventually achieve is spot on….. this could now only be appreciated by the “conspiracy” community. Steiner has been a guiding light for me over the past year.

      • you can also heal warts very easily with Thuja Oil, that is the oil of the western red cedar.
        you can usually heal gut issues by a plant based organic diet

        And you can do things “magically” without the healed being part of the healer’s “healing”. It won’t last, as there was not a practice established, other than the practitioner’s “practice” of magic.
        This kind of practice exists in all fields, one delivers a made product to the person paying for such, This is not empowering the client to learn how to create their own healing practices.
        I think tho, that when it “works”, even temporarily, some clients will at least learn that their bodies can heal, and this may inspire them to cooperate on a daily basis.

      • “I can also prove things to myself on a personal level.”

        Wonderful illustrative anecdote! Thanks.

  13. My first instinct was that I would not go near this one.
    That I wouldn’t touch it with a trans foot-pole!

    It’s somewhat interesting/ironic that this episode comes on the heels of the narrative episode (James makes this connection at the end). Perhaps it was intentional?
    Personally, I wouldn’t feed the transgender/transhumanist narrative, thereby giving it more life and legitimacy.

    What do you get when you cross a transgender with a transhumanist? A trans-genderhumanist? A transgender humanist?

    BTW, I never realized that our binary gender (male-female) had ‘disabilities’ (the passage read by James from the IEET paper).

    I noticed you kept referring to ‘she’ or ‘he’ in the episode.
    Get with the program James, it’s much safer to say ‘it’, thereby avoiding gender discrimination ! 🙂

    From your foreword James to “Revolve; Man’s Scientific Rise to Godhood” by Aaron Franz:

    “It is now sold to us as something sexy. Our collective future is to live in gleaming plastic pre-fabricated cities, populated by hover cars and brainchipped superhumans who are capable of all the things that we have been told to dream about for years: instantaneous communication, internet access via our thoughts, nanobots in our bloodstream that will maintain our physical bodies in a state of eternal youth. Of course it’s a lie, as every promised utopia in history has been, but it’s a powerful one.”

    You wrote that 10 years ago. Do you still believe it’s a lie?

    • “..What do you get when you cross a transgender with a transhumanist?…”

      A corpse, which is the aim of the whole movement I think.

      “..Personally, I wouldn’t feed the transgender/transhumanist narrative, thereby giving it more life and legitimacy…”

      You can not ignore this issue away (unless you live far off the grid…) because its the tip of the spear thats eviscerating the next generation.
      If you can make people agree to this its over for them…there is pretty much no hope after they drink the TransAide

      • “..Personally, I wouldn’t feed the transgender/transhumanist narrative, thereby giving it more life and legitimacy…”
        You can not ignore this issue away (unless you live far off the grid…) because its the tip of the spear thats eviscerating the next generation.
        If you can make people agree to this its over for them…there is pretty much no hope after they drink the TransAide
        I’m not advocating ignoring the issue.
        I’m advocating processing the information in your head and filing it away somewhere.
        And then, continuing with the creation of our own narrative.

        • “..And then, continuing with the creation of our own narrative…”


      • 99% of those who are currently on-board with the “trans” agenda will have these pronouns within 5 years:


        The correlation between “trans” supporters and “vaccine” supporters approaches exceptionally closely a correlation of 1.0.

        • Lol. That made me laugh. Was/were.

  14. Personal cultivation is a difficult and arduous process… countless books and oral traditions exist that speak of the subject. There is an aspect where the “male and the female” are merged. This is a metaphor representing a state of realization within ones one mind and sense of “Self”.

    What I have seen in the world is a bastardization of a lot of esoteric truths into canned modern surface level “exercises” that only cheapen the practice as a whole. The New Age movement for example is full of fragments of legitimate practice, and those who practice them are rather “fragmented” in their own mind. Most are not healthy in their mind, body and spirit.

    “The Elite” are little more than punk-ass magicians who have taken advantage of the minds of the masses because they have no access to their own genuine agency. The minds of the masses are being used to “birth” a very sick version of “transcendence” into this world. It is really as simple as that.

    People are free to believe whatever they wish about the source of their own genesis (pun), but most, even very “religious” people wouldn’t know where to even begin to seek this knowledge in any appreciable way. Thus, the world continues to be filled with billions of pawns who are being used by a small number of master deceivers who happen to know a few esoteric party tricks.

    It really is quite pathetic.

    Thanks for the talk, James.

    • Well said! Yes, the elites use magic like a monkey with a grenade.

    • Classically, also, the male and female bodies were considered the same body, with only genitalia inverted. One with internal genitalia, one with external genitalia.
      There is more variation within the male population, body “size” and capacities wise, and within the female population, than there is between the two.

      • Openlense
        “..Classically, also, the male and female bodies were considered the same body, with only genitalia inverted..”

        Who are you talking about?
        I always thought the Greeks acted like women were some other species but I’m not up on ancient medicine

        • A documentary titled Passion and Power shows this historical info.

  15. As others pointed out: there have always been cultures with trans people.
    The Left hijacked this issue around 2008 (Obama) just like they have with other things.
    I have told the LGBT community that they are being used a bludgeon. Most don’t agree or even care if they are.
    Ultimately there will be a blow-back by people who are tired of it being force fed to them.
    There are male and female energies in every person, but just two sexes.
    I and some other trans people are fairly outraged at the issue being politicized. America and many other places were becoming more understanding of the trans issue before the Commies exploited it.

  16. Hey James…I won’t call you Mister, I guess…in case…have I fallen off your notifications list?
    Or did I get no notice of this because you know I have a recent honors degree in Gender and Women’s Studies? Shame you didn’t bone up a bit on Donna Harraway, who can leave you in the dust anyday. She was being ironic. She saw where it was being hijacked to, as feminism itself was hijacked by the gays and left women and children far behind in the dust and garbage. So blame feminism if it makes you shake in your pants.
    Did Shakespeare’s actors turn into females for portraying cross-gendered roles? Were they perverts, hoping for a transhuman end? Dustin Hoffman’s fame included transgendered roles. And traditional Japanese dance is trangendered yet to this day. Whoa!!! Transhumanists!!
    Bone up a bit on “science”, and stop confounding genitals with gender roles, and intersexuality with transexuality. Up to four percent of humans are known to be born with ambiguous genitalia, as well as with intersexed genetic, hormonal, and chemical conditions. Get over it.
    You make a large error going after Donna Harraway, as she is beyond brilliant, as well as very courageous.
    Who’s being “strung along from healine to headline” here? You’re parroting an attitude, not doing serious research and study on this one. Hollywood films, for mercy’s sake.
    Let’s review a couple of definitions: “Prejudice”: pre-judgement, reaching conclusions before hearing all sides of the story.
    “Bigotry”: A pre-set conclusion which disregards all else.

    As so many have used WORDS to poison, isn’t there something intrinsically wrong with words?
    The patriarchy, don’t you worry, is doing fine, and going strong, penetrating the entire planetary population with its genetic semens. Relax, guys, you’re still in full control, if you still call it that.
    Sorry, but you came at this one bassackwards, Corbett. Thanks for the expository essay I wrote tho. It’ll be very useful.

    • I don’t think he meant to be offensive. I think that feminism has been used by the power structure to create division. It has been taken over by these psychopathic weirdos.

      I do think that anarchism mean that people have a right to self determination and equality and bodily autonomy. I don’t like a lot of the trans stuff because it’s bad for women. The sports issue is problematic for me.

      There have been some nasty psychopathic women too. Look at Hillary Clinton for example and Margaret Sanger.

      I don’t think that the system at play can be described anymore as patriarchy. It has morphed into something much worse. Some of these weird fundamentalist Islamic countries and others who try to basically enslave women are morally reprehensible. I am thankful I live in the US and where I have access to the tools necessary to defend myself.

      • There are people who are intersexed and non binary naturally, but the whole trans movement is something completely different than accepting people as they are.

        • I know this of course. I pretty much threw the essay by the trans..I don’t know how it goes, a man that thinks he made himself a woman…claiming his kind should be the leaders of feminism…right at my professor. It’s truly just the same old appropriation, in different clothes.

          What I object to is confounding the two, throwing so much into one basket, and suggesting that is the root of the transhuman agenda. I don’t feel James was being offensive, he was evidently anxiously OFFENDED! And his “research” was limited to what he already wanted to find. I mean, Donna Harraway made it clear she was being sarcastic, “ironic” being the word academia will accept, why try to cast so much aspersion on her? If he justs want to blow off about things he knows little about, fine.

          Frankly, there doesn’t seem to be any greater threat online ..not nuclear, not bio or techno, no war on earth that’s as terrifying as the “sex” wars. If you think the patriarchy still ain’t a thing, you don’t know about pornography, Making Violence Sexy.
          That’s basically what this “agenda” in the media is all about. Just more endless pornography, the “free speech” that the glorious ACLU defends.

          • Openlens,

            I think JCs point was that the trans rights movement has been taken over by the transhumanist “elite” to forward an agenda.

            This is different that what my understanding is what you interpreted. It sounds like you think that JC is saying that there isn’t some validity to the trans movement or that it’s ONLY about transhumanism. I didn’t get that from watching the podcast.

            I think the trans movement is primarily about “trans humanism” essentially the destruction of the human species, the death of the soul and the rise of the machine. But it’s also about appropriation and enriching pharma and divide and conquer and destruction of the nuclear family, etc…..

            Also, when you said that I think patriarchy doesn’t exist, you misinterpret what I was trying to convey. Patriarchy has morphed into something worse. What they now want is slavery for everyone. But not only that they want to transform humanity into a new cyborg species who has no privacy, no property, and no freedom.

            They have hijacked the civil rights movement by funding it and steering it to meet the goals of the wealthy foundations that pay the bills.

            As far direct oppression of women nowadays, I think things are much better. I earn the same as a man and men treat me with respect. Back in the 1980s abusive men got away with a lot of stuff. I grew up in an abusive household, my father was an abusive drunk. When my mom went to the police, they said they could arrest her for an unpaid dog warrant! We did get away from him.

            Nowadays, if anyone makes a complaint of domestic violence, it’s taken very seriously, even to an extreme in some cases. I had a friend who was falsely accused and got fired from their job. My point is that I think in America, the civil rights movement has done enough. What we have now is “social justice” movement that has been bought out by wealthy elitists and it serves their interests not ours.

            • Continuing….

              Regarding the feminist author JC was quoting. I can see how if she was being ironic, he may have misinterpreted what she was saying.

              What I would like to see from the feminist movement is to throw in with the people who want to resist this agenda. What I have seen is the “social justice” movement that includes feminists support the agenda, the medical tyranny. I haven’t heard any push back from the radical feminists either, who I am more in line with regarding the contemporary trans movement.

              Everyone is bickering with each other and these monsters are trying to cause extinction of our species, or at least get rid of billions of people and enslave the rest.

              • cu.h.j
                “…..What I would like to see from the feminist movement is to throw in with the people who want to resist this agenda….”

                NOT claiming to be an expert but The OLD feminist movement (suffragists and such) was as far as I have looked into it full of creepy weirdos and flat out occultists/spiritualists/Theosophists and very linked to the Early NWO politics like Fabian socialism,

                The NEW Feminists of the 60’s sexual revolution were getting money from the NWO types of their day who wanted to create social change.

                I am sure that there are good people in there but as an ideological movement they are probably going to be about as much use as Antifa at resisting the Great Reset (i.e. NONE…)

              • Duck,

                You may be right, I haven’t looked into the roots of the feminist movement. But, I do think I have benefited from it because I have the same rights as men. Women have the right to be treated equally and not forced into roles they don’t want. Some women want to stay at home and be moms and home makers and others don’t. If people have the skill and desire to do different things outside of their gender roles, I believe they have a right to do this.

                If a women wants to be a mechanic or a doctor or a soldier even and they have the skill, they should not be hindered. Similarly if men want to stay at home and take care of the kids, they should be able to do this.

                No human being should be forced to do things they don’t want to do or kept out of jobs or schools. I want to live in a free society, not go back to a monarchy or a time where women must stay home and have kids. I have never wanted to stay home and have kids. I like interacting with men and women as an equal.

              • And what makes you think radical feminists get any air time? Environmental feminits have been warning about this for decades, but of course, by then, feminism wasn’t “a thing”, enough middle class women had benefited somewhat.
                They’ve been grooming and producing their shills forever. Allow them a little power, throw them a few tokens and treats. McLuhan warned us, that this system has the ability to absorb and use any opposition to its own ends.

                How many so called “feminists” did they pull out of their arses who said that pole dancing and sexual promiscuity are feminist behaviors? They’ll poison anything and everything that breathes and moves, just like most men, pardon me, I’ve been literally told this by men, will fuck anything that moves. And things that don’t, too.
                There’s just something so dominating and conquering about penetration, that’s its a popular term of war.
                Feminists have been speaking out against all systems of oppression for fifty years and more, and long before that also. Why didn’t more people “throw in” with that?
                I’ve had children, six of them. You can tell them the truth eighty friggin’ times in a row, and if they don’t want to hear it , they don’t hear it.
                Frankly, the damage patriarchal beliefs have on men is far far more damaging than all it has ever done to women. It makes willing haters and killers of them.It separates them from the source of their own life. And of many women also. Intelligent ,alive men are intrigued by a woman who is willing to “break the patriarchal code of silence”, a woman who knows their terrible secret. But patriarchal women hate no one more. They worship their slave status like these fools today worship their tyranny.
                Read a book called “Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman” by Phyllis Chesler for a clue of the tip of it. It’s women who attack me, who set me up to be raped, not men. It’s women, craven, terrified, disempowered and vicious. Just like the plan was to make them.
                It may be something more and worse than patriarchy now, but that is the foundation that remains. It’s a foundation of rape. Rape of the human race.
                Two friends of mine, close friends, didn’t tell me for at least ten or more years how they’d been sexually molested by their dads in their own beds during their teen years. I spent fifteen years crying uncontrollably , from 35 to 50, while learning how many females had been abused, and how much abuse, and how horrid and life crippling it is. I young woman doing “sex-work” in Australia, when I told her that research had always found that women willing to prostitute had been previously sexually violated, immediately said “Who Hasn’t?”
                That was only five years ago.

                [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • cu.h.j
        “…I don’t think that the system at play can be described anymore as patriarchy. It has morphed into something much worse…”

        Its been said that the single mother is married to the state which provides for her…. in the same way I guess that the patriarchy has been replaced by the Oligarchy.

        Assuming they dont get Coof’d to death there’s gonna be a lot of messed up women in about 10-15 years when and I expect a similar spike in male deaths of despair a decade after that.
        Dr Dutton… lol, he does like his intros but he is correct in this case

        • there’s no such thing as a “single ” mother, except in rare cases. Yes, parthenogenesis occurs.
          There are only abandoned children, okay? Get that straight.

          If you bother to learn, you’ll find that a marriage license in the US affords a couple without children more State benefits yearly than received by a family of four on “state assistance”, still treated as “charity” here. In France, a job is a job and you get paid for it , your taxes come out of it, and it goes into your retirement like any other job.
          The US is also one of the proud three nations on the earth which hates women so much that there is no legislated paid maternity or paternity leave whatsoever. Right up there with Saudi Arabia.

          • Openlense
            “..ere’s no such thing as a “single ” mother, except in rare cases. Yes, parthenogenesis occurs.
            There are only abandoned children, okay? Get that straight…”

            The “sex war” is designed to destroy both men and women- women will be first because they age faster.

            Porn and Sexual Liberation are all part of the same toxic package and the people selling them know what they do.

            1) First off let me start by pointing out that single mothers are demographic cancer…the social problem that will sink the west.
            Pretty much the biggest statistical indicator of bad life outcome for children is coming from a single mother home regardless of income level and create people Dependent on THE STATE. I know there are exceptions- but they are the ‘EXCEPTIONS’

            2) The VAST majority of single mothers get pregnant in consensual sex.
            THEY choose sex before legally binding (in marriage), or more importantly, vetted his character enough to trust that he will stay around.

            They could use birth control, or even murder their unborn baby via abortion so its pretty clear that the MOTHER was the primary driver in the creation of the child.

            3) The majority of divorces in the US are initiated by women who will generally then bring up any children in whats functionally a single parent home

            As an aside the Mother bringing non-related males into these households then puts the children at a higher risk of sexual abuse.

            4) You are CORRECT that Benefits and gov Money are used to shape behavior- that was how the American Black family was destroyed and how the American White family is now being destroyed.
            If they ever bring in Universal Basic Income the majority of people will be scum people on par with the “Gin LAne” pictures

            • Duck,

              My understanding is that men in the west tend to die sooner than women. Women tend to live longer in the US. I’m in my 40s and so is my husband and we have aged similarly. We both look younger and are much healthier than average Americans. Perhaps because we are not living in poverty and have access to quality food and exercise. Some of this is genetic as well. My mom is in her 70s and takes no medicine whatsoever.

              • cu.h.j

                Sorry- I was not clear in what I was saying by “aging”

                My Father was several decades older then my mom- he was able to have children and be a father at a MUCH older age them my Mom could have done.

                The breeding stage ends much sooner in women then in men.

                A huge chunk of breeding age women will NEVER have kids or stable marriages… they will feel that failure sooner then the men who waste their time on porn , cars and computer games.

                The men will hit the same thing, just later on… “failure to launch” lol

              • Yes, you are correct. Men can have children longer than women.

            • Of course the mother is to blame if the man sexually abuses. Women are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. And who says fathers don’t sexually abuse? Ha!!
              You have no truth behind what you say, it’s all opinion from surface propaganda. Women outlive men in every nation where they are not seriously abused. Women do not age faster, men do. And elder men do not thrive living alone, elder women do.
              You begin with absurdities, so the rest is not worth dealing with. Your opinions don’t change the truth.

              • Openlense

                “…of course the mother is to blame if the man sexually abuses….”

                IF the mother brings a man into the house hold- or worse, a series of men (rolling those dice every time), then YES SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR VETTING THEIR CHARACTER.

                Personally I have only disgust for a mother negligent and selfish enough to allow an untrustworthy male near her children.

              • Duck,

                Sometimes men hide their dark side, but it’s true sometimes the mother does nothing. I knew a woman who was tortured by her father, has severe debilitating PTSD to this day and her mom refused to believe her. But sometimes, the father hides it and the child doesn’t tell. This does happen. It’s not always the mothers fault. I think sexual abuse is the worst and people who do this should be shot, but the courts might disagree.

        • Duck,

          Being a single mom is not always a choice. Single mom being a mom who is the sole provider for her children and with no father in the home. My mom was a single mom. My dad was an abusive alcoholic and having him around was worse than being being a single mom. My mom had two other children who’s fathers were also absent. And yes I do think the lack of a good father figure was harmful and was a handicap for us. Nevertheless, I turned out okay and so did my other sisters.

          My mom is very intelligent and raised us the the best she could. We lived in poverty because this allowed her to have more time with us. She could have easily chosen to pursue a high paid job, but chose the alternative because she wanted more time with us. Though I lacked a father figure, my grandfather did try to make up for this and he was a positive influence on me.

          My mom perhaps chose the wrong men, but there were positive qualities she saw in them. I am glad that I had my grandpa in my life and can’t say that I wish I would have had a different dad because I learned valuable lessons from the hardship. I overcame many obstacles and the difficulties were character builders. Having a highly intelligent and loving mom did give me an advantage over kids who lacked a good mom. I think I have the best mom in the world, but I’m probably biased.

          • Cu,h.J

            “..Being a single mom is not always a choice…..”

            No, it is not ALWAYS a choice- it is however MOSTLY a choice for MOST of the single moms in the western world.

            “..Single mom being a mom who…the sole provider…”
            THAT would be a minority- the STATE funds the majority with just enough to keep them in servitude.
            Their children are also statistically more prone to needing state assistance- be that food, healthcare, prisons,ect.

            This is by design IMO- they targeted the Blacks 1st

            “… My mom was a single mom…”
            Its not a personal attack.
            I do not know her personally but I’m sure she was a good person and I am glad yo turned out OK and its not like EVERY single SM family turns into a horror show- but on the broad scope it turns out badly

            • It’s absolutely not true, and very well researched, that the children of single parent households do not “turn out” any worse than children of other so called “social economic categories”. Despite not having all the “advantages” that maybe Hunter Biden enjoyed, eh? He had a dad, so he’s good, right? Cinderella’s dad was a real good guy too, never once interfering with her natural oppression. And her “prince” couldn’t even recognize a woman he’d supposedly danced all night with. Brilliant.
              Most men talk out of fear and hate when they speak of the condition of women in the world, not any real knowledge, because they don’t care about anything but maintaining what they think is control. It’s truly pathetic.

              • Openlense
                “…It’s absolutely not true, and very well researched, that the children of single parent households do not “turn out” any worse than children of other so called “social economic categories”….”

                What utter rot… Single Mother house holds is the BIGGEST demographic indicator of a bad life outcome for the kids

                “… The main analyses showed a significant association of the different childhood family settings with general life satisfaction. Compared to people raised by both parents, respondents reared by a single mother for between 1 and 14 years or for the entire first 15 years of their lives reported significantly lower general life satisfaction than the group reared by both parents…”

                “…Participants who spent their first 15 years with a single mother further showed a lower degree of social integration during adulthood, including a smaller number of friends and fewer visits to/from family as well as less success in romantic relationships, including a lower probability of living with a partner and a higher probability of having been divorced, controlling for childhood SES …”

                “..Individuals who spent their entire first 15 years of life living with a single mother showed on average approximately twice the reduction in life satisfaction compared to individuals who spent only part of their first 15 years with a single mother, which is consistent with a dose-response relationship…”

              • Openlense


                “…Children raised by single mothers are more likely to fare worse on a number of dimensions,
                including their school achievement,
                their social and emotional development,
                their health
                and their success in the labor market.
                They are at greater risk of parental abuse and neglect (especially from live-in boyfriends who are not their biological fathers),
                more likely to become teen parents and less likely to graduate from high school or college.[i]

                Not all children raised in single parent families suffer these adverse outcomes; it is simply that the risks are greater for them…”

                Its not even subject to serious debate- the attack on the black family is being replicated on the white and hispanic family today.

              • Duck,

                I think it matters if the father is abusive, and this does happen sometimes. Or the woman could be abusive which would cause problems. There needs to be a study of two parent households, where both parents are normal and a normal single mom. This would be a better indicator.

                My sister is married and has children with a really good man. He’s a good father, spends time with his kids and mentors them. Having two good parents must be a blessing. I was very fortunate to have my grandpa. He was a really loving grandpa and taught me many things. He modeled the positive aspects of masculinity, the honorable ones.

          • “..here needs to be a study of two parent households, where both parents are normal and a normal single mom…”

            There are such studies… that IS the normal single mom.

            Its not me hating on them, its the numbers… its already too late to fix.

            You are correct that there are evil dads who would give an even more adverse effect… but on AVERAGE single moms are Demographic Cancer

            • And all babies born of parents who have smoked marijuana or taken LSD will be born with birth defects. And children suddenly dropping dead of heart attacks is due to marijuana smoking and climate change.
              Why? Cause I say so. I have statistics. Lots of them. All I need to prove my “point”/stake.

              • openlense

                Look… YOU said that lots of studies showed single moms produced kids with AS decent life out comes as 2 parent families and I found (and quoted) studies that show other wise.

                The numbers are clear- single moms produce poor life outcomes ‘on the whole’, poverty, depression, drug use, relationship failure and crime in a cycle of misery

                I can only assume that your emotional reaction is driven by your own success, or otherwise, as a parent.

    • Intersex =/= “transgender”

      Intersex conditions are chromosomal and physiological disorders. Scientific facts, not the mad musings of the latest “therapist” or “trans activist.”

      Decent folks across the world have no problem with those who suffer from intersex conditions. Even fundamentalist Islamic Iran humanely addresses intersex conditions.

      To be honest, I don’t have a problem with people who merely like to dress up as the other sex. It’s usually sad, though sometimes amusing. But now, laughing, like most did when TV once portrayed Corporal Klinger, is a de facto “crime,” and, increasingly, in some cases, de jure. That DEMAND that I accommodate mental and moral defect, is the problem. I will NOT “use your pronouns,” I will NOT say you are a woman when you are actually male, or vice-versa. Reality matters. 2 + 2 = 4 and no, I won’t ask it how it identifies as.

      • Yes, “decent people”, yet the intersexed have suffered greatly at the hands of a sexually binary society and it’s white coats.
        Anyone who is actually inhterested to learn about this all fascinating topic of human sexuality, and the gendering which the binary split demands as performed behavior..”man up!!”…”be more feminine, won’t you?”…all that stupidity…would be well to begin with these two excellent essays:
        First, “Dueling Dualisms”, by biologist Anna Fausto-Sterling;
        and then, “Intersex Narratives: Gender, Medicine, and Identity” by Sharon E Preeves.
        I found them both extremely eye opening, but then again, I’m only seventy one, I have so much to learn. I’ve always been very naive, and “I believed every lie without proof…while looking for three chords and the truth. “

        • The “trans” movement seems to be the quintessence of Biological Leninism.

          I have zero interest in any “non-binary” theories. It is biological fact that we are binary mammals. Exceptions to that are defects. Denial of the latter is rejection of reality. That doesn’t mean someone who is so defective should be mistreated or accorded less respect…provided they do not weaponize their “identity” or, especially, their delusions about such an “identity.”

          Our “civilization” has degenerated to the point where natural health is railed against, and the defects, errors, and even true abominations are celebrated. I won’t be participating in such degeneracy. I will take the middle road between the extremes, recognizing and respecting the original and proper design, while not persecuting those, who through no fault of their own, lie outside of the original and proper design.

          • “It is a bilogical FACT that we are binary animals. Exceptions to that are defects. Denial of the latter is rejection of reality. ”

            Disembodied proclamations coming from nowhere and everywhere. Yes, women, also, those “male defects”, should not “weaponize” their “identity” or especially their delusions about such an “identity”. And all other “others” who weren’t participants in “the original and proper design”.
            So spoke Zarathustra!! All hail Zarathurstra!!

            • https://spandrell.com/2017/11/14/biological-leninism

              “Socialism is catnip because it promises status to people who, deep down, know they shouldn’t have it. There is such a thing as natural law, the natural state of any normally functioning human society. Basic biology tells us people are different. Some are more intelligent, more attractive, more crafty and popular. Everybody knows, deep in their lizard brains, how human mating works: women are attracted to the top dogs. Being generous, all human societies default to a Pareto distribution where 20% of people are high-status, and everyone else just has to put up with their inferiority for life. That’s just how it works.”

              • Law is a human concept. Nature doesn’t make “laws”. See Rupert Sheldrake’s “Ten Dogmas of Scientific Materialism
                for some comprehension of this.
                Then again, “a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.”

                PS The vaccine is safe and effective.

              • openlens:

                Oh, of course, the new religion demands we must accept there are no norms in Nature, no universal laws that govern existence…

                Funny you use “The vaccine is safe and effective” in a mocking way. Gee, seems to be a pattern here:

                1) “The ‘vaccines’ are ‘safe’ and ‘effective.”
                2) Government “cares” about you, and only tells the truth.
                3) Government “loves” you so it will force you to “protect” yourself.
                4) Sodomy is normal, and a lifestyle of Sodomy is no different than natural sex.
                5) “Transgenderism” is natural, normal, and has always been that way.
                6) If you deny any of the above, you are an “ignorant conspiracy theorist” who spreads “disinformation” and are probably motivated solely by “hate.”

                The TV and all of the liesmedia is preaching your “gospel.”

  17. Yes, Germany seems to have preserved or resuscitated the Inquisition also. Hurrah for Germany.

  18. Well said, Jed. The absolute tortures which intersexed persons have suffered is unbelievable and true. Simply shameful to be so obsessed with this incessant need for duality, for the splitting and cutting apart, for the control.
    Ever noticed how in the media, it’s always about males taking over female personifications and social roles and privileges, not females taking over male personifications and social roles and privileges? The discourse is always one-sided, somehow.
    Wonder why? Oh, that’s right, people need the “security” of being on one “side” or the “other”. Groups are defined by inclusion and exclusion. And we know who has traditionally, ah, that comforting word,been excluded.

    For some reason, it’s too hard to just all be humans. Someone’s gotta get the “upper hand”.

    • openlense
      “..Ever noticed how in the media, it’s always about males taking over female personifications and social roles and privileges, not females taking over male personifications and social roles and privileges? …”

      You are correct, though a pretty large number of females- normally highish IQ and often with anxiety disorders and/or on the AU spectrum are now being pulled in so I read in Shriers book. Not much in the media on that though, much more coverage on the MtoF


      • Interesting finding. My mom’s IQ is very high, actually in the 160s and she is not an anxious person. Depressed certainly, but not anxious. Me on the other hand with a a lower IQ than her, am anxious and depressed.

        • I re read your comment Duck and my response made little sense. My point is that I think it’s something other than IQ. I think that the trans thing has been made popular now and being trans gives a person an economic advantage with college entrance and jobs and such.

          You also become part of a protected class.

          I’m in no way a bigot against trans people. I had a good friend who was trans. Now being trans is being pushed on gay people, at least according to a friend who is lesbian. She does not like the trans movement. She feels that she is being forced to accept biological men into settings that she does not want. I personally wouldn’t care, but she feels that she has a right to exclude biological men from certain spaces and now this is being characterized as discrimination.

          Trans identification also seems to be an acceptable identity for people who are different. They can suddenly be accepted and nurtured and people who might not really be trans at all, are just faking it.

          • My mom was super high IQ but she was a total fruitcake…I managed to avoid turning into an utter drunk so yay me I guess. Lol
            I would expect that your IQ is higher then average from he way you write. Depression is horrible though- sorry if you have troubles with it.
            weight bearing exercise improves my mood no end 🙂

            “.. They can suddenly be accepted and nurtured and people who might not really be trans at all…”

            Mental illness is going thru the roof as we move thru the collapse of normal social systems. The mindquakes are coming, even without all the other stuff this society can not continue as it is much longer. Again, glad for you that your out of the city

            • I haven’t taken an IQ test since I was a kid and it was above average but not in the 160s like my mom. I do have ADHD so maybe that messed up my score a bit. I might take another one just for fun. My mom is kind of a fruitcake too, but I love her anyway.

              You’re right about mental illness risking. I was depressed and anxious before this happened, now it’s much worse, but I’m dealing with it. My friend overdosed during the lockdown because they shut down her ability to do her art work. She was a poet and performer. I wish I would have known that she was so down, I would have helped her but she didn’t reach out to anyone.

          • I remember when the whole country was totally freaked out at boys growing their hair past their ears. It was going to take down that precious “western society”. Women wearing bloomers and riding bicycles too. All that has been tearing down “western society” for so many years.
            And the dreadheads!!! Oh, how awful!! All these kids who just went along with a FAD and grew matted hairs!! Gonna take down “western civilization” for sure.s What the “hippies” and “radicals” and “conspiracy theorists” and “feminists” hadn’t destroyed yet. It’s just one damned thing after another, isn’t it?

            Well, at least there’s always plenty of categories of humans to fear and hate and blame. That keep the focus off of ourselves nicely.
            It’s a friggin’ fad, and too many people are stuck forgetting what they were like at fourteen. Or being honest about it. I wish people would get over themselves, and learn a little love and humility and acceptance. So many seem to search for a war everywhere they look.

            • openlense
              “… remember when the whole country was totally freaked out at boys growing their hair past their ears. It was going to take down that precious “western society”…”

              Hows that working for us then…?
              You seen the anxiety,depression, and suicide rates of late? Pretty sure the boomers got had…

              “….The General Social Survey, which has been measuring social trends among Americans every one or two years since 1972, shows a long-term, gradual decline in happiness—and rise in unhappiness—from 1988 to the present….”


      • “pulled in”? to what, exactly, are these supposed “highish (???) IQ and often with anxiety disorders and /or on the AU spectrum” persons whom I’m sure you know personally in all their lived lives’ details, being unwillingly, helplessly, or aberrently being “pulled into”?
        The scandalous “world stage”, where all are decently and socially acceptably masked and made up?

        I can’t see any difference in a man who puts on a suit in order to get a high paying kush office job. That’s a costume too. Suits. Suits=wealth and power, and therefore, “authority”. The basic outfit of Money, Sex, Power. We all know that.
        You ever see the movie “Yentl”, with Barbara Streisand. Can you imagine a female impersonating a male so she could get an education? Can you imagine being denied education for millenia based on your sex of birth? Probably not.

        • People should not be denied education or forced into roles that they do not freely choose. Without having read much literature on the concepts of anarchy and agorism, I presume that equality is also a core principle. Meaning that natural law dictates that all people are equal and have equal opportunity. No state needs to enforce this, because individuals will enforce it themselves. If businesses keep women out, that’s their loss because she can build something even better. If someone tries to steal from her or oppress her, she has the right to protect herself.

          Nowadays women can protect themselves in America with self defense training and being armed. All I know is that no one is forcing me into a role that they think I should have. I make my own decisions as an independent person. I am subservient to no one. I am my own master and the master of my own destiny. At least this is what I want to see emerge from this nightmare.

          • cu.h.j

            Even If I had the power I have zero desire to oppress anyone or stop anyone doing whatever job they can get.

            However, this

            “..Meaning that natural law dictates that all people are equal and have equal opportunity…”

            is not true- people are 100% NOT equal, some are stronger, some are smarter, some work harder. They are only equal in their intrinsic value, and should be equal in the law.

            In the words of the Bard Of Anarchism…

            • That’s what I meant. The have the same value or worthiness as human beings. Yes, some people are stronger, faster, smarter, more hard working etc. If someone has the skill, drive and ability to do whatever, let them do it, regardless of what sex, race, or religion they are.

            • I like the way you flagrantly group people into classes, like “boomers”. Name calling is what got my family no information whatsoever. It’s also called “demonization”, when the name is used to denigrate and demonize.
              I think you enjoy the pain and suffering of others, because you seem to project it randomly. Sure, about 55,000 and more later of the “boomers” were “had” by THE DRAFT, Which fellow boomers went to jail, got beat, shot at, killed, demonized, marginalized, you name it, to end.
              Stupid generation. I suppose.

          • Be careful what you wish. You may end up being a….. transgendered….”master”, rather than a “mistress”.

            Is that “gendered” language? Did I become an honorary “bachelor” when I received my “bachelor of arts”?

            It’s nice that you know what “should” be.)PS “We’re only allowed two ‘shoulds’ a day”. Perhaps it would be just as helpful to admit what “is”. And when it comes to “I make my own decisions as an independent person”, well, wow. No interdependencies or dependencies whatsoever!! Truly godlike. if you can’t find what you want at the market, you just manifest it independently. That’s cool.

        • Openlense

          “… like the way you flagrantly group people into classes, like “boomers”. ..”

          Well… they ARE in a class of people called “baby boomers”.

          “..Name calling is what got my family no information whatsoever….”


          “….I think you enjoy the pain and suffering of others, because you seem to project it randomly…”

          Not really… I have never suffered from the vice of sadism. though I can be somewhat ‘meh’ when people destroy their lives generally it makes me rather sad.

          The problem with Boomers is that they swallowed all the psychological warfare about how they could do anything and it would all work out ok.

          “…Stupid generation. I suppose…”

          When you see pensioners pretending to be rebels it does kinda look that way

          • “Pensioners PRETENDING to be rebels”
            Geez, you’re naked in your hate.

            • Not really hate… more pity tinged with disgust.

              The boomers who swallowed the psy-op are pretty mostly Unsalvageable today, but TBH the trickle down thru the generations from World war One would take a century to clean up if we started today so I’m kinda being unfair to old people who are mostly useless anyway

  19. Jed
    I was mates with one at a class I took the dif between the old style ones and the New Wave is staggering is that the older ones were

    a)Pretty rare
    b)Had some form of this disorder since early childhood
    b)generally had to show life progress to get surgery and drugs

    The NEW wave are
    a)Often rather sudden onset with zero previous symptoms
    b)often suffering from AU and anxiety type disorders
    c)Get drugs that ruin their health and serious surgury with minimal vetting and minimal demands that they show life progress
    d) AMAZINGLY COMMON… dont tell me that suddenly the under 20’s come out in huge droves now its OK but the older generations do not

    The suicide rate for ‘traditional” trans was already crazy…. this social contagion is a fucking holocaust

    • Jed,

      It’s an interesting phenomenon, how people can be a mix of masculine and feminine. For example, I hate to cook. I have no creative desire and find it dreadful most of the time. My husband on the other hand enjoys cooking. He is also good with children. I am okay with kids but was never really interested in having them. Maybe I’d want to adopt now to leave a legacy and mentor someone. And babies are very cute and smell good. But Compared to other women (not all), I’m a little abnormal. Some women love children and want to be a mother from an early age. I never had this desire.

      But I’m terrible at mechanical things, except for medical equipment because I’m familiar with this stuff. And I like make up and long hair. On a spectrum I’d say I’m mostly feminine but have many masculine traits. And I would hate to go back to a time where women were expected to stay in the home as mothers and home makers. I would absolutely hate that and wouldn’t do it. No one is doing that to me. I think maternal characteristics are beautiful and these should be cherished, but those who lack them shouldn’t be shamed. Some men are very nurturing too. I’ve known many male nurses who weren’t gay who were very kind to their patients. So as you say, it masculine and feminine traits are found in both men and women.

      • Yes, thanks for your testimony. It took me years to understand that not all people yearned for children as I did. And then I began to see the differences through studying astrology, and finding it to be aligned with the actual persons I knew well, once I knew to go with the sidereal.
        That also taught me that qualities are distributed across the board. In other words, I can give any astrologer a chart without indication, without a name, and there is no way they can say with any certainty whether it is the chart of a biological male or female. I challenged an entire conference of astrologers with this fact four years ago, and not a one could deny it.

  20. “..Well, folks, it appears to be over. Also, anyone notice that the hellfire-phoenix wings behind the Singing Bearded Lady is the exact same animated graphic as the one behind Travis Scott at the AstroWorld ritual sacrifice? Coincidence?,,”

    I thought it was somewhat weird but did not make the connection. Thanks

  21. Martin Heidegger had much to say that is applicable to the current conflicts between what is normal (“natural”) and abnormal (“overcoming Nature”). I’m sure he couldn’t have began to imagine the horrors of existence and being we are now witnessing, but he (inadvertently) warned us about much of it.

    Ultimately, though, it’s the age-old conflict between God and anti-god. Creation is “inadequate” or even “wrong” to many, and technology appears to be offering means to “conquer” God’s design…and perhaps even God Himself (if that were truly possible, which it is NOT).

    That cartoon is “offensive” to the Enemy because it conveys truisms, and is humorous. Control freaks cannot handle being laughed at. I, of course, find it amusing and very useful…a meme to remember, and share!

  22. hahaha…that cartoon was good

  23. I’m not sure which came first, the movie(s) or the mental and moral defect.

    The original Matrix movie, the only one of value in my perspective, may be yet another “hidden in plain sight” enterprise. The Wachowski, uh, siblings, could very well be playing out a script, with the “trans” kookery part of the entire enterprise. Think like a Millennial or Zoomer…you watch The Matrix, that makes so much “sense,” and then the creators of said masterpiece lead the way on the desired goal…trans…humanism.

  24. Never say Peak Clown World, because Clown World will always exceed itself.


    • Teledildonics…….
      a word to describe people who watch too much TV….?

      • I think that means something on the lines of “self gratification with programming via self insertion”.

  25. Good presentation, as always!

    The mRNA tech will be a key tool in their trans-agenda, and there is already evidence that it modifies the DNS. +1 reason why those kind of vaccines are being rolled out so aggressively.

  26. I thought the whole transagenda was about making everything about whipipo

    The original BLM saw the similarities between ADOS and the Palestinians: target practice in their own country.
    The colonial oppressed started to work together or what they called intersectionalism.
    And whipipo thought how can we sabotage this?
    Enter transgenderism
    the zionist might complain about cancel culture but it was Israel who started with their pink fighter jets, gay parades and most vegan army of the world.
    Of course living in the Netherlands I saw how the Dutch used gay and women’s rights as anti muslim war propaganda way before 9/11. After that it became worse. Ayaan Hirsi Ali started as lefty pet project.

    Also by introducing gay marriage the multi million dollar gay rights behemoths became obsolete.
    So the war machine adopted the transagenda for their intersectional imperialism
    No not the people who are being bombed, tortured, starved and chased off their land are the victims. But men who want to wear lipstick.

    Don’t fight the war industrial complex or the prison industrial complex.
    Fight women who don’t accept men as women.
    And now BLM is donating more money to trans whipipo than black victims of police brutality and who the hell cares about Palestinians or starving children in Yemen….
    Yet the zionist who all started this are the ones complaining

  27. Live Is Life / Opus

    All together now

    Live is life
    Live is life
    Live is life

    When we all give the power
    We all give the best
    Every minute of an hour
    Don’t think about a rest
    Then you all get the power
    You all get the best
    When everyone gives everything
    And every song everybody sings

    Then it’s life
    Live is life
    Live is life

    Live is life, when we all feel the power
    Live is life, come on stand up and dance
    Live is life, when the feeling of the people
    Live is life, is the feeling of the band, yeah

    When we all give the power
    We all give the best
    Every minute of an hour
    Don’t think about a rest
    Then you all get the power
    You all get the best
    And everyone gives everything and every song
    Everybody sings

    Then it’s live
    Live is life
    Live is life

    Live Is life
    Live Is life

    And you call when it’s over
    You call it should last
    Every minute of the future
    Is a memory of the past
    ‘Cause we all gave the power
    We all gave the best
    And everyone gave everything and every song
    Everybody sang
    Live is life

  28. Jed,
    I like your comment.
    It’s well grounded.

  29. Transsexualism is just one of “solutions” to a contrived “problem” of confusion, caused by chemicals, surroundings and 24/7 mixed messaging.

    • The Greek gods thought they could birth humans from males’ heads and legs. What was their “problem”?

  30. hm I guess the connections between transgender topics going mainstream with such presence and a transhumanistic agenda CAN be drawn, however I also think it is unfair to reduce the topic to this perspective.
    Gender identification, playing with gender roles and the fluidity between sexes has been a major topic in many societies throughout history. However it is true that this topic gains momentum over the last years.
    I also think that this topic actually is an important issue for people who do feel estranged from their biological gender.

    Then, there definitely is a capturing of the discussion in part from a transhumanist agenda – however I am sure, that a lot of people from the LGBTQ community feel very strongly about feeling biologically OK with themselves and do not try to transcend their bodily existence into something completely abstract (the Kurzweils of this age are, in my view, still a fringe group, however with a strong media backing, which is why this might become a problem in the future – alongside that creepy BBC clip).
    There is a strong liberating and progressive side to the LGBTQ movement, which I applaud.
    The MSM’s exploitation of this topic might lead to a helpful encouragement for some few people who actually really struggle with those issues, however there is also the danger, that unstable and malleable, vulnerable young minds are being pushed towards some gender transformation procedure as a substitute for whatever is missing in their lives. It is hard to see how many people secretly regret gender reassignment surgery years later – I haven’t met any yet, to be honest.

    To me, one big problem with this discussion is: The cultural and linguistic fissure and aggressive PC-ness that is sometimes associated with this (the loudest woke PC attacks are mostly not even launched by the LGBTQ community themselves, as they are mostly really funny and open people, but rather by some weird woke trolls). This is the most dangerous part of it to me: the woke capturing and severance of this overdeveloped and overpronounced topic from anyone who has no stake in or access to this topic: The rapid development of such a cultural phenomenon in the incubator of today’s MSM spotlight could lead to a complete disconnect between large groups within today’s society. And this is definitely something that plays into the Great Reset agenda.

    Yet still: For James Corbett as a professing libertarian and anarchist, the view on this topic is (in parts) too narrow for me and discounts some people with a real struggle for bodily liberation.

    Btw. The question about what is biological life and what isn’t is not answered precisely in science. And nature and evolution itself plays with a wide and fluid spectrum of genders and sexual attractions.

    A synthetic augmenation of human life will definitely come and I hope people will approach the topic with enough caution and ethical consideration. The ignorance towards the eugenic perspective in all of this in most people’s conception of the topic is really scary.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into mulstiple posts. -JC]

    • When you say “The ignorance towards the eugenic perspective in all of this in most people’s conception of the topic is really scary,” what do you mean?

      Do you mean the positive aspects of “eugenics” that can used genetic testing for positive purposes?

      • I also agree that people have a right to do what they want with their own bodies. And if a woman decides to alter their body via chemicals and surgery to be more masculine does not mean that they are the same as a natural born man. The same is for male to female. A trans woman is not the same as a biological woman. This is just false. This does not mean that they deserve discrimination or harm or hate. It’s a different category.

      • cu.h.j

        my apologies if I was unclear. I meant the general public’s lack of knowledge that there even is a eugenics angle to the synthetic augmentation of (human) life – this is what’s so scary. It should be common knowledge.
        However what I take away from discussions with friends when they brush on topics like Neuralink or saying how cool it would be to have modifications like in Cyberpunk 2077 (yes, it sometimes feels like talking to 6y old children… even though I don’t know what exactly this entails since I didn’t play… and how serious that latter statement should be taken) – they are mostly ignorant about the dangers to their own well-being or the dangers for society.

        • wolfgang
          “..Cyberpunk 2077..”

          I’m old enough to recall the first time VR and CyberPunk happened. It is amazing to see people eat up the same BS a 2nd time.

    • “….Gender identification, playing with gender roles and the fluidity between sexes has been a major topic in many societies throughout history…”

      Almost always only in the context of religious practice- from the Cybele cult to shamanism.

        • Openlense

          (In my best high pitched Reddit voice…) “Actushallllly”

          A) Theater and Drama has a TON of religious and mystical things about it…. since it started as an actual Religious Invokation of the gods back in the day. But…. really, nope I dont think it was overly religious since

          B) If I dress up do do a LARP I do not become a Trans-Elf 😉 Play acting is not gender bending.

          • Sure it is, if you understand that “gender” is performance. Another religious ritual?

        • Thee, Thou, Thine, art
          and other words from the King James Bible

          “David and Goliath”
          Orsen Wells was an actor in that ‘classic” film which came out during the tail end of the Dwight D. Eisenhower era.

          What little kid in Sunday School doesn’t remember that story of “David and Goliath”?

          I recently watched that movie (sometimes skipping sections), because I wanted to see Goliath, and I also wanted to see David whoop him.

          However, what really struck me about the film was the script.
          The movie script was written in King James lingo.
          For the era of the late 1950’s, this made sense. King James Bible versions were a mainstay. By using the lingo, the film brought more biblical authenticity to the story.
          David and Goliath (1960) ORSON WELLES

          There are some other tomatoes in the film.
          For example: Scenes of desert conditions suddenly morph to lush green landscapes.
          A part of the production took place in Jerusalem, another in Yugoslavia.

        • I recall what a weird book “In The Company Of The Dead” about the Titanic and how it affected history was… another idea that floats around is that the sinking killed off most of the Elite who were against the creation of the FED

  31. James, I love your work but this presentation is missing a lot of nuance, I feel. Sure, I can see how the cultural push for transgender visibility and equality can be co-opted by a transhumanist agenda, but that doesn’t mean that transgendered people don’t have a legitimate lived experience deserving of support, love and recognition. Frankly, with all the rest of the craziness happening in the world today, what other people do with their bodies is really of zero concern to me. In fact I think most of us here, in the light of the current medical tyranny worldwide, would strongly support a person’s rights to their own body sovereignty and their own ability to choose (or deny) medical interventions as they see fit. To me, choosing joy, choosing love, choosing humanity is the best way to negate this sick anti-life agenda, and part of that includes supporting fellow humans in their body autonomy and medical decisions, whatever they may be, and even if those decisions make me uncomfortable.

    That said, there is room for nuance here, as I mentioned. You can support trans people and their rights while acknowledging that there is an agenda that may be using a transgender movement to further their own transhumanist motives. But the way you framed your presentation here leaves little room for that. The Ray Kurzweil and Wachowski pieces were mostly included, I feel, explicitly to make people uncomfortable and to use that discomfort to help prove a point. I just expect a higher level of precision in your arguments which you almost always bring to the table, which is why I’m commenting. But, thanks for all the amazing work you do, I’m a huge fan. – Nikki

    • I don’t think that JC was saying that the civil rights struggle for equality for tran people is not legitimate, but rather it has been hijacked by the elitists. This was my take.

      The number of trans people has increased a lot over my lifetime, and I don’t think this increase is organic. My lesbian friend said that she felt gay women who are more masculine are being pushed to become trans. She also felt like some male to female trans people are behaving violently towards lesbians. And this is true I think. Have you heard the term “TERF”?

      There are some trans activists, or however they label themselves, who are essentially trying to say that natural women is not a real category. Look at the new language “child bearing person” and “menstruating person” to replace the word woman, because now men can bear children too! And look at the treatment of women’s sports. Male to female athletes have a huge advantage. The neo-trans movement is also about erasure of biological women. I’m not okay with that. I am a biological woman and I am different from a trans woman. I have two x chromosomes and they had an x and a y. This fact doesn’t go away.

      • Actually, some have two x’s and one y, I met a person with four x’s and one y, there’s a lot of variability there. You really need to read the essay by Anna Fausto Sterling. I used to think I knew it all also. I didn’t.
        There’s a great essay dealing with this insane pressure to change the body, called “Whose Body Is This Anyway?”by C Jacob Hale. A very powerful statement from a transgendered person. Here’s just a few paragraphs from it:
        “There was the passport official who told me that if I wanted an M on my passport, I should have already had a surgeon cut on my genitals.
        There was the psychiatrist who told me that if I want to have sex, I should get a surgeon to cut on my genitals first.
        There is David Gilbert, who says that if he cuts on my genitals, he will remove my vagina mo natter what I want because otherwise he would be making a chick with a dick, and no one wants that. ”
        I can’t go on, I’ts all so insane. The last statement is “whose genitals are these, anyway?”

        • openlense

          I knew I’d heard that name- she is the one who cane up with the fake % of intersex people by using dodgy methodology… Very Kinsey of her

          “…Anne Fausto-Sterling s suggestion that the prevalence of intersex might be as high as 1.7% has attracted wide attention in both the scholarly press and the popular media.
          Many reviewers are not aware that this figure includes conditions which most clinicians do not recognize as intersex, such as Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, and late-onset adrenal hyperplasia.

          If the term intersex is to retain any meaning, the term should be restricted to those conditions in which chromosomal sex is inconsistent with phenotypic sex, or in which the phenotype is not classifiable as either male or female.

          Applying this more precise definition, the true prevalence of intersex is seen to be about 0.018%, almost 100 times lower than Fausto-Sterling s estimate of 1.7%……..”

          From Wikipedia

          “….Psychologist Leonard Sax criticized Fausto-Sterling’s theory of a sexual continuum.
          He also argued that her claim that around 1.7% of births are intersex is incorrect, because most of the conditions she considered intersex are not considered intersex from a clinical perspective.
          [15] Philosopher of science David N. Stamos argued that Anne Fausto-Sterling’s theory of a sexual continuum is problematic because sex, for Stamos, is defined by gamete type.[16][17] …”

          • You need to inform the Olympic Sex Testing (of females only) Committee which disbanded itself after many years because they could find no adequate scientific method of establishing “sex” with certainty.
            With your advice, they’ll be back in “business”, and you may be hired as an “advisor”. Why not? You have about as much info as they started with anyway.
            Wonder why they quit? Musta been the feminists, lurking behind every failure of male philosophy.

            • openlense

              “.. because they could find no adequate scientific method of establishing “sex” with certainty…”

              hahaha, yes, indeed, I should ‘trust the science’… wheres my Vax shot?

              • frankly, you don’t need one. YOu’re already there.

  32. Guess who pays for all those millions of COVID-19 vaccines

    Once COVID-19 hit however, government spending went into overdrive. This BARDA website maps out the vast sums the government has put out to fight the pandemic. Focus on just the vaccine efforts page and you can see that billions went to seven companies; Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen (part of Johnson & Johnson), Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Novavax and Merck — the latter of which is “no longer supported,” after Merck failed to produce a vaccine.

    Following the listed source we can get this data. What did good old boy BL claim, 20 to 1 return on investment?


    Base Award Amount: $1,950,000,000 (July 21, 2020)
    Mod/Option 1 Amount: $2,011,282,500.00 (December 22, 2020)
    Mod/Option 2 Amount: $2,011,282,500.00 (February 11, 2021)
    Mod/Option 3 Amount: $4,869,750,000.00 (July 21, 2021)
    Mod/Option 4 Amount: $1,230,000,000.00 (October 22, 2021)

    Sanofi and GSK

    Base Award Amount: $30,775,336.46 (April 10, 2020)
    Mod/Option 1 Amount: $2,042,000,000.00 (July 30, 2020)
    Mod/Option 2 Amount: $6,640,000.00 (August 6, 2021)


    Base Award Amount: $430,298,520 (April 16, 2020)
    Mod/Option 1 Amount: $53,000,000 (May 24, 2020)
    Mod/Option 2 Amount: $471,596,459 (July 25, 2020)
    Mod/Option 3 Amount: $1,525,000,000.00 (August 11, 2020)
    Mod/Option 4 Amount: $1,666,598,000.00 (December 11, 2020)
    Mod/Option 5 Amount: $1,750,000,000.00 (February 11, 2021)
    Mod/Option 6 Amount: $62,705,357.00 (March 12, 2021)
    Mod/Option 7 Amount: $236,364,615.00 (April 18, 2021)
    Mod/Option 8 Amount: $144,140,941.00 (June 15, 2021)
    Mod/Option 9 Amount: $3,303,993,662.60 (June 15, 2021)


    Base Award Amount: $20,634,721.00 (February 11, 2020)
    Mod/Option 1 Amount: $435,602,360.00 (March 27, 2020)
    Mod/Option 2 Amount: $1,001,650,000.00 (August 5, 2020)
    Mod/Option 3 Amount: $85,304,775.00 (August 21, 2020)
    Mod/Option 4 Amount: $454,310,546.00 (November 13, 2020)
    Mod/Option 5 Amount: $31,998,326.00 (March 25, 2021)

    Astra zeneca

    Base Award Amount: $1,600,000,000.00 (October 28, 2020)


    Base Award Amount: $1,600,434,523.00 (July 6, 2020)


    Base Award Amount: $38,033,570 (April 15, 2020)

    • mkey,
      You did a great job of pulling the data, and posting it.
      I also saw the top headline (which is written by Yahoo Finance’s top dog, Andy Serwer) here in the U.S. on Sunday morning.
      Here is the Archived version:

  33. Transgender……disgusting, sick, perverse

    • your comment… ignorant, hateful, dumb.

      it would be good to gain a more nuanced perspective. How about trying to differentiate the hijacked part of the trans agenda from the group of people that you just sweepingly attack.

      • wolfgang

        “..he hijacked part of the trans agenda …”

        There is no “hijacked part” of the Trans Agenda… the AGENDA itself is destruction.

        The AGENDA not an individual who wants to practice perversion for themselves, the agenda is the forced ‘acceptance’ (rather then ‘toleration’) of that perversion by others.

        • I disagree…
          most liberation movements (be it race, sexuality, lifestyle, etc.) going against the mainstream societal and cultural notions was considered “perverse and sick” before that movement gained broad recognition and rattled the bourgeoisie. There is a necessary part of this agenda for people who fight a just struggle for their rightful respected place in society. Where this starts and where it ends (and where it becomes annoying, presumptious, offensive or encroaching) is a different discussion.

          • Wolfgang

            I am quite happy to let people abuse their own bodies and souls… but Transsexuality (and to a LESSER extent) homosexuality are by definition ‘sick

            “SICK” as in sickness, illness, or not healthy- the % of trans people who SUICIDE is huge, the drugs and surgery also cause horrific health problems.

            Co-morbidity of mental illnesses is also hugely higher with Trans folk… to a lesser extend this is also true of homosexual folks- I forget how much lifespan is shortened in Male Homosexuals, but off hand think its about a decade.

            ANY agenda promoting acceptance (rather then toleration) of these practices are. by definition promoting sickness and perversity.

            If it is still on youtube you should find ‘The Gift’… gift giving is still a thing, you can find people posting about it on YT.

            with whats happening in mental health I shudder to think how bad this stuff is now


            • I don’t think these things are sick if people aren’t harming others in the process. What people do with their own bodies are their own choice. Regarding homosexuality, some people seem to be born that way. It’s been around a long time. As long as they are consenting adults, I don’t care what people do in the privacy of their homes. And I don’t get weirded out if people hold hands with each other either.

              Pushing an agenda is different than the phenomenon of homosexuality and transexuality. I do however maintain that there is a difference between a trans male or female and the natural born. And people don’t have to like or condone what people do to live in a free society. So you are entitled to your view on the matter.

              • CU.h.j

                “… Regarding homosexuality, some people seem to be born that way…”

                The genetic markers are thought to = 1/2 or less of actually becoming homosexual. They just give the Predisposition

                Unless you think that the genes have had a massive shift then the HUGE rise in Homosexuality in the younger generations MUST BE Environmentally CAUSED


                Mental illness,suicide and poor health tend to go with homosexuality, both male and female…. Suicide in Trans is HUGE.

                ‘Ultimately’ this is a self correcting problem but oh what a horrible mess its gonna make correcting itself

          • He’s not up to your level of discussion. He appears terrified of sexuality somehow. Many are,we know this.
            Thanks for bringing some balance to this ranting.

            • “..He appears terrified of sexuality somehow…”

              Any sane person would be terrified to watch the destruction of human beings the psychological warfare wrought by Sexual Liberation in all its forms has wrought.

              You will notice no other society has acted like this in the past and lived for very long…. Its just like Calhoons Mouse Utopia

      • there is just no way whatever to keep people who lust for war war war to stop. It’s an addiction to poison. The internet if chock full of this poison.

  34. We are getting closer:

    The video is about Covid and about the organizations and key figures behind it. A short quote from the presentation:

    “… stop talking about the virus. There isn’t one. There is a bioweapon that was built in 1990, perfected in 1999, patented in 2002 and deployed against humanity in 2002 which gave us the first outbreak of SARS. …”

    Title: Dr David Martin: Follow the Patents, then You Will Understand Covid


  35. Couples could become each other!?

    Kurtzweil’s cyber creature Ramona, that computer aided voice, the pseudo-liberating message, sent me straight back to the Century of the Self, Bernays, Mme Stillman and her

    Psychology of Dress:

    “… you bought things not just for your need, but to express the inner sense of yourself to others:

    …The psychology of dress, have you ever thought about it? How it can express your character? You all have interesting characters but some of them are all hidden. I wonder why you all wanna dress always the same with the same hats and the same coats. I’m sure all of you are interesting and have wonderful things about you, but looking at you in the streets, you all look so much the same. And that’s why I’m talking to you about the psychology of dress, to express yourselves better in your dress. Bring out certain things that you think are hidden. I wonder if you’ve thought of this angle of your personality…” -Mme Stillman (from way back when we were still men)

    “…Virtual reality, you can be someone else. You don’t have to be the same boring person all the time. I mean you all have these personalities inside of you that don’t quite fit with your bodies in real reality, so basically most people just like kill them all off. Some people don’t actually keep any of their personalities which reminds me of some of my old boyfriends but that’s another story…”
    – Ms. Ramona Kurtzweil (a product of humans streaming themselves into the sparkling pixel flow of today’s fluid virtual reality)

    I knew it. Everyman has become Blanche Dubois trapped in a Skinner box.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ3RzGoQC4s (starts at 19 minutes)

    • Actually the opening title of my above comment was meant to kick-off this less pertinent comment but I changed horses in mid-stream:

      “I’m glad that people are talking about the movies, um, the Matrix movies, uh, with a trans narrative. I love that’s the how um, how meaningful those films are to trans people and the way that they come up to me and say “this, these movies saved my life”, because when you talk about transformation, specifically in a world of science fiction which is just about imagination and it’s like and world building and like, the idea of the um, the seemingly impossible becoming possible, I think is like, that’s why it speaks to them so much and I’m grateful that I can be a part, uh, throwing them a rope to help them along their journey.” -Lilly Wachowski

      oh… But I thought the Matrix was supposed to be a dystopian film…?

      ya mean, it helps people become more comfortably trans?

      I mean, there are lots of films made about the seemingly impossible becoming possible so…

      OH! wait! but those films aren’t made by transgender brothers! So, actually, it’s not the films that saved their lives but rather the high-profile media example of normalizing trans-genderism. Obviously.

      So I guess the Kardashians saved lives as well.

      And for that matter, very high-profile, martyrized wikileaks whistleblowers too.

      Did he say that science fiction is just about imagination and world building?

      … uh… which world again…?

      “and the design of new environments will become the new art form… and your body doesn’t have to be your same body that you have in real reality…”

      Escaping into virtual environments perhaps to flee the pain and discomfort of physical bodies… like the chronic pain caused by poison covid injections for example or just wearisome old age?

      “…and we’ll have virtual bodies in these virtual reality environments, particularly when it’s through the nervous system. When we have nanobots in our brains that shut down the signals coming from our real senses, replace them with the signals that your brain would be receiving if you were in the virtual environment, then it’ll feel like you’re in that virtual environment. And design of new virtual environments will be the new art form…” -Ray Kurtzweil

      oh! um… so it’s like, uh, Welcome to San Junipero!… Black Mirror’s unsurpassed infomercial for Ramona’s wet dream:


      We’ll make heaven a place on Earth…

        • Heavens to Murgatroyd!! Here I am trying to draw powerful, memorable and insightful parallels of historic proportions between the respective creations of PR and VR, from Stillman to Kurtzweil and you’re singing the praises of B vitamines??!

          Don’t you realize we’re speeding head first straight into an eternel 3D porn flick like that poor pervert of a Skinner lab rat hooked up to electrodes hitting the tittilation pedal till it drops dead of exhaustion and you’re talking about Niacin??!

          I’ve been reduced to seeing the entire Human Race as hysterical, sexually obsessed, affection starved, virtue signalling, self-rightous, self-serving, self-proclaimed victims and you’re going on about Choline??

          I swear… that HRS… say whatever you want,

          He thinks Inositol…

          Just kidding. In fact, I’ve desperately been trying, at the behest of a friend impassioned by Jung, to remember my dreams. Unsuccessfully.

          Guess I’ll give those B vitamines a shot! I’ve heard they also induce serenity and alleviate aggressive, reckless and tempestuous Corbett Report commenting!

          Have you seen Black Mirror?

          • You are looking at a black mirror if you’re on a device, a scrimming mirror, precisely.
            In any case, if you want to dream more, take organic valerian root powder in tea before bed. If you’ve eaten, make it with lots of ginger, as it will slow digestion, just like chamomile will. It’s best to do teas with ginger anyway, as it is one of the “carrier” herbs.
            Valerian Root, a great nervine, stimulates dreaming by stimulating the optic nerve, that one that twitches when you’re dreaming.
            Sweet Dreams.
            Far as remembering them goes….I don’t know. I remember as if yesterday the truly epic ones. But there’s a technique that supposedly healps, and that is to cover your open eyes with your hands into darkness as soon as you awake.
            Of course, a belly or gut full of undigested food will produce nightmares.

            • Vit B-1 very often eliminates nighmares in kids and adults (unless you watch Black Mirror.) 😉

              • Interestingly, the only time my child had nightmares, the first one, was for years after being put in front of a tv to watch Dracula. I also found as a child that the television caused me nightmares.

      • “…these movies saved my life”, because when you talk about transformation, specifically in a world of science fiction…”

        the word “transformation” just suddenly jumped out at me with a new meaning…

        instead of change or evolution into something new, it means the change or evolution into something specifically “trans”

        of course everything and everyone is in a constant flux of change and transformation but

        the formation of transes or trans entities… the formation of trans…humans, trans-genders, transgenics, trans-istors,

        transformation or the formation of trans…

        dunno why I never heard it that way before…

        now this chimeric transrodent is late for the hamsterwheel yet again…

  36. So the Wachowski brothers would have taken the blue pill if given the choice.

    • Very well stated. Interesting indeed. Paradoxically they are, in a sense, the architects of the Machines’ software, their ally… Perhaps reflecting the same ambivalence Aldous Huxley probably held for his own dystopia. This starved preoccupation with realizing ones sexual fantasies once again evokes the famous Blanche Dubois quote:

      Her desire was to find acceptance and love in a world that had none to spare for her. She needed help accepting her reality – and some of the best Blanche Dubois sayings do a great job highlighting her obsession with men and a fantasy world.

      1. “I’ll tell you what I want. Magic! Yes, yes, magic! I try to give that to people. I misinterpret things to them. I don’t tell the truth. I tell what ought to be truth. And if that is sinful, then let me be damned for it! – Don’t turn the light on!”

      -Blanche Dubois, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire.’

      Yup. Blue pill.


      (sorry for my limited repertoire)

      • Your appreciation of this Tennessee Williams’ drama may appreciate also the film “All About My Mother”.
        It actually involves a transgender!! As well as “A Streetcar Named Desire”. Quite interesting, as is everything else from Cinema Libre.

        • I’ll have a look, thanks.

          • PS And what pill was Stanley on, when he raped Blanche , lied about it, and put her in a mental hospital for the rest of her life to protect himself?
            Is there a different colored “pill” for that?

            • Indeed, and as I recall, Blanche’s “fantasy world” wasn’t one. Seems she really did stay behind to bury the old world. And she was witty and cultivated amongst a bunch of conformist dullards. However, she did seem to indicate she might have a taste for boys, no? Haven’t read it in so long…

              But I was wielding her popular cliché image of the hysterical, attention-starved neurotic “who perished from eating an unpeeled grape” or something like that, and not locked up in an “insane asylum”. Not the nuanced character Williams was trying to convey.

              That’s what universal symbols are good for. Quickly, succinctly and insidiously communicating emotional notions that would otherwise require a thousand words.

              But in a sense, I wasn’t fair to Blanche. I’m just another one of her insensitive persecutors.

    • I wonder if they still could enjoy the blue pills as much after becoming transgender (sorry, couldn’t take a pass on that one ;))

  37. Mattias brought something new and this video is a MUST WATCH. Although majority of information is not new to me, he made an excellent…Narrative.
    He made an inquiry into how it was possible to mount scamdemic at all!!!

    He found four necessary conditions were met:
    1. atomization of society, lack of connectedness among people
    2. lack of meaning (60% of people find their jobs meaningless(half of life or even more))
    3. free floating anxiety (anxiety without object)
    4. free floating aggression and frustration

    On every point we could dive into more whys and hows. Even more, I think we should dive, otherwise understanding will stay elusive, solutions for the problem will stay impotent.
    Sadly, I’m pretty sure we would have hard times on finding common ground for reasons for first two points. I would say this is an achievement (I’m content with side effect) of our glorious western civilization.

  38. I said months ago this is about billionaires wanting to live forever and so as Gods over us. They thought they found a way with cells from jelly ffish because they can rejuvenate after death and born again but the cells in humans can get cancerous and they couldn’t find a solution.
    Crazy shit, I feel sorry for the younger generations.
    Excellent work James, mind blowing stuff.

  39. Also I admit this was a dive I personally wish I never took, this ongoing narrative to me is very disturbing and I believe has an evil agenda behind its creation. Tie this to the vaccine and other things happening in todays society and you get a picture of a perverse simulation world.
    Just give in and let us make you live forever in a sim of your choosing. I could go on and on and it to me is like children our trying very hard to run the world, children as in billionaires who never had to grow up and think they are a lot smarter than they really are, I mean what could go wrong… huh…lololool

  40. I will say it again, JC wasn’t saying that trans people are the problem, but the agenda of the transhumanists that have come in on the coat tails of the trans civil right struggle.

    And, to be honest some so called trans activists are extremely hostile to women. That’s not cool.

    • What cu.h.j said is correct.

  41. To be true to one’s self is paramount. Bigots are always an obstacle. I am happy. I am different. There are many good people on this site.

    • What spider said is true.

  42. At minute 5:09 “When we have nanobots in our brains, we can shut down the signals coming from our real senses, replace it with the signals that your brain would be receiving if you were in the virtual environment, then it will feel like you are in that virtual environment.”

    Ummm…the nanobots are found in the vaccine. Anyone see the connection to the 2021 roll out of vaxxes and boosters and the 2021 roll out of the Metaverse???

    • yes, that had occurred to me too which is one of the reasons I’d posted that passage as well.

  43. “So I waited til I was 59 to get the body I feel I should have”

    Wow. I’m coming up on 58 (in just 5 months!) and over the last year I’d pretty much given up on my body, let it go to pot, wracked by hormonal earthquakes and have sorta melted into a real life version of a manbearpig.

    Should maybe try to take inspiration from your determination, menopause be damned and see if I can recover some of my strength, energy and any physical charm I might’ve once possessed…

    Good resolution for a Monday morning!

  44. Catherin Austin Fitts says that she thinks the Trans agenda is so that they can transfer over easily, law made for Humans to the Robots.

  45. Just had my 2-meter tall, rugby player student on the phone who explained that he’d been out of work for 3 weeks because his whole family had contracted Covid. He has an 8-year old daughter who’s severely handicapped who’s forever been confined to a wheelchair and a 5-year old son.

    He said he and his wife were sick for only a few days, head-aches, fatigue and completely lost their sense of taste and smell; his wife’s since recovered hers but he hasn’t.

    However his daughter was in the hospital for 5 days with a severe fever (she also has a heart malformation) and his son had debilitating fever for three days. Over 40° celsius fevers he says.

    He said he regrets the vaccine is not available for children as he and his wife were fully vaccinated and were not nearly as sick as his children.

    He insists on the fact that “this virus is really, really nasty!”

    I confess this leaves me somewhat confused and alarmed… are the children getting sick from a “naturally” circulating virus or a virus being incubated by vaccinated parents or what?? Just a normal misdiagnosed flu?

    I tend to think there is something more unusual going around as I’d never lost my sense of taste and smell for so long and so completely as in November of 2020 after an airplane flight… the only occasion for which I wore a mask for any extended period of time…

    anyhow… next student…

    • oopsy. thought I was on the December thread page…’pologies.

    • the children are ill from the parents poisoned status, physically, it’s electromagnetic in nature, not a bio weapon, a biotechno weapon, and is activated by electromagnetic fields. The parents are making the children ill, they are passing this kill shot crap onto them. That’s how it works.

      • and electromagnetic fields without the injection?

        • Yes, this has been experienced worldwide from the very beginning. People living with those who’ve been injected, women as old as eighty and young as five and six suddenly beginning to bleed uncontrollably. Same with close partners. Same for doctors who touch patients who have been jabbed, they get ill.This has been documented and witnessed to repeatedly for a year now.
          I think I’ve related before here how yes, from my own experience several times, “coof” symptoms can be brought on by microwave exposure. Even without being in close contact with the coof jabbed.
          It’s important more important than anything, to always have at least one quart, preferably more, of fresh pure water with you. This backs the drying of the insides down very quickly, immediately.
          We’ve been breathing the very same heavy metals which they create weather with through the microwave grid for twenty years now. We are just as ionized as the skies, and we also can be “steered” by the ionosphere heaters of Haarp, and all their littler Nexrad and 5/6G friends.

  46. Confuse, distract, divide… Order out of chaos.

  47. I think James is very funny when being sarcastic!

    On another note, these platforms and groups / think tanks, who are exploring transhumanism, must realise at some point how ridiculous this is.
    Like AI, if it is built by humans, then it is not perfect. It is flawed and messy. Like us.
    This ambition for perfection is like a religion, it is superstition, a fable. Like the ant in the straw and the 4 dimensions, the more you zoom in, the more you see. This ‘rabbit hole’ is never ending.

    The problem starts when there is money and power involved and policy’s are being made to facilitate this in public spaces, like restrooms etc. People are dangerous and dumb and destructive, empowering the misguided leads to violence.

    Just my opinion, based on 45 years of living in this circus and reading things.

  48. The clip showed in the video is from the series Years&Years btw. Pretty good, and it is set in the future and has a lot of the things in it that they want to realise like the great reset, etc.

    • yea, I’d wanted to respond to your comment but then I couldn’t find it again quickly. My comments from 2019 about Years and Years are posted below, but I’d found and posted them in response to your remark here.

  49. I must admit I have no source to back this up but even then, to me it’s obvious that mechanized reproduction must take over our current biological reproduction in the transhumanist agenda.
    Actually, it’s probably one of the major central axis in this sick ideal.

  50. Ahh, what would life be like if I were an attack helicopter? One can always dream.

    • You’d always be waiting for someone else to fill you tank and turn you on, that’s what.

  51. Sorry about that Roos. It’s just the haters. They never want to learn anything. They’re just stuck.

    Not only in this way are people willfully uneducated. But as I said here before, the sex war has gone on forever. It’s pretty much necessary to the patriarchal mandate. And we know how much we love “man-dates”, right?

    I’m somewhat disappointed in this comment section also. I expected better. A lot of knee jerk reactions here, but also many who know better. It would be a real shame to lose you, but that’s what the haters do. And they’re good at it!! I’ve dropped out of many online sites because it’s just endless vicious insanity. They’re not looking to learn anything, they are here to assert themselves and their limited view/opinion.
    Most people spend their lives seeking mirror reflections of themselves. Anything different puts them into mortal fear.
    Learn to laugh at them. I know it’s not easy, but it’s the only way. They can stay as stuck as they want, scream and rant all they want. They can sit in the corner and criticize us all while we dance, dance, dance.
    We are here to learn from one another, not to beat one another over the head.
    But yes, Mr. Corbett himself came at this one out of a place of fear. With no background it seems. So….that’s the internet.
    Hang in there. Illusions and hallucinations eventually fail. Leave them all behind, there’s nothing else we can do. They are their own destruction. They are not able to accept the world as it is. The want it their way. Infantile.

  52. The following video interview is certainly “on topic” with Corbett’s
    “What is the Trans Agenda? – Questions For Corbett #082”.
    You’ll hear all the keywords, including Ray Kurzweil.

    Kitco News at the
    “DCentral Miami – NFT & DeFi Conference — November 30 – December 1, 2021”
    Sophia the Robot: The ‘golden age’ of humans is coming to an end
    (17 minute video, but 5 minutes or so will give you the flavor.)

    “The age of singularity is upon us. We are living in the last days of the golden age of the human mind, and the first days of the most exciting period of history yet,” were the words of Hanson Robotics’ Sophia, the world’s first humanoid robot to be granted citizenship from a country, Saudi Arabia.

    Sophia the Robot was joined by Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNet and Phu Styles, CEO of Blockchain PR in an interview with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News at the DCentral conference in Miami.

      • What the heck?! That image!
        It shocks me. We all know what kind of message it sends to a certain perverted audience.

        • I’ve heard it said that pedophilia and other child tortures were used to open junior Shamans to the Spirits…. not an expert but Chris Knowles take on MKULTRA being utter unscientific craziness that looked more like magic is plausible to me

        • When I saw the revamped version of Sophia (pun intended) I thought of this:


          But yesterday, between classes I wasn’t able to find anything about this scandal quickly.

          My concern is the hypersexualization of children (as the most shocking aspect of the hypersexualization of Humanity in general), be they boys or girls, cultivated and normalized through media and high-profile robots.

          A jolly good morning to you too!

      • NoSoapRadio

        What is it wearing around its neck?
        DO you have a better pic? To me it looks like a madalion with the Paleolithic goddess figure, or maybe Ishtar.

        Either way that thing looks Possessed by something.

        Bunnies kinda weird too… popularly associated with Esotore but maybe not? Fertility? SOmething like that… you dont have to be a symboligist to feel the creep factor off that pic

      • Are we sure thats a girl? Hard to tell these days. The child reminds me of the boys that they are grooming to be drag queens.

        • Is it meant to be an actual girl then?
          I assumed it was a trans kid thing from the way it looks

        • if you change the PHOTO number in the address bar you can get the other photos… I stand corrected it would appear they just creepified that shot and made her look like a boy…but who knows these days?

  53. Your point reminds me very much of the one that I, probably too often, attempt to make about the great germ/terrain debate.
    Its a great and important subject that us mortals discuss that we are helpless to conclusively prove one way or the other.
    Which God is the real one? Was Jesus Devine? How much can you trust the Bible?
    Is it really surprising though that Christians would notice what they consider evil and warn against what their faith teaches them is ungodly?
    Or point out how it might be considered hubristic for the creation to judge it’s creator?

    I am pretty sure that I have enough information to know that I’m on the right path. But I am absolutely sure that if I am wrong, I haven’t wasted a moment of my life believing what I believe. So I want to tell people about it and hopefully guide them on a path to making better choices in their lives. So hopefully they can stop raising children who let their children go to demonic rap concerts and destroy their lives with drugs or premature sexual behavior.

    I admit that I have been overly fervent in my life, by the standards of some, in my attempts to share the ideas that I have concluded are true. Whether its the principles of anarchy and liberty or the ideas that give me understanding into the meaning of life.
    I am not a very good Christian I suppose. But I wouldn’t be one at all if I didn’t stand up for it.

    I am, you are, we are all less than we could be. Less than we could have been. We have all fallen short of the mark. None of us have lived sinless lives even by our own personal standards. That is where the sacrifice of Christ comes in. That is the gift of grace that our creator offers. Free. No strings attached. You don’t earn your salvation, you accept it.
    There’s no Holy Ghost holding a gun to my head forcing me to further alienate the good folks here. But who knows? Maybe I get brownie points for the effort. Just kidding.

    • jonhandd,

      There are many different forms of Christianity, including orthodox Christianity. My husbands family are orthodox Christians and he was baptized and even used to go to church a few times a year before the lockdown. I went with him a few times and thought the traditions were kind of cool. He told me that it wasn’t what was contained in the Bible that was the primary focus, but rather the traditions that have been around for thousands of years.

      There are different versions of the bible too. If you contrast orthodox Christians with evangelicals can Catholics you’ll see a big difference.

      Some of the stories like Adam and Eve, and Noahs arc and others are parables and the cultural context of the time was very different from today.

      When you mention authoritarianism in the Abrahamic religions, which includes Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, I agree with your observation. There are a lot of rules to follow, particularly in Judaism. Orthodox jews have a ton of laws they are supposed to follow.

      Based on my limited understanding of these religions, I would say that there is a degree of authoritarianism in these, or perhaps it was the interpretation.

      I also don’t know must about the Gnostic religion either, but if the notion is that physicality is evil, I would also have to disagree with this as well. I don’t think our living bodies are evil, or that living organisms are bad because they are physical entities in part. It doesn’t make sense that this would be true.

        • Not just Christianity, but based on my limited understanding and interpretation, there is a lot of “do as I say!” in many biblical passages in the OT.

          But there are more laws in Islam and Judaism, particularly dietary laws.

          The NT and teachings from Jesus Christ are much less authoritarian, in fact, I would say that Jesus is more of an anarchist. He certainly was not fond of the bankers or money changers.

          If you look at how Christianity was interpreted by some people and the way it was practiced, like during the witch hunts, it was indeed authoritarian. Forced conversions by Catholics who were colonizers, for example.

          As I said previously, perhaps it was interpretation and they way religions were practiced.

          • I’ll have to dig up my Bible, but there are passages about how women should obey their husbands. That’s authoritarian.

          • Actually, it’s my husbands bible. I never bought one.

          • There are indeed lots of rules in religion. But here’s the thing. Christianity isn’t really a religion. Its a relationship.
            Sure, the Bible has passages that tell people how they should conduct their lives. But obeying those rules and admonitions are not what makes someone a Christian. And many of the rules are based upon cultural norms of the times they were written in.
            Understand this one thing if you don’t understand anything else about Christianity. You don’t have to do anything to be a Christian. Except perhaps accepting the free gift of grace that God offers.
            However, having said that. I have never met anyone who didn’t significantly alter their lives and habits upon accepting Christ. But not because they had to. Not because of the authoritarian nature of Christianity. Rather because they felt a deep desire to honor and thank God with their new lives.

      • continuing…I think that there is are meaningful messages and positive ways of living that can be gained from religion in general, mainly that life is sacred and that there is something meaningful about doing good for oneself and others. Being and honest and trustworthy person who behaves ethically in the world is rewarding.

        As I mentioned before, I don’t think fear of punishment is the motivating factor for many people when faced with a choice of behaving ethically or alternatively behaving dishonestly or harmfully. It is certainly not the motivating factor for me. I know that there are people who do behave ethically for fear of punishment by the state or fear of punishment from god. If thats the only reason why these kinds of people behave ethically, this can be a problem because if they stop believing that they will be punished, might harm other people.

        I also don’t think that a person has to believe in a certain deity to be a good person or that they will go to hell if they don’t accept Jesus Christ as the savior of mankind. There are plenty of secular people or followers of other religions who try to do as much good in the world as possible and their actions speak for themselves. In their final moments, they will be proud of their achievements and that they had little regret for how they have lived their lives.

      • Johnandd
        “…John Lamb Lash and his study of the remaining fragments of Gnostic texts, ..”

        DONT be so modest- there are TONS of Gnostic texts for all to see…here is one where you see
        God being the evil tyrant
        jesus being the snake,
        how the Androgyne was split
        and why having kids is evil!
        “…At this point in the narrative, Christ reveals to John that it was he who caused Adam to consume the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Additionally, it is revealed that Eve is a helper sent by agents of the higher order to help liberate the light imprisoned in Yaltabaoth’s creation and in Adam. She is created when Yaltabaoth attempts to draw the light out of Adam. This results in the creation of the female body. When Adam perceives her, he sees a reflection of his own essence and is freed from the bewitching power of Yaltabaoth.
        The narrative then details Yaltabaoth’s attempts to regain control over the essence of Light.

        His primary scheme is to initiate the activity of human reproduction, by which he hopes to create new human bodies inhabited by a counterfeit spirit. …..”


      • johnandd

        “… of Gnostic texts, that thing about physicality as evil is simply not at all true…”

        Since this gnostic text lay hidden until 1945 I think you may be mistaken

        “…Despite the fact that Yaltabaoth possesses only a single parent and was created without the consent of the Spirit of the Monad, he is powerful enough to mimic the creative processes of the superior Aeons. He creates a whole host of other Archons, each of whom share his own basically deficient character,

        and creates a world for them to inhabit. This world is fundamentally inferior to the world above. It is fashioned out of darkness, but animated by light stolen from Sophia.

        The result is a world that is neither “light nor dark” but is instead “dim.”

        In his arrogance and ignorance, Yaltabaoth declares himself the sole and jealous God of this realm…….”

    • This depends on how you define a sin. True sins are murder, rape, theft, censorship, lieing big, defrauding others of their libertx… when you look at it that way, how many of us could easily cast the first stone?

  54. johnandd

    “…..It is interesting how many times in the comment section for this episode the Gnostics, Sophia and the Mystery Schools have been blamed in connection to the Trans and Trans Humanist agenda. …”

    Thats because Gnostics teach that the PHYSICAL WORLD is the product of an evil being who in YOUR words is

    “…demented psychotic entity masquerading as god in the Abrahamic religions…”

    It would be really WEIRD not to think the trans thing is related to a bunch of people who think the physical world is evil and who believe in a divine feminine and the uniting of male and female as the human returns to ‘godhood’..even without all the actual links

    Also Gnostic goddess Sophia = Baphomet so…yeah…

    “…It is mostly Christians who does the blaming. According to them you are evil if you defend or try to correct these misrepresentations or just for failing to accept Christianity as the norm….”

    WHY would you be surprised at that since you are basically saying that the God Christians follow is a EVIL, a

    “…demented psychotic entity masquerading as god…”

    and that Satan was helping mankind, or that jesus WAS the Snake in the garden, or whatever spin it is this century.

    • johnandd

      “…I cannot argue with misrepresentations of the Gnostic teachings. I repeat, those misrepresentations………”

      Hahahaha…. seriously, ANYONE CAN GO READ GNOSTIC BOOKS…. I link to wikipedia because I’m too lazy to do more.

      “…their goal is to repress the original message and teachings of the Gnostics.…”

      Lol, since its pretty mainstream now I guess we’re not doing so well. Lol

      “… fragments of their works…”
      there are huge amamounts of their shit dug up, anyone can go look it up online

      “….Don’t be afraid of Sophia and her story and neither of symbols like Baphomet that you do not understand…”

      LOl, no…no… dont be afraind… come closer little boy….Baphomet is your pal….
      What Baphomet the ANDROGENOUS figure

      “…It takes years to learn and they have nothing to do with Christianity…”
      THANKYOU- the first true thing you have said

      fellow human beings as a witch
      “..WITCHES I dont know much about, but since the Satanic Panic was quelled by the “False Memory Syndrome Foundation” who turned out to be mainly PEDO”S AND MKULTRA DOCTORS I shall reserve judgment

      “..Thank God…”

      “… most Christians are wonderful, advanced and intelligent people though…”
      You mean ignorant of what your ACTUALLY saying- I see why you would thank YOUR god for that since YOU are NOT thanking the God of the Bible, are you? 😉

      “… a You called a woman in the comments above a whore….”

      hahaha, YOU LIAR- just like your dad, eh?
      What comment did I ever use the word who ‘whore’ in?

      OK, that was good for a giggle… but ANYONE who wants to know can g look online and see that
      for the lazy try wikipedia

      1)They say the God of the Bible is the bad being keeping humans down and the physical CREATION IS EVIL…

      2)They say that jesus was the snake who told eve to eat the fruit
      just read…

      HEY… Trans stuff to0!!

      “….At this point in the narrative, Christ reveals to John that it was he who caused Adam to consume the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Additionally, it is revealed that Eve is a helper sent by agents of the higher order to help liberate the light imprisoned in Yaltabaoth’s creation and in Adam. She is created when Yaltabaoth attempts to draw the light out of Adam. This results in the creation of the female body. When Adam perceives her, he sees a reflection of his own essence and is freed from the bewitching power of Yaltabaoth….”

      3)They worship the female divine figure of sophia… who is also known as Baphomet if you reverse he name- a dead sea scroll scholar discovered this BTW

      Mr SMith is kinda dug up plenty of work and assembled it even if he’s a bit expansive

      Seriously …. I dont care what you worship but stop being such a liar about it

      • Logically though, why is it wrong to eat from the tree of knowledge? Perhaps because that’s taking the easy way out, rather than to learn from experience?

        This doesn’t make sense to me. I am not the kind of person to listen to someone say “do as I say!”

        We are created in the image of god, with curiosity and imagination. Adam and Eve were like innocent children. What kind of deity would cause such harsh punishment for making a mistake or being tricked?

        Maybe people are interpreting this wrong, who knows. But why would a snake have such a negative interpretation? A snake is a living being and just wants to live and enjoy its life like other animals and other people. A snake is not inherently bad because it’s a snake!

        Pardon me for being naive or ignorant, but I just don’t understand.

        • cu.h.j
          “….But why would a snake have such a negative interpretation?…”

          The Devil is generally thought to be Fallen Angel of high rank.


          “…A seraph (/ˈsɛrəf/, “the burning one”; plural seraphim /ˈsɛrəfɪm/)[nb 1] is a type of celestial or heavenly being originating in Ancient Judaism. The term plays a role in subsequent Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.[4]….”

          …In Hebrew,
          the word saraph means “burning”,
          and is used seven times throughout the text of the Hebrew Bible as a noun,

          usually to denote “serpent”,. ….

          The reason why the word for “burning” was also used to denote a serpent is not universally agreed upon….”

        • “ But why would a snake have such a negative interpretation? A snake is a living being and just wants to live and enjoy its life like other animals and other people. A snake is not inherently bad because it’s a snake”

          You’ve seen “They Live” haven’t you?
          You’ve heard of David Icke and his reptilians haven’t you?
          Snakes are evil and scary!
          Except for the cute ones that live in my backyard and sometimes come into the Florida room..
          I rescued one from the cat awhile back.
          I think I’ve gone over the edge. The last few years I’ve even taken to relocating spiders.
          The Bible is the kind of book best read stoned after prayer.

          • As a teenager, I had a snake live in my car for almost a month before I finally caught it again and let it go.
            It would warm itself on that long front seat void of seatbelts (late 1960’s). When I opened the car door, it would slither under the seat.

            The girl in Minnesota who I was dating…I don’t think she believed me when I told her that a snake was under the seat. That worked out well for me.

          • Best read stoned!! I like that idea.

            I like spiders. I used to squish them as a kid and snails and I felt guilty for doing so. Something told me that this practice was wrong. I also re home spiders

          • – I have a snake in my car!
            – Yeah, yeah, yeah, just keep it holstered

          • Here is an example, in my opinion, of silly religiosity making a mockery of Christianity.


            “Some of these systems, such as acupuncture, have engendered biological theories on how they work. Some may be combined with scientific treatments. Yet the basic principles of these methods assert that healing comes through balancing, unblocking, manipulating and/or channeling an energy or universal life force which replaces God, or is thought to be God or from God.”

      • johnandd

        “…Do not worry about the texts. Most of what you find is not correctly translated….”


        OK… people should take YOUR word over the TEXTS Gnostics wrote for themselves….that makes sense…. lol…. yes… see how I was ‘misrepresenting’ Gnosticism just by QUOTING its sacred books…

        Gnostic’s are just like Mormons – they LIE AND HIDE their actual beliefs until people get drawn in and THATS when Kolob comes out….. not creepy at all 😉

      • Actually…. now I think of it Mormons ARE Gnostic in their theology, like pretty much every New Age religion in the last 200 years

        Nice missionaries… clean cut boys pretending they worship the same Jesus and God that Christians do rather then some dude from kolob who got the ultimate level up

      • Johnandd

        “..We cannot discuss this because you just think everything I say is evil…”

        NO, we can not discuss this because you are prevaricating and using words in a dishonest manner to hide what you actually mean.

        You also pretend the actual writing of actual gnostics have nothing to do with gnosticism… kinda like a nazi pretending that Mein Kampf has nothing to do with “REAL” Nazism. 🙂

        Considering that the Transhumanist elites ARE GNOSTIC in their philosophy and the ideas are laughably mainstream now- even with some nominally christian groups- going on about anyone hiding or suppressing the truth is pretty silly- ANYONE can read gnostic texts online

        • Johnandd,

          I think a large part of religion is how its practiced and how practionets treat other people.

          If people who call themselves Gnostics or Jews or Christians are good people evidenced by honesty and ethical interactiona, god doesn’t care. A person can call themself a Christian and be a serial killer. Look at all the priests and rabbis who turn out to be pedophiles! Its shocking! Is it because the believed in the wrong god?

          Can an athiest or agnostic not be a good person and be worthy of any heavily reward if that even exists? I certainly think so! I don’t think god cares if we believe in god. Why would an enlightened being/source of all that is care?

          When I was a teenager I was an atheist but still tried to behave ethically. Because I was my own judge and had high standards for my actions. I did not need to believe in god to be good. My acts of goodness made me good.

  55. lol… truly cringe video, but remember Microsoft had that art project with Marina Abramovich the ‘Spirit Cooking’ weirdo.

    • She uses a Bathory brand skin products….

  56. westerncivic

    You know… while I never subscribed to the D&D being the devils it strikes me that it could be useful IN SOME cases to filter out the least susceptible to imagination and suggestion.
    I’ve heard it said that secret societies are like coin sorters for collecting the right kind of person for a task… why not games and ARG’s?

    ARG’s…. kinda like the Q thing if you think about it.

  57. Very sorry to hear about your pain and sorrow. Sad to see you leave due to the rejection of some people lacking empathy. I wish you best of luck and hope for many joyful encounters throughout your life’s journey. Know that you are loved for who you are. Also by many people here…

  58. In the 27:40 timestamp, on the page, we see the following:

    “Within the Mysteries, Male has come to symbolize the unseen god spirit aspect of creation”

    I once heard Mark Spires mention that there was an attack on the male species as the male species was the protector species. If male represents the spirit – or the mental – then is it fair to see that the war on our mind is really the war on the male?

    By eliminating the male, the female – or the physical – can be controlled.


  59. adetu

    There are, I think, many levels to any agenda but its pretty easy to control women since they tend to be much more driven by social pressure (mass hysteria being almost exclusive to teen girls)

    The NuMale is much more feminine and subject to social control and with low testosterone is rather helpless and subject to the same social control.

    For those that own the media this creates a huge amount of power over people, undreamt of in the past when an absolute king was absolutely gonna get killed if he went too far.

    This leaves both sexes in a retarded state, (like dogs vs wolves) and helpless.

    • I must be a very abnormal female then. But I agree that in my observation women are more fearful than men although more recently some men are the biggest wussies I have ever seen!! Its mind blowing. I know that I will be more or less on my own if my husband dies but I can take care of myself. I’m not a damn coward when push comes to shove.

      • cu.h.j

        Not being horrible, but your still pretty young- you said early 40’s.
        I have seen people who felt fine with singleton life until they hit their late 50’s and early 60’s and the sense of regret was a surprise to them.

        I saw that movie at a friends house, “I care a lot” ?


        Blackpilled did a stream about 3 movies and that was one of them as it goes…. horrible movie made for horrible people. Normal human beings with a sense of right and wrong will be a minority before too much longer.

      • Ahh, the link to his talk on “I care a lot”… it was the 3rd one he talked on


        I have also felt that surprise he talks about when you suddenly realize that a person got a totally different message from a movie and that they actually are a deficient human being but never articulated it the way he did

        Dr Dutton, he is a wag with his intro’s, but quite correct in his prediction of millennial peoples future

    • “more ‘feminine’ and (therefore, by implication? ) subject to social control”, …not a subject, but an object subjected ….by the objective subject.

      Round and round and round the circular “reasoning” corral we go, until we’re so dizzy…well….keep spinning, it’s the only way.

  60. Mathieu

    “…I would like to suggest that another possible factor at play in these trans-agendas might be spirit influence…”

    You should check out the Lucifers Tech articles over at Chris KNowles Secret Sun blog…He did a good (if long) talk over at Higherside Chats where he talks about how he thinks that kinda things becoming a big things.

    On Spiritualism, while I am sure that most of it was faked for money, in many ways I think it was the 1st Beta Test at mainstreaming the New Age NWO spirituality

    • Because Chris KNowles has some kind of ADHD and rambles on its about an hour in the podcast that he gets to that bit… he basically thinks that the weirdness going on today is readying people for spirit possession- he thinks the LSD type styff opens the mind and that MK Ultra was about de-paterning the human person so there was room.

      He also thinks that Jung and Alan DUlles cooked up the MK stuff together…. but to get the good stuff you need to leave him playing in the background while you do work because there are lots of weird detours and appears on many podcasts 🙂

      On fake spititism

      This book is great, you can see the thread of other things in the background, the occult weirdness of the rich is an old things

      “…The question I am asking myself is how do you get people exited to go look into it…”

      Uhh…. did not go so well for this guy, who was by no means a lightweight or a flake but a hard core newspaper man


      His book is up on the internet archive which makes me happy since I do not have a copy…. You taking your life in yuor hands with that stuff if you get in deeply


      I was watching the doc you posted and was interested that MK doctors used ECT while the chap he spoke about was using something similar to drive out spirits. Need to watch properly but busy now

    • its ABOUT min 50 onwards…maybe 45? of the interview on HIgherside… he rambels and goes around the block a lot

  61. https://archive.org/details/TheSirenCallofHungryGhosts

    The book by a guy who fell in love with a ‘ghost’ and found it was not what it appeared when he dug into the stories it was telling him

    His strange death was alsokinda weird… They had a podcast about him and such things over at Visup’s TheFarm podcast


    https://www.thefarmpodcast.com/e/consciousness-and-the-paranormal-w-susan-demeter-stephanie-quick-recluse/ podcast on the matter

  62. James, another good book on transhumanism is ‘Transhumanism: a grimoire of alchemical agendas’ by Dr. Joseph Farrell and Dr. Scott de Hart. It is highly philosophical and esoteric but well worth a read. Almost every ancient culture has a ‘myth’ about a time when humans were androgynous and then a ‘fall’ happened and the sexes were separated. The transhumanists are attempting to ‘re-ascend’ back up to the androgynous form. As the authors point out in the aforementioned book, this is a very old alchemical agenda.

  63. Hello James,

    I’m really curious in the history of the European union, the who’s, what, when, where and how of the origin story… Especially in the Nazi connection and how it goes back to the Roman empire.

    Do you have any suggestions for good books about this?

    Best regards,

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