Questions in Copenhagen – Questions For Corbett #037

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James Corbett answers questions from the audience after delivering his presentation, “Echoes of WWI: China, the US and the Next ‘Great’ War” to the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 16, 2017. Special thanks to the Open Mind Conference for hosting the presentation and for producing the video.

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Spotlight Baluchistan: Minerals, Pipelines and Terrorists in the Imperial Great Game

Gladio B

Soros: China Must Be Part Of The New World Order

Rockefeller obituary for Mao in NYTimes

China’s New World Order: Gold-backed oil benchmark on the way

Phoney Opposition: The Truth About the BRICS

China and Russia Creating “Alternate” Banking System

The EU, the Eurasian Economic Union and One Belt, One Road

Oded Yinon and the Zionist Plan for the Middle East

Interview with Hiroshima A-bomb survivor

‘Duck and cover’: in Japan, North Korean missile alerts are becoming a fact of life

Hidden History: The Secret Origins of The First World War

The Anglo-American Establishment

Mae Brussell: Hitler Was a Rothschild

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

Queen Nazi salute film: Palace ‘disappointed’ at use


  1. James, your lq download is 192kbps. Just thought I’d let you know.

  2. “People love you, man. *supportive shoulder tap*”

    So James, are you and Broc taking this work and turning it into a documentary? You mentioned previously that you’ve got some big projects that will be released soon. I’m curious what the big surprise is. That’s my question for the Q&A.

    Thank you for painting the larger landscape of the WW3 battlefield.

    • Beau, Your Iowa farm plans sound exciting.

      • Thank you, HomeRemedySupply. I somewhat slacked keeping the digital face of the farm updated this season. Though, I do have some big projects in the works for next season: establishing a fruit orchard, erecting a storage building, enhancing the post-harvest system, working with a school to provide salad greens, etc. Trying to do what I can to enhance the community spirit via food.

  3. manbearpig says: …It’s not profoundly clear to me what it means when people say “China owns American Debt” which could be catastrophic in one way or another…
    China and U.S. Debt via this article Feb 2017
    Foreign governments hold about 46% of all U.S. debt held by the public, more than $4.5 trillion. According to the Treasury, the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt is China, which owns more than $1.24 trillion in bills, notes, and bonds or about 30% of the over $4 trillion in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by foreign countries.

    In total, China owns about 10% of publicly held U.S. debt. Of all the holders of U.S. debt China is the third-largest, behind only the Social Security Trust Fund’s holdings of nearly $3 trillion and the Federal Reserve’s nearly $2 trillion holdings in Treasury investments, purchased as part of its quantitative easing program to boost the economy.

    The current $1.24 trillion in U.S. debt is actually slightly less than the record $1.317 trillion held by China in 2013. Economists suggest the decrease was due to China’s decision to reduce its U.S. holdings in order to increase the value of its own currency.
    Treasuries described –

    In this article, , James Corbett has this to say:
    …As Grant Williams points out in his important overview of the story (h/t Corbett Report user Ukdavec), the ability for a country like, oh, let’s say, Russia, to sell oil to China directly for yuan (no dollars involved) and convert that yuan to gold effectively completely severs all the links to the US government, US banking system, US treasuries and US dollar that has underpinned the unipolar world of the post-Bretton petrodollar. It is difficult to overstate the significance of this event…
    Here is Grant Williams article, The Death of the Petro Dollar….

    • Calibrator,

      Example: Trump asked for an annual 54 billion dollar increase of the military budget and the *democrats* gave him what? 70 billion? 90% of the senate voted in favor of this, without any kind of debate…

      Do they even care?

      Your comment is something I’ve thought long and hard about before. It raises the question in my mind: how can congress be so bipartisan and monolithic when it comes to military spending and favor for wars, even after 16 years of nonstop war? My opinion is that part of the reason lies with AIPAC, CFR, and other Washington think tanks that set the agenda in Washington. I know they have strong influence, but could that be the primary reason for this bipartisanship regarding war?

    • In the first article above about China holding U.S. IOU’s, I liked the following QUOTE:
      “Hu’s your daddy.”

  4. Great job again James on your lecture and Q&A session!

    I don’t know if it went by your head without noticing or not, but one of the people in the audience asking you questions (in the dark) was Dr. Niels Harrit.

    As far as nukes are concerned…

    I’m relieved to hear you don’t buy into the ‘nukes are a hoax’

    By coincidence, just recently I have been re-examining the 9/11 destruction
    of the towers.

    I had previously been aware of the mini-nukes theory for the towers’ destruction, but never looked into it to any degree.

    9/11 itself was a shocking event given the net result:
    Towers destroyed, Pentagon attacked etc…
    If the American public ever learned that mini-nukes were used
    to bring down the towers they would go ballistic!

    I am going through very compelling evidence right now on this
    (mini nukes).

  5. manbearpig, if you’d like to read more about the a-bomb hoax, go to the Daily Bell dot com and search for it. There are quite a few articles. Nothing definitive, however, many points to sow doubt about the official story. Also see Anders Bjorkman website at http://heiwaco.tripod dot com/

    After looking into this topic, I come out 80-90% that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not atomic bombs but firing bombings, just like all the other Japanese cities. Major questions I have:

    1. Why do these cities look like all the other cities after firebombing.
    2. why are masonry buildings at and very near ground zero still standing?
    3. if it were nukes, how could the people have returned to the cities within hours to help survivors and clean up?
    4. how can we tell the difference between victims burned by nukes and victims burned by firebombing?
    5. How could both cities be habitable so soon after being nuked?
    6. Why were there Japanese laws against free speech about the a-bombings?
    7. Why was a squadron of conventional bombers sent to Imabari–a city near Hiroshima–on the day of the Hiroshima bombing when that city had already been destroyed? Were those bombers actually sent to Hiroshima instead?
    8. If the military was able to “simulate” an atomic bombing using a 108 ton pile of tnt–which makes no sense, btw–how can we be sure that the following “tests” were not simulated as well? (See wikipedia page on Trinity, scan down for the 100-ton test.)
    9. Take a look on youtube at all the vids of nuclear explosions. We are talking retarded fakes. A child can see through these comical vids.
    10. I’ve read that the cancer rates in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are no different from the rest of Japan. How do we verify the cancer rates? Government stats?
    11. Just like the other great hoax of the 20th century–NASA’s men on the moon–why have these weapons never been used again? Please don’t try the argument about politicians’ scruples.
    12. The claim that the h-bomb headed for Nagasaki had to be armed by the crew sounds completely untenable and like the piling on of “human interest” details to make the story more interesting to the public. Could the military really have left such a critical task to be accomplished at the last minute by a sailor during a bumpy airplane ride?

    It seems very reasonable to me that the Manhattan project was a total failure, and to justify the immense cost and scare the crap out of Stalin, a hoax was developed. Once the feds realized they could pull that off, they knew that they could pull off just about anything, even claiming to putting a man on the moon, or blowing up buildings in NY and saying that muslims with box cutters did it.

    Epistemology. The question we must all first ask when faced with government “news” is how do we know that the information is true? How do we know what we “know,” and how can we verify the claims? Does anyone we know personally and trust have definitive, first hand proof of the events? Once we establish that the only source of our information is the government itself, we must be skeptical. If media access is restricted by the government, as in the case with the a-bombings, we have to evaluate the journalist(s). Restricted access alone should increase our skepticism. We can then look at the “evidence” and use a little logic.

    The propaganda campaigns of WWII that rely on survivors’ stories and persist due to government laws against free speech have to be viewed with a huge amount of skepticism, with the bar for accepting evidence high. Not only does government benefit from the continued terrorizing of the population with the holocaustTM and the a-bombingTM stories, so do the “victims.”

    I’m not qualified to evaluate all of Anders statements about nuclear bombs being an impossibility, but the little I know jibes with his evaluation. I’m about 50% on the existence of nukes today, but about nukes existing in 1945, I’m much more sure that they didn’t.

    So you can trot out all the survivor stories you want, James. I’m not convinced by them. These people could be mistaken, uninformed or milking the system. I don’t know them, their motivations or their abilities. I can’t evaluate their information.

    PS I’ve been told by two Japanese speakers, one native, that the pronunciation of Hiroshima does not emphasize the “O” sound. I’ve heard only one other person say hir-O-shima. What’s the deal on that?

    • Corbett Report coverage of Hiroshima with a survivor

      Some words are difficult to understand.
      These two Corbett videos have the “closed caption”…
      A-bomb survivor testimony uploaded August 10, 2007
      (10 minutes)
      A tour of Hiroshima Peace Park with an A-bomb survivor

      Sights and sounds from the Hiroshima Peace Ceremony Aug/07

      Interview with Hiroshima A-bomb survivor
      Part 1 –
      Part 2 –

      (Note: “August 2007” is pretty old by YouTube standards. “Google Video” was also a popular place to upload videos during this era. In 2009, Google discontinued the ability to upload videos, shutting it down completely in 2012. Both YouTube and “Google Video” began around 2005.)

    • I’m far from being an expert on nuclear weapons, but I do see one obvious problem.

      You can simulate a nuclear explosion by using the equivalent weight of TNT, but you would actually *need* that weight in TNT.

      So to simulate a 20 kiloton bomb, you would need 20 kilotons of TNT.

      Ok for a ground test, but it would not have been possible to carry about half the weight of the Titanic in an aircraft back then, especially for that distance.

      • Good point Octium.
        Add to the fact that “Nuclear Power Plants” depend upon heat generated from the atomic inter-reactions. Nuclear plants, like plants that burn coal, oil and natural gas, produce electricity by boiling water into steam.

        So fire and burns from an atomic reaction certainly make sense.

    • Ccuthbert2001, this is very interesting point of view. What I can make of it has again been the ah-haw of my upbringing and brainwashing for some 45 years. Un learning is as hard as learning. We may get to that point where humanity stops the bull defecating on our pyshic mystic front yard. Its so deep. Thank you.

  6. == Off Topic – HIV/AIDS As Myth ==

    Nothing surprises me anymore. Everything is lies. But this is kinda shocking in its audacity, if true, like much else (9-11, Holohoax, etc)

    Proper Gander – “HIV – AIDS Hoax – HIV Does Not Cause AIDS”

    Maybe this is old news to some. I heard of this a decade ago but have never looked into it.

    • Thanks Jason,
      Whether the virus itself is a complete fabrication or not, the simple observation of a “sudden, entirely new, fearful sexually transmitted disease” should raise anyone’s eyebrows.

      I mean…come on…they can only pull my leg so far… “How come the virus is not in the historical record of past centuries like other STD’s being spread around the globe?”

      In the 60’s and 70’s, virtually no one was worried about STDs. And a lot of sex was going on! A lot! with many different partners. I could tell stories.

      By the late 70’s, “herpes” was the new scare. And a lot of folks have it, but in reality it is no big deal. And can easily be attenuated or gotten rid of altogether.

      When HIV / AIDS came on the scene, there was a lot of fear. Sexual patterns changed.

      One method of addressing viruses which has been around since the 1930’s…

      • Good points.

        One thing that I’m still curious about is the earliest AIDS patients.

        I understand that malnutrition and veganism may cause AIDS symptoms. I understand that everyone has their own biological mix of “junk” in their blood that they are acclimated to and when a person gets a blood transfusion or has lots of sex they are potentially exposed to a whole petri dish of new “junk” to get used to.
        I understand that a corporation sold a bunch of tainted blood and/or medicine to Africa when it was banned here.

        That leads to a lot of sick people for legit reasons that might have gotten better. Or would they? Were all of those sick folks taking their “medicine” making certain they’d die?

        I learned the hard way that faith in the medical industry is just another dogma of deception. I’ve already spewed in other posts how I got fucked over. I’ve always been bipolar but my faith in their random poison pill prescriptions destroyed me for 4.5 years and I’ve slowly recovered for a few – but now I’m realizing I’ll never be right.

        Any recommendations for bipolar and chronic depression?

        A couple years ago with nothing to lose I started taking double and triple recommended amounts of vitamin D, ginseng, 5HTP, and ginko. I backed it off to normal amounts. It helped a lot. Now, much less so.

        • Jason Carswell says: Any recommendations for bipolar and chronic depression?

          Be your own final counsel on it. You do what works for you.

          The supplements you did are pretty good. Some more which you may want to experiment with are…
          … dopamine – such as mucuna (which I am growing), Tyrosine, DL-phenylalanine, or even a Smart Drug combination like Piracetam and Deprenyl.
          … Gotu Kola, Vinpocetin, Huperzine A, Bacopa
          … Lecithin or anything within the Phosphatidyl serine or Phosphatidyl choline or Phosphatidyl inositol category. Put a wad of lecithin in your mouth like chewing tobacco or snuff…and you will probably notice better mental sharpness. Lecithin will help to regrow the nervous system.
          … GABA

          I would avoid smoking pot (if you do). It can cause more dispersal which can, over time, sometimes translate into less stable, more manic up and down, more depressed characteristics.

          But you are not alone Jason. We all have issues which we wrestle with.

          • I don’t even know which supplements work or not. I’m pretty sure the vitamin D and ginseng work from my past life.

            I never liked smoking but I also bought a vape pen back then, shortly after “discovering” the vitamins when I heard that nicotine alone was not addictive and was a cognitive enhancer. It was new and neat and kind of worked but I got tired of it after trying for a month and a half. It just wasn’t enough “enhancement” and if you smoke too much it makes you nauseous (as the vitamins do). I gave it away.

            Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll check them out when I can. I don’t have much to work with.

            Have you heard of Thenine or Theanine? A dozen years ago I was doing design and animation work for a new smart drink and he gave me some. Apparently it’s good for getting rid of coke and booze hangovers as well as energy drinks. I feel like I remember that it was minor but good for elevating your cognitive performance. So minor that I don’t remember, yet enough that I had it on my shopping list for a long time but either couldn’t find it, didn’t have enough to spare, etc.

            What do you think of the AlphaBrain stuff Joe Rogan likes?

            What is dispersal?

            • “Dispersal” is when it is hard to focus. A person’s attention goes here and then there and then here and everywhere….

              The AlphaBrain is a nice formulation with some of the ingredients which I mentioned above, but at $68 a bottle of 90 capsules it is way, way overpriced.

              Theanine is naturally found in most teas. While many teas contain caffeine, the theanine calms the nervous system. This is why a person doesn’t get the hardcore “coffee jitters” with tea. Many teas contain a high amount of fluoride as a food group.

              Lithium is a mineral found in some drinking waters naturally. It tends to calm the nervous system, and studies have shown that people in areas where the water contains Lithium have fewer health issues and longer life expectancy. “Lithium Orotate” is the supplement to buy. Lithium has a bad rap because it has been perverted by Big Pharma formulations.

              I am a big proponent of the B Complex vitamins, because they are water soluble and they are critical for so many body processes. Each B vitamin plays very important roles and there are different forms (variations) of each of the B’s.
              Example of B-3 – Niacin and also the Niacinamide form each have important benefits. Niacin may help with radiation poisoning and the other form may help with certain mental aspects. The list of benefits of each form goes on for pages backed by studies.

            • I know you are busy and I don’t expect you to follow up on the following links.

              I have a Shih Tzu seen here with the computer

              She had vaccine poisoning and was technically diagnosed with Encephalitis (brain swelling).
              She was acting like this dog but with lots of whimpering, non-stop for days…

              This is a long write-up of supplements which I used to handle the situation. It explains many nutritional supplements in detail.

              Not noted in the write-up, as she was recovering I also found an alternative Vet who used a light therapy and DMSO and other “chiropractic” type applications to help her regain health.

              Many dog vaccines are potentially harmful, just like with humans. Vets know this, but downplay it with their customers.

    • Re: HIV myth

      @29m on ‘Joe Rogan Experience #1017 – Jim Norton’
      Streamed live on Sep 28, 2017

      Joe talks about an older podcast #282 with Dr. Peter Duesberg of Berkeley who no one will debate and has been outcast for not buying the HIV narrative. They go on speculating, I’m still watching it and will watch the following shortly.

      ‘Joe Rogan Experience #282 – Dr. Peter Duesberg & Bryan Callen’
      Published on Jan 19, 2013

  7. == Off Topic – Missing Trillions ==

    We’ve heard about the $2.3 trillion missing before 9-11.
    We’re now hearing about $6.5 trillion missing.
    Wasn’t there another announcement a while ago regarding missing trillions?

    Is there a list of all the announcements of missing trillions and/or wouldn’t this make a great public service announcement, seriously or in parody?

    Getting woke sucks. Life was miserable before, but now that I know it’s all lies and a scam and we’re all in a planet-sized prison I just want it all to end. I live across the river from Detroit but I’m afraid that rusted wreck doesn’t deserve a Russian nuke wasted on a ghost town. I’d be happy to suicide vest a herd of fat cats if it would actually make any difference but like a hydra, nine more evil bastards would take the place of every corporatocratic asshole I’d take out – and then the octo-python vampire would squeeze everyone tighter in the name of “terror”. Maybe I should just accept dogmatic ideas, find religion, and pray for a swift death.

    • This is an interesting about the financial coup d’etat that has been moving trillions out of the USA since 1997 in order to implode it. I don’t know how true it is, but it sure is far out and sounds plausible.

      “Entrainment, Mind Control and the Fall of America – Catherine Austin Fitts”
      Rachael L. McIntosh
      Published on Sep 28, 2017

  8. == Off Topic – Zoon Politikon with Holly Seeliger ==

    I don’t usually promote folks, but Holly mentioned that she was inspired by James Corbett to do her own show. Initially I had reservations but she’s pretty good. I don’t know if she’s worthy of a Corbett interview or not, but maybe one day…

    Zoon Politikon with Holly Seeliger, the political animal:

    Full disclosure: I don’t know if Holly is too busy, too swamped, or not interested, but we’ve corresponded a bit. I offered to animate graphics for her show, and perhaps do more – but have had limited responses. I wonder if she’s too active and spread too thin. I just don’t know. We’ll see if anything comes of this. I hope so.

    • I mention Holly Seeliger here… (she gives credit to Corbett)…

      If money allows, she may need to invest in a different microphone. The voice comes off a little too shrill for my ears. Corbett improved his audio during “the early formative years”.
      Like she mentions in her videos: She is learning. She wants to learn. And she wants to pass along important information.

      • Texifino Supplier of good things. Thanks for introducing Holly. My eyes are delighted as any young mans could be however as my daughter has guided my full appreciations for beauty and intellect I must say thank you and say no more.

      • I agree that she could use a good mic. Her birds in the background don’t help. She’s doing some diction training. I think her diction is fine. She could be less monotone and mix up the rhythm for interest, but she doesn’t need to get all Phillip DeFranco waving arms with jump cuts. British newscasters have a funny up then down cadence. I hope she finds her own voice.

        Yes. She is new and learning. But it seems to me that she is obviously clever, woke, and clever enough to help bring the woke issues to fore. If she’s that clever now, with some learnin’ and persistence I’m certain she’ll become a serious contender.

        It doesn’t hurt that she’s cuter than James, but that’s moot as politics and porn comprehension in different parts of the brain don’t mix well.

        I like her glasses, for aesthetic reasons and good optics for intellectuals.

  9. Along the lines of “Echoes of WWI: China, the US and the Next ‘Great’ War” .

    As a wild bet (in M&Ms or gummy bears or match sticks), I would wager that we will see…
    …a trending higher dollar (DXY)(which today is at 93.40)
    …trending higher range oil prices (this week WTI is in the $52 range)
    …trending lower precious metals like gold and silver. (today silver is below $17)

    • Texifino Supplier of prognostications. Are you in the tea leaf business? I thank you got what it takes for the gamble. How can we the downtrodden benefit from this intuition? I like theory of the possibilities. You are savvy in the facts, leads up to where your gut may agree or disagree with your clairvoyance . What do you feel? Texibruho El intrenational forcastado. I would ask you please clarify a few questions for my weak red soiled mind.
      How can the dollar be strong with the 21 trillion $ debt?
      1. Oil needs another pearl harbor event. Directed huracaine , war drums to crank on the strategic reserve. I agree with you on oil. Anything to make the Benchmark rise will be anticipated . Tulsa area gouged 20% rise recently . Outside a twenty mile circle of Tulsa gas rose only 10%.
      Why is metals going down? Sell off grandmas jewelry for med treatment? Over supply ? What Holly said? Libyias gold shows up on market for sell to BRICKs for Petro dollar peter-out moves? I Don’t know, what moves metal around. Im game to back,cause I feel you are spot on 2 out of 3 and be counter intuitive on the other.

  10. My Okie friend,
    Centuries ago the word was “tulips”. Now the word is “frac sand”. “Frac sand” is now being traded as a derivative. Employment ads are begging for frac sand drivers.
    Southwest of you are the SCOOP/STACK oil/gas plays where fracking technology is rapidly evolving…and it is sucking that oil so effectively that neighboring wells are drying up (Kingfisher Coounty had over 400 reported affected wells)(Many dried-up wells are not reported, because of the unwritten code among oilmen which is “don’t involve the government or we’ll kick you out of our buyer’s club”).

    The commodity exchanges, where oil and gold are traded, are probably one of the best examples of “a game designed by manipulators”.
    In reality, often when hard goods are sold there is a lot of negotiation on the price, despite the commodity price.

    OIL – On the commodity exchanges, more than 100 fake barrels are traded for every real barrel. Here are examples of how the market is rigged…
    CorbettReport’s documentary “How Big Oil Conquered the World” is a true 5 star film. I am so glad he made it.

    The EIA and the IEA give out weekly and monthly reports about the supply/demand side of oil. But they really don’t know and their figures are often fabricated. Of course this influences the exchanges.

    Typically, but not always, the precious metals will go down in price if the value of the dollar goes up.

    The following interactive chart is pretty good for looking at exchange prices. The top menu “Markets” will have “Currencies”. The DXY is probably good to use as a measure of the “Dollar”.

    “Speculators” or “Traders” on the exchanges are polite terms for gamblers. I have nothing against gambling. I think the odds in a casino are probably better than on the exchanges. However, Las Vegas was built on losers.

    Honestly, and while I am pretty much broke, I personally would contemplate buying some USLV (a 3x ETF) if the price of silver goes down to around $14 ounce.

    • HomeyRemedySupply , you got a lot of great information here , thank you for sharing. So speculators mess with the process to satisfy greed? I see this in Joklahoma right now . The state budget has failed. The dems want a tax on oil production or they will kill the tax on cigarettes, which was prevented by the Supreme Court for being a tax and not a health care fee. Cost the state 250 million. Oil boys bought off the house and senate so big mess for the physical budget. They are going to tax gasoline at the pump instead of at the well head. Big Oil rules the roost round here.
      That was a lot of info, thanks for the work you have done over the last few years . You make it look easy, do you have a Brock West helping you? Greatly appreciated. On to metals…adios mystro HRS.

  11. == Off Topic – Corbett As Fiction Author ==

    In the way that The Martian was written on a blog, released chapter at a time, perhaps James Corbett can publish chapters on his site here too.

    Life is not good. Life is not a bitch. Life is bittersweet. Take a bit of time off from the New World Order. They’ll still be fucking it up in style when you return. Write about the things you’ve wistfully dreamed of writing. Be the next Arundhati Roy.

    I look forward to reading it. You can’t force me to like it but I’ll certainly appreciate the good, the bad, and the literary.

    If you want some original seed story outlines I’ve got a bunch. I have too much imagination. My problem is fleshing out characters in proportion. It’s too easy to develop parts while ignoring others and unnecessary dwelling in writer’s indulgences. I’ve also got some with unsatisfying conclusions, plot holes, or pacing problems.

    Will Faulkner? I hardly know her!

    Band name: Subjunctive Mood & The Split Infinitives

    • Corbett is an excellent writer like you said. I always am impressed with his skill.

      Just throwing this out there…
      I think a good promotion and a cool potential viral YouTube video would be a screenplay of sorts with cameos from all these different “truth tellers” participating as different characters. It would take a good script writer like Corbett to put it together.
      An example is TruthStream Media when they did T-Files: The Last Card

      I just loved it. It was a very clever way to relay a message. And the humor was great.

      • Thanks for that link. I’ll watch it after this.

        What you said reminded me of this concept I’d like to share/propose. I’ve already been working on it sporadically and erratically. Call it “A Truther Documentary”, “Getting Woke”, or whatever you want. I have another title that fits more with my work.

        To appeal to all audiences it can work on multiple levels, from normie to curious to skeptic to truther to woke to tinfoil hatter.
        Layer 1 = It’s a montage mockumentary.
        Layer 2 = Nothing without humour. Nothing in depth. Nothing dissected. Nothing cited (except many short famous quotes).
        Layer 3 = Serious topics. Lots of peripheral details & stats. Inject references.
        Layer 4 = Logic.

        Every piece is bite sized. It’s a complete thought. Whether it’s a 5 second video barrage, a 30 second commercial parody, a 3 minute music video, a 5 minute skit, a fake news anchor monologue or whatever. Without overdoing it select elements, props, or themes can be carried through. A good example is the underrated 1987 comedy “Amazon Women On The Moon”. (

        While bite sized, when compiled together they would form a feature length cohesive concept threaded with themes. These are not random skits spliced together. Stanley Kubrick had a rule that every shot had to have at least 2 of these 3 qualities: 1) plot driving, 2) visually interesting, and/or 3) thought provoking. I suggest that every shot in this project 1) drive the narrative with clarity and logic, 2) be visually stunning, 3) include meta data and references, whether in titles, text (to pause and read), or visual cues, props, etc embedded or inframed.

        The bite sized pieces could be endlessly reworked and re-edited and perpetually revised as new contributions improve the semi-constant semi-amorphous main message.

        For variety each piece may have it’s own style as well as contributors by invitation or submission.

        Main Chapters:
        – interesting intro
        – warning, think for yourself (not always easy, sometimes like painful dominoes)
        – illusion / hypnosis / mind control (everyone can be tricked)
        – Machiavelli & friends + full spectrum dominance
        – a brief history of propaganda, public relations, & social engineering
        – more than one history for more than one perspective
        – the 20th Century revisionist history never taught
        – the 20th Century cultural engineering never taught
        – the 20th Century minority perspectives never taught
        – Sept 2001 = 6 events incl anthrax + financial crimes + full spectrum cover-up
        – more staged events, then & now
        – other useful deep state definitions and concepts
        – politics of dialectics, punching down, & manipulation
        – central banksters, war, and GOD (gold oil drugs)
        – secret societies, satanism, pedophocracy
        – UFOs, flat Earth, Bigfoot, misinfo, & other wonderful woo
        – future plans and warnings from the New World Order
        – future speculations
        – some solutions & resistance under & outgrowing full spectrum infiltration & dominance
        – dealing with a monsterous paradigm shift & existential angst

        Insert or rework to include missing important material. Ambitious as hell, this all encompassing project is flexible enough to grow and be split if necessary, like a miniseries but the only sequel I can picture would be for further solutions.

        I hope this makes sense. I’ve got a headache.

        • I can see why it gave you a headache. 🙂

          I’m all in.
          Great idea Jason!

  12. I’ll give a brief synopsis on what I believe are the primary causes for WW II as a form of ‘question’ for your comment James

    1) The Tsar would not allow a western controlled central bank to be installed in Russia but upon the western backed successful Soviet revolution the central bank was installed.

    2) The Soviet state proved to be a problem during the Great Depression as the western working class began adopting socialist ideologies to previous labor strife. Ergo the western banks backed the rise of the NAZI regime in Germany and elsewhere, Germany’s war machine as a counter balance with invasion and destruction of the Soviet and early set up of an E.U. under fascist Germany and allies all in mind. We also had the attempted fascist coup in America at this inter war period.

    3) During WW II Hitler nationalized the banking business and began issuing debt free German currency as a very real threat to the bankers. At this point the Soviets were given all they would need and more to crush the Third Reich. A very large job but with money being made on both sides of the conflict why worry if plans are forestalled.

    4) Post war the Soviets still remained a possible source of ideological contamination of western workers but also served as a foil for the MIC as the Cold War was developed.

    5) Today with socialism defeated as a threat to the injustices of banking these financial forces have begun again to seek their “One World Order” (OWO) – Peter Koenig’s term -, after their mistake with Hitler, but not with backing fascism. Alt right protest against the ‘OWO’ mostly amounting to neo liberalism lite, so not too big a threat. The bankers and their entourage of multi national corporations (most preferred shares probably held by the bankers) are moving on many fronts and levels within those fronts to achieve their OWO. The international friction we see being a combination of struggles to see which grouping of oligarchs will be first among equals at the big table and the reluctance of nations to hastily forgo their sovereignty, handing it to the bankers and their corporate entourage other than in an incremental fashion lest the people awaken to the plot in too large numbers before the fait accompli is achieved.

  13. Dearest James Corbett,

    What do you think of this idea ( ) that I have since expanded and refined upon?

    “Conspiracy 101 For Dummies – a grand summary of Trutherism and anti-authoritarianism.”


    “Forbidden Perspectives”

    Truthstream Media’s recent Qui Bono and False Flag videos are perfect to inject into it.

    You have clout and could invite various YouTubers and Truthers to participate, whether they grant permission to use existing material or create a new mini-segment summary of a topic. The shorter and lighter the better. As an introduction, humour helps.

    If you don’t want to do it, perhaps you could support it as an open source project. I’ve started some but I’m solo. Also, life and this Vegas thing have got me all distracted (as usual).

    I’d be happy to edit/remix/design/animate existing or new material or to new audio. (Please use me/my skills.)

    I love the new docu. Broc West is great but doesn’t have a hipster edge. A Conspiracy 101 docu should have more stylish edge, good music (legally used or not (maybe keep it off YouTube to gain cult status before popularity)), and attitude to grab the youth. Not every track has to be Bassnectar (I bet he’d be on board) or wistful guitar.

    Peace out,
    ~ Jason

    • 4 more notes about my proposed collaborative docu:

      1) You can pitch it as potential cultural cross pollination and advertising of channels.

      2) It can be an example of diversity coming together in a time of division – to unify against oppressive forces.

      3) This could be a relatively easy show: for you to pitch this idea to the masses.

      4) I’d be happy to dedicate my full time efforts to help prep for this if you want. (Otherwise I’ll just keep picking at it, half assed.)

  14. Dear James:

    1. Have you read _Murdering Liberty Killing Hope: When Psychopaths Rule the World_ by Jeff Prager? (free ebook found at )

    If so, care to comment on it?

    There may be other places where the events of 9/11 are directly connected to the collapse of the USSR (by 10-yr. U.S. Treasury notes) but if so, I’ve not come across anything else, credible or not. While Prager’s information is very interesting, he’s no Chalmers Johnson or Peter Dale Scott.

    2. Speaking of history and historians, did you know that the first history of the world was conceived in the Tower of London?


    Bill I.

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