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Did you know there’s a searchable archive of the last 12 years of tv news? Or that every moment of all of the major news network’s broadcasts from the week of 9/11 are available for free online? Well, you do now! Go forth and research!

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Really Simple Syndication – #SolutionsWatch

Research Tools You Should Know About – #SolutionsWatch

How to Access the Library of Alexandria – #SolutionsWatch

Television Archive

Understanding 9/11 – A television news archive

Television Archive resources


  1. Gosh! I really love these #SolutionsWatch videos.
    I appreciate Corbett summing up and linking his previous related #SolutionsWatch episodes.
    I’m gonna bookmark this one as a reference.

    I mentioned the following on a previous Thread. I’ll say it again here:

    Coming up September 11th.
    Global Live Stream from the Lawyers’ Committee

    Speakers include:
    James Corbett, Kevin Ryan, Graeme MacQueen PhD., Whitney Webb, Richard Gage, AIA and more…
    Originally slated on the speaker list for the upcoming September 11th event was Ed Asner.
    Ed Asner died Sunday August 29th, 2021. He was 91.

    • Over the decades, I really have enjoyed Ed Asner as an actor and activist.

      A big highlight was the 15 minute video by Ae911Truth with Ed Asner.
      Solving the Mystery of WTC 7
      (By the way, this video is in many languages. Search the Ae911Truth channel.)

      I have used this video countless times in disseminating to others.

      • I really respected and appreciated Ed Asner’s work. The video you linked there, Solving the Mystery of WTC7, literally was the exact video that shattered my world view and woke me up to 9/11. He explained things so calmly, slowly, and logically, that I think I let my cognitive defenses down and then bam, I woke up. So I very much appreciate that man.


        In my perspective, the 15 minute video “Solving the Mystery of WTC 7” is somewhat of an Intelligence Test.
        The video holds indisputable “QUESTIONS” to the official narrative. This fact can’t be denied.

        If a normie dismisses those questions, then they FLUNK the Intelligence Test.

        Without deeply researching questionable narratives emanating from officials, then a person relies for one’s own intelligence upon those officials.
        Thus, in essence: “Your intelligence does not belong to you…it belongs to those who own you, those who are in authority, those who provide the narrative.”

        The normie becomes dependent upon authorities for his own personal intelligence. He has no intelligence of his own.
        His mind is captive by officials who dictate to him what to think and observe. He cannot critically think for himself.
        The normie flunks the intelligence test, because he gave that “potential intelligence ability” to the authorities.

        “Trust our narrative” means “don’t think for yourself. Let us be your mind’s intelligence.”

    • Regarding: 9/11 Truth

      While looking for Australian news about an August 31st Truckie protest, I ran across the recent:
      August 30, 2021 – 60 minutes Australia
      9/11: The moment the world changed 20 years on | Under Investigation

      I suggest ignoring the first 30 minutes.
      By the 31 minute mark, “60 Minutes” starts to go into conspiracy theories. They show a clip of Richard Gage at the Red Pill Expo (33 min mark). They bring on “expert liar” of Basic Experts, Dr. Jonathan Barnett. His face will look familiar to many old timers.

      The show continues as one would expect any Corporate Controlled Media (CCM).

      See comment below by Enemy of the State for CCM reference.

    • September 4th, 2021
      Biden Orders Declassification Of 9/11 Documents & Possible Saudi Links

      Amid ongoing pressure from the families of 9/11 victims, President Biden on Friday ordered the declassification of FBI documents related to the September 11, 2001 attacks, now set to be released over a period of the next six months.

      The families have long moved through US courts to seek accountability for the Saudi government. They accuse multiple US administrations of seeking to cover up close US-ally Saudi Arabia’s involvement in supporting the al-Qaeda hijackers.

      The ordered declassification comes just days before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks which took the lives of almost 3,000 Americans in New York, Washington D.C., and over Pennsylvania with the downing of United Airlines Flight 93.

      Last month about 1,700 family members of the victims wrote a scathing letter to President Biden urging him to skip 9/11 memorial events unless he’s willing to release the documents immediately. “Since the conclusion of the 9/11 Commission in 2004 much investigative evidence has been uncovered implicating Saudi government officials in supporting the attacks,” the letter said.

      Biden’s Friday executive order stated that “Information collected and generated in the United States Government’s investigation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks should now be disclosed, except when the strongest possible reasons counsel otherwise.”

      “When I ran for president, I made a commitment to ensuring transparency regarding the declassification of documents on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America. As we approach the 20th anniversary of that tragic day, I am honoring that commitment,” Biden said in announcing the move.

      “Today, I signed an executive order directing the Department of Justice and other relevant agencies to oversee a declassification review of documents related to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s September 11th investigations. The executive order requires the Attorney General to release the declassified documents publicly over the next six months.”

      The language of the executive order still leaves room to potentially restrict some documents or sections….

  2. Was wondering what search engine is James Corbett approved?

    Thank you for your hard work!

    • he triangulates (uses multiple ones)

  3. concerning books.
    as we all well know, the wild west times of the internet archive are over and it is becoming more and more ‘official’. You have to get an account and rent for an hour, or
    books and other resources are removed entirely.
    E.g. some months ago someone linked to Politische Ponerologie by Lobaczewski. A day later it was deleted on the archive (copyright).

    So if ever someone is inclined to go to more ‘unofficial’ platforms.
    on unblockit . ch you also find some for books
    so far I have made good experiences with LibGen. Found the book mentioned above (yes, even in German) and
    just for this comment tried for two others:
    Michael Malice The Anarchist Handbook and
    Jonathan Haidt The Righteous Mind
    found both.

    There is DownMagaz for magazines too – probably interesting for researchers too (the economist anyone?) and of course
    sci-hub on it (if you wanna see if a paper is available).

    Make sure to be more or less anonymous and don’t give your credit card number away

  4. It was stunning the first time I saw the Jane Standley BBC Tower 7 clip. I still remember the first time I saw it I was thinking, “how did they allow this to slip through the cracks?” It’s funny, I found a clip today of Phil Hayton(the BBC anchor interviewing her about WTC 7) talking about how he doesn’t even remember being in studio that day! ?

    The Larry Silverstein PBS “pull it” interview was equally staggering. You wonder how this guy did what he did and never even got questioned about it!? It’s all just brushed under the rug and forgotten, nothing to see here!

    You know, I never really knew about the Pearl Harbor predictive programming. Not only were there news clips but that movie came out several months before 9/11. As bad as many thought it was, a lot of people watched it! Damn you Michael Bay! ?

    Just a few thoughts, have an awesome day!!!

    • Right you are!
      I remember the 9/11 Truth Community was all abuzz when the
      “BBC | Jane Stanley | Solomon Brothers Building – WTC 7 Video” first appeared.
      During that era, I would follow the 9/11 news daily.

      9/11TRUTH.ORG has an excellent write-up of that historic time in 2007.
      It is worth reading and/or hitting some of the article’s links
      BBC Clairvoyant Collapse
      By Staff – February 28, 2007 – Editor’s Note:
      BBC World News announced WTC 7 had collapsed, well in advance of the actual event. Discovery by blogger prompts controversy. Angered counter-attack from BBC avoids issue: What was the source of the information? New 3-minute video compilation of the key points from the BBC broadcast, demonstrating foreknowledge of WTC 7 collapse. Read more for complete coverage of the last three days.

      YouTube was caught throttling that video(s), trying to put it out of the spotlight. You can see the conversations at During the 2007 era, YouTube censorship was not as harsh as it is now, and in fact, was somewhat unusual.

      • Correction on spelling: Jane Standley

        • Actually I thought I was spelling her name wrong ?

          Wonder whatever happened to her? If she still works in journalism or for the BBC?

          Be interesting to get an interview with her 20 years later

        • HRS, when I saw your three words “Correction on spelling:” I thought you were going to write “Salomon Brothers Building”!

          Ha, I didn’t even notice that you left the “d” out of Jane’s last name, whereas the misspelled name of the firm stood out to me, since in the ’80s and ’90s I wrote about Wall Street investment houses and money managers, including a guy who was my New Canaan, CT, neighbor:

          BTW, HRS, congrats on the h/t James gave you for finding that dystopian WEF video, which he featured in Sunday’s Recommended Viewing: I sent it to several friends who don’t otherwise see what circulates in our censored community! 🙂

          • Oh! Thanks CQ!
            Salomon Brothers Building is the correct spelling.

  5. Mark Passio has an ongoing offer for his 1TB drive, the ARK

    I managed to download this thing from someone’s onedrive, it was an onerous task, let me tell you. I was thinking about setting up a torrent, but with my upload speed it would take a month for one single individual to the whole ARK from me.

  6. You know what’s wild? If you search for the term “Trump” right now on the TV Archive, you will receive 489,821 results.

    If you search for the term “Rothschild” you will receive 103 results. Several of these searches feature someone named Mike Rothschild who appears to be unrelated to the wealthy Jewish family.

    That means during the last 10 years, over millions of hours, across dozens of networks, the Rothschilds have been mentioned on the CCM fewer than 100 times. That is mindblowing. Think about how many words have been recorded, and how many people have been mentioned during this time period, but not the interesting, wealthy, and powerful Rothschild family. Now I know why I never heard about the Rothschilds as a kid, because the media are not allowed to talk about them.

    The Rothschilds are the real world equivalent of He Who Must Not Be Named.

    • joshwb, does “CCM” stand for controlled corporate media (or corporate controlled media)? If not, then what does it mean, please?

      That’s quite a discovery you made on TV Archive. Yeah, no wonder few of us ever heard of the Bauers of the Red Shield aka the Rothschild family — until we went down the proverbial rabbit hole (in my case post-9/11).

      • Yeah sorry @CQ, corporate controlled media (Note: I just changed my display name).

        Covid-19 is what sent me down the rabbit hole. Ever since then, I’ve begin to doubt nearly everything.

        • You’ve caught up and caught on super-fast in less than two years, Enemy of the State.

          Thanks for the wikispooks link to the CCM. Interesting that MSM isn’t the preferred term. So MUCH yet to learn, no matter how deeply we’ve already dug and how long we’ve studied this stuff.

          • Update: Those 103 results were completely unrelated to the Jewish family. I did searches for “Evelyn Rothschild”, “David Rothschild”, “Lord Rothschild”, and “Jacob Rothschild”. Zero results each time.

            That means during the last 10 years, over millions of hours, across dozens of networks, the Rothschilds were likely never mentioned on the corporate controlled media. Incredible.

            • I gather the same silence surrounds Lynn Forester de R.? Yet we’ve seen her in interviews from time to time, as we have Evelyn. Maybe the family has an especially effective “scrubber”?

              (When I worked for a newspaper in a paper mill town, I used to write about the plant’s “scrubbers,” which controlled the . . . POLLUTION in the air!)

              Thanks for doing your homework, EotS.

    • MagicBullet
      “….and hide behind being Jewish..”

      A high skill minority that punches over its weight in finance, media and Tech and is ALSO high fear is super useful to the elite

      Its not like an influential jewish person on the left OR the right is gonna go hard in calling out other jews (however they PERSONALLY may dislike them)… because of fear of getting their own race into trouble.

      An example is the EXCELLENT Abigail Shrier who speaks up well against the Trans Cult but never talks about who is FUNDING the massive top down changes. This all plays into the Elites desire to keep us arguing about deck chairs as the boat sinks around us

  7. I’m chasing sources for deaths and injuries related to covid gene therapy inoculations (the ones that say “vaccine” on the packaging); Just was on the CDC/VAERS site and cant access the data? and there’s a european group, and surely others..

    Any help with this is most appreciated.

  8. HELLO!!!!
    I am doing a Time Line for the BBC WORLD broadcasts…. it will take a while depending how much time I have and if no one gets back I might just give up and go get drunk instead…

    Is anyone gonna co ordinate here to see if they want to do another channel?

  9. TV Archive very interesting.

    Search mRNA. First person to introduce this idea for a Covid Jab? None other than Anderson “Is that a CIA Pension in your pocket” Cooper.

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