Revisiting Psychopathy

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Videos | 3 comments

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It’s been a while since The Corbett Report last examined the topic of psychopathy, and in the meantime a number of articles, papers, documentaries and books have emerged to shed more light on the issue. But as this growing understanding of psychopathy begins to shape the way we understand the global economic collapse and the moves toward political tyranny, do we run the risk of starting a new witch hunt? Find out more in this week’s edition of the podcast.

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  1. Michael.bc,
    Extraordinary write-up! Fantastic!

    I am adamant that… We underestimate this reality of Psychopaths at our peril.

    You mention cutting off all direct influence of Psychopaths as much as one can. If not physically, then at least mentally.
    I agree.
    Their influence is trouble, big time, major… …and can turn a person into quivering jello. One can get sick or not “think right” or a Psycho can just make one’s life generally miserable.

    Actually, Scientology also mentions this “cutting off” or “disconnection” from psychopaths.
    See this…


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