Interview 1826 – Jones Plantation with Larken and Amanda Rose

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In January 2020, Larken and Amanda Rose appeared on The Corbett Report to discuss their plan to turn Larken’s short fable, “The Jones Plantation,” into a feature-length film. Well, guess what? It’s 2023 and that film is now here. Appropriately enough, it’s called Jones Plantation and it’s available online now. Joining us today to talk about the film is Larken and Amanda Rose.

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Interview 1589 – Larken and Amanda Rose Discuss The Jones Plantation Movie

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  1. The idea, script, cast and directing are superb. The way the ideas are conveyed by the cinematography really take Jones Plantation film over the top great.

  2. First watched the short animation, and heard about the feature film in the works, from Jeff Berwick’s “anarcho-capitalist” interest in the project. With this endorsement of the film from James Corbett, now I gotta see it. I haven’t watched a movie / film in years and years, but the wife and I are planning to watch The Jones Plantation over the weekend. Now, if I can just find the popcorn in the cupboard and that bottle of scotch I hid from myself….ha ha

  3. The actor who delivered Mr. Jones onto us did a fantastic job, considering he’s not an actor. My reaction was pretty much the same as that of James when Larken divulged this information.

    While I watched the movie I kind of wished they swapped Mr. Jones and Mr. Johnson actors or even used the fellow who played the other plantation owber (Archibald? can’t recollect the name).

    But for a first timer he did great and thus I take my wish back.

    Mr. Smith did a great job and so did several of key slaves. The forced masking scene was indeed very raw and real.

    My only complaint is that the movie could have been edited considerably better, but considering the budget and, I can only assume, massive exhaustion by key players involved, I’ll roll that complaint up and shove it up my ass.

    I would love to see the extended version. Maybe a sequel is in order? I am sure it would get funded just as this one.

    • mkey
      ‘…..Maybe a sequel is in order?…’

      Never ask for a sequel!!! Look what happened with Starwars!!!! 😉 lol JK

  4. I am confused. Can you purchase the film or do you just purchase the right to watch the film on line? If you want to share the film with someone who is not on line you can’t? I have friends that don’t have TV, or computer that is on line. So is there a way to download movie or purchase a DVD?

    • If there is no Download you COULD run a ‘screen capture’ program while it plays on a PC then run that video file thru something free like Openshot video editor into a DVD (or whatever format you like) and then burn it.

      At the very least you could THEN turn the file into MP4 and carry it on a USB thumbdrive….. I think smart TVs even play such thumbdrives, but I hate that tech so I dont know.

      You can buy an old Raspberyy Pi 3 (4 is even better) and install Kodi to make an offline media player that will play DVD’s (with external USB optical drive) or .iso DVD files or MP4s and such. I have an external hard disk of movies and TV and audiobooks. I used to use an old duel core PC but a Pi takes less electricity and is nice and small.

      I dont know how to turn a saved video into a DVD and burn it, but I do believe such a thing is possible if you want your own physical DVD disk

      • Thank you I’ll look into those options

    • They state on the website that watch parties are OK. The point of it all is that you should show it to as many people as you can. Larken kind of wants these ideas to proliferate, you know.

      The streaming version can be downloaded through the browser, via extensions such as VideoDownloadHelper. But shh, don’t tell anyone.

  5. Considering its tight budget, the film turned out to be not so bad, after all. I still prefer the animated version, it is more powerful in delivering the message. The feature film delivers a different message – that wage slavery is better than chattel slavery. Yes, there are hints of government with the flag waiving, pledging of allegiance, the whole elections circus… but no explicit mention of it. On the other hand, it is a no-brainer that a plantation is a privately owned company.

    What no one is talking about, and hardly anyone even noticed, is that Noah was actually promoting socialist ideas in his one-minute speech. So there’s the irony: a bunch of capitalist simps, in an attempt to expose government, unwittingly exposed capitalism for what it is. They claim, or so they were taught, that capitalism is “voluntary” and stands for “freedom”. And they are right – you can choose your master AND pay the bills all by yourself instead of being at his mercy. And if you work very hard, one day you can become a slave master too.

    • “….They claim, or so they were taught, that capitalism is “voluntary” and stands for “freedom”. And they are right – you can choose your master AND pay the bills all by yourself instead of being at his mercy. And if you work very hard, one day you can become a slave master too…..”

      Yes, but thats life in a physical universe is it not?

      There has not been since Eden a place that food is ‘free’ – actually now I think of it even in Eden Adam was told to garden. In the physical world people must produce what they consume and there is no escape from physicality except death.

      Ironically we live in the most ‘post scarcity’ civilization that has ever existed and people are less happy then ever, lol, people eh?

  6. Very few people have the mental strength and moral character and desire to live a voluntaryist lifestyle. Trust me, this will simply turn into a cult if you all try to live together. Although there is one group that seems to be doing it right . I can’t recall if I heard about that here , but even that group had strict rules that each member had to work . People , humans, are not meant to live alone . Living together requires agreed upon rules that must be followed. Even in a simple family the father is supposed to be in charge. The mother is the second in charge and the children obey until they move out.

      • Statism is the natural result of people turning away from God.

        • Pkadams
          “…..Statism is the natural result of people turning away from God…”

          VERY True- but you get the same thing with an excessive obsession with “freedom”.

          Freedom without God eventually gets turned into slavery to ones own desires and/or vices because people who cant rule themselves properly MUST be ruled.

          I guess thats why the current Elite are trying to send us all infantile-it gives them plenty of excuse to ride us. What was it in Brave New World- “an adult at work and a child at play” or something like that.

  7. I have been waiting for this movie for quite a while. I listen to the actor that I believe plays Mr. Jones who is a fantastic lawyer that is called Legal-Man on Tweeter. He has a podcast called The Quash which he breaks down the legal aspect and shows his audience how we are enslaved and the system is rigged.
    Great interview James. So glad you added this to your topic.

  8. I can’t wait until I have time to watch this! I have listened to The Quash for years!

    I have a question James, is it appropriate to watch with a 10 year old, or should I wait until he’s not around?

    • Some of the concepts would probably go over his head and some of the violence, while not graphic might be a bit much IMO. Just explain reality to him as he grows so when he is old enough to handle the weightier matter he’ll be prepared to do so.

  9. I sent notice to Dr. Shiva of “The Jones Plantation.
    He makes mention @ 22:00 min on too the end at 35:00 min. about the plantation.
    He speaks more direct and less esoteric than Mr.Rose’s story.
    Dr.Shiva spoke of Malcolm X’s story of the field slave and the house slave as they watched the Masters House burn. Dr. Shiva asks as Malcom X did,” do you want to be a house n’gr or a field n’gr. Direct and blunt with authority.
    This kind of direct talk always has preceded the old saying ” time to choose”. Most people I have meet in life have actively avoided such direct talk and having to make a choice. It usually impacts your future and will be etched in your memory for ever.
    You can change, Petrarch wrote of this in the 1300s. The future is yours to create or to be avoided. Avoid it and as Petrarch said you will wonder in the wilderness of the valleys and never reach the summit.
    Avoidance bares witness to the latter belief that your future will be given to you weather you like it or not. So far the score is 1 century for the good, 1000s of centuries of the bad.
    It only takes one to make the second one possible. We are on the way. Dr.Shiva and Mr.Rose are not that far apart in reaching a summit.

    • The highest summit has nothingness. No air, no food, no life. Better to enjoy the valleys…

  10. Just finished watching this movie which critiques my favourite thing in the world: Complete domination by an evil global elite.

    However despite that it was truly an excellent movie. The acting was excellent as well as the writing and direction.

    The only thing that wasn’t excellent was the music. If you could fix that it would be 10 times better! Please!

    • Didn’t Larkin do the music himself due to budget constraints?
      I thought he going for a Tarrantino-like vibe with it. 🙂

      • There was one bit of synth music that actually worked- It was about half way through. If that could be teased out in the rest of the movie it would be great. The drum is a killer- Out of pace with the story. My daughter is into music more than I and she didn’t like the music either.

        Don’t want to be a crank, just helpful.

        • “Don’t want to be a crank, just helpful.”

          Do you truly think that suggesting that the sound track be replaced or modified on a film that has already been released is being helpful?

          I can understand that you may not like the music and feel the need to make that fact known. But I don’t understand how you can think that is helpful in any way.

          Or is this more of your satire?

            • On the basis of one person’s dislike of the musical soundtrack? Okay.

              I’m sure they will immediately start a new fundraising campaign to make that happen.

              • Yes, that’s the main reason for movies to get recut.

            • “Yes, that’s the main reason for movies to get recut.”

              What is the main reason for movies to be recut? “one person’s dislike of the musical soundtrack?”

              You sure about that? Sounds kind of unlikely to me.

              • Yes, absolutely.

  11. With election season coming, this film is so very timely!

    • DISL Automatic – New World Disorder (Guilty Until Vaxxed)

      We have before us the opportunity to forge, for ourselves and for future generations, a new world order.

      Bush kept saying a phrase that I often use myself, that we needed a new world order.

      The affirmative task that we have now is to actually create a new world order,

      Welcome to the new world disorder
      Where hoarders are about to use health to close borders
      People terrified so they comply and follow orders
      Violence isn’t a sacrificial slaughter

      Safety’s what they’re begging for, but danger’s what they’re heading for
      A world in which freedom is based on social credit scores
      Gotta trust the science and the ones who check the facts
      Thinking is a crime and you are guilty until facts

      New world disorder is a plague upon humanity
      [???] paranoia so the norm is insanity
      Well known liars telling us to trust the science
      But when reputable scientists defy them, they are silenced

      Come here, let me whisper in your ear
      The real pandemic is of ignorance and fear
      It should be crystal clear that this ain’t about health
      It’s all about control and a transfer of wealth

      Cancerous cells spreading rapidly and violently
      The tragic irony is that deadliest virus is tyranny
      Bodily autonomy is a fundamental right
      Violate it everyday by governmental oversight

      And it ain’t nothing new
      For over 50 years of drug wars been telling us what we can and can’t do
      With our body and our mind this is not the first time
      The government committed crimes cuz it’s violent by design.


      The next chapter in the fabricated factors
      Weather modification, unnatural disasters
      They say we gotta save the Earth
      But before we destroy the planet, the planet will kill us first

      It’s begun, agenda 21
      They’ll probably try convincing us that we go burn the Sun

      Or maybe they gonna come with an alien attack
      They create the problem and the way they react
      Is with a solution they claim is to save us
      When in reality their aim is to enslave us

      Governments conducting fear based psyops
      Harnessing energy for the pyramid [???]
      Occult rituals where paedophilia is habitual
      They want us to think it’s all mythical

      This a transition, not transhumanism
      In a world where free thinking can land you in prison


      A world where the rule of law, not the laws of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which credible united nations can use it’s peace keeping role to full fill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.

  12. Overall, I very much enjoyed the film! However, I will agree with the comments about the music – not bad by any stretch… just a little jarring and discordant with the emotional context of particular scenes for me, much of the time. However, I have never worked on a feature film so I can’t even imagine all the effort that went into this!

    I did find some of the scenes a bit heavy handed (even veering towards propagandistic), which gives me a bit of pause sharing this with some of the more normie/indoctrinated folk in my life.

  13. Congratulations Larken, on making this dream come true. I was happy to support you, in a small way. I look forward to collecting my digital copy of the film.

    I was confused by the background of Mr. Smith. What was the significance of his prior master? Were you drawing a comparison of him to the Devil? What was the point of his shrine? Was there significance to the $20 amount?

    The last scene left me wondering what happened to Sarah. Did the slave master have a change of heart or was he a “hair sniffer?”

    Anyone interested in Larken must seek out his book, “The Most Dangerous Superstition.” It’s available from Amazon or pdfs are available on-line. Larken might say where to find a hard copy, for royalty’s sake.

    James, your 9/11 in five minutes is a true cult classic.

  14. Regarding Sound of Freedom since Corbett mentioned it. Don’t fall into the same trap as Iain Davis: Giant blunders and omissions of quintessential central contradictory tenets of the story. It is very unfortunate that such a great researcher should tarnish his excellent track record overlooking the missing damning links of Sound of Freedom.

    The mass media promoted the Sound of Freedom – ie. made it known – in as tightly coordinated global massive media operation, in exactly the same MO as the Qanon operation also became known in August 2018, as many veterans immediately realized.

    Many people do not want to hear about anomalies regarding Sound of Freedom for example, where there is constant, consistent and unceasing – without exception – ignoring of arguments to a surreal degree (almost invincible fallacy) – point by point by point. Or Comical Ali rationalizations. CRAZy error in logical typing.

    This is the same pattern we saw with many Trumpists in 2016-2020 when we pointed out that Trump and Qanon are part of The Deep State. Trump is totally entangled with elitist pedophiles and the Zionist mafias to an EXTREME degree.

    All ‘conspiracy theorist’ fans of Sound of Freedom, MUST ignore the following as ‘coincidence theory associations’ or totally irrelevant:

    * that Tim Ballard is lying about the movie BIG time -. vigilante detectives showed this and have been on the trail of Ballard for 10 years.

    * that the New York Times owner, the second richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, is a central financier the film according to Ballard himself in an interview.

    (Donald Trump gave a speech in 2016 in which he mentioned that Carlos Slim was the largest shareholder of the New York Times and was the reason for the mainstream attacks on him. Carlos Slim and his son are some of the key people behind the Sound of Freedom, which Trump is promoting big time….makes sense – not! It makes perfect sense in the deeper lens though. It
    also just confirms the Trump-Clinton connection that Clinton supporter Slim is funding the film. Trump is promoting Sound of Freedom BIG time. Trump and Slim are two sides of the same coin, 2 opposing controlled oppositions, which is nothing new either, just like Soros and Kissinger, both Rothschild agents)

    Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock named 52-year-old Marcos Antonio Slim Domit, billionaire son of Mexico’s wealthiest and arguably most corrupt man, Carlos Slim, to BlackRock’sBoard. – link

    His brother Carlos Slim Domit, the eldest son, was Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum Latin America in 2015, and currently serves as chairman of the board of America Movil where BlackRock is a major investor. – Link

    Another brother, Patricio Slim Dormit, is one of the Producers for Sound of Freedom. – Source

    * Trump, Cavizel and Qanon.

    NB Note that the new team, Caviezel, Ballard and Trump, is the continuation and maintenance of:

    1) Qanon memes via Caviezel as a primary advertising agent – even though Qanon is exposed as crazy by mainstream AND as a PSYOP by the truth movements.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • (continued):

      * that the film is astroturfing. It ‘bypasses censorship’ as the most hyperviral ‘independent film’ in history, grossing $150 million (as of August 1). Under the guise of a pay-it-forward system, which in reality is astroturfing (false grass roots), this is the reason why we often see more or less empty theaters. .

      Comical Ali: Ah, it’s just ‘charity’…

      *that it is well known that +95% of American zombie movie goers do not want to see this kind of film – they want to see the usual Hollywood hardcore junk, yet the film breaks all records for the first time in the history of the world, so we are left to believe this as a mere ‘coincidence’ ‘ due to a ‘grassroots campaign’ (astroturfing).

      * that the Sound of Freedom is not reduced in Google’s search results – on the contrary

      * that Glenn Beck (Arch-Zionist, pro-Israel Mormon and VERY close collaborator with Benjamin Netanyahu) is THE crucial person in the creation of Tim Ballard’s organization, OUR. Without Beck, no OUR.

      * that Caviezel dramatically repeats Qanon memes at press conferences and interviews; ‘The Storm’, adrenochrome, etc. – and Qanon is the expedient pretext for mainstream to attack the film (Caviezel delivers the ammo to them)

      * that the film gives an ignorant public the impression that the responsibility for pedophilia seems to lie with brown low-ranking Mexicans and South Americans – and that the film says nothing that we don’t already know (which is why Qanons are disappointed)

      * Glenn Beck and Tim Ballard are pushing a strange agenda focusing on putting Israel on a Pedastal- VIDEO

      * Tim Ballard is a Mormon, Mormons are pro-Masonic and pro-Israel big time

      Mormons love to invert occult symbols. Ballard is at the start of this video (who later mentions that the demonic pentagram on the head is a sign of the light). Ballard talks in intro in the video here about the positives of Freemasons and their symbols.

      Comical Ali: Pure Coincidence Theory…

      Ballard with the classic Masonic symbol on the tie: PHOTO

      * Qanon mentions Tim Ballard in Post 1881 as the foremost human trafficking expert in the US (which is a ridiculous lie). NB! Here we see an explicit connection between Caviezel and Ballard in relation to Qanon ‘himself’

      * That the story about the chip was a lie (that Ballard wants to chip kids), was instantly obvious.

      (although Freemasons actually recommend a tracking system for children, and Ballard loves Freemasons).

      Comical Ali: ‘Bahaha, ALL is totally and absolutely anecdotal coincidence theory – nothing to see there either…..Caviezel is JESUS. I can feeeeeel it – you are an evil evil man who sees ghosts where there none exisr, ChaosNavigator! Can’t you see Ballard’s and Caviezel’s beautiful crying eyes and goodness’

      The tip of the Iceberg (can’t post too much here)

      According to the new hope porn dumbed down generation of pseudo-conspiracy researchers:

      Never ever follow the money, the characters, the trails…nothing to see, move along….to the Sound of Bull Shit

      • PS: Some auto-translation errors and typos but still readable

    • Continued from the snip:

      NB Note that the new team, Caviezel, Ballard and Trump, is the continuation and maintenance of:

      1) Qanon memes via Caviezel as a primary advertising agent – even though Qanon is exposed as crazy by mainstream AND as a PSYOP by the truth movements.

      It’s also why Qanon believers absolutely love Caviezel. There are probably at least 1 million of them, by now a Deep State designed chimera, an abominable cargo cult, Frankenstein’s PSYOP victims, an abominable “Uruk-hai” force created by Sunstein/Saruman’s cognitive infiltration, legions of Frankenstein’s bastard off-spring, as Qanus is imitation and simulacra of the original truth movement (the real enemies of empire).

      2) Trump is endorsed as the central theme again by Cavizel and Ballard, i.e. support for re-election and as the childrens protector (even though he is the most pedophile-protecting president, and the most zionist/Israel-friendly president ever)

      Caviezel, Ballard and Trump are explicitly in alliance with huge fanfare around Sound of Freedom, and Caviezel is explicitly canvassing Qanon memes under great solemnity and public scrutiny (despite his tepidly contradicting denial of knowledge of Qanon)

      I also predicted – 7 days before Trump met with Caviezel and Ballard amid the hyped screening of SoF, interview, mutual praise, etc. – that Sound of Freedom was a decisive support for Trump’s re-election in his upcoming election campaign.

      Comical Ali: Ahhh, pure luck, coincidence and ‘conspiranoia’…..

      * The film’s producer – Eduardo Verástegui – is endorsed by Trump as the next president of Mexico, while Verástegui calls Trump ‘the world’s most amazing leader’.

      Comical Ali: Pure coincidence theory….

      ”We have to do a lot more. We got to start with Donald Trump. He’s got to be in there because he’s going to go after the traffickers’
      – Jim Caviezel, Fox News

      * That Sound of Freedom e.g. being shown in the US Congress, is just another tell-tale sign that it is completely harmless to the power elite

      * that Carlos Slim is explicitly Clinton- and Rothschild-connected BIG time (Slim is the million-dollar donor to the Clintons and Bill Gates)

      * that Verástegui has been very close to Carlos Slim for many years.

  15. This was an outstanding watch. I am really impressed with what Larken & Co have made, on a low budget. I loved it. (And, the Biden scene was really funny).

    Very well done!

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