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Have you seen Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest character. He’s masquerading as a person who wants to preserve free speech by censoring free speech, and as usual his audience is lapping it up. The only problem is, this isn’t a joke and he’s not acting. Find out why Sacha Baron Cohen is wrong about everything (including his own comedy) in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.

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ADL International Leadership Award Presented to Sacha Baron Cohen at Never Is Now 2019 (video)

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Keynote Address at ADL’s 2019 Never Is Now Summit on Anti-Semitism and Hate (transcript)

Sacha Baron Cohen Is Wrong About Social Media, Wrong About Section 230… And Even Wrong About His Own Comedy

Problem Reaction Solution: Internet Censorship Edition


  1. I wonder if this has to do with Stakeholder Capitalism I’ve read about on the World Economic Forum. (they mention the Davos manifesto) I know the powers embed themselves into different organizations to push along policy.

  2. As I was listening/watching this it unexpectedly struck me how much it reminded me of an earlier Corbett Report “The TSA Is A Milgram Experiment” at with Sacha Baron Cohen wittingly or unwittingly playing the role of the “teacher” delivering electric shocks to a “learner”.

    To quote from that article “But the “study” is a sham. The “teacher” is not, in fact, delivering electric shocks, and no one is actually being harmed. In reality, the “learner” is an actor, an accomplice of the psychologist. What is actually being tested is the “teacher’s” willingness to deliver increasingly powerful electric shocks to a perfect stranger merely on the behest of an authority figure (the psychologist).”

    This reminded me of the quotes in this report from the article cited “Sacha Baron Cohen Is Wrong About Social Media, Wrong About Section 230… And Even Wrong About His Own Comedy” by Mike Masnick at techdirt excerpted and quoted in this report.

  3. I like the penn jillette point about Cohen not understanding his own comedy. That maybe, for example, people in a Arizona bar go along with singing a song that is offensive to Jews because of an impulse to welcome a stranger. It does not prove racism. If they were to sing the song to a Jew in a targeted and mean fashion, that would clearly be wrong. I also think that the attitudes of the woke speech police cause people to feel so constricted that they release the tension in awkward ways. People often want to transgress against those self righteous police more they want to transgress against a particular demographic. Everybody should watch the scene in Gran Torino when Clint Eastwood gets a haircut from an Italian barber and they exchange racial epithets as a matter of male bonding. If we could bring back a little of this tradition, there could be world peace…. Lastly, I liked the labradoodle joke. Maybe you have to live an American suburb to get it. I’m usually picky about jokes, but the idea of psycho Stephen Miller having three labradoodles is a humorous image. And Miller probably would give them those names too.

  4. Just in case someone wanted to see this disgusting low brow filth merchant ‘digging’ for antisemitism…. he did look rather surprised at how many people sung along (same vid..)

    I also laughed at Borat… but after a bit I realized what a corrosive effect such dirt has on your mind. The demoralizing effect of the wrong kind of media consumption is as shown in this article (E M Jones talks a ton about such things in ‘Libido Dominandi’)
    Its funny how some people use their freedom to do gross, debasing things in public and then whine about how other people are mean and unpleasant.
    I dont know much about this site but the article looks like a pretty good and you used to be able to find a full 60 min speech all over

  5. James, another great show. In terms of support material
    for analysis, I would add a link to Penn Jillette’s own
    explanation for why Cohen misunderstands the dynamics of
    his signature ‘gotcha’ moments with ordinary folks in the
    heartland… usually the American heartland.

    Mr. Jillette’s explanation begins at (15.30) on the recording
    track, and he takes about 5 minutes with it. Too bad there is no transcription available for such insightful podcasts, and that is
    an ‘extra’ we wish you had here on the Corbett Report. (Sorry,you
    give so much as it is.) Addiction to key-word searching is an
    affliction worth resisting, we can agree.
    Cheers! Ron

    • I was wondering which conspiracies he was referring to as well as he slid in that Russiagate comment.

  6. As far as his not understanding his own comedy-

    His assertion that he is exposing people’s true attitudes is not entirely false. There is something to that. But he definitely is not aware (or is not acknowledging) the factor of human nature, which has been addressed here, that in a face to face situation people want to be kind and accommodating to a person. And this is what I would add- especially if that person is clearly mentally impaired or socially retarded, which his characters have been.

    By the way, today the DVDs I ordered as gifts came. I will tell my friends to put on their seatbelts before watching them.

    Thanks Mr. Corbett.

  7. His dad was the head of B’nai B’rith in England…

  8. Perhaps he just wants to get Carlin and Hicks off the Internet so people can’t discover what real comedians are supposed to be like?

  9. Damn you James! I was just halfway through listening to this and digging up the TechDirt article’s URL when I hear you citing it. Grrrrr. (Pitifully: I’m just trying to inform the community)

    Oh well, at least, once again, I discover that we share some sourcing.

    On a related topic, also published at TechDirt, the French are first off the bat to implement the Copyright Directive from the EU and, its just as bad as you’d expect.

    Bring on the Censorship!
    Shut us all up!
    Give no redress!
    Make the big corps entrenched!
    Prevent diversity!

  10. It’s interesting how Sacha Baron Cohen talked about the mass killing of children in Myanmar but didn’t mention the lies that led to the war in Iraq. If SBC had his way, would people who questioned that war have been censored (jailed?) even though they were ultimately proven to be correct?

  11. the focus on sacha baron cohen is yet another reminder to me that the luciferian entertainment industry is loaded with puppets who are used to propagate nefarious agenda… same goes for political industry, full of ugly actors incl trump ~ here’s a sickening speech he delivered on dec 7th to the israeli-american council in hollywood

    “President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Wednesday targeting anti-Semitism on college campuses, the White House said. The order, which is likely to draw criticism from free speech advocates, will broaden the federal government’s definition of anti-Semitism and instruct it to be used in enforcing laws against discrimination on college campuses, according to three U.S. officials cited by The Associated Press.”

  12. Thank you for covering this, James! As an old fan of Borat, it was depressing when I first read about this speech in a mainstream article. I always felt that the value of Borat was that those encounters had the possibility of showing both the kind, accommodating qualities as well as the uglier fearful ones. It would have been rich if the speech had been a brilliant spoof, but no. Those lingering hopes dashed. He actually used the word purge..?

  13. So I didn’t get ONE response to my questions on YT, so I’m trying here & WOW, I wnt to look for my comment & DAMM, look at all the comments that have been posted since yesterday.

    2 people spammed the entire comment section with one-liners. Geeze. I don’t think that’s happened before.

    Anyway, here are my questions. I’ll have to read the comments here some other time as I’m busy.


    I’m VERY confused by all of this…

    1. I thought the gov’t OWNS FB, G & YT b/c they started Silicon Valley. So if that’s the case, why would they need to STEP into handle censorship when they are the ones leading the way on what goes shown in the first place?

    2. Zuckerberg says he doesn’t think censorship will work YET he’s closed down TONS of FB pages & groups due to censorship?

    3. Zuckerberg is Jewish, so why is Cohen going on about him as if Zuckerberg is allowing antisemitism.

    4. Does this section 230 (no I didn’t know about it) allow us to get the name, address, IP, e-mail, etc. FROM the site that holds this info about the person who defamed us?

    That’s ALL I’ve been asking for for the last 20 or so years b/c I’ve been lied about online forever (it affected my biz too) & Google fought me to give me the info I needed to sue the people & so the lies continue to remain online on blogspot.

    I feel it’s the SITE’S responsibility to keep that info (not just fake info) & then be forced to provide it so we CAN go after them. Not work in conjunction with the defamers to hide their identity.

  14. Something I’ve thought about recently is the power that the tech giants have amassed. What triggered this thought was a conversation I had recently with some friends who were talking about how great the Jack Ryan tv show is. After researching it, it’s clear that the show is at least in part a propaganda operation. The show is an Amazon original, and the producers and actors were in close talks with the CIA who helped shape it. Amazon also happens to be a CIA contractor. The show spews propaganda about evil Middle Easterners and Venezuelans, and heroic CIA officers and U.S. military men.

    I suppose what we are seeing is a symptom of the Scientific Technological Elite that Eisenhower warned about. It is probably also a symptom of the relationship between private and government power.

    Link to Jack Ryan show analysis written by The Grayzone

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