Satire is Dead (and We Have Killed It)

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Videos | 53 comments

Satire? On the internet? Are you crazy?

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Who Sponsors The Corbett Report?

I Ran A Yanny/Laurel Experiment And You Wonโ€™t Believe The Results!

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

Saudi Arabia beheads first female robot citizen

Episode 236 – Peeling The Onion

Is Satire “Fakenews”? – How Fact-Checkers Peddle Snake-Oil



  1. I am glad to learn about this “satire” thing. I am about half way through a case of pepsi and it taste pretty bad. I thought it would make me smarter like James but now that I see it is “satire” the joke is on me. I guess I will just use it to remove the tarnish off this copper lamp I have. Thank God this is a joke, why would anyone drink this crap?

    • It’s also useful for cleaning the toilet.

      • Don’t worry James, it’s just that with so many people now actually looking into the world, and being overloaded, it confuses them. I couldn’t help but laugh when you mentioned the Duffle Bag. I remember when they caught a certain “royal” member of the alt-media for a moment. I personally found the Onion’s skit on the killer robot spiders, which was the first story by them I had ever seen, one of the finest example of journalism to date. Of course, this is comparing it to CNN, FOX, etc. JimBob who thinks the mainstream news ought to have satire flashing over everything they say since no one can take them seriously anyway.

      • I’m not having any luck cleaning my toilet with Pepsi… Maybe I should let it sit longer?

        • You need to apply some elbow grease, I’d wager. If it can strip rust, it ought to be able to remove remains of human droppings.

  2. I’m SOOOOOO lonely! That was hilarious. Thanks, JimBob who likes to mingle by his-self in the corner as well.

  3. It’s a good thing there is no satire on this comment thread.
    It’s not good for my hernia.

    I just returned from the grocery store. But Pepsi wasn’t on the “cleaning products” aisle.

    • It’d probably be safer to market it as a cleaning product instead of … “food”, if that would be a correct term for these beverages.

      My town used to host a beverage manufacturing factory, back in the day, and guys working there told me that they used to make these soda drinks from a single 50 liter barrel of concentrate, two shifts worth. Of course the barrel was adorned with a sizable number of chemical burn warning tags and the person working with it had to wear a hazmat suit.

      How the hell can a product like that be classified as “food”?

    • I’ve never understood why they always mislabel the cleaning section as the beverage section. I guess you just can’t get good help anymore. JimBob who ain’t considered to be good help either.

      • 92! The ascension is near!

        • But I can fly! Just watch me outdo Art Linkletter’s daughter. JimBob who thinks Bill Hicks had it right when he said start on the ground and then go up as the other way don’t work so good.

        • Excuse me, MBP, could you scoot over just a bit? I wanna reach over and touch the hem of his comment box before he ascends.

          • I’m next in line.

            • It’s rather hard to see them anymore. I am too far too advanced for that! JimBob who knows that he will upload his consciousness to that big AI in the sky soon.

            • Yes, HRS is on par with Albert Pike right now. As for my pain, what is that? I am moving beyond those measly constructs. JimBob who plans on being the most grammatically incorrect conscious upload in that big AI in the sky (right under the glass so I can watch the earth in all it’s magnificent flatness)

          • Oops, yes much better…sorry about stepping on your toes there.

            Goodness gracious! You’d think I’d’ve learned with the dripping candle wax. My fellow moonies keep telling me that LED candles are the way to go. [Alexa, remind me next time I log onto Amazon]

        • You should all hurry. The beginning is nigh! Also, I have to go and heal some dead guy before he starts stinking up the joint. JimBob who should probably look up the word nigh one day, but prefers to not have too much knowledge as it weighs down his increasingly translucent body.

  4. Yes you used satire for your 9/11 short video,
    but the irony there is that you were basically just using the official government story about what happened that day!

    Their story as most of us know is so absurd that it becomes instant satire if presented in the manner you did, as if it was based upon facts.

    • Yes that was my take on them as well.

      I just thought it was a strange coincidence that James would do a piece on satire and just a few days earlier the German government had launched a video series on satires of conspiracy theories.
      And quite a pathetic attempt at satire at best.

      Here are some precious gems (facts) from their 9/11 satire:
      “The fact that Osama bin Laden and the terrorist organization al-Qaida have repeatedly made known about the terrorist attacks, does not matter to them.”

      “And it’s true: Aircraft kerosene does not burn hot enough to melt steel. But very hot enough that steel beams deform under thousands of tons of load – until they finally buckle. A fate shared by the towers and the “7 World Trade Center”, as this, too, was weakened too much by internal fires to withstand.”

      And this last gem shows how they smear truthers with
      the ol’ ‘mix in the ludicrous with the truth’ technique.

      “Particularly insane, even among conspiracy theorists, is the so-called no-plane theory. As the name implies, the supporters of this theory are convinced that no planes flew into the World Trade Center. But where did the countless shots of the passenger aircraft come from? Manipulated by the media. The countless eyewitness accounts? Secret agents of the US authorities. According to the No-Planes theory, the buildings were blown up. Of Reptiloiden, Illuminati or Freemasons – the imagination of “Truthers” has no boundaries. It is clear to them: some secret power has deceived us all.”

      Check out the videos (in German, with text) but be prepared.
      It was very difficult to stomach.

      • โ€œholographic projectionsโ€, โ€œedited video footage on all TV stationsโ€ or even โ€œenergy weaponsโ€ and other โ€œsecret technologyโ€ that could have come from aliens

        You are doing quite a disservice to the issue by mashing these topics together. There is a very substantial leap from video editing to secret alien technology, in a way you’re doing the same what they are doing, probably without even realizing it.

        I don’t know much about holographic projections and energy weapons, but I wouldn’t be so quick to discount them as the military is obviously a generation or two ahead in technology from what we can see in the consumerist world. Not to be too pushy on the subject, but it’s very obvious why the military would like having this type of technology. Energy weapons are probably leaps ahead of the holographic projection since they’d probably require substantial amounts of energy to operate and who knows what else.

        Example of a holographic projection.

        A smaller plane casting the projection, building explodes and none would be the wiser. How hard would that be to pull off?

        Regarding the โ€œedited video footage on all TV stationsโ€ aspect, how many independent sources of this footage are there? How many “just in time” shots of a plane getting ready to hit the building could there be?

        My main point of contention here is that there are way too many inconsistencies and that was probably intentionally done in such a fashion.
        I’m talking about “artifacts” on the video recordings with disappearing wings or weird blobs which are supposed to be planes. There’s a number of oddities on much of the footage available.
        I’m talking about no (plane) debris plane crashes and penetrations.
        I’m talking about people who don’t react to low altitude plane flight in a very unusual area (which is very noisy to say the least) but do react to the explosion following the impact.

        I’m personally leaning toward a plane shaped missile, since that’s probably the easiest thing to pull off, while these video artifacts have been thrown into the mix to distract people and cause cognitive dissonance.

        • if you control the choke points, like media, government agencies, etc.; you don’t have to be competent. Which is a good thing for the government as they are decidedly not competent. JimBob who is sure about government being stupid.

  5. I guess now we know what Weird Al Yankovic or Matt Groening must go through.

    …And I would also personally argue, in a day and age when everything has become serious and censored, the right to parody is an artistic human right. So don’t give up on the satire, James, I personally thought your piece was hilarious and I shared the hell out of it. It sounds preachy, but it’s true: The world needs Weird Al now more than ever.

    • Yes. Just eat it was one of the finest works of art to have ever been produced. JimBob who has owned several of his cassette tapes but doesn’t really remember many of the songs anymore.

  6. Hi James, I come from a city where humor (called black humor) is of the essence (although starting to disappear with millennials tailored by Nickleodeon, Hollywood et al…). I really don’t know why you bothered to explain your great humor and satire! Justo keep on entertaining us!! Cheers!

  7. I thought the robot’s name was “Satire”, anyway I heard Elon Musk is trying to merge with it.

    • Actually, what he is doing isn’t a bad idea. Like he said, it’s a temporary thing while he is getting the perm. factory built. What he is doing is what he can with what he has at the moment. This is how successful people do anything. Now can he live up to his word? Don’t know. But I never knock anyone for doing all they can. And no, I’m not a Musk fan. JimBob who is only a fan of fans as this is fluorida and the humidity is higher than the heat. And don’t forget! It’s the humidity that will get ya.

      • All of that stuff has been in every factory building I’ve ever worked in. Which is more than I want to remember. As for hospitals…… Those places are the most dangerous buildings to go into in the whole world. JimBob who ain’t visiting no one if they go into the hospital. They should know better if they were his friend anyway.

      • I don’t really see that as anything more than what he said. I think he’s sincere. I don’t agree with him on much, but that’s not unusual. He believes in subsidies, I don’t. But I can’t fault him for doing what it takes to get things done. That’s what you have to do in anything. I do know that John Rappaport has a lot to say about patents being suppressed:

        • We are moving into her Atlas Shrugged. Though I don’t think it will turn out like that did. Only the media wants the war. JimBob who does think that manbearpig’s pic is pretty sexy.

        • Well, the media and the elements which control it. I think there is a big purge coming up and they aren’t going to like it. JimBob who figures if the Q things are coming pretty much straight out of the WH, then when they say people up high are going to GITMO, one might better listen.

        • Actually, I’ve thought a lot about that cooperation between the media and Trump and have decided against it. They simply aren’t working in a manner for that. They have lost the narrative. I think the article that Pearl posted by John Rappaport does an excellent job of explaining Trump. There is a division in our government like we haven’t seen since Andrew Jackson was up there to kill the banksters. He’s a nationalist. He wants trade, and he doesn’t care what sort of trade it is that he is doing. Example: Yemen is a merc op, but it’s trade. We are, in effect, in the middle of a sea change. I’m not saying I’m a Trump fan, as I’m not. But I don’t think he’s of the standard mode. I also think they actually will start putting people in prison. The ones at the top are starting to go now. JimBob who can deal with a nationalist a lot better than a globalist.

        • That was weird. I typed out a comment and then it just didn’t post. Anyway, I think that you are assuming a unified front. That is not happening in my opinion. I think that the article Pearl had posted from John Rappaport on Trump explains him pretty good. He’s a nationalist (America first hell yeah, type) and a believer in trade. I don’t think he cares how that trade is done, as long as it’s what he considers a good deal for America. When I look at this government I see it divided as much as it was during Andrew Jackson’s term (Not like with the tyrant Lincoln who didn’t have a divided government so much as a war against a separate government, since the Constitution was a contract between states and not a true unification of them). The media is on the side of the left, while Trump is just on the side of trade. Most of the chaos we are seeing is really just the death spasms of the democratic party. Long may it rot. While I am not a fan of nationalism, I can deal with that a lot better than I can globalism. We are seeing a sea change in our politics and it’s pretty nice. It’s also an excellent opportunity for us to make government even more accountable. And people are doing just that. JimBob who is enjoying the panic in that silly swamp town, while he is chilling in a real swamp town in Fluorida.

  8. You can’t blame them though….I entered “Satire” in the dictionary and it says “Representative Government”

  9. Comedy has ALWAYS been an extremely powerful conditioning tool used by TPTSB to tell us what we “think”. All the cool kids are laughing at X; therefore, we KNOW that X is laughable, absurd, unacceptable, wrong.

    Saturday Night Live
    The Daily Show
    The Colbert Report
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    ad nauseum:

    The fear of ridicule is powerful. Peer pressure, herd mentality…. the need to make damned sure you properly identify the majority who are pointing and laughing and join in so as not to be on the receiving end.

    • YEs. Whenever I decide to engage in a flame war on youboob, I make sure I trigger them with lots of profanity (I have a doctorate in vulgarism from 3 universities: fleet saillor, paratrooper, redneck). When they then claim I’m an angry man, I keep reminding them I’m laughing at them until they finally figure it out and leave. I know it’s childish, but I never said I was mature. JimBob who is even know chumming the waters on Minds for trolls with his anti-GMO posts just one after the other.

  10. I haven’t had a TV since 1998. 20 years later (i.e. today) when I encounter a TV I struggle to distinguish programs from advertising from news from talk shows from infomercials. It all looks the same. Irony? Satire? Hyperbole? Picking yellow kernels of corn out of a steaming pile of shit? Waste of time?

    James, have you considered using a laugh track to alert us to humour? Thinking is too hard.

    • “James, have you considered using a laugh track to alert us to humour?”

      Great idea! And be sure to get the one with that weird cat meow. (Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who heard that; I don’t think I could take another one of those laurel/yanny/white-gold/blue-black dress blows)

      • Of the entire world wide web, I found only two ancient threads dedicated to identifying that very specific, irritating sound. One included a soundfile from a MASH episode that my aging ears struggled to hear, but there it was! Apparently it was common on MASH, Andy Griffith, Mary Tyler Moore, and many other laugh tracks from the 60s/70s.

        So, I’m not crazy! Well, yes, I am. But not on this one.

        • That actually explains a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Actually pearl, I think every human is crazy. Just in a different way. JimBob who just likes to stir things up a few more times before he ascends into that great Alexis in the sky.

  11. Your wry sense of humour has always been very apparent James. It’s an essential part of commentary on this dark world.

    Very difficult to guard against abject stupidity since itoften goes hand in hand with our current postmodern left-liberalism (not least poe-faced Christian fundamentalism) which is utterly devoid of irony and satire.

    Getting the message across with humour has always been the way to go. Similarly, there will always be morons who won’t get anything but their self-importance.

    Don’t despair. Just the nature of our idiocracy.

  12. Satire is NOT dead, the problem is hasbara trolls now dominate the internet. Zionism is the world’s greatest threat, and behind every anti social meme like BLM, transgender, radical feminism, the killing of JFK and on and on. The idea that this only effects foreign policy is Ludicrous. They are everywhere on the web, overtly and covertly manipulating discussion, and limiting it.

    • And yet, the majority of the trolls on the internet are not trolls by political or economic reasons. They are really just that stupid. It is sometimes hard to comprehend the level of stupidity in many people. JimBob who always lets the mean-spirited trolls know that they can just move away from him.

  13. If you are superior, you are abnormal. Just a fact. Now, I must go and polish my aura. It is just so shiny! JimBob who just bought a gallon of that famous Turtle Wax Aura Polish to keep things nice.

    • Whenever I ask myself that question; I just turn on the tv news and listen to them for a minute. I do this on the net because I don’t own a tv. The answer comes fairly quick after that. JimBob who worries whenever he thinks he’s superior because that sets the bar pretty low.

  14. James: keep up the good work. Satire is not for everyone. As they say (or as I hear around this part of the world): humor is a sign of intelligence. And if you do decide to shift to making humorous bits in the monty python way, I will keep being a suscriber (the nestle bit in the “who sponsors the Corbett report” was awesome!!). As always, excellent work. Agur!!

  15. Good idea. And on that risk of repulsing that sliver; I say who needs them? I’d rather have one intelligent person on my side than ten thousand idiots. But that may just be me. JimBob who is allergic to stupid.

  16. >… get rid of satire for good?

    Is this a trick question? Can there be another answer? YES! ABSOLUTELY!! OF COURSE!!!

    Man darf die meisten Dinge nur sagen, wie sie sind, um eine treffliche Satire zu machen. — Apokryphen, S. 1359
    [ You only have to describe things as they are to make the most felicitous satire. (my transl.) ]
    — [Namaste!] Johann Gottfried Seume (1763-1810)

  17. If James Corbett, and Pilato as well, cease from weaving satire into these reports, I’m going to throw myself over the balcony and end it all. I simply cannot imagine living in a world devoid of the sarcasm ad nauseam and pungent satire that permeates the Corbett report content.

    But no worries, it’s only about a 4 foot drop over balcony, so likely I’ll survive.

  18. I bought a second hand Masonic Apron, which I’m donating to J. Corbett so he doesn’t have to parade around the outskirts of Tokyo in that appalling Amazonian loin clothe any longer. I’m even considering a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his second lobotomy (yeah apparently the damn thing grew back).

    God how I loathe the slings and arrows cast upon sarcasm and satire in all of it’s forms.

  19. Not on my watch! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Re-posting here for all you cavernous archive spelunking Corbetteers

    ๐‚๐จ๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ๐ญ ๐…๐จ๐จ๐ ๐†๐š๐ซ๐๐ž๐ง๐ข๐ง๐  ๐ˆ๐ง ๐“๐ก๐ž ๐„๐ซ๐š ๐Ž๐Ÿ ๐“๐ก๐ž ๐‹๐š๐ฐ๐ง ๐๐š๐ณ๐ข๐ฌ:

    (I am waiting for people to show up in the comments section on substack and explain all the reasons why front lawn fanatics are not involved with Nazism and it is highly offensive that I would suggest such a thing.)

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