Why Do You Say “Scamdemic”? – Questions For Corbett #079

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A listener writes in with a straightforward (but important) question: why do I use the term “scamdemic”? Here’s my (equally important and meticulously documented) answer!

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Alberta update on COVID-19 – September 23, 2021


  1. I cant quite comprehend how a subscriber to this site can have any confusion about the inference of scamdemic? Nathan if you are reading the comments, I’m sure if there’s anything past what Kit Knightly covers in that great resource doesn’t cover, any of the members here will be able to break down any single aspect of the scam if you would like. As James mentions, there is not a single aspect that stands up to scrutiny. Please also watch a show or two of thelastamericanvagabond.com who covers all of this at length. Personally, I don’t know how one can perceive the fact that all of this destruction of the global economy and mass surveillance has come from something that from almost the outset has been recognised to have an infection fatality rate of a bad flu season (see John Ioniddis work), and average age of death in line with normal mortality, and think anything other than COMPLETE SCAM!!
    UKcolumn.org is another great site for this and please watch Bill Gates documentary & Ep383 from Corbett. Lastly, global central bank digital currency is neither circumstantial nor simply ‘wanting us to use electronic payments. You can look at the players themselves telling us it is coming. And every move to get us onto an ID platform accepted globally aides in this coming about.

    • I hear ya, Nick. It is quite obvious. The simplest way I can consolidate an explanation of the scammy nature of this event is the fact that even the official numbers (IFR ~ 0.2%) do not match the supposed reality they (MSM, governments, societal institutions, etc) are telling us exists. In other words, the hype, fear, and reaction of the conspirators previously mentioned does not match the baseline. For me, this is enough evidence to know the fix is in. The extensive dissecting and refuting of each of their claims is just icing on the cake that further proves the scam.

      • IFR would be 200% if we didn’t lock down. Consider yourself debunked, son.

        • Damn…I’ve got no comeback for that one. Guess the scamdemic is legit. Where can I get my vaccine passport?? 😉

          • Well, if you are anywhere near a densely populated area, there should be “testing and vaccination” centers just behind any given corner. One has to make it easy for the plebs. Cattle ain’t got no time to vaste, coral that bitch.

    • “I cant quite comprehend how a subscriber to this site can have any confusion about the inference of scamdemic? Nathan if you are reading the comments, I’m sure if there’s anything past what Kit Knightly covers in that great resource doesn’t cover, any of the members here will be able to break down any single aspect of the scam if you would like. As James mentions, there is not a single aspect that stands up to scrutiny.”

      All the more reason We Need a Great ‘Covid-19  A Conspiracy Theory’

      • Yes please Mr Corbett!!! We are all in desperate need of a good laugh if nothing else!

    • In my opinion, Nathan brings up an important aspect (nomenclature). There is a perspective here which is worth looking at.
      nomenclaturethe devising or choosing of names for things, especially in a science or other discipline; the body or system of names in a particular field

      Most Corbett Report Members are very well informed. It is impressive. Some Members have so much detail knowledge about specific fields or disciplines, that I am amazed, because I’m just a 1st Grader to the subject.

      Also, a lot of folks tend to have a somewhat skeptical or critical approach to information. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It is an appropriate attribute for a researcher of information.

      On the other hand… Man!…sometimes we can get over-critical. (I’m sure Corbett has heard his share from critics.)

      There have been times when I have seen major squabbles over very minor details in a field of study… …or the use of a term like “vaccine” instead of “medical intervention”.
      The meanings of words, the definitions found in the nomenclature…these things are always important to clarify.
      The purpose of words is to better communicate a concept.

      I appreciate Nathan for asking the question. And Corbett for clarifying the term.

      • Yep, agree definitions and language are important.
        I certainly have sympathy for the majority of the population who are seemingly under a high degree of mass psychosis.
        My disbelief comes from the fact Nathan is a subscribed (card-carrying?) Corbett member. How can you give even 5 percent of the info Corbett has disseminated over the years credence and be in any doubt of the scam we are witnessing?

  2. Japan and northern Europe are pealing off the turtles.

  3. This Nathan guy must be living in a bubble? Do not need your favorite content provider to go out into reality & see its a scam for yourself? No help for you if you deny reality? You are brain washed? The tyranny, face masks, forced vaccines & shutdowns, while pretty much everyone around you is still alive 19 months later? Way to many people cannot think for themselves & need “sources” for basic reality is why this scam continues? And why the global agenda marches on. Hey 2+2=4 does anyone have sources for me to prove that?

  4. At the 11 minute mark: “our illustrious chief medical officer… Dina Henshaw.” She’s not MY chief medical officer (nor do I have a government)… James, who are you including in “our” group?
    Sorry. I couldn’t resist the choice opportunity to nitpick. Snicker snicker lol.

    • This person who has been appointed as chief medical officer in Alberta C-eh-N-eh-D-eh is apparently making rules for the masses of the Province and she said that they will be considering any child not in school as part of the Pandemic. Nice way to get the numbers up, eh!
      I sense another (Scamdemic) Wave taking place in Alberta.
      How about they put a chip in every kid so that they know where they are at all times.

  5. Thank you so much, James, for this recap. I always appreciate the gentle and respectful tone you bring to all the information you offer. I think of your recent 9/11 20-years-later address video in the park and the long ago diary entry your wrote for your newly born son your read to us….and just thank you for your tireless work gifting us with your quick wit, analytical skills, and some of the deeper facets of your life at all times.

  6. The Worldwide reaction/distraction to the scamdemic was a smokescreen, as James says. We have witnessed countless ways that geo-political, trans-national health-safety maneuvers have been implemented to force the surrender of human rights.
    But “the scamdemic was so last year”. We need to see the bigger picture, one that unites us.
    The unelected multi-generational power-players are obsessed with CARBON. My opinion, for what its worth, possibly even ANTI-CARBON. Eugenics is too simple a term for these Globalists, it doesn’t cover the vastness of their efforts to manipulate Carbon-Based Life entirely. They are more than just humanity-haters. And it seems they are largely succeeding at gaining control of the literal Elements of Life itself.

    Carbon-based Life – From wikipedia “Carbon is a primary component of all known life on Earth, representing approximately 45–50% of all dry biomass.Carbon compounds occur naturally in great abundance on Earth.
    Carbon is capable of forming a vast number of compounds, more than any other element, with almost ten million compounds described to date, and yet that number is but a fraction of the number of theoretically possible compounds.
    Carbon’s widespread abundance, its ability to form stable bonds with numerous other elements, and its unusual ability to form polymers at the temperatures commonly encountered on Earth, enables it to serve as a common element of all known living organisms.”

    Now lets keep this nice and simple.
    Carbon is a common element in ALL Living Organisms.
    The Globalist want a “lower carbon future” through: Carbon capture, Carbon markets, Carbon credits, Carbon accounting, Carbon Reduction. What are they saying, in the simplest terms?
    Control over Carbon EQUALS Control over Life. The Element of Life.
    Reducing carbon means reducing life.
    The great conspiracy isn’t coded.

    • It must be the WORMS which are causing all this CLIMATE CHANGE trouble.
      I know that most people think of Anthony Fauci when I say WORMS or nightcrawlers, but according to this article we all need to go fishing with wormbait.
      That will solve our high utility bills and the storms, droughts, floods, heat waves and freezes.

      Wednesday September 29, 2021 – The Weather Network
      Invasive earthworms in the boreal forest could contribute to climate change

  7. Hello all,


    On Friday October 1st, all people in Belize were supposed to be vaccinated or have a negative PCR test to present to be allowed to enter a public building or a private building opened to the public. The only place accessible for unvaccinated individuals would have been the street. The Mennonite community and the public in general pushed back. The government relented.

    Moral of the story: “Say no, it works.”

    I would like to thank James and HomeRemedySupply for their legal help links. It is very helpful.

    • BUMP

      Thanks for the update katiyi!

  8. This link should be bookmarked by eveyone.

    This is part of the arsenal in the War we are waging.

  9. The bio-digital convergence indeed…
    Evidence of unknown structures in the vaccines. Microscopic images and video. The Corona Investigative Committee had a press conference Sept 20 after which they ask for a world wide halt on Covid vaccines. With English translation.


    At the 5 minute mark there are comparisons of vaxxed and unvaxxed blood samples. Several labs did analysis with similar, replicable results. Followed by (at the 28min mark) samples of the different Vaccines right out of the bottles from a group of scientists in Austria.
    What is in this stuff?!?! Just look!!!

    So yes FactChecker, I do agree that the vaccines are an integral part of the takeover of humanity. Simultaneously, there are moves being made behind the smokecreen of the scamdemic. A symbiotic relationship if you will.

    • I would like to see what happens to these nano particles in the Experimental Shots when they are exposed to high frequency radio waves. It may be that these particles react at certain frequencies, and that the evil bastards that planned this all out already know what that frequency or frequencies are.
      If you can imagine an automatic garage door being activated by a combination of certain frequencies as a similar situation, then you should be able to imagine a set frequency or a combination of frequencies causing these nano-particles to act or react as the designers planned them to. You should also be able to access how hard it would be to guess the frequencies needed in either case. Most modern Garage Door Openers claim to have a million frequency combinations, which is why I don’t have to worry about the neighbor opening my garage door with his opener.
      My Theory is that the Experimental Injections contain nano-particles that were designed to react to high frequency radio waves, and that the high frequency network that will trigger the nano-particles is nearing completion. With such a system in place they could create so much pain in ones brain that they would not want to live.
      How is that for Control?
      Do they really need digital Money at that point?

    • FC-
      The implications shared are terrifying!
      In regard to the injections, being a lawyer, perhaps you can explain why there is so much redacted information in the FDA documents submitted by Pfizer for the “vaccine” Cormirnaty . I don’t understand legally how this is possible. Except I guess that informed consent no longer applies.

      Under the heading “supporting documents” Summary Basis for Regulatory Action is this document:

      See pages 6-10
      Full of (b)(4)

      • If a highly complex technological process is used to manufacture this garbage, it’s rather probable there is only one or maybe two places on the planet that can manufacture it.

        Which would mean that bombing it out of existance would not be off the table.

      • Thank you. It’s getting clear that “legalities” are of little concern to the regulatory ‘health’ authorities. The obvious and overwhelming deception that is going on with the scandemic is just mind-numbing at this point. I shake my head in stunned disbelief that the public goes along with the Lies and constant contradictions. Manipulation is the game and choosing not to play is the only option.

    • That’s really weird and very creepy. I also want to know what that stuff is. It would be worthwhile to analyze the substance in lab to determine what exactly those structures are. There must be a scientist who could perform a detailed analysis. I am hoping the Corona investigative committee were able to send these samples off to another lab.

      For comparison it might be worthwhile to look at a regular tetanus vaccine under the microscope and see the differences. Those are pretty easy to get.

      • There must be a way to separate these structures and analyze them on an atomic level to know exactly what these are. It looks very weird under the microscope, but we won’t know exactly what they are unless the are isolated and analyzed more carefully. Is it metal? Or are they organic? I want to know what these are, like what atoms they are composed of.

        It sure appears weird though, shockingly weird.

      • Fact Checker says:
        I still don’t know what to think of Madej (I want to like her, but I can’t help but find she is willing to make extremely bold assertions on limited grounds) and I don’t trust Peters for even a split second (still shillin’ for Trump), but I think it’s important for people to be aware of what Madej is claiming she has found.

        Fact Checker, I agree. You expressed it extremely well.

        Although they sometimes have good guests or interesting topics, I despise the Stew Peters show. No sources or documents in show notes. No real investigative manner, only hype that is presented in a mainstream media style. Soundbite News.

        With Madej, something doesn’t seem right for me.

        • The way the information was presented seemed like it was to shock and frighten people. Although the findings should be shocking and are very strange, I think these particles need to be examined more carefully. A more rigorous analysis needs to be performed.

          If the assertions they are making turn out to be false, this could be used to discredit people who are questioning the “vaccine” in the eyes of the public.

          This is why a more rigorous analysis needs to be performed and also duplicated. And also these findings need to be reported and the companies should be explaining what those structures are if they are indeed in most vials of this crap.

          What if it’s contamination from poor quality control or what if they find this weird material in other vaccines. Who knows. I just need to know more precise details before I become convinced there are tracking devices in the injection or that we will become magnetic and will be able to be remote controlled.

          Maybe this is true, but these microscope slides weren’t enough to convince me. I think the precedent setting of accepting “mandated” procedures is shocking enough, plus the fact that no long term safety data has been presented and the contamination of vials in Japan was never explained enough. I think the weird structures certainly needs to be investigated, but jumping to conclusions about what they are, in my opinion is not helpful.

  10. Nathan,
    Although your question was directed at James’ use of scamdemic and his evidence to back it up, I would suggest becoming a regular reader of OffGuardian as they (particularly Kit Knightly) flay the phony Covid narrative on a daily basis.

    • I don’t have time to develop these ideas right now but I feel compelled to express that

      This interview was very very important to me.

      Indeed, Crispin Miller articulates two particular points that are at the very core of my own thinking:


      the importance of the year 1963: For him it was the Kennedy assassination and then those that followed. For me it represents the year the Institute for Policy Studies was founded thanks to Warburg money among others which was the seeded womb of the New Left (Crispin Miller evokes the CIA infiltration of the left-wing) and with the alleged early participation of a certain Noam Chomsky…
      In my early years on this Corbett website I expressed repeatedly that I would have loved to see a Corbett report about this Washington DC-based institute.


      -the “Daddy wouldn’t hurt me” complex.

      It’s not that these ideas aren’t expressed elsewhere; it’s the formulation, the words used to describe these phenomena that are near mirror images of my own. (I was born in NYC and had always dreamt of going to NYU, could that be why?)

      Anyhow, here I go again thanking you Ukdavec for a link you’ve left here.

      There were other “OMG Yes!” moments too: such as his fleeting evocation of the ill-advised use of Facebook, the impossibility of communicating with the brainwashed, ideologically driven masses and his description of conspiracy theory as “something, if it were true, would be too hard to handle”.

      So thanks again!

      Now off to the hamsterwheel and passing myself off as an English teacher…

  11. Its weird that one of the biggest scams that has been made has not been mentioned by James, There is no Covid 19 virus! SARS-COV2 has never been isolated and there is no defined symptoms for Covid 19, they are whatever they want them to be! And since there is no virus, what exactly is the “vaccine” for? This is one of the biggest tools for the global elite because it creates so much fear that they can create out of thin air.


    – FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (110 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever – https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/fois-reveal-that-health-science-institutions-around-the-world-have-no-record-of-sars-cov-2-isolation-purification/

    – ‘Virus’ Is Identical to Normal Cell ‘Structures’ – https://www.bitchute.com/video/IptvuaxgYKuY/

    – Science vs Dogma – https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/science-vs-dogma:4

  12. A New Decree by The AUTHORITARIAN gods…

    Sep 29, 2021 (3 minute video)
    Vaccine Misinformation Policy: YouTube Community Guidelines

    “News & Events”
    Wednesday September 29th – By The YouTube Team
    Managing harmful vaccine content on YouTube

    We’re expanding our medical misinformation policies on YouTube with new guidelines on vaccines…
    …and we’re now at a point where it’s more important than ever to expand the work we started with COVID-19 to other vaccines.

    Specifically, content that falsely alleges that approved vaccines are dangerous and cause chronic health effects, claims that vaccines do not reduce transmission or contraction of disease, or contains misinformation on the substances contained in vaccines will be removed. This would include content that falsely says that approved vaccines cause autism, cancer or infertility, or that substances in vaccines can track those who receive them. Our policies not only cover specific routine immunizations like for measles or Hepatitis B, but also apply to general statements about vaccines…

    …These policy changes will go into effect today, and as with any significant update, it will take time for our systems to fully ramp up enforcement…
    …All of this complements our ongoing work to raise up authoritative health information on our platform and connect people with credible, quality health content and sources….

    [–Linked from above article…]
    Vaccine misinformation policy
    (3 minute YouTube Video embedded)

    What this policy means for you
    If you’re posting content
    Don’t post content on YouTube if it includes harmful misinformation about currently approved and administered vaccines on any of the following:
    ~~ Vaccine safety: content alleging that vaccines cause chronic side effects, outside of rare side effects that are recognized by health authorities
    ~~ Efficacy of vaccines: content claiming that vaccines do not reduce transmission or contraction of disease
    ~~ Ingredients in vaccines: content misrepresenting the substances contained in vaccines

    Here are some examples of content that’s not allowed on YouTube:
    ~~ Claims that vaccines cause chronic side effects such as:
    Other chronic side effects
    ~~ Claims that vaccines do not reduce risk of contracting illness….

    Additional resources
    More information on vaccines, including their safety and efficacy, can be found below.

    [Vaccine Information from List of AUTHORITARIAN gods]
    — OBEY or we’ll crush you. —

  13. I’m surprised you weren’t given a religious exemption. Maybe you can start your own school now.

    • I’m sorry you lost your job though. I do think there is a need and will be a greater need for health care providers and companies who want to stay in business may start standing up and disobeying mandates.

      My exemption request was granted, so I am still working for now. A bunch of health care providers were fired in NY. There are larger groups of us now. I think we should network and build something outside of the system.

      It’s a bummer how allopathic medicine is being further corrupted and the good parts are being ruined now. Emergency medicine and critical care for certain conditions are vital services for a modern society. Anyone who’s ever had a car accident knows this.

      • Jed, I love the way you express things.

        I hope those inept morons get milked for all their worth.

      • I’m still in CA, but moving this winter. I know NY is a shithole. I’ve heard horror stories from nurses who worked in the ER in NY and it sounded awful, no staffing ratios, no breaks, broken equipment.

        I might like to do private duty, if I had to. I like emergency medicine though, it would suck to leave. I like the chaos and the fact that no shift is ever the same. I’m actually very good as an ER nurse. But my back is telling me I won’t be able to do this forever, so maybe private duty will be my next endeavor.

      • Thank you. I needed this today. A very positive outlook! So glad you’ll be fine, and I’m thankful to hear the bright outlook for the many fired nurses, etc.

  14. I highly approve of the term “scamdemic.”

    Although, I typically use “COVID-19(84).”

  15. Mahathir Mohamad, former prime minister of Malaysia, explained the ‘New World Order’ (NOW) in a very simple language on 09 March 2015.

    Speaking at a conference on the NWO in Malaysian capital Putrajaya, the wise statesman said the following about the NWO.

    Basically, it is about having a world government.

    (That is) we should abolish all States, all nations, all borders, but instead have only one world government.

    And that world government is to be by certain people – elites – people who are very rich, very intelligent, very powerful in many ways; they are the ones who will govern the world.

    There was not much talk about democracy or choice of leaders.

    Instead, there was to be a government by these elites who will impose their rules on everyone in this world.

    And for those who are unwilling to submit to them, there will be punishment.

    And the peace that we will get from this is the peace of the graveyard – because the intention also is to reduce the number of people in this world.

    At the time when the New World Order (NWO) was enunciated, the population of this world was only three billion; the intention was to reduce it to one billion.

    Now the population of the world is seven billion.

    (So) there will be a need to kill many billions of people or to starve them to death or to prevent them from giving birth in order to reduce the population of this world.

    Watch Mahathir Mohamad delivering the words above in a video clip embedded in the following tweet.


    It was an international conference held on 09 March 2015 on the theme ‘The New World Order: A Recipe for War or Peace,’ organized by Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF) of which Mahathir Mohamad is the president.

    The venue of the conference was Putrajaya International Convention Centre in Malaysian capital Putrajaya.

    Full video proceedings of the conference are available on PGPF website on the following link.


    To understand NWO, one MUST listen to Mahathir Mohamad’s full 22-minute speech on the link above (from minute 16:17 to 38:00)

  16. it is very simple to find out if we are in a Scamdemic. Are there millions of cases of widespread scams going on? Do these have similar qualities like malpractice, starvation in all types, poverty, tyranny? Does it have the same cause and comes from the same source such as government, banks, major corporations? Is is causing massive illness and death? Are a few number of people profiting off this crisis while everyone else is losing everything? Are there oppressive rules that don’t apply to a certain class of elites but everyone else is subjected to?

    Look, I am a believer in gut instincts so people like Nathan are probably right that there is a real pandemic going. However, they are not aware that a scamdemic is going on that is covering up the real pandemic. The Scamdemic is so invasive that it conflates itself with the real pandemic. It infects the real pandemic to make sure all of us are manipulated to falsely believe we are stopping the real pandemic when in reality we are only increasing the Scamdemic. Until the Scamdemic is removed first the real pandemic will continue unabated and hidden.

    • Journeyman pictures has an excellent series of videos called “perspectives on the pandemic”. The first one I saw had a mainstream epidemiologist talking about how the lockdown will just prolong the pandemic “flatten the curve” and that instead the elderly and vulnerable should be protected and everyone else go on about their lives and build up natural immunity and the pandemic could have been over with in a month or so.


      The fact that this common sense logical approach wasn’t used in many countries shows that there were other reasons for the lockdowns. I think Sweden used this at first and kept their economy open for the most part, but there was mounting pressure on them to lockdown. I didn’t follow what exactly they did, but do know that states and countries who locked down did worse than those who didn’t.

      I would say Covid was a pandemic that affected the elderly and those in poor health (overwhelmingly) and even those people probably would have had better outcomes if they had been given Ivermectin and other helpful medicines, rather than putting everyone on ventilators.

      I have known very few (actually zero healthy people) who have died from Covid. I think regular flu is more of a health problem for the young and healthy. This basic realization, that a person probably knows very few healthy people who have died from Covid shows that this “pandemic” is not the same as the plague, thus the fear is artificially generated by the MSM. They are making people think this is far more deadly than it is.

      • hello cuhj,
        “I have known very few (actually zero healthy people) who have died from Covid. I think regular flu is more of a health problem for the young and healthy. This basic realization, that a person probably knows very few healthy people who have died from Covid shows that this “pandemic” is not the same as the plague,”

        There have been many good links to various versions of “this is a scam” in this thread. so firstly Thanks to all.

        But here, I’d reiterate the caution, that James and other top drawer skeptics emphasize: There is no one explanation for the various radical departures from what we’ve called “normal”: about-faces of “loved ones” no longer open to any discussion? wtf caused that? Swaths of humanity are suddenly, diametrically apposed, each claiming the other is morally and ethically bankrupt. why? fear? karma? A psychological challenge was presented that only half the people had enough wherewithal to navigate without being owned? half the people were psychologically already owned? or had not matured through hard knocks that then instilled a capacity of self reliance,, it looks like an adult speaking, but it sounds like a terrible two tanty, or the worst sort of manipulatrice? maybe the answer is in a mind kontrol doco?

        In good faith, I suspect that the majority is not captured, though we’re told this or that number, so it sounds and looks like a “tsunami”, that is what the screens say. but in my daily interactions, most people are mildly to well informed, decidedly skeptical, yet still willing to whore to the mandates,, it appears that the forced jab will be the sandy line for most. If we’re lied to about so much else of course the liars will fake that they’re winning,, to the last.

        I’ve plenty of friends and family who report exceptional respiratory deaths of people they knew. (pre-vx) “They were young and/or otherwise in good nick, got terribly ill and died” therefore “it” exists, i’ve heard that enough now (from central italy, NYC & upstate, Las Vegas, Wash DC, UK) that I suspect pockets of targeted areas (bio weapon deployed? remdesivir?) using 100’s of slow kill means yet to be uncovered; and now Perhaps some places are being trialed for this or that nano? The fact that the majority of those in authoritarian positions are owned by a fallacious narrative is what I see as “the pandemic”, and the multi-spiked strategy, including how little most know about the microbiome makes it a huge mess to understand.

        • Every year there is a new “it”. Every year there are new devastating illnesses. Every year people getting sicker and more tired. Every year the amount of people developing lung and heart disease at a younger age grows and grows.

          I don’t deny a pandemic because I think no one is getting sick or there is no new illness. I deny it because the public has accepted similiar health crises in previous years as normal.

          There is no difference to me or to the human body whether it is a new illness, existing illness, virus, environmental or whether it comes from one source or many sources. All that matters in the end is your health and survival.

          What is this Covid and lockdown policy doing to improve you overall health and survival? After Covid then what? What about all other illnesses? What about your health in the near future?

          • I agree with all that,

            and add: there is evidence of exceptional/unexpected respiratory (“sars”-like) illness in specific places for a specific period. This could have occurred with or without human synthesis/deployment. The timing and duration and severity and locality all tend to favor the hypothesis that there is method to the madness.
            and yes of course
            many other causes of illness were lumped together and called “Covd”

            there logo is clear: a multi pronged assault

            • No need to add. I am including possibilities of toxins and bioweapons being released in my statement. Exceptional/ unexpected illnesses in specific places for a specific period can be found every year. I would agree there is more of it in 2020, more in 2021, and most years are not respiratory or pathogenic related but it’s there.

              Each year you can find strange cases of dozens of people suffering heart attacks, strokes, seizures, fainting, cancers, all within a short time of each other and all within a small radius. Some of these turn out to be environmental poisoning cases like Roundup while others remain unsolved or treated as unfortunate coincidences. Either way the pattern is the same every year.

          • “After Covid then what?”

            “Unless” Lorax

            “But now,” says the Once-ler,
            “Now that you’re here,
            the word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear.
            someone like you
            cares a whole awful lot,
            nothing is going to get better.
            It’s not.” Dr Suess

  17. Nathan’s searching skills suck. Possibly reading skills as well. The only problem with describing this scam is that it’s such a giant scam, quite a bit of reading is required to pull it apart.

    To all the people getting upset over any and all words someone else utters: PUT THE INFORMATION OUT USING YOUR WAY.

  18. The Big Lie – How to Enslave the World

    Academy of ideas hits another one out of the part. We have been down this path many times already. It’s a sign of madness to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result every time.

    • This 12 minute video about “lies” is pretty good.

    • What’s just beautiful how these guys are speak directly about the underlaying causes of the crapdemic and never get tagged by the youtube WHO covid storm troops.

      If they did, that would be kind of an admission. Absolutely genious.

    • Wow, mkey! I’m a fan of The Academy of Ideas but I hadn’t seen this one!

      Individually we could ‘Refuse to be a vector for lies…’

      Freedom I Won’t = Not Through Me

      Yesterday an old friend and colleague who was unaware that I had left the country, sent me an sms to invite me to a show we had worked on in the past. Thanking him for the invitation and his sms and explaining that I would be unable to go and see them as I had left the country

      I realized how hopelessly locked up most French citizens are, mind and body. If my old colleagues are performing in public they’ve been injected for sure. Even if I had stayed in France I wouldn’t have been able to go see them, I would’ve been marginalized, even by the supposed marginals, the artists…

      It really hit home the all-pervasive violent crime being perpetrated on the French population including my son…

      How can they not see it??

      We didn’t evoke Covid in our single back and forth exchange but… I know I will never hear from him again, just as this has happened with others. There’s a tacit understanding that I have rejected the social dogma, and people take it personally.

      And rather symbolically, they’re performing their play in the renaissance courtyard of the city hall.

  19. You are absolutely correct James. Im a retired medical professional and I can agree with your word choices. scamdemic it is.Its the only correct term for this on going crime.

    The thing I first noticed after the granting a get out of jail free card to big pharma was the rewriting of the meanings of everything. I, having practiced for a number of years knew it was not a pandemic, , not “the science” not a deadly disease and not naturally occurring. I knew immunity wasn’t created with a needle and people with natural immunity are not the ones spreading disease.. Since then I-have known they were not vaccines that they pushed and that the numbers had been adjusted to create false images and drive fear and hate.
    So keep up the good work, you are definitely on the right path.

  20. Dear James Corbett, Please take the time to come to a conclusive position on whether or not John Franklin Enders in 1954 truly discovered a thing or not. This supposed “thing” has been blamed for being the cause of all contagious disease deemed “viral”. It is even claimed that a genome has been ascertained or a variation of genetic sequences belonging to the “thing” and “it’s” variants. As you arrive at your conclusion please thoroughly consider the control experiments being carried out this year by Stefan Lanka and supported by Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman. Thank You.

    • What can also be considered is the abject lack of controls in the “experiments” carried out for “virus isolation” purposes.

      Or lack of controls for determining efficacy of the “test”.

      Or lack of controls in determining who is getting the funding from whom.

      Lack is probably not really the right for refering to something that never exist, does not exist, never will exist and which lack of existance is never even questioned.

  21. Thanks for this episode, it’s a great resource.

    Scamdemic is the best term for what is going on.

    Well, I have a feeling Nathan asked something else too. He said:” …risks from covid are not real or are overstated.” I would rephrase this to question: Is covid a dangerous disease?

    I think he conflates (and many many people also) what are in essence two things:
    – response to a disease, societal level (100% scamdemic)
    – disease itself, health risk for individual

    For majority of people this is a kind of flu, but for some, me among them, this was very bad disease. I’m not octogenarian, in general of good health, but a bit inclined towards pulmonary problems.

    I’ve noticed many people are puzzled how I can hold two irreconcilable positions for them.

    • mik, I like how you put a perspective on this.

      For example:
      “… in essence two things:
      – response to a disease, societal level (100% scamdemic)
      – disease itself, health risk for individual.”

      It matches my observations.

      • and mine.

        But I was wondering about the stats for total excess deaths since the onset of global hysteria?

    • I like your simple explanation about your view. I was glad to hear about Ivermectin. I think I would try this for a respiratory issue I might encounter in the future. Also, I notice when I build up my cardiovascular system with running and other cardio activities on a regular basis, I have less issues with colds and such. I also have a mild case of asthma and on occasion have used a rescue inhaler or had to use a nebulizer.

      As an anecdote, I met an older woman, in her 60s who was diagnosed with Covid and used Ivermectin (her doctor prescribed it) and the disease was gone in 4 days, no lasting effects.

      • My point was that if you’re not doing cardiovascular exercise regularly, it might help to add some to your routine.

        • I’m totally on homeopathy.
          Exercise…. you know I despise it, for me personally that would border with lobotomy. I don’t need it because I work physically a lot.
          And a story about exercise.
          Some years ago I’ve been on agro-fitness (hay job) and heard about a guy, gym addict, who was so broken next day he had to take sick leave. I had the same part of hay job as he had and next day I had normal working day with mild tiredness.

          • agro-fitness!?

            I love the sound of it!

            This word was missing in my life!

      • There is a very good interview with an epedimiologist Dr Harvey Risch who describes the suppression of workable early treatments for Covid as well as how this came to happen within the medical community

        Also practical solutions for people who have Covid or had to take the vaccine on https://earlycovidcare.org/

  22. I like listening to this professor. It’s like being back in college. This is what I though the left was, people who support freedom of speech, bodily autonomy and justice for regular people.

    • I found the professor’s presentation, particularly the first half, to be quite edifying indeed.

      But on a fairly inconsequential note, I hope he’ll come round to questioning the views he expressed in 2009 where he minimized the significance of the Climategate incident and harshly stigmatized what he called “deniers”. Specifically, in a piece entitled:

      On the climate change debate, who’s gagging whom?
      By Mark Crispin Miller 11/30/2009

      he said:

      The hoo-ha over those hacked emails from the University of East Anglia recalls the bogus “expose'” of ACORN that has just about succeeded in destroying that vital grass-roots group.
      This too is a propaganda masterpiece, which now has millions of Americans convinced that all those scientists have long been plotting actively to shut out rational dissent and “fudge the numbers.”

      In fact, it’s been the other way around–the (very powerful) deniers of global climate change deploying every means available, for years, to silence all discussion, and bury all the evidence, of global warming as a by-product of industrialization…”

      It was another day, I know, and I haven’t found anything else he expressed on that subject since then.

      Still, in a very ego-centric way, I hope he’ll come round and say so. Or maybe he has and I haven’t seen it?


      • People who do jobs and lead lives that allow them to be very mobile, with or without remote working, can more comfortably question social dogmas.
        The people I love have their whole lives and livelihoods rooted in French society.
        Some are embracing the technocratic madness.
        Some are trying to live around it.
        I realize how lucky I am to have had the luxury of perspective and psycho-physical mobility.

        I used to ride the bus, the tram, the metro through the city all day, every workday going from company to university to language school with lots of time to observe the other passengers. I would contemplate the often placid, seemingly sad faces of various social classes of French people, and I would wonder how so much “social security” could make people so morose, pessimistic, resigned, complacent… engendering conformity, ‘bien-pensance’ and political correctness, with the so-called “educational system” having mostly stamped out all curiosity, initiative and joy of learning favoring obedient rigor in the pursuit of THE ONE correct answer approved by the Ministry of Education, of Truth… with any deviation met with an immediate sanction, 5/20! Hors sujet!

        I realized that the French population is largely trapped within the confines of their “social security” and to a large degree suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Domesticated animals die in the wild and so they won’t venture out into unmapped territory. And when you’ve seen the otherwise beautiful bocage cutting across the rolling French countryside, the strictly defined social rituals and rules, the ubiquitous expressions such as “le juste milieu” or “comme il faut” roughly meaning “the happy middle ground” and “as it must be (done)” or “in the correct way”…
        you realize that the landscape of the French psyche is largely parceled into neat plots by mental bocage cultivating perceptions that are safely corralled inside la pensée unique, socially secure, collectively-approved groupthink.

        These generalizations are what my angry mind has observed so there’s some truth and some anger.
        But I can’t judge other people for being who they are as I am no paragon of virtue or clarity myself, just bla bla bla.

        This rant is not directed specifically at anyone here, its just something I’ve been mulling over and the above comment offered a pretext for trying to grasp, organize and clarify free-floating proto-thoughts.

      • I respect Mark Crispin Miller and believe he’s sincere. It would just be a shame, later on, to see him use his reputation to push the climate alarmism scam.

        It’s very hard to know what to do with family members who want to be injected and who are impervious to any discussion on the matter.
        So, for what it’s worth, I can empathize and wish you courage and strength in dealing with that.

      • It takes a substantial, vast, mount of work to put oneself in a position where more freedom is obtained at cost of what many are not willing to let go of because they are very much attached to the materialistic concepts of less or no importance.

        Understanding attachment is key. It is not about desire or realisation of said desire but unwillingness to just walk away from perceived wealth. The denizens you mention would rather do anything else (including taking a bullet to the head or putting one in their children’s heads) than walk away from their way of life.

        There is a strategy to everything in life and the vast (VAST) majority are completely blind to this fact. Not only can they not see a few or at least one move ahead, they are completely unaware of the game being played and can not even get a glimpse of its nature due to the massive egos being in the way and attachments curtailing the very ability to even imagine change.

        The path toward more freedom is embellished with (what is perceived as) lost opportunities, delayed gratification, less pleasure and lost convenience.

        After all, a large (prison) city will offer more opportunities (while completely insulating one from the reality of life);

        willingness (eagerness) to take on debt allows to have stuff immediately, instead of working for it while mulling over its actual value;

        boasting with expensive stuff one does not own and does not need and thinking about how “ownership” of it makes others envious is very pleasurable to the ego and makes one falsely believe they are making the right move because their pleasure enhances their pleasure;

        convenient life is one that allows for timesaving that can later be invested into garbage TV programming, sitcom binging, stadium booing and generally getting completely out of touch with the very fabric of existence, extinguishing any and all creative drive one has, after taking in the 8+8+8 mantra fully and insisting on getting their delta wave soaked, well deserved daily rest.

        Is the ant who laboured during the summer to be able to get through the winter in a more comfortable position than the grass hopper, who took it easy and just went along? I think not.

        It took so much effort, discomfort, sacrifice, going against the grain, being told one is completely insane, self doubt and introspection, being WRONG; all to get into the position of understanding what kind of battle lies ahead and how incredibly miniscule chances for any sort of non complete obliteration are.

        More comfortably questioning social dogmas from a mobile position? I may not understand what this feeling is, but as sure as the virus causing covid has not been proven to exist, it’s not “more comfortable” as there is absolutely no comfort in sight.

      • ouch!

        The truth hurts!

        The path toward more freedom is embellished with (what is perceived as) lost opportunities, delayed gratification, less pleasure and lost convenience.

        ouch, ouch, ouch!

        I’m an adept of immediate gratification, pleasure and convenience, and I’m anything but self-sufficient and debt-free!

        I prefer wallowing in the ambient beauty of my new environment, my two young feline companions, my glass of vino tinto and copious Corbett consumption…


        As far as More comfortably questioning social dogmas from a mobile position? I may not understand what this feeling is, well,

        In primary school I used to be very very good at dodgeball.

        I guess I feel like I’m playing transnational dodgeball.

        In June of 2020 I tried to marry a long standing dream with a strategy for dealing with, escaping mass hysteria… (and vainly attempted to entice my then 17-year old son to embark on that adventure with me… stipulates my aching conscience…)

        but I’m clearly nowhere on the path to physical freedom or survival,

        as I’m a sort of hedonistic, perennial grasshopper

        Now that I’ve ego-centrically typed the pronoun “I” more times than there are adverse events to covid injections,

        allow me to thank you for taking the time and trouble to offer your thoughtful and thought-provoking insights.

  23. “Henry Kissinger Speech to the World Health Organization Council on Eugenics, February 25, 2009…
    “Once the herd accepts mandatory forcible vaccination, it’s game over! They will accept anything – forcible blood or organ donation – for the “greater good.” We can genetically modify children and sterilize them – for the “greater good.” Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions, and many of you in this room today are investors. It’s a big win-win! We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for providing extermination serices. Now, what’s for lunch?”

    Can you please give us three reliable sources for the quote above?

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