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Profile: James Corbett from the sunny climes of Japan has become one of my favourite sources of information. Cool, calm and clearheaded,  in a world run by the seemingly insane, he puts things into perspective. In a mature, truthful and logical manner, he covers politics, society, history, and economics. He is a multi-talented and I must stress, Independent Media outlet in a field full of corporate media propaganda and lies.  His podcasts, interviews, articles and videos with breaking news stories are not to be missed! A point to be mentioned here, he was the first person (to the best of my knowledge) to interview Sister Agnes Mariam of Syria after the August 21st Sarin gas attack, an interview where the subject of the children abducted by rebels was raised, and the possibility that they were the same children who died in the Sarin gas attack. Noticeable on the videos was that they were without their parents. This story is still unfolding and the facts need to be fully investigated and exposed. I am certain that James will keep us all informed.

How does your world view differ from when you were 21 years compared to where you are today?

When I was 21 I was fresh out of university and working in my first job in commercial real estate. On political matters I was generally quite naive. Although dimly aware that events like the JFK assassination were not what the official historical record said they were, I had no idea about the bigger picture of lies and manipulation that form the fabric of our modern political reality.

What was the one defining moment that changed your worldview and put you on a path of total commitment to exposing the corrupt systems that have overtaken the Western World?

In retrospect I would say it was 9/11 that was that defining moment, although for the first five years after the incident I bought the official narrative hook, line, and sinker. It wasn’t until I started questioning my own beliefs on the subject and looking up some of the information for myself that I started to realize something was vastly wrong with the system we were living in. Once I discovered the truth about central banking and the real nature of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, that’s when the puzzle pieces started connecting for me and I was able to get over my initial incredulity at the idea we had been lied to about 9/11.

Of all the many problems that confront society today, what specific area would you identify that needs to be addressed in order to create a better future?

Ultimately, the solution to all of the various ills that confront us on the social, political and economic levels start at home. We need to find ways to live our own lives in peace with those around us and independent from the overarching systems of control that we have been carefully slotted into for decades.

What specific area would you identify that people on an individual basis can do in order to create a better future for themselves and their families?

Anything that can help a family achieve greater independence is for the good, whether that be in terms of monetary independence (complementary currencies, alternative currencies, crypto-currencies) economic independence (3d printing, open source, agorism), food independence (liberty gardens, cowshares, local farmers’ markets), cognitive independence (homeschooling, unschooling, auto-didacticism), or any other sense that it is possible to achieve. These are the solutions I focus on in my work.

How would you like to see the world in five years time? How do you think the world will be in five years time?

Five years is much too short a span of time to imagine fundamental changes to the world we are living in. If anything the long term 21st century trends that we can already see happening (the usurpation of American economic and military dominance, the tightening of the noose around those freedoms that remain in the developed world, the overall decline in cognitive abilities, and the biological assault on us all through the chemical and genetic pollution that is being added to the environment on a daily basis) will, if unchecked, be slightly more advanced.

Who do you most admire and why?

My parents for having the fortitutde to persevere in the quiet miracle of providing our family the daily bread and shelter that we needed, and truly being the examples of love and forebearance that I strive to emulate in my own life.

Fun Questions:
1. Favourite food? Zarusoba
2. Favourite movies? 2001, Citizen Kane, Grave of the Fireflies
3. Favourite music? Jazz (Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Erik Truffaz), John Lennon, Billy Corgan
4. Favourite Books? “Absalom, Absalom” by William Faulkner, “Botchan” by Natsume Soseki, The Collected Short Stories of Franz Kafka, “Ulysses” by James Joyce, “Lord Jim” by Joseph Conrad
5. Favourite thing to do? Spend time with my wife and child

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