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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:
Story #1: Scottish Referendum Vote-Rigging Claims Spark Calls for Recount
Video: Proof ‘Scotland Independence Vote’ Was Rigged?
Story #2: Caught Again! Cocaine & Cannabis Haul Hidden in Vatican Car Seized by French Police
The Pope Is Dope! Police Seize Vatican Car Carrying Four Kilos of Cocaine Worth £150,000
Former Vatican Ambassador Arrested Over Child Sex Abuse Allegations
CIA Plane in Big Aussie-American Heroin Bust
Story #3: Altered to Withstand Herbicide, Dow’s Chemical Corn and Soybeans Gain Approval
USDA Approves New GE Corn and Soy, Triggering Onslaught of Millions of Pounds More Pesticides
Approval of 2,4-D Tolerant Crops Speeds up Agrichemical Treadmill
Dr. Oz Warns About Dangers of GMO Pesticide Enlist Duo, Petitions White House
Video: 5 GMO Myths Busted
Goodbye to Grass-Fed Beef? GMO Grass Seed Soon to be Approved for Commercial Use
Pharmaceutical Giant GlaxoSmithKline Dumps Live Polio Virus into Belgian Water
Another One Bites the Dust as Annie’s Homegrown Sells Out to General Mills
General Mills to Close Two Plants to Cut Costs
Pabst Blue Ribbon Sell Out to Russian Beverage Company Oasis for $700M+
#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Mysterious Georgia Guidestones Get Strange ‘2014’ Update
US Claims There’s a Much Scarier Terrorist Group Than ISIS Called Khorasan
#SimpsonsSyncs: ‘Tapped Out’, Mapped Out and Making Media Monarchy
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  1. So the good Pope Francis offers up a dying man for sacrifice on the altar of look what a good boy am I. Bullshit, the only thing he cares about is that this guy was caught – he’d have to defrock the lot of them if he cared about child-abuse.

    Wesołowski was Pope John Paul II’s good buddy – he was ordained by Pope JPII in 1972 (The pope was still Cardinal Karol Wojtyła in those days). He was part of the crew that helped re-institute the once mighty Catholic Church in the countries of eastern asia after the fall of the Soviet empire.

    I guess he got posted to the Dominican Republic as a retirement gig – a reward for services rendered. But retired guys don’t have anything like the personnel of active guys, so this one got caught, and the pope has to give him up.

    House arrest just means he cannot get access to the children any more (hopefully). He will probably be dead before any kind of prison sentence can be imposed.

  2. i dont agree about this vote rigging business. i heard it here before the vote happened and i didnt agree then. i think us alternative activists / thinkers tend to think that our mindset is more widespread that it actually is. one paper in the wrong place in two seconds of video is not any evidence. that woman could have moved those papers two seconds before the start of the video just so she could put them in with another pile. there may be nothing untoward about it at all. i think stupidity is just as widespread in scotland as anywhere else and hence the vote seems about right to me, especially when you take into account the tsunami of propaganda that occurred. quite something. bottom line for me: they didnt need to rig the vote.

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