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Remember how the conspiracy peddlers in the mainstream press freaked out over the super secret Russian microwave technology that was frying diplomats brains in Cuba. Well, it turns out that was just a tad exaggerated. So what was the real culprit? Find out in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.

Dangerous sound? What Americans heard in Cuba attacks

Russia Believed To Be Main Suspect In Attack On U S Diplomats Velshi Ruhle MSNBC

Russia Suspected In ‘Sonic Attacks’ But How Involved Was Cuban Government Andrea Mitchell MSNBC

U.S. Officials Suspect Russia In Mystery Medical Attacks On Diplomats In Cuba | NBC Nightly News

The Mystery of the Havana Syndrome

Cory Gardner Renews Call for Russia to Be Declared Sponsor of Terrorism After Reports on Sonic Attacks

Recording of “sonic attacks” on U.S. diplomats in Cuba spectrally matches the echoing call of a Caribbean cricket

Indies short-tailed cricket


  1. I was all grins during this Propaganda Watch!
    Corbett Report’s “Indies short-tailed cricket” LINK is worth going to.

    Boy! Corbett Members are going to have a field day with this one…
    “Oh no! I got the Thing!
    “I’ve been bugged!”
    Cricket Breeder arrested for domestic terrorism – Ties to Russia

    • Homey; my fondle device will be sticky from the spew of coffee on finding out I HAVE BEEN BUGGERED!

      I enjoyed the humor greatly. It is good to have a diversion from the more serious stuff.

      I have voiced concern about the chat room being an all too consuming outlet for our discomfort and our diminishing actions in the real world. The ” 911Blogger Report” you referenced by Graeme MacQueen in your comment found in Corbett Report ” Only 911Truth can counter 911 Lies” LAYED IT ALL OUT FOR ME. Thank you , please post that again. I lack the skill.
      Know that the French don’t take fecal matter being rubbed in their faces like the Americans do. I now head to Northern Tool to purchase a dozen Yellow Vests for the anticipated action that awaits.
      Please hold your query as to why this appears here. It relates, it all relates to being conned.

    • Now I know why it sounds like you are always shouting with a deep, low voice.

    • Fascinating, Stronghorse, that you didn’t hear anything. To answer your question as to whether that would make you immune to its effects, I just read this line from the first linked source, the AP article entitled Dangerous Sound? What Americans Heard in Cuba Attacks: “Not all Americans injured in Cuba heard sounds.”

      • Chill and just vote harder, Stronghorse, everything will be alright.

    • I’ve read a good deal about the individuals who say they are being targeted by such weapons on US soil. You’re correct that such weapons do exist and have been used for quite a while by the US military/alphabets. They were proofed in the decades after Vietnam and are quite real. Remember the urban assault vehicles sent to break-up crowds we saw so much of in the last few years? Same frequency technology.

      Isn’t it interesting that the very individuals who, if not directly, are certainly complicit in using/testing sound technology against their own people are now getting a firsthand experience of it? No doubt the usual suspects, buoyed by the MSM, continue to whine about Russia being responsible but present no evidence.

      The most interesting part, however, was the MSM making its usual attempt to connect ‘Russian’ technology with 9/11. It’s simple Bush era marketing but the old tricks are the best tricks, aren’t they? Remember Saddam Hussein and 9/11 being marketed together by the MSM, specifically PBS to convince people that the US needed to invade Iraq? I do. I heard it first on the morning of 9/11. Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. He was simply convenient, the bankers wanted him gone and the US wanted his stuff.

      Yet the stupid people were led to go to war because they couldn’t apply simple logic to a blatant marketing procedure in order to see how easily they were being played—as always.

    • cherub says: … I have had a very hard time understanding just what the hell it is I am looking at with BOTH the alt and main stream media. I mean, it’s seriously getting to be a gigantic big WTF?…
      …WTF is all this shit? It’s like we are being given all sorts of angles on things, but no direct truth. It’s gets so tiresome to sift through all this crap….

      You are right. Many times an event or issue is a confused mess.

      I had some renewed insight, after watching Corbett’s Secret Brain-frying Microwave Technology UNMASKED!!! – #PropagandaWatch in context to Jason Bermas’ interview regarding the Q or Q-Anon Phenomena (see mkey’s comment ).

      It reaffirms that in mainstream or alternative media, the motivations for telling the observed true facts surrounding a story can get pretty polluted by the story teller.

      This Corbett ‘Cricket’ episode highlights how any media, alternative or mainstream, can blow out of proportion such a simple natural thing as a bug sound into a story of a nefarious, high tech covert operation by enemies of freedom.

      It’s bait.
      MSNBC had bait. They knew that their story would grab an audience, and get the audience riled emotionally.
      Most people are aware that “nefarious, high tech covert operations” exist, and MSNBC capitalized on it by inflating a cricket story into something else.

      Very interesting manipulation and exploitation.

      • So those of us here who suspect that such military weaponry inspired by the ear-piercing frequency of the humble Indies Short-tailed cricket targeting its own diplomats in a Communist country are being exploited, manipulated and thereby creating mass confusion?

        Why them be fightin’ words, neighbor! Might as well just say it: we’re nut-job conspiracy theorists for falling for such a ludicrous idea.

        • …Why them be fightin’ words…
          I love the humor!

        • Appreciate the different perspective, MBP. Not sure I get it quite yet, but I always did suck at algebra (different learning temperaments and all). A simple clarification can do wonders toward eradicating any unfortunate misunderstandings and allow a potential offender such as myself to make it right.

          Admittedly, having three kids very close in age range, my brain was fried years ago:

        • Petite? What can I say? Perimenopause is a bitch! I’m disappointed it’s an incomplete family portrait, but we ran out of gas that day so my daughter is pushing the van, bless her heart.

          I hope I’m understanding you correctly: since the only evidence is an audio that when studied revealed the sound to match the exact frequency of a specific cricket, it would be wise at this point to not jump to conclusions, even my own which merely swapped the MSM’s Russian villain for the US Government. And HRS noting the lack of hilarity that should’ve been felt from some of us in this audience only revealed that we missed the obvious, that the MSM leapt to an actual “conspiracy theory” (in the derogatory sense) to support their war-mongering narrative, which is in every way contrary to the nut-job conspiracy theorists of our ilk who do rely entirely on reams of scientific and actual historical evidence of such events like 9/11, the Kennedy assassinations, Vietnam, both World Wars, etc, etc which they deride and ridicule ad nauseam.

          If I’ve missed it again, somebody please, just shoot me and put us all out of our misery.

  2. I was starting to get worried about the state of “News Outlets” around the world.
    Now, I can sleep at night…

    January 15, 2019
    Facebook to invest $300 million in news, focusing on local
    The move comes at a difficult time for the news industry, which is facing falling profits and print readership. Facebook, like Google, has also been partly blamed for the ongoing decline in newspapers’ share of advertising dollars as people and advertisers have moved online…

    …Fran Wills, CEO of the Local Media Consortium, which is receiving $1 million together with the Local Media Association to help their member newsrooms develop new revenue streams, said she is optimistic the investment will help.

    “I think they are recognizing that trusted, credible content is of benefit not only to local publishers but to them,” she said.

  3. It wouldn’t surprise me at all that these poor, expendable people are being subjected to some sort of weaponized sound. But that it’s coming from the Russians? That tired trick is wearing thin, no longer laughable. Given all the sordid history we know, the most obvious suspect who has everything to gain is the US Government.

  4. Those poor diplomats. They probably voted for Trump last cycle and are getting the Clinton treatment for disobeying the state department prime directive. Guess it goes without saying what crappy posting Cuba is. Buggered! This ought to be on MSNBC or some other top notch news source.

  5. Lotta propaganda falsely “outing” the Russians in the past year of so. What happens when communism makes its comeback for real? Is this yet another false start in a crying wolf ploy? I say it is. You Tube Yuri Bezmenov.

  6. EM-radiation health info

    Wireless Radiation: Impacts on Health and the Environment

    Most antenna systems do not literally “fry” your brains, but can have many different harmful effects. These effects depend very much on the frequencies, intensity and duration.

    Official research show harm, but they have no good idea why.
    That is because the officials are limited to look only at the heating effect or direct ionizing effect of the radiation.

    This means that they do not look at how biological systems react to the radiation. Nor do they look how parts of the body (like nerves or DNA) can function as an antenna.

    • (Copy)
      The CIA and KGB did some research on (non-ionizing) EM-radiation.

      WARNING: CIA site:

      Effects of non-ionizing radiation

      p13: The effects of superhigh frequencies
      (accumulation of effects)
      Two weeks after the ending of exposure of rats to the 50 microwatt/cm2 field, the level of chromosome damage was considerably higher than after the end of the exposure.
      ..the chromosomal anomalies caused by irradiation from the 500 mircowatt/cm2 field markedly declined 2 weeks after the end of irradiation. This, can be explained by the fact that changes originating in the bone marrow cells under the effect of the high intensity of SHF radiation are so great that the damaged cells are eliminated. This leads to a reduction of the quantity of chromosomal damage.

      The effects of superhigh-frequency EM radiation on Electrophoretic mobility of erythrocytes

      p1: (about previous experiment)
      We previously obtained direct experimental data on the effects of SHF waves on permeability of human erythocyte membranes to potassium and sodium ions. [These are also very active in the brain] Exposure of a suspension of erythrocytes to 45 mW/cm2 SHF radiation in the range of 1009 Mhz elicited an increase in amount of potassium ions and decrease in sodium ions in the incubation medium, as compared to the control…

      This means that WIFI /cell phone radiation affects the chemical processes at the membranes. Which may cause stress at the neurons for example. Stress is something that we see in official research too.

      Figure3 illustrates changes in EM as a function of deformation of double electrical layer (DEL) and possible structural changes in erythocyte membranes.

      These are all nice examples of a harmful effects by non-ionizing radiation.
      Proven by scientists in 1977.

      Is this too hard to understand for our modern scientists?

      • Interesting. The K and Na ions make sense to me, and also the elimination by the body of damaged cells.
        Especially notable info in context of the year and document.

      • This means that WIFI /cell phone radiation affects the chemical processes at the membranes. Which may cause stress at the neurons for example. Stress is something that we see in official research too.

        I was thinking the same zyxzevn.

        While it certainly was fun to have a laugh at this scary cricket story,
        I hope James will take very seriously the onslaught our bodies are subject to by wifi/cell tower/phone et al. radiation.

        • Fawlty or Zyxzevn. You two may know about kilohertz importance more than I. I will endeavor to look up a faint memory of the importance of 6.9k/hz to human beings. Elana Freelands H.A.A.R.P book may be where the hertz resonance frequencies appear but may be elsewhere; I’ll get back on that.
          I invite everyone to check this by listening to a short-tail common cricket at 5.8 k/hz and a Indies cricket at 6.9k/kz.
          Corbett has provided a link in the show notes. It is a remarkable sound comparison. The Indies cricket are true weapons of mass destruction. All you need now is a little boost and make the bugs the patsy.
          MBP- check your garden for any damn Indies Cuban

          • I think that insects use frequencies that can affect us psychologically.
            For example: I can’t sleep with mosquitoes buzzing around.

            Haarp – what can it do?

            The Haarp thing is too far away to target people. Even via low frequency radio-waves. Alaska is really far, so are all other transmitters.

            – Mind control?

            Anyway, the 60Hz/50Hz electric grid already influences people. The television influences people. Cell towers and radio-towers affect people. It affects our mood, makes us more depressive, stressed, more locked up inside ourselves. At least that is my general impression.
            Adding Haarp does not much extra to this. So I do not see it as something that can do mind control effectively.
            ..If it would be possible to do it directly via radio-waves.

            – Weather control?

            Though, the atmosphere, especially the plasma layers react to microwaves. I think that they used Haarp to try to influence the weather. On Jesse Ventura’s show I saw a demonstrations where clouds were removed with radio-waves.
            Seems the best option.
            How effective it really is, needs to be studied.

            – Earth quakes?

            I thought for some time that it could be used to start earth quakes, as SuspiciousObserver (on youtube) shows that there is a link between the electrical activity in space and earth quakes. The electrical energy of the sun can trigger earthquakes.

            But for it too work effectively and accurately, you would need to create an electrical path straight from deep space towards the ground.
            And looking at the lack of earthquakes around Haarp, it does not seem that they tested that option.

            – Target certain people?

            In the mean time it is a lot easier to influence targeted people with drugs, medicine, pollution and money.

            If you think that you are targeted with EM-radiation: you can buy a frequency scanner with which you can detect a wide range of radio-frequencies.
            Find Rogue Cell Towers with SDR:

            Future prediction:
            The newer celltowers will cause more psychological and physical health problems. But I think these effects need to be severe before “scientists” will start looking into this shit.

            • Z-man, there’s not a lot out there in the public realm about THE APPARATUS and I can understand your 6 points here. IF you search more you will possibly modify all six points. Jim Lee has some good info at ClimateVeiwer.Com, especially the locations of most all HARRP apparatus across the globe. Books are available too. All the presentations by Elana Freeland in book form and gootube talks are invaluable in understanding what its capabilities are. Cliff Carnicom will help. Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Mannings book ” Angles don’t play this HAARP ” is a great source. Unless you believe all this is Karl Rove disinforation campaign than its just fear porn. The NASA site you linked to Arecibo a while back clearly stated in its literature that it was steerible and a powerful weapon. How far is it from Cuba? Look up Acoustic Gravity Waves- Infrasound low frequency (20-100Hz) modulated by ultra low infrasonic waves(0.1-15Hz). THIS IS CRICKET RANGE. Please don’t discount the Apparatus’s capabilities without further review. The testing research and development phase is over and the Alaska HAARP has been vacated and DARPA has deployed it servicing the owners financial new world order. Monies true value is backed by force. Please view.
              The Reinvention of Everything. Catherine A. Fitts. 2013


              Hope its still up.

            • What I “know” of HAARP is that it supposedly can manipulate the ionosphere, make it expand and contract inside a limited area, causing violent cloud movements and what follows, angry storms and biblical downpours.

              However, I’d consider HAARP arrays to be a relic of the past, left there to act as red herrings, while “they” have moved on to better, more compact technologies, like NEXRAD possibly. There are many reports of “weird towers” all over the place.

              For what it’s worth, I find cricket mating dance to be quite suiting. It gets me back to the olden summer days when things were simpler and happier. Back then I could be happy due to just being in the moment. Of course, I didn’t realize I Was happy at the time.

              I might just take you up on that frequency scanner thing. I may need to purchase a sizable hammer to go with it.

          • Ok Fawlty and Z-man, the 6.9m/hz is significant to water.
            The literature was in radio frequency metallurgy. Dielectric melting of metal with radio frequency. Im sure the concept tranfers to melting someone’s brain with plasma without burning the flesh. When I was reading this the Cali-fires came to mind. Up to 600,000 Watts and 23,000,000K Temperature can be generated with radio frequency. If you know the targets magnetic frequency resonance, say a persons EEG or EKG you can tune (turn) them into Swiss cheese while the person next to them may not feel a thing. 6.9 is low on the spectrum and was associated with waters electrical conductivity. British seem to have a lot of contributions to metal melting science with dielectric heating. So do the Russians. So what could go wrong? We are just bags of water and lots of iron.

    • Mkey , you must mean buggered or possibly yellow-vested as in yellow vested belief diplomats are by definition brain damaged.

  7. Crickets and Giuliani and Protestors – 1998 The New York Times
    The Giuliani administration has seen many protests, but perhaps never one so large in number but so small in girth.

    Protesters released 10,000 crickets at Police Headquarters in lower Manhattan yesterday to protest the city’s auction of several community garden lots and a building that houses a Hispanic cultural center on the Lower East Side. The result, unsurprisingly, was bedlam.

    …Two officers sustained minor injuries…
    …a group of Lower East Side advocates calling themselves — what else? — Jiminy Cricket. ”We wanted something more symbolic than a stink bomb,” said Wendy Madison, the group’s spokeswoman…
    …the group bought the crickets via the Internet…and smuggled them into the auction in envelopes in briefcases…

  8. #7 You can determine the temperature by counting a cricket’s chirps

    A Tufts University professor named Amos E. Dolbear first documented a relationship between the rate of a cricket’s chirps and the ambient air temperature. In 1897, he published a mathematical equation, called Dolbear’s Law, to enable you to calculate the air temperature by simply counting the number of cricket chirps you hear in a minute. Since then, other scientists have improved on Dolbear’s work by devising equations for different cricket species.

    #10 Cricket breeding is big business
    Thanks to the demand created by reptile owners and breeders, cricket-breeding is a multimillion dollar business in the U.S. Large scale cricket breeders may raise as many as 50 million crickets at a time in warehouse-sized facilities.
    In recent years, a deadly virus known as cricket paralysis virus has devastated the industry….

    • That’s some really interesting stuff about temperature readings. That would be a really gnarly project, a thermometer made with an arduino and a cricket.

      I can’t say I appreciate the cricket abuse you wrote about in the post above this one, but they could have smuggle in several hundred reptiles as well for maximum effect.

  9. Hey James, check out the report 60 minutes did on this. They really ramped up the fear. It was on last night’s broadcast. I looked for the entire clip on YouTube but only found the ‘overtime’ clip. I’m sure you can track down the full piece. It’s hilarious to watch when you know in your mind it’s just the sound of crickets. CBS made it sound like Ebola.

    ^ there’s the clip. I’m sure you’ll laugh as much as I did.

  10. You can laugh all you want about the “Secret Brain-frying Microwave Technology” but EMF’s in our environment are serious business!!!

    I have been exhorting James to do some in-depth reporting on this subject for a while now.

    This cell tower is likely literally frying the brains of these young kids.

    “Parents Blame Elementary School’s Cell Tower After 4th Student Diagnosed With Cancer”

    “Parents Battle School’s Cell Tower After 4th Student Cancer Diagnosis”

    “Students protest school’s cell tower after fourth child is diagnosed with cancer”

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