September Open Thread (2023)

by | Sep 3, 2023 | Articles | 183 comments

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  1. Hello autumn my old friend. You are the preceder of my long awaited rest and the invoker of acceptance in letting go of that which no longer serves me. Your embodiment of trust in that which has yet to be makes me feel safe in the knowing of Mother Earth’s cycles. Your vibrant celebration of all that was reminds me that I am blessed and this world is a place of beauty and wonder.

    In honor of this month that will mark the beginning of autumn I will pre-emptively share the following.

    ????????? ??????’? ?????????

    An invitation to see that which falls from the trees in autumn from the perspective of nature.

    • Thank you Gavinm! I’ll check this out. What a wonderful comment that I have had the pleasure to read this morning.

      • @cu.h.j

        You are most welcome! Thank you for the kind words and I look forward to hearing what you think (though it may end up being some time before I hear from you as that post linked above is unreasonably and eye wateringly looooong 🙂 ).

        I do hope you find the technical/medicinal info helpful though and I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on my perspectives on the wisdom autumn offers us.

        Wishing you a peaceful, productive, colorful, nourishing and inspiring September.

    • Beautiful! Thanks Gavin for this pleasant reminder of a good attitude for the coming cycle of nature. As an immigrant in Sweden I’m still learning to relate to the darkness in a more harmonious way.

  2. Also, here is something for those of you working hard harvesting in the garden. What I share a link to below has become of my favorite soup recipes for using up all my kale, potato, nettle, amaranth, onion and herb harvests and creating a ‘stick to your bones’ type meal.

    I got this recipe from a neighbor in one of those cliché urban suburban talking over the fence exchanges when I asked him if he likes Kale and what he likes to do with it in the kitchen. He offered the following recipe and I gave him some kale seedlings in return.

    This one can be adapted for both meat eaters and vegetarians and tastes great both ways.

    Enter ????? ???????

    • Gavin, your recipes are great. Or are they rather the recipes of your wife? I am sure your kale soup tastes great, like other recipes you have provided.

      However I have one huge concern about oxalates, mainly in vegetables. I heard about oxalates some 30 years ago, and I was always super careful about rhubarb, although I loved its taste in pies, stews, etc. (Since I found out that other people were concerned as well, and there are now low-oxalate varieties available.) For many years there wasn’t really any reliable information, and whatever one could find on the Internet was confusing and contradictory.

      Earlier this year I bought a book by an oxalate expert which shocked me —

      “Toxic Superfoods: How Oxalate Overload Is Making You Sick–and How to Get Better” by Sally K. Norton

      She is a real expert on oxalates and so far has provided by far the best information about oxalates in foods. Her story is also very interesting – she was a dedicated vegetarian since her childhood, but was always very sickly, at times incapacitated. She studied nutrition and eventually she became the expert on oxalates. Eventually she completely reversed her diet, she became an almost 100% carnivore diet advocate, and her health has greatly improved.

      The worst vegetables as far as oxalate toxicity are chard, spinach and kale and she strongly advises against them! The whole oxalate problem & solution is very tricky, I had to read the book three times, and take a bunch of notes until I understood her whole scheme of oxalate reduction and maintenance. Due to the extreme oxalate toxicity, which causes many undiagnosable & strange diseases and symptoms, especially later in life since the oxalates accumulate in the body, her advise is to completely shun or reduce the vegetarian part of one’s diet.

      Have you heard about oxalates and other chemicals in vegetables, like phytates?

      Her website :

      You will find many videos and interviews on Youtube or Bitchute if you type in “Sally Norton”.


      With respect to our discussion about breeding – this would certainly be a good argument for breeding vegetables with low levels of oxalates, phytates and other harmful stuff in plants! Norton’s biological argument is very sound – generally plants have a lot poisonous chemicals because they cannot escape the predators, so they produce a lot of harmful toxins not to be eaten! Seeds and nuts especially are precious to plants for propagation, and so they are very high in toxins and poisons, like almonds, chia, poppy seeds, turmeric, and many other!

      • Thanks for sharing this. I think there is validity to this theory, that some people can’t process some of these plants and seeds. I had a colleague with severe kidney stones who is a vegan. In an of itself is not proof of anything but one could compile data about kidney stone prevalence in vegans versus meat based diets and see if these occur more frequently in the former.

        Colon cancer could be another area of study, although I suspect that the jabs are more to blame for the uptick in colon cancer in the very young.

        I do think that the composition of a persons gut microbiome has a big impact on how they process foods though. Some people may be better suited to process some of these veges.

        For me personally, when I was a vegan, my health deteriorated and my thyroid function declined. I had to go back to meat. I do like veges though and couldn’t ever be a strict canivore.

        Anyway, this is a very interesting topic of discussion and research because there are so many diseases that are related to diet and also potential benefits from being on a diet that supports ones own unique make up, genetic and microbial.

        • @cu.h.j

          Great point regarding how “there are so many diseases that are related to diet and also potential benefits from being on a diet that supports ones own unique make up, genetic and microbial.”

      • @hpete

        I am again finding myself running low on time (having just received a pallet stacked high with copies of my first book fresh off the presses, dealing with book packaging/shipping logistics, spending any spare time separating heirloom seeds from the chaff and preserving harvests) but I wanted to swing by and begin to address your comment.

        Firstly, thanks for your kind words about my recipes. The recipes I have been sharing on the threads here are from my recently published book and they are about 98% my own creations. The remaining 2 % are composed of a mix of my grandparent’s and parent’s recipes (with a couple from other people). I think there may be one or two recipes that are my wife’s which ended up in the book, but the one shared above is not one of them. That particular soup recipe was actually shared with me via a neighbor.

        Dietary oxalates are found in a wide range of cultivated and wild foods, including spinach (Spinacia oleracea), Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris), beet leaves (Beta vulgaris), black tea (Camellia sinensis), rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum), garden sorrel (Rumex acestosa), sheep sorrel (Rumex acestosella), purslane (Portulaca oleracea), chickweed (Stellaria media), yellow dock (Rumex crispus, R. obtusifolius), and lamb’s quarters.

        You’ll often see precautions in wild foods literature against ingesting high quantities of plants that are rich in oxalates or oxalic acid (the same molecules). There are two primary concerns: reduced mineral uptake and increased kidney stone formation.

        Oxalates (which are acidic) bind to minerals (including calcium, magnesium, and iron) in the digestive tract, thereby rendering the minerals unavailable for assimilation. However, many leafy greens containing oxalates also contain considerable levels of minerals. When we eat a variety of greens and other mineral-rich foods in our diet, this doesn’t appear to be much of an issue.

        An additional factor is a plant’s calcium levels. Calcium binds to oxalic acid, rendering it nonabsorbable (it isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream and, instead, passes through the feces). Therefore, it’s important to consider the relative proportion of oxalates to calcium.

        I feel that an even more important factor to consider is the quality and diversity of the gut microbiota in the person ingesting the foods with oxalates and whether or not the material has been cooked or fermented.

        Given one has a diverse range of gut bacteria (as any healthy human being should, but most in modern times do not thanks to widespread antibiotic/glyphosate store bought food contamination) oxalates are not really that big of a deal as the bacteria that reside in the digestive tract of one with a healthy inner ecosystem can easily render the problematic qualities of such compounds inert. Fermentation is another process which serves that same purpose.


      • (continued from above..)

        Phytates and oxalates can indeed pose serious health issues to those who have a weak microbiome and who are eating a monoculture type diet (lacking diversity and likely containing various biocide residues such as glyphosate). However, based on my experience, for those who have a healthy microbiome and/or those who are eating those foods in a fermented/sprouted format, such compounds are really not that big of a deal. For such humans (those that have a diverse gut ecosystem that is being regularly nourished) the (often over exaggerated and generalized) fear mongering related to phytates and oxalates is largely irrelevant and not applicable.

        For people who do not nourish their gut bacteria with fermented foods and for those who eat highly processed conventionally grown soy and corn based products (and products containing derivatives of those GMO crops) phytates and oxalates do indeed pose a serious danger. If you see people who describe themselves as Vegan looking all pale and half dead they are likely eating a bunch of processed GMO soy “food” (which is laced with glyphosate) and they are thus are more vulnerable to the deleterious effects of the “anti-nutrients” you mentioned above. IMO, That is not due to the fact that they chose a plant based diet, but rather it is likely (in large part) due to them being ignorant as to how to do it in a responsible and holistic way.

        Could you provide any links to studies that show how nuts, seeds and rhizomes like turmeric contain harmful toxins (allergies aside)?

        The author you mentioned, does she account for the differences in the microbiota of the individual ingesting the substances she is discussing? Also, does she discuss raw vs cooked, and raw vs raw and lacto-fermented?

        Thanks for the comment.

  3. I recall years ago Corbett had an episode called “Listening to the Enemy.” In that spirit some folks here might be interested to hear a former longtime CIA official (now on the boards of a couple big military contractors) interviewed by a guy who apparently wants to assemble and sell all the information about everything.

  4. Made in America has Dr.David Martin as a guest. He talks about everything that has appeared here on the Corbett Report for the last 20years.
    The script is written for the American people years in advance of the planned event. Where have I heard that before?
    It’s a most enjoyable One hour listen. Best two cups of coffee sit down since..ah James’s last report.

    I try to not let the solutions interfer with the messaging. There are non given

    • Good video, website now in memory.

    • Link does not work anymore, even mit in webarchive …

  5. I think my fellow Corbeteers might appreciate this clip of Jordan Peterson blasting Trudeau and the sad state of Canada from an interesting perspective James has written about frequently as well, namely the psychology of psychopathy. My Dad, who lives in Vancouver and watches CBC news daily, thought this amounted to hate speech, so I’m posting this here in part for reassurance that I’m not alone in sharing Peterson’s perspective.

    • Thanks SB!!! I really enjoyed this! When BS-19 started I was literally hours from making a run to Canada thinking it would be better there than the U.S. I’m so glad I didn’t. I can’t even talk to my friends there any longer as they’re SO woke!!! And yes Canadians can be mean!!! Peterson makes a lot of sense.

  6. Im sure this has been talked about on here at some point recently. I haven’t been around lately, been on vacation in Montana. Has anyone listened to Oliver Anthony’s country song “Rich Men North of Richmond?” It really struck a cord with me and judging by the numbers that the song is getting its struck a cord worldwide. It’s raw and an authentic song talking about the forgotten American, blue collar workers. It addresses the rich men and politicians who run things and kick the working class American around. Its a hell of a song if you haven’t heard it already, go take a listen.

    I believe it to be a good sign. Just look at all the protest music created during the Vietnam era of the Sixties and early Seventies. Yet during my era the 2000’s, with all of the political upheaval that occurred in that decade like 9/11, wars in Iraq/Afghanistan, and the Housing Crash, we got very little protest music or film. I think the Covid era has finally broke the camels back, people have had enough!

    Everyone have an amazing Labor Day! You deserve it!!!

    • J.P Wheeler
      “….. Oliver Anthony’s country song “Rich Men North of Richmond?” It really struck a cord with me…..”

      Its not really being a Debbie Downer to say that I rather think that this “viral hit” thing is basically just a new wave of propaganda.

      ‘Academic Agent’ over at YTube has been saying for a while that IF THEY ARE SMART the Elite will ‘put woke away’ and give the right (or maybe just the fake right) a few wins because the white working class who do most of the fighting for the Empire are no longer signing up.

      TBH (and I’ve not looked into him so said with a pinch of salt) the guy basically said ‘diversity is our strength’ and sings songs about being depressed, basically blackpilled and suicidal. True Country Music IS “the music of pain” (lol) but his stuff is not exactly uplifting and giving courage to DO anything except accept even if folks ‘wish it wernt so’.

      It reminds me of a psy-op guy I saw talking one time about making Iraqis accept something (being defeated) that they might hate but must accept to ‘save their lives’ as he put it.

      “… Its a hell of a song if you haven’t heard it already, go take a listen…”

      It H’aint bad 🙂 but IF its propaganda it would HAVE to be good, too. Hollywood has been falling down on making decent propaganda this decade gone.

      “…….Just look at all the protest music created during the Vietnam era of the Sixties and early Seventies…..”

      I think “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream:” by Dave Mcgowan is the BEST book to get a perspective on that Music era….. that Music (like Gangsta Rap later on) did not just spring up on it own, it was created and marketed in order to change American Culture.
      His book makes a few leaps, but on the whole I think he was dead on target.

      “… Yet during my era the 2000’s…. we got very little protest music or film….”

      That Generation was already anesthetized and semi atomized by media and the folks in power did not NEED to steer them a great deal since the Elites were mostly getting their own way without pushback. In Vietnam folks got drafted, and economics were still real enough that people felt the pain right away….the 2000s on confined the dying in war and the worst economic pain to specific classes of Americans but thats no longer possible.

      “…..Everyone have an amazing Labor Day! You deserve it!!!…”

      🙂 Hope your vacation was good

      • Have you seen his interviews? For all the buzz, he’s talking about god and working toward making your life better at the local leve. Also turned down an $8 million dollar record deal(allegedly). Doesn’t sound like an industry plant or a shill to me. Maybe give the song a listen, I could be captured by the moment here, but it feels like the angst of a generation coming out in that song.

        I will admit the song and entire movement behind it could very well be propaganda, but its damn good if it is. Yes the music coming out of Laurel Canyon was propaganda, but at this point I’ll take well made propaganda over the bubble gum pop bulls*t we get on a daily bases out of mainstream music. At least he has some kind of message that resonates with people.

        Bottom line, you could very well be right, but does that really matter?

        • JP Wheeler

          “…Bottom line, you could very well be right, but does that really matter?…”

          I think THATS the most important question… I guess it matters if you want to be a human and not an ‘artifact’ made by social controllers ( see #CS Lewis #’abolition of man’)

          I was thinking about this just today, how even what counts as the older generation now grew up in a totally created, fake, culture created by people who were fundamentally alien in their outlook and who disliked the native culture. Thats why everyone wants to roll back the revolution to an earlier version- ‘back to fresh prince’ as Academic Agent says.

          I was just reading “culture of critique’ and it says that in a 7 year period people under 30 MASSIVELY changed their opinion on pre-martial sex in a 7 year period (I think from ’65) and today most ‘far right’ conservatives are more ‘left wing’ then socialists in the 50s. Even Normies are OK with Trannies if they vote Trump.

          “…. I’ll take well made propaganda over the bubble gum pop bulls*t we get on a daily bases out of mainstream music…”

          With the warning that I have not looked deeply into the guy, so “PINCH OF SALT” – I hear you, and your right on one level- but on another level its kinda like choosing to get butt raped by the guy who wont make you lick him clean after, rather then the one who will. Best to avoid BOTH.

          I try to minimize how much access I let the Devil or the media have to my mind….who was that Catholic guy who said having a TV in your lounge was like having a Rabi sitting there talking with your wife and kids and yourself?

          I did ‘LIKE’ the song – but I can ALSO enjoy Soviet and Nazi marching music aesthetically. Do I want to absorb THOSE messages and worldviews?

          Music is the best propaganda (as the socialist Jews of the 1920s thru 60’s realized- see Vol2 ‘Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’) because it is even better at getting past thought then TV or movies…….and even if he ‘talks about God’ (so does a Lesbian preaching at a Rainbow Church) if his message is ultimately a black pill then its just Slave Music.

          That said…. Pinch of Salt, he may be a stand up guy. This is just my musings thrown out for some feed back.

          • I’m going to preface this with saying I appreciate the perspective, it’s always good to read another side of a topic But the views are far too cynical for my taste. You also make many assumptions that you don’t know to be factual. Like I said you could very well be right about the guy, but why does EVERYONE have to be an industry plant or shill of some kind? If you can’t separate the art from the artist, that’s on you. This song has struck a cord with a lot of people. If it galvanizes the public and pushes them to action, even just in their personal lives, does it really matter if he’s compromised? Agree to disagree I suppose.

            • I agree with your take on this. Separate the art from the artist. There’s “something” in good art and good music IMO.

              • cu.h.j
                “… There’s “something” in good art and good music…”

                That is true….as I said before the Soviets and the Nazis had some wicked good songs, and while I’m not a fan of Soviet Realism it sure is better then then Andy Warhol trash.

              • cu.h.j

                “….But the system they are trying to build is doomed. A stifling tyrannical system is a dead end…”

                A dead end is just fine with them as long as they are dead BEFORE it ends….. the system exists for itself and for the people inside it to profit. An example is schools which exist so that the Admin people running them can get paid a salary.

                “….. Different ideas and debate lead to innovation….”

                True, but at the end of the day the point of innovation is to DISCARD false ideas.

                “….What we have is not diversity at all. It is the end product of tyranny that disguises itself as diversity….”

                Diversity is not NEEDED for tyranny but it makes tyranny EASIER because many unassimilated bodies inside a nation is what you get in an Empire- groups fighting for the scraps and who hate each other more then the Ruler. Thats how the British Empire ruled over a bazillion Indian ethnic groups with a tiny force, by playing one groups needs off anothers.

                Its NOT about “how people LOOK”, its about how they ACT and what group they feel PART OF.

                An example of diversity vs assimilation is Mr Corbett who’s descendants will, in a hundred years, probably be culturally ‘Japanese’ because (as far as I know) he is not part of a massive Canadian community over there.

                Now imagine if that (hypothetical?) Ex-pat community, in a hundred years of interbreeding with each other like Amish, still think, act, even talk like Canadians.

                The Japanese Gov (and anyone else) would then be foolish to assume that people who still ‘felt Canadian’ would have the same group interests as regular Japanese.

                It always comes down to Culture, Race, OR (the best IMO) Religion as the basis of group identity and it always will.

              • Duck,

                You make good points about division being a tool to rule with a small force and it is used in the US that way. But, I believe that good ideas and voluntary community can be a point of unity, at least among westerners. I don’t want to be told what to do, where to go, and what not to say. Liberty is a good idea and tyranny is a bad one.

                I don’t know enough about different cultures to speak on them only that some are very different from ours. But if people can put aside their animosity for groups of people and focus on the greater threat can become allies.

            • J P Wheeler

              “…. You also make many assumptions that you don’t know to be factual….”

              That is true- its not something I care much about and at the end of the day MOST people are NOT going to make it thru to the other side of the End of the American Republic unscathed.

              Most will be broke, dead, or enslaved.

              Most people will go down like those unfortunates on the Lusitania who were holding onto UN-LAUNCHED Lifeboats on deck, they are said to have been gripping tight as they were sucked down.

              While this song strikes DOES a Chord (I kinda like it myself) I recall that happening with “I’m Proud to be an American where at least i know I’m Free” and that does not appear to have done much to slow down the ship.

              “….the views are far too cynical for my taste….”
              Lol, your probably correct. 🙂

              But as Ecclesiastes 1:18 says “…For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow….”

              When you look at the world with a Historical Worldview, as I try to, you see that whats happening now has happens before and will happen again…actually Ecclesiastes says that too now I think of it.

              There is no way that the American Republic can survive, there is no way that what passes for government today in that republic can survive, there is no way that the USA is able to roll back to the days when diversity and a permissive society were actually viable.

              So IMO anyone who says that ‘diversity is Americas strength’ is telling people to hold onto the lifeboat rather then find a life vest.

              “… I appreciate the perspective,…”

              Thanks- I do too. I mostly only post place so my ideas can get broken down and fixed….and as a former Atheist lefty thats happened to me a few times. 🙂

              “… Agree to disagree I suppose…”

              🙂 no worries, its just the internet.

              • I think some of your points are sound and I also think that diversity of thought in particular is very important. Different ideas and debate lead to innovation.

                What we have is not diversity at all. It is the end product of tyranny that disguises itself as diversity to people who can’t see it or don’t want to look.

                But the system they are trying to build is doomed. A stifling tyrannical system is a dead end irrespective if people all look the same or if they look very different, IMO.

              • By the way Duck, I think the Lee Greenwood “Proud to be an American” song WAS a brilliant example of using a song as propaganda to achieve their goal. Amp everyone up to be patriotic after 9/11, get them backing these two wars, makes sense.

      • Duck,

        Regarding ‘diversity is our strength’…

        I can see diversity being a strength when people (a) value one another (not just their similarities but also their differences), (b) unite together, (c) learn from one another, and (d) cooperate with each other. That brings strength.

        However, our modern culture has not only been manipulated to pit one another against each other — to keep those of like-appearance, like-mind or like-behavior together and then paint anyone else who doesn’t look, think or act just like them as being their enemy, but also we have been conditioned to treat one another inhumanely (forcing us to put masks / muzzles on each other & remain socially distant from one another).

        The fact is we are more alike than we are different, simply because we are all human beings. We all crave love and acceptance and want happiness. And we all experience pain, fear, anger, sadness & joy.

        RE: “sings songs about being depressed, basically blackpilled and suicidal”…

        I don’t see anything inherently wrong with that because those are real experiences that people are dealing with, today more than ever (at least in my lifetime, it seems). He’s not telling people to harm themselves or to harm anyone else, he’s simply expressing how he feels. And if you check out other songs put out by the same artist, you’ll find there are uplifting ones as well.

        Personally, I appreciate those who can be real & authentic in the expression of themselves & their feelings/thoughts because that is what makes them relatable to other human beings. People see themselves in others when they hear expressions like those. And that’s a step towards not feeling so alone, which I think is a good thing.

        • Carriew
          “…I can see diversity being a strength when…”

          THAT is true…but people have can only unite with people that they
          a)Have some commonality with (be that genes,culture or Religion)
          b) Have COMMON INTERESTS with

          Do you really think that Whites, Blacks, Indian Hindus, Muslims, Somalis, Mexicans and Haitians perceive that they have shared interests?

          Do you think they share a culture and want the world ordered in a certain way?

          Do you really think a guy from the Congo gives a fk about your 1st or or 2nd amendment?

          “…The fact is we are more alike than we are different, simply because we are all human beings….”

          I assure you that if your a white US person, of any class, you share very little common worldview and outlook with a guy from a Pakistani Village. He probably finds your ideas about how you let women act as disgusting as you would find HIS ideas barbaric.

          Its hubris to assume that everyone WANTS to take on a European / American Worldview. But you can not have the USA without that being the main ideology. Its the kind of thinking that imagines that if you bring democracy to Iraqi’s the place will turn into Switzerland.
          People want to be what they are, not bad copies of us.

          • “Do you really think that Whites, Blacks, Indian Hindus, Muslims, Somalis, Mexicans and Haitians perceive that they have shared interests?”

            One doesn’t really know what other people think, but I hope most would indeed perceive their shared interests.

            I think if anyone who thinks differently should do more travelling, and practice finding what they have in common with other people, and pay less attention to the media trying to exploit differences for dissent, rather than non-psychopaths who appreciate both the variety and commonality.

            I’m reminded of the tale of the traveler walking over a mountainous region, who stops to rest for a moment by a little old man making tea by the path.
            “I’m on my way to village B: can you tell me what the people are like there”?

            “Where are you from”?

            “Village A”.

            “And what are the people like there”?

            “Oh, a stingy and bad-tempered lot, on the whole”.

            “I’m afraid you’ll find people in village B are much the same”.

            Later a second traveller passes the old man. He is also on his way to village B from A.

            “Can you tell me what the people are like there”?

            “Where are you from”?

            “Village A”.

            “And what are the people like there”?

            “Oh, salt of the Earth: none finer”.

            “You’ll find people in village B are much the same”.

            • Very likely you would find common interests with that guy you have down the barrel of your gun in a war.

              In fact, very unlikely you would have that guy in your sights was it not for the system of war, as described by the recent podcast guests.

            • Jonathan,

              You said, “I think if anyone who thinks differently should do more travelling, and practice finding what they have in common with other people, and pay less attention to the media trying to exploit differences for dissent, rather than non-psychopaths who appreciate both the variety and commonality.”

              I agree.

              I had the privilege of travelling to Japan back in the early 90s as a young adult on a student exchange program, and I stayed for several days in different homes across Shikoku island, and it was very rewarding to see how much the same we all were as human beings.

              It was a lovely experience.

            • Johnathan

              “…I think if anyone who thinks differently should do more travelling, and practice finding what they have in common with other people…”

              I have seen a bit of the world and met people from all kinds of places….been friends with some, but that does not blind me to the fact that they have differences in their assumptions of how things are and how they should be.

              Difference does NOT make them ENEMIES but it does often make them Competitors with their own interests and needs that may be counter to mine and other people

              People share human nature- one of the reasons the Globalists are trying so hard to get rid of the nurturing family (like some chickens have had the instinct to brood eggs bred out of them) is that when it down to it you will ALWAYS prefer and help your own kids even at cost to other peoples kids.

              At the end of the day SELF interest often (not always) comes down to Group interest- and when you destroy society the lowest denominator of that group is family and ethnicity.

              I would MUCH prefer religion, but that has been carefully attacked and is no longer a viable identity for most westerners. They will no doubt roll out their New World religion at some point, but its a project that has so far been kinda rubbish despite the money spent

          • Duck,

            You said, “…but people [have] can only unite with people that they a)Have some commonality with (be that genes,culture or Religion) and b) Have COMMON INTERESTS with”

            I think the commonality that matters most is a shared value for life & free will and a DESIRE to voluntarily CO-OPERATE with those around them.

            And you asked, “Do you really think that Whites, Blacks, Indian Hindus, Muslims, Somalis, Mexicans and Haitians perceive that they have shared interests?”

            Yes. I really think they all want to be healthy & whole, experience happiness, have peace & prosperity for themselves and want what’s best for their children.

            • carriew
              “…Yes. I really think they all want to be healthy & whole, experience happiness, have peace & prosperity for themselves and want what’s best for their children….”

              A Muslim father will have VERY DIFFERENT ideas about what is best for his daughter then the average European.

              I imagine that YOU do not think its best for your daughter to get Female Genital Mutilation or that you should murder her if she steps outside of what you consider proper behavior.

              Link to show that such things are practiced even in western states where muslims maintain their own culture group.
              “…The number of “honour-based” abuse (HBA) offences recorded by English police forces has soared over the past five years, figures suggest….”

              I would argue that some of the people who send their kids to “gender therapists” actually believe that they are ‘Doing Whats Best” for their kid, (hence the consistent lie of suicide if parents do not comply)

              But, at the end of the day its mostly about RESOURCE COMPETITION – I doubt very much that whites in the deep south oppressed blacks because they ‘looked different’.

              It was much more to do with them and their kids staying RICHER then ‘other’ group kids.

              Do you not imagine that the black community will EVER vote to give their fellow members LESS welfare?????
              Likewise, Poor southern Whites surely did NOT vote to lower their own status Vs blacks – civil rights was imposed by the Fed Gov because locals consistently opposed it.

              ALL groups do this, its human nature and IMO only Christianity can provide a universal identity, and even then imperfectly, in a fallen world.

    • JP, I understand exactly what you mean. Except my suspicion of anything “viral” supercedes my ability to enjoy it. I have seen videos where he talks about the impact on his life and how he has turned down million dollar offers because it would basically render his song useless.

      It has a good message and kudos to him for writing it and putting it out there. But let’s be real. His song was allowed to be successful. All the platforms out there are completely controlled. Any post can be boosted behind the scenes for increased viewership or ratioed into the void at the whim of the operators.

      Let us not fall into the trap of of propaganda our parents and grandparents fell into. I wish Oliver all the luck in the world, but I would not put much stock in his song’s popularity on the platforms. I hope he continues to make music because people are listening. At least of that, we can be sure.

      • I agree that some music is allowed to be popular or is amplified. But I also think that good music is good music and if I like the song, I don’t care if it’s viral.

        Now my enjoyment of the song is dependent in part on my perception of the artist. Like how many of these old school rockers and punks were on board with the jab tyranny. But I also think they were different people in the past, at least some were. People sell out or buy in.

        But if I’m honest, if the music is good and the song itself has a good message, I like it. I can’t help it. I still like a lot of Rolling Stones oldies.

      • phyto
        :..Let us not fall into the trap of of propaganda our parents and grandparents fell into…”

        I would love to see Mr Corbett talk with Mr Parvini (A.A.) about propaganda…. I am really looking forwards to his promised the “Boomer Truth Regime” book coming out one day
        He did a reissue of his playlist on that subject

        His book on Shakespear was pretty good too

      • And I agree, the numbers he’s getting do make me suspicious. But as I said to Duck, you have to separate the music from the musician. Just because the song MIGHT be performed by a “propaganda shill” does really take away from that fact that it’s good music and has a message that people can get behind regardless of political affiliation.

        Can I ask what you think the angle the “elite” are going for here by pushing a song that sh*ts all over them? Honest question, just curious.

    • JP, I understand exactly what you mean. Except my suspicion of anything “viral” supercedes my ability to enjoy it. I have seen videos where he talks about the impact on his life and how he has turned down million dollar offers because it would basically render his song useless.

      It has a good message and kudos to him for writing it and putting it out there. But let’s be real. His song was allowed to be successful. All the platforms out there are completely controlled. Any post can be boosted behind the scenes for increased viewership or ratioed into the void at the whim of the operators.

      Let us not fall into the trap of of propaganda our parents and grandparents fell into. I wish Oliver all the luck in the world, but I would not put much stock in his song’s popularity on the platforms. I hope he continues to make music because people are listening. At least of that, we can be sure.

    • When I heard the song a few weeks ago, I was struck by it as well. (I even came over here to see about starting a conversation about it, but I wasn’t prepared to get too involved in an online discussion at that point.)

      I spent a lot of time watching reaction videos after the first week or two, which really impacted me even more. (Being isolated in the country and not a part of any social media platform, it’s hard to know what other people are thinking given all that’s happening in the world today.)

      I, too have watched several of his other videos. (It turns out the singer/songwriter only lives one hour south of me in VA.)

      I was particularly impressed with his call for people to connect more with folks both locally and on a personal level — to be human and to pay attention & listen more to one another, which has been a heartcry of mine as well.

      When I reached out to a few friends asking what they thought of the song, I was surprised to hear one thought it may have been a psy-op. I’m glad she was honest in sharing her thoughts with me because it enabled us to have a conversation back & forth sharing our respective perspectives. (How refreshing to actually be able to dialogue with someone who’s honest & not so quick to shut others down just because they hold a different opinion.)

      One of the things I appreciate about this viral video situation is that it has created an open door to converse with nearly anyone about it. Because it has resonated with such a diversity of people, it’s an opportunity to connect on a human level with near strangers. And it is apolitical, no matter what the media may try to say to spin it.

      And certainly, if folks actually sought out the author’s own perspective on his lyrics, they could get a better idea as to where he was coming from with his intended message. See/Listen:

      • I think you nailed it here Carriew!

        • Thanks for pointing out the comment, HRS.

          I just watched the following conversation between Dr Jordan Peterson and Chris Lunsford (aka Oliver Anthony) with my 18 year old son:

          It’s long, but I thought it was very thoughtful (and gave much more insight into the man, “Oliver Anthony”, behind the music).

  7. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to point out:

    Vivek Ramaswamy was listed in the 2021 young global leaders list on the WEF website and got scrubbed off. This is the link today, post it into the way back machine and choose march 2021. then scroll down to the list:

    So obviously this is an Elite plant, really crazy to me since he went on stage outing climate change agenda as a hoax. I would have thought that is not something they can afford to say even as controlled opposition.

    So to be clear link now he is not on the list. Way back machine 2021 he is on the list. Crazy stuff

    • “So obviously this is an Elite plant”

      It is so easy to research this stuff that it amazes me how even people in the Corbett Report audience will just blithely pass on untruthful information.

      “Two years ago, the WEF tried to throw false bait by naming Vivek a ‘Young Global Leader’ (like they did to other successful people like Glenn Beck, Elon Musk, and Tulsi Gabbard, to name a few.) Vivek explicitly rejected their ridiculous “award.” The WEF repeatedly refused to remove his name from their list despite escalating demands, so Vivek sued them. And succeeded. They tried to put him on their list, so he put them on his. The WEF folded completely and met all of his demands in the lawsuit: a public apology, disavowal, and a commitment to never name
      someone again without their explicit permission.”

      • Thanks for the information but no reason to talk down on other people.
        Not everyone is a professional researcher going after every angle. I saw this claim and did not find him on the list, then used the way back machine to see if it was true at some point. I went right to the source to see if the claim was true. This time looks like that was not enough.
        It is pretty arrogant to just talk down on someone like that, you could have simply pointed out the additional information, instead you feel the need to put yourself on a pedestal and judge from above. There are more skills in life than research skills, humility is another one.
        It is more convenient for me to think the guy is for real than that he is not. I still have big doubts. At this point in time with everyone including Kennedy. All people that I feel sympathetic towards, but too much contradictory behavior from all parties. Trump anyways too, with his „I don’t think Epstein killed himself“ and defending of the vaccines

        • I apologize.

          I so often see instances of people being disparaged when they don’t deserve it that I obviously overreact sometimes.
          I certainly don’t feel like I’m on a pedestal and I’m sorry that I gave you the impression that I do.

          I do feel that its important to garner as much information as possible about people prior to saying negative things about them and I try to do that.
          I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and withhold judgment until I’m fairly certain that they are being dishonest or disingenuous.

          Again, I’m sorry for my choice of words.

          • Thank you and fair enough. Again also I’m glad you pointed the information out. Still these days I stay skeptical of all public personas

      • And btw, not saying it is so but I would like to see the court documents and honestly even then in todays world I would be skeptical, because this could also easily be a play by the elite to not blow his cover for his new assignment. It’s exactly what I would do if two years ago I named him on my new world order team and now somehow need him to go undercover and play for the other side.

        Because I find zero news about this from 2021 or even 2022, only recent news all basically writing the same thing

        • “I would like to see the court documents and honestly even then in todays world I would be skeptical”

          Skepticism is certainly justified when it comes to judging an individual’s character. Especially when they are wealthy and currently seeking to obtain a political position that gives them power.

          Then there is also the possibility that they are simply puppets enabled by others even more wealthy and powerful.

          Even if I become convinced of the genuine good intentions of a politician, I can never have a lot of faith that they won’t be susceptible to succumbing to the various nefarious influences that they are sure to be faced with.
          Bribes, threats, psychological manipulation. People are vulnerable to pressure.

          Thats why I don’t play the game. I have no choice but to be a slave to a system. But I’m under no obligation to participate in the delusion.

          Here is a link to a photo of the apology letter that the WEF wrote to Ramaswami’s lawyers. The closest thing I could find to a court document without spending a lot of time.

      • Dang! Steve, I’m impressed.
        What you posted is so interesting and makes sense.
        I probably would have been duped if I saw his name at WEF.

        Maybe we can get James Corbett listed at the WEF with links to website and documentaries.

        • “Maybe we can get James Corbett listed at the WEF with links to website and documentaries.”

          I would love to see that.
          But Klaus probably has been following James for years. James gives him nightmares.
          The WEF has little use for people who don’t believe in the superstition. Especially when they are extraordinarily talented and have earned a lot of respect and loyalty among the masses.

          But even if they did list him as a young global leader.
          James would make a lousy politician.
          I won’t even vote for Ron Paul.

          • Steve et. al,
            Duped,or doped? What in politics would be a metric of measurement. Truthfulness? Law suits? Christian signaling? I’m sure Viveck Ramaswamy would give Donald Rumsfeld a run for most virtuous executive businessman.
            Dr.Shiva calls out the Brahman and the Hollywood media stooges ,like Jimmy Dore as no litmus test for anything. What a show!
            All these scumbags,add to the confusion. If you don’t get sued your message is probably accurate and dies in the womb.
            Dr. Shiva firebranding with the lefties.

    • Zatochi
      “…So obviously this is an Elite plant,…”

      I dont know the specifics, but I would just assume that EVERYONE in politics is either a plant or in the pocket of a bigger player.

      If they are not then they are most likely a criminal or have been psychologically subverted into the political Machine….you should still vote since some candidates may at least burn the system down more slowly then others….. I’d prefer Trump, but AT BEST he would slow down whats coming down the track.

      Local Elections for mayor, school board, and sheriff type jobs matter WAY more then who sits in the white house

  8. Hi CR community,

    I guess that mainly thanks to James I got interested in storytelling and art in general or by other words, the power of narrative.

    But I feel it’s such a complex and intricate topic to start delving into.

    Many complex ideas can be approached from there interconnected with others: creativity, history (of art, of literature, of theatre).

    I’m interested not much in visual arts and visual images but in the words and maybe the image of people talking.

    I’m curious about theatre and storytelling in the closest way to real unmediated life. Like in improvisation theatre.
    But also just the natural performance and beauty of people talking.

    I’m also interested in literature but I’m a slow reader so only short stories and poetry.

    So with this background I’d like to ask you for inputs and suggestions of sources to keep expanding and exploring this mass of interconnected interesting topics. If not more on this “meta” level of storytelling and art, then just tips and link for good theatre to watch online, favourite short stories and poems.

    I’ve read Narcissus and Goldmund and that inspired me to get more in contact with the part inside me of the later.

    And I’ve read some Bukowski.

    Now I’m checking a YT channel called Fiction Beast which caught my attention with a video titled “What’s Literature? – 4000 years of Storytelling in 4 hours”

    Thanks in advance for the inputs!


    Thank in advance

  9. 9/11 is coming up, besides Corbett’s documentary on the founding of Al-Qaeda, any documentary suggestions? I usually watch “The Terror Routes”.

  10. Can we get some titties for truth that are willing to block the entrance to an abortion clinic? Some tits out 9/11 was an inside job with a plane pointing towards the boobies. We got bigger boobies on our side

  11. I watched Corbett’s video where he reviewed a previous episode on Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and how the repercussions of that book led to overreach and abuse of authority by the likes of the FDA and USDA.

    Something I would like to point out is that we are seeing this exact same situation play out for the medical/healthcare industry. Unqualified, inexperienced, useful idiots leading the COVID taskforce enacted policy that became widespread lockdown and mask mandates. These policies caused people to lose their businesses and life’s work, face penalties and legal trouble and many other still as yet unseen consequences. The exact same outcome as the Wholesome Food Act regarding the meat packing and distribution industry.

    Our food has become exponentially more unsafe as a direct result of that act. Just as our health and wellbeing and the way we seek treatment for illness will become increasingly more totalitarian and compulsory.

    It is up to all of us to stop using their systems as much as possible. It is going to be next to impossible for some who are literally dependent on the current healthcare system to live. We must each find what works for us. We start by not using grocery stores for our meat. Buy local as much as possible.

  12. TMI or what?

    The government’s desire to spy on us is reaching ridiculous levels. They apparently have no shame when it comes to being intrusive.
    But they certainly have an ironic sense of humor when it comes to acronyms.


    “The SMART ePANTS goal is to build sensor systems that are comfortably integrated into primary clothing (e.g., shirts, pants, socks, and underwear). Research committed to developing these systems will be divided into three demonstration tracks:

    Audio recording
    Video and photography capture
    Indoor geolocation”

    • This shows just how neurotic and insane these people are. They have no creativity and apparently a complete lack of insight into their own insanity.

      Who has the desire to spend moments of their life doing this type of work and research? A bunch of neurotic psychopaths.

      I think twiddling my thumbs would be a better use of time.

      I mean this is kind of funny actually. Smart ePants?!

      • Absolutely no creativity. Have you seen what they’ve done to the gas can or the Ford Ranger? It’s like they gave entire design teams complimentary frontal lobotomies.

    • Re SMart pants- I think an original idea in technocracy was that clothes and shoes would be tracked and have an expiry date so you would need to get new ones.

    • An email…
      “Dark Waters” and Dallas Council – LIST OF PFAS Ailments – Derivation of “Forever Chemicals”

      Regina had strongly suggested that I watch the 2019 film “Dark Waters” starring actor Mark Ruffalo (Marvel’s Hulk actor). Anyone can quickly, easily watch it online at REDBOX for $4. It is a must-see movie for everyone.

      “Dark Waters” – BAD GUYS – Dallas City Council
      The movie definitely shows that the Dallas City Council are the “Bad Guys”. Dark Waters shows how corrupt and deceptive the EPA is when it comes to Public Health.
      Just like the Dallas City Council, the EPA excels at Political Public Relations and “pretense”, but they are very willing to ignore potential health risks, never applying the “Precautionary Principle”. Thousands of people have been harmed because of the EPA’s neglect. And thousands of people have been harmed by the Dallas City Council’s neglect on water fluoridation.
      Fluoride, the most reactive element on the Periodic Table, is toxic in any form, and has absolutely no nutritional value to the body. No matter the type of accumulated toxins, there is a limit to any person’s body burden.

      Just like DuPont, just like the EPA, just like The Dallas City Council, “stall, delay, neglect, and ignore” are tactics used to wear down any opposition to the status quo. The Dallas City Council is guilty of willful negligence. The Dallas Council refused to let the people vote on fluoridation, and has refused to have an open briefing on fluoride. Just like DuPont, just like the EPA, The Dallas Council would rather poison an unborn child than to publicly present the facts that health risks exist with fluoridation. They want to bury the truth. (Witness FOIA costs.) It is no wonder that people do not trust government.

      It also should be said that the toxicological science on PFAS is in its early weak stages. Whereas, the science on fluoride is much more mature, more robust with quality and quantity.

      “Dark Waters” highlights many of the adverse health effects of PFAS “Forever Chemicals”, and most all of them are the exact same adverse health effects found from water fluoridation.
      One impactful scene shows a very aggressive cow. I can attest with an anecdote on fluoride: Years ago my Dentist prescribed a liquid fluoride rinse. I purposefully swallowed a jigger of the fluid. During the following week, I definitely noticed that I became very easily agitated and irritated, more aggressive and angered.


      • REFERENCE: Fluoride & Health with links
        Arthritis, Gastrointestinal Effects, Bone Fracture, Hypersensitivity, BRAIN EFFECTS, IQ Studies, Mother-Offspring Studies, Kidney Disease, Cancer, Male Fertility, Cardiovascular Disease, Pineal Gland, Diabetes, Skeletal Fluorosis, Endocrine Disruption, Thyroid Disease, Acute Toxicity (Body Accumulation)

        Below is a LIST of PFAS related ailments. As with all science, association or a “probable link” is not causation. The mechanisms of PFAS compounds affecting health might be different than with just the fluoride ion.

        Nausea (in movie)
        Dental and skeletal fluorosis (“animals and people with black teeth” “animals with crooked limbs” in movie)

        Via CDC ASTDR
        ulcerative colitis
        cardiovascular health
        Increased cholesterol levels (disrupts the oily substances in the body)
        Decreased vaccine response in children (lowered immune function)
        Liver – Changes in liver enzymes
        Infant birth weights affected
        Increased risk of high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia in pregnant women (lowers women’s fertility)
        Cancers – Increased risk of kidney or testicular cancer

        Fertility endocrine disruptor Thyroid adverse birth outcomes
        Disruptive Pregnancies – cardiovascular health

        Major Health Concern – IMAGES of PFAS compounds (shows hydrophobic aspect)
        bioaccumulation in plants and animals

        BRAIN IMPACT – Behavior IQ – nerves and motor control
        increased aggressive behavior
        increased anxiety-like behavior
        decreased aggression – apathetic behavior – couch potato behavior
        the prevalence of ADHD or impulsivity in children
        PFAS-associated Ca2+ overload in neurons – homeostasis – muscle and nerve control
        PFAS exposure has been shown to disrupt glutamate, γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), dopamine, acetylcholine, and serotonin levels
        Emotional aspects
        PFAS-induced endocrine disruption is at the level of circulating stress, sex, and thyroid hormones, enzymes, receptors, hormonal influences
        metabolic pathways
        autoimmune disorders
        Neurobehavioral impacts, such as impaired spatial learning and memory
        PFAS-induced impacts on anxiety-like behavior, motor activity, and coordination
        Sensitive Populations
        cross the Blood Brain Barrier
        PFAS can elicit neurotoxic effects, with consequences at the neurobehavioral, neurophysiological, and neurochemical levels

        Important routes of pre- and perinatal exposures during critical periods of development.
        The developing brain is more susceptible to damage from toxicant exposure than the adult brain
        the developing brain experiences a period of rapid neurogenesis in which an estimated 4.6 million neurons are generated every hour between birth and 1.5 years of age in humans
        Therefore, toxicant-induced damage to the brain, especially during these critical windows of development, can have long-lasting impacts throughout an individual’s life

        • “Forever Chemicals” – derivation
          Dr. Joseph G. Allen originally coined the term “forever chemicals” in a 2018 op-ed in the Washington Post.
          Dr. Joseph G. Allen is an assistant professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health which is known for its landmark studies which demonstrate Fluoride’s Neurotoxicity. The world famous toxicologist Dr. Philippe Grandjean plays a big role at Harvard, and adamantly opposes fluoridation.

  13. Anybody else find it weird that after decades of a certain narrative, the powers that shouldn’t be suddenly did a 180 degree pivot? Like how much was consumerism shoved down our throats? And patriotism? And certain moral values? Now we are living in opposite world.

    • It is all part of the great inversion, in order to stupefy and confuse.

    • Kelly
      “…Now we are living in opposite world….”

      There may be 3 reasons for this, that I can think of anyway, or maybe a combination?

      1)”Planning” : Jay Dyer has spoken about the plan to flip society over to poverty after wealth and consumerism had been used to atomize and break down the prior social structures. I think its some of his ‘writings of the elite’ talks where he gets into it

      2)”Elite Decadence” : The Elite was previously expected to go and fight in wars, thus killing off or disqualifying the most stupid of them. The US has so much power now that the people inheriting power now have never had to fight and scheme as much as their elders clawing their way into power. Basically the ruling class are so spoilt pampered and insulated that their REALLY that dumb and will ask “have they no cake’ like Marie Antoinette

      2) “Circulation of Elites” : The people in charge have switched over…. the US was run by a W.A.S.P. Elite for a long time but they are kinda a spent force now and have been replaced by a more Jewish Elite which has an ethnic dislike of the US Population and Christian Culture, and (being more mobile) does not feel as much need to ‘take care of the farm’. They have instead let the worst parts of their culture run wild thru hubris and seek to remake the US in their own image- which is kinda what Elites tend to do.

  14. Mossad’s Norwegian roots

    It has previously been claimed that the agreement on the “Education Centre” was made between certain individuals in the armed forces and the Haganah – without the Norwegian government knowing about it. But among the few surviving sources who knew the secret arrangement almost from the inside, it is claimed that the government had authorised the whole thing. But was this centre really something more, something more important and far more exclusive than a camp designed to provide weapons-qualified recruits for the new Israeli army?

    A veteran with extensive knowledge of the close cooperation claims that the centre was not just about weapons training. In many ways, it was the start of what would soon become Israel’s best-known secret service with operations abroad, Mossad – or the Organisation for Intelligence and Special Operations. At least that’s the claim of this veteran, a person who should know what he’s talking about.

    This corresponds well with what Krupp told one of Stay Behind’s veterans and one of the first heads of the Blue Mix network, the late Gunnar Bjålie, in 1979. The courses and weapons training at the Education Centre in Bærum were aimed at “training young Jews for special missions”.

    If so, this means that the recruits who received their weapons training at Skui were part of the first core of the new Mossad. The fact that they came from camps in many different countries may also indicate that the recruits were hand-picked. Versatile knowledge of Europe was ensured right from the start.

    If this turns out to be correct, it is quite simply a sensation. It would mean that people in the innermost circle of Labour Party leaders in Norway have an important historical “share” in Mossad. This would shed new light on the unusually close relationship between Israel’s and Norway’s social democratic leadership for so many decades. From the Norwegian side, Haakon Lie and Jens Chr. Hauge have undoubtedly been the key figures in this interaction.


  15. ??-?? ???????? ????????? ???? ???????? ??? ?????? ????????.

    I found the photo (at about 34 minutes) of a fence post from a different fire to be especially compelling – the only places the post burned was immediately around the nails (and maybe at the base where the wood might be wet).

    In the last 10-15 minutes of the video the interviewer explains what changes in the laws were made to allow this land grab. Unfortunately the solution given is to write our representatives and let them know that we know what they are doing. (Thereby making you a crazy conspiracy theorist and domestic terrorist).

    She did give good advice in telling folks to get their grab-and-go bags ready.

  16. The WHO are currently working on an imminent legal instrument [“CA+”] to increase their power over governments by making it *legally binding* to follow their diktats. Evidently their success rate in 2020 of only persuading about 96% of countries to employ lockdowns, mask and “vaccination” mandates was not good enough for them.

    That makes them a *collectivist* organisation – one that believes in *mandating* “the greater good”.

    I think Corbeteers might be interested in refining their own response to the question “What’s Wrong with The Greater Good”? I had thought – quite wrongly – that it was something we had all learnt from the twentieth century.


    Another article (described as “life-changing” by one commenter) is about “Coping with Disagreement (and Being Wrong)”. It is about that, but rather more.

  17. How to Choose the Right Psychedelic Substance ft. Dr. Giordano | Ep 37

    Wtf is this? A mighty interesting interview with a psychopath is what is it. Dr. Giordano spewing his evils so caually is rather amusing and somewhat informative.

    • Thanks for sharing. I didn’t watch the whole thing but is this the creepy guy who wants to develop “stroking agents”?

      I happen to like psychedelics, especially magic mushrooms and LSD, so I can’t say I disagree that these can be beneficial for some people including those with severe major depression, but definitely not okay with mind control applications. In fact, the mind control experiments failed with LSD and in fact an argument can be made that it had the opposite effect as what was intended.

      But I’d never take anything that was modified by DARPA though. No thanks to that.

      • cu.h.j
        “… In fact, the mind control experiments failed with LSD..”

        No they did not. Religious Cults have been using mushrooms to control people for millennia. Crowley used to dose dinner guests up with hallucinogenic drugs and is said to have kept extensive notes on the effects.

        Its just that its hard to brainwash people when their tripping “in the wild”, but having a personalized feed coming thru your phone will make it possible.

        • I suspect people were already susceptible sort of like how our population is to the MSM. I’ve done enough of these drugs, even high enough doses for a bad trip and a scary experience and there were no lasting side effects. Even the time I had synesthesia and felt like my mind was not functioning properly (very bad time) as soon as it wore off I was fine.

          But, I am a very level headed person minus some depression and not prone to changing my base personality. If someone starts when they have very flexible brain chemistry or a weak personality who just goes with the flow, I could understand how they could be more susceptible to whatever inputs are come in by phone.

          I did used to watch movies and stuff on LSD and laugh and it was fun after it was leveling off. Maybe I’m just not susceptible.

          But contrast, harder drugs like fentanyl, heroin, meth, and coke, psychedelics are relatively benign. Meth is a drug that will completely destroy a person’s mind and that drug can completely take over a person’s personality. It is extremely harmful and dangerous. And there is a ton of that stuff, the synthetic powders that is now mostly contaminated with fentanyl. I’ve treated over doses in the ER when people thought they were getting a stimulant and it had fentanyl in it. Probably to increase addiction for repeat customers.

          But I would be very reluctant to take anything a mind altering drug from pharma or as part of a government experiment.

          Apparantly, MK Ultra was going on for a long time with other drugs stonger than LSD that actually caused brain damage. It was done on US soldiers. Some type of gas that was used in Korea.

        • I think social media and the smart phone itself is enough of a brain washing tool. There’s no need for special drugs to enhance it IMO. People are already brainwashed, no need for a brain chip. People are addicted to the phone.

          But another thing with certain types of these substances is that multiple dosing isn’t very effective because tolerance builds quickly. It’s very hard to use back to back doses of LSD and they don’t have an addictive quality for most people.

          What we have now with all the marijuana is pacification of the youth. And this can be used daily in large doses. It also seems to induce lack of initiative. People laying around smoking weed and playing video games all day, day in and day out and it’s taxed by the state too.

          People will be content with their UBI if they can just stay stoned all day.

          The amount of fentanly and other strong tranquilizers in cities now though is leading to further social rot and very rapidly. Just look up some videos about Detroit and San Francisco fentanly epidemic and it looks like a bunch of zombies wandering the streets. People with open wounds and pooping in public places. It’s very creepy.

          And the needles are given out free by the state. These are sometimes left in school yards. There was a toddler who ingested fentanyl in a park a few years ago in San Francisco who almost died.

    • Ztaco,
      I’m in agreement with your assessment. Psycho and if I were ever in his grasp it could turn dark quick. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
      What has he applied it to? These two facilitators are prudent? Scary to say the least. I’d trust Johnny in the basement, mixing up the medicine than these scientists.

  18. No more whoopee in the back seat…
    Spy on You Driving

    Sept 6, 2023 –
    It’s Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy
    (pulled link from: ~~WWW )

    All 25 car brands we researched earned our *Privacy Not Included warning label — making cars the official worst category of products for privacy that we have ever reviewed.
    [See LIST]

    …The car brands we researched are terrible at privacy and security
    1. They collect too much personal data (all of them)
    We reviewed 25 car brands in our research and we handed out 25 “dings” for how those companies collect and use data and personal information.
    That’s right: every car brand we looked at collects more personal data than necessary and uses that information for a reason other than to operate your vehicle and manage their relationship with you…

    2. Most (84%) share or sell your data
    3. Most (92%) give drivers little to no control over their personal data
    4. We couldn’t confirm whether any of them meet our Minimum Security Standards….


    • Ha! You think that having your vehicle spy on you is bad?

      Now they have apparently enlisted our traitorous furry companions into the surveillance state nightmare future!

      First they betray each other. Next it will be us!

      Cat Moves Security Camera And Films Naughty Dog Chewing On TV Remote


  19. Now we know why America is such a mess…

    The US Is Apparently Backed Up And Running Short on Laxatives

    Actually, I accidently ran across America’s Constipation when about to post something for those BITCOIN enthusiasts…
    [Sidenote: In North Texas, August was the second hottest and second dryest on record.]

    By Mack DeGeurin
    Texas Energy Grid Paid Bitcoin Miner $31.7 Million to Stop Working Amid Heatwave

    The Lone Star State apparently loves cryptocurrency so much that it’s willing to pay mining firms to not do their jobs. One of those mining operations, called Riot Platforms, claims the state’s grid operator awarded it $31.7 million in energy credits last month for agreeing to cease operations amid a brutal August heatwave. Riot, according to a press release, only actually mined 333 bitcoins during that month, which comes out to around $8.9 million.

    “August was a landmark month for Riot in showcasing the benefits of our unique power strategy,” Riot CEO Jason Les said in a press release. “The effects of these credits significantly lower Riot’s cost to mine Bitcoin and are a key element in making Riot one of the lowest cost producers of Bitcoin in the industry.”…

    …Les said the $31.7 million it received from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), Texas’ independent energy operator, came out to around the value of 1,136 bitcoin. That’s worth around three times as much as the Bitcoin the company actually mined in August…

    …As part of ERCOT’s “Voluntary Load Response,” customers in the state like Riot can opt to reduce energy consumption from its anticipated levels in response to increased energy prices or straining demand. In return, ERCOT says these customers “have the opportunity to benefit financially.”…

  20. New York Times Best Seller
    Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak
    by Robert F Kennedy, Jr and Brian Hooker, PhD

    16 minute segment taken from the Thursday Sept 7, 2023 Highwire “Episode 336: TINDERBOX”
    Vax-Unvax details the years of research undertaken to locate over 60 peer-reviewed studies, science they let speak for itself in this new book.
    Complete with user-friendly graphics, the book gives clear information on the outcome of those who followed the childhood vaccination schedule versus those who didn’t, and the distinctly different outcomes.

    The full Episode 336 also talked about this headline Bill Gates Invests Millions to Cut Down Trees & Bury Them and the climate change narrative fraud, the UK excess deaths in teens and children, and geoengineering.
    I also want to mention that I think many of Del Bigtree’s episodes and also Aaron Siri’s stuff seem to dance with Robert F Kennedy’s political campaign message, but in a veiled way.
    I’ve been watching both, and often The Highwire episodes will reinforce an aspect which RFK, Jr. had presented or touched upon during his campaign trail.

  21. For non-American people (and U.S. people), the national election process gets complex.
    Both parties, Republican and Democrat, have a national committee.
    Prior to the national election, typically voters in different states will choose their preferred Presidential candidate in a “Primary” at the voting booth.
    The people’s vote may not be worth squat, because the national committee has delegates and these delegates can choose anyone they wish as the official Presidential candidate.

    Very recently, the DNC (Democratic National Committee) changed the rules again.
    They previously had changed the normal line-up of primary campaigns by knocking out New Hampshire and marginalizing Iowa.
    RFK, Jr. gives some details below…

    September 7 – “Forbes Breaking News” YouTube Channel
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Blasts DNC’s ‘Rigged Process,’ Slams Biden In New Forbes Interview

    Fox News briefly interviewed RFK, Jr. about this DNC stuff.
    RFK, Jr sounds alarm on DNC’s ‘fixed’ primary process

    • Robert F Kennedy, Jr. short video…

      This Is About You

      “Our nation’s most serious problems come from a single Source: the entrenched corporate political Elite. Government agencies, Congress, the defense industry, Wall Street, the media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Ag and pretty much Big Everything have a death grip on our democracy.
      And there’s only one thing that can break that grip.
      And “No”.
      It’s NOT me.
      It’s You, the people.
      It’s a populist movement. It unites left and right, black and white, rural and urban, young and old. We can’t just wait around for the Washington establishment to change their minds. We can’t expect Wall Street to stop strip mining the middle class of its equity and its wealth. We can’t expect the military industrial complex to promote peace, or the Censorship Big Tech Complex to promote Freedom or freedom of speech. We need to do it ourselves. We have to take back power in this country for the people.”
      – Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

      • Thanks for sharing, HRS. That is a powerful campaign message.

        Unfortunately, when I try to envision how we can achieve this, I don’t see how we can pull this off. The PTSB have nearly complete control over energy, communications, tech, medical, supply chains, food, water, monetary system, etc. and have incredible weaponry and trained military and social change agents. I fear we are too late. Please convince me otherwise.

        I am not planning to comply, but have accepted that I probably won’t survive one of the coming government-made crises planned for us.

        • I hear ya jo-ann.
          The odds are much, much better at a casino than against the monstrous machine of the system.

          How We Win
          ~~~ We win by doing what we can, by giving it our best shot.
          ~~~ We automatically lose when we do nothing.

          Historically, this “giving it our best shot” aspect of mankind’s humanity glows.
          Every culture has its stories of heroes and heroines who courageously face insurmountable odds.
          The 1995 movie Braveheart captured this element of “giving it our best shot”. The inspiration was contagious.
          Personally, I believe that “giving it our best shot” is part of the fabric that makes us human.

          “Doing nothing” extrapolates to death. We automatically lose when we do nothing. The “Powers That Should Not Be” use this aspect as their greatest weapon. They want to overwhelm people with a feeling of powerlessness. They easily win if they can direct people’s attention onto mediocre endeavors, matters that lack substance.

          I think that Inspiration is an important tool.

          William F Pepper (born August 16, 1937)
          Inspirational William Pepper & 9-11 TRUTH
          (90 seconds)

          “It is you who are the torchbearers with respect to that truth. And you have to continue to bear that torch. And to try to get it into the mainstream, and not be discouraged when you don’t, and not be discouraged when you get discredited, when you get attacked and when you are ignored, because that is the nature always of prophecy and prophets in their own time.”

          “I ask you not to mourn the passing of democracy and liberty in this country.
          Don’t mourn it, because mourning takes energy, it’s negative.
          Don’t mourn the passing of democracy.
          Organize to restore it wherever it’s possible for you to do so.
          Steel your spines.
          Inspire your children.

          And then when the moment is right, rise again as though from the ashes and rebuild this great land.”

        • I completely understand why you feel that way and much of media highlights the negative and while there is a ton of negativity there are also lots of positive things going on too. This gets overlooked.

          So much of this is psychological warfare and manipulation which can have profound negative effects on people which is why they use it. But if people are resistant to it, they will see that these creeps have overplayed their hand.

  22. Based on trailer, this 4-part series might be worth watching:


    See trailer at:

    “In early 2020, life as we knew it changed forever. What was sold to us as a fight against “a new and deadly virus“ soon revealed itself as merely the opening act of a Great Reset, in which we will “own nothing and be happy”. This film documents exactly who is behind it all, how long it’s been in the works, and how to stop it… before we lose our country, our liberty, and our humanity.”


    Notes on the above in Mercola’s newsletter

    Door to Freedom
    “To that end, Nass is working with a new organization called Door to Freedom. Their website, which will launch shortly, will contain all the relevant WHO and UN documents, criticisms of those documents, and both long and short explanations of what’s going on.

    “It’ll be a one-stop shop where everyone can learn what the plan is and what we can do to stop it. Door to Freedom also hopes to align freedom organizations around the world to act in concert to get the word out more widely.

    “Personally, I’m skeptical about the likelihood of winning this battle through legislative efforts because this cabal has been working on this plan for decades, if not centuries. So, they already have everything buttoned up, or close to it. Perhaps someone like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could get it done, but it will take a small miracle to get him into office as well.

    “What I do hold out hope for is that public resistance will block attempts of implementation. So, the key, I think, is to educate people. Henceforth, most of the day-to-day choices you make will take the world either closer to freedom, or closer to slavery, so it’s crucial to understand where we are, where the cabal intends to take us, and how they intend to get us there.

    “That way, you can make decisions and take actions that will move us in the opposite direction. Door to Freedom will be able to help you understand all of that, so please bookmark, and check back regularly.”

    • The above linked video was first published on Bitchute on July 12th, 2023.

  24. In case you haven’t read the latest article yet, James, Broc West and Ryan Cristián of The Last American Vagabond will be on a live pirate stream “watch along” to discuss COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity this Sunday night (September 10, 2023) at 9 PM EDT.

    According to the web site, it begins at 12 noon EDT, not 9 PM EDT. The time is relevant if you intend to watch live. (Not sure who has the correct time posted.)

    • Please disregard above.

      At 12 noon the link above videos change from ‘starting momentarily’ to ‘not currently active’. The text explaining the live stream clearly states the start time as 8pm CT (which is 9pm RT).

  25. IMAGE
    Top 25 Corporations by Stock Price Wealth
    Taken from ~~~WWW

    There are four main Stock Indexes which are often followed:
    S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Russell 2000.
    The Russell 2000 is made up of 2000 “smaller” companies. Regional Banks are listed here. They are underwater right now, but fundamentals don’t matter in this era.

    The 500 stocks on the S&P 500 are mostly outweighed by the influence of some of the big boys listed in the IMAGE.
    The Nasdaq Composite Index has 2500 stocks, with over half in the Technology sector.
    The 10 most heavily weighed securities in the Nasdaq Composite Index as of March 31, 2023, were:
    Apple (AAPL): 13.79%
    Microsoft (MSFT): 11.44%
    Amazon (AMZN): 6.04%
    NVIDIA (NVDA): 4.72%
    Tesla Inc (TSLA): 3.75%
    Alphabet Class A (GOOGL): 3.21%
    Alphabet Class C (GOOG): 3.21%
    Meta Platforms (META): 2.87%
    Broadcom (AVGO): 1.63%
    Pepsico (PEP): 1.15%3

    What is hard to wrap one’s head around is that just about every American’s retirement account is highly invested in these top tier stocks and indexes.

    The whole thing is a Monster which engulfs the system, influencing our media and culture.

  26. Alarming Data about U.S. Banks
    You gotta see theses GRAPHS which visualize what is going on with American Regional Banks (not the Big Boys, like Chase or Bank of America). For the most part, these are the banks which give loans to businesses and people.

    BACKSTORY: Remember in previous years, interest rates set by The Federal Reserve were very low. The Regional Banks loaned out money at relatively low interest rates. They are holding that paper. Their problem is that interest rates are much higher now, because The Federal Reserve has been raising the rates. A mortgage on a house right now might be at a little over 7% interest rate. This makes the Bank’s paper somewhat worthless. Why would anyone buy that paper when they could earn more money on a Money Market Fund which pays higher interest?

    Mike Jones points out that these Regional Banks are borrowing money from The Fed’s emergency bank fund facility [Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP)] at 5.5% interest!

    Watch the first 2 minutes or so to get the skinny on Regional Banks.

    Sunday Sept 10, 2023 – Mike Jones Investing
    We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before, Plus 4 Major Events You Better Know About!

    Good News.
    Remember “Bud Lite”?
    The Walt Disney Co and PayPal stock prices are “hot garbage”.
    Public sentiment has crushed these two stocks.
    At the 11:45 minute mark, Mike Jones discusses these two and shows their charts.
    *“hot garbage” is a professional stock investment term coined by Mike Jones.

  27. At least one out of every 5 homes in America is owned by an investor

    QUEUED at 6:32 – Reventure Consulting
    Wall Street CANCELING CONTRACTS on Houses (65% Crash in Las Vegas)

    According to the US Census Bureau around 20 million houses in America are investor owned. According to Core Logic, it’s closer to 27 million.
    So that’s anywhere between one quarter and 1/5th of all homes in America are owned by an investor.

  28. Dutch Farmers & Food Chain – “Forever Chemicals” PFAS – Dr. Philippe Grandjean

    Evidently, 3M and Dupont have played a big role in permanently perverting the food chain in parts of Europe.
    The Netherlands and Belgium: (Read video descriptions)
    The PFAS Cover-up – Dutch Public Broadcasting
    (Dr. Philippe Grandjean is interviewed.)
    The PFAS Scandal
    Researchers criticize exposure limits for PFAS – Denmark –
    That means that, for the two most important PFASs (PFOS and PFOA), the limit is about ten time too high, says Philippe Grandjean. We have repeatedly seen that PFAS was more toxic than we feared.
    PFOA = Teflon PFOS = Scotchguard
    Budz-Jørgensen and Grandjean believe that the health-based limit should rather be 0.2 nanograms per liter, or 0.2 ppt (part per trillion)
    The EPA’s proposed legal limit is 4 ppt for PFOA and PFOS.
    1 nanogram/Liter = 1 ppt (part per trillion)

    “Forever Chemicals” – derivation
    Dr. Joseph G. Allen originally coined the term “forever chemicals” in a 2018 op-ed in the Washington Post.
    Dr. Joseph G. Allen is an assistant professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health which is known for its landmark studies which demonstrate Fluoride’s Neurotoxicity.

    The world famous toxicologist Dr. Philippe Grandjean plays a big role at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and he is also Professor and Chair of Environmental Medicine at the University of Southern Denmark.
    Years ago, Dr. Philippe Grandjean’s expertise as a toxicologist directly influenced the EPA to issue warnings about mercury in fish.
    In recent years, Dr. Philippe Grandjean has been publishing studies about the toxicity of PFAS “forever chemicals”.
    SEARCH: “Dr. Philippe Grandjean PFAS” and you will get pages of results.

    Dr. Philippe Grandjean adamantly opposes water fluoridation, often citing lowered IQ, ADHD, behavioral problems, Thyroid problems and other adverse health effects. He has been deeply involved with a vast array of fluoride studies.

    In the Citizens’ TSCA Lawsuit Trial against the EPA on water fluoridation, Grandjean testified:
    “The weight of epidemiological evidence leaves no reasonable doubt that developmental neurotoxicity is a serious human health risk associated with elevated fluoride exposure, including those occurring at the levels added to drinking water in fluoridated areas. The IQ losses associated with community water fluoridation are substantial and of significant public health concern.” (#20)

  29. Here is something to keep in mind when sharing links to videos such as the recent viewing Interview 1835 – COVID-911 Watch Along with James, Broc and Ryan.

    The comments below the video link I sent were off-putting – viewed as extremist views by religious or antigovernmental zealots. The effect was to dissuade my friend from watching this excellent video.

    It would wise to use a link that is untainted by comments, such as the one on

    • Watch Alongs
      IMPORTANT point when disseminating.
      Thanks jo-ann.

  30. For me, the tragic and devastating natural disasters that have befallen Libya and Morocco in the past few days really serve to put things in perspective.
    Any problems or issues that I’m dealing with have suddenly shrunken dramatically in importance.

    The horrendous loss of life, probably in the tens of thousands, is just the beginning of suffering for the victims of these events.

    I hope that some here might join me in, at the least, praying for the survivors health and for a quick global response to aid in the search and recovery efforts.
    And for God’s comfort to those thousands grieving the loss of loved ones.

  31. An interesting premise.

    Genocidal Ancestral Memory

    “So understandably, people whose ancestors saw this pattern — a pattern which was tried and tested and perfected and exported by the British in the 19th Century to Ireland and India and elsewhere around the world — are likely to recognize what is happening when elites declare a state of emergency, restrict food supplies, crack down on press freedoms, control populations’ movements, drive people into poverty, normalize sadism, and crush people’s access to resources.

    Understandably, people whose ancestors were kidnapped, enslaved, raped, forced to bear children, had their children stolen and/or enslaved, people who were treated for four hundred years as chattel, will recognize what is happening when elites start to manage the bodies of others and deny access, for some, to society as equals.

    Understandably, people whose ancestors were put on boxcars and whose ancestors’ skin was turned into lampshades and whose ancestors were lined up and fed into ovens, are likely to recognize early on what is happening when history starts to reprise itself with “little” humiliations, confiscations of property, and with sadisms that are socially encouraged.”

    • No people ancestors had their skin turned into lampshade. It’s a very old, long standing psyop. Just like the soap thing or the pillow thing or the small head thing. But it shows how incuclated propaganda can be.

  32. “No people ancestors had their skin turned into lampshade.”

    People choose who and what to believe. You’re no different and you weren’t there.
    Therefore you don’t actually know what happened. You simply have an opinion which is no more or less valid than someone else’s.

    “In The Lampshade: A Holocaust Detective Story from Buchenwald to New Orleans (2010), New York magazine contributing editor Mark Jacobson tells of a lampshade discovered in the wreckage of post-Katrina New Orleans that testing showed to be made of human skin. (Here’s an excerpt.) According to a Publishers Weekly review quoted on Amazon, “evidence linking it to famous allegations that Nazis made lampshades from concentration camp victims is scanty, and Holocaust museum curators dismiss such claims.”

    • That is true about anecdotal claims. I heard about the lamp shade and soap thing too.

      Perhaps this kind of thing had been done centuries ago in other holocausts or even in Gulags, who knows.

      It’s interesting though how some holocausts seem to have more importance than others though, in the media anyway.

      A holocaust or acts of human depravity are all sickening IMO. I consider forced jabs on millions of people to be a type of holocaust.

      In fact, I think that maybe 50 years from now, this period of time will be seen as a “never again” event.

    Many Corbett Report Members already know about YouTube’s fairly recent announcement that they would start censoring “natural remedies”, vitamin stuff and health advice which goes against the mainstream. I was amazed to discover that sugar and high carb diets are okay. See Dr. Eric Berg DC.

    I was shocked to see this on YouTube…

    Full Measure host Sharyl Attkisson
    The COVID Clots: A Full Measure Town Hall
    (51 minutes)
    [Full Measure is broadcast to 43 million households in 79 markets on 162 Sinclair Broadcast Group stations, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, MyTV, Univision and Telemundo affiliates. It also streams live Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. ET.]

    You won’t learn any medical stuff that is new. But some insights can be gained about a “stealth approach” in conveying a controversial message, and also about how dense some people’s heads are.
    The last part and minutes of the video relay this “dense mentality”.
    For example, a severely vaccine injured lady and her husband are not outraged that they were deceived, and almost do not recognize that they were deliberately lied to. Even more, a Doctor who warned the FDA about the Covid vaccines still seems to belong to the mainstream camp.
    I was shocked.
    The mental capabilities of our society continue to worsen.

    Fortunately, in the final minute of the video, Dr. Pierre D. Kory hammers home the real deal.

    • Just today I watched dr. Berg’s video. I think his motivation in doing what he’s doing really is to help people. But “don’t be evil, be hellish” google can’t have none of that.

      Youboob is set to become legacy social media.

    • I believe this is the Eric Berg video referenced:

      Good explanation of the censorship policy and concern that “official information” may not be trustworthy. He poses the problem that we all face now: how to find alternative information when searching online, when search algorithms are manipulating results to suppress results that do not conform to “official” consensus.

  34. Hey James I just wanted to swing by and let you know that our local Druthers Newspaper printed another one of your excellent articles.

    Here is a pic of the article in the paper:

    Congrats on busting through the digital glass ceiling of censorship algorithms and into a physical publication (that was disseminated to over 250,000 Canadians) once again! 🙂

    • Wow!
      Thanks for posting that Gavinm!

  35. TOWN HALL where you can engage directly with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


    September 17th, 2pm PT/5pm ET

    Register at

    Traditional American Values
    Health Freedom
    Transparency and Safety in Our Food Supply
    Economy: The Power of the Free Market
    A Peace Economy

    “Who Should Attend?
    This town hall is for YOU, this is YOUR platform to voice your aspirations, concerns, and ideas. Together, let’s heal the divide and shape a better future for America.”

  36. “An armed man was arrested by police at an event attended by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., after the Democratic presidential candidate’s unsuccessful requests for Secret Service protection since declaring candidacy in April.“

    “Mr. Kennedy Jr. expressed on Friday night his gratitude for the prompt action taken by the event’s security team and the police to ensure his safety.

    “I’m very grateful that alert and fast-acting protectors from [security company] Gavin de Becker and Associates (GDBA) spotted and detained an armed man who attempted to approach me at [the event] tonight,” he wrote on X.

    “The man, wearing two shoulder holsters with loaded pistols and spare ammunition magazines was carrying a U.S. Marshal badge on a lanyard and beltclip federal ID. He identified himself as a member of my security detail.

    “Armed GDBA team members moved quickly to isolate and detain the man until LAPD arrived to make the arrest. I’m also grateful to LAPD for its rapid response,” he wrote.“

    “A written note provided by an LAPD officer on the scene to a representative of the campaign, and obtained by The Epoch Times, states:

    “Male imp. fed. agent w/ handgun and ammo exposed … claimed to be employed for event, but wasn’t recognized by sec.”

    The FBI might take over the investigation of the case later, but further details of potential charges are unavailable until the suspect is officially booked, an LAPD spokesperson told The Epoch Times Friday night.”

    “Adrian Paul Aispuro, 44, was booked on a felony gun charge and was being held on $35,000 bail, according to authorities.”

    • More information about the nutbag with the fake id and gun.
      Sounds like the q anon nimrod seriously intended to do some damage.

      A message from Gavin de Becker, the owner of the firm that is currently providing security for Kennedy

      • Steve Smith,
        This has all the hallmarks of a false flag from a very sketchy character. Then cui bono? The public pay the bill, or beg for donations for almost third of the total pot? Nothing is out of bounds for the P.R. firms of this
        privileged family.

        • Don’t know about all that. I Just think that it is notable that he isn’t provided Secret Service protection.
          Perhaps the die has already been cast.
          Time will tell.
          Or will it?

          • Healthy American Peggy has a reading of the related federal laws. Seems like this assignment has nothing to do with the president (unlike what RFK has insinuated).

            • Could you provide a link to what you’re referring to please?
              I searched her website using the terms “RFK”, Robert Kennedy “ and Secret Service” and there were no results.

              Whether or not Biden is coherent enough, (doubtful), to even make a determination on the issue is sort of irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

              I think RFK is a special enough case that protection is warranted.

              • It’s one of her videos from the past week.

                RFK has suggested something of the sort “president has not granted the protection” while, according to the federal law, president has nothing to do with it. Legal mumbo jumbo, congress critters such and such.

                Proection is also granted 120 days before, while there is still ways to go. And the candidate has to be “major”. A lot of room for subjectivity right there in the “law”.

            • Peggy Hall is not quite accurate. It would be Biden’s decision to authorize Secret Service protection for RFK Jr. (if he was actually capable of making decisions about anything any longer.)

              (Government is so weasely. They write like a bunch of lawyers!
              Technically, the Secret Service is controlled (authorized) by the department of homeland security which is controlled by the White House.
              The DHS is a cabinet department.)

              The Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and the Secretary of Homeland Security coordinate policy, including through the Homeland Security Council at the White House and in cooperation with other defense and intelligence agencies.

              President Joe Biden’s Cabinet includes Vice President Kamala Harris and the heads of the 15 executive departments-

              (Homeland Security is the third largest)

              So in effect, Biden, (ha! Biden’s masters I mean.), is in fact the decision maker when it comes to the Secret Service assignments (authorizations)

              The Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and the Secretary of Homeland Security coordinate policy, including through the Homeland Security Council at the White House and in cooperation with other defense and intelligence agencies.

              President Joe Biden’s Cabinet includes Vice President Kamala Harris and the heads of the 15 executive departments-

              (Homeland Security is the third largest Cabinet Department)

              (a) Under the direction of the Secretary of Homeland Security, the United States Secret Service is authorized to protect the following persons:

              (I don’t particularly like the use of the word “authorized” here. “Directed would be more apt in my opinion.)

              (7) Major Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates and, within 120 days of the general Presidential election, the spouses of such candidates.

              (I can’t help but notice that the “within120 days” limitation appears, by the weasely wording, to apply specifically to the spouses of candidates. Not to the candidates themselves.)

              I believe that Peggy Hall might be an avid Trump advocate so her biased and superficial reporting doesn’t surprise me .

              No Coke! Pepsi! 😉
              (I wonder if anyone remembers that reference)

              • Thanks for this Steve.
                See my post below about “historical exceptions”.

                After 9/11, with George W. Bush, DHS was formed and then the Secret Service went from the Dept of Treasury to Dept of Homeland Security (2002).

                When George’s Daddy was President circa 1989 early 1990’s, I worked as a Driver and Bellman at a Hotel in Dallas, not far from George’s home. His home at that time was next to Mary Kay’s pink house. I would shuttle the Secret Service from the Hotel to his house for their shift. And then pickup. They had a small booth outside, like a small shed, where they spent their nights and days. George’s house did not have a big expansive yard.
                I would also take the Secret Service to a restaurant or club on occasions. Upon checkin at the Hotel, their discreet gun bag was really heavy, but they requested that I not touch it. They were all very friendly, down-to-earth non-asshole types, with some women employed. I liked them.

                One thing that I have noticed is that RFK, Jr. is getting a lot of support not mentioned in the media, nor by his campaign.
                Stealth support almost, or maybe.

                e.g. Taylor Swift – On Tuesday morning Sept 19, the singer posted a short message on Instagram encouraging her 272 million followers to register to vote.
                e.g. Oliver Anthony in photos with RFK, Jr. and his wife Cheryl –

                Robert F Kennedy, Jr. will be at some fundraisers in Texas down by the Austin area this weekend, Sept 23 24.
                October 9th, he is scheduled for the Dallas area.

              • Interesting stuff. Also a good reminder not to play their stupid games.

              • The biggest disadvantage one has when trying to hold the shameless to a moral account is that you have no weapon to wield. And there is nothing more shameless than a bunch of partisan politicians.
                They don’t care what good people think about them. They only have to please the people who fund them.

                The days when a sense of shame could be an effective tool in keeping the beast in line are long gone.
                And its almost like the general population have been so conditioned to it that they aren’t even offended by having their faces rubbed in the state’s effluent of hypocrisy and lies.

                It seems like the government is winning.

                King Fauci will ride off into the sunset of his life enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of willfully evil choices and betrayal of humanity.
                And I’m convinced that if half the population of the country wrote letters of protest nothing would change.
                Not that you could motivate a fraction of the population to do more than email or make a phone call anyway.

                The government has no shame. And apparently those who have decided to be supplicants of the state don’t have too much either.

          • Steve-0
            I was alluding to uncle Teddy. Instead of calling the police, or lawyer, Dad Joe called the Madison Ave Propaganda firm. And a Murder/Manslaughter drunk son gets re- elected.
            Bobby’s road to perdition is paved by Satans cement company. Maybe, saved, is a long way off for him

            • “Maybe, saved, is a long way off for him”

              Not sure what that means.

              Believe me, I harbor illusions about the nobility and honor of extraordinarily few mortals and never a one for a politician.
              But I still think that people are better advised to lean towards those who haven’t betrayed them rather than those who demonstrably have.

              Given the opportunity, Mr. Kennedy will have ample time to demonstrate his evil nature. His biggest competition have already done so.
              I say give him a chance to disappoint you. Somebody has to do it.

              There might be good people running. Like Shiva perhaps. But they stand no chance of being selected. Most normies realize that.
              Good people can never win. Unless they have great name recognition.

              If there is a one in a million chance that Kennedy is a man of integrity, then thats still a better bet than wagering on or settling for any of the proven losers who are in competition.

              I completely understand why Kennedy is attracting so much attention and so many supporters.
              I find it extremely interesting and sadly amusing to watch the spectacle.

            • He doesn’t seem like a psychopath or a sociopath, so that put’s him ahead of most of them as far as I’m concerned.

              Shiva does seem much better as far as telling the whole truth though, at least pointing out who really owns the political system.

              RFK’s mention of “gun control” has been off putting though.

          • Peggy has an agenda, and it is not RFK, Jr.
            She is leaving out some context and historical exceptions.
            Around July 28, there was a video with Kennedy naming many examples of how people were provided with Secret Service protection not in the 120 day framework.
            But I cannot find that video.

            …Advisory committee guidelines pinpoint certain candidate plateaus candidates must hit for eligibility of such protection, including the following:

            They are a publicly declared candidate.
            They are actively campaigning nationally and contesting in at least 10 state primaries.
            They are pursuing the nomination of a qualified party, one whose presidential candidate received at least 10 percent of the popular vote in the previous election.
            They are qualified for public matching funds of at least $100,000 and have raised at least $2 million in additional contributions.
            By April 1 of the election year, they’ve received an average of 5 percent in individual candidate preferences in the most recent national opinion polls by ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, or have received at least 10 percent of the votes cast for all candidates in two same-day or consecutive primaries or caucuses.

            That document also states that “Secret Service protection for primary candidates generally begins shortly after January 1 of the election year,” adding that “on occasion, the Secretary of the Treasury has accorded protection to certain candidates earlier than the election year.“..

            …One recent outlier of that provision was former President Barack Obama, who in May 2007 was granted Secret Service protection at the request of Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois due to the number of threats the Democrat faced in the early months of his campaign.
            Obama’s challenger in the 2008 election, Republican John McCain, declined protection when offered at the same time, according to ABC News…

            The 2020 guidance lists polling thresholds for primary candidates or third-party general election nominees. And it also says the decision could be guided by a specific assessment of threats against that candidate.

            Then-candidate Donald Trump received Secret Service protection almost one year prior to the 2016 general election, after being approved in 2015, along with fellow GOP contender Ben Carson, in the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses.
            In 2020, now-President Joe Biden said that candidates should receive protection earlier than normal…

            • That’s interesting. What would a state be without its exceptions?

            • Hi everyone, Gavin de Becker here again. Legacy media outlets have been falsely claiming that there’s nothing unusual about President Biden refusing RFK Jr.’s request for Secret Service protection. The truth is every single administration, going back 55 years, has approved early protection for rival candidates.”


              • Good article.

                “The September 15 assassination scare of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., at a campaign event in Los Angeles, bears eerie resemblance to the assassination of Kennedy’s father, Robert F. Kennedy, in 1968, at the Ambassador Hotel, less than two miles away.
                Some of the facts are out, but many are not, with corporate media either indifferent, slanted, or both. Colleagues of mine at The Kennedy Beacon have launched a thorough investigation and will publish their findings in coming days.”
                “The Kennedy campaign and its supporters are in the strange position of having to request desperately needed Secret Service protection from a disgracefully defiant Biden White House. In other words, Kennedy is being denied state protection that he clearly warrants—yet, if we are honest, the greatest risk of his assassination may come from some dark quadrant of the state itself. Even if it is far from sufficient, informed people must seek to educate the public about the censored and suppressed history of the American state’s role in political assassinations.

                If such an effort is successful, perhaps the light of publicity might deter bad actors in high places. Somehow, it largely falls to all of us to protect the life of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”


  37. Brushy Creek, Texas is located in the heart of the Round Rock – north of the Austin area, in Williamson County. The population was 22,519 at the 2020 census, and is considered by many to be the Number 1 place to live in the Austin area.
    In the north Austin area, the majority of Public Water Systems do NOT fluoridate their water. Of the 48 Public Water Systems in Williamson County, 44% maintain a CWF program.
    CWF = Community Water Fluoridation

    Sept 1, 2023 – Brushy Creek (MUD) Municipal Utilities District
    Notice of Permanent Termination of Fluoridation

    …After careful consideration and thorough evaluation of scientific research, public opinion, and the potential health and environmental impacts, we have concluded that it is in the best interest of our community to discontinue the practice of water fluoridation effective December 1, 2023.

    This decision is not taken lightly, and it is based on several key factors:
    1. Scientific Concerns: Extensive scientific studies have raised questions about the long-term effects and potential risks associated with water fluoridation. While some studies suggest benefits, others indicate potential adverse health effects, especially in vulnerable populations such as infants, individuals with kidney disease, and those with specific medical conditions.

    2. Personal Choice:…
    3. Cost-effectiveness:…
    4. Environmental Considerations: Fluoride compounds used in water fluoridation can have unintended environmental consequences, particularly when it comes to water treatment processes and wastewater disposal. By ending fluoridation, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint and promote environmentally sustainable practices….

    • Thank you for the excerpt. (I am denied access.)

      Maybe this type of decision could help re-ignite the anti-fluoridation activists in my water district.

  38. (I lived in Odessa, TX during the 1950’s)

    TX City Resolves Not to Enforce COVID Mandates

    The Odessa City Council passed a resolution saying that the city would not enforce any COVID-19 mask or vaccine mandates imposed nationally or by the state, becoming the first city in Texas to pass such a resolution.

    Brought forward by Council Member Christopher Hanie, the resolution states that residents of Odessa were “subjected to injustices in the form of overreaching government imposed mandates during the pandemic.”

    “[M]andates, such as masking mandates, violate the free conduct a citizen should expect to enjoy. Compulsory vaccination mandates, imposed by government or business, violate a citizen’s right to control over their own body,” the resolution continued.
    Hanie spoke before the vote on Tuesday and reminded the council about the drastic effects COVID-19 had on Odessa during the pandemic…

    …Six of the council members voted in favor of passing the resolution, arguing that residents should not be subject to mandates that “violate their right to freedom and liberty.” One council member abstained from voting.

    The resolution states that the City of Odessa would not enforce any mandate requiring a person to wear a face covering or get a vaccine. Additionally, mandates that affect a business’s operations or confine a person to their home will not be enforced, per the resolution.

    City Manager John Beckmeyer applauded the resolution, saying that he was “so proud to be here with this council, with council members like councilman Hanie who had the guts to go out and put this resolution forward to say we’re not gonna do this again,” according to Your Basin.

    Michelle Evans, political director of Texans for Vaccine Choice, also voiced support for the resolution. She said her organization was “deeply grateful for the grassroots efforts across the state to pass strong resolutions in defense of Texans’ medical liberty.”

    “We applaud the Odessa City Council — as well as the Republican parties of Ellis, Williamson, and El Paso Counties — for recognizing the importance of informed consent and can’t wait to see other local governments and organizations follow suit. Hopefully, our elected officials in Austin are taking note — voters expect them to protect vaccine choice rights,” she stated, per the Texas Scorecard….
    Williamson County – See Brushy Creek, TX north of this comment.

  39. The Canadians are Peacefully Protesting again!!
    Check out this interview on Press for Truth with Dan Dicks.

    “On Wednesday September 20th a nation wide rally will be taking place all across Canada to protest the grooming and sexualization of young children by the LGBTQ+ community in the schools and beyond.
    In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with the organizer of the rally Kameal L Shaiek about what can be expected on Wednesday from both sides of this highly contentious issue.”

  40. Useful and inspiring article by Derrick Broze for The American Vagabond posted on Activist Post:
    United Nations Marks Halfway Point to Agenda 2030 with Sustainable Development Goals Summit

    “The United Nations will gather in New York City on September 18th and 19th for the Sustainable Development Goals Summit 2023 as part of an effort to recommit the world to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

    The United Nations Fears the 2030 Agenda Is Failing
    “Preparation for the SDG Summit comes after UN Secretary-General Guterres revealed in April that progress to completion of the SDGs was failing, with only 12 percent of the SDGs on track to be completed.”

    * * *

    The Autonomous Development Goals as an Alternative to the SDGs
    Derick then provides 10 alternative goals…
    “I propose that the best parts of the UN SDGs be stripped from the top-down, authoritarian template employed by the UN and WEF. I also propose that a set of Autonomous Development Goals (ADGs) be outlined and adhered to on a voluntary basis by individuals, businesses, and civil society organizations that align with the ADG’s goals and philosophy.”

    Inspiring. Especially about the UN failing. But this means they are going to speed things up…

  41. Tuesday September 19 (day before Fed FOMC wrap with Powell) – Quartz – By Nate DiCamillo
    Hedge funds are risking financial turmoil by shorting $600 billion in US Treasurys
    If there’s a sudden sell-off, Treasury volatility could spike like it did in March 2020.

    The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) warned financial markets that hedge funds could disrupt the all-important US Treasury market because of massive size of their leveraged bets against it.

    In total, hedge funds hold a $600 billion short position against the $25 trillion US Treasury market, created using contracts to bet on the future price of the asset, according to a BIS research note from economists Fernando Avalos and Vladyslav Sushko.

    This has the BIS, which manages funds for central banks and encourages financial cooperation between countries, worried that if hedge funds dependent on borrowed money are suddenly forced to put up more collateral, then bond markets could see an damaging sell-off, similar to what markets faced during the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

    The BIS has raised concerns about a specific strategy known as the relative value trade. This strategy comes into play when there’s a noticeable difference between an asset’s current price, and its future contract price. In such scenarios, investors typically buy the cheaper asset and sell the pricier one.

    Right now, Treasury futures trade at a slightly higher value than actual government debt because they require less up-front cash when purchased by long-term asset managers. A hedge fund pursuing a relative value trade takes advantage of this dynamic by buying actual Treasurys, while selling Treasury futures contracts at the higher price. When the time comes to fulfill the contract, the trader can deliver the actual bond they bought and pocket the difference between the two prices.

    The actual differences in value between Treasurys and future contracts are quite small, so hedge funds typically need to borrow a lot of money to make this strategy profitable, according to the BIS. Hedge funds often finance their investments with overnight borrowing on the money market, and borrow financial assets from brokers to extend their leverage in specific trades.


    • (…continued…)

      Before the pandemic, the initial margin requirement (similar to a security deposit needed for a loan) to borrow Treasurys was quite low. This allowed traders in the Treasury market to operate with leverage as high as 175 and 120 times the value of their initial deposits for five-year and ten-year Treasuries, respectively. However, with increased volatility in the Treasury market in 2021, the margin requirements tightened. Despite this, trading leverage remains elevated: 70 times the initial deposit for five-year Treasuries and 50 times for ten-year Treasuries.

      In both September 2019 and March 2020, traders reduced their holdings of Treasury and corresponding futures contracts aggressively in response to sudden changes in margin requirements from brokers who fretted about economic conditions. This led to Treasury prices dropping very quickly in 2020, and the Federal Reserve bought $500 billion in Treasurys to smooth out the dysfunction.

      If margin requirements tighten quickly again with the amount of leverage that’s being applied to the Treasury markets, the BIS warns, this very safe asset class could be in for another time of volatility.

      Mike Jones discussed this on his daily market recap…

      Sept 19 – Mike Jones Investing
      Big Money Has Been Loading Up In These Short Positions! Plus These Stocks Are Setup For A…..
      (2:28 minute mark)

    • Don’t worry about those Treasuries, because we have smart people controlling things…

      Sept 19 – Reuters
      U.S. Treasury: Banks’ ‘net zero’ pledges must align with temperature limits

      NEW YORK, Sept 19 (Reuters) – The U.S. Treasury on Tuesday released new principles for “net-zero” financing commitments from banks and asset managers on Tuesday, saying they should align with goals to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius and be backed by credible metrics and targets.

      The document, released as world leaders, celebrities and business moguls converged on Manhattan to focus attention on the climate crisis during the U.S. General Assembly week, also prescribed that financial institutions should bring their clients’ and portfolio investments into line with temperature limits.

      The Treasury also announced that several philanthropic groups have pledged $340 million to help develop research, data and technical resources intended to help financial institutions develop and execute “robust, voluntary net-zero commitments.”

      The funding will also support work to facilitate the transition planning efforts of non-financial sectors of the economy, the Treasury said.

      Groups included in these commitments include the Bezos Earth Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Climate Arc, ClimateWorks, Hewlett Foundation, and Sequoia Climate Foundation.

      U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said her goal for the new principles is to “affirm the importance of credible net-zero commitments and to encourage financial institutions that make them to take consistent approaches to implementation.”

      She said in excerpts of remarks to be delivered later on Tuesday that there would be $3 trillion in global investment opportunities associated with the transition to net zero each year between now and 2050.

      • @ HomeRemedySupply
        I don’t normally follow financial news but that seems to be the hidden hand in many troubling areas of our existence.
        Jim Lee interviews Dr. Shiva Ayyudira and they together discuss ‘ why are they(TPTSB) screwing with the clouds?’
        This intersects nicely with the real world financial agenda and reveals how it’s being carried out in real time.
        Follow the money! Increase the heat! It can be that simple.
        From above, you must guess at
        1.” Philanthropic groups…” You think they can be looking out for you?
        2.” $340 million to help develope research, data and technical resources…” As always ! A think tank to tighten the screws, improve the propaganda and enhance the effectiveness of raising the temperature and killing the ” iris effect” of clouds .
        3. “The funding will also support work to facilitate the transition planning efforts of non-financial sectors of the economy…” Do you think this could be specifically aimed at you? It will be like throwing you a hammer if you are drowning.
        What is the plan ?
        4. ” … commitments from Bezos Earth Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Climate Arc, ClimateWorks, Hewlett Foundation, and Sequoia Climate Foundation. Well do you think you are the focus of these groups in any beneficial way?
        5. Yellen sez “investment opportunities associated with the transition to net zero each year between now and 2050.”
        Will we mere mortals see any of this investment opportunities? Especially before we are killed by their poisoning the atmosphere? Smells more like trickle down economics with the population reduction and environmental catastrophe for future power, profit and control plan.
        Surprisingly, How to think is part of this interview. Watch how a teacher in the scientific method boils down all the fat into concise truths. Removing the emotional Propaganda from the facts.
        Jim Lee, student with Dr Shiva, teacher.

        • Readers…small aside note.
          I might add the real people, above in the interview, have to be looked at in real time.
          Poor Jim Lee was on his second or third day of quitting smoking and shows some signs of withdrawal. Not his best side being put out there but out there he put it.
          Hats off to Homie, he puts it out there and he suffers from being a Texacan. Thanks for the news I’d never had time to consider. It’s important to follow the money.

    • On Monday Sept 18, the Treasury released some figures..

      US Debt Rises Above $33 Trillion For The First Time, Soars By $1 Trillion In 3 Months

      …combined with…

      ~~ More than 100 million Americans have an auto loan and auto loan debt in the U.S. is at a record high of $1.56 trillion.
      ~~ Credit card debt surpasses $1 trillion for Americans.
      ~~ Total household debt has reached $17.06 trillion
      ~~ In October, tens of millions of borrowers will be required to pay their monthly federal student loan bills for the first time since March 2020.
      This Hasn’t Happened to U.S. Money Supply Since the Great Depression, and It’s Typically Accompanied by a Big Move in Stocks
      A 2% or greater decline in M2 money supply, which has only occurred four previous times in 153 years, has historically been a harbinger of bad news for Wall Street.

      • Looks like all is going to plan.

  42. TURBO CANCERS -The new pandemic

    From The Highwire “Episode 338 – Turbo Trouble” of Sept 21.
    (35 minutes)
    Oncologist and cancer researcher, Dr William Makis, is sounding the alarm on the sudden rise in “turbo cancers”, a recent term coined for the incredibly fast growing cancers found in COVID vaccinated individuals. Hear what the early data is showing in the causal relationship with the vaccine and the struggles doctors are having treating these patients.

    • ZeroHedge – September 22, 2023
      Authored by Efthymis Oraiopoulos and Jan Jekielek via The Epoch Times
      Cancers Appearing In Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations: Dr. Harvey Risch

      There is evidence that cancers are occurring in excess after people receive COVID-19 vaccinations, according to Dr. Harvey Risch.
      Dr. Risch is professor emeritus of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. His research has focused extensively on the causes of cancer as well as prevention and early diagnosis.

      In an interview for EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders,” Dr. Risch said patients must now wait months, not weeks, to get an appointment at an oncology clinic in New York.

      There is difficulty in observing whether a vaccine can cause cancer, because cancer usually takes time to develop, Dr. Risch said. It can take anywhere from two years to 30 years, depending on the different types of cancer, from leukemia to colon cancer.

      “What clinicians have been seeing,” said Dr. Risch, “is very strange things: For example, 25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don’t have family histories of the disease—that’s basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works—and other long-latency cancers that they’re seeing in very young people.”

      He said this is not how cancer normally develops.
      “There has to be some initiating stimulus to why this happens,” he said.
      Fighting Cancer

      Dr. Risch said that in his opinion, cancer is something a healthy human body can fight and disable, as the non-normal cancerous cells are gobbled up when detected in a body with a functional immune system. If the immune system is compromised, however, it cannot cope with the task of neutralizing cancerous cells, and cancerous cells are left to multiply and grow, leading to symptoms of cancer.

      “That’s the mechanism I think is most likely here,” Dr. Risch said. “We know that the COVID vaccines have done various degrees of damage to the immune system in a fraction of people who have taken them.”

      That damage could translate to getting COVID more often, getting other infectious diseases, or getting cancer….

      • It seems clear that people who have received the Covid jab are more likely to get Covid, at least this is what I have observed. I think there is research that suggests this to be true, some early studies out of Israel. I don’t have the links.

        I had a patient who came in with “Covid” or flu like illness who just got the new jab and low and behold three days later got sick.

        Substances that affect the immune system can lead to cancer, thus it follows that if vaccines disrupt the immune system can also lead to cancer.

        In 2014 I worked in a different specialty and did have some young patients with GI cancers even in their 20s, stage 4 colon cancer etc. So there have been cases of cancer in young people before the jab. But I am aware that colonoscopy screening has been lowered to 45 recently which is unusual. It seems like there is probably more prevalence of cancer in young people now.

        The jabs are just one source of toxins though. Fake food and chemicals are another source. We are being poisoned with chemicals. They want to exterminate as many people as possible and blame it on other sources so it doesn’t look like mass murder.

  43. ‘Sopranos’ Star Drea de Matteo & risque OnlyFans

    I’ve seen a lot of mainstream headlines about this, but never clicked them.
    Here is the backstory which I did not know…

    Two brave actresses met very different fates for speaking out against the jab in Hollywood

    …Appearing on the Adam Corolla Show podcast on Thursday, the actress said she joined adult subscription platform OnlyFans, which often contains content that is not safe for work, to make money after getting shunned by Hollywood for her anti-vaccine comments at the height of the pandemic…

    …Drea de Matteo said her agent dropped her during the COVID pandemic, when she was vocal against vaccine mandates, and she turned to OnlyFans to make money.

    “I guess you could say I was a bad girl because I did not follow the rules a couple of years ago,” she said. “So, I don’t want to be at the mercy of mandates or strike or anything like that ever again.”

    She said her children encouraged her to join OnlyFans, where she regularly posts photos.

    “My kids were the ones that were like, ‘Do it,'” de Matteo said, explaining that her daughter helps create the content. “She’ll edit the pictures, too, because they want certain things that we haven’t been able to do.”

    “I figured, ‘OK, so everybody’s in their underwear and being sexy on Instagram and I don’t do that, but I can do that and get paid for it.’…I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner.”…

    …”I know some people have said some nasty things about me having joined OnlyFans. But, you know, the way we see it in this house is mommy’s a warrior, not accepting defeat.”….

    • I’ve seen this thanks to MCM. And I’ve always like Drea’s character of Adriana in the show. It didn’t end well for her. But Dreas seems to be a woman with a nice and big pair of balls. Putting things on the line and having support of her family. Doesn’t get better than that.

  44. APEEL – Organic Produce is Being Poisoned

    See this USDA Organic

    OMRI – The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is an international nonprofit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing.

    “Can Apeel be used on USDA Organic Produce?”
    “Yes! We have formulations that are OMRI Listed for the growers and distributors of USDA Certified Organic produce. Apeel’s products help reduce post-harvest food waste, over-packaging, and costly controlled-atmosphere storage.”

    Brenda Baletti, Ph.D. is a stellar investigative journalist often writing for CHD.
    Uproar Over “Apeel” Food Coating Sheds Light on Big Ag’s Capture of Organic Food Agencies
    …controversy surrounding Apeel — a Gates-funded synthetic fungicide and fruit coating — sparked concern over how chemicals are approved in organic products….

    MUST WATCH – 16 minutes – Jefferey Jaxen guides us through the story…
    [From Thursday 9/21 Highwire Episode 338 – Turbo Trouble]

    • So, after I wrote the “Apeel” comment above, I went to Sprouts Farmers Market and spoke to the store manager who is a friend that I have known for 10 years.

      I asked him if Apeel was being sprayed on the produce.
      He emphatically said “No! You are talking about that Bill Gates spray, right?”
      Over and over again, the manager said that a lot of people have been asking about it.
      I find that anecdote encouraging, because it relays the concept that many people have voiced their concern.

      I yapped with a lot of folks today on my errands-about.
      When the segue works, I always plug the Corbett Report.

  45. Interesting short film (11 min.) that leaves one to ponder countermeasures.

    Posted to X/Twitter by Christopher F Rufo on Sep. 20, 2023

    “American culture has been sent adrift. In a new short film, I show how a strange new pattern of psychopathologies has deranged our institutions and plunged our public life into hysteria, narcissism, and moral theatrics—all in the name of “care.”

    Welcome to the Cluster B Society:”

  46. Does Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson have connections associated with Karl Rove?

    Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson had his OpEd in the Wall Street Journal.
    There is tremendous significance of getting an OpEd published in the Wall Street Journal on a Friday morning (when market action doesn’t take all the reader’s attention), and thus gaining the world’s spotlight.
    This is extremely hard to do. Not just anyone can do it. War criminal and 9/11 Cover-up propagandist Karl Rove could do it. Karl Rove writes OpEds for the Wall Street Journal. “Rove has worked as a political analyst and contributor for Fox News, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal.” Rove is not poor, with three homes across the nation.
    QUESTION: So, does Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson have connections associated with Karl Rove?

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was interviewed by Tucker Carlson.
    Karl Rove and the Wall Street Journal are very much a part of the conversation.
    [An aside: This full interview sheds light on the insanity of the political system.]
    Published Sept 20
    Tucker Carlson Ep. 25 – Ken Paxton
    Tucker Carlson – Ken Paxton (Karl Rove – Wall Street Journal) QUEUED – 14:05

    Opinion – Wall Street Journal
    Friday Sept. 22, 2023 11:01 am ET – By Eric Johnson
    Mayor Eric Johnson: America’s Cities Need Republicans, and I’m Becoming One
    While Dallas has thrived, elsewhere Democratic policies have exacerbated crime and homelessness.


    Karl Rove QUOTE
    ”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.
    And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out.
    We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

  47. See what a tonne of gold looks like, and other photos / videos.
    One tonne (Metric) of gold converted to pounds equals to 2,204.62 lb = 999.9988 kg.
    Trying to make off with 1/10th that weight in a movie bank heist would be no easy feat.

    First ever filming of Singapore’s Gold Reserves in Super-Secret Gold Vault

    Buy & Store Precious Metals in the U.S.
    BullionStar has the perfect solution to the precious metal storage dilemma: storing your precious metals in our ultra-high security U.S. vault. Our vault is located in Dallas, Texas. Texas is the most favorable jurisdiction for precious metals investors in the United States….

    • On my end the provided URL opens without issues. Are you looking for the freely accessible editorial? I don’t see the article one the international forecaster any more. They probably deleted or archived it.

      • My mistake. I wasn’t a subscriber when I first tried searching for the article a couple months ago. I just logged in and the article is there.


  48. September 28, 2023 – Jefferey Jaxen
    Top Japanese Virologist Takes to the Street to Warn of Manufactured Omicron Strain

    What if the world learned that the Omicron strain was manufactured?

    An emotionally alarming video has just been posted. A man in a suit stands alone on a busy Japanese street trying to get the attention of people passing by. He is Japanese professor Takayuki Miyazawa from Kyoto University. A top virologist and associate professor at the university’s Institute for Life and Medical Sciences. The Japanese language clip of Professor Miyazaawa’s warning has over 8 million views on X at the time of this writing…

    …his most recent paper has the world talking and deeply moved him into action to alert others to what he has found. Even if it means losing his longstanding position at the very highly regarded Kyoto University.

    Researchers and virologists around the world were baffled at the evolution and rapid dominance of the Omicron variant of SARAS-CoV-2 after being first identified in November of 2021.

    An outlier with no explanation for its wildly divorced trajectory from the rest of the lineages. Just an unnatural, red rocket line perched above the rest of the natural virus evolution. What happened?

    Japanese professors Miyazawa and Tanaka set out on a year of research to find out.

    The evidence presented in their paper titled Unnatural evolutionary processes of SARS-CoV-2 variants and possibility of deliberate natural selection, published in September of 2023, was potentially earth-shattering. Using the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) program, the pair of researchers looked at nearly 400 Omicron-related variants to identify regions of similarity between protein or nucleotide sequences to understand the order of mutations leading to their formation.

    What they found led them to conclude that the formation of a part of Omicron isolates BA.1, BA.1.1, and BA.2 was not the product of genome evolution….

      • It could also be the jabs lowering immune system keeping it circulating longer.

        I’ve been sick in 2022 and 2023. In 2022, it was a bit different from flu or cold with the fatigue. I was fatigued for about 3 weeks. This time, I felt like I had a bad cold. Even people who are in poor health don’t seem to be getting a severe illness like in 2020, so what ever is circulating where I work seems very mild to me.

        I am so sick of hearing about this now though and even normies are too which I think is good.

        Maybe people are coming to the conclusion that living in a mask and taking a jab that makes you sick ever 6 months to a year is untenable. Living in fear and staying in ones home for the rest of ones life is not a life.

        I mean three years have past and as people get older realize the value of time. Maybe that basic recognition is sinking in.

    • UPDATE – “On the street Activism and more…”

      Sept 29 – Jefferey Jaxen
      The World is Now Paying Attention As His Recent Video Climbs to Over 10 Million Views
      Dr. Miyazawa, Japanese Virologist Who Warned Omicron Strain Was Created, Responds

      The story goes like this. A pair of respected Japanese Ph.D.-level researchers from Kyoto University took a year to study nearly 400 strains of the Omicron variant. Their conclusion, for several reasons chronicled in their recent study, was that it appears to have been manufactured.

      Despite multiple efforts, research journals turned them away refusing to publish their findings. That was when Dr. Takayuki Miyazawa took to the streets of Sendai, where the 70th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Virology was being held, to speak the truth of his findings before presenting at the event.

      After his public pleas on the street, he wrote:
      “We handed out flyers and held information sessions on the streets, but almost no one passed by, no one took our flyers, and almost no one would listen.

      I usually speak when there are people willing to listen to me, so I mistakenly thought that they were interested in me. I was shocked to see the reaction of the people in the town. Not even 0.1%.”

      Yet in a twist of fate, the Japanese language clip of Professor Miyazaawa’s street warning has over 10 million views on X at the time of this writing.

      The rapid attention has allowed Dr. Miyazawa a greater platform on X, formerly Twitter, where he has expanded the dialogue.
      Below is the translated barrage of messages and statements he has made in the last 24 hours….

  49. Save The Date. Save The Country.

    Kennedy promises an historic announcement on October 9th in Philadelphia.
    I can’t imagine what else it could be but that he has understandably decided to run as a third party candidate.
    The only question is whether it will be Independent or Libertarian.
    My bet would be Independent.

    • “We all recognize that there’s a genuine possiblity of national transformation, and its source is the goodness of the American people.
      Our government may be crooked, but our people are kind, brave and caring.”

      -RFK, Jr.

      (Originally, RFK, Jr. was slated for the Dallas area on Oct 9th, a Monday.)

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