Shots Fired in the Media War! Corbett Report Hit!

by | Dec 2, 2017 | Videos | 23 comments

Shots have been fired in the media wars! The Corbett Report is being flagged for talking about robots! The site has been labeled “harmful” by the Lords of Gootube! Why stand we here idle? Join James for today’s Thought for the Day as he shows you how to prep for the day when The Corbett Report is disappeared from YouTube.

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The Media War Has Begun

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  1. Is this what pizza gate was all about? Who could argue against protecting kids from predators? They are celebrating knocking down 150,000 videos… and it’s the tip of the iceberg. Will this be justification for unplugging incorrect thinkers such as Corbett?

    Think of the Children

    It worked wonderfully to sell the great Carbon Fairy Tale.

  2. Just for fun, I went to youtube (without logging in) and searched for “sex robot.” Some of the resulting videos are available unrestricted, and some are age-restricted. If you want to watch an age-restricted video on youtube, without loggin in, there are free add-ons available for Firefox that handle this.

  3. A bit unrelated, but could use some additional momentum. I have a comment levitating at about half page (seems to be the top voted comment but it isn’t on top, go figure) here which is gathering some attention regarding 9/11. Some of these people are in my honest opinion shills.

  4. James- you raised an interesting question. At what point will they completely remove the Corbett Report from the likes of you-tube and google? And how will they justify it? (not that they will bother justifying themselves).
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Request for FEEDBACK and IDEAS
    We all know that the content of the Corbett Report censored video was fine for all ages.
    One major change in normal routines was the comment section use of a term regarding “___ robots”. We all had great fun playing around. The term was used repeatedly with all kinds of comments and script. I am wondering if the term in the comment section was used to help flag the video.
    I do know that Google watches Corbett Report comments, because one can easily search on Google for topics in the comment section.

    I am wondering if we could try an experiment? Can we utilize some keywords or phrases, repeated often enough in the comment section, to help increase traffic flow to a Corbett Report Video? In other words, use judo with comment section keywords. Is there a way to measure results?

    For example: There are often keywords which tease views for some of the viral, high view-count YTub videos.
    Corbett’s 5 Unbelievably Stupid Ideas Governments Actually Tried video utilizes this aspect.
    Video –
    James talks about CROWD SOURCEing ideas just prior to the release of that video here…

    Another example: Look at these two websites and their viral videos…
    …then read their “Help Wanted Ad” here…

    Anyway, I would like to know other people’s thoughts.

    • Yu da man! Yu da man! Yu da man! YU DA MAN!!

      I’ll follow your lead (and all Corbetteers should) when you feel the timing is right.


  6. UKJC
    You said it!
    For this thread, let’s avoid the “s” word.

    I have a comment below pending moderation.

  7. Here is my factual observation for what is going on:

    The next war based on control has already started as seen by cell phone and internet control.
    In America, the deep state funds and controls the Washington Post, New York times, google, (including youtube), and facebook.
    In China, the Washington Post, New York Times, google (including youtube) and facebook are officially banned and access is denied to the netizens.

    Instead other services such as we chat are used exclusively for life (to buy anything for example). All aspects of a person’s life, including using a taxi (when and where) must go through the government websites, and netizens are warned on the bullet trains that any infractions will cause a demerit in their government appraisal report cards (according to annoucements in Chinese and English).

    I suppose that the winner of this next contest, waged via information control will be determined (as it has always been) by which side can remain closest to reality. So far the U.S. information team “google etc” seems to rely a great deal on fake news, so I am not optimistic for them. The U.S. side is out-numbered and out engineered by the Chinese side, and doesnt realize for example that the fastest computers (by far) are Chinese, with original Chinese software and original Chinese hardware that is not copied or inspired by anything from Silicon Valley. Further, the best new devices (small chips used for communication and control of the internet of things) are Chinese invented, Chinese manufactured and barely understood by American engineers who dont understand the hardware but can read instructions for how to implement and program their use in the internet of things (ask any American electronics engineer less than 50 years old if he or she knows how a transistor works or understands hardware and you will likely get a blank face from an app programmer who does not know the back doors or basic operation of the Chinese chips he/she is programming).

    How many people realize that there is a brain drain into China and that the Chinese people are increasingly patriotic and very optimistic about the future, wherein it is easier for a Chinese young person to buy a new house than it is for an American young person? Google etc tells a weird story about China.

    I was in a very populous Chinese city recently wherein more than half of all street traffic was via electric vehicles (mostly motorbikes of less than 5 horsepower, very silent and no smoke albeit slower movement). At the same time google etc was informing the Americans via its “news” that America was far ahead of China in electric cars.

    We are removing all video from our site from youtube as well……..

  8. An attack website, I knew it. That Pilato dude looks like a thought criminal too. Excuse me, off to get my annual flu shot…

  9. What’s funny is that someone from the MGTOW community did a response video using Corbett’s original footage to argue that James is crazy and that sex robots are the only “true solution” for men. His video was NOT age restricted.
    Here’s the link

    PS the comment section is very “interesting” for lack of better term.

    • I hate vampire hyper-strained-critical videos like that.

      And the comment section… our culture is becoming more and more degraded.

      • I agree, most of the YouTube comments are not worth reading.

    • MGTOW appears to be quite a substantial thing in the US. It attracts all sorts of attention, but also many able adult males whom have been screwed over one too many times. Among the prominent speakers in the arena there are many assholes but also free thinkers who seek neutral approach to the issue. I.e. not bashing women in general.

  10. It may be boring, but I stick with the plain old “New World Order”

    Yes, many have pointed out that the term is not particularly accurate because this is something that has been going on for along time and there is nothing particularity new about it, but there is the advantage that Bush has used the term on television and if people want to label him as a “Conspiracy Theorist” they are welcome to!

  11. Very valid point.
    However, it seems that other similar type videos are “exempt”.
    A very interesting play by YouTube…I wonder what the determining factor(s) were.

  12. I checked that channel and found a pornstar confession video, which was quite interesting. The former actress is basically saying how doing porn was great and the profit was fabulous, but now she dislikes being threated as a woman who would do such a thing. All the while she still has a website and on it selling bits and pieces of herself.

    Also, while looking for more background information, I found an open letter from a preacher of some sort, a thirty something year old father of two born again type of Christian, dedicated to actress in question in which he apologizes in the name of all men for their forceful ways and how basically men strayed from the path of protecing women and ended up objectifying them.

    I know way to many women born in the 80es who have severe accountability issues. I also know way to many guys who are ready to take any given amount of crap from women. Was it the whole princess/knight on the white horse thing that engendered this state of affair? Was it always like that?

    • I got the gist of what you were saying there and wasn’t offering a detour of the argument, but more like an aside to it. I don’t put much stock in what youtube does anymore, so I didn’t comment directly on your input. Most of google is run by bots anyhow, so much of these “decisions” are not that big of a deal in my view. Depending on the algorithm, it may just be the case a few reports here and there can have a channel put on a shit list and can have their videos demonetized by inference.
      I don’t think either of us can really appreciate the amount of videos being published on youtube every single minute of every single day and therefore to expect human interaction with possible infringements of the zillion rules they have going on there and probably thousands of reports they get every hour would be inane. I did read an article telling about their struggle with DMCA takedown requests which are plentiful and make human intervention unfeasible. To take stuff down is probably the safest way out of that mess.

      I didn’t investigate much into the channel and there was no implication of illicit behavior on the part of the channel maintainer based on the confession video. What peeked my interest initially was what was stated in the video you linked, about how their profit went from $2000 to $10 per month, so I wanted to check their most popular videos and assess what kind of view count is it required to generate such revenue.

      Sure enough, the most popular by far was the confession video, the ex actress being still quite popular and the video being carried by various news outlets. The video has comments disabled, obviously. If they were enabled at any time in the past, I’d have to assume there were quite a lot of insults thrown in there, but, being as curious as I sometimes can be, I would have to wonder about their nature and what actually caused the barrage. Was it the fact she was done with her “acting” and wanted to move on or was it because she didn’t leave the impression of a sincere person; the website, millions of followers on social sites and the likes.

      I absolutely don’t think it is proper behavior to insult anyone on the street/online/whatever based on their previous deeds and occupation, but I wouldn’t have the tenure myself to cast judgement over those who would do something like that. People be people, after all.

      What did catch my attention on that video and made me look through the tears (again, I’m not implying the tears were insincere, there is plausible deniability here, the actress may very well not know any better) was this passage at the very end

      … and these are things that teenage girls don’t think about. You think that you’re a teenager, that it’s fun, you’re making money and that’s the truth, it is, and there is nothing wrong with porn, but how the people treat you for the rest of your life, it’s not worth it. I definitively think that it’s time for people to respect sex workers and respect women and all and total. Absolutely.

      Now, I could probably write an essay here and point out all the facets of this bit of information as put forward by the “sex worker” which I have a problem with. I’ll keep it short and just state that I find this conflation of “women” noun and the “sex workers” euphemism highly insulting to my intelligence as well as any other thinker out there, among some 2 million who have seen the video. I’d almost pick the $300 check on her site for a video call to call her out on her bullshit, but I have a strong feeling she’d just hang up.

      It’s becoming clear that levels of depravity in the western societies are at an all time high. And I find that irksome.

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