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Plug your ears if you don’t like to hear your politicians using bad language…or any time they open their mouths, really.


Ted Kennedy – The “Breast” and the Brightest
Time Reference: 00:00


Bush senior had sex.. so did fellow americans
Time Reference: 00:04


Minister Anthony Albanese borrows from Hollywood
Time Reference: 00:18


Out Of Control Congress Deems Pizza A Vegetable!
Time Reference: 00:28


Stupid Bush
Time Reference: 00:34


Sen. Lindsey Graham on the NDAA, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens
Time Reference: 00:42


Vic Toews vs. Vic Toews
Time Reference: 00:52


Obama swears! (NSFW)
Time Reference: 01:20


Joe Lieberman U..S. needs Internet kill switch like China
Time Reference: 01:26


Donald Rumsfeld Caught Lying
Time Reference: 01:31


Obama even needs teleprompter to address sixth grade class
Time Reference: 01:49


Recognizing the 8 Signs of Terrorism
Time Reference: 02:14


7 Signs of Terrorism
Time Reference: 02:17


Seven Signs of Terrorism
Time Reference: 02:19


Rand Paul – What is a Terrorist!
Time Reference: 02:29


3 Signs You Might be a Terrorist
Time Reference: 02:36


Homeland Security Says You Need a Credit Card or YOU Will Be Branded A Terrorist
Time Reference: 02:47


Walmart Public Service Announcement
Time Reference: 02:56
Obama Claims He’s Visited 57 States
Time Reference: 03:24


Christie Whitman says air is safe days after 911
Time Reference: 03:37


Madeleine Albright Defends Mass-Murder of iraqi Children (500,000 Children dead)
Time Reference: 03:53


Jay Rockefeller: Internet should have never existed
Time Reference: 04:16


Rudy Giuliani in Drag Smooching Donald Trump
Time Reference: 04:23


  1. CLASSIC ! Golden Oldies.

  2. You sure are sneaky James.
    You can always blame Broc should the fluff piece blow up in your face. 🙂

    • I thought it looked familiar.
      Well you can scratch that comment then, since Broc wasn’t around here back in 2012.

    • Hey we all need a laugh from time to time. Nice short video, I’m sure it could have gone on for hours. 🙂

  3. Well, I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge, and hence, a certain amount of discernment, from reading and watching the Corbett Report over the past 5 years; and I always recommend the Corbett Report for the high quality of the videos, interviews and documentaries.

    So, I’m going to give this video a pass. Meaning, OK, there’s been enough home runs so I’ll let this one slide.

    I don’t understand what earthly good this video does. What does it mean? OK, politicians make mistakes. We all do. I guess I might have laughed at some of these years ago. Right now it just seems like more name-calling in the sandbox. Irrelevant and not conducive to the mire we find ourselves in.

    And the voice over of – I guess it’s Barak Obama? – with the F words? And the beeyatch word? Really? On the Corbett Report?? I don’t get it. I wondered if some hacker snuck this in.

    All this name calling is just adding fuel to the already divisive disgusting despicable behavior being thrust upon us.

    Selfishly, I think we are very dangerous waters and I read this site and others to help stay halfway sane and to see how others are negotiating this trampling of our rights and planning some strategies for the future.

    I think this video is way past its prime, and it brings to mind that old chestnut “hate the sin, not the sinner”.

    • James Corbett’s 2/19/2012 5 minute clip Sh*t Government Says.

      I think that we all should look at the context of this video.
      It is just a 5 minute clip in the evolution of The Corbett Report.
      James was just beginning to hone his skills and time in bettering The Corbett Report.

      The year, 2012, was just beginning and 2011 had just ended.

      Search for the top news stories of 2011.

      I just now dug out my journal/log from 2011.
      The economy and job market was a trainwreck trying to recover.
      Many folks had been losing their houses, me included.
      Gold prices were climbing to record highs.

      In late summer of 2011, one morning my wife yells at me from her computer,
      “Your picture is on the front page of AOL news!” … “Now, you will never get a good job.”
      She was right.
      The Associated Press article by Tamara Lush, “From JFK to 9/11,conspiracy theories thrive”, went around the world. New Zealand, India, Europe, Japan, Canada, U.S. …all over the place.

      Anyway, it was a different era. A different context.

      • Hi Home Remedy

        Was the clip from 2012? Well, that would explain it (to me).

        Thank you for pointing that out.

        I still stand by my comment. And hold dear, more than anything else in the world, every person’s right to refute it.

    • Hi Home Remedy

      Was the clip from 2012? Well, that would explain it (to me).

      Thank you for pointing that out.

      I still stand by my comment. And hold dear, more than anything else in the world, every person’s right to refute it.

    • Thanks, debra.b

      If, as Home Remedy explained (and if I am interpreting him correctly) this video was from 2012, which would explain, to me, why it seems wildly out of context right now.

      It may be age and experience but I am less liking humor that attacks the person rather than the subject.

      I think JP Sears is hilarious (and started watching his covid videos because of a suggestion by a Corbett member). I like that he skewers the powers that be (whoever they really are and not the faces we see as their fronts).

      I identify with your own experiences quite a bit, debra.b, from what you post.

      If I seem like a buzzkill or without a sense of humor (not your comment, thank you) it could be perhaps because I miss the children I have cared for for 5 years who I have not seen in 4 months due to this nonsense;

      or the two local supermarkets that I will no longer shop in because of the situations I have encountered due to not wearing a mask;

      or the searching for a new bank, having taken my money out of the bank I have been with for years after I was told I had to leave if I would not wear the mask even after explaining the medical condition and the fact it wasn’t a law but a mandate,;

      or countless hours on the phone over the past six weeks (and countless phone calls to every senator and representative in my area) with unemployment division who accepted then denied my claim after I refused to send a copy of my social security card OVER THE INTERNET,

      or the loss of family and friends who don’t call anymore because of my views about the pandemic (which they don’t ask about, only surmise when they have heard them from others)

      or the inability to get a job in my field because I cannot/willnot wear a mask,;

      and wondering/fearing what’s coming up next when I won’t get tested and won’t get vaccinated. (Will they cut off social security?)

      Trying to navigate what feels to me like 1938 Nazi Germany might have been, does not come as easily or as humorously to me as it obviously does to others.

      And vive la difference!

      • I want to underscore the anecdotes which “lovetodust” gives above.

        “Trying to navigate what feels to me like 1938 Nazi Germany” .

        Good analogy, especially with this mask issue, it is like 1938 Germany.

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