Shut Up, Burglary Theorist!

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What?! You believe in burglaries?! Oh no, you’re just another crackpot, tinfoil hat-wearing nutjob, aren’t you? You’re a burglary theorist!

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The “C” Word

Shut up, conspiracy theorist!


    • Sloppy content uploading though. The caption and the thumbnail don’t match the video content. Mind you, if I had a $ for every typo I’d spotted on nzherald online, I’d have bought a house in Herne Bay by now

  1. Great thought/idea James.
    I get it and I like it.

    Truth be known, I don’t think the powers that be appreciate *any* ‘theorist’, for that requires thought.
    And the last thing they want is a thinking public!

    When I have more time (to think) I will add to the list of ‘x-theorists’ that could just as easily be turned into a pejorative term.

  2. Well it reminds me of an idea I once had to combat burglary…

    Everyone knows that trying to stop burglary is endless and pointless task. As soon as you catch some burglars, new ones just pop up and take the place of the old ones.

    Instead of criminalising burglary, why not legalize it?

    However, there would be a catch – There’s always a catch!

    Burglars would not simply be able to steal anything they like, from anyone, anywhere.

    Oh no, Potential Burglars would have to nominate an area from which they intend to steal from. The names of all the burglars who want to steal from a particular area would be distributed to the residents in that area along with a short bio for each burglar and the residents would get to vote on which burglars (say 5 from each area) get to Burgle there.

    The advantage to the residents is that they get to choose the most hopeless burglars, rather than be burgled by real professionals.

    Also, there would be a lot of competition amongst burglars, Burglars would be encouraged to donate some of their bounty back to the community (Say to pay for Schools and Roads) in order to win some favor with the residents.

    To make it fair, you could repeat the whole process every four years so that new burglars would get a chance and in case the residents are getting tired of being burgled by the same old burglars all the time.

    • (grinning) Interesting concept Octium.
      From someone who has been robbed/stolen from probably close to a hundred times over 40 years, I’ve seen my share of “conspiracy burglars”. The anecdotes sometimes are pretty wild. Even the police in Washington D.C. stole from me twice.

      Kind of a fun video…
      Thieves get locked in cellphone store, crowd watches and laughs

      When I owned some women’s clothing stores back in the 1980’s, two ladies working for me at an ‘old East Dallas’ store once locked the shoplifter inside the store and stood outside until the police arrived.

    • You’re basically describing socialism for burglars, where pros would have a hard time to catch a break, while the youth would get a better chance at grabbing some experience. And loot.

      Anyway, I think a well armed, educated populace would stop burglars dead in their tracks. Pun intended.

  3. – Western Japan –
    I watched this video three times. I am fascinated by the surroundings.
    I am guessing this video might had been taken during early afternoon.

    Types of building materials for homes, buildings and streets. Lots of concrete and some kind of stucco. Very ‘neat’ angles and painted roadways.
    Some videos, especially of parks, show grey granite rocks for walls, and of course more trees and bushes.

    Zoning blend. Parking. Traffic (or lack of).

    No trash on the streets, no plastic bags blowing around.
    The slope of the drainage system (street gutters) puzzled me…seemed like a slow grade angle, almost flat.

    The soil appears to be a low quality, sandy type.
    Lack of large mature trees in some of these neighborhoods, except when Corbett visits parks. By comparison, zoning in many Texas cities require a certain amount (and sometimes type) of trees and bushes for retail establishments and Home Owners Association residential.
    Texas also requires more trash on the streets blowing around. (grin)

    In these videos, I often look & listen for birds, wildlife or pets. I rarely see any. Of course, most birds are active in the morning.

    Anyway, I always enjoy the background on the videos.

    • Same here! A few months ago, James was at a park and I have no idea what he was saying because there was a familiar squeaking nearby. Here at home, when I hear and find the source of that squeak, it’s always a frog in the jaws of a ribbon snake! Can’t even count the numbers of rescues/meals interrupted over the years.

      Anyway, I also find his jaunts a treat, and benefit from a second playing of the video to actually hear his message.

    • No even a blade of grass…

  4. I always found the “conspiracy theory” slur to be just one layer of the onion, like a really weak cover story which can stand only the most cursory inquiries. It’s programmed to work as a mental shortcut, like many others we’re equipped with thanks to non-stop propaganda.

    “Conspiracy theory” gets really insulting when genius commenters start insisting that a small in scope collusion, one among top people of an organization must include all the people at said organization, their sisters, wives and dogs; all of the bottom levels clerks; all of the people in the news industry; all of the people in various security agencies and the police.

    What I see as really damaging is the people’s blind belief that something isn’t so. Those who could accept a chance of collusion, will most probably refuse to believe their “leaders” could be the star actors in some nefarious deeds.

    • Yahoo Finance Video•February 22, 2018
      Fake news continues to be spread online in the form of conspiracy videos
      YouTube has apologized for suggesting that viewers watch a video that attacked student survivors of the Florida shooting. The conspiracy video claimed that 17-year-old David Hogg, a survivor of the Florida high school shooting, was a crisis actor. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and Rick Newman examine what happened.

      • You’ll need to cut off a lot more to efficiently shut that guy up.

        • If his voice becomes higher, I’ll know who wields the knife.

          • Far be it from te dispense any body severing advice, BUT if one would like to shut up a keyboard warrior, they would probably have to start from his fingers.

  5. Here is a list of ‘x-theorists’ that could just as easily be turned into a pejorative term, should the powers that be ever desire:

    Larceny theorists
    Battery theorists
    Bribery theorists
    Forgery theorists
    Perjury theorists

    • You bring up a good point, a deep idea regarding ethics.

      As I go through life, my personal values and ethics change.

      For example, I yawn if some person shoplifts from a Big Box Corporate Chain or if some clerk siphons off money from a major corporate player, even robbing a bank (as long as no life is put at risk).
      But my winter white face gets beet red when a small business or individual gets plucked by theft.

      Perhaps my prejudice is rooted in the belief that Wall Street and Government are soulless, coldblooded, heartless entities which capitalize on serfdom.

      • You are spot on about serfdom. We are “owned”.

        Just to occupy space becomes a confinement.
        No one really owns their home/land, they pay tribute (taxes) in order to occupy the space. Permissions and tributes are required when one moves the body around.
        One is born into a tremendous liability of trying to survive surrounded by a system of bullies which demand tribute from so many angles.

        • I work as a Licensing Specialist for a large company. One of my duties is paying Real Estate and Personal Property Tax. Through this I came to realize that when you “own” a property you do not really own it. You are effectively “renting” the land from the government. They effectively act like all land belongs to them. If you do not pay your “rent” presumably they can take away what you “own”. I do believe we have returned to a bit of a feudalism in this country for sure.

  6. Depressing, isn’t it? This type of humor, simultaneously laughing and groaning over America’s ignorance, has been late night TV fodder for some time.

  7. A real take-away from the video for me is “practice”. Practicing reading and writing help to develop not only those skills, but other aspects as well. It definitely is noticeable from the Corbett community’s communication and deep seated ideas. There are a lot of sharp folks here.

    One of the best teacher assignments / tests I ever had was in the 7th grade (1960’s). She gave us a blank piece of paper and had us draw freehand by memory a global map with every continent and every country in the World. I practiced for weeks. It stuck. (The countries didn’t…some are long gone.)

  8. BOOKS
    I can definitely speak about “Books”, because I once owned a Wholesale-Retail Book Corporation.
    Full Story –

    Something saddened me about 2 weeks ago. I saw the truck driver come to the large metal shed-bin Donation Book Drop in a parking lot near Target. I went over to talk to him in order to find out where the used books end up. Basically, they get shredded and sold as recycled paper. There were some cool books and classic “oldies” on that pallet I saw.
    Now-a-days, even used bookstores will sometimes throw into the dumpster boxes of used books.
    Libraries have long had their annual “Book Sale” where they glean the shelves and sell off literally tons and tons of books at brown bag prices (a couple bucks per bag).

    James Evan Pilato, “New World Next Week”, and Octium have mentioned the Little Free Library and “Yard Mailbox Libraries”.
    I like seeing this solution.
    P2P Solutions: An Open Source Investigation

    • BOOKS compared to other products sold
      Over the years, I have sold all kinds of products with my self employment ventures…toys, statues and plaster décor, bean bags, “As Seen On TV” products, sunglasses, pictures, velvet paintings, shrimp, jewelry, designer jeans, Women’s Apparel, etc.

      — Stealable —
      Jewelry and apparel are definitely “stealable” items. They attract thieves. When I sold designer jeans in the ghetto areas, I had tough problems with theft sometimes two or three times a week.

      Books, on the other hand, do not attract thieves.
      From the BOOKS “Full Story” link above…
      By 2000 with annual sales in my large stores over 3 million, about one million was from checks. My stores did not have the electronic check verification. We just wrote down the driver’s license number on the check. I had less than $300 out of a $1,000,000 each year in uncollected bad checks… …I used to joke: “Thieves don’t read.”

      — Recycling Apparel as compared to Books —
      See this thread Leftovers
      Synopsis: For our Wholesale Women’s Apparel business which sold to retail stores, we would buy the Leftovers from manufacturers. I would liquidate the Leftovers (of the Leftovers) from the wholesale operation by doing retail “Fashion Sales” around the country. Salvation Army and Thrift Stores take people’s used clothes (Leftovers)…what they don’t use in their retail stores (Leftovers) gets shipped near Mexico with many clothes being sold across the border. The Leftovers from that border town get shipped to “rag makers”. The Leftovers from the “rag makers” get shipped to Africa and people wear them.

      • I never could figure out why hundreds of women would rush in hungry panic to buy clothes at my “Fashion Sales”…until I got married.
        – Women’s Apparel “Fashion Sale” Thread –

        – Designer Jean Thread –

        – Lots of “Roadside Sales” anecdotes – (Scroll down)

        Bean Bag Theft
        A funny sight. In the early 1990’s, I was selling Bean Bags on the street corner. Some young guy in a Camero drives up and stuffs this giant 8 cubic foot bean bag in his front passenger seat. He could barely see as he burned rubber in his getaway. Kind of like an airbag went off across his dash. I had a Bag Phone (early rendition of cell phones) and called the cops. They caught him about a mile away.
        A few weeks later, he showed up and apologized and begged me to drop the charges. I really didn’t want to hassle with spending the time and driving way down to the Dallas City Attorney’s Prosecutor Office, but I did. I just couldn’t bear the idea that he would end up with a “bean bag criminal record”. The prosecutor was kind of shocked that I wanted to drop the charges.

        • – Government and Bean Bags –
          So, one wintery day when I was roadsiding bean bags, with one colorful pile about 12 feet high, this suit drives up. He says he wants to inspect my Bean Bags and flashes I.D. It’s been a while, but I think he was with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. He looks to see if my bean bags had two zippers, an inner zipper to the Styrofoam, and an outer zipper over that zipper. Mine did. So, I was in the clear.
          I asked him “What’s the deal? Why two zippers?”
          He said that there had been an incident where an older brother stuffed his younger brother in a bean bag and the kid suffocated. Thus, a new regulation came out on bean bags.

          One Christmas Season in the 90’s I had a huge tent off the 121 Highway in the parking lot of what was once a large topless club until it had a fire. The tent was filled with toys and bikes. Daily, I sold an 18 foot trailer worth of bean bags. I was selling so many so fast that the manufacturer couldn’t keep up. I finally hired a couple temporary workers (“illegals”) and we went to the facility and made bean bags all day.

          I miss those cash businesses.

  9. I don’t know many crazy conspiracy theorists but I sure do know a lot of smart conspiracy theorists.
    Of the two words that make up the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ it is not the former that irks me, but rather the latter.

    For we have gotten to the stage in many false flag incidents where we have enough evidence to prove a conspiracy took place. When we have evidence that a conspiracy took place, it no longer is a theory.
    And so to label someone as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ in these instances is not only a false accusation but a misrepresentation.

    I say it should become a crime to falsely label someone a ‘conspiracy theorist’!

    • Funny thing about government and crimes is they generally choose what they enforce and for whom they enforce it.

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