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Iain Davis of In-This-Together joins us once again, this time to discuss his latest article, “Acceptance of and Commitment to Freedom.” In this conversation, James and Iain move from an examination of the feelings of hope and despair that have been instilled in the population by the would-be social engineers to a conversation about how we can use behavioural psychology to reassert our power and regain our sovereignty.

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What Is All This Isolation Doing to Us?

Iain Davis Dissects the Pseudopandemic

Acceptance of and Commitment to Freedom

WHO Technical Advisory Group principles

Conspiracy Theories by Cass Sunstein (pdf)

Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures, 22 March 2020

MINDSPACE: Influencing behaviour through public policy

Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures

A State of Fear by Laura Dodsworth



    • On a separate note, I’m very sorry to hear about Arby. I don’t spend much time on the comments section but the name does sound familiar. My prayers for him and his loved ones.

      What can we do to help support each other during this time?

      • siopapmeaw

        “..What can we do to help support each other during this time?..”

        I can send hug emojis and type ‘there there’ ?

        🙂 jk, but honestly people need to find REAL WORLD places to hang out because the internet is a great place to visit but so many are trying to live here.

        We could have some kind of Discord (I think there is a more secure version? Mastadon? I dont do social media) or Internet Relay Chat if people wanted to actually spend time talking in real time to each other? The danger is that you dont want to end up hanging too much on such things because they can be cut off and they will get Glowed up by Fed’s fishing or trying to get it all cultey and weird.

        The real world is the place to be.

        • Funny you mention Discord. There is a ‘Virtual Pub’ Discord server for real-time chat and sometimes talk on the voice channel:

          You are right that people need to find real world places to hang out. I think the problem is those places have mostly disappeared. I heard a podcast that observed that in the past, people would meet with extended family, VA, Rotary Clubs and at church. Now many of those venues have disappeared, the exception being church but people have stopped attending.

          It was tough for people, especially city dwellers, to make real-world connections when the real world venues are limited. Not really to sure what viable solutions there are in this regard.

  1. Several years ago I ordered an ACT self-help workbook by Steven C. Hayes called “Get out of Your Mind and Into Your Life.”

    Unfortunately, I only got about a quarter of the way through it. I was finding it difficult to be completely honest with myself, and just kind of gave up. Shockingly, I find my self in a better mental state than when I first attempted this self-help therapy. But I think it would be worth trying to work through it again (I still have some improvements to make). Maybe some guidance from a therapist or a group setting would be more effective. Anyhow, I just wanted to share an ACT resource.

    Wishing us all success in our steps towards Freedom and contentment.

    • From the workbook “Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life”

      “ACT is not about fighting your pain; it’s about developing a willingness to embrace every experience life has to offer. It’s not about resisting your emotions; it’s about feeling them completely and yet not turning your choices over to them. ACT offers you a path out of suffering by helping you choose to live your life based on what matters most… This is more than a self-help book for a specific complaint- it is a revolutionary approach to living a richer and more rewarding life.”

      -Learn why the very nature of human language can cause suffering
      -Escape the trap of avoidance
      -Foster willingness to accept painful experience
      -Practice mindfulness skills to achieve presence in the moment
      -Discover the things you really value most
      -Commit to living a vital, meaningful life

  2. I read someplace that the definition of trauma is a horrible experience over which the person perceived himself to be powerless at the time. It’s this perception of powerlessness that must be addressed. The fact is, we are not (politically) powerless, but we have been conditioned, as Mr. Davis points out, to believe that we are. We are traumatized into compliance by this belief, like the horse in the cartoon where it stands tied to a flimsy plastic chair. It’s wonderful to be reminded (‘re-minded’) that we have always had powers which we are free to start exercising at any time. But the first step is awareness, and this is why conversations like yours here on this platform are so invaluable. After awareness, we can take action and do what James so wisely suggests: if something is wrong, the most natural thing in the world is to reach out to another human being. This is difficult for many of us because of our own traumas, like neglect or abuse which taught our open-hearted young selves that reaching out doesn’t work or results in further pain. But the fact is, we are wired to reach out, like those poor, starved, isolated new-born monkeys in the experiment where they all choose a soft doll over food. We live in a deeply traumatized world, all of us fighting a brutally hard battle on this planet. We all deserve this basic acknowledgment, and it helps to know we are never, ever alone in the fight. We are, in fact, in this together!

  3. I am not surprised that Stoics are in fashion… sadly I suspect that many internet stoics are just at the stage of “letters to a Stoic” which are high sounding and very wise, but written by an immoral man who did not have personal growth from his great store of knowledge.

    Stoicism is attractive to a minority of smart people, it is USEFUL to a much smaller minority who have sufficient will to actually use the philosophy to improve themselves. That is why Christianity took over the Roman Empire and philosophy remains a smart persons game to this day.

    I must say that CS Lewis was 100% right in stating that without EMOTIONS directed correctly by intellect human beings are totally unable to do anything but follow their lusts and desires and fears- easily biddable and predictable animals just as the powers that are wish us to be. That is why it was so important for them to bring in relativism and atheistic worldviews… fear of hell stops more crime then knowing crime is wrong.

    Few can by force of will remove their fear and do what they wish (knowing it to be right) to do.

    • Interesting Duck. I’ll have to do more research. As I have mentioned before there are some like myself who try to do the right thing not because I fear punishment by God but because it would not bring reward. I do tend to think the universe can provide karmic consequences in this life but its not the overriding drive for me.

      I’d much rather bring a smile to someone than make them cry and I’d venture that most people are that way.

      At any rate thought provoking comment.

  4. Wonderful show, Iain is so well spoken. In my world I have about 8 friends who are like minded and aware of our world situation. We frequently get together to discuss our situation, solutions to it etc. But we also discuss anything we want to. It’s not always doom and gloom (substantially less now than two years ago) but more positive and creative ideas and resources.
    I have to say this has kept me going through some rough times. The need for us to once again become community and share in human contact is so critical.
    Community is what we make it. Let’s make it a community we want to be a part of.
    In Lak’ech

    • REFERENCE to Arby.

      At James Corbett’s 1/31/2022 newsletter “Do NOT Go Back to Sleep! This is NOT the End!”, he posted a 10 minute video which mentioned Arby.
      This video is available to any Corbett Report Member.
      It is entitled: I Choose Life – Subscriber Exclusive #106

      At this LINK is a Sub-Thread Comment section which also links to where Arby was expressing his situation in December.

    • Thanks Richard, for posting Arby’s last blog. Being a relatively new subscriber, I was not familiar with him, but he was part of the Corbett community and that’s something, so I read his blog and I for one will make a point of summoning that little bit more courage to make the difference between giving in to being complicit and making a stand over some issue related to the totalitarian agenda…and I will do it “for Arby”.
      Rest in peace Arby.

    • I just finished reading Arby’s blog. It appears he had no one in his personal life who believed him. He was surrounded by Normies. One of my dearest friends has a fully vaccinated Normie roommate and it drives her crazy (not literally but it’s very stressful) because they can’t talk about anything but “meaningless small talk”. My friend often writes to me saying, “There’s no one else to talk to except you,” and then she will unload. I am happy to be her soundboard because I know how frustrating it is to see family members and friends be stuck within the lies and propaganda. Actually, it is heart breaking. Arby, a smart guy, was stressed to the max but it sounds to me he was more heart broken than angry.

      The most maddening thing is stated in the video above: breaking the spirit of humans is part of the diabolical plan. I recently wrote a blog about that, if anyone is interested:

      Rest in peace, Arby. Because of your efforts, whether you knew it or not, you helped break the spell for others.

  5. I am very sorry to learn about Arby’s death and the way he died. Death is inevitable, but it makes me very sad when someone chooses it as preferable to Life. That decision reveals a great deal of pain and hopelessness. I have always thought that I learn from the Corbett Community comments as well as the Corbett content. I recently read a comment by Arby and followed the link to his bitchute channel. That was just a couple of weeks ago. Arby was important in my personal universe NOT because we thought alike, but because he expressed views different from my own. For example, I am still not convinced by arguments for the Terrain Theory and against the Germ theory of disease, but because of him and other Corbett Commenters I could explore and think beyond my belief system.

    Rest in Peace, Arby. You will be missed,

    • I feel bad. I wish I would have seen his blog. I would have reached out to him and try to talk him out of it. I didn’t catch any suicidal plan on the comment section.

      Its a shame because I think there are people who would have helped him. I could have helped him a little with money or to research a way forward.

      I didn’t know he was suicidal.

      • I feel bad too. There were many possibilities. He could see only one.
        I’ve arrived late to the conversation, so Corbett’s announcement shocked me. I backtracked to December Open Thread. Arby was very active, explaining his position on Germ Theory. Then he got a lot of support from you and others when he started talking about losing his job and possible next steps. Hindsight 2020, he was definitely worried about “starving in the street”, but who wouldn’t be in his situation? Then Holiday Open Thread was a kind of memorial with many of those who have exchanged comments with him over the years expressing sincere regrets. Even Dark Fact Checker was not disrespectful—just Dark. I appreciate this episode of Solutions Watch as a recognition of a tragic loss that impacts long-time members of the Corbett Report. It was very well done. Thanks, James.

  6. Good video but its. Mistake to say this is a MIS-use of psychology….psychology was from its inception a weapon. Freud hated what he thought of as Christian western culture- imagining himself hannibal against Rome. Jung was a creep with a Faust fetish and used to hang out with Dulles so he may even be the grandfather of the MK stuff.

    Degenerate Moderns by dr. Em Jones is a good enlightenment as to why culture is so sick

  7. Two of my favourite investigative journalists together. There are reasons aplenty here to make more changes that will make a difference. One change I made about 6 months ago and have not deviated. My debit card is used only to withdraw cash and I pay for EVERYTHING with cash…I have not made one direct payment for anything with my card and I make a point of telling anyone who will listen, how important it is to keep cash alive. Also…. anything that can be bought used/secondhand/pre-loved/whatever, will always be considered above the new version which has tax added. I am on a mission to deprive the government of as much tax (ITS MY MONEY YOU F**KERS), as my freedom of choice will allow.

  8. I’m writing in response to James asking about ways that we can support each other. Because of that comment, I wanted to let you all know that I am a happiness teacher and have spent the last five years developing a business to help people, who are waking up to reality, get themselves sorted out and having basic sanity (most of us are robbed of that due to modern culture conditioning). To help support others waking up gently and mindfully. My goal is for people to learn in a safe and supportive (and FUN!) environment so they can go on with the rest of their lives resplendent with a deep feeling of community and positivity from experiencing the natural Oneness of humanity.

    Through Bliss Revealed last fall, I started posting free content on Locals and Odysee where I’ve overcome my social media aversion to regularly post and am right here, right now in January 2022 ready to dialogue with anyone and everyone who would like my support.

    I get Iain’s love of ACT and talk therapy. Such notions and activities can be life-savers.

    However, my information comes from the ancient wisdom of eastern philosophy which includes understanding basic ways to address the question: Who Am I? in age-old, archetypal ways that bring one to a deep understanding of one’s unique nature and also to an understanding of others’ views and behaviors. Also, eastern philosophy is a holistic framework for optimizing the human experience, no matter what’s going on in reality and life, as it include meditations, physical care, and other what we might call practical “life-skills.” Everything I teach is either from ancient wisdom traditions or cutting edge science like quantum physics emergence theory and modern natural healthcare (they’re FINALLY dovetailing with eastern philosophy).

    When I was called to start my happiness business, Bliss Revealed, back in 2016 (completely out of the blue; I was a closet yogi working as a mediator-attorney (!)), I purposely structured it so that rich people could work closely with me one on one, and by doing so support my main focus of group work with a sliding scale payment structure called the My Bliss Path program, and ***that if people didn’t have any money, they could still get everything they need to be happy and healthy through the free content I provide in my blogs and videos which the other income streams enable me to create.****

    I am a purpose-driven professional. Not money-driven and have designed Bliss Revealed to serve everyone as best I’m able and still pay my rent and buy food.

    So please don’t barf thinking I listened to James’ care and entreaties and Iain’s information and thought to myself, “Ya, business opportunity here.”

    Instead, I’m saying PLEASE never, ever be hurting and think that no one loves you or is there for you.



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  9. I’m sorry to hear about Arby. May he rest in peace.

  10. Well done. Mindfulness/stoicism allied with the will to change ones life as a step towards societal change. This is a tool that has found its ultimate use-value. We must keep talking about and acting with mindfulness/stoicism and reflecting on our behaviours and actions if we’re to push back the evil we’re confronted with.

  11. Nice podcast, I really enjoyed this conversation.

    James, you speculate that the purpose of being mindful is to better control your behavior and your life. That is not the purpose. Mindfulness is simply the practice of observing your thoughts and behaviors, and the physical happenings of the world around you. Observation without judgement or evaluation. When you do that you are better able to understand yourself and life in general. If you try to use mindfulness as a tool to gain control over “yourself”, you will just tie yourself into knots because your focus will be on some end (better control of your life, happier life in the future, etc.) rather than the practice of mindfulness itself. Mindfulness must have no purpose to truly be a form of meditation, which is what it is.

    • Good reminder. The practice of being the witness or observer. Less attachment to the outcome allows a more grounded existence.

    • scpat says:
      “…the practice of observing your thoughts and behaviors, and the physical happenings of the world around you.
      Observation without judgement or evaluation.
      When you do that you are better able to understand yourself and life in general.”


      Observe a young child observing.
      We should take not of this (or remember how it was for ourselves when we were young.)

      • In far west Texas during the 1950’s when I was around 4 years old, I got up early one winter morning before my parents and little brother were up.
        I went into the living room and looked out the panes of the large sliding glass patio back door.
        I sat there alone on the carpet in my Cowboy pajamas and just looked into the backyard.
        Just looked.
        The sky was overcast with a dull ugly, cold winter gray. What little grass in the backyard was a long dead, crispy light brown. Most the yard was west Texas sandy dirt. The twin clothesline T-poles were to the left side. The yard was surrounded with a light gray cinderblock fence.
        I sat there for the longest. Just looking. Finally, I said to myself: ”This is so pretty! I’ll never forget this.”

        • I liked your story. We did that so much more as kids, and then as adults the world became stale and “understood” to most of us. We defined our experience and our surroundings and formed hardened perspectives. As soon as we start defining things we can get fooled into relating to them as a symbol instead of the felt experience it gives. As Alan Watts says, we mistake the menu for the food, the dollars for the wealth, etc. If there is something to be “gained” from meditation it would be to see the world as it really is, not what we have symbolized it as. That is true freedom.

    • Somewhat related to scpat’s topic of Observing

      I think that sometimes we all have a tendency to “over-think” things…to do all sorts of internal mental gymnastics and introverted figure-out think-think-think processes.
      One’s attention is sucked inside the head…It reminds me of past times when smoking pot and I would try to remember a previous thought but would get lost inside my own head with a dispersal of thought-lines.

      Personally, I think that being stuck inside one’s own head with all kinds of internal introverting computations can lead to feelings of depression.
      “stuck” is a keyword. One’s attention should be fluid.

      “Energy flows where attention goes.” – DISCUSSION & Link

      What does a football or basketball athlete do?
      Do they think: “Now I am going to move my right foot 55 centimeters at a 30 degree pivot, because the opposing player is….”
      No. They observe and act.
      However, they do practice in order to develop that skill.
      I think that practice seeds competency.

      Also, I think that “Observing” can sometimes apply to the data which James Corbett presents.
      Sometimes just an observation of the information is enough…it doesn’t necessarily need a long pontification of over-complicated and computational think-think-think speculation 5 volume sophist dissertation with a stonewall, final, absolute conclusion at the end.
      I’m not knocking discussions nor perspectives.
      I’m pointing out that there is value in observing.

      • You talk about the process of being stuck and overthinking. I agree. When we get stuck, we can’t act. I’ve always liked this short clip of an Alan Watts talk on this subject, particularly when he compares a police state to an elaborate system of self-consciousness, where everything is checked and nothing is trusted, causing us to become stuck. It really paints a picture of exactly what you are saying.

        Alan Watts – Life Is The Willingness To Die—Alan-Watts:6

        • You know mindfulness, I can see. I have a friend, mindfulness teacher, high level one I think. He shines tranquillity. I had all kinds of discussions with him (“iconoclast” is my middle name), but I only once in many years got emotional response from him, when I claimed and tried to show , “attack on Capitol” has been allowed. He has peace, but philosophically speaking his mind is weak. He is incapable to see how wrong sometimes he is, his mind is full of contradictions and lack coherence. And I ask is this mind-full, because what he shows is occasionally “mind-less”.

          I have a problem to accept an idea of an activity devoid of any purpose, I think it’s impossible.
          I understand that while you are exercising, you don’t judge, you just want to see. But you must be careful and don’t start to restrain judgement and valuation in real life.
          The biggest problem with mindfulness for me is, that it will be used, in fact abused, as a tranquillizer. Or for production of well adjusted individuals, that will in some way accept what should not be acceptable. People who will subdue their emotional responses even when it’s about appropriate emotional responses, not being angry when anger is justifiable according to circumstances and gives one sharpness and punch.

          • I’m not an “expert” in the practice of mindfulness, and I am no guru, so I can’t evaluate your friend’s situation. I am just struggling through life this like the rest of us.

            But I see where you are coming from with the points you made. I have pondered this as well—”If you meditate and become ‘enlightened’, will you just become a doormat with no opinions or convictions?” Truth is, I really don’t know, because I am not enlightened. Maybe I would better understand then.

            The way I see it, all of this is about perspective. If from the perspective of our ego center and our life story that we feel we are at the center of, then yes, maybe it will appear that you care less about what happens in the world when you become enlightened. And that idea is threatening to the ego.

            But if we look at the big picture, then we might ask ourselves what this universe is all about? If we are to take the buddhist perspective, then we humans are a function of this universe just like stars, trees, water, etc. all just doing their thing and existing as they are. In other words, the universal consciousness is experiencing itself through those things. As far as we know, trees don’t worry about the day they will die or if they will be burned by a forest fire. They just exist peacefully doing their tree thing. The universe if playing the tree game through them.

            Humans are the same way, but our consciousness gets in the way and challenges us. The enlightened perspective is that you see and feel the universe in this context, and realize that you are the universe just as much as the stars are. And so with this big picture view, the “serious” questions of our ego identities, such as having “appropriate emotional responses”, is seen as just one of the complexities of the human game, just doing what it does.

            • Meditation is about finding balance, centering one’s mind. It’s a form of healing and has no purpose of its own. Meditation represents lack of action so it needs to be dosed correctly.

              It’s easy to get lost in one’s own mind, especially if you get a positive feedback of just “epic” you are. To really know something one needs to put in the work first.

              • It’s easy to get lost in one’s own mind

                True statement!

            • scpat,

              you abstained from evaluation of what I’ve said about my friend, it wasn’t necessary, but ok. He is really good example of a pattern I noticed among people who have what I name New Age world view. I certainly evaluate to much for average taste, but the biggest problem here is that many get this personally. Friend I mentioned, he is a good man, very indeed.

              “…all of this is about perspective.”

              I think perspective is not appropriate word, what you’ve done is changing a domain (ego, universe).
              Perspective is about point of view primarily. More perspectives of a thing gives better insight. Perspectives are additive.

              In second half you went hard-core metaphysical. Of course looking from the domain of eternity things like “appropriate emotional responses” are just meaningless, they are in a different domain. Such an approach brings confusion in mind.
              I believe all domains are connected or/and overlaped, but more you go towards metaphysical domains more the connections are out of reach of rational understanding. Actually, there are, not widely known, problems in existing physics, still they would like to get a theory-of-everything, ridiculous and I believe impossible. I’m convinced reason has its limits.

              I don’t know what you mean by enlightened perspective, but if this doesn’t include here&now, fleshy people in their realities…then I think word enlightened is misleading.
              Btw, do you know that when Buddhists came to China they were despised as lazy bumps. Yeah, Chinese have their way, for them separating freedom from responsibility is at least weird.

  12. Don’t forget the elbow bump…I hate that too. Handshakes and hugs are too dangerous.

    People must remember that living life is dangerous. A person can never be completely safe when they go forth and live.

    This is so unnatural and miserable to want to live in a safe bubble.

  13. Before Covid 1984 disrupted our routines I was a member of a meditation Sangha that met each weekend. When in-person group meetings were banned I declined the invitation to do meditation virtually with the Sangha. Instead I do zazen – ‘sit’ – at home every day. I also read/contemplate on a few verses of The Dhammapada (Teachings of the Buddha). Alternatively I read Bible scriptures, and I pray much more frequently than I did before the scam-demic came along. Another contemplation resource is Morihei Ueshiba’s The Art of Peace.
    I’m not a fan of what is called ‘mindfulness’, but I realize that is something many people might be able to do. Oh yes, I also cite The Serenity Prayer every day, which Iain refers to directly when he mentions things like acceptance of things we can’t control. In case you don’t know it I leave it here:
    God (optional) … Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.

  14. That looked worth a look for later.

    Peter Ross range “1924:the year that made Hitler” is a pretty good over view of why Hitler got into power- people got fed up with monthly communist revolution.

    The Ww2 thru German eyes book by Lucas was also pretty good showing how the nazis were social revolutionaries rather than reactionarys.

    As revolting as the nazis were TBH the murderous pedo communists of the Hungarian were even worse
    Dangerous history podcast had an interview “better dead the red” with the martymade podcast guy on his “anti humans”….. I have not listened to that because it made me kinda sick to hear the overview he gave the dangerous history guy…as he said nazis kill you to get power commies kill you after they get power

  15. I read Arby’s blog. Arby lived his best life the best way he could and wanted, much respect to him. He did not back down. In such a sad ending, we all can learn something from his human experience. His existence has impacted my life and I am eternally grateful for his existence.

  16. 100% true.
    TV is mind control where we live a life that is not real and feel events as if they happen even though their just a fantasy

  17. Thank you and HomeRemedySupply for the links to Arby’’s comment and last blog post. I can identify with some of what he was experiencing. I too am older, 66, live alone, and my sole income is a social security check under 900. I do have adult children five of whom make good money. They live in other states.They know my financial situation, And that I receive 131 a month in food stamps…but no one sends money. And I don’t ask because I am managing. (Managing because when I lost my job due to the lockdowns I scrambled all my cash together and got a 2011 FEMA trailer and a little plot of land in Alabama.) No place cheaper to live than Alabama. But when I hear of the ski visits, the restaurants and travel…
    I wonder if they imagine how I manage on a tenth of their income. Anyway, that being said, I love them. They love me. If I absolutely needed a place to stay my oldest daughter would take me in…but I dont need it and I can’t bring my cat LOL!
    Anyway, if someone needs a place to stay, I have room. If you have a camper or van, even better, there are no zoning laws here. ?
    I also want to thank en masse all of the lovely posters here. From cu.h.j. to Factchecker and everybody in between.

    • Money is really the one thing that is least worth living for. And absolutely the last thing to die for.

  18. Of course Iain Davis is 100% correct about our ability to effect change, collectively.

    The conundrum we all face is that we are up against the biggest and most effective propaganda machine in the history of the world.

    If we had a level playing field where we the people could communicate as easily and effectively as the MSM without being censored, then it would be child’s play to bring about the change Iain talks about.

    But we all know the playing field is far from level.

    The best we can hope for is using all means available to reach the 3.5% critical mass that is needed to bring about change in our areas.

    • “to reach the 3.5% critical mass”

      agree. and thanks to all those reading this thread who work towards this collectively.

      Thats the day by day foot soldier strategy I use: each encounter is a chance to push back against the slime mold mind that is devouring the species (note fungus feeds on decaying matter,,). I try for humor though have mucked-up my fair share by accepting and commiting to indignance, an excess of which might rightly be called self-pity.

      nevertheless, onwards; success seems to come when I’m oriented towards repairing of our capacity to trust in eachother.

      as the old fela said “ease on down the road, eventually you will shoot past the end of suffering” (“4th noble truth”).

  19. I just wanted to add to this thing James was saying about developing adictions.

    I can 100% confirm from my pesonal experience that you can develop a habit easily inside three weeks. And this habit can whatever the hell you want, just be ready for a grind later on as you won’t be able to stop.

    • – Habits –
      mkey, I well remember that Sub-Thread where you talked about getting into the habit of walking. And then increasing your walking distance.

      I tried to find that conversation, but couldn’t.
      However, it made an impression on me.

  20. Im glad that I watched this video. Iain Davis being in the UK knows of the quips and comments on the media which is dominated by the BBC subtly influencing one without you even realising it. Little comments and remarks on news programs can and do affect one. People who are individuals and maybe speak up about freedom (having the jab) are highly criticised with snied remarks. Someone said to me.”Oh your one of those Laurance Fox supporters” and this was said with such venom and this is only because of the media.

  21. I’ve already put down my reflection on Iain’s article here:

    First, I must explain what is my intention. We are in a very precarious situation, anyone who is here has no doubt about this. What shall we do about it is automatic response from majority in the West, Action is in demand. Thinking as a way of Action is underappreciated, although in fact, precursor of every action is at least a bit of thinking. Particularly, an Action committed with a purpose to bring about change cannot be made on auto-pilot, i.e. using a habit.
    Since we can say we are in the middle (damn, might be the endgame) of the War on our Mind, thinking should be in dire need for counter-offensive, we don’t want just to defend ourselves, we want to win. Not just bringing a gun to gun-fight, let us bring battle tanks and out-think them.

    Dire consequences of isolation didn’t happen in a vacuum, fertile grounds were already there, remember Mathias Desmet, atomization of society (individualism?). People allowed fertile grounds to happen because of prevailing sick World View they have.
    Why was the appeal “we are in all this together” so successful? Because this is an appeal to solidarity, something that is innate to human nature, but interesting…like that otherwise don’t exist. How many times you hear a word solidarity? Are people in a dire need to express solidarity? Maybe that is the reason why periodically we have campaigns for funding some seriously ill child and similar.

    Behaviour was probably the most used word, but what it actually is. Behaviour is our concrete activity, our reactions, our actions, it reflects who we are. But who we are??? Rhetorical question, but as an attempt to answer I would say, our World View defines who we are at the most upper level. World View is a belief, people express it usually with words: “This is how thins are(Period!!! word is not spoken)”. How can an anarchist explain to a normie he is right? No way, normie must first commit a Leap of Faith, as Kierkegaard would say, to understand at all. In this light I would say, World View is a belief that is on a sweet spot somewhere between Conviction and Faith.

    Take time and watch an hour of condensed wisdom. What is the ultimate tool to rule the world according to Efimov Victor Alekseyevich…. World View.
    How rule the world. Lecture at the FSB (KGB)

    • …continued…

      ACT and mindfulness can help, no doubt, but do not touch or question World View at all. Normies have a huge problem with World View, however many members of Truth community, I claim, have skewed World View, too. This is not fucking virtue-signaling or some fuck shit, this is a cry. Freedom is not enough, some beliefs will have to be rectified to get what we actually strive for, flourishing humanity.

      At 35:10 Iain says: “ACT is based in reality. We cannot change things we don’t control”.
      Reality…what is…yeah, for most people that would be just mental masturbation (but is not). Cannot change what we don’t control, this claim is just self-defeat…what, we won’t even try, maybe just in our thoughts, maybe by influence, maybe you can write a story that will change the world….what about six degrees of separation….
      At this point I can be accused of bad faith towards Iain, however I’m aware we are actually talking about two different things, hyperbolically, Iain and I, we are walking on the edge of Abyss. Never ever dare to think you cannot change the world!!!!
      Everything that is man made can be changed!(World View).

      ACT and mindfulness are not new. Epicurus said, for happy life one must live Reflected life. Reflection is not just about reflecting on behaviour, reflecting on emotions, reflection is dealing with anything and everything, is about thinking, consequently becoming aware. How much reflection is in people’s lives? People are reflecting their relations a bit, otherwise not much, TV and semi-mindful activities reigns beside what they had to do to survive.
      Mindfulness is a derivative of buddhist meditation. What is the latter’s aim? Dissolution of Ego, something incomprehensible to western mind.

      James aptly said (29:30) addicted. Addiction, habits, auto-pilot are very close notions. Majority of our moral decisions are made on auto-pilot. Auto-pilot works fast and cheap and is mostly reliable. Thinking is expensive and slow. Reflecting even more so. You might find yourself walking around abyss, staring down, scary sometimes.


      Respect to Iain for using the word Collective!! This is unjustifiably tainted word. Community is just a pack, tribe. Collective is about society.

      • very thought provoking comment. I appreciate your insight about the fact that we can make a difference and we can out think them.

        I find mindfulness a way to see outside of my ego which helps with motivation.

        People do seek solidarity and community. I think we can break the spell of the Covid narrative. Not sure how yet.

  22. bs”d if someone has not survived the despair the techno-medical-political tyranny has perpetrated, the survivors should know, it’s not considered ‘suicide’ in the context of the prohibition of suicide as falling within the prohibition of murder. There is an exception to the prohibition, in a discussion of the Seven Commandments of the Children of Noah, that imminence of being forced to perpetrate murder of another, or idolatry, or certain sexual violations, or with imminence of enslavement or of being killed in certain ways, then suicide is no longer considered a sin. It does not incur punishment in the afterworld. That is how I understood the discussion in ‘The Divine Code’, by R. Moshe Wiener, translated by Dr. Michael and Rabbi Yossi Schulman, ISBN13: 978-1733363518. It is however tragic and a waste of wonderful human resources. I read, in some non-MSM news, between about 4-20 and 4-21 or so, that the suicide rate in the USA had, soon after lockdown, already gone up to six times the normal rate. Every day, the enslavement seems to be more and more imminent, and the touting of a vaccine, the ways people are being mandated and bribed to accept it, and the goals of using the mRNA connectivity the vaccines will establish in those vaccinated who do not die, to use remotely-controlled CRISPR to delete the ‘G-d-gene’ from each individual, so that no one will be able to think for himself/herself, nor believe that he/she can have any relevant answers for his/her own life, and thus to force all surviving humans (who did not die of neurological disease, thrombosis, etc.) into lockstep as per the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 description of what that ‘needs’ to be, as far as the global powermongers are concerned. So, there is no sin in such a suicide, as I understand it. But it’s my hope we can do better. There is on CSLI’s YT channel an excellent talk about being an ‘apostle’… simply someone who is trying to help others to believe in G-d and know what is the good and straight way, in life … that no human is ever the ‘enemy’. A spiritual force is the enemy. That is the Angel of Death, a negative emanation from G-d, as far as Judaism is concerned, and each of us is empowered to at any and every moment chase that dark Angel away and embrace the way of G-d, and this means that optimally we should strive through peaceful means to effectively demonstrate to folks like Klaus Schwab and the WEF, Hillary Clinton’s sister (I think that is who is posing as her right now), whoever is posing as Biden, Bill Gates and others, of the folly of their ways, and how they themelves will suffer if they force cyborgization on the rest of humanity. I am not saying that all graphehe biotechnical research should be abandoned, nor all mRNA vaccines, nor even the idea of cybertransmission of CRISPR-based healing. They should improve their morals, and slow down the rollout, banning all mandates.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  23. James,

    I appreciate the care and concern that went into making this video and sharing the information in it, but I have some valid feedback:

    If someone has gotten to the point where they have both lost their jobs and will possibly lose their house, they are way past the point of deciding on whether or not to use cash or not. They don’t HAVE cash to use. That is the point that they they are dealing with and if this propaganda has worked and turned his family against him, he may not have felt that he had friends nor family to turn to for help since many have been programmed to believe that the unvaccinated DESERVE to be punished.

    For a REAL solutions watch, what is needed is a RESOURCE community where people learn of jobs that are hiring the unvaxxed or jobs they can do as independent contractors such as DoorDash, GrubHub, online jobs, etc.

    They also need to know of people who have an extra room to stay at while they get back on their feet financially. THAT is what family usually does for eachother, but if his family had passed away (like mine–I am an only child with no surviving parents) or if they have turned on him, either through prior to Covid for regular abuses such as substance abuse, etc, or if BECAUSE of Covid and they feel he was contagious, then he needed a NEW community that would actually come through in a practical way, not just for emotional support.

    Think about it: if Klaus Schwab gets his way of “It’s the year 2030–you will OWN NOTHING and you will love it”, then ALL OF US will find ourselves in this situation sooner or later. THAT is what will cause people to succumb and take the vaxx–they need to eat and have a roof over their heads unless they are truly courageous and willing to go to jail or one of their Covid camps.

    Normally I wouldn’t speak up like this due to not wanting to offend, but 1) I find the courage to speak when life and death is involved and suicide strikes an especially strong chord in me and 2) I think I “know” James well enough even though I have never met the man to know that he is mature enough and thick skinned enough to not get his feelings hurt and also, he loves honest discussion if it benefits people and not just “nice” discussion that benefits no one.

    Just my thoughts. I’d love to hear what others think or better yet, what solutions they would propose along the lines of what I brought up.

    Peace to all. These are tough times and we need to be there for one another.

    • Good idea, an un-vaxxed job/resource board. I had seen some in an email and will look for it and re post it when I find it.

      Also, temporary housing options are a good idea as well.

      • Here are a couple of solutions I can suggest.

        1) The Freedom Business Community lists businesses who are non-discriminatory employers:

        2) If anyone wants to take the idea of building a community directory forward–or is already in the process of building one–I’d be happy to collaborate.

        A small group of us have a Discord where we try to support each other to the extent that it’s possible online. There are a couple of Media Monarchy and Freedom Cells people on there too. We could expand it to create the kind of resource community mentioned by cu.h.j and fruitdoctor.

        Details for joining are here:

        Say you’re from The Corbett Report and we’ll connect.

    • The No Vax Mandate Job Board
      Other Financial Assistance Resources

      At Corbett Report, these type of alternative assistance networks have been mentioned before, sometimes repeatedly.

      For example:
      Fighting Vaccine Mandates – #SolutionsWatch
      mentions The No Vax Mandate Job Board. But I have seen several others.

      And there has been mention of organizations which offer assistance.
      For example:
      Nov 12, 2021
      Financial Assistance Now Available to Catholics Who Lose Their Jobs Due to Covid

      People should BOOKMARK
      2021 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch
      This list is a great reference and review.

      I realize it is often about “timing”. Ya don’t need a house or a job or a car until you need it.
      I realize there is a data dump of data at CorbettReport (and that includes the comments which can offer excellent links.)
      I grasp that there can be an overwhelming amount of information which is hard to sift through.
      But often some excellent resources get posted.

      Local churches and local communities often offer great programs for those who need assistance.
      I’ve mentioned and listed things before.
      Call your City Hall, municipality, County, Chamber of Commerce, and library and churches and colleges. Read local publications. Get creative. One can always call the fire department or police departments and ask if they know of local assistance programs.
      These organizations and institutions are exposed to many resources. They see a lot of people. Most people want to help.
      One example: In my area there is a community space where tools and space are available to build whatever project you fancy.

  24. I cant accept suicide as lawful.

    (in this case, “law” is intended to represent that which are the guiding principles that cause the existence of what we call “reality”. ,,,so nothing to do with human contrived statutes & rules,,,).

    I do have sympathy for you arby,
    even empathy, as I’ve brushed against the impulse to choose death more than once.

    as hard as we try to retain empirical proofs (on this thread), and an “objective” slant, It would be unscientific to not acknowledge the vast scale of beliefs, based on faith, that we hold and base decisions on. beliefs in??, hows about just faith in “basing ones choices on satisfying/supporting truth beauty health happiness and light” Umai/shamanka, in other words, I believe suicide is an affirmation of pain, a desire to say “the pain was real and even worth something”, a wanting to claim a win for the pain.

    But beliefs are merely solid hunches, nothing to do with repeatable number and measure methodology of empirical SCIENCE. therefore scientifically, we acknowledge our dependence on non-science,, the lingering scent of circular logic caused the bullshit meter to uptick.

    I believe the topic of life and death is by defenition a mystery or a hyper-dynamic extra-logical bon fire, for us mortals. In my experience, being a half decent student and managing half decent manners has earned me occaisional welcomed warming by the fire. Some many are standing way back, and can see light but not know its warmth, others throw themselves to the fire..

    • contd,,

      is there a bigger topic for mortals? life tries to face off with death, a mirror reflects a mirror reflecting a mirror,, wait which mirror was it??? as the ouroboros tightens its impossible twist.

      As for a solution to degausse increased anxiety, undoing bad habits, or averting the impulse to suicide, those who’ve been successful at averting it who claim this or that model of psychological gymnastic was the “answer”, have a use (“shouting charlatans” aside), and deserve respect for the help, but I see them as the nurses who are prepping for the surgeon.

      This was an insight learned, and well explained by a siberian psychiatrist, Olga Karathidi, after several encounters with a master of lucid dreaming (book linked below).

      In short: The pain that drives us further and further towards “insanity” can accumulate inertia. It can build and be passed down from one bad act over 7 generations, (Lakota). At peak power it wants death. It can present as internal or external accumulated unresolved pain/questions or (bad germ) entity (“hungry ghosts” & “memory demons). Confronting and transmuting a mind that fears it is separate from everything,, is the work of a shaman or clever person or piaje or culendero in harmonic alliance with a subject; they work with natural law, that is their “healing model”, it cannot be televised,, nor garnered from books; rather it is learned from lineage, hard knocks and stacks of experience in commune with that which we call raw and wild (“in nature”). it is real what they do, but beyond the scope of most waking consciousness to perceive or describe.

      apologies, I’m trying to say too much with too few words, but Olga does an excellent job of fleshing this out in her book. She claims that with the assistance of that master, she could see that her decades of psychiatric efforts at curing people of psychosis, were band-aids but not actual healings.

      “Why don’t people heal? Why do they stay wounded–some even driven to suicide by their pain-despite the best that organic and psychological medicine can offer? To find the answers, Russian–born psychiatrist Olga Kharitidi traveled to exotic Samarkand, a major cultural and spiritual crossroads, and ancient capital of Uzbekistan, in the heart of Central Asia.”

      • I’ll more thoroughly look at the link you posted. Speaking of suicide, I think it is a cruel thing to do to one’s family and friends. I know that a person cannot live for other people, but not to consider how the suicide will impact others is wrong. Recently, I treated a young patient of 19 years old who was depressed and overdosed. She died after an hour of efforts to save her life and her father was at the bedside and heart broken. His life will be forever changed and so will his other children. A person should consider how their death will impact others before making a rash decision.

        • I don’t share your views on being alive, that it is a nightmare, “trash and burdens”

          Though I have had my share of trauma in childhood, having a mother that loves me and a loving family has given me joy, despite the pain of existence.

          And I hope that there are parts of life that you enjoy and give you meaning. You are certainly well spoken with a sharp intellect and a unique soul, not a cog in the machine.

          At any rate, I hope you have a good day FC.

          • Indeed, an incapacity to recognize that in speaking about death one is speaking in total ignorance of the experience can cloud analysis and judgement. As far as life is concerned, some people are lucky enough to recognize the gift and opportunity that life provides while others, for various reasons, are not. All part of the subjective experience of being human, I guess. Empathetic people will probably be shocked by despair and the violence of self-destruction and thus will often try to help other people live better rather than encourage more violent self-destruction, though many eugenical elites would probably prefer people do the latter.

            • The sad part for me was that this young girl was only 19 years old and I remember when I was that age and know that the mind is still young and can grow and change.

              The sad thing was that her mom had passed away, so her father was a single dad with two kids. We tried very hard to revive her and he was there at her side in her final moments. He was crushed. I felt so sad for him and I am sure this will be rough for his other child.

              Perhaps she would have changed her mind about life, but never got the chance.

              I have spoken to people who have nearly died in a suicide attempt, and one person jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and lived. He said as soon as he leapt off the bridge he changed his mind and sat up so his feet would hit the water rather than his head. Miraculously he survived and eventually regained his ability to walk.

              My point is that people can change their views on life and when they make rash decisions like suicide don’t give themselves another opportunity and also impact the lives of other people.

              I have been so depressed and considered suicide in the past, but could never do that to my family. I have more respect for my mother than to throw my life away because I believe it is a gift rather than a burden.

            • We pessimists are the empathetic ones. We feel all the despair and violence of the universe, all the time. We pessimists regard optimists as cavalier and callous, blind to the oceanic spread and depth of the suffering of the world.

              You are permanently immune to love and joy and blind to attempts, however clumsy, to communicate love and joy.

              Well. How sad for you indeed. It has made you blind to at least half of the universe; impervious to the oceanic spread of heart-thumping creation and adventure.

              But hoping things will be better in death is…dare I say, optimistic.

              It’s quite a gamble. I dunno anyone at all who came back to tell me if it was better or worse.

            • I also find it hard to believe FC that you really experience existence that way. After all it sounds like you love your wife. People who have the capacity to love must be open to some of the positive experiences in life.

            • FC,

              A 19 year old is still a kid in a way, a teenager, barely at the age of consent. She was not thinking clearly.

              You said with respect to Arby:

              “Arby’s impending homelessness and starvation. (Those are problems built into the very structure of the material world, which cannot be solved by wishful thinking.)”

              I would have helped Arby if he had asked me. I’m not rich, but could have helped him and helped research a way out. People escape totalitarian countries all the time. My maternal grandparents escaped Nazi Austria. It can be done.

              Wouldn’t it have been better if Arby protested outside of Trudeau’s mansion or whatever slime bag gave the okay for the mandates? Life has unique value and is precious and every soul is unique. You may believe this is untrue, but those are your perceptions.

              Do you know that there are suicidal people that have changed their mind after the attempt? You should look it up. I wonder how many people don’t change their mind after it’s too late.

              This 19 year old may have been thinking “oh god what have I done” right before she lost consciousness and we tried to save her life. We tried very hard to give her a second chance. I will never know what was on her mind and neither will you.

            • Well Miss Factchecker,

              I have to thank you.

              Your profoundly dark discourse has served to galvanize the light amongst others on these boards.

              And though I think it out loud every day and often more than once, perhaps I even more fully realize how lucky I am to have the choice of being happy, hamsterwheel and the whole shebang. Spiritual and biochemical good fortune. I’m not trapped inside a bell jar but on the contrary, happy to complain and write more or less satisfying arguments to other more nihilistic commenters who seem to believe happiness is measured in pixels.

              But is it possible to know the heights of joy while experiencing all the despair and violence of the universe, all the time? I thought joy was devoid of fear and rage and despair at least in that joyful instant.

              At any rate, you made me laugh tonight and not for the first time.

              No one’s called me honey in at least…


              hamsterwheel’s calling… again…

          • “You can’t attribute your own views and preferences on somebody else”

            I don’t mean to be antagonistic but isn’t that what you’re doing too though? I assume you don’t personally know the people in question yet you seem to be speaking for them.

            I know someone who was at risk of killing herself and she didn’t give off the impression of life being a nightmare of “trash and burdens”. Half the time she seemed completely fine. She did, however, hear voices in her head telling her to do stuff.

    • From a moral standpoint, suicide is to be discouraged strongly. But, many have made self-sacrifices that were certain to lead to death, yet are considered heroic.

      Only the Almighty knows the heart. For all suicides, I always pray for mercy on the deceased’s soul. Whether God can accommodate my wish I do not know.

      I’m not in the position to judge someone for pain that WE think is temporary, but literally unbearable to he or she who experiences it. I hope my feeling is not naive, and that God can apply it even more graciously and gloriously in the lives of those who succumb in this existence.

      • I certainly believe this is the case. And enlightened force or “being” certainly forgives people who make choices to end their life and fail to recognize the gift that life is in my opinion.

        I don’t see God as a being who kicks people when they are down and that this is a misinterpretation people have had based on cultural circumstances at the time. After all, human beings wrote the religious texts and are not objective. Every human sees the world through their own eyes.

        Having said that, I feel that when I have been in dark places, sad and despondent and depressed to such an extent that I considered ending my life that I could no longer sense God. To me a state of depression is a living hell, the absence of goodness, love, and God.

        I can relate to people who are very ill and in severe pain want to end their life, particularly physical pain by a fatal illness. I think that if I were paralyzed or had an advanced cancer, I may decide to cut my life short. I would not cut my life short for feelings of depression and despair when there are things I can do to change my situation.

        I understand why Arby was feeling despair, but think that he had options but lacked the capacity to be flexible, such as getting out of Canada. There must have been a way.

  25. Sorry if this appears as a reply to a comment rather than a standalone comment which I intended it to be. I like the fact that Ian talks about allowing decisions on only a limited range of options. I’ve read about this method being applied to young children and adults with cognitive issues and although I think it can work I find it disingenuous and condescending. The interview provided me with plenty of food for thought, and for that I thank you both.

  26. COVID-19(84) has had catastrophic effects on my own life, and the lives of my family/friends. But none of us have been driven to suicide, like Arby. Hearing about their death makes me angry – infuriated, actually. The terrorism inflicted by governments has had the logical consequences of countless suicides and deaths from despair (including alcohol and drug use). God Almighty, my cat (yes, seriously), and my family & friends have kept me alive through these darkest times of my life. I have not been suicidal, but I have, indeed, wondered, why do I keep going? I know that’s the Enemy of Humanity, the Devil, working his deeds. But I stay alive because I believe God still has use for me, my family (including cat) and friends need me, and, I want to stay alive even if SOLELY to spite our rulers wish for me to be “eliminated.” I’m STILL here, devils!

    A social worker colleague and I addressed these issues back in the Summer of 2020, to the usual shrieks of “but COVID-19, we have to do this!” No, the f&&k “we” don’t! We warned the local community that COVID-19(84) would have greater “collateral damage” effects than the virus. Local “experts” poo-pooed our warnings and pleas.

    • You are still here because the only way out is through. Sidestepping will never get you where you need to be.

  27. Very sorry to hear about Arby’s passing. Let’s be here for one another. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach out for help. You never know who may have the answers and connections you seek to get you out of your mess. The recent trucker convoys have shown us that people are indeed there for each other and ready to lend a helping hand. There is hope and light in these dark times.

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