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Dr Tess Lawrie is a medical doctor and research consultant based in the UK. She is the CEO of Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy and she sits on the steering committee of the World Council for Health.

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  1. Oh dear. Not ‘virus pusher against clot shots’ extraordinaire Dr Tess Lawrie who said faithfully that she would have representation from the no virus dissidents on her alleged open forum and never had. She also allegedly has great respect for them and the work they have done.
    Two faced truth teller.
    You are lying with dogs James. Disappointing. Again. To any haters reading comments, simply debunk the position rather than throw shade… like James, Tess, and almost every other person in this so called health freedom movement child have done.

    • “To any haters reading comments, simply debunk the position rather than throw shade… like James, Tess, and almost every other person in this so called health freedom movement child have done.”

      We are not haters, simply logical thinkers.
      I have a challenge for you Nick.

      Let’s park our virus/no virus position to the side for a moment.

      Nick, please tell me what has been making people sick around the world for the last three years?
      I know this will be putting you out of your comfort zone, but so be it.

      It’s one thing for terrain theorists to claim there are no viruses, it’s another to claim that all unexplained illnesses are simply due to the body doing a de-tox. That makes no sense.

      Please educate me.

      • I have tried a few times to follow your line of though with these “challenges”. I’ll try again:

        please tell me what has been making people sick around the world for the last three years?

        Are we talking about the usual stuff like pulmonary, cardiac or intestinal diseases? Pulmonary and cardiac diseases are top killers or, maybe better stated, finishers. I’m yet to run into anyone who would claim cardiac disease is infectious while the case will be made for some types of pneumonia. But I think the jury is still out on that one.

        Lately, some areas of the world had “unknown” as the top cause of illness and death. Does “unknown” count for your challenge? If it’s good enough for the government, I guess it should be good enough for your challenge. Shall we simply assume “unknown” is infectious? We just as might, if we keep to the same standard used to declare “covid” as a novel disease with such unique symptoms as sniffles, loss of taste/smell (hence all the bullshit) and slightly increased bodily temperature.

        But the most pronounced symptom of “covid” is no symptoms at all, so I guess anything goes. If we count all the people with no symptoms, the number of sick people is going to really shoot up. So, one of the leading sources of disease during the past three years is “nothing at all”. Considering this thing spreads like wildfire, we can certainly assume it’s contagious.

        What else makes people ill? The medical establishment. From what I read iatorgenic deaths have gone down during the past three years, so I guess that won’t count for you challenge. Some may have been saved by not going to hospitals, but if the number of people who have died in hospitals goes down by virtue of people being too afraid or have the access denied then these counts do have to go down.

        What else? Mental disease. Various issues that would be classified under mental disease have certainly been on the rise for the past three years. There are, however, people who claim mental disease as such does not exist. I’m yet to wrap my head around that concept, I think it’s mostly a nomenclature thing. I.e. Parkinson’s is not a mental disease but nerve damage. I.e. physical brain damage. Likely caused by aluminium poisoning. The big question here is: is aluminium contagious? I guess matter of nomenclature.

        What about the so called preventable diseases? The whole early detection spiel has been defenestrated during the past three years, so I would expect these disease to be on the rise, certainly. A whole host of cancers, tumours, malignant and less malignant growth. Likely none of these are contagious. But if we consider what might be the source of such disease, they just might be.

        With depression and suicides on the rise, I’d expect more people falling ill due to psychotropic drugs. Similar can probably be said about pain meds, alcohol use and drugs and the wide assortment of disease related to their abuse.

        • Wow that was some complicated reply mkey!

          There was really no need for it. 🙂

          I’m talking about what James was talking about in Interview 1738 from Jul 30, 2022:

          “I haven’t had whatever it is, so I can’t say anything from my own personal experience. I can talk about people that I know personally in my real life who have had Covid, whatever that is, and who have said this is like nothing I have had before. It is not a flu. So I don’t know. Are they lying to me and why? “

          I would like Nick, or you or anyone else here to explain to me what it was that these people became sick with and how they got it?

          • Provide one single shred of evidence that “these people” of unknown number or provenience have all come down with the same disease and that said disease is “covid”.

            Are you expecting someone to provide a foundation of sound reasoning for something that is, at best, an anecdote? People fall ill all the time, this type of thing happens. I have been gravely ill a few times in my life. Two major pneumonias, took years for me to recover fully. Today all of that would certainly be “covid”, 25+ years ago it was just “you need time to rest and heal”. Well, with a pneumonia one really does not have a choice, there is no question of whether one will rest or not. You will lay and you will rest. Family members will cry at times, hoping for the best.

            I have lost my sense of smell and taste a few times, sometimes due to medications themselves, very probably. I have had slightly increased bodily temperature on more than a few hundred occasions. I have also had no symptoms at all for about 13000 days of my life, give or take.

            How do you, James or anyone else KNOW that someone had “covid”? You can not know because it is not knowable; there is no metric for it; there is no foundation left for hoisting such pronouncements after superstition is removed from the equation. It is a matter of pronouncement, declaration, gossip and name calling. To even bring up such “argument” is an affront to logic and clear thinking.

            Here, I’ll completely make up a disease, and you tell me what causes it. I’ll declare an unquantifiable number of people as being afflicted by this novel disease that is to be defined by symptoms that include but are not limited to: blurred vision, dry eyes, cold feet and swamp ass. I can absolutely guarantee many people in my vicinity are, at times, afflicted by this novel disease. What say you, are you game?

            • “I have also had no symptoms at all for about 13000 days of my life, give or take.”

              Did you do the math?
              Do you really expect Corbetteers to believe that you went through a 35 year period of your life without getting sick?

              Get back to me on that one and maybe we can continue…

              • I did not mean in succession. It’s a gross total conservative estimate. Word “symptom” is very elastic, anyway.

                During the past 5 years I have had about 8 days of “common cold” symptoms, about 7 days of dental and dental related problems (some inflammation and pain, I had a cyst that was removed but the source had not been identified nor treated so i expect it’s going to flare up again), maybe a dozen headaches (that typically last for some hours of a day), one day of sorrow throat (which was almost certainly not caused by disease but carousing, and on Christmas eve of all days).

                I am getting healthier as times goes by, but I think my gross estimate holds water.

              • OK got ya now.

                I have had the healthiest streak of my life, more than 3.5 years sickness free up until three weeks ago.

                Ironically it coincided with all of the Covid crap.

                BUT… something hit me three weeks ago.

                My family immediately jumped on it and told me I must have Covid (I had told them I have a bad cold).

                What I have has made me re-assess my Covid beliefs.

                I had read many reports prior to James telling us about his friends’ experiences. I concur with what they say; what I have is like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. It’s really nasty.

                I think you can better understand now why I challenged Nick above with my question.

                NO ONE is going to convince me that my body all on its own, after being healthy for 3.5 years, spontaneously decided to undergo a detox.
                A detox so painful and unusual that it has incapacitated me for 3+ weeks now.

              • Detoxification is not the only alternative to infectious disease. Explaining unknowns by employing superstition is not the way to go. And that is my whole point, I guess.

                How can you be sure that whatever disease you developed is contagious? I am assuming that is your position.

                Making a jump from there to “covid” is even more baseless due to all reasons given prior.

                New and unexperienced disease does not mean “covid” just because eveyrone is bloviation “covid” from every orifice. To make this jump means making the logical fally of association. “Covid is this new thing so everything unknown must be covid”. Every first encounter with a disease is going to be a first one ever.

                People are prone to assume without questioning that there is just one cause of diasese and then they just lump various conditions together.

                Hopefully you will get well soon enough.

              • Fawlty, reading the comments further on that for some reason I can’t reply to…no one will convince you your body spontaneously detoxed after 3 years of not detoxing? A couple of questions. Without knowing in any scientific manner why one would detox, is it not always going to appear ‘spontaneous’? Also, you seem to be insinuating this scenario is ridiculous in the face of an alternative ‘I got covid’. So a reasonable question would be “What convincing did you take to settle on that”? Inappropriate non-specific PCR tests based on fraudulent papers published without any time for peer review? Non-controlled lab studies? A completely non-specific symptom list consisting of common cold symptoms perhaps? As none of these things would appear to pass muster, it must at least be in part a non-stop barrage of covid hysteria invading your thoughts from every corner of the globe. Where else in your life do you decide things are scientific facts based on correlation alone? That is at best all that could be alluded to by asking why are people getting sick, even if that was a fact. And if you have reviewed Denis Rancourt’s interview here and the many more he has given since as he has continuously updated his all-cause mortality stats, you would see that any significant uptick in all-cause mortality and sickness without any other confounding variables is questionable at very least.
                If you have seen my ramblings on this before, for me it is not so much a need for every member and James himself to sign in a blood oath to the fact that viruses (including covid) don’t exist, it is the fact he won’t go near the topic with a 10ft barge pole despite it ticking all the boxes, whether true or not. Maybe the greatest scientific hoax ever perpetrated for the purpose of concealing mass poisonings for over a hundred years and aiding in the creation of the Rockefeller medical complex. Rockefeller – tick. Conspiracy – tick. Global tyranny by the powers that shouldn’t be – tick. Scientific fraud – tick. These are all Corbett money for jam topics. And it isn’t holograms hitting the towers. It is clear, bald face anti-science. He would not be delving into ridiculous waters. Simply read the method sections of some papers and weigh them up against the scientific method he is all too well aware of.
                Why doesn’t he do this? If he wants to debunk the whole thing, have at it jack. That would be every bit as interesting to me. It is a clear and deliberate ignorance of the topic and I just have to wonder why. I can not bring myself to think there is some nefarious motive, so I’m left to guess that like others such as Webb and Ryan, he simply doesn’t want to ostracise himself from his audience. And that is cowardly. He has been fierce in the act of delivering truth even when it puts him in the most unpopular corner. So what has changed. Im quite confused!

              • Nick:
                Fawlty…no one will convince you your body spontaneously detoxed after 3 years of not detoxing? A couple of questions. Without knowing in any scientific manner why one would detox, is it not always going to appear ‘spontaneous’?

                No it won’t. If your daughter has a cold, and two days later three other members of the family come down with colds with the same symptoms, it won’t appear to me that these three colds developed spontaneously.

                Also, you seem to be insinuating this scenario is ridiculous in the face of an alternative ‘I got covid’. So a reasonable question would be “What convincing did you take to settle on that”?

                I didn’t settle on or conclude I have Covid. I simply said I am looking at it differently than before.

                Nick I have just one simple question for you. How did I get sick?

              • Fawlty,

                In my observation, “eye witness” account (for whatever it’s worth) saw people (some, not all) have symptoms that I had not seen in prior flu seasons (winter illness) in 2020-2021. I have already described what I observed but will quickly restate it:

                1. Profound hypoxia (55% on room air, patients coming in from home, nursing homes, etc. prior to mechanical ventilation) (this meant that people needed immediate oxygen support in order to prevent death)
                2. Blood clotting abnormalities (high D dimer)
                3. Inflammation (elevated CRP)
                4. White out on CT scans (i.e. more profound indicators of abnormal respiratory function and an indicator of ARDS-acute respiratory distress syndrome)
                5. Elevated liver enzymes (did not see elevated liver enzymes combined with flu seasons in past seasons)

                And I noticed that these severe symptoms affected a small portion of people, i.e. people who had pre existing disease-diabetes, COPD and asthma, high blood pressure, advanced age. Obesity was also a big contributor, much worse symptoms in obese patients.

                Some of these people may have had the seasonal flu jab, but I didn’t ask them.

                A few colleagues became very ill requiring hospitalization and two who went to ICU. One person almost died, a person in their 30s who was obese and probably had the flu jab but had no other notable contributing factors. Another person who was in his 50s or 60s had life threatening blood clots in his lungs requiring hospitalization. In past seasons I personally have never seen colleagues need hospitalization for respiratory disease

                My eyes tell me there was something different in 2020-2021 from when I have worked in hospitals from 2012-2018. I can’t describe earlier seasons, because I wasn’t working as a nurse back then.

                I was also sick with something in 2022 that was different that caused lasting fatigue for 3-4 weeks after acute symptoms improved. I’ve never had that before.

                And I also acknowledge that the science I’ve read does have significant flaws that have been accurately questioned by “no virus” critics. I’m not saying my observation proves it was a virus, but I did see something different. The phenomenon or appearance of contagion under certain conditions does seem real to me. On the other hand scientific evidence of this especially with cell experiments is weak at least what I have read.

                The book Dissolving Illusions was excellent to document how vaccination in particular has not reduced disease. It doesn’t matter if someone believes in germs or not, the evidence that vaccines do anything is lacking. The appearance of contagion or whatever this is also is not always predictable. Sometimes it seems to be the case, other times not. So it’s odd and probably not well understood.

              • continued…My point is that I understand why people believe in contagion and I understand the valid points virology critics are making.

                Also, one thing I’ve learned working with the general public is that many people are operating on a totally “different wavelength” and I don’t think telling them there are no viruses as a starting point will lead to a shift in mind. I could be wrong, but I think it’s unlikely.

                If the goal is to wake people up, start small and gentle and JC’s material is exceptional for that.

                I think a more fundamental philosophical or paradigm level shit in mind should start with things that may be more accessible than complex technical cell biology. Similarly I think the virus issue is not even necessary to show that limiting people’s freedom does anything productive. In fact, it’s counter productive and harmful and down right evil. Even if a person believes in germs there’s no evidence locking people in their homes and destroying human civilization does one iota of good and in fact only harms and enriches psychopathic “leaders”.

                That topic is a much more productive conversation with the general public in my opinion. And the insults thrown back and forth in the resistance community only serves the interest of the greater enemy in my opinion. I don’t think tearing others down who are supporting the more important issue of freedom, even if they are wrong, really does anything good in the long run.

                I don’t want to live as a broke serf who is tracked and traced and injected or chipped. That future seems like a hell on earth. People who want to fight against that, to enslave the human population are good guys in my book.

              • Thanks cu.h.j. for your reply.

                My eyes tell me there was something different in 2020-2021 from when I have worked in hospitals from 2012-2018. I can’t describe earlier seasons, because I wasn’t working as a nurse back then.

                I guess I could summarize what you wrote by saying the following:
                You have witnessed a new respiratory illness in the hospital the past couple of years. This simply can’t be brushed aside.

                Also, 95+ % of people who had milder symptoms and never went to the hospital (the ones you never saw) had a new illness. It was flu-like, but different.

                You experienced it personally and I am experiencing a version of it now.

                The fact that it was “different”, I believe is key.

              • cu.h.j I’m also with you 100% on all the points you make in your second reply to my post. 🙂

                The terrain theorists don’t seem to be able to look at the bigger, more important, sinister agenda/picture.

                Their fixation begins and ends with viruses.

                What we are facing now in the world is so much more complex/sinister.

              • Fawlty,

                Yes you’re interpretation of my post was correct, based on what I saw working in the emergency room it looked like something different than I had seen in the past.

                Eyewitness testimony is a bit shaky by itself, but this is what I saw and what I think a person could compare based on medical records.

                Go back and compare symptoms in 2020-2021 including lab values and scans to that from past seasons and see what pops up. I think it would be interesting.

                The phenomena or perceived phenomena of contagion at times is also something that seems to be real. Sometimes I get the same symptoms as someone else soon after contact with them. Like when my husband had profound fatigue and fever in 2022, two days later I had a sore throat, cough, fever and fatigue. The fatigue was different than any flu I can remember in the recent past.

                I mean I was physically wiped out, like I was hit by a truck. I didn’t get any significant respiratory compromise or blood clots or anything like that but I was exhausted. I did take vitamins and Ivermectin (I don’t think it was harmful, has had human trials without major detrimental side effects based on my research).

                It’s an anti-parasitic drug, a de-wormer and the pros and cons of taking a drug that can affect the liver should be carefully weighed. I think it might have helped shorten the duration of the illness and I was also concerned about potential respiratory issues because I do have asthma and more sensitive lungs.

                I was mostly going on anecdotal suggestions for symptomatic treatment, not on existence of viruses as they are defined.

                I think that the medical industrial complex does use faulty data to push agenda’s and harm and control citizens and that this should be challenged in multiple ways.

                I don’t want to fight about details of what “viruses” are because I really think it’s a vast topic that I don’t have the technical knowledge to discuss intelligently. I’m much much more concerned about the encroaching technocratic slavery system that is being built around us.

                I was looking at the robotics research from Boston Dynamics and it’s kinda creepy. “They” want to replace humans with robots to eliminate the need for us. If they can do that, these psycho’s line us up and shoot us.

                I think these parasitic psychos hate us and want to maim and kill us and enslave us and do unspeakable things to us and our children. I actually don’t have children but my siblings do and I love them. I also care about the future generations and humanity. I want to help stop the overall agenda not get bogged down on minutia. But if people want to take that on, that’s fine too. It’s just not my main focus and concern.

              • So, two “different” things are actually the same? Is this also valid globally?

                Good lord, will people ever come to their senses.

              • So, two “different” things are actually the same? Is this also valid globally?
                Good lord, will people ever come to their senses.

                When I said:

                The fact that it was “different”, I believe is key.

                I was referring to the fact that the illnesses we are experiencing now are different from the common colds/flus we have experienced ALL our lives.

                If ‘detoxing’ is the explanation used by the terrain theorists to explain the common colds and flus we have had for decades/hundreds/thousands of years,
                what changed?

                Why is THIS detox different from all others? What is causing it?

              • Every illness encountered for the first time is different than any other previous illness one experienced. That happened to me with my first pneumonia, it happened again with my bad “flu” whatever that was (I only ever had “flu” once) and it happened again when I had a curious case of bronchitis followed by cold sweat out of nothing.

                All of these situations were a lot different than anything I experienced up to that point. And all were pre “covid”. I’m sure if any of those happened today it would be 100% “covid” and a long shaft-up-your-ass “covid”. They wouldn’t even have to test for it, they would just KNOW by looking at it. If it walks like “covid” and if it talks like “covid” and if it smells like bullshit, what else could it be?

                Again, you expect that someone who doesn’t know anything about your situation will be able provide background on your medical condition? I don’t have the experience, the knowledge nor the hands on proximity go get my feels working. Hell, when from time to time I go to my doctor, she has all of these things and at best she’s just guessing. Usually, she sends me packing with some antibiotics. Sometimes they would work out OK, on other occasions not so great. Forget about any longer term consequences on the gut biome due to this stuff. Thankfully, I didn’t take a lot of antibiotics.

                The only thing I can suggest to you is that you try to book an experienced homeopath for a session. Talk to them and see what they are going to say. You can try talking to Andrew Kaufman, he still does consultations as far as I’m aware. One name that pops to mind, I’m not in any way affiliated with the man.

                In closing, the fact that I am bringing some of this commonly believed garbage into question does not mean that I (or anyone else who finds himself in a similar predicament) have ANY obligation to propose a counter theory validity of which will then be gauged against anyone’s subjective set of critera. I could not care less about bringing such theories forward nor about trying to shape said theories so that they can get past unwritten, wanton criteria and unfalsifiable methods and whatever passes for logic these days.

                I obviously appreciate the fact that each of us have their experience based on which many decisions and conclusions are made and then our lives are constrained by the choices that we make. That’s how it is and that’s how it should be.

                I personally started having doubts also due to my experience when I got a “common cold” during lockdown while I had a very modest contact with a handful of people, none of whom had any “common cold” symptoms. I know for a fact my feeding habits are not what they should be and that due to food intake, but not limited to, the body will need to purge extra phlegm. If I continue to provide the source of phlegm, the body is going to try to get it out. And that’s just how it has to be.

              • The scamdemic is multi-layered b.s.
                You have the facemask b.s.
                You have the testing b.s.
                You have the quarantining/lockdown b.s.
                You have the tracking and tracing b.s.
                You have the ‘vaccine’ and booster b.s.
                You have the remdesivir b.s. in hospitals.
                You have the ventilator b.s. in hospitals.
                etc. etc.

                But just because you have all of this b.s.
                you can’t say by default, no one is getting sick above and beyond colds/flus, pneumonias etc.

                When I got any of my 30+ colds over the course of my life (haven’t had flus) they were all more or less the same. None really stood out from the other.

                What I have now is quite different from any of the colds I have experienced. Is it just a coincidence that’s it’s happening now?

                But let’s cut to the chase.
                I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll mention it again.

                How are the terrain theorists going to explain the death of someone I knew closely, who was perfectly healthy one day, then dead three weeks later.
                27 years old, not obese, no comorbidities.
                His symptoms were the classic severe Covid symptoms.
                A detox that went awry?

                Saying “I don’t know why he died, but it sure wasn’t from a virus.”
                isn’t very helpful.

              • Like talking to a wall. You should probably consult the coroner’s report for the “exact” cause of death if an autopsy was performed. Otherwise, to expect anyone to wildly take a guess and accurately determine why someone whom they never met nor seen has died is nothing short of insane. 100% completely out of mind certified lunacy requirement to even make such demands.

              • Fawlty,

                I’m sorry to hear about your friend. It would be interesting to know more about their health history. I like trying to just get an idea of the whole picture of health.

                Was this person a smoker, drinker or night shift worker? Do you know if they got the flu shot?

                It’s just so weird to me that there were healthy people who got so sick. But to be honest I have seen young healthy people get very sick from the flu in the past, not as sick as in 2020-2021 with the profound hypoxia, blood clotting and respiratory collapse, but sick enough for the ICU and mechanical ventilation.

                A few years ago, I think 2018 there was a guy with asthma who got really sick with flu, not as hypoxic but still ended up in ICU on a vent for a while.

                If you don’t know any details about your friend it’s okay.

                I was kind of surprised that a MD I worked with got massive blood clots in 2020. He was ordinarily healthy except for him being older late 50s-60s and getting ever flu shot for decades. Other than that the man was very healthy, not obese and ate well. Not a smoker and very outdoorsy and active.

              • The man was not a smoker, nor a drinker nor a night shift worker.

                I don’t know if he was getting the flu shot or not.
                He died in Feb. 2020, so before the pandemic was declared and before hospitals had started their Remdesivir/ventilator protocol for treatment.

                The doctors had no clue what he had, they were guessing H1N1.
                I was really close with his mother and at the time she was so devastated that I didn’t dare ask what treatment if any he was receiving at the hospital.

                Still to this day I think she would be very uncomfortable discussing these details, so it will just have to wait for another time and hopefully she’ll remember then.

              • Fawlty,

                I understand not discussing it with his mom. Poor lady. That must have been terrible. It’s always hard for a parent to lose their children (even if they are adults).

                I think piecing together details about people’s state of health is important to learn how to stay healthy an avoid hospitals. Especially if there is some type of collapse.

                Some people are just more prone to infectious disease (I’m using this term just out of habit and how it’s described as clusters of symptoms-not making any definitive claims about cause)

                When I asked earlier about smoking, actually I noticed that smokers were less likely to get deathly ill from the respiratory illness in 2020-2021 in the ER I was working in. Which was a little odd since smoking tobacco is so harsh on the lungs and entire system.

                There was theory or speculation that nicotine protected against Covid.

                I’ve definitely seen some weird issues come up for people after the jab too.

              • Actually, it is possible to be disease free for decades at a time. I have not been ill with any cold or influenza, still known to some as viral infection, during at least the past two and a half decades. I once read about a study that concluded that vitamin C thickens cell walls. I have little time for commenting and cannot put my hands on the source at this moment. The report of the study did not suggest any connection between vitamin C and resistance to viral infection, but I assumed that perhaps viruses could not cross the thicker cell walls, and I began increasing my daily intake of 2 grams of vitamin C to 4 – 6 grams for two or three days if I had a slightly scratchy throat or if I was in contact with people with cold or influenza symptoms. I had no colds or influenza for two and a half decades, although I was in classrooms with students who often had symptoms of viral infection, and I rode trains almost daily on a line that brought passengers from an international airport.

                During this time I did have a severe bout with heavy metal toxicity, a condition not experienced by anyone who shared my same environment. My symptoms did not include fever or any symptoms of detoxing as described by the Terrain evangelists, either during the crisis or the period of recovery. The problem seemed to have been that I absorb some minerals more readily than others and that my diet was high in foods that are high in the problematic mineral. During the crisis and recovery period I was in contact with people who had symptoms of cold and influenza, whatever you might believe the cause of those to be, but I had no such symptoms, and they had no symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. I could not identify anything in the general terrain that might have caused my problem. But my failure to find a cause does not prove that terrain was not the cause. My failure to find something, even though I am looking for it, does not prove anything. That people in my environment did not suffer from metal toxicity suggests that terrain probably was not the cause.

              • continued –

                Since then I have learned more about the immune system, and I do not have to rely on outwitting viruses, or terrain, or whatever might produce symptoms of colds or flu. Information on how to boost the immune system, or, if you prefer, improve the terrain, is readily available at sites such as Earth Clinic, Eric Berg, Stan Ekberg Joseph Mercola, etc.: balanced diet; avoiding suger, refined flour, vegetable oil, packaged food, most prescription drugs; supplementing with iodine, Vitamin D3/K2, zinc, quercetin/bromelain, and NAC (a precursor to glutathione). In one study post mortem of covid victims, sorry I can’t find it at the moment, all were deficient in vitamin D. In another all were deficient in glutathione. Apparently someone in the medical mafia knows that simple, natural substances prevent and cure covid. When NAC and zinc with quercetin began being discussed in the alternative health media, both quercetin and NAC – all of it, all brands and their multiple forms and dosages – were removed from the Amazon site, in the order that the discussions appeared. I don’t remember whether it was first NAC and then quercetin or the other way around. However, glutathione was still available. Glutathione is almost useless as a supplement because it is not well absorbed. Shortly after, iHerb also removed all of the same supplements. They reappeared sometime later, perhaps in response to reports about their disappearance.

                At times I went to an eye doctor for antibiotic for an eye infection. Mineral imbalance can produce sinus infection, along with eye infection. I now treat sinus and eye infection with colloidal silver. I had a series of problems with tennis elbow. The first time I was off tennis for a year. The second time I went to a doctor for a cortisone injection and could play tennis after a few weeks. The next time I treated myself with homeopathic arnica and was on the tennis court in less than a week.

                It is possible to avoid illness for long stretches of time if we are self educated.

              • Thanks mutig that was a fascinating reply!  
                You are the first person I’ve learned about who has been cold/flu free for more than two decades!          

                I was going to ask what your secret was for this impressive record, but you seem to have outlined the key factors that have been at play for you.         

                Once I recover from whatever is ailing me now I am going to aim for a 4-5 year illness-free period. That would be most unusual for me.         

                It’s interesting that you too are an avid tennis player and have also suffered tennis elbow.         
                My first bout (the most serious) came around 35 years ago and since then I have had to be very careful with the amount of tennis I play, so as not to aggravate the injury.

              • I stated my view on those things also several times earlier in differnt threads.
                My view is that contagion exists (this is most consistent with the reality I encounter) as well as viruses (you can cultivate them, purchase them for certain research settings, infect organisms and cells with them which causes symptoms or cellular effects and also use them for gene transfer & Co., that is something that is used for cellular gene therapy with tons of evidence for many years).

                For work I occasionally have to do lateral flow tests (that never have been false positive in my own hands – so no positive signal in something like 30+ tests for me over the last few years without any symptoms) but there was a positive test after I attended a work conference and came down with cold/flu-like symptoms in February of this year. Whatever I had actually spread throughout the conference very powerfully and rapidly and lead to ~60% of the people attending (500 people were there) being test positive, coincident with the appearance of symptoms (before the conference the self-test was negative). Despite knowing about the many many weaknesses of lateral flow and PCR tests (and the crap that was done with those to promote and support the scamdemic, that I would never call a real/dangerous pandemic), I do think that within reasonable error margins some of the tests do indicate the presence of virus particles. In contrast to my mostly “vaccinated”/injected colleagues, I was mildly sick for a few days and then continued with my normal life… many of my colleagues were incapacitated for several weeks, some of them still struggling with certain symptoms/fatigue (probably due to some problematic synergistic effects/ADE etc. of the clot-shots with the disease mechansims)

                I also agree on the other hand, that not all diseases that are ascribed to viruses and virology have a good scientific basis and there are lots of shenanigans in science and pharma business when trying to push medications/cures onto people by ascribing many diffuse symptoms to a certain (e.g. viral) disease and trying to sell people drugs or pushing certain research topics without proper evidence.

              • Thanks for your reply wolfgang, I really appreciate it. 
                It is anecdotal stories such as yours that I find to be so much more valuable than any official pronouncements made by either germ or terrain theorists.         

                Of course the terrain theorists would be quick to deride your work conference experience where ~60% of the attendees got sick, saying it was something in the environment that caused the illnesses, not person-to-person contagion.         

                That will always be their fallback argument. But the problem with it is that it doesn’t make sense.         
                What was in the environment that made the people sick? Whatever they claim it was, how does it get into the micro-environments around the world and play out the same way (same symptoms) hundreds/thousands of times? Who is lacing the environment with these ‘toxins’?

              • This one goes out to mkey or any other tech-savvy person here.

                I have often complained in the past about the nature of this site’s comment section. It leaves a lot to be desired. 🙂

                For threads such as this one, what happens with e-mail notifications?

                For example, when a thread becomes ‘too long’ (such as this one), person H can no longer reply to person G. They are not given the ‘Reply’ opportunity.

                The only way to reply to the last post in the thread is to scroll up to the first post from person A and reply to that post.

                So my question is, does person G get notified when person H replies to the thread?

                Or does person J get notified when person K replies to the thread, etc.?

              • Depending on the subscription option the notification a) emails wont’t be sent at all b) email will be sent to author when their comment is replied to c) emails will be sent for all replies.

                The 5 comments depth limit does not affect this. I guess.

              • Thanks for helping out mkey.

                “Depending on the subscription option the notification a) emails wont’t be sent at all b) email will be sent to author when their comment is replied to c) emails will be sent for all replies.

                The 5 comments depth limit does not affect this. I guess.”

                It still doesn’t really answer my question.
                Let’s start by assuming I started the thread.

                Let’s examine the third option (c) first.
                Does this mean the user who started the thread will be notified whenever anyone posts a reply in their thread?

                Now option (b).
                Does this mean that an e-mail will be sent whenever someone replies to my ‘last’ post in the thread, or to any of my posts in the thread?

                And now the big one, let’s talk from the perspective of PERSON K who jumped into the thread well after it started.
                Let’s say they have subscribed to:
                b) email will be sent to author when their comment is replied to

                I’d like to know if they will be notified by e-mail if someone replies to their last post in the thread in the following situation.

                Let’s say I want to reply K, but can’t. The only thing I can do is reply to Fawlty Towers (something I often am forced to do).
                Will K be notified of my reply to Fawlty Towers (which is really a reply to them)?
                If so, how does the system know who to notify?

              • I think you are making things overly complex.

                If someone replies to your comment directly, with b) you get a notification. Not sure if that’s how it works, but that to me seems like the only senbsible option.

              • OK let’s take a real life example so you can understand this better.

                Someone replied to one of my posts (Fawlty Towers) and I was notified of this by e-mail. I have my e-mail setting to be notified ONLY when someone replies to my posts.

                I was not able to reply to this person’s post directly because I wasn’t offered the Reply button.
                I replied to Fawlty Towers instead, really my only choice (to keep the thread intact).

                I’d like to know if this person would be notified that their post was replied to?

                If so, how would the system figure out they should be notified if the only thing mentioned in my reply to them was:
                Fawlty Towers replies to: Fawlty Towers ?

                Or you could even include yourself in this conversation.
                If you have your notifications set to notify ONLY if someone replies to your posts did you get notified of my reply to your last post here?
                Because again my reply to your post was:
                Fawlty Towers replies to: Fawlty Towers.

              • @mutig

                “Information on how to boost the immune system, or, if you prefer, improve the terrain, is readily available..”

                I agree! Though it does require some unlearning and some filtering or “ear/eye bouncing” of corporate propaganda and avoiding people tryna sell stuff (just for the sake of selling stuff, which may or may not be effective and may or may not increase one’s dependency on flimsy centralized infrastructures).

                I did my best to compile some relevant intel on this subject here:

                ??????? ???????? ??? ?????????? ??? ?????? ?????? ??????:


                Thankfully, many of the foods listed in my substack article above also optimize the function of organs and cells in ways unrelated to viral/bacterial infections. Many of the foods listed also have the potential to help with detoxification and some offer radioprotective properties, so whether one does not think viruses exist or whether they do, I hope that list can be of some help and provide a sort of universally relevant path of solutions based thinking that we can apply in our lives regardless of our beliefs surrounding the source of the particular diseases and conditions being discussed above.

                I am open to suggestions for adding to the list! 🙂 (though I am not a fan of suggesting supplements if it is avoidable, due to a variety of reasons including but not limited to: limitations in bioavailability compared to whole foods and due to the fact that people using supplements more increases dependency on flimsy supply lines and also one can rarely be sure that the product is exactly what it is advertised as).

              • Hi Fawlty,
                Could I at least have some inkling of where such a question gets us? I could go through the various suppositions that others go through here in the comments, but to what end? They are all suppositions supported by little to no hard science.
                Obviously, any answer to your question “What made me sick” that was anything other than “I haven’t the slightest idea” would be ridiculous and should be ignored anyway.
                I don’t claim to know the conclusive causes of illnesses and to pretend to would be hubris. I’m sure you see the logical fallacy being committed if you say that unless I have a suitable option “b” for you, then “a” must be true?
                I’ll note that your question is the default one I have received on multiple forums.
                The premise of the no-virus crowd is simple and if you have time for a 32000-word read that I have barely gotten into, then Mark Bailey’s an end to Virology might be of interest.
                But it is simply that the science to substantiate virology in any rigorous way does not exist. They would in fact even go further and say the failings of virology’s own shoddy science prove that they are wrong. If what they were looking for existed, it would have been found by now.
                It’s not up to anyone to prove or even offer the correct explanation for something where they are simply refuting a claim with no backing.
                Again as you offered no comment on this bit, my bigger gripe on this website in particular is that James will not even engage in the discussion. It is a rather mind-bending idea challenging a worldview that I and everyone else have absorbed their whole life. It would be great for my sanity for James to come along and debunk the no-virus position. He doesn’t and I don’t think he could. And if that’s the case, why not cover it? Worse still, he now does regular interviews with “virus pusher against clot shots” Meryl Nass, who on one hand sounds like a genius, simply based on her bio, but on the other hand gives the most simplistic poorly thought out refutation of the no virus position possible. James tacitly takes the virus position by doing this, I would say.

              • I just wanted to point out this statement here:

                “Worse still, he now does regular interviews with “virus pusher against clot shots” Meryl Nass, who on one hand sounds like a genius, simply based on her bio, but on the other hand gives the most simplistic poorly thought out refutation of the no virus position possible. James tacitly takes the virus position by doing this, I would say.”

                I think Meryl Nass has done some very good work exposing the overall agenda and considering she’s an MD probably had some attacks by the board of medicine. I’m not sure if they revoked her license yet or not but the board of medicine is going after as many MD’s as they can who even question the narrative and the jabs. Meryl Nass might even vote! Who knows.

                I think she speaks intelligently on broader issues of control and where this agenda is headed which is why JC has interviewed her or maybe she interviewed him?

                He also had RFK Jr. on to discuss the book RFK wrote about Dr. Fauci and RFK may have different ideas about “climate change” RFK may not be fully aware of how the cause of environmental protection has been steered into the topic of carbon, which is a misdirection.

                My point is that I think that there are probably no two people who think exactly alike or know everything or are right about everything. Everyone has biases but I think that this should not prevent people from working together.

                I also think the name calling or putting someone in a category “no virus crowd” and “virus pusher against clot shots” can turn people away.

              • I’m not saying the topic should not be explored and discussed and challenged, but that it could be done in a better way to avoid strife.

                I like how Stefan Lanka has presented his findings and he is a pretty respectful speaker and also Peter Duesberg with his refutation of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis. Dr. Sam Bailey an Dr. Cowan also have some interesting material.

                The topic of challenging germ theory already has a pretty big platform now and people are asking questions. JC already had that podcast years ago on Rockefeller medicine.

                I don’t think it’s fair to try to push JC to cover a specific topic.

                As I mentioned before a debate between Dr. Lanka and a germ theory research scientist that is an honest person would be the most helpful. Maybe one of the health related speakers like Del Bigtree could host it.

                I don’t think your sanity should be in jeopardy though. You can think for yourself and make your own decision. No need for validation from others.

              • Yes fair cop cu.h.j. What can i say, the ‘virus pushers against clot shots’ is something devised within the no virus camp and is kinda funny to me. I say it for levity in part, and in part, I am not here trying to strategize how best to communicate a message to people. Maybe i should be, i dont know. Im jsut a person who is frustrated with a truth teller with a proven record over a decade and a half blanket ignoring potentially the biggest fraud that has ever existed in science. My frustration gets the better of me.
                Re Nass / Kennedy granted James has made the point before which i totally agree with, that just because I interview someone doesnt mean i agree with everything they have to say on every matter. But with examples like RFK Jr, his disagreements on things like climate change are loud and proud all over his website. Whereas with this issue, if indeed there are any disagreements, he is as quiet as a church mouse. I guess its just not the type of scientific fraud he is into. Just the other stuff with faaar less impact on humanity.
                Its an interesting topic in general. He talks about judiciously picking good bits from people no matter what they say in totality, but no doubt he recognises wolves in sheeps clothing and they are low on the list for sources to go to / rely on…. so question is…. when do you become a wolf in sheeps clothing? What if you have told the truth about vaccines but intentionally kept the biggest lie under your hat, garnered favour to become the default leader of the health freedom movement to the point where you now have political power, and are potentially about to weild it, pushing tracking of carbon emmissions and the advance of the great reset? RFK Jr is much more accountable for the missingt virus question, so i do think he is a wolf in sheeps clothing as he too intentionally ignores it. I think far more of James, which is why i still support him, and just plead for a response on this topic.
                PS I feel like the last ‘100 questions’ episode he was speaking directly to me (hubris no doubt) saying he will not be pushed into covering things he doesnt want to. I can only say this isnt vanishing planes or the illuminati. Its the lynchpin of the biosecurity state (which of course he has covered at length), and I have no issue what position he takes, Id just like to hear a thought out position. I guess that is too much to ask. For god knows what reason.
                PS there is a potential debate with James Lyons Weiler and some no virus people in process, but frankly the no virus team has pushed for this for 2 years. Del is not interested and gaslights his audience on the topic. I dont know how closely you follow this but there is deadening silence among the whole health freedom community and that has to make you wonder. No refutation. Refusal to discuss. At all. So what now? One party that essentially controls the narrative for the health freedom folk stonewall any discussion on the science. Its really not a complicated issue. If it were as simple as ask for a debate it would have happened a year ago.
                Its not validation im seeking. Like i say i would like to hear COrbetts take regardless of what it is. Its a view from someone i think is thoughtful and informed, to cross reference with my own thoughts. Thats all.

              • @ Fawlty Towers

                Although before sending my comment I selected b) notify me of reply to my comment, I received no email. And there was no reply function for your comment, so I have replied again to your original comment, which creates a disjointed thread. So I concur with your observation about the comment feature at this site, to which I also could not reply.

                Homeopathic arnica is universally recommended for any kind of trauma injury — tendonitis, bruises, concussion, even for recovery from surgery. For chronic conditions finding the correct homeopathic remedy is an esoteric and complicated process and must match the remedy with a detailed list of the individual’s symptoms, along with the homeopath’s observations about the client’s personality and appearance. Ten different people with bronchitis would each be prescribed a different remedy. But for acute conditions the matter is much simpler. There is often one remedy that is usually recommended. A homeopathy skeptic acquaintance was quite surprised when he recovered overnight from a painful bone spur after I offered him arnica. It isn’t always effective that quickly, but it usually does give results faster than conventional treatments.

              • Thanks again for your reply mutig!

                First off, you have finally confirmed what I always suspected.
                People often don’t get notified via e-mail (as they should) when someone replies to their post.

                It’s unfortunate. The WordPress comment section is poorly designed.
                Is there an add-on that James could use that handles comments better than the built-in default?

                Thanks for the tip on homeopathic arnica. I have a few injuries that I will try it on.

            • I’m with ya on almost everything, there’s just this one thing I can’t wrap my head around: how come every year in autumn/winter one of the kids comes home with the sniffles and sore throat or cough etc… and no more than 2 or 3 days later, the other kid and my wife and myself have the same symptoms?

              • Why is yawning contagious? Stands to reason, it very well could be that we have these mechanisms for syncing with people in our vicinity.

                I have no doubt in my mind that we don’t know almost anything about our bodies and that has to have a reason.

              • “I have no doubt in my mind that we don’t know almost anything about our bodies and that has to have a reason.”

                Wow. What an admission. ?

              • Yeah, I’ve noticed this thing too. The apparent phenomenon of contagion.

                It’s also fascinating when people don’t get sick when they contact other sick people.

                This is the idea of immunity and terrain affecting health and susceptibility that exists in germ theory/allopathic medicine.

                If only science conclusively proved this but there are some valid criticisms of it so I try to keep an open mind.

                There’s so many awful abuses against people by governments though, it’s not just the virus/no virus issue.

                They are polluting food, air, water, minds, etc. And then there is the massive wealth transfer going on now and push for automation and surveillance. There’s so much to stay on top of.

              • Yawning is an interesting comparison actually. It’s quite fascinating that it happens.

                Also, menstruating women will sync with each other too.

      • To all of you who discuss what Covid really is:

        I met a – now former – nurse who used to work at our local public hospital here in Dublin..

        She was crying – quote “I am quitting now…I can not kill healthy people every day because, that’s exactly what we now do” end quote

        I grew up in now, almost de-populated Denmark and, we learned that the worst people in this world, are the people who claim to want to cute us…

        Likewise, the people who “cure” others with a so-called “,mental illnesd’ are the ones who are really nuts..

        I only once knew ONE person, who for a short period in her life, suffered from depression..everyone else I have ever known have always been healthy…apart from our yearly flu, pains when menstruating, the occasional head ache etc..

        During the past 20 years, it looks as if the majority of the Danes in Denmark (80%) have been either severe cronical I’ll or simply just passed away…

        I don’t want to do sny speculations BUT, it seems quite convenient with all these dead people, at a time the country is 100% bankrupt hence, my conclusion is it seems easy to commit a “hidden” Genocide when just calling the cause of death “Covid”.

        The state of Denmark have by now hone beyond ALL kinds of foregiveness and, even beyond that and, the place will hopefully close one last time now..

        Never in my life, had I thought we should experience a hate and an evil as now comes from this little horrible place and not least their UN,-holy Religions – the Danish Baptist who “created” the leben sborn during WW2 are now ,”making” so-called “real” Danes (mixing lobotomy with MK-Ultra) and the Danish methodists and others, trafficking children from 0 – 50 I assume, for sex – allmover the World and, I am vomiting ?!!!

        Thanks James, for publishing this and, thanks millions for your tireless work…

        Conclusion: the “illness” Covid is nothing but the very worst Genocide our planet have ever experienced – started by the very same psychopaths as started the Holocaust: Denmark (incl. the usual suspects/criminal psychopaths)!! The families involved, are described in various books about WW2)

        I hope this is – sort of – an answer, from I who thankfully have NO medical education..

        • Hold din kæft mann, du spyr jo ut mer piss enn meg etter 8 halvlitere…

      • “Let’s park our virus/no virus position to the side for a moment”

        The whole point is, there is no virus, just provide the information showing there is a virus and we can move on. No more distractions.

        • They probably have not proven that a “virus” functions as the sole cause or even that it exists as defined.

          But this does not change the strong belief in human consciousness of contagion and this will not change quickly unless there was a mechanism to explain it and also treatments for illness.

          Sometimes contagion seems to occur and sometimes. Germ theory tries to answer it. Even if it’s wrong, it provides an answer. If you want to defeat germ theory, you must provide an answer, better science and viable treatment to replace it.

    • And the earth is also flat, right nick!?!

      • I did Delta… cannot say it was a lot of fun, You could hear the beast gurgling in your lungs while you held

        your breath. Worst sore throat you can possibly imagine. Three days done and dusted no help no

        drugs…three days in bed

    • Nick …da fuck

      very interesting verbal nonsense

      I”m so over you

      You didn’t even make me


      Lucinda Williams

    • I remember when I was young and the world had just begun and I was happy

      I used to wonder about the earth and how it moved around the sun so snappy

      Imagination going wild makes a very backward child that’s what they told me

      etc. etc.

    • Trust the science! Science says viruses are real. I think James had a podcast on that.

    • Perhaps the Better Way Conference requires evidence and adherence to valid scientific method?

      • OK after giving this some thought, I have come up with a work-around solution to the e-mail notification problem here.

        It won’t work all the time, but at least it gives members other options.

        Let’s say I wanted to reply to mutig’s last post in my thread, but couldn’t do it directly because I wasn’t offered a ‘Reply’ button. This happens when a thread becomes long.

        Try this. Search (Ctrl-F) for the person you want to reply to (in this case, mutig) and keep searching until you hopefully find a post of theirs that has a ‘Reply’ button, somewhere on this page.

        If you find one (I found this one) then simply reply to it.
        Your reply will be pertaining to another thread on this page, but at least the person will a) get notification that you have replied their post b) be able to read and reply to your post.

        Of course this all assumes that the person has subscribed to: ‘E-mail me when someone replies to my comments’.

        • Just a followup to my post above.
          I think the work-around could prove to be quite useful.

          To make it even more useful, it would be helpful to add a link
          to the post you are responding to.
          So somewhere near the top or bottom you could add a link like this


          It points to the post I am responding to.
          You get this link by right-clicking on the date-time stamp of the post you want
          to reply to.
          This may sound a little convoluted but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad. 🙂

        • @ Fawlty Towers

          I did receive the email this time, but not for your previous comment about the comment problems and homeopathy for injuries. Clicking on your link in the email to Manage Comments or subscriptions, or something of the kind is the first I have ever seen that page in my account, and I still have no idea how to find it other than keeping the link you provided.

          In that screen Suspend was checked, although I have never made such a selection. After I selected Notify of Reply to Comment (or equivalent) it reverted immediately to Suspend, whether I clicked on Save Selection (or equivalent) or not. After I again selected Notify of Reply and logging out and back in Suspend was selected again. I am baffled.

          Regarding homeopathy (I would have to scroll again to find that thread): Homeopathy is unlike any other medication or supplement, so it is useful to know its principles. This is a good introduction:


          Besides single remedies there are some combination remedies for some conditions. I have used T Relief Arnica +12, both sublingual tablets and gel, for tennis elbow, a knee problem, and a sprained ankle. It is mainly arnica with a few additional remedies recommended for various kinds of pain. After the problem clears up you can take it occasionally as preventative.

          Enjoy your tennis!

          (There is no box to check (b send email if there is reply. Perhaps it appears after I click Submit Comment. And now I see a place to click on Manage your subscriptions. (I have only one subscription. I want to manage my messages.) If I click on it before Submitting Comment I’m not sure what happens to the message, so I’ll wait and see if it is still there after I Submit Comment.

          • After Submitting Comment there still is nowhere to select my choice for receiving email, and there is no link to Manage Subscriptions.

            Next time I’ll try clicking on the date/time stamp as you suggest. Does that allow access to Manage Subscriptions? What a medieval system.

              • Suspend is selected by default. Any change I make reverts to Suspend.

                This seems like an unnecessarily complicated way to reply to a comment.

          • Hopefully this series of posts will help you and others navigate through and understand this mysterious comment section a little better…

            “I did receive the email this time, but not for your previous comment about the comment problems and homeopathy for injuries.”

            Yes the reason you didn’t receive an e-mail about my comment/homeopathy reply is that officially, I was replying to myself (Fawlty replies to Fawlty). I need to reply to you, for you to get a notification.

            Clicking on your link in the email to Manage Comments or subscriptions, or something of the kind is the first I have ever seen that page in my account, and I still have no idea how to find it other than keeping the link you provided.
            In that screen Suspend was checked, although I have never made such a selection. After I selected Notify of Reply to Comment (or equivalent) it reverted immediately to Suspend, whether I clicked on Save Selection (or equivalent) or not. After I again selected Notify of Reply and logging out and back in Suspend was selected again. I am baffled.”

            I would not be concerned at all about the Manage Subscriptions page.
            I might visit it once every few years and don’t think I have ever made any changes
            to it! Thanks for the tips on homeopathy and I hope you enjoy your tennis too!

            • @ mkey

              I can’t respond to your reply above. It seems that you have devised a very impressive system for navigating the CR site, but it is beyond my level of IT competency.

              I maintain that no such contortions should be necessary for simply responding to a comment.

              • You have to understand that this is an old wordpress template.

                Commenting on this site is a side feature, not core functionality.

                Lastly, there are limits to comments depth for obvious technical reasons.

          • “(There is no box to check (b send email if there is reply. Perhaps it appears after I click Submit Comment. And now I see a place to click on Manage your subscriptions. (I have only one subscription. I want to manage my messages.) If I click on it before Submitting Comment I’m not sure what happens to the message, so I’ll wait and see if it is still there after I Submit Comment. “

            “Suspend is selected by default. Any change I make reverts to Suspend.
            This seems like an unnecessarily complicated way to reply to a comment.”

            As mkey mentioned, the ability to choose your e-mail options is only available the first time you reply to a post in an episode. After that, whatever you chose is locked in.

            To make changes to your e-mail options you can go to the Manage Subscriptions page and make changes there.
            The first time you reply to a comment in an episode, you are asked how to deal with e-mail notifications. You are given three options:

            1. Do not send e-mail notifications
            2. Send e-mail notification ONLY if someone replies to My comments
            3. Send e-mail notification whenever a new comment is posted.

            If you have already replied to a comment in an episode, you are told:
            You are subscribed to this post. Manage your subscriptions.
            In Manage Subscriptions ( I may go there once every few years) you have the ability to:

            Delete subscriptions, Suspend subscriptions, Receive notifications for all new comments to an episode, Receive notifications to an episode only if someone replies to YOUR comment.
            You can make these changes individually or in bulk.
            By default, the system selects “Suspend” as your choice. BUT this does not mean that it has Suspended any of your subscriptions!
            It will Suspend your subscription(s) ONLY if you place a check mark next to an episode and then click on ‘Update Subscriptions’.

            • I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. None of the above works in my case. After I have selected b) Send e-mail notification ONLY if someone replies to My comments I received email notification only for replies to that first comment. For subsequent comments there is no option offered and my choice of option previously selected is ignored. I receive no further email notifications, and there is no option to choose type of email notification. Going to my “Manage Subscriptions” page does not solve the problem either. If there I select b)Send email notification only if someone replies to my comments nothing changes, whether or not I click on Update Subscriptions.

              Thank you very much for the explanations, but they seem not to apply. It is entirely possible that I am overlooking something obvious. In any case I do not see how it is possible to create a system so counter to information exchange unless by design.

              • Hi mutig. Actually I did understand what you were saying.

                Once you make your first reply in a thread and choose ‘Send e-mail notification ONLY if someone replies to My comments’, you are all set.

                There is nothing more that you need to do as far as those settings go (even if you make a reply and are not offered any notification choices).

                But that does not mean you will always receive notifications when someone tries to reply to your posts!

                The comment section here works fairly well most of the time. Problems arise however when six or more replies occur under a starting thread.
                The problem is easy to spot because the member is not given a choice to ‘Reply’.

                What most people do when this occurs is they scroll up and use the ’Reply’ button of the first post they see that offers it.
                This will allow them to make their post, however if their reply is not intended for the person whose post offers this ‘Reply’ button, then the person they are intending their reply to go to will NEVER receive e-mail notification of it.

                This is why it sometimes takes days, weeks or more for someone to reply to a post you sent them. They will only learn of it if they happen to find the thread again and notice your reply, or someone quotes a part of your reply and they see that.

                I posted a solution to this problem a few days ago and am going to give easy instructions for it in my following post.

              • ***** INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVERYONE *****

                How to ‘Reply’ to a comment that doesn’t offer the ‘Reply’ button option:

                If you wish the person you are replying to, to receive an e-mail notification of your reply, then follow these instructions. (This assumes they have chosen e-mail notification for replies).

                Search (Ctrl-F on a PC or Command-F on a Mac) for the person you want to reply to and keep searching until you hopefully find a post of theirs that has a ‘Reply’ button.

                If you find one, then simply reply to it, writing what you intended to say.

                The person will be notified that you have replied to their post and be able to read and reply to your post.

              • One thing I forgot to add in my instructions above…

                When you make your ‘Reply’, it would be helpful to add a link to the actual post you are responding to.

                So somewhere near the top or bottom of your post you could add a link like this
                It points to the post you are responding to.

                You get this link by right-clicking (on a PC) or Control-clicking (on a Mac) on the date-time stamp of the post you want to reply to and choosing ‘Copy Link’.

          • “After Submitting Comment there still is nowhere to select my choice for receiving email, and there is no link to Manage Subscriptions.

            Next time I’ll try clicking on the date/time stamp as you suggest. Does that allow access to Manage Subscriptions? What a medieval system.”

            Right-clicking on the date/time simply gives you a link to the post you are viewing, that’s all.

            To get to Manage Subscriptions you can either save this link to take you straight there:

            or if you have already replied to a comment in an episode you will be given the link to the subscriptions page when you click ‘Reply’ to a post.

            My script offers a few ways to filter and order comments. You can read more on that here:

            mkey’s comment add-on does have some cool functions, but it won’t be able to re-order the comments in a smooth way to follow conversations you are having between several users (who didn’t reply directly to your posts).

            It’s best for giving you formatting tools so you can quickly and easily put text into italics or bold or strikeout, etc.

            • Thank you for the detailed explanations. All of that in order to respond to a comment! I suppose Word Press charges a fee for thwarting conversation on this site.

              Those who find themselves in the Apple walled garden are locked out of any process that requires right clicking. I’ll look for my USB mouse and see whether right clicking is a solution.

              Is Word Press a Deep State product?

    • Nick,

      I’ll respond to this part you wrote

      “I can not bring myself to think there is some nefarious motive, so I’m left to guess that like others such as Webb and Ryan, he simply doesn’t want to ostracise himself from his audience.”

      A nefarious motive is interesting because I’ve read some people who say exactly that that JC is some type of agent or something. I’ll find it and post it when I get a chance. They’ve said worse things about others who don’t hold their views or don’t say enough about the topic, more precisely to say that “no virus” is right about ever single issue and this is the most important topic of all time or something like that.

      If someone really thinks that JC is some type of agent I really doubt their motives and intuition to be honest. It is absurd and why would some one put that out there? That is a huge turn off to the “no virus” community, the insults they throw around at people who have demonstrated courageous reporting for over a decade.

      There are other topics that JC doesn’t touch and it’s fine because other journalists do and JC provides enough basics and helps inspire people to sharpen their own minds to do their own research.

      Another thing, a huge thing about this issue is that some people (I think I’m one of them) has “caught” or perceived catching or getting a condition by coming into contact with another person. The science around debunking HIV is very good and so is the challenge to the germ theory, but I have still seemed to catch illnesses from others. When I have not washed my hands before eating, I’ve also tended to get sick sometimes. I also would not take a blood transfusion from an HIV + person. I just wouldn’t.

      Maybe I’m wrong who knows. I’m not attached to being right about it because whether I think I can catch stuff or not has not influenced my behavior substantially. I.e. I don’t live my life in fear of diseases and I value freedom above safety. Humans have lived for thousands of years with disease and yet we have survived. There is no need to shut down society or control people, we are all good. Our bodies have evolved to deal with disease.

      So in short, I don’t think that it’s people being agents who don’t want to discuss the topic, but maybe they don’t want to get into an argument with someone who has a strong opinion.

      I don’t think JC has ever said anything negative about the “no virus” community, so why are they so apt to throw out insults at everyone else?

      Why? Do they have an agent in their midst to cause division and strife?

      It is an actual tactic to divide in order to defeat an enemy. It really is used in actual warfare. So I do think that our psychopathic parasitic psycho leaders really like to see people fight among themselves.

      • Okay, here’s a link to a substack by some anonymous author who calls others gatekeepers who do not agree with the position “viruses do not exist”


        I mean who is this guy? He doesn’t reveal his identity and yet calls others who actually do gate keepers who have spent years fighting against tyranny.

        Why all the hate at RFK Jr? I mean he has a lot of “balls” to speak out at all considering his father and uncle. I don’t care if he believes in viruses or not, I respect his courage and I think he’s more or less an honest man.

        I also trust the integrity of JC. Not as some guru or all knowing truth teller, but I trust his integrity and think he’s one of the good guys. I’m sure he can be wrong sometimes, doesn’t know everything and is capable of error like any human being. But absolutely not an agent or a dishonest person. I do not trust the judgment of anyone who would suspect him. There is simply no motive.

        But why would someone not want to lose audience or cause walls to go up in the consciousness of normies? Could it be that we live in unprecedented times and that our survival as a species hangs in the balance? Not just from fear of germs, but from all around us. Economic tyranny, automation, massive poisoning from food and air, toxic media, nuclear war…

        I understand the concern that if we can’t work together this may pose a real threat to our survival as a species.

        • That substack is garbage.

          • I think it is essentially a collection of ad hominem attacks on various people who are perceived adversaries to “team no virus” They call themselves “team no virus”

            I did challenge the author in a response and he seemed off put that someone from outside the echo chamber chimed in.

            But I don’t think it’s useful to get pulled into insults and hostilities around the issue. Rather it would be more useful to have a scientific debate among honest researchers.

            I think Stefan Lanka’s views are interesting and have merit but that the issue has devolved into tearing potential allies apart.

            I think it has happened on both sides of the issue.

  2. I’ve got my ticket. Cannot wait! Really looking forward to learning from and maybe meeting some of the people who have got off their bums and actually done things 🙂

  3. I love these types of initiatives!

    To me it’s 1000 times more productive to promote solutions and directions/ways in which to steer our growth and real desires than to rehash WEF’s demented blueprint for total dominance, over and over.

    Good luck James in your participation in ‘A Better Way Conference 2023’.
    I’m looking forward to the conference and all the positive energy it creates.



    Should be drafted anew with title: REJECTING THE VERY NOTION OF PUBLIC HEALTH

    I was hoping to find a critique of the idea of public health in there, but alas. Hopefully, more people will catch on to these foundational issues that have precipitated all the hardship brought by the past three years, but if people insist on using the globalist dictionary I have to admin that I will be beset by doubts and reservations, with my enthusiasm fully curbed.

    It is not that I don’t trust these people (or that I outright find them to be suspicious) but if their plan was to shoot for the top of the mountain, they seem to have greatly fallen short and stopped on one of the summits along the way.

    Concepts such as public health and greater good have to be challenged, torn down and obliterated if we are ever to reach the mountain top. And it doesn’t seem worth the effort to shoot for anything lower than that.

    The matter of who is in control of declaring emergencies due to threats to public health and what happens when such an emergency is declared is just as important as the question of who is stronger between Duffy Duck and Pluto the dog. Considering they are both make belief drawn and sometimes animated characters. the question of their strength is completely irrelevant. They will be as strong as their authors intend them to be.

    Can Santa lose some of his belly fat in time for Christmas and ceremonial sliding down the chimneys? Will Biden agree to a debated with RFK Jr? Does Greta Thunberg have a solution for climate change? Can we have the vaccines ready sooner (i.e. inside a week) when the next pandemic hits? Will Tucker Carlson overcome Joe Rogan’s financial compensation record when he makes the move to the new platform? Can the world hold off from anything interesting happening until we have NWNW back?

    • Yes, some incisive observations and provocative questions.

  5. I went to the Better Way Conference in Bath last year. It was a really profound experience for me. So hard to put into words.

  6. Many ways here, to explain the very worst Genocide ever committed on our planet!

    Maybe guys, we could concentrate on, how to get all the 100% guity criminal psychopaths locket up for the rest of their horrible stinking lives!? This is URGENT and, before we are all slaughtered please!!


  7. Love that you would like to see James… but maybe if it was a sunny day…oohh James can wait x

  8. Another great interview James. I am glad more and more people are hearing the voices that have been censored during all this scamdemic.
    People really need to start thinking of fear the Governments and large corporations.
    Get back to your roots! Learn to grow your foods. Buy as much as possible from local people and not any big corp./ franchise. Find communities that are inline with your thoughts. I myself have really been trying to find lick minded people to socialize with. This keeps your grounded and focused on what is most important in life.

  9. Thanks for that video, I’ll be sure to give it a watch.

  10. I did watch the video and found both interlocutor’s ingenuity to be mind boggling. In regards to the legal skirmishes. From the few jousts with the court system that I had I have learned that the system was put in place as such that it can really mess you up. That is it’s purpose. These people don’t know the law and do not care about the law. They know and care even less about morality.

    Sometimes people get the idea that someone in the court is afraid of them, but the reality of the matter is that these court dwellers simply do not care. Some will switch positions, some will call in favours, some will retire, some will be coming back from retirement to handle some specific cases, etc.

    We recently had a case of a man who was held in prison for more than a year without even an indictment being levied against him. He was temporarily released, then put back in and then a few days ago they charged him with trumped up sedition/terrorism/incitement bullcrap. His attorney described the charge as “alchemical”.

    At the same time we have the entire legal system involved in a travesty where some politicians and actual people have been charged with child trafficking in Congo. It seems the local legal system has legalised previous such child trafficking by rebranding them as adoptions and is now in heavy recovery mode trying to gaslight and cover up as much as possible of what transpired. The media is assisting earnestly in this effort.

    It’s a sad joke, what it is.

  11. Nice work, John! I agree with continuing to get information out. So many historical coverups, no less than the 9/11 of their day. We are definitely not the first, but we are the light-carriers of our time. Distributing information about the no-fear, healing world of nutrient-dense food and so many other natural healing methods has become the important part of the message, to me, as it clearly demonstrates the wealth of knowledge that’s been covered over by those seeking financial profit. It’s quite an uphill effort trying to take it all in, when that door to the natural healing world has been opened.

    Ethel Hume’s effort in the early 1900’s with the Béchamp vs Pasteur debate

    Panamanian farmer Ursula Kiener’s recent effort at Herba Medicine, an interesting comparison of Béchamp’s experience with Pasteur to Tesla and Edison

    Ron Schmid’s 2009 research in “The Untold Story of Milk” tells the story of Nathan Straus’ (Macy’s) efforts to pasteurize milk, media propaganda, and J. E. Crewe, MD (of the original Mayo Foundation, Rochester MN) efforts to inform on the healing properties of raw milk.

  12. This sounds like it is gonna be very beneficial. I look forward to checking out some of their content from last year and watching this year’s conference when I find time.

    I am so glad you are going to be a part of it James. Thanks for sharing and offering your own piece of the solutions jigsaw puzzle that can help us build a map towards a better way to live on Earth.

    Keep up the great work James!

  13. Given the opening of this comments thread and the thoughtful comments that followed I’d like to re-post a Conscience Resistance interview with Del Bigtree for anyone who hadn’t listened to it back then (like myself):


    from 45:30 to 56:40 (very complete answer by Mr Bigtree with Mr. Broze’s reaction that follows)

    • nosoapradio, thank you for reminding us of this important interview. This is at the heart of the struggle. Del frames this effort as a game with his response focused on the goal of winning. He said “we’ve won” and asks if he is expected to move from the large stadium to another stadium with other players.

      Del says that he can’t approach elected representatives with the terrain vs germ debate. I’ve come to believe that I can’t approach someone without the debate. Without putting the last three years in the full context of history, there is no way to demonstrate or debate the full scope of the struggle. James Corbett is one of the people who has helped me form this approach.

      Of a group of 5 questions I’ve posed to my county commissioner, below is question 5. It is not my goal to change his mind, as Del described with scientists, it is to better understand his position.


      5. Given the following assertions by scientists regarding the virus challenge2 how do these assertions impact the current COVID emergency declaration? And, given the current state of censorship3, in what way has the county board, or you personally, considered these assertions in your COVID-related decision-making?
      ◦ Terrain versus germs – The study and practice of terrain theory4 and holistic healing5 is, at the very least, as valid a pursuit as germ theory6. Holistic healers continued to treat patients throughout the last 3 years, as they always had.
      ◦ Virus never isolated – A virus, as currently defined by germ theory advocates, has never been isolated and proven to cause disease.7 The inventor of the PCR test, Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis, challenged the premise of HIV AIDS and never intended the PCR test to be used for diagnosing illness.8
      ◦ Life-saving early treatment – The censorship and persecution of doctors, scientist, educators and others, who have testified before Congress, state legislatures, and elsewhere, on the life-saving benefits of early, effective, outpatient treatment of COVID-like symptoms continues.9
      ◦ Refusal to treat – The practice of not treating respiratory symptoms until critical stages, and the imposition of questionable drugs and financially lucrative procedures on critically ill patients caused needless death and disability.10
      ◦ Manipulation through fear – Acquiescence to fear-based germ theory outcomes, as necessary and protective, are largely responsible for our current state of affairs. Manipulation11 by the rich and powerful – to achieve complete state surveillance and control of life and of the means and methods of production – have engineered dependency through various initiatives including the breakdown of the individual and family12, transhuman biodigital convergence13, and eugenics-based depopulation14

      • Thanks for your reply TracyPete,

        First, with regards to Del Bigtree’s Stadium analogy: I understood that there’s a game being played between the proponents of the so-called Covid pandemic/gene therapy clot shots and those who would reveal the murderous, mendacious lies of the former, within the long-established and predominantly unquestioned stadium of germ theory.

        And if you try to have this debate by first rewriting the commonly known history of medicine, effectively attempting to transfer everyone to a completely mysterious new arena that has never before been seen, nevermind proven its solidity, you’ll lose most of the participants en route, completely sabotaging your effort.

        Though you will be asking what I personally consider to be important questions regarding life-saving treatment, refusal to treat, what condition would be too extreme to accept Covid emergency funds and the questions concerning the PCR test

        I persist in thinking that you will undermine your own hypothetical credibility, even if sometime down the road posterity vindicates your position, by evoking within this context such terms as “Germ-theory advocates” and the very antagonistic and binary terrain vs germ theory debate which is, in my view, and as stated by Broze and Bigtree, a false dichotomy.

        Even questioning the very very questionable “isolation of the virus” could very well be self-sabotaging as the world over “knows” that it WAS isolated. Some even “know” it was engineered, so you’ll lose many potential allies as well.

        But then again, it all depends on what you’re after via this contact with the county commissioner.

        Advocates of what I consider to be probable truth concerning the dubious reality of AGW and the very obvious 9/11 was an “inside job” for example have been brandishing scientific facts to reveal uncomfortable truths for the last couple of decades but unfortunately, that straight-forward tactic seems to be hopelessly ineffective. At least in the short and middle term.

        So, all you risk by making covid sceptics appear to be “germ-theory” sceptics, as far as I can tell, is losing any credibility you had in the eyes of “the majority”, in the eyes of potential allies and further stigmatizing “covid and clot shot sceptics” in general.

        From where I stand it seems you might be hurting the anti-global pandemic treaty cause and the short-term cause of people injured by Covid bio-warfare in its various forms, (whose cases may be hopeless anyway)

        but you might be helping to save others further down the road by starting to question the entire health paradigm.

        Hard to say.

        • Thanks for mentioning the term “false dichotomy” and I found a philosophy website for my reference here:


          I think you are on to something, like you mentioned in a past post the idea of “nomenclature” that is used when discussing this topic.

          The “debate” or discourse has devolved into a divisive name calling cluster f’k and to me misdirects people into binary categories. And what effect does that have? Is there a way to measure what effect divisiveness has on resisting tyrannical regimes? My questions are rhetorical.

          I can’t say for certain, but I know that ways people communicate can turn people off to learning more about issues.

          I don’t mean to steer this discussion onto that topic in particular but just share the thoughts that popped into my mind.

  14. Thanks for posting these resources. I think education and honest and a debate in good faith would be very interesting.

    Reducing fear and promoting health is a good solution.

    One point of disagreement I have around the issue is that I think it will take much more than debunking scientific studies to reduce fear of germs (or hypothetical germs). These kinds of paradigm level changes don’t happen abruptly.

    Additionally, the issue of contagion without any scientific study behind it at all does hold weight in the public mind, even my own mind. Just based on anecdotes and observations and experiences it does seem to have some basis in reality. Maybe it’s an illusion. I’m not attached to being right on this issue, but I’m just stating my own subjective opinion based on weekly interaction with the general public. I think starting with more general concepts is a better strategy.

    The book Dissolving Illusions is good in this regard, especially for mainstream health care workers. And then people can learn more about specifics and details.

    I do think the people who want to challenge germ theory in general should not engage in ad-hominem attacks against people who don’t hold their views. I think it’s counterproductive and harmful because it creates “camps” that can be easily swept under the rug.

  15. James …. Am I wrong or are you going to be there in person? No Musk robot with your pixel face or a projection??
    If you promise to have a photo and a signed copy of your book I will buy my tickets now!!!

  16. I see there is a big conversation here on whether viruses exist and what COVID is or whether it exists. All I can say is that I know for sure COVID is real, I had it in August 2021. It was different than anything else I ever had, and at a different time of the year as I have not been sick in the summer for decades.

    One thing I can’t say for sure is what it was. While I believe that those who deny the existence of viruses are mostly “poisoning the well” of the medical dissident movement, I have no way of knowing if the sickness I had was caused by a virus or not.

    One thing I wonder is if it could have been spread through the so-called “vaccines”. When I caught COVID, my wife was out of the country for a while and in the week in question I was only out of the house one time. I went in to work that day to an almost empty office, where I came in contact with no one. Then I had lunch with a co-worker and vendor at an isolated table in a nearly empty restaurant. The co-worker and vendor were boasting that they had fairly recently been “vaccinated”, and the vendor is a rather animated guy who was spewing some spittle here and there…

    • I had something different in early Summer 2022. My husband came home sick, I got sick about 2 days later. The only difference between this and other illnesses (I had a flu like illness in the 90s that was horrible, worse stomach symptoms) was the lingering fatigue. It was weird. Who knows what it really was but we both tested “positive” for the cooties on one of those antigen tests. Never had a positive test before and I’ve tested a lot to keep my job since I am not jabbed.

      Interestingly enough, one of my colleagues who has been jabbed up to the eyeballs with every vaccine the CDC has ever recommended had a similar illness except she was much much sicker than I was. She was incapacitated for over a month and it took two more months for the fatigue to go away. The jabs did absolutely nothing and in fact in that case, my guess is that it made it worse.

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