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After watching How BlackRock Conquered the World, we know all about the problem: a financial behemoth is flexing its monetary muscle to shape society in its image. So what’s the solution? Boycotts? Buycotts? Can we strive for something different, or are we condemned to forever be out of credit at the karma bank? Find out in this week’s penetrating exploration of the problem of (and solution to) BlackRock.

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How BlackRock Conquered the World

Stop Buying Their Crap! – #SolutionsWatch


Info on KarmabanQue from UTNE:

BUYcotts – #SolutionsWatch

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  1. Excellent. We must ake our money and efforts into a parallel society and economy. I started 16 years ago by withdrawing my retirement money from Wall Street. I used it to buy depressed rural real estate in my area and began fixing it up and then selling to, carrying mortgage for the buyer. There was no need to involve lenders. It gave me an income stream and gave the buyer the chance to own property without have to worry about credit scores. Of course , I made sure the best I could that the person was a productive individual of the community, one of the three buyers ended up paying of the load nearly whcuh gave me the capital to do it again. It’s not a way to get rich but it is an honest way to get income and love your neighbors. AND it takes our money off of Wall Street.

    I have no serious regrets. I wish I had known a bit more beforehand to save some mistakes but that’s how I learned. I had to work hard physically to clean up and repair the properties. I met lots of community members in the process and formed lasting relationships. I never would have thought it would be so rewarding. I not longer have to worry about losing half my reitement funds to a stock market crash and I learned that you don’t need fund maters and stock market investments to earn money. It builds confidence and creates a parallel society.

    • mrei,
      ANECDOTE supreme.
      Thanks so very much for sharing this. It is a cool story all the way around… decentralizing from the finance system to independent action to man’s humanity.

    • I love what you have done…taken responsibility for yourself in the face of the obvious chicanery at work in stock exchanges.
      Slowly but very surely we are building an alternative, ethical more loving way of life.
      Though we still have to keep our ears and eyes open to what new moves the demented have planned or conspire to put into being, but thwart them all, we shall.

    • mrei – What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m assuming that despite removing your capital from Wall Street, you still had to involve some banking entity in your plans? And then the question becomes, does that bank or entity take your money and invest it in Wall Street??

      • I think that it is impossible to be a purist during these times.

  2. As they say, ‘knowing is half the battle’ so, thank you!

    From where I am looking, it appears that the biggest challenge is caring. People don’t seem to care

    I assume they don’t care because they don’t see the connection between the negative experiences in their lives and them not caring. Perhaps Creation invented suffering in order to teach people how to care.

    Agreed that a parallel system needs to be built. What I don’t understand is how anyone thinks that can happen while using the existing financial and monetary systems. They hold all the cards; they’re already winning when you try to fight them on the chessboard they constructed. You can win a few battles, but you’ll lose the war.

    I also believe that we are learning what doesn’t work and that a whole new way of relating to the written word and to laws and to justice and to government need to be revisited on a deep level. Oh, and to corporations and to land ownership, and more. It’s time to revisit it ALL and see what new insights we can tease out of this snafu.

  3. This “BlackRock – #SolutionsWatch” covers a wide scope, and a host of concepts.
    The historical visuals/stories (e.g. Max Keiser, Peter Thiel, Lynn Forester de Rothschild) were fascinating. And my jaw did drop at the Rothschild clip.

    I think that in the last 5 minutes or so of this SolutionsWatch, Corbett hits upon fundamental solutions which almost serve as a framework across any path forward.

    For example: 41:50 mark
    James Corbett says:
    “And that’s the point. That’s what it is about. It is about framing the narrative.
    Why do they care about what the public believes?
    Once again it goes down to the bottom line.
    In fact, it is the most important thing….”

    A minute later in the video, Corbett utilizes professional stock trading nomenclature familiar with Wall Street execs…
    “I don’t think fundamentally that we are going to win this rigged game, that is played with this rigged money, that is conjured into existence by these riggers of the game.”

    Fortunately, the Corbett Report helps to educate us on…
    22:40 mark

    • This touches on the same realisation I had today when mulling over the Russell Brand scandal here in the UK.

      I am firmly in the belief that RB is the victim of a co-ordinated smear campaign by the oligarchs. But how many people who will swallow the headlines and believe the propaganda really frustrates me. And when I look at the average normie who will now view Russell Brand as some sort of cartoonish villain, and the people who will distance themselves from him, I guess it would be people who are very ill-informed, and on the lower end of the IQ scale. But that accounts for about 50% of the population, and it clearly matters to the oligarchs what these easily-manipulated members of the public believe.

      It seems the key is getting into the heads of that population, somehow. It’s a war for hearts and minds of the middle ground… because that is clearly what the oligarchs do care about when it comes to managing the ‘herd’.

    • The Agenders: Endgame
      Featuring Thiel, Fink, De Foerster Rothchild, and their nemesis Corbett. Watch the solution!

  4. This interview drew my attention and relates to the topic at hand. Problem,reaction, solution.
    Dr. Shiva discusses how our realities are manufactured. Vivek the snake for instance. A pandering actor and wantabe millionaire,willing to be another Donald for the Thiels,Finks and De Rothschilds of the .0001% world.
    The moderator, Alec Zeck ,is from Texas and gets a high grade for effort.

    • Volunteerists don’t put a lot a stock in voting or the statist process. Who could !that has a memory?. The monkey wrenching of the system is here in this prospective candidate. He could be an actor as well as our Editor en Chief, equally low probability but to underestimate TPTSB ability to conjure a reality is fool hearty.
      Joe Plummer put out a reminder of their, TPTSB power of new ways to control society.

  5. Eee! By Gum Lad, ya hit the nail right on da head as usual!

  6. “The term sullied itself.” Terms did that. In part, sure, but what concerns us is the dictation of policy at odds with humanity. Basic stuff. Changing terms and blaming them doesn’t change facts. We are adult by virtue of experience and we have this unique human ability to know when we are being infringed upon.

    I love when someone says something crappy and it’s passed off as nothing, because if something offends, it’s meant to.

    I always argued against global warming nonsense as an endangerment to real and needed environmentalism, which is at its root local. This could be the complete denial of all things “environmental” as their other workable outcome.

    Whatever comes, they are trying visibly to remain “poised” to be in the advantage.

  7. One thing worth noting in regards to socialist hellholes: when they take your “retirement” money they take it for good. You can “choose” from a provided selection of monetary funds, but they do with that funny garbage money as they please. I.e. buying off the most toxic assets as available.

    Another big chunk of income they dispose you of goes to “medical insurance” a.k.a. a bottomless pit which can not evrn be treated as investment. It’s literally one big black hole that can’t be filled up. Mind you, you don’t get a service for your moneys worth, either. Staying healthy is the best strategy, for more reasons than the obvious.

    They only way to get away from all of that garbage is to go “illegal” and earn in the so called gray economy. And then risk facing the tax man, occsssionaly.

  8. Thank you very much for your reporting James! Our small group of partners run a business that, in our opinion, perfectly dovetails with your spot-on analysis here. Like you, we agree that Strive, while expressing a legitimate investment view, is not the answer.

    Instead, our ETF takes statistically derived equity positions on the basis of a novel sentiment factor… the ratings we collect from our free and anonymous app. This is the most systematic and least biased approach we can think of to channel public preferences into capital allocations.

    We would be very honored if you and your readers/listeners would take a look at both our app ( and our fund, and more than happy to answer any questions you might have. We are a new and closely held firm, and, although we are working within established markets and with some embedded vendors and service providers, we are very serious about remaining independent and creating a new way for both small and large investors to allocate in alignment with the interests of the average person (and to hopefully change corporate management incentives in the process, if we can grow large enough).

  9. “take the heat of the ridiculous political rhetoric… and let that battle be fought by people who are anachronistic and not even relevant anymore” Lynn Foerster de Rothschild. Truly revealing the method. We act while you debate its meaning.
    Invest in the lives of those you love, in your community, and sphere of influence.

  10. How can we defeat the global behemoth? The parallel society and economy is often brought forward as THE solution, but what exactly is it? I tried debating this with university educated friends and they looked at me like I was Dazed and Confused and the debate went nowhere quickly.

    I tried searching on James’ website for parallel society or economy, but nothing showed up.

    I guess we all have some vague idea about this imaginary parallel society and economy we would like to have, like ideas of Catherine Austin Fitts – move your money to a small independent bank (if you can find one), find a good financial manager, invest in ethical stocks (if they exists), invest in people, invest in your health, pay with cash, create like-minded communities, etc. But is this all? It all seems vague. How can this defeat the economic and state behemoths who dictate and mandate everything? Perhaps James can present some ideas in a future video? Any ideas or clarifications from other members?

    • Local algernative currencies, like scrip. That would be a significant push in the right direction.

      James did a few episodes on the subject. He also talked about that curious case in Austria that ended up being shut down by the powers that should not be.

      The old mon-eye is the central dogma of “our” current system. Ao rightly you note that we won’t break out of the system without disposing of it.

      • mkey says:
        …alternative currencies…curious case in Austria

        Money’s velocity – Healthy economic communities have a vibrancy of exchange and interaction.

        – The miracle of Wörgl – In 1932, in the middle of the Great Depression, the Austrian town of Wörgl was in deep trouble and prepared to try anything….

        REFERENCE Tip for all Corbetteers
        2022 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch
        Included with the 2022 Review is also 2021 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch.
        The SHOWNOTES here hold tremendous “Reference Value” with links to an individual #SolutionsWatch.

        “The miracle of Wörgl” was snagged via “2021 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch”.
        #2 – Freedom Cells and The Greater Reset – #SolutionsWatch
        Episode 394 – Solutions: Survival Currency
        The GREATER Food Transformation – Christian Westbrook at The GREATER Reset Activation – Jan 2021

    • hpete says:
      How can we defeat the global behemoth?

      hpete, I think you are way ahead of the game than most. Keep doing what you are doing, because you seem to be carving a good path.

      All of us are on a Noble Adventure.

      I’ll add my 2 cents on what I deem as crucial…
      #1 We damn well better grassroots disseminate like mad, and #2 also shine the spotlight on those heroic folks who push back on the front lines.
      It involves dirty fingernails and individual action.

      The 9/11 Truth movement faded as #2 faded, and then #1 died.
      In my opinion, if the 9/11 Truth Movement had maintained its early momentum of gaining new converts, then the Pandemic insanity would had been much more difficult to pull off.

      “Getting the message out there.”
      If we botch it this time, we may not get another viable chance.

      “Getting the message out there” is not someone else’s job to do.
      It falls on each of us.
      In fact, those who do not spread the word are in effect sending out invitations stating:
      “Please enslave us.”

      • HomeRemedy, Thank you for your encouraging words and for the links to SolutionsWatch episodes.

        But if I am way ahead of the game, I really despair about the rest of the society, at least where I live! Yes, perhaps we are on a Noble Adventure, and we should “disseminate like mad”, we should be trying our best, physically, mentally and ideologically, otherwise we may as well roll over play dead. Our only consolation may be that we stand for “truth” and that we at least shine light on darkness.

        I did some more searching and while the wiki “parallel society” is not helpful, there is a link to the so called Parallel Polis, a “socio-political” concept related to the so called Charter 77 movement — it looks very interesting and worth further study:

  11. I’m a sustaining (contribute a little every month) member of a non-profit that promotes social justice, environmental stewardship, fair wages workers rights Etc.
    They also come out with the national green pages every year a directory that lists environmentally friendly products,organic food Furniture Eco travel etc.
    I’ve been in it for over 10 years. This is where I first heard of when I would call conscious investing. Back then it was called socially responsible Investments (SRI)

    I don’t see anything wrong with people that want to invest in companies that are doing the right thing in regards to environment their employees Etc. Also the green pages are mutual fun companies that just specialize in socially responsible Investments.these typically are mutual funds that do not invest in companies such as defense contractors alcohol and tobacco manufacturers and do not pollute the environment Etc.

    Taking your money out of Investments that are not very socially responsible is called divesting. They also encourage their members to break up with their Mega Banks and go with a Community Bank that invests in the community as opposed to Investments That invest in fossil fuels Etc.

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