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Boycotting evil companies and institutions isn’t a new idea, of course, but as you may or may not have noticed, the idea has come back to the forefront of the public consciousness in recent months. Today, James explores the boycott solution, examines their effectiveness and ponders how they can be used to go beyond the divide-and-conquer culture wars and hit the oligarchs where it really counts.

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  1. First!

    Let’s have an open source investigation challenge, shall we ?  Who can find out :

    1) What happened to interview 971 of the Corbett report ?
    2) When did it happen ? (plus minus a couple of weeks is close enough)
    3) Why did it happen ?
    4) Post the URL where this interview can still be listened to ?

    All questions allow for precise answers, except question 3 which will probably have to involve guesswork.

    The winner will get an all caps RESPECT! posted under his reply;)

  2. Using the Palestinian situation as an example of the ‘stop buying their crap’ is disingenuous. Perhaps if the Palestinians had not decided Hamas should be their representative government….an organization whose original charter called for the deaths of all Jews worldwide, things might have been different. The Israeli/apartheid/Palestinian situation has little to do with a personal boycott, considering that every example given in this program is all about the sanctions, (which James questioned) rather than the B or the D. If, has BDS states, they are against discrimination of anyone, including Jews, does BDS sanction Hamas? Somehow I find that unlikely. The Israeli/Jewish/Palestinian situation is far more complex, due to its history, than deciding not to drink Bud Light.

    • So all Palestinians are to blame? Do you think the state of Israel might be supporting Hamas? I’m talking about the state apparatus, not an individual Israeli person. Do you think the state of Israel really cares about it’s citizens? If so, why the green pass and the jab? My answer is that the state doesn’t care about a Palestinian or a Jewish citizen there, the latter is a disposable object to the government.

      I’m not saying all Israelis are bad people but there are some who support their government’s colonial expansion and ethnic cleansing. I think boycotting people who support war and bigotry is probably a good idea.

      On the other hand buying from Israelis who are trying to do good I think is a good idea.

      I wouldn’t be offended if there were a boycott of American companies who are supporting war.

      Hamas functions to divide and rule and Israelis are manipulated by tribal loyalty. Just my opinions. I have had family members harmed in WW2 because of blanket bigotry and hate, so I don’t agree with this. I think boycotting is different.

      It would be interesting to take a deep dive into Hamas and who funds it.

      • cu.h.j

        “…So all Palestinians are to blame?…”

        Probably their fault for living somewhere European Jews wanted to colonize…

        • There were no Palestinians until it became politically expedient to invent them. They are now being used as pawns. Their government’s goal is not to settle them somewhere. Why are there Palestinian refugee camps in Palestinian-controlled territory? That would be like having American refugee camps in America. Why are they not being allowed to live like normal people?

          The original agreement was for Israel to have what is now Israel and what is now Jordan. The British gave 80% of the land to Arabs, which became Jordan, and then gave Israel only 20% of what was left.

          As inisfad said, this situation is very complex.

          • I have to say I never understood the Palestinitan pawn argument. Why invent a people just so it may be “relocated”?

          • lilac Dragonfly

            “…The original agreement was for Israel to have what is now Israel and what is now Jordan. The British gave 80% of the land to Arabs, which became Jordan, and then gave Israel only 20% of what was left……”

            The British were GIVING AWAY land that did not belong to them….. can I give YOUR HOUSE to some friends of mine? Lololol

    • inisfad
      “…The Israeli/Jewish/Palestinian situation is far more complex, due to its history, than deciding not to drink Bud Light….”

      Well… I would argue that Israel is actually WORSE then Apartheid South African, which was basically trying to keep their mitts on power, rather then exterminate all the locals and grab everything in the area.

      While I don’t particularly care about Palestinians, it IS worth pointing out that apartheid South Africa had MORE care for the welfare of its Blacks then Israel has for Palestinians….. the white south african government was not genocidal, unlike Israel. Nor was it super expansionist, like Israel.

      The proof is in the pudding- as unpleasant as it was back then, life for blacks has gotten WORSE since the old SA gov fell fell….while life for Palestinians would probably get BETTER if Israel went away

      Apartheid S.Africa was also NOT deliberately trying to make life impossible for its non-favored subjects, nor (IFAIK) did it set out to destory their culture thru Porn (see link)

    • Palestine is the BEST example as here in the states we see the war on BDS all around us. The ability of Zionist interests to circumvent our constitution and make it illegal to support a movement that is purely based on a moral stance, one I certainly share.

      There is an absolute dual standard at universities across America, where flying a Israeli flag is promoted, embraced, “empowering”, but flying a flag of Palestine or Iran is “terrorism”. Understand you are not discussing this issue with a CNN or Fox “news” patron, so don’t push any of that hasbara propaganda on me.

    • WORD:
      In the 5th century or so Zionists began in Russia, promoted by Ashkenazim (Khazarian) Jews in the area between the Black and Caspian seas, a people of Mongolian, Bulgar, Iranian, Turkish, and other mixed heritage comprised the Khazarian Empire. They subsided by raiding caravans at that nexus point of the Asia to Europe caravan route.

      By the 10th century their successful raids had created an aristocratic leadership who decided that the dangerous raiding could be supplemented by becoming money changers. The decision to become Jews came from their population being 1/3 Christian, Muslim, and Jews. The other two religions didn’t allow usury but the Jews did. So they became Jews, not Hebrews, Jews, the religion.

      The empire eventually broke up with the arrival of the early “Russians” and they fled into Europe forming some of the more prominent modern day Jews. They have no connection what so ever to Palestine. They eventually decided to get a foothold in the oil rich middle east but had no real claim to the land. Using the logic that they were “Jewish” and the biblical god promised them a homeland in the middle east they acted on that lie.

      Lord Rothschild of the Khazarian Jews, ( A member of the Sabbatian Frankist “Round Table”) then head of the bank of England, “wrote” Alfred Balfour, the British Prime Minister, (A fellow “Round Table” member) assuring him aid assistance, and funding in WWI if England would guarantee them a homeland in the middle east.

      England agreed (already set up) even though the Khazarians had no legitimate claim to anything in the Middle East. That is Israel’s justification for their madness. The Palestinians were invaded, murdered, and are now in the world’s largest prison, all based on lies of the sociopathic SF/Zionist Israeli’s.

      Living peacefully with Germans they turned on the Austrian born German patriot who went against the central bank (just like Lincoln, Garfield, JFK, and Qadaffi who all paid the same price) and made a financial deal with England to steal Palestine from the true Semitic people and have committed genocide on them since.

    • What about the filthy Christians taking part in the 60 million yearly abortions? Gotta start at the start.

      • mkey,

        I’m curious what you mean about Christians taking part in 60 million abortions per year. The Christians I have known are very much pro-life. I realize the word “Christian” has no specific definition. Please elaborate on who these filthy Christians are, if you would.

        • You should take what I wrote in the context of the post I was replying to.

          But certainly a genocide is committed every year by performing abortions, and certainly people who consider themselves as christians take their part in the blood ritual. To which extent I make no claims of knowing. If I had to guess I would guess the ratio matches the rate of the self assessed christians in the world.

          Also, that you know some people who are pro life is absolutely immaterial. I know some people who use abortions as contraception and these lost people are in the milions over the world. Not because I know some, but because there is such a large body count.

          • mkey says:
            “You should take what I wrote in the context of the post I was replying to.”

            I caught it when you first posted it.

          • I thought I WAS taking it in the context of the post you were replying to. Your comment makes it sound like you are claiming that most or all people who identify as Christians are actively participating in and/or promoting abortion (just as it appears that most people who are Jewish and Muslim advocate circumcision), when I am not aware of this being the case. In fact, I have seen the opposite – Christian organizations actively promoting the pro-life perspective and offering adoption services or assistance to those who decide not to have abortions. I continually receive e-mails from such organizations and people.

            I did not say I know some “people” who are pro-life. I said the CHRISTIANS I have known are pro-life. The question is whether you know of CHRISTIANS that use abortion as birth control in such large numbers as to seem to accuse them of being responsible for 60 million abortions per year, not whether you know “people” who do. That was your original statement. I’m just wondering what the evidence is.

            I’m not meaning this in a rude way. I am truly curious about the connection. I admit I live in the woods, listen to no news, and have little contact with people. I also know that Christianity is a very mixed bag, defined differently by many groups, most or all claiming they are the true Christians and others aren’t. I realized this about 25 years ago – “Christian” means so many things to so many different people that it essentially means nothing – nothing concrete, distinct, or clearly identifiable.

            • > Your comment makes it sound like you are claiming that most or all people who identify as Christians are actively participating in and/or promoting abortion

              Nothing of the sort is stated nor implied. It’s an extremely general statement to which one really has to add words to make it read like they want it to read like.

              If “taking part” to you means “most or all” then there is some soul searching that needs to be performed.

              Not to even mention the impossible mathematics of (half of) several billion people performing an action that results in 60 million abortions yearly. Those abortionists would have to be terribly inefficient for this to make any sense.

            • The “most or all” in my comment referred to Christians, not abortions. It seemed you were pointing out what you saw as a similarity between karlharvie’s “filthy [Jews] and filthy [muslims] genitally mutilate, rape and torture their own infants” and your “filthy Christians taking part in the 60 million yearly abortions.”

              I’m just trying to understand how these statements compare.

              Although I am familiar with your moniker and have been reading your comments for over a year (I don’t read all CR comments, but sometimes…), I don’t know your perspective on many things and am wondering if you were just calling out karlharvie for his extremely crude and rude comment by making a similar insult going the other way to show how over-the-top his comment was, or if you really think what you stated, and if so, what the evidence is.

            • Maybe this is a better way to explain it:

              Circumcision is inextricably linked with being Jewish (and now Muslim too, albeit implemented in ways that are not according to what God said to Abraham).

              Abortion is not inextricably linked with Christians.

              So I don’t see the comparison as equal or balanced.

              Of all the things that Christianity or great numbers of Christians could verifiably and truthfully be linked with, and be found absolutely guilty of, I do not see abortion as one of them.

            • According to my calculations, about 25% of 70 million yearly abortions are performed by “Christians”. Most people who call themselves christian do not even know what that means, forget about them living by the tenets. It’s a farce.

              I have merely stated the obvious: each of these groups take part in ritual blood letting. So if karlharvie wishes to start at the start, abortions are a pretty good start. And so he/she/zee agreed.

            • “Christian” has no concrete definition. Each group/person defines it how they think or like or want, whether they are in favor of it or opposed to it. I think the term is pretty useless if one wants to be precise or use words with actual inherent and universally-agreed-upon meaning.

              That aside, say we take it that all people who identify themselves as Christians are included (a while back, I heard this was about 1 billion people, according to whoever was doing the counting), how do you come up with your calculation? I’m wondering what the basis for it is. I don’t mind accusing people of things they are really guilty of, but I don’t think people should be accused of things they aren’t guilty of. I am not saying that there are not Christians (whatever that means) that get and/or perform abortions, just that the two are not inextricably linked or even usually associated as being compatible.

              You’re right about many people not living by what they supposedly “believe.” I’m not trying to justify the guilty.

              I also must say that killing babies is not even in the same league with circumcision, yet karlharvie is advocating that anyone who circumcises their sons should actually be KILLED. That is outrageous, in my opinion. Capital punishment for abortionists, on the other hand, would be on par with the act/crime.

              Do you have any sources for your calculation of 25% of 70 million being performed by Christians (going by the most inclusive and broad use of the “amorphous” term)?

            • On the topic of male circumcision, has anyone actually researched what this entails and what long term damage this causes?

              I have actually had the unfortunate experience of watching this during my clinical rotations and it was horrific. I thought I would be sick and became light headed. I have a strong stomach for blood, guts, poop and other things like that, but this was different. I think about this from time to time because it has been etched into my memory.

              A 4 day old infant was strapped down in a procedure room in the hospital, injected into their private area (numbing medicine) and skin was removed from the area by the doctor and the baby screamed and defecated and vomited on himself as the tissue was ripped off. He was screaming after wards and I felt sick when I saw it. I have never heard an infant cry this loud before. His screams afterword lasted a long time and my ears were ringing for a while after I left the room. He could not consent to this but it was done anyway.

              As they removed the tissue, it looked as if he would pass out and like he stopped breathing for a few moments and his eyes rolled back. Then he defecated and vomited and screamed the loudest scream I’ve ever heard.

              This baby could not consent to this procedure.

              What purpose does this have? There is no medical purpose. This tissue is there for a reason or else it wouldn’t be there in the first place.

              In fact many men report loss of sensation and other side effects from this procedure that they did not consent to. I’ve spoken with some who can barely feel their penis in some areas. There is no repairing this damage to the nerves.

              On some level a person always remembers what is done to them, even if they are infants. This trauma stays with many men even if they aren’t aware of it.

            • On abortion, does anyone know why some people get them?

              Is it always wrong in every single instance to terminate a pregnancy?

              Is there a difference between a fetus and a baby? If there is what is the difference?

              I’m not trying to be provocative and my purpose is not to cause strife and argument, but to engage in a more nuanced discussion.

              Let me also mention that there have been some women who have been raped and don’t want to keep a pregnancy and/or a pregnancy poses a threat to mother and/or fetus.

              Some conditions like organs on the outside of the body are not compatible with life and those are terminated out of kindness. Is that murder? Should the doctor be killed? Who decides?

              Has anyone here been raped or had to decide to terminate a pregnancy? I have not, thank goodness. But I would try to see through another persons eyes before casting blame on them.

    • And what about Americans mutilating the bodies of young children and young adults after convincing them they are a different gender than they really are? I find it very ironic that people have issues with circumcision, which Abraham and all his descendants were commanded to do and which is not a big deal, but think killing unborn babies is just fine and “reassignment surgeries” are okay.

      • Male circumcision not a big deal? I respectfully disagree here. I’ve seen one of these and it was a big deal. I wish I could erase it from my memory and go back in time and say that I did not want to see the procedure.

        I can only imagine what the infant felt like who was violated and did not consent to having skin removed from their private part while awake and minimal anesthesia.

        If Abraham was commanded to do this, I must question the supposed authority of who gave the order.

        I certainly have no faith in an authority who removes parts that people are born with and serve a purpose.

        Tonsils used to be routinely removed and it turns out they have a purpose related to the immune system.

        Foreskin has nerves and is a functional part of a male body, which is why male infants are born with this part.

        • And more precisely, the skin that was removed was thick and not superficial like a scab or something. It was thick and I have learned later it has a lot of nerves that provide sensation to the area. It also covers the penis and provides a barrier which may also have a function.

          I don’t see the logic in removing parts that have a function and/or removing parts from a person without consent.

          If God is okay with this, then why is any non forced procedure unethical? Why not vaccination, or forced sterilization?

          What if someone said God commanded this, then does that make it okay? Some forced procedures are good and others are bad it seems.

          Where do we draw the line?

          I am not a man, so I have no idea what it feels like to have that part but if someone had removed something from my body that was not a danger to my health, I might be pretty upset.

          There are many men who have had lasting negative outcomes from this procedure.

          • Correction,

            I mean to say why is any forced procedure wrong? Circumcision is a forced procedure and if God is okay with this, then why is another forced procedure wrong, like vaccination or sterilization or adding stuff to the water supply?

            Is informed consent a grey area, or is this issue black and white?

            I think it’s a little nuanced, but because a part is removed from the body that is a normal physical structure (not a tumor or something like that), this practice should be questioned.

            I am a strong believer in informed consent when it clearly applies and there is no other ethical consideration at play.

            If an adult wants to remove parts and they are of sound mind, they have the right to do it. But if they cannot consent should not be subjected to cutting. To me this is barbaric especially removal of tissue from private parts.

            Except for hygiene, I think private parts of babies should be left alone. Unless there’s something that poses a threat to their health, why remove it?

            • The One who commanded Abraham to be circumcised and for all his male descendants to be circumcised is the one who designed the human body and created everything that exists.

              According to the evolutionary hypothesis, every single aspect of the human body is an accidental mutation that “just happened” to occur over the past many millions/billions of years (beginning with basic chemicals in the form of rock/slime/water which all came about through a supposed “big bang” billions of years ago). This includes the gradual and happenstance development of all the intricate systems in the body with their interactions with each other and their interconnectedness. (Don’t mention irreducible complexity or an evolutionist’s head might explode.). Any or all aspects of the human body might change/morph/evolve in the next million years … or until the sun burns out … or until an asteroid hits earth and it, with its inhabitants, erupts in the biggest show of fireworks ever seen on earth … or some other catastrophe.

              It is just “possible” that a God who was powerful and knowledgeable enough to create all of this, knew what was going to happen (man’s rebellion against God, beginning in the garden of Eden and continuing through to today) and that He put the foreskin there for the very reason that He knew He would one day use it as a symbol of the hardness of man’s heart and the need for humans to remove their resistance/hardness toward God and expose themselves and become tender and vulnerable toward God.

              Circumcision is first mentioned in Torah in B’reishith/Genesis 17:10-14. “This is My covenant which you guard between Me and you and your seed after you: Every male child among you is to be circumcised. And you shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin and it shall become a sign of the covenant between Me and you. And a son of eight days is circumcised by you, every male child in your generations, he who is born in your house or bought with silver from any foreigner who is not of your seed. He who is born in your house, and he who is bought with your silver, has to be circumcised. So shall My covenant be in your flesh, for an everlasting covenant. An an uncircumcised male child who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin, his life shall be cut off from his people – he has broken my covenant.”

              Continued …

            • Continued from previous post…

              In ancient times, covenants required that blood be shed to be valid. The blood was the confirmation of the covenant.

              Whatever we may think, we are not God. I, for one, would not feel qualified to challenge God. (Ask questions? Yes. Defy or contradict? No.)

              B’reishith/Genesis 17 continues in verses 23-27: “And Abraham took Yishmael his son, and all those born in his house and all those bought with his silver, every male among the men of Abraham’s house, and circumcised the flesh of their foreskins that same day, as Elohim/God told him. And Abraham was ninety-nine years old when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin. And Yishmael his son was thirteen years old when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin. Abraham and his son Yishmael were circumcised that same day. And all the men of his house, born in the house or bought with silver from a foreigner, were circumcised with him.” This was in the hundreds of men and boys.

              This is just the first time of many that circumcision is mentioned in Tanach and later in the Messianic Writings where Jews are identified as “the circumcision” and Gentiles as “the uncircumcision.”

              And this is not the only one of God’s commands to Israel that they have been targeted and/or persecuted for. Jews were harassed, persecuted, and even killed for keeping Shabbat. They were considered lazy for observing the day of rest that God commanded them to observe, and resting on Shabbat (and not having smoke coming up out of their chimneys) was grounds for execution since this was proof they were not Christians.

              As for the circumcision you observed, it sounds like there was something definitely wrong with that scenario. Although I am not Jewish, I sometimes attend a local synagogue. When I see them again, I plan to ask for their perspective and experience on this. The couple whose house we meet at has three sons, plus both come from large Jewish families. 🙂

            • Anything that is done to a baby is done without informed consent. The parents have been given the responsibility (by God) to care for, nourish, and make decisions for each baby they receive. The decisions that parents make for their babies can’t truthfully or honestly be equated with government mandates of vaccinations, fluoride, or sterilization.

              If we are to carry what you say through to its logical conclusion, nothing should be done to any baby that it can not consent to. It could be offered things, but if it refused, then the parents would need to stop.

              A mom puts her baby on the changing table. It kicks and screams. It is obviously not voluntarily consenting to have its diaper changed. So the mom picks the baby up and will try again later to see if the baby will consent to the procedure.

              A mom offers the baby something to drink or eat and it throws a fit. So just let it make its own decisions and try again later.

              Parents make decisions for their children from before they are born – what they will eat, what they will put in their bodies, where they will go, what they will do, which hospital they will be born in and by what method – whether water birth, midwife, c section, doctor, etc. Babies are at their parents’ mercy from the very start of their lives at conception. Parents make all decisions for their babies for quite some time, based on ignorance/trust of professionals or on knowledge. But this is not the same as government requirements. Parental choices are necessary and that authority has been given them by the Creator who designed families in the first place.

            • @lisab

              “You guys seem to not realize that those babies, like each and every one of us CHOOSE to be born into these atrocious circumstances.

              Or aborted.

              Or raised by shitty parents.

              Or whatever situation you can imagine in this life.”


              That resonates as true to me.

              There are some concepts that the multigenerational cultural programming we receive during our lives on this Earth make it difficult for most people to seriously consider. Nevertheless, unpopular and awkward truths are still truths.

              Most human beings have trouble understanding the nature of their eternal sovereign soul (and how it consciously agrees to a sort of “soul contract” with God when we come down here to live lives in physical bodies on messy planets such as Earth) as their perception is mostly shaped by the host body’s human brain (which is limited in it’s capability to perceive).

              I have not looked into the Joseph Communications material you shared yet so I cannot comment on that but I do appreciate your comments and presence here from what I have read so far.

              May your day offer many moments that shine a light onto mysteries that bring awe of the beauty of life into your experience and may your spirit guide you to unravel those mysteries to enrich your eternal being.

      • “A 4 day old infant was strapped down in a procedure room in the hospital, injected into their private area (numbing medicine) and skin was removed from the area by the doctor and the baby screamed and defecated and vomited on himself as the tissue was ripped off.”

        “And a son of eight days is circumcised”

        That reminded me of the experience my sister had. Her oldest son was circumcised before she left the hospital. Just a couple days after being born I guess. She told me that it went pretty badly. The baby was miserable and the bleeding was really bad.
        When her next boy was circumcised, she waited until the eighth day and it was almost a non event. The bleeding was minimal and the baby healed up quickly.
        Evidently, and I suppose cu.h.j would know this, but something about the blood changes in newborns after a week or so.
        I just thought it was interesting that there would be such a difference in experiences with just waiting till the eighth day.
        I guess it pays to follow God’s instructions carefully if you’re going to try to follow them at all. 🙂

        • Agreed. Here is an interesting article on the subject:

          Another important thing to point out is that there should be no “ripping off” of tissue which is what cu.h.j. said she observed. Circumcision involves CUTTING, not ripping off. The literal meaning of the word is: circum – around, about and cise – cut (like an incision). There should be no “ripping off.” Either that doctor didn’t know what he was doing or he found pleasure in torturing small babies.

    • I strongly disagree with calling for the deaths of groups of people and/or lumping people into categories and blaming the entire group of people for acts of individuals.

      This is the wrong and it’s unethical and most people with a functioning conscience know it.

  3. Boycott mediated reality.

    Buycott the directly observable universe.

    • Yes – Agreed! I’d add, boycott:
      QR CODES &/or anything that financially incentivizes or REQUIRES a “smart device” for the purchase of, or information regarding, ANY transaction.

      • I definitely agree. I checked in an hotel where you had to use your smartphone to unlock the door. I gave them such a bad feedback and I will pay more attention to not be tricked into going to places like this again.
        I would boycott any place or entity where you have to use digital technology. For example, even if I love going to festivals, I boycott the one that went cash free (most of the festivals in Switzerland). Instead I go to private concerts where you give free remunerations directly to the artist.

        The biggest and most important boycott is the use of your smarthphone. Keep it as a tool in a drawer away from you and not in your pocket.

  4. Do you mean when New York department stores suffered ‘direct action’ from jewish groups on German goods? And the NAzi’s responded with a one day boycott?

    “… Goebbels announced a one-day boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany of his own to take place on April 1, 1933, which would be lifted if anti-Nazi protests were suspended.[13]….”

  5. It is interesting that one of the first issues to pop up with this issue is the Palestine/Israel conflict.

    This conflict is particularly relevant because we are all becoming Palestinians.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to see the Zionist hand behind so much ill that is going on today. 9/11, Unit 8200, Big Pharma, Noahide laws, Jeffery Epstein…and on and on. And at the same time we see coming into focus this Zionist/Communist hand pulling the strings of our demise. And to stop people from discussing this reality, we see the idea that it is being fueled by “anti-Semitism”. To be very clear, this is not about the Jewish people as a whole, but more about people hiding within their fold, that use them almost as a human shield.

    My uncle and his family, who are Israeli and Jewish, left Israel in the late 90’s because of the radicalization of Israel. This is not about Jewish people, they are being manipulated every bit as much as the rest of us.

    • No one who believes the Bible is the word of God can hold this position and be consistent. God commanded Abraham and all his descendants to be circumcised. To forbid that is to demand that people disobey God. There were some men who had something to say about that in the first century BCE. “We must obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29

      • Lilac Dragonfly

        “…To forbid that is to demand that people disobey God….”

        No, since Jews have placed themselves OUTSIDE of the Covenant by rejecting the Messiah they are following their own will. Christians are commanded to reject circumcision as a work of the flesh.

        Jews have zero claim to speak for or about God.

        • The leaders of the Jews and the Roman authorities rejected the King of the Jews, but the people flocked to Him. The tens of thousands of believers in the book of Acts were JEWS. The men who went out to tell about the Messiah to Jews and Gentiles were JEWS.

          God’s New covenant (Jeremiah 31:32-33) was made with the house of Israel and the house of Judah, who broke the first covenant, and it is still in effect, not because of Israel, but because GOD is faithful and keeps His word.

          Christianity is a made-up designation, not in the original text of the Bible.

          I highly recommend the book Copernicus and the Jews by Daniel Gruber (a personal friend). His website is, which I also highly recommend.

          • Lilac Dragonfly

            “…The leaders of the Jews and the Roman authorities rejected the King of the Jews, but the people flocked to Him….”

            THOSE became Christians….the Bible is always talking about “THE Jews” persecuting the Apostles and Christians. Hell, Jews in Isreal often mistreat Christians TODAY. Jews who did not become Christians REJECTED God and Jews today are STILL rejecting God.

            They are no longer Gods people, in 70 AD the Temple was destroyed and the religion jews followed came to an end and the people who became known as “The Jews” started follwoing a man made religion created by Babylonian Rabi’s whos ancestors had ALSO rejected Gods instructions and remained in exile rather then return to the land.

            • What kind of “Christians” did those Jews become? Constantinian Christians? Catholic ones? Lutheran ones? Calvinist ones? Anglican/Episcopal ones? Greek Orthodox ones? Russian orthodox ones? Methodist ones? Baptist ones? Presbyterian ones? Charismatic ones? Mormon ones? Seventh-Day Adventist ones? Pentecostal ones?

              What is the meaning of the word “Christian” and where did the word come from – its origin?

              If the meaning of words can be changed to whatever people wish, communication is impossible. If Jews aren’t Jews, Israel isn’t Israel, Christians are … however each person defines “Christian” and they are the true Israel … then how can there be any intelligible or meaningful communication using those words?

              Just to clarify/consolidate what you are saying (combined from various comments)

              Some Jews stopped being Jews and became Christians.
              Other Jews are the leftovers who rejected God – the Jews who now persecute Christians [who may have been Jews in the past, but no longer are].
              The Jews are no longer God’s people.
              Christians are now the true Israel.
              The Jewish men who wrote the Bible – Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, David, Solomon, Hosea, Micah, Obadiah, Amos, Matthias, Yohanan, Shaul, Kefa… all stopped being “jews” and became Christians.

              Maybe we should define terms because I’m having a hard time understanding all of this.

        • “Jews have zero claim to speak for or about God.”

          Except that the only reason we have a Bible is because of Jews…? Those who take the Bible as true are believing a bunch of Jews (with the possible exception of Luke) who wrote it all down. Do away with Jews and there isn’t much left to base one’s beliefs on if the Bible is one’s foundation for what one believes.

          The Bible is all about Jews. Messiah is a Jew. He will return as King of the Jews. He will destroy all the nations that will unite against Israel and forcibly divide Jerusalem. He will set up His government in Jerusalem.

          • lilac Dragonfly

            “…Those who take the Bible as true are believing a bunch of Jews (with the possible exception of Luke) who wrote it all down. …”

            NO…those are CHRISTIANS.
            They STOPPED being “jews” and became Christians….the Bible often talks of how “THE jews” persucted Christians, so the identity of “THE jews” and The Apostles and the formerly jewish folks who became Christians is CLEARLY SEPARATE.

            “…The Bible is all about Jews…”

            NOPE, its about God, and Gods plans and Gods will.
            Jews have REJECTED GOD and tried to put themselves in His place, which is why jews are always subverting things and fomenting revolutions (See Dr EM Jones “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” for more)

            Jews today follow a MAN MADE religion because God destroyed the Temple AND the Priesthood and so some Babylonian Rabi’s MADE UP JUDAISM about 300 or so out of their own traditions to replace Gods Law

            • Yes, the Bible is about God. It was written to reveal God and who He is and His efforts to reach out to man … but what I meant was that it is a record of Jewish history and tells about events from a Jewish perspective.

              All the authors of the books of the Bible (with the possible exception of Luke) were Jews.

              Nearly all the main characters in the Bible are Jews, with a few exceptions. Ruth is one exception and because she believed in the God of Israel, she attached herself to the Jewish people, married a Jewish man, and became the ancestor of David, and thus eventually of the Messiah.

              The Bible is a Jewish book by authorship and by content.

          • LilacDragonfly
            “…What kind of “Christians” did those Jews become?…”

            Anyone who actually READS the Bible will know the answer to that- they were a series of small congregations, run by Elders locally and guided by the Apostles. There was no denominational separation at that time

            “…… Mormon ones?….”

            MORMONS are GNOSTIC, not Christian. They believe God was a man from some other planet who got promoted to God and that Joseph Smith replaced Jesus.

            “……What is the meaning of the word “Christian” and where did the word come from – its origin?….”

            Acts 11:25
            Then Barnabas went to Tarsus to look for Saul, 26 and when he found him, he brought him to Antioch. So for a whole year Barnabas and Saul met with the church and taught great numbers of people. The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.

            “….If the meaning of words can be changed to whatever people wish, communication is impossible…..”

            True, however you ALSO must look at the definition of the term in context

            “……..If Jews aren’t Jews, Israel isn’t Israel,…..”
            VERY TRUE….modern Israel has ZERO relation to Israel in the Bible.

            “……. Christians are … however each person defines “Christian” …”
            GO look at the New Testament for definition of Christian…READ, dont post

            What I would suggest is that you READ THE BIBLE, or on this matter the New Testament, thru a couple of times.

            “…..Some Jews stopped being Jews and became Christians….” YES

            “……Other Jews are the leftovers who rejected God…..” YES

            “….The Jews are no longer God’s people….” TRUE

            “……Christians are now the true Israel…..” TRUE

            “……..The Jewish men who wrote the Bible – Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, David, Solomon, Hosea,… all stopped being “jews” and became Christians…..”

            Are you seriously THAT ignorant? FIRSTLY the Bible was Written By God THRU man, not BY MAN (it would be just some book if MEN wrote it) and 2nd

            23 Then he turned to his disciples and said privately, “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. 24 For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”
            READ Hebrews 11
            All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance, admitting that they were foreigners and strangers on earth. 14 People who say such things show that they are looking for a country of their own. 15 If they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would have had opportunity to return. 16 Instead, they were longing for a better country—a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them.

            “…I’m having a hard time understanding all of this….”
            You must not be reading the simple TEXT of the New Testament then…even dumb folks like me can follow it

            • LisaB

              “……“Are you seriously THAT ignorant?”
              > SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! Your ignorance is blatant.
              Come out of your box if you so wish!…..”

              LisaB Are YOU Lilac Dragonfly and changing your username or something? I Cant get a reply button.

              Anyway…. IGNORANCE is curable, Credulity and Pride are much HARDER to fix.

              “….> PROVE IT! If it’s proof enough for you then you don’t need to convince any others…..”

              Since you do NOT appear able to articulate or argue your own New Age BS I think you may be projecting. I am happy to argue Bible (best do on the open thread TBH) if you wish

              “….> So, the ‘simple text’ IS for ‘dumb folks’ like YOU! Faithful followers are led by their own ignorance!….”

              1)Following a book thats worked for a LOOONG time is rather LESS stupid, as a life heuristic, then following the ramblings of someone who garbles the Tao and Hinduism

              “…Attacking others is simply an attack on yourself….”

              What does that even mean?
              So Bill Gates is attacking himself rather then the rest of us?
              Are you so disconnected from reality that if a mugger cracks your skull open you think HE is worse off then YOU?????

              Silly, over privileged weirdo ideas are thankfully not going to last any longer then the current freakshow

  6. Dr EM Jones has written about how the Catholics boycotted the movie theaters, at a time when they vulnerable, into adopting the movie code which forced hollywood to make (somewhat….) wholesome movies for a while rather then some of the super dark stuff they did pre-code….. I think that THIS is probably a time like that where companies are vulnerable and may cave but the problem is that they are stuck between having no INCOME or having no CREDIT LINE thru Banks and their E.S.G. and D.I.E. rules.

    While its heartening that people have stopped drinking Pre-drunk beer I think that a paranoid, ‘4D’ chess, type person might point out that the Global American Empire (G.A.E) is basically unable to get enough conservative white boys to join up to fight its wars.

    ‘Academic Agent’, Neema Parvini, believes that there will be a period of ‘putting the woke away’ (even though nothing will actually be ‘rolled back’ in practice) so that the cannon fodder class will feel like they’ve got something to gain from the system.

    • How The Credit line Vs Income makes boycotts a battle between two fatal forces… can skip forwards to about 11 Min unless you want a boycott recap.

      ” The BUD LIGHT Collapse: How ESG cost both DISNEY and ANHEUSER-BUSCH their customers ”

  7. Stock Market News Today, 7/06/23 –
    U.S. Stocks (S&P 500, Dow 30, Nasdaq, Russell 2000) Fall as Investors Digest the Corbett Report’s Stop Buying Their Crap! – #SolutionsWatch

    I saw it happen after Corbett’s SolutionsWatch went live. 😉

    I was captivated as James covered BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions).
    I was embarrassed by the Tyrannical Texas governor.
    I can certainly see how Divestment can scare the heck out of nations and corporations.

    This was a top-grade Solutionswatch.

    • Couldn’t agree more! This was Corbett gold, as so much of it is. I was really happy that Palestine was featured because I feel the world needs reminding of that issue, and I had a chance to learn about the BDS movement for the first time.

  8. I would add that when it comes to boycotts and American companies, we have to be very careful.

    These companies are not necessarily owned by Americans, thus their intentions may not be as apparent as one would assume.

    When Gillette had their “toxic masculinity” commercial during the Super bowl a few years back, there was a similar push for a boycott.

    But people should refrain from assuming this is based on these companies being merely stupid or “woke” (understanding that “woke” has been implanted as a distraction from the more accurate term Marxist, they always bring in Marxism before Communism), it is not, it is far more likely based on cold calculations.

    Those globalists have been working hard for decades undermining American jobs, Catherine Austin Fitts argues the Trillions stolen from the American tax payer was used to create the industrial might that is China today, and I could not agree more.

    They are hollowing America out, and we see them buying/controlling great American companies and using their control of them to DESTROY THEM. Sears was a GREAT example, as was the Auto industry. You think the employees of Gillette or Disney or Bud Light want the company they work for making such controversial stances, NO.

    I believe this has far more to do with PURPOSELY destroying these businesses because they want them destroyed.

    How they will delight when Disney closes down, and will you too?

    AND KNOW THIS, those who are using WOKE to destroy these companies, they LOVE the idea of us boycotting our own businesses to death, they get great joy from their villainous machinations. They love it when we do it to ourselves.


    • “….How they will delight when Disney closes down, and will you too?….”

      IMO the Disney thing is a Social Engineering thing, you always destroy the culture of people you want to destroy…..ugh, I cant believe I just said that ‘The Little Mermaid” , ‘StarWars’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ are ‘culture’, but they really are for a lot of people.

    • What value has Disney produced in our society? I say, None. I quit reading Disney stuff to my son when he was two or less, realizing that was not what I wanted my son’s mind to be filled with. We would all be better off without Disney. (But something else will fill their spot, because that’s what American suckers want.)

  9. QUEUE 33:30
    James Corbett says:
    “And on that note: Let’s come up with a specific task for the near future, because I have a very specific entity in mind that should definitely be boycotted. Even more importantly than perhaps a Bud Light or Target or what have you…

    In the meantime, I’m interested in hearing your ideas and thoughts on what specifically should be Boycotted, and how the public can be brought on board with that Boycott. Because, of course, as the past few months and….

    where should we be directing this energy and attention?….”

    • HRS

      Not ‘exactly’ a boycott but a good way to prof extract wealth from the Banking system is to do what Luke Smith suggests and ‘churn’ cards’.

      Best to watch the video but the idea is get credit cards, use JUST ENOUGH to get the introductory offer, and then lock the card…. as long as you never actually spend more then you NORMALLY would spend you can get free money.

      As long as your not FEEDING the system value, and are extracting value from the system, I don’t think it counts as supporting it. At worst its not going to harm the system, at best it makes it more unstable.

      His Tech videos are pretty good too, BTW

    • Specifically, Amazon and Google, Facebook, Instagram, Apple should be boycotted. Look at what Blackrock owns and boycott them.

      But people need alternatives.

      Find out how these companies exploit people in ways the general public can understand. I’m sure they also have shady business practices in addition to being the slavery grid. These kind of creepy companies will cheat people out of pennies if they can. They would probably sell human beings if they could get away with it.

      People could expose the skeletons in their closets. If it’s true many CEOs and wealthy elitists are psychopaths, they are probably also into other creepy stuff. What other creepy stuff are they into?

      • Tidbit:
        If you include Microsoft, the corporations which you mentioned make up a massive part of the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq. 490 companies of the 500 companies which compose the S&P 500 index…they do not move the index up or down, but the top 10 Big Tech companies do. I think Apple makes up 8% of the S&P weighting, with a value of 3 trillion.

    • I agree with Super Mom Belle to boycott QR codes, as well as debit/credit cards (cash while we can). Don’t do business with Amazon. Boycott: voting, television, any business with Covid restrictions, vaccines, big pharma, public schools with LGTB agenda (join home schooling network or start your own), any corporation supporting or affiliated with Israel (Starbucks), processed foods, auto industry (bike/public transportation), big oil, taxes (join tax resistance group).

      Alexander Haig: “They can march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes”

      NWO Resistance: Build community, exercise, eat healthy, frequent public library (recommend CR documentaries to Library Director, staff member or offer to donate), wear Corbett Report T-shirt to city council meetings.


      Smile…?though your heart is aching…?Smile, even though it’s breaking…

  10. Fun fact: Modelo is still Anheuser-Busch. People who ‘boycott’ Bud Light and buy Modelo are hurting the brand, but not the company. Also, based on the corporate response we have seen, they either see a few companies going bankrupt as acceptable loses in the ESG war, or they are actively trying to destroy iconic U.S. businesses/brands.

    Further: Most food you buy in a grocery store, especially fresh fruit and vegetables (you know, the ‘healthy’ stuff), is poisoned. The only way to eat healthy food (other than producing your own) is to get it from local producers who are small enough to avoid the chemical-farming model. Those small producers will also still be there to barter with when Bank of America tells you they’ve frozen your CBDC account due to your accessing ‘Dangerous or Unapproved Internet Content (Corbett Report?)

    As usual, the globalists are essentially forcing us to do the right thing. They are ‘salting the milk’ of corporate dependence. How many of us are willing to brave the stormy seas of inconvenience and actually unplug? Minimize and eventually stop getting food at grocery stores, minimize/eliminate Amazon and other online retailers, no ‘smart’ phones, meters, or other devices, avoid social media and its’ associated companies (Google, Gootube, etc).

    What is necessary is not just parallel systems, but a parallel culture with entirely different values. The Amish/Mennonites seem to have a working model. They generally avoid associating with ‘the English’ AKA corporate society, in favor of their own cultural group. Freedom from the machine = being as fully unplugged as possible. That’s the prize to aim and work toward, hopefully with as many other like-minded people as possible.

    • As someone who has ordered from Amazon just a handful of times, it’s a really lousy feeling. Many of the items I could not find elsewhere at all, others were substantially cheaper while the rest was a matter of convenience.

      Purchasing from local producers is difficult when there aren’t that many. It’s a vicious circle, the market is not conducive to producers and the producers are not conducive to market growth.

    • dmay

      “…What is necessary is not just parallel systems, but a parallel culture with entirely different values…..”

      That is the truth, however very few people who suffer from the “Boomer truth regime” are even willing to accept that there is such a thing as correct and incorrect values. They have swallowed what CS Lewis called ‘the poison of subjectivism’

      Boomer Truth Regime playlist-

      The first of his ‘zoomers are coomers’ playlist is also worth a look

    • I wonder why people buy Bud Light anyway. It’s a nasty beer and tastes bad. I’m not even much of a beer drinker but this stuff sucks. So does Modelo, but it’s slightly less crappy than Bud. People could learn how to make their own beer and booze if alcohol is their thing.

      I just never understood why people drink this crap. If you’re gonna drink booze, drink the good stuff.

  11. Just like with sanctions, sanctions harm the sanctioned, but they also harm those not permitted to sell their wares. I would argue, the majority of sanctions are designed to harm the seller rather than those sanctioned. That is to say, while it absolutely harms those sanctioned, Iran most notably (which is rather telling of who runs America, considering Iran is not OUR enemy), but they are likely secondary “benefits”, America and the west are the primary targets. Because when we sanction Russia (CCCP, the commies never left, they just changed marketing practices), that just promotes Russia/BRICKS trade. Iran is not their goal, that society has been infiltrated and corrupted for decades, this is about isolating America to “dry us out like a husk”, then dispense with us.

    • Rexleo

      “.. this is about isolating America to “dry us out like a husk”, then dispense with us….”

      The people running those companies are enemies of humanity.
      The people working for those companies are working for enemies of humanity.

      Its generally best not to give money to people who want you broke, unhappy, and ultimately in a shallow grave, and your kids brainwashed, raped and sterilized.

    • They may be waking up to the fact that a Global Government exists, but they are beyond oblivious as to how they are controlled by it.

      I mean, people think there really is a thing as “grooming kids”. Oh yeah, they get the scam of the Vax because it fits into their political bias, but they are blind to the tools of manipulation that feed into THIER ego or feeling of superiority.

      We are lost because people are fools, we will believe anything as long as it makes us feel better about ourselves or our decisions.

      This rap song about “grooming” kids”, that should be a red flag to most, but instead it is red meat. So sad.

  12. And there is an ap to help you see the companies that are “WOKE”, LOL, ah America idiots to the end.

    Who do you think owns that ap, they want to make sure you destroy those Americans companies THEY are making do this form of advertising.

    You think MAGA was made in a garage, or in a lab in Israel?

    If it is pushed in the media, it is a PSYOP! Woke is another poison, one that they infect our businesses, so we stop buying from them, BRILIANT!

  13. 16:00 -> is this speaker even aware of the situation of the supposed “liberation” movements in the west right now? … BLM, come on! They’re full on woke corporate consoomer machinery lapdogs. Get out of here. Now with the boycotting thing. I’m probably boycotting over 95% of everything out there simply by not being able to buy all the stuff and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I simply don’t care.

    • I think if we look at the funding stream, it becomes obvious it’s a tool used to divide and rule. I think it might be an Open Society fund recipient which links to Soros. JC had an interesting episode on Soros.

      I think the new left has been bought by globalists unfortunately and genuine civil rights movements have been captured. The woke stuff is toxic anti-liberty and pro state. They want a big state. They believe in the state. If only we could vote the right people in everything would be good is what many of these kinds of people think.

      BLM and Antifa are the terrorist arm of the state and don’t function for liberation or civil rights but exist to insight division and hatred and divert attention away from the actual owners. So, I agree with your take, that this is a nuanced discussion.

      I don’t think many Palestinian rights groups are aware of this kind of thing and probably still think the liberals are the good guys, which is false evidenced by supporting lockdowns and the scamdemic.

      But, I think the gist of what JC is trying to say is that boycott and buycott can have an effect.

      Also, if we look at what is happening in South Africa now, it’s kind of scary. I wouldn’t want to be living over there.

      • cu.h.j
        “…I think if we look at the funding stream, it becomes obvious it’s a tool used to divide and rule….”

        NO, the point is to destroy any identity via mushing people together and create an atomized, low trust society. (see article NY times about Putnam quoted below)

        “…. has found that the greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less they volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community projects.

        In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as they do in the most homogenous settings. The study, the largest ever on civic engagement in America, found that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings….”

        I thin it was WHole foods that deliberatly tract diversity so they could combat unionization.

        “… South Africa now, it’s kind of scary. I wouldn’t want to be living over there….”
        Coming soon to a state near you 😉

      • cu.h.j

        “…Amazon-owned Whole Foods is tracking and scoring stores it deems at risk of unionizing, according to five people with knowledge of the effort and internal documents viewed by Business Insider.
        The scores are based on more than two dozen metrics, including racial diversity, employee loyalty, “tipline” calls, and violations recorded by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration……”

        • I think there’s probably natural skepticism people have about newcomers and trust is built by good will and respect. I’ve lived in neighborhoods in the city that were very diverse over 20 years ago and people got a long a lot better. The economy was better. There were a diversity of jobs and ideas and people weren’t so offended by everything. People could take a joke and they could laugh. Now everything is so serious and offensive, a “micro aggression” I never heard that before 5 years ago. This didn’t exist when I was in college. BLM wasn’t a thing. People spoke their mind.

          America is probably less racist and prejudiced than a lot of places. I don’t know what it’s like living in the deep south but I’ve lived in the heart land and people were pretty nice out there.

          I think people can recognize when someone is trustworthy or not. They have a job and they dress normally and demonstrate respect during interactions. I have a good detector for untrustworthy people in most races here in the US. My gut rarely fails me.

          My main point, before BLM and the woke stuff people got a long a lot better. At least this is what I’ve observed. The economic hardship that’s coming is going to be like a pressure cooker.

          I just hope people are well armed in the near future because they might be needed. That’s one difference between here and South Africa I think. I think we are better armed. My concern is if they get the drones and robots working. Then we’d be in big trouble.

  14. Boycott your tv for starters.

    Those I knew who didn’t believe in a global pandemic that would quarantine entire populations and force people to wear a mask outdoors… didn’t have a tv set at home.

  15. It was only when I read about technocracy that it occurred to me that capitalism involves choice. Like democracy.

    The NWO will be a world with minimal choice.

  16. I would wager BDS was set up as a ploy to give justification to laws criminalizing the boycotting Israel.

    BDS does little, but the precedent setting laws against BDS do great harm. Anti-Semitism is the blanket protection these criminals use to hide behind. Just like with covid and terrorism, there is always a “just cause” they CREAT, to then be used to destroy our freedoms/rights.

  17. For what it’s worth, I’m boycotting LA Opera because they still require patrons to wear face diapers inside the Music Center. And they required the amateur musicians (including choristers) in their production of “Moses” to wear face diapers–although Maestro didn’t!

    • That is interesting. Geez!

  18. Boycott big banks.
    Small local banks and credit unions are able to provide the same services and sometimes they have biscuits for your dog which are usually allowed in to accompany you.:)

    • While listening, I was wondering if there is really any difference. Are credit unions any less inherently corrupt than banks? Aren’t they all working on the same fractional reserve system? Is it possible to be truly honest and be in the banking business? I don’t know. I’m just wondering. To be able to loan out money that does not exist and charge interest on it is not honest business, no matter what the name is (bank or credit union) or the size of the bank.

      My son recently sent me a screen shot indicating that no “fraction” is even required any more. I don’t know how to verify that.

  19. There is no one off the grid, minus taxes and property tax. (Computer friends)

    Let us all ponder a way to minimize.

  20. I certainly have said that we vote with our:

    * Eyeballs
    * Wallets
    * Feet

    We do have a lot of power as participants in the socioeconomic sphere – and I’m glad this power is getting recognized. It’s starting to become recognized as more powerful than the traditional voting booth and seems to be catching on in the greater zeitgeist.

    One area that I think it really matters is our food. We need to stop supporting transnationals that our slowly poisoning us and be more vigilant and think about where and how our food is being processed and made. This is becoming a little more aware, but it hasn’t reached critical mass yet. There have been a lot of people in my area up in arms about the popular Great Reset trope of “you will eat ze bugs”. But I still see these same folks chomping down a Big Mac or eating mindlessly other forms of junk food.

    We need to vote with our dollars better sources of food – supporting local farmer’s markets, local growers, and perhaps investing in gardening (though honestly I don’t have much of a green thumb – but would gladly pay somebody for freshly grown food from a garden).

    Another area that I think is finally reaching critical mass is what I have seen in the entertainment industry. Movies, award shows, and other similar sponsored events have seen their sales plummet because the public sense some underlying agenda – even intuitively – and have decided to take their feet, eyeballs, and dollars elsewhere.

    • “”(though honestly I don’t have much of a green thumb – but would gladly pay somebody for freshly grown food from a garden).””

      Ask Gavin for some seeds and just get started.

      Thanks to Gavin, my thumb is turning Green and so can yours!!
      Seriously, I’m not expecting to grow everything myself but I am going to do my best.
      Looking forward to try and produce my own seeds for future growth.

  21. Corbett says:
    “In the meantime, I’m interested in hearing your ideas and thoughts on what specifically should be Boycotted, and how the public can be brought on board with that Boycott.
    …where should we be directing this energy and attention?….”

    I have some important considerations and reservations about trying to push an objective with the public at large, or with any group. But, I will mention these later on another comment.

    “on what specifically”

    All kinds of “what” items popped into my head. Here are some:

    ~~~ “Digital Biometric Id Green Passport Surveillance State”
    Psychopath Yuval Noah Harari could probably be a useful marketing tool for our side. Of course, most raw public yawn about the topic. On the same day that Corbett published this SolutionsWatch, Meta Launches Data-Harvesting Twitter Clone, Immediately Starts Censoring with ”over 10 million people had signed up for its Twitter competitor, Threads”. Take a gander at the Data Harvesting in the article.

    When wracking my head for “what”, I was trying to fill the void of my own pre-conceived marketing criteria: “What already has some organic emotional momentum?”
    For example: I thought of “environmental, food and health concerns” (Food costs, Bees, PFAS, corn syrup,….)
    A small percentage of the public actually trusts their government. So, there’s that topic.
    The “Censorship” topic is a big issue for those affected by it.
    The majority of the broad public probably is most concerned on just “making it”, just handling life’s routine standards of surviving well.

  22. I caught the slide-in humor when Corbett said: ”If only people could teach Americans about real beer.”

    Troy Aikman is a former, famous football quarterback who played for 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys starting in 1989. He retired in 2000. ”Troy Aikman is playing up his new beer’s US bona fides as Bud Light’s struggles persist.”
    ”…Aikman launched EIGHT beer in early 2022…The beer is billed as suds for the modern beer drinker, in this case meaning it’s made from organic grains, has no sugar, and features “antioxidant-rich” Hallertau Taurus hops. It’s currently only available in Aikman’s home state of Texas, but he told us his team is actively eyeing expansion plans in other states.”

    Coincidently, my son was having his construction company’s “going away” luncheon on one of the last weeks of June at a Dallas – Ft Worth restaurant. My son is leaving to take the role as a V.P. of an Operations Division for another construction firm. During the luncheon, Troy Aikman came by to chat at his table. TV cameras were there. Troy was pimping his beer.

    My son tells Troy about an incident decades earlier when he briefly met Troy. My son was playing at a school-sponsored Chess tournament in Austin. (He later went on to take a National Championship for his category.) While in Austin, he talked the teachers into taking the students by the Dallas Cowboy’s training camp. Troy was driving a golf cart, and my son raced to catch him and get his autograph. My son went on to play quarterback in High School.

    Personally, I rarely watch or follow football. But, I’ve always encouraged my son and grandkids to explore and follow their own path. Adventure.
    And here I break to an intentional, predesigned segue of my story… Things that Inspire
    Originally, my son had really wanted to be a school sports Coach, but marriage and kids interrupted that career path. Coaches had inspired him. He had the strong desire to emulate that. I sometimes address him as “Coach”. Often, I point out that in his supervising job (or family), he is like a Coach where he has to get all parties involved coordinating like an inspired team. One example of a story which my son finds inspiring is the North Texas true tale of the Mighty Mites, “Twelve Mighty Orphans” with Coach Harvey Nual “Rusty” Russell.

    I think that “Things that Inspire” is a valuable commodity in life, and can help to shape a better world.

    • I am neither a Christian nor a messianic Jew, but as a messianic gentile and a believer in the God of Israel and His revelation to humanity via Tanach and the messianic writings, I agree that all who believe in God (the God of Israel as revealed in the Bible) must stand for what is right and defend Israel – not because Israel is always right or because her leaders are upright or because the majority of Jews do what is right (none of which is true), but because God has chosen Israel for a special task – to bring the nations back to God. Israel will one day have all the land God promised. God says very clearly, and repeatedly, that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. Yeshua also said that people will be judged according to how they treat the least of His brothers. (And He was/is Jewish.)

      • Lilac Dragonfly
        “…but because God has chosen Israel for a special task…”

        YES…and it was DONE when Jesus came.

        Jews are the leftover’s who REJECTED God….they created a man made religion without Temple worship and without a priesthood (BOTH of which God laid out) and teh State or Israel is a creation OF MAN – even Jews know that it should not exist until after THEIR VERSION of the messiah (presumably the Anti-Christ…?) appears to bring them there. They got all excited about That Sabbeti Levi guy for that reason.

        CHRISTIANS are now the true Israel….which is why the jews hate them and do so much to harm them when possible

  23. I think we should boycott income tax. Start a campaign on all the censorship- free social platforms to sign a pledge not to pay federal income tax citing constitutional violation. If millions of people do not pay, misuse of our hard earned money to fund corrupt 3 letter agencies used against us including the IRS who won’t have enough agents to go after all of us. Nor will billions of our hard earned money go to fund corrupt wars and other destructive/wasteful woke agendas.

    • People would need to change the deductions on their W-4 and then refuse to pay because the money is taken off the top of ever paycheck if a person works a regular job.

  24. James Lindsay reflects on why these companies *have to* shovel this woke agenda into your throat, despite the fact that they know in advance they will be losing profits by doing so.

    They are essentially locked into 2 evils and they chose to play the lesser of the 2:

    Why Bud Light and Target are Pushing the Woke Agenda:

  25. I haven’t bought anything from Amazon for years. But generally I prefer to do “buycotts” – buying from independent producers and retailers as much as possible.

  26. I boycott lots of things. Hollywood, Disney, Big Pharma, Big Ag. I like to shop local markets, small businesses and buy generic brands. My friends and I like to go thrift shopping and to yard sales. Whatever will benefit my neighbors and not the billionaires.

    I have run into a problem with Big Tech, but I find workarounds and do a “slowcott” as in my phone and my husband’s phone are about 5 years old and my kids get refurbished tech.

    • @Kelly

      That is awesome you are withdrawing your support from the oligarch’s parasitic corporations in so many areas of life. I salute you.

      I am finding that I will have to “slowcott” the lithium and cobalt industries in some ways despite my not wanting anything to do with their products due to work and previous promises having been made about publications that require specific tech.

      I will be taking baby steps to take responsibility for my interaction with (and to break from dependency on) technologies that are made possible through the pillaging of the Earth and those humans who stand in the way of “sustainable development”, but it will be a multi-staged process and my no means any sort of purist, cold turkey, severing of all and anything lithium/cobalt related from my life instantaneously.

      When I decide to boycott an industry, company or product what that means to me is refraining from purchasing new items that serve to directly fund the continued existence and operation of said industries, company or product. That means I will not be buying any new phones, laptops, ebikes, rechargable camping gadgets, e-vehicles (or anything else that contains lithium and cobalt as a central component in the battery). Since my current occupation requires me to use a phone, I will likely have to acquire used phones in the future once I one I have totally breaks down (though to be honest, I really wish I could just remove phones from my life all together, something to aspire to accomplish in the future perhaps). So perhaps “slowcott” is a more apt term for what I am doing with the lithium and cobalt industries now.

      Thanks for the comment.

  27. In the article linked below I outline some of the reasons I will be taking the advice of this solutions watch with regards to the lithium and cobalt industries.


    I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of others on here regarding your attitude towards the lithium and cobalt industries (and whether or not you are willing to boycott them).

    For instance, given what I exposed in my article linked above about the lithium and cobalt industries, what are your feelings and thoughts on e-vehicles?

    Would you purchase one?

    Would you take a ride in a friend’s e-car?

    Why or why not?


    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

  28. Boycotts have been promoted for years by groups advocating pro-life and family values. I boycotted Walmart (and Sam’s Club) for many years. I think the boycott was begun because of Hilary Clinton’s position on the board of directors and her outspoken anti-life position.

    A boycott was done on K-Mart years ago, I think because of some videos they were selling that were inappropriate. I avoided KMart for many years after the boycott ended.

    A lot of us boycotted China, starting back in the 90s. Our family maintained it for about 13 years, despite being poor and going without a lot of things because other options were more than we could afford. We broke that boycott around 2008 when my son needed work shoes and the non-Chinese ones were about double the price. He grew up mostly on second-hand shoes, not made in China. Not enough other people joined in to make a difference and we then gave up.

    Currently, I am boycotting the three co-ops that kicked me out or wouldn’t let me shop due to not wearing a mask early in the covid fiasco. They are the co-ops in Brattleboro, Vermont; Keene, New Hampshire; and Concord, New Hampshire.

    I wish everyone would boycott Amazon.

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