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As the internet clampdown begins, people are finally waking up to the need to find alternative communication platforms. But if the masses are just herded from one centralized platform to another, has anything really changed at all? Join James for today’s important edition of #SolutionsWatch, where he examines some of the many decentralized communication networks, platforms and protocols that are being developed to address the root of the censorship problem.

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  1. This is great info but I can’t help but ask if in the future we will really need to be as connected as we are now . If we create localized voluntary communities, will we still need so much internet? What kind of information do you think will become unavailable or restricted? Or are you talking more about banking ?

    • Your comment intrigues me. I do think there is almost like a set of blinders people put on when getting into exchanging digital media, particularly the interweb. If it all goes down, including finance, practical skills like securing food, shelter and warmth will trump all the coding knowledge in the world.

  2. I am particularly interested in learning more about the “Mesh networking and data service” potential described on the Qortal website.

    I am not very well versed in the technical dimensions of these systems but I do see how they could open up myriad potential practical applications.

    Could someone here with technical computer hardware/telecommunications knowledge please explain how the Mesh networking system proposed by Qortal compares to the “GoTenna Mesh” technology and/or Havana’s “StreetNet”?


    Here is a link to Qortal’s web page with information that is specific to Mesh Networking:

  3. Many of the ideas presented in James’ video are similar to the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto who’s vision now live on in in the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) blockchain. See for an explanation.

    BSV is a network similar to how the internet is a network. Top-down control is prevented by having a fixed protocol, similar to how TCP/IP are fixed protocols. There is no voting on protocol changes. These base protocols are set in stone, and innovation is something that happens on top of those fixed protocols. The Bitcoin protocol is open source as it has been from the beginning in 2009.

    Anyone is free to build applications and protocols on top of BSV. At this layer top-down control is prevented by competition. If you don’t like a given protocol or app then you are free to build or use something else.

  4. James – the biggest issue with Nostr is that is has already been infiltrated by Jack Dorsey. Are we really supposed to believe that this net will never close? Of course it will.

  5. Can’t wait for the comments about how this is not a solution. Actually.

  6. Well I must say, I was shocked o hear that Corbett Reports on alternate media was unpopular. They were ones I was most interested in!

    I figure if you’re going to spend time consuming and producing online it’s intriguing to look outside the box, at the mechanics of the digital world.

    I’ve had an account with Bastyon for years. It was previously called Pocket something. But only now I am aware you can advertise on it. Might look into that :).

    Qortal is a fascinating project I’ve known of for a while. Might look into it again to see how user friendly it has become.

    Another project worthy of note is search engine. Decentralised, or so I believe, with a native currency like Bastyon which can be used for advertising.

  7. Often there is a bigger picture to things. IMO, this obsession with all things digital and futuristic keeps people out of the here and now. Putting false hope and theories into the group mind is yet another step in the stated goal of eventual taking over of humanity.

    Remember the “chips” in pets was to show care and love for one’s animal and be able to locate it. The next little step was “chips” in the elderly with various sorts of rationales, then for banking, shopping, identification, etc. The metaphoric ‘death of a thousand cuts’ is clearly at work here.

    Create false ‘needs’ under the guise to make life easier, faster, etc. and the incremental movement towards the dystopian nightmare so often talked about speeds up.

    Is there really an advancement in communication going on or is there and advancement of mind control, the creation of a cognitive bias group think? The lament of loss of reading books, talking face to face, reading a map, English speaking customer service folks picking up the phone 1st or 2nd ring, is nothing to be snickered at as old folks unable to get with ‘modern’ times. It is the loss of life quality.

    Very few unbiased information sources exist. Wikipedia, most all the major search engines, most all blogs be they left or right are all mouthing the same nonsense…be afraid and we have the answer.

    Americans have been under a manipulation of natural evolutionary progress for a long time. The 60’s was the last potential break away from the conditioning. Speaking the truth about things became “conspiracy” talk. The government’s assumption they can interfere with people experimenting with mind altering, spiritual oriented plants like Ayahusca, pot, mescaline, etc. was to bar the door to enlightenment. Can’t have a work force who can see the futility of being wage slaves.

    So the loss of individualism has been replaced with an unspoken adherence to group think in fashion, toys, ideas, and more. The pretend feminists and bad boys is all costuming, rhetoric, and pretend.

    So are we really communicating better when censorship and cancellation of others is so present and keeps people in line. Just look at the recent nonsense of a “pandemic” for a non-existent virus and the lock downs and and group policing of non-compliance to masks, etc.

    GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

    • “ The government’s assumption they can interfere with people experimenting with mind altering, spiritual oriented plants like Ayahusca, pot, mescaline, etc. was to bar the door to enlightenment.”

      Do you have a theory about why the ptsnb are seemingly pushing and facilitating the using of drugs of late?

      • If you are talking about blow, smack, horse and all the other trash people shoot up, I don’t think it’s just recently they started flooding the markets with it. It’s been going on for a good while. Have you noticed a recent uptick?

        • I was thinking mostly about the acceptance of pot by the majority of States, the free crack pipes, the ignoring of people shooting up in public places by LEOs and the popularity of pharmaceuticals.

          • I forgot about free crack pipes. That was really something, wasn’t it.

          • Yeah I notice that too. I think it’s a way to increase tax revenue in states and to appease the masses. Maybe it’s a centralization effort on the governments part. It’s kind of turned me off to cannabis in a way because so many people are overdoing it and people can become addicted although it’s much less harmful than alcohol, tobacco and the like (coke, meth, opioids).

            There’s a condition called cannabis associated hyper-emesis that causes some people to become very sick when they smoke pot. These people end up in emergency rooms frequently with intractable nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Some people can’t quit.

            Also, in order to buy weed at a dispensary a person must provide their drivers license and are probably in a database. It’s still illegal on the federal level so people are technically breaking federal law when they buy it. It’s also overpriced and some strains being sold are very potent and can cause mental side effects like panic and paranoia in certain individuals.

            I don’t really think it’s a good idea to put ones name in a government database and pay more than something is worth for something that can be grown in ones own home.

            The only substances that I have found to be completely non addictive is mushrooms and LSD and they are also very fun in the right context and I think can have positive benefits for depression. This is my personal opinion though. I’m sure there are some people that can become addicted to anything.

            • “I’m sure there are some people that can become addicted to anything.”

              I believe that is absolutely true.

              Regarding pot dispensaries. You’re right about that too. Plus it doesn’t seem like a good idea to tell the government that you use pot and how much you consume. I’m sure that they would use that information to deny one of other rights like owning firearms or driving if they could.

              Plus I would not trust the government not to adulterate the product in some way.

              • Yeah, I thought about that regarding firearms. But technically buying weed from a dispensary does not prove a person is smoking it. Sometimes people do buy it for others, so it’s not unheard of. But I could see the ATF trying to do some crap like that to infringe on our right to buy arms.

                It’s just better to not be on lists and data bases by the government in general. Even firearm purchases in some states are in a registry. It’s a bad idea, regulating and centralizing erodes liberty.

                Anyway, nothing the state does seems to be without some catch or some type of exploitation.

              • @Steve

                Here in Canada I cannot speak to if the government intentionally laces the cannabis sold in the many licensed dispensary cannabis stores in town with weird addictive or additional mind altering compounds (though I would not doubt it) but I can confirm that about 90% of the cannabis sold in stores here is contaminated with Erysiphales (powdery mildew mold). This is due to a combination of laziness, stubbornness and prioritizing quantity over quality on the part of the hydroponic greenhouse cannabis growers that supply those stores with product.

                That mold can cause serious respiratory issues when smoked and inhaled regularly but the government does not care (and/or is glad about that) so does not ensure any kind of quality control and as a result many uneducated and undiscerning recreational cannabis users are constantly smoking moldy weed here now. It is also worth noting that since there are zero organic cannabis cultivators here where we live, 100% of the cannabis being sold in the government licensed stores (and directly by the government on their website) is laced full of toxic synthetic NPK residues (heavy metals), pesticides and fungicides (with 90% of that also being contaminated with mold).

          • You could have replied to the answer I gave you but it wasn’t pedestrian enough or something for you??

            • You answered my question. That was sufficient for me.
              I’ve learned from experience that engaging in conversation with you is not something that I enjoy.

              I apologize if I offended you.

              • Thank you but it isn’t about my being offended Steve. It was MY expectation disappointment in lack of intellectual engagement. I hoped the info I shared would have sparked some interest.

                It was my bad as I forget that the majority of comment box exchange throughout the “alternative” blogs needs to follow certain parameter limitations of behavior.

                >>I’ve learned from experience that engaging in conversation with you is not something that I enjoy.>>

                Thanks for the honesty. I may sound like a “know it all” because I do have a very large repository of reality beyond most people after decades of intentional effort.

                If you listen to any of my lyrics in my songs you can see why I call it Brain Food. I’ve been on this path for almost 60 years.

                My best…

        • I began using, no, abusing pot around 1969 and except for the occasional short sabbatical, and one long one, continued to do so until fairly recently.
          I’m convinced that It robbed me of much of my potential. Plus it robbed me of my dreams. I only rarely could recall my dreams when using it.

          I justified my use because I felt that it helped me combat my depression. And I think that it actually did. But the trade off was not worth it. Because while it helped me deal with the depression by causing my mind to be actively distracted, it dulled and numbed my intellect at the same time.

          • @Steve

            I engaged with cannabis in an unhealthy way when I was younger (in a similar way to what you described) but when I stopped being able to keep up with my buddies mountain climbing out west because I was wheezing I stopped smoking it (maybe 15 years ago).

            These days people in Canada eat the intoxicating formats of cannabis a lot too, which while not as bad for the lungs.. can still be habit forming and less than beneficial mentally (especially for certain personality types).

            Now a days I grow a couple heirloom cannabis plants in my garden for producing nutrient dense food (eaten raw without heating so not intoxicating or mind altering) and for making potent topical medicines like this:

            It is a plant that can stack a great many functions on a homestead (which are not involving the mind altering uses of the plant most people engage with recreationally). I allow a male plant to grow along side my female plant to pollinate so I get flowers full of nutrient dense seeds (they have the same nutrition as what is sold in grocery stores labelled as “hemp hearts”) for adding to smoothies. The leaves are also very nutrient dense offering a long list of health benefits when eaten raw. The raw juice from the leaves also effectively rids the body of a range of different cancer cells (initiating apoptosis in glioblastomas, breast cancer, prostate cancer and a few others).

            I do think that the government here in Canada is weaponizing Cannabis in a way, promoting widespread recreational use (numbing the brains of the youth) while raking in huge profits through their licensing and taxation racketeering operations.

            That being said, I still think that growing a few heirloom cannabis plants organically to use as food, for fiber and for creating topical and/or pain relief medicines can be a very empowering and beneficial move for those looking to embrace food and health sovereignty.

            • You know I have not heard of people eating fresh cannabis and what you posted on your Substack looks yummy. I think it’s really cool. Maybe I’ll try that someday, eating some of the non psychoactive parts or minimally psychoactive portions to see how they make me feel. I’ve tried CBD for anxiety but not sure it did much. I would give it to my dog for anxiety too (it had no THC). It helped her be less reactive to loud noises.

              Anyway, just thought it’s cool that you’re exploring ways to eat fresh cannabis. I remember when I was in college I grew a small plant and my cat kept finding it and eating it. Cats love to eat cannabis. I think the plant must not have been very strong because my cat did not seem to respond to the effect.

              • “I think the plant must not have been very strong because my cat did not seem to respond to the effect.”

                The raw plant doesn’t have any intoxicating effects. Look up the word Decarboxylation for an explanation.

              • Oh wow! I didn’t know that. That’s really interesting! Maybe my cat thought it was cat nip which they do respond to. But my cat loved to eat my plant and finally I just said forget it because she’d always find it.

              • @cu.h.j

                Thanks for checking out my substack post 🙂

                As Steve said in another comment, every part of the cannabis plant is non-psychoactive until it is dried and/or heated (decarboxylated) so you can eat flowers or leaves in their fresh/raw form and it will not get you (nor your cat) high.

                Our modern culture has conditioned those of us that engage with cannabis that it’s only value is to be found in creating an intoxicating effect but (as I outlined in my article on substack) the plant offers a wide range of powerful nutritional and non-psychoactive medicinal benefits as well.

                CBD is good for some things but based on my research and experience ingesting a wider spectrum of cannabinoids is more efficacious. For instance, raw cannabis contains non psychoactive cannabinoids such as THCa, CBDa, CBGa, CBna and CBCa (each offering their own benefits, which are potentiated when taken together).

                Some researchers refer to the fact that ingesting multiple cannabinoids simultaneously potentiates their medicinal benefits as “the entourage effect”. Here is an image that explains some of what I mean I also explain more on the science behind why that is in my substack article.

                Then another type of compounds that are separate from cannabinoids (which are present in raw cannabis and dried cannabis to a lesser degree) are terpenes (these are responsible for the unique aroma and flavor and each one also has potential medicinal benefits, which is something else I explore in the substack article).

                Yes our cats nibble on fresh cannabis leaves as well. Though it is not intoxicating to them the leaves are extremely nutritious so it is likely that they are intuitively drawn to take advantage of the opportunity to nourish their bodies via nibbling.

                Thanks again for checking out what I put together in my article on the benefits of raw Cannabis.

              • Gavinm:

                I haven’t read all of your article yet, but it looks very interesting! I like your Substack. You’ve done some excellent in depth research that is accessible to a wide audience.

              • @cu.h.j

                Well some of my articles/essays on there are super duper long, so that is understandable 🙂

                I do my best to provide lots of references and links to pertinent research so people can confirm things for themselves and delve into more specialized areas of learning (if they wish to) so I am glad to hear you appreciate all that I put into articles like that one on Cannabis.

                Many of the articles on my substack page are the full in depth versions of sections from my book that I ended up having to pair down due to printing budget constraints. I share that info there in the hopes it can empower others to withdraw their support from corporations and banksters while creating decentralized food and medicine production systems at their home or community garden.

          • Yeah, I noticed that too when I used to smoke pot a lot in my 20s. I don’t really use it a lot anymore since I have to take drug tests from time to time and I also feel like it’s an incomplete psychedelic experience mainly mental without any retained benefits following use. The effect doesn’t last for longer than the duration of use. With other psychedelics positive mood can persist after use. This has been my experience anyway.

            In general I think substance use in moderation or infrequently is probably better than habitual use of any substance.

            I had a friend tell me she thought marijuana harmed her memory permanently. Who knows maybe it can have that effect in some people.

      • steve smith

        “…Do you have a theory about why the ptsnb are seemingly pushing and facilitating the using of drugs of late?…”

        You should look at Chris Knowles work over at SecretSun blog…the use of LSD type drugs in ritual initiation and MKULTRA has some cross over. You could argue that the drugs make it easier for people to get brainwashed by the customized propaganda they internet can feed them.

        I recall that show “Wild Palms” back in the late 80s or early 90s where they used drugs to make the VR hyperreal to the users, for mind control reasons.

        You could also say that drugs open up the mind to things we ought to keep out of them, or makes room in their souls for something Else to move in to the empty space they left there.

  8. It still blows my mind people post youtube and wiki links on this forum.

  9. >>Do you have a theory about why the ptsnb are seemingly pushing and facilitating the using of drugs of late?>>

    Indeed. Quite difficult to share a bigger insight in comment boxes, but… It centers around the difference between what tribal people call “teacher” plants vs harmful psychoactive “drugs” like alcohol, tobacco, speed, etc.

    The teacher plants are about accessing the long closed down portion of our brains, much like keys to a locked door.

    As I have posted and have put into my essays at my BitChute site, most under 50, have acquired the majority of their “beliefs,” from the entertainment industry.

    Social vocabulary skill, convictions about what life and being human is about, historical knowledge, dating and relationship skills, etc. all come from script writers and vacuous ear candy music. Thousands of hours of repeated lies and misdirection take a toll.

    Every system has its own way it forms and expands and holds its self together. With humans, a replication of IDEAS is essential, first in forming, then maintaining social systems. The sociopathic brilliance of the controllers has enabled them to keep society ignorant of human’s true greatness through word spin.

    People loaded up with all the lies will become reactive to any number of things. Saying “teacher plants help one go within” brings up all the stupid propaganda from TV, movies, etc. and through learned cognitive bias they will put another down, make fun, or even be scared.
    That is the power of replication.

    So what is now happening with “communication” is the controllers have even greater reach and power through the web to dumb people down. I’m 81, those of us who experienced the “real” 60’s movement and not the made for TV movie nonsense understand larger circles of truth.

    So pushing crack, cocaine, meth, and the rest of the toxic “drugs” a whole series of events arises. Justification for drug wars, funding from the government, hostile law enforcement procedures, etc.

    If you listened to my Get Off The Phone song it offers some insight.

    The addiction/depnedency to not going within but letting others tell you what to do, wear, buy, and clearly the digital nonsense has created a prison population who don’t realized their encarciment. The push for the sameness in thinking and life style, “inclulsivness,” is part of it.

    Think about it. Queers and Blacks make up about 15% or so of our society but are getting 80% of the news coverage. All part of the agenda of divide and conquer.

    Anyway, I address much of this at my Bitchute site:

    Essays like The Bigger Picture parts 1&2; Solutions; or songs like:
    WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)


    Only 463 words James 🙂

  10. Russell Brand was attacked in the news for being a right wing conspiracy theorist. He is actually anti-establishment. Before that, he was a left-wing progressive but after a few years of intensive research, he realized he was wrong. Now, he manages to speak to the dinosaur media in order to encourage people to stop believing in the voting process and encourages decentralization.….html

    I don’t know why he is still allowed to post videos on GooTube. He is against violence, but is pro independent thinking and liberty. He encourages the building of communities in order to go against globalization. He has matured a great deal over the years. I hope he keeps this up. He is aware of, and I am sure that is one of the reasons why he ended up changing his mind about his political standing.

    • “Rob seems like a stand up guy”

      ? I see what you did there.

  11. This is our future! Behold, the 15-minute city!

    For those who do not want to watch it because it is a GooTube video, the man shows us his chicken coop. The chickens are happy, he says. They own nothing, produce eggs, and refuse to leave the coop. He doesn’t need to fence them in. He feeds them dinner in the video and the chickens run, clucking all the way, to the feeder.

  12. Unfortunately is not found at Google

  13. I have long wondered why so few choose to use any of the Fediverse[1] options. These are well over a decade old now, consistently maintained, you truly can own your own data, and it is completely decentralized.

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