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Last year, Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond appeared on #SolutionsWatch to introduce you to the concept of YouTube Pirate Streams. This year, Ryan is back to talk about how the concept has developed and expanded . . . and to introduce some upcoming #CorbettPirateStreams where James and Ryan will be doing a watch along and Q&A on False Flags: A Secret History of Al Qaeda. Be there or be square!

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*NOTE: The links to the live streams will be active on the day of the live stream

Sunday, August 28th @ 8:00 PM Eastern – LINK TO LIVESTREAMS

False Flags: A Secret History of Al Qaeda – Part 1 Watch along and Q&A

Sunday, September 4th @ 8:00 PM Eastern – LINK TO LIVESTREAMS

False Flags: A Secret History of Al Qaeda – Part 2 Watch along and Q&A

Sunday, September 11th @ 8:00 PM Eastern – LINK TO LIVESTREAMS

False Flags: A Secret History of Al Qaeda – Part 3 Watch along and Q&A


  1. I haven’t been on YouTube since 2020 and had to see if TLAV is deleted and yes, completely scrubbed. Then I wanted to see is Corbett Report was scrubbed. A Corbett Report Extras channel existed with 116k subscribers. 95% of the comments are: “glad you’re back”, “love your work”, “subscribed”. Then the other 5% are support his website comments. My mind is blown how many people can’t get off YouTube.

    • I’m still on Youtube because life isn’t all about world politics.

    • I only use it for music (it’s great for that) and to watch all the things they DON’T want me to watch.

      Something tells me, they KNOW where the money comes from and that proves this is NOT about money, and therefore Youtube is NOT a business, but governmental propaganda.

      Its purpose and sole reason for being is to control thought and direct people away from truth.

    • I use it for some things like animal documentaries and basic videos on gardening and homesteading. They have more of this content on youtube.

      And free music videos too. As people start uploading content to other platforms, I think less people will go to youtube.

      There are also lots of instructional videos on exercise and fitness. I haven’t found this same content on Odysee yet.

    • Thanks for those stats HyperSimian.

    • 98.7% of all statistics are made up.

  2. So few receive praise from their heroes.
    Ryan deserves it, and hat tip to James for acknowledging his efforts – and his struggles. We all know them far too well now.

    Everyone that can should send the man a dollar.

  3. SOLUTION WATCH: Silence streams!

    What are silence streams you say? Well they are ordinary streams from your official channel, but you have muted or silenced the audio. This way you can still stream on “controlled platforms” and “remind” people that you still exist. Just leave the link in the description to the “full stream” with audio to a non censorship platform.

    This way you are still in the algorithm, and with big letters on your “live stream” window, you can remind people that the topics you are discussing are banned or not allowed by “youtube” etc, and that’s why the stream is put on mute.
    The important thing is to remind people that you are still here so having no audio is a non issue!

    Thanks for what you do James! Cheers from The Nerd Viking!

    • That’s a great idea, I think.

  4. YouTube also libeled me as a Hate Speech provider and deleted many of my videos, but has not canceled my channel, but I don’t post much there anymore.

  5. I appreciate James Corbett and Ryan Christian so very much! Sadly, we have reached a point in our history where most folks can’t even wrap their minds around the ideas that our governments are corrupt and almost everything we’ve been taught or told is a lie. Looking forward to the future projects.

  6. They are only censoring truth. We have been so controlled by the media, we are only just waking up to the extent to which we are who we are because of the lying media forming our opinions before there was an internet.

    If we can get everyone to latch on to truth and discard the playschool version of information on TV, then we can finally get news on that’s for the people.

    Like, why income taxes?
    Like, why are we not involved in the nomination process for our “leaders”.
    Like, who killed JFK?
    Like, who did 9/11?
    Like, where does money come from?
    Like, what is fractional reserve banking?
    Like, why do we need a federal reserve?
    Like, why is freedom of speech under attack?

    Lately, I have had a much harder time finding the information I want. There are my go-to sites and people, but there is more to the world than just these, and now no links to anything I want to see.

    More than ever, you have to know what you are looking for and where to find it.

    • WAYNED says:
      “More than ever, you have to know what you are looking for and where to find it.”

  7. It may mean nothing, but… When I logged into this site, there was a 30 second hold up. When I went from this site to TLAV, it took about the same amount of time to load that page, almost as if some computer was downloading everything I might see on the site to help establish a social credit score.

    Travel is changing. In the coming new travel, they will not have inventories and one fare for all, but a range of fares tailored to the individual. So far, that’s as much information as I have, but big banking institutions are taking over travel and it seems they are describing pricing based on something personal, like a social credit score? We don’t know, hasn’t happened yet, but they are working on it.

    And that is likely the cause of all the delays. It’s not easy to shift an entire system from old platforms to new platforms that mean to leave the agents out of the process.

  8. Solutions:
    16 Surprising Psychology Truths – Gurwinder Bhogal | Modern Wisdom
    Lots of psychology and philosophy discussed.
    Some examples in short:
    Do not assume that your future self is much smarter or stronger than you are now.
    Deal with problems as they are now
    Social media influencers are mainly stirring emotions and creating division
    Censorship will always create destruction and self-destruction
    Things that can not be observed are often not worth discussing
    Begin with the mind

  9. Thanks so much – to both of you!!

    Regarding the censorship – especially on LinkedIn and Google, the algorythm have clearly become pure human – linked directly to the W.É.F. which may or, may not, be a surprise.

    The human algorythm of LinkedIn is based in Dublin, Ireland and, belongs to the “good” old nazi family Heisenberg from Berlin! The person work for Linkedin here, in an office based 25 steps from the Embassy of Holocaust-Denmark!

    I have been censored nó less than twice for, what he/she call my “continuous violations” – and just to clarify these “Crimes” of mine here: I pressed a “like” to 3 photo’s showing animals hence, as you can ‘hear’ I committed a “massive” crime!?!? I am wondering if they really don’t have anything else to spend their time on in these offices – all these “entitled” people, working for this company in Dublin!?

    Only comment left from me about these sad people is, I truly hope, the staff at the Danish Embassy in Dublin are enjoying themselves(wondering how old they are – maybe 16??).
    I have other ways of staying in touch with my contacts and, will no longer spend either time nor money on the Linkedin platform..

    Looking forward to the next 3 Sundays and again, thanks millions for all your great work!!

    Never thought I would involve myself with pirates but, here we are ?

  10. I am not sure exactly what Ryan Cristian is referring to (just after the 3 minute mark).
    Ryan’s phrasing might not have been the best. (i.e. “debunked”)

    …people should watch or re-watch the previous Ryan Cristian interview with James Corbett for full context. 7/30/2022
    Interview 1738 – James Corbett on The Budding Biosecurity State
    Corbett Member Fawlty Towers typed out some of the script:
    “Do you believe that there is a SARS-CoV2 out there that is causing this problem?”

    “I haven’t had whatever it is, so I can’t say anything from my own personal experience. I can talk about people that I know personally in my real life who have had Covid, whatever that is, and who have said this is like nothing I have had before. It is not a flu. So I don’t know. Are they lying to me and why?

    I think there is some sort of novel illness out there… I do not know the causation of that illness, but a transmissible pathogen is not outside the bounds of reality, and the idea of bio-weapons that have been created specifically to cause illness in the population is not outside the bounds of reality…”


    Michael Yeadon recently was mentioned in several different places of the comment sections. e.g.

    • He said “debunked on corporate media” or something like that, which doesn’t really matter IMO. Although, I don’t think Yeadon should have really got into the germ/terrain issue in order to reach a wider audience.

      The experience of contagion or the appearance of this is a strong bias that people hold and so they will not look at anything that seems to refute this concept. I think that’s a mistake. It’s good to look at why one believes a certain thing. I also think that people probably should be able to read and understand some of the studies that are being used to support agendas like the biosecurity paradigm and also with climate change.

      It’s good to look at the actual source material and read it for oneself.

      If you go back to patient 0 in China, where they reportedly isolated a virus, the evidence that they did this is lacking. They took lung fluid from one man and used genetic sequencing to generate a genome of the virus. I think they have a gene bank of other particles it was similar to, and constructed it by similarity to that. They constructed it with a computer rather than isolating the actual particle. Then they used PCR to diagnose cases of “it” and a case could be a positive PCR test rather than any symptoms of disease. That is very sketchy IMO and to use this to shut down entire economies and lock people down was criminal.

      I can understand why Yeadon said what he said if he is looking critically at the actual studies used for the alleged Sars-Cov-2. The actual disease called Covid was real IMO, but it seemed to affect far less people than what they were telling people.

      I still think contagion is a real phenomenon, that can happen under certain circumstances. Whether the particles identified in the lab or generated in the lab are the sole cause, I believe lacks scientific proof. At least based on the stuff I have been reading. I’m not sure focusing on this will make people less fearful of disease though. I also think that taking a neutral position regarding the existence of viruses in general is probably wise if the intention is to reach a wide audience.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the issue. The feed has been corrected.

  11. Ryan mentioned in the video that he doesn’t get his funds through PayPal. I’ve been wandering if you do get all the support we send you monthly. And/or if there is a way to monitor it or to change for a more secure platform. (?)

    • I’ve been wondering this also.

  12. RichardGage911.ORG

    the 9/11 Truth Film Festival… Sunday September 11

    …In addition, at the Film Festival, you will…

    ~~ Experience a great introduction to the 9/11 works of David Ray Griffin which will be highlighted in a live appearance by his closest associate writer/editor Elizabeth Woodworth – who with him co-created the “9/11 Consensus Panel” where you will get the inside scoop on how it all came together. We will be showing very special video clips from the films of David Ray Griffin.

    ~~***** Strike gold with James Corbett of the Corbett Report with the showing of his newly released final episode of his 3-part documentary series “False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda.”
    He will also be here live to tell us more about the Deep State lies regarding Osama Bin Laden.
    Several other important videos will be shown about the Osama Bin Ladin character in the 9/11 play.

    ~~ Get the latest from Mick Harrison, Litigation Director of the Lawyer’s Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, who is also here live to update the 9/11 Truth Movement about recent legal successes and challenges in the judicial system.

    ~~ See our working-session updates from the new film project 9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom for which this entire Film Festival is the major fundraiser!

    Learn all about the 9/11 Truth Film Festival on September 11:….

    • Home Remedy Supply- You sure make a lot of good Comments in Corbett’s video’s Comment Section. I know this because your User name (like your insightful Comments) is so distinct and always stands out. The Comment is the best so far. Thanks for directing us to where great info can be found. These were related solely to 911, what other topics of Corbett’s, or just in general, are you most interested?
      This is my personal story in finding James Corbett. I was watching all the Unsolved Mysteries on Hulu and came across an episode about a news reporter named Danny Casalaro. I was so intrigued by the story I looked up his name on YouTube. There were a lot of three to five minute videos reporting the bare bones story of his suicide when it first occurred. That is until I came across an almost hour long video with the strange title Requiem for the Suicided Danny Casalaro by James Corbett, of The Corbett Report. I had no idea about conspiracy theories, except for JFK maybe. I’ve been a Corbett fan ever since and now even donate to him monthly.

      • jenny.m
        Thank you for the compliment.

        I love your ANECDOTE about:
        “…I was watching all the Unsolved Mysteries on Hulu and came across an episode about a news reporter named Danny Casalaro.
        I was so intrigued by the story I looked up his name on YouTube. There were a lot of three to five minute videos reporting the bare bones story of his suicide when it first occurred.
        That is until I came across an almost hour long video with the strange title Requiem for the Suicided Danny Casalaro by James Corbett, of The Corbett Report.
        I had no idea about conspiracy theories, except for JFK maybe.
        I’ve been a Corbett fan ever since and now even donate to him monthly.”

        Your journey is iconic!

        It also highlights the value of the open channels or lines of communication in the MEDIA.
        Thus PIRATE STREAMS can be a doorway as Corbett mentions.
        I’ll bet that James Corbett will see your anecdote which supports his point.

  13. Why is GAB not a viable alternative platform. I don’t think I heard you mention it as a possible alternative.

  14. I don’t think he was “debunked” and I don’t think JC was speaking about the existence of a virus, but rather “transmissible pathogen” and he spoke of “novel illness.”

    I did note something a bit different in 2019-2020 in the ER with what some patients were coming in with, specifically blood clots and extreme hypoxia (low oxygen saturation). I don’t remember this in past flu seasons. I also know three people who did almost die, they were in the hospital, one of them was in ICU. So, it seems to me like there was something that was affecting some people that was different from the flu. The “asymptomatic people” and the people who had a “mild case” I think this was lumped together with “it”.

    The questioning of if Sars-Cov-2 exists is interesting and requires a lot of research into microbiology, genetic sequencing, and the history of germ theory and how it was promoted as the dominant theory in order to sell vaccines. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some truth, but the experiments to show cause in the lab is lacking and I was actually surprised by this. It’s definitely not a cut and dry phenomenon as described by “the experts”

    I think the illness and potential contagion issue is different from the existence and characterization of the particles blamed. I have experienced “catching” things or at least developing symptoms of illness from ill contacts sometimes but not always. So maybe there are other mechanisms at play that are not well understood.

    • Regarding the three people I knew, all of them had the 2019 flu shot. Maybe it exacerbated it, but I’m not sure.

    • Also, regarding “the flu” people have died from this, even young people and those who are in good health otherwise.

      If you search in past years the MSM did try to hype the flu to push flu shots and maybe a bit of predictive programming for Covid.

      Maybe people who got really sick with flu in 2016 and 2017 thought it was different.

      I do remember a few people with asthma in particular who ended up in ICU with a flu diagnosis, some of them even put on mechanical ventilation. Actually, one youngish guy in particular, most of them were old and sick already. Similar to Covid, mostly old and sick were the sickest.

  15. You’re a ham.
    …and I enjoy it.

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