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We all know the problem’s with the public miseducation system. But what’s the answer? Corbett in the Classroom, of course! Join James as he explores his new page,, and talks about the inspiration for this idea (and the guerrilla marketing campaign that is accompanying it) with Ernest Hancock of

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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock – Radio

Teaching Children About Conspiracies – #SolutionsWatch

Teaching Children About History – #SolutionsWatch

Teaching Children About Liberty – #SolutionsWatch (video)

Stossel in the Classroom

2023-11-29 — Ernest Hancock & James Corbett (The Corbett Report) MP3&4)

Purchase the curriculum (Digital Download): Economics / History / Literature / Politics / Science


  1. I’m so excited about this! I am an unschooling mom with three older teen aged kids.

    Last year I bought all the DVDs offered here for my family to watch with me and to use for educational purposes (showing them on a big screen in our barn for larger audiences). We’ve shown at least one of them (Century of Enslavement) to others who are accustomed to unschooling, and it was well received.

    However, since it is a lot of material to digest in one sitting, I intended to break it down into smaller bites and develop discussion questions & fun quiz/activity pages to help retain some of the material before showing it again. And I still intend to do so.

    Since our Internet service is really slow here, we have very limited opportunity to watch streaming video. Therefore, there is still SO much material *I* am unaware of that is available on this site, so I really appreciate having this material sorted & bundled by subject like this. It is extremely helpful.

    And, I am really excited about the download packages. I bought all five yesterday. (Should you ever decide to put them on a flash drive, I’ll be first in line to purchase them!)

    Thank you, James!

    And yes! I think developing your material in such a way to be more suitable for teens & young adults as a curriculum package with study guides & such would be *very* beneficial (both online & particularly, offline). Thank you in advance should you decide to pursue that endeavor. 🙂

    (BTW the OSE page and landing video both look great!)

  2. OpenSourceEducation.Online is a fantastically brilliant approach to reach a new target audience, and also the “trade name itself” is inherently embedded with a built-in “POSITIONING” marketing design.
    It is so smooth, so clever, so far reaching that it can be easy to overlook some of the implications.
    There are so many aspects and “possibilities” to recognize, that it would be difficult to list them all.

    One example:
    Take a look at the “trade name itself”, “Open Source Education” and how it is positioned.
    Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

    With this type of positioning, imagine how many conventional doors that are now open.
    “Open Source Education” inserts smoothly among the many venues of the “normie middle class”.
    On top of that, think how surprised people will be when they explore these topics and discover that there is NO ADVERTISING!
    …And there is NO AGENDA! No one is telling you what to think!
    …And it really is FREE! …and there really is NO CATCH!

    VALUE of “New Target Audience”
    Analogy: Think about a Bookstore which only offered books. It would only have a target audience which liked to read books. If the Bookstore added audio books, then it reaches another target audience. Next the store adds DVDS and CDs and Vinyl which brings in other audience categories. The customer base broadly expands because the store is reaching a wider audience. Walmart and Amazon capitalize on this aspect.

    I suspect that “Open Source Education” will reach a vast array of audiences, among them the younger generation (Gen Z or Alpha). James Corbett has often talked about the value of the younger generation. Changing society hinges on the generational aspect.

    • …and normie teens and young adults are probably used to the phrase OPEN SOURCE from Soros.

  3. This is a brilliant concept and I hope it gains traction.

    If I were consulted on how to develop this platform and broaden its scope I would suggest including ancient history and philosophy – from the pre-Socratics to the present day.

    Questions about life and the nature of the universe, how to live a good life, does life have purpose, etc., are not questions with simple answers but are worth asking and wondering about nevertheless. Philosophy departments have largely been eliminated from universities as a waste of time, a distraction to participating in our soulless economy. I would argue that asking the ‘big questions’ and pondering our existence has never been more important.

    When it comes to the main problem in our economies – debt – you’ll find it has roots thousands of years old and our current crisis is a rehashing of a very old but intractable problem when one bases an economy’s finance on interest-bearing debt. Professor Michael Hudson is the foremost authority on this topis, in my opinion.

    My research suggest that the technology of writing itself is a byproduct of debt finance. (The oldest clay tablets written in cuneiform are not love poems but records of financial transactions – credits and debts.)

    • Good suggestion cymro. I agree with your statement, that “asking the ‘big questions’ and pondering our existence has never been more important.” These things like debt go way back in history. Perhaps a subsection of HISTORY would work.

  4. Around 7am Texas time (10pm Japan time), the embedded Rumble video of “Open Source Education” wasn’t functioning and with no preview image.

  5. Just wanted to say I have bought all of your archives available to use for this very purpose!

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  6. Very cool initiative.
    Any thoughts on trying to add the possibility for a translation to other languages? Say subtitles in other languages?
    Not much of a tech guy myself but presume some AI could be used for this? Perhaps with a warning some results may be some what of?
    If I am to share the website around here were I live in Israel, some will likely find following a long informative video in English too difficult. Not me personally, but not everyone here has decent English.
    Maybe this is not easy to do, I do not know, just rising the idea and saying I think it could help spread info.

    P.S. Guess this is relevant to all content on this website, so maybe this is more of a general issue not just on this one.

    • I realize the answer may be that ultimately it is best not to rely on tech and have human supervised translation. And in fact some videos have hebrew subtitles done by Israelis. For example videos on bill Gates. Still, raising the issue. Maybe there is a nice simple not so bad AI solution available, also making the nice format of the education solution website available.

    • “Say subtitles in other languages?…
      Guess this is relevant to all content on this website, so maybe this is more of a general issue not just on this one.”

      -That is a good point and something I have been wondering about myself.

      Either subtitling or dubbing at least parts of the content into both major other languages (spanish, german, french, russian) and minor ones (here where I live the scandinavian ones), I too think could open it up to a vastly larger audience than present.

      Having at times worked as a translator myself, in my experience the most effective way is to first send the text in question through an automated program (as Google translate) and then have it proof read by a native speaker, which does not take much effort comparatively.

      Given that the Corbett-report members obviously count native speakers of other languages among them, perhaps -at least as a start- some of us can volunteer some workhours?

      I could do some volunteer work translating from english into german or swedish/norwegian, if interested, James, send me a note.

    • Translations …and SolutionsWatch

      Jan 11, 2022 – #1 – Translate The Truth – #SolutionsWatch
      Watch the episode and see this string of comments (Spanish, Italian, German)

      But, that’s not all. Very soon James Corbett will have a REVIEW of the 2023 SolutionWatch.
      I quickly found the above link by seeing the list after going to:
      2021 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch
      2022 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch

      [I just changed the “21” to “22” in the URL to get the most recent year.]

      • I sent some material to Translate The Truth, no answer. So I started a humble telegram channel with spanish subtitles:

        Corbett en Español

        If you know some spanish speaking people, well, spread the word! Thank you!!!

      • I want to mention that on some documentaries, Corbett has links to translations.
        For example:
        How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World
        Watch a FINNISH SUB / FRENCH DUB or a GERMAN DUB 1 / GERMAN DUB 2 / GERMAN DUB 3 of this documentary.

        • Thanks for all the info people put regarding translations!

          • In addition to these, if someone has any adivce on free software that can create subtitles and translate them to another language and then have the possibility to do human manual changes where relevant, I think that would be really handy.
            I am assuming none of the solution watch on this matter so far actually gives recommendations on this. But maybe that did happen somewhere and I missed it.

      • Thanks, interesting links, that german guy (Augenaufmedia) is good, but unfortunately it seems the last Corbett report video/aticle he translated was a year ago…or has anyone seen more recent ones in that or scandinavian language?

    • Perhaps adding a “Translation” button where the reader can select the language would work. Until I find another one, Google has a decent translator for many languages. Basically, if you right-click the page the click on Translate, that’s all it takes. Said to work for most browsers.

  7. Those flyers are brilliant! Are you guys willing to share the files/ templates if possible? I would love to do some local Corbett canvasing.
    Thank you for your time.
    Opening minds and so many doors. Go team humanity!

    love, had

  8. This is great! My kids are still too young for this material, but certainly someday we will utilize this resource.

    My only suggestion would be to add a thumb-nail for each lesson/video under the given subject. The younger generations are so visually driven, I think a tiny picture next to the titles would encourage them to keep clicking on the next one.

    Also, I loved that James took Ernie’s suggestion to heart and followed through. How awesome to see a friendship that inspires and adds value, not only for one another, but for all of us as well. Thanks guys!

    • I like Torus’suggestion too. Having a thumb-nail shot next to each topic will most likely inspire more people to click to see what it is.

  9. Great initiative James. Thank you for making your work more accessible.

    After skimming quickly I notice that the header always says “START YOUR ECONOMICS EDUCATION WITH THIS SAMPLE LESSON” even if I am on eg. the “History” tab.

    Thanks again.

  10. Ernie Hancock is a real firecracker!

    Ernie Hancock is a real firecracker when it comes to dissemination, outreach, and activism! This guy makes things happen! Real World. Impact!

    I realize that there are a few folks who get irritated with his style.

    As for me, I don’t mind playing with firecrackers.
    Sure…sometimes one will blow up in your hand and the fingers go numb…or it may occasionally be tough on the ears when things pop.
    That’s the nature of these things…when you deal with explosive activist actions and activists.
    Too many folks only like to be spectators to the fireworks show, but some folks want to participate in lighting the fuse. Corbett struck a match with “Open Source Education”.

    • Homie , I must agree about Ernie and that style he has but upon listening to his David Webb, The Great Taking book interview, I too can look past it. I too appreciate fire cracker poppers.

      The Great Taking by David Webb will [must] need to become part of the Economics Curriculum and the Century of Enslavement.
      ❓Questions for Corbett⁉️ James, I Believe it’s gonna fly! It’s gonna grow! So ? What contingency do you have for adding, including or revising the curriculum as events such as the Great Reset, Great Taking, occurs. Or other facts, that may come to light? The world changes so rapidly. And who knows you may be the cause. An ethical journalist is a teacher by occurrence. This is as important as wrestleing daicon radishes out of the earth and just as nourishing to a hungry and growing young growing hungry curiosity.
      James this is such a good thing, like the teacher Toshiro Kanamori in Children Full of Life, you may make a difference in their lives and as you said our lives as well.
      HOPE SO! Merikurisumasu Jamisan

  11. I really like this idea and am sharing it far and wide.

    Here’s an idea: MATHEMATICS – What I a thinking is not data on how to do math but what understanding math can do for the individual and potentially the world. Two mighty mathematicians that come to mind are: Nassim Haramein and Robert Edward Grant. I’m sure there are others as well but these two stand out for their awesome thinking and the work they do. Nassim has a school where he teaches and I think perhaps he’s got it online. Not so much with Robert that I know of.

    For me, math is very helpful in construction building. But it is also esoteric beyond my imagination. This could even get art students interested in math if they only knew

    Could the Corbett team contact these two guys, to see if they’d be willing to share their pertinent videos?

  12. Thank you so much for doing this James ❤️

  13. Tangentially off topic, but does anyone know what happened to Brett Veinotte? I know he was ending the School Sucks podcast but he only got halfway through his ’50 essential episodes’ landing page that was supposed to be the culmination of the work that he had done, and most of the podcast seems to be wiped from most major platforms.

  14. Lovely idea…if I can afford it, I may very well purchase the download. So much of what you put out is necessary knowledge.
    The education I received in the UK of the fifties, politics aside, was a mixture of ‘learn to obey, learn to repeat, learn to be scared of questioning’. It was also an education in dealing with, and avoiding the fallout from exposure to masochists.
    Thank you!

  15. General comment about the series:

    I think the series Solutions watch is really great and potentially useful although so far I only implemented a small number of ideas.

    Personal story- ”Solutions Watch: Take good care of yourself” is a phrase I often tell myself. Inspired by the episode ”Solutions Watch: Take a break”. I think the two are somewhat related as ideas.

    Over time I see how quality knowledge can be a game changer in an atempt to be healthy. I am sure spiritual, emotional, physcological habits have an influence too, although maybe it is a bit harder to quantify exactly what works in these. I am also sure physical things have a big impact on our health. Food, Movemenet, Water, Electromagnetic radiation awareness, Blue light at night dangers awareness etc…

    I actually had health issues I have been struggling with for years, hence the phrase written in the beginning came to be of much use in my thoughts. Not wanting to give too much personal info. that could identify me in realy life, will just say knowledge I acquired over the years really helped me. This last year being a huge leap forward for the good.

    Kind of really satysfying and a bit fustrating at the same time, realizing all those years I could have changed my health for the better if only I knew.

    I want to add something JP sears once said although I do not remember in which video. That he used to be really into health when he was young. Now as an adult he is into health too, but for a different reason, as a tool not as a final aim (May not be the exact words that is what I remember).

    So when I think to myself ”Solutions Watch take good care of yourself”, I think of it as a tool to increase the chance I can support what I believe in.

    • P.S. take a break is from 2021. But still, maybe what I wrote will still be an interesting personal sharing.

  16. I ordered all 5 of the digital downloads. Now stop sullying my trash bin with your e-commerce spam flyers.

  17. This is marvelous, James! I’ve often delved into your archives, but with limited time it was difficult to choose a direction and follow through with Best of Corbett Report. The flyer ideas are inspiring. I’d been thinking of using the mini libraries that are plentiful in my urban neighborhood, but trash cans are better.

    I don’t know if you are aware that CNN10 is a news program for upper elementary children I’ve often seen in classrooms. I think about teaching media literacy. However, one must watch one’s step in the public school classroom. Maybe one day someone will be offering an alternative version for the home schooler.

  18. This is wonderful, James. You are a born teacher.

    Hope you’ll offer a flash drive sometime as well.

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