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We all know about the danger of a future society where we’re all tracked everywhere we go every single day in real time by our phones or devices . . . but actually, it’s worse than that! You’re already being tracked everywhere you go, every day, and it doesn’t matter whether you leave your phone at home just as long as you bring your face. Today on #SolutionsWatch, James explores some of the options that are on the table for heading off the facial recognition dystopia.

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  1. Every time a new traffic light gets installed, a facial recognition gets mounted on top. Most people around here don’t seem to care. I asked a friend before she died what she thought of all this surveillance and she said that it didn’t bother her since she had nothing to hide.

    The last time I had to get a new driver’s license, I had to take my glasses off for the camera. I asked the guy who was taking the picture why and he told me it’s because facial recognition software had a problem with glasses. It’s been a while; since for several license renewals, I have been able to renew by mail. The cameras don’t seem to have changed; but, maybe the technology has changed.

    I don’t like having pictures or video taken without my permission. If I had a choice in this matter, I would say no thanks to this nonsense. I’m not sure it helps much; but, anytime I go outside or anywhere in town, I do where a hat. Sometimes it’s a wide-brimmed hat and sometimes it’s not.

    • I have noticed the shortening of the “license” validity over the years. Some 10ish years ago the driver’s “license” over here when issued was valid for 30 years. Now it’s valid 5 years, I think. Same with the “personal” ID.

      First they tell you you have to get them papers, then you have to jump through the hoops to get them papers. Hey bro, I didn’t want the papers in the first place.

      Not so long ago, Tibetan monks burnt themselves alive in protest for being forced into having papers. How low have we fallen.

      • Our drivers’ licenses used to be good for four years before they needed to be renewed; now, it is five years. I’ve never had a state ID; but, it used to be renewed every four years as well; now, it’s every five. It used to cost a lot less to get a state ID and renew it; now, both the drivers licenses and state ID cards cost the same.

    • Thank you. Is nice to hear someone else wears a hat. Mine is a must have accessory. Over 50 years now. Was very handy w/ the children…instant plate or basket, flag them down, or give ya a smack….kill flies… idk what all. Can’t beat a wooly hat in winter weather or on a rainy day. Miss King always wears a brim.

  2. 45 years ago I was living in Crockett, California, a small river town where C&H Sugar is manufactured. On a motorcycle ride to Berkeley I noticed some public cameras I hadn’t seen before and wrote this song:


      • Thanks Frode. I just hate it being right about something so wrong like this or all the other stuff coming to light?

        Like in how many years will my words about SMART phones be reccognized?

        GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

    • I live in south Vallejo. I walked my dog across the Carquinez Bridge yesterday. I’ve been all around both sides of the straight—the Bull Valley trail above Eckley Pier…the old casino that burned in ’81. I used to bike from Vallejo through Crockett to the Warehouse bar in Port Costa. That’s a good song. Thanks for sharing. Crockett used to have a great poetry reading on the 2nd Sunday of each month and live Jazz every Sunday night. No more.

      • In the 60’s I dated a nurse in Vallejo and used to take the ferry to get my Austin-Healey Sprite across the Straits to Benecia 🙂

        Lot of history in that area. Benecia was the name of the wife of the first Governor of California when Vallejo was the Capitol. It was fun to take our little boat and mess around with the “ship graveyard”

        Was taken out to dinner on my 35th birthday to the restaurant on the old base. That base had Camels there for some sort of Calvary. Also the old ammo bunkers were open and had been built in some middle Eastern style of very ornate stone.

        I made a recording of myself and a friend playing wind instruments in one of the big C&H storage tanks that was under construction. It had a very long reverberation time.

        When I visited that area in 2010 or so so much had changed. The road from Crockett to Martinez was closed to motorized traffic. Wrote lots of songs in Crockett.


        I MISS THE OLD DAYS (song)

    • Lol that Dazzle stuff looked stupid AF hahaha

      This is the obvious way, ofc you will stick out, but they will not who the fuck you are.
      Diodes i think is smart, could be used on your cars license plate too. Do some robbin

      Listen to Goin’ Robbin’ (Produced by Paper Platoon) by SPARK MASTER TAPE on #SoundCloud

      Er du Norsk Frode?

  3. Who owns our facial representation? image, digital or whatever…
    Last time I checked it could be verified all governance are corporate entities and not civil authorities at all.
    Where is the contract demanding You or me to fulfill terms; did we get tricked into forced submission? Can this be Law?

    Not at all, Law is coming from Peoples not from Corporations.

    Their Acts, Regulations, Statutes, Mandates etc etc, etc binds those Contract partners who in full knowledge and willingly enter into such a arrangement.
    Corporate Contracts are not valid if transparency is not given or hidden.

    Add the view point of Propertarianism by which any things sourced from the individual and granted to us by a higher being is there “Property”.

    The value we create, the given natural benefits we need etc and yes even our looks.
    To copy our features is parasitic unless we volunteer or offer to contract; we deciding the terms and conditions.

    If we have no choice but must live in a corporate world we have to understand and act not to behave as an asset, collateral, “human resource” but as another individual corporation.

    It is noteworthy to realize that corporate laws at this time bestow more rights and privileges as to normal humans get granted… go figure
    If you copy any identifying feature of a corporate entity to make a profit watch out.
    Corporations as any of those so called Authorities, Government and Governance can only transact with us if we the people agree.
    And yes the object of any Corporation is generating Profit; even a Judge,a Priest so why do you want to give things away for loose and win to others?

    Understand State-ism and recognize the traps; those prefer you ignorant and self inflicted powerless.

    You are para-sited on if you must obey involuntary, make noise and say no….

  4. For most of my life I have not questioned the propaganda that surrounds us and, I sheepishly admit, never looked closely at any ‘conspiracy theories’ but rather dismissed them. The turning point came last year and now I realise that things are not what they seem.

    I am trying to remove myself, bit by bit, from choices I’ve made (and still make) that contribute to the enslavement of myself and others. I am no longer on Facebook and have stopped consuming main stream media. I am in the process of transferring my email account with Google to another platform.

    I am not ready to give up my mobile phone and laptop. Can anyone recommend brands/models that make it easy to keep data private? I am a most basic user of these gadgets so don’t need fancy features, high processing speed or storage capacity.

    • metta

      “….I am not ready to give up my mobile phone and laptop. Can anyone recommend brands/models that make it easy to keep data private?….”

      No need to give up your laptop…you WILL need to learn a bit about it but nothing too deep. The refusal of most people to do the little bit of work required makes them I-serf’s of big tech.

      If your using Windows or Mac you have almost no real privacy or control over your laptop….if you want SOME privacy (and your laptop is less then 10 years old) install “Virtualbox” and then run a lightweight Operating system inside the “virtual” computer….make one and then “clone” (there is a button) it into 3 or 4 machines- use one for email and one for surfing and one for social media, ect. Every month or so you delete (theres a button) the virtual machine (which will have cookies and tracking by then) and clone a new one from the original.

      THIS is a GOOD starter explanation of Virtual machines

      COST: zero $ Try linux mint, its pretty good right now.

      COST: Zero $

      When you are ready you can install Linux onto an external drive (even a thumbdrive) and boot your computer into THAT instead of windows…you can even leave your windows hard disk in and just reboot into THAT….good video here

      COST: Price of external drive or thumbdrive

      Eventually you WILL want to nuke your windows install and run linux, I have zero windows or mac PC’s anymore…..another way to get into linux is to buy a Raspberry Pi and run THAT as a desktop PC…Video below of a demo…I was using a Pi3 for years as a desktop.

      COST: 100 (ish) $ (plus monitors)

      There is a TON of linux install videos on Youtube….. Linux is more secure, runs faster then windows on low spec hardware, and IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD….. the only problem with Linux is that there are soooooo Maaaany ‘distro’ flavors that people get confused….just start off with Linux Mint and watch some videos.

      As to your phone….meh…. thats always gonna spy….you can just buy a Faraday bag to keep it in when your not using it. Sorry

      Oh….you CAN turn a mobile into a home phone system if you buy a box.
      But I’ve never used it so I have no idea

      • Thank you for your helpful suggestions. Looks like time for me to learn a few new skills like installing linux. I assumed that switching the phone off works as well as a Faraday bag – am I wrong?

        • tbot (takebackourtech) has Linux Mint (or other Linux versions) early on in their options too.

          I am absolutely not tech-savvy too but managed to install and live now with Linux too.

          Concerning phones, I believe for GrapheneOS you need quite a specific phone. Some years back there was a second big alternative called LineageOS and e
          I have decided for this e because it was easier and more affordable to me (I didn’t have to have a specific pricy phone but cheaper options to chose from).

          There definitely are a lot of options and the tbot website probably has grown much larger too than in the beginning.

          So I hope you simply don’t get overwhelmed with options but get to go your way.

          Thanks a lot for the recommendations Duck.

          • Thanks Mielia,
            Helpful to know that other not tech-savvy people out are living with Linux. My overall aim is to be able to cut my dependence on the screens but it isn’t going to happen overnight. I’ll have a look at tbot, GrapheneOS and Lineage OS for phones.

          • Thanks Mielia,
            Helpful to know that other not tech-savvy people out are living with Linux. My overall aim is to be able to cut my dependence on the screens but it isn’t going to happen overnight. Given that e worked for you I will try to see if I can download onto my current phone.

        • metta
          “..I assumed that switching the phone off works as well as a Faraday bag – am I wrong?…”

          Your phone is never ACTUALLY off unless you take the battery out…. its like your TV in standby mode is still listening for the remote to turn on the power.

  5. Gtfo out this forum with that qanon flatearth level stupidity.

    @James Corbett – PLEASE properly respond to this! This nonsense is taking over your comments lately, and it’s just dumb. And annoying…

    • Helanda, please get your head out of your ass. Thank you.

      • I’m stuck, can you help step-corbetteèr??

  6. How about some other “simple sabotage” type solutions for thwarting the facial recognition tyranny (aside from easter bunny costumes or smashing cameras)?

    Can any of you tech savvy people offer any suggestions other than that Hong Kong laser example James shared above (I mean aside from a ski masks and patterned, animal and quasi-weird face image covered clothing or giant skarfs)?

    Hey I have an idea! I could get a face tattoo with a QR code that leads to! 🙂

    Perhaps it would short circuit and A.I. program and get it to turn on it’s masters! (or at least perhaps serve to educate a few open minded techies or police that are running these mass surveillance programs) haha.

    • GAvinM

      “..How about some other “simple sabotage” type solutions for thwarting the facial recognition tyranny (aside from easter bunny costumes or smashing cameras)?…”

      Black and shiny face paint (also on the ears as someone point out one time) should mess up the cameras ability to pick out the parts of the face….lol, imagining a protest of black and white minstrels singing “mammy” now. 🙂

      The guys in this Star Trek episode are actually pretty a good demo of the obsucring effect.

  7. I thought this (also) belonged here so I am re-sharing (again)


    “Yorkshire, England: Man uses a cordless angle grinder to cut down a surveillance camera, the day after it was installed in his neighborhood. This is what we will have to do to the cameras that make ’15 minute cities’ possible”

  8. If the “Authority” has everyones facial recognition, shouldn’t we have everyone in authorities facial recognition too? How do we know that authority pretender is actually one of their anointed authority pretenders. Along with home address and other personal information like they have on the public. Shouldn’t the public have the same on every one claiming authority over them to hold them accountable? Should have a “Good for the Goose is good for the Gander bill” passed.

    • I haven’t had a chance to watch this current podcast, but your comment reminded me of this episode of “auditing the police” that JC did several months ago:

      As an anecdote, I know someone who was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, and one felony who “resisted arrest”. He actually did not resist arrest but protected himself from being assaulted by blocking the officers hand from shoving him. He was helping an elderly relative move a violent tenant from property he owned. The police said that he needed a “proper eviction” process. This is a small town and the government has expanded in recent years. Luckily another family member recorded this encounter which they did not notice. This video evidence was used in court to have the charges dismissed after a jury trial. The state still attempted to prosecute this person who had no criminal record.

      They wanted to make money off this and “justify” their existence. What I’ve noticed with some of this centralized policing and expanding cancerous state monitoring is that it seems like regular people may feel like this provides a source of income and also some people enjoy wielding a little bit of “authority” against people. It’s kinda creepy.

      My point with all this is that regular citizens should be careful with interactions with law enforcement and should use some of this technology against the state if they are being interrogated by police.

      The problem with this is it still in a way “justifies” this watching and the constant surveillance. But pragmatically it makes sense for regular people to video record and audit the government particularly police encounters.

  9. From Mkey’s post of the right angle ginder video, I read something in the comment section that brought back a childhood memory.
    My Father was considering a career in law enforcement around the early sixties. One day He related a story to us kids about a crime scene photo he had seen were the victim had one forth of his face, at a perfect right angle, turned into hamburger. Killing him. Seems the murderer perpetrator was not charged.
    The perpetrator was a woman who was grooming herself at her vanity in the bedroom just before bed. She saw in the mirror a peeping Tom at the window. Her husband keep a loaded 12ga.shotgun in the bedroom closet . She in fear retrieved it and fired at the window striking the peeping Tom in the right eye area.
    Privacy was of great value then and believe me ,I never had any desire to be a peeper knowing it was wrong on so many levels.
    My-o-my how times have changed but our natural reaction to those things haven’t.

  10. How well would makeup work? It would have to be the type that literally redesigns your face, but would it be sufficient? I mean, with the right type of headgear and clothes, could it be enough? I mean, this would be discreet enough to not stand out too much, right?

    What about facial tattoos that cover certain features but are meant to also redesign the features of our faces?

    • black grease paint that makes you shiny makes it hard to pull out features… I would suspect that some splotches of white would help. As somone else pointed out, ears are also useful for ID’ing you so big clip on earnings to hide the lobes and paint in the ear trumpet

      • Black grease paint? You’ll stand out almost as much as the giraffes. People who use makeup can do things like,e make their eyes look like they are a different shape, make eyebrows look far thicker, and make lips look plumper. Contacts can change your eye color. This is the sort of thing I am referring to, not footballers’ sun-deflecting grease.

        With the proper hat or headgear, your ears will be covered. A hoodie, a headband covering the ears, or that sort of idea, should work.

        • lotusblossum

          ‘.. You’ll stand out almost as much as the giraffes. People who use makeup can do things like,e make their eyes look like they are a different shape, make eyebrows look far thicker, and make lips look plumper. Contacts can change your eye color. ..’

          None of those will work because the tech (as far as I know) works on looking at the bone structure deduced from the features. Its not working like humans recognize faces.

          AI can also re-create your entire face pretty well even if your wearing a covid mask.

  11. OK these ideas are probably patentable but I’m offering them to anyone here to steal if they wish 🙂

    Most here have probably already heard of Amazon’s planned drone delivery system to homes.
    Drones have gotten quite sophisticated in the past decade or so and are readily available to the masses.

    How about a drone that drops a brown paper bag over the surveillance camera?

    Or a drone that can squirt black ink or some other opaque liquid over the camera lens?

    Either one would be a lot safer than cutting down the camera pole. 🙂

    • That’s genius!

      Just spraypaint on the thing or have an small charge in a small drone and “suicide” it 😛

      That’s my two suggestions for drone usage on surveillance

      The possibilities are endless here guys

      Virus or no virus

    • The paper bagging drone! I love it! 🙂

      ya the guy with the angle grinder chopping down the camera pole was pretty amusing (and somewhat heartening to watch considering I am seeing creepy smart LED lights and various sensors and camera poles starting to pop up a round our town and at times feeling helpless about their increasing encroachment into my life) but the pole was certainly not taken down safely haha.

    • If you do it in public, it can be tracked, in a centralized or dispersed manner no matter how much we wish it were not the case. Tracking license plates, facial features, gait, digital/analog signatures IN PUBLIC is inevitable.

      I do like the innovative ideas however. Oppression breeds innovation.

  12. This video showed up in my feed because I listen to Poilievre’s videos on YouTube. If you want to know what one of the main problems with society is today, listen very carefully to this journalist’s question to the leader of the opposition and notice how both Poilievre and the one who made this video react to it. The journalist was clearly talking about preventing a relapse but listen to the video until the very end, then go read the comments…

  13. From my research on the COVID lie: There are no scientific studies that prove “contagious” diseases exist…

    Dawn Lester & David Parker What Really Makes Us Ill, Germ Theory, & The Four Factors Interview:

    In 10 years of research they found no scientific studies proving contagion provable.

    Yes, in a family some kids or one of the parents may get sick together, but not ALL.

    My research as a free pdf download or just read the essay:

    • ejdoyle
      “…..From my research on the COVID lie: There are no scientific studies that prove “contagious” diseases exist…..”

      Considering that they were passing smallpox to people via sharp needle its rather probable that its possible to GET INFECTED from other people.

      AIRBORNE spread is, however much harder to study.
      “….In fact, there has been only one replicable, controlled experiment that definitively proved airborne spread of infectious respiratory disease….”

      Also while you make a point here

      “..Yes, in a family some kids or one of the parents may get sick together, but not ALL….”

      I would point out that not everyone needs to get sick to show contagion… some people are healthier then others or have different immune systems or have been exposed to other diseases. Not everyones immune system is the same

      • Please take care to differentiate between contagion and contamination. The first is effectively a lie, taken in common parlance about ‘viruses’. The latter expresses the dissipation of toxins/poisons and is what occurred in Jenner’s work.
        Only by swallowing (!) the idea of a sub-microscopic pathogen, can one be suckered into contagion without lab-bench verification. Even electron microscopes, whose slide preparation goes well beyond sanity, does not show isolated ‘viruses’.
        This is not so with living diseases, such as cholera. These bacteria eject poisons that cause our illness, as well as feeding off of us that also causes cellular decay.
        It is also necessary to point out that our illness is our reaction to poisons, not the effect of the poison itself.
        Lastly, coronavirus translates as ‘crown poison’ or ‘crown venom’. If that doesn’t ring a bell, go back to sleep – everything’s fine.

  14. I had my thoughts as to wearing masks and face shields during the scamdemic. Eyes and ears are viral pathways into our internal biosphere . They were completely ignored as the deadliness of the virus was proclaimed.
    It may be time, and now appropriate, to wear these devices to protect us from this new threat. We can justify it by claiming adherence to the States ongoing narrative of the sars-covid threat. In such a state of fear wearing a face shield,ear coverlets and OSHA approved respirator in public will pass as normal.
    Who would be crazy enough to split viral hairs here? The TSA? HLS?Local badges?
    I need a volunteer. Who wants to try this out as an experiment? Laughing at tyrants.

    • Just wait: those face coverings will become outlawed because of the need to scan our every feature day in and day out. Lol. Maybe they will do that… who can tell with those types of people?

  15. What about using the advanced masks or parts of masks to alter or distort your face. Making facial recognition cameras see someone else? I’ve seen videos of intelligence agencies using these masks to make their agents appear to be different people or to impersonate someone else.

  16. To me the use of facial recognition cameras currently falls into two broad categories:
    a) Use in businesses/offices (stores, commercial, medical etc.)
    b) Use in the general public (parks, streets, etc.)

    I wanted to read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms more carefully to see if any of it could apply to these warrantless facial recognition cameras used in the general public.

    A few lines could possibly be used to argue our rights and freedoms are not being upheld:

    Legal Rights
    7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and
    the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles
    of fundamental justice. 8. Everyone has the right to be secure against
    unreasonable search …

    12. Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment

    Having cameras trained on everyone in public could be argued to be a breach of liberty.
    Cameras trained on everyone in public could also be argued to be unreasonable search.
    And finally, one could make an argument that the cameras are an ‘unusual treatment’
    and therefore we should not be subjected to them.

  17. I think it is worth mentioning that there are other ways to track people by their traits, the biggest being that every person has a unique gait and tools for tracking this have been publicly discussed for over a decade.

    I have seen other discussions about how every person has a unique musculoskeletal system, meaning that just seeing the motion of one’s fingers, wrist, head and neck movements, etc., can be used to identify someone.

    I fantasize that some day, there will be developers who discover their technologies are really hurting people, and one of them will gain a conscience and develop tools to counter the bad guys. For example, scraping the same data sets to identify officers bullying from behind masks and armor, then send this out to other devices to be discovered in the wild by randos with the “app” on their devices and the bad guys will, for the first time in history, be forced to face their neighbors with who they actually are.

    • Oh, I also wanted to mention that the enforcement of masks means only those with the more advanced tracking capabilities can utilize tracking, so they will want to promote such policies.

      Tangential, but likely others who want to promote masks that I rarely see discussed is those looking to discover dissidents. The earlier a dissident is discovered, the easier it will be to thwart their efforts by assigning greater resources toward making their lives more difficult. Even an ancient 480i black and white coax camera feed can be used to determine if someone is wearing a mask.

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