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Frequent Corbett Report guest Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance joins us once again to discuss the newly revised and updated website. We also talk about updates to Translate the Truth , the next installment of The Pyramid of Power series, updates to How to Opt Out of the Technocratic State, and the next edition of The Greater Reset Activation.

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The Conscious Resistance

The Activation Podcast

The Freedom Cell Solution with Derrick Broze (2016)

Freedom Cells and The Greater Reset – #SolutionsWatch

Translate the Truth – #SolutionsWatch

Translate the Truth Odysee channel

Nevermore Media (spanish translations)

Agorist Institute

The Pyramid of Power

Derrick Broze on Opting Out of Technocracy

How to Opt Out of the Technocratic State

Derrick Broze Updates us on the Underground Railroad

The Greater Reset


  1. I got to say I just abandoned the freedom cells website as there seemed to be almost constant changes that made the whole thing confusing. The worst one was when the forum function associated with cells was turned off by default, although the cell admin could turn it back on again most of the admins had abandoned their own cells so there was no way to get in touch with the other members.

    Ended up just using

    Much simpler concept, find a park near by and go and stand in it each Sunday morning. It has been a much more effective way for meeting people.

    • I joined the Freedom Cells at the beginning of 2020. Now I do not wish to associate with the group. I hope I’m wrong, but I smell something. I feel Derrick Broze and John Bush are the students of “Young Leaders” that Klaus Schwab cultivated. The way Derrick and John implement their agenda and control people’s conversations… I wouldn’t be surprised if they are controlled oppositions…. The Cabal has many plans to succeed their agenda… 100+ years in planning.

      • Probably a safe move. I consider any group that promotes the use of telegram or any other app to communicate that like telegram requires a government ID in order to use to be suspect.

  2. Oh! I loved this interview!
    Derrick Broze is like a long string of firecrackers with explosive actions happening all over the place.

  3. CaliGirlWonders

    You might as well argue quantum physics or theology with them since they do not make decisions based on logic and facts, but emotion and what the powerful say.

    You can not convince people with arguments that they do not understand or care about….its not like they make decisions based on germ theory anyway, as evidenced by video of people chasing after the maskless or having g their noses sticking over their masks.

  4. My experience with FreedomCells has been pretty positive. I have not tried out the new website yet but did use the old website. Although it wasn’t perfect, it allowed me to see (cell map) that the state and area within the state that I planned to move, had a Freedom Cell.

    I moved states about 6 months ago and was able to use to then connect with the Telegram group associated with a particular freedom cell. People are much more active on Telegram than the Freedom Cells website (at least more than the old website). I went to an in-person meetup within about a week of relocating to this new state. At that first meetup I met someone who shared about 5 or 6 different freedom-oriented Telegram groups in my region. These groups include people who formed their own groups independently of and unrelated to, and many who have never even heard of it.

    Essentially, I was able to connect to a broad range of groups in my area where people are laser-focused on building freedom. I have now been able to meet with those different groups and make friendships with some of those people. We meet regularly to work on projects to grow freedom, and just to hang out and have a good time around like-minded people.

    • Excellent Real Life Example …of a Solutions oriented approach.

  5. Just tried to access the freedomcell site and after setting up an account/logging in I kept getting 429 – too many error requests from either their firewall (DDOS) provider or from whatever back-end they’re using i.e. WordPress.

    This is quite disconcerting and as a software engineer myself I would like to offer my services to Derrick to help him fix the site up; as is, it is extremely slow and as I stated I couldn’t even use it for more than five minutes without getting errors, so I doubt someone less tech-savvy than myself will have an enjoyable time on the website.

    We need a responsive, beautiful and fast website if we want to attract normies to this notion of freedom cells 2.0, as if they have a bad experience with the website they may well write the idea off in its entirety. Perhaps even a mobile phone application for the freedom cell network, which I can of course help with. I believe it’s best if we can spread these ideas to the masses and if we have to use legacy technologies to make it happen so be it — the more the merrier I say.

    I’ll have to find a way to get in touch with Derrick about these issues and volunteering my time for help with this excellent idea.

  6. i respect dereks intention, but i personally found the site unusable. unless you use chrome or (un)humane browsers…the site loads painfully slow with many images blank. plus (again..with respect) its hard to connect with someone who fled the place so many bravely faced.

    i’m also not sure that (un)social media is the place to move forward with. its one of the things causing such a mental/emotional disconnect for so many people. richard grannon has covered this issue indepth.
    peace all, x

    • I also respect Derick’s intention but the realization falls far, far short of the hype of a new updated website.
      All new that I saw was a couple of drop downs and an agreement paragraph and checkbox.
      OK so after you redo all the profile then go to member map it asks for the exact same information, you just put in your profile, again! Hopeless.
      I’m in San Diego, Commiefornia: if I click on the map it shows exactly one cell in San Diego, yeah right…same if I do a member search On San Diego, all it shows is my location and yet when I was clicking around I saw that there were a few local groups but damned if I can find them again and they certainly don’t show in the map
      Also it takes no notice of my time zone, as I write it’s 11:30pm Sunday 10/2/22 but it shows 10/3/22 for the date.
      When I go the only active gro0up I find that all it is is folks asking to be included on telegram.. What a waste of my time and energy

  7. It is crucial for people to understand why we were brainwashed with the germ theory. As long as people believe in “germs” and are scared of it, the Cabal can push any narratives, such as “Mad Cow Disease,” “Bird Flu,” to get your farm animals exterminated. It is all about planned food shortages to kill all of us, “useless eaters.”

    • See the SUB-THREAD below…

  8. Is The Virus Real? SUB-THREAD

    On this SUB-THREAD are several Derrick Broze related references.

    Often in the past, Yohan Tengra had features at Derrick’s website.

    Del Bigtree has spoken at many events which also featured “No-Virus Pundits” as guest speakers. For example: In November 2021, the Weston A Price Foundation 21st Annual Conference was held in the Dallas Ft Worth area. Speakers included: Del Bigtree, Dr. David Brownstein, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Stephanie Seneff, Andrew Kaufman, and others. ~~WWW

    On the SUB-THREAD above is a reference to an Interview with Del Bigtree by Derrick Broze.
    Don’t miss this interview! …no matter what side of the aisle you are on.
    It really puts the VIRUS EXISTENCE issue in perspective.

    • Thanks for the recap. Its a very technical and complex topic which can create a very narrow focus of energy and intellect. Books by people more in germ theory are: Dissolving Illusions and Inventing AIDS. Both books provide insight into the broader topic of corruption by medical industry and its research arm.

      I think the topic has become divisive and very narrowly focused.

      I was listening to the audio book The Psychology of Totalitarianism and there was a cool part about science is also an art form and the observer is subjective. I think the germ/terrain debate exemplifies this.

  9. A useless time robbe”r website.
    If to be “apolitical” is a mantra forget it.
    A good measure to keep essential knowledge away, subscriber separated.
    The very least is to encourage understanding, discussion and search for ways to get out of our situation.

    Wonderful to aim and realize a niche to attempt survival but this is only a stopgap measure.

    I compare the site as walking on main street in a huge city; lots of people but nobody listening.

    I placed an article hoping to get some resonance but experienced a single responder with attitude of a “Blockwart” Lee to route out any inkling of helping to understand today’s issues.

    What is missing and this would be the best feature for this “people divider” setup is a big DELETE ACCT button…..go figure

    Sorry James not a good recommendation

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