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The National Citizens Inquiry is a citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative that is hearing testimony from Canadians and experts examining the nature, the legality and the effects of the Canadian governments’ COVID mandates and restrictions.  Today James talks to the volunteer-run inquiry’s volunteer communications director, Michelle Leduc Catlin, about the inquiry itself, what it is seeking to accomplish and how Canadians (and people around the world) can support it in its endeavours.

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National Citizens Inquiry homepage

Michelle Catlin’s blog (daily summaries and highlights)

Citizen-led inquiry into Canada’s pandemic response makes stop in Winnipeg

Preston Manning announces ‘citizen-led’ inquiry into Canada’s pandemic response

Brian Peckford on his decision not to participate

One on One with Michelle | Colleen Brandse | Vaccine Injured Nurse | National Citizens Inquiry



  1. Interesting conversation, I like that people have an opportunity to come together and share experiences, especially those who were hurt. The exercise of talking to someone who in your view is listening can be healing, talking from experience.

    Its sad that the operation itself is suspect. Like James notes the wording of the objective is well within the crisis paradigm. The guest’s response to the question on that was a proper political whirlwind which I paraphrased as “yes there was a crisis, it was crisis of humanity”. A good rhetorical ploy, but not convinving to me.

    • Spot on, not convincing at all. Not sure if their viewpoint is just statism or if there is something nefarious goong on.

    • Yes your take is valid, but lets not wait for the fix all, fits all or find no objection problem solver.
      Sure Preston Manning knows better, he should, but many of those participating are on a learning curve; dont frustrate those with comments as for the merits of the NCI.
      If there is a way out of what plagues our world, it has to be ubiquitous, universal and basic.

      I dropped “Propertarianism” as an Philosophy before to evaluate and enter into discussions.

      If we really want Solutions we need not only ideas and things to do but a solid foundation as an area to draw a circle as target.

      Curt Dolittle has created his work around many other thinkers before and contemporaries to him and should be noticed, understood and earnestly considered.

      The idea is simple and a Blogger with the credentials and linguistic skills as James demonstrates can help to elevate SolutionsWatch onto a higher level.

      lets hear…

      • My observation on the suspicious nature of the initiative, was just that an observation. I can see the value in the project but equally see how this can be used nefariously. Does stating that it can be nefarious dumpen its appeal? Probably, but that’s how warnings work. The message is “use with care”, not “do not use”.

    • Links to the testimonies are a great way, particularly if the Candidate’s promoter/celebrity speaker is from the same ethnic and language community. Some Celebrity Speakers may promote several Candidates while declaring themselves neutral, often because they have limited knowledge of local and global politics, political structure and affiliations, the party-platforms etc. Besides, it takes time, awareness, language abilities, etc. to sift though the info wars and they may be oblivious to the damage they are causing. On the other hand, the voters may do ‘Block Voting’, because the candidate is from their neighborhood and can resolve personal or community issues or they may enjoy the fanfare during elections, ignoring the forest for the trees without understanding Global Agendas including Digital ID, Vax Passports, CBDC, etc. Thnx to the past three years, I can see the irrelevance of voting in the land of Lilliput and Brobdingnag, among others. How else can I understand why some cannot see the obvious ‘within plain sight?’

    • The only crisis was the one caused by government officials, Big Pharma, and the media.

    • minx says:
      “…I like that people have an opportunity to come together and share experiences, especially those who were hurt.
      The exercise of talking to someone who in your view is listening can be healing….”

      Your point should be highlighted, because it has paramount strength and importance.

  2. New subscriber, just testing comments

  3. This was very moving indeed. If the wives of two of my friends from school were to provide testimony to that inquiry I imagine it would end up sounding very similar to the story of the first lady in the video clip above.

    Part of me would like to ‘encourage’ my entire family to watch all the content recorded in this inquiry (especially the testimony from those maimed and/or those who have lost someone or had someone close to them maimed by the injections) clockwork orange style.

    Well, so much for my “non-aggression principle” voluntaryist aspirations, it seems I still have some statist in me.. well, no-one is perfect, perhaps in time I can do some inner work and let go of my want to use violent coercion to force people to see the harm their compliance with tyranny has caused (and continues to cause) others..

    I mean, from the ones I know that went full tilt injection fanatic / double mask mode, I highly doubt they would sit down of their own free will and be exposed to the content shared above. It seems to me that clearly, (IMO) if they were watching these people share their stories, the majority of those watching would be reached at a heart level, their conscience would override their denial, their callous conformity to herd mentality and their compulsion to “fit in” and they would find themselves feeling regret, and perhaps, seeking to make amends with those close to them.

    It is fascinating for me to think about that extreme hypothetical though (if I were to strap down, strait jacket and mechanically force open the eye lids of the people in my life that joined ‘the covidian cult’, turned on me, betrayed their own stated convictions, morality and just generally chose a cowards path under the pressure of a massive global psychological warfare operation) it seems to me that this would equate (at least hypothetically, as I am now contemplating it) to those people just choosing to actually honestly assess their actions, of their own free will and apologize for treating me like subhuman scum (because I did not want to inject myself with the genetic concoctions of career criminals). I really do wish they would just apologize though, any form of acknowledgment that they see what they did was wrong would be enough… but, from what I have seen lately, I am likely hoping for that (a genuine, heartfelt, honest apology) which will never happen.

    How many of you reading this would like to ‘clock work orange’ someone in your life into watching the inquiry material linked above? Do you think that it would be wrong to do so?

    • It would be wrong. You can bring the horse to water, but can not make it drink.

      The problem is that fear is delivered a lot easier than truth. Truth delivery has to be custom tailored to increase the chance of getting through. That is why many voices are needed.

      When truth will be coming from as many direction as the lies the battle for the mind will be won.

      • @mkey

        I came to the same conclusion so I appreciate the affirmation.

        In the end, perhaps the battle (and war) for some minds is already over, and no quantity nor multi-directional sourcing of truth will make any difference.

        Perhaps some people chose on a soul level (before they came here) to walk the path of a coward, an authoritarian boot licker, a totalitarian government/plutocracy emboldened (mob mentality psyop) enabled bully and/or a wishy washy fence sitter that waited too long and found them selves falling off the high fence and missing their opportunity to take a stand?

        Perhaps they came here to walk one or more of those pathways intentionally, to carry that shame and pain with them, providing their spiritual being an opportunity to learn from such experiences?

        Or perhaps, they can be reached and we just need a critical mass.. who knows.. either way as you say, I cannot ‘lead them to water’ (and I am certainly not going to try and ‘intravenously feed it to them’) so i`ll just keep doing me (being true to myself and doing my best to honor the gift that is life in my actions) and time will tell regarding the wayward masses.

        Thanks for the comment my friend.

        • “How many of you reading this would like to ‘clock work orange’ someone in your life into watching the inquiry material linked above? Do you think that it would be wrong to do so?”

          I’m glad that you came to the conclusion that forcing people to “drink” would be wrong. That aligns with what you’ve said about the hypocrites, such as Constantine, throughout history that attempted to force Christian conversion on others.
          But at the same time I sympathize with your desire that those who you care about might be enlightened by truth.

          This passage in the Bible was used to justify forced conversion.

          Luke 14:23
          “And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

          From Elliot’s commentary:

          Compel them to come in.–It would have seemed all but incredible, had it not been too painfully and conspicuously true, that men could have seen in these words a sanction to the employment of force and pains and penalties as means of converting men to the faith of Christ. To us it seems almost a truism to say that such means may produce proselytes and hypocrites, but cannot possibly produce converts. There is, of course, something that answers to this “compulsion” in the work of Christian preachers, but the weapons of their warfare are not carnal (2 Corinthians 10:4), and the constraint which they bring to bear on men is that of “the love of Christ”

          “Or perhaps, they can be reached and we just need a critical mass.. who knows.. either way as you say, I cannot ‘lead them to water’ (and I am certainly not going to try and ‘intravenously feed it to them’) so i`ll just keep doing me (being true to myself and doing my best to honor the gift that is life in my actions) and time will tell regarding the wayward masses”

          You can lead them to the water of truth. I believe that you’re obligated to if you truly care about them. But you can’t and shouldn’t attempt to force them to drink (accept) it.

        • My position is that the vast majority can not be saved. Some of those who can’t maybe can save themselves.

    • I have a couple work acquaintances who could use some forced viewing clockwork orange style, but I don’t think it’s ethical (actually carrying it out). I wouldn’t like forced “re education” or whatever one wants to call it, so I wouldn’t feel right about doing this to someone else. Unless they had physically assaulted me. In that case they might get more than forced viewing.

      People who went along with this witch hunt are the types that would go along with school yard bullying and that reveals weakness and lacking in character. I’m fortunate that I have not had family treat me this way but if they had I’m not sure I could maintain a relationship unless there were some type of conversation going forward.

      Someone being a blood relative in an of itself does not mean I am obliged to have a relationship with them. There are plenty of family I don’t associate with because we aren’t on the same page in many different ways. It doesn’t mean that I hate them or wish them ill will, but my energy is used for my own improvement and cultivating relationships with people who are more worthy of my time. There’s only so much time, so I’m not going to waste it hanging around a jerk unless I’m at work or in another non voluntary setting.

      Forgiving people for behaving poorly does not mean that they become friends and the relationship will be as it was before. It just means that the anger and resentment has dissipated, not that they get a pass to disrespect and treat me poorly or that I have forgotten what happened.

      I do believe in “karma” or that what goes around comes around to an extent and not in a predictable fashion. So if I stoop to someones level without a good reason, I become just as much of a slime bag as the other party and I open myself to negative consequences. Maybe it’s an ego thing who knows but I take pride in not crossing certain ethical boundaries unless certain conditions would be met.

      I also think that forcing people to do certain things has the exact opposite effect and can reinforce the old behavior.

      Speaking of clockwork orange though, I’ll have to re-watch it. When I watched it a long time ago, I found it very disturbing.

      • @cu.h.j

        I don’t think it (forcing someone to see something) is ethical either. Thanks for the affirmation.

        I would never entertain actually putting such a thought into action, though perhaps my just having the thought shows that I have a lot of work to do inwardly if I want to truly embody the essence of the way of a satyagrahi and/or voluntaryist? I suppose what I am asking is, can one accurately describe themselves walking the path of aligning with truth, natural law, choosing to non-violently resist unjust empires and living by the non-aggression principle if they are still having thoughts that involve violent coercion?

        I am a strong believer that each thought we allow to linger in our mind (and especially the ones we dwell on and feed energy into) creates a field of energy (a modulated electromagnetic field) which extends outside of the body and has a measurable and significant influence on those we share this world with. The disturbing thought of contemplating the implications of a hypothetical where I would clockwork orange style force people who betrayed me and behaved like obedient ‘sieg heiling’ fascists into watching the above content was a fleeting thought, but still, if thoughts have an influence on reality and our fellow beings, perhaps entertaining the thought of that hypothetical (in and of itself) carries with it a “karmic cost” that I will have to pay at some later time? Whether or not it does, weeding the garden that is my mind is something I will continue to endeavor to do (or perhaps more specifically, planting the seeds for that which I do want to flourish there instead of ‘mind weeds’ so that the things I cultivate there outcompete the “weeds” until a time when that which is beautiful, life affirming and nourishing dominates the landscape of my heart and mind, self seeding and propagating new seeds, permanently, like a food forest).


        • I think passing thoughts of violence are normal to be honest. They are a sign of unharnessed energy. Anger is actually normal and useful.

          I’ve done some brave things when I’ve been angry. I’ve gotten things done, said things to people that needed to be said. It’s just that I wish that I didn’t need to be angry before doing them because sometimes I can overreact a bit and really let someone have it (verbally).

          There is a big difference between thoughts and real world action IMO. Some people actually deserve pain and suffering for what they have done. Such as the serial killer John Wayne Gacey and Ted Bundy and people like that who are sadistic psychopaths. There’s nothing abnormal about hating people like that and wishing they would die in pain, especially if you are the family of any victims. I’d be concerned if someone didn’t have hateful thoughts about people who do evil things.

          The problem is letting these emotions fester and create negativity in the mind and energy of the thinker.

          With lame family members even if they are down right nasty people, having bad thoughts about them is kind of normal. But dwelling on it is unhealthy. If I was angry enough at someone that they entered my mind often, I would have to say something to them and tell them how I felt or not speak to them again or let it go realizing that the person is not going to change.

          I think that the non aggressive principal applies to physical interactions not mental ones.

          And I do think some people do have strong psychic energy and have felt a type of psychic attack. I think moving energy psychically involves more than just thoughts though. Like guided imagery and astral projection type stuff. Some people don’t believe in that kind of stuff and I’m really can’t prove that it does anything.

          I would much rather use my psychic energy for positive endeavors though and if I’m pissed off enough at someone prefer to interact physically starting with a conversation.

          I haven’t practiced astral projection or moving my energy that much so I’m not very good at it.

          My husband used to study Aikido and there were a few practitioners that were very very skilled at this kind of thing. So I believe in energy fields because I’ve seen it demonstrated. A tiny little lady throwing a large man to the floor. She used his energy against him. It was incredible actually.

          • cu.h.j

            “….My husband used to study Aikido and there were a few practitioners that were very very skilled at this kind of thing. So I believe in energy fields because I’ve seen it demonstrated. A tiny little lady throwing a large man to the floor. She used his energy against him. It was incredible actually…..”

            I knew an Aikido guy, he could quite easily used to toss me around but there is no actual mystical force in it, just a knowledge of leverage and body mechanics.

            The image of energy flowing is used, i think, to ensure that the practitioners body is in position and keeping the chain of motion correct. Also If you can drop your body weight into a blow properly even a small person will deliver lots of force.

            One fun trick he showed me was making someone hold out their arm stright as he pulled it down….they could usually resist quite well until he got them to turn their head slightly and the power went out of them. Its the same if you bend someones spine sideways while they wrestle on the ground- I had a guy do that to me and it felt like he’d gotten super strength until he showed me the trick.

      • (continued from above..)

        sorry about the huge delay between comment sections, one of our cats decided to jump on the internet router and press a bunch of buttons..

        I agree with your comment about those that went along with the witch hunt and school yard bullies (and ‘bully cheerleaders’ and/or ‘silent bullying spectators’).

        School yard bullies did not know what to do with me, I did not fit into any pre-established boxes nor cliques. I was an astrophysics, botany and geology nerd (that loved camping in the wilderness) and also knew jujitsu. The established pecking order (and highschool social hierarchical programming in the minds of those that adhered to it) led to many macho jocks and sadistic domineering tough guys attempting to take a swing at me. When (in average, overall, but not without them landing the occasional successful 5 spiky ring fisted sucker punch) their physical attacks failed and backfired, they began resorting to more stealthy and duplicitous attacks. Some cut my brakes, slashed my tires, some tried to stab me with a literal knife when I was not looking, some loosened the bolts on my ski bindings (the equivalent of cutting brakes but on the ski hill) others broke into my home when I was away on vacation and stole things. In the end I chose to take my exams early and got out of there a year early. I guess that was kind of running away in a sense, but the school was a real cesspool of violence, drugs and abuse of other sorts so I felt it was the most wise course of action. At least I never gave in, conformed, nor capitulated to their attempts to break me and force me to fall in line.

        In the years since then, I chose to see those experiences (looking back on them) as an opportunity to increase my appreciation for the opposite of what those people chose to express to me (the opposite being, kindness, tolerance, love, patience, gentleness, open mindedness and peacefulness). Bullies offered me the chance to know the value of cultivating the opposite of their choices within my self, perhaps that is why I felt so drawn to the garden, which requires patience, gentleness and love.

        I suppose now my task is to apply that same ‘alchemical process’ of transmuting the experiences of being betrayed, bullied and ostracized by those related to me by blood in the past 3 years into an appreciation for (and ability to cultivate/propagate) that which represents the opposite of those things within my self and my own life/interactions with others. It is a tall order, but I sense that I did not come here to live this life on Earth to “kick back, take it easy and have a vacation” but rather, to embrace opportunities for spiritual growth and unfold my ability to co-create a more beautiful world with my fellow beings, so I think it is about time I stopped feeling sorry for my self and get to transmuting… (thanks for invoking this realization in me through your comment).


      • (continued from above..)

        Based on what little I do remember of the film, I do not suggest re-watching clockwork orange. I think it was indeed quite disturbing (though I do not remember many details aside form the creepy “re-education” scene with the forced open eye lids).

        I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, your candid remarks, anecdotes and insightful perspectives and I hope you have a pleasant evening.

        May your conscious choices to not stoop to the level of the slime balls and bullies add large stacks of spiritual currency to your ‘karmic savings’ account, rewarding you with many joyful, fulfilling, beautiful, peaceful and inspiring moments in this life and beyond. 🙂

        • Thanks! Who knows if there is such a “savings account” but if there’s not something to it, I have been very very lucky in my life.

          I’ve had a lot of near misses and good things happen in just the right moment that I wonder if someone or some force of nature has blessed me.

          That’s another thing I try to remember when I have been hurt by stupid people, is that my life has actually been pretty good and I’m pretty lucky to be healthy and relatively comfortable and have good friends and stuff like that. So small slights from morons really shouldn’t impact me that much. I’ll save my energy for something really important.

  4. I have kept my own counsel on the CoVID / Vax topic these last years. Its probably time to let my hair down (or what I have left of it).

    That which seems obvious is that, especially in the USA, but also in many other places, two major things were happening. The first is as JC has been commenting, the bio-security-state. Never let a good crisis go to waste etc.. I personally think some of the best research on origins has been done by Ron Unz. I believe that CoVID was a product of US bio-warfare and released in Wuhan before the Chinese new year (or whatever celebration it is) to maximize spread. It was an economic attack on China (and Iran). Unsurprisingly it got out of hand. As to how closely tied to this big Pharma was, I dunno. But they certainly managed to exploit it, especially in the US/Canada/Australia/New Zealand and Europe.

    The second thread is the “weaponizing” of social pressure, which I think is nothing new when one reflects on pressure to sign up for war. But I don’t think we’ve seen this in use for an experimental vaccine before. The roots go back to Edward Bernays and the use of psychology to influence and control behaviour.

    The thing I like about this Canadian NCI effort is that it has been set up intelligently and that they understand that they are not sure where its going to lead. They know that this depends on involvement, and that what they are doing is establishing a conversation. I wish them all the best.

    As for why medical staff are largely being silent on this, there are three words which inform on that, Class Action Lawsuit.

    One of the great things about the NCI is that it is providing opportunity for people to speak their truth. My father died recently and I discovered how important it is to be able to speak of one’s inner turmoil and pain. There is a corollary to this: one learns how important it is to offer one’s ear and support to others in need. Even if “nothing” comes of the NCI, it will have given people who have suffered the opportunity to speak and be heard, and hopefully to connect with others who have experienced similar suffering, to bond, to share, to process and hopefully to grow and heal. Indeed, the creation of these lasting, compassionate self-organising support groups may well be more important than anything else which comes from the efforts of those involved in the NCI.

    I wish the NCI and those who participate in it all the best.

  5. I haven’t watched this video yet, so pardon me if the answer to my question is there (I will watch it later, no time now): why, James, are you talking about an inquiry that will have no legal consequences, but ignore the current lawsuit that could actually bring about change? Why not have someone from the Canadian Constitution Foundation in a SolutionsWatch episode? What am I missing here?

  6. [SNIP – no bare URLs in the comments section. Please repost the link with a title and an explanation of why people should be clicking on it. -JC]

  7. Its a shame they’ve required a doctors note to confirm diagnosis. There will literally be 10s of thousands of vaxx injuries that are not recognized by the medical system. MAJOR FLAW in their process. Nothing like making the unheard feel even more invalidated.

  8. Before meaningful change can come we need to re-humanize society and melt the hardened shells of bitterness and hatred that we have erected to protect ourselves from more hurt. Truly listening to others, allowing them to speak uninterrupted by our own ideas and prejudices, has a magical effect on both the speaker and the listener. Agreement on all points is not likely or necessary, but a respect for the other person’s rights is, and it must be genuine and deep enough to disable conflict.

    The beauty of the NCI is that it is beginning a shift in the right direction towards listening, caring, respecting others as deeply as we respect ourselves. Once we re-learn how to do this, real solutions to our other problems may become possible. Until then we will just continue to fling empty words and self-righteous intolerance at one another.

  9. We voluntarists get the full meaning of “War is the health of the state”. Others, mostly quasi-socialists/collectivist, not so much. They still would defend some wars, e.g., by the party they like, but condemn wars of foreigners. I used to think “The American Revoluntary War” was justified as defensive and absolutely necessary. Gene Sharp set me straight, showing how non-violent resistance was quicker, more effective, without the death/destruction. Moreover, it teaches posterity by example. That is more powerful than rhetoric, however reasonable.
    Abominable Abe Lincoln the most un-American POTUS, won his war but lost the South afterward to non-violent resistance.

    • Voluntaryist

      “… non-violent resistance was quicker, more effective, without the death/destruction. …”

      No violent resistance is VERY effective against certain enemies but not all of them…. if the American Indians had been non-violent they just would have gotten exterminated faster.

      Non-Violent resistance will become less and less useful, IMO, as society returns to its pre-Christian morality and as rulers no longer need so many “useless eaters” to do the actual work.

    • Non violence can be better in certain situations for sure and should be used prior to violent interaction. However everyone has a natural right to defend themselves and if they act violently in response to violence or grossly intolerable behavior I believe that is ethical.

      Some people will be deterred by violence or the threat of violence. I think tactical non violence is a very good tool and also that violence might be the only valid option in certain situations. I’m not going to let an intruder break into my home and kill me. This is why citizens must be armed because (or have some means of self defense) there are violent people and probably always will be.

      But violence should be a last resort and is sometimes detrimental to ones objectives. I suppose what I’m getting at is that it’s not a black and white issue with one size fits all solution. It really depends on the context of the situation.

  10. Imagine if the murky untruths within virology were known mainstream. Imagine if highly respected researchers with impeccable records like James and Whitney Webb helped make this a reality instead of peculiarly ignoring it wholesale. Imagine if the notion of a pandemic treaty was ridiculous cause it was common knowledge that contagion due to viruses has never been substantiated. What a #solutionswatch #QFC that would be. No? Nothing?? Crickets.
    O well, better to pull out the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff and argue for crumbs at the lawmaker’s table I guess.
    James, surely the case of Martin Haberland that was just thrown out of court yesterday is at least worthy of some form of coverage? “not unmitigated good news in New World Next Week”? Or can we not afford to go there cause that would illicit some response on the topic?

    • I do believe James already answered this question and the answer was C. I could not for the life of me point you to a source, however. It was one of those walk and talk videos, if I remember correctly.

  11. James – It occurred to me if these psychos can form their own unelected bodies, we can create global antibodies:

    Universal Public Yoeman’s Organization United Rejecting Scamdemics (UPYOURS)

    First order of business: Individuals from any country on earth are invited to sign an official document registering themselves as an independent nation.

    Second: Vote by newly formed nations to quarantine key members (i.e., decision makers) of – the World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, Bank of International Settlements, NATO, Federal Reserve, World Bank, GAVI, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, major pharmaceutical companies, SEC, global defense contractors, and anyone deemed by the People’s Nations United to be a threat to humanity.

    Third: Formation of Hackers Against Tyrannic Sociopaths Officially Finagling Finances (HATSOFF) to hack all gold reserve accounts, transferring assets to public quadruple fire-walled account.

    Four: Transfer of previous corporate strawman IDs to common law real person natural identities.

    Five: Rejection of all federal, state, local agencies claiming lawful compliance to unlawful regulations no longer applicable to free real person natural law individuals.

    Six: Establishment of national currency backed by gold recently acquired from hacked reserves.

    Seven: Formation of local, regional health centers embracing naturopathy, homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, and numerous other allopathic alternatives financed by recently hacked gold reserve accounts.

    Eight: No prohibition of any plant, whether for use as an entheogen, curative agent, or simply curious experimentation. Abuse/overindulgence discouraged. Educational material on psychoactive fungi/plants, benefits and dangers, widely distributed in every community.

    Nine: Establishment of neighborhood protective services with classes offering numerous martial arts disciplines, first aid, construction/use of homemade drones, and responsible use of various firearms for defensive purposes.

    Ten: National/Regional/Local homeschooling networks supported by colorful, imaginative gold backed paper currency designed by winners of national art competition.

    All quarantined former pretended global decision makers housed on several pacific atolls previously used for nuclear testing. Basic housing, exercise yard, nutritional needs financed by hacked gold reserve accounts now administered by Cistercian nuns in Wisconsin.

    Of course, no one solution fits all. But it’s a start.

    • Sounds like a good start and makes more sense than pretty much anything available in the media during the past 30 years.

  12. This is an empowering exercise, and the end product might almost be less relevant than we would imagine. Having a legitimate looking, media-familiar platform where testomonies of everyday people are validated is more powerful than it may seem.

    In Commmunity Organising one of the most powerful things to do is to tell personal stories, we are humans and ultimately we mostly tend to emphathise. “It changed my heart” is important, because statistics don’t convince emotionally manipulated / deadened people, but talking about the injuries or death of your loved ones does, everyday people do not use their loved ones to politic, infact most everyday people don’t politicise much, at least not in much depth.

    I imagine it will be a beautiful pandoras box of unravelling truth, which will become impossible to dismiss or undermine for much longer, as the numbers will mount. This is how community organising works, people realise that collectively they have each others backs, as an individual you can be bullied, fobbed off, picked on.

    I did wonder if Canada, as well as other Common Wealth countries, have Common Law as we do in the UK, that this format of trial could use as a basis for their law? Besides law is whatever is believed by the majority, there comes a point where any corrupt law court cannot hold a burgeoning crowd demanding real justice.

    Thank you for this story as it is inspiring, I have faith that ordinary people like us can do incredible things, sometimes without even realising we are doing it.

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