How to Get Around the Digital Iron Curtain – #SolutionsWatch

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As the battle lines are drawn in the new cold war, a digital iron curtain is descending across the internet. Governments are increasingly cracking down on the net and attempting to limit what websites you can access. Today James walks you through some basic steps you can take to draw back the curtain and peek at the information that the censors don’t want you to see.

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EU bans RT, Sputnik over Ukraine disinformation

Russia blocks access to Facebook and Twitter

Russia blocks Instagram over ‘death to invaders’ posting rule; files criminal case against Meta

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How to Find Deleted Videos – Questions For Corbett #081

Censorship: Rejecting a One-Sided Argument

Putin meets ‘old friend’ Kissinger visiting Russia

Episode 416 – SHOCKING Document Reveals Trudeau’s REAL Plan!

Speeding Up Evolution | Putin calls for transforming Russia into digital, AI tech

Sputnik V: What you’re not being told

Russia’s Gamaleya Research, UK-Swedish Astrazeneca Sign Memorandum of Cooperation in COVID-19 Fight

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  1. Brave browser, Chromium based, no longer allows the RT extension from Google Play. I needed to migrate to LibreWolf. I won’t use DRM so I still need to use Brave for Widevine. is completely blocked this morning. Odysee is the only way to access RT.

    • Browser:
      Iceraven firefox

      Video search 70+ sites for audio & video:

      Instead of youtube use(its like embedded proxy for youtube)

      You can play the videos like a podcast audio only so you can close the screen. Should help bypass blocking.

      “IncogTube is a collaborative project between IncogNET and I2P Plus. At its core you’ll find the open source Invidious code, with enhancements to performance, graphics and design and overall stability completed by dr|z3d of the I2P+ project. All media is made available through the clearnet, I2P, Tor, and Yggdrasil networks and proxied through the Netherlands courtesy of youtube use:

      IncogNET who provides the hosting.
      Information regarding privacy and the data stored when you use the service is outlined here.

      IncogTube is based on Invidious, licensed under the AGPL v3, and contains various Javascript components with separate licenses
      We maintain our own fork with various customizations at Github.”

      • Seems like an app for smart phones. I don’t do those.

  2. Video on setting up proxy chains…. kinda like a self made VPN to route your internet thru other places.
    Do NOT trust proxies or free VPNs with passwords for banking and stuff line that….also don’t trust them to protect you if your doing illegal stuff or fed posting.

    Protonmail offers a free VPN service that was ok.

    Note that if you have a BROWSER add on to set your VPN country you will probably still be showing your ACTUAL ip address if you do stuff outside the browser(that’s actually a lot of stuff) ….you can make the VPN wrap all outgoing traffic but i would never do that except inside a virtual machine becausethe VPN software has a lot of privelidges to do thst.
    SETTING UP and installing a free OS Virtual box on win 10 (you will need to install the guest editions CD to use shared folders w host)

  3. YouTube has banned me for some reason. I have no idea why. Embedded YouTubes can’t be viewed. Gets an error message every time,

    “An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: 7WJBv-95ykBVnbF2)
    Learn More”

    You don’t learn anything more by going to Learn More. Useless to waste time on this. Their instructions don’t work. I know why they’re doing it. Because I’m a thought criminal for doing my own thinking so they don’t like me.

    I just copy the video URL by right clicking my mouse on the screen and go to DuckDuckGo and paste it in the address bar. It works every time.

    But it’s annoying.

  4. I really appreciate these Corbett walk-throughs on #SolutionsWatch.
    I always pick up something.
    While it may bore some folks, I like it when Corbett reviews some previous tidbits. It is easy to “forget” or overlook a tool which was mentioned many months ago.

    I compare it to rummaging through the tool and hardware bins in my garage.
    I often come across a tool or piece of hardware which I had forgotten about.

  5. And it was here in the Corbett Report comment section, lucky yous, that I announced two weeks or more ago that 2022 would be The Year of The Sad Little Man.
    Looks like I’m some kinda influencer or something, ’cause five times august just published this new song, entitled, “Sad Little Man”.


    Here’s one for the woman behind the scenes here. A poem from famous Japanese poet Akiko Yosano:
    “The Day The Mountains Move”, 1911:
    ” The day the mountains move has come.
    I speak, but no one believes me.
    For a time the mountains have been asleep.
    But long ago they danced with fire.
    It doesn’t matter if you believe this,
    My friends,as long as you believe:
    All the sleeping women
    Are now awake and moving.”

    • Openlens,
      You must not read replies to your comments nor research.
      Sad Little Man has been out for awhile (late Novemember 2021).

      Brad Skistimas of Five Times August and that song has been mentioned repeatedly in the past in the Corbett comment section.

      Here is your 3/13/2022 post where you declare “declare 2022 The Year of The Sad Little Man.”
      And my reply with more information about Brad Skistimas of Five Times August.


    More than 71% of the people on earth live under ten dollars a day.

    Should they buy crypto with five cents they may have?

    Crypto is a psyop and is aimed at the libertarian mind that thinks it can free itself from bondage through personal choices.

    Sorry. No personal solutions to social problems and no national solutions to global problems.

    Money is not the problem, it is the way we organize production, who owns it, who controls it and who benefits from it.

    Crypto is for people with extra money who look for value. Like rich people who buy gems,art,etc.

    Tell me how crypto is going to help me making ten dollars an hour in the US with prices going through the roof and not enough money to pay rent or eat?

    It is an economic conundrum for the upper middle class who are looking not to be creamed.

    Don’t change currency, change life.

    • Weilunion

      “…Sorry. No personal solutions to social problems and no national solutions to global problems….”

      That is 100% the kind of thinking that the global control grid desires.

      “….Money is not the problem, it is the way we organize production, who owns it, who controls it and who benefits from it….”

      Money is the problem because it allows a small minority of mainly Jewish bankers to create money value which they buy actual things with…. that kind of money IS 100% the problem.
      It facilitates theft of actual things by people who print this fake money THEY control production and distribution thru this….. they will create a system to control production and distribution and it will benefit THEM because such systems always will drag such malevolent people into leadership.

      “….Tell me how crypto is going to help me making ten dollars an hour in the US with prices going through the roof and not enough money to pay rent or eat?…”

      Its not, only shutting the flood off cheap immigrant labor will help poor people in the US. That is not going to happen so honestly poor people will either end up in serfdom or they had better find a way to gather some kind of assets. I think serfdom is what most will choose as long as they are feed enough carbs ,Netflix and porn

      • “Jewish bankers”

        You would do well by joining one of the many ehtnic fascist organizations in the US. There is a new party I am told, sure it has the same dogged old ideas, Protocol of Elders, hatred for Jews, but they are gaining ground.

        Think about it. Your God and country need you

        • Weilunion
          “….You would do well by joining one of the many ehtnic fascist organizations in th…”

          Just checking…. you DONT think the banking industry is super majority run by Jewish people?????

          You DON’T think that Jewish bankers funded the bolshevik revolution????

          You DON’T think that the past 20 years of mid east war have been to benefit isreal?????

          You DON’T THINK that the people who bought up the Soviet Unions assets after collapse and became Oligarchs were heavy on the Jewish side????

          Do you have an actual argument or not? Because I can argue all those things with facts ….oh and what % of Biden and Trumps people were Jewish vs 1 or 2 % of the population they are

          • “Do you have an actual argument or not? Because I can argue all those things with facts ….oh and what % of Biden and Trumps people were Jewish vs 1 or 2 % of the population they are”

            How sad. You must not work to spend so much time embroiled in hating and counting Jews. do you make lists? Always interested in the anti-Semetic mind.

            Here is my position, quite old actually but it should fit you; oh, it may be a bit long in the cuffs but it will do.

            This was the opinion of Jean Meslier, the 17th century French philosopher, an atheist in a priest’s skirt (1)

            In the preface to his famous “Memoir of Thoughts and Sentiments”, he wrote that he had recently encountered a man who “was not a student, but who evidently possessed sufficient enough common sense to recognise and condemn the abominable abuses,” for he had said that:

            “all the great men of the earth should be killed, should be strangled with the intestines of priests and hanged by the neck…”

            Meslier adds:

            “This way of speaking certainly seems harsh, rude and offensive, but it must be admitted that it is frank and open. Frank, succinct and impressive.”


            I would agree. So Jew or Mormon, Catholic or Evangelical, they are engaged in the biggest conspiracy of them all: religion. A fools errand.

            You can reply to my posts, free will, but never expect me to answer you again.

            I detest anti Semitism and the questions are always the same and have been debunked so many times you should ask David Duke or the Azov battallion

            • Weilunion

              You said exactly nothing.

              You did not address any of my statements of fact…. all you did was say the magic word “antisemitism” which absolves you from the need to think….. I think perhaps YOU are the one engaging in magical thinking.

              The lol thing is that even if the bankers were NOT ethnic Jews you STILL did not address my real statement that it is the monetary system they have created that is the core of their control system

    • Tell me how crypto is going to help me making ten dollars an hour in the US with prices going through the roof and not enough money to pay rent or eat?

      How is ten dollars going to help you make ten dollars?

      • And you just proved the point. It is not and it cannot change the way we live and produce and reproduce ourselves.

        The hyperinflation in Germany after WWI could not have been solved by a currency fix or new money transfusion.

        The problem, then and as today, is within the systemic framework of last stage of monopoly capitalism and thus is sick, and people can print their own money, use it with friends and family perhaps, but it won’t work.

        Again, there are no individual solutions to systemic social problems.

        As long as a handful of humans control the entire system you can use toilet paper and they still win.

        The problem is not the money,the problem is the system that proposes to give legitimacy to it.

        So I say to those, barrel on buying a new form of what is shopped to you.

        But if we do not change how we organize production and reproduction, it will be a different suit for the same occasion.

        Change money if you want or able, but change life itself if you really want to be free.

        • I don’t think it was even theoretically the intention of introduction of digital “money” to create a market or enhance production, but to provide distributed, decentralised means of exchange. One that, just as it happens, can be completely taken over and subverted. A mere coincidence, I’m sure.

          To that extent, I find your above quoted question to be misleading and loaded. The influx of non government controlled currency is meant to prevent an already existing market to become bogged down, in conditions where both the willing buyers are competent producers exist, due to insufficient availability of means of exchange. Like during a credit crunch, enabled squarely by the centralised nature of “money” creation.

          • Yes, money is the universal form of exchange. We just happen to live in a petrol dollar world that is coming to an end.

            And yes, the digital currency will be centralized as production is and thus has limited protection from devaluation.

            You state:

            “…non government controlled currency is meant to prevent an already existing market to become bogged down, in conditions where both the willing buyers are competent producers exist.”

            and that is the point again: willing buyers have to have money and we have swaths, millions of people without money. Digital currency doesn’t solve this. And ‘willing buyers’ always has to be understood in terms of advertising,another point.

            People are broke. they cannot buy food let alone bitcoin

            There are no coincidences under capitalism when it comes to valuation and control.

            As to my above quoted question, I didn’t have one and that is why you do not see one.

            Those who control the means of production control the money supply. This is obvious. And they control the military needed to protect it. And that is what is so scary that they will use it to protect their own interests and then tell the people their interest is with the landlord and bosses class.

            Always the same.

            The difference now is that soon there will be new exchange systems that will affect the value of the dollar. It will not crash it or render it useless or valueless, but it will severely devalue it and with inflation the situation is worse.

        • “.. eople can print their own money, use it with friends and family perhaps, but it won’t work… ”

          Why not?
          People who have a community can do exactly that and it works just fine.

          The issue is that people do not form communities as much because the structures have been systematically attacked and undermined.

          ALL solutions flow from the person, family , community and out to the world. They are ALL local

  7. As an aside:

    February 22,2023 Ukraine and Iron Curtain

    The term “Iron Curtain,” generally believed to have been minted by Winston Churchill in a famous address he gave in Missouri, was actually purloined from a propaganda address given by Hitler finance minister Lutz Schwerin von Krosigk during the twilight days of the Third Reich.

    You see it being used by Ukrainian fascists once again.

    Operation Werewolf
    The phrase “Better Than Dead” also originated from radio broadcasts in the twilight days of the Third Reich.
    The Werewolves were a guerilla network composed primarily of Hitler Youth and the League of German Maidens. Their combat role in the closing days of the war was minimal, however the propaganda and psychological warfare impact was considerable.

    • That’s pretty interesting, thanks

    • They hated Jews too. You’d be right at home with them

      • YEs…that makes anyfact I say no longer matter because…uhh…because…. because racism….. facts and history do no matter do they?

        You are a tool of your oppressor and don’t even know it

        • You are a racist even though being Jewish is not supposed to be a racial issue. Just as being antiwar or pro freedom aren’t be matters of race, but they are.

          The planet is turning fast into a bully similator. Nelson’s* of the world are rising to power.

          * the bully from Simpsons

          • Mikey

            I do not rely care if someone calls me a racist, it’s a cheap rhetorical trick used by lazy and stupid people to control cowardly people who conform to social programming.

            I would really like someone to show me that I am wrong and Jews are NOT
            Actually running the US and UK foreign policy for Israeli and NOT domestic benefit….I would love someone to counter the idea that wall Street Jews funded the Bolshevik revolution or that there is not a huge preponderance of Jews running the mind control media, or that the transexual agenda is somehow NOT funded and driven mainly by Jews.

            I always try to follow facts and not feelings or prejudice….that is where facts lead anyone who looks. There is a religious and ethnic angle to the world’s problems that few people will actually look at. That’s why the outlook is poor for solutions

            • If it were up to me, I’d substitute word “Jewish” with “zionist” as it a lot more accurate and doesn’t have nearly as much baggage.

              I do not disgree that, among other adjectives, many of the people you mention are or appear to be Jewish. Whether that is a matter of faith or race I’ll leave to reader’s interpretation.

              However, more important than being Jewish for these people is that they are part of a gang, a kabal. And they have their aiming appliances well tuned and the dial turned up to “destroy”.

              That they are Jewish I find to be irrelevant and a red herring.

              That they are well organised, ruthless and have a generational transfer us yokels can only read about inbetween the lines is much more important.

              • Mkey
                “….That they are Jewish I find to be irrelevant and a red herring…”

                I would never suggest that every Jewish person is personally working for evil goals BUT I disagree since the identity of “jew” is itself one that is in opposition to christianity and its anti racial message ( in that anyone can gain this identity whatever their genetics)
                The ideas that grow from the rejection are poisonous and antithetical to western culture….that there is negative feeling for the actions of this outside group also feeds their social cohesion and allows them to punch much higher than their weight in numbers should allow. That such a group has interests is normal….as with any group. It’s weird to suggest that they DONT exist or have group interests just as whites, blacks, Mexicans and hondurans do and should.

                The excellent work of DrEm Jones at culture wars mag explains this better rthen I can in “the Jewish revolutionary spirit” but a better start is the smaller “degenerate moderns”…here is a small talk on that subject, book far better

  8. Last one as no comments have been about currency.

    US sanctions may drive countries into using digital currency but it will not be bitcoin or its cousins.

    Maybe think of buying Yuan or Remindi if you have enough after rent.

    “The Russia-Ukraine conflict has “upended the world order” that has been in place since the Cold War ended and will require BlackRock to adjust to “long-term structural changes,” such as deglobalization and higher inflation, Fink said. He added that central banks will have to either accept increased inflation – even beyond the 40-year high that was set last month in the US – or reduced economic activity and employment.

    ‘The Americans are no longer the masters of planet Earth’ – ex-Russian president
    New York-based BlackRock handles $10 trillion in assets, making it the world’s largest money manager, so Fink’s views are closely watched by investors.

    In fact, the billionaire wields so much financial clout that his thoughts can be self-fulfilling, to some degree.

    Among other implications, he said he sees the Ukraine crisis accelerating the development of digital currencies and speeding the shift away from fossil fuels.

    “The ramifications of this war are not limited to Eastern Europe,” Fink said. “They are layered on top of a pandemic that has already had profound effects on political, economic and social trends. The impact will reverberate for decades to come in ways we can’t yet predict.”

    Although Fink and Russian leaders don’t see eye-to-eye on the Ukraine conflict – the money manager blames Moscow for causing the crisis – they agree that the world order is changing.”

  9. I had emailed him to get where to send it.

  10. I tried the YouTube pp trick on another video and got an error message that the Y2Mate service has been discontinued. :/
    It looks like there are apps that can download YT videos still around, but I’d rather get a recommendation from someone who has an app that they find useful, than to try them myself and open a worm hole or who knows what from dirty software (joke).

    • youtubepp is still working for me in Europe, seems like they have stopped providing their service in some countries but kept it up in others. If you are looking for alternative desktop applications, there are several. I can recommend Jdownloader and ClipGrab. I have been using the former for years, on and off, it’s been available for decades now. I don’t like java so I don’t like applications that are using it, but still it’s a very good downloader.

      ClipGrab has less features but a nicer user interface and is also available on multiple platforms.

    • Kelly
      You can run the addon listed below in firefox that gives you a green download button right on the YouTube page.
      ‘Easyyoutubedownloader’ by dishita (may have spelled his name wrong) has worked good for YT videos but will periodically stop working for a week or two….would ONLY use firefox for YouTube since I am hyper suspicious if addons.

      YouTube-dl is a pretty decent command line app…will grab video and audio from MOST sites. NOT just YouTube like item above

      linux version shown below. If you like the video you can install t he windows version iij guess.

  11. Does anyone know what happened to website?

    Up until a fortnight ago it was being updated on almost daily basis with alternative articles on covid related topics such as vaccine reactions etc. It had stopped being updated and seems to gone offline today altogether.

    I don’t know who ran it as there was no information about that on the site or the Whois records.

    • “Foo Phiser’s drummer has departed recently after sudden chest pains”

      Sudden chest pains and heart attacks are quickly becoming “perfectly normal”
      in younger folks, and to be expected, according to the ‘medical experts’.

      • Younger folks? Heart attacks are a new normal for 20 year old athletes. This guy was a 50 year old rocker. Fugged about this guy.

  12. Dear Corbetter Community,

    I was puzzled. Why had the viewership numbers suddenly risen on my “Censorship” article? I should have known immediately, but was dealing with a health emergency ( It is only now that I’ve walked back into the cool air of this community.

    I felt good about the viewership rise because I hoped I was helping people, and they seemed to appreciate it by sharing the article with others. But why the sudden rise?

    Of course, it was you.

    As JC says, solutions don’t always last.

    It is a very valuable thing to actually use the tools one proposes because if they stop working, you know about it quickly. Stop working it did! After a little dithering, greying beard scratching, and some sleeves up tech’ing a work-around was found.

    I updated the article declaring that “the” solution is not working and that I have a work-around, and provide brief detail on it. But, I wanted to help people in Windows land too, which would require some research. With a good night’s sleep, armed with knowledge and motivation, and the “windows” problem now largely solved, it was time for “Solution 2” to be added to the article.

    I’ve mentioned many a time that JC inspired me to start writing, and that I pride myself in following his lead in INCLUDING SOURCES. I recently published an Editorial in which I professed that the sources are *more important* than what I write, but understand that for the readership its a time trade off. I put in the time to build a narrative which is shorter to read than all of the sources. The sources are there to encourage a wider adoption of media consumption to water the garden of nuanced understanding, and to validate the narrative I pen.

    “Solution 2” of this article shows another element in publishing. I wish to inform and inspire those who read my articles, but I’d also like them to know that I actually care, about them, and about my writing. The original article was now misleading. It HAD to be corrected.

    As of now, Solution 1 is still defunct, but Solution 2 continues to work.

    If I may be so bold as to promote my most recent article, the first half is for the “normies” and just trashes the Dino Media on their pure propaganda on the Ukraine situation. (Some of you may know I’ve been following Ukraine for over two years; I had a “spidey sense” that it was going to be important). The second part of the article is me doing my 2-D chess things and looking at the geopolitical, and more importantly the geo-economic, consequences of the West’s “response” (and I mean that in the loosest possible terms) to the “crisis”.

    Thanks Community, and James. Solidarity is a joy,

    2-D Chess Dweller / YesXorNo

    • On the “following of JC’s lead” and using sources, the new article has 35+ of them. They range from links to news articles to validate events and my narrative to perhaps more interesting things like interviews (videoes) with informed commentators like Scott Ritter, Gilbert Doctorow, Gerald Horne, and Michael Hudson. Even the textual sources include people like Pepe Escobar, Joe Lauria, and Alastair Crooke.

      For video sources which use youtube as a “play in article” source, they’re all youtube-no-cookie links which minimize (but don’t eliminate) spying on the reader.

      A tiny library of interesting sources await.

      I have also put a little stamp on my own work. I appreciate what artists provide to society, and when inspired I include a final “Culture” section, below everything else, which is often musical. For the most recent article I spent over two hours looking for the best reading of W.B. Yeats’ “The Second Coming”, which for me shot like a hot arrow through the entire article. I wanted a reading of that poem to conclude. Unsurprisingly, the best reading I could find was by the author himself, now long deceased.

      Long may our artists contribute their part to our social dialogue through their written, lyrical, musical, graphical, performative and/or other methods.

      Peace be with you,

      2-D / YesXorNo

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