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Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the best way to disarm a tyrant is to laugh at him. Of course, you have heard this before, but you’re going to hear it again, goshdarnit, because it bears repeating. Today, let’s all enjoy a peculiarly mirthless exploration of humour (with a “u,” thank you) and its utility for getting truth in through the back door. . . . Oh, OK, we’ll have a laugh or two along the way, too.

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Episode 236 – Peeling The Onion

Episode 306 – Solutions: Laughing At Tyrants

Humor and Humanity:

Liberals Should Be Worried About the Conservative Comedy Scene

Dean Koontz: “Laugh at tyrants and the tragedy they inflict. Such men welcome our tears as evidence of subservience, but our laughter condemns them to ignominy.”

Tyrants HATE This 500 Year Old Trick for Ending Tyranny

Why Dictators Don’t Like Jokes

Why ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ is more than just a veiled insult

The Amazon Drone Movie

The Funniest Show That Almost Was (Odysee / Themtube)


Happy In Paraguay

911 Trek

Pete’s channel – thoughtcrime7 (BitChute / Odysee / Brighteon / GooTube)

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  1. Nothing to laugh or joke about when one stays with the bigger picture James…millions dead and dying from the Vaxx; Chemtrails pouring toxins down on the population daily; toxic food and water and 60% obese; the daily restructuring and breaking down of our society by the politics of the insane leftists, Soros, Dems and Repugs, corporations, etc.

    The conditioning is so effective that most any “alternative” blog ones reads it is as cookie cutter repetitive in subject matter as the main stream narratives. I have done my best for 50 years to enlighten people to the truths of the take down of humanity but even here no one wants to engage in real solution dialog, just more of the same foolish talking points found all over the web or argue for their limitations.

    I’ve put out all the various agendas I have been able to harvest…UN Agenda 21&2030; UN Wildlife Project; Skull&Bones; NWO; the Communist agenda from 60 years ago; the Technetronic agenda from 50+ years ago: the Zionist madness; the biblical/god/satan nonsense, and on and on.

    But the cognitive bias is far too strong in the majority of people, needing to cling to the conditioning. This isn’t some TV show or movie script but rather the real deal. Unless the family of “alternative” “content creators” start making an effort to organize resistance it won’t be found in the main stream for sure. Don’t need any more “Breaking News” but rather Constructive Change News.

    With the majority of people under 50 well conditioned by the cartoonification and destructionism arm of the controllers on what to think, laugh at, value (the ENTERTAINMENT industry,) the people are committing intellectual and moral suicide caught in the egregore of the metaphoric hell of social media.

    A min of brilliance from a documentary of mine by the late John Trudell from 40+ years ago:

    • ejdoyle

      “…Nothing to laugh or joke about when one stays with the bigger picture…”

      Sure there is…. my chickens do funny stuff all the time, my puppies hilarious trying to get at the meaty bone I threw the birds, and a I heard a good joke today. 🙂

      At the end of the day I do not actually KNOW the millions of people you talk about, so while its horribly sad if they die I cant say that it will hit me on a personal level any more then I feel it ‘personally’ if some old lady in Boston drops dead and her cats eat her or some people I never knew get blown up somewhere I’ve never been.

      As Matt 6:34 says “….Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof….” so best to do as it says the the prior verse

    • ej
      “egregore of the metaphoric hell”

      cool word. it sounds/looks like a sibling of “egregious”, which adds further disgust.

      “even here no one wants to engage in real solution dialog”

      I doubt that “dialog” is much of a solution. the thomas paine stunt has already been done. The game of deception is now too far advanced. All I got is: act or be used for another’s act. I see us all in deeply carved ruts, habits that paint us into the operetta, yet these billions of bubbles surge faster and faster, a planetary niagra moment.

      The shreds of optimism remaining are powered by memories of miraculous epiphanys,
      I find my demeanor flirting with the cliff edge of meaninglessness. my per’so’lution back to “la bannane” (the smile), is to clean, or inspire people to dance (with drums).

      james, the comedy pill color could be blur with a sudden snap into crystal clarity. continual playing of expectation tension can never be black or white

      for some oz style humor, heres juice media explaining why most people cant own homes and have to give a huge percentage (usually moore than half) of their earnings to land lords,

      and the ole ‘ oz chestnut on covid horse racing was actually shadow banned, and then redone/posted by ?? its definitely not the original, nor is it that funny?. anyone who has the original, please post us the link thanks.

      • “Egregore” an occult concept representing a “thought form” or “collective group mind.”

        You and “Duck” personify what I am talking about…nonsense, personal ego ramblings unable to grasp the bigger picture. Sad.

        • ejdoyle

          “…ou and “Duck” personify what I am talking about…nonsense, personal ego ramblings unable to grasp the bigger picture. …”


          Play us some music now….

        • “You and “Duck” personify what I am talking about…nonsense”

          so you’re talking about nonesense? why bother if it has no sense?

          ” personal ego ramblings unable to grasp the bigger picture. Sad.”

          this seems to be a claim that you have grasped the bigger picture? its the ones who claim to “have the big picture” who are extremely suspicious.

          can you give us an example, in your own words, of “not personal ego rambling”?

          • You are helping make my point. Of all the comment choices you could have made regarding my observations and all the dozens of times over the past 10 years here I have put up excellent information yet you choose to defend some unknown ID on the site. THIS is the very thing I pointed out above.

            It is cognitive dissonance at work, the egregore or collective group mind think at work.

            Go get some Brain Food at my site, lots of songs and essays that will help you understand your imprisonment and how to free yourself perhaps…


            • I wasnt trying to “defend an unknown entity” so much as point out that you accused me of “nonsense, personal ego ramblings unable to grasp the bigger picture”, which I point out is you having a nonsensical personal ramble,
              but perhaps you’re entitled to that seeing as you’ve got the big picture sorted.

              My reply that you reacted to with insult was complimentary, not too sure what sort of dissonance breeds that? and then yes a bit personal, I make apologies for neither.

              • I don’t care if your feelings got hurt. I am sick and tired of all the adolescent replies and comments out here in blogoland about mundane subject matters found everywhere.

                Yes, I do have the bigger picture if you would drop your damn ego and read it at my site. But none of you can do that as it would somehow “cost” you to actually show any attention to the designated adult in the room, the same as any child acting out.

              • Gee you stack on the claims without much to base them on?

                would that be self-“designated adult”?

                you are “sick and tired”, how honest.

                “drop your damn ego and read it at my site.”
                no need for aggression just because someone wont follow you.

                Dont worry, you havent hurt my feelings by claiming I saddened you, actually your indignance sounds a bit like self pity.

            • This quote seems like it could apply to non Christians too.
              What do you think Mr Doyle?

              “If you want to win some, you have to be winsome – be nice, be friendly and then appropriately apply the gospel.“

              Greg Laurie

    • Do you really think I didn’t understand the “bit?” Your attempt at humor is embarrassing and again lacks any level of articulate conversation skill or POV the very point I have been making.

      Trying to be Mr. Clever or funny guy is for Jr. High class room banter. Do you not understand the severity of our situation?

      I made up the word to example a point I made in one of my essays, which of course you haven’t read. Point being the majority of information, knowledge, sense of humor, slang, and what is to be laughed at, dating and interpersonal relationships for most people under 50 has been put in place, conditioned by the Entertainment Arm or business of the controllers.

      Perhaps luck or perhaps skill at decision making as an adult but I went over 50 years with perhaps only 20 hours of TV. Where as most of you have had thousands of hours of nonsense sh*t thrown at you. All those heroes, characters, sayings, etc. are like a mind virus.

      When I was gifted free cable TV in 2016 I didn’t know who Trump was or Tom Brady, cable TV or ever heard an Obama speech or anything else. Why do you think cartoon characters are used to sell so many products??

      Go get some Brain Food, it is good for you:

      • Do you not understand that yours is no way to talk to people in the real world? By all means, get an even higher horse, but if you think you’ll catch any flies on that raw sewage of expression, you are delusional. That you feel that you had insufficiently significant effect during the 50 years you have been trying to (presumably) reach people should be a sufficient sign that something is not right.

        For example, Mark Passio can be very combative, but compared to you he’s an amateur.

        • @ the last of the Crohicans. Mkey. Magua

          What do you think Cassandra would do? Or Chingachgook,knowing when he is gone that the knowledge of his beautiful mind,his race will be erased from memory.
          Have some compassion for his dilemma. What he is saying resonates with me. This site is a learning site, just a bunch more propaganda to serve a purpose . Hopefully a gain of wisdom. You don’t have to be smart,likeable or clever to have wisdom.

          • “You don’t have to be smart,likeable or clever to have wisdom.”

            Very true. But it does help to exhibit a modicum of amiability if you want to share your wisdom.

            • Steve, why? How can the delicates view this approach any differently than say the Dick Chaney’s or Caligula’s of the past with their high rhetoric. There is a third man in the picture. If it takes a short sharp shock to break the spell so be it. The message is unchanged. We are stung up like a marionette unknowing why we do the things we do. Untill we become aware of the stings, magic words holding the spell in place, we are going nowhere. Change the word,break the spell and it couldn’t come harsh enough,or fast enough at this point. I M Humble O.
              Style is subjective to art,ask Diogenes. We ,you,me, humanity are in a war.
              This is a Pearl Harbor moment.

            • Let me ask you why you are consistently friendly and pleasant when you post?

              Perhaps I’ve missed them, but I’ve not seen you reply with vitriol and condescension to folks that don’t respond exactly how you want them to.

              I think that it is self evident that an unwarranted abusive and abrasive attitude is not particularly conducive to dialogue.

          • Wisdom is what you do, not what you are.

            And I do understand disapointment as well as the fact that when we leave we leave everything behind. However, that is not something that justifies being an asshole.

            I also understand that not everyone will be ready to take information from everyone else, different people will require a different approach.

            Nobody requires nor is susceptible to the holier than thou approach.

            • Well said both of you but, pacifists need to wake up. Foreigners will fight fascism and language may suffer. So wake up. This infighting does no good.

              [ We so often shy away even from using ,
              ‘ violent’ language,at the same time that those in power are killing us all.] Derrick Jensen, admitted propagandist.

              This is not the first time humanity has been in this position. First Nationers faced a similar
              situation faced with the virus of Manifest Destiny. It was out to kill all red men. Now humanity is the new redskin.
              The dialogues of Tecumseh and Pushmataha are excellent examples of what Mr. Doyle and I are saying to you. Will you side with Tecumseh or Pushmataha?
              As per Jensen, that Pushmataha
              was no moral pacifist is shown by the fact that he threatened to kill anyone who sided with Tecumseh or who otherwise fought against the [ genocidal whites]. Emphasis added.

              Homeland security will have a field day in this honeypot of ideas. Mr.Doyle is just trying to take you to reality that hasn’t sunk in yet. At what point will we move from hyperbole to action? They have already murdered millions ,in an attack on humanity. What part do you not understand here? It was orchestrated and aimed at you, the USA, mom, grandma and apple pie.Just talking about this is dangerous cause this is a honeypot here. The more radical you sound the more attention you will receive. AI the all seeing eye ya know. Where am I off base here. I’m no more off than Mr.Doyle and he is crude but is telling you a truth. Ignore the perils and pay the price. Two choices given the redman,the grave or a cell. Reserve yours today.
              Is that too harsh ?

            • “This infighting does no good.”

              I agree. And I’m not engaging in it. On the contrary, I’m attempting to persuade Mr Doyle to adopt a more friendly and inviting tone in his interactions so that he might be more effective in sharing his thoughts.

              “Mr.Doyle is just trying to take you to reality that hasn’t sunk in yet.”

              Mr. Doyle has no idea what my reality is and has no interest in discovering it.
              As it happens, I am sure that I would agree with him on almost all his positions. With the exception of his adamant atheism.
              I’ve visited his bitchute channel and listened to some of his offerings.
              But when I attempted to carry out a civil discussion with him I was met with insulting condescension.

              I guess that you don’t understand my motivation. There really isn’t much more I can say to explain myself.
              But I am not going to apologize for encouraging civility here or in real life.

      • Welcome Jed. These are very important times in the history of humankind and every little bit helps. Both complements and information.

    • @lisab

      I replied to your recent link to that site.

      The difficulty I have found out here in blogoland is that there are a couple of generations of folks who think that they are know it all’s, therapists, historical experts, etc. all from their harvesting other people’s ideas on the web and putting them out as their own.

      I wrote hundreds of songs, 3 books, many screenplays way before the web showed up. My foundation of insight and knowledge came from reading lots of books and other stuff; deep discussions with others face to face in SF and Berkeley coffee houses; driving a 100 miles to smoke the pipe with some elders, and more.

      So I really don’t care about the folks above whose feeling were hurt by WORDS from my behavior. They need to grow up and let go of their narcissistic nonsense and recognize they are just digital darlings and not serious explorers of consciousness.

      Time is getting very short for freedom and it has nothing to do with any religious nonsense. Bad people are doing bad things for bad reasons.

  2. ‘laughing and crying you know its the same release” J. mitchell

  3. Put it in a joke and see if you can get us too laugh 🙂

  4. Excellent. Russell Brand is a top class professional comedian whose act has been excellent for ridiculing the plandemic

    Ridicule combined with being Willie the janitor’s angrier (five foot six) Scots-Irish cousin is my way of dealing with authority.

    I had a very posh academic boss who told me that my problem was that I couldn’t accept a female manager. I replied ‘tell me anything at all that would make me believe you are a woman’

    That is the most horrible thing I have ever said. It was a response to the predictability of snobbery and sexism in that social class in the 1990s.

    I called a GP a ‘pathetic half witted girl’ when she tried to tell me what to write in a letter. She didn’t know the meaning of the words she was using. My brother was a senior doctor who called GPs ‘dangerously stupid people who should be avoided if at all possible’.

    I threatened to kick f* out of an entire college engineering department when I caught two of them bullying a woman colleague to avoid doing anything. That was (obviously) a joke but they took it seriously. Not as hard as they thought they were.

    • loggin

      “…I had a very posh academic boss who told me that my problem was that I couldn’t accept a female manager…..”

      I had one tell me that everyone at work hated her because she was a woman boss…. I told her we all liked the woman boss before her.

    • Some people are not fit to be managers. Especially those who get off on bossing people around. To pay such people seems nonsensical, they would gladly do it for free. They don’t like to hear about that, either.

      When you tell a manager they should manage (it’s written on the freaking tin) they also get upset. It seems these positions attract specific mindsets. Namely, those infested with PC mind garbage and self promoting behavior.

      That’s another thing they don’t like being told. It seems to me, they don’t like anything that even gives them a whiff of truth. I could go on and on, but what’s the point.

      They only good “managers” I have worked with were those that refused to see themselves as managers.

      • mkey

        “… attract specific mindsets…. PC mind garbage and self promoting behavior….”

        The ‘PC’ is just a way to do the self promotion part for most IMO. They would have been NAzis, piety signalling Christians, segregationists, or monarchists, depending on who was giving out treats for folks who did such behaviors.

        Those kind of people dont ever hire anyone who is smarter, more competent, or skilled then THEY THEMSELVES are and eventually lower the organizations ability to function properly.

    • thats a dumpster fire that should be on permanent stoke displayed where the newsfakers cant hide from it. some day some fart smellow will hack the backdoor hack of the msm and treat everyone to self decapitating propaganda like that

      ,,,,nice post.

  5. Hey James. Great show. It was missing one important ingredient: ?
    Could you PLEASE mention us in your next video- Just as a footnote?
    Would be very much appreciated.

    Charles Foster Kane,
    Chief Editor
    The Globalist Gazette.

    • The Globalist

      Your work is pretty good

      • Thanks brother.

        We Elites are people too and we need to have our voices heard.


    • This would be like saying: moons exist and therefore NASA went to the Moon. Why do you insist on confouding these matters?

  6. Thermal Expansion is horrible! Once I left my car out in the sun in the Mojave Desert. It was 120F. When I came back to the car it had exploded into parts like a circus clown car.

  7. Speaking of comedians being the bane of tyrants:
    Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks come to mind.
    Great guys, they really gave them hell… go now, listen to them and have some fun. 😉

    • Lenny and Bill both were the anti-establishment personified during their time. And, kind of unsurprisingly, they both met an untimely end.

      Also, for German speakers: Please have a look into ‘Nikolai Binner’. He has gained well-earned notoriety for not bending to the Corona-Regime and still free-speeching, while most of his comedian colleagues ducked and took cover…

  8. That first show notes Video is historic in a historic era. There was an esprit that is hard to describe.
    Here is a repeat of a comment.
    NOTE the date coincidence of Barry Jennings.

    Barry Jennings – On August 19, 2008, 53 year old Barry Jennings died, two days before the release of the NIST Final Report Briefing on the collapse of WTC7.
    …The NIST Briefing on WTC 7 came out on August 21, 2008 with a live Public Webcast. Prior to this time, NIST pretty much ignored Building 7.

    At the time, the “9/11 Truther” community had full attention on this landmark NIST Briefing about WTC 7. I remember watching it.
    – About the upcoming webcast –

    Also, during this summer of 2008, the 9/11 Truther Community was in high gear. Alex Jones had a more “credible” reputation in 2008 and was considered a leader in the 9/11 Movement.
    Barry Jennings was dramatically getting renewed attention!

    Following the NIST Briefing of August 21, James Corbett releases the video: EMERGENCY WARNING FOR OFFICE WORKERS (NIST WTC7). It was a big hit and had important significance at the time.
    YouTube –
    911blogger Article –

    An article about the August 21 NIST Briefing

    I remember 911 Trek when it first came out and was being shared. It was a big hit. These type of things were inspiring for the movement.

  9. Things that Inspire

    I think that Humor is a great tool in the tool-bag of communication devices.
    It tends to help inspire others.

    “Things that Inspire” hold tremendous value for humanity.
    Ask “Talking Head”.

  10. Addendum

    If you live on the Jones Plantation you have to stand up for yourself. Like a man. That’s why men have been denigrated for decades by the corporate media. Men fight back.

    When Elon Musk was being interviewed by the BBC reporter he asked him a personal question. That broke the spell. His BBC cloak of authority vanished and he fell to pieces.

    That’s what I used to do. I would ridicule the manager in front of an audience. There’s very little you can do to get your authority back if your opponent is funnier than you and determined to take you down.

    Bullying is probably the greatest causes of depression. It’s a global tragedy.

    • Women can fight back too. Perhaps not as directly as men do, but similarly asking questions and refusing to comply.

      It’s interesting though to see the difference between how many women communicate versus how men communicate.

      But I have seen Whitney Webb on several more mainstream alternative media shows and she was very good at holding to her position. And there are plenty of other women who do a good job at assertive communication and asking questions.

      But many men are less agreeable and more direct. Certainly in physical confrontations men are more capable but if you’re talking about communication women can be just as direct as men. In fact, if a person is a good communicator a person can redirect the entire subject in a way that opens up a broader discussion.

      But, if you’re talking about actually fighting, for sure men have a greater capacity for physical assertiveness and defense.

      But I have no doubt that the attack on masculinity in our culture serves a purpose. I think that most human beings have a mix of masculine and feminine traits.

      It would be interesting to know how many of JC’s audience are women, besides me.

      • It is my experience (in a professional context) that the great majority of women were not only implacably hostile to industrial action they also didn’t think we deserved even a cost of living increase.

        PhD science women suddenly lost the ability to understand that an inflation equalling rise was simply standing still. It seems to me that women are more likely to identify with their employer.

        During WW1 local mill women went on strike. A very brave thing to do but they weren’t treated as brutally as men would have been. In Scotland women often opposed the police and settled disputes to prevent men fighting and going to jail. Working class white men are capitalism’s most dangerous enemy. That’s why the media despises and denigrates them.

        Whitney Webb is a lot braver and more articulate than me. An exceptional human being.

        • I think there are a lot of women who crave perceived power just like some men do and they sell out and trade their integrity.

          Working in health care, I’ve noticed that most people just went along with dictates and endorsed CDC talking points and took their jab. It was pretty sad to see such a lack of critical thought and lack of back bone. I stood up for my right to refuse but in order to keep my job was not as outspoken as I could have been. But I did need to continue having an income at the time. So perhaps I am just as guilty as many people who knew better but didn’t do everything they could have to directly oppose tyranny.

          Nowadays the unions are completely bought into the democrat arm of the state in the US. They are morons.

          You mention bullying which is a form of coercion and both sexes are susceptible, unfortunately.

          The elitists have found a very devious way to pit people against each other including men and women like the “battle of the sexes” for example. This is a way to redirect people’s anger at each other rather than the string pullers.

          But it is sad to see that many women seem more prone to defend the state against ordinary people. Women can be very cruel and selfish and shallow. There are plenty of psychopathic women too except they may be able to hide this a bit better than men can.

          Back to elitists strategies for control, divide and rule seems very effective. Get people to fight and hate each other so that the parasitic psychopathic people and their system can continue to exploit the masses.

          But as far as bravery among women, there are some exceptional people like Whitney Webb and others who stand up and speak truth to power. Many years ago there was a young American girl who stood up to an Israeli bulldozer to protect a Palestinian’s home from being demolished and was crushed underneath it. She paid the ultimate price for her principals.

      • cu.h.j

        “…Women can fight back too….”

        They CAN, but mostly they don’t- thats why employers love having them. I have seen women earnestly try to do unreasonable tasks that guys would have laughed at or told the supervisor to F himself.

        Women also are much easier to control with social pressure

        • This might be accurate in general. I haven’t looked at research conducted in this area, but many women do hold social approval in more high regard then men. This is exemplified with susceptibility to bullying in school. But maybe men don’t report it as much. I’m not sure.

          In health care, some men are similarly agreeable at the beginning of their career and seem to tolerate more abuse from employers or colleagues. But as time goes on, people become less tolerant. I was also this way in the beginning.

          I was just happy to have a job because when I started the economy was really bad and the market for new nurses was very competitive. As I became more skilled and seasoned, my tolerance for questionable behavior by employers and colleagues decreased. But I have always had a limit even in the beginning of my career and in general for abuse and/or exploitative behavior. It takes a lot to make me angry but once I have reached that point, that’s it. Perhaps that limit is farther along than men in general. I’m not sure.

          Also as I have matured have a much easier time at direct assertiveness. I won’t be disrespected and exploited by an employer or colleague or patient and can effectively articulate what my boundaries are in a professional manner. I think some of this has to with age more than sex, at least in my case.

          I am probably more uncomfortable in arguments than some men might be and this might be related to hormone levels. Men do have much more testosterone than women (although we have some) and I think this can increase assertive and sometimes aggression. But this is a generalization and there are many cases of men just following along and doing what they are told and who tend to obey authority. I don’t understand this because their testosterone is still higher then women’s but some men are just obsequious approval seekers and lack back bone.

  11. I guess there are more Corbetteers than you think who are not familiar with JoyCamp. You may have referenced them in the show notes frequently, but they are not much mentioned.
    And if they didnt connect the dots at that poetry podcast a while ago, most searches on your page results in hits 2017 and earlier. For all who joined last 5 years, its likely that they heard about JoyCamp outside Corbett Report World, or not at all.

    • Fnasse says:
      “For all who joined last 5 years, its likely that they heard about JoyCamp outside Corbett Report World, or not at all.”

      You bring up a very good point.
      Also, bring into the equation that someone might not have viewed a particular episode/interview or caught the ‘keyword’ and referenced shownotes.
      “Repeat the Message” may tax the old-hats, but it certainly rings true for any type of marketing or truth oriented endeavor.

      Some of Corbett’s mentions can easily slide under the radar.
      February 12, 2023
      JoyCamp’s The Funniest Show That Almost Was was linked in the “Just For Fun” section of the Subscribers’ newsletter portion: “Recommended Listening and Viewing”.
      “No, the Dinosaur Journos Have NOT “Dropped Objectivity””
      [Scroll below the article to see the section.]

  12. I agree (with emphasis.) Those are typically the ingredients to the recipe.

    In fact, in this era of insanity, sometimes I will read a MainStreamMedia headline and laugh out loud. The headline is the punch line. It is like a big joke, but it flew over the author’s head.

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