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by | Feb 28, 2023 | Solutions Watch, Videos | 23 comments

Today James gives you a sneak peak of the “Lifestyles of Liberty” VIP (Very Independent Producer) webinar that will be hosted by Richard Grove of Autonomy on March 5, 2023 by previewing his presentation for the event.

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Autodidacticism – #SolutionsWatch


Lifestyles of Liberty” VIP Summit


  1. Hey James, I’m wondering if you are familiar with Paul Kingsnorth. I see a convergence happening between his philosophical ideas about surviving the Machine and your more practical suggestions. He is pretty interesting, although he is not coming from the same researcher framework.

    • I’m not James but I love Paul Kingsnorth. I love his writing and gentle humour. I don’t share his religion, but it’s interesting. I think James got to this type of philosophy and behaviour (not the religion but operating outside the system) years before Paul did though. Or maybe their ways of thinking have dovetailed.

  2. Hola James,

    You have delivered a great sales pitch! 😛

    I couldn’t resist to do the joke but now talking more seriously and being myself a saleman I’d like to point the fabulous convergence that happens when people present to the public a proposition of value that is solid and organic for them.

    It makes a completely natural path to go from being a “user” to becoming a creator or producer. That first stage is the instance were we learn and get convinced that the value is actually there.
    Then the sales happens organically by means of being open, natural and telling it like it is.

    We all are salesmans and even something close to “public relations executives” of our own life.

    James, you are a good example. So simple but so important. Thanks!!

  3. Agreed.. Know thyself.

    I am reading Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson. Written in 1983, and updated in’97, he got a lot wrong. But his way of looking at people and our irrational side is so invaluable. It has to do with imprinting vulnerability moments. He was way ahead of the pack, talking about modern tyranny, brainwashing, materialist dogmatism, ‘reality tunnels,’ and other things.
    So despite being a complete flop with his daring Utopian predictions and trust of the technocrats, it contains so many flashes of such brilliance that I recommend it as very relevant today.

    But: Who is going to clean the toilets, etc?
    I was turned off by the man being driven around on his yacht symbolism.
    The whole ad seemed materialistic and narcissistic.

    • ha!
      You’re right.
      At the very end of the video with the ad,
      I had to laugh at the guy in slacks with the matching sportcoat, white shirt, shades and ‘cool’ hat taking his luxery ride in the back of that boat.
      The positioning doesn’t impress me.
      The marketing message from that positioning seems like a mainstream shallow values advertisement of a luxerious lifestyle…like the get rich quick ads of Youtube or something…where life’s objective is to own cool stuff and do cool things.

      As an aside:
      I clean my own toilets.
      Life can be tough. 😉

    • Who will clean the toilets? Who will clear the snow from roads? Say you get up early in the morning and discover that you can’t even walk to your car because there’s a huge mountain of snow in front of the house where the stairs should be…


      Well, on the other hand it’s clear that this type of advice is for creators or entrepreneurs, so not for a majority of people. But everyone should still appreciate those who clean toilets (in public restrooms?), clear the streets, fill potholes, keep the city and highways clean.

    • The market would find the most appropriate people for cleaning toilets.
      It’s either that or filthy chaos ensues.

      But I like where HRS is taking this, have everyone wipe their own ass, if you will pardon my French.

      • Your French accent is pretty good.

  4. As an American I look around and see very few reasons for staying in this country over the next 15 years. Lots of Americans are relocating to cheaper parts of the country but you have to pick carefully or these supply chain disruptions and train derailments will destroy it overnight.

    Thanks to James and his guests I can see that this country is undergoing a controlled demolition and these “nasty surprises”(As Klaus likes to say) are designed to weaken the population so that no true resistance can emerge. Most of my peers are sleepwalking from one catastrophe to the next but luckily I found this community and the truth is so obvious now.

    The fact that Ohio and Pennsylvania haven’t completely evacuated 100 miles around the derailment should be a red flag to Americans, and it is, but many Americans think it was just a common derailment and everything is fine.

    16:40 I liked hearing about the setbacks, those stories are helpful for people to realize that that’s just part of the process.

    • b887

      “..As an American I look around and see very few reasons for staying in this country over the next 15 years….”

      Not being rude but unless you have family ties there, or considerable personal wealth, I do not see where would be a better place to move to.

      In the US, for all its problems, you generally have respect for your property rights, low-ish crime and murder rates unless your in a city, easy access to manufactured items that are generally way more expensive elsewhere, you can own firearms without being a criminal, and you speak the language and probably dont stand out as a foreigner (target).

      Worse…. if your overseas and dependent on your US dollars what do you think will happen when the dollar goes away? You would be a POOR hated foreigner.

      On places to go
      You have Europe…. some parts of Eastern Europe are still pretty good but it could go bad rather fast if the Ukraine type stuff keeps going. Western Europe is cucked with immigration and totalitarian left wing politics and if the Ukraine stuff goes on they will have some kind of industrial collapse too.

      You have Africa…hahahaha, no one wants to live there, including most africans. If you dont get whacked by the economy, corruption, or crime there is plenty of ethnic and race hatred going on. If your a WHITE person you’d have to be a special kind of stupid to move there.

      You have Asia, some parts are livable if you have money but I’m pretty sure you’d be stuck in a city and God help you if there is a food shortage or war.
      South america? also livable if you have money….but you will find it way harder to live outside the city in safety then in the rural USA.

      That leaves India, same as Asia but with way worse ethnic/religious violence….. Australia would be OK if you buy a big old property out in the bush, and if you like snakes and spiders, and Japan would be cool (until the Chinese nuke it anyway)

      The US is BIG, its different in different regions, and its WAY more survivable then a third world dump because the demolition is a world wide event

    • Instead of embracing fear and running, how about embracing courage and patriotism and changing the bad stuff here? There is no better nation on Earth to live, grow, and be in.


  5. James, please inform us how much you’re annual salary is in USD. Please and thank you with much respect

    • Does it matter?

      I don’t think that he should inform the world about that.

      • I agree. I think this Grove guy mentioned his salary at some point. All I remember is that it made sense with all the decorative things in his room but really he shouldn’t have mentioned it.

        There’s a reason why in our culture we usually don’t talk openly about our salary, especially in Western Europe. Once anyone starts talking money, those who earn more will look down on that person and those who earn less will get jealous.

        By nature, people try to adjust to their group, to the people around them. When you learn that some in the group have the means to buy a car and use it to “flee” to another country when the controlled media declare a “lockdown” because a plandemic broke out – and you can’t afford one, you’re stuck there, maybe not even allowed to use public transport anymore, well you get the point. And it could be the other way around too.

        So let’s maybe not break this “no money talk” rule and keep focusing on what’s important.

        P.S. I still like Corbett’s presentation even though it doesn’t help me in any way, he is honest.

    • Salary … sideways segue…some Tidbit Trivia:

      Speaking at the Economic Club of Washington DC a few weeks ago, Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, told investor David Rubenstein that he makes about $190,000 per year.

      City of Dallas
      There’s no doubt that the Dallas Mayor/City Council like to role play as wacked-out Dictators. They pretend virtue while they force and dictate that everyone swallow what they say…that everyone and every dog must swallow their Fluoride medicine.
      To demonstrate their impaired, perverted mental facilities, and how they love to spend other people’s stolen monies…

      In the summer of 2022, only weeks after being asked to resign and almost getting fired by the Dallas City Council, City Manager T. C. Broadnax received a 3% raise. The 10-5 vote by the mayor and city council, Dallas City Manager T. C. Broadnax now makes at least $423,000 per year.

      So, after a hard day of meetings, conferences, luncheons, and memos, T. C. Broadnax can go home in the evening with a smile. As he lays his head on the pillow, he can see the visual and think: ”Today, I made $1158. And ‘oh boy’ when I’m off on Sunday, I’ll make $1158. Every day of the year, I make $1158 !!”

      I doubt anyone would voluntarily pay someone that kind of money out of their personal checking account. The con only works when it comes from stolen money.


      • Useful idiots like getting payed, and with top dollar. This guy is making almost as much as herr Fauci was making.

  6. It’s been several days since I’ve been able to look at James’ work. Finally tonight I could start to catch up on what I’ve missed.

    James Corbett is so so great to me. I know I am where I should be because I found out about him.

    I enjoyed this podcast.

  7. James, Please don’t get discouraged. I have been following you for a few years now and what you do is very valuable to me. You are certainly one of the smartest people I listen to. Keep it up Brother.

  8. RE: Finding Your Lifestyle of Liberty – #SolutionsWatch
    This presentation is really about each of us and what we want as an individual.

    26:20 James Corbett QUOTE:
    ”…thankful for the fact that I am able to do what I love for a living. I know that not everyone gets to do that. But they should. And I think it is possible.
    If you know what you interested in has value – If it has value to you, then you can find a way of showing the value to others, and providing that value to them.
    And that is the only way forward in the real, in the free market of people making exchanges, making voluntary exchanges.
    That’s what it’s about.”

    Here’s my take…
    During my life, I’ve held over 100 different jobs and have tried over 100 different business ventures.
    Some jobs I loved, but some I hated. Some business ventures turned out well, and some were utter failures.
    In a broader sense, I was interested in the adventure of it all.
    I have no interest in pursuing a career as a Freedom Fighter, but I enjoy scuffling on that front.
    I have had and still have a lot of VARIED interests. Some wax and wane. I think that this holds true for most Corbett Report Members. Each of us has varied interests.
    The way I see it…if a person has a strong interest in something which aligns with values, then maybe…just maybe, a person might come up with a bright idea of how to make it viably exchangeable. If it works – Great! If not, well…you’re not alone on having plans not turn out the way they were envisioned.

    • Nail on the head!
      Thank you HRS.
      It’s not about following in James’s footsteps exactly and becoming a content creator:

      It’s encouragement to find *my* path to living a more self sufficient life. One in which I use my time in ways I find valuable.

      I really liked the last 2-3 sentences of what James said in this video. I slowed it down and really listened. It’s all about providing value.
      Finding how I can make a living (while not selling my soul or compromising my values) is as simple as that.

      I say simple but not “easy,” because I’ve discovered sometimes it takes some unlearning and some somewhat uncomfortable periods of growth to extricate oneself from the patterns and mindsets keeping them in a less fulfilling, less free, less values-aligned situation.

      Allow me to manifest for a moment…
      Some things I’d like to spend my time doing: learning to build stuff, learning to grow stuff, learning more methods to prepare and preserve food, educating my own kids, fixing my own truck, installing my own wood stove… foraging… finding water and filtering it… reading… I’ll think of more later.

      I’m excited to hear what these producers have to say about making the switch from a “matrix job” to designing one’s own lifestyle.

      • I endorse stephanie.k’s message.

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