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The magic words can open doors that you didn’t even know were there. They can help you skirt the censors and the fact checkers. They can unlock minds and take your research to a whole new level. So do you know the magic words? Find out in this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch!

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Derrick Broze Interview – Mexico Halts Geoengineering, #FluorideTrial & Your Impending Digital ID

Mexico Becomes First Nation To Admit Harms Of Geoengineering, Halts Future Experiments

Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda

Episode 402 – Your Guide to The Great Convergence

Conceptual zero draft for the consideration of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body at its third meeting



  1. The last thing that the machine is going to have to have to extinguish is ingenuity.

    • True, but ingenuity will probably die out, due to our over-reliance on automation. We are a self-destructive species, don’t you think?

      • No, absolutely not.

        We are a programmable, formative species and most of us are brought up without any considerations for the truth.

        We are not taught to seek truth, but to believe there is no objective truth.

        We are not taught that we are part of the cycle of life, but to belive we are on top of it and that we are on a higher pedestal than anyone who came before.

        We are not taught to seek knowlegde and to learn, but to remain ignorant and to resist learning.

        We are not taught to experience the world on our own, but to adopt opinions of others as our own.

        We are not taught to employ logic to deduce the truth, but to feel the truth, to accept as truth what feels good.

        We are not taught to feel what is moral, but to reject objective morality.

        Instead of seeing and real-eyes-ing we wait for others to tell us what to see.

        There is nothing wrong with the human condition, the issue is with the baggage that is transfered down the generational lines.

        People en masse believe what is not true and create this disjointed hell for everyone. The children are being born into a nightmare and are doomed to repeat it.

        • I agree with most of what you say.
          However, what I have learned in life is that there really is no objective truth and thus no authority. And I learned that this is the hardest thought to swallow for a human being looking for an easy way out (where there is none). Alas, the believe in logic and truth is the way to more authority, more power mongering, more wars, more technocracy and more general gullibility. Every expert LOVES logic as it is his greatest tool of persuasion. I do believe in some sort of non-authoritative spirituality though but all the gods, the church, the queens and kings can go hang.

          • However, what I have learned in life is that there really is no objective truth and thus no authority.

            Do elucidate how have you learned this and please pin-point the trajectory from “objective truth” to “authority”. I find this supposed connection most interesting.

            Alas, the believe in logic and truth is the way to more authority, more power mongering, more wars, more technocracy and more general gullibility.

            Are you being facetious? If you were, that would be great and a good joke on me.

            Every expert LOVES logic as it is his greatest tool of persuasion.

            Experts typically use fallacious reasoning that will sound logical to a listener that is not apt in logical thinking. If done well, the expert himself will believe his own mantra. Because they are not beholden to finding the truth, but to winning the argument.

            I’m still hoping you are just being facetious.

      • Oh, I forgot about possibly the most important one:

        People believe they can not know the truth. This is a truly toxic corrolary of ignorance of the existance of objective truth

        To believe there is no truth is to believe no event ever occured nor are there any facts to be known. Such people just float around in the abyss of ignorance. They can not find ground nor can thry or docked.

        If that is not true hell on Earth, I don’t know what is.

        • Can you give us an example of this truth you speak of?

          • I sit here on the Adriatic coast, writing these comments at 18:51 local time.

            There, an example of objective, eternal and immutable truth.

        • It’s the belief of inability of knowing. If something can not be known, one can only believe those who do know.

          Reminds me of every dogma ever. Religion, economy, money, politics, democracy… feel free to continue the sequence.

  2. Very difficult for the uninitiated to get going. At least, we can help.
    More importantly, where do I get that Conspiracy Realist hat?!

  3. Cooling the planet is the last thing these evil parasites are doing. They ONLY ever spray these heavy metals where it will fall on heavily populated areas. You will NEVER see them spending a fortune to cover unpopulated areas of the Pacific Ocean, for example.

    • Define “heavilly populated”. There is a lot of spraying going on over sparsely populated, rural areas.

      • That possibly seems just as nefarious, if one were to consider the other potential issues from this activity such as, acidification of soils, rainfall cycle manipulation, and multiple other problems.. also let’s remember that the trade winds of the higher atmosphere are constantly moving the air many many miles/kms a day.

        If the weather seems to be dramatically changing, it will be much easier to sell the lemmings on buying into the climate change “magic”

        • I have to concur that all the corollaries of spraying poisons over our heads can only be negative. I don’t see how doing so could have a positive consequence.

          Well, they poison the useful idiots, too. That’s certainly an upside.

    • I have been hiking in the remote wilderness in the high alpine of the coastal mountains of BC and seen them spraying multiple times. They also spray in northern Ontario (over Algonquin Provincial Park, which is relatively sparsely populated) where I hike each summer.

      I do not doubt that directly impacting human biology (and the biology of other organisms) is part of the intended function of some of the spraying programs but I think in some instances they are also likely used for weather warfare (where the saturation of specific areas of the atmosphere allows those particles to be utilized in conjunction with ionosphere heating arrays to influence the movement and alignment of the metallic-nano particles via exposing them to specific frequencies, facilitating the directing, exacerbation and/or dissipating of large storm systems). Those types of uses of geoengineering tech would require spraying outside of populated areas.

      Then other instances could involve just dumping a semi-refined version of Coal Fly Ash (or some other mixture of toxic chemicals, biologicals and/or metallic substances) on cities and agricultural areas with the direct intent to kill off and sicken people. Those would be two different types of spraying programs, one for eugenics and the other for geoengineering/weather warfare. Those are just two hypothetical examples out of what is likely a large number of different type of spraying programs used for different purposes (each of which likely involve different ingredients and dispersal patterns).

      • Use of specific types of coal fly ash that are heavily laden with limestone as a result of emission reduction systems are a great beneficial use product that, among many uses, is used to reduce the effects of acid rain. Limestone pellets are also used for this purpose. The former is normally folded into the topsoil while the latter is spread through the air.

        • I understand what coal fly ash is and what it is advertised as being used for.

          Just because under certain conditions various industrial by products or mixtures of synthetic chemicals may increase the rate of growth of a plant does not mean it is a good idea to mix it into the soil.

          Some of the materials contained in Coal fly ash include: arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, lead, lithium, mercury, molybdenum, thallium, strontium and uranium.

          You said “The former is normally folded into the topsoil” does that mean you are saying you would eat food grown in topsoil laced with coal fly ash?

          When people added coal fly ash to soil in an agricultural setting and then tested the resulting produce, they found that carrots had absorbed lead, mercury and cadmium (among other toxic substances). Therefore, the outside appearance of product grown in a toxic medium does not mean it is safe to eat.

          Also, are you aware that in August 2010 a joint study by the Environmental Integrity Project, Earthjustice, and the Sierra Club reported that 39 coal ash dump sites in 21 states have contaminated local drinking water or surface water with arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals at levels that exceed federal safe drinking water standards?

          When you say “the latter is spread through the air” do you mean that the coal fly ash from “scrubbers” (on the coal power plant chimney stacks) is gathered and that toxic waste is then spread through the air as part of covert geoengineering / eugenics programs? Or with some other stated purpose?

        • For some additional context and pertinent intel on the potential roles (and potential detrimental impacts on biology) of coal fly ash being dispersed in aerosolized high altitude spraying programs:

          “Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health”

    • On the power of words, and how they are used against us when we are ignorant of what they mean, in relationship to society’s foundational contracts that each of us carry.

  4. Gain-of-Function Research became Directed Evolution, but it’s probably changed since the Project Veritas video.

  5. For anyone interested in extracting some “magic words” that can (with some persistence and deep diving into classified and/or pre-censored and pre-psyoped acedemic/engineering data) allow one to learn more about the mechanisms and science that are behind what the intelligence community would now like us to be referring to as “UAPs”, these documents are worth perusing.


    (It is worth emphasizing that the above and below linked intel and science only definitively applies to the manmade “UAPs” aka covert electrogravitic craft being utilized in compartmented military and corporate operations)


    I want to encourage people to follow Corbett’s link to
    Derrick Broze Interview – Mexico Halts Geoengineering, #FluorideTrial & Your Impending Digital ID

    In the first 21 minutes, Derrick Broze gives the lowdown on the Fluoride Trial and also mentions that in the future, Del Bigtree might follow-up.

    Recently, some normie ProFluoride Junkie had an article advocating to “Censor the Science on Fluoride”.
    In the Dallas Express opinion article he said some harsh things like:
    “That long-haired hippie-kid Derek Broze had reported about it, but he is one of them anti-fluoridation nuts.”

    [Comments are encouraged. Often comments go into moderation and are shown much later.]

    • I posted a comment under the article and it shows up on my end, can you see it on your end?

      Thanks again for sharing a link to that article.

      • Thanks amigo!

        The more people that comment, the more that City officials will feel the impact.

    • You are spot-on Davinna.
      Glad you read it.

      COMMENTS under article
      Number of comments under the article will project an image for our side.

      This is an important “Solutions” type strategy.
      The Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy had impact because the number of freedom lovers was visible.

      We hope that Corbett Members will comment under the article.
      It will definitely help.
      There’s no liability and no resulting spam by placing a comment.

      One hundred years ago, the Dallas Express Newspaper was a newspaper for the Black community.
      This was during an era when the KKK was a powerful force in Dallas.

      1924 newspaper

  7. Things that you did not find..

    Cloud forming during 9/11
    It seems that normal plane schedule causes clouds.

    Why is this different than many years ago?
    Because the new planes fly much higher.
    Because it is fuel-efficient, because of less resistance.
    And at higher altitudes, it is colder, causing more contrails from H2O.

    You can also look at Jet Fuel?

    We also got NO2 from bad burning jet engines, which looks orange
    And rocket-assisted takeoff

    So based on the technical details. this aerosol spreading
    may not be as much as many people here believe.
    Things have changed due to different, higher flying planes.

    Not knowing the exact components in the aerosols,
    they may not even be visible.
    For making rain, they spray them in already existing clouds.

    • Do contrails gradually dissipate for hours after the plane has passed, forming a hazy, thinly layered cloud that will often look quite unnatural?

      • Depends on the temperature of the air.
        At high temperatures, the water is either ice or gas.
        And the ice is what we see.
        So at higher altitudes I would expect them to last very long.
        And the ice-particles may start seeding clouds as well.

        There is also cloud seeing caused by charged particles from the sun
        hitting the atmosphere.
        That phenomenon is very much unknown within climate scientists.

        Another possibility is that electromagnetic waves are interacting
        with clouds.
        The HAARP experiments probably looked at that.
        Curious Droid about HAARP –

        But we have EM-waves all around us, from electrical power to Wifi/5G.
        What do they do with the weather?
        Do certain frequencies increase the cloud forming?

        Jesse Ventura on HAARP
        Shows cloud movement with electrical fields at 10:30
        But note that this looks like an ion-drive, not a transmitter.
        So I suspect that there is some false speculation going on

        Found weather modification from a ground station using silver iodide:
        CNET Weather modification tech: How cloud seeding increases rainfall
        The chemistry behind silver-iodide looks very similar to how
        normal water contrails seed clouds.


          Diana Sosoaca (Senator inRomania) thinks some earth-quake weapon was
          responsible for the earthquake in Turkey.
          She mentions some foreknowledge of this earthquake too.

          The HAARP was often related to earth-quakes, because earth-quakes
          and electrical activity goes hand-in-hand.

          The channel suspicious observers does earth-quake prediction based
          on solar activity (sun is connected with earth via electrical currents)

          The link is not so simple though.
          The electrical energy from the sun needs to be channeled
          to a specific place on earth. The sun is the biggest source
          of energy and a solar flare is 100x bigger than earth itself.

          How to direct this energy with just electromagnetic waves is
          very hard though. It is like directing a ocean wave with sound.

          • HAARP is one of several types of large scale DEWs that are being used to wreak havoc. Some of their systems use large lens like arrays that are buried deep underneath the ice in the artic which are energized to direct energy to an orbital platform, after which it is magnified and re-directed to a focal point on Earth. The available evidence seems to indicate that weapon platforms like that are capable of destabilizing tectonic plates, causing excruciating pain (and or altered brainwave states) in large groups of humans and/or capable of breaking apart the molecular bonds that hold together certain materials in large buildings.

            • I know exactly the technology that you are talking about.
              But that is not what is happening.
              There are some parts that do not work. The loss of energy from a radio-array (HAARP) towards an object in the sky has a huge loss. And at the same time there is a huge loss at reflection. And a huge loss at directing it. So it can never work, even if you have the sky full with micro-satellite reflectors.
              Radio-telescopes overcome that problem by using huge parabolic dish-reflectors. And not using any more reflectors.

              The influence of the brain waves also works differently.
              First: The HAARP is again not powerful enough. It is a lot more powerful to do it via the already available transmitters. Like the people’s own “smartphone”.

              Secondly: The brain-waves do not really adapt much to external influences. They have their own internal life. They are also different per person.

              The influence of EM-radiation on people is mainly that it
              makes people numb and depressed. Because it weakens their
              internal life-energy. But it does not replace or control it.
              If the internal life-energy is very weak, such people may get
              bad schizophrenic experiences. Because then external influences
              can start overwhelming the internal life.

              The control of the life-energy comes more from
              giving people all kinds of additions.
              Like news, social media, games, drugs, etc.

              But by making people numb and depressed, they may try to
              fill their emptiness with addictive things.
              So the “control” via EM-radiation is far more indirect.

              • While I appreciate you sharing your views, I do not share your views and I think you are missing several pieces of the puzzle.

                Despite your vast amounts of experience in the aerospace industry and with satellite technologies, you are not read into all that goes on in the bowels of the military industrial complex (where Trillions of illicit funds are being funneled to weaponize the stolen inventions of humanity’s best and brightest). I am not aware of all that goes on in those shadowy R&D projects either, but my path has offered me glimpses.

                Your statements above are not accounting for new discoveries that have been made in physics and electromagnetism in the past couple decades. The scientific process is an endless unfolding of improving our understanding (and it often involves discovering that which we previously thought to be impossible, becoming not only possible, but demonstrably extant). While you made some valid observations and statements about conventional artificial EMF tech, the intelligence and evidence I have been exposed to indicates that the types of technology they are using in the bleeding edge DEW platforms do not adhere to the limitations you described.

                Let us hope that all the intel my sources have presented to me is way off the mark and that you are in fact correct in your assertions about what you see as inherent limitations in the ability of DEW systems to inflict mass devastation and cognitive suppression/manipulation effects.

                Either way, I thank you for sharing your thoughts.

              • “Your statements above are not accounting for new discoveries that have been made in physics and electromagnetism in the past couple decades.”

                Can you explain it with PhD level scientific research papers,
                so we get on the same level?
                I also know a lot about DEW, which is not available in
                research papers.
                But certain DEW theoriests referred to Hudskison
                which I know a lot of the work of. And the follow up research
                by Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

                It is still under development, and I have not seen
                the Pentagon doing anything related to this.

                It is also unrelated to direct energy weapons via space.

                The Trillions are not funneled to the brightest..
                (Proof: I have not seen any money.)
                But the money is going to the most corrupt.
                The money is easy to follow.
                They are the ones buying the big houses, private islands
                and farmland.

              • @zyxzevn

                “Can you explain it with PhD level scientific research papers,
                ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ???? ??????”

                “??? ????????? ??? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ?????????..
                (?????: ? ???? ??? ???? ??? ?????.)”

                Do you even hear yourself talking when you are standing up there with your ‘super high level of intellect’ with the ‘brightest’ minds on Earth talking down to us lowly regular uneducated everyday laymen?

                I could provide you with pertinent research and studies about the technologies we were discussing above but considering your proclivity to relentlessly downplay, dismiss and condescend I do not think it would be worth it.

                It is also worth pointing out that I could also provide you with a thousand and one “PhD level scientific research papers” that claim to offer evidence why mRNA and viral vector injections are ‘safe and effective’, so whether or not something is written about in so called ‘scientific’ journals by people with a PhD title does not necessarily mean anything given how corrupt our academic institutions are today.

                In any case, I will again say, I hope your right and the intel I have seen is inaccurate, since the oligarchs may get backed into a corner and pull all their nastiest tricks out of their sleeves sooner than later.

  8. Hey, James has got a Jaguar now! Love the growing collection in the background there.

  9. seems like a topic for a dedicated web site: terms on wheels. I often struggle with thinking of more explicative or defining labels, but agree, that the difference of the search engine experience, once one has hit the right combina of naming is like night and day.

    accurate naming is the bullseye of one of the 5 arch energies (Tibetan Buddhist), so as nice as it would be to have a site to help parse the weeds of jargon and lingo into a healthy garden of potentiated language, its something that is greatly helped by ones personal efforts; in other words: to come up with the right words one has to think.

    • That would be exceptional!

  10. A useful addition to any magic words would be ‘scholarly artiicles’
    a sort of skeleton key to bypass the journalism and get straight to the meaty science of a subject.
    Try it alngside these on the Notorious G.OO.G:
    non-thermal EMR
    applied behavioural psychology
    fractional reserve banking

  11. Unethical human experimentation in the United States

    • That is until they redefine the word “unethical” and/or “experimentation”.

      I mean look at how they messed with the definition of “herd immunity” and “vaccine” in the last couple years.

      Then more recently, the government here in Canada has attempted to redefine the term “violence” to include anything they deem as ‘disruptive to the economy’ so they can justify their using the Emergency Act to crush a peaceful protest with militarized police units and totalitarian technocratic bank account freezing tactics.

      Still, I agree researching that topic is a huge eye opener for most people (at least it will be for as long as one can actually get reliable info from the internet).

  12. My old time favorite…the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), formerly known as the School of the Americas…
    can’t beat this one!

  13. The most painful report you have ever done in my decade of listening to you James WTH?? 20 mins I will never have back gone from my life.
    Very disappointed :-/

    There is a good journalism phrase needed here: GET TO THE POINT.

  14. Try “Tectonic Weapon” which is a quite relevant currently.

    From none other than “wikipedia”

    A tectonic weapon is a hypothetical device or system which could trigger earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or other seismic events in specified locations by interfering with the Earth’s natural geological processes.

    It’s just hypothetical guys.

    You will find links talking about HAARP

    Also “”

    That had a youtube video which is no longer available because the account is terminated. Well we know why.

    And of course you will find links to Russia using these weapons. Very predictable and nothing related to AEHF satellites.

    Which should tell you something

  15. Totally agreed, I am a podcast host in Hong Kong and using Cantonese language to try to speak the truth to my audiences.

    However the censorship, specially about plandemic and vaccines and maskes are same as the english-speaking world, so how can I avoid to getting being censored?
    we use our Hong Kong specialised translation wisdom, since we were colonised by the British for more than 100 years, a lot of English words are literally translated by it’s pronunciation. For example, funny enough, the pronunciation of vaccine in Chinese is exactly like the word “email”, so we just use that on the title or use it while we’re talking about it, so far so good. We still got shadowbanned but at least not get deleted from YouTube.

    We stay there because certainly most Hong Kong people still cannot live without YouTube… We try patreon and other ways, but just like a pirate stream mentality, we also want to reach as much people as possible, and YouTube is the major video pathform among HK people.

  16. “Aviation induced cirrus” is another term I used often.

  17. Another place worth digging into for all you knowledge seekers, oligarchic system saboteurs and magic word wielders is

    That website has a phenomenal amount of patents, designs, schematics, documents, research papers and other forms of actionable intelligence that offer solutions to a wide range of challenges we face.

    The website was down for a while but seems to be back up for the time being so if you have not checked it out already, I highly suggest exploring the index and saving some intel that is pertinent to any subjects you may be interested in learning more about.

    Happy magic word hunting! 🙂

    • As I mentioned in the February Open Thread, I am currently reading ?????? ???: ??? ??? ????? ?? ??? ????? ?????? ??? ?????. This compels me to share a particular data point from rex research to point out that alternative forms of battery tech do exist and are viable, it is just that relentless, systematic and brutal suppression of any tech that does not feed into finite resource monopolies has been very ‘successful’ for many decades now.

      Therefore, I share the following so that this information does not die with these inventors and hopefully someday, we can pull this intel out of our back up drives, give it to someone with engineering experience and an interest and make these types of technology scalable and applicable to our everyday needs.

      ?????? ??????? ?????:

  18. Richard Vobes tells a story of a rather conspiratorial events on a strange planet

    The story has it all:
    + people going about, living their lives
    + those who are well off get border and start playing god for kicks
    + some see through their schemes and try to warn others
    + sovereignty taken away via corrupt representatives
    + saving the children through mandates
    + unexpected result of population reduction

  19. I live in Mexico. We still have geo-engineering. They use chem-bombs from commercial airlines not chemtrails from military planes. Chem-bombs look much more regular clouds than the stripes we see in the rest of North America.

    Hard to believe but they’re lying.

  20. The following probably won’t be new to the Corbett Report regular users. But if this is about providing magic words to normies, randomly :

    • Dissociative identity disorder (key to understanding mind control and pedo networks)

    • KYC (before they buy their first cryptos)

    • Novel Food (EU approved insect-based additives in foods)

    Regarding transhumanistic designs:

    • IoB

    • Intra-Body Nano-Network

    • IoNT

    • Patent WO2020060606

  21. Healthcare engineering
    Darpa Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
    Darpa and the brain initiative

    • I would like to suggest adding ????? (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) and ??? ?????????? to that list..

      As well as:

      – ?????? (United States Army Training and Doctrine Command)

      – ??? (holographic brain modulator)

      – ??? (HyperSonic Sound system)

      – ????? (The Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group)

      – Professor ???? ????????

      – ???????? ??? ??????? (ear buds such as the “??̄???” device, can be integrated into helmets and more)

  22. This is exactly what I was trying to compile from (but not only) the archives at CR.
    Keywords that one can easily look in wikipedia and have eye-opening effect. Also could be good for buildings a mind map:


    Fifth-generation warfare

    Full-spectrum dominance

    Total War

    Denial and deception

    Plausible deniability

    Divide & Conquer

    Cognitive dissonance

    Consensus Trance

    Historical revisionism

    Cultural Warfare

    Weaponization of Language

    Weaponized Psychology


    Learned Helplessness

    Horizontal or Lateral violence

    Operation Gladio

    Appeal to fear
    Big lie



    Leading by Example

    Non Violent Resistance: Boycotts & Buycotts, Obstaculization, Civil Disobedience, Non-cooperation, Non-compliance, Soft-sabotage.

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

    Unethical human experimentation in the United States

    False Flags, PsyOps, Agent Provocateurs. Strategy of Tension. Secret Societies

    Atrocity propaganda
    Operation Mockingbird
    Church Committee
    Limited hangout
    Video news release
    Edward Bernays
    Hermes Trismegistus

    The Spanish Black Legend (Spanish: Leyenda negra española)

  23. Is there a public chat for Corbett listeners?

    • You can easily create some group in the plataform of your preference. For example, I’m using Telegram and Freedomcells so I just created groups with the key words in the title. Things like “James Corbett readers in Spain”

  24. I just got back from Mexico the other day. Over the week that I was there, though there was plenty of air traffic close to Cancun, I didn’t see a single line in the sky….. which was nice. I see them pretty much daily where I live in rural Saskatchewan.

    My Magic word has helped to establish that I’m not just “regurgitating right wing propaganda” with some of the climate religious people I’ve interacted with is “The Eemian”. Most people haven’t heard of it, but it is the last interglacial period we went through about 125,000 years ago and goes against the current narrative as it was on average 2-4 degrees c warmer than the Holocene. The Greenland ice sheet collapsed and many species died, while CO2 levels never went above 190 ppm. There’s a lot of articles out there that play down the significance of paleoclimatology, but the Eemian is a concise example that is directly comparable to now.

  25. Magic Words:
    “Professional Monograph” – legal documentation filed regarding every medication.

    “Biodistribution” – where chemicals distribute in the body

    “Volume of Distribution” – Measuring the relative affinity of a drug between blood constituents and tissue constituents

    “Pharmacodynamics” – the study of the biochemical and physiologic effects of drugs

    “Elimination Half-Life” – the time it takes for the drug concentration to decrease by one-half

    “Cationic Lipid Nanoparticles” – tiny and ionizable, positively charged, fat particles (measured on a scale of 10^-9)

    Bonus: Magic Question – what are the effects of agglutinated, cationic lipid nanoparticle debris (post-vacuolization), of various morphologies and sizes, on mitochondrial membranes?
    Possible answers: increased outer membrane permeability, potentially causing cellular apoptosis, cellular necrosis, and/or increased expression of mitochondria leading to accelerated cellular aging.

    • “BNT162b2” – Comirnaty / tozinameran / Pfizer’s COVID Version of Vaccination

      “mRNA-1273” – Spikevax / elasomeran / Moderna’s COVID Version of Vaccination

      “ChAdOx1-S” – Covishield / vaxzevria / AstraZeneca’s COVID Version of Vaccination

  26. Hi! Great video and very timely. I am involved with We are getting signatures from Texas Citizens to support legislation to end aerosolized spraying of chemicals and other substances for weather modification as well as geo-engineering and more.

    Know that there is a popup requesting donations. That is iPetitions and you do NOT need to donate to them. The money does not go to us at Clean Texas Skies. And your signature will count if you do not donate. We are dealing with this issue now.

    I thank you all in advance for your support you can give us.

    Warm Regards,

    e.t. (Evelyn)

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