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Here on #SolutionsWatch we’ve looked at Building Community as a key part of the solution to the issues that we face . . . but how do you find that community in the first place? Today on the de-program James goes through just a few of the many, many, many different ways you can start finding, meeting and connecting with like-minded people in your area and around the world.

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  1. There are those of us who have already detached from the Matrix and are organically growing Community thru word of mouth etc.

    Think about the distinction between “going viral” vs “growing organically”… think that distinction should be obvious.

    To me staying below the radar makes so much more sense… let the grass roots efforts (though they be many) stay under the radar… until there are so many independent entities that striking each one in turn would be problematic for the opposition.

    Keep up the good work.. you are my number one go to (besides my higher self 😉

    • Do you have a source to substantiate your claim? Or am I nutter for even asking about it?

    • lulule

      I know I was doing stuff while I listened, so maybe I missed it, but where did she ask for a DNA sample?

      Can you give me a time stamp?

      Personally her facial expression and physiognomy are rather off putting to me.

      • …HMMM…physiognomy? Really, Mr. Duck? Is this a for real way to measure somebody? Nobody can help who took a poke at their mama! I don’t care if a guy is drooling, stuck in a chair, cant talk, & or deaf. Here’s a hanky…let’s go!

        Gee pop…she looks like a witch….Oi!

        • Miss King
          “……HMMM…physiognomy? Really, Mr. Duck? Is this a for real way to measure somebody?…”

          YES, (to a degree…)

          Your body

          a) Is shaped by your hormones and genetics

          b) Shapes the way you the world reacts to you ( for example ugly people get longer jail terms and earn less on average)

          BOTH of these shape your behavior and thinking.

          Also your body shapes your health and thus your behavior- for example a common ‘marker’ for uglyness is actually poor facial airways, and Mouth Breathing all the time will possibly a lowering of IQ in addition to the other negative health effects- hence the slur “dumb mouth breather” which- like most slurs- has some basis in fact.


          “…..A study of digit ratio in Scottish preschool children between the ages of 2 and 4 found strong relationships between digit ratio and gender-normative behavior. Girls with masculine-type finger ratios tend to have higher hyperactivity scores and more problems relating to their peers than do other girls. The same study, published in Early Human Development, found that boys with female-type finger lengths are on average more emotional than other boys. “They tended to be very sensitive,” says Manning….”

          • ..hmmm…Yes, i get the whole world judges the outward appearance. Once advised my boss to hire ugly secretaries if he wanted to avoid sex harass claims…

            More to the point: As Corbett report type people, i would expect a little more open mindedness. I went back & watched the interview & found the gal pretty charming despite the weird video delay (which served to motivate nostalgia for the old Kung Foo Theater days).

            I completely ignored the weird comment on the wanting your blood or DNA ish… Then thot back to a time when i thot to be a surrogate for a childless couple & get some side $ going. Would have been nice to have a service like that from a off-grid place.

            Used to donate blood to red cross until i found out they sold it to the very people i was trying to help.

            Anyway i guess i expected a bit more from Corbett’s crowd. However, we are on the Net & should expect all types.

            • miss King

              “…More to the point: As Corbett report type people, i would expect a little more open mindedness…”

              I AM open minded, at one time I would have though physical traits unimportant but the EVIDENCE shows that the same physical factors (genes/hormones/ect) that shape your body ALSO shape your behaviors and your behaviors and thoughts also shape your body.

              For example….. if you meet an Obese person then common sense tells you that they PROBABLY have an issue with self control and regulation. If you meet someone with heavy facial tattoos there is a good chance they have some kind of mental health issue manifesting as dis-morphia.

              Thats why human beings judge on looks, its good sense to listen to such instincts..

        • Miss King

          “…Gee pop…she looks like a witch….Oi!..”

          ‘just for fun’ 😉

          Dr Dutton, the jolly heretic. His Odysee channel is full of studies that show physiological basis of various behaviors

          The Jolly Heretic HighLights – Why Leftists are Literally Modern Day Witches

          • Thanks for all of the links. Checked them out & got some videos of Kevin Dutton. Hope is same. Mostly i see a lot of perverts masquerading as Drs. pushing a lot of b.s. They all cling to Attention Deficit, ADD, Autism and such like. Most cases are frauds to sell dope. Looks like psychology is still stuck on stoopid & want to tell us how pple are homos from the womb. Agenda & more agenda.

            A lot of studies, especially nowadays, i take w/ a grain of salt. Most of these behaviours can be repaired w/ a disciplined way of life, but parents are too lazy to add structure & enforce punishment when the telly is a ready babysitter.

            • Here is Dr Duttons Odysee…. he is always fun but I would indeed take him with a grain of salt and his theatrics are a bit off putting if you dont like that sort of thing


      • Funny you should say that because I was thinking the same thing. Something a little disingenuous in her expressions. Just a gut reaction to watching the interview. I could be wrong. I visited her website and found myself again with the same gut feeling though. ‘Are you unvaxxed? Fill out this form with all your personal information. You know for dating and meeting friends’. Huh? 🤔 no thanks

  2. Local provides a safe, anonymous search tool to connect neighbours and initiate Local Resistance. By linking locally we can find strength and support… we can communicate, coordinate, educate and resist. Here we provide a searchable database to easily locate neighbours in your own city or town who share your concerns and who are willing to stand together and press for truth locally. To protect your safety and privacy you are not required to provide your real name to the database. If you are comfortable doing so later with the people you connect with that is your choice. Your level of involvement is totally up to you. You can talk privately here using our anonymous email system until you are comfortable with meeting in person, then you can work with others to establish working groups, organize events… anything is possible. No one will know your real name or see your e-mail address unless you give it to them. Your privacy is absolute. is just a search tool, not a community group. User interests and beliefs don’t have to align with those of any other organization. There is no administrative hierarchy to restrain or approve you. Users form their own local groups independently based upon their shared concerns. exists solely to co-ordinate communications and establish partnerships… it has no other agenda of its own. We need a worldwide network of independent local resistance cells, too numerous to eliminate, autonomous and locally controlled, acting continuously to expose and expel all of the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and corporations who would deny our personal freedom, sovereignty and natural rights.

    • pistoff, I think this tool is a GREAT IDEA for connecting people around a clear & general cause (concern for where things are heading in this world). I appreciate the simplicity & extreme privacy. Thank you for putting it together, and I’m happy to share it.

  3. Yes, James, “wwoofing” is pronounced like if you’re barking. ? You said it right.

    Wwoofers wwoof across the world; there are individual sites dedicated to that. Once you’re on the main site, you can pick a country and pay for that country’s website’s subscription fee. Wwoofers generally wwoof for lengthy periods since many of them are backpackers. So, the subscription fee is always worth it for them. If not, consider it a small fee for the chance of getting a very economical, hands-on (and very valuable) learning experience.

  4. Meeting people? I don’t see any solutions here.

    • If you embraced a bigger understanding of the true nature of what is needed to be a survivalist, you’d understand it is not Rambo mentality but rather people of a like mind organized and working together that will make it.

      Here in the AZ, White Mountains we have a very skill diversified community of butchers, earth movers, medical skilled, wood workers, welders, etc., that all add up to great “solutions” to the controller’s agenda of the UN Agenda 21&2030; UN Wildlife Project; The New World Order Agenda, and other nefarious plans.

      ALL of them part of the planned reduction of the population under 24/7 track, trace, and data basing living in 5G SMART cities, no private vehicles, no access to the country side, most living on the Government dole and forced to obey any laws or regulations put out by the Government to maintain the dole.

      The coming digital currency move, the plan to stop internal combustion engines, and more all add up to the controller’s ability to shut off funds, purchases, travel, etc. The addiction to TV and SMART Phones are the left and right jabs.

      At the local doctor’s office the other day a 60 something woman with a 15 year old or so girl came into the waiting room. The girl was scruffy and dull eyed. She sat down and started to read a school book but that lasted only a min or so. She picked up her SMART phone, did some thumb dancing on the screen and then for the next ten mins till I was called to see the doctor she stared at the phone on her lap, chewing on her nails a bit and had the saddest look I had seen in a long time.

      WHO WANTS US TO DIE (song)

    • 😉
      Good line, mkey.
      It makes sense in this era of illogic.

  5. Not related to the solutions watch episode: there was a cyber attack on an official Canada Federal Government website recently. The Prime Minister’s website was down for a few hours during the visit of an Ukrainian official who was here to ask for more weapons, and apparently, Russians have claimed it as their own. This could have something to do with the leaked pentagon documents, they said. Trudeau responded by saying that it wasn’t serious and it is nothing to be concerned about.

    I saw this on a French-speaking YouTube news channel, ask if you want me to link it.

  6. Mr. Corbett,
    The Odysee link needs to be corrected.

    Sidenote – “thinking out loud”:
    The “Libertarian Drinks” segment had me thinking…
    I wonder if that pub in Ireland which kicked out James Corbett still has that prohibition in effect.
    If it does, James must had really created an impression.

  7. THIS guy linked below (“No Stress Mike”) is kinda a nut, but usually doing something interesting and entertaining to hear about.

    He used to talk about the idea of a “3 Man Militia” (searching that term on his YT Channel gives a ton of vids most of which are better then this one) and he is 100% correct that you are better off with 2 guys that you can trust in a serious situation then a whole village of people who you do not trust or who are not much use.

    • Thanks, I’ll check this out. You make an excellent point about trust. In any tight nit community, trust is essential especially in a crisis. It’s not just sharing the same ideas and having a like mind, but can you trust them? I would certainly hope so, but what if some of them are feds or when the going gets tough they CYA (cover their own ass).

      This is why in person meeting is so important because trust can be built up over time. Although, there have been some very cunning undercover agents who are able to infiltrate communities. But there’s always someone who has a really keen intuition about someone that knows.

      If you get a good group of people who are trust worthy and hard working and honest, some skills can be taught and learned. Some things will be hard to learn without someone showing you in person and by actually doing that particular skill.

      The medical field is like that, there is lots of stuff you can learn from books but in order to be a really skilled provider one must actually work in the field and practice. A surgeon must perform surgery to get good at it, etc.

      Anyway, thanks for the share!

      • cu.h.j

        “… Although, there have been some very cunning undercover agents who are able to infiltrate communities….”

        Not many Glowfriends will remain undetected in Church…. aside from their tendency to catch fire on consecrated ground its usually pretty easy to get an idea of a persons character after three or four years and the Lesser GlowFriends cant stay out of jail that long without asking asking someone to saw off a shotgun or something like that.

        • Yeah. I am usually pretty good at detecting liars in face to face encounters over time. Usually 6 months or less I am able to know if someone is flaky or dishonest. It’s almost impossible to do over the internet I think.

          I think living online has really messed up some people’s bullshit detectors.

  8. This is my weakness as a die hard introvert. I want to help people but I also want them to leave me alone.

  9. That was also my “gut reaction” for what that’s worth.

    Though obtaining “non-mRNA-SARS-COV-2-injected” blood is, to my mind, a legitimate concern,

    basing affinity, identity and fraternity on the criteria of “pure blood” would seem… dangerous in its implications.

    Condoning and subscribing to a “pure blood” mentality, given the historic woes of this world,

    seems like a trap

    in various logistic ways (like the ones you evoke), and from a few essential ideological and ethical standpoints.

    I was also surprised, (not shocked and indignant) but bemused if you will, that the Corbett Report would give this platform a platform.

    Then again, if I were looking for “Unjected blood” for my baby, I would probably be profoundly grateful.

    And “EXERCISE CAUTION!” seemed to be flashing between the Corbett lines calling attention to the potential data security dangers if not the unsettling elitist eugenical undertones.

    • Interesting you bring up eugenic overtones in the “pure blood” idea. However, since there have been concerns raised about long lasting impurities related to the mRNA/DNA jabs, I understand the valid concern people may have.

      Nowadays people do undergo genetic testing before childbearing to avoid potential devastating outcomes. If this is technically eugenics, I think there is some validity to it. It’s definitely a debatable ethical issue. For example is it moral for a person with known Huntington’s disease to take a risk and have children? It’s up to the individual, but if it were me, I’d not want to pass that on.

      People worried about fertility and potential birth defects and blood impurities have valid concerns IMO. But the idea that someone is better than someone else because of vaccine status is a bit elitist and not something I endorse. It’s like a massive experiment that results are not yet known. But there are plenty of other contaminants that everyone is exposed to where long term side effects are similarly unknown.

      If pure blood means that a person has never had any vaccine at all, the standard “normal” protein based vaccines, I would not meet the criteria.

      I suspect the founders of un-jected were trying to do something positive to support community around refusing the jab since there was a push to marginalize critical thinkers. The risk to privacy is a very valid concern and I would be very cautious revealing personal health information on a social media site.

      • Thanks for your thoughtful reply cu.h.j.

        The unjected website raises interesting questions, most notably “when does a movement become eugenical?”. Presumably, when it starts wanting to improve the human race through selective breeding, no?

        It sorta seems like the long-established eugenical movements à la Huxley and Ehrlich and their sponsors, have forced anti-eugenicists into a corner, forcing them to adopt the mentality they abhor. “Don’t want that dangy sheeple blood near you now do you?” … The proud assertion of being Unjected also stoked by the fear of “mRNA spike protein Shedding”…

        I noticed that the BBC, as an example among others, when reporting on Unjected, made a point of describing Shelby Thomas’ blond hair, more or less subtly insinuating that the site might have ultra-right wing “Aryan” aspirations (which might help explain her new look?)

        I tend to agree with you that the site was probably created with honorable intentions. It’s just that, however scientifically based it may or mayn’t be, the “uh oh -vaccinated blood and people are potentially dangerous” value judgement can quickly fall into an elitist mentality based on notions of blood purity.

        This calls to mind my favorite Black Mirror episode called “Men Against Fire”. Though the pertinent part of the scene seems to have disappeared from the net I’ll post this 57-second YouTube video where psychologist Arquette is explaining the whys and wherefores of Soldier Stripe’s brain implant that conveniently makes him see “the enemy” as some sort of transgenic vampire. When Stripe protests exclaiming “They’re human beings!” the line that follows, exactly where the scene has been cut off is

        “Do you know how much shit they have in their blood?”

        This episode has always been my favorite because at first glance it might seem like an anti-war or anti-brain chip demonstration but it’s really about “pure blood” and more specifically about “pure DNA”.

        • I haven’t really researched eugenics a lot but understood it as selective breeding of humans where certain traits or races were seen as superior. And this program included forced sterilization laws and anti miscegenation laws and stuff like that. It’s essentially a form of tyranny or seems to have been implemented this way.

          I don’t care if people think they have some elite DNA and they want to “breed” with others they believe is similarly special so long as they aren’t interfering with me or my liberty.

          But I do think it’s lame, unless there is a real reason that one might be concerned.

          To be honest, I’ve had lots of contact with jabbed people. Skin on skin (touching people through my work as a nurse) and I really haven’t noticed anything. I’m not afraid of touching or anything like that.

          Receiving a blood transfusion though might make me a little more concerned if they were recently jabbed.

          But to be honest, most of my colleagues have not shown many side effects from the jab. Who knows maybe they got the placebo or something.

        • Thanks for the Black Mirror clip. I did watch that episode and will have to re-watch. I did like he Black Mirror series and found some of the episodes quite good.

          I see this type of “eugenics” or elitist mentality as the beginning of dehumanization of the “other” and I don’t want to go down that path.

          If other people want to stay within their own “group” as long as they are not harming other people and trying to infringe of the rights of others have the right to do so. I am more inclined to be flexible in who I relate to.

          But with the attempt to marginalize the un-jabbed, like with the “health pass” and vaccine passport that was implemented by the state, I can see why this would create a reactionary movement. It becomes divisive and maybe that’s the objective.

          The long term side effects are not yet known and I can understand why a person would be concerned about procreation with someone who they are afraid could have some type of genetic abnormality. I can empathize with being worried about what might happen. On the other hand, there are many other things that can happen that have nothing to do with the jab.

          And if someone loves someone who took the jab (maybe they didn’t know or were coerced) I understand why this other stuff would be overlooked. I know that for me, love is the guiding factor for meaningful human interactions especially romantic ones. Love and friendship and real connection can transcend other characteristics.

          Limiting someones social sphere based on who took the jab or not is kind of narrow minded IMO, especially since a huge percentage of the population took it.

    • nosoapradio
      “…That was also my “gut reaction” for what that’s worth….”

      Its the eyes, and the smug facial expression.

      Physiognomy is a real thing- people often end up looking the way they do because of the way they think. I never trust someone with masses of tattoos, too many piercings , or who body builds excessively.

      That said, if you are so hard up for people you must use the internet its better then nothing to have such sites. I’d be really careful about giving anyone my real info though

  10. One way to meet people and community is to follow one’s own interests, and find the groups which share that interest.
    Not everyone wants to be a gardener, nor prepper, nor homesteader, or whatever.

    When in a group which shares an interest, by personal interaction and conversation an individual can find people who are also on the “same page” (somewhat.)
    Valuable relationships can be forged, regardless of the page number.
    Some friends are closer than other friends in any relationship.

    Of course, one will meet other activists if one joins an activist group.
    If one is interested in crypto or finance, there too are local communities.
    Reading clubs are there for those who enjoy that.

    Whether it is “community” or “assistance” one is seeking, the local resources are often available.

    Local churches and local communities often offer great programs for those who need assistance. One can always call the fire department or police departments and ask if they know of local assistance programs.

    Call your City Hall, municipality, County, Chamber of Commerce, and LIBRARY and churches and colleges. Ask about clubs and groups.
    Read local publications.
    Get creative.
    These organizations and institutions are exposed to many resources. They see a lot of people and groups. Most people want to help.
    One example: In my area there is a community space where tools and space are available to build whatever project you fancy.

    Regardless of any community, including “freedom-oriented very-aware communities”, even though you may share many of the same ideas with an individual, it doesn’t mean that this individual is a good fit.
    I’ve seen some “freedom-aware people” not pay back loans or tell deceptive lies in order to promote a self-interest.

    • Community project building does sound great. I have also read about community gardening being available in certain places.

      It is quite difficult for people to get along. Even when you are disposed toward going along. I’ve noticed a good litmus test is: send them a few lines of text and see if they are going to read it. Disagreement is one of the positive outcomes because it means they are processing at least something. Non sequiturs suggest they are stuck in their own internal narrative, like a broken machine.

      Recently I’ve had some really disapointing challenges where in a very onesided written exchange with a supposed business professional I’m trying to make sense out of questions being asked and, at the same time, answer the questions and resolve the issue (lack of training).

      I have noticed that people will react when you tell them they are lacking in training, but when you explain what the issue is the reasonable people will accept the explanation. Some people at least are able to understand when they are talking to someone who hold a far more detailed grasp of the matter than themselves. The easily offended will, on the other hand, just skyrocket.

      I have also noticed that many people want to have a “call” (also interesting to learn how that word means different things to a wide array of people, but that’s a sad tale for another day) and employ hand gesturing to explain something (7 year old level) while I insist on written communication (12 year old level) that involves using technical names/label (i.e. copy pasting frome the screen if will is not present to type it out) in explaining their actions, intentions and expectations.

      It is incredibly disapointing how difficult that is for people. And yet I insist to hold them up to that 12 year old level standard.

      Goes without saying that there is a lot of tension and friction to go around. Later I like to see higher ups squirm when they try to explain away the fact that they are hiring illiterate people and putting them, without appropriate training, in positions that demand responsibility.

      It’s all quite, quite sad. Of course, the paltry few competent individuals get maximum attention and priority on my end. They will also get the occasional “call”, when realistically needed and when it is more efficient to have an interactive, live discussion about matter at hand. I even like talking to some of these guys.

      What has it come to, checking if people are able to read and process not even a paragraph, but a few lines of text written in business level English.

      • I appreciate your writeup describing the wide breadth and divergence of “reasonable and interested competence” among individuals.

        I, too, notice this wide variety of people.

        For me personally, comparing the 1950’s/60’s to now, I have observed this strong, noticable decline with people as a whole (their ‘interest’, competence, literacy, rational appropriate responses, etc.)

        • On a wider timescale I can presume it can only be even more pronounced.

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