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From ULEZ camera sabotage to culture jamming in the supermarkets to QR code tinkering, there are no shortage of wrenches that can be thrown in the gears of the technocratic enslavement grid. So, what methods of monkeywrenching the New World Order will work for your own purposes? Let’s put on our thinking caps and explore the possibilities in this mischievous edition of #SolutionsWatch.

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Interview 1828 – Scamdemic 2: The New Batch – #NewWorldNextWeek

Simple Sabotage

Culture Jamming with Extinction Rebellion – #PropagandaWatch

Sign cost of living crisis is becoming ‘even more serious’ for Australians

GRANT website

QR Code Error Correction: How Does it Work?

Florida school board forced to remove dozens of books after parents read ‘graphic’ passages aloud

John Amanchukwu is kicked out of school board meeting by Sheriff’s for reading a pornographic book

Episode 341 – Welcome to Your Driverless Future

Kia’s Driverless Future! – #PropagandaWatch

SF group placing traffic cones on self-driving cars to disable them

Japan complains of harassment calls from China over Fukushima water release

c.s.d. reporting MSM disinformation


  1. There was a Sticker with QR code that refers to site with Nuremberg code.
    But you can also refer to vaccine side-effects victims / their donation page,
    or any other important site.

    How would this look in a doctor’s office?

    Make your own QR code at:
    You can even add a logo to make it seem a legit site.

    Or a sticker with the Nuremberg code itself:

  2. Maybe a small drop of superglue on screws or in holes or seams on ‘things’ would make for some trouble… ??‍♂️

  3. Instead of making QR unreadable, it might be fun to replace these posters with QR codes that lead to sites like the Corbett report or any other good source of information

  4. I’m worried that the automobile license plate readers that are everywhere might be hampered by mud, or grease (the blacker, the better) on the letters and numerals of the plate. An errant smudge might make a zero look like an eight, or the letter C look like the letter O, etc. It would enhance the deniability if there were errant, random smudges on the back of the car that had nothing to do with the plate. Let’s all keep our cars clean and avoid causing this problem. 🙂

    • In certain jursidictions it is illegal to drive around with an unreadable plate. As long as we allow them to be arbiters of what is right, they can do as they please.

  5. When sticking stickers around I have a few suggestions based on personal experience:

    1. Don’t stick on private property without consent.

    2. Stick’em high! When you make it hard for people to do stupid things to your stickers you are banking on their lazyness. Which is a sure bet. In my experience, anything above 2 meters or 7 feet is going to last for a long while.

      • The Dutch are very tall, my height (184) over there is on the short side. They are a tall people.

        Over here, there is big gait and it seems to be going up. People are fixated on food and they don’t discrimate.

        Not sure what’s happening with children, but pains me to say they are not looking proper.

        It used to be that we were getting kids at the club who needed to learn how to run properly and now many of these kids need to learn how to walk. Their posture is terrible, and parents don’t seem to notice. There are a lot of training options these days, they should make use of them.

        Female volleyball coach, with decades of experience, says the girls are no better. They typically can’t follow through with the simplest of exercises. Must be that short attention span being on full display. We are getting a bunch of kids grown of mobile phones.

        People do like to stick, especially after someone stuck something before them. They like to add on.

  6. I periodically check the NWNW store for Corbett Report stickers. Cough cough, ahem ahem.

    Rumor has it that Londoners are spraying cameras with expanding foam in a can on those cameras in the low emissions zones.

  7. Just who exactly are the criminals?
    Those removing the cameras or those installing them?

    Speaking about protests…
    By now I’m sure most must have heard about the protestors at a 2023 U.S. Open semi-final match (tennis) who glued themselves to the ground in the stands and chanted slogans about climate change, disrupting play for almost an hour!

    Loved those ‘fruitful’ acts of placing the special QR codes in the fruit section of supermarkets. 🙂
    But those QR codes could also backfire as they put a target right on the back of

    Loved the Unicone Cars™ 🙂

    I have successfully ‘monkey-wrenched’ the self-checkout machines in stores
    numerous times. These machines are the thin edge of the wedge that is trying to:

    a) save stores money on paying employees (getting the customers
    to do their work).
    b) train customers to jump through hoops as if they were circus animals.
    c) condition us to comply to each of their new hi-tech whims.

  8. Part of the elephant in the room reality is if you don’t use anything with “SMART” tech then you won’t be traced, tracked, and data based. You can argue all you want about how your “need” that $1000 phone but you lose.

    Why do you think they removed analog tech everywhere?? Camera’s and mics built into the SMART TV’s; SMART electricity meters that not only put off dangerous emissions but can be controlled by provider companies.

    SMART kitchen and laundry appliances that can read usage and be turned off.

    Regarding plate readers…do those Mylar “skins” really work on plates?

    Good to see some real activism ideas here James.

    GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

  9. IDEA…
    I’ll repeat part of a comment which I wrote on Interview 1828 – Scamdemic 2: The New Batch – #NewWorldNextWeek

    Who knows?
    Maybe the next time I roll my cart down the grocery aisle, perhaps some of the processed food items might have another sticker by the price sku which states: “Contains Poisons”.

    Back in the old days with “9/11 Truth”, I would print up sheets of address stickers. Maybe one sheet might have the message “Google Building 7”.
    It was fun to place these stickers at the fast food drive thru. When people order at the remote call box, they are looking directly at the sticker. Employees rarely ever check the call box.
    Also, the Drive-thru was a great location to offer the public free 9/11 “Information Handouts”.
    There are a lot of retail and public places where signs, stickers and info can go.

    However, I don’t recommend pulling a “Cool Hand Luke” and cutting off all the parking meters around the courthouse while drunk, ‘cuz you’re sure to get caught. Be cool, but not stupid.

    • Yes, cut down parking meters and 5g towers only while sober.

    • HRS: What about the meter maids who kept the coins? LOL. That has happened. All the parking meters in the SF Bay Area are digital. No more coins. I suppose they could be hacked. Magnets?

  10. I have reported the CDC on twitter for misinformation due to their covid BS.

  11. Mexican UFO hearing with “alien bodies”
    reviewed by Alien Scientist
    They look like a mixture of different species.
    The anatomy is obviously a big mess, the being can not breath or eat.
    The head may be a reversed lama skull, according to “scientists against myths”

    There are also famous Peru skulls that have been found in many graves.
    They are elongated have a whole different anatomy, very similar to humans.
    This may have led to some cultures trying to do the same to their
    children with skull binding. But these have different
    anatomical characteristics
    (skull growth lines, skull holes, difference in ribs)

  12. LOL! This is all amateur hour at the Monkey Wrenching Club. Hahaha.
    Okay, back in the late 1960s my friend worked at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Lincoln, Nebraska. He was 17 years old and one of the kids “frying” the chicken in the pressure cookers in the back.
    Sundays were always the busiest afternoons after the churches let out. Especially the Black Baptist Church. Americans of African heritage love “fried” chicken.
    One Sunday the kitchen staff was “in the weeds” as we say in the service business when overwhelmed by customers.
    So my friend and the other cooks just put in the frozen chicken into the pressure cookers for a minute or two. Just long enough to get the outside of the chicken brown and crispy with that “secret recipe” from Colonel Sanders.
    Sure enough, after about an hour an agitated black man came into the lobby of the store holding a piece of “fried” chicken.
    “This chicken is raw!” He shouted. “There is ice on the bone!”
    My friend and the crew were fired for that but rehired within a week.

    • Around 1975, I managed a Kentucky Fried Chicken on Valley Mills Road in Waco, Texas. I made it one of the most profitable stores in the franchise string. I wore my Colonel Sanders bowtie with white shirt and black slacks, and worked 7 days a week. My cashiers were hot like the orginal recipe chicken with its secret 11 Herbs and Spices. My wife, a bunch of High School cheerleaders, and a few pleasant gals made for an inviting customer experience.

      I know about the pressure cooker pots, and the large iced boxes of chicken in the walkin cooler. All of us had fun at work, but worked hard.
      One day, a high school kid working the pots in the back was gonna show off, and got everyone’s attention, then said “Watch this!” Before I could stop him, he picked up a raw drumstick which had socked in the melted juices of the box, and took a huge bite out of it and swallowed. I gasped! I knew he would not be at work the next day.
      Salmonella is not fun.
      Salmonella requires two toilets, one for the head and one to sit on.
      That kid was sick for most of the week, missing school and work.

      REMEDY for bacterial food poisoning and Montezuma’s revenge…
      A few decades later I learned that about 20 or 30 drops of NutriBiotic GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract mixed with water can quickly remedy this type of situation, often within hours or a day. It tends to also get parasites.

      The end of the KFC work day had some magic to it…
      The High School guys in the back would crank up this KC song, and dance while mopping and cleaning up. The girls up front would join the vibe.
      K.C. & The Sunshine Band – That’s The Way (I Like It) (1975)

      • Salmonella is double the fun of just having the runs. Losing electrolites at a high rate is exhausting.

      • HRS: Your KFC experience was much different from my friend’s in Lincoln. The manager of his store was a drunk who was always at the bowling alley bar across the street from the store drinking away.
        Another time it was January and 10F with snow and ice on the ground. But again it was a Sunday and the Black Baptists were back after church. It was 100F in the kitchen from the pressure cookers. Patrick convinced the crew to take off all their clothes. Just wear waist aprons (to protect their genitalia from hot grease) shoes, and the red and white paper cook hats.
        Patrick went out back to take out the garbage and his “friends” locked him out. Patrick started pounding on the door but they wouldn’t let him in.
        “Hope your dick and balls don’t freeze off!” They shouted at Patrick from behind the locked door.
        Patrick was turning blue and the sweat in his Afro was turning to ice. He slipped and slid across the icy parking lot to the front entrance and had to walk through the throng of Black Baptists in their Sunday best.
        “Henrietta! Did you ever see such a white cracker ass before?”
        “No Gladys. Looks like two loaves of Wonder Bread with legs.”
        The Black Preacher was there getting his Sunday dinner.
        “How can half-naked cooks be cooking our fried chicken? We are leaving.”
        “I don’t want no pubic hairs in my fried chicken.”

  13. Look, if you really want to Monkey Wrench the ULEZ system, go after the software.
    An IT could change the code so that instead of the car owners paying the fee or fine, the government sends them a check for the same amount.
    The State doesn’t know how this shit works.
    WE DO!
    The State is full of useless leeches who can maybe drive a car and eat and shit and dress themselves.
    Figure it out. Hahahahaha! We don’t have to follow their orders.

    • Good idea, but easier to get ib contact with a camera than the IT guy. It almost certainly some external company that’s creating this software, at exorbitant rates.

      • mkey: The idea is that the IT guy joins the resistance. No one has to get in contact with him.
        Back in the 90’s I took computer programming classes and learned how to code in Basic and DOS. Both are out of date, but it’s pretty easy to change a word here or even easier, just a + to a – or add a ; or : and a bit of new phrasing.
        If caught the IT could say, “Oops. My mistake. I’ll fix it.”
        Isn’t that what the government does, cause a crisis then give the solution, and boom, the government is a hero?
        Turnabout is fair play.
        The government is doing death-by-a-thousand cuts to us.
        Why can’t the workers do it to the State?

    • @TimmyTaes

      You sound like an alphabet agency asset. Seen that stuff on the other “alt” sites. Your story made no sense and appeared to be a setup for luring people into illegal hacking.


      • ejdoyle: I’m not a government guy in any way. I’ve read about IT guys sabotaging the companies they work for. What’s to stop them?

        • >>I’m not a government guy…>>

          Internet anonymity breeds no civil accountability so you could be anything “Timmy.”

          >>What’s to stop them?>>

          What is to stop ANYONE from DOING ANYTHING??…IMO, an inner morality yardstick, not religious nonsense, a “glue” to the “tribe” conditioned out of us since the 60’s “war on drugs” locked down esoteric and metaphysical knowledge exploration.

          It was said, integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. But today people’s need for “viral” attention has them videoing people in desperation rather then helping.

          Human’s arrogance about their level of consciousness/success through identification with material goods and technical toys and false narratives of celebrity are far more deadly than any drug.
          – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          “The United States has become a place where entertainers and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance.”
          – Robert A. Heinlein
          – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
          Csanyi and Kampis of Hungary offer every system has its own way it forms, expands and holds its self together as REPLICATION, occurring at all levels: Molecular, Biological, and Social. With humans, a replication of IDEAS is essential, first in forming, then maintaining social systems.

          For most Americans under 50 the majority of their life knowledge, vocabulary, social skills, ideas about what being human is about, whether or not you chose to believe it, have been formed from the entertainment industry’s manipulation.

          The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY. So most have been engineered into a perception prison of belief and held in place by shackles of fear concerned about ghosts, vampires, commies, etc.

          If everything of importance since childhood has been a lie, what is the difference now? Without true intellectual exploration, does adulthood really guarantee some sort of higher consciousness?

          All this Internet blogging dialog and Rambo talk is quite useless. Success will come from not trying to be the hippest slave in the bunk house but changing things through real activism in one’s area with one’s tools.

          We need SOLUTIONS and leaders to inspire us and a plan for a post revolution nation that won’t be the same as the first.

          • eddoylie: So run for Congress, City Council, go to county meetings, DO SOMETHING! Hell, write a letter to the editor.
            I’ve done all of the above except run for office. That is pointless.
            Just say “NO!”
            And quoting Robert A. Heinlein doesn’t make you smart. Unless you really believe the quote and act on it.

            You are irritating eddy Doilie.

            • >>You are irritating eddy Doilie.>>

              When your mind is soft, words have sharp edges.

              Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you are still mentally disabled.

              You win.

  14. Does anyone have a reference for how often people even scan these codes? On a few occasions I prompted people for their personal experiences with codes stuck on some specific locations and they said it wasn’t used often at all.

    It should be relatively easy to test if some sort of referral tag was provided, specific to the code itself.

  15. Hi Corbetteers,

    Aaaaw, shucks. My hand’s up. I too have been thinking unthink-right thoughts, not at cameras this time, but robots, the silicon cashier replacements for the cashless, contactless transation processing mediated gig economy meets Big Data shitshow that JC’s been talking about for about 6 years now has landed with flouro coloured gig-based bicycle delivery riders really getting up the backside of many a pedestrian and public transport bus driver here in Sydney. See the article for deets.

    Big Data meets the Cashless Gig Economy

    I am glad to see that the City of London has decided that vans will need to be used to enforce ULEZ. At least for the moment some humans are going to get paid to drive the camera filled things to wherever the City decides they need to be. I wouldn’t be leaving them unattended overnight tho’! xD

    Congrats to the ULEZ vigilantes in upping the costs and changing the game.



  16. A “gum-up” Idea…
    An Accreditation, Certification and Verification Service – Bogus style

    Actually, I have had experience, (while somewhat on the side conversation), with establishing a private school “Accreditation Service”. It can be an okay gig for someone who has a professional appearance (which I don’t.) Ya set up a website with your shingle, and market yourself to homeschools or small private schools which are not accredited. For a fee, you inspect them and then give them a pretty piece of paper certificate if they meet decent standards. You charge an annual fee.

    Ya set up a website with your shingle, and market yourself to anyone who wants to have Bogus Officialdom. And you can charge.
    Thus, you can issue “Accreditated FACTCHECKER Certificates” and then have it Verified by your sister website.
    Or issue someone a PhD by a fabricated institution.
    You can issue Permits which allow a person not to follow rules.
    People can become certified Geniuses.

    The creativity and humor here can stretch for miles.

    Some of these could be a great gifts.

    An added perk is that many people don’t read text. They just eyeball the headline large font stuff.

    To avoid any real legal entanglements, it would probably be smart to have the text explain that this is about Bogus Officialdom. But who doesn’t want to have B O ?

    If you want to later offer “add-ons” (other impulsive, spontaneous products to boost your average ticket), you could sell humourous “giftwrap prints” which can be placed on a box.
    You know…giftwrap like the “Chainsaw Chase Game” with a picture of a 4 year old running towards his friends with a chainsaw.
    Or some wrap for a cereal box. with all kinds of Corny Flakey descriptives and toxic additives.

  17. Lad: “Dad, was that a news report . . . or an advertisement?”

    Dad: “I think it was an advertisement, son.”

    As a longtime Corbetteer, I’ve heard this dialogue several times in recent years. Podcast hosts who interview James often ask him to recount his gradual transition from a typical conditioned-by-culture child in Calgary, Canada, to the wide-awake independent journalist in Japan that he is today.

    Seems that young Jimmy (or did you go by “James” in the ’80s and ’90s?) and his father were watching tell-LIE-vision together when a commercial pretending to be an unbiased news report came on. The budding skeptic looked quizzically at his dad and posed that innocent question. His apparently equally skeptical dad gave that knowing reply. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Did I tell the legendary tale correctly? 🙂

  18. I grow my own food and avoid the NHS(UK)at all costs. Not sure it’s low cost/low effort though.

  19. When my wife and I are asked to scan any QR code, we pull out our old style feature phones and ask for help on how to do the scanning. I love the reactions we get.

  20. Not sure if this is called monkeywrenching:
    – we have a group to document the creation of artificial clouds by non commercial airplanes on the sky in various European countries
    – we record pictures and sometimes videos how the thin line coming out of the airplane develops to a wider cloud
    – we record the status of “Flightradar” demonstrating that there was no airplane with transponder (commercial) at the place of spraying the cloud
    – we are growing in numbers
    – we are planning to go to the local police departments in numbers, asking who is creating the artificial clouds taking away our sunlight (playing dumb, not saying that they are chemtrails or whatever, just asking for an explanation)

    Are there any likeminded people here?

  21. In Sept 2021, my county in NC decided to implement a “snitch line” (phone & email) where We The People were encouraged to tattle on neighbors &/or local businesses which did not enforce Mandatory Mask Mandates b/c “It’s The Law” (or so said stickers sent out using OUR taxed Federal Reserve Notes by OUR Health Department which was a blatant lie which did deceive many people & stores). Anyway, I committed to writing or calling daily. The snitch line fizzled within about a month & a half – local media saying it had received around 69 complaints (without specifying that at LEAST half of those were my own &/or others like-minded neighbors, leaving monkey-wrenching call to tell on ourselves or messages to “General Enforcement ” (a.k.a. “Monkeys Running this Circus”); Messages such as the following:

    • Subject:
      Continual Compliance Violator
      A nearby neighbor is in VIOLATION OF COMPLIANCE with rules now governing the opposite of the opposing rules of insanity. He (or she, it’s kind of hard to tell) is a short figure, stands out in yellow, with brown pants that are square. He/she is a fry cook at the restaurant, which inexplicably REFUSES to force me to wear a mask to eat. His boss is a red-penny pincher too. The patties there are really crabby anyway.
      Every time this dastardly violator leaves his (or her) pineapple, he (or she) will say the most basic & fundamental, sensible things like, “fresh air causes me to dry out and die” or “I need a water helmet or I’ll die.” That’s because the guy (or gal) is a complete sponge.

      By the way, Guilford Commissioners are in VIOLATION OF COMPLIANCE with basic principles of what once was “Common Sense,” and The US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, and The North Carolina Constitution. YOUR claimed authority over the healthy mouths, noses, and lungs which DO NOT BELONG TO YOU is far more insane, ridiculous, and down-right STUPID than is a yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea.
      At least he smiles!
      Your Name: Patrick S.

    • Call:
      “Yeah, I was just at the Dollar store on Market Street and I showed them all the exemptions to the decaled executive orders & local ordinances as well, and they actually accepted my legitimate exceptions and I shopped with an unveiled face there and WAS NOT discriminated against after that, so … just know that now, they actually KNOW the law and aren’t just relying on your ‘Mask Up: it’s the Law’ nonsense.
      Thanks for your attention to this urgent matter, General Enforcers, have a blessed day.”

    • Subject: My boss spit on me on the office!
      My manager, Michael, is a complete tool who thinks he knows EVERYTHING but he’s such a jerk! He actually spits on me while annoying me while I sit in an old, uncomfortable chair while I’m working on Solitaire. He even licked Jim’s spoon – the same one he uses to make Jello to put office supplies in, to annoy Dwight!
      He needs to be masked. He needs Corporate to send in backup.
      Also, Guilford County Commissioners are violating the public’s trust by calling themselves a health board with authority over strangers bodies. Maybe some light reading for their lawyers might be? “18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law”
      Something to think about, because violation of that could come with a penalty that like, sucks.
      So… Yeah, ya don’t know
      Your Name Pam

      • Interestingly, no government officials contacted me nor did they come to arrest me or anything! Humm… I wonder if my like-minded friends and I helped make the county’s enforces realize that their little hotline was just a (common) cold idea?

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