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Do you think the world is overpopulated? Are you worried that having a baby would contribute to climate change? Deep down, do you hate humanity? If so, then it’s time to stop swallowing the propaganda of the anti-human death cult and to realize that creation is our ultimate act of rebellion agains the elitists and eugenicists.

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Bill Burr – Population Control

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Absolute Zero: The Global Agenda Revealed

The End of the World As We Know It? (Julian Simon)

How & Why Big Oil Conquered the World

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Episode 267 – The Meaning of Life


  1. Devil’s Advocate here.

    If the plan it to reduce population there be many strategies, but the devastating one is to grow the population until it outstrips resources and then cataclysmically collapses.

    Problem solved. Let them procreate. The bacteria win in the long run.

    Bacteria: these humans have such short term objecties

    • Corbett has gone to great lengths in numerous videos, podcasts, and essays to communicate how this cannot happen, so long as there is freedom, because people work to make new uses from existing resources.

      Julian Simon labored even harder in his life so much so that it was his mission to communicate this fact, and prove it even using thousands of years of history.

      • Dear Paul,

        I see that your comment is only a few minutes after my troll, so you may have not seen my fessing up to that.

        In defence of JC’s argument, he is rightly debunking a polemic on impending doom and self hatred. I’m all for it. But, I stand by my conclusion, the bacteria will win. In truth the local star wins, but that’s a longer topic.

        Its really about polemics, what we call media narratives. The doom and gloom is BS, and the scene which JC uses from The Matrix is wonderful in his argumentation to expose this end-of-times narrative.

        However, you cant argue with reality. It doesn’t care about “the truth”, it just is. Is our planet infinite? No. Okay, so there must be a limit on population growth and resource consumption. What is it? THAT is the question, and we don’t know because we opposable thumbed brain wielding mammals are rather ingenious.

        I try to balance the “hate ourselves doom and gloom” with “well, a walk in the park is good for you” naturalist type rhetoric and come to a middle ground. Infinite expansion no, impending doom no, there must be a space in there somewhere. It seems that the human population will top out at around 10-11 billion due to numerous factors. I think one of the biggest is desertification. But, I’m not an ecological geographer, and am happy to be proven wrong.

        How many children should you have? That’s your call. I chose two. It seems to sit in that “middle space”. They, like you, will choose their own answer, and I hope that they hear the counter to doom and gloom, and are also aware of physics.

  2. I think that marrying a blockchain whatever to a network is a sign of fanaticism.

    There is no need for a blockchain in a networking suite. It is extra baggage that will reduce the adoption rate.

    I will have to do a lot of reading to just figure out whether it is a pyramid scheme, because it sure looks like one.

    Networking should have nothing to do with “voting”. This is nonsensical in a technical environment and only useful to some group or ideological ends.

    The freedom-fighting world has its viruses, and among them is this fanatical support for all things on a blockchain.

    • [SNIP – No urls without titles and/or explanations of what people are clicking on, please. Please post the link again with some explanatory text. -JC]

      • Hello JC,
        I am not sure what Paul’s url was but I second g.bon on the qortal and I am including the link to their “white Paper”, really, explaining the ethos behind what they are trying to accomplish, and it does sound quite inspiring and insightful.
        A while ago I too tried to share this information with you.
        I hope it can be of interest

  3. If there is a reason for EVERYTHING that is happening now, you may have found it. The beauty of Life. I think maybe we ALL need a great reset of our priorities and our Will to Live Life in a meaningful way. My solution for today is Gratitude! Thank you Mr Corbett!You are helping humanity evolve into people who will not be put into this type of situation again.

  4. I am actually fine with the comments being removed from news sites. It really is just a distraction.

    I can go to other sites to see people discussing these articles, and those sites typically provide better discussion because the interface is specifically for that activity.

    Plus it removes from the news outlet the requirement to moderate comments, although I do sometimes think a paywalled comment section might be good, because it largely eliminates the moderation requirements and the garbage, so long as the minimum amount is high enough.

    • I’m going to disagree, for me it provided a window into what the public really thought of these headlines by the MSM. And many times the backlash was overwhelmingly negative. Shows me that the majority of people in the real world disagree with many of the agendas the MS push’s.

      It’s funny, there’s a link on Yahoo news articles for “comments.” When you click it, it just says, “we’re trying to provide a safe and engaging environment for our users…yadda yadda…we are temporarily suspended commenting.” They took there comments section down several years ago, it still says this ?

      At the local level, here in west Michigan, we have Mlive. A digital media website with local and national news. Many locals used the comments section as a public forum to voice their opinion on any given news story. Four or five years ago I started noticing more and more hostility toward certain subjects(generally anything to do with social justice/globalism,etc.) first they policed and censored it, then they tore it down. It’s mind boggling the lengths they’re willing to go to shut down public discourse.

      • I don’t know that I’ll come back to post more on this, but it is clear to me you are likely not familiar with the actual costs of moderation.

        If a tool is influencing opinion, it will be gamed by people who either benefit or are threatened by the tool. This makes effective moderation very expensive. That is why I stated the paywalled comment sections can be good, because the people gaming the comment sections really have a rough time even just getting enough unique names on credit cards to effectively game the system.

      • Actually, a some months ago “Yahoo Finance” reinstated its comments.

        Yahoo Finance had discontinued comments within a few days after “Yahoo Finance” Editor-in-Chief Andrew Serwer interviewed Bill Gates who whined about the Hydroxychloriquine & “America’s Frontline Doctors” (Remember, even their website was removed, much less their YouTube video which went viral)
        Bil Gates’s quotes are written at this link (At the link, also see above.)

        Yahoo Finance mostly has finance related stories, and so that was the old style comment topic as people discussed markets. However, now-a-days Yahoo Finance occasionally has Covid or “ESG Climate Change” related stories. The official narrative gets push-back.
        Of course, I was “permanently banned” as a commenter because I quoted CDC statistics too many times.
        You see a lot of commenters who talk about their censored comments…and then those “online identities” eventually no longer appear.
        However, there are clever “survivors” who say things like “Yes! Let’s lockdown forever and completely isolate forever so nobody ever catches cooties.” or “I want all the DNA changing shots I can get, so I can be an X-man”.

      • Hey Joe! Good to hear from another Michigander on The CR, hopefully things are on the up and up in your neck of the woods! I’ve never heard of Michigan For Vaccine Choice? I’ll be sure to check it out when I get a chance. Check out Unlock Michigan, it’s a non profit fighting to rescind all of our idiot governor’s power to “lock down” the state under any circumstances again. Keep fighting the good fight brother!

    • The Guardian allows comments on selected articles on its website (for subscribers – although this isn’t necessarily a paid for subscription) but it’s pretty clear that with the Covid narrative that all disseneting comments are removed completely – you simply aren’t allowed to raise concerns about what’s going on. I have actually been banned from commenting at all now even though I have been very polite and coherent in everything I’ve said. I have apparently breached the rules, but I can only assume that the rules in this case are that I’m spreading ‘dangerous misinformation’. I think we all know where this leads, if we aren’t already there. The comments sections have simply become amplifiers for the original article.

    • Paul
      “..I am actually fine with the comments being removed from news sites. It really is just a distraction….”

      No, you have to realize that most people are NPC level thinkers… they will take on whatever the loudest voice tells them is popular.

      The fact that some comment disagree with the article or report’s slant signals to people that NOT EVERYONE AGREES and thus it is ‘OK’ for them to doubt the article… yes people REALLY are that retarded. THAT is why they fight so hard to shut people up, see what happened in the experiment when people see others object to Authority


  5. Beautiful! This particularly touched my heart as the one and only thing I would have done differently in life would have been to start having children earlier and had more of them! 🙂

    The thought of my boys not having been born scares me more than any agenda ever could.

    • Interesting that.

      Biology coming to the fore. But, as our language and thoughts have progressed, we conceive the reflected nurture in nurturing. I am jealous of women and their connection with life, and its continuity. Its a beautiful conundrum; in children one is partially reborn and sees ones own death. Therein is the continuum and the challenge to find a place within it.

      How to submerge my ego into a process?

    • That’s true for me as well. My children are the most amazing and funny people.
      “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” is an old saying because it expresses an essential truth. We influence the future by how we act in the present with our children. They mirror our choices in turn to their own kids, our grandchildren.
      I hesitate to bring up a touchy topic but this is all connected to why Christianity has historically opposed abortion. Because to eliminate a nascent life doesn’t just take ONE person out. It takes that person’s descendants as well, to the end of time. Even if you don’t concede the existence of a deity, it’s a bit disconcerting to think about.
      What we do with, for, and because of our own offspring is incredibly important. I’m not ambitious for myself, or necessarily for my own children, but I think their kids could really be something!

      • I like those words…
        “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” is an old saying because it expresses an essential truth.
        We influence the future by how we act in the present with our children. They mirror our choices in turn to their own kids, our grandchildren.

  6. Probably not too many things more pitiful than watching a crusty old man tear up as he listens to a podcast.
    I’m glad nobody was watching.

    Thanks James. Reading from your son’s journey was extremely touching and emotional to me.

    • Crusty old man here.

      Me too. “There are some things that cannot be learned, only experienced”.

      The greater message may be that by Whitney; creation. Painting, playing an instrument, tending a garden, writing an article, building social relations, parenting, grand parenting, …

      There is creation everywhere. Its a gift. The process of giving. A joy is in receiving some acknowledgement, but the primal joy is the delivery of the created. I have made something for you.

      • I am regretful that as a young man I never heard messages of hope like this. Just the oft repeated mantra of overpopulation. Being a product of the California foster care system and watching the Vietnam war horrors play out were instrumental in forming my world view.
        At 24, I made an irrevocable decision with the blessings of my fiancé to make certain that I could never bring a child into the world. A decision that has periodically haunted me over the years.
        But, as you so correctly point out. There are other positive ways to contribute to making life better for myself and the world. And I do my best.

        • I am so sorry to hear that, Steve. I think there is sadly a similar “haunting” of women who choose to have abortions and then later have trouble conceiving (there has been some documentation of permanent fertility damage to uterus that could be a result of an abortion procedure). They arent fully informed of all the risks, just told “your body, your choice” like it is a simple black and white issue (it’s not). Im lucky to have not been in that scenario but honestly I could have been four or five years ago (I am 27). Sadly I believe I am watching my sister have this struggle now many years after having chosen to have an abortion. As I am currently pregnant with my second child, I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to be in her or yours or anybody else’s shoes…

          But that all being said, I truly believe we are all here for a reason and our lives take the courses they do for a reason. Many blessings to you and anyone else reading this comment.

          • “I think there is sadly a similar “haunting” of women who choose to have abortions”

            You make a very good point kirksey. My fiancé, who is now my wife of 40 years, who gave me her blessing for my decision had undergone that horrible procedure at 17.
            A part of her died then.

            Thank you for your kind words and may your pregnancy be uneventful and your travails be nonexistent.

  7. Many thanks for this beautiful episode. God bless you and your family.

    Obviously the ruling elite hate families. They want you to think that the government is your real family. Unfortunately they had a lot of success.

  8. Great topic James! My wife and I have 3 kids. Initially, when our 3rd was born over a year ago in March 2020, in the obvious middle of all the chaos and start of lockdowns, we said that had we known all of this, we wouldn’t have subjected others to it by bringing them into this world. As time went on, and I learned more of their satanic cult, I felt continued to feel the same. Then, I met a Pastor with 4 kids and who spoke of abundance and that the Lord will provide. He is not a rich man and his family lives very modestly with his lower income. I later met another Pastor with 5 kids, who likely earns just as little who invited us into his home for a BBQ, but who is very happy and grateful for every day. Anyway, I came to the conclusion that if the Satanists want us to stop populating this Earth by attempting to sterilize us with the poisoned foods and toxic “medications”, poisoned air with chemicals, etc., then I must do the opposite. My wife is now pregnant with our 4th child and we are expecting some time next April, and even though raising so many kids will be challenging, especially in this environment, it’s a challenge I look forward to, and couldn’t be happier about.

    • Actually, I wanted to give my child (assuming it’s a boy) the middle name “Angel” as an antithesis to these demons and also because I loved the Angel character in the X-Men and X-Factor comic books, but she thinks it sounds too girly…but I may keep pushing for it anyway, especially if he/she is a girl.

    • I’m in my sixties so I was having my kids when it was still considered normal and natural to have a family. But the rumblings of environmentalism were getting louder and “ethicist” Peter Singer of Princeton had already publicly argued for legalization of infanticide up to age two.
      In my small group of girlfriends who had children, the couple who were most successful at the task of parenting seemed to me at the time to be doomed. He was an IT guy. She was a SAHM. They already had five kids and would go on to have seven total and adopt one. The children slept on mattresses on the floor in only two bedrooms. Their bits of furniture were all second hand, there was no tv. Computers at home were rare then but I already had one—they eventually got one when the youngest child was taking college courses while at the high school level of home schooling. They lived in a kind of downtrodden suburb and had a garden in the backyard of a 1/4 acre lot. They had one car, a big Astro van. They all wore thrift store clothes and she washed the diapers and hung them out to dry like our mothers had until 1965.
      They saved his pay, and I was genuinely surprised that they had sent every child to college—several to Hillsdale which takes no federal funds, IOW they either got scholarships or they paid the tuition. No loans. They paid off their house before the first kid was 20. They recently bought their first cell phone for the car as an emergency thing and never had more than a landline.
      They have six grandchildren and four on the way. There were no substance abuse issues, the kids all still go to Mass every week or every day, Mom and Dad led 20 mins of daily rosary most days as the schedule allowed, but there was no fanaticism. They lived within 5 miles of Capitol Hill. Two of the boys are in med school now. A daughter is an editor for a political magazine. All of them volunteer at pro-life activities and the baby they adopted came from a young woman they took into their home years ago with whom they have an ongoing relationship.
      Because of where they lived the children cannot be described as sheltered, but I think the secret was that the chaos of our pop culture never entered the family home. They got the daily newspapers (the loathsome WaPo and WashTimes) and played the radio periodically for music and news. (But no rap.)
      They kept home just that. The kids were allowed to check out any book they wanted from the library as long as mom and dad saw it first. Not once did they veto genuine reading.
      Yes the kids were adequately “socialized.” But not enough to sleep around, get high, drunk, or killed on DC streets.
      I wish I had been more like them.

      • That was a really cool anecdote-story.

      • Too bad they did away with rap, there are some really nice truth lyrics in rap, once you do all the garbage slime that percolates to the top.

        But other than that, this sounds like a fantastic family. Good people.

      • Yeah, great story. BTW, I usually come here for news, but it’s stories like these (of people sharing their personal stories and situations) that keep me coming back. Anyway, I hope more people post their own stories.

  9. Also, to all those out there who claim the world is “overpopulated”, you should take the first step by killing yourself. That sounds harsh, but I say that for dramatic effect, because although you have the right to freedom of speech, so do I. And it’s talk like that which leads to unnatural laws like we had in China which said only 1 child per family, and which may then lead to “no children for you”, and then later, “you yourself must be sacrificed because we’re past the tipping point”, and most people are like sheep and don’t see the logical extrapolating conclusion of their rhetoric.
    Anyway, I drove from CA to TN/WV last year, zigzagging going through several states, and I can tell you that most of our arable/farmable land is not even being used, and I would venture to say that at least 10-20 times the CURRENT human population could easily exist on this planet. So, if you’ve fallen for the “overpopulation” trap, you got suckered, and that any “scarcity” of resources that you see has been fabricated, and then remember to lay that hate at the feet of the satanic globalists when you see trillions of dollars chasing a supposed dwindling supply of goods when we experience a hyperinflationary environment when the US dollar becomes worthless over the next few years.

    • Wish James had a like button for this.

      • Thanks Kelly! I’m glad you appreciate my post.

  10. I believe this is an especially important episode of The Corbett Report. The ability to create life is an innate gift we humans possess that these sociopaths who control everything want to take away. People need to understand the propaganda, abortion/birth control, economic/financial roadblocks to having children are all there for a reason. They don’t want you have kids! It’s that simple. Again, a very important episode!

    The Smith quote from The Matrix stands out. I think of that quote every time I talk to someone who believes in population control. That’s really how these people think. Yet when it comes to their family, they quickly get hypocritical. Huh? Weird how that works. I believe Bill Burr has children haha!

    Love the end, with everyone’s first hand perspective on this topic! Great stuff! I’m in a rush, so I gotta go! Keep em coming James!!

  11. James, thank you so much for this episode of solutionswatch, and thank you in particular for sharing the clip of the younger version of yourself reading what you wrote to your son after he was born. It’s absolutely exquisite writing, very beautiful and pregnant with meaning, and that’s precisely because it comes straight from the heart. It touched me so deeply that I was reduced to tears. Thank you once again for all the work that you do. It’s a true gift to all of us.

  12. Great episode! I think having children can be one of the most rewarding experiences people can have. It’s also good to remember that one’s offspring might decide to do something completely different from what parents had in mind and allowing them freedom to make their own choices can be difficult. But with good parenting the likelihood of having one’s offspring make positive contributions to the world is more likely than the alternatives.

    I think there is a lot of room for growth but I think that some humans need to also keep in mind that other living things have a natural right to multiply and enjoy life on the earth. Wild animals are bees and all of the other beautiful creatures have a right to exist too and I would not want humans to take over every crevice of the planet. With natural life cycles I don’t think this would happen.

    I have noticed when I travel to some parts of the US there is more pollution than their should be. Human consciousness and conscience needs to grow as well. When people litter and pollute natural spaces it reveals a disregard and disrespect for others. This tendency needs to change.

    Working with the general public gives me mixed feelings about our species. Some people are amazing and inspiring like JC and other freedom fighters and some people are selfish and psychopathic. The selfish and psychopathic can be found in every culture and are not limited to the wealthy elite.

    • you should look into Wilhelm Reich’s “emotional plague”….it explains a whole lot about why some people are genuine and loving and others are hateful and deceitful. just a thought I had as I read your comment

      • “…Wilhelm Reich..”

        Uh…. the guy they based “Cloud Bursting” by Kate bush on…? That is pretty great music but did he not push the creepy sex ed porn obsession that is breaking down society today?
        In between talking to UFO”S and collecting orgasm energy? Or do I have the wrong guy?

        • hey bleak…

          stop listening to that snake 😉 He’s a liar

          “…he would’ve been sponsored and promoted instead of imprisoned..”

          Actually he embarrassed even the other communists and psychologists what with the orgasm box and being a creep (though he sounds less of a creep the Freud TBH)

          But since I don’t feel like typing out sections of Libido DOminandi here I’ll just post THIS from Wikipedia in order to show that in between curing cancer with his orgasm box and talking to UFO’s he pushed sexual liberation and he destrc=uction of the normal family…. JUST LIKE CURRENT WOKEIST SEX ED….

          (I’m just grabbing wikipedia since I don’t feel like typing out text from Libido Dominandi)

          he wrote
          “….The Mass Psychology of Fascism[4] (German: Die Massenpsychologie des Faschismus) is a 1933 book by the Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, in which the author explores how fascists and authoritarians come into power, and explains their rise as a symptom of sexual repression.[1] ….”
          “….Suppression of the natural sexuality in the child, particularly of its genital sexuality, makes the child apprehensive, shy, obedient, afraid of authority, good and adjusted in the authoritarian sense…….. by inhibiting sexual curiosity and sexual thinking in the child, a general inhibition of thinking and of critical faculties. …..In brief, the goal of sexual suppression is that of producing an individual who is adjusted to the authoritarian order . …”

          Oh… and his thoughts on the family

          “……Initially, the child has to submit to the structure of the authoritarian miniature state, the family,…”

          And was kinda creepy about kids…
          “….Suppression of the natural sexuality in the child, particularly of its genital sexuality, makes the child apprehensive, shy, obedient, afraid of authority, good and adjusted in the authoritarian sense…….. by inhibiting sexual curiosity and sexual thinking in the child, a general inhibition of thinking and of critical faculties. …..In brief, the goal of sexual suppression is that of producing an individual who is adjusted to the authoritarian order and who will submit to it in spite of all misery and degradation. …”

          Oh… and his thoughts on the family
          “……Initially, the child has to submit to the structure of the authoritarian miniature state, the family,…”

          He Did like cumming a lot more then sounds healthy
          “…coined the term “orgone”—from “orgasm” and “organism”—for a biological energy he said he had discovered, which he said others called God. ..

          • “..So maybe, just maybe, Reich knew MORE about the psychology of sexuality and raising children to be morally and spiritually WHOLE more than you do….”

            Lol… nope.
            But for arguments sake lets think… MY ideas of solid middle class morality VS a guy who WANTED TO FORCE HIS MOM TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM ???? As I recall the woman he was cheating with died after aborting his baby.

            Pretty sure he was a weak man who rationalized his inability to stay faithful with sophism.

            You also complain about
            “…what we have now; rampant homosexuality (who aren’t likely to procreate thank God),….”
            but fail to see that the broken, unstable or never whole home is EXACTLY the environment that PRODUCES such people… an environment that Reich and his fellow travelers helped create

            “…. LGBT+++ abominations, neo-feminists…., morally bankrupt “parents” who can’t raise children properly because they were never raised properly….”
            THIS kind of person is HUGLY more common SINCE the introduction of the ideas pioneered by the kind of people Reich was part of… the Stats will show you that the current generation is the gayest, trans-iest ever to walk the earth.

            “…Oh he was one of the “Grand Uncles” huh? WTF does that mean?…”
            That he was too openly coooookey to sneak this stuff in… Kinsey, a far worse human being was far better at hiding his perversion behind science. Look at the damage HE did

            “…My philosophy is not “warped and wrong” and it’s thousands of years old..”
            Age does not make wisdom, and thinking the God in the Garden was keeping humans prisoners IS warped and twisted… but I guess thats a matter of opinion.

            “…What you need is a massive dose of LSD…”
            Just noooooo, my human imagination is horrible enough without any help from demonic entities looking for a new home. Even if there were no demonic entites my imagination would create them

            I already blew out my programming and reinstalled a better one anyway, thanks. It is surprisingly upsetting and wearing to do now I think back, thats prob why people avoid it

          • Bleeak
            “..You who hasn’t read one single PAGE from any great book from the ages has an opinion on the ages…”

            I’m amazed at your Remote Viewing powers… you have zoomed in upon not only my bookshelf but back in time to know and judge every book I’ve ever read!
            How did you gain such witchcraft? Lol

            “…Have you ever wondered why it’s people like Wilhelm Reich or RD Laing who get all the bad “press” ..”

            WHAT part of what I posted was UNTRUE???
            Did he or did he not find out his mom was bangingthe Tutor and WANT to use this info to force her to have sex with him? Did he NOT bang his clients AND did one NOT die aborting his kid? Did he NOT think Orgasm-Power was a cure all? Did he NOT think fascism was caused by making kids uptight about sex?
            Just go ahead and tell me where I am wrong

            “..Is that “solid middle class morality” the ones…”

            Ohhhh… I bet your a boomer aren’t you? I certainly sound like one- pretending that the patriarchal family , church, ect and all the things they used to blame are still intact and powerful…. those are long gone from society.

            Welcome to the World you THOUGHT you wanted, full of the promised “polymorphous perversity” where the techniques of people like Reich have been used to bring in sexual liberation and enslave people…why do you think people are unable to breed ? NOT AN ACCIDENT
            Seriously dude, Go read Libido Dominandi by EM Jones, and stop thinking your living in 1968

          • Bleak
            “…Typical DUHck. Finds the easiest (and trashiest) arguments to support his cursorily formed half-baked “opinions”, latches on and spews forth. Spew forth whatever like you always do… DUCK here comes the vomit launch bla bla bla bla bla….”

            Typical Bleak… when asked WHAT I was factually incorrect about gave zero answer and instead talk in generalities about Wikipedia (which is in NO WAY my actual source of info on Reich.

            I would ask you again… did he or did he not want to black mail his mom into having sex with him? Did he cheat on his wife with patients and did one die aborting his child? I would ask you…. but, no, I’ll just finish with something more appropriate to the defender of a man who wanted to orgasm his way into a better world

            “Ok Boomer… “

          • Bleak Being Boomer

            “…Since I don’t know where the helll you are getting it from, I can’t say whether he did or did not. Cite your sources. If it’s Libido Dominandi, copy/type it out and include citations IF ANY. Otherwise it sounds like bullshit…”

            Do you know ANYTHING about the guy?

            Or do you just rush to defend him? I’d think knowing if a guy did or did not WRITE (Himself….) ABOUT how he wanted to blackmail his mom into FKING HIM would matter…. but… OK Boomer

            Self centered, lazy, pleasure seaking Boomer-Think is always focused on what feels good in the moment. The aged fools who never grew up

        • Bleak
          More seriously, he WAS one of the Grand Uncles of the disgusting anti human idea’s sociological ideas that are presently tearing up society and ruining peoples lives… I know your philosophy is warped and wrong but I at least hope your heart is not so and you can look at the results of such thinking…the attack on the family has led to poverty, mental illness, drug use and generally rubbish life outcomes.

          • “..Why do you think that is, grand master Duck? .”

            As stated above.. because he was too autistic or stupid to hide his insane ideas from the public…He was the poacher shooting at rabbits and chasing off the deer. An embarrassment to them

  13. Congratulations to Whitney Webb!!! Wishing her peace, ease, and safety throughout her pregnancy!

  14. I was a kid born once, and I didnt turn out as a sex slave, or a test subject, or a bio bot.

  15. @Fact Checker, you must be a lot of fun at parties…

  16. Wonderful show, James. I loved the interviews!

    I turned on this episode after having just returned from visiting my 3 month old grand-nephew here from NYC. ADORABLE. He’s the only thing on earth that would get me to wear a mask (his parents wish it since I am not vaccinated. I don’t get into a debate. I won’t vaccinate to visit but I’ll wear the mask for now)

    I do not have children of my own, but have taught them and nannied for years. I am 67 years old and I can wholeheartedly attest that there is nothing nothing nothing beats a baby/child resting a head on your shoulder and falling to sleep. Lower’s the blood pressure, releases endorphins, and affirms one’s faith in the human race. At least for that moment.

    Thanks for the delightful escape from the madness, James.

    Whitney Webb. Gotta give that girl credit. I couldn’t write a shopping list with 2 little ones. Much less an investigative report.

    • nothing nothing beats a baby/child resting a head on your shoulder and falling to sleep. Lower’s the blood pressure, releases endorphins, and affirms one’s faith in the human race. At least for that moment.

      That was gorgeous.

      Just like SuperMom Belle’s breast milk analogy.

    • “Whitney Webb. Gotta give that girl credit. I couldn’t write a shopping list with 2 little ones. Much less an investigative report.”


      Yes! That’s exactly what went through my mind, too. I love her work and now I have to tip my hat to her for so much more.

    • You are a jerk, Fact Checker! This was a perfectly beautiful line of heartwarming comments until you come in to throw mud on everything.
      Don’t ugly my path asshole.

      • Fact Checker,
        You have a real problem.
        Please stop polluting other people’s space by projecting your aberrated and disruptive behavior.
        You are being an Asshole, but that is a polite term for it.
        Cut it out.

        • “ feel free to put ol’ Fact Checker right there on your ignore ”

          Ignoring you is like trying to ignore the steaming pile of human excrement in the middle of the sidewalk. Try as you might to ignore it, the stench and disgusting sight simply intrudes on one’s senses to the point of repulsion. Recoiling is an involuntary reaction.

    • ‘Whitney Webb. Gotta give that girl credit’

      Totally agree! I thought she was going to say; I don’t have children because i give everything to my work or something in that order but no, next to her incredibly in-depth investigations where every article is a small book she’s also a mom.

      Simply amazing!

  17. wrt raising bilingual children can anyone speak to the One Parent : One Language rule?

    • Speaking multiple languages gives some protection from NLP mind tricks, makes it harder to propagandize a subject and protects (Or possibly masks early) Alzheimer symptoms so that the subject has more useful years before decline

    • Hello CRM114,
      this worked for us. My husband is French and I am English. A reference we used was “Dual Language Development and Disorders” by Fred Genesee. Our three kids have significant learning disabilities due to rare genetic disorders. The oldest didn’t speak until the age of three. The youngest was born deaf but had an operation when he was 12 months old and is fine now. We all learned sign language. Every MD, specialist, speech language therapist, etc. said that the children would be confused and not do well if we used 2 languages. But that is not what the research indicates. A child should know 20 words by the age of two: 10 in one language and then 10 in the other. My husband only speaks French to the children, even to this day and they are 18,20 and 21. They were bilingual before they started French school. To reinforce the language my husband took the children to French church and activities in the French community, trips to Quebec and his relatives in Northern Ontario where there are large french communities. I know no French even though I took it to grade 12. I have no idea what they are talking about and tend to tune them out when they are speaking. Later my oldest and youngest learned to speak fluent Spanish from a professor who lived a block away and came to the house 2 to 3 times a week for lessons. Best of Luck.

      • Wow, thank you for your reply! Will definitely check out the book.

        “Every MD, specialist, speech language therapist, etc. said that the children would be confused and not do well if we used 2 languages.”

        LOL! very glad you didn’t listen

      • Wow, those are truly some specialists. Experts in their respective fields. Reminds me of a specialist who siad to my friend (who in 20 something years ran 20 something thousand kilometers) that he needs to stop becuase his heart is about to give in. Another specialist said his EKG under load was exemplary.

        Anyhow, much of my generation learned Italian practically just from watching cartoons. TBH, I forgot much of it since I don’t use the damn thing for decades, but I still know the language quite well passively and could, if need arose, brush it up quite quickly.

        If my childhood was confused (and sure as hell it was) it was so due to too much sugar and TV, certainly not because I was fluent in 3 languages.

  18. I doubt I’m the only one who giggled lked a schoolboy when James encouraged us all to engage in the creative act without necessarily having children. 😀

  19. A great message, James. Not much I can add but what I have heard time and time again from older generations: there is always some calamity in the way so that really is not a valid reason to forgo progeny. Not having money is an even worse excuse. However, being surrounded by a mass of unthinking dolts is a rather good excuse, imo.

  20. If they don not want to live they can always suicide later…

    • you can over come if you try

      • So?
        You already think its eveil anyway and we’re all dooooooomed don’t you?
        Might as well laugh while we go then?

        Seriously though, why do you think what I wrote is “wicked” when YOU are the one longing for oblivion?

      • “…You’re no Daffy. Or even Donald. Hell, you ain’t even Howard!..”

        No Silly… I’m a Canard

  21. Doing our part – God blessed us with Baby #8 3 weeks ago. We named her “Zoë” in honor of the “Life” God gives and sustains. Cool thing in FL – didn’t hear one thing in the maternity ward about Covid except CDC skepticism.
    Our kids also get their weekly dose of Corbett in homeschool. Not all is lost yet folks. Press on.

    • Wow! Ya’ll are busy!
      My Grand-Niece is named Zoe.
      I did not know the meaning.

  22. Again a necessary podcast in these times. I’ve seen in different media, different countries, different languages… hating the human species is just a fact in people’s minds.

    It’s really surprising to see in your podcast section comments some trolling your guests to promote starting a family and having babies if people wants to. But the worldwide message about how annoying it is to have a baby and start a family is just take as a normal fact of life.

    Mesopotamia was one of the first areas of development in the ancient world and one of the reasons was that people started to form a community. They formed families, and these family ties allowed them to progress as a community and organize themselves as a society. Miles years ago, they understood that individuals alone just trying to survive have a limit of accomplushiment. But when there is a nucleo called family, there is hope, understanding, cooperation and this is one of the last drivers that this agenda is trying very hard to push back.

    You may be asking me: are all families happy? Of course not and the world is prepared not to make it easy for families to be happy. Think about it!

  23. The Ruling Class mostly just hate YOUR children and want YOU to die off so that their Spawn can inherit the earth.

    Anyone who has had children knows that feeling when you suddenly go from being “ohhhh” over every one your relatives and friends kids to “meh” because their not as cute as your own. Suddenly you don’t like other people kids as much… now imagine you have almost zero genetic linkage with most of the people around you.

    I learned a new term… or maybe I just forgot it, in this thing someone recommended I watch- a QnA on if Global Genocide was inevitable at some point when one lineage decided to off th others

    We should all really develop a sense of disgust when we think of the ruling class getting up to anti natal antics

  24. It’s interesting this particular episode came out last night when I got the amazing opportunity to help save the life of a sick baby in the emergency room and the baby survived! I held their tiny hand and said hold on, you’re going to make it, stay with me and sure enough they did! I have never felt so good about helping save someone’s life. My point is that there is something sacred about new life and babies are really cute. They smell good and are soft and cuddly and bring joy to a persons life. I don’t have kids so last night was a wonderful gift.

    • The memory of that night will serve you well for a lifetime.

  25. What doesn’t make sense to me is your motivation for consistently trying to be as negative and hopeless as imaginable in your additions to the general conversation.
    Its really difficult to imagine that you’re actually trying to enlighten anyone.? Perhaps you’re just a troll trying to elicit a response.?
    Or maybe you’re just a frustrated short story writer.
    I’m thinking maybe you’re simply a sociopath who desires to spread as much negative emotion into the world as you can in this life.
    Don’t know.
    But I’m damn sure I don’t want you in my foxhole.

  26. I certainly understand where you’re coming from. I lived in homes that were strict and came away with some good habits.
    Mostly what I took from your post was the word “Should”.
    I read another post tonight about a family that, in spite of being poor, raised seven wonderful children and because of having a strong work ethic was able to send them all to college. Great stuff. Its wonderful that some people have the sense of responsibility and culture to do that. But should everyone strive for the same experience?

    My two year younger sister who I met in my forties was raised as an only child by a sterile couple. A nurse who assisted in her birth actually.
    Today she is the mother of seven successful children who all have large families. Some of her kids have chosen to make the military their careers.

    I was raised in all sorts of families and have no children.

    In all sincerity, I don’t know that I regret my childhood. I have often wondered what I might have accomplished if there had been some stability in the early years and some guidance later. But then I think that if I had that, I might have ended up a California lawyer or a politician or mass murderer in a war or something.

    Maybe my life ran the course it was meant to.
    But mostly I’m just triggered by the word “Should”.

  27. I am really enjoying reading the comments here.

    • Every reference that I have seen refers to David Clements as a law professor Business law professor.
      And according to https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/new-mexico-state-professor-says-he-is-barred-from-classroom-after-bucking-mask-policy/ar-AANHtdl
      Neither he or the dean have been terminated.

      “ The university announced Monday that Hoffman would return to teaching full-time and named professor Mary Jo Billiot as acting dean. Dr. Billiot is a professor of accounting and an interim associate dean for finance and research at the business college.

      Citing confidential personnel matters, NMSU spokesman Justin Bannister did not reveal any reason for the switch and would not comment on Clements’ status except to confirm that he remains an employee of the university.”

  28. I know this series is about solutions, but I think we need to examine the problem a bit more. We need to examine it in a different light. I think the problem identified by Corbett is correct. Namely, that there are individuals in positions of power that do not understand what existence is all about and are not conscious themselves. They do not value life, but instead look at it as a disease to be eradicated. Then they create propaganda to make us feel the way they do, so that we will destroy ourselves. But I want to dig into the ‘why’ a bit more.

    Why do people think this way? Because knowing the answer is the solution. I want to present the ideas of my favorite late philosopher, Alan Watts. I feel he really gets at the heart of this issue. He explained this in a lecture series called Out Of Your Mind, in a talk called Nature Of Consciousness. It is an extremely enlightening and informative talk. I hope you take the time to listen to it (linked below). But to summarize the basic ideas of the talk, there are two fundamental myths/models that are baked into our ideas of how the world works, and these myths cause us to feel hostile toward the world.

    The first myth is the myth that we are made, as if by a master architect who designs otherwise unintelligent matter and puts it together. In Western culture, the master architect is God. Those who believe this myth often have a feeling of being grateful to even exist. There is often a feeling of indebtedness to this architect, this creator. And so the individual feels himself separate and lesser than this creator, and separate and isolated within the vast universe.

    The next myth is a model of the universe that Alan calls The Fully Automatic Model. This is based on a scientific and a rational, calculated view of the universe, the planet, and your slim chances of existing on it. In this view, we are nothing but a fluke. An accident that randomly happened. We are nothing really, and we are not too significant. Just some tubes inside a bag of skin that must feed itself to keep on living long enough to feed itself again. We are just a scientific process in this view. Again, this model of the universe causes one to feel insignificant and isolated from the rest of life.

    A new model, or form of consciousness is the solution to these views of the world. A feeling of connectedness to all other life. Not a feeling of being an isolated ego which is at war with its surroundings. Because that is the way we often feel. We spend much energy defending ourselves all the time. We feel we have to because there are a lot of other people out there that we perceive as different from ourselves, and who we do not know the intentions of.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • I love Alan Watts and listen to him weekly. However, I for one believe that there is a Creator / God, and that Alan was wrong in thinking that we feel isolated from our Creator as I believe Christians have a very strong connection with Him and Jesus.

      • gauntlet33,
        I think what Alan was getting at is that the idea of an all-powerful god causes most people to feel indebted and less significant. Maybe he was wrong, maybe not. I tend to agree with him on this and it makes sense to me based on my own experience and the experiences of others that I have witnessed. But I think that the feeling of connectedness with the Christian God that you describe is no different from the feeling of connectedness to what a Buddhist might call “existence” or “what is.” We are talking about the same thing. But the relationship to that thing may be different, or not.

        • Well, the way Alan Watts phrased it was that we are living under God’s “authority” and we “better mind our P & Qs”, or that we were a cosmic accident and that either way, we feel detached from our world. Although I agree with about 99% of what he said on other topics, on this one I believe he couldn’t be more wrong because basically all Christians I know seem to see God as a loving father figure who is looking out for them, and not as a strict, fascist Nazi teacher to be fearful of. And most people I know in general seem to be very attached / connected to their world and culture and I don’t know of anyone who feels like an alien that is not part of it, but maybe I’m just hanging around the wrong crowd. 😉

          • Thanks for your perspective. I find that interesting. I am tempted to respond by going into Watts’ philosophy and the ideas of Zen Buddhism which he often described, but that would, as they say, “stink of Zen.” So I shall refrain.

    • [continued from snipped post]

      …But a change in consciousness in this way would cause our isolated feeling and view of the world to change. Then, our relationship to life could change, and real solutions would be experienced. This isn’t something we must do. But it is a natural process that has been discussed by sages for thousands of years and something we could become aware of.

      Nature of Consciousness – Alan Watts

    • You do see that science is becoming a religion, right?

      Just remember all good things can become weaponized. Because some control freak used the bible to crush dissent in our history, doesn’t mean that it’s forever a bad thing to be avoided.

      Just because science is being hijacked right now by modern control freaks, doesn’t make it all bad either.

      Seems that people historically have troubles with their own discernment.

      Personally, I don’t feel indebted to our Father, I feel love and grace. Any sense of fear, obligation or guilt comes from the other side, if you KWIM.

      Long story short, the reason the powers that shouldn’t be do not value life is because they are working for the wrong side – either voluntarily or via manipulation. Evil.

      This is biblical.

      Enjoy your pearly pill.

      • Kelly,
        Your hostile response explains my point of disconnectedness, beautifully.

  29. Immoral behavior leads to poverty and bad life outcomes…

    A decade ago I noticed that a good number of the black women I knew were raising their grand kids because their daughters (who’d been raised by the single mom) were either single moms in poverty or, worse, but commonly were tied up in dangerous lifestyles….. NOW I see that the poor whites are hitting similar levels as the poor blacks did before they imploded so I expect to see similar levels of criminality and bad life outcomes withing 10 to 20 years… I think 10

    The Hispanic population was somewhat insulated from this, since they have better family structure much of the time, but they too will get the same effect.

    This is in no way organic… the blacks were targeted first because they were vulnerable and the attack could be disguised as “help”.

  30. Jed

    You share your Great grands with other people…. look at the native populations of South America and how they often look VERY distinct from other groups… a tiny number of people started the whole population of that people type. Thats why peoples look distinct… I know Germans and English have a look thats somewhat different from each other and I know of two ‘looks’ I’ve seen in the french.
    European Jews are all 30th cousins which is why they tend to look much more like each other then larger populations like mentioned above

    We’re coming to a bottle neck again, if you make it thru maybe everyone will look like you in a few hundred years ?
    🙂 lol
    But the reason you share grandparents is that large numbers of men did not get to breed (I have read less then half) and its only since industrialization and monogamy in marriage that most men could breed…. Dr Dutton “the Jolly Heretic” thinks thats not worked out so well for the genome but I’m not sure I agree.. either way those who won’t have kids are selecting themselves out of the gene pool pretty fast

    • Hey Duck, good to see you here as I remember seeing your insightful posts in the past.

      Anyway, I think it’s sad that you’re right that large numbers of men probably couldn’t breed in the past. I think of it as the “Elvis Effect” where a star like him could get any girl he wanted, with many of the “nerds” left hanging. Surely, not fair, but can’t change nature. I tend to think that diversity in parentage is best for the genome in the species, but to each his/her own.

      And about your point about “selecting themselves out of the gene pool pretty fast”, I wonder if many of the vaccinated are doing that as we speak through unwanted sterilization, and I feel sorry for them if that’s the case. I tried to stop my friend from having his oldest stepkids vaccinated, but no luck. Hopefully he doesn’t have his biological son vaccinated…

  31. “a dagger in the heart of the NWO”

    Politicizing the act of conception is way off mark.

    Yes the destruction of the family unit is an agenda, as is genocide of indigenous and the loss of much face to face community daily life, the loss of initiation rites that served to align youth, as they received the gift of fertility, with the respect for life, which kept the cycle strong.

    This is well described by Martin Prechtel in his book “Long life honey in the heart” (imo one of the great writers of our day).


    Not surprisingly (similar ages tend to congregate), you asked advice about the choice to conceive from novices. I would of liked to hear from someone who had lived the whole cycle, of at least infant to “adult” rearing, an elder midwife or grandparent,,

    True, its a “gift”. like a right, obligation, and privilege, but it can be more of a crap-shoot than any parent will admit. Good people can raise shockers and vice versa.

    I agree James; its also been my greatest blessing/and challenge to grok the teaching. I think choosing to conceive because of any reason other than ones conscious love of ones partner is missing the boat, and the result has been lots of flotsam & getsum; personally, after a brilliant launch and weathering a few squalls I was eventually thrown overboard and left in the wake. I learned the hard way that Bringing a child into the world needs harmonic parenting & some cohesive community to enable the child’s psyche to bloom in healthy ways. without those two keys, the journey can be fraught with confusion, or whatever the truth of the parental connection including the inherited psycho drama from their lineages will likely manifest in the offspring.

  32. Great episode James!

    I especially loved the personal note, your letter to your son. It really touched me. Feeling the love you have for your child(now children).
    I must say that next to having a child(if you choose to)it should also be mentioned to love and be there for that child no matter what.
    Having grown up myself without a father i had to go through(and still am dealing with)a lot of self-hatred, which i believe is at the core of hating/mistrusting others.

    And if not, risking to create something that has the opposite effect. A person, much more susceptible to ‘their’ manipulation.

    So let’s not forget love, it’s not a given….

  33. “..my meager little contribution…”
    “..creating something and leaving this world richer… ”

    Thank you, James, for another great work, and thank you, and many of your great contributors here, for your part in influencing how my local solution is taking shape. Lincoln’s Open Source is very much in it’s infancy, with a long way to go. However, I welcome everyone to check it out, especially those people located centrally in the United States. It’s a place, like this, where you have an opportunity to add your voice and your sources.

    Also, it’s a place for me to track the local impact of the global agenda and to curate relevant sources. I can only hope that over time it will improve, and that it will help others to some degree.


    Your perfect ending on creativity reminded me of this quote from Gordan MacKensie, “If you go to your grave without painting your masterpiece, it will not get painted. No one else can paint it. Only you.” MacKensie, “Creative Paradox” at Hallmark, author of “Orbiting the Giant Hairball”

    Thanks again for all you do.

  34. Kahlil Gibran – 1883-1931

    “And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, Speak to us of Children.
    And he said:
    Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

    You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
    For they have their own thoughts.
    You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
    You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
    For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
    You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
    The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.
    Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
    For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.”
    From The Prophet

    • Beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing such moving words!!!

    • Friedrich Nietzsche – 1844-1900

      on child and marriage

      «I have a question for you alone, my brother: like a sounding lead, I cast this question into your soul that I might know how deep it is.

      You are young and wish for a child and marriage. But I ask you: Are you a man entitled to wish for a child? Are you the victorious one, the self-conqueror, the commander of your senses, the master of your virtues? This I ask you. Or is it the animal and need that speak out of your wish? Or loneliness? Or lack of peace with yourself?

      Let your victory and your freedom long for a child. You shall build living monuments to your victory and your liberation. You shall build over and beyond yourself, but first you must be built yourself, perpendicular in body and soul. You shall not only reproduce yourself, but produce something higher. May the garden of marriage help you in that!

      You shall create a higher body, a first movement, a self-propelled wheel—you shall create a creator.

      Marriage: thus I name it the will of two to create the one that is more than those who created it. Reverence for each other, as for those willing with such a will, is what I name marriage. Let this be the meaning and truth of your marriage.

      • But that which the all-too-many, the superfluous, call marriage—alas, what shall I name that? Alas, this poverty of the soul in pair! Alas, this filth of the soul in pair! Alas, this wretched contentment in pair! Marriage they call this; and they say that their marriages are made in heaven. Well, I do not like it, this heaven of the superfluous. No, I do not like them—these animals entangled in the heavenly net. And let the god who limps near to bless what he never joined keep his distance from me! Do not laugh at such marriages! What child would not have cause to weep over its parents? It is the old argument against haphazard breeding. We select the sires and dams of our race-horses with most elaborate care, but the strains that mingle in our children’s veins get there by chance. Worthy I deemed this man, and ripe for the sense of the earth; but when I saw his wife, the earth seemed to me a house for the senseless. Indeed, I wished that the earth might tremble in convulsions when a saint mates with a goose. This one went out like a hero in quests of truths, and eventually he conquered a little dressed-up lie. His marriage he calls it. That one was reserved in intercourse and chose his associates fastidiously – and then spoiled his company forever. He calls it his marriage. A third sought for a servant with an angel’s virtues. Now he is the servant of a woman; and now he must turn himself into an angel. Careful I have found all buyers now, and all of them have cunning eyes. But even the most cunning still buys his wife in a sack.

        Many brief follies—that is what you call love. And your marriage concludes many brief follies, as a long stupidity. Your love of woman, and woman’s love of man—oh, that it were compassion for suffering and shrouded gods! But, for the most part, two beasts find each other.

        But even your best love is merely an ecstatic parable and a painful ardor. It is a torch that should light up higher paths for you. Over and beyond yourselves you shall love one day. Thus learn first to love. And for that you had to drain the bitter cup of your love. Bitterness lies in the cup of even the best love: thus it arouses longing for the overman; thus it arouses your thirst, creator. Thirst for the creator, an arrow and longing for the overman: tell me, my brother, is this your will to marriage? Holy I call such a will and such a marriage. Thus spoke Zarathustra».

    • My favorite book. He carried his unpublished manuscript around for a long time till he had it perfect to his intent.


  35. Very interesting episode! I have to confess that up until more or less 6-7 years ago I also was one of those brainwashed people who ate up and thought along the overpopulation ideology (despite being quite critical about MS media, government, corporations, military, etc.).
    As James presented, it is quite pervasive and all-encompassing in everyday media and culture.
    I have been a metalhead since my early teenage years, and next to the big revolution/disobedience/free-spirit theme of this subculture, the misanthropic, esoteric, Satanistic, elitist and Malthusian topics are prevalent and actually really toxic. I wonder if there is any funding/agenda behind big acts who shape this subculture by the known players steering the elitist anti-human agenda.
    Tying this little excursion into the Covid one-world government push: There is an utmost interesting release by the black metal band Deathspell Omega. The lyrics of their 2019 work (which can be found here: https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Deathspell_Omega/The_Furnaces_of_Palingenesia/775127) sent shivers down my spine back when I read them upon the album release. All the totlitarian Satanic agenda elements that we find in the current and upcoming “new normal” are being laid out in very drastic Satanic scripture… I am really shaken as to what extent of this dire dystopic vision has already been set in motion and appears tangible nowadays… and I wonder if this act had some kind of insider knowledge (instead of premonition) as to where the globalist agenda was heading… sorry to drag down this positive piece into such dark realms…
    Last but definitely not least: My little daughter is the best source for boundless positivism in those dire times – a true gift!

    • I would say that whoever wrote these texts is a member of a satanic organization, which are numerous. Could be that someone in the band is a member or they are just the useful idiot outlet.

      • I do think that some member(s) are definitely self-proclaimed Satanists (however not of the ilk, that you find ofter in metal bands: some childish posers who talk about some evil deity, but rather in that esoteric occult elitist meaning to aspire immortal divinity for oneself at the ruthless expense of everyone else).
        It is odd how accurate some of the lines (I remind you: written before May of 2019) ring in today’s world (e.g. take the last lines of “The fires of frustration”):

        We will dissolve your individuality in the multitude, you will feel free after relinquishing the burden of responsibility; you will feel free while obeying orders and swallowing the chewed leftovers of those ranking above you.

        We shall answer to your longing to be but one thread of the many which make up a tunic, indistinguishable from the others; so as to conceal your weakness as you cannot bear another minute the ruthless testing that comes with freedom.

        O hound, feral dog, we shall grant you freedom from freedom, relief from frustration.

        • That certainly rings true, but I think that would be valid in any state of budding fascism. These guys certainly don’t rest neither long nor often.

          Fortune favor those who act in unison.

    • I’m going to read the lyrics now, but that’s my thoughts exactly. This world is getting more satanic. Or maybe it already was satanic and is getting bolder and less sneaky.

      • Nice one! Will definitely share this with my buddies (at least the ones with a minimal remainder of a spine or a brain). Thanks!

      • I’m very impressed!
        Heavy Metal Remix
        I watched this the other day not long after you posted it, but I already had too many comments on these threads…and I try to restrain myself from hogging the threads.

        That type of music/lyrics doesn’t do it for me, but I sure admire the skill.
        I watched much of the the 4 1/2 hour video which had lines of speakers. I well remember when he came on. He definitely caught my attention.
        — FULL VIDEO of speakers —

        As an aside: Prior to March 2020, an associate and friend who I worked with most days, looked like the guy in the video (except my co-worker was younger and weighed less.) He is a “musician” rough-voice rapper and performs locally. All day, he would play with lyrics and stuff, posting clips to platforms. He liked his drugs. We had our days of shouting contention when I would chide him for not working because he was too busy with his lyrics or too stoned, but in the end we always remained fine friends. He will still text me occasionally.

  36. “..You don’t win if your voucher school system helps destroy the public school system. ..”

    Yes… you really do.
    The Public school system is the plumbing that allows globalists to reach into the head of almost every kid at the same time and update their programing. It would be WONDERFUL if that was no longer possible.

    “…Note: The for-profit system is, by definition, ‘not’ focussed on kids first…”

    Its not like kids feature high on the public school priorities list now… for profit schools at least must meet the demands of their customers- the kid parents- when it comes to education. The public school system is accountable to no one…. but HomeSchooling is thebest option for most people

    • Arby
      “…So, You get rid of the public system and bring in a for profit system that poor families can’t avail themselves of? …”

      Well, if there iis a voucher system they can maybe pick a decent school for their kid… if the parent does not care enough to educate their child thats sad but not something I can help.

      “..But to suggest that those who believe in private sector solutions to everything are somehow pure as the driven snow, seems to me to be unrealistic..”

      No sane person would suggest that… but if the schools go bust when enough parents don’t like what they sell the schools must at least get tp the level of morality and values the public demand. A low bar, but better then the school board pushing trans on them with no possible repercussions for themselves

      “..The real solution here is Armageddon..”
      Only if its brought by God… which will be in His own time… humans mess up their utopia every time.

  37. No… I don’t think so. That kind of thinking is very common… you must realize that gloom, depression, self harm and mental illness have been going thru the roof for the last 40 years or so but they went off the charts after normal people started having smart phones and internet.

    This current culture is mouse utopia and those living with their minds in it are going to die because thats part of the design

  38. So here we are again, in the comments, on a computer, stuck with the case of the Fact Checker. This thing is an agent of destruction. The antithesis of solutions. Its background matters zero. Its voice is canned screaming. Debilitating and destructive. If you say something productive or even simply pleasant, it pours oil on you and sets it ablaze. As soon as you say something back, merely more fuel for that fire. This isn’t new, its not the first and won’t be the last. I encourage you not to encourage it. Stay above it. Walk away from it. It’s too destructive.

    On a related note to this podcast, I was thinking about ‘truth’ the other day. You can try to discover ‘truths’ of the world via computer. It requires a massive amount of work. Consuming all the news, documents, articles, etc and putting the puzzle together. And then you can reach a sort of truth about things. But if one turns the computer off. Walks outside, finds 2 sticks and puts them together. Then another and you’ve got a teepee. That’s truth. Pick up a paint brush and lay down a circle. Truth. There is no more pure a truth than something you create in the physical world. No one can take that from you. You have committed something important to human history of truth. Creation is irrefutable truth. No more beautiful, important and pure a truth than the creation of life. Bringing children into this gorgeous universe. I’ve said it a hundred times and i’ll say again, turn off the computer. Don’t listen to the forces of destruction. Go forth and create.

    • *note to self – Do not read FactChecker’s comments.

    • Nobody is coming to save you. You can only save yourselves. And no, loyalty isn’t the the ticket out of the prison.

  39. So what’s your point?

    • GENDUN LAMA’s comment is very insightful.
      He has watched the many decades go by with vast changes in culture, values, technology, and populations. The “urgent alarming” news stories of the era…but time passes. Mankind is still here.

      He has a unique perspective which many people don’t have.
      We should respect that.

      • so

        I was thinking about that boom in population that Julian Simon showed as a line graph…

        I was thinking about the industrial revolution and how the engine and clean running water contributed to that curve…

        I thought, people could argue that Rockefeller contributed to that explosion in life span…

        and he did…

        Rockefeller was a big part of the industrial revolution that, though it created unprecedented pollution, helped Humanity to live longer.

        He needed main d’oeuvre, he needed a relatively healthy flock, to make his fortune… it was another socio-historic context and at that time the priority was to get everyone hooked on black gold and antibiotics and televisual infotainment and to make it look like vaccines, and not cleanliness, eradicated disease.

        It was the moment to use immense wealth and televisual public relations to wield influence, to establish organisations through so-called “philanthropy”, and to create televisual Heroes

        that would help Rockefeller and the other ultra-fortunes to consolidate their wealth and power and buy up the planet and public opinion unnoticed

        and to create the tech that would render the flock obsolete

        and now that they have, it’s time for a real Ludlow massacre,

        time to use their control over all those blessings, energy and running water and antibiotics that led to that explosion in lifespan, to now do away with the flock, to cull the unsuspecting herd

        it’s a new socio-historic context full of infotainment

        that Rockefeller controls and Rockefeller considers that Humanity’s the enemy, as he always has,

        he considers that Humanity IS the industrial pollution that must be eradicated

        and in the guise of televisual infotainment,

        he’s convinced Humanity to eradicate itself in the name of saving the planet

        and… oh damn

        I forgot what I wanted to say…

        • I don’t know what you wanted to say but I heard a lot.

          Do you suppose that humans are capable of creating a completely equitable society based on voluntarism?
          Is free market capitalism capable of being a good steward of the earth’s resources?
          Is the mixture of government and business what makes both corruptible? Morally speaking.

          • Well, some great questions. I gotta get through a few English classes and then I’ll be more than happy to look at your link and proffer my highly uninformed opinions on those subjects.
            Thanks for asking.

          • Answering in the order you asked.

            Absolutely yes, some of them. Those who are not psychopatic control freaks.

            I would like to say yes, but I’m still on the fence whether free market as such can exist. Certainly, I’m of the opionin that much of the waste comes from overproduction which is, in a vast majority of cases, a result of “regulatory intervention” into the markets. It is natural for a company to fail or adapt to changes in the market, not to be boosted with massive subsidies which kickstart a production process that is completely out of tune with the market demands.

            This one is worth pondering over, a bit. Generally, I would say power corrupts and blind belief systems can grant vast amounts of power to the anointed ones.

            • “ Absolutely yes, some of them. Those who are not psychopatic control freaks.”

              “ I would like to say yes, but I’m still on the fence whether free market as such can exist”

              Follow up questions. Do you think that those people will ever have the freedom to create their own voluntary society? Is secession a possibility?

              And is there any possible way that business could be convinced to be ethical without violating our principles? If voting with our wallets is the only way. Won’t we always be outvoted by the masses that are driven by motivations other than freedom and non aggression?

            • Yes, people have the freedom and will always have the freedom. It won’t be easy and, yes, they will always be up against large numbers.

      • I ASSUME that Gendun is a good person, but please explain how a factual comment that the world’s population has significantly increased is “insightful”. All I got out of that is that perhaps he/she believes that the world is overpopulated, which it’s not (by any definition of the world as there’s an overabundance of food, land, water, and other necessary resources), and if you or anyone else believes it is, then I ask you to take the first step and off yourself immediately for the greater good.

        Now as for the change in culture and values, it seems to me that you’re conflating and/or trying to prove that population increase caused the downfall of culture and values.

        And I of course respect everyone’s perspective as long as it doesn’t call for the taking away of others’ natural born human rights.

    • In the present day, for lack of attention in class, you probably would’ve been subjected to Ritulin.

    • Yea, reality including humanity is mostly very unlike what one sees in the media.
      For the moment.

    • How do you connect what you stated in this comment with the rise of population? How do these various events and points of view relate?

      • You have confused me. Are you saying that it is honorable to acquiesce to the negative forces? To not resist?

      • Thank you but I guess I am not very capable of grasping what you mean. A bit too subtle or esoteric for me I suppose. Doesn’t help that I have not read Edmund Burke.
        But I am pretty sure we’re on the same team and that’s a good thing.

  40. I prefer to be a positive person, so I’ll just say that it’s great when it’s easy to spot a troll because then it’s so easy to just ignore them. And so I wish you a very big “Thank you” for being so obvious.

  41. James, this is one of my favorites. I enjoy spreading your work. This makes a great introductory piece to draw in more good souls to the know. Many thanks to you, Broc and your guests for such a motivating perspective to consider.

  42. With respect, I find it odd that some of the alternative media people commented on having children as being something “they (globalists/eugenicists) don’t want us to do” so it is a good thing to do…

    Children are not weapons to be created in a war over humanity. I am not saying that this is the true sentiment of the commenters from the video, but it did catch my attention that multiple had a similar sentiment.

    It is likely a sign of the times we are in and the line of work these people participate in, but still, rationalizing the creation of life as a means of carrying out an ideological battle for years to come feels off to me.

  43. One of my favourite popular misconceptions is that “life expectancy” going “up” in modern times means that people used to only live 30 or 40 years on average…. It’s amazing to me how many people don’t understand that infant mortality rates have been dramatically reduced. When you look at old averages, it was the higher infant mortality rate that brought the average down to 30 or 40 years…. If you survived infancy, your chance of living to 70+ increased dramatically. I remember watching a documentary on the Kogi from the early 90’s. They were one of the few tribes in South America still living the same as they did 500 years ago before the Spanish came. If they made it through infancy, they generally lived to be 80-100 years old. I live in an area with old graveyards that have people who were born in early to the mid 1800’s and you’d be surprised how many lived to be 80+…. Some over 100. I’m glad our infant mortality rates have gone down, but if you believe people only lived to be 40 until the 20th century, then you’re believing a statistically manipulative lie.

    • Thanks for making this point. It’s the old elusive, all pervasive statistics-without-context fallacy.

      Just like that old “vaccines rooted out disease x” garbage; they put time on x axis and start the graph with with the introduction of said vaccine.

      Or the global temperature increase graph, where the y temperature axis starts with 0.5 increase and goes way way up to 0.9°C.

      Probably not one in a thousand can readily see through these childish manipulations.

      • Absolutely! Both of those piss me off, too! Coincidentally there are now new religions that have been born out the misuse of those terribly misleading cherry picked graphs. The last year and a half completed answered my curiosity about why the vaccine debates were so heated and frequent…. And now I know why that was built up. So that when the time came for the pushing of mandatory vaccines, a large portion of the population would religiously believe in it. Same with what’s coming from the climate religion. It’s funny how I can bring up how most people were self sufficient throughout history to try and inspire people to see another perspective on life, then have people say “you want to do it like they did back then and only live till your 30?” …. Even my own step kid said that….. after we saw gravestones from the mid 19th century showing lots of people living 80+ years. The programming on people is thicc

        • To be honest, people have been “vaccinating” like crazy for the past several decades, in some geographic areas a lot more than in others.

          What is it, some 72 “vaccines” in US compared to about 10 in EU for people up to 18. Some have shuffled around from children to pregbant mothers to further murky the waters.

          The difference is that all of that started with the kids and now is the other way around. And it’s very much in our face.

          I think the endgame is just crushing people’s spirit so that they will consent to whatever.

          • I absolutely agree. Also, I think in that endgame is the goal of depopulation. Damn near everyone is consenting to whatever authority pushes on them right now…. They’re starting to implement the beginnings of the vaccine passport system at music venues where I live now, and the vast majority of people are cheering it on. The useful idiots that brought communism into Russia were the first ones put up against the wall when system got power and in the same way, I think there’s going to be a tsunami of death in the next 3-5-10 years from people taking the jabs and helping to bring this system into reality. I’m not sure what’s next after that….. maybe the part of the bible that said “and the meek shall inherit the earth”? I don’t know, but I bet those Georgia guide stones were put up by the billionaire predator class death cult with a long term plan in mind.

  44. And why does it not surprise in the least that “Mr. Depopulation” himself (Bill Gates) has 3 children, which is more than the replacement rate. Apparently, he, like other low-life globalists subscribe to the idea of: “Depopulation for thee, not for me.”

      • Oh gosh! I didn’t know.
        That’s tragic.

        …And she still retains her courage to speak out.
        What a gal!

        • She took some weeks off and came back swinging. I call that character.

  45. Hey James (or Mr. Corbett if you prefer)
    (Sooo many comments on this one, it seems)

    I will not argue about your “visions”, “views”, “interpretations”… within the theme of this video. Can we agree that most of this video is about perception-values-culture… more than facts? And I sincerely respect.

    May I bring to the table my “views”.

    1st: my context: I’m 61, lived in Europe, North & South america; speak/write fr,en,es; worked in many fields (manual & intellectual), quite marginal and introverted (I don’t talk much but listen a lot). The last time I had a TV at home was in 1989. And super aware of publicity & underlying propaganda-dogmas (I worked in TV broacasting). And very aware of my level of ignorance (the more you know, the more you realize you know very little)

    2. Do I wish to save humanity? NO! Do I wish population to diminish? NO! Am I holding my breath, and want to save humanity? Hell NO!
    – If they are, in august 2021, ready and eager to get the jab… FINE. Let them. Is it a revenge because they do not see as I do? NO, absolutly not.

    -MY ISSUE is very simple… THE WORLD is going in one direction because the majority of the population is going in that direction, just like cattle (and I really, sincerelly, do not mean any disrespects).

    3. FREEDOM to CHOOSE. You talk about freedom and external influences (manipulation); And I would agree to a certain degree, BUT… you (we) keep forgetting that “FREEDOM OF CHOICE” is LIMITED to the knowledge: You can not choose something you do not know!.

    4. ABOUT THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE. What is the human experience in the amazon? Or in NewYork? Or in Afganhistan?
    “Should we have children now?” Do you really thing the majority of people are having these preoccupations??? Plllleaaaase. I consider that a projection of you own preoccupations onto the world.
    Human experience is a generalization.

    5. CHOICE TO HAVE KIDS. First of all “HAVE” is a giveaway of the underlying cultural scheme. My wife, my kids… as one’s posession. A concept where a couple transmit their own values, own life ritual.
    How many “parents” are really mature enough to “raise” children? Am I the one who should decide? Absolutly not! Nor anybody else. But still the question is relevant.

    AND HERE I DO HAVE A OBJECTION TO YOUR INTERVENTION… you have asked a few people about what they think about having kids… and they’re all people with a wide general knowledge and from a certain social “level”. THAT IS DISHONEST in my view. What is the proportion of the population that correspond to your “sample”????

    Your shown interview ARE NOT PEOPLE IN THE CROWD… and you know it!

    6. HUMAN LIFE. What is so different in human life from the rest of the life forms ????????????


    I hope you realize that you are propoting your own system of values, as a person, as parent.
    What is so better about it?

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  46. Nice and important video, especially towards the end! The first time I hear you mentioning the term “Death Cult”, which what it really is. It is an Anti Human Death Cult. It can not be anything else. My own research is confirming this more and more as well…


  47. AnimalsArntFood

    “..1. I see absolutely no inherent value in life…”

    That is fine, you and your life have zero value.

    “..2. Procreating is, after all is said & done, wrong…”

    I, and the Elite Overlords, thank you for making room for the offspring of those more worthy of life then yourself.

    • “..It would be great if you and Steve would make an effort–maybe just once–to express disagreement without making a personal attack…”

      Its not an attack…. if YOU DO NOT think your life has inherent value why would you expect ME to?

      Your choosing to be worthless so don’t be shocked if you get treated as such

    • “It would be great if you and Steve would make an effort–maybe just once–to express disagreement without making a personal attack.”

      Earlier on, I made numerous attempts to have civil, even respectful conversations with you and was immediately, on pretty much every occasion, rewarded with derision, ridicule, scorn and personal attacks aplenty.
      It was only after I realized the futility of trying to engage with you respectfully on so many occasions and was then informed by you that you consider yourself my “better”, that I understood the pointlessness of my attempts.

      Is your memory that short or do you think mine is?

      You have lost your humanity.

  48. Seriously dude… just because YOU are so weak that you see no way to survive or pass your genes on don’t tar everyone with your own genetically defective brush.

    Life is for those that want it and Evolution selects out the loosers

    • Ouch… Point to you.

      Yor stil chosing too bee won thrugh

  49. We have to admit it’s a scary time to think about procreating right now. No one knows exactly the extent of the shedding from the jabs, how toxic this would be for a tiny baby (and/or their breastfeeding mums), and how much medical procedures will (are being) forced on babies and children WITHOUT PARENTS NOT EVEN BEING AWARE OF, LET ALONE GIVING CONSENT. So, I don’t blame people who are reluctant, even though they love humanity, would love having children, and don’t believe in mainstream narrative crap. Medical tyranny is super scary. I was once coerced to allow a medical procedure on my child or else I would be reported to the child protection agency for “neglect” (refusing treatment). One of the scariest days of my life. And this was before 2020! I would love to say it’s all roses and autumn leaves falling from trees (beautiful reading James, a was teary) but reality is ugly at the moment. Children are being abused and traumatized daily (masks, fear, separation… don’t get me started!) and you can’t keep them in a bubble. My friends with little ones are struggling. It’s a hard time to be pregnant and raise children, unfortunately. In some places, vaccination squads are going to schools and forcing the jabs. Sprays everywhere to kill the “””virus”””. Glyphosate. So much pollution. Geeez, I don’t know. I’m happy to hear some people don’t get disturbed or scared. Babies are a gift to the world. Children are the smartest beings on Earth. Especially toddlers. They are so wise! But yeah… tricky times. I personally don’t know if I would want to be pregnant right now. Some homebirth midwives are forcing masks at birth. Shocker times:(

    • They will need a midwife but if they needed medical intervention they would have to go to a hospital. My sister needed a cesarian and was forced to go to the hospital. But they can’t force patients to have any vaccines or refuse treatment. It might be uncomfortable, but hospitals are available even in CA. And there is saliva testing available now too. So it sucks, but there are other less painful options. No one is forcing people to get vaccines. They may make it miserable and difficult for you to refuse, but no one is going around door to door and holding someone down to get the experimental gene therapy (yet). If it got to that point where they actually had the man power to do that, we would all be screwed. But they don’t have the capability and that fact shows that most of this is still psychological. People can still refuse. If you’re cool about it and know why you refuse and know the law and have a few extra bucks for the testing, it’s inconvenient but not impossible.

      Having said that, California and New York are not states I would recommend living in. They are over-priced totalitarian shit holes. I would rather live in a tent in the woods or desert at this point. Thank God my time here is coming to an end and I can get out of this over priced boring place that I live in California. I can’t wait to leave.

      • “No one is forcing people to get vaccines. They may make it miserable and difficult for you to refuse, but no one is going around door to door and holding someone down to get the experimental gene therapy (yet).”

        I consider making your life miserable, forcing. They are not forcing physically but: you can’t work, you can’t study, you can’t see your children interstate, you can’t enter places (from restaurants to gyms, airports to hospitals) you can’t have a life; or the “option”, when you have one, is to give a sample of your DNA, many times only via the nasal assault, and to wait to the random dice to give you the imaginary result. In short: you are robbed your birthrights, one by one, one after the other if you don’t have the jab. Including never seeing your children/family/elderly parents again. So, not calling this forcing is just semantics.
        I know this is solutions watch and I’m usualy a positive person, but until we make this jab scam collapse, it’s all pretty grim, sorry.

        • …whether you are pregnant or not. want to have children, already have children or not. It’s not so much about the overpopulation issue. Or loving humans. It’s about QUALITY of life. It’s about how to live in a world like the one we have now….

        • You can in fact do all of those thing you listed, it’s just made (sometimes very) difficult. Many people have left large cities around the world during the past year with a very good reason.

      • They are trying you are correct. But the few that refused can get exemptions if you agree to get pcr tested. But unless people start speaking up more now, it’s probably just a matter of time.

        What I think will happen in health care is that some of the people who took the jab will get sick in the fall and winter and that supply and demand will cause hospitals to rethink the push for the jab.

        In the US people can still refuse jabs based on religion or medical reasons. Some places it’s just a philosophical objection. People can and do get these especially if your business is at risk of shutting down.

        Many hospitals are so short staffed it’s against their best interest to require the jab and there are still a lot of employers who aren’t requiring this. But if people continue to roll over, the door to door injections could come.

        The reason they are pushing the jab is because so many people refused it. In the US it was like 50% a little more than the flu shot. But a lot of people are thinking to themselves “why aren’t more people taking the jab, why are many (there are more than a few) health care providers refusing”? “What’s in the jab that they want me to have so badly”?

        Are you being forced to take it? What are you going to do FC? I imagine you have a nice padded bank account by now and aren’t going to be too affected.

        • I need to qualify my statement about the number of health care workers who took the jab. In California a lot of people did take it. I suspect there were about 70% of nurses who took it in California, the rest either moved or got an exemption. More MDs took the jab because they are much more indoctrinated than nurses. It’s like all the memorizing has left little room to actually think their own thoughts. So probably 85% of MDs took it, I guess, in California.

          In other states this number is probably less, especially with nurses and respiratory therapists and such. There is a lot of indoctrination in nursing education but the course of study is less and there is a little less. Vaccines are pushed, that’s true, but more nurses think with their own mind that doctors in my personal experience.

        • Haven’t you filed for an exemption yet? Why not? What about moving to another state? Why stay in California? I don’t understand that. This state sucks. Overpriced, and in cities filled with people who poop right outside your front door and inject drugs in parks and leave their open needles around so people can step on them. Then there’s the traffic and other assholes who have their eyes glued to their phone all day with their blue tooth ear buds.

          I know a few attorneys and the good ones are making a lot of money and could easily buy something in another state.

        • Also some of the workaholic nurses I know (I’m not one of them) are making over 300K before taxes and have bought property in other states. I’m sure attorneys are making that or more. That’s enough to escape out of this state.

        • FC, the order says a negative PCR test is sufficient for entry if a visitor isn’t “fully vaccinated”.

        • You can get outside testing that uses saliva for PCR cycles less than 35 and you’re less likely to test positive. This is what I will be doing while I’m still working in CA. When flu season hits, I expect many health care workers to get sick and hospitals will have even worse staffing issues. I will use this to my advantage (I am un-vaxxed and will stay that way) and might pick up some travel assignments that are offering bonuses.

      • cu.h.j.
        Somewhat off topic question but it seems as though cesarean births have become more prevalent than they used to be.
        Is that a misperception?

        • Steve Smith:

          That’s an interesting question and I am not sure. I don’t work in labor and delivery, so I would’t know if they have increased based on my observations. My sister had to have one though. She had planned on a natural birth but had an emergency (baby got stuck) and needed to go to the hospital for an emergency c section.

          • Thanks for the reply. Do you think you could ask someone you respect in Labor and Delivery their opinion if you get the opportunity?
            I am very curious about this and think that it might be relevant somehow.
            No problem if its a bother.

      • At my hospital there has been no monitoring of visitors being “vaccinated” or not. I think this rule might vary depending on the facility. But the ER would have to allow a parent to be with their child regardless of vaccines because a child cannot given informed consent and this would also be cruel. Also everyone can go to an ER for treatment regardless of vaccines or ability to pay or any other characteristic. You don’t even need an ID to get medical treatment in an ER in the united states.

        • This is a rather disturbing thought. I am glad that I don’t have to spend much time in close proximity to others.

          “ Vaccinated individuals are blasting out concentrated viral explosions into their communities and fueling new COVID surges. Vaccinated healthcare workers are almost certainly infecting their coworkers and patients, causing horrendous collateral damage.”

          “ I recall reading of the Red Army’s push toward Warsaw, toward the end of World War II. As the Poles were fighting the Germans in Warsaw, Stalin stopped short. Those courageous enough to fight the Germans would also next fight the Soviets. Let the majority of the Polish fighters die against the Germans, and the Soviets would inherent the remaining docile population. So, the Red Army waited.

          So, why would those in control of this disaster of the last eighteen months have a strategy to kill off only their most adamant supporters, those most willing to acquiesce to any demand? I kept wondering: is there something in the jab that – while of danger to those jabbed – is more dangerous to those not jabbed?

          Maybe now I have an answer…time to mask up.


          • Steve Smith:

            That’s an excellent question. Why would the psychopathic parasite class running this psyop and chemical warfare assault on the population kill their vociferous supporters? Why would they kill the very people who appear to be their allies? Who will be left when all is said and done?

            Is there something else in the vaxx that we don’t know about? I don’t have many answers and would love to read what others think the answers might be to these questions.

            I do know that the data coming from Israel and other countries show the vaxx isn’t protecting people and the vaxxed are still getting sick so the data indicates the vaxxes are likely harmful for certain people. Some of the most pro vax people took the vax and died. I’ve read a few of those stories online.

            All I can say is that I don’t trust the jab. It’s not only chemically polluting but pollutes the soul, thus I will refuse it. I am not afraid of viral infection or diseases in general once I learn about them and how to stay healthy. I trust my immune system.

            If anyone else has some possible answers to these questions, I would love to hear them.

          • It was a good article by Bionic Mosquito. The idea that the vaccinated are going to be the method of spreading death is a horrible thought. Especially vaccinated health care workers.
            In a word. Diabolical

        • I’ll look at the sign in the front entrance next time. I’m in the ER so I don’t go into the main entrance. The visitor policy changes weekly. ER visitor policy is different than the main hospital.

      • I have read an article about a father setting up a tent on a spot visible to his child’s hospital window as he was denied entry. This was prior to the “vaccine” and during a “case” surge.

    • nose-rape test

      seems pretty apt.

    • Freeross
      LOL on their computer… but it must have looked super high tech and serious back then.

      I bought SimEarth back in the 90’s (You can run it on dosbox and download it free these days but it was pretty pricey back then) and scared the @#@$ out of myself by boiling the oceans off the simulation planet. The computer convinced me we were doomed, lol.

      The steady drip drip of propaganda… like this show below

  50. It is my opinion that some life forms have more value than others. For example a kitchen cockroach has less value than a rat. I believe in re incarnation and I think roaches are lesser life forms, and Bill Gates would be re incarnated as a roach many times over. Just my personal spiritual beliefs.

    All life has value if it is born naturally because God made it happen or rather the miraculous chemical processes made it happen. It has potential to be good and thus has value. But a rat or a cat has more value than a roach, in my opinion. But roaches do have functions. I think they help remove waste from environments, so even they have value.

    I see your point though if you look at Jeffry Dalhmer or another serial murderer, George Bush, for example. Does there life have value after what they have done? I know my life has value because I have done good with my efforts.

    I think our psychopathic overlords will fail, so I don’t think it is wrong to have children if a person has the resources and time to care for the child. I have seen some very sad instances of child abuse working as a nurse that I won’t share here. There are some people who should NOT have children. To believe that all humans are equally amazing and good and kind is really naive and just wrong. There are a lot of people that should not have children because they lack compassion and responsibility to be good parents. Those types of people should not have kids. And the weird psychopathic people, they should also not have kids. But it’s their choice if they decide to have them. There are lots of people who would be willing to adopt the kids of the terrible abusive parents out there if given the opportunity.

    • but there is no timeline without life.

      • Can you credibly evaluate the value of something you’ve never known?

        To determine the value of something, don’t you need to compare it with something else?

        or to rephrase that question:

        Can you compare something with nothing and determine value?

        • Right off the bat, I would say something with something is more valuable than something with nothing.

        • We know… the nature of non-living phenomena

          What do you know of non-living phenomena?

        • People think FC is a troll. I think he just fails so hard at reasoning and making up arguments that people erroneously assume he’s trolling.

          It’s a fine line inndeed.

          Germany without Hitler is Germany with nothing? Really? Pathetic.

      • also your reformulation of AAF’s assertion changed its meaning:

        AAF was attempting to assign equal value to life and the absence of life

        whereas you were unconvincingly suggesting that the absence of life might be better.

        but if there is no life to recognize value and thereby bring the notion of value into existence, then one can not determine that life has no value as value simply doesn’t exist to measure its presence or absence.

        • Well, the advantage of your admittedly empty (impossible to substantiate or prove) and fallacious “hypothecating” is that

          I’ve more clearly realized what Alchemist was getting at,

          that what you call “the senseless clutter of the universe”

          far from being a timeline as you suggest

          is, in fact, the manifestation of the force of existence itself, emanations of life, born of a momentum to exist, thus, of a form of consciousness.
          The “senseless clutter of the universe”

          is not senseless at all,

          but full of meaning

          that helped spawn what even the most literal skeptics would readily recognize as being life

          (ie: worms squirming in the Earth and humans emitting logically fallacious hypotheses to get closer to meaningful Truth.)

      • chemical reactions occur “at-depth” beneath any planet surface where hydrocarbons predominate, at such a rapid rate that in any given time-frame, DNA or some like replicating molecule is more likely than not going to form, by chance.

        Once a self-replicating molecule forms, by chance, the rapid at-depth replication will quickly result in proliferation of the replicating molecules, which will have an advantage over the non-self-replicating molecules.

        they begin colonizing the surface of the planet in question, seeking sources of energy alternative to the hydrocarbons, such as stellar radiation (sunshine). Then, they’re off to the races of biodiversity.

        That’s just enough “by chances” that it reminds me of the official version of 9/11.

        Stars may not be sentient in any human way but whatever force spawned them, along with the conditions for self-replicating molecules “to seek energy”, driving them to the surface leading to biodiversity may very well be.

        Have you seriously never made notice of rocks, water, air, earth, fire or metal?

        You equate these elements with absence of life. I’ll go out on a limb and assume you have no recollection of having been a rock or air.
        Thus you can not credibly judge whether it’s better or worse than being a living human being or categorically state there’s no suffering involved, any perception of driving propensity to evolve or agonizing vibratory longing in the potential for transformation et plus si affinité. It would seem that your Gold’s molten rock became biodiversity. What force transformed stone into FactChecker? By chance? Chance… Reminds me of Chauncy Gardner… Anyhow

        Saying the Earth orbited the sun was once considered to
        smack of the rankest superstition.

      • yes indeed I effed that closing up. But that you took such pains to rebut it when it’s perfectly clear what I’d intended to say, the overused reference that it is, seems somewhat… ingenuous. Easy. A bit disappointing.

        And at least it offers you a convenient pretext to avoid addressing the other points in the body of that comment, rather than just the botched closing.

      • A Saturday night song:

        “Molten Gold”

        It’s not “All Right Now” (which teleports me directly to odiferous wood parquet of the gymnasium where the junior high school dance is being played out)

        but it’s about that force pushing forward, onward, on and on…

        all the way to… biodiversity.


        That vintage ol’ sound makes me wish I had some cigarettes and a glass of wine…

      • What force transformed stone into FactChecker?


    • How in the world could a judgment be made about the value of anything in the absence of life?
      Forgive me but the idea itself just seems silly.

      • yes.

        and tangentially (and recklessly) I’m tempted to ask:

        if Life has no inherent value, then what does?

        the absence of suffering?

        but for whom?

        if there’s no one to appreciate this absence of suffering

        then where is the value? Value requires life to exist.

        or something like that…

        • Entertaining but idle speculation.

          The opposite is just as likely.

          After all, something pushed life into existence.

          Some imperious drive, some imperative, some need,

          Some sort of pervasive cosmic suffering perhaps from the absence of life?

      • Your argument is absurd because imagining an impossible scenario has no purpose or effect.

        It is akin but much less valuable than experiencing the colors and patterns one sees in the midst of a particularly nice magic mushroom trip.

        You are pretending. You’re playing games in your head. Nothing wrong with that but it serves no purpose.
        You’re just being silly.

        • I never claimed that a universe without life is impossible. . I said making value judgements is impossible without life.

          Your reading comprehension skills need work.

          Also, I suppose I should take a bit of solace in the fact that I am not the only person you consider yourself better than. So thanks for that you poor doomed elitist dingleberry.

        • “How in the world could a judgment be made about the value of anything in the absence of life?”

          Look, can you read that? Thats what I wrote.

          If there is an absence of life, meaning that there is no life anywhere.
          Who is going to be the judge of anything?
          Why nobody will. Because they ain’t nobody there!
          Its impossible because there is no life with a brain to make a value judgment in existence.

          Are you able to wrap your evidently limited mind around that?

        • [SNIP – This board has one main rule: no personal attacks, name calling or picking fights with other members. It isn’t difficult. If you two are unable to engage in discussion without devolving into personal attacks you will be booted from this board. -JC]

  51. Eugenicists should lead by example.

  52. More probable than not, yes it is. If it isn’t completely fabricated it is certainly havilly contolled via bans and shadowbans.

    However, never underestimate self hatred. It’s ultra hard core.

  53. Beautiful James, thank you. I can relate to your sentiments on parenthood and was moved to tears by your journal entry. There truly is nothing that can describe that depth of love. I have often said it is as if your heart is just walking around outside your body like it’s no big deal. Although it is. It is EVERYTHING. Sincerest appreciation for you and your work.

  54. Texas is one of a handful of states that convenes its Legislature once every two years. This is when laws get passed.

    August 21, 2021 – Brownwood News
    (Small town in central west Texas. Their population shrank according to the 2020 census.)
    New Texas Laws Effective September 1

    The 87th Texas Legislature passed a number of new laws that take effect on September 1. Below is a listing and brief description of some of those laws:

    HB 1927 Constitutional Carry
    This law eliminates the requirement for Texans to obtain a license to carry handguns, as long as they are not prohibited from possessing a gun by State of Federal law.

    SB 8 Fetal Heartbeat Bill
    This law prohibits abortions in Texas after a fetal heartbeat has been detected, which can be as early as six weeks. An exception for medical emergencies is allowed.

    HB 1280 Roe v. Wade Trigger Law
    This law would outlaw abortions in Texas in 30 days, if the U.S. Supreme Court reverses “Roe v. Wade,” the 1973 legal case that legalized abortion.

    SB 4 Star-Spangled Banner Protection Act
    This law requires any professional sports team with contracts with the Texas state government to play the National Anthem before the start of every game. SB 4 was written by Sen. Dawn Buckingham, who represents Brown and other counties in Central Texas.

    HB 1239 Ban on Church Closures
    This law bans State agencies or officials from issuing orders that “close or have the effect of closing places of worship in the state.” This bill was inspired by public orders to close churches and other places of worship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    HB 3979 Critical Race Theory
    This law bans the teaching of Critical Race Theory, and prescribes how Texas teachers can talk about current events and America’s history of racism. “Critical Race Theory” asserts that race and racism are an integral part of American history and society.
    The bill includes a list of historical documents that students must be taught. It also requires that students be taught “the history of white supremacy, including but not limited to the institution of slavery, the eugenics movement, and the Ku Klux Klan, and the ways in which it is morally wrong.”…

    SB 968 Vaccine Passport Bill
    This law bans any business in Texas from requiring “vaccine passports” or any vaccine information….

    (Hat tip to my son for this article.)

  55. Been said that all the people in the world could fit in Texas.

    • I’ve seen the population of Texas really grow compared to when I was a kid in the 50’s.
      Air conditioning was a factor.
      I think the world’s population could easily fit in Texas.
      Please tell them not to come if they are not like-minded.

  56. Dear lord, you are mixing up a lot of stuff over there.

    I’ll just say that I have been listening this “hottest summer ever” garbage for good 25 years now. When I was a kid we had hot summers, too. We had occasional fires, as well. If every summer for the past 25 was hotter than the previous, we should be just about burning right now. But no, we aren’t burning up. Still, hottest summer ever this year again.

    As far as C02 goes, do you know what people who are in the know use in greenhouses to really boost plant growth? I mean, to REALLY get the green, lush, verdant plant life going? Do you? It’s that poisonous CO2. Plants LOVE it, bugs not so much.

    Now, if you try to conflate what I wrote with “denying” real environmental issues CO2 pushers don’t touch with a seven foot pole, I’m going to be irked.


      Now that I hopefully made it clear that I am not conflating pollution and man’s mistakes with climate change. May I suggest that there is a large contingent of reputable scientists who have compiled a massive amount of evidence that not only is the earth not getting hotter but in fact is cooling but also it is the sun, not man that drives our weather.


    • Corbett has some excellent stuff on manmade climate change.
      Just incredible stuff.
      Lots of it. Long form or short form.
      It is worth researching.

    • You are conflating. And proving that climate change ™ is a religion. The onus of both proof to prove your assertions and the work to rid yourself of your religious beliefs is on you.

      Luckily, you are on the right place to do the latter, I wish you luck and an open mind.

  57. By the way, do you know why they relabeled their oxymoronic movement from “global warming” to “climate change”? Do you? Because one wasn’t happening while the other is happening aaaaall day long. And it’s a better, wider encompasing blanket term that, when blatantly used without of context, means squat.

    • Texas is having an incredible season!

      My son and I were talking about it again today over the phone.

      The Spring and this Summer have had relatively mild temperatures for Texas, with lots of rain spaced apart.

      The grass is still green in late August! Amazing! Often it is a brown cinder ready to burn while the cracks in the dry black clay ground usually are inches apart with home foundations faltering.
      My son’s cows are happy…he has hardly had to use hay.
      The egg laying chickens don’t like the 95 degree F heat and so have cut back.
      The lamb does her thing.
      The Ducks are happy with the bugs all night long as they feed (a few snakes included), and the guinea fowl still poops on the porch just to piss of his wife.

      The pond is full. The plants are still green. His wife cusses at him when the cows get into her lush garden.
      All this is not “normal”.
      It is just weather patterns and the Grand Solar Minimun Sub-Thread Link. (See SYMPTOMS IMAGE as you scroll down.)

      This is an unusual season of weather systems for Texas. We are sure that it will change a year or two from now. The weather always does.

  58. The understanding I get when I hear counter arguments against CO2 being a direct cause of warming or altering weather patterns is that climate science is not as well understood as the “experts” insist. It would be great to have more debate between people with alternative views on the matter of CO2. What I have observed is that the psychopathic agenda setters have used the environmental movement to further their goals, to enslave humanity.

    But I can’t say that CO2 doesn’t have some influence on the weather patterns. I do know that there’s probably spraying and geo-engineering going on too, so who knows what that’s doing. But I completely agree that not all environmental activists are trying to further the narrative that de population would be a good idea. I also think that pollution should be discouraged and littering and treating ones environment like a garbage can. I try to recycle and compost and all that stuff and minimize waste of resources like paper. I try to use more natural cleaning products that don’t test on animals and not eat meat that was raised in factories and such.

    I also think having a respect for nature and other living creatures is really important. It’s common sense that living in a jam packed city with lots of smog and industrial pollution is unhealthy both mentally and physically. I had an old roommate from China who said that she rarely saw a blue sky. The thought that the whole world would become a jam packed city is pretty awful. But I don’t think this would necessarily happen if people had a respect for keeping habitats unpolluted and as natural as possible and not moving into habitats where endangered animals live. I strongly believe that other living things have a right just as humans do to enjoy their life here on the planet. Perhaps this is what the elites use to sway people that if the population expands this necessarily means that humans would turn everything into a polluted city. I don’t think that situation is desirable and I doubt that would occur because there are biological mechanisms that kick in when optimal population size is reached, at least in the wild. When animals are stressed, fertility increases.

    I don’t think that people who support environmentally friendly products necessarily support depopulation.

    • The people that do the most damage are large governments because of all the wars and industrial waste. Large companies have now merged with governments so the most polluting companies who are cutting down trees in the rainforest and stuff like that need to stop, IMO. I feel like my driving has far less of an impact than that so when the government narrative tries to make me as an individual feel guilty for driving a gas car, I become annoyed. Plus all the mining and pollution that is required for these electric cars is just as polluting if not more than gas cars. The hypocrisy is infuriating.

    • In my view, THE SYSTEM is the primary cause of toxic pollution and the destruction of natural ecosystems.
      THE SYSTEM is composed of governments, corporations and mainstream media who put forth narratives.

      Thus, it is the narratives of THE SYSTEM which guide so much of society.
      The narratives, THE STORY.
      The narratives shape the world.

      Until people learn to not trust the system and their narratives, the planet will continue to have grief.

  59. once again climate change activists are equated with ‘de-populationists

    Those who founded, initially funded and are promoting the man-made climate change campaign are equated with de-populationists. Because that is their stated goal as demonstrated by Mr. Corbett in several of his works.

    Can you please lay off of that BS?

    What an odd way of addressing someone as a guest on their website. Particularly concerning a subject that is at the heart of the host’s work, into which he has invested immense time and energy so as to master and teach it.

    IMO, one of the best things that we can do for future generations is to leave the most pristine world possible so that they have the opportunity to thrive rather than subsist.

    You can be sure that the alarmist man-made climate change crowd aren’t going to help much with that because even if perchance they decided to actually adopt measures to stop polluting the world (which is not their priority) should they continue to be in power for years to come, managing the environment and the worlds resources, future generations won’t have the opportunity to thrive and maybe not even to subsist (as that’s not their priority either).

    This past July was the hottest on record

    Tony Heller begs to differ:


    How will children possibly have a chance to thrive if intelligent people pretend that climate change is a freakin’ psyop

    How will children possibly have a chance to thrive if intelligent people:

    -continue to confuse unsubstantiated man-made climate change with natural climate change (no one denies that climate change exists, That’s a deliberate media-generated misconception that “Climate skeptics don’t believe in Climate change”)

    -continue to confuse CO2 with all the genuine pollution that the multi-nationals don’t want you to focus on

    -and continue to buy into all the other unsubstantiated climate Alarmism by the corrupt establishment that never comes true?

    can you honestly say that your area of the natural world is healthy and thriving?

    Whatever the answer to that question might be, how does that demonstrate that climate change is man-made or that climate change is to blame for any consequent complaints?
    The natural world thrived over billions of years of climate change.

    • and what’s the prospective continuity of the human species got to do with climate change?

      • What has this choice you pose of thriving or subsisting got to do with climate change?

  60. I wonder how anyone can categorically deny that CO2 levels have something to do with climate change

    What’s even more surprising is how anyone can categorically assert that the trace gas, CO2 is primarily responsible for climate change

    in the total absence of proof

    and the presence of loads of compelling evidence pointing to much more colossal forces driving climate phenomena on Earth.

    • The evidence is such that rising CO2 can categorically be denied as being the main driver or even a significant driver of climate change.

      As CO2 increases, there is no corresponding increase in temperature.

      However other cycles in the sun and the oceans describe much better observed climate phenomena.

      After that, there’s deliberate geo-engineering that does not involve CO2 that could conceivably substantiate the term “man-made climate change”.

      CO2 levels in the atmosphere can not.

      • In some way all kinds of things play a part.

        Those who seized upon man-made CO2 as the most catastrophic plague ever to afflict the planet in the history of its existence (before Covid) did so for an agenda that has very little to do with mitigating climate change, if such a thing were even desireable, let alone possible, as amply demonstrated by Mr. Corbett and many others.

        • Your sources of information on climate change seem to be limited to the MSM which also brought you the honest-to-god truth about Covid, vaccines, Irak and of course 9/11.

          If you would like a wider, more complete perspective on the question you could start by watching a lovely little documentary (if slightly dated but prescient) called “The Cloud Mystery”.


          Now it’s 2am, my brain is fried and I have classes starting at 8 so time to bid you gnight.

        • DogStar, now you are just lashing out. I hope you will sieze this opportunity for some introspection and personal growth.

    • Where is your categorical proof for any of your assertions? Can’t you see that these same ideas are behind such mind poisons as “zero risk” that is driving our current fake reality created by the media?

      It’s interesting how even here in this sliver of society at large we get examples of such obdurate relgiosity. This does shed some light on the type of “thinking”, better said a spell, RFK junior and others pushing this type of garbage might be under.

      • “So, since most here appear unable to abide dissenting views, enjoy ‘conversing’ with the fully indoctrinated…“

        It appears to me that your views were abided pretty well. This was a long thread that introduced various opinions.

        What you seem to be saying is that you don’t like the fact that you weren’t agreed with. And that others weren’t displaying the amount of humility that you deem acceptable for a forum that is crammed with really smart people who are really worth listening to and trying to get along with.

        Suck it up, stick around and grow thicker skin. And most of all, keep challenging people.
        With humility, thats how we evolve.

      • DogStar,
        Again, I will say, watch some of Corbett’s episodes regarding climate change.
        There are plenty.
        You lack information.
        It seems obvious that you have never watched How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World.
        Go to “Documentaries” above right.

        But Corbett has a tremendous amount of work on climate change.

      • That said, what I have observed in my short lifetime is that the planet’s climate has changed in a destructive manner (increasingly destructive hurricanes, fires, droughts).

        I’d say that the operative words in that sentence of yours are “short lifetime”.

        As for the planet’s climate changing in a destructive manner the short video below gives perspective on the last two elements in your list; namely fires and droughts:


        The graphs therein can give some additional perspective to compare with your impressions.

        Here’s another about wildfires in Australia:


        The only individual who responded to my question with any level of humility is cu.h.j.

        Your thin, sensitive skin seems curious coming from someone who comes on to a website and says to the site owner:

        Can you please lay off of that BS?

  61. “ ‘Amply described’ only by those who post here and always seem to have to inform others what JC ‘really meant’ in any given episode…”

    I would hate to see James Corbett replying to comments here.

  62. holy crap batman,
    that’s a lot of comments ? ?? ☮️

    holy crap batman,
    that’s a lot of comments ? ?? ☮️

    anyways, I enjoy the video clips you put in along the way

    stopped watching TV when I was 13
    all my friends watched TV
    realized it was a 99% complete waste of my time
    I use to call it “mental mush”
    I’d rather explore or build something with my mechano set
    (lived at the foot of Laurel st in Burnaby, used to spend hours exploring the huge bush west of our house which later became BCIT and the surrounding area. or what I did most, draw and paint)

    I consider the 12 years stuck in public “manipulation” a horrific waste of my time. But I did graduate with a scholarship from CoquitlamFineArtsCouncil. AND did an interview to apply at UBC to start a career as an art teacher.
    but NO:
    didn’t fly, just a bunch of scam artists hear (I’m Scottish)

    my whole life with the disillusion of freedom, realizing being controlled by a seriously fucked up system. Around 2015 I started to figure out what was going on. Thanks for the internet and non-MSM journalism.
    the lack of common sense and critical thinking on this planet is astounding

    thanks for ur real journalism James

  63. Decades ago I read the book “Mutant Message from Down Under” by Marlo Morgan? I think that’s the author’s name. She’s from Kansas City. In the book she goes to the Australian Outback and spends time with a tribe of aborigines. The aborigines have magical powers, but they have decided not to reproduce anymore and to leave Earth for good (and yes that’s a pun). It’s still in print.
    I don’t understand these people who love Gaia and Mother Nature. That bitch has been trying to kill me since I was born and now that I’m 69 she’s getting close to succeeding.
    When I grew up, nature was something man controlled as best he could.

  64. Thank you, James. This was very moving. Sharing your personal thoughts on becoming a new father makes this particularly relevant at this point in our history. This is exactly the reminder we need in an increasingly confused society, which is allowing itself (ourselves) to be beaten down by “cold facts” and the like. Thanks for reminding us so poignantly that we are unapologetically alive and part of Nature and, of course, never doomed to live someone else’s hell. Well done!

    • Thanks, James. I’m a Catholic dad with a big family. For years I’ve had to put up with nasty comments from coworkers, relatives, and even Pope Bergoglio with his infamous rabbit comment. A traditionalist priest emailed me a link to your documentary last year and I’ve been listening ever since.

  65. Thank you James!
    The humanity is indeed what is sorely missing nowadays. Truly heartwarming!

  66. Beautiful sentiments, particularly in the roundup to this clip. Iv been watching Iain McGilchrist lately and much of what he has to say rings so true watching this. For those that dont know, he is a psychiatrist by training who is trying to bring brain science and philosophy back together. The science he talks about is essentially that the right brain is concerned with concept and context, is the true master, and the left is interested in manipulating tools and is good at doing this, due to its myopic view. He views the world in the last couple hundred years as having become too left brain focused. The left brain thinks it knows best and must be kept in check. There is much science to support all this. The right brain sees beauty in music, art, nature etc. Things that cannot be broken down and categorized as the left would wish to do. I believe the would be controllers are totally left brain in their thinking. It is as this clip suggests, the job of sentient humans to bring balance back to this equation, and realize some things cannot be measured and they are no less true for this.
    Thanks James. I think we all feel connected to you in a similar way to what you describe here. A kindred spirit. A candle in the dark to quote Mr Rose.

  67. I have a really fond memory of watching the original piece you did on the meaning of life with my first baby in my arms. Where have 9 years gone??

    • That is a painfully beautiful comment.

  68. I doubt the depopulation agenda is targeting white people.
    Eugenicists/Nazis are more worried about to many black and brown people. But you can’t say that so you pretend to worry about the climate.
    If you bomb and starve black and brown people to protect democracy you can convince people that bombing black and brown people is good for the climate.
    Because of racism in both the right and the left it is easy to greenwash genocide. Climate hysteria has replaced the anti war movement.
    There are no war refugees only immigrants. Immigrants because of climate change.
    And everybody just goes along.
    I am just here for the information I know I am not the target audience….

  69. James, this is rather lengthy, you only had to point to the most prominent theme since 1980 in all kinds of media to prove that a death cult is in the lead.

    If you do not know what I mean:
    Have you played a computer game lately? Watched a movie blockbuster? Read a bestseller novel? Etc.

    Splattertainment at its best… This is what really goes on in these ppls minds.

  70. One of the problem with having kids is that it makes one awfully dependent on culture, a culture that is hostile to life, as we see rather clearly right now.

    I do not say that this is the reason why I have no kids. It is not. But still, it is a simple fact. As soon as the kid is like 4 years old, they start to culture it. Nothing you can do against.

  71. Of course, you as a parent can always try to warn and steer against the acculturation process, but still its 50/50 that little Johnny becomes YAOCS – yet another obedient corporate slave.

    How many fall for the “MY child is diffent” and “I am better at parenting” preconception? Only to find out later that they have been wrong? In reality, most parents think along these lines in order to rationalize a decision they never really made themselves – and never could even if they wanted.

  72. @Fact Checker is right. I don’t know why so many of you are so offended as to run from his opining with fingers in your ears. It is self-evident that the most loving thing you can do for your future kids is to not have them. Procreation is actually an act of cruelty given the global state of affairs; so if there are any perspectives to gasp at regarding this issue, it would be those that disregard such warnings with a blind devotion to biological drives. There is philosophical/theological compatibility proffered in the following modus operandi. Schopenhauer and Augustine can agree that the ceasing of sexual reproduction can serve to precipitate the teleological fulfillment of the species. According to 1 Corinthians chapter 7, in times of distress, Christians are to abstain from marriage, lest they heap great trouble upon themselves and their children. This is also why God commanded the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah to “not take a wife, nor have sons or daughters.” Summarily, as alluded to above, according to Christian presuppositions/principles, mass abstinence will only serve to expedite the “Great Commission” and the subsequent return of Christ. And atheists can rest assured that the plagues endured by their generation will not victimize their posterity, but will culminate in the triumph of human autonomy over nature. Hugs for everyone.

  73. No one makes anyone live… suicide is the option that looser schopenhauer could have taken any time. Because he was a waste of space he projected his own cowardly pointlessness upon the world.

    He was just a failure as a human being…something best removed from the gene pool by not breeding

    • You believe that all life is simian brutality… so why do you whine about being right?

      if spiteful mutants like schopenhauer can’t see a reason to live its because he was too weak to stand the fact that everyone pretty much thought he was a creep (don’t you recall when he waxed over giving the lady of his lust a bunch of grapes and she wrote that she dumped them because “schopenhauer had touched them’

      I actually am overweight these days but considering that my gene have been passed on and I have a marriage partner I don’t know where you think I called myself an incel?

      Seriously… stop expecting others to care about your feelings or your existence if you yourself think your life is a waste of meat.

      • You do not have one I guess from that reaction?

        Trust me… if you find someone you like to be with your mood will improve. When you care about no one and no one cares about your life does look very dark and pointless

        • I stand corrected… not everyone gets happier if they have a partner they love

    • He sounds like a depressive personality who possibly suffered from a mental illness. Maybe it was triggered by the death of his father.

      I have lived with depression most of my life and it’s awful and at it’s worst, I probably shared his view at times. But this perspective was transitory and passes.

      I looked him up on wikipedia and according too his biography, he was sued for pushing a woman to the ground and she ended up partially paralyzed, if this is true. Maybe she was lying, who knows. It does seem like he was disliked among many people, but was kind to animals.

      Life is definitely a mix of pleasure and pain, and some people have much more pain in their life which seems unfair.

      I don’t hate my parents for bringing me into existence.

      I like the work of Eckhart Tolle, who’s focus is on living in the moment instead of the past or future. For some people, the present moment may be torture, literally. And knowledge of the profound suffering of other living beings is an unsettling realization, but there is nothing I can do to change their condition. I can focus on the present moment that I am in, and for me, this moment is calm and I am content.

      Schopenhauer’s perspectives and writings are thought provoking, though I disagree with his conclusions. Perhaps human beings can learn to treat other living beings with more compassion, to minimize suffering.

      • Cu.h.j

        He was probably what dr Dutton would call a spiteful mutant…a person with mental imbalance who spreads unhealful ideas via social contagion.

        • Dr. Dutton, the jolly heretic… he is over at YouTube and bitchute.

          Personally I can’t help but think that an anti birth person, since they basically wish extinction on the world, is in far more need of mental health counseling.

          What do you want fact checker? Validation for your acceptance of your own destruction?
          I think it’s pathetic and gross but its ultimately your choice not mine

          • Truly we live in mouse utopia… good bye Beautiful One…

            Anyone who wonders what I am on about should search mouse utopia in the Corbet report search bar.

  74. Some more perspective on the overpopulation myth:

    China’s population up less than half a million in 2021, births plunge again as crisis deepens
    Mainland China’s overall population increased to 1.4126 billion last year, but ‘shocking’ national growth rate hits record low of 0.34 per thousand
    Chinese mothers gave birth to 10.62 million babies last year, an 11.5 per cent drop from 2020

    Orange Wang
    and Luna Sun
    Published: 10:03am, 17 Jan, 2022


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