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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Do you want to make your own newspaper? Or maybe just help distribute a newspaper full of articles by writers you love? Then this is the #SolutionsWatch for you!

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Writing A New Narrative – #SolutionsWatch

How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)

Mass Media: A History

Episode 391 – Solutions: Physical Media

Rock Creek Free Press newspaper (wayback archive)

Sovereign Independent newspaper (archive)

James Corbett on Declare Your Independence 2021-11-17

Love Bus Liberty Tour

Read the articles in the Freedom’s Phoenix newspaper online

Order a batch of Freedom’s Phoenix newspapers for distribution in your area

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  1. – Germany –

    Evidently, 500,000 weekly hard copy newspaper-broadsheets are distributed in Germany to help expose the fraud (as of August 2020).
    I can’t read German, so I don’t know the current status.
    Heiko Schöning and World Doctors Alliance and Germany’s “Extra-parliamentary Inquiry on COVID-19” and more…

  2. Take out a pen, put it to paper. Draw, write, rant, doodle, snark, bark, sloganeer. Rewrite Common Sense or the Declaration of Independence in your own words. Quote Lysander Spooner or Paul Goodman or Thoreau or your contrarian uncle.

    Copy it or just draw all day. If you make them small size you can place them unobtrusively in public spaces.

    Boom. You’re an activist.

  3. Hi James,
    The 2 episodes that had the greatest effect on me are the bystander effect and how to present info for visual learners.

    Regarding the bystander effect. I have had great results from just going about my day without a mask. I live in a county in Colorado that has an indoor mask mandate which I ignore.

    One specific success story was going bowling. My girlfriend and I went to meet a friend at a bowling alley. Signs for masks were everywhere. We just ignored them and did our thing. No one said a thing to us about not wearing a mask.

    What I noticed is that regardless of whether someone had a drink or not the people bowling around us all started to remove their masks after 30 min or so. Including taking them off their kids (thank goodness). When we were done we went to pay and while our friend did not have a mask on when bowling he felt compelled to wear one when we paid at the end. He was surprised when we left the building that we did it without any issues. Seemed to have an effect on him.

    For the visual learning episode, after watching I bought a hand full ood copies of “Government – The Biggest Scam in History”. I have now given away more than 20 copies and some liberator flash drives I made as well. I give these to people to help other wake people up or to people who are actually starting to ask questions about what is going on.

    The back cover with all the politicians with halos is how I hook people and it works like a charm. You can’t unsee that and it really sticks with people.

    I love this series please keep up the good work.

    Something you should check out is

    It is a group on Telegram that provides free file to print out stickers from a simple brother label printer. I hand these out to people at protests and stick in various locations. Starting to see more of them around. Just another way to try and combat the narrative.

    • I’ve been wanting bumper stickers, thanks for the tip. I also aim to print up some nice big posters of the memes. The memes say so much so well.

    • u_jim,
      You’ve got some cool stuff in that comment of yours.
      I loved reading the bowling anecdote!

    • Good job! I too never wear masks, but it is easy here in NE Alabama where I would say 90% are not masking.
      When I visit my grandchildren in Virginia and drive through other states I don’t mask. No one says a word.

  4. Ernest Hancock – Ramrod

    I gotta commend Ernie. That guy has been at the game a long time, and he still is getting remarkable things done. He’s a real ramrod. I tip my hat.

    Ramrod – DEFINITION
    Ranch or trail foreman, usually the first or second person in charge. The person responsible for getting the work done.
    Clint Eastwood was the ramrod Rowdy Yates in the TV series “Rawhide”.
    ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    As an aside: “Successful Decentralized Alternative Currency” (which is not hijacked by Big Money).
    It is my opinion that it will probably take ramrod type actions to help establish a local (or otherwise) successful decentralized alternative currency which actually circulates within its community with sufficient velocity.

  5. In Canada we have the amazing Check out online and I personally receive 12 copies a month that I hand out to like minded (and not) friends

  6. 9/11 Truth BROADSHEET FLYER – under 7 cents each – IMAGE
    Circa Autumn 2008 – Newspaper size with clean, semigloss paper and high quality color photos. Under 7 cents delivered which included taxes, freight, set-up fees (plate charge) and boxes sized for each 1,000 flyers. I ordered 30,000 broadsheets which was about a 1200 pound pallet. Boxes trump “wrapped” because of moisture and shipping damage.
    (This is one of the few surviving online images as most have been expunged.)

    Ernie and James are right. The hard work is done. The Templates are available for download. (16 minute mark)

    – Dilemma –
    In the early days of the 9/11 Truth movement, there were not any substantial, written informational handouts other than some postcard sized handouts. Plenty of online or DVD videos were available, but nothing printed. This was a barrier in our 9/11 Truth group’s dissemination actions. Mostly, North Texans for 911 Truth was armed with DVDs as a handout. The postcards were cost prohibitive for widespread use. Plus, the postcards only had a limited amount of information.

    Here is what I did.
    Near the very beginning of 2008 – I discovered a printer source, because I was in a small town East Texas grocery store. They had their “broadsheet sale ads” in the rack. I grabbed it and spotted the little note of the company, Market Builders Inc. I called the place and spoke with the owner who is based in the far south and west Texas, Kerrville area. The owner and I had great conversations. He knew something about the 9/11 cover-up and was a Ron Paul fan. He gave me the details of costs and of the template needed. The Broadsheets were shipped from a printer in eastern Oklahoma during the Autumn of 2008.


    • (…continued…)

      The hard part was the layout template.
      If you want to add lots of work and lots of wasted time, just ask a large group of people how it should be laid out. Everyone has their own personal take. Sure, it is smart to take a survey and collect ideas. However, endless back-n-forth arguments and emails won’t drive the train.
      Eventually, I just took individual action. I begged a young college kid to do the pdf layout, because I did not know how to do it. I liked him and he had a strong activist heart. We would go back and forth, debating on what should be included. I had to be gentle, because he easily became frustrated, and was also busy with college. I would type up different articles, or he would write his own. I would cut and edit different things. He would insist on saying different things that really did not have exact documented evidence. Finally, to keep the peace and keep him from quitting, and let the project get done by deadline, I stopped with the edits.

      This whole Broadsheet “The Truth Times” project was a rough go for me. I had all kinds of other life things keeping me busy. Plus, money was tight and this was on my nickel. There are all kinds of details with an unfamiliar project like this. EX: It was a very heavy pallet of stuff I had delivered to my home, but I was in another town going to college and hectically had to skip classes and rush to get the drop-offed pallet in the middle of the driveway so the wife wouldn’t go hysterical or a rain-storm ruin it.

      While some folks in our group later contributed some funds for the flyers, I also sold broadsheets to other 9/11 Groups around the country at cost in order to pay back my small savings. They would pay the shipping costs which can really make their net cost-per-piece much, much higher. It takes time to communicate, collect payment, package and send stuff.

      Los Angeles was one of the groups who got some broadsheets from me…
      IMAGE of Rock Creek Free Press, The Truth Times, and various 9/11 Truth postcards.
      (circa March 2009)
      IF YOU TABLE, THEY WILL COME ! (Feb 2009)
      (2 ½ minutes)


      • (…continued…)

        Distribution / Dissemination venues is always something to consider. Los Angeles points out the simplicity of “Table-ing”. With all our many outreach actions, the Dallas 9/11 Truth group soon burned through the rest of the 30,000 broadsheets. The group has given out well over 70,000 free DVDs.

        One early Sunday morning I walked a neighborhood and delivered a few hundred Sunday papers.
        IMAGES – The Truth Times with DVD

        Ae911Truth – Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
        911 Investigator (circa 2010) ARCHIVE
        “This September, the most important print item in the history of AE911Truth will make its debut. The “911 Investigator,” the first annual edition of our informative new color broadsheet newspaper, is now available for early order in our online store, and you’ll be able to get 100 copies shipped at low bulk prices and distribute them proudly in your local community….”

        I along with many others, including Rock Creek Free Press, had an involvement on this Ae911truth broadsheet newspaper.
        Here are some excerpts from an email I had with an Architect who was helping head up this project:
        Shipping costs (from the printer) and mailing costs of bundles of broadsheets can be much lower, the closer to home…
        … There are several very good ways to find your printer.
        Scour the hardware stores, grocery stores, etc. (especially independents) and look for a broadsheet flyer similar to “The Truth Times”. Also, collect those junk mail packets which have the grocery store ads. Find out who prints them. Often the big newspaper chains do the printing for the store ad packets in the mail. You can always call the advertising department for a big paper to find this out. Sometimes they will even lay it out for you.
        (By the way…I used to spend a lot of advertising money when I had my own businesses… …a bright yellow 81/2 X 11 flyer printed and delivered to a house in those grocery-ad-packs would cost me 41/2 cents.)…
        …specify the quality of paper in your price quotes (& shipping cost estimation)…
        … find out the criteria needed to burn a plate. Get the exact dimensions and ask about margins (or if the margins are figured in)…then you can begin your edits. Use the correct software for layout….

        • thanks for all this experience and advice, Home Remedy. Kudos to you.

  7. I haven’t watched yet but the title itself to make ones own news paper is an excellent idea!! People need to re learn the importance of physical books and newspapers.

  8. Thanks for putting up a template, James!! I’ve been thinking of this now and then, tho people don’t seem to read all that much anymore.

    I began the newspaper at my newly opened high school at fifteen, which my good friend informed me in the hallway three and a half years later, I had got thrown off of by a secret “black ball” meeting by the nuns!! Haha, I’m still laughing about that. They kept censoring everyone’s favorite column, a gossip news myself and another writer did, called The Kaleidoscope.
    Later in Boston, I met a group of folks up on Fort HIll, and one of them, whom I became a student of somewhat, was named Rollie Koefod. He was from England, and had got thrown out of nine countries in the middle east for starting newspapers. I admired that. He turned me onto Edgar Cayce. And he also one night made me sit in front of the tv with him, always hated tv, and made me watch Nixon’s State of The Nation address.( I just wanted to get high and chill.) Over and over he would say “Look at his eyes!! He’s lying. ” He taught me all about politics in that speech time. And that’s all he said.
    He was the instigator , also, for bringing circus animals into the Boston Commons, an infamous hippie affair way back when.

  9. thanks for bringing this in, it’strue, I love books. I think because our hands are involved, we can touch them.

  10. I used to buy hundreds of copies of the first two alternative rags in Boston/Cambridge, The Real Paper and The Phoenix, for five cents each, sell them for what….a quarter? Out at the univ in the west. Soon, a young married couple with a child, good friends, took over, made good money for years, and it gave them occasion to meet folks their age in the area.
    a plus plus plus for everyone!!!!

  11. I like this idea a lot! In my small hometown of Fruitport, there is a tiny township newspaper called the Fruitport Area News. It’s mostly just local stories about the community, funded by local adverts. The last few times Ive been back and read it, I was blown away by the anti lockdown and covid vaccine stories they’ve ran as of late! It shocked me a little paper like that would have the gall to question any of it without fear of losing advertisers.

    So yeah I love the idea of physical media like newspapers, great idea!

  12. Same can be said about photographs; people used to print/develop important stuff, now they are worth less than a dime a million.

  13. Samizdat publishing still has relevance!

    As more and more censorship is enforced for “crimethink,” hardcopy material will increasingly be the only means to reach more than a handful of people. Especially pertaining to the sham “vaccines.”

    And that said, anonymous handbills may be the best approach in many areas, since such material will be “illegal” in such areas. No contact information is necessary when the material is properly presented.

    On a related note, don’t dismiss old fashioned fax machines, either. In many cases, that may become your only “instant” means of sending material at distance, since email will increasingly be neither anonymous nor free, with AI-driven filters blocking “verboten” content. Don’t place any faith in “privacy-focused” providers like ProtonMail, nor in PGP or other encryption, to protect you.

  14. Dear Corbetteers,

    Personally, I hate mobile phones. Not the mobile telephony, but the operating systems that facilitate it. Tracking central on steroids. But, the Hancock idea of using QR codes for each article to provide links is a beautiful example of using the “enemy”‘s weapons against them; a clever fusion of old and new technology.

    The modern pamphlet is the blog, which I’ve been trying for about 6 months now. From it, with help from a trusted elder, I’ve really been learning to write. Yes, I’m pushing non-standard narratives, but my readership is so small that it matters little in the larger scheme. Do I care? Not really. I’ve recently been able to review my successes (in terms of readership numbers) and have learned about abusing Twitter as a magnification tool. But, what have I really learned? Writing is a skill. It requires practice and inspiration. And, there are traps.

    In my early writing, I tried to write in the journalist passive voice, but it was a challenge. As a self-justified escape I said to myself “I want to engage with my readership” to justify first person writing. But, numbers dont lie. My most successful articles are in that passive voice. Its what people have been *trained* to like reading. Ok.

    The real learning has been that I can now write in that voice with ease, and enfold within it the opinion which I wish to convey.

    My next journey is to learn to write opinion and enfold within that the style of the passive voice.

    Looking at my most recent article, one for my family, I reviewed it from a literary perspective. 5 paragraphs move from passive to first person plural passive, to second/first person active, and back to passive. And this happened as I was writing it, not by intention. Six months ago I would not have even been able to see this, let alone understand it. This is not self praise of writing style, but acknowledgement of learning.

    So, create your own narrative, or publish a newsletter or newspaper. Have fun in doing it. Know that writing is a skill to be honed. Learn what types of writing your readership enjoys.

    Above all else READ.

    It is a a bio weapon being used to take down humanity.
    Australia is going under as you read this.
    Every politician and person of governmental power in the world is guilty.


  16. One specific #SolutionsWatch thing I used is the simple, but at the same time seemingly “hard to take the step” solution to buy things directly from the farmer, at his farm, with cash obviously. It felt good to support a local farmer this way. While thinking of ways to find more farmers, I had the idea to make a bumper sticker saying something like “I buy my food at my local farmer”, I still need to think of something more creative.

    Later I found this website were you can give your location and they show farmers in the area with some details about things like what you can buy opening hours. I emailed this website with my bumpersticker idea, that maybe the farmers you registered there should get those stickers and hand them out to their customers, but they did not reply. Anyway, this is a small thing but I know many people would like to do this but they need a little push or just the idea at the right moment to take this step. And if enough people did this the farmers could survive the “landgrab” from the banks, who by the way convinced them to get loans and modernize their farms only to find out that they could not expand because of new regulations. Oops.

    The other thing is I do not wear masks in most places like supermarkets. And I noticed a new kind of eye contact with other people who don’t were masks. I just use a mask on my chin in the building of my sons kindergarten, because the caretaker specifically asked me to do that for the time being.

    So far both solutions are working for me and I will try to do more. O, and I started to use more cash again.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  17. Speaking of Changing the Narrative;
    I just completed reading “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    In less than 450 pages of small print, RFK Jr. literally destroys Fauci, Gates and a host of well paid totalitarian pawns for the Oligarchs

    I think what we need is a Condensed version for Dummies that highlights the cover-up and deterrent against known cures/preventative measures for COVID19 of which there are many, including Vitamin D, Ivermectin and HCQ, as well as the Toxicity of Remdesivir (Run-Death-is-here).

    The fact that Remdesivir killed 54% of people in it’s 2018 Trial Study and had to be pulled before it killed even more, and that Fauci knew this was poison when he made it FDA Protocol in February 2020 needs to be made Common Knowledge. By setting Remdesivir as the only Drug to be used in Hospitals Nation wide, Fauci made it the only “Treatment” that Hospitals would get paid to perform. Other treatments that did not follow this deadly Protocol did not qualify for Insurance money.
    How many Doctors injected Remdesivir into patients because it was the “Protocol” only to watch these patients die?
    Fauci is personally invested in Remdesivir so he is making money on it’s use/abuse.
    The fact that he is only one member of a large web of corruption should not daunt us, for he is a major player and when he goes down others in that web will follow.
    “Common Sense” should make it know to everyone that we have been deceived and manipulated into bringing about our own end.
    Piss-off yet! You should be.

    • I agree we need a “The Real Anthony Fauci for Dummies”. I love reading 400 page deep dive books but most people I know struggle to watch a 1 hour video let alone a deep dive book. Having all the data is important but it needs to be accessible.

      This is why I like the book “Government – The biggest scam in history” because it is so accessible. Also why memes are so powerful in our current times. So many people have such a short attention span.

      Speaking of deep dives. Check out the book the invisible rainbow. That book filled in so many pieces of the puzzle for me.

  18. Great Cartoons, even though I don’t read German.

  19. that poignant connecting dot,, we finally find bill and tony have been hording raspberry jam.

  20. I can’t print a newspaper but I do what I can do.
    Being a “corporation” I didn’t really have much choice in becoming something that shows up when people google stuff.
    Its funny thinking back to when I started the business. I had an answering machine on the land line at home which would take messages and then I’d call people back when I got home and set appointments. If I needed to use the phone during the day I would use what were called phone booths. I got my first cell phone around the turn of the century. (I am making myself feel old)
    I signed up for a free Juno email account somewhere along the line. Which no longer is free and I have no idea when or why that happened.
    But anyway I eventually figured out that I was being reviewed by customers on google. Then I figured out that I could reply to those reviews and then eventually, since the plandemic, figured out how to post messages on a page that people view when they google my business. Though I haven’t really figured out how to get there like the public because my iPad seems to be always signed in.
    Anyway, since the beginning of the scamdemic I have had a message there that gets people censored everywhere else.
    I get emails occasionally about how many views it has gotten. And admittedly, it a pretty modest number. But definitely not zero. And since I got away with that one and they encouraged me to, I have added a couple others since.
    The point is that there doesn’t seem to be a human in charge of what people write in those spaces and I thought I would share that.
    I can’t claim that it has improved business but I know that anyone who googles my business will know exactly how I stand on this whole thing. And they will understand that standing up for truth is way more important to me than money. And maybe they will understand why I am so outspoken about what is happening when (if) they meet me.

    • The business is in its final stage. I never was able to find a young person who was willing, or able to inherit what I built in spite of trying pretty hard to find one. I had an intern for two years that I was willing to almost give the business to but his drug habit required a more regular paycheck than what he initially agreed to accept. And because he didn’t have the motivation that he assured me that he would bring to the table. He wasn’t able to bring in more business.
      I’ll be liquidating soon short of a miracle.
      Know anyone with motivation, integrity and who isn’t afraid of hard work that is looking for an honest way to make a living? Me neither.

      I don’t really remember exactly what my point was of all this except that if you have a business and don’t really care that normies might think you’re a conspiracy theorist. Use the google thing. There doesn’t seem to be censorship there. Go figure.

      I am debating now whether to post this message but I know I probably will. I have always been too open according to most people. I don’t hide behind screen names. Any one of billions of people could click on my name here and then go to the Florida corporations page and get my home address. And I don’t care. Guess I never did.
      So I am not going to start holding back now that the days are dwindling.

      Algorithms are evidently pretty stupid. Or perhaps it was the people writing them.

      • I loved reading this!
        You’re Real. A real person, Steve.

        • Thanks. You’re a friend. A real one in a virtual world.. or at least as virtual as I’m going to venture.

      • Steve,

        Maybe there’s another person closer to you who could partner with you. Jed perhaps?

        Or maybe someone who’s leaving Canada. Don’t give up! I’ve checked out your website and if I had a boat and lived in Florida, would definitely check out your business.

        Are you part of a professional organization in your local area? Perhaps that would also provide a good networking opportunity.

    • If I were several thousand kilometers closer, I might take you up on your offer. I like the rush of getting into a new thing and wouldn’t mind building stuff instead of sifting through digital garbage and noise.

      It’s a bummer to have a buisness you built go under. I guess there isn’t that much grit left in people nor the can do spirit. Which, again, is a bummer.

  21. “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine is the founding document, idea, narrative of the American Revolution. Ideas have power if they are true. Paine’s “Common Sense” is true to human nature and this world we live in.

  22. James, on November 24, 2021, I posted the article “Who Writes the News? And, can you?” with a link to your course on mass media, and to your article on the first media moguls. You are right on. The need for ‘other’ sources of news has been evident to me for many years. It’s only been in the last few years, though, that it occurred to me that we all have a role. My first local monthly meeting to connect with the like-minded (regarding open source, not opinion) in my community is set for next Thursday.

    In my writing I’m using a mashup of my own personal stories, comparing and contrasting local headlines and perspectives on news. For example, the referenced article, above, includes the threatened takeover of giant Lee Enterprises by giant Alden Global Capital, with a focus on the gaps in information, and weaving in a thread of the global agenda. By asking what perspective is missing, my goal, and what is challenging to achieve, for me, is a concise, referenced analysis – removing snark, hyperbole, and sarcasm where it seeps out. Here is my focus:

    – Global agendas, local impact
    – Engage in the hard work of community – in person, in print and plugged in
    – Real conversations and relationships
    – Do what you can do, people want to help, help each other find ways to contribute
    – Reach out for the rejection and plant a seed, notice what is not said

    Your ‘Solutions Watch’ episodes play a significant role in shaping how I approach my work – things I want to achieve, and things I want to do differently.

    Like G Edward Griffin’s goal for a network of self-initiating influencers, here are some guideposts I’ll use for facilitating such a group mission:

    – Breakup the work of tracking and conveying significant local initiatives, like our nearly 1,000 page 2050 comprehensive city plan.
    – Identify important unreported aspects of these initiatives that link to larger agendas.
    – As described in Chapter 6 of G. William Domhoff’s “Who Rules America Now?”, identify who forms our community power structure.
    – Work to grow well-informed local influencers and create a forum for them to discuss and debate
    – Understand how technological convergence is and will continue to impact plans, powers, and policies

    I’m looking forward to the adventure, and I appreciate so many great contributors here.

    Thanks for all you do, James.

    • TracyPete, I really like your approach and the guideposts you outlined!
      Kudos to the initiative you are undertaking.

      – Work to grow well-informed local influencers and create a forum for them to discuss and debate

      This makes me think of a parallel (open) ‘sunshine government’ (as opposed to shadow).
      Meeting regularly to plan and implement ideas and narratives that the local government simply
      will not.

      • Thanks so much, Fawlty Towers! I appreciate the encouragement.

        In reflection, I see that my goals don’t adequately convey the risk. From the land of former truth-seekers John DeCamp and Gary Caradori, where one local legislator will be starting up a new state newspaper in January (Nebraska Sunrise News), and where another one recently quipped on the radio that, by asking too many questions, he could find himself face down in a local creek, we cannot underestimate the fear, isolation and actual danger people face in approaching – let alone broadcasting – real information.

        Perhaps when I wrote “I’m looking forward to the adventure,” I should have added “…so that I can one day complete it and get back to what I really want to do.” But, realistically, I don’t see that happening. I’ve known for decades that I needed to be involved in my local community, but had a variety of excuses not to.

        Isn’t it always easier to be safe, to criticize and to point the finger at other people and exclaim what a poor job they are doing? And, frankly, much of the time there’s just too much involved with making it through each day to contribute more, right?

        So, when we are wee-hours-of-the-night stirred to act, and we have the means, we can be curious and creative in our response – even though we may be shaking, like my little dog on the way to the vet – at the thought of stepping out, and we’re not really sure if that comma is in the right place, or if we have a run-on sentence, or if we stumble over our spoken word…

        I like your web contribution as well, and your freedom symbol. I’m going to post it on my art page.

  23. Hello James I have to comment as I have a small (4 in number), group with whom I share alternative information. We thrive on solutions watch. It is the only video news source that we can all agree on. Nobody argues the normie position on these shows when they are broadcast. I, of course, am the only one who is totally convinced of the validity of the alternative position as being closer to the truth, than the msm, gov, and tv. Your evaluation should include this subjective side of those like my group who are split on vaccines, corruption, billionaires and all the rest. It is because of your open sourced approach, well researched information, and clear presentations that your news reports carry sway. The 1st day we met as a discussion group, the first question I was asked is how do we find solutions? That was three years ago and every episode you recorded this year has helped us to move closer to finding our goal. My way of defining the goal is this: What really is turning the wheels of our modern society. I believe that idea of a new narrative is your best insight. The second best idea is ignore them. Why? These two things start at the personal level, you don’t need a group or a team to enact them. Personally, I have done these things,and more of the solutions too. You are brilliant… keep solutions going into the future, Thanks for listening, buz eldredge (you can use my name)

  24. HomeRemedySupply,

    I have noticed that you provide volumes of very interesting and important information in the comment section and that I think you could put this in print form and make a newspaper.

    I would buy your newspaper! Have you considered putting one together?

    I think some of the talented people here, like yourself and sever others could create something in print. Many members have also written some really good poems, like Alchemist and Openlense that could be a part of the newspaper.

    There are many other talented members here who could contribute to a newspaper.

    So many people have stoped reading newspapers though, but I do think an interesting paper could draw people in.

    • It’s also going back to basics, like reading a physical document that one can hold in their hand. The smell of books and papers and the tactile nature of them adds depth to the experience.

    • cu.h.j,
      Thanks so much for the compliment.

      If I was younger, I might try such a venture. I have a lot of experience in the physical marketing and advertising sectors. Countless anecdotes.

      But as I age, the stuffing in the Teddy Bear ain’t there no more. Those 60 and 70 hour work weeks of trying to piece together a high-intensity business venture has lost its shine.
      Plus, I have had some old physical body injuries come back to bite me in the butt during the past 18 months.
      I’m having to re-think viable pathways moving forward while keeping in mind this unique situation.

      Anyway, thanks for the compliment.
      This is something that I will say for those folks who have an industrious, creative itch…

      Look at your junk mail. Look at the newpaper & magazine ads in your local area.
      Businesses (especially small businesses) cry for methods to get information out to the local community.
      With mailing and shipping costs going up, there are paths of opportunity in the local area to help promote local businesses.

      ANECDOTE: For a time in the very early 1980’s, I ran a small crew and sold “Dry Cleaning Coupon Books” door-to-door to people in neighborhoods near the Dry Cleaner. I was making CASH $700-$900 per week while working for 5 evenings around 3-4 hours each. People wore suits and dresses back then, so Dry Cleaning was a ‘thing’.
      A contract agreement with the Dry Cleaner was made. It cost them nothing. They just had to honor the coupons in the small booklet which were approved by them and printed with their name.

      • Perhaps if you could find some partners maybe other members here with writing ability and necessary skills, it wouldn’t be as much work as you think.

        • To endeavor this type of venture at this stage of life… It is not something which I am interested in doing. No interest.
          Interest and passion are needed on any individual’s worthwhile enterprise.

          • HomeRemedySupply, I enjoy your contributions here, and your thoughts are always among the top that I look to. Thank you.

          • HRS,

            I completely understand! It would be like me going to school to become a veterinarian at this point. I also really enjoy your contributions and have learned a lot from them!!

  25. My sooner or later to be published newspaper, Poor Rich’s Almanack, intends to emulate H.L. Mencken, though not as entertaining but more cynical and bitter. My career has been leading up to this:
    I have decided it’s time to commit an act of civil disobedience. Three programs recently notified me they were “updating” my terms of service. The translation of this notice in English means that they intend to find new ways to invade my privacy, restrict my right to free speech (which doesn’t exist anyway), freedom to travel, and freedom to behave in an unsocial manner. For instance, farting in an elevator would reduce my social credit score and eligibility for government benefits like getting on an airplane, eating in a restaurant, or telling a Klingon who stops you at a random checkpoint to go f*ck himself. There is only so much a freedom fighter can take.
    Today, Google, AOL, and my email service (Mozilla Thunderbird) advised me that there was suspicious activity on my account. I had to sign up for dual authentication to protect my privacy from anyone but them, the government, or any other interested parties. AOL asked me if the information (two Orwells in every pot) was helpful. I said “no,” and my comment was, “Why don’t you try minding your own business?”
    The Ninth Circuit is also bothering me. For some reason, given the tone and tenor (which I am told mean the same thing) of the questions asked at the oral argument, the three liberal judges intend to screw my client and me, too. It’s time to take to the streets because when I get a bad feeling about something, I am always right, mostly.
    I plan to write a two-page letter explaining the complicity of big business, big medicine, big banking, and big Pharma in a plot to control the world, imprison humanity, and reinstate them as serfs. The State has co-opted the mainstream media and the Internet, and there is proof. Henceforth, the New York Times’ motto will no longer be “All the news that’s fit to print,” but “All the words that fit.” In addition, the new reset that will take place in 2030 will digitize the human race, so our lives will become open books to everyone but us.
    I plan to inundate all the members of Congress, the executive branch, and the judiciary with a pungent yet irrefutable exposé and set up a “Go Fund Me” campaign to finance the delivery of the message to every person in America. The idea is getting traction. If you don’t believe me, Bill Gates has offered to deliver the message to every person in the world four times over for $1,000 a pop.
    Next, I will write an article for the Nevada Lawyer that exposes all Article III judges as tools of the Empire and foot soldiers in a class war. The article will go viral, and the public will rise to seek retribution in the French tradition, preferably using guillotines.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  26. WesternCivic

    “…I lament that many on these boards and in these videos failed to see the very real and human aspects of what BLM was about…..”

    BLM, just like the Proud Boys and the Nazi’s and the Bolsheviks are controlled by the same oligarchs…. You should read Dr Spence’s book

    Rich people have been funding terrorism since John Browns day… but never because they intend good for the the ‘liberated’ peoples.

    “…. (can we please start by acknowledging racism is a real thing, even if co-opted and abused, even further, as a concept?)….”

    Racism is real, and the natural order of the world UNLESS there is an OVERLAYING identity, such as “Americans” or “Christians” or “Muslims”.

    Blacks in the US have been made to fear white and dislike them, right now I believe that Whites are going to jeered up into a similar dislike and racial consciousness… however manufactured that is the hatred and violence WILL be real enough for anyone dumb enough to live in the wrong area.

    Yugoslavia 2.0 🙁

    “…Support of right wing vigilantism in support of police against urban victims of state violence IS racist. How is it not?…”

    Who wants to stay in cities where thats going to be needed to stop people burning your stuff down?

  27. Who on this board said “cops are our friends?”

    Also you never answered my question about why don’t you think billionaire funding via Soros would affect BLM and lead to corruption?

    Furthermore some people work as police officers who try to do good in the community. This does happen now and again.

    I would hate to think people on this forum think I’m evil because I work as a nurse. I try to give someone the benefit of the doubt before lumping them into categories.

    • I will try to go back and look at what you wrote. But the comment section are so voluminous now, it’s sometimes hard to find. I don’t have notifications.

      What’s troubling, specifically on this thread?

      Also, have you ever listened to Thomas Sowell? He’s a black economist, quite famous here in the US. He talks about how the welfare state has harmed the black community.

      The fact that racism exists is not controversial, but I suspect that it’s probably better in the US than in other countries. Colonialism and subjugating people has been going on for centuries and is not limited to people who are classified as being white. Neither is slavery, meaning many cultures have done this over the centuries.

      Racism, sexism, and exploitation of people based on class are ongoing throughout the world. In the last decade or so in the US, I think black folks and women have had an easier time than say in the 1950s. If a person wants to get ahead and they study and so forth, they can make it if they try. If they are poor, they need to get out of the hood.

      I think people fear that their private property will be destroyed, which is maybe why they want police to intervene in their neighborhood, rather than out of racism. Some people can’t defend themselves, like the elderly, so they might think police will help them. I think people think police will deter crime. And to be honest, poor people tend to target other poor people, rather than the rich.

  28. Here is the central valley of California, during the summer, in the barbershop I go to, there was a magazine sitting on the bench seat that you sit on while you wait for your haircut. The cover caught my eye and I opened it up. It was full of ideas completely contrary to the mainstream covid propaganda narrative. The magazine challenged lockdowns and mandatory health interventions, among other things. I thought that was pretty cool, and it still stands out to me in my memory.

    • You mean to tell us you didn’t stoke a bonfire to burn the magazine while loudly shouting nazi propaganda?

  29. UPDATE – 12/12/2021
    “10 cents an issue for 40 pages with color!”

    Interview 1680 – James and Ernie Launch Freedom’s Phoenix Newspaper

    via James appears for his regular weekly appearance on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock. This week James and Ernie launch the new Freedom’s Phoenix newspaper and talk about the significance of the printed word.

  30. Holy Smokes! Is James on his platform every week!! I didn’t know, now I just discovered an additional hours of info! I love Ernest, he’s loud and correct. I love his style. Doesn’t mess about. Unique character, gotta love the guy. I wonder what he is like after a few drinks haha!

    Anyway: The shownotes are, as always a treasure trove of information.

    My weekend is booked solid with Corbett report! Thanks James, your catalogue deserves a pullitzer or 14

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